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(10:33:33) @OllyMann Congrtaulations :)

(10:33:59) @OfficialDaveFox Nah! That's barely a car-ful :)

(12:02:23) Morning. I've just been introduced to "Amazon Prime Stations" by @poots - abnother 'internet radio' or just curated playlists? Hmmm..

(12:09:45) @Tactless_Blonde That's a whole lot of bolognese.

(14:01:22) @Tactless_Blonde That's very efficient. And tastes darn good from the freezer as I recall: )

(17:50:04) @MrsCupidStunt Is that some kind of affliction? If so, shame on you 😏

(17:53:55) @fridgemagnet2 I could type to you about them at a stroke. I could even do it in space, barring all eventualities (if I'm on shift).

(17:54:43) @manytypesoftea Depends which cake, I suppose. But yes.

(17:55:33) @manytypesoftea Perhaps toy should open a new twitter account to emphasize the point.. manytypesofcake ..?

(17:57:11) @Superblouse I always end up looking for ping-pong balls when I go in that shop. Not to buy them, merely for reassurance. Sport. Directly.

(18:00:45) @MrsCupidStunt Ouch. πŸ˜„

(19:13:51) @EcceRita I hope you have the support you need nearby. And enough hugs x

(19:47:39) @fridgemagnet2 That sounds like a proper nuisance. We've got a spare one here if you want it. It could do with a clean, though.

(19:49:17) @LizzyWelshCake Wanna give you a boost! But it's normal that confidence ebbs & flows. Where's the reward in life if there's no challenge..?

(19:51:06) @brennig All the way off root? Not just looking through access.log? :)

(19:52:59) @LizzyWelshCake I'm just two days away from @RPMChallenge 2016.. I've not written a song in quite a while. Quite daunting. Wanna join me? x

(19:55:31) @LizzyWelshCake @RPMChallenge Yup... it's "difficult second album" time :D x

(19:59:15) @LizzyWelshCake Might be rubbish :D I'm trying to capture ideas like butterflies to pin before it starts.. or just busk it! @RPMChallenge x

(20:02:11) @brennig Definitely worth being thorough, then! #regression

(20:36:50) @LizzyWelshCake ~blushes~ thank you! You can be sure you will be one of the first to hear what comes out the other end! x @RPMChallenge

(20:37:42) @brennig Oh wow! Thank you 😊 Will check when I've finished assembling a ottoman 😊

(21:25:32) @brennig Oh very good πŸ˜„

(21:30:02) Amazing how the human mind works. Until about 5 mins ago, I'd entirely forgotten about the existence of Voice of the Beehive. For 20 years!

(21:30:46) @BBCRadio4 I've put a recurring event (horizon) in my calendar

(21:31:04) @Fi79 Yes.

(22:14:44) @EcceRita Night, ma'am. It's good to have Twitter there, isn't it😊

(22:16:08) @fridgemagnet2 I'm not sure there is such a thing as a decent KVM switch... I've battled with them for most of my career πŸ˜„

(22:17:00) @Mad4mogzz Ace!

Tweets for 29 Jan 2016

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(10:30:48) @DeanOrmond You'll be back in the swing of things from the first link, mate.

(11:28:57) @TheJackSullivan Thanks for the follow :)

(11:29:30) @ProperKath That frightens me, because I'm sure I knew you before that..?

(11:39:26) @hellymoo I cycled to work in that wind. I say "to work" - I actually cycled into the canal.

(11:40:18) @pearcen Woahh! Is that a giant xbox screen?

(21:18:45) Gin! Ice! Slice! Hamster! https://t.co/hZOv8ROqvP

(21:55:44) Real ale vs. gin.. gin & real ale: delicious. Real ale contains 9 spoons of sugar. But I can't burp the theme to Songs of Praise after gin.

(21:56:44) @CarolKettley @AngelaMcNeill67 @LizzyAngelpod @lisahughes0 @poppydogdoodles @parkhead01 @Parkin25Marie @Putneyman @platinummind Happy wkend!

(22:04:43) If you're after some telly to watch that's not on telly, I recommend "Frank Skinner On Demand" Affable & interesting https://t.co/qNLj7dmIA5

(22:05:27) @regularjen πŸ˜„ it's what soundcloud is for. Sadly, I'm on the gin tonight..

(22:23:28) @VeryBritishLife I need to add you to a special Twitter list.. "media splendiness" my twitter timestream thing goes by too quickly! Sorry!

(22:24:40) @VeryBritishLife I watched a couple of episodes of Detectorists & didn't take to it. Zoe Ball, however, appears a very well-rounded person.

(22:24:58) @CarolKettley Huzzah for that! x

(22:36:58) "You are about to exit iPlayer. Are you sure you want to do this?" Far too existential a question for this time of night.

(23:37:49) @VeryBritishLife Will do 😊

Tweets for 28 Jan 2016

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(07:30:43) @DaisiesandPieUK morning 😊

(08:01:18) @DredgeLand BATTENBURG FACT: Foursquare was originally set up as a review site for places serving battenburg cake. Hence the name.

(08:03:06) @DredgeLand Dear Dredge, why do people name their children "Chelsea" but not Tottingham, Barnsley, QPR, Manchester United Or Arsenal?

(11:06:25) @ellewadding Gosh that sounds wonderful :)

(11:06:36) @DaisiesandPieUK Hope your morning has been shiny and happy!

(12:01:49) @drneilfox Wasn't convinced.

(12:27:53) @drneilfox I think I see beyond the simple narrative and appreciate the standpoint, but I still find it hard to respect, admire or like him.

(15:43:55) @wuthering_alice I would have gone for hufflepuff or Gladstone.

(15:45:09) @1MelissaAitken I tend to take pity on the slightly smaller, but equally endangered gin.

(19:44:11) @DredgeLand Sorry I'm late. Could you start again, please? Also: I'm cooking squeaky beans. What are we talking about?

(20:08:06) @hellymoo quite!

(20:17:41) I love this - deconstruction of a Trump answer https://t.co/MXUsS5q2Gq (via @canuckuk & @stephenfry)

(22:39:40) @1MelissaAitken Double the gin.. double the fun! :)

Tweets for 27 Jan 2016

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(11:56:20) The word "outlier" is definitely an outlier in how a words are spelt and pronounced. In fact, I can't think of many words that are outlier.

(11:58:44) @timoncheese @BBCRadio2 Don't people use SADiE any more..?

(13:04:16) @timoncheese @BBCRadio2 Works for me (I'm a bit of an Audition junky, although I've rather taken to Reaper for multitrack editing)

(13:04:24) @ellewadding :D

(13:04:34) @ellewadding Gosh I love the English language.

(18:54:41) Chris and Michaela will be back in March to bring full coverage of 'I-Have-No-Idea-What-Season-It-Is-And-Nor-Apparently-Does-Nature-Watch'

(18:55:41) @Superblouse All of the above.

(20:03:02) @smartie999 Awwww! You doing OK? I saw your "phew" tweet after the goings-on. The current season: Rainyish.

(20:05:42) @mrs_forky πŸ˜„ ALL YEAR ROUND!

(22:46:56) @OfficialDaveFox Seems legit.

(22:48:43) @ellewadding Yay! #pleaseletmestowaway

Tweets for 26 Jan 2016

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(19:26:26) @johndredge @DredgeLand What is smaller: Twiggy or a Twiglet? What should I do if I've got a twig in my sobriety? Once bitten - twig shy.

(20:02:44) @ms_cornwall Bon nuit! x

(20:16:08) @1969Steve Evening Mr Steve. I'm having a listen in my tube socks and Ivor The Engine balaclava. #stuckinthe80s #THRadio

(20:20:00) @DeanOrmond @1969Steve Pshhhtecuhhhh!

(20:20:59) @1969Steve Higher than a two! #THRadio

(20:26:32) @1969Steve Lower than an ace! #THRadio

(20:28:13) @DeanOrmond Hahaha! physical challenge! What about Blockbusters..? @1969Steve

(20:31:06) Colin Vearncombe's died. I hope, despite it being so short, he had a wonderful, wonderful life. @1969Steve Please play one of his tunes.

(20:32:11) @1969Steve Lower than a 4! #THRadio

(20:56:28) @DeanOrmond I recall the one of which @1969Steve played a snippet earlier.. Otherwise me neither. A brief candle popwise (in the UK anyway!)

(20:57:20) @1969Steve This was never going to be pushing back the boundaries of creative endeavour, was it.. #gateddrumsforsixminutes #THradio

Tweets for 25 Jan 2016

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(09:50:25) Advice for life: marry a database administrator. They're not afraid of commitment.

(10:37:30) @CarolKettley No. :D

(11:23:08) @edtjones Now I'm wondering about marrying someone for whom a response to any query is that there aren't enough indexes to answer quickly..

Tweets for 24 Jan 2016

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(09:12:04) @helerelereno Not sure extra face holes would do any more than blight your beautiful visage. Hmm.. have to check my Mid Life Crisis Status πŸ˜ƒ

(09:12:32) Need tunes this bleak Sunday morning. Morning.

(12:23:30) @helerelereno If so, I'm gonna be on the water this week - banish the mundane (and regret nothing 😏)

(17:39:30) @SheleileighLaw love it!

(17:39:54) @sm2n @jamfolder Will looky!

(23:04:37) @FrequencyCast That's so cool :)

(23:04:48) @SheleileighLaw Whoops!

(23:05:43) @SazJayney Always move for the better, not to avoid the worse - advice I was once given, and have often taken.

(23:08:26) @Feexby Gosh. Although I couldn't get past the misuse of the word 'reigns'...

(23:14:59) @Feexby I understood what you miswrote. Or misunderstood what you wrote. Either way, all good. Heterophones all the way.

Tweets for 23 Jan 2016

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(08:08:50) @CarolKettley @TaylorScotland @Stuarty2112 @RealDealPostie @russclarkee @HillWalker70 @platinummind @adyenglish Happy Super Weekend!

(12:15:40) Yay! @nxmee & @superalora were able to meet @Ashens. He's a splendid bloke. He even signed their inflatable crowns! https://t.co/NRaZFF9bew

(14:49:08) @CarolKettley @nxmee @superalora @ashens He was very pleasant and patient :)

(20:20:48) @MissyMWAC I thought I was supposed to be like Bill? https://t.co/mBNaufdJOz

(20:22:02) @MissyMWAC Can I be a picture of Bill in the frame? Two birds...

(20:22:36) @TracyPio Same goes for me :)

Tweets for 22 Jan 2016

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Tweets for 21 Jan 2016

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(08:32:18) Good morning. I'm not overly impressed by how not Friday it is.

(08:53:03) @DoomGolly Morning. We have gluten free biscuits,yeah - but not nearly as extensive a range. I'm trying to be good. Trying. Failling :D

(08:54:26) @DoomGolly I have an opened pack of supermarket own-brand Hob Nob Alternatives on the kitchen table. 36p. 21% fat. Just too hard to resist..

(14:25:58) @ellewadding Even nearlier now. YAY

(14:26:05) @totkat CHECK. :)

(16:04:09) This typifies perfectly all I love about pop music - @SongExploder & @whoisMGMT - their analysis of Time To Pretend https://t.co/PGUlTeWTSe

(18:57:20) @DoomGolly Cookies are a little pricy? I wish I could ship some Hobnobs over to you, but I'm thinking of your longterm health 😏

(21:27:05) @FrequencyCast Hey Pete.. did you get a mention in RadCom this month..?

(21:43:38) @DoomGolly Hope you can resist and the doc gives you the all-clear soon. Are you in the US for ever now..?

Tweets for 20 Jan 2016

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(08:27:53) @intlBeige Excellent! Some great choices there (I love 99% invisible - like a mini radio 4, and always good to see @johndredge listed!)

(08:28:22) @intlBeige I'll have to check out some of the ones I've not heard of 😊

(08:36:20) @TheTroyKing Great to hear you're podcasting again! #androidvibe

(08:39:28) @ProperKath Some people are so ridiculously stupid. So. Ridiculously. Stupid.

(20:55:22) @CarolKettley Night night already x

(22:03:53) @Stenbird It is Wednesday, after all. I had "disappointed it's not Thursday" gin.

Tweets for 19 Jan 2016

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(14:16:02) @RobJD There's only one way to find out... @lutoncouncil?

(15:22:43) @lutoncouncil Thank you - much appreciated. @RobJD

Tweets for 18 Jan 2016

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(08:17:16) Monday - named after the Norse God of hot messes.

(13:38:46) @lutoncouncil The tweet below prompts a question: Do we need to pop out the windows..? (I tend to!) https://t.co/sGoIRrIAY3

(17:06:11) @KittyCostanza I wear the same as in the summer, but with a jumper. And a warm coat. And gloves. And Pritt Stick.

(17:49:41) @ellewadding I didn't want to get up this morning. I still don't, even after 8.5 hours of work..

(18:13:35) @manytypesoftea And indeed lawks a-larky.

Tweets for 17 Jan 2016

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(09:12:52) @tweeting_frog Morning.. We had a scattering of the "s-word" but wont let it slow me down 😊

(12:00:56) @ellewadding Mainly because one of them disappears after the first wash :D

(12:17:48) @hellymoo That's what it's about :)

(12:33:40) Uhoh.. we're down to our last two working coffee machines.

(12:48:44) @cyberdonkey It's dregging me down.

(12:49:36) @PlainTalkingHR Heehee! It's OK.. we've got a stove top pot and a cafetiere mug.. thank goodness for coffee growers! x

(13:27:14) @Stenbird Splendid! Would love to 😊 #coffeeappreciationsociety

(13:28:11) Deciding whether to squander the afternoon or not...

(13:29:02) I am celebrating @fridgemagnet2's birthday with a sit down and a far-away look. Happy birthday Jon. You deserve it.

(13:29:29) @hellymoo And, where required, alibi.

(16:07:37) @rachaelwarke I'm tuned in hello! This is a very rambling song.

(16:08:41) @mostlygeordie It's a fitting tribute; @fridgemagnet2 is one of the most crumpled people one could ever know.

(17:02:25) @rachaelwarke What do I do on a down day? I point myself towards bedtime - no point in dwelling.. sleep's a cure-all! Music? Upbeat, always!

(17:47:27) @rachaelwarke A year? may I have 1527 please? Or 1985.

(18:55:41) @rachaelwarke Wow.. 1985 went by really quickly 😏 Thank you for a fun show x

Tweets for 16 Jan 2016

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(00:06:05) @CarolKettley Thank you, and happy weekend! x

(00:06:45) @Faulko1 thanks, chief. Hope you have a super weekend! Bring the radio 😊 πŸ“»

(00:07:18) @SamandaFord69 groovy! Happy Friday! X

(09:44:07) @CarolKettley Indeed! Bring it on :) x

(09:48:03) Good morning. It's cold out, but there's a tree that needs trimming. BRING IT.

(14:20:03) @SheleileighLaw It's what I need - thanks, Sheleileigh! :)

(14:20:37) @tweeting_frog It's properly crisp and wintery - lovely! Hope your day's going well :)

(20:00:22) @1969Steve Happy birthday, chief!

Tweets for 15 Jan 2016

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Tweets for 14 Jan 2016

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(08:42:24) @dansumption @alexvtunzelmann @AkeelaAhmed I wish there were a way to redress the balance. All I can do is be extra nice.

(18:07:51) @SazJayney @GoodBeerTweet Guiness makes a golden ale? Marvellous! It's winter beer season, surely..? A nice chocolatey porter?

(18:09:45) @SazJayney @GoodBeerTweet Fair enough :) Nor mine, normally, to be honest, but there are some nice ones out there :)

Tweets for 13 Jan 2016

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(07:47:05) @birdfortytwo H A P P Y. B I R T H D A Y. To you!

(07:50:32) @Tactless_Blonde There's really no need for that. Or at least not now...

(08:49:34) @ellewadding Morning 😊 I'm here... just hiding round the back of the bike sheds having a cheeky pre-Friday Crunchie

(18:17:58) Too worn out to get up off the sofa to avoid watching James Corden and that terrible cockney bloke. That's tired.

(20:32:37) @johndredge @DredgeLand My mate @Vobes has used a coracle. Jolly good at it he is too.

(20:34:56) @johndredge @DredgeLand @vobes Oh I do like a juncture. https://t.co/Z0q5nqj3aF

(20:36:21) @johndredge @DredgeLand Inspirational word: Barrage. Barrage. Pronounced like "Garage." or "Farrage" or "Swanage."

(21:44:57) @CarolKettley An early one! Night! x

Tweets for 12 Jan 2016

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(16:55:49) @CarolKettley @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic Thanks, ma'am. I feel musically most inadequate in such talented company!

(17:36:26) @CarolKettley @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic Bless you :) I am :D

(17:54:13) @peasbloss Tell 'em "It's al dente.. sling yer 'ook" :)

(19:27:41) @treehouse_radio @1969Steve Will tune in.. internet radio, it's truly my Modern Love. I hope there's some upbeat tunes on... Let's Dance!

Tweets for 11 Jan 2016

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(07:53:46) @revkatebottley Excellent. A legend to the end.

(08:00:07) Good morning. Really appreciating the tributes and links to David Bowie as I breakfast. A truly remarkable, revolutionary musician & artist.

(08:01:23) @timoncheese Thanks, chief. Gotta watch these things. @revkatebottley

(08:03:19) @mostlygeordie Aye. Mo(u)rning.

(08:03:52) RT @timoncheese: @syzygy @revkatebottley it's a spoof/satire website...!

(08:07:15) @CarolKettley Morning xx

(08:07:47) @mostlygeordie Indeed. I hope your Monday goes... as well as can be expected xx

(08:31:18) @Tactless_Blonde Morning... Shoulders!

(11:31:47) @Stenbird @MsIdaDown As part of my morning work routine, I normally have a banana during our ops meeting. I shall change this up for a G&T.

(11:32:23) @Stenbird @PicturePurbeck @MsIdaDown I don't do a dry month that has 31 days in it. That's just like masochism.

(11:33:55) In honour of David Bowie's departure, I think all telephone hold music should be changed today, to something from his back catalogue,

(11:38:05) @philonski @AP congratulations! Hope you settle in quickly :)

(20:33:09) For enjoyers of strange comedy (me), this is quite exciting: https://t.co/YsyEYXMi67 @Scarfolk #ScarfolkTV

(20:51:14) @1969Steve Evening. I'm listeninging. #THRadio #MarshmallowMoments

(21:08:06) @1969Steve A Tankini.

(21:46:03) Just wow. https://t.co/3dczKiyR7O

(21:51:28) @MarkSheppard Amen to that!

(22:44:50) To bed with the music of the Thin White Duke. Seems right #RIPDavidBowie

Tweets for 10 Jan 2016

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(08:54:12) @ellewadding Happy birthday to your sistalker πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‚

(09:00:06) @ms_cornwall I dance like a Lego minifigure πŸ˜„

(09:26:45) @BitsyVonMuffin Good lord hello, strangerer! how are you?

(09:27:43) @charbhardy Woahh cool!

(09:40:07) Rogue Master Mind piece on the washing machine #rightcolourwrongplace https://t.co/6uDIFeuEBz

(09:43:03) @BitsyVonMuffin I'm moderately splendid thank you 😊 So good to hear from you! xx

(13:39:58) @BitsyVonMuffin Pretty good, thank you! :) Amazing how the time goes..!

Tweets for 09 Jan 2016

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(00:23:32) @michepietracupa have a great weekend! x

(08:21:13) RT @HelgeKeck: Free Access for every Retweeter - this week! WiFi Tool #Windows10 https://t.co/mK6qvrt6V4 #WinPhan @windowscentral https://…

(11:14:04) ...because you never know when you might need one #sandwichbagties #seconddrawerup https://t.co/74l0of4YET

(13:20:48) @DeanOrmond Oh we've got loads of them, too! #packeddrawers πŸ˜„

(13:21:13) @PlainTalkingHR Absolutely..!

(16:20:15) @ellewadding I threw most of them away ;) Ironically, to the end to trying to fit a box of ziploc sandwich bags into the same drawer.. :D

(16:20:29) @ellewadding To the end *of*

(16:32:09) @ms_cornwall yay!

Tweets for 08 Jan 2016

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(07:54:05) @regularjen Happy birthday cake!

(10:38:08) @smartie999 Definitely hug anyway.

(11:08:09) @lizouthwaite Thanks for the follow :)

(11:10:55) @ellewadding Appropriate levels of bleakness. Although it seems quite nice out now...

(14:11:34) @CarolKettley @NealMartin10 @MilkTrayMan69 @platinummind @marcymarc80 @markyc29 @marksy1955 Thanks, the only cK ONE! Happy Weekend #FF

(14:45:01) Actually, this is quite good. https://t.co/rL1mN1oKJZ

(14:55:17) @CarolKettley @itsnicethat Yes! :)

(20:04:53) @johndredge @DredgeLand You could play some Frankie Valli. He's in his early 80s. Or even better, some cheery Leonard Cohen! Or Eduard Khil?

(20:28:11) @computermuseum I just booked, because my progeny seem quite excited at the prospect of meeting that @ashens chap. Me? I like old computers.

(22:47:39) Just watched the end of #TheBridge season 3. Breathtakingly bleak. I didn't know there were so many dark, abandoned places in Sweden.

(23:59:32) @Faulko1 @michepietracupa @BurgyUK @kirstyfox6 @RadioInTheUK @ling_cheung8 @annamb1 Cheers dude 😊 Don't forget @DavidLloydRADIO 😏 🎀 #FF

Tweets for 07 Jan 2016

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(07:35:41) @fridgemagnet2

(07:37:09) @fridgemagnet2 Makes a lot of difference.. are you using dimmable mains LEDs? We get a bit of flicker & hum, but good range of light levels.

(07:38:15) @SheleileighLaw Nothing can beat an old fashioned room heater for lighting warmth... just makes it hard to rummage in corners 😊

(08:11:26) @Tactless_Blonde ~pulls the divert away~ ha.

(08:13:16) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness Snake oil the lot if it... unless you have a massive telly or sit up close, no point >1080i. Bandwidth is king.

(08:19:35) @MichaelRosenYes The air was thick, or the parents..?

(09:01:18) @Tactless_Blonde Needed to be done. I made tea...

(09:01:35) @VeryBritishLife @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness πŸ˜„

(11:53:47) @peasbloss Go you! :)

(12:03:59) @peasbloss Specialising in porridge, naturally (breakfast, not bed :D)

(12:48:25) @fridgemagnet2 I bought this.. https://t.co/r7qRNtpHTc .. are you using mains LEDs? I got these: https://t.co/YLPlGesoM8 (daylight dimmable)

(13:22:52) @fridgemagnet2 Cool.. we went for spots since we just have one light fitting in the centre of the room.. quite intense at full bore! :D

(14:26:57) @MadamSalami HELLOOOO! :D

(15:23:32) @RadioKate Good grief!

(15:25:30) @Fi79 I, for one, did.

(19:08:34) @DredgeLand Good morrow. It's your fairy mother of God here. I always wondered how exactly a Pebble Mill worked. I mean. A mill? For pebble?

(19:11:12) @DredgeLand Stupid superheroes? Was never really impressed with Stuporman. Just stood around looking dazed.

(19:13:26) @DredgeLand The time-efficient but utterly annoying Spoilerman. Ruined the end of most dramas. And got around hanging off the back of a car

(19:27:42) @DredgeLand That's My Cube. Is it Nik Kershaw? Nick Beggs? Nick Kamen? Nick Knowles? Nick Robinson? Nick Heyward? Simon Le Bonnnnnnnnn Jovi?

(19:31:42) @DredgeLand Listening to that Haircut 100 song makes me think - you two probably could do with a brass section.

(19:36:10) @DredgeLand With top household tips like that, @johndredge, you should apply to go on Come Die With Me.

(19:37:55) A good accompaniment to any Lemon Cheesecake is listening to @DredgeLand on @WandsworthRadio - https://t.co/ILn2R0m42V - live till 8.

(19:41:33) @DredgeLand This is an absolute cracker of a song! *applauds a bit*

(19:42:23) @Superblouse This song is playing on @Dredgeland RIGHT NOW. It's brilliant! https://t.co/tP5pO9pqp6

(19:49:12) @ms_cornwall Nearly nearly nearly goodnight! :) x

(19:53:57) @Superblouse I hadn't either... lovely to have my musical horizons broadened..

(19:54:10) @ms_cornwall Thanks, ma'am! :) x

(20:29:52) @brennig @DredgeLand @WandsworthRadio There's some cheesecake left in the fridge. And one of @johndredge's feet.

(20:47:32) @joey_coops Woahh. That's kinda.. er.. me.. (although it goes Cadbury's milk -> plain -> milk -> white -> American)

(21:16:25) @1ZoeChamberlain @doubleflipit @uSwitchUK I couldn't find a poll...

(22:38:35) @joey_coops Tell me you don't like soft centres and you have a deal! :) :)

Tweets for 06 Jan 2016

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(14:11:10) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you! Hugs back :)

(14:19:04) This is the zenith of social media. PUDDLEWATCH. https://t.co/GwKUkES1KT

(14:22:22) @TreehouseDarren That would be taking the pee...

(15:46:32) @hannahnicklin @Doctoe You win the internet.

(16:52:12) #DrummondPuddleWatch is so 3pm...

(17:12:35) @ucalegon It's jumped the shark. In fact, there may well be a real shark in there by now...

(17:24:25) It only takes a text from a sofa company advertising a Double Discount Sale to make me feel truly alive. Should have put that in Titanic.

(17:43:03) @jgamet Happy birthday sir! :)

(18:02:30) @Tactless_Blonde I think you'll find I'm not. I may not be ~right~ either... but I'm definitely not wrong.

(21:42:03) I just saw an advert about Minecraft griefers. Lordy.

(22:06:19) @guineapig66 Night 😊

(23:27:27) @alicebonasio Thanks for the follow :) Hope you've had a good day!

(23:28:38) @houseofcecilia Thanks for the follow!

(23:36:29) Almost, but not quite completely LED lit in our house now.. the living room has gone from beige lights to daylight. Kinda weird actually...

Tweets for 05 Jan 2016

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(07:31:05) @thisistomgreen Have you ever... ever felt like this? ~bleughhhh~ (my own interpretation of the lyrics for a Tuesday morning) #roundthetwist

(08:17:05) @JoPlattTweets @tuna_lucy HAHAH! morning :)

(08:19:58) @Tactless_Blonde *keeps fingers (and legs) crossed* I had a pair of trousers split on me at the end of last year. Work's just hazardous.

(08:24:57) @JoPlattTweets @tuna_lucy Gonna try and keep it together.. https://t.co/34kThOkY3s

(14:35:48) @perrygascoine Cool.. cheers - will take a look!

(21:59:32) @mrs_forky French party song is splendid. No idea what the intro theme is, I'm afraid, though.

(22:04:40) @mrs_forky and yes. Excellent closing song! Thank you for podcasting!

(23:08:31) @mrs_forky You're quite the Europhile 😊 I like having my horizons broadened.. 😊

Tweets for 04 Jan 2016

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(08:34:24) @BBCRadio4 @kathyclugston Subscribed!

(08:41:05) @JoOstermeyer Happy birthday, ma'am. I think there should be a campaign to make 4th Jan into a public holiday every year. It's only fair.

(08:42:19) @JoOstermeyer Excellent!

(11:18:13) @poots 'drunkled' is the correct past participle.

(11:20:23) @trevypoos @poots !

(13:07:12) Everybody's changing their work profile photo in Outlook. It's only fair that I do mine... might use my @BritishTech carictature :D

(13:07:56) @Fi79 Is that to check your nails are genuine?

(14:39:17) @gugucachoo Or indeed, child cruelty.

(23:16:36) And everything... goes back to the beginning. night!

(23:21:54) @ms_cornwall Thanks, ma'am :) Go well! x

Tweets for 03 Jan 2016

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(00:32:30) @Stenbird @lizhalliday @CoopSuzi @derbillldc Safe flighting!

(00:32:52) @LizzyWelshCake No apology needed :)

(16:11:12) @Chelledogs Do you keep bumping yourself..?

(18:06:10) @Chelledogs Oh my. I hope your recovery continues as well as it can. hugs x

(19:20:12) @mrs_forky @bibberlycheese Will subscribule.

(19:20:55) @mrs_forky @bibberlycheese Is there a link? The twitter profile is somewhat... minimalist...

(22:13:02) Bit of hot travel news - seems the #M1 northbound is playing host to the AGM of the Middle Lane Owners Club. Expect erratic driveling.

(23:03:08) @Feexby And you say you have no sense of humor 😏

Tweets for 02 Jan 2016

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(09:40:22) @Tactless_Blonde Amen.

(09:42:24) @ellewadding It's about quality not quantity, right? Perhaps you could market yourself as a high quality follower.. πŸ˜„

(09:55:54) @Tactless_Blonde Both. I'm not even out of bed yet. Thinking of holding a (self)pity party, but I'm not sure what one is...

(09:56:56) @intlBeige Please. If you can afford it.. means there will be hope.

(09:57:19) @Tactless_Blonde Yay! You're invited 😊

(10:07:11) @LTTrobbo What's the plan?

(11:53:35) @LTTrobbo Cool!

(11:56:00) @CherryKaz1 Morning 😊 Only just
... x

(15:48:00) @JuliaBall Woahh.. no.. I'm home in Luton... #MyDoppelgangerIsGettingCloser #WouldHaveSaidHelloHonest

(16:44:40) @JuliaBall Mind you, I do have a brother who lives in Welwyn, but he's hairier, wears glasses and is shorter than me... unlikely to be him!

(17:32:01) @JuliaBall Nope.. he has one with lots of eye make-up.. 😌

(17:58:53) @Mad4mogzz @trevypoos I've already started posting updates of my New Year challenge - Couch to Kettle πŸ˜„

(19:25:49) @ajlanghorn Hate it when that happens #notreally

(19:27:41) @biscuitnose Once each. Strictly.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2016

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(00:00:01) Happy New 2016! https://t.co/JPJv7KIan2

(00:49:50) @fridgemagnet2 Oh.

(00:55:18) @Brays_Cottage Uhuh yeah :)

(00:55:48) @luluosullivan Happy New Year :) I'm designated driver, so saving myself till the weekend :)

(01:09:08) @mostlygeordie You too, sis! Xxx

(11:29:42) @SamandaFord69 @Faulko1 @TimLindon @jbboats @TheRealNickJury @BrettGuruFord @Chococake46 @frozzy_lis @a12mole @thisisthebeach Yay! 2106!πŸ¨πŸ“ŸπŸ‘”

(12:20:47) @pearcen JAZZ! Same to you, chief.

(12:21:07) @ellewadding Great pic!

(12:35:10) @ellewadding Well, we've all contributed to that ;) Was with family watching the fireworks last night.. the last volley was apocalyptic!

(15:27:29) @sm2n One of the highlights of my 2015 😊

(15:38:54) @sm2n Not sure. A bit anxious that I won't have enough ideas. Will ponder it. I've not forgotten your birthday present btw. Sorry about that

(16:13:15) @sm2n Things will happen. Maybe. And happy 2016. @jamfolder

(19:22:34) @Stenbird There is bound to be a lot of languishing going on today.

(19:26:01) @Feexby In terms of spelling options, though. extra 'e's are good. E's are good => Ebeneezer's good.

(19:27:11) @Feexby Ahahahahaha!

Tweets for 31 Dec 2015

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(09:21:29) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo @poots @willipmrpip Cheers! And a very happy 2016 to you :) x

(10:40:24) @DaisiesandPieUK I think I'm gonna need one! 😊

(11:23:19) @DaisiesandPieUK Thanks, ma'am... there are a couple of mince pies left if you'd like one?

(13:44:37) @CherryKaz1 Good afternoon :) Happy NYE :)

(14:22:07) Vocal Fry Bluetooth thingy #vocalfry #bluetooth #yesicanhearyouclemfandango https://t.co/WJOLNhgT7R

(21:53:35) Playing "Carrot in the box"

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