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Tweets for 28 Feb 2016

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(01:54:58) @mostlygeordie :D

(01:58:40) @mostlygeordie I may well have just spent a while trying to find out how many people have 'Qwerty' as a name. Apparently Abcde is one too.

(12:18:16) All those world war II dogfights.. I wonder whether anyone got clonked on the head by the bullet shell casings. Quite hazardous

(12:27:23) @wuthering_alice All quite unnecessary, but revolutionary at the time, I think :)

(12:28:42) @seagullworrier For a while I was questioning whether the RHCP actually had a bagpiper. Thank you for tidying that one up.

(12:29:21) @BuffyHartland Have a happy birthday day! :)

(13:18:11) DO NOT PUT IT IN TWO BINS. https://t.co/EDA47lIFdm

(13:29:10) @VeryBritishLife It's a Disney product... could well be the case :D

(21:54:49) @hedgemint Good heavens.

(21:59:07) @TOther_Simon I've just completed ten songs for a @RPMChallenge album, and some of the songs I wrote remind me of yours. Quite good, then.

(22:00:51) @emsquare_d Oh I would celebrate that.

(22:35:22) @hedgemint gorgeous :)

Tweets for 27 Feb 2016

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(10:09:20) The glorious peace of the main road in front of the house being closed for maintenance. I could get used to this #googlingforbollards

(10:18:49) @CarolKettley story of my life.

(10:34:05) @manytypesoftea Silent but violent. Hope you are less hurty soon. Also, hope it wasn't me.

(10:40:42) RT @itsjamesherring: 'This photo opportunity must not, I repeat, MUST NOT make him look creepy' https://t.co/5ZTZQPIwo0

(10:41:22) @CupOfTea69 I wish I could write, sing & play like Peter Gabriel. Wonderful. Happy Saturday too.

(11:36:05) @microsoftband Hello. What's the best way to report a repeatable issue with the Band 2? It involves a bluetooth headset & music controls.

(11:37:22) @CupOfTea69 That's quite a feat. I can just about manage the bassline :D

(17:27:24) @betandr old-school :)

(18:11:44) Quiche face. https://t.co/Y9wnafbTgP

(19:25:21) @fridgemagnet2 @Mad4mogzz It worries me more than a little that - if it's to be believed (unlikely) - Daily Mail readers will outlive us all

Tweets for 26 Feb 2016

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(18:49:34) @Bubble2009 Thank you! Listened - and was good!

(20:34:09) @CarolKettley @FeistyDdraig @spans44 @Parkin25Marie @adyenglish @thatJanice @AnIdleThought @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic @NealMartin10 YAYS!

(20:37:51) Watching the song for Europe thing on #BBC4, but starting to get irked by the audio production.. Sounds awful (it's not the songs, honest!)

(20:49:04) @jopijedd Hurts my ears almost as much as Capital FM.

(20:55:58) Mel or Sue: "You're off to Stockholm"

(20:57:29) @revkatebottley I have become quite accustomed to the phrase "Hot mess." #EurovisionUK

(21:01:48) @jopijedd Bwahaha. True though.

(22:12:19) @ms_howard Clearly you're not tuned into your texts properly 😏

(22:14:23) @MrsCupidStunt nnight

(22:18:07) @BaronHawkey No idea. Nothing really makes sense any more. Apparently, you can do more than "like" on FB now.

Tweets for 25 Feb 2016

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(07:54:53) @_Frazzle_ Just baffling.

Tweets for 24 Feb 2016

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(07:50:45) @BaronHawkey Morning - looks pretty glorious out there...

(07:51:17) @Stenbird Exciting! Not Portugesish, then..?

(08:14:35) @Stenbird Well good luck with that.

(09:13:18) @pearcen That is pretty cool! :)

(16:02:53) I'd much rather have @Cakefolder's classic "Welcome please wait thank you" as the hold music I'm listening to than this 'Smooth' 'Jazz'.

Tweets for 23 Feb 2016

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Tweets for 22 Feb 2016

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(07:30:00) @JoPlattTweets Ha! I know that feeling #bathroomninja

(08:21:09) @SazJayney Happy birthday!

(14:55:34) @CupOfTea69 It's Monday. Justifiable and encouraged.

(14:55:47) @DeanAbbott I very much like this.

(19:57:31) @PrincessBagel Get super better super soon x

(19:58:22) @mostlygeordie You could take me there, as long as we're together. #Wham

(21:48:29) @seagullworrier @lizzing @LizzieBonito @spacegirlgail In all fairness purple is the best colour.

(21:54:52) @lizzing @seagullworrier I thought it was abut excellent skirts. Sorry to have interjected... I just saw purple and got overexcited :)

Tweets for 21 Feb 2016

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(10:19:04) @standupmaths You could certainly give @Ashens a run for his money, but how much? Only you can tell because you have ALL THE CALCULATORS.

(20:52:57) It's subtle - and a little out of focus - but this part of a guide to local supermarkets amused… https://t.co/N4kNNxhJTH

(21:31:08) @DoomGolly hug

(22:19:16) @DoomGolly I caught up on my sleep, at least! Hang in there, m'dear!

(22:29:28) @LizzyWelshCake Nooooo! @hilliatfields

(22:32:08) @DoomGolly We need to revisit our childhood. Hope you can flomp soon, my superstar pal! x

(23:15:24) @LizzyWelshCake @hilliatfields *toasts you both*

(23:17:59) @hilliatfields Any friend of @LizzyWelshCake is a friend of mine. Apart from the ones in her dreams. They're really weird. Thank you!

(23:26:29) @hilliatfields Noo... @LizzyWelshCake and I have been friends for ages and we've shared tales of odd dreams :)

Tweets for 20 Feb 2016

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(20:32:30) I think I'm in the real @Linton_T_Tavern ... I didn't bring my extra large plate for breakfast, though...

(21:38:25) @SueWWLeader Yes. The murky backwaters appear to be encroaching. You can always be assured of civil behaviour from me 😊👍

(21:38:49) @seagullworrier bring it.

Tweets for 19 Feb 2016

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(10:28:20) Twitchy eyelid. https://t.co/r4O7K3ZGm5

(10:35:09) @MelenieFW @BBCRadio2 That doesn't sound good. Has he staged a coup against Kenny Bruce?

(10:35:49) I hadn't realised that "Monty Don" is actually short for "Montague Dontague". #mightnotbetrue #unwikipedia

(10:39:21) @regularjen It's not one with which I'm very familiar... what is?

(15:18:07) @regularjen Will definitely take a look! :) :)

(15:18:22) @MelenieFW @BBCRadio2 That doesn't seem right. Especially on your birthday eve ;)

(15:18:43) Thinking on a global level is completely unregionable.

(20:21:16) @CarolKettley @RealDealPostie @russclarkee @HillWalker70 @PawBlakNme @McDonaldRmd @Parkin25Marie @AngelaMcNeill67 @LizzyAngelpod YOPLAIT!

Tweets for 18 Feb 2016

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(09:37:52) @Stenbird @parksandrecnbc Oooh. I miss that.

(09:38:41) Putting Nokia Mix Radio thing on this morning, I noticed that there's a selection for "Unknown Artist". Some proper variety there...

(10:25:32) @Stenbird @parksandrecnbc TOTALLY! Thanks - I hadn't realised Dave had bought it (YAY!)

(15:39:41) @SuButcher I hope it gets put back into the box in colour order #ocd :D

(20:03:30) @henningwehn Are you still playing @Volfsball?

(20:04:37) @Scanditwitchen Funnily enough I was thinking about Ylvis.. where are they these days..?

Tweets for 17 Feb 2016

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(11:20:42) @intlBeige Heehee :D True - but the more you do it the easier it gets (hint hint ;) )

(12:34:08) @OfficialDaveFox AGES.

(12:34:54) Drag and drag and drag and drop and drag and drag and.. oh hang on.. where's it gone?

(14:56:41) @1MelissaAitken Ohhh lordy.

Tweets for 16 Feb 2016

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(08:42:32) RT @pizzahutuk: .@kanyewest We're sorry Kanye. We just can't accept this. Please give us a call. https://t.co/NpuAX7vbry

(08:43:46) @lloydbayley His stuff is great - an electronics lesson in every youtube video, pretty much 😊

(10:28:44) @RobJD Heh.. true :D The trick is to do it enough to entertain myself, but not so much that I get a sniffy email :D

(12:12:22) I can't work out if I like my work swivel chair to be stiff backed or bouncy backed. Neither are conducive to taking a nap, I might add.

(12:26:11) @DeanOrmond @MushroomFM Sounds great - will try and catch it.

(12:26:47) @boggits @Janet_LegReg I know how it ends. I think so does the BBFC. :D

(21:24:52) @CarolKettley @platinummind @Loneranger700 @___fergie__ @FeistyDdraig @parkhead01 @suedaisychain @SueWWLeader @marcymarc80 S/O/O/O/O! YAY!

(23:09:39) @CarolKettley Sorry I've not been about much - work is crazy at the moment and I'm writing poor quality music when I get home most nights :D

(23:15:00) @CarolKettley Heh... I dream of being OK ;) Hope all's well with you. Night! :) x

Tweets for 15 Feb 2016

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(07:40:24) @brennig Not sure he's worth bothering with. To me he's merely a curio - that he has such influence and audience baffles me. #messiahcomplex

(08:24:04) If you get the chance to listen to "Where are Ü now" by Diplo, I wouldn't recommend it. The hook is horrible AND gets stuck in one's head.

(08:25:27) @ms_cornwall Happy Monday to you too 😊

(08:45:09) @pearcen I do hope I didn't cause you to listen to it. Incidentally, I feel the same way about anything Kanye West does or says. Or is.

(08:49:24) @superalora Looks like this is up your street https://t.co/sAztbCTl1e /via @prof_elemental

(09:02:29) @DVVHolland You're not alone in your opinion that the best performer/song didn't win. Shame, really...

(11:44:06) @pearcen :D Amen, brother.

(12:45:11) @hellymoo Did you get bacon? Did it cause this?

(16:09:28) @SheleileighLaw Oh fantastic! :) I didn't watch any Frost, but I imagine the pace was very similar :)

(16:35:05) @Genloo I want you to too. FIND A CAVE! Caves are well good for cheese :)

(17:43:33) I'm finding it difficult to resist writing "Ed Balls" in sections of the Service Management Tool that I don't understand.

(19:07:21) @BaronHawkey A fine way to end a Monday 😊

(21:55:16) @Genloo Huge and desolate. Mainly desolate.

(21:55:23) @Genloo And huge.

Tweets for 14 Feb 2016

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(08:32:05) @seagullworrier the whole thing baffles me.

(08:48:35) @seagullworrier Abritrary affection day :D

(11:39:58) @Stenbird Oooh luffly. Could do with some sea air myself for me sinuses y'see...

(11:47:22) @TomCoronel Congratulations, Mr Coronet! (Means crown - so you must be the king, right?) :D

(12:16:13) @manytypesoftea HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OF EMERGENCE.

(12:17:15) @Chelledogs Awww :) Happy St V's day :)

(12:17:52) @cazie5 Good luck with the new job and the weeding! Hang on.. WEEDING? The garden is no place to be in a cold February...

(21:20:11) Completely normal for a Sunday evening in the studio #rpm2016 https://t.co/6PwQT0XpTo

(21:51:00) @manytypesoftea Not looking bad on it, to be fair.

(21:53:39) I do like to watch #Vera, not just for the crime drama, but a lot of the shot compositions are just glorious. #northumberland

(22:04:29) @Tactless_Blonde Why the :sad face:

(22:06:56) @Tactless_Blonde Ahhh... I hadn't realized the actor had died.

(22:19:52) @Tactless_Blonde Ohhhhhh! I'd not realised!

(22:22:04) @Tactless_Blonde Quite and indeed.

(22:22:25) @SheleileighLaw it's proper Sunday evening stuff 😊

Tweets for 13 Feb 2016

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(10:34:56) @BaronHawkey Amen to that!

(10:39:59) @tweeting_frog and a bonzer g'day to you, mate!

(20:01:29) @TOther_Simon That's how the Americans say it. Look - you can even learn that special and beautiful language. https://t.co/a2Cr7eOWXw

(20:02:58) @BaronHawkey Hope it's a good one!

Tweets for 12 Feb 2016

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(08:06:27) @PontoonDock It's shocking how often I hear about that happening 😒

(10:39:58) @fridgemagnet2 It is well within the Month Of Celebrations Of The Anniversary Of The Day Of Your Emergence. We've still got the bunting up.

(10:50:09) @fridgemagnet2 Glow in the dark planet?

(11:20:18) @fridgemagnet2 Excellent.

(17:19:09) @CarolKettley @GG_toyou @marksy1955 @RealDealPostie @M_Jack72 @1inca @platinummind @180Trainer @AnIdleThought @johnbro67 @King_Ben70 HPYWKND

(20:01:19) @tweeting_frog G'night!

(20:03:20) Watching a programme about the human brain. Or the human Brian. I'll be sure to write about this in my dairy.

(20:06:02) @Tactless_Blonde That doesn't seem like nearly enough.

(20:06:59) @diddlysquit1 Happier day? #gin

(20:10:58) @diddlysquit1 That will do for me. There is an upwards opportunity.

(20:11:57) @Tactless_Blonde The zombie look. I think there needs to be some kind of rest. Or spicy brians.

(20:42:10) @JoOstermeyer I have LOADS of hugs. And some spare beer. *internet hug*

(20:43:09) @peasbloss YES. HURRY! (don't binge) HURRY!

(22:26:11) @brianashton Yes! @fridgemagnet2

Tweets for 11 Feb 2016

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(09:30:49) "Your PC is now going to restart whether you like it or not." That's fine. I was only in the middle of an important email & now feel stabby.

(11:30:03) @OmarRaza @FagsMagsandBags EXCELLENT!

(22:16:10) @Mad4mogzz Certainly looks familiar. @fridgemagnet2

Tweets for 10 Feb 2016

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(07:59:13) Morning. Sometimes I have a hankering to go to Bury St Edmunds. That's quite normal, right?

(08:00:31) @ajlanghorn If it actually happens, sadly it means you're in junior management. If you end up in meetings all day: Middle. @john_oldfield

(08:40:28) @brennig Works for me!

(08:41:05) @fridgemagnet2 Nope.

(14:37:20) @Stenbird Are you still alive? Please tap once on the "Tweet" key to say yes. Twice for no.

(14:38:08) @tweeting_frog Good afternoon!

(19:19:45) So many eminent scientists have constants named after them. I'd love to have a variable named after me. Hart's variable. Could be anything.

(19:42:06) This is all standupmaths's fault. https://t.co/OzE28F9R9H https://t.co/wikT6pjJFG

(20:32:21) @goitsagch It was sweet of you to reply in such a refined way.

(20:32:42) @fridgemagnet2 Probably. Gets everywhere.

(20:33:04) @mostlygeordie Absolutely! Or.. relatively. It's so hard to tell.

Tweets for 09 Feb 2016

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(07:56:57) @PlainTalkingHR Excellent combination 😊 morning! x

(08:25:19) Hmm. Technological failure/irritation season is here again. May be better just to stick it all in an envelope and send it to @fridgemagnet2

(08:31:11) @CarolKettley @marksy1955 @markyc29 @marcymarc80 @MilkTrayMan69 @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic Top following action! Have a smashing Shrove!

(08:32:46) @PrincessBagel I don't think @JeremyClarkson has ever appeared in my dreams. Not sure about @MrJamesMay ...

(08:33:11) @marksy1955 @CarolKettley @markyc29 @marcymarc80 @MilkTrayMan69 @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic It's Tuesday - gonna give it a good go! 😄

(22:43:02) I reckon an early night would be a great idea. But think of all the faffing about I would be missing...

Tweets for 08 Feb 2016

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(07:52:35) @DoomGolly Storm Imogen kept a lot of folk awake last night, certainly in the south & west - it's been quite blustery in general! #unwintery

(07:53:56) @DoomGolly I didn't watch it, if that's any help! So cool that you were involved in an ad.. what a stupendous audience size!

(07:55:31) Morning. Taking a run up to dive into the week, only to be told off by the lifeguard.

(20:14:32) @mostlygeordie FUN POLICE! *curls up and jumps in* [modified to mollify the monitors!]

(20:15:13) @DoomGolly Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (but doesn't pay the bills!)

(20:16:06) @LizzyWelshCake @batteryrunmum @RPMChallenge Funnily enough, I've keep a pack of @VocalzoneHQ for such eventualities :)

(20:16:28) @LizzyWelshCake @batteryrunmum @RPMChallenge That should be *I keep* (tired.. sorry!) @VocalzoneHQ

(20:17:37) @DoomGolly Utterly bonkers!

(20:22:11) @DoomGolly The secret sauce is, of course, talent, which you clearly have in spades!

(20:29:46) @DoomGolly Just clicked - I'm listening to your showcase. Your music works really well :)

(20:34:57) @DoomGolly I will certainly keep you in mind! Do you have a FB fan site or anything? Soundcloud page? Would love to hear more of your music.

(20:55:49) @DoomGolly I love it! I really must consolidate my bandcamp fan accounts into one Mega Fan :D Can't wait to have a listen - I ~love~ music.

(20:56:08) @DoomGolly That band name is stupendous, by the way :)

(21:09:20) @DoomGolly @Lifescreen @NikG_CM COOL!

(21:10:15) You would have thought the world would have had enough of silly adverts. But I look on my Twitter timeline and see that it isn't so. Oh no.

(21:41:18) @jgamet Grolious.

Tweets for 07 Feb 2016

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(13:55:47) @sm2n Woah that is so cool!

(20:19:16) @nicky_doubleU Seems legit. Amen.

(20:43:24) @ajlanghorn Made me proper chuckle :D

(21:11:30) Got to love technology - the light in the bedroom works over wifi, but not the wall switch. I'm giving up trying to fix it & watching Vera.

(21:25:10) @mrs_forky Get better soon. Not sure it'll be too long for me, either.

(21:25:26) @SazJayney Hang in there!

(23:08:41) I think it's time to batten down the hatches (blankets) and hide until morning. I am NOT suggesting nailing planks to your duvet. Night.

Tweets for 06 Feb 2016

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(09:40:44) RT @ClitheroePM: Mate, you're in the wrong job... https://t.co/rAcLYvGZpB

(09:46:50) @ellewadding Just read that - what a nasty shock for people! It's understandable that Apple implemented it, but should have warned first!

(09:49:05) @hellymoo How did you work that out?

(10:46:04) Micronesia, Polynesia, Indonesia - all these groups of islands were named that way to make it esia to remember.

(13:47:19) @mostlygeordie 😄 Oh that is good.

(14:25:28) @mostlygeordie Full on work, full on sniffles, but bearing up, ta 😊 Yours?

(16:21:30) @mostlygeordie Hope you can keep warm and dry - and share in the birthday treats! 😊 x

(19:02:07) @mostlygeordie Totally true! :)

Tweets for 05 Feb 2016

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(07:56:57) @CarolKettley @londoner43 @Michael_James_1 @MilkTrayMan69 @cta1000 @parkhead01 @adyenglish @platinummind @RealDealPostie @marksy1955 Hpywknd

(09:35:38) Another thing that there needs to be a word for: the feeling that the small item of technology you can't find may be in the bin or the wash.

(09:35:58) @LizzyWelshCake ?!

(09:36:11) @LizzyWelshCake Oh my.

(10:24:32) @LizzyWelshCake @batteryrunmum Sometimes OK? More than that - it's real. x

(10:25:01) @LizzyWelshCake @batteryrunmum PS My throat is utterly knackered with a cold at the moment - it's somewhat hampering my @RPMChallenge :D

(13:33:46) No, YOUR server has a weak, ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key.

(13:36:05) @ProperKath I do hope she's got a big sister called "Angel".

(18:10:03) What's that? A weekend? Don't mind if I do. Just need to shut down and cycle home. Shut down and cycle home. *does a song about it*

(18:10:59) @ellewadding Laptops are sensitive creatures. Irritatingly so.

(18:58:44) Me: "e to the i pi equals minus one."

(19:40:18) @ellewadding Parding!

(19:41:50) @ellewadding That was actually more clever the second time I read it.. #slowburningtweet

(19:42:11) RT @GHOGIT: @syzygy Gadgewet?

(21:09:50) Offspring: "something something Dank Meme!"
Me: "..."
~I send the offspring to bed~

(22:22:03) It is important to be appropriately prepared for #DrunkHistory

(22:22:41) @goitsagch Hahahahahahhahahahahahaahha!

(22:22:43) RT @goitsagch: @syzygy https://t.co/SqgSJOlAOL

(22:54:31) @tobypinder Oh my days.

(23:17:35) @hellymoo Really though?

(23:51:43) @fridgemagnet2 When we WAS kids. @hergiebird

(23:52:08) @fridgemagnet2 I do hope there's an overhead projector and someone with a stick.

(23:55:02) @claw0101 @Airwavescast @VeryBritishLife @sfdrummer @Tone7x20 Will have to listen to you three sober gents :D

(23:55:47) @claw0101 That doesn't happen very often.. https://t.co/NXdQ9EfFRf :D

(23:56:04) @hellymoo Et toi. Etoiles.

(23:58:05) @VeryBritishLife @claw0101 @Airwavescast @sfdrummer @Tone7x20 😄

Tweets for 04 Feb 2016

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(08:25:36) @DarrenGriffin I hope you get to be less tourettey soon!

(08:26:04) Coffee with extra gravel. Yum.

(16:25:15) Flipchart fingers.

(18:50:19) @CarolKettley Evenin, cK!

(19:11:48) @Dredgeland My best roll is the Casserole. Served with a nice buttered bap.

(19:14:14) @DredgeLand I went to see a band that was excruciatingly loud and shouty. It was smoky in there and I nearly died of consumption.

(21:31:31) @Superblouse I'm a man-about-townhouse myself 😊

(21:43:46) @CarolKettley Nightly bye!

(21:46:24) @Volfsball I like the way the logo looks like a stickman with extraordinarily long arms, which would be a boon for any Volfsball player.

(22:46:06) Bafflement. https://t.co/YvqehdVYQ6

Tweets for 03 Feb 2016

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(07:45:46) @rabryst I guess such a site is inevitable. Fortunately "right thinking" folk outnumber those who have a chip on their shoulder to grind.

(07:46:51) @DaisiesandPieUK Morning. Mmm buttery.

(08:40:36) @DaisiesandPieUK Raaaaaaa!

(09:39:46) @Fi79 Great pic!

(09:40:43) @MrKenShabby Oh my dear heavens.

(09:41:01) /via @ProperKath https://t.co/5pvVLVlnoh

(09:42:56) @DarrenGriffin Oh no :(

(13:11:07) @johndredge @DredgeLand My view of the arctic roll is from about 20 feet away with someone else's reading glasses on.

(13:11:40) Interestingly, today's date reads the same underneath and in the 11th dimension.

Tweets for 02 Feb 2016

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(07:47:18) @DavidTylerPozz ~sigh~

(08:11:15) @platinummind Morning, chief 😊

(08:11:33) @Tactless_Blonde Just squeeze harder. #noidea

(08:12:18) @ProperKath ~looks up from a game of Words With Friends~ Bit early for all that...

(08:13:42) @Stenbird I have that "Whyyyy..?!" expression on my face. @louistheroux

(08:15:23) @hellymoo You wear it well. Better than I would in any case. Hmm.. May I borrow it for next Tuesday please?

(08:23:03) @platinummind Better than yesterday 😊 You?

(08:27:15) @artistsmakers My mates @batwench and @mrbatwench live round that way, I think - I'm sure they have some insights into Penrith life 😊

(08:31:08) @Chocohalix Sadly, being an enthusiast is not "cool". "Social" media makes it easy to mock, even more so hiding behind a keyboard. Sad folk.

(08:33:50) @Tactless_Blonde Yay! Fortunately they warm up pretty quickly. I did the opposite last night - turned ~off~ the wrong plug & shtudown my PC.

(10:00:14) @Stenbird you had to walk across that..?!

(10:00:38) @JoPlattTweets It's possible to be both ;) [But you're not] #stopsdigging

(22:57:44) @alexvtunzelmann #sadnessinhisdeadeyes

(23:00:14) @jamesstodd Thanks for the tip! @iZotopeInc

(23:00:17) RT @jamesstodd: The @iZotopeInc Vinyl plugin is back - now 64bit & still free. Lots of creative possibilities- one of my favourites!

Tweets for 01 Feb 2016

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(22:44:18) @MirandaKeeling I loved hearing you read those tweets in your own voice 😊

(22:45:09) @sm2n Good heavens.

(22:45:16) @hellymoo You've got red on you.

(22:46:14) Twweeting my way through #RPM2016 with another account - if you're interested in finding out how well/badly I'm doing: @zx0085

Tweets for 31 Jan 2016

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(09:18:53) Wow. Sir Terry Wogan has died. He was a lovely, avuncular bloke, and typified what there was to love about BBC Radio.

(20:42:43) Tip for people doing exams: Whenever you see "Hence or otherwise" in a question, it's always going to be "hence".

(21:41:03) @PrincessBagel Ooh yum! Night x

(22:05:15) @CarolKettley n'night 😊 x

(23:40:42) @MelenieFW Night! Hope @BBCRadio4Extra brings you delights :) @jakeyapp's Dora Dale is always good value https://t.co/hAG4bTyGlD

(23:42:09) @Stenbird You git.

(23:45:43) @CatsAreLoud @Purpliser Less than 200,001 now :)

(23:45:50) @CatsAreLoud @Purpliser Fewer.

(23:46:10) @mrsdoigy Night! And I promise not too. Hardly.

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