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(08:14:18) @mostlygeordie SUPERMOOOON! :D

(09:31:42) @sparkyannc @TechCon15 Happy birthday :)

(09:32:07) @mrs_forky HAPPY BIRTHDAYS

(10:45:26) @marmitetoast Good heavens.. has anyone with a hose turned up yet?

(10:48:16) @ellewadding I wonder if @RoyalMail can automatically return incorrectly addressed mail for previous incumbents? I have a feeling they can..

(11:18:40) @ellewadding Most of the time it's ignorance - if she's forgotten to update her details at the surgery she may be unaware? @LeahFHardy

(11:19:49) @RoyalMail Do you offer a service where email addressed to previous occupiers can be automatically returned to sender rather than delivered?

(11:21:07) @ellewadding I often find Hanlon's Razor a reasonable explanation...

(11:50:12) @RoyalMail Cool. thank you for the confirmation - according to my pal @ellewadding doing that gets a bit tiresome after 12 years! :D

(11:50:37) @marmitetoast It's like an episode of Foneshop :D

(14:26:11) @MissyMWAC Hi five!

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Tweets for 26 Sep 2015

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(09:20:02) @lesleeallan1 Enjoying listening to your music on Soundcloud as I mooch around the house this morning! #houseworktunes

(12:05:33) It's amazing how an old computer can be brought back to life by replacing its hard drive with a Β£50 SSD. Definitely worth doing.

(12:06:02) @lesleeallan1 Cheers! :) You inspire me to create - I'm going to try and hit the studio this weekend :)

(13:37:37) @simon_toon In terms of accent, I've always quite liked Geordie. Or Brummy. From the list, indigo is Microsoft's shade of choice, I think.

(14:49:27) @seagullworrier Not great. Hope all is fixed soon

(16:59:56) @_windrider There may be a YouTube video on how to do it - the problem with Apple kit is that they're a pig to get into! Good luck..!

Tweets for 25 Sep 2015

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(07:22:19) @seagullworrier That's a bit.. baffling. I just cant get my head around it, unless it's a joke?

(09:13:57) @CarolKettley @IanDavidRogers1 @ladys_charmer @LizzyAngelpod @platinummind @WelshwizardPaul @FeistyDdraig @CoolCoolpete36 HAPPY THINGS! :)

(09:16:02) I think our German cousins should create a sausage called Kanye Wurst.

(10:45:34) @lloydbayley Ooh close..! (and peppery!)

(15:10:10) RT @Jimmys_Official: We're hosting Jimmy's day again on Monday (28th). If you know a Jim, Jimmy, James, Jess or Jessica RT so they can clai…

(15:49:31) @poots Yay! Go @nxmee !

(15:50:42) @RadioInTheUK I use Podcast Picker - it's not bad at all.

(15:52:27) @justjuggling_ Your birthday? happy birthday if so!

(16:28:57) @RadioInTheUK Ahh.. just checked and it's Β£2

(16:29:12) @justjuggling_ I hope it's been a wonderful muddy day for you, too! :)

(18:09:52) @FryRsquared @helenarney TRUE STORY My dear Mother emailed me to let me know that was on. That is the miracle of technology.

(18:17:42) @VeryBritishLife @paulums You're talking about @claw0101's face, right?

(18:32:11) @VeryBritishLife @paulums @claw0101 Well past rose gold by now, I'm sure :D

(18:43:48) It's 2015 & I still can't get BBC1 on my washing machine or microwave. Bet I won't get 5Live on my toaster any more when it all goes digital

(18:55:38) @CarolKettley Pretty much :D

(19:13:45) @leica0000 ~sigh~ sliding doors (and the lack of telecommuting opportunities πŸ˜‰) Miss you guys! Do you ever go drinking?

(19:34:42) Further proof that @vihartvihart is one of the most amazing people in the world. - for @superalora (via @DoomGolly)

(20:14:05) @nxmee A remarkable statistical story - (via @TimHarford - do check out More or Less if you get the chance)

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Tweets for 22 Sep 2015

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(10:56:56) - I like.

(10:57:12) @lesleeallan1 OW!

(10:57:29) @BarbaraKochowic Bad joke, but good rhymes ;) @lesleeallan1

(14:19:28) @EwenRankin *sighs*

(15:18:32) @SazJayney Feel the want, not the need x

(15:38:50) My database queries often end with a sad winking smiley. Kinda sums it up, really.

(15:46:08) @johndredge I hadn't realised you were on the broken. Get betterer soon

Tweets for 21 Sep 2015

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(11:04:04) @MouldS Woahhhh

(11:04:37) @MouldS Isn't this an allegory for office life..?

(13:26:49) @striderpaul Great to hear your voice on Mac & Forth the other day :)

Tweets for 20 Sep 2015

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(15:23:35) @ibookery :D I've... forgotten πŸ˜„

(19:14:23) @CarolKettley @platinummind @Todds_Hot @WelshwizardPaul @Barlow_Eddie @Tinkerbell_1970 @j7bmd @IanDavidRogers1 @FeistyDdraig Shoutin' back!x

(20:59:53) @CarolKettley Night ;)

(21:01:21) @marmitetoast You bet they eat each other..? :D

(21:21:13) @RuthBlackett I think if we knew we probably wouldn't eat as much of it.. :D

(21:21:43) I think I can feel a rant about 4k coming on.

(21:41:14) @leica0000 I've been quiet. Not enough unlimited rice pudding :D


(21:57:07) @B3tan_Tyronne That's a very good point.

Tweets for 19 Sep 2015

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(18:44:12) Pray silence for... #DoctorWho

Tweets for 18 Sep 2015

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(07:37:24) I'm a bit addicted to this podcast now... it's had My Morning Jacket, Unknown Mortal Orchestra & the the GoT Theme!

(07:42:44) *lol*

(08:10:54) @superalora Seen this? and this..? #doctorwho #games #coding

(08:41:47) @CarolKettley Happy nearly weekend! :)

(15:50:12) @fridgemagnet2 Doomed #Autumn

(15:50:29) @zany_zigzag Woah. Going to have to Google that.

(15:50:49) @zany_zigzag Recommended outlet?

(15:58:16) @fridgemagnet2 We've got to wait until Hogmanay for that sort of caper. @womblegirl

(17:33:22) @CarolKettley Fankoo For Fhe #FF!😊

(18:27:22) @zany_zigzag Good grief... I think I shall have to look for an alternative or equivalent closer to home (although Newfoundland sounds nice!)

(18:29:53) @JoOstermeyer Tell me about it #spaghettilegsclub

(19:02:40) @JoOstermeyer Bwahahahahahahah!

(22:05:10) @SamandaFord69 Because pink used to be a man's colour...

(22:23:29) @SamandaFord69 Enjoy the remainder of your evening.. it's what Friday nights are for :) x

Tweets for 17 Sep 2015

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(07:48:32) Alice's Wunderland is back - - the work of the amazing @alicelowe - so exquisitely unhinged I can barely breathe.

(09:21:39) Pondering my life. Pondering putting PMQs on "series link" on the TiVo. Actually I've just found a podcast from

(09:47:34) I wonder if there's a shell command called 'fewer' ... @climagic

(10:12:54) @ajlanghorn @climagic HA!

(11:55:03) I don't suppose anyone's seen my spoon..?

(12:17:02) @fridgemagnet2 Could you ask please?

(12:17:08) @drneilfox MY SPOON!

(13:07:00) @IanLPhotography Oh. Oh dear.

(13:44:43) @ibookery You're the second person to tell me that. This strikes like a pointy fork to my heart. In bullet time.

(14:16:35) @ibookery I'm straight onto Amazon with that one...

(14:16:46) @SazJayney FISH FINGERS!

(15:36:11) @fridgemagnet2 *crosses @hergiebird off the list* Thank you, ma'am. You're free to go.

(15:36:22) @_windrider It's ginslip season though...

(22:20:02) @sm2n woahh cool - I'll check it out :) It looks like a remarkable podcast!

Tweets for 16 Sep 2015

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(09:38:47) @CherryKaz1 Morning :)

(11:17:24) @CherryKaz1 It's all gone a bit crazy here... I only managed to pop onto Twitter during a lull in a meeting :D You doing OK? x I like lulls.

(11:19:24) @StevenEagell Heh. Almost says "MR2" :D

Tweets for 15 Sep 2015

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Tweets for 14 Sep 2015

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(11:25:51) @Tonythefish @BBC3CR Is that the central crossroads? I am baffled.. the traffic never goes faster than a crawl there.. how does this happen?

(12:38:12) @Tonythefish @BBC3CR Good heavens. I hope they get it all sorted soon!

(12:38:32) @perrygascoine HAHA! That's brilliant :D Will send that to the team...

(12:47:40) Always worth a listen! :)

(22:22:18) @masekwm @Tonythefish @BBC3CR Utterly appalling. What a tragedy.

Tweets for 13 Sep 2015

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(19:56:33) Ahh nothing better than a post-work cycle. I'll sleep well tonight (in theory).

(19:58:22) @CarolKettley @SueWWLeader @up_and_away149 @AnIdleThought @platinummind @Tinkerbell_1970 @DiamondTimelord @j7bmd Bless you. Bless you all.

(20:49:03) @SueWWLeader @CarolKettley Hope you've had a great weekend! It's all gone by so quickly! :) xx

(21:15:06) @SueWWLeader Woahhh! Hope you get another one soon! @CarolKettley

(21:15:40) @CarolKettley Aye! @SueWWLeader

(21:16:11) @CarolKettley Only five days till the next one, mind πŸ‘ @SueWWLeader

Tweets for 12 Sep 2015

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(11:18:36) Great bit of archive footage of "Robin" (apparently) Corbyn...

(11:25:54) Pretty much /via @jakeyapp #GBBO #itsthecomedy

(21:45:13) @poots Amen. Excellent singing and shouting and that. @ngyt_uk

(21:48:35) @ajlanghorn That's some serious PoE!

(21:51:18) @ajlanghorn I dunno.. I've been places where most of the little retaining clips have snapped off. Doesn't make for a very reliable network!

Tweets for 11 Sep 2015

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(17:33:09) @justmeDee0 Ahh lovely :) Enjoy! :)

(19:13:44) @justmeDee0 And the very same to you! πŸ·πŸ‘ xx

(19:20:29) @CarolKettley @j7bmd @IanDavidRogers1 @Todds_Hot @parkhead01 @michell47881905 @LittleMissChat6 @lisahughes0 @DiamondTimelord Superthankeees!

Tweets for 10 Sep 2015

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(18:05:48) @batwench @ShiteOrNot There are moments of true hilarity, and loads of catchphrases to laugh about afterwards :)

Tweets for 09 Sep 2015

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(08:14:39) @PrincessBagel Happy birthday lad!

(10:51:55) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @Pinecone911 Sounds lovely :)

(10:56:03) @PontoonDock @citizensheep There's something very tempting about number 9 :)

(12:47:06) @StevenEagell Mmmmmm... and a proper colour as well!

(12:50:14) @StevenEagell Although on second look, the distinctive back now looks rather more like the Honda Insight which is a shame #theyborrowedfirst

(19:58:22) @revkatebottley Bless!

(21:08:00) Driven to something of a mild distraction by the lack of #symmetry (rotational or otherwise) of this…

(21:44:04) @CarolKettley Yes. I cant believe I ate the whole thing (q was on sale for Β£1 at Tesco..) πŸ˜„

(22:34:22) @CarolKettley Night, ma'am! x

Tweets for 08 Sep 2015

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(09:53:09) Brazil Bird Olympics here they come..

(20:18:19) @sm2n @mark_tywharton @jn2n Very 90s!

Tweets for 07 Sep 2015

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(07:58:56) @simon_toon Where's @davewitchalls? Has he popped round to admire my bike? :D

(08:55:02) @simon_toon Ahh. Nice whizzing! :) @davewitchalls

(09:51:50) @Tactless_Blonde KING BOB!

(09:52:15) @Fi79 Quite.

(09:52:30) @Fi79 Have a shower. Always makes me feel better.

(09:53:03) @Tactless_Blonde We often shout "Kumbaya!" and.. there's another one but I can't for the life of me remember what it is... #minions

(14:04:45) @bexhillmuseum Beautiful!

Tweets for 06 Sep 2015

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(15:34:07) @CarolKettley I'm afraid I couldn't see that x

(15:36:18) A lovely afternoon for a bike ride and being utterly rubbish at geocaching. Nearly made it to Dunstable...

(15:37:54) @CarolKettley @CarolKettley Ahh cool! Right back at ya and @michell47881905 πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ“£

(16:26:53) A fantastic last race at @RockinghamUK with a very well-earned second place for @TomIngram80 - great work! #BTCC

(22:48:40) I found Under Surveillance ( #cgeo #geocaching

Tweets for 05 Sep 2015

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(17:00:14) @kidd_kong78 @brennig I think that should @getinthesea

(17:43:06) All I've learned from a foray on the internet is simply that Dalston isn't my kind of place.

(17:52:06) @Tactless_Blonde Many solutions. Do they still do totes?

(18:00:13) @Tactless_Blonde Heh. Normally hairy pets can do something about that... opposite way round for me.. shorts & socks (that's bad, right?)

(20:20:56) @canuckuk That is remarkable! x

(20:25:34) @canuckuk I was led to one of London old and new.. compelling! (and amazing how similar!)

(20:43:59) @canuckuk There is more to take in - more significance than any Hollywood blockbuster these days.

(21:08:00) @Tactless_Blonde It's autumn. We can't fight it! #closedwindows

Tweets for 04 Sep 2015

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(08:17:45) @CarolKettley @WelshwizardPaul @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic Thanks, ma'am! Happy weekending to you :)

(09:39:58) @ajlanghorn Rebranding works.

(09:52:10) @PrincessBagel @bubwal @ibsen67 Morning :) HOLIDAY! :)

(16:30:06) @sm2n O lordy.. is it back on?

(17:50:56) @sm2n May I pop over straight after? (Depending on what time it finishes!)

(18:07:24) @verso Have you ever seen the UK's version of Drunk History? Worth a watch on YouTube. Not safe for work

(21:21:00) @do_or_diy Love to listen on the podcast - but one day will listen live!

(22:12:48) I'm not sure I'm quite convinced by this whole "Woman's Hour being on all the time" thing. #bbcradio4

(22:13:41) @SazJayney wooo!

(22:19:25) @LILLYTHEPINK1 any good..?

(22:40:52) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I wish I could make a bass guitar sound like that.

(22:45:26) @sm2n It was originally broadcast a couple of years ago but this made me properly laugh out loud a few times. #radio4

Tweets for 03 Sep 2015

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(09:20:47) @sm2n An Audi obviates the need for a bike. Or do I mean obliterates cyclists? ;) @davewitchalls @poots

(09:21:38) @FrequencyCast Morning. Feedback to your September show (and apologies if I've already tweeted it!): Chrome can open PDF files natively...

(09:22:18) @FrequencyCast [contd]... so no need to download a third party reader. Now Windows 10 can print to PDF, there is no need for 3rd party s/w!

(09:22:48) @davewitchalls @sm2n @poots TouchΓ© (not literally :D)

(09:23:11) For my birthday this year, I want a webinar.

(09:28:27) @sm2n Oh that is so cool! They've opened up the API :)

(09:29:45) @sm2n Makes me very tempted to get one, given that it's now a fully featured sampler with MIDI control... amazing!

(12:00:12) @sm2n That's very kind - I've very much enjoyed the (rather more occasional than hoped) wibble with your Volca bass :)

Tweets for 02 Sep 2015

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(12:18:15) All of a sudden I fancy a game of golf. But this office isn't even a par 3...

(13:14:50) My day:

(17:37:09) @davewitchalls You are so mean. That's not nearly pink enough... @sm2n @poots

(17:37:32) @CarolKettley Tooo many times...

Tweets for 01 Sep 2015

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(08:43:51) @davewitchalls Shhhh - I only put them on when I've left the drive..! @poots #spokeydokeys

(09:05:35) @1969Steve Good grief!

(16:41:23) The kernel of my next big idea is, in a nutshell.

(18:34:57) @EmmaTofi I do hope you took the time to ask it why...

(19:21:19) @EmmaTofi Hahaha! So close..!

(21:53:51) @davewitchalls Oooh no..,will look! Cheers 😊

Tweets for 31 Aug 2015

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(16:07:26) @qqtx Ouchy.

(16:07:36) @qqtx It's worthy of much better ;)

(16:07:45) @seagullworrier Yay #weakly

(16:09:47) @Stenbird I'm the same when I go to Bexhill-upon-seaside :) Hope you have a wonderful stay! :)

(16:10:20) YAY! More radio for the Dredge, I say!

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