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Tweets for 30 Jul 2015

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(10:40:40) @fridgemagnet2 Windows 2.0 - good enough for me :D

(13:37:49) @ngyt_uk Great to see folks there.. I hope @Poots made it! :)

(13:58:12) @hellobuglers Oh such sad news. My thoughts are with her family.

(15:42:55) @ngyt_uk @poots Awww :) Would have been lovely if I could have been there :)

(15:43:55) @AvaSoundBird Thank you for following! :)

(15:48:59) @Cupid__Psyche *hopes I make the cut*

(15:57:09) @Cupid__Psyche :) :)

(15:57:39) @Cupid__Psyche I do hope you've done it fully powered by caffeine :)

(16:43:36) @RichardWiseman You just got (at least!) one more :)

(16:43:46) Love this sort of thing.. https://t.co/PdCbpqTaOS

(17:27:54) @ellewadding I'm being shown "Judge Geordie." That's really really.. no.. it's indescribable.

(17:40:25) @RickOldroyd Surely that's what the Twitter Hive Mind is for..?

(19:07:03) @ellewadding It was that young whippersnapper @poots that brought such a thing to my attention.. I was not aware of her work... #old

(19:07:51) @Dreamy_lyrics ... RT @Scanditwitchen: Any Finnish speaker out there who can help me translate the word pullamössösukupolvi? Thanks!

(21:19:21) Noodling done for the evening. Now: Bed.

Tweets for 29 Jul 2015

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(09:13:29) @SamandaFord69 @TimLindon @Faulko1 @paulcarterpc @BrettGuruFord @Chococake46 @a12mole @lee_obft Lovely day for it! Have a good one :) x

(09:14:02) @manytypesoftea Sorry.

(09:16:37) @ellewadding I'm fortunate that I remain merely baffled by the whole thing. And hopeful that it will mean something, somewhere, will change.

(09:18:06) No matter how bleak the world looks to you today, consider that - at least - you didn't kill a lion.

(09:19:55) @girlonthenet Bellend.

(09:20:10) @chipfoxx @Sy7ygy HA!

(09:34:44) @fob51 @bexhillmuseum That is lovely :)

(10:34:00) @IPTechShark That's 120 half minutes. Probably fewer than 100 by the time you've read this. You can do it. I've 174 half mins until lunch :D

(10:36:14) @sm2n Forgot to ping you back about this. Interesting production - fairly minimalist, but with an amazing layered reverb. Quite inspiring.

(10:36:55) @IPTechShark Woah. I hadn't even realised you were with child. Congratulations (except for the kickety bit)

(10:39:51) @sm2n Cool. Been avoiding the studio lately... @jamfolder

(10:40:39) @tezzer57 01 637 4343 ..permanently engaged. #UK #Memories

(10:41:31) @Fi79 I really do want to come into work with painted nails one day.

(13:40:05) @IPTechShark Kinda works (for me) :D

(13:40:30) @IPTechShark That's a wonderful thing :) Wishing you continued success and loveliness :)

(13:41:49) @gugucachoo That is a fairly comprehensive list.

(14:31:07) @gugucachoo Well I've certainly learned a few today :D

(16:35:16) Of the four Windows 7 / 8.1 / Phone thingies I've got at home, I wonder how many will have Windows 10 by the end of the day.. #geekout

(17:06:55) @tezzer57 @mrsdoigy @tonynewquay Aye.

(17:53:55) The telly has just gone on, playing Judge Rinder. I think my reaction was: "What the heck is this..?" It's like Jeremy Kyle with a frock on.

(18:01:00) Oh pickles. It wasn't windows 10.

(18:01:33) @ellewadding I have to admit it stayed on. #quiteacharacter

(18:18:54) @RichHarkness It's not going well...

(18:20:51) @Richard_C I have resisted the dev preview route... tantalising!

(18:21:23) @RichHarkness Being patient.. absolutely nothing anywhere yet...

Tweets for 28 Jul 2015

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(10:50:06) @CarolKettley @Londonstu1 @Dazzler61 @johnbro67 @jonreading35 @platinummind @milkys_place @DerekSandham @AlanCar13809157 Daily greet! :)

(11:46:48) @Cupid__Psyche Excellent synaesthesia :)

(12:33:22) @JoPlattTweets I love that! :)

(12:49:52) How to avoid work #1334234: Ask for logfiles which could not possibly have been taken. *sigh*

(12:53:23) @SlimJimSim @ms_howard Wow. #learnedsomethingtoday

(12:56:42) RT @johndredge: @syzygy

(13:17:16) @kimhillyard *subscribes*

(13:49:46) @edtjones While $stillintheoffice ; do

(15:19:27) @MK11RBS @MuseumsLuton @lutonculture Wow!

(16:14:48) @CarolKettley I'm not genuine - I've been dated back to the early 70s as a rather poor replica. Absolutely no use on antiques roadshow.

(16:15:07) @kyleswager @BritishTech That is a great bit of image work! :D

(16:15:18) @Littlebit_Bod THERE NEEDS TO BE TEA.

(16:16:37) @Tactless_Blonde There's clearly an optimal time to be sitting out there, as a proportion of the long day. I think I need a pie chart.

(16:17:38) @CarolKettley :D An accolade if ever I needed one! @platinummind

(16:46:48) @Littlebit_Bod NOOOOO! *cries*

(19:14:39) @Cupid__Psyche I struggle to sleep after too much coffee :D

(19:21:59) @fridgemagnet2 Have a look through your MP3 collection - you never know you might find something better... far away on the other side..

(19:31:22) @nicky_doubleU Your birthday today? If so, happy birthday! :)

(19:31:33) @Sk287 Happy birthday, ma'am :)

(19:36:46) @nicky_doubleU I hope you had a quite splendid day! :)

(20:14:48) @nicky_doubleU That sounds wonderful! :)

Tweets for 27 Jul 2015

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(09:31:17) Today's temptation: shout "OK Google" over the work tannoy.

(11:19:01) No. No I don't even lift.

(11:19:39) Work email catch-up conquered in 3 hours. OH YEAH. #betterthanlifting

(12:09:08) @76Wilbury I didn't even claim bankruptcy :D

(12:09:15) @CarolKettley INNIT! :)

(12:33:38) Thanks, Sharepoint. Thanks a lot. #Vague http://t.co/2MuXPW7nAO

(12:37:22) @sportmadchick I'm not sure I could bring myself to be that vague :D

(13:12:55) @76Wilbury I'm really warm and clammy. Not my ideal state of being. How about you, yer maj?

(13:13:06) @ibookery *sadfaces*

(13:13:30) @ibookery And don't get me started on the use of the word 'we' - like there are tiny little people in my computer trying to make it work..!

(13:49:46) @TomCampbell You're about the closest person to a celebrity I have on Twitter :D Does that count? ;)

(13:50:18) @LJRICH @DavidMcClelland TWO COOL PEOPLE.

(14:22:43) @fridgemagnet2 It's a very special experience.

(14:22:52) @ibookery I try to. Sticky.

(14:45:17) @Cupid__Psyche I love it when that happens.

(15:12:58) @TomCampbell HUZZAH! :)

(17:16:22) @LJRICH @DavidMcClelland Sadly I'm not sure I've ever met either of you .. yet!

Tweets for 26 Jul 2015

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(22:16:40) @manytypesoftea Good heavens..!

(22:29:21) Listening to @vobes's account of his coffee shop experience - I would love to run a genuinely friendly, competent shop with decent coffee.

Tweets for 25 Jul 2015

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(15:50:50) @poots She's a bit of a maths ninja.

(15:52:15) @DavidLloydRADIO Bottom left of the upper shelf? Or at least you can find an adaptor.. you've got an adaptor box, right?

(17:30:38) I've just been shown this by @poots - best news trolling EVER https://t.co/3LDdxOTDo8

(17:48:37) Thanks @mssres - always good to get the real story! https://t.co/DsS7Hds1tJ

(17:54:28) @mssres Absolutely - I hope they DO get a series :)

Tweets for 24 Jul 2015

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(17:35:51) Lenni: "You only had me because you wanted a prime number of children!" <- it's (partly) true.

(17:41:30) @SamandaFord69 @neilbishop6 @TheRealNickJury @deecee1964 @sweetiesbeccles @RadioPositivity @beachofficial @chessmartinez @dullwhip THANKOO!

(19:39:20) So many rich delights at the Cambridge Centre for Computing History... I got the high score on… https://t.co/uScGDrdh70

Tweets for 23 Jul 2015

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(18:58:14) @BaronHawkey You taught me everything I know.. @mostlygeordie

Tweets for 22 Jul 2015

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(10:26:57) @mostlygeordie Is it Gibraltar? :D

(10:27:36) @mostlygeordie Nope.. it's Charles Dickens! http://t.co/VVvF1M0dgO

(10:33:42) @mostlygeordie Me neither.. it's remarkable (especially since I so rarely seem to get a £2 coin!)

(12:24:54) For safety's sake - please throw those plug covers away. (h/t @sacs) https://t.co/vFNLm4kwte

(13:21:20) @sacs @al45tair @Joffff It's true because it's Johnny Ball

(13:21:34) @sacs ...and my daughter's met him. @al45tair @Joffff

(17:15:10) @mostlygeordie I think I've had a £50 once.. and seen someone try and buy a bus ticket with one (a hapless overseas visitor - poor thing).

(17:15:47) @BaronHawkey ~curtsies~ I do like a pretty coin, though 😊 @mostlygeordie

Tweets for 21 Jul 2015

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(07:50:41) A top-notch comedy-filled drive to Cambridge ahead, with last night's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and this week's @JohnDredge podcast. Yay!

Tweets for 20 Jul 2015

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(13:18:19) THIS IS MAJOR! https://t.co/abbh2WoYrK

(22:36:50) That moment, half way through clearing out paperwork when I realise the pile for the shredder and the pile for recycling have swapped. Bed.

Tweets for 19 Jul 2015

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(07:09:02) RT @alaindebotton: Please don't say you haven't been warned...: https://t.co/uR7YlbJZWp

(08:05:36) If I had a business, it would very likely be powered by custard :D https://t.co/zAcKmvmsNM

(08:09:50) @biscuitnose Feet do tend to take quite a pounding... aren't there people who do tidying up on feet?

(08:11:24) That asteroid with the platinum core - it's mine, OK? #GetInThereFirst #IfICanCatchIt

(10:53:10) Baby steps. Always the baby steps.

(10:53:34) @RubyJubilee No fair!

(10:54:11) RT @freakonometrics: sorting algorithm (in one gif) http://t.co/BlhEMqpXan http://t.co/vPFGLzPFYH

(16:16:43) @CarolKettley @GrahamRhino @hairdryer180 @platinummind @DaveZ_uk @Hothandsomeman @MandyhallHall @PrincessFuzzle Cheers! Shouting right back!

Tweets for 18 Jul 2015

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(08:54:06) Were trying to persuade Lenni that the Mallory Towers series is the prequel to Star Wars.

(09:43:53) @VeryBritishView In the movie franchise, yes - must pass that on!

(10:23:24) An excellent listen, as usual - #ThinkingAllowed this week covers the sociology of offshore call centres http://t.co/YIny1o7M96 #bbcradio4

(10:24:25) @GreavsieE17 aww. Still so shiny.

(10:45:51) @GreavsieE17 Oh that is such a sad circumstance. Farewell little green car.

(10:47:39) Comedy writers: please note, nobody says "very well" any more. "OK, then" or "fair enough" work perfectly well. #minorirritation

(10:48:59) I'm not grumpy this morning, incidnetslly.. I've been saving these "observations" up until I've got slightly too much time on my hands.

(10:49:23) #thumbplastertypos

(10:49:35) @bowbrick Gah! 😆

(10:51:26) I love Imperial Leather foamburst shower gel stuff but either either it's only enough for about 10 showers or there's been a mice foam party

(10:58:41) @mandystadt It takes very little effort - like a smile or a 'good morning' but can easily get forgotten in the daily concerns. Thank you! :)

(11:00:21) @buffylive1968 @HartlandShows Congratulation to the both of you! :)

(11:00:43) @lazyfoodielady It's not worth the risk.

(11:02:00) There's a business consultancy called "Powered By Custard." I can't work out if that's the best thing in the world or not.

(11:02:24) @tweeting_frog Bon voyage!

(11:16:02) @lazyfoodielady Flip

(11:32:28) If you've recently bought a @Lenovo laptop you might want to look at this: http://t.co/fVtxgW4NPm - poor decision to bundle this software!

(11:38:26) I wonder how much a computer would cost if a bunch of crap software wasn't pre-installed by the manufacturer. I'd probably pay it.

(12:02:28) @arikakane Amen 😊

(13:29:44) @ladymunch glad it's not just me! #acceptablesurfacearea

(13:30:17) @SheleileighLaw Now that is something I hadn't considered. Very well, we should!

(13:42:42) Grumbling about the reluctance of bike shops to service my bike. General gist: "I'd like to have my bike serviced." "Oh."

(14:14:53) @CarolKettley Oh you! I've got one, but for short distances nothing beats the heady rush of dicing with trucks & buses hurtling past 😄

(14:16:02) @SheleileighLaw Just took the dear old thing to the oldest bike shop in Luton - he seemed keen enough 👍 🚲😊

(14:19:38) Bit warm out. Careful what you leave in your car.

(14:20:00) @CarolKettley Pretty much :D

(14:51:37) @fishplatetwo Turns into one massive tubular biscuit (seminal album by Mike Oldfield, as I remember)

(19:16:50) @ellewadding It's not a good look...

(22:17:06) @dickndom @computermuseum Non-trivial questions.

Tweets for 17 Jul 2015

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(09:39:15) Woah.. what a cool job! https://t.co/ILlWiV9MVV

(09:41:28) @PrincessBagel Woahh. Mad scramble! Glad you got tickets anyway :)

(13:20:00) @CarolKettley @IanDavidRogers1 @CoolCoolpete36 @platinummind @Miss_Boots1 @annamb1 @AnnParkes2 @McKnight456 @ExRAFairman Thanks, ma'am! :)

(14:13:19) I've never had an apple with a worm in it. Is that still a thing? I've never knowingly had an apple with a worm in it...

(20:42:06) @ellewadding I don't eat proper apples, clearly 😄

(20:42:26) @dellama Outrage!

(20:42:39) @GHOGIT Eww 😄 #classic

(20:43:33) @VeryBritishView Haha! The Samsung Caterpillar?

(20:55:53) @fridgemagnet2 that very good!

(21:58:20) @LizzyWelshCake She does :)

(21:58:31) @LizzyWelshCake Happy birthday your sister! :)

(22:37:57) @LizzyWelshCake Heh :) Do both of you have the musical talents

Tweets for 16 Jul 2015

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(07:11:47) @PrincessBagel @splodge73 @HamptonsPenarth ~makes a note~

(09:19:02) @paulums Aww. Happy Anniversary to you both :)

(20:56:37) @FreakyFwoof Lovely sound :)

Tweets for 15 Jul 2015

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(08:05:23) @splodge73 @PrincessBagel @HamptonsPenarth BAHAHAHA!

(08:35:19) Amazon Prime have a 240GB SSD drive for less than £50 until midday.. that is a very economical way to refresh a PC or laptop! #PrimeDay

(08:49:00) It's a jolly, jolly thing. https://t.co/tqCNWPE61C

(08:52:35) @nxmee I'll order a couple, I think.

(08:55:56) @nxmee Could only order one. Do you have a machine in mind you want to use it on?

(10:10:09) @nxmee You've got 64GB? We could swap it up..

(10:10:27) @fridgemagnet2 CHA CHING #Whereismycommission

(10:10:45) @fridgemagnet2 (PS I'm guessing you're running SSD on everything right?)

(10:12:08) @nxmee It's still 64GB .. just the base 10 version ;)

(10:45:23) @nxmee Exactly - the hard drive manufacturers use 64,000,000,000 bytes = 59 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bytes, which Windows reports.

(12:22:17) @fridgemagnet2 Pretty much perfect for boot disks (although 64GB still doesn't seem to be enough for newer versions of Windows)

(13:09:41) @Tactless_Blonde I'm warm blooded. Like a capybara.

(13:27:02) @Tactless_Blonde Ooh I do like sweetcorn :)

(19:14:24) @seagullworrier You and me both. Hardly had the energy to play words.

(19:16:27) I fancy some 80s music while I catch up with my 2010s email.. time to join @1969Steve on @treehouse_radio for a bit... #THRadio

(19:28:56) @splodge73 Works with most men. Although for me it's the eyes and ears (weird huh) @PrincessBagel @HamptonsPenarth

(19:29:41) @seagullworrier I've got next week off*

(19:32:29) @jgamet I ditched it a while ago...

(19:38:46) @1969Steve This is one of my favourite games. Is the connection different types of wall coverings? #THRadio

(19:43:43) @1969Steve All of these songs were written by Morrissey? Either that or they all appeared on Do They Know It's Christmas #THRadio

(19:49:42) @1969Steve They only sang the bit at the end..? #THRadio

(19:50:13) @1969Steve They appeared on Do They Know It's Christmas but didn't do a set at Live Aid?

(19:50:49) @1969Steve They all lent their house keys to Midge Ure and he lost them? #THRadio

(19:54:26) Just signed up to "easyfundraising" to help our local scouts. I guess I should have done that ~before~ #PrimeDay ...

(20:11:20) @1969Steve Gosh this was quite the summer anthem! and never heard of again... #THRadio

(20:12:22) @1969Steve ...presumably when everyone realised the lyrics were utter nonsense.

(20:13:07) @daltobr Followed. 'sup?

(22:34:36) @DeanAbbott I think that's called "Having your niche" :D

(22:36:12) @CarolKettley night :) x

Tweets for 14 Jul 2015

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(21:33:06) That's not the kettle of fish I ordered.

(21:33:33) @PrincessBagel Great pic! Well classy 😊 @splodge73 @HamptonsPenarth

(22:29:01) @splodge73 @PrincessBagel @HamptonsPenarth I'd raise a glass with you :D

Tweets for 13 Jul 2015

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(09:24:41) @fridgemagnet2 Not enough wooly jumpers. @poots

(15:24:55) @danegolden HELLO. I'm a human. I use to do podcasts...

(17:38:43) @danegolden Splendid 😊 Have a great Monday!

(21:50:51) @stuartthomas @SirPatStew Woahhhh!

(22:05:01) @joey_coops I only just saw on Twitter that it was still a thing. If it can be considered a thing.

Tweets for 12 Jul 2015

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(17:05:01) RT @johndredge: podcast episode 3 tomorrow folks #nutty #zany #wacky #notveryserious

(19:14:45) @poots Multi-talented young lady 😊

Tweets for 11 Jul 2015

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(06:57:14) @TheTroyKing Consistency is key 😆 Not sure they'd let me near their heads, though 😅

(10:50:26) @joey_coops On root?

(10:50:56) @DavidLloydRADIO always a great listen - thank you!

(10:52:20) @joey_coops I spend a lot of time "correcting" people with "less" or "fewer" when they have it correct. I'm not sure we would get on well :D

(10:53:51) @thenewbrunette Good luck with the whole "summer sky" thing.

(10:57:13) @mrchrishubbard congratulations on your and Bev's Arqivaswin, by the way!

(11:04:13) I'm hungry. (points will be given for the correct response).

(11:04:35) RT @johndredge: Episode 2 contains a very silly parody of Get Carter which seems to have gone down quite well! http://t.co/5beNQw1jnE

(11:05:47) @lloydbayley 😅 Er... not what I was thinking of!

(11:06:11) @lloydbayley Ha! And I feel free, too 😊

(11:06:48) @lloydbayley it was a capital suggestion, though 😉

(11:13:53) @batwench 😊 Jam. Out of the jar.

(11:14:05) @CarolKettley oh I wish!

(11:15:41) Sour cream and chive Pringles. Lovely unless you're sitting in front of someone else eating them 😓

(13:35:46) @batwench LIke this.. https://t.co/HUOe7whbqW

(13:36:06) @tweeting_frog Oh I did! And it wasn't jam from the jar :)

(16:53:34) @paulums Oh gosh! Now they're a rare treat!

(19:30:11) @Stenbird Ooh please!

(19:31:01) @TheGarethLloyd Congratulations to you and the SMMS folks on a good gig this morning, btw :)

Tweets for 10 Jul 2015

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(12:32:07) @AndroidNurd That's a lovely photo. I hope all is - or will be - well.

(12:34:58) This is a compelling video - and will make me question whether to buy @Bose products in the future. https://t.co/YWNnhe0IXW

(14:09:31) Good grief... am I? #apostropheabuse #pedant http://t.co/Cr6pFHLeKP

(14:10:24) @mostlygeordie Some serious bass on there.

(14:12:58) A very happy birthday to The Neil Tennant https://t.co/LEydjQ2kg6 https://t.co/0MtBhZDycB

(14:14:20) Apparently my colleagues are running a fantasy football league. I have signed up and selected players by the lengths of their names, mainly.

(17:59:48) @RobJD Gradually increasing the closer to the other goal they are.

(20:04:38) @Execcer @sophie_aldred @trevandsimon HELLO! #strangenessinspace http://t.co/QRryuRrGs5

(20:10:49) RT @Strangeness_in: @syzygy @Execcer @sophie_aldred @trevandsimon why hello James Hart!

(20:11:21) Imagine,arriving home to discover that all your EXIF data had been stolen.

(20:12:00) @mostlygeordie ooh! Now that's more like it #notbutteryorbiscuitororgans

(20:12:15) @Strangeness_in ~grins~ @Execcer @sophie_aldred @trevandsimon

(20:17:18) @CarolKettley ThancKs! #FF

(22:40:31) @justmeDee0 hugs x

(22:47:22) @mostlygeordie Cool! I would love to see more of Canada 😊

Tweets for 09 Jul 2015

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(07:19:03) @sm2n That's great news! Sounds like it's definitely a defect rather than damage (which mine definitely was!) @davewitchalls @dv247uk

(07:21:55) @LizzyWelshCake Lovely!

(07:27:16) *chuckles* https://t.co/PcGbSruBKS

(15:53:35) @joey_coops Happy birthday :)

(19:01:48) I wish I had the skillz! https://t.co/3SnPy6geyQ

(22:15:11) @joey_coops YAY! As it should be :) x

Tweets for 08 Jul 2015

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(17:44:04) Hopefully I'll have the chance to tune in! :) https://t.co/ZRArtV9LoV

(17:45:35) @manytypesoftea Radio..?

(17:47:49) @ellewadding @Observer_Owl Bit crappy that some of the buyers' intentions are for profit, not home, though.

(17:55:04) @johndredge Dennis Narden.

(17:56:25) @johndredge It'll be all night on the right.

(18:08:26) Lordy. While Lenni was talking about her school assembly, she just dropped "Yeah, it was Johnny Ball" into the conversation. JOHNNY BALL!

(18:10:23) Apparently he goes there quite often.

(18:31:33) @perrygascoine Yes! As in Zoe Ball's Dad!

(18:54:24) Animated gifs used to be rubbish.

(19:03:42) @1969Steve havin' a listen :)

(19:13:26) @1969Steve Probably my favourite Housemartins song #THRadio

(19:28:47) @1969Steve This is clearly from Spandau Ballet's "Sounds a bit like Wham!" period (not their best work) #THRadio

(19:36:33) @1969Steve CHOOOOOOON!

(19:37:39) @fridgemagnet2 Never had that when I was at school.. except on telly. @superalora

(19:42:00) @1969Steve Is the connection that they don't want your name?#THRadio

(19:46:14) @1969Steve Is it things you can do in a box? I.e. by numbers and America?

Tweets for 07 Jul 2015

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(11:28:58) Tuesday. It stands for "Takes unnecessary exception, so doesn't acknowedge you." And that's why I don't like Tuesdays.

(13:29:16) @fridgemagnet2 It's not looking good.

(13:29:23) @CarolKettley YAY! :)

Tweets for 06 Jul 2015

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(07:35:12) MONDAY. It stands for "Manky old newspapers don't advise you."

(12:32:52) @ShiftyPOP Good luck! :) Hope she's humming again soon.

(12:34:31) @ShiftyPOP Absolutely.. with any luck the clock's stopped ticking :D

(12:36:16) Lunchtime activities of choice: 1. do expenses. 2. lean the banjo 3. go to poundland. So far I've started 1. I could do so much better.

(12:36:59) @chellaquint Saw your name mentioned in the @FOTSN DVD inlay yay!

(12:37:28) @CarolKettley Work.. shouldn't be allowed! :D Hope it's going well.

(13:19:23) This is worth at least two listens - one to enjoy the jokes, another to enjoy the fantastic audio production #comedy https://t.co/xkuAuQz5od

(14:51:19) @fridgemagnet2 Ha!

Tweets for 05 Jul 2015

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(08:12:14) @CarolKettley @Dazzler61 @AdyNottm @platinummind @AnielBee @StevenBramley @DerekSandham A happy Sunday to you :) Cheers!

(08:31:00) @DigitalAmoeba @EwenRankin Ahh shame I missed it. Had family commitments!

(10:56:14) @bexhillfm Still 26..? They're still sheep even though they're dead...

(13:38:40) We are conjugating the verb "blancmanger." #sundaylunch

(20:40:51) @fridgemagnet2 One of many quality moments today. Was great to see you, Bernard.

(21:58:29) @fridgemagnet2 Bet there's a pub in this picture. https://t.co/8Ho1NKRl0T

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(09:29:25) RT @poots: @GHOGIT @RobJD @syzygy Too right! :) https://t.co/500LAGZHiF

(09:33:24) @CarolKettley @SEZ_45 @Ripwave1 @Barlow_Eddie @NealMartin10 @hairdryer180 @annamb1 @platinummind @DiamondTimelord Thanks, ma'am! :)

(12:42:27) @sm2n Yup - I got a new one from Focusrite when I trashed the cone - if you want to test the circuit I may have the old one? @davewitchalls

(12:48:58) @sm2n @KRKSYS @davewitchalls Cool - @WeAreFocusrite are helpful too :)

(15:32:10) @poots @ngyt_uk Not having much luck... Does the connector look a bit like the attached pic? Will check the loft! http://t.co/hKGD7SYiPS

(19:46:07) @blabers If I were ever to consider reincarnation as a possible outcome, the number of flies who like the indoors would swing it for me.

(19:46:34) @JuliaBall No way!

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Tweets for 02 Jul 2015

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(18:50:09) @AlanHydeStudio They should rename these "Hyde Leather"- or would that do a disservice to your youthful complexion :D http://t.co/PRnJOw8vMI

(19:40:41) @alnicholl77 v smart!

(20:14:23) @seagullworrier But it's Friday afternoooooon! 😏

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Tweets for 30 Jun 2015

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(12:36:02) @johndredge Is there a service you've subscribed to that gets you more followers from Basingstoke? http://t.co/Lj8VkVyhwK

(12:36:39) @johndredge Dear Dredge, this is a tweet not a letter. Does it still count? If so, what number does it count up to? Much love, Devon Crememy

(22:08:03) @CarolKettley @spans44 @DiamondTimelord @platinummind @Tinkerbell_1970 @GrahamRhino Why thank you! And where thank you, too! :)

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