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(07:15:20) @SamandaFord69 Thank you! Have a top day! @lee_obft @stewylee @GabyStarbuck @TheRealNickJury @Taxingherbrain @noelvineradio @SimonFielding84

(14:34:38) @johndredge 1980s choc ice.

(14:35:17) @Superblouse "Tell it to my head" ..?

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(12:23:49) @WeWantPlates @plant_matter It doesn't even look like a hubcap (conjures up nostalgic images of American chrome).. it's a crappy wheel trim.

(12:33:43) It doesn't feel like a Tuesday. It doesn't feel like a Monday. It feels like a Tunday.

(12:40:27) @sacs Yes. Yes you do. Tell your boss it's a human rights convention thing.

(12:40:45) @ibookery Gosh yes. Yeahhhhhh

(21:25:50) @fiverscarrot Now you come to mention it, I think we had one of them at the beginning of the month ๐Ÿ˜Š

Tweets for 25 May 2015

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(10:05:32) @sacs I didn't even know you could do that!

(10:07:15) @birdfortytwo That is a strangely resonant tweet.

(19:02:48) My goodness, this is a seriously meme-laden Delta Airlines safety video - MUCH AEROPLANE (h/t @nxmee)

Tweets for 24 May 2015

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(11:16:44) @FreakyFwoof @JamesVids I hadn't realised that @Bowen707 had been on BGT!

(11:20:55) @JamesVids @FreakyFwoof Oh @Bowen707 sings about more than just food. She does a great song about Bexhill On Sea :D

(11:31:53) @JamesVids I'm fortunate enough to have seen @Bowen707 live and she's a real crowd pleaser. ๐Ÿ˜Š Heard her radio shows? @FreakyFwoof

(12:40:24) @JamesVids @FreakyFwoof

(12:44:13) @petecooper No. No help ๐Ÿ˜†

(12:45:47) @lizzysometimes Not sure even Sherlock would get that...

(12:57:15) @petecooper hahaahhahah! oh my.

Tweets for 23 May 2015

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(07:02:11) @mrs_forky You were splendid - very much enjoyed hearing you :)

(07:34:47) @SheleileighLaw Our press in the UK has formidable political power.. makes me quite not happy.

(08:23:33) @fridgemagnet2 Ha! @SheleileighLaw

(09:32:03) I'm still utterly bewitched by Sweden's #Eurovision2015 performance nearly two days after I saw it. How can it possibly not win? #SWE

(09:32:17) @fridgemagnet2 @SheleileighLaw Not yet...

(09:49:43) @tweeting_frog Good point! In terms of actual song it's not bad; I like Lithuania & Georgia, too. Glad they're all through! #Eurovision2015

(09:50:51) @jamesalerts #ArgosPop

(09:51:08) @Superblouse Can I join in please?

(09:52:30) @Superblouse I'm entirely in, and will happily do the donation thing. #Eurovision2015 :)

(10:04:33) @gilliandonovan ~high fives~

(10:31:11) This is not a good aroma combination - Greggs vs. Lush. Ughs.

(10:39:40) @dellama I managed SemiFinal 2 while I was working on Thursday evening... nothing compares to the main event tonight though! Enjoy :)

(10:51:46) I'm not so much "Breaking Bad" as "Broken Dad"

(10:59:29) @CherryKaz1 The combination is something of an assault on the nose!

(11:00:27) @mrs_forky You are a very capable broadcaster ๐Ÿ˜Š

(13:42:50) @pj_kent Not even.

(17:51:01) @ellewadding Pungent in the extreme!

(17:52:14) @RobJD It certainly didn't make it tempting to go in (either shop!)

(19:03:12) It's #Eurovision2015 time! I will be tweeting from my @eurosyzygy account... might see you there!

(19:04:34) @Superblouse Whom did I draw? #Eurovision2015 #printingoutmyscorecardnow

(19:08:33) @Superblouse Thank you! #Eurovision2015 Bonne chance to you, too!

(21:30:34) @Superblouse I tried.. I tried not to give it the joint third lowest score on my BBC Scoring Sheet Printout Thing #Eurovision2015 #NextYear

Tweets for 22 May 2015

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(11:36:19) @SheleileighLaw @Becsywecsy @voiceofrally VROOM

(11:37:00) @mrs_forky HELLO ANN!

(11:42:28) @spans44 @CarolKettley @fmd107 @Kris10122012 @orlando_tina @spookyfreak79 @PinkiePurpley @blue_saphire5 @Dazzler61 @SEZ_45 @marciacarly TY!

(21:19:03) A great idea I heard earlier: If you wish to read a newspaper you should relinquish your right to vote. Harsh but fair.

(21:45:49) @kittykatkent True.. they should do a "last 10 pages" version for sports & word game fans that is exempt,:D

Tweets for 21 May 2015

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(11:05:24) @slandi @sm2n Quite a boutique product..! I've heard some things about it in the @sonicstate Sonic Talk podcast.. kinda cool!

(18:33:21) If you miss the @Weekendery's finest feature, why not check out the Traffle News every week on @audioBoom! #Comedy

(18:44:47) @fridgemagnet2 Turned up 20 minutes late? You mean suffering 20 minutes of technical problems because I turned up 3 minutes early ;)

(19:37:51) @fiverscarrot Hahaha! Where's Johnny... been? I'm not doing the show any more, sadly.. just too much else going on!

Tweets for 20 May 2015

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(14:20:52) @PrincessBagel Oh my goodness they are gorgeous! ~rushes off to get painted too~

(14:27:33) @StevenEagell Considering how much rain there's been of late, a leak doesn't sound like a great idea :D

(20:58:09) @CarolKettley @annamb1 @NealMartin10 @SEZ_45 @stevetaylo @Dazzler61 @spans44 @CrazzzyKen @hairdryer180 @Londonstu1 boom shakalak to teh max!

(21:18:20) @poots @RobJD It was @Adnams Ghost Ship - a delicious, hoppy ale with a meadowy aftertaste. Lovely. #realale

(21:19:08) @RobJD Keeping my fingers crossed and lots of water! @poots

Tweets for 19 May 2015

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(17:54:49) How do I explain to @poots that I stayed late at work to finish some normal distribution graphs in Excel..? Better get home #dirtystopout

(18:25:20) @ajlanghorn Au contraire my friend. Au contrarian. @poots

(19:08:16) @fridgemagnet2 Please, come in - turn the lights off and the projector on. I've got CLIPART to show you.

(20:29:19) @katelynnelogan That is an admirable way to judge your worth.

Tweets for 18 May 2015

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Tweets for 17 May 2015

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(08:35:00) Lenni and I have had a robin for company in the garden this afternoon. The sunshine's working wondersโ€ฆ

Tweets for 16 May 2015

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(15:17:04) The strimmer: a tool of such versatility it's pretty much all I need to do the garden. With patience, I'm sure one could fell a tree with it

(16:04:07) RT @johndredge: @syzygy

Tweets for 15 May 2015

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(13:19:22) I wonder if @perrygascoine has got the Perry-scope app. HAHAHAHA. Ha.

(20:47:41) @CarolKettley ThanCKs! @ExRAFairman @_arunkr_ @EddyBBC @PerfectPenis_CB @best_bums @AnnParkes2 @platinummind @GrahamRhino @Tinkerbell_1970

Tweets for 14 May 2015

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(17:26:07) @TomChilton_ The apostrophes are in the right place? Looking forward to watching you & @TomCoronel hurtle around the Nordschleife! @FIA_WTCC

Tweets for 13 May 2015

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(07:33:56) Fluorescent beverages. Max strength. Yum.

(07:34:27) @brennig That's a great way to start the day :)

(08:02:06) @Fi79 Morning.. er.. you.

(08:03:59) RT @goitsagch: Crawley Green Road #Luton near Somerset Avenue closed due to accident. Avoid the area.

(08:06:03) @StevenEagell Cheers - clean bill of health for our two :)

(08:18:48) @davidevanlloyd Happy birthday :)

(12:02:49) @autocar @Jim_Holder @DunlopBTCC Great article - and didn't even scratch the surface of the camaraderie in the paddock.

(15:48:08) @zany_zigzag I know what you mean.. it's quite good for that. I'm not really a big Twitterer either, really, these days :D

(15:48:26) @zany_zigzag PS Is your profile location right.. you've moved west..?

(16:28:48) Failing to plan is planning to make things interesting.

(16:50:23) @LizzyWelshCake I can merely join you. I've got quite a splendid cough at the moment.

(16:50:44) @EwenRankin @jkavanagh58 I've got a Microsoft band. I tell people it's my ASBO tag :D

(16:53:41) @LizzyWelshCake I've got PROPER voice-over voice going on, between coughing fits and resultant verbal iniquity.

(16:57:49) @LizzyWelshCake Are you a-performin'? :)

(17:32:35) @LizzyWelshCake Cool! Hoping for the best that you'll be in fine voice!

(18:52:40) @fridgemagnet2 It's probably all of those. I've got a chest infection. A tory one :D

(21:08:42) Bit of a personal best today, in terms of longevity.

(21:12:11) @ellewadding Aye. I'll do me best!

(21:17:13) @leica0000 I keep hearing lines in Elementary that I would love to remember.. ~suspect remains silent~ Sherlock: "That's idiot for 'yes'." ๐Ÿ˜†

Tweets for 12 May 2015

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(07:18:31) @ajlanghorn Good luck!

(07:49:03) @clairejustineo Mornin'

(08:03:04) @Fi79 Morning. I'm in a room where I can't see the sun. Also: it's not sunny outside :) #bitrainy

(12:17:42) @zany_zigzag Happy Birthday! :)

(13:17:11) @zany_zigzag Hope you're having a splendid day :)

(13:19:45) @clairejustineo Oh my goodness..that's a really unfortunate thing. Time for a cup of tea, I think. Not too hot..!

(14:41:44) @VeryBritishView That's the problem with J K Rowling - not enough greed.

(16:28:44) @MissyMWAC If you want to make a photo look older and creepier, apply a filter to turn it sepia..?

(16:38:10) @heartnortheast @TomCampbell That pic was clearly made by a youngster.. pencils were always too narrow to rewind tapes; Bic biro every time!

(16:38:59) @Superblouse They're an invasive species...

(16:40:29) @nashpowers Appledore is actually a door made of apples. @bexhillmuseum

(16:53:45) @petecooper Elegance.

(17:15:18) @petecooper Yes...! I can see them becoming quite prevalent (and hopefully not clonking too many people on the run! :D

(18:04:16) One of those "two unrelated tweets next to each other that somehow work" moments... @Aiannucci (Break a leg!)

(18:05:34) @katyha In a way, it is... *looks for ham in the periodic table*

(18:32:37) Loll.

(20:51:48) @zany_zigzag We're more or less splendid, thank you! Haven't heard much from you on the Twitters of late - all going well?

(20:59:29) @KateRobbins Surely you'd be better off with rosรฉ tinted specs ;)

(21:08:20) I haven't been able to catch @TinTopTuesday but I hope @AlanHydeStudio mentions @SophiaFloersch's fantastic drive!

(21:09:17) @RobertoAustini There was plenty of hard braking at Campbell over the weekend! @AlanHydeStudio @TinTopTuesday #BTCC

(21:35:34) @brennig Night, the Brennig.

(21:47:09) @PrincessBagel Yes! Devastating once again :( Night night x

Tweets for 11 May 2015

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(14:48:27) It's fluffy things all over the garden season.

(14:57:52) @VeryBritishView *checks* No...

(14:59:06) @VeryBritishView How about this, then..? (And yeah, I know, it's probably an administrative error)

(16:11:21) @VeryBritishView Ondeed. But they are either blind to their own incompetence or happy in their self-serving world... or both.

(16:12:59) RT @nickpiggott: At least this University text book is fairly honest.

(16:19:19) @VeryBritishView ๐Ÿ˜† I know how hard you work.

(16:49:14) @meanjeen Daily antihistamines are my saviour! :)

Tweets for 10 May 2015

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(09:42:10) Wow. #Thruxton spectator area is more populous than last year - it's still a while until the first race! #BTCC

(09:45:21) @yuasaeurope I'm watching from my favoured viewing position - just before Campbell #BTCC #Thruxton

(09:58:10) @yuasaeurope Cheers!

(10:44:58) @SheleileighLaw Cheers! Always good to see some vehicles hurtling around the track!

(10:46:50) @brennig it's a bit cloudy and threatening rain, but a good place to be and some great racing already! Definitely recommend it :)

(10:47:45) @brennig And I have @poots to thank, since it was my Christmas present - and a wonderful one, too!

(16:08:26) RT @poots: Absolutely amazing race, not an easy win by any means, she is a brilliant driver.

(16:14:33) Just about to kick off on the final drivey race of the day. Hoping for an entertaining 16 (or so) laps. There will be video... #BTCC

(16:18:03) @SophiaFloersch Great precision drive in that last race! Nice one :)

Tweets for 09 May 2015

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(10:37:59) Watching the Driving About race #Thruxton #ClioCup #BTCC @ Thruxton

(20:03:46) There are some places of which I will never tire.

Tweets for 08 May 2015

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(06:59:31) @badpenny1931 We didn't even elect her... :/

(06:59:51) @buffylive1968 Morning :)

(07:00:46) @Lady_Of_Ostia O lordy.

(07:03:12) @johndredge More people voting who haven't previously and cleverly designed electoral boundaries.

(07:04:30) @VeryBritishView ~shakes head~ With any luck, the next five years will be a transition to something less reactionary (albeit a painful one)

(07:09:22) MT @marcyeats: #FollowNow @syzygyensemble A fantastic, exciting #newmusic from Australia with excellent musicians.

(07:35:57) @LutonOnSunday That surprises me, given the queue outside the polling station in the evening. Maybe people just left it till later! #ge2015

(07:37:22) RT @RyanJohnNelson: This election is a pretty good example of how we construct our Twitter feeds as echo chambers of people who think like โ€ฆ

(09:20:11) RT @TheMichaelMoran: The real message of #GE2015? It's a victory for Maggie. (via @digitalspy)

(11:19:22) Congratulations to @gavinshuker on his success in continuing to represent Luton South as an MP. #GE2015 #GeneralElection2015

(11:34:23) @TheFonzAmundo Me too, sir.. mee tooo! @CherryKaz1

(11:35:40) @Jim_Holder We only ever get to see the cars hurtling off on the telly... (quite safely!) too far from the viewing public! @AndrewJordan77

(15:29:44) @hooker1uk @SlimySnail @2_Wheeled_Wolf @GaymerDawn @and1moremeans5 @muminmeltdown @mumonthebrink @TendreDeal Thanks, chief! You too :)

Tweets for 07 May 2015

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(07:06:34) Thing 1: The only coverage I have seen of this general election has been through the media of political satire. Not sure if that's helped...

(07:07:57) Thing 2: I was asleep within 5 minutes last night. Last thought: trying to remember the Duran Duran side project that wasn't Power Station.

(07:15:16) @HartlandShows Correct, sir. My brain went into shutdown before I could remember! And why? Because of their song "Election Day" :D Morning!

(07:30:00) @Richard_C Yup.. kicking myself, especially since it's Election Day (hence the though process!) ๐Ÿ˜†

(12:44:29) @TheMallLuton Cheers :)

(12:44:46) Oops.. maybe @LutonOnSunday needs to update their picture library ;)

(13:58:10) @EE Hello. No problem - it's this cabinet here:

(13:59:35) @CarolKettley I never don't ;) (Apparently it's an out of date picture and it's been fixed! :D)

(14:43:46) @EE Somewhat presumptuous that only an EE customer would have public safety in mind ;) I have a work EE phone & will deal with it that way!

(15:31:11) @WeWantPlates They may be sweet and potato, but there's no reason they should be in a bucket. On a paddle...

(18:07:52) Yooooouu muuusst vooooooote... #hypnoleaflet

(18:43:22) Quite a few democraciers coming to do a votes today. Some have even travelled by pink scooter. @ Stโ€ฆ

Tweets for 06 May 2015

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(08:22:11) @PontoonDock Morning. It was - a rather nice IRC client :)

(10:55:27) @PontoonDock No worries - it worked really well - the only downside is that it's not accessible for the visually impaired, which isn't great

(12:02:52) @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay totally should. I'd vote for him. Unless it means moving to Hammersmith...

(12:07:35) @LDevelopments Oh lordy.. is that a misplaced apostrophe I see..?

(15:26:27) @Sjluton Good heavens! That needs sorting! :D @LDevelopments

(15:27:16) @TheMallLuton Hello! Is there anything you can do about the spelling mistake & rogue apostrophe in this sign please?

(17:39:12) @EE Hi. Whom do I contact about a T-mobile comms cabinet that's unlocked and the door hanging open? I've wedged it shut for the time being.

Tweets for 05 May 2015

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(08:25:08) Off on a damp day trip to the East End...

(09:49:27) @Tuglets Gertcha! Apples 'n pears! I'm fitting in splendidly...

(09:50:57) @pindippycave Happy birthday anyway :)

(11:25:12) @Tuglets You didn't hear about the Cockney Revolution? It's now a Pearly Republic, but pie & mash remains as good as ever! How's Folkestone?

(11:38:32) @Tuglets Lovely :) Quite breezy here, too, but much less sea air!

(12:12:18) @LumiaHelp Hello! How do I report bugs in my Lumia 1520 phone? I've got rather a marvellous one I'd like someone to see...

(12:17:53) @batwench Hello! May I introduce you to the very amusing Mr @JohnDredge, who needs a Welsh voice for comedy Would you consider such a thing?

(12:19:08) @LumiaHelp Thank you. It's quite simple really.. if I have had bluetooth devices connected, but remove one sometimes the wrong one remains..

(12:20:55) @LumiaHelp the pull down status thingy... please see the example attached (the HS3000 was disconnected)

(12:23:01) @johndredge Ahh.. @batwench is a long way from That London..

(12:49:35) @LumiaHelp Will check and confirm! Just out and about at the mo...

(21:30:09) @CherryKaz1 Thanks lovely! #THRadio

(21:32:24) @paulums Good work, sir! :) @BritishTech

(21:35:05) @CherryKaz1 ooh this is a good version :)

(21:51:54) @CherryKaz1 Liked that James Blunt track ๐Ÿ˜Š #THRadio

Tweets for 04 May 2015

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(10:28:54) @pearcen @paulums I was going to say I did some geocaching just recently on a cycle ride, but it's nearly a month ago already! :D

(10:29:19) @pearcen @paulums Pretty much perfect weather for it, so I might pop out later to see what I can find! Thanks for the inspiration, Paul!

(11:51:00) Gosh.. Thursday's general election is going to be a tough decision for me. I'm torn about whether to vote for Georgia, Lithuania or Armenia.

(11:55:17) @tweeting_frog Either way, the UK isn't going to win *winks*

(13:24:10) @inkyhands "Pick some scissors" .. wow.. that could get complicated..

(13:42:09) @DaylightGambler Lovely blue skies!

(16:37:00) @paulums My goodness.. I've always found puzzle caches to be a big bite.. Worth checking ALL the logs to make sure it's complete! @pearcen

(21:08:24) @pearcen Oh no! I hope you both recover quickly! Something you ate..?

(21:09:28) @sarahjaneuk Such is the celebrity obsession of the media.. there are many touching stories we never hear about. eg

(21:09:51) @tweeting_frog Night! :)

(21:38:21) @pearcen Oh man. Lots of fluids and rest, mate..!

Tweets for 03 May 2015

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(11:21:55) At the top of the hour, the children (and I) take over @MintFM for a couple of hours of mayhem and nonsense - it's Random At Hart! #MintFM

(14:03:08) @GShang Thanks, Geoff! Really appreciate the opportunity to share our Sunday afternoon with you and join in the fun :)

(15:50:34) @TheFonzAmundo Thank you for getting involved this afternoon - you're just the sort of listener radio loves! Thanks for the follow too!

(18:02:16) @dj_frabs @angelcomedy1 @lindafrab Tuned in! While DJ listed the stations so professionally, did @Tuglets say she was "On heat"..? #MintFM

(18:19:39) @dj_frabs @Tuglets @lindafrab To be fair, "Old Sock" really is a stupid name for an album, but @angelcomedy1 kinda set himself up! #MintFM

(18:21:00) @dj_frabs Indeed..I had to google it to make sure though! @angelcomedy1 @lindafrab @Tuglets

(18:56:57) @Tuglets @dj_frabs @lindafrab @angelcomedy1 Great show, guys - and looking forward to hearing from you in the future! Cheers! #MintFM

(19:06:24) @1969Steve Totes tuned in, as the young people say. Innit blud. #MintFM

(19:19:30) @1969Steve South Shields is a lovely seaside town.. I've had some happy times there.. but not on the radio ๐Ÿ˜Š #MintFM

(19:24:04) @1969Steve 12" version? #MintFM

(19:29:13) @1969Steve Level 42 did some love songs. As did Living In A Box (Room in Your Heart). And L'il Louis. Sort of #QuietGubbins #MintFM #L

(19:30:11) @1969Steve Donkey. Donkey dog. Or corgi. Or hot wheels. #FamilyFortunes

(19:32:48) @1969Steve Bonnie Tyler Dog. I mean Husky #MintFM

(19:48:37) @1969Steve Great Dane? (except Scooby doo) #MintFM

(19:50:04) @Tuglets I'd say..! @1969Steve

(19:53:27) @1969Steve Garyhound?

(19:54:10) @1969Steve Bulldog..? bullspit ;) #MintFM

(20:08:36) @1969Steve This is a great tune :) #MintFM

(21:00:09) @shellzenner The bands you see have quite the names! @sexhandsband

(21:45:27) @1969Steve Had to pop away for a bit of Vera (actually a substantial amount) so I have definitely lost Family Fortunes. And at life #MintFM

(21:56:57) @1969Steve Thanks for the show - and the shows! Hope to catch you down the line...

(21:57:28) RT @CalmWaters73: so many mixed emotions, less than 5 minutes to the last hour of MintFM, please join us. #fb

(21:57:56) @1969Steve PS I've not forgotten about the voicers.. hopefully tomorrow!: )

(22:04:02) Joining @CalmWaters73, @GShang and @clairebland1 for a poignant final hour of @MintFM. #MintFM

(22:39:46) @clairebland1 @CalmWaters73 @GShang @MintFM Ha! It was a bit fraught in the studio before the show.. the kids were in their green room,:D

(23:00:38) @clairebland1 @CalmWaters73 @GShang @MintFM A wonderful choice of final song. It has been a true privilege working with you. To the future!x

Tweets for 02 May 2015

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(07:58:36) @johannariley Boom boom! (basil brush?) :D

(09:21:14) Listening to @Dreamy_lyrics playing some splendid Finnish music as part of @MintFM's birthday weekend #MintFM

(09:31:53) I would add that @Dreamy_lyrics's #MintFm show is a bit on the parental advisory side.. earbuds only if children are around, I'd say!

(16:19:40) And the awards for quirkiest stairlift and most unusual use for a cardboard cut-out policeman go to...

(18:47:38) @fridgemagnet2 I hope you mean 1 dimensional (sounds a bit flat) as opposed to a certain boyband.. @nxmee

(18:48:14) @johnny_winter I also challenge the "turned into" bit.. t'was ever so!

(18:51:02) @HartlandShows Sorry for my latitude - I've been out for much of the day! Good to hear you back in the old country! #MintFM

(18:51:15) RT @clairebland1: At the top of the hour, I will be live with the last opening of the Vault on Mint FM #MintFM

(19:00:52) @HartlandShows Great to hear you - it was good to ChooChoon-in #MintFM

(19:10:49) @clairebland1 Hello to me! #MintFM

(19:11:17) @blindmanonair Am I not following you?

(19:14:12) @clairebland1 Thank you for having me in your vault! #MintFM

(19:17:11) @clairebland1 Pronounced "May Grehh" growling the "R"

(20:25:55) @clairebland1 You had me at "I am writing on behalf of my sink" :D

(20:37:22) @clairebland1 For some inexplicable reason, I have the Crazy Frog CD. It's full of stuff like this. Doesn't get played very often ;) #MintFM


(20:51:04) @manytypesoftea You're a silent alien? There are films about that sort of thing...

(20:56:25) @clairebland1 Good choice for a closing song! Thanks for the tunes and for the laughs :) #MintFM

(21:01:40) RT @MintFM: On now: Mac's Country Folk with Eamonn MacNeill (final). Tune in and listen at #MintFM

Tweets for 01 May 2015

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(18:42:22) @CarolKettley Thanks CK! :) @wolfman77777 @milkys_place @platinummind @PerfectPenis_CB @CrazzzyKen @keenanc77 @SueWWLeader @_arunkr_ @BBC0ck

(18:43:18) @SamandaFord69 @jen_jones31 @claresonnenburg @Carlton_Manor1 @alerterblog @TeresasStone @marshawright Hugs and splendidness to you! #FF

(22:30:49) @nickwallis NBH is part of BH. OBH is also part of BH, as well as the Peel Wing, which used to be Egton House. NBH and OBH join in 2 places.

(22:32:28) @nickwallis It'sl ike

(22:33:07) @nickwallis Except it's wrong.. please see my later tweet (it's been 3 years!)

(22:35:33) @nickwallis They shouldn't, really... it's just that the NBH section dominates the two other buildings, in a Death Star way.

(22:42:06) @nickwallis That said, Peel Wing was built as part of the NBH project, and OBH was refurbished a little before, so it's all quite 'new' :)

(22:46:42) @nickwallis I just couldn't help myself, sorry! (brings back a few memories. Mainly of glass-walled meeting rooms!)

Tweets for 30 Apr 2015

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(12:06:50) Is the phrase "All mouth and trousers" or "All mouth and ~no~ trousers"..? I just want to know if I need to wear trousers.

(13:08:04) @Stenbird I utterly couldn't agree in the slightest bit more.

(14:57:29) @johndredge Dennis?

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