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Tweets for 30 Dec 2014

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(00:06:32) @emsquare_d I've not heard this in a while! Wonderful! :) Thank you for sharing it :)

(10:40:47) @victoriaclowes oh my goodness! My heart goes out to you - and all of the twitter that loved her. @MelodyMetcalf @VenusDeMileage

(10:50:52) RT @VenusDeMileage: Be kind to people. It really is that simple.

(15:32:28) What I learned today: There is such a car as a 'Byd Egy'. Which sounds more like my twitter name said with a cold.

(15:35:20) Actually, it's a Byd E6.. which makes more sense.. an electric car that doesn't look bad:

(22:13:40) @PontoonDock How about here:

Tweets for 29 Dec 2014

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(08:38:13) @VeryBritishView Morning :) Wow.. @bbcgenome looks like a remarkable concept - I shall have to explore it.while I've got some time off :)

(10:58:50) The whole point of phone shops is to put a selfie as a background image on as many phones as possible before one gets kicked out, right?

(10:59:18) @lesleeallan1 Cheers! Will email soon! @MintFM

(10:59:42) There is nothing to be done in Claires accessories. Nothing.

(11:01:58) @ajlanghorn Luton does not (and will doubtless never do so) boast an apple store. Best we can muster is two branches of Poundland.

(11:03:27) @OlorinLorien We're waiting outside. Tweeting. c.f.

(11:04:56) @ajlanghorn PS Rarely get lied to in Poundland (unless one goes up to the counter and asks 'how much is this?' - more sarcastic, mind)

(11:14:40) @batwench we've already got most of them... s'pose we could get spares in case Harry gets worn out... @nxmee

(13:22:57) @CherryKaz1 I've nothing to accessorise #shorthair #shortnails #nothingonmyfacewithaholein

(13:23:09) RT @jo_whit: RT @PanicDots: "I like my men like I like my 2015 diaries..."

(13:23:39) @HartlandShows Is it YOU?

(13:23:53) @Lady_Of_Ostia That's quite splendid :)

(13:24:31) Home now. Good to get a walk in, and I think we avoided the post-Christmas rush. Amount spent: £0. Even resisted a Poundland bargoon.

(14:00:08) @CherryKaz1 Sometimes... always worth asking at the checkout (they love it :D)

(14:00:22) @SheleileighLaw I'm window shopping at home now ;)

(14:01:40) @tiggerai Save save save!

(23:14:59) @CarolKettley @Faulko1 @Real_Mr_H @honeyrider685 @FeistyDdraig @lynnjaneb @platinummind @louisejonesjbj @welshmumma FESTIVE SHOUTS BACK! :)

(23:18:29) @CarolKettley @Faulko1 @Real_Mr_H @honeyrider685 @FeistyDdraig @lynnjaneb @platinummind @louisejonesjbj @welshmumma turning megaphone down!

(23:23:25) @CarolKettley I'm fighting the cold off valiantly; fortunately I don't go back to work until Friday.. keeping fingers crossed! You doing OK?

(23:27:38) @CarolKettley Awww.. sounds like you'll need a good rest tonight! Sleep well when you do :)

Tweets for 28 Dec 2014

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(18:16:58) @Bearlydithers looks ace!

Tweets for 27 Dec 2014

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(08:48:39) @guineapig66 morning. Damp here too, but lovely and warm here at home :) Christmas was lovely but I'm full of cold now :D

(09:16:55) @VeryBritishView Happy birthday! Hope it is a fantastic family-fun-filled occasion!

(09:17:34) @guineapig66 Thank you :) Trying to get rid of it by new year :D I shall get out for a walk later... exercise these bones!

(09:25:33) @thenewbrunette What did ya think?

(10:20:11) @guineapig66 Oh gosh... I hope you feel better soon... does warmth and rest help?

(10:27:29) @guineapig66 I hope it gives some good tips and techniques... I guess finding the right thing for the right pain is the key...

(11:19:08) @VeryBritishView That is fantastic! Your offspring are indeed a credit to you :) I hope your day carries on in similar style.

(11:20:12) @guineapig66 No doubt..! I hope you can find the right thing for you. This cold and damp can't be helping...

(11:34:14) @InsideBTCC I got a hotel booking for the Thruxton weekend :) :)

(11:34:47) @RatuKatu @seagullworrier I got soap on a rope for a number of Christmases...

(18:01:21) @RatuKatu OK Go.. pretty much anything, but their latest one (I won't let you down) is amazing.. as is This Too Shall pass

Tweets for 26 Dec 2014

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(10:14:05) @seagullworrier Is the conversation still going? :D

(10:15:16) Morning. Completely stricken by a cold. Coffee and lemsip being added to the fuel mixture to get me started...

(10:29:57) @topgold safe flight and be well.

(10:38:36) @Tactless_Blonde Thank you :) xx

(11:25:59) @_windrider YES! Of all days, this is the best one. Merry festives.

(11:53:52) @fridgemagnet2 Got it from the boy. Bring out yet dead.

(11:54:20) @seagullworrier With work surface handbag?

(11:55:04) @Mad4mogzz @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Tis the season to be sniffly...

(13:14:10) @sfdrummer Good news.. hope you can get shot of it soon!

(13:14:42) @jonBCFC Thanks, chief! Hope all's well with you :)

(19:20:28) @tiggerai Let's conquer this.

(20:21:35) @PrincessBagel thank you, lovely. I've got my dressing gown on, a blanket over me and professor branestawm on the telly :) Good times xx

(21:59:07) @sarahjaneuk Cheers, Sarah :) @sfdrummer

(22:03:51) Splendid work by @monstroso on the television version of #ProfessorBranestawm - really quite funny & worth a watch:

(22:27:35) @thenewbrunette There were some proper laugh out loud lines :)

Tweets for 25 Dec 2014

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(08:12:14) @vobes @striderpaul A Happy Christmas to you both :)

(08:12:50) Morning. Is it time for my first Christmas Nap of the day?

(10:38:28) @dellama And happy Christmas Pudding to you!

(10:39:11) @tweeting_frog Happy Christmas blessings!

(11:30:20) @HumbersHomemade May your jams be merry and bright! @vobes @striderpaul

(17:31:48) Massive challenge trying to get @BBC3CR's Carol Service to play off anything other than a PC... finally got my netbook to talk to Bluetooth.

(19:39:55) The children received a game called "Suspend" for Christmas - great fun... a bit like Jenga but more…

(19:49:04) This is how far we have got after 20 minutes of play. #LongChristmasEvening

(20:58:41) @fridgemagnet2 we may have gone feral by that point.

(21:12:00) RT @martinkelner: 11.30 tonight @BBCRadio4Extra @doradale's Christmas special, indiscreet yuletide memories from Dame Showbiz…

(21:13:10) @crabbyknickers And you. happy Christmas... Welcome back :) @guineapig66

(21:36:34) @crabbyknickers Good heavens... @guineapig66 has guinea pigs in her name. That is a cool thing.

(21:58:53) @crabbyknickers and on that basis, I'm in. @guineapig66

Tweets for 24 Dec 2014

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(09:29:10) @paulums It'll max out your festiveness :) Enjoy!

(09:30:15) @fridgemagnet2 That is totally not your writing... "minus what we already have." Love that. @hergiebird

(09:30:31) @claw0101 YAY!

(09:30:38) @claw0101 PS Festive felicitations :)

(09:30:55) @Tuglets Good morning, Janet, from a dry and almost sunny Luton :)

(09:41:46) @Chocohalix Greetings. Festive ones!

(10:07:52) @fridgemagnet2 I've reached the stage where I'm happy to accept whatever's put in front of me. #sad #porkpiesarebetter

(10:08:18) @fridgemagnet2 PS Quiche, though..? Next you'll be eating it while wearing a Christmas jumper. And a onesie.

(10:24:57) @stu4art Morning! And a very happy Christmas to you! Thank you for listening, and I'm sorry for the wrongness ;) Good times! :D

(10:32:48) @dj_frabs YAY! Festive acheivement unlocked!

(10:32:58) @DawnLoweActress And the same to you - HAPPY FESTIVES!

(10:34:01) @Fi79 Oh man.. me too.

(10:34:51) @olivia_solon those little trinkets that blinked lights when phones rang? Phone socks?

(10:36:34) @dj_frabs I AM WINNAR! *notes down the date*

(10:36:50) @dj_frabs PS #NotMe :D


(10:44:33) @Fi79 You got the answer right, though, so not all bad..?

(10:44:46) @dj_frabs And the very same to you and yours and mine and theirs.

(10:45:04) @lesleeallan1 This Christmas you are really spoiling us! Cheers :)

(10:46:37) @lesleeallan1 PS That is a very pretty lady in that photo :)

(10:46:53) @kirnick Oh no it isn't...

(10:47:22) @JuliaBall @corrie_corfield And a happy festive to both of you!

(10:47:44) Waiting for my boss to say "Merry Christmas" but he's not in today.

(10:48:12) @CarolKettley Level up: doing it anyway :) x

(11:13:40) @fridgemagnet2 BRILLIANT

(11:13:50) @CarolKettley YAY! And merry christmas to you x

(11:14:31) @CherryKaz1 I'll take it *packs up and leaves for festive frolics* :D Hope you're having a happy Christmas Eve! x

(11:14:48) @Fi79 *PFFT*

(11:15:17) @akrabat Scavenging mince pies in the meantime :D

(11:29:27) @rosscraig Must be. We'll keep this between us, right..?

(12:02:18) @manytypesoftea you can probably fit quite a few more of them in there...

(13:19:23) @SheleileighLaw I'm never going to get to go home (early) then ;)

(17:14:24) @slandi @mcfontaine @macolgan @Omaniblog @FreakyFwoof @Documentally @sm2n @ernmander @turbostream @topgold @dean_read Happy Festives!

(17:15:52) Popping up the hill to see the International Santa Sleigh... visible at up to 45 degrees elevation to the south from 17:22 to 17:26...

(17:38:35) We saw the #InternationalSpaceStation passing over Luton Airport on Christmas Eve..! #ISS #Lumia1520

(17:40:48) @GShang It's a pass of the international space station, visible in a remarkably clear sky.. just so happens it coincides with Christmas Eve!

(17:52:36) @sarahjaneuk Heh... we waved just in case ;) Happy Christmas!

(20:09:38) @goitsagch Seems legit ;) Happy Christmassings!

Tweets for 23 Dec 2014

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(09:45:01) @Moominstrudel I applaud that. Big hair is cool. Robert Smith is cool. You, therefore, are cool.

(12:22:06) @katywix Oxide and Neutrilby.

(13:42:59) @1969Steve I've just tuned in to hear Mr Blobby. #Wrong #THRadio - good afternoon nonetheless!

(13:44:11) @Karen_Kay_ I can't say it rings a bell with me... we did get Home Alone :D

(13:45:20) @1969Steve Is it doog rof kcab?

(13:45:51) @paulums Uhoh..!

(13:47:46) @Stenbird That is quite lovely!

(13:51:39) @1969Steve TUNE!

(13:59:06) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ I think @Poots might like that; she loves a nice Christmas movie (unless she's seen A Christmas Story already!)

(13:59:24) @1969Steve It's the song from the Windows 95 installation CD! :D

(14:03:08) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ @poots Sounds like quite a tradition.. a bit like Dinner For One in Germany - classic!

(14:07:10) @DeanOrmond @1969Steve That's the one!

(14:07:50) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ @poots I'll be watching it online on NDR - same procedure as every year!

(14:08:49) @1969Steve Shhhhhh! #THRadio

(14:14:21) @CherryKaz1 tragically so.. but hopefully lovable despite that ;)

(14:17:30) @1969Steve In all honesty this wasn't a stellar top 5 :D

(14:29:50) @1969Steve This is almost as bad as 'Just Say No' by Grange Hill :D

(14:38:24) @HartlandShows @1969Steve Hahahaha! True! :)

(14:39:23) @1969Steve Real light and shade in the 1995 hit parade... this was a cracker! #THRadio

(14:41:07) @Tesco Come on, guys, you can do better than that... /cc @Asda

(14:41:34) @Tesco I read number 6 as 'Granny'

(14:48:04) @1969Steve Can you believe Gina G only got number 8 in Eurovision 1996... bad times! #THRadio #Noideawhathappendmusicallyin1966

(14:51:58) @1969Steve Tragically so..

(14:52:11) @DeanOrmond *grins* @1969Steve

(14:52:47) @1969Steve *claps four times* #lyricquiz #obtuse

(14:55:46) @1969Steve I honestly didn't know this one... #Queen #THRadio

(15:00:15) @1969Steve Cheers for an entertaining show :)

(15:59:49) RT @roadpoliceBCH: M1 south closed J8 Hemel Hempstead. Northbound re open but slow @BBCNews @Heart4CNews @bobfmuk

(16:09:34) @CherryKaz1 I'd like "I believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake, "Early Christmas Morning" by Cyndi Lauper and "Tellytubbies say Eh-oh."

(16:30:12) @PontoonDock It is a remarkable.

(20:54:44) @seagullworrier Still early, mate.

(23:53:01) RT @KaraokeSecret: Wow! Christmas is right around the corner! Hope your #KSS6 videos are going swimmingly! Here's a link to help you... htt…

Tweets for 22 Dec 2014

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(07:39:38) @fishplatetwo o lordy! @fridgemagnet2

(08:22:05) Morning. It's weirdly warm... and a bit breezy. Hang on to your wheelie bins...

(08:47:38) @buffylive1968 Cheers, Buffy - you too!

(09:40:34) @batwench I've been there... :D

(10:14:33) @tweeting_frog There were bins across the road as I walked to work. Fortunately empty.. although that makes them more aerodynamic!

(10:16:28) @gillalexander Ooooh! *grins*

(10:24:29) @Chocohalix Number six on the list doesn't say "wasps nest" does it..? :D

(10:41:36) @Chocohalix :D :D That's a relief!

(10:41:55) @CherryKaz1 Hurrah :)

(11:49:32) RT @esccroads: #HighwaysAdventCalendar Day 21: You won't need a star to guide you home. Avoid roadworks with http://…

(12:15:03) @Moominstrudel Oh it is so lovely. Best enjoyed in the actual night, though... :)

(12:28:02) @FreakyFwoof That's so charming and 1980s synth :D Can't say I've heard it specifically anywhere before...

(12:28:49) @FreakyFwoof It's got a Jean-Jacques Perrey sound to it.

(14:22:46) RT @MintFM: The Christmas schedule is up. Check out the Christmas specials! Some repeats have had to be moved this week.…

(14:34:07) @DeanOrmond That's a shame.. :/ @RadioToday

(14:34:22) @Karen_Kay_ Totally gorge.

(15:53:47) RT @MDScareers: Contact @CathGreenLab if want to apply for a @wellcometrust Biomedical Vacation Scholarship to do a summer project! http://…

(16:11:04) @CherryKaz1 It's such a sad accident - my heart goes out to everyone affected x

(16:40:15) @buffylive1968 Enjoying these unhinged Christmas songs :) #THRadio

(16:40:34) @CarolKettley Aww. I do like a kinder surprise ;)

(16:41:05) @buffylive1968 I've got you in my ear as I work :) #thradio I have no idea what this is supposed to be :D

(16:43:46) @DaylightGambler ELASTICTASTIC!

(16:48:38) @CarolKettley Lovely! :) :)

(16:53:37) @CarolKettley Never was a kinder tweet sent! :) Thank you!

(16:56:23) @buffylive1968 A beautiful Christmas song is very, very easy to ruin - mainly through overwarbling! :D

(16:58:32) @jakeyapp Absolutely wondrous!

(17:13:35) @buffylive1968 I'm off home from work now - thank you so much for your company :)

(17:14:01) @jakeyapp I shall watch it again with that in mind :D Happy Season to you!

Tweets for 21 Dec 2014

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(15:08:53) @moomadeb @SamandaFord69 @CarolKettley @lee_obft @SimonFielding84 @andymtrigg @555555taxi Happy shortest day! :)

(15:09:21) @SamandaFord69 @CarolKettley @lee_obft @moomadeb @SimonFielding84 @andymtrigg @555555taxi Lovely! Wishing you peace and happiness :)

(15:09:45) @CherryKaz1 @beckyballball @DeanOrmond I'm not in the slightest bit suffering for it today :)

(15:09:54) @Karen_Kay_ @SheleileighLaw Both.

(15:14:37) @beckyballball I had all of it. And didn't really do very well at getting up this morning :D @CherryKaz1 @DeanOrmond

(16:16:59) @CherryKaz1 Slightly... all right as rain after coffee and a couple of aspirin, though :) @DeanOrmond @beckyballball

(16:18:36) Had some outdoor fun with @superalora and @nxmee earlier as we worked on our @KaraokeSecret Santa video for 2014...

(17:37:45) @fridgemagnet2 Borrowed...

(19:55:22) @VeryBritishView Thanks, Alex - I wish you and your family the very same! :) @superalora @nxmee

(22:21:28) @fishplatetwo Again... borrowed. Want a go? @fridgemagnet2

(22:40:00) The Christmas Special @weekendery is uploaded and ready for another listen.. Happy Noel Edmonds! #MintFM #Festive

Tweets for 20 Dec 2014

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(08:30:56) @leica0000 Oh gosh... that smarts a little.. :D

(11:37:38) @leica0000 Heh... :) Well I've learned something today!

(21:14:29) @bassnote73 It was a delight to see you! Hope you are back to full strength soon and have a magnificent Christmas! @poots @nxmee @superalora

(21:17:47) A busy day of Christmas visitations and singing carols around our local church. Now, pink wine and present wrapping. Splendid.

(22:21:41) @beckyballball @Deanormond @cherrykaz1 I'm having something called "pink moscato" - very sweet and not fizzy. Like alcoholic fruit squash :D

(22:46:59) @DeanOrmond only 9%, so I'm fairly ok knocking off the whole bottle :D @beckyballball @cherrykaz1

(23:08:17) @DeanOrmond You have never been more right. Also it was on special offer at Tesco :D @beckyballball @CherryKaz1

(23:10:17) @Karen_Kay_ Please send her to me.

(23:10:44) @smartie999 There is a lot of sludge to trudge through. THANK YOU FOR THE CARD THOUGH! :)

(23:11:50) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ I have just had a bottle of pink wine. Quite huggy.

Tweets for 19 Dec 2014

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(07:46:01) Morning. Let's put a the milk of human kindness into the coffee of consternation.

(07:49:36) @johannariley morning :) I can assure you anything even slightly gnomic tweeted by me is evidence of lack of consciousness :D

(07:51:52) @PontoonDock A great tune to listen to if you'll be working all day, all day, all day...

(07:52:18) @batwench Ha!

(07:52:40) @AndersUk sad to hear it, mate.

(07:53:55) @johannariley ~curtsies~ I wish you a happy Friday, devoid of bewilderment and replete with mince pies!

(09:20:11) @CarolKettley @egymale79 @lynnjaneb @welshmumma @VerifiedMen @VerifiedWomen @Keepitshtum @honeyrider685 @AlecTomasso Good morning and #FF!

(09:48:26) @Lady_Of_Ostia You look fab! :)

(13:31:33) @claw0101 you can get smoke and carbon monoxide detectors... I wonder if there's one for that?! Also: in seriousness, could affect driving.

(13:45:52) @Karen_Kay_ I'm probably being dim, but when I was a kid, one put the wooden bit of a rocket in the wine (or milk!) bottle to launch it...

(13:49:19) @Karen_Kay_ Phew! :)

(13:51:52) @pearcen Oh my... hope you're upwind...

(13:52:05) Log files! :)

(14:24:33) I'm fairly sure there is a 'thing' where an engineer is trying to make something exhibit broken behaviour and it obstinately doesn't. Booop.

(14:26:00) @MirandaKeeling Gosh that is good :)

(14:32:17) @FreakyFwoof Pretty much...

(15:46:45) @FlossieTeacake I do hope you get the chance to watch him try and fold it up...

(16:54:48) @CherryKaz1 Uhoh...!

(16:54:58) @CherryKaz1 Hope you make it to where you want to go.. x

(16:56:36) Waiting for Christmas, armed to the teeth. I'm upping the vigil ante.

(18:43:18) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy spotted in Bexhill by @hergiebird - Mary and Ida have survived the plane crash and are alive and well

(18:43:35) @fridgemagnet2 Not sure how @hergiebird managed to spot me! :D

(18:59:52) @SlimJimSim Or indeed what's left of them.. :D

(19:04:40) @fridgemagnet2 @womblegirl That honestly doesn't sound safe. Or advisable.

(19:04:53) Pyjamas going on.

(19:15:53) @justmeDee0 Quite quite splendid! Good evening! :) xx

(19:16:17) @CherryKaz1 Hope you're where you need to be soon. I'll give the driver a call - get him to go faster (skip a few stations.. you know ;)

(19:16:26) @leica0000 Totally..

Tweets for 18 Dec 2014

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(00:38:14) @nausea18 Oh this is a GOOD song.

(13:27:28) @paulums Get one about the same size as the phone #ProTip ;)

(15:53:06) RT @dandouglas: what idiot called them creationists instead of primate change deniers

(15:55:04) @ibookery I'll be honest, that's the best bit..! (It's the landing that smarts a little..) @PrincessBagel @itsnotgonewell @_youhadonejob

(16:44:50) @TheProcrast It's a good name :) @Zomby6

(17:17:20) @PrincessBagel Well I like it :)

(19:28:06) @paulums I thought that was a mac pro for a moment.. :D

(19:30:21) @JemStone I honestly didn't know about any of these!

(19:34:08) @JemStone You've made some excellent suggestions!

(20:24:22) @paulums @weekendery YOSSSSSSSSSS! 9pm.. it's gonna be (a bit) Christmassy. In my usual alternative way.. :D

(20:24:36) @LilyShambles HELLO! Haven't heard from you for AGES!

(20:29:56) At the top of the hour, the @Weekendery gets a dousing with Christmas Spirit at - why not pop by and have a listen?

(20:30:10) @Butterflysews YAY! *high fives*

(21:04:58) @karaokequeen85 Good evening Amanda! :) :) It's a bit of silliness! #MintFM

(21:05:07) @1969Steve good evening Steve! STEVENING!

(21:11:38) @karaokequeen85 The ukulele is an under-rated insturment in pop! :) I have to borrow my daughter's Spongebob one :D

(21:12:49) @karaokequeen85 YAY! :)

(21:41:41) Where's Johnny...been? He only went there for stationery and insects

Tweets for 17 Dec 2014

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(09:00:41) Seems @BBCRadio2 are taking a leaf out of the @weekendery's book.. and upping the ante LIVE - something... Wrong?

(09:01:30) @Fi79 @JoPlattTweets You're not the only one..

(09:04:18) @JoPlattTweets @Fi79 I'm going to have to 'enjoy' it on catch-up... I love a bit of radio wrongness (although national radio..?!)

(09:51:06) Good morning. Today I'm counting my blessings that I'm not a media mogul nor a member of UKIP.

(10:01:22) RT @LumiaUK: RT to #win EVERYTHING in this Xmas hamper - #Lumia swag for all the family! Best #Xmas ever? http://t.c…

(10:02:36) @LumiaUK Cool :)

(10:02:51) @tweeting_frog Morning :)

(12:17:27) @VeryBritishView I think I will limit myself to gentle digs.. moreover I'm fairly comfortable that few (if any) of my followers are UKIPs :D

(12:17:53) @sarahjaneuk Surely that's what democracy is all about... who can shout loudest? :D @VeryBritishView

(13:09:06) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Morning/Afternoon :) It's Sneaky Lunchtime Listening time! :) Hope you guys are chipper

(13:19:28) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Ooh! My favourite Christmas song :) :) Love that twelve-string. And the choir. And everything.

(13:29:17) @Tuglets @dj_frabs This isn't very festive :D

(13:44:52) @SheleileighLaw I may well be playing it in tomorrow :D

(13:45:29) @Tuglets Impressive! Now try and festivize(!) 'Centerfold' by J Geils Band :D @dj_frabs

(13:46:48) @pearcen My @RHA 750s have amazing build quality... the 750i is good if you have an Apple device :)

(13:53:14) @pearcen @RHA Sadly that's the case - Beth had some headphones at her preschool and they regularly came home for repair :D

(13:58:22) @dj_frabs HA! @Tuglets

(16:12:28) @Confused_com DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN!

(16:29:05) @batwench Oh gosh :( Hope you have some strong tea right there.

(17:22:31) @Fi79 Birthday situation? If so: Happy!

(18:31:24) @Fi79 Hope you have had a delightful day with no combo birthday/Christmas presents :D

(21:45:59) @Hartfamilybeer Hello! I'm hoping you will be my radio show's Festive #ChosenOne - I need a number from 1-40 and another from 1-10 please!

(21:46:18) @Hartfamilybeer In return, I'll give you a big shout out on the show - and, of course, big up the beer! :) :)

(21:53:49) @Hartfamilybeer Fantastic! Thank you - raising a glass to you and yours for a very merry Christmas! :) :)

(22:09:19) @seagullworrier Hahaha! I don't even get that on my Windows Phone! Brilliant :) :) I hope they pronounce it right! x

(22:09:24) RT @seagullworrier: @syzygy Do you get the same word of the day as me?

(22:31:58) @seagullworrier With the emphasis on the Si, yeah :)

Tweets for 16 Dec 2014

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(08:53:44) RT @Stenbird:

(09:00:37) @SazJayney No.

(09:15:49) Morning. There are snack products.

(09:29:13) @chchchchelsea Cool!

(11:23:48) @sm2n Excellent :) :) :)

(13:11:44) I've just been given access to a server that goes "DING" every time I press enter. I am going to have to work out how to turn that off. DING

(13:34:47) @edtjones It's the only way to be able to get things out in triplicate, surely..? #Oldschool @Twitrannosaurus

(13:35:01) @Twitrannosaurus Someone is doing a LOT of cookin' ;)

(14:34:24) @Fi79 Fings. How's your you today?

(14:45:53) @EwenRankin DING! It stops being awesome fairly quickly. DING!

(15:23:55) @JoPlattTweets Such drama in one twitpic!

(15:26:37) @JoPlattTweets Please avail yourself....

(19:00:47) @PrincessBagel The world needs to move on past these people.

(20:35:10) @batwench *coughs* You don't need NCIS:LA to tell you that ;)

(20:50:52) @SheleileighLaw I think @paulums put an extra 'n' in that last word.. :D

(20:55:17) @paulums :D :D You were on fine form on last week's BIG show by the way, chief! :) @SheleileighLaw

(22:16:01) @seagullworrier BAHAHAHAHA

(22:31:09) @Genloo Aww....!

(22:40:13) @simplytanny2 Hibernating time? Night if so x

(22:41:43) @ChillRadioUK If your..?!

(22:41:53) @ChillRadioUK (Sorry..!)

(22:42:29) @simplytanny2 I should be in bed by now, too. In fact, I will be soon. Dormice have it right, indeed. Sleep well!

(22:43:00) If anyone wants me, I'll be procrastinating about going to bed. Night!

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(09:16:11) @marymaybury Morning - thanks for the follow :)

(09:17:15) Morning. It's time for Monday, and I for one am wearing my Monday hat. Well, OK, it's a cracker hat, but it's all I've got.

(09:17:30) @Tactless_Blonde I think that's fair enough. Back to bed with yuo.

(09:19:07) @revkatebottley When they do your biopic, Dawn French is so playing you.

(09:39:59) @Dreamy_lyrics Afternoon. In fact HAPPY NEW YEAR! #longsleep

(09:59:11) @tweeting_frog Good morning to you. It's sunny and clear here in Stinky Luton.

(09:59:21) @buffylive1968 Morning :)

(10:06:58) @buffylive1968 Not too bad for a Monday, ta :) Hope you are too.

(10:07:09) @tweeting_frog It can (and may!) get better...

(10:11:40) RT @ClassicVGMusic: Miss the @ClassicFM Best of 2014 video game special? Then here's the listen again link!

(10:14:36) @IPTechShark OK *noted*

(10:34:20) I'd love to make a widget of this: /via @PontoonDock

(10:35:52) @Fi79 Move your head..? Morning :)

(10:57:38) @LILLYTHEPINK1 *bows* Morning x

(11:06:32) @PrincessBagel Looks lovely :)

(11:47:51) @PrincessBagel I've just had an appetite-suppressing coffee... hoping to hang in there until half-tlelve :D

(12:16:44) @PrincessBagel Nice! I'm going to indulge in just...14 minutes #Soup

(12:50:59) Baxter's minestrone - lots of pasta and Italian herbs.. like an insipid bolognese - not so keen. 4/10 #ratemysoup

(12:57:48) @Tuglets True..!

(13:06:46) @PrincessBagel And now: Trying to resist sweet things all afternoon :D

(22:59:20) @1969Steve Evening Steve. Taking you to bed with me after doing an LED upgrade on my office desktop Christmas tree. That song was dross :D

(23:00:04) @1969Steve sounds like a Westlife knock off :D

(23:00:26) @1969Steve (The X Factor song, not Mary & Ida...)

(23:07:25) @1969Steve Oh and congratulations on an absolutely fantastic radio comedy masterpiece - it has made many of my listeners laugh - and me too!

(23:13:12) @1969Steve c

(23:24:16) Leaf squirrel

(23:24:55) @1969Steve b

(23:40:19) @1969steve Is it "Gonna Make You Sweat" by the Cliff Adams singers? #TheBitAtTheEnd

(23:44:01) @1969Steve Is it "Gangsta till I puke" by Olivia Newton John? #TheEndyBit

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(00:10:10) @SamandaFord69 @KateyWhitey @TheRealNickJury @AnchorSmoked @fundraiserhels @HoptonGH @JoffHopkins Cool! And you too x #VirtualCard #loveit

(11:26:23) @CherryKaz1 Happy Sunday:)

(13:03:52) I remain baffled as to why video resolutions have gone from number of vertical rows (1080p = HD) to number of columns (4K =UHD): 2160 rows.

(13:36:02) @YPLAC Textbook full pavement coverage. "Walk in the road, peasants."

(14:42:21) @connorwalsh Smoke and mirrors (or maybe that's just my telly :D)

(23:39:49) @sm2n Thanks, mate - it was great to blow away the cobwebs! Hope we can do it again soon :) :) @jamfolder #jamfolderjam #withcake

Tweets for 13 Dec 2014

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(10:12:46) Getting text messages from the boy who's out shopping - he has so far found a horse yoga calendar & a toy toilet with water spraying action.

(10:59:32) Dragon's Den idea: Hearing aids with a subwoofer.

(12:05:24) @VeryBritishView indeed! And, since I'm here, a very happy birthday to you. I hope you can spend some comfortable, fun time with the family.

(12:06:15) @VeryBritishView my calendar wrong! Please belay my birthday greetings (with interest accrued!)

(13:35:21) Thank you, @PrincessBagel and @DigitalAmoeba for the lovely shiny Christmas card! :)

(13:36:13) @Karen_Kay_ it was OK yesterday... I knew what I was doing datewise :D

(13:58:32) @Karen_Kay_ that's why I always write dates in the internationally unaccepted 2014-12-13 notation (easier to sort then, too!)

(15:33:31) So much for a quick game of Drivey-Drivey before popping out for some shopping... the out-popping can wait...

(17:07:59) @sarahjaneuk I played games until I ended up going shopping (not in the game.. very unlikely to find a retail park on most circuits :D

(17:08:19) @sarahjaneuk ) <- darn it... forgot to close brackets...

(18:06:07) If you like computer game music - and some of it is frankly breathtaking - there's loads on @ClassicFM now. LOVE it!

(19:11:03) @DoomGolly Really digging the EFHM tunes :)

(21:32:10) @Stenbird @mangy_fox @Tracey_Button Larfed. Shouldn't have ofm

(21:32:56) @CherryKaz1 Hope you're all warm & cosy :)

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(07:07:03) @mrs_forky Thank you for the lovely Christmas card! Xx

(07:08:35) @seagullworrier It's Christmas jumper day where I work, too. And I'm borrowing my (fortunately lofty) son's.. yours is subtle and fluffy.

(07:09:08) @DaisiesandPieUK ooh lovely. Morning :)

(07:09:48) @SamandaFord69 Thanks, lovely you! xx #FF @a12mole @aerialsuffolk @ayers_alison @alerterblog @lee_obft @RachelFlattLB @JuNa_Networking

(07:10:29) RT @vobes: My fourth author's blog video ...

(07:25:11) @gillalexander I have one hanging up in the kitchen doorway. I fear.

(07:27:03) @peasbloss morning :)

(08:51:23) @gillalexander I got all warm and hot on the way to work, so my Christmas jumper, for the moment, is off. Nothing festively dangling here ;)

(12:25:50) @MelenieFW That is quite startling. Yet artistic. Startilistic, if you like.

(16:19:33) RT @GoldenWonderUK: We have no idea where this came from but... we've found the greatest nativity scene. Ever.

(20:39:41) @CarolKettley thank you, CK - have a most glorious weekend! #FF @platinummind

(21:40:49) The phrase "Steph & Dom meet Nigel Farage" has just made my brain do a melt.

(21:44:59) I can't recall ever having done a proper Secret Santa nefore - but today at work I got a LAZOR PEN. Someone clearly knows me. After 2 weeks!

(22:05:32) @ajlanghorn Yeah... doing something different now - a bit of in-car comms. How are things with you?

(22:07:06) @ajlanghorn I can think of few better to do it! Hope you get time off over the festives :)

(22:33:04) @PontoonDock I'm honestly not sure I want to watch it...

(22:34:30) I can still hear in stereo with one ear.

(22:38:27) @1969Steve Just catching up with the last bit of the show.. it's OK... I'm gonna live forever (I'm going to learn how to fly) #LyricQuiz

(22:44:09) @1969Steve I'm a bit of a fan of the repeat as it happens.. can't play the quizzes though #MintFM Timmy Tunnel: 1482. Or 1987. Hurhhh!

(22:45:57) @karaokequeen85 @1969Steve I'm intrigued.. which Christmassy 12" was it..?

(22:50:33) @1969Steve @karaokequeen85 Good heavens... will look forward to hearing that! :) :)

(22:51:40) @1969Steve @karaokequeen85 I wonder if Run Run Away ever had an extended version... that was a cracker (but maybe gets quite tiring?)

(22:54:13) @1969Steve Ohhh 2 minutes 40 of blissful 80s pop perfection :) Love this song. Especially when drunk. At a party. #MintFM

(22:54:49) @karaokequeen85 @1969Steve Me too! :)

(22:59:36) @1969Steve @karaokequeen85 There ~is~ a long version.. but I'm sure you've heard of the original..

(23:00:13) @1969Steve Cheers for the show, chief! :)

(23:22:57) Attentionioni! Last night's @Weekendery show is ready for another listen.. why not download it here: #MintFM

Tweets for 11 Dec 2014

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(08:57:52) @StevenEagell Basingstoke, Cheshire, Bapp, Normanston, Luton, Bagshot, Plarmsbury, Gorham, Deeping, Vantch. And Basingstoke again.

(08:58:39) @StevenEagell Actually Luton's the fifth one.

(08:59:01) @StevenEagell So please swap Deeping and Luton in that order.

(09:09:58) @StevenEagell

(09:37:37) RT @FreakingTrue: why are girls always asking for a giant teddy bear when this exists

(10:20:37) @StevenEagell About 57% :D

(10:38:52) I'm really getting in to OneNote.. it's an elegant way to paste and then be unable to find quite a lot of infomation...

(12:04:01) @mccorriston good call - I'm already using evernote for personal docs... this is for work (MS infrastructure)

(14:13:21) RT @lesleeallan1: Listening to @weekendery ,show with @syzygy ,right now on replay,dont forget its live tonight on @MintFM !!…

(14:34:00) @PrincessBagel Stamp prices are silly o'clock! In fact, that's a #GetMyGoat for tonight's show :D x

(14:36:11) I read this: and thought of @SheleileighLaw ...

(14:38:38) @PrincessBagel Utterly bonkers. Almost worth a trip to deliver them myself :D

(14:46:38) @PrincessBagel I would gladly pop by. With mulled items.

(14:49:39) @SheleileighLaw Nice that people are finding out that there's a name for it. I don't really have any experience with it; I'm not so sensory.

(14:49:53) RT @MooseAllain: Hoping that Chris Morris has been working on an amazing secret project for the last few years and wondering if it might be…

(15:19:22) The @Weekendery will be on the radio thing later.. here's a silly preview: … GONDOLAS!

(15:51:09) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Tuned in for the last little bit.. sorry I'm late! Been in meetings :D

(16:01:40) @pearcen Oh wow! :) lovel!

(16:01:47) @pearcen ..y

(16:14:15) @1969Steve Don't mess with my Toot Toot! #LyricQuiz #LivingInThe80s #Replay

(16:14:33) @RichHarkness Genius... and I use that! :)

(16:16:33) @RichHarkness Quite so! :)

(16:39:10) @PrincessBagel That's very kind! I can imagine it being quite a party! :)

(20:18:14) At the tip-top of the hour, The @Weekendery comes spilling onto with tunes and a pelican in the shape of Barnstaple.

(21:00:39) Starting the @Weekendery on time.. what's all that about? Live on @MintFM right now..! #MintFM

(21:06:01) RT @sm2n: Chatting about listening to @weekendery at

(21:41:07) Where's Johnny... been?

(21:41:30) @redhairmark Thank you for the follow! Hope you're well :)

(22:59:27) @Z80GameCoder Thanks for tuning in, Paul! I hope you enjoyed! :) @weekendery

(22:59:56) @redhairmark It's been a busy week, but I'm doing OK, cheers :)

(23:19:59) @Z80GameCoder Fantastic :) Hope all's well in your world!

Tweets for 10 Dec 2014

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(07:08:38) @NickHancock Love it! @gillalexander has got a great radio presence :)

(07:10:04) @BecauseUAreHere Is she the one who doesn't really do consonants? If so, amen!

(11:08:02) Just had a quick cuppa with @GHOGIT - and heard some interesting stories about where I work :D

(11:21:40) @mrchrishubbard @GrahamMack 2006..?

(14:06:48) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Afternoon :) Tuning in from my new desk at my new work - first listen of #THRadio since I started here! :)

(14:07:06) @CherryKaz1 Afternoon lovely x

(14:12:46) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Definitely. In fact you're playing an Acceptable Christmas Song ;) (i.e. first time I've heard it this year :D) #THRadio

(14:13:03) @Tuglets Thank you :) Lots to learn, but I think I'm getting there... @dj_frabs

(14:13:16) @GrahamMack WINNERS! @mrchrishubbard

(14:13:30) @CherryKaz1 Hello hello hello ;) x

(14:26:56) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I definitely consider myself very lucky - there are all sorts of sites that aren't allowed, but #THRadio works yay! :)

(14:39:21) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Mary Barra is my uber-boss :)

(14:45:30) @Tuglets Indeed I do :) I work for one of their subsidiary companies, doing in-car tech :)

(14:46:01) @LilacNun @mostlygeordie People who can't say Wednesday? #onthelist

(14:46:25) @GShang Keeping my fingers crossed...

(15:00:05) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Thank you for the entertainment! :)

(20:09:48) @FrankMillar To top it off, Frank, would you be my radio show's #ChosenOne? I need a number from 1 to 40 and another from 1 to 10, please!

(20:10:18) @FrankMillar And in return you get a shout out and (potentially) more followers! :) :)

(20:11:59) @FrankMillar Super super super! Thank you and a happy Wednesday Evening! :)

(20:13:36) @FrankMillar Oh that's fantastic - I can quietly tell the folk who listen (and might tune in myself if I may?) if you share a link?

(20:16:54) @FrankMillar Cool cheers :) :)

(21:07:08) @FrankMillar Cheers :) Will do my best to tune in! :)

(22:23:09) @TracyPio HURRAH! :)

(23:06:52) @1969Steve U2 did a version.... not sure of the others! #MintFM

(23:30:05) @redewintermusic Just saw your Shy Bride video. Amazing! (And a lovely song, too)

(23:41:16) @1969Steve Is it David Mitchell? #MintFM

(23:41:33) @1969Steve Is it Trevor McDonald?

(23:41:44) @1969Steve Is it Alan Carr? I do hope not.

Tweets for 09 Dec 2014

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(11:16:58) @EwenRankin That looks fantastic! (kinda want one now, even though I only do audio :D)

(12:16:57) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It's the gift that keeps on giving...

(12:17:18) @clairebland1 I wouldn't wait outside for it, then ;)

(12:41:04) I completely love this... - but I keep finding myself saying "If only it were available for #WindowsPhone" ...

(12:43:42) @CultureFilePod Well there is that, too... :D

(12:57:29) @RadioInTheUK Yes, @TomCampbell - congratulations, chief!

(15:11:03) @pearcen Right. Let's PARKOUR! @SheleileighLaw

(15:12:28) @PrincessBagel I'll be honest; I'd wear a white linen suit if I knew I could carry it off. With one of them panamanian hats, too @MrJamesMay

(15:43:49) Continue to this website (not recommended).

(17:20:50) @lizzing Go you!

(19:01:07) @ibookery hahaha very philosophical! With your twitter name I'd have thought you would have an iPhone(ry)! :)

(19:04:09) @topgold Will take a listen - cheers!

(20:11:58) Just looked over @nxmee's shoulder at the @YouTube Rewind 2014 video and pretty much the only person I recognised on it was @IamJohnOliver.

(20:55:37) Seems @LDNLutonAirport has a new logo - - Worst Game of Tetris Ever.

(20:56:00) @sarahsansom Ain't a pretty colour! @Slate

(20:57:30) RT @Exposing_UKIP: This .... our favourite #UKIP thing today.

(22:11:18) @crabtreesmythe excellent! Cant wait to get a bit of it!

Tweets for 08 Dec 2014

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(08:03:10) @oliwia_s Good morning! Beautiful flowers :) x

(08:04:36) @SheleileighLaw O no :(

(08:05:01) @brennig Morning, Ben :)

(08:05:51) RT @Mr_Mondo: Greatest Christmas window display ever - and it's in Southend #Southend #Christmas

(08:20:06) Early start today... doing some training and general things. Which is about the most articulate I can muster for a Monday. Morning.

(09:04:35) @brennig *snarfs*

(11:49:06) @ellewadding Morning, Elle. It's extremely interesting, and lots to learn with some friendly colleagues and coffee making facilities :D Yay!

(11:55:36) @Kittybliss I find I receive emails that use the word "kindly" rather than using please. In shops "Can I get..." is just awful.

(11:59:22) @Kittybliss Also, I quite like the solitude of eating alone :)

(12:51:33) @Mad4mogzz Same as it ever was :D

(17:06:00) @kimhillyard I have been charmed. @tomrosenthal has a new subscriber. Splendid!

(17:16:14) @RadioLaB971fm It's a little sentimental for my tastes. I prefer what Hayley Williams did with Swedish Chef in this:

(17:20:06) Putting a wash on and looking for my Hudl. These are the
objectives of an early Monday evening... hurrah for going into work early.

(18:12:14) @batwench we have substantially downsized our tree for just such a reason! #Owie

(18:14:04) Woo scout committee meeting tonight. Please try and contain your excitement. Or, indeed, bafflement.

(18:14:26) @tweeting_frog Bon edibles!

(18:16:02) @Tactless_Blonde I may even have a shower to psychologically prepare myself. Or do I mean a substantial amount of sherry?

(18:29:15) @Tactless_Blonde Mmm. I like gin. Shame either or both will have to wait till I get home, since I'm driving. Oh, and SHOULDERS! ;) x

(18:39:31) Too tired to do Christmas shopping. On the internet. I am so so bad at it anyway, so it's not a good idea for me to try it now...

(18:40:55) @govindajeggy Happy birthday for the other day, by the way.

(19:50:49) @slandi Cheers!

(19:51:16) @Pewari Blehhhhh! New year presents for everybody! #bargains

(19:51:38) @chepbourne And it's not something I'm terribly good at anyway! x

(19:52:05) @nausea18 I appreciate the solidarity 😊

(21:49:00) @CherryKaz1 that would be the coolest! x

Tweets for 07 Dec 2014

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(08:43:10) @TUID Excellent :) Thank you for a lovely birthday celebration yesterday - great to see you all x

(11:38:57) "Let's drive into the Sovereign Light Café, and make a dent in the wall on the way..." #Bexhill @

(13:25:56) @fridgemagnet2 Quite so. Getting the latest on Link Road opinions from @chepbourne - flying visit for lunch (and a blustery seaside walk!)

(14:59:23) Stone stack by nxmee at the Colonnade #Bexhill @ De La Warr Pavilion

(15:06:36) "Signal plop your arm up high..." @ Bexhill Railway Station (BEX)

(21:38:47) Utterly exhausted. A lovely Sunday with @chepbourne (thank you!) and a fairly smooth journey home... ironing done. Gogglebox then bed.

(21:42:46) @CarolKettley Night night, CK!

(21:46:53) @TUID There was another one about rain, as I recall...

(22:03:53) @SheleileighLaw I do... school & work shirts don't come off the line very flat... and I'm traditional like that :D

(22:17:32) @SheleileighLaw We don't have a drier :)

(22:18:49) @fridgemagnet2 You pioneered the crumpled look. I always admired you for that. From a distance. @SheleileighLaw

(22:19:38) @Stenbird You've moved back to Bristol?

(22:37:22) @Stenbird I really need to keep up :D

Tweets for 06 Dec 2014

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(10:45:45) My Dad has given me his old BT kit.. it's an unbelievably complicated process to return it for recycling! 20 mins on the phone /cc @BTCare

(12:50:09) Recycling made not-so-easy /cc @BTCares via @audioBoom

(22:17:29) @lesleeallan1 Cheers!

(22:18:24) @SheleileighLaw Heehee! By about 10 minutes in I felt committed :D

Tweets for 05 Dec 2014

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(09:13:39) I've got an extraordinarily long VGA lead. Or rather I did - it's being used to connect a delegate's laptop to a projector #howhandy

(09:14:28) (further to my last teeet) It would explain why I couldn't get a picture on my monitor when I got back to my desk...

(09:15:12) @DigitalAmoeba Brilliant! @Perspective_pic

(10:04:25) Nationality-based sideburn analysis.

(10:05:14) @GShang It's the way ahead ;) Got a DVI lead... no problem for now!

(10:05:54) @SamandaFord69 Mistletoe and wine. A formidable combination #FF @jbboats @lee_obft @a12mole @aerialsuffolk @TheRealNickJury @marishuntsman

(10:13:18) @GShang Cheers! I know where to come :)

(11:06:04) Happy birthday, @Ken_Phillips! (Thanks for the reminder, @ms_howard!)

(11:07:04) RT @qwertee: "Blue" for just 12hr more on ReTweet for chance at FREE TEE!

(11:16:59) Word I have learned today: idempotent. Unchanged if multiplied by itself. Also used in programming to cope with duplicated includes. Handy.

(13:41:42) @OmarRaza You've done so much already, my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and many, many more!

(13:52:30) @manytypesoftea Next episode: David Bowie comes charging in shouting "You can't call yourself Tin Machine"...

(15:20:05) @Ken_Phillips Hope you're well, chief. Missing you! :)

(15:44:50) @LILLYTHEPINK1 That's what I was a thinking... especially with the smile bit. Is it an anagram?

(15:46:20) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Oh cool! :)

(15:53:23) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Sounds like a brilliant listen - hope you're doing OK today x

Tweets for 04 Dec 2014

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(08:57:18) @peasbloss Eep..

(10:03:16) @peasbloss All sorted now..? Hopefully their car just needed a push ;)

(10:03:29) Meeting coffee. It's special.

(10:08:05) @lesleeallan1 Probably best that you didn't! Eugh...

(10:38:53) @peasbloss Phew :) At least it wasn't 3am, I guess! :D Have a good day x

(10:42:21) I'm fairly sure I just heard a fax machine...

(10:43:43) @MagicOxygen I used to be able to speak modem... chirpy chirpy wheeee...

(10:50:47) @Stenbird 56k FTW!

(10:51:14) @Stenbird Pretty much the same, to be honest...

(10:52:42) @MagicOxygen :D

(11:53:10) @Tuglets Morning :) I was in a meeting room and the fax was in the distance, echoing through the trees (there are no trees. Left...)

(11:55:24) @Tuglets Very philosophical! :)

(11:59:46) @Tuglets Philosophical Phursday :D Love it!

(12:00:47) @marmitetoast @ThatAgnes @SoVeryBritish I am considering providing a service of Discreet Mince Pie Disposal. I can consume them for England!

(12:01:12) RT @MintFM: Showdown starts counting down the top 100 songs of the 80's at the top of the hour. @tuglets @dj_frabs

(12:37:32) @marmitetoast I'll have to check whether or not I'll get Christmas Scurvy. Perhaps a sprout service too.. @ThatAgnes @SoVeryBritish

(14:05:51) @ellewadding I winced...

(14:06:38) @ellewadding And I don't wince readily...

(19:56:19) @MooseAllain I'll be honest, it took me a while before it hurt to read...

(20:23:29) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you so much, Bina! It means a lot :) xx

(20:24:40) At the top of the hour, it's the @Weekendery on Mint FM - - for all your whimsical and non-drizzly needs. Toothpicks!

(21:04:54) Live on #MintFM right now with The @Weekendery - it's two hours of top redonculousnessness. Why not have a tune in?

(21:25:53) @goodlittlerose I'm a-listening to Prey :)

(21:45:08) Where's Johnny been?

(22:40:35) @neilcochrane1 Yes. It's @johnny_winter's game on the @Weekendery !

(22:40:52) Where's Johnny Been? Newport Pagnell! #Weekendery #MintFM

(23:00:32) @Stewpot It's a lovely part of the world - and so many community activities going on, I understand :)

(23:07:30) @Stewpot Hahaha :D

(23:22:11) @1969Steve Excellent work with the Mary & Ida songs, Steve - very funny! :)

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(07:37:34) @CatsAreLoud Er...

(11:06:59) @lesleeallan1 @Shukezz @Eileen__Smith @BillyBrownSongs @BrianStelly @tdawn1 @dinnydot @gaz770 @JohnKnightson Morning :) Happy superWednesday

(11:08:02) @davewitchalls Gonna sort it at the weekend :) Need to put lights on... could end up messy on the way home otherwise! :D Hope you're well!

(12:01:27) @pearcen Oh no! Hope you get back to one piece again soon, mate!

(12:30:40) @lizzysometimes All the major foodgroups, to be fair...

(12:39:25) RT @peachesanscream: Just realised that plastic dinosaurs are made from recycled real-life dinosaurs

(13:28:02) Much more pleasant than yesterday's drizzle. #viewfromwork @ Vauxhall Motors HQ

(13:49:46) @davewitchalls Ahh.. sorry I didn't wave - you had gone past by then (and you're not in the CEO-mobile any more!) Horrible path, to be sure!

(13:50:17) @CherryKaz1 I work a 20 minute walk from home - it's lovely.. even quicker if I cycle :) Hope you're having a fab Wednesday x

(13:50:58) @GShang Day 3 and my brain's not quite full yet... although give it time :D Hope all's well with you! :)

(14:15:08) @CherryKaz1 It is - makes my journey home a lot more reliable!

(14:15:30) @GShang Oh my.. what are you doing on Twitter, then? ;) #muchneededbreak

(14:30:10) @GShang Touché :)

(16:26:39) @Karen_Kay_ Senior Subject Matter Expert! That's the best! :) :)

(19:34:07) @brennig They might demand a ribbital

(21:49:17) RT @clairebland1: At the top of the hour, I’ll be live with my new show on #MintFM

(21:50:47) @ibookery Evening! You're my radio show's #ChosenOne! Would you be kind enough to give me a number between 1 &10 & another 1 thru 40 please?

(21:59:06) @ibookery Oh EXCELLENT numbers - thank you! Expect a shoutout and big love from tomorrow's @Weekendery! :)

(22:46:30) @SamandaFord69 And the very same to you. BRILLIANT ones x

Tweets for 02 Dec 2014

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(07:42:58) "My love is bigger than the Universe" - doesn't compare favourably with the Catholic Herald, though #NicheBeeGeesCatholicPublicationJoke

(11:13:53) Americans don't tend to say "And then, happy days..." unless they're reading from a 1980s TV listing magazine.

(17:59:13) @sweynh Cheers! Must do something on there! @nwinton @samdownie @Dunringle @marcyeats @johnjohnston @spreaker

(19:49:54) @seagullworrier Something you said? And surely zumba instructors are plentiful..?

(19:51:04) @SamandaFord69 @goochbear1 @noelvineradio @Valleypoos @SPIRAL9VIDEO @RoarradioUK @JodieLeanneFord @TheRealNickJury DEEEELIGHTFUL! :) x

(19:51:49) @seagullworrier BLEHH>

(19:57:25) @CarolKettley @Faulko1 @Real_Mr_H @Keepitshtum @louisejonesjbj @Debs__22 @AlecTomasso @welshmumma @honeyrider685 @lynnjaneb High Sevens! x

(22:40:07) @manytypesoftea But what a heavenly way to die...

Tweets for 01 Dec 2014

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(08:21:16) @poots Thank you, my love xx

(08:22:05) @ellewadding Thanks, Elle :) Nope... no more overlooking that station for me! @poots

(08:22:40) @SamandaFord69 Thank you :) And a very happy December to you! @TheRealNickJury @ayers_alison @alerterblog @JuNa_Networking @MetaChick1

(08:44:10) @CarolKettley Morning CK - you too! x

(09:31:02) @OfficialDaveFox For a whole month... :/

(18:16:18) @PontoonDock Cheers, Mark! Good day, but I forgot to bring my PE kit #peinmypants #inthisweather

(20:50:26) Potaters gonna potate.

(20:51:00) @LilacNun @TravelodgeUK @London_Pride @EverydaySexism Yes. That's a bit yik

(20:52:18) @simplytanny2 ;)

(20:53:38) @trevypoos What are the even chances? Yeah.. not bad cheers - too early to tell, but brain's not full yet (a good sign :D) Hope you're well!

(20:58:26) @trevypoos Thank you :)

Tweets for 30 Nov 2014

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(00:02:41) @CherryKaz1 I must remember, they're just things... but yeah, a little frustrating.. need a good tidy up to avoid further disaster! x

(00:27:42) @CherryKaz1 Indeed :) Thank you for letting me vent x

(08:53:57) @sm2n Looks like is still not responding - site maintenance, perhaps? @sonicnick

(08:54:36) @CarolKettley At this time of the morning as well! Get better soon, @Faulko1 @beachofficial

(08:54:57) @Butterflysews Have a splendid time!

(08:55:07) @stevenaybour Lovely! :)

(08:57:00) RT @mrs_forky: Anybody fancy joining our festive version of Eurovision...?

(08:57:12) @sm2n It's on...

(09:03:45) I'm surprised Iceland hasn't bought into the 'Frozen' franchise.

(22:48:21) @ellewadding Sadly the best I could muster. As I recall it was two days after Valentine's Day :D @poots

(22:48:31) @Richard_C What a splendid idea! :) @poots

(22:49:01) @Richard_C My goodness... did you catch Kate off-guard, by any chance? :D @ms_howard @poots

(22:51:23) @Richard_C And that is the basis on which the best marriages are founded (I'm fairly sure) :) @ms_howard @poots

(23:00:44) @SamandaFord69 bless you! anyway

(23:01:18) Off to bed at the end of the First Sunday of Advent. And it's December tomorrow... how exciting!

(23:02:28) @SazJayney Awww :)

(23:07:45) @justmeDee0 Goodnight sweety! Xx

(23:09:49) @Barwickgreen Which took the wind out of your sails..? Sadly I can't remember how @poots replied; the barrier went up! @Richard_C @ms_howard

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