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Tweets for 29 Jun 2015

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(06:11:31) ~inserts animated gif of someone looking a bit weary~

(06:16:36) Somewhat ironically, it was only yesterday I heard that Celine Dion's "You Rocked Me All Night Long" was voted the worst ever cover version.

(06:17:06) That was #beforeKanyeWestRuinedMusic

(06:20:59) @wuthering_alice You're pulling it off with aplomb. I would be hard pushed even to look human this time on a Monday morning :D

(06:21:35) @platinummind monrin' :)

(06:22:06) @paul_steele Monrin' Paul :) You too!

(06:22:59) @debsylee Monrin' ma'am :)

(06:23:35) @FrankMillar Monrin'. Monday still has to prove itself...

(06:24:05) @JoPlattTweets Bwahahaha :D Monrin'

(06:24:45) @DaisiesandPieUK Monrin' :) Can't see what you're handing round from here :D

(06:55:58) @lloydbayley Sad, but true! Desecration! :D

(06:56:42) @JoPlattTweets I've had coffee, so I can fake it at least ;) Hope your Monday goes well :)

(11:14:50) @DaisiesandPieUK In which case, YES PLEASES! :)

(16:20:35) Every now and then I think back to the days of the original Catchphrase with Roy Walker. I wonder what Mr Chips is doing now...

(18:11:12) @CarolKettley Stephen Mulherne.. he's the one who's in everything..?

(18:11:25) @issym16 oh lordy!

(18:13:15) If you like silliness, I recommend the new series of @JohnDredge's Nothing To Do With Anything Show. It's NEW! http://t.co/Y9ijg2MFRT #silly

(19:02:25) RT @fridgemagnet2: odd, this seemed to have dropped off my feed.. https://t.co/HECU66cIvO Isle of White plus 25 years of radio nonsense wit…

(19:02:45) @CarolKettley Ahh right! 😊

Tweets for 28 Jun 2015

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(15:26:14) Quite an afternoon for motor racing - @ITVSport doing a sterling job of showing @FIAFormulaE and @DunlopBTCC ... both in the UK yay!

(16:36:57) I have my suspicions about flies.

(16:39:05) @CarolKettley I'll look after your spiders for you 😊

(16:45:48) @CarolKettley ok! 😏

(16:49:49) Hear that? It's my bicep vibrating at exactly 354Hz. I have very defined muscle tone.

(18:15:06) I cannot believe the Android Studio development tool doesn't work out of the box. Baffling.

(18:53:14) @GHOGIT Yes - I can get the shipping forecast on it...

(18:53:20) @DarrenGriffin *sighs*

(18:53:34) @fridgemagnet2 They're going to have to wheel him back in one of these days...

(20:18:33) @fridgemagnet2 Afterwards..?! Bblimey.

Tweets for 27 Jun 2015

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(16:24:47) @fridgemagnet2 over 9000

(16:27:49) For @fridgemagnet2 http://t.co/gYAt0k2KNj

(19:06:51) I spent far too long yesterday trying to remember the world dΓ©nouement.

(19:07:32) @birdfortytwo Was that before or after the wine? :D

(20:06:52) @GHOGIT Well, indeed! :D

(20:07:13) @Mr_DW_Brighton I did. The word 'dΓ©nouement', as opposed to the world's dΓ©nouement :D

(20:07:56) The ~word~ "dΓ©nouement"... not the 'world dΓ©nouement.' I'm hoping that hasn't happened yet!

(20:13:41) @JemStone Those children are going to have an amazing story to tell when they're older! :)

(22:41:27) @Mr_DW_Brighton Oh that is perfect :)

Tweets for 26 Jun 2015

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(15:26:36) @fridgemagnet2 pretty much the full set of IoW highlights. Great pic btw 😊

(21:51:13) @jn2n @fridgemagnet2 @weekendery Oh super! Please save me a souvenir. How can you tell when the gift shop starts..?

Tweets for 25 Jun 2015

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(10:53:00) @Fi79 Everybody hurts. Sometimes. Although not everything on everybody. That wouldn't be fair (so REM didn't sing about it) Feel better soon

(10:55:41) @ellewadding I've been that IT helpdesk ;)

(10:57:50) @ellewadding Oh dear... that's not so good :| Although I'd perfectly happily natter to you (non-patronisingly) for half an hour. If only :D

(10:58:07) @ellewadding Sounds like he's got something to prove. And has very little emotional intelligence :D

(11:52:37) @ellewadding Gosh!

(12:03:15) I have printed this out and will put this up somewhere at work. https://t.co/oKwcJAR9ze

(13:01:17) @pmross @computermuseum Always great to see the temptation to press the 'BREAK' key. Surprised she's not pressing 'Copy'.. BOOP! BOOP!

(13:09:03) @JamesCridland Great you got a quote in there. BTW I was once at a friend's house who had 5Live on AM playing through Β£2,000 B&O speakers :D

(17:39:56) @davewitchalls True..? https://t.co/gHohlYmeB4

Tweets for 24 Jun 2015

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(15:15:07) @RobJD It was quite a surprise to me when I popped my head in and heard the high-pitched whirring :D Monday must be their racing day :D

Tweets for 23 Jun 2015

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(19:06:04) "What's that you've got there..? It's tiny!"
"It's my croscopy."

(19:40:04) @HartlandShows SRSLY? WLL LSTN. @1969Steve #THRadio

(19:40:20) @CherryKaz1 COOKING. TEA. @1969Steve

(19:41:41) @1969Steve IF I WERE. #THRadio

(19:44:34) @1969Steve Ooh. Are you doing requests? The Commentators - N-n-n-nineteen (not out) please :D #THRadio

(19:45:10) @HartlandShows I'm down with the kids. And a terrible, terrible parent. @1969Steve

(19:46:15) Listening to a celebration of the Best Year In Pop with @1969Steve on Treehouse Radio #THRadio 1976!? Of course not...

(19:55:02) @1969Steve HAHA Thank you :)

(19:56:10) @1969Steve Side on. Surely that was the whole point of this song #THRadio

(22:02:34) @RobJD I was at the back of Venue 360 (near the football pitches) and there's a hall nearby - it's upstairs there! :)

Tweets for 22 Jun 2015

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(18:57:43) RT @fridgemagnet2: This is the sort of walk me and @syzygy would do - given a spare 3 hours.. http://t.co/JWL133N02M

(19:00:07) @fridgemagnet2 Pretty much. Or 2.5 hours on a bike...

(19:04:01) @LizzyWelshCake That is wonderful!congratulations! 😊 @hastillonlyme @welshwannabe @batteryrunmum

(19:04:31) @LizzyWelshCake Of course.. 😊 @hastillonlyme @welshwannabe @batteryrunmum

(20:41:14) @LizzyWelshCake That is SO good to hear! And the world definitely deserves more of you :) @welshwannabe @hastillonlyme @batteryrunmum

(20:42:13) Strange discovery (literally) today: Luton Slot Car Club. They even have a machine that goes ping. #Luton

(20:42:31) @fridgemagnet2 Pubs?

Tweets for 21 Jun 2015

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(08:17:45) Wishing happy #FathersDay to those who have the role of father in someone's life. It's a challenging, but hopefully rewarding job. Be well.

(08:18:27) @seagullworrier That's actually a bit of a bargain for women's hair, as I understand it. But not if there's no perceivable difference! :D

(08:19:10) I think this is the one I went to with @nxmee, my pal Fi and her son Dominic! https://t.co/6Oa50aLdpf

(08:19:40) @PlainTalkingHR Safe trip home - and have a lovely day :) x

(08:19:51) @buffylive1968 Morning :) Coffee is good :)

(08:20:50) Woahhh. My opinion of Paris Hilton has changed somewhat. Gotta love an enthusiast! https://t.co/JpIOteRHbv

(08:59:52) @seagullworrier So you could have had the same experience standing on the prom at high tide? I think we've all learned something today πŸ˜„

(09:00:15) @buffylive1968 thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

(10:08:06) @Tuglets Thanks, Janet! I was woken with coffee and gifts - and the day has continued in fine form. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

Tweets for 20 Jun 2015

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(12:13:51) D'you know what I'm up to this afternoon? Gonna take the time to do the things we never haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. (doop doop). Whatever that is.

(12:40:36) @TomBedwell To be honest it's my go-to location when I've got some rains to bless.

(12:41:30) @SheleileighLaw It's preferable to watching a non-moving "progress" bar on a PC I'm working on... πŸ˜„ How's your weekend so far?

(13:16:03) @SheleileighLaw Oh how exciting! Please send pics post hairdresser! 😊

(23:00:51) @bassnote73 That is a most EXCELLENT photo.. I was going to say "But my hair colour hasn't changed..!" Sadly, it's more grey now :D

Tweets for 19 Jun 2015

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(11:44:17) Gotta love that Chaos Lemur Field.

(14:04:09) Just call me jimmy threescreens.

(16:39:35) @sarahsansom heehee.. I could surround myself with screens AND touch some of them :D

(16:40:02) @SheleileighLaw I would say I've got one specifically for Twitter but that ~wouldn't~ be professional.. :)

(19:40:27) @CarolKettley Ooh thank you :) And a bubbling weekend to you :)

(19:41:43) Finally catching up on Thruxton #BTCC I think I can see myself on telly.. it's like a game of "Where's the wally?" http://t.co/pcCF5wkkDW

Tweets for 18 Jun 2015

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(09:54:56) @OfficialDaveFox Aww! Happy birthday to Dave's Mum! :)

(09:55:16) @ellewadding Boy child has finished his GCSEs.. festivities commence! :) Although I'm at work today :D

(20:29:53) Watching "Humans" - odd and brilliantly acted. #channel4

Tweets for 17 Jun 2015

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(20:00:28) @PrincessBagel ooo exciting!

(20:01:21) CAT LAUNCH!

(20:20:24) @davewitchalls Ahh.. it's not even Friday is it.. hope all goes well tonight at the spa...

(20:23:36) @ellewadding Hellloo 😊 All well with you?

(20:41:10) @davewitchalls I was just going by the tweet I saw and thought you might be doing thing a bit differently these days 😊 I miss the pizza πŸ˜‰

Tweets for 16 Jun 2015

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(09:18:26) @tweeting_frog I was on the Eurostar, which got stuck behind a train that bit a deer... took a while to get going again!

(19:43:12) The Laminopteryx is the only dinosaur that was capable of operating a laminating machine.

(20:42:46) Magnum Espresso ice cream on a stick thing. Definitely quite nice.

(21:29:45) @DoomGolly These things epitomise treats! Must try the wonders you describe 😊

(21:29:59) @CherryKaz1 mmmmm delish!

Tweets for 15 Jun 2015

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(07:19:03) Stuck at Calais. It's the place to be, if you're waiting for animal entrails to be removed.

Tweets for 14 Jun 2015

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(16:29:37) @Superblouse What @Littlebit_Bod said.

Tweets for 13 Jun 2015

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(07:33:14) I've always visulaised a Bovril factory as being a hundred little machines stirring Oxo into a jar of Marmite. And then replacing the labels

(07:36:54) @CarolKettley Morning ma'am :) Toast?

(07:43:23) I wouldn't want to work for a faceless corporation. But then, I'd not want to work for a corporation that has a great big scary face either.

(07:43:42) @CarolKettley It's on its way ) x

(08:50:46) @CarolKettley I'm a fussy buffer πŸ˜†

(10:03:01) @Fi79 morning f-bomb

(11:56:53) When do you make cheese? Rennet suits me.

(12:15:50) @johannariley Blessed, indeed, are the cheesemakers.

(15:34:28) This is a very East Sussex thing to do. :D https://t.co/GC63fXgCkx

(20:03:58) @fridgemagnet2 I'm sure there will be complaints...

(20:04:34) @TheGarethLloyd Where are ya going?

(20:48:22) @TheGarethLloyd Cool! :) Hope the move goes well!

(20:48:41) @Bubble2009 Oooh! Won't be the same driving past on the way up the dual carriageway.. @TheGarethLloyd

(21:20:16) @Fi79 You get these in massive great clear plastic bags. COOL. They don't taste of anything.

Tweets for 12 Jun 2015

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(10:58:44) @canuckuk Please define ridiculous ;)

(11:01:02) @canuckuk I think you probably look splendid in a Sesame Street t-shirt. You more than most :)

(11:06:56) @canuckuk I wouldn't say miserably ;)

(11:08:34) @OlorinLorien Lovely!

(11:15:26) @Fi79 I really, really love the colour of your hair. Please don't despair - you're still fabulous (girlfriend) #ChannelingGok

(11:15:43) @Fi79 PS Also you have a pretty smile.

(14:49:41) @zany_zigzag Part of me was hoping that the "Meh" actually appeared on the DHL website as well...

(17:47:57) @CarolKettley @AnnParkes2 @hotman45671 @PerfectPenis_CB @CoolCoolpete36 @platinummind @milkys_place @mikekennish2g @DiamondTimelord Fankoo!

(17:48:43) Thing I have learned from @nxmee today: There are two different widths of playing cards - bridge (the size I'm used to) & poker (0.5" wider)

(17:52:02) I'll be honest, I quite like making signs. https://t.co/kJJEHZKqke

(18:01:56) There's a storm brewing. The storm likes a nice cup of tea.

(19:39:15) Burn. https://t.co/xrh3ZlrKkl

Tweets for 11 Jun 2015

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(11:02:52) Supposin'

(13:24:48) @PeachLaneStudio I was trying to find you to wish you a happy birthday last week! Happy (belated) birthday! :)

(13:25:45) Hardly anyone in my office has heard of chocolate limes. They are the deliciousness. And you can get a massive bag of them from Poundland.

(14:08:40) @CherryKaz1 Bargoon!

(17:15:01) @dellama I have now had too many in a short space of time. I do believe this has redressed the balance... πŸ˜†

(17:15:25) @mrsbojangles Absolutely baffling!

(17:16:48) Poundland should do like Bejams did, and rename themselves Poland.

(20:57:53) @SheleileighLaw

(22:16:17) @mostlygeordie I feel a bit better for that gaze, Mand :)

Tweets for 10 Jun 2015

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(07:07:01) @ellewadding And yet it's not as bad as the original 8 out of 10 cats, which means that was (is?) awful! @Chocohalix @mostlygeordie

(07:33:27) So fresh and so clean.

(07:43:11) PLACARD

(08:06:25) @RobJD I'll be sure to arrange you get a good hosing down when you (finally!) make it home. Hang in there, bro.

(08:07:15) @lloydbayley I'll be sure to "engage" brain before tweeting again ;)

(08:07:46) @paul_steele Happy Wednesday to you! 😊

(09:14:06) When my work inbox says "1 unread message" but there isn't... BOOP

(09:14:41) Also: I've missed the Oracle Service Bus. I'm sure there'll be another one along in a minute.

(10:09:49) It's been a while since I've been unable to stop myself laughing like a loon on the walk to work. Then this hilarity: http://t.co/HDNw5AWLco

(12:26:46) @birdfortytwo That brew (cauldron) doesn't look too appetising, either :D

(12:31:09) @birdfortytwo Oh my...

(12:48:57) There should be a word for being made to use a software tool which is so ungainly and user unfriendly it causes stress and despair.

(13:05:19) Stressware. I like it! https://t.co/PXQzAjOX8l

(13:07:51) @GreavsieE17 It is, sadly, ubiquitous!

(13:09:05) @GreavsieE17 Moreover, I think the bigger the company, and the bigger the software supplier, the more ungainly (and generic!) the tool :)

(17:31:53) @Bubble2009 Oh I've probably used them in the office today :D

(17:32:03) @RobJD *sighs* It's definitely endemic...

Tweets for 09 Jun 2015

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(09:42:30) Apparently I'm a squirrel racist.

(10:13:22) @buffylive1968 I hope all goes well :) x

(10:21:48) @CherryKaz1 Morning :)

(10:22:48) @CherryKaz1 Lovely weather for a walk today.. hoping to get out at lunchtime.. you? :)

(11:22:54) @brennig I honestly thought black squirrels were more vicious. I was wrong and I'm sorry.

(15:33:44) @RichHarkness @StuffTV That's great news! :) Congratulations, Rich :)

(20:16:11) @PrincessBagel A hug from me. Quite a large one x

(20:20:03) @SheleileighLaw absolutely intense, ma'am. How about you? @PrincessBagel

(20:20:28) @1969Steve Super late - sorry! But I'm here. Definitely. Listening to Bob Stewart.

(20:24:46) @1969Steve Crap song. Factually incorrect... #THRadio

(20:27:20) @1969Steve is this song the 1977 version of Tinder The musical..? #THRadio

(20:37:49) @1969Steve is the lyric from Keith Harris & Orville's "I wish I could fly like a dancing queen"? #THRadio

(20:38:35) @1969Steve Is 1977 the internationally renowned year for men singing in unnecessarily high voices? #THRadio

Tweets for 08 Jun 2015

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(14:58:44) @brennig I'd vote for you - if I lived in London.

Tweets for 07 Jun 2015

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(08:26:42) Interesting to think that jump cuts are considered completely normal by online media viewers; back in the day it would be rehearse & retake.

(10:02:07) @LizzyWelshCake It's when there's someone talking on a YouTube video and it is basically a series of clips, rather than one long piece.

Tweets for 06 Jun 2015

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(12:54:40) @seagullworrier glorious!

(13:44:54) All packaging should refer to the contents in the first person. "I'm a box of military grade plutonium. You night want to handle me gently."

(13:46:13) @seagullworrier Haha! Good weather for it...

Tweets for 05 Jun 2015

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(07:07:56) Super noisy outside.

(07:08:10) @actingtheparty Morning 😊

(07:09:05) @MartinSoroka Mornin' 😊

(07:09:15) @clairejustineo Good morning 😊

(07:11:04) @AndersUk As it's the only car I know of with an "insane mode" button, that is entirely justified.

(07:12:32) @MelenieFW Especially since they're bound not to reduce the cost of having a go up it...

(07:14:41) @moyskii Amen to that!

(07:20:59) @johannariley Oh I will.. I've kept some in reserve for today πŸ˜„ Have a good one too 😊

(07:21:25) @johannariley Although that said most of them are in cars,πŸ˜„

(07:22:44) @actingtheparty It's pretty damp here - I'm fine with that because it's watering the garden 😊 The weekend? Not sure yet... sleeping! You?

(07:23:30) @johannariley they're all driving in the raininess.

(08:18:02) @actingtheparty I think the storms will have passed by then #everytheoptimist ! Not had a barbecue yet this year... great idea! 😊

(08:19:34) @pearcen There's far too much to say in response to fit in a tweet. Mainly cats already do & coffee machines really really should! @AndersUk

(08:20:03) @pearcen Lifts! That really made me laugh. And do a little shudder.... @AndersUk

(08:20:33) @johannariley they can expect a strong letter outlining my views. πŸ˜„

(09:00:20) Learning about DEADBEEF. It's 3735928559 times more interesting than I expected.

(10:36:19) @lloydbayley HAHAHA :D

(13:06:35) @MissyMWAC Woahh.. just picked up my work phone .. my WORK PHONE & saw this important reminder! Happy birthday! x http://t.co/nIjh0Psyic

(19:19:17) @MissyMWAC I hope it has already become a spectacular one :)

(19:19:43) @CarolKettley Thanky! @GrahamRhino @jay_man31 @honeyrider685 @CrazzzyKen @platinummind @Dazzler61 @jonreading35 @jadpros03 @jwrightz743447

(20:50:22) Just saw a clip of the Trolololo song on #HIGNFY - it is a song that sums up so much of where we have come from. Genius.

Tweets for 04 Jun 2015

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(09:46:12) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Sunny Thursday to you :)

(09:46:26) @petecooper It's not a good look.

(10:10:43) @CherryKaz1 Morning ma'am :)

(10:26:01) @PeopleofSwindon Bless you in advance.

(12:55:10) @vobes I hope you can get the videos mastered with the information you need, and then get back up to Harriet :)

(20:47:00) I really shouldn't be enjoying the #EdexcelMaths tweets, because they represent a LOT of misery. But well done to my boy who... did it! :)

Tweets for 03 Jun 2015

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(07:45:56) @poots I think we're ok for the time being - there's a small bag in the shed, and I'm not planning on doing much more planting just now..

(09:31:44) I feel like I'm in the second frame of a cartoon strip.

(09:31:59) @HQvoice pfft :D

(09:57:35) @HQvoice No mention of the pelvic floor..? :D

(09:57:51) @poots That is a fine, fine choice...

(12:18:05) RT @Dr_Black: Have a 10 second break and watch this... πŸ˜€ https://t.co/wWL5EwQEEL

Tweets for 02 Jun 2015

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(15:20:35) @CherryKaz1 Autumn breezes! :)

(17:22:03) @PrincessBagel Absolutely!

(18:00:39) My inner Sepp,Blatter is telling me to get out while I still can.

(19:32:24) @fridgemagnet2 Who do you think I am.. Nigel Farrage? Blatter wouldn't melt in my mouth...

Tweets for 01 Jun 2015

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(08:11:34) @sonicstate @izotopeinc #TheMixDoctor #Ozone6 To make my stems sound louder than silent...

(08:25:43) They say "you're never fully dressed without a smile." And trousers, too, it seems.

(09:07:35) @Tuglets I'm going to have to check ;)

(09:58:57) @Tuglets I'm never fully dressed without a look of mild terror on my face πŸ˜‰ have a great day (for a Monday!)

(16:24:07) @Stenbird I think the garden. If it's not raining..?

(16:25:00) @Stenbird You might note that there was no verb in my response. At worst: frolic.

(17:54:02) @Stenbird Indoor playtime, then I think.

(17:59:34) @jgamet Yes. I won't make that mistake again. This week...

(18:04:38) When I got home from work this evening, I took off my mask and revealed my true identity: SEPP BLATTER. @poots was not impressed.

(18:47:00) @fridgemagnet2 Only every third Wednesday.

(21:23:19) RT @poots: Horrible Histories AND Kevin Eldon - how could it be anything but brilliant! :-) https://t.co/xHTBtDqtQT

Tweets for 31 May 2015

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(11:53:59) I'm not overly impressed with micro USB.

(11:55:03) @canuckuk No.. it's gone all wobbly :D

(12:24:52) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'm not so sure; as time goes on, the socket seems to get looser, so it doesn't make a good connection.. I've had this a lot.

(12:25:58) @canuckuk I hope so! I'm beginning to think it's just me that has loose connection issues (and I don't mean socially. Or maybe I do πŸ˜…)

(12:51:51) A ticket inspector q a "revenue control officer." Rail travel has become a parody of itself.

(12:52:02) ~is~ now

(12:53:37) Inside us all there's a Sepp Blatter trying to get out. Sorry. Not out. Away with it.

(12:54:46) @joey_coops I've taken to hiring a Cessner and air dropping relatives off to departures - it works out cheaper. @LDNLutonAirport

(12:55:54) @mrs_forky We had a step-Sepp Blatter growing up. I can't even think of a punchline to that.

(17:31:14) @goitsagch Quite the frustrating - and happens with age, I think.

(20:06:24) @goitsagch Keeping my fingers crossed! Lightning connectors look pretty cool 😊

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