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Tweets for 30 Oct 2015

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(08:34:44) @fridgemagnet2 o lord. @BillBailey

(08:35:34) @CarolKettley Thank you for the #FF... may your Friday be quite splendid.

(10:06:51) @lloydbayley Good grief. That's quite a reception desk...

(10:16:21) @lloydbayley Heh :D Why not try both? Takes two and a half shots of the good stuff before I go numb..!

(10:22:59) @lloydbayley Ahh yes.. I'm fortunate that our dentist is within stumbling distance of home :D

(11:28:51) @peasbloss Perfect time of year :) I love the power of the sea!

(14:18:24) For when you had a dream you'd eaten your pillow.. https://t.co/lqwWRNRzeB

(14:28:59) @CarolKettley Pasta's definitely better for you! :)

(14:32:07) When I see a sentence in an email that starts "kindly..." I (probably wrongly) get a sense of passive aggression.

(15:45:53) @edtjones I was wondering... :D

Tweets for 29 Oct 2015

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(10:16:10) @GHOGIT HAHA! Well...

(10:20:13) Today I am mostly putting tech suffixes on people's names, like Meerapedia & Anterminator. Please let me know if you'd like me to do you.

(11:19:15) @gugucachoo Laurencryption!

(11:19:58) @Pewari Pewardriving :)

(11:20:27) @IanLPhotography Iantenna :)

(12:25:33) @SheleileighLaw :D

(17:12:49) Dropbox spam. Ugh.

(20:51:37) What a splendid idea - BeeLine, cycle nav made simple. Totally want one - on #Kickstarter! @RideReeLine https://t.co/aMTYuWRgxy

(22:44:19) @DaveGorman I'm glad YouGov didn't have anything to do with this survey https://t.co/zWsDCVyvtt #goodish

Tweets for 28 Oct 2015

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(07:39:57) @pearcen Offer them the opportunity? And make popcorn 😉

(07:40:57) @canuckuk It's making more of a noise than any wind farm, too.. #rainfarm

(07:42:35) @tonynewquay That's a lot of effort to go to this time of the morning (I can barely type 😄)

(08:31:01) @Feexby @Loll73 Listening. It's very long & rambly, and amusing. But you don't do twitter so you'll probably not see this. Get better soon.

(11:05:46) Not being funny or nothing. Literally.

(12:50:50) @Feexby @Loll73 It's an entertaining listen - and I'll have to watch the episode again to pick up all the nuances! :)

(14:12:31) @Feexby @Loll73 I've subscribed, so will look forward to the next exciting installment! :)

(16:07:11) It never ceases to amaze me that a human being can hold a mug, a laptop, a banana and a water bottle and still be able to open a door.

(16:34:25) @sportmadchick Sounds delicious :)

(19:52:41) Three thoughts of things to look up on-line in my brain. By the time I'd switched on my computer monitor & checked twitter. Three forgotten.

(20:37:46) @TOther_Simon I popped downstairs to see if there's anything to drink. Found an unopened bottle of port. I went back upstairs. Empty handed.

(20:39:07) @TOther_Simon Sadly not. Yet. You may have inspired me.. after this episode of Dave Gorman Thing.

(20:41:01) @davewitchalls Yosss! I bet bloody @MrRayPurchase will be pleasured.

(20:41:25) @brennig Haha! Serendipity!

Tweets for 27 Oct 2015

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(09:35:51) @batwench If asked, while testing, if there are any air pressure issues, please do NOT resist saying "The force is strong in this one.."

(11:13:47) @TUID Something makes me think you might like this (contains bad words) @UniversityChal #parodyaccount

(16:05:16) I'm considering putting "** PLEASE READ **" in the subject line of all my work emails. How can this fail?

(16:08:30) @jopijedd "Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus" - always a surefire winner.

(16:26:20) @jopijedd We can totally break email with this..

(17:52:51) @ajlanghorn If your happy and you know it clap you're hands...

(18:08:47) @WHS_Carpet And Central Reservation Monthly magazine - the motorway system's pre-eminent publication, which features "Gantry Watch" (p9-11)

(18:11:13) @WHS_Carpet *smirks*

(20:46:10) @1969Steve Having a listen. And a watch. It's like Radio! :)

(20:50:24) @1969Steve Having a bite to eat #Connections #THRadio

(20:50:37) @1969Steve That should have been "It's like Radio 1" ! :D

(20:51:43) @1969Steve So the third song should be anything by Michelle Brunch or Supper Fly Guy by Pizza S'Express

(21:20:56) @1969Steve TUUUUUNE! #YAYAY #AmandaYAY #THRadio

(21:31:26) @1969Steve Oh my goodness... love this song - haven't heard this in years (although I've got it on vinyl and cassette!) #THRadio

Tweets for 26 Oct 2015

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(12:39:47) @seagullworrier Like Danny Minogue..?

(12:56:02) @seagullworrier He could do a lot worse. How are your bones, post-shed?

(12:57:36) @LDNLutonAirport A rare whiff of aviation fuel over Vauxhall Park yesterday evening, too.. took me back! :D

(18:31:49) @seagullworrier Yay 😊 These are the things they will remember (in theory 😊)

(18:56:15) @seagullworrier Maybe he heard "Where does Danny l-l-live?" #nothelping

(18:56:53) @johndredge I won't have it. Nor would Julian & Sandy.

(19:02:05) RT @johndredge: be good if we could get @DredgeLand up to 200 followers #funandlaffs

(19:03:53) RT @rhyscd: I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but Freddos are now £45

(20:51:35) @JamesCridland Good heavens - what an interesting read. Amazing how much tonality I take for granted, certainly in the modern podcast idiom.

(20:54:50) @johndredge But people listen to them. Odd, huh?

(20:56:40) @HoT4Radio Ha!

(20:59:24) @SazJayney Hope it passes quickly and without incident! Bed at the other side...

(22:09:55) A big thank you to Rob and Adela at the Dallow, Luton branch of @BandQ who helped me get loft panels just before they closed this evening!

(22:12:57) If you get the chance to listen to @JohnFinnemore's Double Acts on iPlayer, I'd recommend it - they are exquisitely written. #Radio4 #Comedy

(22:14:12) @bandq_help I popped over to https://t.co/NrjyX8qUj8 and left some nice words there :) This was the Dallow Rd store. I'd not realised [more]

(22:14:58) @bandq_help [cont] ..that the closing time had changed because of the change to GMT, but this was explained to me as Rob helped me out :)

(22:16:06) @PrincessBagel Miaow! :)

Tweets for 25 Oct 2015

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(15:46:19) Weird hearing a BBC Radio promo, going.. "That's my voice!" but actually it's someone who sounds just like my voice-overs but more northern.

(15:47:51) @Dreamy_lyrics So kind! :) It's all about the gentle application of compression and EQ, naturally :) And you have a silky smooth voice!

(19:51:39) @gillalexander I'd be surprised, given that he bought his first real(?) six string 46 years ago...

(19:52:46) @seagullworrier Your turn in the shed..?

(20:03:25) @seagullworrier Definitely worth having a wee first, then.

Tweets for 24 Oct 2015

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(16:58:48) A splendid day with @nxmee at #WarwickOpen - a little damp around the edges, but a very impressive campus and friendly folk all around.

(19:34:02) An absolutely splendid performance of an world-weary immortal by @Maisie_Williams. What a remarkable idea for a character #DoctorWho

(19:34:59) @neilsleat Which, some might say, you are :D

(19:45:54) I like that this generation of the Doctor resembles an ageing member of The Who. It works, y'see. #DoctorWho #DoctorTheWho

(19:46:31) @neilsleat Both! Did he have any idea who you are?

(20:31:51) @OlorinLorien Very much so. I'm key demographic (I think) 😄

(20:36:23) @seagullworrier It's drizzling.

(20:37:33) @seagullworrier They'll be fine. It's mild.

(20:45:48) @YourWarwick It made me want to be a student again! 😊 @nxmee

(20:47:01) @OlorinLorien Every now and then I hear a bit of Tom Baker in Peter Capaldi's voice... takes me back!

(21:05:39) @OlorinLorien Yes!

(21:31:44) @fridgemagnet2 Say something nice.

Tweets for 23 Oct 2015

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(06:30:59) @ladymuckstuff Cool

(06:33:08) @Tactless_Blonde ~clicks like to avoid offence~

(07:23:09) @ladymuckstuff That said, I was pondering suggesting it to my boy, but secretly I'd like to do it myself... 😄

(08:40:54) @Tactless_Blonde I would have rephrased that. "I opened two gifts this morning.. MY EYES!!!!!!" *screams*

(10:09:47) @ladymuckstuff Coool! No bleach bonus! :) :)

(10:39:14) @GreavsieE17 Man. Hang in there. Beer is at the end of the day.

(10:39:37) @CarolKettley Morning :) @Real_Mr_H

(10:40:31) @Fi79 "They saw you coming..."

(10:45:28) @GreavsieE17 It is a thing of beauty. Just consider yourself fortunate they haven't got turntables in those glass meeting rooms... #vinyl

(10:45:41) @CarolKettley @Real_Mr_H HAPPY WEEKEND (nearly)

(20:50:07) I've somewhat warmed to @RuthDavidsonMSP - kind of like a political Susan Calman #HIGNFY

Tweets for 22 Oct 2015

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(10:35:29) @birdfortytwo That's enormousness.

(10:46:20) If I had room in my t-shirt drawer, I'd be tempted to opt for this, if only for the baffled looks.. https://t.co/GJpLSUVG8W by @Jimllpaintit

(14:24:52) @DanniAKAMummy Woahh! Happy birthday :) :)

(15:13:03) @DanniAKAMummy I hope you're having the most wonderful day with your precious little (and not so little these days!) ones :) I'm good ta! xx

(15:13:35) @tezzer57 Happy birthday, chief :)

(15:14:35) @TheTroyKing Happy birthday, Troy :)

(15:48:21) Emails with speckly backgrounds: just no (please thank you).

(16:38:16) @SheleileighLaw Bit are they... are they, though..? https://t.co/EryTqFMpyZ

(16:38:23) @SheleileighLaw ^But

(19:23:14) @BritishMac Sandwich spread, though... I liked that in my packed lunch for about 2 terms at school...

(19:35:23) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Absolutely! :)

(19:38:20) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Check your dropbox.

(19:38:52) @batwench Good heavens.. a veritable warning (and from experience, I'd guess!) @BritishMac

(20:56:58) @DaisiesandPieUK There's a Spar open nearby I'm sure...

(20:58:35) @PrincessBagel N'night!

(21:00:37) @DaisiesandPieUK Noooooooooooo! #Marmiteitcertainlyisthen

(21:01:06) @gugucachoo Whuh? #nitetime

(21:22:35) @gugucachoo Hahaha! Oops! Love the Freddy emoticon :D

Tweets for 21 Oct 2015

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(04:00:04) @MissyMWAC Welcome to my blissful, ignorant world... (your tweet excepting, of course). It's all BBC Radio 4 and Star Wars hype round 'ere..

(08:13:58) @VeryBritishLife *badum tish* This was not the pun I'm looking for... :D

Tweets for 20 Oct 2015

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(07:17:43) @RobJD It's a fairly safe bet :D @poots

(07:22:40) @Stenbird Dare I ask where you're off to? (either the depths of Wales or Transylvania)

(07:25:51) @Stenbird That makes more sense... adds a bit of colour and intrigue! #grim #allegedly

(09:21:35) @SazJayney Night! :)

(12:47:05) @ms_howard Understandable. Trying to work out where that would be.. worst meeting ever?

(14:12:43) Few things are more likely to inspire me to go abroad & help the developing world than navigating a so-called "Service" "Management" "Tool"

(14:25:11) @pearcen I've been raising a change for the past 35 minutes. I could have set up a village irrigation system in that time.

(14:55:23) @pearcen "Your session has expired. Please stop crying and try again after a large gin."

(15:16:49) @ms_howard Given we're in mid-to-late October, that's baaad.

(19:12:54) I'll be tuning in, if I can find it. https://t.co/2JB1R7nKd4

(19:14:29) @MissyMWAC *virtual heart things* I don't have the app...

(19:14:44) @DredgeLand B OOOOO M!

Tweets for 19 Oct 2015

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(11:36:36) @Tactless_Blonde @CityJohn I especially like the bit about 'not a murderer'.

(11:38:59) I never thought I'd say this, but the Andrew Lawrence comedy is the best (least worst?) of the current surfeit of #Radio4 sitcoms at the mo.

(11:45:14) @ellewadding I hope they let you have a go on the digger as some sort of compensation #watchoutforthefence

(11:51:18) @Tactless_Blonde I'll be honest, it's a boon. @CityJohn

(11:52:16) @poots When you get your Tesla, can I have one of these, please? http://t.co/BnLY1TdDCT

(11:53:37) @1969Steve I'm gonna listen over lunch (and between meetings) - could you play some Avalanches, please?

(11:54:16) @CityJohn Awaiting confirmation of @Tactless_Blonde's zombie status.

(11:54:34) @CityJohn Also: happy birthday :) @Tactless_Blonde

(12:11:48) @1969Steve Tune! :) #THRadio

(12:13:30) @Tactless_Blonde You had me at "today"... @CityJohn

(12:30:42) @1969Steve Thanks, Steve! :)

(12:32:11) @1969Steve Soap and bacon? #showaddywaddyoverload

(21:45:20) @seagullworrier Uhoh.

Tweets for 18 Oct 2015

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(07:43:51) @nickleach1 140 characters isn't enough for the full story.. Thank you for posting that link.

(07:43:53) RT @nickleach1: Don't be so quick to judge what you see on #socialmedia - The #auntfromhell bullying a good example - http://t.co/EckbBws0X1

(07:45:12) @Tactless_Blonde it's s'posed to be the weekend... are ya working?

(07:48:58) @Tactless_Blonde Blehhhh. Hope the hours go quickly x

(08:07:07) @canuckuk That article started fine but the later combination of moonshots, fracking, China and Qatar didn't fill me with confidence..!

(08:09:32) @canuckuk It's a sad state of affairs - but the uninformed backlash was what concerned me... happens too often! @nickleach1 @OliviaGoldhill

(08:10:11) @canuckuk I wish I could do more to look after the NHS...

(08:17:02) @canuckuk You're an inspiration, ma'am, and you have been for years.

(11:05:39) @canuckuk :D x

(19:37:19) @Volfsball Congratulations to the mighty @HChoppers! And get well soon, @MarekLarwood !

Tweets for 17 Oct 2015

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(10:46:02) @ellewadding I used to work across the road from and in Western House (home of R2).. some of the happiest days of my career 😊 @achrisevans

(10:46:46) @ellewadding I now work a ten minute cycle ride from home 😊 #commutingbliss @achrisevans

(11:24:41) @ellewadding Indeed! 👍 @achrisevans

(17:40:55) @Stenbird Shouldn't that be the "Lunchtime Achievement Award"? :D Wow.. what a lifetime, though *congratulates*

(17:41:47) @SheleileighLaw Canadian Thanksgiving..?

(17:42:07) @Tactless_Blonde Impressed that you're still smiling!

(17:45:49) @Tactless_Blonde I'll bear that in mind if ever we meet. But.. how'd I know when you're happy? (And if that's your worst trait, you're fab!)

(17:45:56) @SheleileighLaw Bwahahahaha! :D

(18:10:45) @Tactless_Blonde Ahh yes. The Death Stare. I try and avoid them (I'm all about the peace and harmony to be honest) #hippy. Tea? Shoulders?

(18:44:19) @Tactless_Blonde Splendid 😊

(19:31:38) Apparently it's "The Girl from Game Of Thrones" episode. I hope there's a line like "I'm the lass from the village" "Are ya?" #DoctorWho

(19:38:58) @Tactless_Blonde Currently in Luton, but my heart is elsewhere. Somewhere south wesr and on the edge of wetness. Sheffield is wondrous.

(19:39:21) @Tactless_Blonde Nearly went to uni in Sheffield :)

(19:46:45) @spikej77 Yes!

(19:47:09) @wuthering_alice Excellent.

(19:47:47) @OfficialDaveFox Chas?

(19:48:23) @spikej77 Wasn't sure that was factually accurate too...

(19:49:35) @Tactless_Blonde I love the song "Scenes from South Yorkshire" by John Shuttleworth for just that reason.

(20:20:12) @vobes Hi, Richard. Thank you for posting Corinne's recordings - they're fantastic! Looking forward to the new Bald Explorer shows! #family

Tweets for 16 Oct 2015

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(07:44:47) Doesn't get much more "feel-good" radio than @AChrisEvans' breakfast show on #Radio2 - everyone sounds full of smiles. I sort-of miss it.

(07:45:56) @Doctoe Youthful exuberance is kicking through autumn leaves; boring old age is worrying what's underneath 😄 Keep kicking, ma'am!

(07:46:41) @matt Sounds more like they've got some kind of topic tombola.

(08:08:22) @DavidLloydRADIO Quack Quack Oops! (Am I still allowed to do that?) @Ofcom

(08:08:58) @johndredge boo! I keep missing it. Is it on some kind of dredgeplayer?

(08:15:51) RT @johndredge: @syzygy until then here is a new video thing...

(08:17:07) @johndredge Huzzah!

Tweets for 15 Oct 2015

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(07:52:08) RT @rickburin: This story has made me a wreck. http://t.co/DDTo8omzHp

(21:13:48) @IPTechShark N'night ma'am

Tweets for 14 Oct 2015

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(07:05:02) @RobJD I tripped over the extension cable to Wymondley... sorry!

(07:17:57) @johannariley Clear skies and a clear head, that's what I need! Morning 😊

(07:45:15) @RobJD Or at least not to unplug it when they want to hoover 😄

(09:11:06) @mostlygeordie I do like a boss-eyed lady.

(12:39:21) I never cease to be impressed with how Mark Morrison, on top of having one top ten single, also has the time to run a chain of supermarkets.

(12:59:09) @mullerBiker Bwahaha! @EwenRankin

(12:59:24) @EwenRankin 😆 @mullerBiker

(12:59:42) @CarolKettley Oooh maybe they're brothers!

(19:38:43) @TOther_Simon Jolly enjoyed it. It's fab you wrote a song for your wife. I wouldn't even know where to start with one for mine. I've tried.

(19:57:26) @TOther_Simon Hahaha! Genius,😄

(20:09:42) @CherryKaz1 Evening 😊 listening with my dressing gown on, tidying my man cave.. no heating in here! May have a hot choc- want one? #THRadio

(20:10:51) @TOther_Simon An hour long. Wow..! (Now I'm trying to think of rhymes for "cheddar") Your songs are always excellent 😊👍

(20:33:22) @CherryKaz1 I've my dressing gown on over my jammies.. nice and snuggly! Lots of chilled out music this evening - thank you for sharing it!

(20:35:25) @DeanOrmond Yup.. I stopped short of a laze-e-boy (got my Dad's old sofa) but it's a garage conversion.. does the job! @CherryKaz1 #THRadio

(20:36:45) @Sk287 Not great to be waiting in the cold and dark. Stay safe, ma'am. 🌃

(20:37:45) @DeanOrmond Amen to that, even if it's just a shed or the spare room! @CherryKaz1

(20:48:22) @CherryKaz1 Ooh nice segue! Where are you tonight? Surely the answer is always "here"..? #THRadio

(20:49:11) @CherryKaz1 This is a song about getting caught doing graffiti, basically, isn't it? #THRadio

(20:49:38) @DeanOrmond Nooooooooooooo! @CherryKaz1

(21:58:24) @CherryKaz1 thank you for the chilled out tunes and your company! #THRadio

(21:59:31) @DeanOrmond Thank goodness.. I still have my records in a cupboard, too - well-loved and a bit worn, but still here! @CherryKaz1

Tweets for 13 Oct 2015

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(11:38:44) Seems like the Monday morning symphony in #Luton is going to change - there'll be a new bin lorry parade.. http://t.co/VC3SFRW4Rt

(11:40:54) @TomChilton_ Good grief! That's a far cry from the old 850! FIA_WTCC #WTCC

(13:11:45) I'm really sorry, @nxmee and @superalora https://t.co/cxH3Toa1Ud - and perhaps @GHOGIT should be too.. #DadJokes (/via @ThePoke)

(13:37:14) It's my day off. I'm watching Hot Fuzz. Still my favourite film.

(14:18:09) @iCyberPaul Not yet.. I want to see it - there have been some good reviews :)

(14:19:09) @perrygascoine Really need to see The World's End! (can you believe I've not seen it?)

(14:26:54) @perrygascoine I was reminded of the films as I asked the builders if they wanted anything from the shop- neither of them said "Cornetto" :D

(14:27:07) @CarolKettley Aye!

(16:22:17) @manytypesoftea It might be - it's just very fussy as to where each person goes...

(16:24:54) @DavidLloydRADIO When you tweet, I read. And yes, @darrylmorris is right; have people forgotten "If you haven't got anything nice to say..?"

(18:48:37) @fridgemagnet2 I often find myself saying "Nobody tells me nuffin'" at work...

(20:13:30) @johannariley Gahh..! Missed it, and I went for a preamblic perambulatory, too!

(20:13:57) @SheleileighLaw I will look forward to it.

(20:14:34) @SheleileighLaw Voddy tonk. @realDonaldTrump

(20:14:55) RT @UpturnedBathtub: Just found this massive syringe at my local park, right beside where the kids play football. Absolutely disgusting. ht…

(20:17:47) @SheleileighLaw Yarp!

(20:53:56) @fridgemagnet2 Try and fit the cutlery one in tomorrow..

(22:07:39) Just like in days of old, with 3.5" floppy disks surviving a laundry cycle, USB sticks & cheap in-ear headphones can nowadays, too. Sort of.

(22:10:04) @TomCampbell Welcome, buddy.

Tweets for 12 Oct 2015

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(16:50:08) Post migraine tummy ache yeah :D Still.. last day at work for a while..

(17:30:58) @CarolKettley Thankoooooo! x

(18:40:02) Out for a Scouts committee meeting. It's a bit parky out and about...

(18:40:26) @birdfortytwo Cup of tea?

(18:48:59) @birdfortytwo Excellent. And well trained children (actually, can't complain - my progeny can and do, when prompted)

(18:49:22) @CarolKettley I need a nice warm tabard :)

(20:40:57) @goitsagch I wouldn't even know where to start #withoutsunshineandamagnifyingglassihavenoclue

(21:27:35) @mrs_forky N'night :)

(21:29:03) @dellama They've all got their secret pasts :D

(21:43:37) @climagic Fantastic :)

(21:47:36) @climagic @fetoxm1 I did not know you could do that.

(22:04:57) @custardlove Especially if it's one of those 9 minute ones...

(22:05:54) I'm not overly convinced by the welcome offered by a computer.

Tweets for 11 Oct 2015

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(16:21:35) Really rather exciting culmination to the #BTCC season - gonna be quite a race. I reckon Flash will just about win the championship...

(16:22:26) RT @StopwatchSuites: If Plato is...Shedden needs

(20:08:08) @CarolKettley @platinummind @LgLynz @DiamondTimelord @LittleMissChat6 @thatJanice @SueWWLeader @SensualMuppet Ahoy me hearties for a while!

Tweets for 10 Oct 2015

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(07:25:51) @Tactless_Blonde Sorry... :D

(07:27:54) @Tactless_Blonde Ahh :D I shall not inquire further..!

(07:43:21) @Tactless_Blonde From a stranger..?

(08:05:52) @Tactless_Blonde Sounds like a tragic combination of social ineptitude & misplaced expectations. Shame he/she likely won't learn from it. x

(08:57:49) @Tactless_Blonde Shoulders indeed 😊 a timely reminder x

(21:08:16) @Tactless_Blonde Looking splendid :) And looking forward to the consequent tweets.

(21:08:53) @Tactless_Blonde Happy smile :) it is good.

Tweets for 09 Oct 2015

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(07:21:40) @Tactless_Blonde Unthinkable!

(07:22:26) @Fi79 What did you call me? No honestly, I have no idea...

(07:24:05) BLEEM! https://t.co/J4LKANNSnm

(07:27:25) 7 and a half hour guitar solo!

(09:24:47) It's too early to be discussing the virtues of ISO8601

(09:25:48) @Nigella_Lawson @kathyclugston @BBCWomansHour Extensive range of fire extinguishers not pictured.. #Studio50BC

(09:36:31) @boggits Haahahah! Ohh I wish I'd included that in my email/treatise about timezone handling now..

(10:15:29) @VeryBritishLife Amen to that! :)

(11:07:18) @MooseAllain Manly hug.

(12:04:39) @CarolKettley @CoolCoolpete36 @up_and_away149 @j7bmd @ladys_charmer @m28246491 @AnIdleThought @LizzyAngelpod @jen31_jones @JoJo_Davies80 Ay!

(12:05:00) @CarolKettley Thank you for the #FF :)

(13:25:34) @GHOGIT I wouldn't fret about it...

(13:36:13) I'm not sure I like Skype's "interpretation" of DTMF.

(17:00:21) @seagullworrier You won't sleep.

(17:00:29) @seagullworrier Unless you have a gin chaser.

(17:02:15) @seagullworrier Yes.. and if you can spare me a glass....

(17:44:12) @seagullworrier --whole--/ large

(18:36:26) Whenever I see "Lol" I think of Godley and Creme. I am so old.

(19:14:15) @BaronHawkey Yeahhhh \_/

(19:16:09) @VeryBritishLife I like your version.

(19:16:56) @emsquare_d 👍

(19:17:58) @CarolKettley It's Creme's first name... https://t.co/dUSfu2IGvY

(19:18:56) @IanLPhotography That's really kind! 😊 I'm full on with work at the moment and exhausted in the evenings, but I'm hoping that will change!

(19:19:48) @CarolKettley Like I said... I'm Ollllllld ~crumbles~ 😏

(19:21:12) Two bottles of Doom Bar & Dave Gorman to the better This is Friday night relaxation with the family. Daughter: "You smell like alcohol." Oh.

Tweets for 08 Oct 2015

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(10:08:03) @peasbloss It's a crazy busy life - how are you doing? :D

(12:22:45) Databases don't like me today.

(12:25:05) @paulums I'm suffering from some major constraints...

(12:25:18) @PrincessBagel @paulums @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @batwench @1StevieKilner Sweet lord.

(12:26:06) @poots I left my spoon at home. AT HOME.

(12:26:24) @paulums It's good to have a view on these things.

(12:31:00) @paulums This could honestly go on all day.. but I'm not sure it's something I want to commit to...

(12:31:43) @fridgemagnet2 Means no-one's gonna nick them.. clearly! :D

(12:31:56) @fridgemagnet2 Crap for soup, though, right?

Tweets for 07 Oct 2015

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(14:36:44) @Fi79 I think it's two naps, back to back.

(14:53:35) Too many biscuits.

(17:38:57) @sacs @Pewari @CarolKettley I'm a recovering biscuit-a-holic. I'm now in a post carb-overload stupor going 'boik' #chocolateorangedigestives

(17:40:04) @birdfortytwo V sensible.

(19:09:37) @poots I've lost 317* spoons since I have been there. *slight exaggeration

(19:25:50) @peasbloss Beautiful!

Tweets for 06 Oct 2015

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(09:00:32) @PrincessBagel It's like you're being 'nurse-d night and day ;)

(19:01:48) @TheGarethLloyd Blandstand?

(19:06:01) @1969Steve Evenin' - having a listen to some #80s music. And this is an excellent song. #THRadio

(19:06:58) @1969Steve And just to be clear I was listening to the 80s song that you were playing. Your microphone is working splendidly. #THRadio

(19:14:06) @1969Steve YAY records and that. And pre-amps :D

(19:27:17) @1969Steve DT100s and the like are very linear - but very comfortable and with lots of replaceable parts if they break :D #THRadio

(19:27:45) @1969Steve This is probably my favourite Kylie song (if it's "What Do I Have To Do")

(19:29:42) @1969Steve For my production, I use in-ear headphones by RHA - I've got a pair of 750s & they're amazing. Not sure I'd go back to over-ear.

(19:34:04) @1969Steve Don't like a hot head :D

(19:35:48) @1969Steve Ouch! :D #THRadio #Crimesagainstvinyl

(19:36:31) @CherryKaz1 Hello young Kaz! How's you? @1969Steve has been playing some splendid 80s music. But then that's what he does.

(20:09:04) @DeanOrmond @1969Steve It's pretty much my favourite. This is a bit of a cracker #THRadio

(20:10:51) @1969Steve Crazy to think this song is 30 years old now. THIRTY YEARS! There are fully grown adults who weren't even born then.. I feel old!

(20:11:57) @DeanOrmond When I can afford the time & energy to do show prep :) Work's wearing me out at the mo :) Hope all's good with you! @1969Steve

(20:13:28) @1969Steve A Jim Steinman epic. C'mon.. there are SOOO many good songs from 1985. And Don't Mess With My Toot Toot #superioryear

(20:24:39) @DeanOrmond Cool.. good to be back in touch! @1969Steve

Tweets for 05 Oct 2015

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(07:06:17) @vihartvihart Sounds like you didn't have the support you needed. This is why mentors for gifted & capable students are essential. You rock.

(07:06:44) @louisejonesjbj get better soon for more yaaaaay x

(07:08:44) @paul_steele Have a great week! And yes.. coffee 😊

(07:09:17) @DaisiesandPieUK Excellent! Thank you 😊

(07:09:43) @JQP74 Morning. makes for a damp cycle to work!

(07:11:29) This week is "Behave like Smiths-era Morrissey in the office" week. Free gladioli at reception.

(07:40:47) @mrs_forky Yip!

(09:52:35) @JoPlattTweets You are a truly the empress of amusing gifs :)

(10:02:59) I'm going to take up a weekend job as a carrier bag tout outside Asda.. "Buyin', sellin' carrier bags..." I could make PENCE. #PlasticBags

(10:20:40) @CarolKettley This time next millennium I could be a millionaire! :D

(10:23:06) @CarolKettley I'll be honest, I haven't thought this through #storyofmylife

(12:40:21) @Monika_Hale Pourquoi? Cup of tea?

(14:25:29) @batwench Revolutionary! I'm still stuck on XP on one of my PCs, due to aged hardware...

(14:47:53) @VeryBritishLife Yup.. does it for me :)

(17:38:49) @batwench Shhhhh don't tell anyone else - they'll all want one 😉

(17:39:47) I am home and all run out. This being Morrissey for the day business is more tiring than you'd think #meetingsmurder

(17:41:14) @wuthering_alice Happy teachers day (insert your own apostrophe[s] - it's just like marking homework)

(18:07:22) It's amazing what you can get #technology to do... Not sure this would feature as a @BritishTech cool thingy... https://t.co/Iq85uIv1hb

(21:48:39) @PrincessBagel Night night. See you when you wake up.. like, in two days probably :D

(22:44:32) @FrequencyCast Helloo! Your RSS feed still has 115 as the latest show.. My podcatcher has been missing 116 😄

Tweets for 04 Oct 2015

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(10:28:18) @sm2n not yet.. will check it out! Cheers 😊

(18:45:31) Rugby? Schmugby. I'm catching up with this weekend's @Volfsball coverage - https://t.co/U9xzNHf8U9 Go @HChoppers! (and others)

(19:30:28) @mabelinr94 Hello :)

Tweets for 03 Oct 2015

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(06:51:09) @perrygascoine Got me sucked into the chap's Uke-tube channel... might have to invest in one 😄 @sm2n

(15:14:03) Is there any live coverage of @Volfsball?

(15:32:02) @Volfsball That would be fantastic! :) #WhoNeedsRugby

Tweets for 02 Oct 2015

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(07:30:39) @SamandaFord69 @SimonFielding84 @Keableg @BurgyUK @deecee1964 @RachelFlattLB @TheRealNickJury @ClareAngel73 And a superhugging #FF to you!

(09:43:27) @ellewadding That's something of a rarity! :) Nice work :)

(10:08:43) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Do it!

(10:18:44) 404

(10:19:59) @sfdrummer 501

(10:21:30) @sfdrummer That's HTTP/1.1 numberwang!

(11:07:35) @VeryBritishLife *hands over cuddly toy* @sfdrummer

(12:07:11) @inkyhands Aww!

(12:37:16) @VeryBritishLife I don't think I've missed a DM from you.. ? @AnniForsyth

(12:39:51) @mostlygeordie Oh I love that question. Makes me put both into sentences and try to correlate the meanings. Makes me smile to ponder it. :)

(12:41:51) @AnniForsyth What I know of you, I'd say you're entirely not a nerd. If you're enthusiastic about anything you may be a geek! @traceyspencer

(12:42:52) @AnniForsyth @traceyspencer For reference: http://t.co/93qtRK3eWs :D

(12:50:13) @AnniForsyth Yes. Yes it does :) @traceyspencer

(13:05:51) @mostlygeordie I shall! :) x

(13:07:09) @VeryBritishLife The longer we live, the more past associations we have.. :) @AnniForsyth

(13:34:27) @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay *surprised*? :D

(13:35:49) @MelenieFW See it IS possible to learn something from daytime telly ;) @JudgeRinderTV

(13:37:58) @Superblouse *puts an oval sticker on both*

(13:38:31) Educators! https://t.co/ZK8UZgBNWc

(14:15:02) @PrincessBagel @SheleileighLaw @MrJamesMay *sighs* I hope you can sponge yourself down and get some plimsolls on again soon x

(14:15:29) @PrincessBagel Your prize, surely is @MrJamesMay ?

(17:21:30) @Tactless_Blonde Would quite like gin.

(20:43:25) This made me laugh SO much http://t.co/oOzq8hCBDg @classicfm #classicalmusic

Tweets for 01 Oct 2015

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(06:28:17) RT @johndredge: It's your wacky wireless morning man on @ResonanceFM 104.4FM from 7am right the way through to 8! http://t.co/LSM6QRvaNZ

(06:54:57) @johndredge Dennis Nahden!

(06:55:10) @BaronHawkey early bird?

(08:18:39) @BaronHawkey Have a most splendid day sir! :)

(16:53:55) Microsoft Paint has got a help file.

(18:51:21) Gonna ask @poots to call in sick for me tomorrow "james can't find https://t.co/Ox0cX66SHF & we're looking for his install disks."

(19:47:41) @fridgemagnet2 Just one duff sector and I'm in trouble.. @poots

(19:48:06) @CarolKettley CTRL-ALT-DEL.. nope. 😄 @poots

(21:07:51) @CarolKettley @Platinummind greetings!

(21:14:33) @thenewbrunette Congratublurrations!

(21:14:58) @thenewbrunette But not Percy.

Tweets for 30 Sep 2015

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(11:07:12) I like the new carpet smell.

(11:29:34) @karaokequeen85 It's just amazing, but wears off so quickly!

(11:41:18) @MooseAllain This sounds like the sort of things your fine twitter followers have been tweeting you.. https://t.co/WYRe6Xzgbv

(17:20:29) @poots Uhuh... yeah... 😄

(17:20:55) @poots It's like "Gulls are rubbish... falcons are top!"

(19:00:01) I was just told "That's a nice tnetennbba." Thanks, @superalora

(19:00:25) @Sjluton Virtual hug from me. Can you get a real one somewhere..?

(19:01:27) RT @Sjluton: @syzygy tomorrow is gorgeous granddaughters 1st birthday. I shall get lots then!! Thank you 😀

(19:01:38) @Sjluton Yay! :)

(19:04:48) I'm edging my way out of the lounge.. the great British back off...

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