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Tweets for 29 Nov 2015

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(00:32:36) I'm older than Canada's prime minister. (just)

(21:42:28) Watching #TheHunt; half the time it's marvelling at the ingenuity & savagery of nature, the other half is going "HOW did they film that..?"

(21:43:26) @mrs_forky Good luck, ma'am. You'll be back in the saddle in no time!

(21:44:13) @peasbloss I'm watching The Hunt. Breathtaking photography, and, even better, no Simon Cowell.

(21:45:36) @MarvK @Kendragarden That made me chuckle and go "whuuhhhh" πŸ˜„

(22:08:10) @peasbloss I'd not watched it before... a lovely way to bring the weekend to a close 😊

(22:08:31) @mrs_forky Keeping my everything crossed 😊

Tweets for 28 Nov 2015

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(09:40:40) @Dreamy_lyrics Tea...?!?!?!?!?! 😏

(10:11:22) @Dreamy_lyrics At this time of the morning..? Go on then :D

(10:11:32) @PrincessBagel But you have golf bats? ;)

(10:22:21) @Dr_Black @BlackFinch Just had a biology lesson from my wife, Mind: blown. By this: & this:

(10:24:28) @trevypoos @duranduran Cool :)

(10:27:34) @SazJayney yAy 😊

(11:14:03) @vobes All good - always worth a tweet! @BaldExplorer

(11:14:31) @PrincessBagel I have honestly no idea. πŸ˜„

(11:27:04) On few shows other than @BBCRadio4's #ThinkingAllowed would I hear the words "oracular", "pyrrhic" & the apparently made-up "exsists".

(11:56:27) The slightly braver contingent of #gardenbirds popping by for lunch while I was still outside...

(12:01:34) @VeryBritishLife True and true... if I have to look up the word (which I did for "oracular" it kind of renders the point redundant πŸ˜„)

(12:02:34) @torrencesalces They are such cheeky beggars! (squirrels, not friends)

(17:19:16) New movie idea: Raiders of the Lost Mini USB cable.

(17:28:15) @corrie_corfield When my daughter was little, we ended up at Oxford Circus in Dec. I hope the Dense Forest of Legs hasn't traumatised her..

(17:30:09) @Feexby I'm running behind on your podcast.. I switched it off when you told me to to avoid the spoilers & forgot to put it back on πŸ˜„ #oops

(20:07:52) g'n't'#DoctorWho yeah

(20:08:35) @TheTroyKing hahaha!

(21:27:29) @regularjen @caulftweets Holy crap...

(21:27:58) RT @caulftweets: Because women can't be designers, comedians or authors, obvs.

(21:29:38) @birdfortytwo Going to have to watch it a couple more times.. one to enjoy the details, another to enjoy the music 😊

(21:30:42) @birdfortytwo I'd not spotted that Murray Gold had composed themes for most characters... I'm clearly no ardent fan πŸ˜„ #DoctorWho

(21:49:12) @birdfortytwo Oh cool! We saw that on telly... or rather it was on telly and I was nearby πŸ˜„

(23:11:12) @birdfortytwo The wonderful thing is that it is beautiful music on its own - and our offspring are able to hear it 😊 #BetterThanKanye

Tweets for 27 Nov 2015

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(07:47:49) @batwench Haha! Glad you enjoyed it 😊 Totally keeping my fingers crossed you can make it next year! @mrbatwench

(10:31:29) @GHOGIT Haha!

(11:29:40) @SamandaFord69 @TimLindon @Chococake46 @BrettGuruFord @jbboats @Keableg @deecee1964 @LadySharmaHats Thank you! Sparkly hugs right back! :)

(11:52:55) Just saw this on Amazon's black friday deals page.. - surely ~anything at all~ left outside is a squirrel feeder.

(13:13:46) This is the cutest thing.

(15:58:08) @canuckuk The best things happen on the spur of the moment :)

(16:03:55) There's an excellent @BaldExplorer programme on @CommChanTV about this & Shrewsbury's canals

(16:40:43) @AnniForsyth It's where one kind gets a feeling one has misunderstood something.

(19:33:04) @CarolKettley @spans44 @GrahamRhino @AnIdleThought @computerdan @parkhead01 @ToonFan94 @Michael_James_1 @platinummind Thanks, Ma'am :)

(21:39:15) @TanyaPoppy That made me proper LOL @jasonplato

(21:46:40) @andytuk That's a bit of a shame.. still kinda great though.

(21:47:44) @birdfortytwo And conversely it shows me the programmes I don't watch because they're bloody awful πŸ˜„

(21:48:23) @PrincessBagel Get on yer bike!

(21:53:30) @brightonstation @lorraine_taf Awww!

Tweets for 26 Nov 2015

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(07:54:37) Well, I'm impressed - there's a new, tiny, fully functioning computer available.. free on the front of a magazine!

(08:34:02) @weird_prophet Yes! which either ended up in the bin or a drawer dedicated to bits off the front of magazines.. @dansumption

(08:34:51) @peter_at_jisc Hahaa! Cover disks..! That takes me backπŸ˜„ @Jisc

(08:36:35) I hope all my American pals do a lovely Thankingsgive.

(11:34:00) I keep getting RSGB and RSPB confused. I think I'm a member of both...

(11:49:31) @peter_at_jisc Just so many options..! @Jisc

(13:42:04) A strange photo where my little Aygo looks bigger than a Zafira...

(14:26:25) @NeilgWhite @MustardSeedUK @Raspberry_Pi Apparently Smiths do.. but I reckon they're probably going fast!

(19:01:35) @DredgeLand I'm not listening from the beginning. Right now.

(19:02:36) @batwench Good heavens.

(19:03:00) @batwench Althoufh I did read that as Dr and Mr iScan.

(19:04:22) @DredgeLand Is this Adele? also: Is the link between all of these songs the surname "Blenkinsop". Is that even a real surname? Like "Plap"?

(19:04:38) @DredgeLand Oh no! I completely forgot!

(19:04:42) RT @DredgeLand: Live at SEVEN PM. LISTEN IN!

(19:12:13) @DredgeLand My second favourite tree in literature is "The Magic Not Quite So Faraway Tree" Got it right that time.

(19:26:22) @DredgeLand Is it Matthew Tesco's cube? Out of off of Tesco?

(19:35:28) @DredgeLand Is it Terry's Chocolate Wogan?

(19:47:41) @DredgeLand When asking my wife what her second favourite tree is, she said the Whomping Willow, too. It's from Hairy Plotter and the Damp.

(19:48:41) @DredgeLand Then I realised: I don't even have a wife! Then she threw me out. Could you turn it up, please? Listening through the letterbox.

(19:51:31) @TOther_Simon That was just splendid.

(19:51:40) RT @TOther_Simon: "Hi, do you sell recorders?"

(19:51:45) RT @TOther_Simon: "That's very kind of you."

(19:53:19) @DredgeLand This hour is over far too soon. Please do your show more slowly next week.

(22:14:31) I'm fairly sure a sugar puff has been following me around the house.

(22:56:45) @CarolKettley that is a very scary possibility..

Tweets for 25 Nov 2015

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(02:39:02) I'm not sure I could fill this in any better :D @poots

(15:55:30) @johndredge @DredgeLand I hope there's not an opprobrium.

(15:56:15) @Fi79 I don't know what that is. Is it gingerbread man carnage?

(17:30:52) @Fi79 I am so bloken.

Tweets for 24 Nov 2015

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(11:42:44) I just invented a new word: misapprehensation.

(14:08:28) @RichHarkness That is excellent. @pearcen

(14:08:43) @mostlygeordie :D I'm not sure.. or is it she, who is not sure? :D

(14:09:10) @tweeting_frog I think it's my version of misapprehension.. I am so easily distracted today I completely forgot what word I was typing.

(14:09:31) @pearcen Infactually! Excellent :)

(14:10:07) @SheleileighLaw I have worked out that I invented that word because I actually got distracted before I'd even finished typing it.. :D

(22:42:37) @PrincessBagel YAY! Good times :)

Tweets for 23 Nov 2015

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(20:47:06) @ellewadding Good heavens!

Tweets for 22 Nov 2015

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Tweets for 21 Nov 2015

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(09:16:51) @Bearlydithers Welcome back, nonetheless!

(10:50:36) @BaronHawkey Thanks, BH! Hope all is good in your world! 😊

(10:55:01) @OfficialDaveFox Ohhhhh!

(10:55:25) @thenewbrunette That first word could, sadly, be any newspaper...

(14:15:55) @DaylightGambler There are others. But this is fair.

(15:12:48) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah 😊 I've escaped to Wales for the weekend, but feel the love!

(16:41:13) @DaylightGambler Ahh yes. Other Cornish ales are available...

(16:41:31) @sarahjaneuk cheers ~raises a glass~

Tweets for 20 Nov 2015

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(08:05:09) @PrincessBagel Happy birthday, ma'am! I hope you have a most splendid day 😊

Tweets for 19 Nov 2015

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(08:27:55) @Stenbird Go Sweden!

(08:30:52) Retweeting and sharing

(08:31:49) If I had more money than I knew what to do with, I would buy an empty supermarket and start my very own Bric A Brac Megastore. Yeah.

(14:25:24) @ellewadding People struggle with contractions - if "you're" sounded different to "your" we'd certainly of known about it.

(14:26:56) @ellewadding There is something quite enchanting about "I'd've" to be honest. I'd've thought most people might never write that πŸ˜„

(14:28:18) @ellewadding I needed to put another jumper on after reading that tweet ~finally stops shuddering~

(14:31:16) @lizzing Impressive.

(18:18:43) I used to be an adventurous yoghurt eater..

(19:42:47) I'm going to have to listen to this if only to find out what on earth it's all about...

(21:34:43) Oooh! Elementary is back. HURRAH.

(21:35:07) @diddlysquit1 Specialist. This time of night. In the morning, I'd suggest: binmen.

(21:35:42) There may well be bed.

Tweets for 18 Nov 2015

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(08:10:45) RT @poots: Today I discovered that the Health and Safety executive do a 'mythbuster' on media reports and do a podcast!…

(21:37:03) @Real_Mr_H Thank you :)

(21:37:39) @PrincessBagel Oh my goodness. Too much tragedy going on right now x

Tweets for 17 Nov 2015

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(08:36:26) @akbea !

(09:28:09) @FinalBullet WOAHH. Funnily enough, when I tweeted you the other day, I was going to ask about @shiftrunstop but it felt rude. YAY! YAY!

(09:28:34) @fridgemagnet2 That's quite a cake.

(09:28:51) @DeanOrmond Happy birthday, chief!

(09:42:02) @FinalBullet I follow that rather mysterious tweet with the realisation that it's an episode from February my podcatcher's just refound! πŸ˜…

(09:43:20) @FinalBullet It rather typifies the point you raised in the last podcast: people tweet odd things about the podcast (sorry!) @shiftrunstop

(10:04:43) @FinalBullet @shiftrunstop That would have been an unusual way to find out! :) Hope all your soldering went well :)

(10:14:49) @FinalBullet @shiftrunstop HAHAHA!

(21:26:36) @PrincessBagel n'night x

(22:31:16) @Feexby Listening to your & @Loll73's unidentified podcast. Which episode did you say was 0/10..? "Twin" something..? Couldn't make it out..

(22:32:38) @thenewbrunette I saw someone use "density" when they meant "destiny". And just like that it got stick in my head..,viola!

(22:40:46) @thenewbrunette Hahahaha! I had no idea that was a gag in Back to the Future!

(22:42:48) @Feexby Noted.. Funny... Mark of the Rani is one of the only episodes I recall from the @SawbonesHex era... Never saw them again. @Loll73

(23:04:49) @Feexby Fair enough. A propos of.. "Monsieur Marceau est dans le jardin.. BEEEP!" made me laugh, even all these years later. Thanks for The.

Tweets for 16 Nov 2015

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(07:53:25) @revkatebottley Morning 😊

(07:53:47) @artistsmakers Morning! Beautiful scene.

(07:55:38) @FinalBullet Don't forget a set of "helping hands" things. Or at least a pair of pliers with an elastic band on the handles.. #complexjob

(08:00:59) @paulums I haven't finished my porridge yet. AND I'm still in my jammies. Put simply, I'm not ready to do any kicking of Monday yet. Sorry!

(08:05:16) @FinalBullet Gah indeed! Hope it's a successful day nonetheless.

(08:17:47) I've just had to put Twitter down in bafflement.. ...why would people do this? Any of this? (including buzzfeed)

(09:12:00) @verso H A P P Y B I R T H I V E R S A R Y!

(10:09:18) @ellewadding You and me both...

(12:38:46) @torrencesalces @poots Oh wow! :) That is a wonderful thing to have! It's fantastic to be able to see these episodes again!

(17:15:20) @ellewadding Oops :D Will there be words had..?

(17:26:11) @ellewadding You are clearly a nice person 😊

(19:04:07) @johnshepherd Woahh... it's the word in yellow at the top right hand corner that baffled me most.

(19:08:23) @Canojar Yes please! :) YUM!

(19:14:52) I've just heard of a French cake thing called Croquembouche. IT TAKES FOUR DAYS TO MAKE. #ViveLaFrance

(19:15:46) @petecooper A very happy birthday! :) (And thank you for the reminder @smorris .. I am terrible!)

Tweets for 15 Nov 2015

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(08:24:40) @Stenbird @PontoonDock @StephanieHirst Good heavens, I've not heard that since it was a non-hit
... cracking bit of pop, though.

(08:30:39) @StephanieHirst Managed a bit of research to find this snippet: @leethommo /cc @Stenbird @pontoondock

(08:32:47) @debsylee mornin' 😊

(17:50:58) @Feexby The The's "Infected" is an utterly fantastic album. I've got "Sweet Bird of Truth" on 12". Wonderful. (recall to the last podcast)

(22:17:18) @Feexby @Citizen_JC @CupOfTea69 Group high five event. Who knows what common ground we'll find after the sleep episode podcast with no name.

Tweets for 14 Nov 2015

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(10:00:12) There are some fantastic videos of historic #Sussex on @YouTube, presented by the @BaldExplorer /cc @bexhillmuseum

(10:38:02) @bexhillmuseum @LJELTD @SussexLoverUK Thank you for the retweet! :)

(18:29:16) @KSPARKGILL Not pictured: Sound of major A road less than 50m away? I shouldn't snark.. I've stayed in many a perfectly reasonable T-lodge.

(18:29:56) RT @RadioToday: UTV is bringing back its pop-up Christmas stations! #hohoho

(18:38:06) Woahh.. @poots has put on an edition of #Horizon first broadcast on the day she was born!

(20:12:59) @Stenbird @santanderuk Oh lordy.

(20:29:23) @gazuky I just heard the phrase "Clever little sleep pod" on #DoctorWho .. man that brings back some comedy memories! #cleverlittlepod

(20:30:09) @CarolKettley @___fergie__ @ToonFan94 @LittleMissChat6 @Real_Mr_H @platinummind Shoutout to you and your crew.. big up the cK massive!

(20:34:06) Quality Buggles specs #DoctorWho #AgeOfPlastic

(20:36:04) All gone a bit GladOS #DoctorWho

(20:40:57) There was a Star Trek Next Gen episode about people not getting enough sleep. And also one about me going to work most days. #DoctorWho

(20:41:19) @CarolKettley Heh. Put on some tunes!

Tweets for 13 Nov 2015

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(09:38:40) Daily greet.

(09:39:12) @Tactless_Blonde Welcome to my world. Although my hair colour doesn't feature in my twitter name, so I guess it's not the same... :D

(09:42:04) @Tactless_Blonde And I could be syzygygreyingbrown

(11:55:48) @brianashton I've really enjoyed all of them - exquisitely written :) @RebeccaFront @BBCRadio4 @JohnFinnemore @bethmullen

(12:03:40) @brianashton It's the only rational explanation :D

(12:06:26) @brianashton Health-related sound filtering is never good... enjoy the beer!

(13:58:18) @CarolKettley @JoJo_Davies80 @davelester2710 @IanDavidRogers1 @davidward47 @annamb1 @parkhead01 @platinummind @up_and_away149 Thanks ma'am!x

(18:15:37) @poots I have no words.

(22:09:58) @brianashton I find JΓ€germeister a good medicinal equivalent.

(22:48:53) RT @joashraul: In Paris right now, and need a safe place, check out people opening their door. Hashtag is #PorteOuverte

Tweets for 12 Nov 2015

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(11:13:16) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am. Actually it was awful, but I was tired and sent myself to bed :D

(12:59:56) @RubyJubilee I wonder if it's because it becomes more precious?

(13:01:13) @fridgemagnet2 Permission to panic sir?

(13:02:06) @RubyJubilee I'm in a similar way with audio. What's worse is that I feel less motivated to make it, since I'm less inclined to share(!)

(18:07:26) @Feexby Ugh. I listened to the preamble to your latest podcast this morning, by the way. Haven't got to the episode yet.. will 'watch along'

(19:21:22) @dredgeland I think I'm listening.. find out after this.

(19:23:03) @Dredgeland Is this Adele? Hello?

(19:28:38) @Dredgeland Is it Stanley Cuberick's cube? Is it Cube Laurie's cube? Is it The Cuberious Incident of the Cube In The Cube Cube? Or Fred?

(19:31:04) @Dredgeland Oh! I know who it is - It's that bloke who did the voice of the wombles.

(19:31:49) @Dredgeland Bernard cubeins! Is this Adele?

(19:32:19) RT @DredgeLand: LIVE ON @WandsworthRadio

(19:38:23) @DredgeLand DARN YOU PEABO BRYSON

(19:49:24) @DredgeLand Is this a Dell?

(19:49:54) @Feexby It's always better second time around

(19:50:10) @DredgeLand I loved Ludwig. It was utterly unhinged in my day.

(19:51:18) @DredgeLand Do you remember "Rubadubdub"? That was the most peculiar thing of things.

(19:53:21) @birdfortytwo How about "Tonight, I'll..." :)

(19:57:52) @DredgeLand Great show - definitely not long enough (especially when I turn up half way through). Hear you again in a couple of weeklings.

(19:59:04) @birdfortytwo That's the thing! :) :)

(19:59:50) @birdfortytwo I'm going to go and have my second shower of the day & change into fresh jammies. It's glory from the embers of the work day!

(22:10:34) @AvaSoundBird I nearly. Nearly. Tried.

(22:12:20) @Stenbird yay!

Tweets for 11 Nov 2015

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(07:27:55) @BaronHawkey I have no idea.

(07:28:37) @TUID I learn a lot from @superalora :D

(08:13:22) What can I say? I like cheese.

(14:46:12) @johndredge @DredgeLand I'm thinking of relocating to Shrewsbury. Do you think that's a shrewd move?

(14:51:01) @johndredge @DredgeLand Who would live in a nest like this? Let's go shrew the keyhole..

(14:53:44) @johndredge @DredgeLand They were my best puns. My worst pun involves tiny mammals off their heads on legal highs. Those magic mu-shrew-ms.

(14:54:36) @DaveGorman It depends if you want to go via Stratford Only. I've heard it's a bit desolate.

(17:20:12) @Superblouse On fleek. Yeah.

(17:20:52) I wonder how much of my life I have spent watching something spinning around in the middle of my computer screen. Probably too much.

(17:21:15) @TomCampbell Forgotten your ICQ password?

(22:07:49) @CherryKaz1 Good evening, ma'am. Sorry for my late arrival - hope you can forgive me. Here in time for dessert, right? :D #THRadio

(22:11:42) @CherryKaz1 Thank you :)

(22:15:41) @CherryKaz1 Still a bit screechy to be fair :D #THradio

(22:21:26) @CherryKaz1 I'd not heard all of that song until now :) Not really up to speed with Adele's stuff :) #THradio

(22:46:25) @cherrykaz1 Love this one :) #THRadio

(22:47:51) @CherryKaz1 Definitely a rare treat :) #THRadio

(22:55:15) Must remember to power down all my computers, Mark Morrison style. Re: Turn off the mac.

(22:56:00) And if you thought that was bad, an existential pun from the 1970s popped into my head earlier. It was so bad I deliberately forgot it.

Tweets for 10 Nov 2015

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(15:49:20) My leg hairs are on fleek.

Tweets for 09 Nov 2015

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(12:44:41) @Stenbird Is that a 'spoiler'* on top of a roof rack?!

(12:45:11) @paulums BOOM. I'm sure you had a fair selection of questions ahahaahahahah

(12:45:23) @seagullworrier That's quite a shed.

(13:58:40) @Stenbird *sighs*

(15:44:04) @SheleileighLaw @paulibz @PrincessBagel @jgamet @1StevieKilner @paulums @MrJamesMay Hugs are underappreciated. Alan Partridge of affection.

(22:18:37) @trevypoos At least you've written some material - I've just folded washing and written work emails. Hardly comedy gold :D

(22:21:00) @trevypoos Best I can do :D

(22:33:23) Bwahahaha!

Tweets for 08 Nov 2015

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(13:05:29) @dailymoist Well indeed.

(13:05:44) @Stenbird This is just wrong, right?

(16:07:32) I suppose I'm going to have to do some Freecycling.

(17:10:47) @Tactless_Blonde I can only imagine.

(17:56:53) @Tactless_Blonde Hope you warm up soon. And don't get ~too~toasty.

Tweets for 07 Nov 2015

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(08:57:32) Oh wonderful.. @neilsleat has posted on @Audioboo some #PeterDonaldson promos (also feat. @corrie_corfield) #Radio4

(09:46:10) @Superblouse Love it :)

(09:46:27) I get a sense I might have to go to B&Q. In this weather.

(10:10:23) @batwench Apparently I need to go to Screwfix instead. Definitely less damp there (and I'm not tempted to cycle)...

(20:52:47) Totally baffed by this week's #DoctorWho

Tweets for 06 Nov 2015

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(13:06:59) @Feexby @TheWhoCat @spocksgoat @CupOfTea69 @Mike_J_Lord @CWhoFan I approve this message *slightly nibbled endoresement stamp thing* #FF

(23:13:48) @CarolKettley @Putneyman @In_cog_neat_oh @platinummind @AngelaMcNeill67 @up_and_away149 @KatieMagnet @SueWWLeader Thanks Weekendy cK! #FF

Tweets for 05 Nov 2015

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(07:41:20) @LILLYTHEPINK1 ....But....why?!

(08:31:41) @londonmunchkin I fear this is more down to poor display shelving design.. but your point stands (certainly better than the books do!) :D

(13:47:00) @CarolKettley *high fives everybody* @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic

(13:58:21) @CarolKettley @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic I'm doing moderate to splendid, thank you :) Time goes so fast..!

(14:01:05) @PrincessBagel @paulums @batwench @jgamet @1StevieKilner R2-Deathstar. Or, as Elton John would sing.. "Tiny Deathstar..."

(14:03:13) @doothcrow It should be enshrined in law that if you go in a shop to buy a gun you should be sold a guitar. But not, I might add, vice versa

(15:43:12) @sportmadchick Get better soon x

(17:42:46) @Feexby Thank you for the hello! I are still listening.. and I was only one of the first 1.5 million on Twitter :) And hello @Loll73!

(17:43:45) @Feexby @Loll73 Also, I like to think I'm quite nice (not overly unhinged). I came up with "Feexby and Loll EXPLORE!" or something. #Untitle

(20:00:04) This evening I discovered that my Dad had no idea who Katy Hopkins is. How wonderful it would be to live in his world.

(20:58:46) @Barwickgreen Hurrah :) It's a good world to live in. Bon appetit!

(20:59:10) @Zararugosa Amen to that! We resisted the temptation to google her for his benefit "It's what she feeds off!" said the boy, wisely.

(20:59:43) @Feexby Watched while listening.. that was good :) @Loll73

(21:11:43) I've just seen fit to look up online why little neon indicators flicker, and the answer is that I still don't know. Something about mains?

(22:31:35) @qqtx I believe it might be so.. ripples in the AC supply... cheers!

(22:31:59) @fridgemagnet2 Eddy's in the space time continuum.

(22:32:27) @fridgemagnet2 Good heavens. @hergiebird

Tweets for 04 Nov 2015

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(12:08:18) @PrincessBagel Sod off. (Not so much 'James May' as 'James, may...') @jgamet @1StevieKilner @paulums @MrJamesMay

(12:38:17) @diddlysquit1 Are you going to moooove them on?

(12:39:09) @brennig Good heavens..!

(12:39:24) @brennig (Although to be fair, our milk gets nicked all the time!)

(12:39:50) @paulums Ahh yes.. "Make a giant birdhouse in your tree"

(12:40:09) @SheleileighLaw I approve this method ⭐️ @paulums

(12:47:52) @diddlysquit1 Certainly an interesting way to spend a Wednesday lunchtime :)

(16:12:35) Did you check "Include this item" on at least one item above? (radio button) Why apply logic to a form when you can get a user to do it? #UX

(19:48:08) Asda's rockin' the @WHS_Carpet look this evening...

(19:48:30) @LILLYTHEPINK1 when I'm home, sure.

(20:42:45) Happity birtday, the @brennig!

Tweets for 03 Nov 2015

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(08:10:22) Go well, Mr Peter Donaldson - one of the finest voices of #Radio4 continuity #RIP

(08:11:26) @JoPlattTweets Always a delight to see your gifs in the morning :)

(08:13:22) @ellewadding Morning. Y'know I would've been in blissful ignorance of this if you'd not tweeted about it... what a load of nonsense, eh? :D

(08:14:20) Can't be sitting in front of a computer all morning.. better get showered and dressed and then go to work #sittinginfrontofacomputerismyjob

(08:14:39) @ellewadding POOP. Hope you've got something nice to listen to in the meantime.

(08:27:19) @ellewadding Your tweets of perspicacity and gentle satire are often among the best ways to find out about something 😊

(08:27:54) @ellewadding PS Yeah, I'm not bad thank you. Never was much good at Tuesdays...

(08:28:14) @ellewadding Excellent! @Bbcr2

(08:29:48) @edtjones I believe so... only met him once or twice, but a splendid bloke.

(10:06:19) @Faulko1 Everything is awesome #lego

(19:49:12) @Stuart__Smith NONO. He was on the radio before @petedonaldson was born (probably)...

(19:49:35) @ellewadding Are you all re-tyred?

(21:28:09) @Tactless_Blonde aww... the photo or the small rather odd creature?

(21:32:16) @1969Steve Sorry for stumbling in a bit late..! Still, a good James Hart is hard to find... #THRadio

(21:34:29) @1969Steve When I used to listen to this song as a teenager it always made me wish I had my own set of backing vocalists. #THRadio

(21:34:59) @1969Steve Oh super! Tuning in (or appropriate verb) now! It's TV on the Radio!

(21:37:00) @1969Steve Good video! I can almost read the words on your t-shirt #THRadio

(21:37:40) @DeanOrmond Ooh.. now that's an idea.. might see if I can get him on my Chromecast! @1969Steve

(21:44:05) @Tactless_Blonde Awww! :)

(21:47:01) @Tactless_Blonde is he.. like.. yours?

(21:48:36) @1969Steve This is totally my favourite year in pop.. good time to be a teenager. Midge Ure and his grammatically incorrect song :D #THRadio

(21:49:06) @1969Steve I'm not really big on ballads, but this is an absolute gem. #THRadio

(22:28:07) @1969Steve Have you played "Go and get stuffed" by Billy Ocean recently? If not, please stick it on.. #THRadio

(22:46:01) @1969Steve Mel & Kim?

(22:46:16) @1969Steve Bespectacled? #THRadio

(22:58:08) @1969Steve Great show - and a fine, fine year to choose ;) #THRadio #80s

(22:59:03) @ellewadding Ahh yes... I think I spotted that as I was hotfooting it out the door.. glad all's well now :)

(23:00:02) @Tactless_Blonde YAY! Sadly, I have nothing of which I can show you a photo that will cheer you in such a way. I could dress up a TV remote?

(23:01:30) @1969Steve Thank you for being there! Night :) #THRadio

(23:48:44) It's got to that time of night when I'm waiting for a crap song to come onto Spotify so I can turn it off and go to bed... night!

Tweets for 02 Nov 2015

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(11:34:22) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Destruction therapy. It's a thing (possibly)

Tweets for 01 Nov 2015

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(11:57:25) Putting glass in the recycling box is one of the loudest things in the world.

(12:34:59) @pearcen O lordy. Amen to that!

(20:17:24) I've just been introduced to "A taste of Mark Morriss"- it is frankly the most refined piece of unhinged genius I've heard in ages @TheQuill

Tweets for 31 Oct 2015

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(00:08:01) @booksandfood1 Yay rebrand 😊 I like πŸ‘

(00:08:18) @miche Amen to that!

(12:22:41) Great to see @NickDoody's stand-up last night. Who? Listen to the credits of the funniest #radio4 & #4extra comedies - you'll hear his name.

(12:23:00) RT @AIS_UK: Announcing the launch of our free downloads page.Liners are free for you to use.Voiced by @1969Steve @dreamy_lyrics @syzygy & @…

(12:24:30) @birdfortytwo Hahahaha! Given how much pumpkins cost at this time of gear, that's a bit of a shame.. spiced pumpkin soup instead?

(12:27:00) @DavidTylerPozz It's true, though - I've really enjoyed the exquisite writing and rich production. Top job, sir! 😊

(12:28:37) @birdfortytwo We are pumpkin free here for just that reason (also we don't really ~do~ Hallowe'en). Better vegetation is available πŸ˜„πŸ‘

(12:28:53) @birdfortytwo PS fancy a crunchie now.

(12:51:18) @TreehouseDarren Happy birthday to you, and all the best to @starr67 @iainlackie ! #1tweet2fineoccasions

(12:55:11) @canuckuk No surprise it's considered one of the least friendly airports. Profit over people every time. ~every~ time. @APCOAUK

(13:19:24) @canuckuk Bah. Point is, employing one person to HELP drivers in such situations costs more than getting computers to do it. Wrong @APCOAUK

(17:07:44) Thank you to Mary at @LutonPoetrySoc for allowing @superalora and me to play at the Lights poetry recital this afternoon. We enjoyed it.

(17:13:59) There is hilarity in the lounge as @nxmee and @superalora are watching some nonsense with @DanNerdCubed in. He is quite amusing, to be fair.

(17:34:08) I blame @DaveGorman for me Twitter searching for things like "Trickle treating" . And yes, it is a thing, @nxmee..

(17:37:15) @boggits Good heavens... we're going illiterate! @DaveGorman @nxmee

(17:48:03) @mostlygeordie @DaveGorman @nxmee Mindgraine! Wicked! :) :)

(23:05:28) @Superblouse Not sure how many of your five a day that is, but definitely more than 0.

(23:06:36) @AMTCoffee <--- @sm2n

(23:07:45) @Techmoan !

(23:09:50) @sm2n πŸ™†πŸ‘πŸŽƒ @AMTCoffee

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