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Tweets for 29 Apr 2015

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(09:36:13) I don't believe I spend enough time being a perpetual voyeur of what is known as "Parklife."

(10:56:55) @tiggerai GO YOU (kip) ;)

(10:57:28) @cyberdonkey (hopefully the gap was long enough), Kip ;)

Tweets for 28 Apr 2015

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(08:47:03) @johndredge Always welcome, chief! :)

(08:49:52) Happy #EdBalls day.

(10:43:40) @125f8 0.51 secs is my record ;)

(10:43:57) I won "Ed Balls Teaches Typing" in 0.51 seconds! My rating: "ED BALLS!" http://t.co/mflMX0r7S4 #EdBalls

(11:04:01) @125f8 With a proper keyboard.. you, sir, have done well!

(11:05:07) @SheleileighLaw Heh. Only a bit :D Comes from one of our MPs whose first tweet was simply his own name :D https://t.co/PmatocoTnq #EdBalls

(11:11:10) @125f8 Heh cool! :D

(12:02:25) @fridgemagnet2 Welk indedd

(12:05:24) Celebrate #EdBallsDay with a personalised card to a loved one or politician! @ThePoke #EdBalls http://t.co/SRSHg6G9bu

(12:38:24) @fridgemagnet2 Bwahahahahaha! @Mad4mogzz

(12:38:48) Kudos, by the way, to @RobJD for the personalised card genius :)

(19:56:02) @justmeDee0 YAY! :)

(19:56:35) I'll vote for you.

(19:59:12) @cyberdonkey I'm talking to you.

(21:08:04) @fridgemagnet2 That's a shame. I'm off to the church hall for an exit poll...

Tweets for 27 Apr 2015

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(07:10:16) Catching up with @txfactorshows - a series of very high quality programmes about amateur radio. They're a good watch.

(10:18:19) @_walkingdread @brennig Oh my..!

(10:18:49) @PrincessBagel This is communing with nature. I applaud it.

(10:19:14) @Fi79 Hello you :)

(12:52:56) @slandi @sm2n Oh that is smooth.. I like the little breaks. Quite a dark production..

(13:45:09) @gugucachoo Where on earth are you..?

(13:45:54) @gugucachoo Goodness me..! It's nearly May an' all! :)

(20:40:59) @lazyfoodielady Oh that is fantastic! *applauds*

(20:41:23) @batwench? https://t.co/6aAkU4TIgn

(20:42:18) RT @MintFM: At the top of the hour join @1969Steve in his House of Fun for the last time on http://t.co/f7RYdHtPCi #HouseOfFun #MintFM

Tweets for 26 Apr 2015

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(15:40:06) @sm2n @slandi Ahh yes - some classics there!

(15:41:39) @fridgemagnet2 Simply not good enough. 😉

(15:43:01) @fridgemagnet2 Gosh yes - hope you're back rampaging soon, @womblegirl

(16:28:25) @birdfortytwo I have a real fondness for the Donna episodes.

(17:49:08) @fridgemagnet2 That is a bit of a damp afternoon out, to be fair...

Tweets for 25 Apr 2015

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(12:59:08) @Faulko1 Cheers, dude! Happy sunny Saturday to you! @andrewstonell1 @SwanLavenham @turrell87 @ChelseaB12345 @jodys12

(14:25:06) @slandi Ooh.. not yet but I will! Cheers :) @sm2n @JMJarre

Tweets for 24 Apr 2015

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(09:31:58) @karenjeynes That is just lovely. Sounds Italian. And had a hit single with "Torn" in 1997.

(09:32:52) @karenjeynes No worries :) My response was eminently ephemeral :)

(10:47:41) @karenjeynes The English language has such luxuriant diversions :)

(10:49:34) @spookyjulie WOW! @coxchat is a legend! :)

(10:50:14) @brennig Is it tho?

(20:20:23) @CarolKettley Thank you so so much! #FF Happy weekendings

(20:25:13) The phrase "bear with me" originally comes from the phrase "I've got a bear with me."

(20:44:16) @DeeSelected I'm fairly sure it isn't true. More accurately I will never be allowed to work for Wikipedia (again?) 😉

(20:44:45) @CarolKettley Yoo too!

(22:09:37) @GHOGIT Now you've discovered the naked truth...

Tweets for 23 Apr 2015

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(07:32:35) Is it just me, or does #Luton smell a bit funny today?

(07:45:21) @lloydbayley Hahaha! touché, sir! (new shower gel, to be fair, so who knows?) 😆

(07:48:17) @lloydbayley True - but can you believe my last one had kelp in it. Seriously. Kelp? Who domes up with these concoctions..?

(08:10:08) @SamandaFord69 @jen_jones31 @claresonnenburg @BurgyUK @stewylee @Mx5man4 @GabyStarbuck Oooo zippy! :D A Happy St George's Day to you too!

(08:10:33) @Wymroyal We musn't be upwind of you then :D

(08:10:43) @lloydbayley !!! :D

(09:19:56) @TomCampbell Supernintendo Chalmers!

(09:28:29) @SamandaFord69 Gets a big thumbs up from me! :) All these patron saints and their violent tendancies :D #StGeorgesDay

(15:03:34) @vobes Perfect! Watch out for the gulls, though! They'll have them!

(15:24:30) @CherryKaz1 So far! :) Although it's quite overcast here in Luton :D

(15:24:55) @Faulko1 Except running out of petrol ;)

(17:36:19) @SheleileighLaw No idea what it was
... muck spreading for St George's day? 😆

Tweets for 22 Apr 2015

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(19:31:51) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am! #midweek @NealMartin10 @platinummind @CrazzzyKen @LiffeyGirly @wolfman77777 @AlecTomasso @keenanc77 @chalkie31

(20:22:25) @CarolKettley I'm a bit worn out.. lots going on (but plenty of opportunity to learn) You?

(20:28:01) @birdfortytwo Woaaahhh there. I always have the jelly ones first and the cube ones last. What you are saying is disruptive & revolutionary!

(20:34:59) @birdfortytwo A very capable idea. Or we could just swap jelly for cubes #dollylessofamixture

(22:02:05) @birdfortytwo Oh you can keep those ones :D

Tweets for 21 Apr 2015

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(09:20:00) Special characters. Lovely.

(09:28:21) @lloydbayley Hahahaha! Maybe.. certainly as much of a challenge when choosing passwords :D

(11:11:23) @lloydbayley That's a splendidly useful tool - that does the vulnerabilities checks, too, doesn't it? :)

(22:07:35) I can't work out if there's an owl or an idiot outside...

Tweets for 20 Apr 2015

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(09:00:08) @Abigailwhiting2 That's kinda nice for a Monday morning? (Or does that make me a weirdo :D)

(09:02:01) @Abigailwhiting2 That's the spirit! Do you work in a big office? I see loads of people I kind-of half recognise.. nice to break the ice :)

(09:07:51) @Abigailwhiting2 Must be a bit odd! We also have a tiny kitchen, which means loads of us end up in there like getting stuck in a lift :D

(10:55:43) An idea: anyone who doesn't register to vote gets their vote distributed to pre-schools in that constituency for 2-4 year olds to choose.

(10:56:57) Happy birthday to the fantastic, epic and generally uber-talented @kyleswager!

(11:10:21) @VeryBritishView The understanding wouldn't change, but that, I think, would be the point (to be honest, I haven't thought it through :D)

(11:11:08) @mrs_forky Indeed. I wonder if it might, just, add a deterrent quality that would mean someone would vote to reduce the risk..? :D

(11:11:49) @CherryKaz1 Good afternoon, my sniffly friend! :)

(11:12:11) I do like the word 'realm'.

(11:29:26) @VeryBritishView Heh.. true! :D

(11:29:41) @CherryKaz1 I'm about 82% splendid, thank you! :) x

(11:48:55) @tweeting_frog It's something of a satire - if the voter can't be bothered to register, give it to a 2-4 year old who hasn't got a clue :D

(11:49:26) @mrs_forky Oh what a wonderful bonus educational benefit! See.. this is all coming together with ingenious ides like yours! :)

(11:49:35) @CherryKaz1 It wants to go back to bed :D

(11:53:31) @tweeting_frog Well, even worse: there are folks who are so apathetic that they can't even be bothered to do something a preschooler can!

(11:57:27) @tweeting_frog My wife works at a pre-school.. just say the word, Clare ;) @clairerandall


(12:55:16) @HartlandShows It's putting on quite a display #MoulinRouge

(12:55:28) @RobJD *le baffled*

(13:04:17) @fridgemagnet2 ES IS NON PARQUET.

(13:07:11) Also, I'm getting increasingly irked by Microsoft Office's informal tone. Enough to make me vote for a preschooler. http://t.co/0NekQJl2ii

(13:13:21) @millstonebarn Man that's annoying. Apparently it was a change to Normal.dot by some naughty foreign document :D

(13:13:42) @fridgemagnet2 Something to do with flooring. How are you by the way?

(13:46:06) @fridgemagnet2 Eugh. Fromage's face. you did indeed... and I didn't email you back because I'm of very poor quality. Sorry!

(13:49:49) @celestecruz Afternoon / Morning! :)

(13:50:12) @MelenieFW Front / Rear speaker settings ahoy! :D

(13:51:31) @brennig I'm not entirely sure "Departure Lounge" is much better.. https://t.co/8TIVVMMmtL

Tweets for 19 Apr 2015

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(07:45:41) @syzygyensemble RT @Fearnoid: Working with syzygy for the time being for some chill sessions.

(07:48:08) @ClockworkKriss A world I know all too well; I often can't keep up with Twitter, and I'm not on as often as I used to be 😊 Have a great day!

(15:25:21) I made this squirrel drop the nut he was eating to take this photo. Can't think he was all that… https://t.co/hDnm1MF4Ar

(16:32:58) @ellewadding I realise that now... 😆

Tweets for 18 Apr 2015

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(08:51:38) Hoping to catch up with @sm2n and @perrygascoine for Record Store Day 2015 at David's Music, Letchworth. Live music and EVERYTHING #RSD15

(08:51:52) @LizzyWelshCake nooo! Back to bed with you!

(08:52:10) Suppose I'd better get the housework finished, then..

(08:52:23) @ngyt_uk Smashing it? That sounds messy ;)

(08:52:51) @LizzyWelshCake Ha! I've been up for 2 1/2 hours :p

(08:53:07) @tweeting_frog And to you - sunny here, but not warm. Just how I like it :D

(08:53:36) @ngyt_uk See, @poots and I don't really talk any more ;)

(08:53:58) @LizzyWelshCake Ooh dirty stopout/in!

(08:55:57) @poots Congratulations on making it this far! :D @ngyt_uk

(08:57:03) @LizzyWelshCake Well I hope you've got a cup of tea and no plans for the rest of the morning! :)

(08:58:26) @ngyt_uk Heehee! Cheers :) I hope you're having a wonderful morning, and that the NGYT crew are doing you proud! :) @poots

(09:01:01) @manytypesoftea You've been talking continuously for 10 minutes? :D

(09:04:58) @manytypesoftea I can't remember if I've heard it or not. You should SO go on @audioBoom or @VoiceBo :)

(09:05:47) @ajlanghorn @PiccadillyRecs Good grief! :D

(11:17:29) @ClockworkKriss Afternoon. I'm in pretty fine fettle, cheers. How about you?

(14:50:16) Apparently I've got a sunburned forehead :D

(14:50:34) RT @simonmhickson: Ok. 4pm. Pic going up at 4pm. Let's RT for 12 mins and see what we can do. #strangenessinspace https://t.co/CrPvebo2iH

(16:33:01) @brennig Thank you very much, dear pal! :) I'm blessed to have a @poots

(16:33:55) @buffylive1968 I think you should try choosing welding music instead. I'm sure it's not that much different, but a more limited choice ;)

(16:34:28) @SheleileighLaw Lovely day for it!

(17:53:17) A recording from #RSD15 at David's Music, Letchworth https://t.co/wKaxNkwcHx

(21:57:05) "Good result, Vera."

(21:58:07) @DeeSelected lovely!

(21:58:14) RT @DeeSelected: Forget-me-nots: beautiful at the moment. http://t.co/siZrRep9JN

Tweets for 17 Apr 2015

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(06:54:42) @JQP74 Happy Friday indeed 😊

(07:16:30) @ian262 Oooh.. I'm thinking that the length of the shrift you would get would be somewhat limited.. :D

(07:18:47) @DVVHolland Yeey!

(08:29:17) @ian262 :D

(13:54:51) @ajlanghorn I have no idea... can you redirect me to what that means, please?

(14:39:03) Why on earth do I have "This time we'll get it right" by the England 1982 World Cup Squad rattling around my head? #Baffling @brainitch

(15:37:48) @sm2n I hope there is one left with yoyr name on it! @perrygascoine

(16:37:32) @fridgemagnet2 I think our minds are revolting.

(19:08:30) @Sk287 That's lovely to hear - sounds like you've been having a tough time of it! x

(19:53:22) @Sk287 And now it's the weekend, so let the fun begin! :)

(19:55:40) @1969Steve Just having a quick listen to Living in the 980s or something :D #MintFM

(19:56:18) @1969Steve Hahahaahhahahaahha! you played the original D #MintFM

(19:57:13) @1969Steve I'm glad you packed it up, packed it in & let this begin.. #MintFM (Are you playing this off a flexidisc from a box of cheerios?)

(19:57:57) @sm2n Ooh yes.. that makes sense! @perrygascoine @davewitchalls

(19:59:53) @karaokequeen85 Heehee :D There were indeed some good songs in the 1990s.. some :D @1969Steve

Tweets for 16 Apr 2015

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(06:46:45) @Saint_Magnus Happy St Magnus' day! :)

(09:24:26) @PlainTalkingHR And the same to you.. I quite like it cool! :)

(09:33:18) @shellzenner Additional or replacement? I'd hope the former (I happen to like the one you've got)

(09:37:57) @manytypesoftea I have the same thing with Hucknall.

(19:35:58) @foscam Hello. We've had a Chrome update here in the UK and our Foscam FI9821W cameras no longer work.. please help!

(22:08:39) @foscam Will do - thank you ! :) #foscam

(22:31:31) @skullfunkerry May I have a quote please? I've got some soffits that need replacing, and I'm not even sure what they are.

(22:48:08) @skullfunkerry Thank you. That is strangely reassuring...

Tweets for 15 Apr 2015

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(10:17:54) @Tuglets The only old buffer I know how to dismiss is @dj_frabs ;) @CherryKaz1

(10:43:08) @Tuglets I apologise to dear old @dj_frabs :) @CherryKaz1

(11:16:53) @CherryKaz1 Doing a bit of stealth listening :) #THRadio

(11:19:49) @CherryKaz1 I'm having my boring usual pasty and soup and a pink lady apple :)

(11:25:22) @CherryKaz1 Just a boring one from Tesco :D And some minestrone soup.. mini strainy more like :D LOVE this song :) #THRadio

(16:35:07) It's been quite a day. Which is an anagram of "It's been a quiet day" but means entirely the opposite.

(16:38:35) @CarolKettley When I've finished this meeting :D Hope all's well in your life #sunshine

(18:35:51) @IPTechShark That is NEVER a thing..?!

(21:22:22) @1969Steve Is it Belgians? #SchoolsOut #MintFM

(21:22:56) @1969Steve Evenin' Stevenin'. Still having a listen #MintFM #RightHashtag

(21:23:42) @1969Steve Oh my days. #MintFM

(21:29:31) @1969Steve Is it a bicyclylcyle? #MintFM #SchoolsOut

(21:37:32) @1969Steve I used to have this on Now 8 :D

(21:46:22) @1969Steve Seriously..? Is there still autotune? And this appears only to have two notes in the melody. Not a fan, I'm afraid #MintFM

(21:47:09) @1969Steve I thought for one beautiful moment it had finished :D #MintFM

(21:47:33) @CarolKettley Night, ma'am :0

(21:59:49) @1969Steve Oh fantastically edited doughnut! #MintFM

(22:00:26) @SazJayney Ey up? :D

(22:09:45) @1969Steve Frankie, Huey, Jennifer (and UNNECESSARY cover version by bloody Dion) ... don't know any more #LovePower #MintFM

Tweets for 14 Apr 2015

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(08:56:41) Morning. I'm on an Economy Class conference call - just like cattle class flights include a crying child, so does this call :D

(08:57:18) RT @wykefarms: RT to #win this delicious @WindyridgeCheez 'blended' cheese in our #FreeCheeseFriday® #competition this week http://t.co/04r…

(10:32:23) @dellama Oh.. I'd forgotten about them! We get them occasionally, too :)

(10:33:09) @tweeting_frog It's all over bar the shouting(!) so peace returnns..! And good morning to you too :)

(13:09:24) @GHOGIT I try to sob quietly.. :D

(13:23:31) @SheleileighLaw Morning ma'am :)

(14:27:00) @SheleileighLaw YEAHHH! *gurgles politely*

(15:46:27) @SazJayney And a darn good night's sleep, I hope :)

(16:06:11) RT @Dreamy_lyrics: Progress Bar will progress to 100% today at 7pm UK on http://t.co/LN8sJz8DSu

(16:21:38) @DigitalAmoeba Patent trolls are a subspecies that few know about, but I hope will be judged according to what they have given to the world.

(18:24:14) Tuned in to the wonderful @Dreamy_lyrics on #MintFM for some Progress Bar action. Funky.

(18:25:43) @Dreamy_lyrics Flankooo!

(18:34:55) @Dreamy_lyrics This is splendid music for a Tuesday evening :)

(18:41:18) @Dreamy_lyrics Perfect for dusk on a spring evening :) #MintFM

(19:14:27) @1969Steve Evening Mister. I'm having a perfect year. Haven't heard this Samumba song in years..! #THRadi

(19:16:19) @1969Steve Keep playing the pop tunes..! I don't want a rock DJ.. #THRadio

(19:17:05) @louisejonesjbj A biggy or a littly?

(19:27:01) @1969Steve TUUUNEE! Is this really 15 years old? And can you believe Daphne & @celestecruz have got a new song out..? YAY! #THRadio

(19:28:30) @1969Steve Pingpong! #THRadio

(19:31:06) @1969Steve Yes, it was a cover version (not at all embarrassed about my extensive knowledge of D&C) and U.G.L.Y (you ain't got no alibi :D)

(19:33:27) @1969Steve Oh this is bloody shhhhh-ocking. "To the sounds of a guitar (played with very little effort) by Carlos Satan" #THRadio #notafan

(19:38:47) @1969Steve Could you play Kids by Kylie & Jason.. I mean Robert.. or Black Coffee by Allsaints please. and yay for D&C's new one! #THRadio

(19:40:52) @1969Steve it's Janet Ellis's car fsced daughter! #THRadio

(19:41:07) @1969Steve Or cat faced. Up to you.

(19:45:52) @1969Steve It's Brian Adams knock-offs Lonestar :D You can sing "Everything I do" over this.. #THRadio

(19:52:43) @1969Steve Cheers Steve. This is filth and I love it #THRadio

(20:19:25) @1969Steve Ahh the bloke from The Verve... I get him mixed up with Ian Brown from The Stone Roses #THRadio (& I never really rated 1960 :D)

(20:24:18) @1969Steve ohhh yes this was played all the time on commercial radio... the height of UK (twostep) garage... #THRadio

(20:37:08) @1969Steve Just been looking up the Eurovision winners from 2000, but it was Denmark and a bit bleh, so I won't request it :D #THRadio

(20:39:28) @1969Steve No laughing from me- this is a lot better than some of the stuff from 2000. If Becky'd requested Bob the Builder, mind.. #THRadio

(20:44:29) @1969Steve Thank you! Love the bass on this song.. one of William Orbit's best pop productions :) #THRadio

(21:01:52) @1969Steve Great show - thank you! #THRadio

(21:10:41) @CherryKaz1 I'm tuned in... and partial to a mug of peppermint tea, I'm afraid ;) #THRadio

Tweets for 13 Apr 2015

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(10:55:03) @brennig Like I'm German...

(11:17:42) @missmayawolff Would you consider this Chillstep? https://t.co/us4YJS2kKt - it's kinda my first attempt :D

(11:18:56) @Fi79 I spent my teenage years in Bexhill On Sea.. I can assure you it's hard to tell :D (What does #pof mean?)

(11:20:50) @Fi79 Ahhh :) Thank you! I don't know much about that sort of thing. How's it going?

(11:25:38) @Fi79 Ahh.. gotcha. Funnily enough, I find (geography aside) Twitter to be the way to meet the most interesting people...

(11:26:57) @neilcochrane1 And @GettHealtthy has over 5000 followers..! How..? :D

(11:32:17) @neilcochrane1 That's normal, I think - @shwood did that to me too ;)

(11:42:17) @neilcochrane1 Worked, though... :D

(12:37:28) @ellewadding Everyone's a Winner is by Hot Chocolate :p @Chocohalix

(13:08:22) @brennig This is truly delicious. I'm struggling to work out how the logic comes together, but 14th August is the best answer I have so far.

(13:08:29) @brennig Or 16th July. Blehhhh.

(13:28:07) @brennig Ah yes of course.. because it's the only ~month~ with two options.. :)

(13:28:22) RT @brennig: Simple maths question set to Singaporean/ASEAN schoolchildren.

(14:22:56) @PrincessBagel Ha! #TheBeast indeed :D

(19:45:18) @Superblouse That's a great thing :)

(21:56:41) I'm impressed with the time & effort @nxmee puts into writing, recording & producing #TheIdiotBox with his pal Andrew http://t.co/8nsskcAcuX

Tweets for 12 Apr 2015

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(06:08:20) @intlBeige Despite the lack of space and headspace, you still have the talent and voice. I hope there will be a return. You rock, sir.

(07:23:26) @debsylee Morning, ma'am!

(07:24:27) @platinummind Heh cool! Just one step away from seeing your boss ~auditioning~ for BGT 😆

(07:24:53) @wkdstepmother Morning 😊 Sounds great!

(07:26:07) @TomCoronel Morning! I was always intrigued - how does one remember ~all~ the turns on Nurburgring? There are so many!

(07:26:57) @SheleileighLaw oooooh. Are you going for a chemical or physical resolution?

(08:55:03) @TomCoronel love it!

(13:54:34) @birdfortytwo It's a catchy name... ;)

(14:13:05) @SheleileighLaw Gah! Hope the plumber can sort it once and for all..!

(14:13:49) @birdfortytwo I will treasure it (and discreetly dispose of the associated dessert product)

(16:14:37) @perrygascoine @sm2n I can do either of those provisional timings subject to Beth being home in time :)

(16:34:48) @diddlysquit1 Gosh! I never had an etch-a-sktech of my own..

(16:36:50) @diddlysquit1 Woahhh.. that's some skillz! Personally, I have a hankering for a Speak & Spell right now...

(16:37:55) @Barlie40 Thank you! I've been doing much of the relaxing today, so hope to continue it to this evening. Enjoy the springtime! :)

(16:39:18) @Barlie40 Ahhh no! Hope it arrives soon!

(16:41:33) @diddlysquit1 Oh it's an electronical toy from my childhood! http://t.co/TK978nB71n

(16:58:06) @diddlysquit1 We had one at our primary school - so, so rarely had the chance to play with it (the batteries ran out too quickly, I think!)

(17:03:21) @diddlysquit1 Ahh yes, but with five of us, we were very grateful for what we had :)

(17:58:00) @PeterBluemler C60 cassette..? C90 was better value ;)

(18:02:47) @HartlandShows Blimey.. a bit of a #Eurovision-y start! Greetings :) #THRadio

(18:31:39) @HartlandShows You're welcome, Darren.

(18:35:35) @HartlandShows Tuuuune! Holy crap you can hear the broadcast compression on this one Reverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb

(18:36:21) @CherryKaz1 You say that.. I can barely listen to this ;) #typicalman @HartlandShows #THRadio

(18:41:20) @emsquare_d Interesting! And I hadn't realised he was married to Claudia Brücken...

(19:12:10) @PeterBluemler Hahaha! "how many mp3s is that..?" 😆

(19:12:27) @emsquare_d She is a remarkable woman.

(19:12:58) @HartlandShows What's this drivel? #THRadio

(19:13:37) @HartlandShows have you finished already..? #peakedtoosoon #THRadio

(19:14:29) @DeanOrmond There is no excuse for the phrase "Let's have a bit of Phil Collins". Although this is the best thing he ever did. glorious. 12"

(19:15:31) @DeanOrmond Made all the better (or, indeed, tolerable) for having Peter Gabriel on backing vocals. What a singer.

(19:17:24) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I refer you to the Peter Gabriel comment. And I ran out of characters to include the word "solo" :D @DeanOrmond

(19:18:58) @HartlandShows I now have no idea what I'm listening to... Is this your attempt to multitask? ;) #threeshowsatonce #THRadio #takemehome

(19:19:36) @prc320 Ha! @HartlandShows

(19:22:59) @andytuk good heavens! :D

(19:24:13) RT @1969Steve: The Quiet Zone is now live on http://t.co/f4fxYXyFTG with a quiz, The Story Lady and great music! #MintFM

(19:24:43) @1969Steve Tuning in... lots of potty mouth on the other side ;) #MintFM

(19:27:45) @treehouse_radio Totally agree; Georgia entry for #Eurovision2015 is the best song called Warrior in this year's contest ;) Is this Busted?

(19:33:07) @1969Steve Perfect for a Sunday evening 😊 #MintFM

(19:45:55) @1969Steve Is it F - the annual detangling of my leg hair? #MintFm

(19:47:52) @CalmWaters73 I'll be honest - don't tell @1969Steve - but I got distracted and didn't listen to the question ;)

(19:50:07) @1969Steve struggling to remember which Elvis song that is.. #MintFM

(19:51:58) RT @johannariley: Just missed a pass #ISS :(( BUT!!! there is another at 22.17.... look west!

(19:52:03) @johannariley Cooool!

(19:52:53) @1969Steve Love me tender! tenderise me, love. One of the two.

(20:04:44) @1969Steve Oh crap.. sorry.. Meant to DM you...

(20:08:45) @1969Steve I loved the music of Imagination. #Mintfm

(20:14:47) @CalmWaters73 Me too.. or is it just an illusion? ;) @1969Steve #MintFM

(20:16:46) @1969Steve Aled Jones next week then? #MintFM

(20:21:45) @1969Steve A

(20:40:07) @1969Steve 1901 #MintFM

(21:33:49) @1969Steve Absolutely love that Quiet Zone sung jingle :) :) #MintFM

(21:39:07) @1969Steve C #MintFM

(21:39:25) @1969Steve C for CLUCK! :D #MintFM

(21:45:09) @1969Steve Woo! Cheers :) #MintFM

(21:45:21) @clairebland1 Thanks, Claire :) :) @1969Steve

(22:00:00) @1969Steve Thanks for a great show, Steve! :)

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(11:01:46) @sm2n @perrygascoine I'm fairly free - perhaps afternoon/early evening?

(11:45:30) @perrygascoine @sm2n Cool.. should be fine!

(11:49:14) @buffylive1968 Just tuned in.. is that you?!

(11:49:53) @BuffyLive1968 Any time to play me something springy and bouncy, please? Have you got Sweet Like Chocolate (spread)? #THRadio

(11:50:25) @buffylive1968 I'm 35% splendid, thank you! :) gonna get some fresh air in a bit, I think, to top up my splendiditude. How's you?

(11:52:40) @buffylive1968 HURRAH! :) Thank you! :) #THRadio

(12:00:36) @buffylive1968 Thanks for the show - and sorry for turning up so late! :) :) #THRadio

(12:02:31) @Faulko1 It's 2015... @beachofficial

(20:02:30) @sm2n Yes, it would appear so. Does it suit you? @perrygascoine

(20:03:24) @CarolKettley Hi! Thank you for the shoutout 😊

(20:55:01) @sm2n I'll confirm with Beth (she's out at the moment) but for the time being, that sounds great. @perrygascoine

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(11:16:04) @Tactless_Blonde @bathcat Pretty long dead, too, I'd say...

(11:16:46) @DarrenGriffin Good idea.. I've got a raspberry pi with camera to do such things.. kinda handy!

(11:18:18) @bowbrick Oooh! :)

(11:18:59) @lloydbayley Badum tish! :)

(11:36:56) @lloydbayley Brought a smile to my face!

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(15:59:45) I found Planes, Trains and Automobiles (End Game) (http://t.co/w1WruBEeg7). #cgeo #geocaching

(20:36:31) My evening has been somewhat redefined by a raspberry pi which appears to have gone evil. Time to try a different SD card...

(22:01:35) @slandi I think I corrupted the SD card when I had to pull the power ... oops!

(22:02:08) @sarahjaneuk Yup.. that seems to be the problem in this case - it's mashed up the SD card, so needs a full re-install. Oops..!

(22:02:30) @johnny_winter Oooh! A Johnny Winter Recommendation. I shall have a listerrrn!

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(09:08:21) @MagicOxygen Morning :) I'm tuned in! (hello if you're live)

(09:14:06) @MagicOxygen Is it appropriate to be listening while still in my dressing gown? :)

(09:15:27) @MagicOxygen I guess "jaundice" comes from the french "jaune" which is.. yellow.

(09:27:38) @MagicOxygen HUZZAH! *raises a mug of something appropriate for the time of day*

(09:27:57) @MagicOxygen I am indeed.. especially since I managed to miss Simply Red ;)

(09:29:21) Just renewed the cert for my SSL site.. always the risk of turbulence, but it seemed to go OK. I like @startssl - it's effective and free.

(09:39:45) @MagicOxygen woahh! Cool!

(09:40:41) @MagicOxygen Have you ever read an article in a mainstream paper on a subject you're expert in and thought "that's nonsense!" I have...

(09:42:13) @MagicOxygen ..and yet millions read it as fact.. @ scary amount of unjustified credibility they have - don't believe everything you read!

(09:43:27) @MagicOxygen I saw a Little Free Library in Detroit! https://t.co/3C0XsMXAfo

(09:44:11) RT @lymesimon: Broadcasting in our DGs. Oh yes, that's the way to do it! http://t.co/yIoKYq8cyH

(09:44:22) @MagicOxygen Lookin' classy! @lymesimon

(09:52:49) RT @HumbersPreserve: At stockwood park today 11am-4.30pm loads of things to do and great preserves too http://t.co/RthD0TFwbX

(09:54:56) @sweden Especially since, as well as being a literary core to the community, it can be a haven of peace for abused and sad children.

(09:56:10) @MagicOxygen These #sixwordstories are fantastic!

(17:31:47) I want to buy an ice cream van, just so it can play the Keyboard Cat song.

(17:34:21) @dellama It happens a lot, apparently.. :/ https://t.co/bX1J6Wxzfe

(17:36:31) @VanCommander Woahh. *wanders off shaking my head* @YPLAC @ParkingWankers

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(08:09:45) @marcyeats @syzygyensemble :)

(09:17:52) @johannariley What a git.

(09:30:50) @johannariley It's sad that someone can remove joy from people's lives without a second thought. I hope you find someone else just as lovely

(09:31:02) @johannariley *somewhere (!)

(10:15:56) @webziggy Oh dear. Potty mouth and up its own posterior. And that's just the article about Jay Z.

(10:17:34) Morning. One of those Bank Holidays where I find myself pottering.. uploading recordings from the US to Freesound & ironing.. #GoodFriday

(10:20:59) RT @nxmee: Entering the BIOS http://t.co/lgpbf5uOXE

(10:49:38) @buffylive1968 morning 😊 yeah, not bad thank you... fairly chilled out Friday :) How about you?

(12:23:55) @Tuglets Ha! When I've finished my lot's I'll make a start on yours ;)

(12:24:08) @Tuglets And good afternoon and a happy Good Friday to you and Kinsey!

(12:31:25) @Tuglets I have downloaded the entire BBC just in case :D

(12:53:41) @Tuglets plenty to entertain on a Bank Holiday!

(13:52:50) @slandi Good Friday to you. Wishing you well this Eastertide @macolgan @mcfontaine @sm2n @topgold @Omaniblog @ernmander @turbostream @R2UK

(14:07:38) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am! Wishing you a blessed and fun long weekend :) x

(14:08:16) @topgold I was in Detroit on business (I work for GM, so visited their head office at the Renaissance Center).. seemed fun to go to hockey!

(14:08:36) @sm2n Commemorating, I'd say. @slandi @macolgan @mcfontaine @topgold @Omaniblog @ernmander @turbostream @R2UK

(14:10:52) @sm2n It's a solemnity at church :D Solemn commemoration! @slandi @macolgan @mcfontaine @topgold @Omaniblog @ernmander @turbostream @R2UK

(22:06:05) @macolgan And to you! We've been practising hymns for Sunday! :) @slandi @mcfontaine @sm2n @topgold @Omaniblog @ernmander @turbostream @R2UK

(22:59:54) God bless everyone who's working in a call centre tonight. I've spoken to some very helpful people over the past couple of days.

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(08:55:36) Scurrilous misinformation! #AprilFools

(13:28:53) Here's a new comedy sketch by @johndredge https://t.co/J2TRyy4uXd IT'S EASTERY!

(18:18:01) I fancy a frisson for tea.

(20:22:53) @clairebland1 Oh no.. what a shame.. I shall try and catch the show next week :) I'll catch up with @1969Steve's Living In The 80s #MintFM

(20:59:35) @lynnjaneb Night, ma'am :)

(21:30:35) I wish they did humourist weddings when I got married...

(21:32:18) @nejomo Does that make you the winner? :D

(21:42:07) @poots True, true! :)

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(09:01:58) This morning I have mainly been badly translated from the original Croatian.

(09:02:57) @sportmadchick I'd not realised Syzygy was a computer game.. I was aware that it's a word tile game (a bit like Scrabble!) @Sy7ygy

(09:53:57) @Sy7ygy @sportmadchick O COOL! (I loved Unreal Tournament back in the day..!)

(12:38:51) @ajlanghorn For me too http://t.co/r9NNMcJN1c

(12:41:39) RT @Number10cat: Every MP in the country lost their job last night. They only get reemployed if you say so. Your vote is precious; make the…

(12:42:49) @diddlysquit1 @artistsmakers And indeed, the remarkable hit "Keep your Eye On Me" in 1987..

(12:59:25) @diddlysquit1 That song and Peek A Boo by Souxsie & the Banshees were very refreshing alternatives to the pap that was out! @artistsmakers

(17:25:28) @johndredge How risqué.

(17:29:07) At the top of the hour (7pm UK time) it's ep2 of Challenger - and yes, there's some Wing this time! #MintFM http://t.co/mg9T0q003w

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