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Tweets for 30 Dec 2015

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(09:04:29) @Stenbird I hope it makes the proper "thuddathudda" helicopter noise.

(09:05:28) @Feexby Morning! Did you get to play with Mr @Loll73 ? Would love to know what you thought of Mr Who's Christmas Spectaculum.

(09:06:08) @ellewadding @metoffice Steve..? Is that the best the British public could do..?

(09:15:05) @Feexby @Loll73 Splendid! :) Hope you and yours had a jolly Christmas too.

(09:21:19) @Feexby Ahh yes Ramone... not sure he deserved such a fate (or to have been exploited by RS in such a way). Onwards to new year... @Loll73

(10:49:13) @LizzyWelshCake Ooh!

(10:52:03) @LizzyWelshCake In six hours? Impressive! Would love to hear it...

(11:22:10) @LizzyWelshCake That is a sign of your true creativity - wonderful! :)

(11:44:38) @Fi79 I had a mince pie. It's that time of year...

(11:48:02) Making the most of Twixtmas(?) by installing Android Developer Tools and failing to write anything like a mobile app. YEAH.

(11:48:37) @Bazmati2020 Wales.. China... so close!

(13:42:57) @johndredge I'm hoping you've heard this work of hilarity - sounds right up your cul-de-sac.. #Radio4

(23:35:29) @lizzysometimes Hoping it exceeds your expectations! 😊

(23:36:31) @Volfsball @HChoppers This really needs to make the back page of tomorrow's Mirror. #Volfsball

(23:38:03) @Dr_Black Hearty congratulations! You're a legend and an inspiration.

Tweets for 29 Dec 2015

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(00:05:34) @jopijedd By all accounts it seems natively supported by some mobiles & some tellies... there's a massive list here:

(12:59:03) Listening to @thisrealitypod while I work. Some great music on there - rather more poppy (certainly in the opening songs!) than usual :)

(12:59:31) @ellewadding Have good times! :)

(13:07:38) Amazing.. and remarkably similar to today in many ways (except for the traffic!)

(14:20:21) @rachaelwarke Hello. I'm completely baffled by everything that's going on. But I'm listening. The longest river in Poland is the Spicegirls.

(14:31:09) @tweeting_frog @rachaelwarke Why thank you. I'm not very good at quizzes.

(14:31:33) @rachaelwarke Thank you. First time listener.. you're the soundtrack to my workday. Could you explain the chain to me please?

(14:34:42) @rachaelwarke I'm definitely a james - I'm in the UK, and I know a few of the folk on the Phoenix & Treehouse radio. Make fun of me? Yeah!

(14:39:36) @rachaelwarke It's my first day, but I wasn't born yesterday. I was born last Wednesday. Is it just me or does this sound Bob Dylanish?

(14:40:41) @CherryKaz1 HELLOO KAZ! @rachaelwarke

(14:43:30) @tweeting_frog @rachaelwarke I wasn't expecting that.

(14:43:44) @CherryKaz1 Are ya good?

(14:44:20) @rachaelwarke If you end up sitting me in the chairs at the front, I'd prefer salad vegetables to be thrown. Best way to get my 5-a-day..

(14:44:48) @tweeting_frog @rachaelwarke That it would grow on you :D

(14:47:58) @TreehouseDarren @tweeting_frog @rachaelwarke This is becoming less than an attractive proposition.

(16:22:24) @rachaelwarke Holy cow this is bleak. Is this the opposite of Happy by that Pharrell Williams lass?

(16:32:22) @rachaelwarke Good heavens that's quite a hashtag you've got going on there. And I'm not going to write a song about how I met my wife...

(16:36:38) @rachaelwarke She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met her. I shook her up I turned her around and turned her into a cake.

(16:41:02) @RachaelWarke "You guys are all weird". I want you, I need you, but there's no way I'm ever gonna make you a bagel. 2 out of 3 ain't bad...

(16:53:08) @rachaelwarke This version has become the definitive version of the song - you never heard the Nine Inch Nails version on the wireless..

(17:04:50) @rachaelwarke Thank you for the entertainment. Hopefully catch you again soon :)

(19:35:04) @johndredge @DredgeLand Is it Plorsday?

(19:35:16) @johndredge @DredgeLand Or Lionelstag in German.

Tweets for 28 Dec 2015

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(11:58:43) RT @GlennyRodge: "My dog does magic tricks."

(19:56:53) @trevypoos "All those floods are not funny" :D

(22:09:06) @Superblouse Might as well give the old bill a call before you head in...

(22:10:53) Today, Poundland gave me an opportunity to learn about MHL - a media interface that goes from USB to HDMI. For a pound. If you have the kit.

Tweets for 27 Dec 2015

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(20:03:14) @linseyt Haha! Terrible joke...!

(20:58:17) @1969Steve Totally lost track of what day it is.. House of 80s zone?

(21:02:51) @Stenbird Those American squirrels in the background are MASSIVE!

(21:46:49) @Stenbird 😲

(22:30:09) @LizzyWelshCake Good heavens!

Tweets for 26 Dec 2015

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(00:43:40) @MichaelRosenYes Nooooo!

(00:50:12) @Mad4mogzz Yes. It epitomises what it is to be British. Christmas day outrage at @mrnickharvey's mother's BT router username. #wankpuffin

(22:01:38) @stu4art Good heavens... that looks fun! Will give it a go on my biggest speakers πŸ˜„

Tweets for 25 Dec 2015

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(07:06:14) @pearcen Merry Christmas to you too!

(07:06:58) Merry Christmas. Waiting for the children to stir...

(07:09:06) @TheGarethLloyd @BBC3CR Happy Christmas... have a good show 😊

(07:13:10) @CarolKettley Happy Christmas to you and yours too! Xxx

(08:04:14) @perrygascoine They're getting on OK at the moment πŸ˜„ Happy Christmas dude.

(08:06:38) @stu4art Merry Christmas to you and yours! And may all your festive treats be delicious πŸŽ„

(08:08:07) Tuned in to @BBC3CR ... can't help but imagine @TheGarethLloyd is all on his own, left with a mince pie and a copy of Now Christmas on CD...

(08:16:57) @CupOfTea69 Yay! (same in every language 😏) Gud Jul!

(08:34:21) @MsYellowHat And Merry Festivities to you and yours!

(08:35:04) @SFLangridge Merry Christmas!

(13:38:59) Festive Feast! #Christmas #family

(20:04:18) Christmas Evening games #ExplodingKittens #TerribleLoser #TerriblePlayer

(20:13:10) I think this Christmas cracker joke is broken. Unless I have missed a ~really~ subtle punchline...

(21:15:18) @jopijedd That was what I surmised. There was one thing that piece of paper needed to do...

(21:15:37) @chchchchelsea It had one job...

(21:15:54) @fridgemagnet2 It's rubbish.

Tweets for 24 Dec 2015

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(10:38:52) It's Christmas Eve. And there's no need to be out of your pyjamas. Even if you're at work. FACT.

(10:52:58) @perrygascoine Of course. And if you can pair it with an 'interesting' Christmas Jumper, all the better!

(11:13:10) RT @DunlopLive: #ChristmasEve #Giveaway! Want to #win 1 of 5 @JakobEbrey 2016 #BTCC calendars? RT & like this post for your chance! https:/…

(11:13:46) @mrs_forky I hope it improves x

(11:17:30) @CupOfTea69 Ha! You're so right...

(11:18:12) @perrygascoine I can't unsee that mental image now πŸ˜„

(11:21:16) Some folks have an angel atop their Christmas tree, others have a star. But not us...

(11:29:09) @CarolKettley And a very happy Christmas to you, too, Carol!

(11:30:42) @Superblouse Go team! And happy Christmas 😊

(11:48:37) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It's a knitted cuddly toy :D

(13:13:13) @smorris Get all better soon, ma'am x

(14:14:49) @SheleileighLaw M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! x

(15:11:13) @wuthering_alice Steeleye Span and Alan Partridge somewhat ruined it for me...

(15:11:43) @SazJayney No need for any cutlery. Straight in the mouth! :)

(16:00:17) @StevenEagell @rickyrose87 ~chuckles~ nice one!

(16:16:57) @AlanHydeStudio Happy Christmas, Alan - and a fantastic start to 2016 :)

(18:41:17) @LizzyWelshCake I'm still trying to work that one out..! :D

(19:16:16) @Ronnie_Barbour You too, Mr Barbour.

(19:17:28) @SteveDoherty1 That, sir, is an excellent hat. Merry Christmas!

(20:20:47) @TreehouseDarren Same to you, Buffy and all at the Net Radio group :)

(20:42:18) @GreavsieE17 I hope you feel much better soon.

Tweets for 23 Dec 2015

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(07:25:26) @gugucachoo Problem solved 😊

(09:01:48) @CherryKaz1 Morning. Got my festive hat on (metaphorically) x

(09:47:04) RT @lizzing: Our new tumble dryer. Pretty sure most of these settings are the result of a bet that got out of control.…

(13:16:30) @TwopTwips Lucozade Sport! Reduce littering by making your bottles too large and awkward to be thrown out of a car window!

(13:23:07) Did you know Google's first name is Gary? In fact you get faster, more informal results if you say "OK, Gary" to your Android phone. Try it.

(15:58:53) @ellewadding It'll be the thing for 2016.. it's sure to be.. (right?)

(18:22:26) @MelenieFW that's pretty darn cool.

(19:05:59) @brennig @Spacebandicoot Ugh. Non-festive.

(19:08:18) @ellewadding Wow! Sparkling! ~makes a note for next year~

Tweets for 22 Dec 2015

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(11:04:35) @michaelrosenyes The boy @nxmee is at it again... happy Christmas! #goingonaphotoshophunt

(11:05:01) @DavidLloydRADIO Good Lord. And a happy Christmas!

(11:14:30) @johndredge HAPPY CHRISTMAS JOHN DREDGE

(11:14:44) @Stenbird You look like you're having tremendous fun. Trememdous.

(16:07:17) Entirely justified.

(22:29:06) @TomAndThat @ChrisCowley @iwoot @iwoot_help They won't be getting any business from me. Terrible customer service is not worth the risk.

(23:04:41) @gugucachoo I'd put him down as inept & maybe quite misguided. You need not worry - a death stare (if needed) in real life is all you need.

(23:07:31) @Scriblit Yay! I shall look forward to hearing it. Great first episode last week, too.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2015

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(00:32:39) @Chelledogs Recovery position!

(00:49:50) @Chelledogs looks like she's made a full recovery 😊

(09:28:39) Good morning. Is it too late to start panic buying?

(09:39:09) @CarolKettley It's in the post... (!)

(10:33:01) @Chocohalix I'll ask Mr Amazon to run!

(11:01:25) @edtjones Which are just round versions of those Cadbury Variety Pack things. And pretty much the same good value :D

(11:01:37) @CherryKaz1 I'm 100% completely not ready for Christmas :)

(12:22:02) @GHOGIT I'll check eBay.. might be a last-minute offer..

(12:22:19) @contrarywitch Excellent! I shall simply remain anxious for now ;)

(12:31:53) @revkatebottley The 's' fell off maths.

(16:37:39) I remain - & doubtless will continue to be - baffled by prizes for a sportsperson's personality. They don't rank actors by athletic ability.

(16:37:53) ...or indeed, personality.

(16:43:06) @TheTroyKing Excellent. I was hoping I wasn't too soon!

(16:43:55) @CatsAreLoud Well indeed. Bet they don't have a hashtag though.. πŸ˜„

(16:44:59) @CarolKettley I say "Sports personality" in the dullest monotone I can. It's only right.

(16:56:39) @Stenbird Get you! It doesn't say "Disney Virgin" then..?

Tweets for 20 Dec 2015

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(11:58:37) @BritishMac I think you can cure turkey in the same way as you can cure pork..

(12:04:43) @canuckuk Good heavens.

(23:16:16) @lizzing epic!

Tweets for 19 Dec 2015

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Tweets for 18 Dec 2015

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(19:11:28) O O O O. Out Of Office On. I'm having a beer.

(19:14:11) @CarolKettley It's a Flippin' Festive Follow Friday! Cheers :)

(19:24:08) @VeryBritishLife If I had time for a sojourn at the Bavarian Beer Keller, you can be sure I would demonstrate with aplomb ;)

(19:24:56) @KarenCannard @binmanandrobyn That is a splendidly exuberant photo.

(19:59:31) @biscuitnose Why do you do this to yourself?

(20:47:56) @ellewadding I have plans for an excellent night's sleep. That's as far as I've got so far (as well as fun family visitations 😊)

(20:54:58) @MissyMWAC Spocktacular!

Tweets for 17 Dec 2015

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(08:11:03) If anything will get me through the last couple of days of work, a catch-up of @TinTopTuesday is just the tonic. Fab @AlanHydeStudio! #BTCC

(19:05:58) @DredgeLand Tuning in to your unique blend of music and zany animatronic bananarama llamas.

(19:08:58) @DredgeLand Worst thing we ever played at Christmas was charades. We pretended to tolerate each other all the way to the Doctor Who special.

(19:16:18) @DredgeLand This is woeful (the song, not the show not the song)

(19:32:25) @DredgeLand Is it Reindolf the dampnecked Rudeer?

(19:32:40) @DredgeLand Or DLT?

(21:46:50) @Fi79 Hopay birthdaa!

Tweets for 16 Dec 2015

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(07:41:42) @ellewadding If I knew your address, it might've been me! But it wasn't. One wonders what sort of machinery macerated that card..!

(07:42:10) @seagullworrier It is a long, long week.

(07:44:43) @ellewadding *baffled*

(07:45:43) @johndredge Alan Bennett is a national treasure and NOT a toy. I will not tell you again.

(07:47:46) @BaronHawkey Yup, yup and yup. Morning, sir!

(08:11:36) @BaronHawkey Indeed! I'm moderate, cheers.. never enough sleep! How about you? Feeling festive yet?

(08:35:58) @lizzysometimes Oh I like that.. computer gossip!

(12:42:38) @BaronHawkey 100% absolutely agree. Let's don those Christmas lights and DO FESTIVE!

(12:45:38) Oooh.. there's a #BTCC Scalextric...! :D

(12:52:39) @EwenRankin I'm afraid I don't know what that is... please linky.

(13:34:14) @nxmee Yip.. can't really justify that :D

Tweets for 15 Dec 2015

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(07:46:42) @birdfortytwo Good heavens.. haven't seen them in years!

(08:38:09) I do hope there's going to be a Broadchurch Christmas Special.

(08:43:23) @bbcradiotree #blueviolet

(08:46:28) Come on Tim! @Astro_TimPeake #SpacemanIAlwaysWantedYouToGoIntoSpaceManIntergalacticChristmas

(08:46:54) RT @bbcradiotree: Good tidings, @syzygy! I'm glittering!

(08:50:39) @mrs_forky Hahaha! It's not a great song, to be fair πŸ˜„

(09:25:57) @mrs_forky I especially cherish the Blinder cover version as performed on Radio TipTop with extra helium.

(12:30:15) @JoPlattTweets Always a valuable lunchtime activity.

(12:55:03) @JoPlattTweets Amen to that!

(12:58:15) @mostlygeordie Nothing says 'busy' like being on your knees by the side of the road with filthy fingers.

(13:03:29) @mostlygeordie All OK now?

(13:04:09) @johndredge @DredgeLand I'm not visiting Chessington World of Misadventures.

(13:04:31) @birdfortytwo They need to make special blutak for Christmas decorations.

(13:08:51) @birdfortytwo We'll wait for TimPeake to come back. It's bound to be something he's working on.

(13:16:40) Please be aware "It is is what it is" is not an excuse...

(13:25:03) @johndredge "It is where it is." I like that.

(13:25:21) @CherryKaz1 LLOO!

(13:30:15) @CherryKaz1 All good with you? I could do with a nap...

(13:53:05) @ellewadding GAHHHHH! *blocks*

(13:54:31) @ellewadding When two hearts are carin'? (So any tweets that have more than a couple of 'favourites' right? :D)

(13:55:11) @johndredge @DredgeLand I had a Wombling Dismal Christmas in 1997.

(15:06:38) That was you, wasn't it?

(15:07:43) This is my expenses candle

(19:17:29) In honour of @astro_timpeake I'm sitting on the sofa, wearing my pyjamas.

(19:19:09) @CarolKettley He's in SPACE. @astro_timpeake

(19:23:04) @CarolKettley It's pretty much the best I can do in his honour right now..

(19:26:10) I remain baffled but impressed that @MichaelRosenYes - an icon from my childhood - is a meme on my son @nxmee's Telegram chats. #stillgotit

(20:43:23) @Superblouse Careful of the crash, though... :D

(20:55:38) @FreakyFwoof What a dimwit.

(20:56:00) @VeryBritishLife A proper hero :) @astro_timpeake

(21:54:00) @lizzysometimes Metadata is beautiful. Like rainbows. A bit. Night 😊

(22:17:30) @76Wilbury Good heavens.. dark and drizzly here!

(22:49:51) @76Wilbury I'm going to snuggle up under a duvet and protect myself from all that heat :D Enjoy the imminent Darthage!

(22:55:22) @vihartvihart I really hope that's not ~my~ gas bill! :D

(22:56:35) @76Wilbury Merci! Or is it mercy? :D xx

Tweets for 14 Dec 2015

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(17:27:51) @neilcochrane1 @pearcen It's really articulate, interesting and informative but a bit long :)

(19:16:49) @neilcochrane1 @pearcen Cool 😊

(21:11:20) @1MelissaAitken Good times!

(21:54:30) @miche @MooseAllain How did a pop star stop my mate Ian from keeping saying "Leant"?

Say "Leaned", Ian*

*Celine Dion

Tweets for 13 Dec 2015

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(08:56:23) RT @frittaker: πŸŽ…πŸ•πŸ”„πŸ•πŸŽ… spot the difference @MrBButterfield

(09:01:12) @wuthering_alice I'm not following the story, but an interesting read from where I am at the periphery. Thank you for sharing it!

(09:02:11) @ellewadding Morning. A bit.

(13:26:19) This had me in tears.

(16:52:54) @miche One could so makes that a (somewhat ironic) drinking game.

(16:54:31) @Bowen707 @MelitaRadio @dlwp Not sure it gets better than that.

(17:09:06) @canuckuk I think it's not.

(21:03:16) @mostlygeordie EXCELLENT balloons. Also you're ENFP like meeeeeee!

(21:55:37) @mostlygeordie me toooooo! ~high fives my Twitter sibling~

(22:09:37) @seagullworrier With shows like that you don't need no dress. (I honestly don't know whether that's true. Are them good shoes?)

(22:14:36) @DredgeLand HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO TELL? Next show, please announce whether or not each song has won a X Factory. Is this Adele? #crunkle

(22:15:48) @seagullworrier There's plenty of purple going on.

Tweets for 12 Dec 2015

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(00:09:25) @1969Steve Thanks for a fun show :)

(10:51:55) @brennig Good piece of writing - would take far longer than 10 minutes to fully explore the journey of aural exploration you describe. Ace.

(18:57:18) @LaughingSquid @canuckuk Excellent!

Tweets for 11 Dec 2015

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(00:07:31) @perrygascoine @simon_toon "What does a hedgehog have for lunch?" "Prickled onions"... #crackerjokes

(07:33:17) @pearcen Good spot sir - I hadn't seen it! Duly subscribed 😊 /cc @neilcochrane1

(08:21:03) I'm beginning to wonder if Words With Friends is making this stuff up...

(08:44:45) RT @MooseAllain: Oh dear. My wife seems disappointed with the flours I ordered her. I'm sure she said "Make sure it's spelt, right?".

(19:32:41) @toptunesdanny Olly Murs? Ed Shearan? I struggle to muster the energy to give a flying fandango about them. And Moyles is an arse. Evening!

(19:34:00) @Toptunesdanny to be fair this is quite the amusing though

(19:40:50) @TopTunesDanny Work's been keeping me busy - I drop by the treehouse every now and then.. good tunes & company while I type away :D #THradio

(19:50:52) @TopTunesDanny It's that time of year when the kids do their Christmas performances.. can't work out if time goes fast or slow with them :D

(19:53:34) @TopTunesDanny Please can you play Life by DesrΓ©e? I've got about three hours more work to do, and I think that will help me through :D

(19:54:17) @TopTunesDanny In all honesty, I did no school performances, apart from the mandatory "third shepherd from the left" in primary nativity :D

(20:07:44) @TopTunesDanny Thanks Danny - a cheery song to help me along my way. Thank you :) #THRadio

(20:32:08) @TopTunesDanny What a glorious bit of folk. #THradio

(20:48:25) @toptunesdanny almost every Christmas for the last 5 years I've joined in something called Karaoke Secret Santa - a sung gift for a stranger

(20:49:14) @toptunesdanny I could send you my version of Step Into Christmas that I did the year before last.. who knows what I'll do this year!

(20:59:14) @TopTunesDanny Nope.. just a friendly thing to do - it's a fantastic idea. I'll DM you a link to the MP3 :) This year has just started...

(21:03:01) @topTunesDanny Thanks for the tunes and entertainment :)

(21:03:15) @1969Steve Evenin' Stevenin'!

(21:08:56) @1969Steve Sorry.. didn't know you wanted more. Clothing: Pyjamas; Drizzle Outside: 4; Cheese of choice: cheddar; Womble of joy: Tobermory.

(21:09:51) @1969Steve Is it Biscuits For Cheese. BISCUITS. CHEESE. Or some kind of cracker?

(21:20:48) @1969Steve Is it the cute one from HR?

(21:23:01) @TreehouseDarren He does. @1969Steve

(21:23:56) @1969Steve Has Justin Bieber sent all his musicians home?

(21:27:45) @1969Steve ~takes this opportunity to pop away to make a cup of bleach~

(21:37:47) @1969Steve Fairground Attraction and One Defection?

(21:40:20) @1969Steve Good grief. This is like Lidl's Own Brand E17. NE17?

(22:14:03) @1969Steve Is this Pink Cadillac with different lyrics? #THRadio

(22:16:41) @1969Steve Is it Donald Trump's wig tape?

Tweets for 10 Dec 2015

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(08:32:35) @sportmadchick Number 4 looks relevant..

(08:40:11) "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me as your bus driver." Marketing poster for Arriva, there.

(08:41:09) GCHQ's Christmas Puzzle? I just spent the last ten minutes trying to find door number 9 on my advent calendar...

(08:41:59) @CarolKettley morning 😊 x

(09:48:27) @pearcen BAAAAAHHHHHHH!

(09:49:47) @johndredge @DredgeLand Funny haha or funny craddock?

(13:54:14) @pearcen baaaaahhh *quieter* ;)

(13:56:01) It's also quality and value. (note: adjective missing)

(13:58:25) @brennig Oh lordy.

(14:00:53) @RichHarkness No.... just a thought I had :)

(14:30:09) I'm thinking of changing my name to "Tyson Lovely" - not least so that I'll turn up at the top of any Google search for those two words.

(14:31:59) @SteveDoherty1 I'm hoping against hope that this just turns out to be Chris Morris's finest prank on the media.

Tweets for 09 Dec 2015

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(07:45:26) RT @Aiannucci: To show how hateful it is to ban people from a country let Parliament debate banning Donald Trump from our country. https://…

(07:46:50) @JQP74 It's the most important meal of the day! I'm guessing that's not home..? Morning πŸš€

(07:48:05) @birdfortytwo It, along with the Holly & and the Ivy, is a crap carol. There are quite a few Crap Carols, but nobody seems to realise it.

(07:51:34) I remember a time when all the strong winds in the UK were just called Gail.

(07:52:22) @CWhoFan @Feexby @Loll73 Yay!

(11:16:48) @kathyclugston It's like a British Bakeoff moment!

(21:18:36) @sm2n Worth a ponder!@BrightonMusicCo

(21:19:27) @JQP74 Wow glorious! Hope you're having the most wonderful time 😊 I'm good, cheers!

Tweets for 08 Dec 2015

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(07:43:19) @brianashton I love the names! @poots

(11:43:32) @CherryKaz1 Morning Kaz :)

(12:20:48) One for @superalora ...

(22:19:44) RT @FlipChartRick: Britain so radicalised its favourite TV show is called Koran Nation Street. #TrumpFacts

(22:20:54) RT @gavinshuker: Pretty sure we don't need to ban Mr Trump. He sounds pretty scared of London already.

Tweets for 07 Dec 2015

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(08:06:46) @CarolKettley I'm doomed πŸ˜„

(08:06:59) @CarolKettley morning ma'am 😊 x

(11:36:06) @lazyfoodielady Sounds like he needs to be tagged 'Serial wrongdoer'..

(12:02:01) @lazyfoodielady An ingenious notion.

(21:07:08) @Kittybliss @davidschneider Storm Desmond is better.

(21:07:43) RT @poots: There are many traditions I wish I had known about when the children were younger, the Icelandic tradition of Christmas Eve book…

(21:09:12) @akrabat I created an API on @slimphp - I really like it. Definitely worth considering for my next web project πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

(21:11:52) @wuthering_alice Glen Medeiros never made it up your way..?

Tweets for 06 Dec 2015

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(12:17:33) @SoreenHQ Wahey!

(22:34:30) @wuthering_alice This sounds like a great value music quiz. Can I come to the next one?

(22:45:10) @thenewbrunette son that basis, and your recommendation, followed. Happy birthday, @HughesPeg 😊

(22:48:03) @becchanalia Happy Milk Going Off Day (apparently).

(22:49:30) @wuthering_alice 😏 cheers! (PS hope you won)

(23:11:44) @wuthering_alice Congratulations! :)

(23:12:32) @Stenbird @MsIdaDown That is splendid.

(23:16:42) Apparently it's going to be the busiest on-line shopping day in Europe tomorrow. Doesn't seem to be a name for it yet. Get Stuff(ed) Monday?

Tweets for 05 Dec 2015

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(14:57:00) Another excellent Birthday Cardful Of Crap from @fridgemagnet2 - it's a tradition that I fully intend to continue

(15:05:34) @CherryKaz1 They're the best fun :)

(20:05:49) Here we go then #DoctorWho #Finale ...turning the sub up..

(21:15:02) @CarolKettley @Loneranger700 @SaucySalsa @Tassells2 @SueWWLeader @GrahamRhino @180Trainer @platinummind Happy Super Saturday :) x

(21:17:25) I love the @greenbankmusic website. Just the right amount of Comic Sans. Must go and visit them sometime...

(21:17:56) @EmmaTofi Bafflingly clever.

(22:17:28) @SueWWLeader Hope it's warm & toasty where you are! Definitely jammies and a good Scandi Drama weather :D

(22:44:56) @SueWWLeader Oh my! Batten down the hatches.. hope it calms soon! x

Tweets for 04 Dec 2015

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(08:25:54) @CarolKettley morning 😊

(08:41:53) @CarolKettley Pretty good for a Friday, thanks, ma'am. Hope you are too!

(10:16:07) Somewhat inspired by @CalmWaters73 I've just done my Myers Briggs thingy.. today I'm ENFP. This is quite true..

(10:17:34) Actually I'm just NFP. As in "No flippin' problem". Yeah.

(11:49:40) @mrs_forky Heehee.. but if your soul's happy there... ;)

(12:53:01) @brennig Powerful!

(12:54:11) @mrs_forky I'm trying to work out whether the assessment I got was super-insightful or simply confirmation bias. There are others like me?!

(15:08:06) @mrs_forky I can - and will, with pride and appreciation - say the same about you.

Tweets for 03 Dec 2015

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(08:07:47) @Stenbird @DaylightGambler @ashofficial @alix266 YAY! :)

(11:09:55) Thank you to @gavinshuker (and Kelvin Hopkins) for voting AGAINST yesterday. I feel represented.

(11:24:20) @VeryBritishLife It is indeed!

(13:12:41) @fridgemagnet2 That would be a terrible terrible thing. That IS a terrible thing.

(13:13:47) @fridgemagnet2 (By which I mean Katie Hopkins)

(14:00:16) @SheleileighLaw @pearcen Everything is AWESOME! *caffeine buzz*

(14:14:09) @SheleileighLaw @pearcen In all honesty I was thinking of doing something... a Christmas Special Weekendery might just hit the spot :)

(20:02:03) @DredgeLand Grease is the word. Is it close?

(22:24:51) @dirtychurch2000 Y'know I never knew if a song ever ~did~ make it onto The Box.. I never called up in case it didn't. Or I had to go to bed.

(22:43:32) Really struggling with this.. next year's #WTCC will have a reverse grid in the opening race. So qualify in 10th place to get pole. Whuh..?

(22:52:46) @SheleileighLaw Utterly baffling.. - will certainly make for an interesting qualifying period. Vroom(ish) :D

(23:04:03) @SheleileighLaw I'm really not sure about the whole 'shootout' business.. hopefully things will settle down.. just wanna see racin'! ;)

Tweets for 02 Dec 2015

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(07:59:21) @simon_toon Wishing you good coffee.

(11:16:01) @gugucachoo No point in making a fuss - glad it went OK :)

(11:38:59) @GShang Did I see you tweeting in the background there for a moment? :D

(21:08:03) Very thoughtfully, Lenni has printed out a new sign for my desk at work.

(22:09:06) @YourMrBumbles Hahaha! That makes more sense :)

(22:38:09) In the world of musical wonder, two of my fine pals are seeing @ashofficial tonight - @Stenbird and @DaylightGambler That rocks. Literally.

(22:39:41) @Scriblit As big as it needs to be, surely? :)

Tweets for 01 Dec 2015

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(08:21:38) @johndredge @DredgeLand I'd like not to discuss the hedgehog nesting at the back of the X Factor stage who's allergic to Simon Cowell's head

(08:25:02) @revkatebottley @Independent Lots of people read your tweets. Many read your articles. It is oxygen to these dark souls. Please don't.

(08:26:42) @boggits Heh. Good tune!

(08:29:10) @GHOGIT No returns

(08:30:00) @revkatebottley @notlamb That's more like it.

(11:17:40) @PlainTalkingHR I hope I did.. sorry I've not really been in touch! :)

(12:45:47) @PlainTalkingHR Things are pretty good, thank you! :) Hope all is going brilliantly for you!

(13:01:46) @johndredge @DredgeLand November Spawned a Honey Monster

(19:24:02) @Chelledogs ahh sad to hear it. Hoping for a swift recovery and no need for more.

(21:33:53) @fridgemagnet2 She has truly made a home... a nest, if you like, in that 'newspaper'...

(21:34:45) @johndredge That is a truly weird song. Heaven only knows what you'd be like if you were on teh drugses

Tweets for 30 Nov 2015

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(07:45:40) @Stenbird Bleurgh.

(08:16:03) Totally ruined Shakespeare for me.

(08:16:38) @Stenbird THE SKY IS NO COLOUR.

(11:45:39) This picture pretty much sums up #BTCC for me.

(12:43:45) @manytypesoftea Having shared various 'interpretations' of Adele's Helloing song over the weekend, it has recurred in my brain FAR TOO MUCH.

(12:44:23) @manytypesoftea Fortunately it's now been somewhat subsumed by Fergus Sings The Blues. Apparently, if you do mental arithmetic it goes away.

(12:44:36) @manytypesoftea (I would add that is for any brainitch, not just Deacon Blue songs)

(12:44:58) @Tactless_Blonde Sounds good :)

(15:33:35) @Tactless_Blonde YES! Shoulders indeed. I'm going for an afternoon herbal infusion if you'd care to join me.

(15:46:44) I'm like a meme-friendly Peter Griffin. A FML*-y guy, if you will.

(16:54:54) @mrs_forky @beangirl @EmpJNorton @PrimeofMissyF @V_the_Obscure @melodimen *high fives*

(20:06:14) @fireballtim Thanks for the follow. Hope you're having a splendid day :)

(20:49:17) @birdfortytwo There but for the grace of God (and filthy looks from those with whom I'm seated).. go I :D

(22:03:02) @Tactless_Blonde It would be the highlight of my year ;)

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