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Tweets for 30 Aug 2015

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(17:15:01) Intriguing sculpture on the #Luton to #Dunstable #busway

(17:49:45) @mrs_forky Hahaha! Ohhhhhh lordy πŸ˜„

Tweets for 29 Aug 2015

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(21:57:59) @RichHarkness @plexapp NOOOOOO!

Tweets for 28 Aug 2015

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(14:16:59) @CarolKettley My goodness what a Friday delight :) Thank you! #FF

(14:36:34) @CarolKettley And the very same to you - hope it's right sunny where you are! :)

(14:37:00) @TheGarethLloyd @AndyMeeson @BBCLookEast @BBC3CR @Essexairamb @HertsAirAmb You get the best jobs! :)

(16:09:44) @pj_kent @scepticalgeek Cool :)

(18:46:43) Inertia is fighting against infinity.

(18:47:00) @FreakyFwoof That made me laugh :D

(18:52:10) @FreakyFwoof AcchΔ« bhΕ«kha! (Apparently)

Tweets for 27 Aug 2015

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(12:39:59) @CherryKaz1 Morning ma'am :) Another frantic day right here :)

(15:55:50) What's all this about squashed peaches?

(18:22:16) If you're thinking of changing your password, don't forget to choose one that the hackers have already tried.

Tweets for 26 Aug 2015

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(13:24:10) My Urban Cookie Collective authentication API is coming along really well. I've got the key, I've got the secret.

(13:24:58) @seagullworrier Which ones are the computerised long-arm models?

(13:26:52) @johndredge And have a degree.

(14:00:16) I do hope my 2003 Prius is in there :D

(14:00:47) @wellbelove HA!

(14:27:14) @CarolKettley Oh I need it :D Having a splendid day? @ToyotaGB @Toyota_Hybrid

Tweets for 25 Aug 2015

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(07:12:51) Since I'm never going to have a formal title, I have decided to become an ombudsman. It's something to aspire to.

(09:57:37) @fridgemagnet2 See that's achievable. I'll nominate you!

(09:57:44) @pearcen YES!

(09:58:04) @mostlygeordie Woahhh. You're always a Maven to me...

(12:28:31) @kittykatkent Hmm.. tsars tend to be appointed by governments.. not sure I'm keen. Landed gentry's more my style. Or even unlanded.. :D

(12:30:30) OMBUDSMANRY!

(14:33:33) @SheleileighLaw Oh if only I could..

(14:37:19) @SheleileighLaw It's been a crazy summer and no signs of abating. Roll on Christmas! :)

(15:33:15) @diddlysquit1 Shake it all about.

(16:45:17) @SheleileighLaw I'm not panicking. Yet... :D

Tweets for 24 Aug 2015

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(10:49:28) @LizzyWelshCake Stunning! @wombat37

(22:11:24) @LizzyWelshCake Yay! But your songs are wonderful.. if you get any of them recorded while you sing & play I would love to hear! 😊 🎀 xx

Tweets for 23 Aug 2015

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Tweets for 22 Aug 2015

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(09:48:53) @LizzyWelshCake Good for windows.

(09:49:59) @vobes Morning. Good times. I hope the present for Lola arrives today! :)

(10:10:42) @LizzyWelshCake Oooh. Hope you detravelsick soon! x

(20:45:04) @vobes Fantastic! Just catching up with today's NE having arrived home after a hot day out 😊 Thank you for the mention! Have a good night!

Tweets for 21 Aug 2015

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(14:29:52) @ellewadding Is this, like.. now?

(15:56:18) @ellewadding Ahhh! :) That happens to me. Although normally I wake up far too early after going to bed far too late :D

(21:23:47) @CarolKettley super special thanks! Have a tipsy turvy weekend!

(21:29:26) @ellewadding In all honesty, I'm not sure I woke up at all today πŸ˜„ #superrubbishtweeting

Tweets for 20 Aug 2015

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Tweets for 19 Aug 2015

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Tweets for 18 Aug 2015

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(12:15:54) @fridgemagnet2 Dungeon confusion. This has happened for centuries.

(12:37:01) @fridgemagnet2 I tend to dwell on the more important issues of the day.

(13:15:54) @Jaynesharp @fridgemagnet2 This is where I've been going wrong, clearly.

(13:17:10) @fridgemagnet2 You have a number of options here - I would say pop down to Staples and print out a sign saying "Nuclear waste controls."

(13:17:20) @fridgemagnet2 BUT DO NOT TURN THESE HANDLES.

(13:24:00) @fridgemagnet2 Or you can turn it into nice flower petals or something. Decorative. Art. Or nuclear waste valves.

(13:26:45) @VeryBritishLife TRUE.

(13:59:33) @fridgemagnet2 :D

Tweets for 17 Aug 2015

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(18:46:16) Given that I will never have a formal title of any distinction, I consider the only alternative is to add "De Pfeffel" to my middle names.

(18:46:40) @davidevanlloyd @laura_hobson @TheGarethLloyd Yay! You are total legends!

(20:04:45) @kittykatkent james EDP Hart, in fact 😊

(21:10:59) @kittykatkent That would. Sorry!

(21:17:17) @fridgemagnet2 Congratulations. It's a "Diss or Dat" situation.

(21:17:40) @fridgemagnet2 You win Ecologist of the Year award.

(21:20:07) @fridgemagnet2 There should have been a sign. Was there a sign?

(21:22:50) @mrsdoigy A grown-up who has the run of Asda. For the win.

Tweets for 16 Aug 2015

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(18:24:57) Sleepy weekend nearly done with. Amazing how long it takes me to recover from overnight working, especially now i'm out of the habit..

(18:26:24) Great to see @davidevanlloyd, @laura_hobson, their little one and slightly bigger @TheGarethLloyd earlier - thanks for having us round! :)

(18:27:36) @seagullworrier I've got a USB interface now so they can do that with a laptop. Worth considering.

(18:27:50) @seagullworrier Or I could just reply to the wrong tweet.

(18:28:45) Is this on @perrygascoine's list of places to visit..? :D

(18:33:31) RT @SimonNRicketts: A hedgehog composes the music to a plot-revealing scene in a psychological thriller.

Tweets for 15 Aug 2015

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Tweets for 14 Aug 2015

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(11:54:06) @kenningtonkitty For me, it was a dilemma of "this is making me feel quite cross, but I need to keep listening, just in case it gets better"

(11:57:58) @kenningtonkitty And when some very nicely produced online stuff like this - is overlooked by the BBC, it's a shame.

(14:17:45) @CarolKettley @up_and_away149 @ladys_charmer @SueWWLeader @AnIdleThought @johnbro67 @JoJo_Davies80 @annamb1 @stevetaylo Thanks Ccccccccyou!

Tweets for 13 Aug 2015

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(08:34:00) @mostlygeordie YAY for chocolate! :)

(08:34:31) Comedy producers: ensure you get your show on @BBCRadio4 by including the following in the end credits: "Written by James Kettle" #comedy

(10:31:33) @CherryKaz1 Morning ma'am :)

(10:51:27) @CherryKaz1 All super with you? I'm in only my second meeting of the day :D

(22:11:37) @kenningtonkitty Not just me, then...

Tweets for 12 Aug 2015

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(10:43:01) @mostlygeordie A very happy birthday to you! :) :)

(15:39:33) Certificate expiries make me feel very insecure.

(17:52:39) @seagullworrier I've not got Sports Outfit.

(20:35:32) @mostlygeordie Hope you have had a most delicious day!

(20:35:48) @seagullworrier Next time, then.

(22:02:03) @KSPARKGILL Steady...

(22:03:27) @mostlygeordie Every day is a manic Monday for me πŸ˜„ All well with you in general? x

Tweets for 11 Aug 2015

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(06:39:25) @fridgemagnet2 There is no shame in it. Although this league doesn't have a chimp in it, it does have an American.

(10:59:58) @fridgemagnet2 I fully intend to crash and burn with the same aplomb.

(12:14:05) @seagullworrier Light and shade, ma'am. Light and shade. Enjoy your afternoon.

(12:21:16) This chicken and vegetable soup tastes like peppermint.

(12:28:29) I'm going down.. to Alphabet Street(view).

(12:28:46) @mabelinr94 Hello :)

(13:23:13) @mabelinr94 Work's crazy busy for me - takes up most of my time. How's life for you? Warm and sunny, I'll bet...

(13:23:28) @76Wilbury Too late. Ate it (oops) #hungry

(13:36:37) @CarolKettley It was made by a tin :D

(13:37:40) @RichHarkness *chuckles*

(19:48:50) @76Wilbury I think the tin had been in the cupboard too long. I cancelled it out with some Bombay mix.

(19:52:18) I really don't like how close this character's hair gets to the overhead lines #subwaysurfers #healthandsafety

Tweets for 10 Aug 2015

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(08:55:07) A breathtakingly inspirational programme on #radio &

(11:20:30) Truly, truly exquisite.

(12:28:11) @PlainTalkingHR Cheers :)

(12:45:26) @PlainTalkingHR I'm good thank you - very very busy, but pretty much still going strong :D How about you? x

(14:20:31) @PlainTalkingHR We're focussing on holidays for the children this year.. work's a bit hectic to be able to take time off :)

(15:00:03) Help spread the word to get T-Mobile to #sayyestoFMchip and unlock free FM radio!

(16:22:26) @Bazmati2020

(19:36:09) I'm rather delighted to be staunchly bottom of the company Fantasy Premiership League. I aim to continue this trend until I forget about it.

(19:36:41) @TracyPio My demons are a right nuisance. They keep stealing my milk. Metaphorically.

(19:37:49) @TracyPio We're going to have to have words.

(19:42:28) @CarolKettley I am pleased and proud.

(19:56:52) They should do a show called "24 hours in polite company."

Tweets for 09 Aug 2015

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(18:35:00) Got to think of your future.

(18:43:50) It's a banana dilemma. Do I have an old banana, and risk the new banana getting old, or a new banana, wasting a banana? #firstworldproblems

(18:44:28) @biscuitnose Wait till they get older - they won't appear in photos at all! :D

(18:52:22) @Stenbird YOSS!

(19:00:15) @qqtx Oooh.. now that's an idea! :) Cheers!

(19:00:40) Banana dilemma solved! #1

(19:00:45) Banana dilemma solved! #2

(19:01:12) @edtjones @Stenbird Stealthy! :) :)

(19:23:08) @edtjones @Stenbird I have banana bread

Tweets for 08 Aug 2015

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(09:05:14) It's just too easy to buy stuff on Amazon. I'm up to one item a month at the moment...

(09:07:07) @charbhardy Ohh nooo! If I wasn't still in my jammies on a work call, I'd come and rescue you. Although I have no idea where you are...

(09:08:53) @issym16 More difficult to resist! :D

(09:09:11) @CupidKarina Good day for it.

(10:04:47) @Pewari "NO..! Don't make me go back there!" :D In all honesty, we have LOADS of online deliveries.. rarely the same person twice :/

(10:13:31) @issym16 I'd much prefer to go 'real' shopping, but hey.. :)

(15:39:22) Good use of time...

(15:42:17) @ellewadding I try...

(20:09:10) The offspring have been demonstrating the "Whip / Nae Nae" song. Think Black Lace's "Superman" over a hip-hop beat.

(20:14:48) @CupidKarina That will quite do, ma'am.

(20:18:02) @CarolKettley πŸ˜„

(22:06:35) @CupidKarina <- hammer time?

(22:08:42) @seagullworrier Holy crap ... I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Happy birthday! :)

(22:09:14) @mrsdoigy You can be forgiven for that. Get thee to bed / safety...

(22:09:24) @seagullworrier Splendid! :) :)

Tweets for 07 Aug 2015

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(08:20:42) @batwench Massive Satsuma. If it gets any bigger, please tweet

(10:23:14) I wonder who chooses the sound of the horn for a new vehicle. In some cases they are clearly idiots.

(10:51:16) @Life_Insight That really sends out mixed messages!

(10:51:53) @ellewadding Yup. And most unmusical on the whole. Purrrrrp.

(11:44:32) @Bazmati2020 Well indeed. That would be far preferable :D

(12:08:49) @CupidKarina BwahhH! Did you find wine?

(12:24:51) @CupidKarina That's a good strategy.

(18:56:35) @RobJD Yes. YES!

(18:56:44) @CarolKettley @Tamara40s @hairdryer180 @McKnight456 @parkhead01 @WelshwizardPaul @johnbro67 THANK YOU and YOU!

(20:51:47) @1969Steve 199997? #THRadio oh and hello! I tell ya what I want, what I really really want..

(21:05:51) @1969Steve Wow. I hadn't realised the lyrics had such profound meaning to me. I mean.. Which seat SHOULD I have?

(21:07:55) @1969Steve #schoolsout Ears. Or collection of clutter. #THRadio

Tweets for 06 Aug 2015

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(19:09:04) Ooh.. apparently a favourite cocktail of mine (coconut rum & root beer) is called a "Mug Shot". Delicious it is, too.

(19:11:01) Being able to check something is true isn't just a bit fiable.

(20:18:52) @SarahJaynescot1 It's kinda nice 😊

(20:19:20) @Dreamy_lyrics One day I hope to make one for you 😊

(22:21:43) @justmeDee0 Sending a hug, just because. Twice over. x

Tweets for 05 Aug 2015

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(08:51:45) @sfdrummer Happens so often...

(13:59:12) @BBCRadio4 My mum and I used to have one each..

(15:17:17) @ellewadding It's a birthday treat for your eyes :)

(15:17:27) @ellewadding And yes: happity birthday!

(18:41:44) @CarolKettley @j7bmd @platinummind @CoolCoolpete36 @up_and_away149 @annamb1 @McKnight456 @DiamondTimelord @AnIdleThought Ooh! Thank yoo!

(19:53:33) @1969Steve Is the connection that they were all responsible for the big proton shortage of 1983? Or something about seasons? #THRadio

(19:53:56) @CarolKettley Mad crazy at work but surviving ta! :) @j7bmd

(19:54:51) @1969Steve I like the way the 12" version of this song ends. Ends. Ends.

(21:45:49) I reckon @BBCRadio4 should commission @johndredge's Nothing To Do With Anything Show. It's 793% better than Sketchorama. #Comedy #Radio4

(21:47:19) @1969Steve This song was a terrible, terrible idea #THRadio

(21:48:31) @1969Steve Although I do lay claim to having Shakin' Stevens's's's autograph from the Radio 1 Roadshow. I was young. And foolish. #THRadio

(21:57:25) @1969Steve One of my favourite soppy songs of all time :) #THRadio

Tweets for 04 Aug 2015

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(09:20:34) I'm going to change my password BEFORE I'm asked to.

(11:43:29) @paulums Cool! Congratulations sir :)

(18:18:33) @sm2n Wow. Shoutiest version I've heard. We should do a cover each πŸ˜„

(18:46:03) @sm2n just an idea. Maybe time and energy permitting.

(19:28:23) @1969Steve Evenin'. Tuna din. I was born in 1980. I'd been born for nearly 9 years, in fact. #THRadio

(20:36:09) @sm2n cool.. we did. Cheers! Must check out the soundtrack (including samples of dialogue etc) that they mentioned on sonic talk..

(20:47:19) @1969Steve Oh wow! I was born in 1997! #THRadio

(21:05:43) @1969Steve Thanks for a great show :) #THRadio

(21:09:23) @sm2n It was, yes :)

(21:10:58) @CherryKaz1 Evening :) I'm listening, but not in the shower. In my jammies. Could you play "Do you remember the first time" by Pulp, please?

(21:16:44) @CherryKaz1 Thank you! This song gives me shivers... #THRadio :)

(21:31:05) @CherryKaz1 That was a very beautiful version of Head Over Heels :) Great to be listening to you again..! Work's been mad :D

(21:32:59) @CherryKaz1 Tears For Fears :) #THRadio

Tweets for 03 Aug 2015

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(08:46:48) The pen is mightier than the s-word.

(16:02:05) @mrchrishubbard He is clearly an ignorant bellend.

(16:21:19) Holy crap. Listening to FM processed radio on-line through headphone makes my insides hurt. @amazingradio I'm talking about you.

(16:33:30) @amazingradio Oops... wasn't expecting my tweet to be read out... music's pretty good to be fair :D

(16:34:41) @amazingradio Worth having a listen to your logging tapes and then listening to the version of the same song.

(16:35:34) @amazingradio Nothing worse than an ex-broadcast engineer :D

(16:37:36) @amazingradio You can string a sentence together - and kudos for remembering the top 10 :D

(16:47:55) @amazingradio That was singing? I thought you needed an intervention.

(17:01:32) I'm a dBA.

(17:11:36) @VeryBritishLife :D

(17:45:38) @naxxfish It's a signal to noise query...

(18:22:43) @edtjones It's all multimedia streaming metadata craziness now. Sound comes second #lowbitrate I'm still in comms, at least.. sort of πŸ˜„

(19:11:58) "A.. O.. let's go" That's branding that I would have thought of (you can tell I don't often watch telly ads!). Genius. @ao

(19:53:10) @edtjones DM'd you...

(19:59:28) @ao We bought a replacement fridge when ours broke down just like in the ad; great service. We'd shopped with you before and will do again πŸ‘

Tweets for 02 Aug 2015

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(08:27:59) @claw0101 H A P P Y - B I R T H D A Y - K I N G - K A R L !

(08:44:21) It always bothers me when I see IT people in drama series & movies that THEY never end up backspacing and shouting "oh for crying out loud!"

(08:45:33) @claw0101 I was thinking just that the other day - can't be a year ago since the last Bavarian beerfest I went to, surely..?!

(08:48:46) There is some lovely brutal honesty about the way Haribo has labelled this "Frenzy edition"…

(09:06:47) @myproductivemac Haha! Yes! πŸ˜„

(18:38:34) Oh yeah #Yonderland catch-up.

Tweets for 01 Aug 2015

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(07:53:40) Holy smokes. This is phenomenal. <- 1,000 people playing a Foo Fighters classic. /via @poots & @trevypoos

(07:55:41) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Mileage varies.. I'm a Windows power user - especially keyboard shortcuts.. if W10 keeps them, I'm sold. :)

(08:00:15) @gavinshuker @lucieshuker perfect.

(08:02:11) @ellewadding It's your birthday month 😊

(08:08:16) @ellewadding I like to try to remember :) Safe trip to the homestead :(

(08:08:36) @ellewadding should have been a :) at the end #fatfingers

(12:25:06) @pearcen Good stuff - we love the lego games - Lenni has Lego Harry Potter for Wii, and we've had good fun playing it together :)

(12:30:36) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Linux is my work tool.. :)

(15:26:03) @fridgemagnet2 Don't look at me - I can't even write a sente @poots

(15:46:18) @SueWWLeader I couldn't put it better myself... :)

(17:29:22) @fridgemagnet2 We should. And I will :D

(17:31:07) Woo.. the first episode is live: - gonna listen when I've finished work #strangenessinspace

(17:40:28) @johndredge I DO! :)

(19:29:16) @Scriblit Feel better soon x

Tweets for 31 Jul 2015

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(07:12:54) @76Wilbury I second that. MOTION CARRIED! @BaronHawkey

(09:14:59) I told my Dad not to bother with Windows 10... if it ain't broke, don't fix it (he's on Windows 7) ... good advice?

(09:15:12) @RadioKate The crazy world of RadioKate :)

(09:19:38) @tweeting_frog I'm just not keen to have the support burden of my confused Dad :D Good morning, by the way :)

(09:34:56) @brennig One of my PCs is still on XP, too.. hardware compatibility reasons :)

(12:07:35) @johnny_winter Heh. An honest review! :)

(12:07:44) @StarFortress Thanks for the heads-up... I agree :)

(12:09:31) @gugucachoo You a meany!

(12:11:07) @tezzer57 @boudecia7 @asphodelia @tonynewquay @Calonyncuro2015 @jostarlight @marksvoice @somersetmarcy @Sidekick28 @ms_cornwall Cheersio!

(12:11:29) I haven't received a thing from Uptown Funk yet.

(12:34:01) @johnshepherd Don't believe you.

(12:56:26) @johnshepherd :D

(13:42:23) @fridgemagnet2 @poots If it would, something like the NHS would be rockin' all over the world... :D

(13:48:22) @Dreamy_lyrics @Scanditwitchen Sounds like a bunch of toddlers to me :D

(13:48:28) @Dreamy_lyrics @Scanditwitchen Thanks, Johanna! :)

(13:55:54) @johnny_winter Cheers :) I have no doubt that 10 is better than 8.1 - it's whether to jump from Windows 7 that's the question! :)

(17:35:30) @CarolKettley @ladys_charmer @spans44 @Tinkerbell_1970 @GrahamRhino @jadpros03 @platinummind @milkys_place BOOLIO!:)

(22:07:03) @RobJD Coolio - good advice, sir :)

(22:13:49) @Cupid__Psyche Never :) x

(22:28:40) @Cupid__Psyche If it's any consolation, I'm still working :D

(22:30:51) @Cupid__Psyche Well, 14.5 hours so far.. see if I can make it to.. er.. tomorrow? :D

(22:31:39) @Cupid__Psyche I have no bubble wrap.

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