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Tweets for 30 Mar 2016

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(12:31:36) @Tactless_Blonde Good song :) First dance at our wedding :)

(12:31:59) @hellymoo Ello little ol' lady

(15:39:59) @VeryBritishLife Oh dear oh dear. And oh dear.

(18:21:55) Daughter Child made meatballs for dinner. Well done Daughter Child.

Tweets for 29 Mar 2016

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(07:22:43) @LizzyWelshCake Er... good morning? Better crack on...x

(07:24:01) Morning. Going back to work. Because I'm worth it.

(07:24:53) @coxchat Bwahahaha!

(07:27:28) @poots What remains, you can be sure I will. I might get it sprayed. (Not spayed)

(07:28:00) I'll save my certificate authority woes until I get home, natch. (Sorry @poots)

(07:28:57) @pearcen @poots Do I look like Professor Jennifer Aniston to you..? :D

(10:43:24) @BaronHawkey We can do it. With a little help from our friends (coffee & cake)

(11:50:32) @akrabat There's a form on an intranet site here that, when you hit enter, it creates a blank email to some email address.. *sigh* #uxdesign

(12:53:54) @poots @Bubble2009 @RobJD YAY! I'll be listening! @TinTopTuesday

(17:55:07) @clairebland1 Super! :) :)

(19:02:28) Yay! It's @TinTopTuesday! What a way to start the #BTCC season :)

(19:51:37) @LizzyWelshCake Not at all. It'll take me the best part of the rest of the week to make any progress with my cracking on.. :D x

(19:52:50) @Tactless_Blonde AND the outfit.

(19:55:17) @LizzyWelshCake Succintly put. How's the finger? x

(20:00:27) @LizzyWelshCake I'm glad to hear it.. no more swollen Fs! x

Tweets for 28 Mar 2016

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(08:49:03) @ellewadding Ahh.. I feared that may be the case. I'll hope for another showing ☺ cheers!

(08:49:56) Morning. Not overly impressed with the whole "feeling like the house is in a car wash" thing going on this morning.

(08:50:29) @JoPlattTweets Your gifs never fail to make me smile ☺

(10:41:21) @VeryBritishLife It's calmed down a little here, now.. you're right about clean - albeit drop-speckled - windows ☺

(10:41:55) @JoPlattTweets It's been lovely so l far ☺ Hope yours is going well too. X

(10:42:48) @tweeting_frog It seems to have mellowed out a little now - which is good because I'm walking to town with the offspring in a bit!

(11:15:19) @clairebland1 Just heard your boo about filter coffee machines - we use ours daily. Paper filters vary in price - we get ours from Tesco.

(11:15:32) @clairebland1 are the ones we get :)

Tweets for 18 Mar 2016

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(07:28:44) @kittykatkent It's kinda ubiquitous, isn't it? I always customise my alerts - so I know it's mine, at least! (and so not to annoy you 😏)

(07:51:57) Morning. Is it not a fair proposition that no money for a service funded by public taxes should ever end up as profit for corporations?

(09:18:48) @fridgemagnet2 Heh. I'm wearing beige specially today.

(09:44:15) @tweeting_frog Morning, ma'am. A very happy Friday to you.

(10:06:19) @intlBeige Absolutely :)

(10:16:27) @LizzyWelshCake Anything which is uncynical.

(10:26:32) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning, Bina :)

(10:28:03) @hilliatfields I'll have to check, but in the meantime YAY! :)

(12:31:56) @PlainTalkingHR I'm feeling tolerable, thanks, Bina :) Could do with a nap ;) I hope you're having a most wonderful Friday! xx

(12:33:16) @Tactless_Blonde You're being too nice? :D

(12:34:18) @ProperKath Trying desperately not to play "Name That Pigeon-infested Window Sill" ..rocking a kind of Portland Stone look.

(12:35:40) @Tactless_Blonde Works for me. Doubtless needed to be said.

(14:34:13) @MrsCupidStunt I'm not in...

(14:34:35) @PlainTalkingHR Excellent :) Variety is what makes work life interesting.. that and opportunities to learn :)

(14:36:13) @MrsCupidStunt Yeah I really do think.

(14:36:50) @MrsCupidStunt *checks through the peep-hole to see if you've gone* [shout from indoors: NO HE CAN'T COME OUT TO PLAY]

(14:54:48) @ellewadding NO. The gravitational influence it would have would kinda screw our orbit up.. :D

(15:20:48) @MrsCupidStunt You've got me bang to rights. Thanks for the follow :)

(16:55:34) @revkatebottley @majordufus The end of something on Radio 4?

(16:56:02) @SueWWLeader Ooh posh!

(17:22:55) @MrsCupidStunt I think Twitter does that sometimes. All good - and YAY WEEKEND

(17:37:50) @myproductivemac @YouTube Good lord.

(18:37:03) @CMRaceNet @gridgame Racenet says it's not available. Is it just me? #grid2 #xbox360

(20:00:09) @N2FGC It was a terrible gag.. have a look at the first four words of my tweet 😏 Love the definition - thank you!

(20:01:17) @edtjones Hmmm... true. Sadly.

(20:48:59) RT @davidschneider: So glad the government's imposing a top-down reorganisation of schools as it worked so well with the NHS.

(20:50:26) @MrsCupidStunt What the hell are you doing here..? 😄

(20:51:28) @PrincessBagel @digitalamoeba @bt_uk Go them!

(20:52:58) @MrsCupidStunt (terrible singing along gag.. sorry!)

(20:58:12) @MrsCupidStunt I find myself apologising for obtuse jokes too often these days. I have to write it down even for myself. Hence the tweets 😄

(20:58:37) @N2FGC Mine too.. happy weekend nonetheless!

(22:02:36) Trying to keep up (catch up) with #DrunkHistory

(22:05:20) "Stay on the mat, Trince, you're dripping" #DrunkHistory

(22:06:09) They should so do a #DrunkHistory drinking game.

(22:07:05) @Stylescrybe Just do it and put it on YouTube 😏

(22:07:53) @BeccaNicole0512 Woahh you tweeted this at 9am my time...

(22:15:30) @BeccaNicole0512 Fair play, ma'am, fair play 👍

(22:26:53) @MrsCupidStunt It's the right time.

(22:27:27) @mrsdoigy Yes.

(22:47:54) @DoomGolly oooh! That is a ~good~ dream 😊

(23:08:35) @MrsCupidStunt That's what Hendrix was really thinking...

(23:11:28) @MrsCupidStunt Yip

(23:12:52) @MrsCupidStunt obv

(23:14:33) @hellymoo I nibbled a slice while you weren't looking. OF WINE.

(23:14:58) @SueWWLeader n'night. I'm right behind you :)

(23:18:31) @jackstow I is listening to you in my Spotifys. Much harmonium(?) @andytuk

(23:22:47) @jackstow @andytuk SWEET! Great tune, too :)

(23:35:14) @mrsdoigy TO BED WITH YOU! (I'm right behind you)

Tweets for 17 Mar 2016

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(20:36:33) @Stenbird Cillit bang and a match.

(20:56:16) @Stenbird That's not great. Leave it in the back garden and buy a new one?

(20:56:30) @Stenbird And gin.

(21:24:54) @Stenbird That calls for one of these: 👍

(22:08:33) @RandomFlopsy Good lord... that sustained me through my school lunches.. but never again!

Tweets for 16 Mar 2016

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(08:22:32) @MichaelEppsRace Congratulations! And always great to have another musician on the grid (eh, @AlanHydeStudio?) #BTCC

(08:28:09) @MelenieFW morning 😊 Quality musics

(08:28:23) RT @kyleswager: "Don’t Forget The “C” in your Hump-Day edition of @BritishTech NEWS. #Tech #Podcast :…

(09:52:23) @diddlysquit1 Some kind of Alfa?

(09:53:24) @manytypesoftea That's a very pragmatic dream. And quite a turnaround. (Bright eyes)

(09:53:44) @SheleileighLaw *sighs*

(10:20:18) @ellewadding Bless you. What is it for a ten-minute fit? (pretty much me most days :D)

(10:57:54) I don't know what "Je ne sais quoi" means.

(10:58:31) @SheleileighLaw You're up early ma'am :)

(11:04:31) @TreehouseDarren @tweeting_frog @DeanOrmond james was, at least, trying to be funny :D

(11:06:25) @tweeting_frog @TreehouseDarren @DeanOrmond It may reassure you that the 'joke' was met with blank expressions in the office. Sorry!

(11:47:40) @diddlysquit1 Haha! :D And just as reliable ;)

(12:12:11) @CarolKettley Revenge open plan selfie 😋 Not scared..

(12:21:59) @platinummind That is classy, sir.

(12:22:33) @Feexby @CupOfTea69 *spits out tea*

(13:43:31) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am. It's the face I'm stuck with ;)

(13:46:19) @CarolKettley Ms Jolie isn't anything special. x

(21:50:16) I've just learned what civil twilight is. It's not what you think. Actually, it probably is.

(23:08:49) @KittyCostanza I feel the same way about the Belle Stars.

Tweets for 15 Mar 2016

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(02:25:54) @SheleileighLaw I shall have to delve further.. thank you!

(07:29:49) @TOther_Simon Congratulations. Time for a "best-of" compilation..?

(07:52:46) @TOther_Simon Oh pish and fourpence. Your tweets are always amusing.

(07:53:08) @TOther_Simon Or is it Tish and Fourpence? Can't remember...

(07:59:31) @TOther_Simon My point exactly.

(09:07:50) @Tactless_Blonde Bring a banjo.

(09:08:04) @CupOfTea69 Lordy.

(09:08:29) @SueWWLeader Looks robust. I'll take it.

(09:22:48) @CarolKettley @SueWWLeader BOO! :D

(09:30:17) @CarolKettley @SueWWLeader noo.. that was more of a 'crowd of people who have no appreciation of what Drumpf says' cry of dismay. :D

(09:30:53) @SueWWLeader @CarolKettley UHUH. YEAH. Now that's what i'm talkin' bout. When it comes to mugs, I ain't going with no plain, sucka.

Tweets for 14 Mar 2016

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(08:21:56) It's all very well the Americans celebrating pi day, but their clocks have already gone forward. Cue confused meeting times.. morning!

(11:19:13) @FinalBullet You had the internet delivered in a Bag For Life? COOL.

(11:20:45) I don't suppose you know what my voicemail PIN is, do you?

(12:41:51) @Stenbird BUT THERE IS A LIGHT ON ON MY PHONE. *cries*

(12:41:59) @CarolKettley Ooh. Hadn't tried that one.... nope.

(12:50:42) "For historical reasons, Internet Explorer identifies itself as a Mozilla browser." Blehh.

(12:51:04) @Stenbird I've put gaffer tape over the light. Problem solved.

(12:53:06) @tweeting_frog Exactly..! Total balderdash!

(14:03:41) @MissAprilFalls I should be so lucky.

(14:04:01) @MissAprilFalls I'm more likely to have pi. Ha. See what I did there? oh.

(17:22:18) I have a rather unhealthy appreciation of terrible, terrible home-made rap music.This sort of disturbs me.

(18:45:56) @johndredge I do like Le Tigre. Splendid.

(19:15:31) @Fi79 The "I could have sworn I put a pound coin down 'ere a minute ago" game?

(22:59:37) I quite like the original version of the mighty Pnau / Elton John "Sad" song. - normally I don't like his stuff.

(23:21:17) @hilliatfields Congratulations! :)

Tweets for 13 Mar 2016

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(08:11:43) @TheNobleArchie Noooooo... (I hope!)

(08:47:42) @ellewadding coffee definitely. And a refreshing shower (hopefully) Morning.

(13:07:44) @PrincessBagel Good grief! Unthinkable.. :|

(16:52:31) Cleaning a keyboard with a 'sleep' button on it is something of a risk.

(17:30:31) @DeanOrmond ooh. That's a good tip.

(18:55:13) @hellymoo Pretty cool.

(18:57:12) It doesn't seem like any time since I had to put a '32k' version of audio on my website for dial-up folks. Not sure there's any need now...

(20:25:05) @Genloo I'm getting my embroidery trousers on RIGHT NOW.

(20:25:28) @Genloo You've got oodles of interwebs, surely..?

(21:30:46) @boggits Oh gosh. This is all very complicated. What price music..?

(21:36:16) Next time I'm on a conference call to the states I shall use the phrase "And good day to YOU sir." Probably about halfway throuugh.

(21:36:46) @MarkSheppard Excellent. Excellllennttt.

(21:37:26) @jgamet They're only, like, 50p these days?

(22:05:53) @MarkSheppard Wow! What an amazing performance that must've been!

(23:41:48) @MissAprilFalls Following you because you have the word "custard" in your bio. Jolly good.

Tweets for 11 Mar 2016

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(09:14:47) RT @Cakefolder: Possibilities - the album - now available to download on Amazon MP3 via @AmazonUK

(11:26:43) @CatsAreLoud It's entirely down to the industry's intolerance of diverging from the 'social norms'. I blame the industry.

(11:38:35) Having to Google to find out how to do something in Word makes me think it wasn't designed with this in mind:

(11:39:02) (it's "Insert section break" incidentally)

(12:29:51) RT @hellymoo: CURRENT MOOD: ILL

(12:29:57) @hellymoo Get better soon x

(12:43:59) @wuthering_alice get better soon x

(14:03:48) I just got sent a link to a Daily Mail story which showed a 'massive rat'. Which was big because it was CLOSER TO THE CAMERA. *sigh*

(14:39:17) @grahamdunning Hi, Graham. Out of interest, where do you get your dubplates cut?

(17:23:34) @grahamdunning Thank you sir!

(17:24:19) @CarolKettley @Michael_James_1 @thatJanice @DogsTrust @HugBoxUK @lovesmemusic @londoner43 Boom! Rake the Shoom! Cheers m'dear x

(17:24:51) @VeryBritishLife true.... which one is the rat? 😄

(19:13:36) @johannariley Outrageous!

(19:13:54) I've got my weekend trousers on. Uhuh yeah.

(19:40:45) @JuliaBall I've got my jammies on now. Didn't last long 😄

(19:40:54) @CarolKettley Wahooo!

(20:59:47) @johannariley He can blimmin' well cook for himself tonight, right? ;)

(21:57:17) @CatsAreLoud Indeed. But people don't seem to realise it. Especially D*ily M*il readers. Lordy.

(22:02:43) The excellent @cakefolder released "Possibilities" today - check it out in Mr Spotify's Emporium #live #housemusic

Tweets for 10 Mar 2016

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(10:09:07) @LizzyWelshCake Three part harmony? I have no idea how one person manages taht :D

(10:09:31) @LizzyWelshCake I think so. It means it's "worked" #catharsis

(10:10:00) @CupOfTea69 You too ma'am. Hang on in there. Internet hugs x

(11:05:08) @LizzyWelshCake Woahh..! That's a whole lot of song loveliness. Over two albums' worth! :) Would love to hear some x

(11:05:56) @LizzyWelshCake I think I have a 'top 3' of songs I've made, but it's as much the production as the writing :)

(12:22:13) @LizzyWelshCake At the moment, Airport Way, Hot mess & Music in you. Although I quite like Building Building. All album closers.. hmm..

(12:22:21) @LizzyWelshCake WOAHH. That's the coolest thing.

(15:21:11) @LizzyWelshCake That doesn't sound comfortable!

(15:40:03) @CatsAreLoud Next time it happens, make out it's a terrible, terrible accident and it was all my fault. :)

(16:24:44) @CatsAreLoud You are totally on. And I think I might be left with nothing :D

(19:22:33) Some interesting performancing ahead at the hatfactory courtesy of @cryingout_loud #circatsuica…

(19:24:33) @birdfortytwo 👍 @smartie999

(22:15:57) Not the sort of thing one sees every day. Remarkable performance by #CircusBrass at the hatfactory

Tweets for 09 Mar 2016

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(22:10:51) @birdfortytwo It is of no help that it's not even Thursday.

(22:13:26) This is entirely 'true' - that @TOther_Simon makes an amusable tune.

(23:24:01) @smartie999 @birdfortytwo Yes! No! I don't know...

Tweets for 08 Mar 2016

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(07:26:59) @JoPlattTweets morning. That's a frightening sight to wake up to 😃

(08:18:48) @Stenbird Only one letter wrong, to be fair ;) #75PercentIsABPlus

(08:19:18) @totkat What could possibly go wrong? #naptime

(08:30:45) @DigitalAmoeba @Polygon Utterly lovely.

(08:40:32) @JoPlattTweets silly - you're pretty! x happy Tuesday if you can!

(08:43:35) hats on let's do this.

(15:52:24) The song "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd is ~not~ about a dental appointment.

(17:14:22) @romanmars #coincheck A nice surprise to come back to after a trip to the dentist (hence the…

(17:51:30) @VeryBritishLife 😄 Nothing comfortable about dentistry.. that's all I'm saying 😷

Tweets for 07 Mar 2016

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(08:16:05) @emmathegardener I only pop on every now and then. That said, I'm more often here than on FB! :)

(08:17:03) @debsylee Morning :)

(08:17:15) @seagullworrier #notaeuphemism

(08:24:25) @ms_cornwall You too :)

(08:25:03) @Tactless_Blonde Urghh. Not the Monday morning commuting experience one would ideally want.

(08:55:57) From @audioBoom reposted by @topgold - a talk by @FrankHannigan "Command your life, don't try to control it" Perfect

(09:18:57) @fridgemagnet2 I think so.

(09:19:05) @fridgemagnet2 Better start failing to plan that now.. :D

(10:28:43) There, @LedHutLtd, I fixed it...

(11:03:28) @LedHutLtd I like to be in control of my inbox (so to speak). Just found it amusing...

(11:03:45) @fridgemagnet2 Get everything else off YouTube ;)

(11:05:02) @ProperKath It's like Donald Trump has branched into intimate spam.

(11:51:04) @ellewadding I have to say @LedHutLtd were very lovely about it :)

(20:32:41) @smartie999 I think so. Or a Microsoft thing for alerting if pages change. Also: it's 'Meer invoegtoepassingen Verkrijgen' in Dutch. Exotic!

Tweets for 06 Mar 2016

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(15:47:44) @SheleileighLaw @ithildin_lass Audacity's an excellent free tool; can use it to extract audio, so it can be boosted:

(15:51:32) @ithildin_lass @SheleileighLaw No worries. Hope you have success. you'll need to mute the original audio from the video and..

(15:51:54) @ithildin_lass @SheleileighLaw ..attach the boosted audio (in sync, obviously!) as an extra narration/music track. Should work though!

(15:52:16) @fridgemagnet2 Why did you not tell me about this?

(15:52:36) @SheleileighLaw @ithildin_lass Inheriting the earth and all that...

(17:17:19) @DVVHolland Oh dear.

(19:29:02) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 @weekendery Yeah. Me too.

(21:16:22) @intlBeige We need to do more radio. @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 @weekendery

(23:06:32) A mighty fine song.

Tweets for 05 Mar 2016

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(13:58:08) Big ol' lumps of #uksnow in #Luton right now ... 7/10 LU2

(13:59:21) @CarolKettley I'll do my best :D

(22:41:36) @Tactless_Blonde I'm the same. But without the cup of tea bit. Cocoa for me 😊 night!

Tweets for 04 Mar 2016

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(12:59:59) @ms_cornwall Oh gosh. Is that in actual Cornwall?

(13:02:13) @martin_carr @hilliatfields This is why I despair of humanity sometimes.

(13:02:27) @martin_carr (Donald Trump, not your songs)

(14:04:18) @CarolKettley @___fergie__ @HugBoxUK @FeistyDdraig @Loneranger700 @Stevesm52297245 @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic @computerdan @spans44 AWESM

(14:04:33) @ms_cornwall Ahh... hope spring springs soon! xxx

(17:14:09) @CarolKettley Evening. Nearly evening :) x

(18:14:24) @CarolKettley I'm not so bad, ta! :) You?

Tweets for 03 Mar 2016

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(20:27:47) @fridgemagnet2 And he had the spatula, right?

(20:29:53) I did do some music for @RPMChallenge 2015 - 10 songs written & recorded in February. You can hear it if you like:

(20:31:46) @mostlygeordie Sweeeeeet

Tweets for 02 Mar 2016

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(08:25:55) @hellymoo I always bring some with me in a spare pocket to avoid such eventuality and doom. I don't put my faith in Costamongers 😏

(08:32:27) @TOther_Simon Yay! Glad you enjoyed - will have to check out Mr Hayman 😊

(08:35:05) @LizzyWelshCake But you don't know that something will never happen until it doesn't. (or something)

(08:48:14) @LizzyWelshCake Oh yes! I hadn't thought of that. Yet. x

(08:49:20) @TOther_Simon Cool! Thank you 😊 Want to see your band at some point. It's on my to-do list 😊

(08:51:12) @AvaSoundBird It's hmup day now at least 😏

(11:09:25) Great to see that Diffie and Hellman have won the AM Turing award. Nothing weak or ephemeral about those two.

(12:45:51) @FreakyFwoof I'm not overly surprised, but he loathes me too. YAY.

(13:56:00) In my continuing aspiration to gain a title, I'm now looking at "The Right Honourable james Hart" So I need to get onto the Privy Council.

(14:17:03) I still have no idea what a Web Slice Gallery is.

(16:50:55) @mostlygeordie That's achievable. But also ephemeral, right? Unless I can hold on to the Mayorship come hell/high water/armageddon :D

(16:51:09) @brennig That would be splendid :) Might put it on my letterheads.

(16:51:33) @smartie999 That is a frankly dribblesome Web Slice Gallery. I'm in.

(16:51:38) @jopijedd Good lord.

(19:54:33) @BaronHawkey YES! I'd completely forgotten!

(22:46:10) @MelenieFW Feel better soon, ma'am :)

Tweets for 01 Mar 2016

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(21:29:01) @CatsAreLoud Sit on cigarettes EVERY DAY.

(21:36:09) @CatsAreLoud I don't really know much about cigarettes, but doesn't that make them a bit non-cylindrical? Keep it up ma'am. Freshher kisses!

(21:53:49) @DavidLloydRADIO @radiotimes Has to be Blowers & Charlotte Green, but @kathyclugston came a very close second. Mellifluous.

(22:20:06) @CatsAreLoud Worth getting LEDs. They're LURVEYL.

(22:28:09) @CatsAreLoud I have @'ed you three times this evening. I'm not stalking you, honest.. your tweets resonate :)

(22:30:12) @TOther_Simon I made these and they brought your fine tunes to mind. #RPMChallenge #RPM2016

Tweets for 29 Feb 2016

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