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(15:03:55) @manytypesoftea But then I would never eat biscuits. Attaining perfection is such torture.

(15:07:36) I wonder what, in the music industry, determines whether a credit is "Producer feat. Singer" or just "Singer"..? Ego of producer..?

Tweets for 28 Apr 2016

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Tweets for 27 Apr 2016

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(11:13:27) @DigitalAmoeba There was a sign upstairs saying that tomorrow is Pizza Day. It's all a bit arbitrary if you ask me...*checks for apocalypse*

(11:16:05) @Stenbird @RolexKentucky WOAH COOL. Have top times!

(16:01:11) @DigitalAmoeba HA! That is genius...

(20:38:17) @FreakyFwoof SWEET! Thank you :)

Tweets for 26 Apr 2016

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(10:13:24) I was BORN turning it off and on again.

(11:15:33) @CarolKettley Heh. that's ~always~ switched off ;)

(11:16:56) @CarolKettley Bless you :) :) x

(11:17:14) @CarolKettley I've been told I have two modes: Smug and Obnoxious :D

(13:04:41) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @Alby @mikehole The recorder should be recategorized from musical instrument to a weapon or torture implement :D

(13:22:52) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @Alby @mikehole @MrJamesMay *shudders even without pressing play*

(13:26:51) @EwenRankin @PrincessBagel @Alby @mikehole @MrJamesMay Preparing myself for cantankerous old age, Mr Rankin. Building up my intolerance ;)

Tweets for 25 Apr 2016

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(07:29:30) @DaisiesandPieUK Mmmmm morning :)

(11:25:54) @umbrellanor Happy perfect date day indeed. Perhaps, rather than change the date, we should relocate to where it works :D

(11:27:25) Happy birthday to my best mate's sister @Mad4mogzz

(11:28:21) Every day's a school day. Fortunately, every night isn't a school night.

(12:51:39) @Mad4mogzz YAY!

(13:13:58) @SheleileighLaw https://t.co/07fniLtdZB

(14:38:50) @paulums Great to hear, sir! Bring it on indeed. I'll be sitting here, semi-conscious, nursing a coffee :D

(14:41:03) @SteveDoherty1 @talkRADIO @jonholmes1 I read that as 'helmet'.

(15:53:49) One of my colleagues asked if there was a song called "Wow".. I said yeah.. Kylie had a hit with "Wow" a couple of years back. COUPLE? 2008!

(16:55:46) @fridgemagnet2 Good heavens. Just shows how fast time goes by...

(17:49:51) @CatsAreLoud The whole voting system has changed. I'd quite like to vote via the Interwebs. Or some kind of groovy app thing.

Tweets for 24 Apr 2016

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(08:06:10) @intlBeige See.. that was perfect! :) JOIN ME

(15:25:47) @CarolKettley @marksy1955 @Putneyman @IanDavidRogers1 @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic @Silly_Flash @74trooper @Lopez_151171 HELLO to you! :) x

(16:19:32) @TUID I've heard about pineapple juice, some kind of leafy thing (can't remember. Useless) and - oddly - marshmallows helping a sore throat.

(16:29:23) Seems legit. https://t.co/8Ti00edsM9

(16:32:37) @canuckuk Oooh nice.

Tweets for 23 Apr 2016

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(08:54:22) Morning. Listening to 6music. It's the radio station equivalent of a Real Ale festival. Like Heart is a crate of 12 WKD. All of them blue.

(08:55:47) @JoPlattTweets @beaky3 @cheepcheepbird Morning. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

(08:56:31) @DoomGolly It's what we're here for.

(08:57:26) @CarolKettley It can be heavy going. Mornin' cK! :)

(09:04:08) @CarolKettley indeed.. Nothing too challenging for me! Thinking of putting the 2016 Eurovision songs on ☺ what are you listening to?

(13:29:38) @birdfortytwo I made some Royal, Patriotic and Jingoistic Banana Bread :)

(13:30:27) @intlBeige Perhaps reviews of movies or TV? Funnily enough I was thinking of doing a 'reccord review' podcast. A non-muso one :D

(13:30:41) @MrsCupidStunt You are both.

(13:34:00) @MrsCupidStunt Just saying it as I see it :) x

(13:35:07) Not sure it's gone very well for #Channel4's Google SEO ... that's a bit of a broken link below the main page... https://t.co/QQfKBZ58KH

(16:26:53) @CatsAreLoud These are REALLY good. Some of them made me cry.

(16:31:14) @birdfortytwo THE FLAGS! I forgot the flags!

(16:34:49) @TomCampbell And the very same to you.

(16:39:01) @manytypesoftea Less than ideal.

(17:35:42) @birdfortytwo I'll stand and hum t'national anthem. It's what she would have wanted.

(17:38:33) @manytypesoftea If he were an 80s pop singer with hits such as "Circle in the sand" and "We want the same thing" he'd be Bellend-a Carlisle.

(19:27:58) @Stenbird Reminds me of ads.. https://t.co/IXjLHElIUQ is it beer?

(19:29:40) @Stenbird As labels go it's a bit scary. Bon vinning nonetheless! :)

Tweets for 22 Apr 2016

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(07:07:44) @canuckuk We will never see their like again. Both were amazing showmen and brilliant musicians in their own mould. https://t.co/hILTxfrNvw

(07:08:50) @canuckuk Both of them came immediately to mind, but in many ways they were the foundations on which these breathtaking edifices were built.

(07:09:12) @canuckuk Naughty!

(07:13:07) @canuckuk I have never seen him actually doing it, but i think one of my colleagues smokes. He doesn't have a massive PR team, though.. πŸ˜€

(07:48:24) @canuckuk If / when I get an e-pipe, I will brandish it with unabandoned stoicism.

(14:00:47) Things I never realised existed until I discovered it on Wikipedia: The German Orthography Reform of 1996. https://t.co/9X5h2uH9GG

(14:59:33) @SheleileighLaw YOU OOTOOOOO! *diddliddliddliddlid* KISS!

(19:37:49) @claudiahaun If I'd known I would have asked :) :) :)

(19:38:16) @paulwebster @Richard_C :D

(19:38:27) @paulwebster @Richard_C Would never happen here, right..?

(21:38:16) @TOther_Simon Derpy and yet threatening!

(21:52:14) @BrettDomino Skype solo. Inspired.

Tweets for 21 Apr 2016

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(07:31:29) Happy birthday to the Queeg.

(11:16:31) @brewster_joanne @teamBEDS @BedsFA @we_r_SSG @WorkplaceChall you'd be better off playing @Volfsball ;)

(11:55:31) @hellymoo Please make it through...

(12:00:42) Anyone who writes scripts or programmes that creates filenames with spaces in should take a long hard look at themselves. Or I will.

(12:37:48) @tobypinder *dies inside* :D

(13:48:40) Is there anything more nerve-juddering than smooth jazz over a flaky VoIP line? #PleaseWaitForYourConferenceToBegin #OfficeLife

(14:27:10) @BaronHawkey Hehhh true! But they only have to play it once (or twice :D)

(21:05:11) RT @edtjones: @syzygy just keep adding speech marks around your vars until you get the right thjng. And curly braces.

(21:05:31) @edtjones yes. And backslashes...

Tweets for 20 Apr 2016

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(12:32:58) @1969Steve I'm having a listen. It's been a while. What year is this? 1540?

(12:33:36) @1969Steve I'm not listening yet. I mean.

(12:33:49) @TreehouseDarren OUTRAGEOUS. He should be on NOW! ;)

(12:37:19) @TreehouseDarren This version of Fast Car is interminable. I'm fairly sure it faded out midway through and started again :D #Thradio

(12:38:53) @TreehouseDarren I'M CONFUSED! What's GOING ON?! Hello whoever is on the radio now.

(12:50:25) @TreehouseDarren @1969Steve Oh hello @BuffyHartland! I was surprised. I'm only partly able to tune in because of work. :D

(12:51:17) @BuffyHartland @TreehouseDarren @1969Steve I'm moderately good, ta. Hope all is splendid with you :) #NETRadioGroup

(12:53:37) @BuffyHartland @TreehouseDarren @1969Steve This song send shivers.. takes me back to a more innocent time... :)

(13:19:32) @TreehouseDarren A very cute smurf. It's the sax solo that does it.

(17:11:05) Totally going home. In a minute.

Tweets for 19 Apr 2016

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(07:26:48) I'm actually quite surprised by the amount of decent songs in the charts at the moment. The top 10 is only really ruined by Drake.

(07:49:25) @Mad4mogzz Yeah.. Radio 2 plays the more melodic songs, but the full chart run down is on a Friday afternoon on Radio 1 these days.

(09:42:12) @Doctoe HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in real reality :D)

(09:57:59) @MrsCupidStunt Possibly an argument. Or though I think that's more likely to be teenagers.

(10:30:20) @MrsCupidStunt SpArrSBOs? That doesn't sound right.

(17:51:23) @seagullworrier Heh.

Tweets for 18 Apr 2016

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(07:22:07) @TUID Good luck with the offer day ☺ Hope you get a WIN x

(07:22:47) @TUID Thank you ☺ @poots continues to tolerate me with inexplicable aplomb x

(11:10:31) @TUID @poots We have a lot of laughs, that's for sure! :)

Tweets for 17 Apr 2016

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(12:54:01) @GabriellaWhite !?

(12:54:15) @pearcen EHHLLO EMMETT!

(12:57:53) @GabriellaWhite Just caught up with your Twitter feed... I would have thought better of Japan. A cultural awakening (so to speak!)

(13:04:11) @SheleileighLaw @pearcen *whispers* SORREEEE! :D

(13:04:51) @GabriellaWhite Quite literally a completely different world. I wasn't expecting that. I hope you can surmount it.

(19:21:54) RT @kerouanton: https://t.co/p8NzA8Br4Z

(22:21:43) Maybe it's a Sunday evening thing, but I'm seeing lots of song lyrics being questioned in my Twitter timeline this evening...

Tweets for 16 Apr 2016

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(07:19:17) @canuckuk That was quite an assault on the senses for the time of morning. Wow!

(07:20:27) @platinummind morning :)

(07:22:52) @canuckuk The incidental music that accompanies your heroic acts is melodic and not at all distorted, though.. I'd watch your exploits!

(07:28:32) @canuckuk πŸ˜† That was 1973.. we need a new breed of superhero for 2016... keep practising the cartwheels! (I've not done one in decades!)

(12:36:22) Enjoying virtual coverage of Donington #BTCC courtesy of @TSLTiming https://t.co/PZO2Qmz1nQ & @AlanHydeStudio audio https://t.co/eu1Uc8xAyV

(19:59:08) @BitsyVonMuffin One of them totes ISN'T ME! :) x

(20:16:21) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin BOOM!

(20:43:44) @JacquiJs1 That is a lovely photo :)

(20:44:54) @Tactless_Blonde Pretty much every selfie on Instagram :D

(22:15:27) @hellymoo The one on the right or the one on the left..?

(22:15:45) @Tactless_Blonde Good night. I know that feeling.

(22:16:04) @SamandaFord69 Happy birthday weekend :)

(22:19:54) @MissAprilFalls I fear I am. I'm going to delete that tweet. My apologies.

Tweets for 15 Apr 2016

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Tweets for 14 Apr 2016

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(10:45:24) @edtjones *migration migraine*


(21:49:37) @Stenbird Sweet lord. Did it fall down?

(22:06:54) @Stenbird Darn straight. See that there are. Happy Thursday Is The New Friday (except when you have none stairs)

Tweets for 13 Apr 2016

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(16:26:20) @diddlysquit1 o no! x

(16:27:10) Waterman's been. I don't think his name is Pete.

(19:30:21) Today I have mostly won at a Major Incident. Also: What is the strongest, least corrosive metal in the world? I need some for my dishwasher.

(21:41:15) Apache 2.4 is so fussy now. "Headers containing invalid characters (including underscores) are now silently dropped" https://t.co/XF4ZvBt3cP

Tweets for 12 Apr 2016

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(13:46:44) @Stenbird 500. No. 520.

(14:43:49) @Parkin25Marie Unfortunately, some people have very few social graces.

(17:02:06) I'm not really sure what ontological means. So I'll probably not bother using it in a sentence.

(17:44:11) @TheNobleArchie It's one of those words I look up, and within 5 minutes I've forgotten what it means 😁

(17:45:03) @CarolKettley Ohhh Yes. Makes me look fractionally less of an arse πŸ˜‚

(20:15:44) @N2FGC Good heavens. You had me at metaphysical 😌

(20:18:02) @N2FGC yes. Yes I did.

(20:56:36) After nearly two years of tinkering with home automation, I'm finally getting round to reading the manual. Might make it more comprehensible

Tweets for 11 Apr 2016

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(07:53:03) @VeryBritishLife @sarahjaneuk I've shamefully neglected the SH collection I received as a birthday present; thank you both for the reminder!

Tweets for 10 Apr 2016

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(11:30:44) Watching #SpaceXDragon dock with #ISS supplies. The best bit is when @astro_timpeake goes through the list of substitutions. #onlineshopping

(20:23:11) For me, #Elementary is pretty much the zenith of compelling television. Especially with gin.

(20:24:36) @CarolKettley @Parkin25Marie @DiamondTimelord @MotherGenie @platinummind @LittleMissM97 @trulytinks @LizzyAngelpod Getting REAL on a Sunday!

Tweets for 09 Apr 2016

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(08:22:08) @pearcen Yup.. that's the story! 😟

(08:35:50) @ellewadding Couldn't agree more. There seems to be an unhealthy symbiosis between news media & the public with an appetite for the mawkish.

(14:27:59) @SheleileighLaw If we need (or want) to make a change to an IT system - install software or change config - there is bureaucracy.. @pearcen

(14:29:47) @johndredge I, and I'm sure those with whom I share your fine comedy action, would love that.

(14:41:45) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 @pearcen Keeps them in a job 😁

(15:43:38) I didn't realise that cats weren't completely unhelpful... https://t.co/8dNHuJOGnq

Tweets for 08 Apr 2016

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(19:50:10) @Fi79 ME TOO!

(19:52:10) @MrsCupidStunt That sounds like a splendid idea (but I'd rather play Minecraft than watch cats. Can we do that?)

(19:52:30) @DavidLloydRADIO Good morning, David! :) @peter_levy

Tweets for 07 Apr 2016

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(08:24:52) @peasbloss COOL :)

(08:25:11) @PrincessBagel @ww_uk But it was worth it, right!? :)

(12:28:39) This is a pretty cool offering from @vauxhall - if you're an up-coming band, you could get a free van to tour with: https://t.co/Dq7zaRfa70

(12:31:49) I didn't realise that Kiev is actually slightly south of here.

Tweets for 06 Apr 2016

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(07:10:17) I don't know if it's just Yahoo News but often a report will quote "a person familiar with the matter." I totally want to be one of them.

(07:14:47) @JQP74 Hope you feel better soon, chap.

(07:15:51) @pearcen Uhuhhhh yeah ~fistpumps~

(09:27:51) @MrsCupidStunt *Fleetwood Mac pun here* TIRED x

(09:34:04) @MrsCupidStunt Oh that's big, love...

(10:02:28) @TheEggKing Totally. I work with a great bunch, but the Sys Spec vibe is one that's never to be repeated. You still working your magic?

(10:03:32) @MrsCupidStunt I can't stop thinking of Fleetwood Mac puns now.

(10:07:22) @birdfortytwo WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT? (Or do they go through the bins..?) :D

(10:08:06) @hellymoo I'm working and doing some voluntary stuff at lunchtime. Just made coffee. What are you doing? Shouldn't you be working?

(10:08:35) @manytypesoftea Hope you made it through the clattering without damage.

(10:09:21) @birdfortytwo Eeep!

(10:09:34) @hellymoo Lucky thing!

(10:28:14) @TheEggKing Excellent :) That's pretty much the way IT works, though, right? :)

(13:54:58) @manytypesoftea I've totally been there. Although normally it's my fault (bike brakes do what they can.. but I'm hurtling and heavy :D)

(20:28:58) Watching Drive on ITV with @jasonplato and VernonKay'sInEverythingOnITV. It's quite amusing.. wish I could do that. Benefits of celebrity...

Tweets for 05 Apr 2016

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(20:14:24) Two and a half hours. Surely it shouldn't take that long to fill in a change request? (It took 10 minutes to actually do the change :D)

Tweets for 04 Apr 2016

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(08:22:02) This bit of Luton doesn't smell good this morning.

Tweets for 03 Apr 2016

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Tweets for 02 Apr 2016

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(08:44:29) @SamandaFord69 @jbboats @neilbishop6 @sweettoothmarti @poppyscupcakes I totally agree. Hope it's a successful happy & beautiful one!

(09:19:44) Free practice 1 on the first #BTCC weekend for 2016. I can hear @AlanHydeStudio on the commentary (bottom of page) https://t.co/OSfUxcbkDk

(11:22:25) Playing some @intlBeige rock music while I do the housework. It seems the right thing to do.

(12:32:59) @CarolKettley @intlBeige Totally do!

Tweets for 01 Apr 2016

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(15:05:44) @mostlygeordie I thought both Benetton and Benelton were things of the past.

(15:29:45) @VeryBritishLife HAHAHAHA! And yes. Yes I am. I'm kept on the straight and narrow by Beth :D Wow - that is impressive. Kudos, young James.

(17:54:13) It's only since listening to this @BBCRadio4 programme - https://t.co/s3wVsOUOvS - that I realise how much Molesworth 1 was my role model.

(17:54:48) @Tactless_Blonde One of my colleagues suggested that my wife might be trying to poison me "with WD40". He's funny. And from Stevenage.

(17:56:58) @johndredge 4extra has a bunch of Molesworth audio thingies.. https://t.co/Hc4Su50OGE - WIZZ and rafia work.

(17:57:19) @CarolKettley @jackie85656250 @paddysatch @Loneranger700 @Stevesm52297245 @___fergie__ @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind HAPPY WEAKENED! WOOO!

(18:04:10) @MrsCupidStunt That will do nicely then.

(20:11:46) @hellymoo Have a crème egg.

Tweets for 31 Mar 2016

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(09:02:42) @davewitchalls Please don't forget meeeee :D

(09:03:46) In celebration of my beautiful wife @poots's birthday, we're going on a trip to Iceland later. SO EXCITED! They do great pizzas for cheap.

(10:06:39) @VeryBritishLife @poots Absolutely :)

(10:07:25) @tweeting_frog Oh that was deliberate misleading.. I have a strange sense of humour!

(11:58:34) @canuckuk Soz ;) @poots

(17:10:47) With the sad loss of Ronnie Corbett, it's only right that we should light four candles to his memory. No.. four candles..

(17:14:29) @warriorgrrl Oh. Brilliant. Doesn't that mean you've MADE IT though? :)

(18:55:02) @warriorgrrl Love the song and the video - really evocative (love the shots on the hill!)

(22:10:26) @_ItsJJ @RadioLaB971fm @JGS1995 @LukeGregory18 @lanky_timelord @ItsJacobRoch Congratulations!

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