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(07:40:16) RT @jinkksy: Gutted X bag stolen with my Commonwealth and Olympic medals in pls share 😢 on my Facebook X

(08:37:44) I had no idea they rebooted "Open All Hours".. - apparently still written by Roy Clark. Shame it's not on catch-up.

(09:05:58) @birdfortytwo Perhaps you could commission a neighbour to make you one?

(09:10:03) @paulums I was pondering just that. I might go into the garden and set fire to it.

(09:13:46) @MrsCupidStunt You and me both.

(09:16:58) @MrsCupidStunt I'm going to start (somewhat belatedly) by getting showered and dressed. Put some tunes on... that might help!

(09:17:24) @birdfortytwo If there's not a section on the JustEat website for that, there blimmin' well should be.

(09:21:17) @mullerBiker I'll keep approximately half an eye out for it, then - cheers! ☺

(09:40:19) @paulums @sarahjaneuk Amen to that!

(10:46:30) @seagullworrier Quite stylish.

(10:47:15) @pearcen Listening to the latest HRH - a belated happy birthday. YAY for Prodigy!

(10:48:06) @pearcen I thought the saying was "We're not here for a long time - we're here for a good time!" :D

(10:48:36) @pearcen Was this the one you did a bit drunk? Because it doesn't sound it :)

(10:49:23) @pearcen Always the best approach :D

(10:49:52) @pearcen That may well become evident as the show goes on, then :D

(12:32:13) Accidentally pairing with a neighbour's bluetooth device #firstworldproblems

(12:32:33) @neilcochrane1 He seems quite amusing and affable.

(12:32:51) @TheFoldingTapir I'm OK thank you :)

(19:01:07) @Fi79 Er... no? (in term of my not having one, and not really liking them).

Tweets for 29 May 2016

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(08:12:11) @wuthering_alice Aww congratulations! :)

(13:03:16) Listening to some Shortwave Radio - it's like taking a (rather frighteningly large actually) step back in time, on 7310 kHz @RadioMiAmigoInt

(16:08:43) @OfficialDaveFox What did I take away from that? I will ~never~ try to swing a guitar round my neck... or, indeed, play in public 😀

(16:21:00) What I have learned today: Kimpton is about ten miles away and smells nice.

(16:22:18) @Scriblit Oh that makes me happy.

(16:22:32) RT @Scriblit: Guess the Sonnetified Pop Song - #shakespearesunday

(16:37:48) @CarolKettley Definitely a good afternoon to be out gently strolling through a traditional British village ☺ Hope you've had a good one!

(16:40:24) @mrsmoneypenny1 Blossom, caramel & The Outdoors. As I cycled home, I got the aroma of toast, but maybe that was just impending heart failure

(16:41:19) @CarolKettley Oh no! Windows open and birdsong for your ears nonetheless, I hope! x

(16:42:58) @mrsmoneypenny1 Starting to get a bit peckish now. Time to make my own contribution to the Sunday afternoon 'smelltrack' 😏 Had a good one?

(16:47:58) @mrsmoneypenny1 Oh wow! Sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon activity... AND with a bonus day tomorrow yay ☺ Photos shared anywhere?

(16:49:25) @mrsmoneypenny1 Super! Will look forward to it ☺

(16:51:38) @mrsmoneypenny1 I didn't even take my camera... best evidence I have is a rather warm-looking selfie on my phone (not sure why I took it 😀)

(16:53:39) @mrsmoneypenny1 More trying to capture the luscious natural beauty of a Hertforshire village but with me in the way 😁

(17:58:10) @njh That is quite a lovely thing.

(19:16:16) @mrsmoneypenny1 I put it on Instagran... (and on here)

(20:05:05) @ellewadding @achrisevans @BBC_TopGear Audio levels were all over the place. Not an easy thing to mix, clearly.

(20:06:53) @EwenRankin @PrincessBagel I quite liked it aside from the obvious contrivances, shouting and poor audio mixing. Quite fun in its way ☺

(20:09:26) @fridgemagnet2 I hardly see him, which is fine. I keep hearing @richardosman on #radio4. Maybe he's moved in & taken David Mitchell's room.

(20:11:18) @EwenRankin @PrincessBagel I'm sure he'll loosen up as it goes on... i shall reserve judgement & probably watch another ☺

(20:11:51) @johndredge Ahh Vienna.

(20:24:18) Watching Upstart Crow. It's a bit like Blackadder but with intellectual jokes and Yara Greyjoy. No that doesn't make sense. Quite funny.

(20:47:17) My boy & I have concluded that the new #BBC3 logo means "Anything but 3". II = binary for 3, and the ! is complement. We're not target demo.

Tweets for 28 May 2016

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(10:48:28) Earning my on-call allowance this weekend. At least I can do it in my jammies...

(10:52:04) @SheleileighLaw @DaylightGambler Boh ;(

(10:57:12) @ThatAgnes I think ASOS might be a bit broken...

(10:57:47) @SheleileighLaw @DaylightGambler Hopefully the rest of the mobile world will catch up ☺

(11:08:04) @DaylightGambler @SheleileighLaw Well indeed. Apple will never say "ISO sorry" 😀

(14:40:34) @_windrider @SheleileighLaw heehee maybe I had a ~little~ gin last night 😁

(19:47:01) Pro tip: Damp hands? Can't find a towel? Listen to @BBCR4Feedback for all the hand-wringing you could ever need.

(19:48:22) @MissAprilFalls I'd opt for no - if you are able to see your doctor, I would.

(19:48:46) @LizzyWelshCake Sleeveless is next to nakedness :D

(19:50:41) @MissAprilFalls Maybe a bit of fresh air, exercise & a smoothie if you get the chance.. if that doesn't work, there's def. something amiss!

(20:37:56) @LizzyWelshCake Neighbours are next to housiness :D

Tweets for 27 May 2016

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(06:32:52) @thisistomgreen Happy birthday 🎂☺

(09:17:14) @CupOfTea69 @TheFoldingTapir @herzleid My goodness thank you! I shall follow forthwith :) #FF

(09:20:32) In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure who this Josie Morenyo is. If that's her real name.

(09:48:12) @CarolKettley Thank you for the #FF ... hope you're back to full strength! :) x

(10:24:16) Feels like I am entirely powered by coffee today. That's not happened in a while...

(10:25:51) @misscorsham Maintaining sanity between the red tail-lights.

(12:05:27) @fridgemagnet2 I think this should be dubbed "Toxic Friday". I'm on the dandelion & burdock now #hardcore

(12:06:11) @SheleileighLaw Doctor James will be self-prescribing gin, a little light ale and an episode of Elementary this evening :) YAY!

(12:07:44) @misscorsham I'm on call this weekend & family are revising, but your services will still very much be required a casa mia! #nationalradio

(12:12:37) @CherryKaz1 @1969Steve I'm kind-of listening too :)

(12:19:26) @CherryKaz1 I'm working at the same time.. I'm good, ta - great tunes... perfect for the summery afternoon!

(13:55:20) Never heard of Hewlett Packard Server Automation tool. I wonder how it works. I'm a Usage Curious Engineer. or an HP SA UCE, if you like.

(17:21:34) Good luck, @TomCoronel hurtling around the wonderful Nürburgring this weekend! It's looking like another slippery wet one! #WTCC

(17:23:38) @tonynewquay *sings* Hands down.. if you don't :D #80sadverts

Tweets for 26 May 2016

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(07:19:27) Morning. Catching up on the Bpop festival news; the Brexit campaign thinks putting on a pop concert is still a good idea. It's still not.

(07:29:12) @fridgemagnet2 First I was like "heh.. nahhh!" And then I was like "hmmm.. but actually..." :D

(07:29:41) @fridgemagnet2 PS will email you back sometime this decade (sorry!)

(07:31:09) @mrsmoneypenny1 Given that one spends a third of one's day at work, it's so crap when colleagues don't say hello. A big MORNING from me ☺

(07:33:12) RT @ThePoke: The revised Bpop ‘Brexit Live’ concert lineup

(08:58:14) Pro tip: Bring a nectarine / peach to work and put it on your desk. Even if you don't eat it, it will smell great & exude health. #toptwips

(08:58:36) Pro tip 2: Throw the nectarine away before it sticks to the desk.

(08:58:54) @tweeting_frog You'd think! Sister Sledge were on the bill.. :D

(09:20:46) @tweeting_frog Especially since they've also pulled out (they weren't aware it was a political event :D)

(12:29:23) When I grow up I want to be a general factotum.

(12:37:15) @CupOfTea69 The grass is always greener, I guess... :D

(16:34:51) @VeryBritishLife Heh. Latin-based filth? :D

(18:05:58) @VeryBritishLife You weren't just looking at the pictures, then.. 😁

(18:08:13) @hellymoo Bwahahahaahhaahaa! I once lost a child on a school trip. Beat that.

(19:45:46) @hellymoo you totally win :)

(19:46:15) @mrsmoneypenny1 One of your five a day :)

Tweets for 25 May 2016

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(07:01:15) @seagullworrier A title like "Captain Dénouement" just sounds sarcastic, though...

(09:15:07) @Stenbird oop!

(09:15:14) @manytypesoftea Owie?

(09:16:00) @MrsCupidStunt Excellent :) So little is really known about the brain,so that is a very philanthropic thing to do :)

(09:35:08) @LizzyWelshCake Which radio station, young thing? :) x

(11:22:07) @LizzyWelshCake It's great to hear you're getting air-time :)

(11:39:21) The juice of human kindness. That's not a type of juice? Well, the red one you get at hotel breakfast. Red penberry?

(14:16:17) Idea I'm going to bounce off the boss (he didn't really go for "daily nap hour"): Bring Your Daughter To Work From Home Day.

(14:16:58) @intlBeige Ohhhh. Been there, mate.

(14:24:42) @CarolKettley Haven't told her yet ;)

(15:30:03) @MrsCupidStunt Seames lejit

(16:07:33) @MrsCupidStunt You're doing voiceover work? SO cool! I would love to hear the end result. Or an end result. Or your voice in general.

(16:07:43) @MrsCupidStunt Also: what mic / pre do you use?

(17:58:47) I tell my 16 year old son "Your music is broken, mate" but secretly I quite like it. #spedupdubsteporsomething

Tweets for 24 May 2016

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(06:46:30) @_audiodays Really enjoyed that - especially the demonstration of the auditory illusion. Thank you for the link ☺

(09:07:10) I have taken so long to write an email that I've actually lost interest in it. This is why I will never manage a novel.

(09:07:28) @ellewadding Amen!

(09:36:40) @CarolKettley A pamphlet..?

(10:23:59) @chepbourne I made it to the end..! Go me :D

(11:43:43) @ms_cornwall And the same to you! :)

(14:36:29) @ms_cornwall Not too bad, thank you :) x

Tweets for 23 May 2016

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(07:36:42) @MichaelEppsRace @SuzukiCarsUK Bob?

(07:38:00) @mrsmoneypenny1 Hope you find some Monday oranges ☺

(07:40:09) @EmmaTofi Sky Garden?

(07:40:45) @mrsmoneypenny1 I hope they conspire to take the blues away. Also: Coffee?

(07:41:53) I think clothing retailers are missing a trick not selling a fabric conditioner that returns the "new clothes" smell to their products.

(09:01:45) @ellewadding An entirely pleasant cycle in :) Hope the day continues in such fine style!

(12:02:45) @regularjen I love that :D

(12:03:07) @EmmaTofi I say it like I've been there - it's somewhere I really want to visit, too :)

Tweets for 22 May 2016

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(12:00:39) The word "abode" almost looks like "abcde." Almost. #wordsarecool

(21:25:55) @standupmaths Hopefully it's not at live mains potential..

Tweets for 21 May 2016

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(12:18:23) @naxxfish Bwahahaah :D

(20:29:43) @LizzyWelshCake Excellent.

(20:42:53) @fridgemagnet2 Do not put coving on your neighbour's wifi.

(21:11:38) @PontoonDock gosh.

(21:32:38) RT @PontoonDock: *weeps slowly*

Tweets for 20 May 2016

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(07:23:43) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am! Haven't heard much from you this week x @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind

(07:34:54) @CarolKettley I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! x @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind

(10:56:59) WHY WON'T MY HOTLINE BLING? Oh hang on, it's on silent.

(10:57:53) @artistsmakers Really neat handwriting!

(10:59:41) @TUID T'was ever so.

(11:12:10) @TUID It was always a little inept for my liking. Bring back Thomas The Tank Engine with its clearly defined personality defects.

(12:26:35) @PrincessBagel Clearly gone are the days where success was measured by whether there was a kitchen fire! :)

(12:26:59) @MrsCupidStunt It's still early... you may have a change of mind :) I'm having a beer for sure :)

(12:28:44) @MrsCupidStunt A glass will be raised to you nonetheless.

Tweets for 19 May 2016

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(11:23:47) @mrsmoneypenny1 I fear if I popped out for some fresh air, I'd probably fall asleep and wouldn't be back in the office until about 4pm :D

(11:23:53) @mrsmoneypenny1 PS great selfie :)

(19:36:33) @mrsmoneypenny1 Where's that? Looks a bit coastal. I was able to take 2 mins by the river outside the office earlier

(19:47:25) @mrsmoneypenny1 Oh fantastic! I love Cambridge - get there occasionally when my son goes on courses. Would love to move nearby :)

(20:02:13) @VeryBritishLife Wow. In what context was that published?

(20:02:31) @PontoonDock Potters or Burnham on?

(20:17:23) @PontoonDock Cool.

(20:19:57) @peasbloss 'ning ☺

(20:21:53) @VeryBritishLife You can be sure i'll seek it out :)

(20:22:23) @peasbloss The word 'hectic' is an odd one, but pretty much sums it up. In my jammies now though! You?

Tweets for 18 May 2016

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(07:07:28) @Techmoan So cool you should mention Sansui - DD is aware of that brand since she and I did some work on my stepmother's old turntable ☺

(07:08:42) @Techmoan (and at least I've got her - my daughter that is - out of the habit of calling records "Big CDs" 😀)

(08:51:56) It comes to something where my two current fascinations are smoothies and regex. Worst. Midlife crisis. Ever.

(09:28:55) @naxxfish I'm not entirely sure what that means (I'm still a learner) but YES! It's the end of the line for me $

(09:29:27) @pearcen HAHAAHAH! Genius. Never happens :D

(09:29:58) @pearcen I've got it in the queue.. it's Doing Things music, and I've not done things in far too long (gardening etc) :D

(10:22:53) @naxxfish I would love to hear that!

(10:35:16) @OmarRaza @FagsMagsandBags STOP SAYING CENBY

(10:36:49) @Brays_Cottage Amen to that.

(11:58:21) @hellymoo WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? Funnily enough I was in Asda yesterday looking at smoothies and went for the basic "Strawb & nana". Safe.

(12:02:43) @hellymoo Oh regret's never a good thing. Mint is much more effective :)

(12:03:32) @Feexby Looks like a strange quark.

(12:28:01) @Fi79 That's quite a remedy...

(12:36:12) @Raspberry_Pi Oh I love this.

(12:36:25) A great thing for @superalora to build?

(12:38:51) @Raspberry_Pi And the great thing is it's straightforward enough to be a project I can work on with my daughter - and maybe she can mod it:)

(13:52:57) @PrincessBagel All of my selfies are no-make-up, and you look great... better than I can manage :D

(22:18:34) @SheleileighLaw Bad? You do yourself a disservice :) Glorious x @PrincessBagel

Tweets for 17 May 2016

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(08:25:12) @RandomFlopsy Hope you had a magnificent day! :)

(11:16:22) @Stenbird Excellent cake. Please save me a slice!

(15:08:39) @RandomFlopsy Oh lovely! Not often I get to London these days :)

(16:40:27) @Techmoan Oh. My. Goodness. I'm going to have to educate my offspring so they don't embarrass themselves in the same way...

Tweets for 16 May 2016

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(10:55:04) @LizzyWelshCake That is FANTASTIC! :) Made me smile!

(15:05:32) @PrincessBagel Great shoes.

(15:07:30) @LizzyWelshCake It's brilliant! (And sorry I didn't reply) x

(16:33:46) @LizzyWelshCake Ahhh :) I hope they got back to you eventually! xx

(17:49:00) @LizzyWelshCake I must confess I have forgotten to text back in the past but if it was a favour, their loss, for sure!

(17:50:34) @RandomFlopsy looks like the south(?) side of the London River.

(17:51:26) @RandomFlopsy North. Y'know I can never remember where the London Wheel actually is..

(17:52:54) @dellama I don't know if they've changed the ingredients since I was a student (& joined the Nestlé ban) but @GordonShrosbree was/is wrong.

(22:39:52) @RandomFlopsy HP Sauce!

Tweets for 15 May 2016

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(11:05:20) @jordha Well exactly...

Tweets for 14 May 2016

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(13:16:13) @K_Sheridantweet Thanks for the follow ☺

(15:32:21) It's not often I'm asked to help with my daughter's homework but today she showed me this. Is this question broken?

(15:37:18) @dellama Absolutely - and for both shops, since they're different sized bottles. Simply not enough information in that question.

(15:39:50) @danofthewibble @BothersBar Absolutely. But if the unit (pence per litre?) price was the same, the size of the bottle is irrelevant.

(15:40:54) @danofthewibble @BothersBar And assumption makes an ass out of mathematicians and schoolkids unless told to do so.. (or something)

(15:51:49) @tobypinder Not only that, but how is good value represented if I only actually want one bottle?

(15:52:12) @miche I've been to shops like that.. 😀

(15:53:06) @ytfcbadger I didn't include the boy that said "Don't bother going to Poundland" 😃

(15:53:20) @ytfcbadger ^bit

(15:55:22) @CupOfTea69 indeed.. but not knowing how much each shop is charging is where the question falls down. And also: I only need one bottle.

(15:56:02) @fridgemagnet2 I'll put that as a note on the homework.. bound to go down well 😏

(16:15:24) @ytfcbadger true!

(16:15:54) @CupOfTea69 And then i could sell the spare one on Amazon Marketplace...

(18:53:18) @BubBobz @BothersBar That is very impressive.. and about as close as we're going to get, I think!

(19:11:13) I'm off to @eurosyzygy for some #Eurovision action. Fairly non-snarky commenting and much needed breaks from the flashing lights expected.

(19:11:52) @Richard_C Indeed. I suspect a typo, but still.. Lenni will get an A* (probably) nonetheless!

(21:19:14) @edtjones Or at least some Garry Gum :D

(21:21:32) RT @adsmills: Timberlake at #eurovision

(21:22:15) Fourthed

(21:51:59) @CatsAreLoud @Purpliser @OhDoShutUpSteve @curtinparloe @Peter_M_George Not sure a hard rock track will win :D

(22:18:08) RT @Jules_John: #Eurovision should be compulsory watching for "what not to wear at an interview"

(22:18:32) RT @theGeoffMcQ: Just checked and the UK jury was made up of Noel Gallagher, half of Kasabian and two bus drivers.

(22:22:39) France is doing remarkably well with the jury votes.. can't see it lasting... #Eurovision

(22:35:15) I wonder how the actual number of points is calculated... #Eurovision

(22:36:06) This is crazy. I definitely think they should do it this way in the future #Eurovision

(22:45:11) It's only just occurred to me that the "UK" in "UK Garage" stands for Ukraine.. #Eurovision

(22:50:10) @sarahjaneuk I can't even do Lenni's maths homework... what hope do I have? :D

Tweets for 13 May 2016

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(12:09:10) @ellewadding It might or it might not have stuff in it... Schrodinger's Warehouse would be better :D

(12:10:30) @LizzyWelshCake I think there are pressures wherever you are in the order.. but that you're actually going to be playing there is EPIC!

(12:10:42) @hellymoo I could throw over an espresso..

(12:12:24) @MrsCupidStunt I will never have a blue tick for exactly that reason. And because nobody knows who I am :D

(12:15:24) @MrsCupidStunt I'm not really sure myself. Fortunately, I don't think a blue tick would really help that :D

(13:54:03) @CarolinaAppling I would, but I have no idea what to do with it :D

(13:54:11) @JoPlattTweets Heehee :D

(13:55:20) @mrsmoneypenny1 It's that Friday afternoon thing. If they've gone down the pub without you, though, it might be a bit of a shame...

(14:56:06) @LizzyWelshCake If it wasn't, what would be the point? ;) I admire you SO much!

(14:56:37) @mrsmoneypenny1 Well, I'm here to keep you company (sort of) & one of my colleagues left the rest of his Maryland cookies if you'd like one?

(16:18:08) @mrsmoneypenny1 That's why I've not eaten them yet (but I've drunk too much smoothie today. I AM A BERRY). I'm about 20 mins from hometime!

(16:18:35) @CarolinaAppling I'm never one to shy away from a challenge..

(21:11:53) @mrsmoneypenny1 I have been chilling for a good few hours now ☺ It's definitely to be recommended. Happy weekend!

(22:00:37) Philomena Cunk gave me laughter hiccups. I hope you're happy, @missdianemorgan & @charltonbrooker - that was too hilarious for my diaphragm.

Tweets for 12 May 2016

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(14:33:08) @FlippinKath Or, indeed, bees.

(14:38:40) @peasbloss Wow top art!

(15:38:27) @peasbloss Woah.. reckon you might end up at Marsh Farm? :D

(19:17:34) This is kinda catchy. I have now completely forgotten the first song. No red jacket, y'see. #POL #Eurovision

(21:11:19) @ellewadding Hark don't I... (or similar)

(21:11:26) @birdfortytwo SHAME!

(21:17:34) @ellewadding Hasn't quite made it down here (yet?)

Tweets for 11 May 2016

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(12:28:12) @SilverWoodBooks Columnists nauseate me, in general. And I think this opinion piece misses the point that it can allow the mind a break.

Tweets for 10 May 2016

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(07:01:54) Morning. Not sure if an Anglican gameshow would work - it's got its protestants and its contestants.

(07:02:39) RT @TOther_Simon: Remember when I wrote that 'really clever' multiple-choice love song? No? Well it's here.

(07:21:06) It's that sort of rain for which no suitable coat exists. Be careful out there.

(07:37:03) @Mad4mogzz Two words: Human Clingfilm 😀

(07:37:12) @verso Morning. It makes rainy noise, with big fat drops, but they don't make it all the way to the ground because it's warm & 312% humid 😀

(11:42:51) @TOther_Simon That's fantastic :D

(11:43:16) @verso I think I'll just take a towel #DouglasAdams

(11:43:28) @SheleileighLaw Is that a thing?

(11:58:58) @TOther_Simon I came up with a similar piece of wordplay involving "threat" and "treat" but couldn't do anything with it. Or H (from Steps).

(12:00:03) @verso Also: A raincoat that costs $100..? Wow.

(13:58:42) @peasbloss That doesn't sound right..!

(14:00:57) This is really good: pleasure vs. happiness. I would like @superalora to read this, since she already has insights.

(18:41:49) @brianashton What you say rings very true.

(19:49:37) OK... one tweet as me (@Eurosyzygy will be tweeting for the contest proper) but #Armenia blew me away - top 3 for sure. #Eurovision

(19:57:18) Extensive use of wind machine this year. #Eurovision

(20:21:08) @sm2n There have been a few angry looking blokes on the telly this evening. They definitely haven't done anything for me :D

(20:29:15) @AlasdairStuart @ian262 Wow. "Doom crows" I haven't heard that in years. Nor, indeed, can I even recall where I know it from.

(20:32:03) @AlasdairStuart Dugeons and Dragons, for heaven's sake.

(20:36:03) @sm2n I was anticipating an "A-haaaaaa" at the end @poots

(20:36:28) @sm2n That Malta song was very Massive Attack, wasn't it?

(20:47:44) @Ewan Sadly

(21:08:41) @DVVHolland I am fairly delighted. Diff'rent strokes etc. Nice to see Netherlands get through.

(21:47:34) @DVVHolland Yes! A remarkable thing!

(21:49:26) @ellewadding Night night :) x

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(09:38:37) I've got a #BTCC hangover - so sunny at @thruxtonracing yesterday. Pics to follow.. this is how to fix a racing car.

(12:07:24) @jopijedd I like to think I was one of the halfwits to which he was referring :D Quite dramatic, all in.

(17:35:08) Going through photos from the weekend, I think @SennaProctor66 wins the 'most fun on two wheels' award @UKClioCup

Tweets for 08 May 2016

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Tweets for 07 May 2016

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(06:23:10) @debsylee Morning earlybird :)

(06:24:38) @CarolinaAppling Thanks for the follow. You had me at coffee (in your bio :)

(06:27:14) @debsylee Awake since the early hours? I hope you have a nap time booked for later! Have a great day nonetheless x

(06:28:12) @brennig @Unrustled that's not a great image for this time of the morning 😀

(06:29:58) @johannariley It's a (fairly) civilised hour. Nice to have some company as I slowly regain something approaching consciousness ☺

(06:32:11) @alaindebotton Which one involves a plan?

(06:34:09) @johannariley Not quite yet.. it's on the "short term objectives" list after establishing all my major limbs still work ☺ You?

(07:21:06) @johannariley Good work!

Tweets for 06 May 2016

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(08:22:04) I'm very wary of touch buttons that don't look like buttons. Gentle stroking buttons. Accidental brush with elbow buttons. All that stuff.

(09:46:12) @VeryBritishLife Hahahaa :D Cats should never be allowed too much control.. :D

(13:21:54) @doubleflipit I saw the words "Daily" and "Mail" and immediately closed the tab.

Tweets for 05 May 2016

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(11:24:01) It's NEARLY(ish) @EUROVISION - some cracking songs.. I especially like Austria, Sweden and Spain. But Netherlands will probably win.

(11:59:15) @fridgemagnet2 In many ways it was inevitable.

(12:36:13) @jopijedd If I were a betting man, I'd want to make this interesting. But this is Eurovision, so it's already interesting ;)

(13:09:09) @MrsCupidStunt I'm struggling to find (in)appropriate tweets to favo(u)rite. :D

(13:09:22) @paulums @Eurovision BOOM!

(13:09:59) @jopijedd I will post you a packet of your chosen confectionery if Netherlands don't qualify.

(13:55:39) @MrsCupidStunt Nah. I was being frivolous in both cases... sorry!

(13:56:34) @manytypesoftea Please be assured: the wind is warmish.

(18:24:07) @Mad4mogzz @Eurovision I'm fairly sure - I hope, at least, that you won't be disappointed!

(20:10:26) @CupOfTea69 Sadly, I do have ladylike biceps, and a garden that resembles that bit of waste ground by the railway line*

(20:51:43) Choco Leibnitz? Ooh no. I won't eat a chamfered biscuit.

Tweets for 04 May 2016

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(10:12:26) @karenjeynes Bwahahahaha! :D

(10:12:42) @Stenbird OH LUFFLY!

(10:13:20) @CatsAreLoud I can entirely associate with that. I think there were puppets. Puppets and fire. And David Bowie.

(11:09:26) I like the phrase "Mob-handed."

(13:00:31) @SheleileighLaw You're not so keen? I just like how it simply doesn't work either figuratively or literally, and yet.. works.

(15:19:56) @PrincessBagel NAP TIME

(21:15:00) Just catching up with the latest season of @FagsMagsandBags - it is #amazingandgreat. Nice one, @govindajeggy, @OmarRaza + co! #sake

(22:34:58) @OmarRaza @FagsMagsandBags @govindajeggy I was listening in the car earlier - some absolutely hilarious moments. Bin juice on my reeboks :D

Tweets for 03 May 2016

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(10:03:48) Secretly, I always wanted to speak like a British Airways pilot.

(13:47:06) @brennig Dare I ask what they have removed / implanted?

(13:47:22) @SheleileighLaw At a flight level of 30,000 feet.

Tweets for 02 May 2016

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(09:15:27) @CatsAreLoud I'd say that was the perfect profile pic.

(09:17:58) @LizzyWelshCake A... oh.

(09:19:14) @PrincessBagel @jane_brewer @HeidiPeeps Amen to that!

(09:20:17) My pal Liz is playing a festival in #Wales - if you're in the area, definitely worth a watch!

(09:22:50) @RichHarkness @batwench Also: Because grapefruit is HORRIBLE ;)

(09:31:01) @LizzyWelshCake Would love to be there myself.. I will come to one of your performances honest!

(09:31:11) @RichHarkness @batwench Bwahahahah!

(10:25:36) @CatsAreLoud I like it! Looks like the best studio session ever.

(13:25:32) @tobypinder *chuckles in a base64 style*

(20:10:30) Well fed, well rested, and in no fit state to countenance the remainder of the working week, regardless of how short it is #BankHolidayBliss

(20:39:54) @mostlygeordie Absolutely. And I really am not very good at Tuesdays...

Tweets for 01 May 2016

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(11:20:17) @LutonPoetrySoc It was an honour to be able to share a wonderful afternoon with you and the other Luton poets ☺

Tweets for 30 Apr 2016

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(13:10:23) @Stenbird @RolexKentucky They're TINY!

(14:12:25) @mostlygeordie Good grief!

(14:24:08) @mostlygeordie Sadly, it's becoming very hard to keep track.

(14:24:25) @Stenbird @RolexKentucky Ohhhhh.

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