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Tweets for 30 Oct 2014

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(10:39:44) @Life_Insight Woahh cool! Are you staying round the south Bucks area?

(12:46:14) @corrie_corfield Please don't be sick :/

(16:41:13) Here's a promo for tonight's @Weekendery (9pm UK time, and 5pm US Eastern - an hour earlier for this week only!)

(17:55:09) @sportmadchick Cheese instead?

(20:40:27) A decidedly NON-SPOOKY @weekendery is on the way at the top of the hour - usual place - http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY .. you could win a TRINKET!

(21:03:17) @fiverscarrot Natch! :) Clue coming up later...! @weekendery

(21:10:52) @fiverscarrot One of today's clues is WELL Times Crossword. Quite pleased with myself :D

(21:42:01) Where's Johnny... been? Win a trinket if you can guess!

(21:45:58) @fiverscarrot I'm going to have to look up Membury. I don't have a very good Membury :D

(22:53:03) The final Sistery Mystery record as supplied by cloudexplosion - I played "Germany Calling" by Tone… http://t.co/bo0H8naYQf

(23:32:58) @thatsjustme0 G'night! :) x

Tweets for 29 Oct 2014

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(11:42:09) RT @danvesma: @syzygy I spotted weird escort today too https://t.co/ap3QXluWWG

(11:43:11) @danvesma That left me openmouthed! I'm utterly intrigued as to what might have been in that random array of vehicles! Cheers for sharing!

(11:56:23) @Tactless_Blonde Feel better soon (and shoulders!) Michael Ball does good radio.

(11:56:48) @tweeting_frog Happy Wednesday :) If a bit drizzly...

(12:34:20) Jolly dry hands today.

(12:35:06) @danvesma Woahhh.. mysterious "Unfortunately, due to the nature of what was happening, I cannot release any further details"..!

(12:35:51) @tweeting_frog It's damp damp damp whatever! Hope you have a pleasant afternoon.. indoor playtime! :) PS I enjoyed your Bristol boo(m)

(12:50:41) @birdfortytwo Toffee apples are the most disappointing of snack/treat products. Especially when covered in hundreds/thousands. Anticlimactic

(15:14:00) "I could show you, but I'd have to charge."

(15:21:56) @CherryKaz1 Well, my milkshake speaks for itself.

(15:22:18) @prc320 Got this on 12" single. Funky but interminable :D #THRadio

(15:25:05) @CherryKaz1 ;)

(15:25:32) @prc320 I think much of what 10cc did was weird. But quite entertaining. Much like XTC, except with more beards #citationneeded #THRadio

(15:33:03) @tweeting_frog Those two are pretty much the best of the 1970s in my opinion, though.. except mayb with E.L.O :D @prc320 #THRadio

(15:38:24) @prc320 That, of course, and Boney M :D @tweeting_frog #THRadio

(16:35:42) @slandi No reason you can't reacreate it... but would it be quite the same..?

(16:37:26) @vobes Quite so! I really want to respond to your points on the NE... I've not had the time to collect my thoughts up to now..

(16:42:36) @slandi Ahh... a familiar situation (and I'm the same). But can we do anything to expel those filters..? Without recourse to alcohol? :D

(16:50:33) @slandi Lovely! :) Best avoided without drizzle, too, no doubt ;)

(17:18:50) @sportmadchick Ahh but you do the running, so it's fine :)

(18:00:08) @sportmadchick I go through phases, if I'm honest - I think it takes an extraordinary amount of will power to sustain a healthy trajectory.

(21:30:42) @paul_steele G'devening, Paul! Will you be my radio show's #ChosenOne this week, please? I need one number from 1 to 40 and another 1 to 10!

(21:31:52) Happy birthday, @laura_hobson! :)

(21:32:00) Happy birthday to you, @Superblouse!

(21:33:50) @paul_steele Absolutely FAB! It's to select songs for my show tomorrow - I'll be sure to give you, the wonderful BaldHiker a big shout out!

(21:45:37) @paul_steele That's the one, chief! I'm looking forward to finding out what delights you've selected for the @weekendery!

Tweets for 28 Oct 2014

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(08:54:37) @DaylightGambler Barenaked Ladies?

(09:03:38) @lloydbayley What can I say..? If I were near your front terrace I would too :D

(09:04:49) @Stenbird YOSS!

(10:55:35) @pearcen It's a tough life... :D How's things with you?

(13:04:30) @ian262 Kinda makes you wonder how many holes that thing has made.. tens of thousands. PS I like the dead body behind it!

(14:24:08) @Karen_Kay_ You're UK-side! YAY!

(14:28:39) @Karen_Kay_ I, for one, am not.. hopefully one day I will meet you in person! :)

(14:35:00) @JuliaBall http://t.co/QRJZyf6M2q

(14:41:48) @JuliaBall "The Walkie Talkie" - or "Walkie-Scorchy" :D

(17:21:58) @Stenbird I like. But then, I always did.

(20:56:22) Is it just me or do all those McVities cakes that look like Jamaica Ginger Cake also taste like Jamaica Ginger Cake? Including carrot cake.

(20:56:59) @bungie009 Bit niche, too...

(21:36:43) My eyes are buzzing after an OU psychometric science test thing that @poots asked me to do. It was cool. I see numbers.

(21:36:55) @badpenny1931 Good night, Barbara :) x

(21:43:04) @CalmWaters73 Good heavens, they're among my favourites!

(21:44:27) @CherryKaz1 I am sure I can get your brain buzzing with figures... challenge!

(21:45:07) @CalmWaters73 You have the measure of me. Somewhat frighteningly so!

(21:47:22) @CherryKaz1 You're all over the place... and the time :D @DeanOrmond

(21:50:44) @DeanOrmond I am so baffled much of the time, I think my IQ may well have seeped away... :D @CherryKaz1

(21:51:08) @CalmWaters73 I especially like the 'young' bit ;)

(21:52:44) @fiverscarrot It was a number challenge :D @poots

(21:56:22) @fiverscarrot It was for me :) @poots

Tweets for 27 Oct 2014

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(12:12:54) @brennig Looks like a bit of a stitch-up... :/

(12:24:34) @brennig Yup... it's a remarkably fragile industry for smaller companies, especially when promises (or at least undertakings) aren't kept...

(12:30:07) @miz_shake68 What timezone are you in, ma'am? :D

(12:55:20) RT @vobes: This Christmas - send your kids on an adventure! #childrensbooks http://t.co/fKlV8Qn29Z #christmas

(13:27:15) Really excited to be using this rather cool soup cooking bowl - thanks for the tip, dave_witchalls… http://t.co/8jv6WNbLCz

(13:51:17) I've learned about Formula E today - what a remarkable race... battery use and 'fanboost' - a bonus as voted by fans! http://t.co/3KSu8GllVt

(14:12:22) @lizzing Topical! @Heartfm

(14:30:51) @lizzing Well that's fair enough, but it takes a leap of imagination for Oscar Pistorious to consider doing a jingle as he went down!

(15:14:52) @SheleileighLaw Excellent!

(15:35:15) @CherryKaz1 You're a sucker for punishment..! :D

(17:38:11) @miz_shake68 Evening delight! :)

(19:42:48) Yup. OK Go have impressed me again with one of their "I have no idea how they did it" videos - https://t.co/CcO9jT4wFS

(19:44:09) @RichardWiseman @donttrythis @okgo I honestly can't work out how they did that.

(20:28:25) Evening constitutional: perfect autumnalness for it. Bit of a lull now, though #caffeinecrash

(21:07:43) @CherryKaz1 Tuned in :) All warm and wintry :) #THRadio

(21:28:30) @CherryKaz1 I'm all warm and toasty, thank you - good to hear you! :) Could you play No-one is to blame by Howard Jones please?

(21:34:21) @CherryKaz1 This is a smashing song - love the harmonies #THRadio

(21:39:36) @CherryKaz1 Completely forgot that Phil Collins sang backing vocals on this. Beautiful song. Nonetheless ;) #THRadio

(21:39:52) @CherryKaz1 Can't say I liked the Broken Wings cover, mind ;)

(22:12:20) @CherryKaz1 Please play something that will stop me gorging on liquorice allsorts :D #THRadio

(22:19:26) @DeanOrmond Enough to put me off any confectionary, eh? :D @CherryKaz1 #THRadio

(22:19:58) @CherryKaz1 George Michael ruining Terence Trent D'Arby's song will do ;)

(22:27:37) @CherryKaz1 As you say different strokes and horses or something! :) x

Tweets for 26 Oct 2014

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(11:53:46) @fridgemagnet2 A hello back to all and Sunday. @littler27132746

(11:59:25) @bowbrick What in the actual..?! :D

(12:12:59) @bowbrick I love it! Thank you for sharing - my son asked "Did Windows 93 actually exist..?" :D

(12:13:08) RT @bowbrick: This is splendid: http://t.co/VyWyCR9HDK

(15:05:50) @DeanOrmond Sounds like a splendid challenge :D

(15:10:29) @DeanOrmond I'll enjoy having a listen then.. I think :D

(15:37:25) @DeanOrmond Heh.. nonono... sadist would be blasting it out at maximum volume to my family :D #SunSofa

(16:18:19) @DeanOrmond Tuned in, and having a nice sit on the #SunSofa :) Bring on the badness!

(16:20:03) @DeanOrmond I'd much rather a talented tattooed teacher taught my tots rather than a useless untattooed educator :D Me: no tattoos! #SunSofa

(16:23:48) @HartlandShows These aren't so much bad as deeply, deeply pointless. And annoying. It's like WASP MUSIC! @DeanOrmond

(16:29:02) @DeanOrmond PLEASE! NOOOO! Not #xfactor #sucks #horrible #surelythereisbetteroutthere ..? #SunSofa #Sucks

(16:30:08) @DeanOrmond Sixth base? That's the weirdest game of baseball ever. So 4th is sex.. 5th must be marriage.. 6th is golden wedding anniversary?

(16:32:32) @DeanOrmond Ahhh this was bad, but it was written by B A Robertson, who's a music legend... #SunSofa

(16:33:00) @DeanOrmond In terms of novelty records, you could do a lot worse than Mr Blobby. CHALLENGE #SunSofa

(16:58:27) @HartlandShows To be fair, though, he's only got one song :D @DeanOrmond

(16:59:15) @DeanOrmond Thithsth is quite thsplendid #SunSofa

(17:02:24) @DeanOrmond I have to say you're bottling it not playing all the songs RIGHT to the end ;) AND THE NEW PRIME MINISTER IS FARAGE HAHAHA. No.

(17:02:30) @fiverscarrot Feels dark.

(17:05:32) @CherryKaz1 It's just crap :D @DeanOrmond

(17:09:29) @DeanOrmond Oh lordy. I'd forgotten how cringey this is. I am delighting in its awfulness. I believe Keith Harris is a decent chap. #SunSofa

(17:11:08) @DeanOrmond The only time I ever see #XFactor is the excerpts they take the mickey out of on #Gogglebox. And it looks AWFUL! #SunSofa #WRONG

(17:11:36) @DeanOrmond Isn't this just shit karaoke? #SunSofa

(17:12:52) @badpenny1931 Perhaps to stop them having to decide between "you're" and "your" - both can be replaced with "ur" - but shouldn't be! :D

(17:14:06) @DeanOrmond To be fair, the houseband seemed to play it fairly well - just too fast for the singer to be able to keep up with! :D #SunSofa

(17:15:10) @CherryKaz1 Me too :) Except we don't have a fireplace... uhoh!

(17:18:40) @DeanOrmond He was only 51 when he recorded that :D #Grandad

(17:19:37) @CherryKaz1 May I join you two, then, please? :)

(17:22:31) @TheGarethLloyd !!

(17:23:20) @PrincessBagel @asda Good heavens... that sounds awful!

(17:24:56) @DeanOrmond Oh this is a brilliant piece of music. And it's all distorted! I've got this on 7". Surprised it fitted on there! @HartlandShows

(17:25:55) @PrincessBagel Oh poor show. Are there alternative services you can try? @asda

(17:29:23) @CherryKaz1 And I know exactly what I'm doing with every single one of them... @DeanOrmond @HartlandShows

(17:50:48) @DeanOrmond Had to pop away for a bit but you're keeping the horrendousness going - love it! In a 'hate it' way #SunSofa

(17:59:19) @fridgemagnet2 @fishplatetwo It's OK.. you've reminded him ;)

(18:58:36) @DeanOrmond An entertaining and amusing show - thank you for the musical challenges! :)

(18:59:06) @BecsOnDecs @DeanOrmond @thebellonline @treehouse_radio TUNE indeed :) Thank you for being the producer ;)

(19:00:19) @LTTrobbo Wicked!

(21:41:26) RT @FizzyDuck: Lol!! RT @Notebook: 😅 http://t.co/PIqEPMsl8Z

(22:07:40) @mrbatwench @batwench Hope your kit is all up and running #nobricks

Tweets for 25 Oct 2014

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(10:31:59) A minor inconvenience. @ M1 Junction 15 http://t.co/8xnR3abLN0

(19:23:19) All sorted - just over two hours later we were back on the road... http://t.co/Zo4XKJqz67

(19:31:51) @EwenRankin We hid behind the Armco! :D

(19:32:05) @brianashton Aye! @Alex_Parker

(19:33:24) @fridgemagnet2 The tyre was a bit shredded... which happened at 70mph in lane 3. Good times.

(21:14:04) @platinummind Night chief!

(21:24:31) @birdfortytwo When they're little, it's not really 'away' is it? You can be sure it gets easier x

Tweets for 24 Oct 2014

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(07:40:42) Morning. Breakfast thought: I wonder what we'd call denim if it had been invented in Ypres instead.

(07:57:01) @miz_shake68 @badpenny1931 Hugs to you both :)

(07:58:22) @nausea18 Is it that time again (running towards 9am...)

(07:59:35) @buffylive1968 Morning :) Not too bad, thank you :)

(08:20:51) @miz_shake68 @badpenny1931 Just about half term here, so the pressure's off (for the children at least!) Hope you're having a fine Friday!

(08:21:14) @ixdStudio Ha! Genius :D

(08:21:43) @CarolKettley Certainly is - even when the coffee's kicked in. Have a lovely day too! x

(09:06:02) @miz_shake68 Oh fantastic and warm! If you do see @smartie999 please give her a hug and a backwards kiss from me! x @badpenny1931

(09:06:45) @nausea18 Thank heavens for the Today programme. Or should I say thank Evan . HAAHAHHHAAHAHAH. Oh no, he's not on it any more.

(09:08:43) @nausea18 The week has zipped by in a most frightening way... I think I'm still on last week's 'end of week insanity' .. :D

(09:10:06) Last night's @weekendery is in the @MintFM archive for another listen.. you can even subscribe to the podcast! http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS ZOOM!

(09:13:55) @hugbotph ~hug back~

(09:14:03) @RedMummy @miz_shake68 @badpenny1931 @smartie999 Awww! :)

(15:28:30) @IPTechShark Not at this time on a Friday afternoon, I hope!

(15:30:13) @badpenny1931 Excellent! Hope it's a titanium medal ;)

Tweets for 23 Oct 2014

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(09:32:32) In the excitement of dropping Little Red Car Of Adventure off at @StevenEagell I left my house keys in there. Thanks to Val I got 'em back.

(09:32:50) @wuthering_alice Morning (sorry for the lateness!)

(19:43:35) @gillalexander @Tonygardner Wuahh?

(19:49:08) @Tonygardner @gillalexander Surely anyone who's seen the movie wouldn't eat/sleep/do ANYTHING there..?!

(19:50:46) At the top of the hour, the @weekendery comes sloshing in after a stomp in puddles. A change of socks available at htttp://www.mintfm.net!

(20:03:28) @clairebland1 Good evening Claire! :)

(20:03:48) @sportmadchick Hello stranger! :)

(20:20:18) @sportmadchick That's so cool :) Yeah - we're doing OK.. it's a crazy busy time of year! Hope all is well with you and the world of media!

(20:29:11) @clairebland1 I've not had a tatty guy wheeled past my house ever... but they could make an effort! More about that in news from provinces!

(20:36:23) @sportmadchick I think it's impossible for folk like us NOT to be busy! :D

(20:44:11) "Where's Johnny.... Been?"

(20:44:33) @sportmadchick I think it might be harder than one thinks.. I'm supposed to be having a week off work :D

(22:03:39) Another musical treat from cloudexplosion this evening - I played "I'm a Marionette" which is weird… http://t.co/EQvOiXnfof

Tweets for 22 Oct 2014

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(08:35:44) RT @corrie_corfield: Amazon's email recommendation for today. The "No1 Bestseller in Garden Pests & Diseases" #YouWhat http://t.co/JwgiBdv5…

(09:27:46) I've just been followed by @Maplin_FK. This is the best new follower I've had ALL WEEK.

(09:32:51) @dragonhistory Maybe @Maplin_INV will follow you; your closest store - 117 miles away.. a mere five miles further than @Maplin_FK is for me!

(09:55:29) @OrkneyStoF You can be sure I'll be mentioning the Festival on the @weekendery tomorrow!

(12:52:34) @OrkneyStoF Cheeky Q: what are the chances of you recording a short Audioboo to the @Weekendery listeners that I could play in the show? ;)

(12:54:01) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I got big love for ALL my followers - especially the ones I've known for ages and hold dear: you're among that motley crew ;)

(13:02:46) @OrkneyStoF Oooh! Yes please! :) And at the end if you could tell them about the festival that'd be FAB! :)

(14:02:38) @tezzer57 Happy birthday!

(14:13:49) It continues to amuse me that I am capable of typing so badly on my phone that autocorrect has absolutely no suggestions. Sums me up...

(18:31:01) @charbhardy Hello, Charmaine! Would you be the #ChosenOne for my radio show? All I need is a number from 1 to 10 and another 1 to 40!

(18:34:08) @_windrider Ha! :D

(18:34:37) @contrarywitch I don't so much type as smear around the screen. Not pretty :D

(18:37:00) @tezzer57 Top splendid! :)

(18:38:44) @trevypoos Are you doing a pub quiz?

(18:39:21) @sparkyannc Woah.. you're doing video! Cool :)

(18:40:10) @trevypoos Oh you naughty man. But I have to say, as a joke set-up, that's neat that's neat that's neat that's neat.

(18:43:15) @charbhardy You are an excellent #ChosenOne - thank you! It earns you a shout-out on the show tomorrow.. you've helped select the playlist!

(18:43:45) @charbhardy I love my Twitter peeps so much, I like to choose my favourites at random and share the love with the listener :)

(19:16:39) @charbhardy I will SO be quoting you on that.. that is fantastic! :)

(19:20:28) @Mad4mogzz @trevypoos HAHAHA!

(19:24:46) @trevypoos Moderate to plebby right here... how about you?

(19:26:34) @geobarnett @SBTVonline @KatyB Good performance - want to feature some of your music on my radio show.. hope you get signed!

(19:32:34) Watching a bit of #ArgosLive - couldn't quite place @KatyB but then remembered her first album has the same nickname as my car. #littleRed

(20:45:38) @buffylive1968 Are you having an existential crisis? #THRadio

(20:46:45) @buffylive1968 I'm moderate to rambunctious, thank you :)

(20:51:22) @treehouse_radio I would but that song's not the one that I want ;)

(21:16:04) @fridgemagnet2 @womblegirl Is it your lunch for tomorrow? TRINKET!

(21:16:28) @fridgemagnet2 @weekendery GOOD. Except for the lack of mash.

(21:17:35) @1969Steve Tuned in to your on-live radio show. Is the answer to the #SchoolsOut question: a onesie that's caught in the chain of a bike?

Tweets for 21 Oct 2014

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(06:19:34) @topgold I have about four (very fetching) bumpers which will take the brunt of most drops (and excellent apertures for muffs) but no cover.

Tweets for 20 Oct 2014

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(12:31:06) @CherryKaz1 Will do! :)

(12:49:26) It only takes the same energy to eat two doughnuts than it does to boil the kettle. Two doughnuts and some orange squash, then.

(13:41:09) @SheleileighLaw I have no doughnuts :sad face: #healthyboy

(13:52:41) @fridgemagnet2 You're a hero. @SheleileighLaw

(17:44:32) @topgold Hello chief. Only just caught up with your 'muff' boo - gonna record you a response, but in short: those Nokia cases are BAD.

(17:46:15) RT @adamasteele: A response to the #UKIPcalypso record by @jakeyapp... https://t.co/ggmxXO5gxs

(17:54:47) @tiggerai A dilemma indeed. You also have weird hot water tap things. I have no idea where they fit in... got any spare pastries left? :D

(20:56:34) @CherryKaz1 Tuned in :) Sorry for my lateness! Is there a spare seat for me? I don't mind sitting up the front.. :)

(20:57:38) @topgold I have to say I'm struggling - resorted to a murse for now. I NEED a foldable cover - a screen that size can easily get scratched!

(20:58:27) @CherryKaz1 I just hope that noisy squeaking sound as I drag a chair up to a good stereo listening position doesn't put you (or Kylie) off!

(21:25:28) @CherryKaz1 Always wondered why ld lang can't stand gravy.. I love it myself.

(22:03:00) @1969Steve Enjoying some mellowness before the day ends.. have I missed much? #MintFM

(22:10:20) @1969Steve A

(22:10:49) @1969Steve That was a very comprehensive summary - thank you! :) #MintFM

(22:20:25) @1969Steve C

(22:23:28) @1969Steve Is this a song about being a vampire? #MintFM

(22:30:55) @HartlandShows Aye that's so! @1969Steve

(22:54:52) @1969Steve D

(22:57:05) @1969Steve MUCH better than the Communards' version. Far less... squawky :D

Tweets for 19 Oct 2014

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(08:07:24) RT @OnjMusic: #Trailers, #intros, #outros, #stings, #commercials, #infomercials, and more. All require music, right? Why not try http://t.c…

(08:07:35) @Dreamy_lyrics @OnjMusic Amen to that! :)

(08:08:58) RT @ThePoke: #recap Dad Vs. Social Media.

(08:09:37) @Dreamy_lyrics Darn right..! You and @OnjMusic are a formidable combination!

(08:10:17) @Dreamy_lyrics @OnjMusic Big up the @Tuningforkmusic!

(15:34:23) @trevypoos Wow.. no! I'd not heard of that - thank you for the link :)

(15:35:18) Briliant.. @nxmee is in control of his very own @Raspberry_Pi - and is not afraid to use it; he's already running MATE in an XMing session.

(15:43:43) @LilacNun The rather scattergun approach with which they contact one - I put my CV up on jobsite and I'm getting upwards of 10 calls per wk!

(15:44:00) @LilacNun How do I make my CV stand out but still remain acceptable?

(15:44:47) @LilacNun I've not used it for anything but keeping in touch w/ former colleagues, but I know other folk who have had opportunities from it.

(15:45:47) @LilacNun I do a fair amount of interviewing, and I think the candidates worry that they don't know enough about the job before they arrive.

(15:46:28) @LilacNun It's a tricky one - I uploaded my CV because it was out of date, not because I was necessarily looking for opportunities! :D

(15:50:23) Afternoon constitutional.

(18:01:05) @biscuitnose You're hibernating your children..? :D

(21:10:02) @CarolKettley N'night.. me too! x

Tweets for 18 Oct 2014

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(09:06:58) Wow.. There's a wagtail in the garden... must refill the birdfeeders (the rain has made the current seed into porridge!)

(09:47:46) @johannariley NOOO! Waste! :\

(09:49:12) @CarolKettley @RealBlokes @parkbenchkipper @Jackiebell42 @honeyrider685 @louisejonesjbj @Ankian4 @lynnjaneb Thank you! Happy Weekendery! ;)

(09:49:43) @TheGarbagePOD Thanks for the #FF yesterday..! Sorry I wasn't about. Cheers!

(09:50:48) @johannariley Can you make more? I promise to prevent them from languishing in a cupboard ;)

(09:58:30) @TheGarbagePOD Brilliant - thank you! :)

(09:58:40) @johannariley But oh so worth it :)

(11:09:18) @corrie_corfield @BBCFooC @BBCRadio4 Good heavens.

(15:04:22) @WHS_Carpet A fine display of Autumn Leaf/Random Signage/Unnecessarily High Phone in Hitchin. Unique. http://t.co/iunO8YckYw

(15:19:14) Beautiful busking in #Hitchin @ Hitchin Market http://t.co/0PSK2U1v6d

(15:42:16) @SpaceKate Hope it went well!

(17:51:04) @AlanHydeStudio Just catching up with #TTT - You did the jingles for Caesar's show..? Legendary! #GetAnAerialScrewItToYourHead

(22:18:20) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Heh.

Tweets for 17 Oct 2014

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(07:06:41) @DavidLloydRADIO I've still got one of them! I think... no idea where it is though. Or, indeed, if it still works! :D

(07:15:35) @Tactless_Blonde You should so put that on a sign...

(07:15:40) @Tactless_Blonde Morning, also.

(07:16:27) Nobody needs know that I was up well after midnight aralditing my headphones back together. It's OK.. it wasn't my @RHA ones.. :D

(07:18:08) @webziggy ...so that's what happened to Qik! :D

(08:32:37) @Tuglets I'm struggling to type because I stuck my fingers together ;) It has a strange sweet smell...

(08:53:44) @Tactless_Blonde Oh heavens.. I hope you can exorcise the dreams and ahve some Good Quality reality :) I had some strange dreams, too!

(09:48:59) @Tuglets We used to use Uhu when I was a kid, which was frankly useless for gluing anything but clothes back together. And to each other...

(10:40:23) @Tuglets Pritstik used to smell nice. They've ruined it. Probably because kids used to eat it :D

(11:14:27) @RatuKatu That is just... nope... can't describe it.

(16:35:00) I had no idea... http://t.co/3u80kTANSR (and many others that can be found here: http://t.co/RhAzuCOFNq) - A better version. Less Robbie-y.

(16:37:50) @SophieTVD @StevenEagell GOOD COLOUR!

(16:38:26) RT @BreezeHaveMercy: i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me http://t.co/Vb5bdshxRM

(16:38:42) @Superblouse Please save me a mug.

(16:39:09) @LizzyWelshCake Will soon be winter, no?

(18:26:33) @Superblouse A little 'cheers' :)

(19:53:48) @BecsOnDecs Very festive! #wannabethere @CherryKaz1

(19:54:17) @Chelledogs I hope you can get some good rest - well deserved

(19:54:37) Is it still called a "telethon"?

(19:56:22) @1969Steve Is it maps? Or dangerous ways to cross the road?

(19:57:54) @1969Steve Tuned in by the way. Sorry I'm late - I was at Asda and got lost in the freezer section.

(20:10:28) @1969Steve Oh I do hope number 3 is Bass How Low Can You Go.. or Mr Blobby or Bob The Builder.. #MintFM #80s

(20:40:32) Another Never Mind The Buzzcocks leaving me crying with laughter. Must watch it when it's actually on so I can enjoy the Twitter chat #NMTB

(21:30:26) @alta8 Oh gosh...

(22:09:08) ALERT ALERT! Last night's @weekendery has escaped and is hanging round a nearby chip shop waiting for another listen: http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS

(22:22:30) @CarolKettley Don't feed the @weekendery after midnight ;)

(22:24:48) @CarolKettley Night night! :) x

(22:43:37) @IPTechShark I don't know, but if they're not, they are bad people. x

Tweets for 16 Oct 2014

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(06:38:59) @johnshepherd Well that's progress (of a sort!)

(06:39:45) @clairejustineo Morning :)

(10:20:06) RT @podquiz: PodQuiz 500 is just a few hours away!

(10:42:20) @RHA That is truly wonderful... like an episode of How It's Made but with something I actually want ;)

(11:13:09) @BritishArmy Thank you for taking this on. Wishing you good fortune and success. /via @chepbourne

(12:31:40) Getting the tyre changed on the Prius, it strikes me that people who work in car service places must have to drive all kinds of weird cars..

(12:34:58) Also, I wonder how many times (and how often) I'd have to sit around in a car service waiting room before I felt "yeah.. I'm comfortable."

(13:08:52) Given the number of times I've (ahem) slightly bumped the kerb, allowing them to upsell wheel alignment was a good idea but I wont be back.

(13:09:26) @DeanOrmond Oh wow... that is the coolest!

(13:16:29) Daytime ITV is starting to really grate on me now. And what the hell's Iceland Bingo? Is that the chances someone has left the freezer open?

(13:17:33) I spelled "won't" wrong in that earlier tweet. Sorry. Wont do it again.

(14:19:28) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Well.. but who's going to get the spanking? :D

(14:20:14) @CherryKaz1 Almost as bad - something with David Dickinson in it.

(17:00:37) @podquiz Well done, sir - really looking forward to hearing the finished result. And CONGRATULATIONS on 500 podquizzes! :)

(17:10:30) I've got "I thought it was over" by the Feeling and "Dakota" by Stereophonics playing in my head. Swapping between the two. Randomly.

(17:12:13) "Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. " Fanboys only. #Apple

(17:20:56) @johnny_winter So watching it using Google Chrome on my Windows XP machine's not going to work then..? :D

(17:21:24) @johnny_winter That said, given what I can read on the live blog, it's all a bit 'meh' so far..?!

(17:22:15) @johnny_winter Oh I'm a windows licker all right :D

(17:44:47) @fridgemagnet2 Your lettuce was only the start of it..

(17:47:45) @CherryKaz1 @buffylive1968 @sweetstephanie Gosh that was quite an outburst :D

(17:48:41) @buffylive1968 @CherryKaz1 @sweetstephanie Thank heavens for that! :D

(17:50:04) @CherryKaz1 @buffylive1968 @sweetstephanie I truly hope I am never one of them! :)

(17:53:55) @buffylive1968 @CherryKaz1 @sweetstephanie I try to be nice :)

(17:54:18) @CherryKaz1 @buffylive1968 @sweetstephanie If ever I were to be shot, you'd be towards the top of the list. Not that I want to be. :D x

(19:47:42) At the top of the hour, it's a @Weekendery, which is in feisty mood tonight. And smells a bit of lemon drizzle cake. http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY!

(20:18:23) @dj_frabs Well good evening! :) Expect a cheery shoutout in a mo :)

(20:18:28) RT @sm2n: Talking about @weekendery at http://t.co/G9lxF0AEYD but not with RT @1969Steve: @syzygy I am tuned in #MintFM

(20:44:31) Where's Johnny... Been? Clues: He's banging a bowl, live with the early bugs

(20:45:08) @dj_frabs Y'know, I hadn't realised he wasn't singing! Every day's a school day! :)

(20:46:00) @Tuglets Why thank you! You can thank @SheleileighLaw for the Americana song choices! :)

(21:02:02) @1969Steve I love the background music to this promo :D perfect... with the random shouting!

(21:13:10) RT @sm2n: Whisrocca #vid @weekendery http://t.co/LSKvYJUN3K

(21:32:39) @Tuglets I think your dog walking over this song would be an improvement.. :)

(21:33:10) @fiverscarrot TRUE! Completely forgot to tweet it.. what a muppet! :D

(22:05:20) Another fun @weekendery comes to an end.. so soon! Thank you if you listened.. if not, there's always the archive..! http://t.co/epghCyqtkL

(22:42:00) Tonight's Mystery Record, as kindly sent by cloudexplosion.. and yes, 30 guitar hits means less than… http://t.co/qSzVuFs4ow

Tweets for 15 Oct 2014

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(09:26:18) @johnfidler Hahaha :D

(10:08:33) @CherryKaz1 Morning :)

(19:25:41) @sm2n @davewitchalls Waving back.. albeit belatedly :D

(20:29:52) @stevensande Nice to have made your acquaintance this evening :)

(21:19:30) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show ‘http://t.co/jDaH76jYlY’ with @syzygy @stevensande @EwenRankin ‘Windows 10, Android Lollypop…

(21:27:31) Having a listen to @1969Steve's House Of Fun on @MintFM while making some cocoa. It's what Mary & Ida would have wanted...

(21:30:50) @1969Steve I do like that.. but I don't think I should :D

(21:31:00) @CherryKaz1 BRING IT ON! In my slippers...

(21:36:05) @1969Steve Isn't this song essentially about him being an asshat? At least this isn't the version with the horrendous rap in it.. :D #MintFM

(21:39:10) @1969 Is it pants hanging out on the line? #SchoolsOut

(21:43:27) @1969Steve And Jasper Carrott.. you are spoiling us ;)

(21:48:33) @1969Steve They can still write a song, can't they!

(21:51:51) Here's a silly promo for tomorrow's @Weekendery - hope you can join me at http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY at 9pm tomorrow! https://t.co/IFOBrao0fG

(21:55:31) @1969Steve Puddles? #SchoolsOut Or an ironing board..?

(21:56:24) @CarolKettley Night night night! X

(22:07:36) @1969Steve ayayayayayay Tune! "What the... was that?'" Will have to play the 12" of that sometime.. #MintFM

(22:16:22) @1969Steve one's a Lloyd weber song - the other is by Simon and Rob. love changes everything. Including the bedding. Love's handy like that.

(22:17:47) @1969Steve Moar cowbell. Less singing :D

Tweets for 14 Oct 2014

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(06:30:45) @Ariadnes_web Have a lovely holiday!

(06:33:59) RT @CarolineLucas: Pls RT if you agree that @TheGreenParty should appear in the TV election debates https://t.co/kh0AkdlAC7 #TVdebates http…

(06:54:28) It's the calm before the incipient drizzle...

(06:59:26) @Dreamy_lyrics It sounds somewhat euphemistic if I'm honest... :)

(07:32:45) RT @Dr_Black: Happy Ada Lovelace Day!! 😃 http://t.co/rAORFVDgLo #ALD14 Big up all women in science!! Yay 😃❤️😃

(07:34:36) @_windrider Various angles, but mainly vertical at this stage...

(09:42:25) @johnfidler An easy mistake to make, I think...

(09:51:17) @CherryKaz1 Nahh...

(10:31:57) @Dreamy_lyrics It sounds a bit rude...

(10:44:33) @johnfidler Another understandable juxtaposition, to be fair...

(10:46:09) @johnfidler You've now got me wondering which television people I had interpolated or confused in my mind..

(10:47:11) @billt Have you considered some form of rack customisation / self-expression?

(10:51:42) @Karen_Kay_ @weezermama And I can't really complain about it...

(11:00:19) I feel a bit bad having "Best wishes, james" as part of my signature. Not actually typing it each time seems a little.. insincere. Just me?

(11:19:48) @CherryKaz1 If you've got a cup of tea and plenty of space, you're sorted for the day :)

(12:16:29) @fridgemagnet2 You get special treatment. Custom email closure. Like 'Cheese' for example.

(12:16:52) @SheleileighLaw Best! I'm going to go for "In the top 5".. ;)

(12:17:46) I appear to be unable to even. How odd.

(12:43:53) @tobypinder I tried to, three or five times...

(19:20:16) @CherryKaz1 Hello :) Listening - while I do some show prep. What ice cream flavours are up for grabs tonight? x

(19:20:41) @GHOGIT In spirit, yes...

(19:21:10) @ellewadding But I would want to mean it.. I guess it's a problem with me :D Warmest regards, james x

(19:21:44) @CherryKaz1 Ooh that sounds like a delicious evening treat! Much like your show ;)

(19:27:30) @ellewadding I am resolved to do so. Thank you for your kind counsel.

(19:30:06) @CherryKaz1 TUNE! :)

(19:55:04) @CherryKaz1 Gosh this is a funky one - never heard it before! :)

(19:56:00) @CherryKaz1 Has this just started again..? :D

(20:11:35) @AnniForsyth Excellent! Bonus greetings... I like that :)

(20:12:16) @AnniForsyth And actually the most friendly, personable emails are those I just end with 'j'.. :D

(20:19:12) @VeryBritishView Haha! I get a little annoyed with emails that say "Sent from my iPhone" - I mean why would one do that? :D @AnniForsyth

(20:24:14) @AnniForsyth @VeryBritishView Heehee :D True! I avoid writing emails on my phone if I can.. perhaps I should have an apology as my sig :D

(20:30:48) @DeanOrmond @HartlandShows @CherryKaz1 Hahaha. But what about all those other London Boys songs.. there's.. er... nope.. can't think of one!

(20:31:45) @1969Steve Oh that is a BRILLIANT tune! If you've not got it, @CherryKaz1, I might put my 12" version on the show on Thursday ;)

(20:32:24) @AnniForsyth @VeryBritishView I might just end my emails "Old school, james"

(20:33:42) @HartlandShows have to admit I'm singing along ;) @CherryKaz1

(20:36:05) @CherryKaz1 Was hoping you might do a Robbie Neville and play it again ;) @HartlandShows

(20:53:35) @VeryBritishView Regional variations may apply... @AnniForsyth

(20:58:52) @CherryKaz1 Thank you for a very entertaining show! :) x

(21:19:39) The 99 balloons were only red in the UK version...

(21:21:23) @Doctoe Excellent. Very excellent.

(21:26:05) @corrie_corfield It just occurred to me.. the translation of the German version is, from what I read - more politically charged! Cheers! :)

(21:26:22) @fridgemagnet2 Must be true. What's German for beige?

(21:27:02) @fridgemagnet2 In Lithuanian, beige is 'smėlio'

(21:39:41) @ms_cornwall Nos da :)

(21:40:07) @drgonzolives Only having half a glass left..? @Bethan_Michael @season934

(21:55:12) @RatuKatu I guess it depends how comfy the sofa is :)

(21:56:43) @Doctoe It's not wonderment is it..?

(22:11:48) @bitman Hot airy fairy balloons? :D

(22:59:57) @YourSofa1 @RatuKatu Well I wasn't expecting that... night both!

Tweets for 13 Oct 2014

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(09:01:23) @therobcshow Thanks for the follow :)

(09:12:40) @tweeting_frog Guter Matin!

(09:14:13) @PrincessBagel It's rather drab out, too. Perhaps you could drive the car INTO the supermarket #NiceBigLobby

(09:14:51) @tweeting_frog Indeed! The international language of fondness. Have a good day!

(09:16:16) Good morning. The word of the day is "Drab".

(09:21:24) @PrincessBagel NOOOOOOO! *voice echoes all the way to the bakery department*

(09:21:41) @DeanOrmond Quite nice to be inside... hope you have a good one!

(09:21:51) RT @MagicOxygen: @syzygy

(09:22:07) @MagicOxygen YAY! A beam of sunlight...!

(09:27:50) @sfdrummer That's a very positive spin, Russ. Makes me want to be a binman. #notsomuch

(09:38:20) @Jimmys_Official A Dukla Prague away kit (obv). Or, failing that, a subwoofer for my tiny little car. TINY. LITTLE.

(09:56:44) @CherryKaz1 mornin'! :)

(10:31:21) @2danceis2dream2 Good word! I think it's pretty much like that everywhere :D

(10:32:18) @fiverscarrot I think the only thing to do in weather like this is to turn up the lights and the central heating and get cosy with a book!

(10:44:43) @fiverscarrot Yeah.. it happens so easily.. do try the bright lights, though.. bring back some summer! :)

(12:05:01) Why DO the UKIP keep being on telly?

(12:36:43) @tweeting_frog Seems to be the way.. almost like a celebrity obsession, but without the celebrity.

(12:54:53) @Wymroyal Oh that is good!

(14:14:30) @vobes Unfortunately it's somewhat inevitable when some programmes are on ;)

(14:15:24) @akrabat But the oxygen of publicity is what keeps them going. They're the Kim Kardashian of political parties..

(14:15:57) RT @vobes: My latest Author's Chat video is now available. I am talking about why I use social media.

(15:34:24) Last week I saw a Flappy Bird 2015 annual in WH Smiths. A whole book. About Flappy Bird. #baffling

(15:56:06) I suppose it's better than there being a UKIP annual.

(15:58:47) @TaraBusch Happy birthday! :)

(21:55:13) @GenericShimer Amen! @PrincessBagel

Tweets for 12 Oct 2014

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(15:16:17) @chchchchelsea Bargain!

(15:21:00) @RobertoAustini You were the hardest-working driver in race 2 for sure! #BTCC @DunlopBTCC @Brands_Hatch

(16:15:12) Happy birthday, @JQP74! Hope it has been a splendid one!

(16:16:27) Given the excitement of the racing today, I stand by my claim that #BTCC is the best motorsport there is...

(21:25:03) Oh my.. Never Mind The Buzzcocks is still hilarious - it helps that Stacey Solomon was on it this week. And Rhod Gilbert is brilliant. #NMTB

(21:49:43) @DeanOrmond Only just catching up with the comedy on telly.. there's some good stuff on!

Tweets for 11 Oct 2014

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(11:20:44) It's official - Cortana hates me. It has just texted the word "stupid" to @poots. I was attempting to tell Cortana to stop being so stupid.

(12:30:02) @GHOGIT hahaha!

(16:34:40) RT @RobertoAustini: http://t.co/s4rwzUKijy

(17:45:46) @birdfortytwo It's a marathon not a sprint. Get a Snickers in .. (I have no idea)

(17:53:18) @birdfortytwo For what it's worth, Beth watches it after the event, skipping through the bits she's not interested in... :D

(17:54:10) @seagullworrier Oh dear. He'll learn.

(18:03:44) @seagullworrier This too, I believe the saying still goes, will pass.

(20:26:42) @andytuk Excellent... unfortunately it'll be tough to dub that into the show archive ;) Must come and visit some time!

(22:58:10) In the dark ages. Good night :)

Tweets for 10 Oct 2014

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(08:21:31) @perrygascoine Woo! That is cool! @davewitchalls @simon_toon

(10:19:59) Still got a massive caffeine buzz from coffee I drank at 8am. That's.. odd.

(10:20:12) @Tuglets @treehouse_radio Live programming..?

(10:21:00) @treehouse_radio Need more coffee :D

(10:24:55) @treehouse_radio Tuned in! :) #thradio Nice bit of Mirwais...

(10:27:14) @Tuglets @treehouse_radio Please save me a brownie! :)

(10:28:04) Tuned into the @treehouse_radio launch show as I do mysterious things with a database. MYSTERIOUS. #THRadio

(10:54:28) @Tuglets One way or another, if my car gets cleaned and my shopping done, I don't mind ;)

(10:54:43) @treehouse_radio I love carrot cake.. yes please! :)

(11:02:37) @tweeting_frog I had a large mug.. and a half.. of quite strong coffee, so yes! :D

(11:03:15) @treehouse_radio Delish! It's the best sort- we bought some McVities carrot cake and it was almost identical to their Jamaica Ginger cake :D

(11:24:15) @nickw84 @RubyJubilee This is remarkable.

(11:26:24) @RubyJubilee This is definitely something that I will need to watch again to get every last bit of detail/bafflement out of... @nickw84

(11:27:19) This is my favouritest baffling video thing today: https://t.co/wneNRtZ2rs (via @RubyJubilee and @NickW84)

(13:49:05) @dj_frabs @Tuglets It's sneaky worky listening time. With an @AMTCoffee ;) #THRadio

(13:49:43) @tiggerai Ohhh yes. Moving records hither and thither. But mainly thither... @treehouse_radio

(14:02:17) @HellenBach @BBCRadio2 Worst. Lyrics. Ever #NickiMinajProbably

(14:03:29) @dj_frabs Nice walk-up there.. I especially liked how you talked over it once it arrived #RulesAreForLosers #THRadio

(14:36:40) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Oooh I like this. #Rock #THRadio

(14:43:22) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Love this Foo Fighters song too :)

(14:45:35) RT @RhysThomasOBE: @Ukcynicalchild pern returns in 'Brian Pern: A Life in Rock' in December on BBC 2

(14:47:05) If I were to release an album, I wouldn't call it "III"... or is it "lll"? Or.. I mean.. Take That are ill..?

(15:06:38) @MarkSheppard Quite so..!

(15:27:05) @poots Better than referring to him as the "Don't be a dick" guy :D Thank you!

(15:50:38) RT @zaibatsu: Rooftop #Solar Panels Are Almost All Facing the Wrong Direction: http://t.co/ohghKHd7Jv http://t.co/5wz78liUB5

(16:06:32) @BuffyLive1968 Listening towards the end of the workday. Could you play some They Might Be Giants for me, please? Particle man? #THRadio

(16:09:04) @buffylive1968 Has that derailed the train..? Or am I going to have to work harder? ;) #THRadio

(16:22:56) @buffylive1968 Thanks Buffy :) #THRadio

(16:23:09) @TracyPio Lovely! :)

(20:53:40) Lasagna is two sheets.

(20:54:34) @jo_whit :D

(20:57:11) @fridgemagnet2 But there is slagging off of it. In its way. #ihategreggwallace

(20:57:50) @JadeEdwards9 love that line!

(20:58:39) @coxchat That is amazing! @liverpoolimages

(20:59:35) @Barlie40 and you sir. God bless.

(21:07:20) @MarkSheppard I had to research it.. http://t.co/EZ3vtOQjWo

(21:35:14) @IPTechShark Wasn't the best movie I ever saw... but it was certainly the quietest...

(21:37:01) @DeanOrmond @BecsOnDecs Any left..? ;)

(21:39:17) @DeanOrmond Lurrvely! Cheers :) @BecsOnDecs

(21:39:57) @CarolKettley @Faulko1 @parkbenchkipper @louisejonesjbj @Real_Mr_H @PRESTIGEWIGS @RealBlokes @Ankian4 @honeyrider685 Fanx! Happy Weekendery!

(21:41:16) @corrie_corfield I'll TiVo it... ;) Night!

(21:41:47) @gillalexander When did I stop following you..? Missed your tweets...

(21:43:14) @CarolKettley Nighty! @Faulko1 @parkbenchkipper @louisejonesjbj @Real_Mr_H @PRESTIGEWIGS @RealBlokes @Ankian4 @honeyrider685

(22:16:34) Woohoo! Last night's @Weekendery is now available as a download - http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - why not follow this week's #ChosenOne - @AndyTUK!

(22:22:07) Right.. it's Friday night.. and that can only mean one thing - yes! PARTY TILL DAWN! (in bed. in the dark. quietly. without moving.) Night!

Tweets for 09 Oct 2014

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(07:44:41) @seagullworrier is it still going..? Would have thought it would be asleep by now..?

(07:54:32) @artistsmakers Wow! Nice find..! Better than the Sound Of Music and James Last that tend to languish therein...

(08:24:35) @artistsmakers But which are the good ones..? :D

(09:20:02) RT @framleyexaminer: http://t.co/xie3cvZuc6

(11:12:11) Fully caffeinated.

(11:39:18) @SheleileighLaw *raises a mug to your honour*

(11:39:39) @OnStar Happy Wednesday to you too :)

(12:56:33) @Tuglets @dj_frabs @MintFM Tuned in (Sorry for my lateness). Haven't heard the songs but UK, UK, US, US, UK, UK and Spain #retrospective.

(13:04:11) @Tuglets @dj_frabs It's literally boiling. I'll go for The Alarm, I think... UK gets my vote! #Showdown #MintFM

(14:29:45) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I step out for a minute and you start playing .. gibberish!

(14:34:20) @Tuglets @dj_frabs :D Love the backing to this - it'll take some beating... except for the rapping. Embryonic gibberish :D #Electro #MintFM

(14:37:05) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Oh gosh. This is a good 'un. Not familiar with it, though... nope.. the UK will have to take this one #MintFM

(16:18:45) @IPTechShark I've still not worked out how to deal with that... any short cuts available?

(16:19:09) @TOther_Simon What an ingenious idea! Yes!

(19:19:18) RT @fridgemagnet2: Be forwarned, there is so much news in the provinces that I'm on twice on @weekendery tonight from 9. I'd go out.

(19:19:29) @IPTechShark Did ya make it? Are you damp?

(19:34:26) Oh my goodness..! The @Weekendery has escaped again and will be trampling all over internet radio at http://t.co/fj7rZmMtP4 in half an hour!

(19:36:37) @CarolKettley @weekendery It's OK.. I'll do my best to catch it. With a rather large and unwieldy radio net! :D

(19:40:42) @CarolKettley @weekendery YES! *applauds*

(19:49:31) @CarolKettley your radio jokes are certainly appearing with a lot of frequency ;) @weekendery

(20:15:21) @dj_frabs Hahahaah! :D

(20:26:33) @dj_frabs Me too! :) I think that's the general feeling...

(20:40:56) I'm playing @andytuk's choice of #ChosenOne songs on The @Weekendery which includes Billie Jo Spears and Frankie! http://t.co/fj7rZmMtP4!

(20:41:17) @DeanOrmond A very good evneing to you.. and perfect timing.. I'm getting a beer! :)

(20:47:04) @DeanOrmond Pass your glass, sir.. there's one coming up.. Tribute OK?

(20:48:11) #WheresJohnnyBeen Clue: "It's not only townspeople who live here

(21:02:31) @andytuk It's Sébastien Tellier's La Ritournelle :)

(21:07:03) @andytuk Splendid.. I should make more use of Spotify playlists.. the music is really high quality there :)

(21:15:23) @andytuk I do love my backing tracks.. I think that one was library muic :)

(21:22:58) Dial-a-disc.. thakes me back.. This was a thing..! http://t.co/pVONSHrtLD /cc @dj_frabs

(21:33:09) @andytuk you'll be hard pushed to find somewhere that'll take them! :D

(21:34:34) @andytuk Just saw a link to this one.. http://t.co/4GcKGQUrjJ .. wow.. love this!

(21:34:43) @Tuglets Do you know what it's supposed to be..?

(21:40:24) @Tuglets Justin bloody Bieber. It took me a while to work it out. It was the blood coming from my ears that gave it away.. #MintFM

(21:44:05) @_windrider I think 7" records may well be somewhat unsuitable!

(21:47:38) @_windrider I think that's one for your back specialist, but I can't see why not! :D

(21:53:52) This week's Mystery Vinyl from cloudexplosion - mucky songs from the mountains, I think... thanks sis! http://t.co/cXKWdYfJhT

(22:02:06) @goitsagch Er.. I think I can work it out(!)

(22:07:18) @dj_frabs I think it was from a musical play thing yeah.. I saw a drama group perform it, so it's a modern mainstay...

(22:18:28) @dj_frabs Ahh.. it's from the movie "Once" which has been adapted for the stage :)

Tweets for 08 Oct 2014

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(12:04:12) What LED colours are left for me to invent?

(12:13:14) The consensus is puce (thanks, @76Wilbury and @CalmWaters73!) I'm going to try for beige, too. That Nobel peace prize is within my grasp!

(12:34:29) @poots @76Wilbury @CalmWaters73 O lordy... I love that!

(12:37:39) @_windrider :D Yup... in my swaps collection :D

(13:37:45) @CalmWaters73 Here they are... https://t.co/WbMzjs4XxW

(13:38:03) @SheleileighLaw @76Wilbury @CalmWaters73 I'm going to have to look up heliotrope! :D

(13:50:57) @CalmWaters73 A pleasure :)

(15:13:45) I'm still none the wiser why anyone would put a 'b' on the end of the word 'super'...

(17:47:41) @vobes I think so..

(17:48:04) @johnny_winter Bravo, sir. Bravo. PS: Please DM me.. I want to know where you've been ;)

(17:48:29) @vobes Although I try not to use either of those words, because they're.. dangerous! :D

(18:01:58) I must have a good look around http://t.co/JowCJgTfDu - they were at the @LutonFunPalace this weekend and the experiments look great fun!

(18:02:21) @vobes What does that even ~mean~ ? :D Have a great evening, sir!

(18:04:51) @paulums D'you know they're two of my favourite things to do! :)

(19:35:50) @andytuk While you don't watch, will you be my CHOSEN ONE, please? I need a number from 1-40 & another 1-10 for my radio show.. from YOU! :)

(20:18:03) @andytuk Why thank you very kindly - some excellent numbers there! The show will be on tomorrow night at 9pm on http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY :)

(20:19:06) @andytuk I'll - obviously - be mentioning your Twitter name and I'm also going to big up (as the young people say) your fine work in TCFCH!

(20:29:07) @andytuk Cheers :) I'll post a link to the podcast when it's up :)

(20:29:18) @andytuk (Just in case you have better things to do on a Thursday evening!)

(20:35:07) @soliamsays Interesting..! But why the rather family-unfriendly URL..?

(20:35:44) @Susan_Rae1 This is a 3am conversation happening just before half past nine at night... :D

(20:37:11) @OmarRaza That is COMPLETELY wonderful, sir! :)

(20:41:16) @OmarRaza It put a big smile on my face - and I am so glad it empowers you. It inspires me! :) I hope you're doing well - still studying?

(22:40:42) @OmarRaza Excellent! It's that rollercoaster that makes life worth living! :) Enjoy, sir :)

Tweets for 07 Oct 2014

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(07:07:44) Morning. It's that time of year when turning the hot tap on feels as cold as the cold tap... at least for a while. #bitnippy

(07:29:17) @fridgemagnet2 Tell him to walk anticlockwise round the M25.. it's shorter.

(07:30:13) @CarolKettley Woahh...! Now that sounds like a plan #AbolishTuesdays

(11:02:03) @Tuglets Just how I like it too! :)

(11:02:24) @CarolKettley heehee... I might have to try that one :D Or get a doctor's note to say I'm allergic to Tuesdays... ;)

(11:05:27) I'm always a little disappointed that NONE of these... http://t.co/F5ctOsDrQO ... are ever punished with a 'Mild Electrical' @thisisjinsy

(12:59:25) @spikej77 I always say hello. It's just... well... nice.

(13:06:52) @HartlandShows Having a listen. It is of the funk.

(14:00:05) Someone needs to come up with an ISO standard for voicemail navigation. Delete message is 3, right.? Ohhh no. Not all the time...

(14:24:13) @Stenbird Ridiculous...

Tweets for 06 Oct 2014

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(10:13:49) RT @AMTCoffeeLtd: FREE hot drink voucher to the first 200 people that like our Facebook page and write #befair http://t.co/prq1YN4w57 #BeF…

(10:15:53) @neilcochrane1 I'm on sitby ;)

(10:20:34) @neilcochrane1 Oh I am well aware of what I'm on sitby for. :D Hope all's well with you!

(10:54:45) @neilcochrane1 Nice...

(12:29:41) @PrincessBagel @itsnotgonewell @jane_brewer @JohnDonoghue64 @TheDavidCoram @MrJamesMay Yum! Except for the mushroom face.

(12:51:29) Woahh... http://t.co/Bo6E0HlEtK is COOL.

(14:37:08) @PlainTalkingHR That looks cool! :)

(15:17:37) @vobes Good news! :) Safe drive down (if not already!)

(18:17:22) @PlainTalkingHR it looks wondrous! Hope you're having a most excellent time :)

Tweets for 05 Oct 2014

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(14:19:19) Lenni playing Minecraft at @lutonfunpalace #funpalaces @ The Hat Factory http://t.co/l5YkqlVvaI

(17:08:31) Congratulations to @ngyt_uk - and the whole @LutonFunPalace team for an entertaining and fun occasion. @superalora and I enjoyed ourselves!

(21:16:19) @CarolKettley Sunday evening shout right back out :) @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind

(21:18:31) Science! #Funpalaces @LutonFunPalace @ The Hat Factory http://t.co/qMEFhjUpG8

(21:27:08) @CarolKettley g'night! @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind

Tweets for 04 Oct 2014

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(08:53:49) Morning. It's housework time. And it's all gone dark.

(09:11:23) @VeryBritishView I fear it is.. not sure there's any point in watering the shrubbery ;)

(09:11:34) @tweeting_frog Bonsoir! :)

(09:13:04) The soundtrack to my morning is the wonderful, entertaining and informative #Octaver community on @audioBoom - https://t.co/6xPxxQgFWY

(09:13:37) @VeryBritishView Heehee... our main raised bed still has a black plastic cover over it.. next year, I say.. next year! :)

(09:14:40) @RatuKatu Put it back in bed #doctorsorders

(09:19:45) @RatuKatu BUT YOUR EYES IS OPENED. (I can tell because you're tweeting. Either that or you're proper good at touch typing ;)

(10:17:48) Listening to last week's @TinTopTuesday - all credit to @AlanHydeStudio who makes it a wonderfully upbeat, warm & entertaining listen. #BTCC

(10:18:23) @revkatebottley I think you'll find that's de facto at charity shops. Given the collection of music they have to choose from...

(10:19:38) @tweeting_frog Heehee! Have a lovely day, and a petit dejuner.

(11:59:57) @AlanHydeStudio I always try and spot you on telly on a race weekend.. scurrying around the grid on your white shirt & sunglasses - top man!

(12:00:28) @fridgemagnet2 Quality. Dampness.

(12:00:42) I cant hear any aeroplanes. Weird.

(12:16:30) @mostlygeordie Pardon..?

(12:19:45) MI5 - Destroy documents securely by giving them to your children to leave in their school uniform before it goes in the wash. @twoptwips

(12:28:39) RT @TwopTwips: EXPERIENCE the terror & blind panic of parachute failure by accidentally tuning-in to Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

(12:40:48) @blindmanonair Greetings chief :)

(12:41:15) @VeryBritishView I thought it was a half-finished papier maché project...

(13:48:45) @blindmanonair Moderate to good, cheers :)

(13:49:09) @VeryBritishView We have that, too.. in fact we find out about events by that means more often than not! :D

(13:49:24) This is an automated apology.

(13:51:38) My phone is deleting nearly 10,000 emails. Can't see this ending well...

(13:52:15) @mostlygeordie This is another automated apology. Exactly the same as the one before. Which isn't really helping, is it?

(14:13:04) @SheleileighLaw Yeah.. it was me; I have a spare email account for logging purposes.. my ISP threatened to remove it because I don't use it!

(14:13:22) @SheleileighLaw So I've been clearing it out so I can actually use the log messages I receive :) :)

(16:34:30) @TheTroyKing I came back.. eventually.. and the deletion was done. HURRAH! Happy weekend, Troy :)

(16:40:40) @TheTroyKing @Inspirationf Interesting article... I wonder when the tipping point will be viz ad skippers vs. new viewers...

Tweets for 03 Oct 2014

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(07:27:48) Not sure I can let a day go without hearing Ghosts by @MadeInHeights: https://t.co/P6koG5Cj0T Nice one @sabzi & @kelseybulkin! #morecowbell

(07:28:25) @Tactless_Blonde Mornin' ma'am. You can make it!

(07:29:22) @Tactless_Blonde Yes!

(12:23:13) I'm not in favour of UKIP - in fact, some European policy impresses me - the improved laws on parody, for example: http://t.co/udi9Zftwul

(12:39:45) In a fit of hubris, I removed the tax disc from my car windscreen. I'm now concerned I read it wrong.. or the DVLA will change their minds..

(12:55:42) @DeeSelected Oh my goodness! Probably best! :D

(12:56:12) @mrs_forky I shall use the excuse that mine fell off, I think. It's a regular go-to reason :D

(14:20:47) @RichHarkness :D

(14:39:49) @intlBeige In (eventual) answer to your question, not in my Chrome browser... it's well serif-ed up... http://t.co/3696kIHM0j

(14:41:44) @PrincessBagel @BBCBreaking Can't believe how unlucky they were with that Porsche reg, though...

(16:38:06) @timoncheese Woahh.. it was made by @TomAndThat? Nice one, sir! @radioleary @NickGrimshawR1

(16:38:56) @vobes Wahay! Congratulations to the big B! :)

(18:02:31) This week's Weekly @Weekendery is ready for another listen.. click on the linky! If you like! Happy weekend :) http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS

(18:08:48) @CarolKettley @louisejonesjbj @PRESTIGEWIGS @cancerreliefuk @RealBlokes @HugBoxUK @AlecTomasso @TerryColdwell @platinummind Yay! Thank you!

(19:02:36) Tomorrow and Sunday is @LutonFunPalace - please go along and have some free fun! We will :) http://t.co/kXnPuc7QcR http://t.co/EkDfkvs3CE

(20:40:25) Having a sneaky listen to @1969Steve, Living In The 80s on #MintFM - probably the best 1980s music show on the webs. http://t.co/d9KyhPKtLN

(20:40:52) @soliamsays Thanks for the retweet! :) :)

(20:41:00) @BaronHawkey Heehee.. some say ;)

(20:42:58) @1969Steve Statistically very likely. A 'P' value of about nine and three quarters.

(20:51:58) @soliamsays Top man! :

(21:10:31) @1969Steve I liked Bread at the time, but can't stick to watch it now.. just cringey...

(21:13:54) @1969Steve Language, Timothy! :D

(21:19:57) @1969steve No idea, but it's an improvement...

(21:22:37) @1969Steve hats off to Becky.. it had me stumped!

(21:42:40) @1969Steve 1985... arguably the best year in pop (apart from that Princess song, which was ghastly SAW nonsense :D) #TimmyTunnels #MintFM

(22:00:59) @1969Steve Thanks for a fun show! #MintFM

Tweets for 02 Oct 2014

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(07:18:47) @PontoonDock No point trying to use Google Maps to escape that one ;)

(07:18:55) @Tactless_Blonde Morning :)

(07:32:35) @PontoonDock Cant believe we're 8 months away from the next one..!

(08:18:31) A silly promo thing for tonight's @weekendery show! https://t.co/MxafcoRKmb

(08:20:01) @DaylightGambler @clairerandall O lordy. Proven way to get rid of brainitch is to do mental arithmetic, if that helps..? Oppa mathsy-style!

(08:20:39) RT @ThePoke: The Horoscope column in today's

(08:22:15) @DaylightGambler @weekendery Yay! Hope it will entertain you! :)

(09:18:32) @clairerandall You've not missed much ;)

(09:53:24) @pearcen Thanks for the retweet, dude! :)

(09:54:08) @pearcen PS Neiighhh!

(13:11:10) @brennig Both are great and have excellent health benefits.

(15:14:19) @technicalfault They should SO enter Eurovision.

(15:38:49) @sweden What's going to work..? TEAMWORK! For a while I had the telephone ringing sound as my mobile phone's ringtone :D

(16:43:17) @paulums @MacAndForth Do you do the Windy Miller sound..?

(16:46:58) @paulums @MacAndForth Excellence *thumbs up*

(18:37:37) @brennig Not in the slightest bit - I would do similar if I could.

(18:37:49) @TomCampbell @TheGadgetShow Not me..

(19:26:51) In just over half an hour, the @Weekendery is due at platform MINTFM! This service has been delayed by... 0 minutes. http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY!

(20:01:23) The @Weekendery is on.. live.. on the #MintFM http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY

(20:04:21) @SheleileighLaw BRIILLIIINANT!

(20:04:26) @1969Steve @weekendery Evenin'! :)

(20:41:16) Where's Johnny... been? " CLUE:

(21:53:08) Thanks to cloudexplosion I got to play "Lady Bump" on the @Weekendery show tonight! Thanks, sis! x http://t.co/M4msN3oBP1

(21:56:00) @fridgemagnet2 @weekendery That's actually a bit frightening! :D

Tweets for 01 Oct 2014

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(02:01:55) @CherryKaz1 Night night , night owl! #Stillworking

(15:53:47) I've got an ello account.. in fact I have two. http://t.co/P7sSoqZR9W and http://t.co/NE96wMyUbz - but which is better? Can't decide...

(16:09:36) @R2UK Sadly syzygy was taken.. :/

(16:18:54) @vobes I've put my address down as "999 Letsby Avenue" #theoldonesarethebest ;) PS MUST buy Splidge for my daughter..!

(16:19:39) @vobes PPS It would be fantastic if you did bring the Vobes show back, but only if you can make money from it - you're a talented fellow! :)

(16:21:53) @vobes And it is a matter of great frustration to me that you remain undiscovered and underappreciated.

(16:22:19) RT @AsapSCIENCE: Finally--an element that understands us! [Note: not a real element.] http://t.co/aSUhRoDUiT

(16:36:02) Burning an old-school DVD on windows is hilariously multi-format.. MP4->WMV->MPEG2... I hope! A lot of drive space used for one movie.

(16:38:14) @kathhomeless Night night - you too x

(16:39:07) @CarolKettley Thanks, Carol! Hope you're having a magnificent day! @honeyrider685 @platinummind @TerryColdwell @kathhomeless @CobyGreerMusic

(16:39:34) @edtjones Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!

(16:43:13) @CarolKettley I'm so glad - wishing you further goodness! Me.. I'll get there - trying to take it easy today xx

(18:59:12) @MarkSheppard Greetings, Mark! You're my #ChosenOne this week.. please could you give me a number from 1-40 and another 1-10! Cheers!

(19:07:09) @MarkSheppard excellent - thank you! I'll give you a shout out on the show.. superstar! Cheers!

(19:08:57) @MarkSheppard Certainly would! I use the numbers to find songs that were in the charts this week at position.. 16.. in 1972 / 1982 / 1992!

(19:13:08) @MarkSheppard It's a bit of silliness.. hope you enjoy if you do! :)

(19:16:29) @MarkSheppard http://t.co/etVyF01nS6 :)

(19:18:00) @BaronHawkey Wishing you a restful night, chief :)

(19:20:45) @MarkSheppard Splendidness! :)

(22:44:39) Thanks, @funnyhypermagic for the follow. He's a magician.. quite amusing....

Tweets for 30 Sep 2014

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(09:42:25) @PrincessBagel What a hero! Hope she's OK x

(10:04:23) @StevenEagell @chloe_josie Front looks pretty, but the back's rubbish compared to the old one. Yaris is nice front & back (AND does hybrid!)

(11:27:41) @edtjones That's what usury happens, anyway..

(11:44:34) @edtjones I'm waiting for my reservation at Milliways... or whatever the opposite of that is(!)

(12:04:55) @StevenEagell It pains me that it's SO HARD to get a car that colour... I'd love to get my Aygo resprayed.. maybe a vinyl wrap? :D

(12:39:40) @edtjones Neither of which I can capably manage :D

(13:14:20) @StevenEagell True... looks pretty cool, though #betternotbebeige #orgrey #orsilver

(17:06:07) @TinTopTuesday Why is there always a marshall on duty with a big floppy hat?

(22:07:20) @galaxia416 Now you come to mention it, it stands to reason - that's some tight harmonies in the chorus...

(22:08:29) Late night working, assisted (sort of) by watching Garth Marenghi's Darkplace on @4oD - can't believe I'd not seen it up to now!

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