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(08:37:31) @IPTechShark morning :) I've not opened the curtains yet... but I feel like a free man (in theory). How's you?

(08:37:49) @FrankMillar morning you one.

(08:38:49) @StevenToastRADA Filth. @SarahAW

(08:39:31) @birdfortytwo Nobody is Mary Poppins...

(08:48:52) @debsylee Oh gosh... that's not a bargoon!

(08:49:49) RT @TheGarethLloyd: Lets get this straight - Black Friday isn't rememberin when Jesus went in the temple & bit a tax collectors ear tryin t…

(08:58:45) @IPTechShark I'm very glad to hear it. Makes me happy to know things are good with folk who mean something to me :) Opening curtains.. now!

(08:59:53) @debsylee Probably he pitched up at the same locations, too #keepthetraditiongoing :D Have a better fiduciary day today x

(09:00:21) Half Man Half Biscotti

(09:01:16) @louisejonesjbj Morning. It's TURQUOISE SATURDAY! Pop round and collect a free McDonalds Hot Drink voucher x

(09:01:56) @DaisiesandPieUK Lurve the hash brown action.

(09:02:33) @akrabat Ohhhhhhh

(09:17:19) @fridgemagnet2 Gaussian distribution?

(09:17:58) @canuckuk Pfft :D @BBCRadio4

(09:20:25) @seagullworrier #FirstWorldProblems :D

(09:30:27) @VenusDeMileage Good morning :)

(09:32:27) @UpturnedBathtub Loved those one-liners! @VenusDeMileage

(09:33:33) @seagullworrier Better cuppas are ahead #nowrinse x

(09:34:19) Off on a hot date with @poots in a bit, to Argos and Poundland #besthusbandever

(09:37:17) @Dreamy_lyrics Heehee - not really the most romantic :D @poots

(10:01:54) @IPTechShark Dull, but mysteriously quiet on the ringroad.. :D How about with you? x

(11:20:15) @batwench Woahh steady on! @poots

(11:20:35) @VeryBritishView Hahaha! Bad..?! I am sure you take Mrs Alex much lovelier places! @poots

(11:28:19) @VeryBritishView Heehee we do :D @poots

(11:31:43) Installing winter bird feeding equipment...

(13:11:55) @contrarywitch I'll be honest, it was just a brain fart that happened while I was perusing Twitter. I guess I should've said "Pardon me" :D

(13:13:10) With this trend for drawn on eyebrows, I wonder when it will progress to drawn on moustaches. (not on mates when they're asleep).

(13:54:41) This is nice #RonnieHazlehurst

(13:55:46) @Tuglets Remind me never to be asleep when you're around! :D

(14:06:22) @SheleileighLaw Yes, yes there is.. (and and many more..!)

(14:56:42) This sort of thing wouldn't be allowed in China.

(15:05:06) Poundland bears strung up in Festive Style #bearspotted @ Poundland

(15:11:55) @GHOGIT Yup. Although there's always ~something~ to do!

(15:30:12) @canuckuk Got my banner ready!

(15:32:06) The next song I write will have the following middle 8:
Stop copying me (stop copying me) x7
I'm an idiot (you're an idiot)
~fighting SFX~

(15:32:24) @paulums excellent. Bargain? Fight?

(20:20:48) I do wish Don O'Treply would email me back.

(20:32:26) @topgold Got my new 1520 case - its great! Comparison with (broken) Nokia original & normal leather one attached...

(20:36:28) @topgold Im surprised the one you ordered didn't come with a screen cover - this one's mine:

(20:38:43) @topgold Only slight downside is that this case doesn't fold to become a stand - not bothered, though... don't use it like that often #lumia

(20:39:09) @karenjeynes @TOther_Simon oh you!

(23:25:39) Comprehensively trashed my music room / man cave / studio this evening. Will wait until the morning to decide what I should throw out...

(23:36:23) @CherryKaz1 No sofa space (at the moment)...

(23:57:34) @CherryKaz1 Worse than that I think I've broken one of my speakers :(

(23:59:30) @CherryKaz1 It fell on the floor when I moved something.. the bass driver has gone all clunky. Not nice.. hopefully repairable! :/

Tweets for 28 Nov 2014

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(11:00:56) Vantablack Friday.

(12:07:56) @AMTCoffee It's my last day working in Watford, so I'll really miss Rasa, Aurika & the team and the wonderful coffee they lovingly make :'(

(13:04:22) @PlainTalkingHR CONGRATULATIONS! :) And a fantastic Friday to you, too :)

(16:54:08) @poots Yes! There have been promos about it on Radio 4.. I shall listen to it in bits, I think! :) xx

(17:59:51) The end of an era. Thank you to @davewitchalls @bungie009 @simon_toon and all the folk at @SalmonLtd for two years of interesting times! :)

(18:07:29) @CarolKettley @Butterflysews @platinummind @kathhomeless @CobyGreerMusic THANK YOU! Have a most remarkable weekend! :) #FF

(22:13:34) @Tactless_Blonde Cheers!

(22:24:04) This happened yesterday #JeremyBentham #baffling

(23:48:30) @goitsagch They always seem to end up completely stuffed, though - it's somewhat utilitarian...

Tweets for 27 Nov 2014

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(12:34:59) Hot dog.. it's taken until 12.34 for my first tweet of the day. What's going on there?

(12:35:33) RT @ChristinaMcMc: I like how on the Guardian homepage it currently looks like the Pope and a bear are waving at each other.…

(12:35:45) @PontoonDock It's true. @Stenbird

(12:36:30) @tweeting_frog Sadly, it's the former... and I will do my best to make up for lost time! Hope you're well!

(13:05:00) @iCyberPaul More's the pity! :D Roll on 23:45 ;)

(13:05:34) @CherryKaz1 Afternoon, Kaz!

(13:07:25) @SheleileighLaw I couldn't agree more! Morning, Sheleileigh! :)

(13:19:53) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Tuned in while consuming my lunch! SINGING DJ! #MintFM

(13:21:22) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Drink! Drink! Drink! :D #MintFM

(13:22:04) @SheleileighLaw Oh and HAPPY THANKVIKINGS!

(13:22:26) @dj_frabs And a happy Thankvikings! @Tuglets

(13:23:34) @Tuglets Cheers, Janet. I have a plan. It will involve peanuts and burgers. I had soup for lunch (Beef Broth, apparently) @dj_frabs

(13:24:40) @Tuglets "I think we're going to have to abandon this coupling" - so many times I've had that said to me... @dj_frabs

(13:26:30) @Tuglets Sounds a bit vegetarian ;)@dj_frabs

(13:33:04) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Oh.. I completely forgot to vote. US, please, because I find Shaun Ryder intolerable. And despite Bez. #MintFM

(13:41:59) @dj_frabs @Tuglets NOOO! Anything but Jive Bunny! I'd not heard that US song before.. quite catchy. Although now I've forgotten it #MintFM

(14:00:02) @dj_frabs @Tuglets USA I guess too.. @lindafrab #MintFM

(14:02:35) It's Beige Thursday.

(14:03:02) @paulums Elegant, sir.

(14:38:47) @PrincessBagel @MetroUK They are SO upping the ante... to take on this, I guess...

(14:40:02) @PrincessBagel @MetroUK My boss just told me they're planning a Tangy Cheese drink... that goes beyond the pail (or sick bucket)

(16:33:44) @thisistomgreen "I killed someone!" :D

Tweets for 26 Nov 2014

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(08:56:31) @lesleeallan1 Classic British pop! :) NICE ONE.

(08:59:11) @lesleeallan1 And felt over too quickly!

(10:20:15) @CherryKaz1 Mornin' :)

(11:30:33) @wuthering_alice Fashion statement ;)

Tweets for 25 Nov 2014

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(08:29:02) @pearcen Should've dropped a plug for da beige.. sorry! But hey.. you introduced me to Raj Shankar. ETERNALLY grateful :)

(08:29:18) @CherryKaz1 @beckyballball @alexthynne @clairebland1 MY CAR HAS MELTED

(12:53:51) @topgold @audioBoo That's pretty cool! :)

(13:47:30) @CherryKaz1 @1969Steve I was thinking "That's not going far back in time".. but then realised it's TWENTY YEARS ago! :D

(13:47:46) @CherryKaz1 @1969Steve Tuned in, btw :) #THRadio

(13:50:45) @1969Steve Pleasure! Jolly tune this one :) #THRadio

(13:52:41) @SheleileighLaw HELLO! #THRadio

(13:53:21) @1969Steve Is it Cotton-Eyed Derek? #THRadio

(13:55:06) #RateMySoup Heinz Carrot & Coriander canned soup. YUM. Just sweet enough with a tinge of hotness. Lovely 9/10

(13:57:34) @CherryKaz1 Mine too :) I'm tweeting the ones I have so I can remember the ones I like.. but there's no contest with this one! :) x

(13:59:30) @1969Steve My goodness there was some repetitive dance music around in the mid-90s :D #THRadio #WeddingDisco

(14:13:34) @1969Steve I'm sure you didn't mean "Cheryl Cole" for that last song? And I'm not guessing the lyric quiz because I dislike it so much. Yik.

(14:22:12) @1969Steve "I need your lovin'" is a fantastic song. I quite like this one.. bit of D'n'B :) #THRadio

(14:28:56) @CherryKaz1 @1969Steve *gags a bit imagining Pellow murmuring it*

(14:29:11) @1969Steve This is crap :D #THRadio

(14:31:49) @1969Steve STALKER SONG ALERT! #THRadio

(14:32:00) @vobes Watch your fingers!

(14:33:55) @vobes There's some fine fine work - I hope your eye holds out! :)

(14:37:20) @1969Steve 275 and 285.. *da da dahda* Radio WUUNNN!

(20:14:39) @seagullworrier Is he a scottish?

(20:45:09) @seagullworrier Nop.. Salisbury?

(21:18:12) @seagullworrier Ahhh! Curly wurly :D

(21:19:21) @Fi79 And boxing gloves

Tweets for 24 Nov 2014

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(07:47:53) It's nearly time for the week to begin, bumpety numpety humpety WIN.

(07:48:18) @PlainTalkingHR And you :) x

(07:49:35) @lloydbayley Not a fan? 😆 @meljaye2000 @CJDragonXI

(07:50:52) @debsylee Morning (not sure I'm a Monday person.. more a reluctant hanger-on :D)

(07:55:01) @leica0000 RUNNERUP? CLOSEFIFTH? #doesnotrhyme Morning :)

(07:55:36) @SamandaFord69 Hugs to you! @TimLindon @Faulko1 @paulcarterpc @noelvineradio @SimonFielding84 @JuNa_Networking @BrettGuruFord @MetaChick1

(08:13:30) @lloydbayley Loud and clear! Not sure she's quite my cup of curry sauce to be honest, but different strokes..!

(11:34:04) @IPTechShark I'm uncertain as to what that is..

(11:35:08) @ajlanghorn Your script is exceptional.

(11:36:28) @IPTechShark ahhhhh... not yet :D Now I get it! x

(12:28:27) @betsyweber Less is more, I guess! Looking good, though! :)

(16:12:03) @SheleileighLaw No idea what's going on there...

(17:34:17) @rach594170 Soft Kitty...

(20:06:58) RT @EwenRankin: The Pocket Show is LIVE right now! Join @paulwheatley @Verso @Syzygy @DigitalAmoeba

(21:45:28) @PlainTalkingHR @rach594170 Hope you feel better soon x

(21:45:55) @rach594170 Tried pineapple juice?

(21:49:55) @zsk @GreavsieE17 Scary as!

(21:50:19) @CherryKaz1 @clairebland1 Brrr bit nippy out.

(21:52:10) @CherryKaz1 @clairebland1 I've got quite a hot face... been doing a tech podcast this evening (missing your show - sorry!) How about you? x

(21:52:42) @rach594170 Worth a go! :)

(23:17:55) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up ‘Katy Perry… get off my lawn!’ with @syzygy @verso @DigitalAmoeba and ME…

(23:26:02) I think I might be getting a #snood #nikkershaw

(23:29:47) @Wymroyal Stat!

Tweets for 23 Nov 2014

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(12:24:45) YAY! Last Thursday's @Weekendery show is ready for another listen.. #MintFM #Music #Radio #hashtag

(12:32:07) @seagullworrier And..? That's just her opinion x

(12:32:37) Caffeine Buzz. Slight sense of anxiety. eeeeeep. #oncall

(12:53:23) @SheleileighLaw Ahhh... schoolboy error :D Waiting for the crash ;)

Tweets for 22 Nov 2014

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(13:15:15) @YPLAC Showing some inch perfect skill in completely blocking the pavement but not touching the…

Tweets for 21 Nov 2014

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(06:19:49) @Doctoe There's some skillz going on there...

(06:57:18) @alnicholl77 Thanks Al! :) :)

(13:41:48) @wendykettle Thank you! What a cool owl! :) :) :) @PlainTalkingHR

(13:42:09) @BaronHawkey Thanks, chief! Just the ticket - nice to have a bit of indulgence :)

(13:42:25) @CalmWaters73 Thank you! xxx

(13:42:39) @johnny_winter Cheers, Johnny! And thank you for your continued contributions to the show! :)

(13:42:54) @BecsOnDecs Cheers, Becs! You're a legend! :) :)

(13:43:13) @GShang Thanks Geoff! :) I'm feeling the love!

(13:43:30) @lesleeallan1 @EGHRadio @weekendery @universe_nl YES! BRING IT! (Archive will be up later.. was working overnight so didn't upload yet!)

(13:43:42) @Tuglets Thanks, Ma'am! I have had HARIBO CAKE. YOM!

(13:43:53) @Stenbird Thanks, lovely! :) Internet hugs x

(13:44:05) @CherryKaz1 Why thank you *curtsies*

(13:44:18) @OlorinLorien Cheers, Olórin! :) Much appreciated

(13:44:32) @CarolKettley BLESS YOU! (not in a sneeze way) xx @parkbenchkipper @platinummind @DawnLoweActress

(13:45:19) I'm feeling the love today. Coffee buzz going on and some sneaky Haribo cake eating. Still a bit weary after some overnight work, though!

(14:11:45) @sarahsansom GOOD TIMES! #couldeatawholeone

(14:11:54) @kyleswager Cheers, Kyle! :)

(14:12:10) @CherryKaz1 Utterly magnificent, thank you :) Feeling the love and I'm not even out of my jammies yet! :)

(14:12:26) @SheleileighLaw Thank you, Sheleileigh! :) :) @johnny_winter

(14:12:44) @SheleileighLaw Heh.. had a bit of a lie-in today, to be fair. Sort of (!) x

(14:12:55) @CarolKettley Gesundheit too, then! :) @parkbenchkipper @platinummind @DawnLoweActress

(14:13:08) @DeanOrmond @CherryKaz1 Uhoh..

(14:13:30) @CherryKaz1 NOOOO!

(14:13:42) @CherryKaz1 It's the future, I reckon :D x

(14:28:23) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah. I'm having a splendid day! :)

(17:40:27) @VeryBritishView Thanks, Alex! It's certainly been an unusual one!

(19:11:25) I've been rather spoiled today! #entertainment #birthingdays

(20:03:44) @regularjen Thank you! And yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango! :)

(20:04:11) @smorris Thank you, sheila!

(20:35:36) @ellewadding Thank you, Elle!

(20:35:58) @smorris It has been remarkable :) Thank you!

(20:36:30) @fridgemagnet2 Ooh... will it be damp? :D

(20:49:26) @SheleileighLaw ~blushes~ :)

(20:51:01) I have learned a lot today, not least that "Pink Lady" apples are a brand name of the Cripps Pink variety...

(21:53:28) @LizzyWelshCake Aww! Thank you for taking the time to send me a message! Xx

(21:53:46) @SheleileighLaw They are delish! :)

(22:16:14) @LizzyWelshCake Mainly, thank you! Xx

Tweets for 20 Nov 2014

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(00:18:19) @johndredge Woah.. cool (and justified) that you got a mention! @fosterjr @JohnFinnemore

(08:14:15) @SamandaFord69 ~does a smile~ :)

(11:00:05) @SamandaFord69 Perfect - just what I need after an hour on the M1! Thank you! :) xx

(15:01:30) Chocolate lime!

(15:46:38) @PrincessBagel Aww that is SO lovely! @HamptonsPenarth

(19:58:44) @karenjeynes Funnily enough, I had a chocolate lime today. First time in years. And fortunately it didn't let me down. I share your mistrust

(19:59:23) @TheGarethLloyd How long were you looking for yourself? #LloydWorldWide

(20:00:27) Tonight at 9pm UK time - it's the @Weekendery at - share the International Day Of Weekendery!

(20:09:57) @CarolKettley TANTALISING! :)

(20:10:28) @karenjeynes It's quite literally a lime sucky sweet on the outside, with a little blob of chocolate at the centre. Perfect, if it delivers!

(20:11:24) @karenjeynes My boss inexplicably brought some into work today. Thus:

(20:11:59) @CherryKaz1 @paulums Thank you for the retweets! :) :) LOVE YOU

(21:42:13) Where's Johnny... Been?

(22:43:41) @dellama Probably better than if YOU had been in the bathroom... @GordonShrosbree

Tweets for 19 Nov 2014

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(07:49:41) @BaronHawkey Morning - happity hump day!

(09:04:59) @canuckuk Will this affect my Ofsted rating? @BaronHawkey

(10:59:43) I've got the phrase "Bacon Roll" going through my head. To the tune of "Purple Rain." Just so you know. #FB

(11:04:43) @CalmWaters73 @GShang Hah.. sorry! #notsorry

(11:05:17) @CalmWaters73 @Dreamy_lyrics I can feel a bacon-related album coming on.. :D

(13:52:59) @dellama Sorry! #notsorry

(15:20:12) #RateMySoup Heinz Scotch Broth - a pale soup, with a mild taste, and small chunks of meat. Not overly flavoursome, but that's good. 7.5/10

(15:20:49) (Daily soup log.. it's what Twitter's for, right? I was rather delighted to see that #RateMySoup is actually a hashtag!)

(15:21:50) @CherryKaz1 @kitty_cat84 @RockShopDj Oooh I love a nice mulligatawny... can't beat a bit of tasty soup!

(15:25:03) @CherryKaz1 And a nice chunk of fresh bread and butter..? Mmmm :)

(17:08:29) @ibookery Oooh nice.

(21:16:36) @Moominstrudel HELLO! Would you be the #ChosenOne for my radio show tomorrow? I need a number from 1-10 and another from 1-40.. please! :)

(21:18:11) @Moominstrudel (and your #ChosenOne reward will be that I will tell my listener how fabulous a tweeter you are :)

(21:32:39) @Moominstrudel It is! It's to choose three songs from the charts this week in the 70s, 80s and 90s.. and you've chosen VERY well! :)

(21:32:54) @Moominstrudel Your tweets always delight me! :)

(23:10:50) @1969Steve A double-B side! :D Perhaps a Christmas medley..? #MaryAndIda #MintFM

(23:11:37) @1969Steve Those idiotic witch girls and Robbie Neville? #SameTitleDifferentIdioticWitchGirls

(23:12:11) @1969Steve LAUGHS

(23:12:47) @1969Steve This isn't even the proper Olly Murs song .. it's the version ruined by the Rizzle (Pr)kicks

(23:13:07) @SazJayney Heh.. gives that early glow, right..? :D

(23:58:22) @1969Steve Great show - cheers!

Tweets for 18 Nov 2014

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(09:27:16) @CherryKaz1 Morning Kaz :)

(09:29:35) @biscuitnose He wouldn't have to sing, but it wouldn't stop him ... ;)

(10:51:36) @sm2n Brilliant :)

(20:13:43) Back home after not a 10km run - I'm going to not have a sandwich now.

(20:16:33) @perrygascoine Not about 30 minutes.

(20:17:26) @andytuk It's... longer (produced by Trevor Horn as I vaguely recall? Now worried that I might have it..)

(20:18:39) @CherryKaz1 Ooh ought to put you on, really. Or at least sneak into your ice cream parlour for a quick perch (ooh aren't these stools high!)

(20:19:55) @CherryKaz1 There. I'm in. All warm after an evening's walk. Anywhere to hang my pullover?

(20:20:13) @andytuk :D

(20:23:25) @perrygascoine Impressive... I gave up running when everything I wanted went faster than me :D

(20:27:12) @perrygascoine I've got a pushbike now ;)

(20:27:25) @CherryKaz1 Was it 1922?

(20:27:57) @StevenEagell Obv the dark one... I am a VERY messy eater.

(20:29:36) @CherryKaz1 Well.. definitely 80s, then.. how about.. ooh.. 1783?

(20:30:07) @StevenEagell Oh definitely the cream one looks lovelier, but I can't have nice things ;)

(20:32:32) @starr67 @CherryKaz1 @iainlackie HARSH!

(20:34:40) @Fi79 It's just a load of arse. @CallumCantrill

(20:39:59) @CherryKaz1 Well, given this was a hit in 1985, I'm going to go for 1992.

(20:47:37) @CherryKaz1 This is one of my favourite Diana Ross songs.. the BeeGees did a good job of making this a very rousing song! :)

(21:14:55) @Z80GameCoder I am! @superalora told me I was :D @poots

(21:15:59) @CherryKaz1 Good choice, @starr67!

(21:16:26) @Barlie40 Good night, Jim!

(21:16:52) @starr67 @CherryKaz1 Tell me about it! ;)

(21:17:55) @CherryKaz1 Do I get one? :D @starr67

(23:09:23) RT @qwertee: "Inside Wonderland" is today's tee on ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE!

Tweets for 17 Nov 2014

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(09:01:56) @rwbthatisme Just catching up with tweets from the weekend - WOW! I love this version - I love the vocal and the synth sounds... perfect!

(09:02:04) RT @rwbthatisme: @syzygy hi just finished my version of always the sun btw your version of dido is still ace!

(11:28:05) RT @Mumbler3: The full rundown on the #BandAid30 line-up and 'radical' new lyrics.

(11:28:24) @Mumbler3 Everything about this is beautiful.

(12:45:04) @MirandaKeeling That bent shovel sure is racking up the miles. Or.. metres.

(13:24:07) Just.

(15:32:52) @Faulko1 Have you tried pineapple juice? Works wonders when I have a sore throat.

(15:41:17) @SamandaFord69 I shall try that! That said, enough will take almost any problem away ;) @Faulko1

(16:36:53) Apparently there is / was a bus on fire northbound on the #M1 around junction 6A/7. This is going to be problematic. #RuleZero

(17:27:12) @CherryKaz1 Frustratingly so... for the time being anyway! Hope all is well with you x

(17:43:03) @CherryKaz1 I'm all a bit worn out after a weekend of partying(!) Nearly hometime for me.. better make my slow trundle up the M1 :D

(21:49:15) @DeanOrmond Ooh! For a birthday treat? @CherryKaz1

Tweets for 16 Nov 2014

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(20:29:53) @PrincessBagel Woahhhhh!

Tweets for 15 Nov 2014

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(11:43:17) @johnny_winter Oh my goodness - that is frankly wonderful. Definitely "Something Wrong"! where did ya find it?

Tweets for 14 Nov 2014

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(10:01:29) @SazJayney @boozyinfusion Woahhh! Me too!

(10:02:05) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Oh of course - in the best traditions!

(10:02:43) RT @actingtheparty: Going .... going.....

(10:03:12) @SazJayney @boozyinfusion Perfect weekend fun!

(10:04:08) @actingtheparty It looks like a wonderful idea!

(13:32:56) @manytypesoftea That made me proper chuckle :D

Tweets for 13 Nov 2014

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(01:04:27) Here's a silly preview thing for tomorrow's @weekendery for your ears to behold. #MintFM #Teaspoon

(13:40:35) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Afternoon :) Doing a listen while I cook myself some lunch. Well, OK, heat up some soup: D #MintFM

(13:46:07) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Nice cockerney :D

(13:46:20) @Tuglets afternoon :D Has @dj_frabs played my preview yet? :D

(13:52:20) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I'm going to be controversial and say UK - this was at the heart of the house era. And I really don't like Guns'n'banjos.

(13:52:41) @Tuglets heh...

(13:54:14) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I can't believe you're playing all of this! #MintFM

(13:59:29) @CherryKaz1 if I'm honest, it's not terribly good :D But it's hardly Lily The Pink :D

(14:17:56) @dj_frabs @Tuglets That version of MacArthur Park was a car crash of a song.. what happened at the end? #UnnecessaryCoverVersion #MintFM

(14:31:04) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I'd like to withhold voting on this pile of ballads. My vote, therefore, goes to a central reservation on the M40 #MintFM

(14:48:33) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Although the Tom Jones / AoN song is one of the most popular covers of all time, I think it's a bit derivative. US for me

(14:54:23) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Giant Steps was the forerunner to Steps. Basically, they couldn't find a studio big enough for the original band #MintFM

(14:58:20) @dj_frabs @Tuglets The unexpected re-release of Stick Together for me, I think.

(17:44:18) @CarolKettley @RealBlokes @StellaTaylor21 @FeistyDdraig @Jackiebell42 @Ankian4 @HugBoxUK @Butterflysews @Caitlin_louuise Cheers! Super day!

(20:32:29) RT @lesleeallan1: You can catch @weekendery ,at 9pm,on @MintFM ,then pop over to the pop show on @EGHRadio ,at 10pm,perfect evening... http…

(20:33:37) At the cusp - the CUSP! - of the hour, you might just find the @Weekendery on MintFM. It's better than telly! By 37%!

(21:03:49) @1969Steve GREETINGINGS!

(21:11:37) @SheleileighLaw @1969Steve GOOD LUCK! x

(21:27:01) @dj_frabs Evenin' Frabs! :) I'm sure there'll be more where that comes from..!

(21:37:59) Clues:

(21:48:19) Thank you to @rabryst for being the #ChosenOne - your choices were The Emotions, Rick Astley & Rialto. Three pretty cracking songs! #MintFM

(23:22:30) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Oh no! Sorry :(

(23:22:41) @HartlandShows <- what the man said @LILLYTHEPINK1

(23:36:58) @LILLYTHEPINK1 One of these days I'll do a show just for you when you're around to listen x

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(10:03:10) @slandi Saw the YouTube vid and it was OK..

(10:21:14) @Fi79 Douchecanoe. I love that.

(11:40:40) @sportmadchick He's never invited me round...

(11:50:20) @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel And now I've got one more pastie in the fridge than I was expecting. NOOOOO

(12:01:55) @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel Now I've got three in the work fridge, inexplicably, all with the use by date of tomorrow. WHY...?!

(12:06:06) @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel PS Would you like a pastie?

(12:33:05) @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel Ha. No way I'm eating one of them... unless by (very fortunate) accident...

(12:33:48) @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel Someone might even start respecting Kim Kardashian...

(12:36:16) @PrincessBagel @Karen_Kay_ :D

(12:50:02) @pearcen This sounds like a good plan. For me:

(12:52:27) @pearcen Oooh... will have a look - thanks for the heads-up! Getting a battery clip for 8 AA batteries. 12V portable power YEAH ;)

(13:00:39) @Karen_Kay_ @SheleileighLaw @PrincessBagel Decaf..?!

(13:01:48) @fridgemagnet2 Now you're talking... although I'm not sure how long you'd be able to run the washing machine for #TheSpinCycleReallyDrainsIt

(14:39:18) @SheleileighLaw @treehouse_radio :) :) Tuned in to @1969Steve while I do some server configuration.. #THRadio

(14:53:11) @SheleileighLaw You are so delightfully of the 60s :) @1969Steve @weekendery

(14:55:04) @1969Steve Caledonian girls! #THRadio #LyricQuiz

(15:01:12) @1969Steve Thanks for the entertainment, Steve :)

(15:02:54) @1969Steve @SheleileighLaw :D

(15:13:51) @SheleileighLaw It's an actual TV Ad :D @1969Steve

(15:16:21) @SheleileighLaw Either corporate and boring or so far up its pretentious hiney it's hard to watch without feeling a bit sickly! @1969Steve

(15:47:49) @PrincessBagel Wouldn't want @SheleileighLaw keeling over... but a good uncaffeinated coffee alternative is: vodka @Karen_Kay_ @pearcen

(16:26:06) @Karen_Kay_ @PrincessBagel @SheleileighLaw @pearcen That sounds lethal!

(19:57:32) @nicky_doubleU Honestly not worth spending any more time on than that.

(19:58:11) @i_AshleyKate A fantastic - admirable - achievement.

(19:58:36) @peasbloss *nods sagely*

(20:08:02) @nicky_doubleU He's more along the lines of a laddy 'comedian' character whose act is all about degrading women. Honestly, best forgotten :/

(20:12:55) @nicky_doubleU A great pleasure :)

(21:50:03) I don't think there's much more exquisite radio than Jarvis Cocker's Wireless Nights. It gives me the bliss.

(21:50:22) @MirandaKeeling Beautiful. Weird. And beautiful again.

(21:59:00) @SheleileighLaw I hope you enjoy :)

(21:59:09) @SheleileighLaw Although it's best enjoyed after 10pm :)

(22:00:28) @SheleileighLaw It is!

(23:15:17) Off to bed. I have done something this evening, at least. Which may have involved LEDs. Night night!

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(08:24:01) @topgold Hoping to spend birthday money (should I be so lucky!) on this: - closest I've found to a decent cover..

(12:41:12) @Fi79 Just means you're going to have to steal one, then... @BeanzzCoffee

(12:46:59) @CherryKaz1 Travelling again! :)

(12:47:47) @CherryKaz1 Safe trip x

(15:03:20) Heh. "Cheesr"

(15:04:58) @buffylive1968 Hi :) I'm honestly not sure. I didn't want coffee when I arrived at work this morning... always a bit worrying. How's you?

(17:57:20) RT @vobes: Free Paperback Offer - limited time: #book #free Get in quick!

(22:03:31) @badpenny1931 g'night!

(22:06:49) I have just rearranged (trashed) my man cave / music room to accommodate a new telly and I don't have the energy to tidy it back up. Oops.

(22:21:29) @i_AshleyKate I will make a neat(ish) pile.. best I can do :) I'm grateful that its not just me!

(22:22:36) @CherryKaz1 Just thanking my lucky stars I didn't do this in the bedroom.. the bed is thankfully clear :D

(22:25:22) @i_AshleyKate No clothes here.. hope you found something you liked!

(22:25:57) @dmills87 @CherryKaz1 Floordrobe!

(22:50:21) @i_AshleyKate Fantastic! Good times :) I don't play with my guitar enough... one reason I'm reshuffling - to get me down here more often! :)

(22:59:56) @1969Steve Having a listen in the bedtime hour.. evening :) #MintFM

(23:14:35) @1969Steve D

(23:17:42) @1969Steve Changing my answer to E: a Snickers bar.

(23:18:19) @1969Steve Excellent lines, sir.. :) @karaokequeen85

(23:24:55) @1969Steve B

(23:33:18) @chepbourne Heehee... congratulations! x

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(09:13:03) @neilcochrane1 I absolutely love the stop light one! Hope you're well, chief :)

(18:41:04) @LizzyWelshCake please do x

(18:51:20) @LizzyWelshCake Should be possible - can you tell me what software you used to record it, and whether you have a mac or a PC, please x

(18:57:46) @LizzyWelshCake Here are some instructions - use sync to get the voice memo to your mac (second & third section here)

(18:59:47) @LizzyWelshCake (next bit to follow.. just checking the easiest way using itune)

(19:00:46) @LizzyWelshCake Last bit - you can use iTunes to burn a CD by creating a playlist x

(19:03:47) @LizzyWelshCake Always a pleasure to be able to help if I can :) x

(21:40:14) @LizzyWelshCake Success..? x

(21:59:16) @Fi79 Frying tonight!

(22:02:42) @tweeting_frog G'night x

(22:10:49) @LizzyWelshCake Oh my goodness! hope everything's back turned on now... please do let me know how the burning goes! x

(23:08:16) @LizzyWelshCake I bet you sounded fantastic! :)

(23:09:07) @karenjeynes Funnily enough I still use Internet Explorer - but for just one thing.. Facebook. Limits the cookies, y'see.. :)

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(09:44:03) @PlainTalkingHR Yay! And a very happy Saturday full of blessings for you! xx @poots @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo

(09:53:50) Happy birthday to @Johnny_Winter, star of "Where's Johnny... Been?" and Johnny Winter's tenuous celebrity links. Have a top one, dude.

(09:55:27) Happy birthday, @alnicholl77!

(10:09:06) @MrRonnieBarbour What goes around... comes around to bite them in the bottom. Or us.

(10:10:03) @Kittybliss Cool. Fresh. Now rinse...

(10:14:16) @Fi79 You can come over and help with the housework and complaining about the noise the neighbours are making if you like..?

(10:19:50) @corrie_corfield Amen to that! @kathyclugston @worldofdes @fentonstevens @jondrytay #butfirstthis

(10:50:44) @Fi79 True.. but I'm done with treading on chocolate cereal hoops in the kitchen (offspring breakfast aftermath)... action is needed :D

(14:04:08) @Fi79 I thought of you as I hoovered. Not in an inappropriate way. Hope you have had some good biscuits.

(14:04:26) @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba LOVELY! :)

(14:35:27) @TheUnusualFact @tweeting_frog Not for the people who have to listen to me ;)

(14:37:51) "We are so excited to announce competitive motor sport on the Coventry Ring Road" - I think that already happens, but with Citroen Saxos.

(14:51:54) @seagullworrier :sadface: *goes back to empty the washing machine*

(14:53:16) @seagullworrier I wouldn't... stinky school uniform.. :D

(17:03:12) @sm2n that's pretty intense!

(17:57:39) Thursday's @weekendery is ready for another listen - you can download it and have a go on it here: HURRAH! x

(18:27:45) @sm2n Good grief that's amazing! I love the natural reverb on it.. and the interplay between bowed and struck. Thank you for sharing it!

(18:28:26) @seagullworrier That sounds like one of those washes where ALL the extra lights are on... (except rinse hold. Never liked that one).

(18:36:15) Craig Revell Horwood! SEVEN! Not Gregg Wallace! Don't need to watch it now. #scd

(18:36:30) @sm2n I'm about a week behind..

(21:03:47) @batwench Pretty good episode to be fair.. @mrbatwench

(21:04:59) @batwench T'was really well timed.

(22:13:10) @sm2n Downloading it now... @iZotopeInc @sonicnick

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(16:15:39) @Chelledogs Hopefully it won't come to the second bit... :/

(16:38:53) @Faulko1 cheers radio superstar bloke! Big love to @JayScottRadio @SazJayney @MissCatJames @SamandaFord69 #radio #thisisntheart

(16:48:57) @birdfortytwo And wellies and gaberdine? Go on...

(17:43:27) @birdfortytwo @DaisiesandPieUK I would be SO crap at being married to either of you :D #CommonAs

(17:43:51) @CarolKettley *waves frantically*

(17:44:15) @SamandaFord69 Thanks for the follow! :)

(17:44:50) @SazJayney Thanks for following! Will try to entertain (or at least drink beer)

(17:57:47) @birdfortytwo @DaisiesandPieUK Yes, dear. (How was that? ;)

(17:58:02) @SamandaFord69 Amen to that - at least 6 a day to stay healthy! xx

(20:29:01) @Chocohalix That's a smashing photo :) Enjoy!

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(00:13:32) @rwbthatisme Cheers!

(08:20:36) @missmcq That could so easily be me. Beautifully expressed. @MirandaKeeling

(08:40:39) @heatsyangel You are so lovely x

(08:45:37) @TOther_Simon I didn't realise you did these, too! Must have taken a lot of effort! Same guitarist as The Mother Of All Funk Chords?

(08:47:19) @TOther_Simon How did you get the time to sync..? They all hit perfectly...

(09:12:10) @TOther_Simon Not cheating at all - it's really elegantly put together. I've really enjoyed listening to your mashups this morning :)

(10:45:53) @topgold @audioBoo Still possible to upload audio - you need to click the "Drop and audio file" button then when it opens the pictures...

(10:46:44) @topgold @audioBoo ..dialogue, go to the bottom of the screen, hit the three ... and "choose location" - you can then pick any file :)

(11:21:03) @topgold Hurrah #wearingmytopgoldstarwithpride

(11:57:52) I know it's going to take a while, but I think a thorium reactor future is a very bright one. Might build one myself.

(16:41:24) Is 'Poopy' a good name for an orchid?

(19:37:11) @Superblouse Internet hug from me, if you want one x

(19:37:52) Well, apparently 'Poopy' isn't a good name for an orchid. Thanks, @iCyberPaul and @SheleileighLaw - I will reconsider. And make a new sign.

(19:38:06) RT @AtmosTrio: If you leave a guitar hanging on the wall too long

(19:38:26) @tiggerai I'm conflicted.

(19:39:41) @iCyberPaul In its current state, that is a very fitting name... @SheleileighLaw

(19:40:20) @JeanieFinlay There are many, many worse people to feel like :D

(19:40:58) @emsquare_d I'm playing a song by Mobiles tonight. Had no idea their oevre extended beyond, well, Berlin.

(19:41:07) @Tactless_Blonde *chuckles*

(19:41:15) @RubyJubilee YES

(19:41:54) @brennig You'll not find me tweeting about it. Except this one obv.

(19:42:04) @Tactless_Blonde :o

(19:42:43) @tiggerai Pretty much all other names. And, indeed, Poopy. Two of my lovely tweeps say that it is not a good name...

(19:46:04) Because deodorant design is synonymous with little Japanese robots...

(19:56:19) Sorted...

(20:54:30) The @Weekendery! It's on... just 5 minutes time from NOW! (9pm UK time.. 4pm US Eastern) on Yeah. Something! #MintFM

(21:26:47) @SheleileighLaw HELLO YOU! Are you listeninglinignging?

(21:30:14) @dj_frabs I'm quarter way through and only played three songs :D Welcome, though! Ask Janet what you've missed.. I can't remember!

(21:45:14) @DeanOrmond Well hello Dean! Thanks for tuning int! :)

(21:45:48) Where's Johnny.. been? It's not as cold as the location would suggest

(21:51:19) @DeanOrmond Musically eclectic, has to be said ;)

(21:58:11) I'm aware I've just told @DeanOrmond that the @Weekendery show is a musical 'no win situation'. That's hardly going to attract listeners :D

(21:58:36) @peasbloss It is the one my brain came up with. I am fortunate that Twitter is there to show me sense :) @iCyberPaul @SheleileighLaw

(22:05:39) @karenjeynes Your fantastic choices put Giorgio Moroder, The Fatback Band and Diana King on the show this evening - thank you! #ChosenOne

(22:28:52) @DeanOrmond He's a nice guy (from interviews on the telly) so I have to ask. James Blunt: WHY????

(22:29:23) @DeanOrmond There are words I have to describe him that I rarely use...

(22:34:00) @DeanOrmond I would apologise... I would... #SomethingWrong

(23:24:39) @dj_frabs Woahh.. I hadn't heard of them even when they ~were~ hot for those ten minutes!

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(13:26:01) @sparkyannc I'm no expert, but a domestic sized solar array can generate ~1kW, and a transmitter is around 50% efficient. Might work..?

(13:26:04) @sparkyannc

(13:26:25) @CherryKaz1 Any excuse for ~MORE~ doughnuts in the office ;)

(20:57:56) @sportmadchick Some might say that's a good thing.. although it depends what flavour of bonfire, I suppose...

(21:13:45) @rwbthatisme That is simply the first ever song I've heard about a #BTCC driver. Love your music! :)

(21:19:26) @karenjeynes Y'know, I don't believe you have been my radio show's #ChosenOne before... would you be that for me? It's a Twitter accolade!

(21:21:02) @IPTechShark :o

(21:38:21) @karenjeynes It entails you getting a mention on my show, and I say lovely things about you (you have ALL the word skills).. but...

(21:38:48) @karenjeynes I do need something from you - a number from 1-40 and another 1-10... this will help me pick some of the music for the show :)

(21:39:56) @simplytanny2 G'night :) x

(21:50:31) @karenjeynes Huzzah! :) Thank you.. I'll let you know what songs you've chosen tomorrow! :) x

(22:15:59) @rwbthatisme Didn't really help that he kept getting knocked about! Looking forward to your next racing tune ;)

(23:00:42) @rwbthatisme Excellent choice! :)

(23:01:57) @rwbthatisme I've mainly been doing cover versions on the odd occasion I do music.. this is one, for example

Tweets for 04 Nov 2014

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(08:39:09) @BaronHawkey That's very tolerant of you. I find Tuesdays a little repulsive :D Morning, chief.. hope life's good where you are!

(08:41:27) @sportmadchick Resist the finger drawing...

(08:41:41) @brennig Happy birthday, Bren! :)

(08:47:02) RT @vobes: @syzygy @brennig Happy Birthday Bren from the old Vobes too!

(08:47:57) @ms_cornwall And to you :)

(08:53:11) @almostwitty @redditgifts "we recommend spending at least $20" ..?! I'm not happy with that (since my son wants to sign up).

(10:20:58) @Wymroyal Thought of you when I heard last Friday's News Quiz...

(11:21:02) I've just received an email that says "Become an IT Professional - EXCLUSIVE OFFER" I prefer to be an amateur who gets paid... :D

(11:21:26) @ultgames Is it a happy birthday situation? If so, Happy Birthday! @StarbucksUK

(11:21:49) @CherryKaz1 @FreakyFwoof 23.8 degrees where I'm sitting. In an office. Where the windows don't open :D

(11:23:39) @AndyLycett Luton's the right side of Wembley, but travel links are limited - it may be preferable to park somewhere in Watford. @brennig

(12:02:14) @AndyLycett Watford train station certainly has, yes! Or are you referring to the nearby M25? ;) @brennig

(12:02:37) @CherryKaz1 @FreakyFwoof Doughnuts are here... but don't go spoiling your lunch ;)

(12:03:32) @clairebland1 It's OK and comfortable in general - except when it goes wrong and starts cooking us :D @CherryKaz1 @FreakyFwoof

(12:04:10) @CherryKaz1 @1969Steve EVEN BORN..! WOWSERS! ;) Gonna have a listen while I tippity tap on my keyboard at work :)

(12:13:19) @CherryKaz1 If you get some doughnuts with fruity toppings you won't even get scurvy @FreakyFwoof

(13:13:26) @pj_kent Hahaha! True... and discarded shoes..!

(13:13:35) @Wymroyal Fantastic! :)

(13:14:05) @ms_cornwall Not so bad, thank you - I hope life is looking splendid for you, too! x

(13:15:35) @pj_kent To be fair, I'm quite happy being in my place :)

(13:50:42) @doothcrow Thanks for the follow :) And that kind of back panel is like catnip to me! :D

(14:24:05) Seems #Luton is '...looking to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in England' (despite no fireworks display)

(15:23:06) @StevenEagell Looks like a RAV4

(15:24:33) @StevenEagell Or a Land Cruiser.

(15:32:13) @MelenieFW Lurvely!

(16:40:29) @flowri @Tactless_Blonde That's a "Get My Goat" for my show on Thursday... for sure!

(16:52:00) @Tactless_Blonde I'm here: on a Thursday evening at 9pm UK time (tune in with this: ) @flowri

(20:40:12) @LizzyWelshCake O no :( HUG x

(20:41:00) RT @vobes: Support a self-published author - buy direct! #author

(20:44:54) @LizzyWelshCake Oh sweety. I truly hope you can get some peace this evening and indulge in something that makes you happy xxx

(20:45:44) "We love to do things - it's part of our nature" Profound deodorant philosophy. /via @DaveGorman

(20:58:20) @manytypesoftea you and cumberbatch.

(21:19:43) @mostlygeordie Hope the surgery goes well xxx @Chocohalix

(21:20:17) @brucerisk Vinyl Revelations in #Luton @checkedshoes

Tweets for 03 Nov 2014

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(08:26:16) Just completed a 3 hour sit down at my desk (via #SitDownkeeper)

(08:29:38) @Tactless_Blonde Good luck! Are you feeling all better now by the way? #Shoulders

(08:41:28) For the past two hours I've had Black's "Wonderful Life" rattling around my head. I think I have taken full annual leave of my senses.

(08:42:14) @Tactless_Blonde HUZZAH!

(08:48:28) @GShang Sorry (I think!)

(08:49:02) @clairerandall Heh... I think putting some other tunes on to drown it out might be a better way ahead... :D

(08:57:37) @johndredge I agree.. recording them and putting them on YouTube does not make it entertainment.

(08:58:00) @maireadmdmp @neilsleat @kathyclugston @Georgina_Clare_ I loved the Pedant song. It really was very very very very very good.

(10:03:15) @CalmWaters73 @GShang That's just the way it is; some things will never change. That's just the way it is, but don't you believe it *pianos*

(10:08:14) @CalmWaters73 @GShang *dring ding daadada bow bow bow lallalala* Hmm.. electronic instrumentals are REALLY hard to tweet. You win, ma'am...

(10:20:29) RT @simonpegg: He's back!

(14:52:51) @TaraShears @Ri_Science It's a tiny hadron collidor.

(15:27:25) RT @PhilippaWrites: Little-Known Punctuation Marks for National Punctuation Day | Mental Floss

(22:19:52) Trollied and Toast. A comedy bonanza... shame I need to go to bed at a quasi-reasonable time. Hurrah for digital TV recording thingummies.

(22:24:40) @DeanOrmond it's got its charms... some chuckles on occasion - good enough for me...

(22:27:39) @VeryBritishView I wouldn't recommend it - started work at 5.30 this morning and I'm still awake (just). Had a nice shower earlier, though.

(22:48:31) @VeryBritishView Thanks Alex - I hope you get some well deserved rest and the inner (and outer!) peace you desire! Night, my friend.

(22:49:36) @podfeet I think it's the centre pillar, yes...

(22:52:34) @podfeet ahh sorry.. my mistake. Looks like that is referred to as the 'A pilar'...

(22:53:51) @podfeet I've learned something today! Cheers :)

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(12:50:25) Woahh.. a little delayed but there it is - Thursday's @Weekendery ready for another listen.. in the @MintFM archives:

(12:55:09) It's not the weather to be leaving a cake out.

(12:55:35) @fridgemagnet2 Oh most splendid! :)

(13:13:31) @Tuglets Heehee yes! :D

(13:13:48) @brennig Aye...

(13:17:18) Heh. Monkey Island is an actual place. Coo.

(16:18:52) @ebilouskittious I really hope so!

(16:22:52) @fridgemagnet2 Still got my membership card. Is it still going?

(16:24:57) @CherryKaz1 @nationalrailenq Off on your travels again! :) Or going home..?

(16:33:52) @PontoonDock Bored, maybe, but certainly welcome...

(16:35:15) @CherryKaz1 Oh gosh.. :/ Hope you make it home OK! And not too damply...

(16:36:20) @Moominstrudel Aye. But you're doing what you need to do... hopefully things will settle.

Tweets for 01 Nov 2014

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(09:46:04) @maireadmdmp It was a fab evening - had a smile on my face throughout. Sorry I didn't see you to say hi! @poots @kathyclugston #ButFirstThis

(09:51:18) @trevypoos Hahaha! That's brilliant :D @vizcomic

(16:41:01) The lads working on a custom Raspberry Pi board at the #RaspberryPi #PottonPiAndPints event. @ Rising Sun

(20:00:18) @kathyclugston You, ma'am, are a legend. Don't let me stop you there..! #ButFirstThis #ImpactIsNotAVerb

(20:33:36) If Rebecca Front's not in this, I will be quite disappointed #doctorwho

(21:50:30) @CarolKettley Super Saturday Salutations! @platinummind @Oinkdesign

Tweets for 31 Oct 2014

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(12:55:55) The grim realisation that I'm not dishwasher safe.

(12:57:22) @johannariley P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday, I believe :) Greetings, too :)

(12:58:36) @Tuglets I block the drain outlet :D Good afternoon!

(13:28:20) @Tuglets If I didn't know better, I'd think that was a euphemism... In fact I don't know better 😃

(14:21:01) @corrie_corfield I am SO EXCITED to be seeing this tonight :) @alicearnold1 #ButFirstThis

(17:31:14) @DarrenGriffin Only downside is that you can cook a 3 course meal and arrange your holidays during a gear change :D @RichHarkness #IDriveOne

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