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Tweets for 30 Jan 2015

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(12:47:34) @CarolKettley @platinummind @FeistyDdraig Thanks, Carol! Have a great weekend :) #FF

(15:42:25) @MirandaKeeling I thought of you: A man stands in Asda's AV dept, checking the look of a quilted cap in his reflection on a flat screen TV

(15:43:11) @johndredge It's not been the same since he sacked his manager... what was his name...? Sid..?

(16:36:16) @johndredge They're attracted to what you've got in your holdall. Is it Michael Gove?

Tweets for 29 Jan 2015

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(10:04:46) I'm not proud to say I overdosed on Tesco Reduced Price 8p coriander and garlic naan last night. It would not be advisable to come near me.

(10:05:15) @buffylive1968 Morning *looks for coffee*

(10:32:58) @Tuglets Coriander and garlic naan for EVERYBODY! :) Morning!

(10:33:11) @tweeting_frog In theory, at least.. good morning!

(11:20:44) @fridgemagnet2 you lucky, lucky bloke.

(12:43:56) @JoPlattTweets If there is, I don't see it... my timeline is all like... http://t.co/zIy12A2F4D

(13:06:47) @JoPlattTweets oh my goodness. How do I find those tweets so I can watch (not join in :D) the fun..? http://t.co/uHcKked6G5

(18:31:49) Through this life, I wore cologne.

(18:48:24) @batwench The cathedral got a bit heavy...

(18:49:52) When ordering Chinese food, be sure you know what you're going to get by choosing the specified rice.

(18:50:57) I'm going to start a chain of curry curry chicken restaurants. I shall call it 'Naandos'.

(20:28:20) @andytuk It was supposed to be close (ish) to peri peri...

(20:28:49) @trevypoos 😆 @fridgemagnet2

(20:29:05) @trevypoos My poppa don't... @fridgemagnet2

Tweets for 28 Jan 2015

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(09:25:46) @rabryst And scarf? SNOOD!

(09:26:12) I've got a soggy '1' key. Later today, I fear one of my colleagues will have a soggy '1' key.

(10:35:12) @rabryst It might make walking difficult, but worth a go..!

(10:37:43) @OfficialDaveFox SCART... the worst designed plug in the history of badly designed plugs.

(10:40:34) Why hasn't uptown funk given it to me yet? Stupid queuing system.

(10:54:45) @lloydbayley HAHAHAHAHA! Love it :)

(10:56:02) @lloydbayley Speaking of which, what's with Excel referring to itself in the plural? That really bothers me... http://t.co/cTqX9EGVBe

(10:56:36) @lloydbayley Now that is a gem :)

(10:56:58) @rabryst PS *applauds the use of 'Mayhap'* - excellent sir.

(11:16:09) @Zararugosa Wow.. that'll warm you up if nothing else!

(11:57:23) @PrincessBagel Good times! :) Say hi to @MrJamesMay for me :D

(11:57:45) @Doctoe On balance good, though right? :D

(12:30:46) @petecooper Ooh! Lighty! @thomann

(12:31:56) @JoPlattTweets Reminds me of this.. https://t.co/wLZsfkQQHj

(12:32:30) Happy Flow.

(12:40:16) @petecooper Excellent value, too... definitely worth keeping an eye out for B-stock! Cheers :)

(13:43:57) RT @jakeyapp: Knowing how popular you are, I'll have to advise you to set your PVR for Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe which starts tomorrow …

(13:44:14) @jakeyapp Wow! Fantastic - good luck! :)

(14:22:07) @DigitalAmoeba Lucky bloke! @PrincessBagel @VintageBarbara @jane_brewer

(17:18:24) We had a quiz at work, and we came fifth but actually we came second. Clerical error: +5 points. Moral victory.

(18:13:22) @brennig *pfft*

(18:13:59) ^$

(18:15:09) @EwenRankin They forgot to mark one of our quiz sheets - we only found this out after everyone had left :D

(18:18:17) @EwenRankin For me, second place is a win. Just like 10 minutes late is on time. #recalibratedtomysensibilities :D

(18:19:05) @EwenRankin Point taken though. (in fact, we were one point off winning 😃 )

(18:20:33) I've got a new wiper blade for my car. It's very swish.

(18:32:25) @tobypinder .

(18:36:50) @mostlygeordie About the best I can muster at the mo...

(18:43:06) @OlorinLorien :)

(20:00:09) @fridgemagnet2 Aye... just the one #BoschSorted

(21:17:12) Watching Drunk History. Genius. Sweary. Drunk.

(22:13:27) I'll be honest, I never understood the point of Flava Flav. It's actually easy to shout enthusiastically in the gaps between more shouting.

(22:38:03) @regularjen It was that song I was listening to, too.. Chuckie Cheese's rappings somewhat eclipse his "y'know what I'm saying" utterances :)

(22:38:26) @regularjen (in my poorly polished opinion)

Tweets for 27 Jan 2015

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(07:00:22) @kyleswager It's all happening! Or, indeed, not happening :D @engadget

(07:07:51) @JQP74 Morning :) I'm still asleep... how about you?

(07:27:29) @kyleswager If Twitter goes down, we're all up the creek :D Very much enjoying the daily news show btw - you do it with style and humour :)

(09:56:00) @4amcab I always print out the internet - who knows when Facebook might go down? ;)

(12:32:58) I have fashioned an Ikea Style Executive Storage Module out of a cardboard box. #JobSatisfaction

(12:47:47) @skullfunkerry GamerGate ... @somegreybloke

(14:31:39) @VeryBritishView Extra bonus! :D

(14:47:54) @CarolKettley *hides in the kitchen until you've gone, hoping you can't hear me making tea* ;)

(14:53:43) @TomCampbell It's too frighteningly close to the microphone.. :D #onceanengineer

(15:05:58) @CarolKettley There's a mug of rosie-lee here for you anyway ;)

(15:15:02) @Tuglets I am well aware how much water likes to not all be where you want it to be... I could get my welding torch out? How bad's the leak?

(15:18:26) @Tuglets Oh my goodness.. sounds like you definitely need to get someone in! Hopefully that's the extent of the teething troubles, though :)

(16:30:04) @Tuglets Oh my goodness - with any luck it - or the installation work - will still be under warranty :)

(18:24:31) @mostlygeordie I'm impressed they've lasted that long!

(18:40:15) Home. Tired. Hungry. Ostentatious.

(18:40:20) RT @CalmWaters73: Wa

(18:49:49) @perrygascoine Quite so... hope you had a good drive home.

(19:47:19) I've had quite enough of these generically modified foods.

(22:12:37) @CalmWaters73 Heh... I'll never have quite enough of them :D

(22:12:49) @LizzyWelshCake Not generically modified, then? :D

(22:19:58) @LizzyWelshCake I wouldn't have done that original tweet if my brain was working at all :D x

(22:44:07) @LizzyWelshCake I wouldn't have you any other way! :) x

Tweets for 26 Jan 2015

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(07:23:50) @fridgemagnet2 I think I got lucky - major train issues, but I managed to sneak onto one going in roughly the right direction :D @jn2n

(09:21:30) @PrincessBagel @VintageBarbara @jane_brewer @Karen_Kay_ @SheleileighLaw @bubwal Big hugs and coffee :) x

(11:34:56) Good morning. Happy Australia Day. Now find a public footpath.

(11:35:30) @OfficialDaveFox It's like Jeff Wayne's in the room :D

(11:36:43) @tweeting_frog I'll have any excuse to have a barbecue, to be honest! Have a great day.

(14:53:24) @Tuglets Will he call to let you know he's coming? ;)

(16:46:15) Happy birthday, @Hedgemint!

(18:18:09) @fridgemagnet2 The present was inspired by Chris who found it and we instantly knew you had to have it.. worth taking to work?

(18:18:17) RT @fridgemagnet2: This year's b'day offering c/o @syzygy Particularly like clearly labelled 'card' & 'present' labels 2 avoid confusion ht…

(18:19:53) @fridgemagnet2 PS It was so good to see you and @hergiebird yesterday - thank you for braving the train to Ashford (via Ham Street?)

(19:53:30) @fridgemagnet2 That id actually pretty good - used to be 2 hours just to Victoria!

(19:58:57) Hiya @paulwheatley - may I introduce @CherryKaz1 who may be able to assist you with your work project you mentioned. Sorry for the delay!

(20:28:02) @IPTechShark Please don't hold your breath #stillafewdaystogo

(20:29:39) I just saw a @thisrealitypod arrive in my podcast feed... always a great listen - can't wait to hear it! Cheers, @brennig!

(20:30:08) @sharonlangridge :D :D

(22:42:53) @CherryKaz1 Thanks, Kaz! Sent you a voice message earlier - so so sorry I forgot! @paulwheatley

Tweets for 25 Jan 2015

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(11:37:34) @PrincessBagel Yay! Will look forward to seeing you there! @fridgemagnet2 @jn2n @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ @DigitalAmoeba

(13:48:34) @PrincessBagel Top stuff! Looking forward to seeing you / a pint! @fridgemagnet2 @jn2n @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ @DigitalAmoeba

(20:43:44) God bless the UK train system on a Sunday... #uktrains #cancelled http://t.co/zzst8CJWA7

(20:53:48) Good times with @hergiebird, @fridgemagnet2, @DigitalAmoeba, @PrincessBagel, @jn2n, @SheleileighLaw & @Karen_Kay_ http://t.co/9zFxcktCzM

(22:01:42) @PrincessBagel Wow - nice drive, @DigitalAmoeba - and SO good to see you both! @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 @jn2n @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_

Tweets for 24 Jan 2015

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(09:58:44) It's cold out, but I can't help but open the window just a crack so I can hear the birdsong...

(10:27:38) @HJ50 Such a cheerful noise, dispelling just a little of the winter :) @LilyThePurr

(10:35:16) Robin tag team feeding frenzy #SaturdayMorning #GardenBirds http://t.co/XxmZXFlvpc

(13:56:32) @manytypesoftea Woahhhhh

(13:57:28) @pj_kent Classy!

(16:29:07) Utterly frightening price of petrol - probably nearly a pound cheaper than an average motorway service… http://t.co/msjRLJosON

Tweets for 23 Jan 2015

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(07:04:18) @seagullworrier You're just going to have to thrash about if you're awake.

(07:26:09) @seagullworrier It's the only way to get through to these things.

(07:27:25) @Karen_Kay_ Welcome to Blighty :)

(07:45:26) Morning. YouTube, Chrome, Google+ and Maps have all just updated on my Android tablet. Always makes me wonder "What have Google done now..?"

(09:33:37) @SheleileighLaw @jn2n @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel I'll be there from 2pm :)

(09:34:24) @pearcen Cheers dude :) Oh and you get a mention on my forthcoming #MintFM Mint Mix show :) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ @jn2n @PrincessBagel

(09:51:41) @jn2n Sadly @fridgemagnet2 WILL be joining us for Nattery action. He's getting the first round ;) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel

(09:57:42) @pearcen All good cheers :) Hope life is treating you well :)

(14:18:36) It's always a bit troubling when the weather synopsis is "Smoke"... http://t.co/53c7J7WSGC

(14:31:23) @MarkSheppard Seems legit :D

(14:42:16) @hooker1uk Thanks, chief :) @costyy2k @AtkinsForestry @TLRailUK @domesticgoddesq @ThreeUKSupport @danielleGparker #FF

(14:58:38) RT @saragreen303: I rarely say God Save Her, but: MT @MsIntervention the Queen seems to know how to handle Saudi rulers with class... http:…

(15:11:16) @ellewadding They say "Where there's smoke..." A happy weekend to you (when it happens!)

(15:14:56) @MandaLeonJoyce Impressive!

(15:15:14) @DigitalAmoeba Splendidly elegant! @VeryBritishView @PrincessBagel @batwench

(15:16:15) @birdfortytwo Is that a thing? (Haggis hunting, not Friiiidayyyyyy :D)

(21:22:13) @tiggerai It's obv drifted up from Stinky Watford. Or Milton Keynsey... 😆

(21:35:44) I've got a Nokia phone in the car. It's been in there (switched off) for about a year. Quite impressive battery life. http://t.co/VppisCDItN

(21:36:41) @Wymroyal But wouldn't it be tasty!

(21:37:33) @hooker1uk Definitely!

(21:48:59) @dragonhistory Yum! #winterwarmer (Thank you!) http://t.co/5NJ5PFLCgY

(22:22:26) @ibookery Wicked!

Tweets for 22 Jan 2015

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(10:55:19) @DigitalAmoeba I'll keep my fingers crossed :) @Microsoft @HoloLens

(11:27:19) @wuthering_alice It's niche, but it might just work...

(11:29:13) @wuthering_alice Yup. Yup indeed.

(11:34:29) @wuthering_alice Although I've not yet quite found my target audience :D

(11:56:55) @PrincessBagel Surely every day is @MrJamesMay telling you to sod off day? :D

(12:41:13) @fridgemagnet2 That is bad. That is progress.

(12:42:14) @fridgemagnet2 If it's any consolation, I couldn't find a tape measure in the house, Although one mysteriously appeared. Chris says it's his

(12:42:52) RT @TheGarethLloyd: Free Gareth lovin to the next 7 people who follow me and help me get to 4000 followers!

(12:43:15) @TheGarethLloyd I'm not sure how that lovin is delivered(!) but I've retweeted you anyway, safe in the knowledge that I won't get any.

(13:52:34) @ajlanghorn Conformity?

(14:29:37) @hooker1uk Hello hello! Keep meaning to ask: would you be interested in taking this bike? I can drop it over if so :) http://t.co/sAHgMKCAB4

(15:45:38) @JoPlattTweets There's a dark side of Twitter? (And do I want to see..?) #CannotUnsee

(16:05:21) @DoomGolly I fear I will never be able to justify going. Is @NAMMShow loud?

(16:10:26) @sfdrummer Down's the easy bit - especially for a chap like you with such good rhythm :D

(19:55:10) @hooker1uk Absolutely. I should be able to get it to you at the weekend - if you DM your address we can make arrangements?

Tweets for 21 Jan 2015

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(07:01:25) @sm2n ~applauds~

(08:54:57) @petecooper Lordy. Good luck! (although you don't need luck - you're clean as a whistle, sir)

(09:01:06) @justjuggling_ Still looking magnificent :)

(09:20:32) @manytypesoftea Oh no. Not again.

(09:20:53) @LizzyWelshCake Slow down and find space - hopefully you can get those words out.

(09:25:08) @GylesB1 I've still got it stuck in my head, if that's any help..?

(09:25:58) @LizzyWelshCake I have real clumsiness, but it doesn't stop me juggling mugs (actually, I don't do that. My older brother does that).

(12:49:31) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Good Generic Daytime Greeting... having a listen between meetings. Anything happening? Is this Bon Jovi slowed down?

(12:49:48) @Tuglets @dj_frabs #THradio #ForgotTheHashtag

(12:52:55) @LizzyWelshCake @LizzyWelshCake Exceptional receptacle aptitude... I'm fairly sure you have skill... even if it's filling it with tea! :D

(12:53:15) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I gorged myself before 10am.. bad form! :D

(12:54:33) @Tuglets Surely that song should have been "Jackie Wilson's Dead"? #THRadio

(13:04:02) @Tuglets @dj_frabs It was banana bread, which is not strictly a cake (but still counts, right?) :D

(13:22:19) @HartlandShows @kitty_cat84 @dj_frabs @Tuglets I'd just be happy with a massive bar of Dairy Milk. And some coffee. :D

(16:56:55) @FlossieTeacake I had lunch with my colleagues in the work canteen for the first time this year. Normally I eat at my desk. It was lovely.

(19:55:45) @GigabyteUK "For the first year"..?

(20:17:44) @HartlandShows Having a listen :) #THRadio

(20:18:18) @TomCampbell It's essential to fail.

(20:20:29) @HartlandShows Please could you play me some 80s Pet Shop Boys... Please? (Oh,and it's "We Are Detective" without the 's' :D) #THRadio

(20:24:45) @HartlandShows Cheers! GOOD tune :) #THRadio

(20:25:00) @HartlandShows PS Yes, I am a proper 80s pedant :D

(20:26:51) @HartlandShows I hope you've got Disco! #THRadio

(20:29:00) @HartlandShows No.. I meant do you have the Disco album by Pet Shop Boys? I wouldn't trouble the audience with Ottawan. Or maybe Hands Up :D

(20:30:03) @HartlandShows I fell in love with Paninaro off that album.. was a landmark in my musical adolescence!

(20:36:24) @HartlandShows This is a pretty song.. haven't heard it for years! A bit China Crisis... #THRadio

(20:46:06) @connorwalsh Cool! Hope it went well G7RKW!

(20:57:42) @connorwalsh That's the exact problem I have - I want to buy a decent ICOM (that can interface with computer), but can't justify the cost!

(20:58:50) @HartlandShows This is like Proto Ace Of Base :D #THRadio

(20:59:21) @EmmaTofi Even better: don't go near glossy magazines #YouArePerfectAsYouAre

Tweets for 20 Jan 2015

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(09:11:35) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up ’In the face AKA the Superbowl & TV Show’ http://t.co/hzbd2tfFzJ with @verso @bigChris

(10:32:43) Good morning. Cake dilemma avoided today by having TWO pieces of cake. TWO. #mightnotruinmylunch

(12:48:05) @tweeting_frog Hurrah. The second piece, incidentally, is for later :)

(14:48:42) @manytypesoftea Have you been playing with Chemicals? #BreakingBad

(14:49:12) @meeware Yes. Yes it is. Lovely :)

(15:27:06) @superalora I saw this and thought of you: http://t.co/uBTZS0eUMl (featuring @moulds and @standupmaths) TAU FOREVER! (on a circuitous route)

(16:46:38) @poots Speaking of which, how did Lenni get on? @canuckuk

(16:57:39) @poots Ahh that's a bit of a boost :) See you when I get home! x (And a hug for @canuckuk who had to witness this conversation!) :D

(17:01:56) @canuckuk Sorry.. let's get back to banging on about how crap the government is ;) x @poots

(17:19:47) @andytuk Me too. Not sure the spam fritter's doing very well stopping them...

(17:21:02) @samstarling Woahh.. that's pretty cool :) I can only counter that by saying I'm user 1365 on @audioBoom :D

(17:59:38) I am really bothered by this wonky-headed photo. Was ot seriously the best they could do? #LaRedoute… http://t.co/6i840Y3Yz2

(18:09:55) @mrs_forky I am baffled. I do hope she gets her neck sorted either way.

(18:21:52) I hold @Standupmaths responsible for me getting "Do you want to make a spreadsheet?" stuck in my head. To the tune of a #Frozen song.

(18:25:04) @mrs_forky On another inspection I note that it appears someone out of shot is pulling her hair, and she's reaching as if to go "stop it!"

(19:17:25) @MissyMWAC Yes please! But don't let me have more than two... it starts a rather unpleasant chain reaction #CAAAAKKKKEEEEE x

(20:37:27) @MissyMWAC Hahahahahahaahahahaahaahaha! I literally only just got that :D

(21:17:48) @mostlygeordie o lordy.

(21:19:02) RT @CherryKaz1: please join me at the top of the hour for winter warmers on http://t.co/fH8QgTdQbb

(21:21:36) #DrunkHistory makes me want to do drinking and history

(21:24:13) @Voronthered Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha! I did. It was a long time ago. Now I just watch inebriated comedians telling historical stories :D

(22:32:15) @DoomGolly Haha! What a genius idea... it's definitely worth a watch with a pint :D

(23:15:02) Happy birthday to @BritishTech Pocket show - a year old today, and I was on the first & most recent shows. Happy birthday @heatsyangel too!

(23:15:23) @_windrider T'was ever so.

Tweets for 19 Jan 2015

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(07:50:59) @wuthering_alice That's quite a mashup (just can't do it this time of the morning!)

(07:52:31) @seagullworrier They're for Jesus being still alive?

(07:53:25) @Zararugosa Morning:) I'm never up early enough to say hello these days! x

(09:40:34) Too early for cake?

(09:42:11) With the kind endorsement of @paulums @Moominstrudel @regularjen (and no, @iCyberPaul, I'm afraid there's not enough to share): CAKE TIME!

(09:46:33) @paulums @Moominstrudel @regularjen @iCyberPaul If Wetherspoons serves it, it's not too early..

(09:46:44) @RubyJubilee HURRAH ~eats cake~

(10:04:17) @Helen_E_MC YES!

(10:04:30) @paulums @Moominstrudel @regularjen @iCyberPaul Pint of Doom Bar, please!

(10:05:05) @iCyberPaul It's banana bread, so... http://t.co/Nf8OOVLc6k @paulums @Moominstrudel @regularjen

(12:27:44) @JoPlattTweets Uhoh.

(12:36:03) @LILLYTHEPINK1 You can't be sure but if it's communicated securely (SSL) it's only decrypted at the far end so can't be monitored @BeMyEyes

(12:37:37) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Sadly I don't have an iPhone... I wonder if it would work on my iPod Touch. What a brilliant idea, though. Maybe I should.

(12:50:01) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Will have a bit of a play when I get home :)

(12:51:12) Thinking of signing up for this.. http://t.co/JVCzIoHAxY

(12:55:02) Baxters Scotch Broth - rather thin & insipid (thinsipid?) for my liking but moderately tasty 6.5/10 #ratemysoup http://t.co/F6lDfwMz2A

(13:00:22) @Tuglets It is a little... almost worth sieving out the liquid to see what's left :D

(13:00:48) @Tuglets The Heinz one is better - and home made is best of all (naturally!) :D

(13:01:06) @_windrider Right up my street! :)

(15:28:20) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 I like odd :)

(15:28:34) @amberduff1513 @dmills87 talk fast... bamboozle 'em awake! :)

(17:18:17) @RobJD I ate it. I now have NO CAKE :D

(17:57:20) @paulums @_windrider Oh Lordy!

(20:08:46) Going live on the @BritishTech Pocket Show with @paulwheatley, @bigChrisAshley and @verso - I think they're talking about the Superb owl.

(20:09:03) @5_News @SueAtkins You have the coolest hair.

(22:20:44) RT @1969Steve: It's the #EndOfAnEra tonight on http://t.co/f4fxYYpthS. If you want to know how the era ends then you'll have to tune in. #M…

(22:24:22) @1969Steve Tuned in.. #MintFM #EndOfAnEra

(22:26:16) @1969Steve C

(22:37:55) @1969Steve B

(22:38:44) @1969Steve What's with all the dessert based songs this evening? ;)

(22:40:40) @1969Steve I'm sure you played something rice-puddingy earlier.. or maybe my ears are playing tricks on me :D

(22:50:33) @1969Steve D

(22:51:08) @HartlandShows You were very QUACK on the draw ;) @1969Steve

(23:07:38) @HartlandShows :D

(23:07:48) @1969Steve A

(23:09:42) @1969Steve KEN LIIIIII!

(23:20:03) @1969Steve Cadbury's Creme Egg Close

(23:31:54) @1969Steve Gloria Estefan - Anything For You?

Tweets for 18 Jan 2015

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(08:24:19) @ToddWatkins6 wow!

(11:59:19) RT @ToddWatkins6: @syzygy funny story on that. It was actually my car and it was stolen and top gear bought it.

(12:37:39) Remembering the wonderful, and sadly missed @eriklanigan http://t.co/IOY0kFJ4Yh

(12:38:28) RT @Jeffwni: - "I love Beyoncé...

(12:39:13) @wuthering_alice That sounds more like karate than yoga :D

(15:11:01) @VeryBritishView Indeed. A very lovable person. We need to surround ourselves with such.

(19:02:43) @DigitalAmoeba @PrincessBagel It looks like a wonderful day!

(19:03:08) @nicky_doubleU STAB IT! With.. oh I don't know.. a FORK! :D

(21:49:28) @FOTSN @debby_metcalf Cheers :)

Tweets for 17 Jan 2015

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(07:23:35) @LizzyWelshCake Yes! so pleased for you - and rightly so :)

(08:36:58) @topgold Hope you had a good flight!

(08:37:42) #uksnow LU2 5/10 - big fat flakes

(08:39:40) @buffylive1968 Morning :) Hope it's a good one for you :)

(08:40:05) @topgold Glad to hear it was foreshortened!

(09:57:38) @Barlie40 Morning. Hope your chest clears soon :) Have a great day!

(10:00:12) I'm not a perfectionist, I'm a completist. Which is just as frustrating (for other people? :D)

(10:00:36) I guess I'd better get on with some housework. Need to get ALL the washing done (no swaps).

(10:01:32) @seagullworrier You'll be fine. http://t.co/V41kFmW8GK

(10:12:19) @seagullworrier No worries. In short, watch out for sweats & things - if it's just the arm, you should be fine :)

(11:51:55) @seagullworrier Also: gin x

(13:57:39) @SheleileighLaw @PrincessBagel @jn2n @Karen_Kay_ @bubwal Sunday afternoon in the Parcel Yard? #GoodBeer

(15:34:23) RT @TOther_Simon: All-you-can-eat restaurants charge a nommin' all fee.

(17:15:26) Railway robin - we had no snacks for him, sadly. @ Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station (LTN) http://t.co/pOXCzA5dPm

(19:28:29) About to have theatre done to me. @FOTSN http://t.co/UNWdnGSoE5

(19:29:41) Doing a hashtag from up in the gantries #spokenNerd

(19:33:06) @ChouetteCapuche Yes! @FOTSN #SpokenNerd http://t.co/7Y84Hqtwba

(19:33:42) @jwaterworth yeah! Nearly starting!@fotsn #spokenNerd

(20:31:46) @FOTSN The nerdiest thing I've done in London (with mates): tried to make a Millennium Bridge standing wave (after it was fixed) #spokenNerd

(23:05:08) @brianashton Good call! @FOTSN @robinince

(23:21:18) @tobypinder Almost any tech-head is shaking their... well... tech-heads at the moment.

(23:22:17) Good times @FOTSN #SpokenNerd #OHP @ Bloomsbury Theatre http://t.co/8WCqZZXDZX

(23:24:22) @tobypinder That's an angle I'd not considered. Just stupid. I hope someone actually explains it to the Conservatives.

Tweets for 16 Jan 2015

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(11:02:25) RT @EwenRankin: I'm very sorry to tell you all that Erik Lanigan has passed away. I'm at a loss for words. He was a great guy. http://t.co/…

(11:11:33) @SamandaFord69 @jbboats @JuNa_Networking @RachelFlattLB @marshawright @Keableg @a12mole @ayers_alison @alerterblog Thank you SO SO SO much!

(11:14:00) @PrincessBagel @verge Remarkable, no? :)

(11:18:43) @DarrenGriffin I'll keep my fingers crossed - they can do some pretty impressive things these days! :)

(11:20:12) @jbboats And the very same to you - happy Weekend, too! @SamandaFord69 @JuNa_Networking @RachelFlattLB @marshawright

(11:52:03) @tweeting_frog @CherryKaz1 hello you two!: )

(11:52:17) @JeremyClarkson @galaxia416 @MrJamesMay Bless his little cotton heart.

(12:56:16) @GraceForell Spotted that you're doing a doc abouot UK Podcast industry - have you considered contacting @EwenRankin from @BritishTech ?

(13:04:26) @Karen_Kay_ *disappointed* ;)

(13:26:19) @GraceForell Sorry for the poor spelling - and happy Friday :) (And thank you for the follow!)

(14:03:58) @CarolKettley Cheers! A fab weekend to you!

(14:35:02) A very happy birthday to @1969Steve (who'll be on #MintFM later today with a 60s version of Living in the 80s! http://t.co/FYTFvK2geN)

(15:21:55) @paulums @PrincessBagel @Tone7x20 @batwench @BritishTech Must be possible with a pico-ITX case :D

(19:14:49) Today I have mainly got the hell out of Dodge.

(19:37:14) @tiggerai Woahhh!

(21:00:26) @1969Steve Is the link "PANTS"?

(23:07:29) @tiggerai hence the name, I guess :D Hope life is good with you :)

Tweets for 15 Jan 2015

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(07:55:37) @RickOldroyd Thanks for the follow :) Have a great day - and good luck with the website!

(09:27:48) @buffylive1968 Morning :)

(10:06:57) Good morning. I've had too much coffee already and I don't know what to do. More coffee..? Cake? Kebab?

(10:09:13) @FreakyFwoof *makes a list* You are a wise person.

(10:09:18) @tiggerai MAKE IT SO.

(10:33:20) @lloydbayley It's a winner! :)

(10:33:40) @tweeting_frog I think my brain goes beyond addledness... too much coffee? Good morning :)

(10:37:29) @lloydbayley Ooh yes.. fruit based treat :D

(10:38:26) @lloydbayley You might like this.. once a minute my 'Flood Pi' takes a photo of a bucket that's got a drip :D https://t.co/3DXgOxh0YI

(10:39:37) @lloydbayley I've also bodged a circuit to a GPIO input and written a script that sends me a text if it the water goes above a level :D

(10:40:32) @lloydbayley heehee.. I spent yesterday evening building a jig out of lego (it's waterproof and colour co-ordinated :D)

(10:46:19) @lloydbayley Analogue inputs - cool! The possibilities are limitless (up to the maximum sample rate, naturally :D)

(10:53:37) @lloydbayley I am hoping to do something with hosepipes and valves.. home (and garden) automation is the future (of tinkering!)

(12:12:19) @Tuglets Good afternoon, resident of the world :)

(12:12:47) @SazJayney Are you working more sociable hours now? :)

(12:14:59) @SazJayney Good heavens... I bet you won't know if you're coming or going. Or already been..!

(12:15:11) @whiteheather63 @cobb_2000 @mrsglobug @Barlie40 @Ceridweb @bigbelbess @SarahJaynescot1 @suepembs @HBRed99 Afternoon Heather :)

(12:34:36) @Tuglets I'm doing OK thank you Janet - the sun is shining and it's lunchtime. Which means FOOD! :) And you?

(12:49:12) @Tuglets Oh yes... you're off east..? Gonna miss That London?

(12:54:45) @Tuglets I so totally miss living by the sea - I'm SO happy for you! Can you remind me - is it the Kent coast you're moving to?

(12:56:06) @Tuglets I know it fairly well - it used to be one of my haunts when I lived in Canterbury :) YAY!

(13:08:33) @HartlandShows That is a GOOD thing.

(13:18:11) @LumiaUK @cleanbandit In a partially completed jigsaw puzzle of an Italian coastal scene. #LumiaMusic

(13:19:33) @katyha Happy birthday :)

(13:36:46) @DigitalAmoeba @mrbatwench @kncukier @punodraws Good grief.. from what I read earlier, the pollution index is off the index...

(13:38:19) RT @thereaIbanksy: true story http://t.co/Vtl8c6r5qU

(14:27:33) @tiggerai Your coffee cake is frankly legendary :)

(15:50:23) @IPTechShark I'll have a word... expect delivery in just over 8 hours...

(16:19:03) @alaindebotton It is a shame there are people to whom that could apply...

(16:19:39) @21CRenaissance The opposite of Schadenfreude - sadness brought about by someone else's good fortune. @alaindebotton

Tweets for 14 Jan 2015

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(08:51:57) @RobJD Hahahaha! That works for me! :D @qikipedia

(08:56:04) @govindajeggy A very happy still alive day to you.

(09:28:24) @bigbelbess @whiteheather63 @Barlie40 @mrsglobug @Ceridweb @SarahJaynescot1 @cobb_2000 @suepembs @HBRed99 Morning :) It's a bit brisk out!:)

(13:26:26) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Afternoon both :) Having a listen while I don't wash up my soup bowl... #THRadio

(13:28:04) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I've got US Eastern and UK time on my desktop... should have said Good aftermorning :D #THRadio

(13:29:15) @Tuglets @dj_frabs This really has a Sting vibe to it.. I quite like it - good tune that I've not heard before #THRadio

(13:31:19) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Cheers :)

(13:37:17) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I'm going to change my name to "james unpronounceablename"

(17:00:01) @PontoonDock @torfaencouncil That is SO going to get featured in my new show.. :) LOVE it!

Tweets for 13 Jan 2015

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(07:06:02) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) Sounds exciting for a Tuesday! Enjoy :) hugs x

(07:19:47) @paul_steele And to you, sir - thank you for your upbeat tweet :)

(07:29:04) @paul_steele It's still dark here, but I'm sure it'll be a striking day! Have a good one :)

(07:29:43) @PlainTalkingHR I've always got something to keep me busy :) Have a great day! xx

(07:32:00) Because it's never too early to write a @Raspberry_Pi disk image... Good morning. #bitgeeky http://t.co/ZY6TmbGoPo

(09:18:06) @lloydbayley Morning chief :) I do love it when a plan comes together! I'm working on home monitoring projects at the mo; what about you? :)

(09:48:13) @lloydbayley Ahh yes.. Python is currently my scripting language of choice - I quite like the indents.. it's the colons that bother me! :D

(09:53:44) @lloydbayley Ooh yes. That said, I've always written shell scripts with tab indents so I can keep track of my loop points.. old habits!

(10:08:39) @lloydbayley My objective for 2015 is to write an Android app. This may mean I have to learn Java, but I believe that could be a good thing!

(12:10:37) @EmmaTofi Are you broken? I hope the hospital visit was ok x

(12:11:43) @SazJayney This is what you need: http://t.co/8NBy3lljkL

(12:12:44) Lunchtime listening - Living in the 80s with @1969Steve at @MintFM's archive pages - http://t.co/xuZUAa1ob8 #MintFM

(12:27:25) @EmmaTofi Oh my goodness... I had a CT scan for my sinuses.. hope they come up with something useful. Big hugs x

(12:27:50) @SazJayney There's a niche there..! :)

(12:46:13) @EmmaTofi All my sinuses were blocked & I needed an op to clear them. It was uncomfortable but definitely worth it - I've been fine since :)

(13:11:31) @EmmaTofi I'll keep my fingers crossed for you x

(14:39:00) @CherryKaz1 Cool... that's a place..!?

(14:39:35) @Dreamy_lyrics And coffee..? #justsayin (and kebabs)

(14:48:36) @Dreamy_lyrics And bacon.

(17:06:11) @Dreamy_lyrics Evening! I'm tuned in.. fun opening song! :) #MintFM #RandomKeys

(17:12:49) @Dreamy_lyrics random request: flat #MintFM

(17:25:56) @Dreamy_lyrics hahaha! Genius :D

Tweets for 12 Jan 2015

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(09:50:06) RT @KelloggZac: If only it were this easy... #MusicianProblems http://t.co/ncyEbSfCAf

(09:58:21) Morning. Looking at systems for controlling central heating. Nest has an API, but it's only a thermostat. May have to go @VesternetUK again

(11:55:45) @stevieby Thanks, Steve - I'll take a look. I like that @HeatmiserUK has a published API, but I'm in the z-wave ecosystem atm @VesternetUK

(12:06:23) @Dreamy_lyrics Plenty of kitchen roll!

(12:19:18) RT @TOther_Simon: My duvet is full of duck down.

(12:23:22) @RuthBlackett CTRL+SHIFT+ESC #Pedant ;)

(12:24:58) Since when did indoor scarves become a thing?

(12:26:28) @RuthBlackett Amusing nonetheles #youareacomedygenius

(12:34:32) @tobypinder Intotallydeed :) Will have a listen!

(12:34:52) @tweeting_frog Good greetings. Hope you're all toasty!

(12:35:52) @SamandaFord69 These are proper full-on scarves, I think.. and it's an air-conditioned office. I'm all toasty and warm. :)

(12:36:12) @Stenbird Point well made #airconditioning

(12:36:30) @DeanOrmond That can be the only explanation...

(12:46:46) @fridgemagnet2 It'll be ready for next time you stay over(!) ;)

(13:20:34) @Moominstrudel I feel a bit like a high court judge "I am not aware of this person's work"... :D

(14:25:00) @Fi79 I'm afraid I have no comprehension of tap dancing. But I'd happily turn up if it involves clonking about. Which I think it does.

(14:37:34) @CherryKaz1 Good afternoon Twitter Kaz :)

(14:38:45) @CherryKaz1 I'm fairly good for a Monday, thank you :) How about you? keeping warm and dry I hope :) x

(14:59:18) RT @vobes: Check out Splidge the Cragflinger's new Children's Podcast: https://t.co/Kl3pLA8tIG http://t.co/Exyp3h9SfV

(15:17:19) RT @vobes: Searching a #marketing partner to help me reach readers aged 9-12 years. payment through #book sales.

(15:18:47) @stuartthomas @terrychristian It's a very neat one.

(15:25:55) @canuckuk What does the Fox News..? :D

(16:28:30) @gugucachoo Might be worth getting in touch with @BBCWatchdog ..? @hartleysjelly

(16:31:53) @gugucachoo @BBCWatchdog @hartleysjelly It's rather odd. I'm not sure I know of many other products this happens to. https://t.co/75lXKCZh4v

(16:43:39) RT @OrkneyLibrary: Lightning turns ferry information into episode of Bob's Full House #scotstorm (picture from @orkneyfood) #scotstorm http…

(17:27:04) RT @artistsmakers: One hundred years of Ladybird books. http://t.co/JUoTt8dEQP Exhibition coming up at @dlwp soon, too. http://t.co/c539ZVc…

(17:29:58) @SheleileighLaw Drive carefully, dear you!

(18:12:44) @TimHarford That was very silly :)

Tweets for 11 Jan 2015

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(08:58:00) @JQP74 Morning John :)

(08:59:13) @SazJayney You made it :) Rest well!

(09:35:59) @whiteheather63 @mrsglobug @Barlie40 @Ceridweb @bigbelbess @SarahJaynescot1 @cobb_2000 @suepembs @HBRed99 And you :) Nice & sunny here!

(09:36:41) @JQP74 Happy 2015 to you, too :) I'm moderately splendid, thank you. How is life up your way?

(14:55:19) I explained the "Yo" app to daughter progeny - she responded by explaining (after demonstrating) the "Derp rocket." #generationgap

Tweets for 10 Jan 2015

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(08:55:39) @SpaceKate we've got it on the telly in the kitchen! @spacex http://t.co/VeMpFv5wGM

(09:07:50) @Fi79 mornin'

(09:10:46) @Dreamy_lyrics Morning and glad to hear it! Have a good time on the course! 😊

(09:15:44) @stevenaybour Cool! Enjoy :) Need to catch up on my caching!

(09:36:47) @SpaceKate To be fair that's pretty cool :D @SpaceX

(10:23:42) Having had shower head descaling and security camera sub feed success, I s'pose I'd better get on with Mundane Household Tasks. Damp out.

(10:24:05) @BaronHawkey Blimmin wet too! :)

(10:24:15) @RadioKate Sky Kate!

(10:38:13) @VeryBritishView Definitely worth making the most of it.. for a few minutes 😆

(16:40:39) @batwench Not in the slightest. Unless I need to see the plumber arriving :D

Tweets for 09 Jan 2015

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(09:25:35) @peasbloss @Barlie40 Morning :)

(09:28:59) RT @johndredge: 7 Top Ten Job Interview Tips for YOU http://t.co/5V28PLZG6R

(09:41:53) @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba Sorry :/

(09:43:00) Calculatrice hypothécaire.

(09:43:25) @badpenny1931 Bless you :)

(09:44:51) @sportmadchick You too.. hope you have a soft landing!

(09:47:44) @PrincessBagel O lordy :/ I hope you and @DigitalAmoeba can share your celebrations and it's others' loss if they don't get to join in xx

(09:48:49) @sportmadchick It's pretty good, thank you - lots to learn and plenty to do. Hope your 2015 is a splendid one for you so far, too :)

(10:40:35) @crabbyknickers There is a certain maturity required to be able to accept kindness. I hope you are untroubled by it soon.

(10:41:07) @crabbyknickers PS How was the seaside?

(11:05:34) @PlainTalkingHR @KateGL High fives to both of you :)

(11:06:32) @DaylightGambler Hope it goes well :)

(11:08:04) @JoPlattTweets You are queen of the animated gifs :D

(11:12:44) @shellzenner High fives! @UmBongoUK

(11:15:54) @tiggerai That would be cool.

(11:31:27) @crabbyknickers Oh no! See now I wish I'd ridden shotgun with you...

(11:53:43) @PlainTalkingHR And to you :) xx @KateGL

(11:54:08) @crabbyknickers In all honesty I would have done my best to help out and tried ot make YOU laugh :p

(11:54:34) @crabbyknickers PS Your stick of rock doesn't scare me.. I'll have it all sucked away in.. a couple of days :D

(12:05:37) @PlainTalkingHR Fairly splendid, thank you! How about with you? @KateGL

(13:33:27) @paulums Glorious :)

(14:00:24) @Dreamymarmot Cool - glad you're both OK :)

(14:26:46) @grahamdunning Can you believe it ‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽

(14:27:29) @peasbloss @Barlie40 I'm pretty splendid, thank you :) Hope you are, too! Same goes for you Jim :)

(16:35:55) @batwench Yes #BatwenchMadeMeDoIt

(16:40:44) @johnfidler Glorious! RIP!

(18:03:41) @Barlie40 @mrsglobug @Ceridweb @whiteheather63 @bigbelbess @SarahJaynescot1 @cobb_2000 @suepembs @HBRed99 Thanks, Jim! Happy Weekend! #FF

(18:21:34) @BecsOnDecs Having a listen - tree-ting myself with some tree-mendous tunes :) #THRadio

(18:23:23) @DeanOrmond I kinda don't like you any more :p #HappyHour @BecsOnDecs

(18:33:46) @DeanOrmond So did I ;) Horrendous woman - that much I have no 'kinda' about it :D @BecsOnDecs

(19:34:15) @GreavsieE17 @WindsorEtonBrew Woahhh! Love @TheParcelYard :)

Tweets for 08 Jan 2015

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(07:38:18) @RobJD dude!

(10:52:03) @AnnMarieCFoster I consider my music tastes to be catholic, but I don't like Elvis or jazz... we all have our own aesthetic to satisfy :)

(10:53:14) @regularjen Happy birthday :)

(11:08:15) @crabbyknickers Poor thing. Hope the workday goes by quickly x

(11:26:41) @crabbyknickers It's been a bit hard to get going today.. need something to get my teeth into :D But now I have coffee, so all is well :)

(11:29:15) @crabbyknickers Sounds brilliant! Which seaside?

(11:34:07) @crabbyknickers I've not been there in .. over 30 years (I feel SO OLD!) Booking my tickets on the MegaTrain now ;)

(11:35:57) @crabbyknickers You're still looking good on it :)

(11:39:03) @crabbyknickers Seaside pic! :D

(11:41:52) Coffee and minimal snack products. In other news: someone is using my Designated Spare Mug. I shall have to put a label on it.

(13:54:04) @CherryKaz1 G'day :)

(14:22:47) RT @TimCoronel: RT & Win! Work like a Maxxis Dakar mechanic with this Toolspecial 100 pieces toolkit!

(16:38:28) @GreavsieE17 How on earth did you pick up on that?

(17:36:55) @GreavsieE17 Ahh.. I've got the Windows Phone version.. I wonder if that can do Squawk 7700 alerts.. thank you!

Tweets for 07 Jan 2015

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(07:46:36) @JoPlattTweets Sleeping? Hugging? Coffee? I'm pretty much there...

(10:10:44) What the drivers & riders in #Dakar2015 are doing makes the @TopGearOnline Patagonia Special look like a stroll round an allotment.

(10:48:15) @poots They should be playing Suspend :D

(11:19:00) @InsideBTCC I love the shape of the Honda Civic - it's distinctive & looked amazing with the Pirtek colours. @AndrewJordan77 @PirtekRacing

(12:59:02) @CherryKaz1 Good afternoon Kaz :)

(13:30:19) @CherryKaz1 Fair to middling thank you lovely :) How about you?

(13:33:56) @IPTechShark Ooh!

(13:49:44) @CherryKaz1 Grand. Although I hope you can upgrade to "splendid" by the end of the day :) :)

(14:47:52) @ajlanghorn I've built a career out of it...

Tweets for 06 Jan 2015

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(07:51:04) @choult @MoonpigUK @akrabat Good grief.. API programming 101...

(07:51:33) @PontoonDock Choon!

(07:52:09) @lynnjaneb morning :) You too!

(07:52:55) @JoPlattTweets Did it work? Morning :)

(07:53:58) Morning. Twitter is a nicer place to lurk than FB this time of day. Lots of school stress & posts about privacy... I'll stick with cat pics.

(08:17:02) RT @johndredge: @syzygy New year?New job? New comedy sketch? https://t.co/AGWuMKiKHn

(08:19:11) @poots Quite :D

(09:16:37) @buffylive1968 You too :)

(10:17:12) @wuthering_alice Sounds like an up-and-coming young lad - good luck to him!

(10:17:49) @PrincessBagel Oh not. @verge

(10:18:11) @Tuglets A whole load of ballgames.. :D

(11:19:00) Space X go for launch.. ooh! @NASA

(11:20:21) Darn it.. spoke too soon #SpaceX #Countabort @NASA

(11:44:10) @mssres Oops!

(13:11:20) RT @HartlandShows: Was there any decent music in 2001? I'm about to find out with @1969steve and the Perfect year http://t.co/BvpT5ajzSk #t…

(13:12:46) @canuckuk That's why I don't 'do' the media. I'll stick with (mostly) warm and cuddly Twitter. @stephenfry x

(13:14:06) @BaronHawkey Cool and fresh? Afternoon, BH :)

(13:26:10) @1969Steve Afternoon :) Having a lunchtime listen. I can't remember much from 2001.. the year we moved in to our current residence #THRadio

(13:27:36) @PrincessBagel Feel better soon.. keep your fluids up! :) x

(13:34:40) @1969Steve Is it just me or does that song make no sense? #THRadio

(13:39:39) @1969Steve I think the intstrumental would be quite interesting and quirky, and ruined by her rambling over it #LikeManySongs #THRadio

(13:40:48) @1969Steve I'm sure someone else just guessed it correctly.

(13:40:58) @PrincessBagel GET TO BED!

(13:42:43) @PrincessBagel That's good to hear. Look after yourself ma'am :)

(13:43:13) @1969Steve CHOON (I think... if it was played constantly on the radio it might get a bit dull :D) #THRadio

(13:44:04) @1969Steve You know I don't go about things in a normal way ;) But yes... you're right.. it wasn't me...

(14:08:03) @1969Steve This wasn't a superlative week in poop, was it? :D #THRadio

(14:11:34) @1969Steve I only liked the women in S Club 7 :D

(14:13:05) @1969Steve I really do hope you've got the radio edit of this... #THRadio

(14:14:12) @1969Steve It doesn't really help, does it? :D

(14:16:17) @1969Steve It's called "Thank you" by Dido

(14:17:13) @DigitalAmoeba @isdixon YAY

(14:21:46) @DigitalAmoeba @isdixon Will be downloading it just as soon as I get wi-fi :)

(14:41:07) @1969Steve It's the "tie like Richard Gere" song! I have absolutely no idea what this is about (much like most of 2001's hits!) #THRadio

(14:56:02) @1969Steve But I heard you singing along with Bob The Builder ;) @ToneDeafTest

(14:57:38) @1969Steve Thanks for a fun show :) Should have guessed "your 2001 jingle" as the lyric quiz :D Cheers! #THRadio

(15:13:14) Got to love politics.. https://t.co/MslYnf7MjG - way to endear yourself to the artistic masses, @labourpress ...

(15:38:25) @doothcrow GOOD LUCK!

(15:39:00) @HQvoice I'm clapping along anyway! :)

(15:40:12) @HQvoice 'twas worth it now you did! :)

(15:40:28) @doothcrow I won't call you Toothcrow ;)

(15:40:49) @doothcrow Dare I ask what you're in there for?

(15:42:28) @doothcrow I truly hope they'll be kind. I'm sure they don't shout at you any more if you don't floss (I don't floss :D)

(16:16:07) @doothcrow Fantastic news! And now you don't need to worry for six months :)

(16:21:31) @CarolKettley @kathhomeless @StellaTaylor21 @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind @keenanc77 Thanks, Carol. Hope your afternoon is going brilliantly

(16:24:23) @CarolKettley @kathhomeless @StellaTaylor21 @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind @keenanc77 You do look a bit parky.. all snuggled up, though!

(16:28:09) RT @SteveDoherty1: For anyone interested Sedaris about to appear before Parliamentary Committee streamed here: http://t.co/h6gaXViMzI

(16:34:42) @CarolKettley @kathhomeless @StellaTaylor21 @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind @keenanc77 Heh.. nothing wrong with a selfie! :)

(16:37:41) @SamandaFord69 Cool! :)

(18:31:31) @BaronHawkey Ahh right! Well, I'm moderately splendid thank you :) Home and hungry! :D Hope you are too...

(18:33:17) @Fi79 it's always a bit frightening when that happens...

(18:33:32) @Fi79 PS that is such a cute photo!

(18:34:36) Am I a bad parent for correcting my children's use of the phrase 'spiral staircase'? It's about the only thing I shout at them for...

(18:47:43) For me, it's not eating the spicy thing, it's that little crunchy bit that I bite 20 minutes after dessert that causes a chilli explosion.

(18:49:23) @JuliaBall Arghhh! My children don't do that. Thank goodness :D

(18:49:53) @Chocohalix I can't say I've ever seen a spiral staircase... but I'm sure when they do identify it, I will not shout :D

(19:16:17) @OlorinLorien Yup :)

(21:24:08) @OlorinLorien We need to keep standards up! :)

(21:24:14) @GHOGIT Quite so! :)

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(07:49:39) @CalgaryGuru Cool - it's a remarkable part of IT history... still very embryonic in terms of home/business computing @VeryBritishView

(09:01:03) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness Sorry to hijack this conversation, but wow! It's made me completely rethink how I deliver my audio. By cassette

(09:35:11) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness Phono cables WOW!

(09:41:39) @perrygascoine Please be aware that you'll need specialist cables to carry out cassette digitisation: https://t.co/arYFU5RT62

(09:44:37) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness I quite like the idea of spending as much on a mains cable as I would a small car...

(10:08:58) @tweeting_frog And to you - hope it's a good one!

(11:25:53) @helenarney O No! My non-Twittering pal bought tickets for non-cheap seats prices. If I say MORSE can I get a free hug or something? @FOTSN

(11:46:17) @helenarney *doing* Cheers! you get a hug anyway ;)

(12:10:39) @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay I think it's a cod spanner - used to remove nuts from recalcitrant fish.

(16:24:05) @simplybusiness Woahh.. congratulations, @coombemill !

(16:25:00) @coombemill And well deserved :) A good way to start the year! @simplybusiness

(18:11:52) @CherryKaz1 Hope you have a good trip home :) @nationalrailenq

(18:14:09) @birdfortytwo What's to say you can't anyway? #Wizzard

Tweets for 04 Jan 2015

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(09:22:02) Ahh the smell of fresh laser printer ozone. Morning.

(11:41:47) I'm fairly sure that someone could yawn 200 metres away and it would still set me off #contagious

(11:52:09) @Tactless_Blonde Not again... ~yawns~ ....

(12:14:42) @Tuglets oh no....! ~yawns~ Yup... Works from Hammersmith! Feeling a bit tired today.. how are you?

(12:15:01) @PontoonDock ~yawns~ yes.. Darn it #goldmedalist

(13:14:32) @TUID That's interesting... and I'm clearly not autistic :D Just the thought of it makes me yawn :D

(13:14:53) @Tuglets Me too.. I had weird waking work dreams :D Hope you're able to relax today :)

(13:15:01) @slandi Hahaha! True!

(13:30:41) @thenewbrunette bullfinch.

(13:58:32) Software Development Kitten

(14:01:52) @tweeting_frog A happy, happy birthday to you :) With lots of cake.

(15:58:51) Playing with an old home computer (Yamaha CX5M if you're interested) http://t.co/Kso2cw6TPD

(17:00:46) @VeryBritishView I think Microsoft had something to do with the MSX OS platform, but it predated DOS by quite some time, I think #oldschool

(21:20:54) I never want to be around Richard Ayoade when I'm tipsy. I would so need my wits about me. What a remarkable man.

Tweets for 03 Jan 2015

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(11:27:10) Morning. Sometimes an upgrade isn't an upgrade at all. It's a disastrous need to completely re-install. Oops...

(11:33:32) @GShang Updated the software in my home automation system (raspberry pi based)... it now completely doesn't work :D

(11:33:55) @Karen_Kay_ Fortunately I don't have much on the agenda today (or rather nothing I can't put off :D) so I can fix it. Hopefully.. :D

(13:06:02) @Tuglets It's put me back a bit, but I think I'm up and running again.. :) #technofail

(13:06:07) @tweeting_frog Good afternoon :)

(19:30:29) @GShang I am, with a little z-wave daughterboard. A full OS re-install sorted it.. back in business now :)

Tweets for 02 Jan 2015

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(09:12:50) @PrincessBagel Happy 2015 properly... glad to hear you're sparkly - the sun's shining brightly through the office window this morning :)

(09:17:55) @PrincessBagel I'm very lucky that the office is a nice place to be.. quiet so far! I'm sure @batwench was there in spirit(s) ;)

(09:37:45) @PrincessBagel YEAH! Please would you and @batwench give each other a hug from me :)

(09:38:30) Every cloud has a silver lightning.

(09:39:30) @platinummind Woahhhh...

(10:21:38) @ellewadding We did Southend last year with similar thoughts.. quite a nice place to spend a few hours :) Have a good trip!

(10:23:34) @ellewadding We had a walk along the pier. Note: it's not quite possible to get right to the end and back in an hour #onlyhad60minsparking

(11:50:50) @PlainTalkingHR Morning, and happy 2015! Hugs from me too :)

(12:17:20) @PlainTalkingHR I'm doing OK, thank you :) How is life with you?

(12:22:19) @jakeyapp @martinkelner Oh thank you for the reminder... caught the first part on iPlayer... most amusante.

(12:22:32) @Karen_Kay_ Can't you do both? :)

(12:26:02) @stavvers @Fi79 Wow. What an amazing person! Thank you for sharing that link - it's an inspiration :)

(12:28:00) RT @DavidTylerPozz: "@petercbowden: looking at lyrics to il be there to you, are these 2 lines not contradictory? sort it out rembrandts ht…

(12:29:56) @PlainTalkingHR I honestly have no idea... I quite like mysteries :) But to have family & friends around is a bonus .. blessings counted! :)

(12:30:41) @Karen_Kay_ Oh gosh.. that's quite the time of it! I'll never discourage you from visiting this Sceptred Isle :)

(12:43:11) @Karen_Kay_ Never turn down an opportunity to develop your career :)

(12:43:39) @CarolKettley Cheers! Can't believe it's Friday already! :)

(12:56:54) @CarolKettley Shouldn't be allowed! #lifeofleisure

(13:17:28) @ChillRadioUK Possibly Air - Les Professionnels ... I love the FM radio sounds at the beginning.. and a track I love to hear on Chill :)

(13:18:04) @ChillRadioUK No. Definitely Teardrop by Massive Attack. One of the best songs of all time. But that Air track is a close second.

(13:20:16) @CherryKaz1 Hellooo :)

(14:37:45) RT @JamesTCobbler: Our way of helping out a little http://t.co/BDvGVjp7fj

(16:32:31) @StevenEagell I truly hope this is the future of motoring.

(16:41:50) RT @Lutonbookworm: Did Santa bring your kids a tablet this Christmas? We have a dedicated eBook Library for children and young... http://t.…

(16:47:45) @SamandaFord69 Lookin' ggood (and dressed nice and warm!)

(16:49:18) @iZotopeInc Oops.. the sale ended on 31st December #Fail

(16:49:46) @FreakyFwoof Network test succeeded.

(16:50:01) @FreakyFwoof Unless, of course, you typed more than "Network test..."

(16:51:54) @FreakyFwoof Cheers! May all your tweets be instantaneous!

(16:52:39) @slandi I know you would, with many flying colours. Happy new year from the driver of a slightly bigger Toyota ;) (and to@FreakyFwoof!)

(18:37:44) I know what I'm doing tonight... http://t.co/V2ol2GCN4P

(21:56:18) @fridgemagnet2 Lovely.

(21:57:19) @SheleileighLaw ~buzzing~ all gone now. In suspicious circumstances...

Tweets for 01 Jan 2015

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(00:05:45) Staring open-mouthed at the London fireworks (from the safety of my lounge).. a work of pyrotechnological art. Happy 2015 noisy folk...

(00:06:06) Happy 2015.

(00:28:55) @HartlandShows Hope it is a splendid one!

(10:46:09) @SuButcher So lovely :)

(10:54:08) @poots Same. Except I'm not studying #wastedday

(11:14:03) @Karen_Kay_ I first read that as "have a broken heart" ... which also applies, but I'm glad (in some respects) it's just the heater :) HNY!

(12:40:20) @SlimJimSim Nice! Might have to get out one of my 80s specials... happy 1984!

(14:13:35) @macolgan w
Thank you! And happy wishes to you. @SarahJHubbuck @TonyHobbsFlight @vipodcasting @SocialHiking @audioBoomHelp @iomadh @IanKath

(19:12:33) A tea-time conversation with @nxmee has concluded that the two word message I will send to my 15-year-old self is: "Moffatt Loop."

Tweets for 31 Dec 2014

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(13:27:02) @CherryKaz1 Happy nearly falling off the end of 2014.. :)

(13:33:39) @MelenieFW YES! Happy New Year Australialia.

(13:34:30) @Karen_Kay_ Bahahaahhaha! I hope your phone's got a shiny aluminium case ;)

(16:01:10) @RichHarkness Cheers, Richard. I wish you and yours the very same :)

(19:51:10) @Real_Mr_H @TAEVisionCEO @louisejonesjbj @anastasiafans1 @welshmumma @kenworthy39 @JanetThomson7 @cancerreliefuk Happy 2015! Cheers! :)

(19:51:48) @SamandaFord69 @aerialsuffolk @claresonnenburg @Mx5man4 @Graphic_Sol @MetaChick1 @marshawright @IvyHouse_ Keep smiling into the new year! :)

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