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Tweets for 29 Sep 2014

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(11:05:22) @SheleileighLaw Thank you :) Trying my best to sleep it off! :) Happy Monday, by the way x

(11:57:55) @leica0000 Idiots.

(12:26:53) @VeryBritishView @claw0101 A gym I went to has the exit button just far enough from the door that if you're not quick enough it locks again!

(12:54:55) @VeryBritishView @claw0101 Haha! Sounds like some kind of bizarre rat maze :D

(13:37:06) @birdfortytwo Is he an 'expert' or a 'politician'..?

(14:21:04) @birdfortytwo Oh gosh. I wouldn't have the conscience to make a living like that... #snakeoil

(14:48:27) It's National Coffee Day. I don't know which nation, but I think I shall have a celebratory coffee anyway. I've already eaten too much cake.

(14:48:44) @Scriblit Spaudience would work just as well.

(14:55:05) @MarkSheppard Very kind! Please help yourself to cake :)

(15:29:27) @birdfortytwo "Working 8 till 6ish.. and then a bit in the evening and at weekends" ... am I right?

(16:10:41) @birdfortytwo You totally don't need that, then.

(19:33:44) @Chelledogs Just another hour, Michelle... :)

(19:34:57) @Chelledogs Quick run around the block? ;)

(19:40:15) @birdfortytwo Woahh.. great minds! (this appeared just above your tweet..) I guess it's a fairly uncommon name :D

(19:40:58) RT @karochan3: Don't punish the poor for the crimes of the rich:

(19:42:28) @birdfortytwo Ahhh yes!

(19:47:09) @Chelledogs I've got a 20 minute walk still to do this evening (collecting my DD from Scouts) and then that's it for me.. hang in there!

(20:07:16) @blabers Expect 28 days for delivery..?

(21:46:57) @Chelledogs Bedtime now..? I have to confess that I did some eating too... night!

(21:54:51) Right... off to bed after an evening of not doing everything I planned, but hey nonny(?) Up early for work tomorrow.. makes it all worth it.

Tweets for 28 Sep 2014

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(10:58:29) Woo green flag lap... this is going to be quite a race at Silverstone #BTCC #DriveyDrivey

(10:59:48) @DaylightGambler Looks slightly cheery. Can you tell if a horsey is cheery..?

(11:00:32) @peasbloss Pain in the butt to empty the bin, though...

(20:47:45) @DigitalAmoeba Woahh! Lexis looks cool - will have a play :) Thank you! /cc @dvlup

(20:52:42) @sm2n Pretty cool :)

(21:30:08) Early to bed. All warm with a cold. Still not sure how all that works.. g'night...

(21:34:12) @CarolKettley Thanks, Carol.. x

Tweets for 27 Sep 2014

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(07:54:33) @louisejonesjbj Morning :) Housework and fresh air for me :) Have a jolly one! x

(16:10:27) @mostlygeordie Oh there is much panache there. Or do I mean animal..? ;) x

Tweets for 26 Sep 2014

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(07:41:45) @PontoonDock Woah... I think it might have had a 'redirect' link to the new site...

(07:46:48) @badpenny1931 A VERY happy birthday to you! :) Enjoy your day, whatever it may hold! :)

(07:48:00) @goitsagch O lordy.. which bit...? /cc @poots #definitelybetteroffwalking

(07:50:52) @goitsagch Oh gosh.. thatl'll make crawley green road a bit of a nuisance.. and Lalleford unreachable in that direction... @poots

(08:03:43) I'm still not sure what exactly "Grade Separation" means. Can't they just put "Major Roadworks Action"…

(09:20:48) @goitsagch Darn those close grades.

(09:21:21) @PontoonDock Heehee... and there are some very old episode of NI ("Not Interesting") to listen to #qi

(09:34:45) @goitsagch That's really interesting! I, too, am now better informed. Perhaps they should put a wikipedia link on the sign :D @lutoncouncil

(10:24:40) @Scriblit And when shaving...

(10:37:22) @audioBoom It's working for me again (HURRAH!) thank you :) /cc @macolgan @DaylightGambler

(11:54:39) @audioBoomHelp Hello :) I've been commenting on boos, and reached the 'Captcha' stage.. but there's no Captcha image any more. Please help!

(12:11:04) @clairerandall It's an anti-spam thing that if one writes many comments, it checks to see if one is 'real' Possibly domain redirect borked..

(12:11:28) @lynnjaneb *blushes* :) Thank you x

(12:12:14) @seziskitchen Very classy - and beautiful :)

(12:13:30) @clairerandall There's always been captchas for comments (after about the fifth) on the site - just that it doesn't work properly at the mo

(12:14:00) @clairerandall I've never had the iOS app, so I'm limited to commenting on-site. And I believe when it works, captcha does audio too.

(12:18:19) @clairerandall I remain optimistic :)

(12:23:41) @badpenny1931 I would like to - a lovely way to share your birthday fun! :)

(12:44:07) Just popping to the shop. Want anything?

(12:45:07) @paulums On its way.

(14:00:03) @Tuglets They've not got the suave in suitcase there, so I got you a Cornetto... hope that's OK.

(14:00:23) @SheleileighLaw Just the one type here. Or two if you count 'chunky' :D

(14:00:46) @76Wilbury Of course.. *hands it over*

(14:01:04) @davewitchalls @Stenbird you are both WINNERS.

(14:42:42) @Beaverdotcom Oooh chewy!

(18:39:20) A quick watch of International King Of Sports with the children at dinner.. - shame this is the only one on YouTube.

(18:42:49) @PontoonDock OK... but that's two things, right.. :D

(18:42:57) @GHOGIT Pardon me ;)

(18:43:20) @Stenbird @PontoonDock @GiveBloodNHS It's the only time I ever have a Club biscuit (Orange for me :)

(19:36:25) @PontoonDock @Stenbird @GiveBloodNHS Or, indeed, a SMALL amount of pink wine :)

(19:41:25) @Stenbird I have had absinthe only once since. And it wasn't nearly as much fun...

(19:42:18) @MariusPole @Chocohalix Your mum is the BEST! Please pass that on.

(19:42:57) @MariusPole @Chocohalix (Although I think she's probably sobered up in the intervening two and a bit years!)

(19:43:29) Version control. It's all about version control

(19:52:44) @1969Steve is the answer that they're separate musicians who collaborated and had a hit? #mintfm .. Oh. Tooo late.. just tuned in, ysee..

(20:04:45) @1969Steve I can't wait for next week's challenge! ;)

(20:04:56) @acedtect Touché, sir.

(20:05:20) @DaylightGambler I should do it better. A CVS repository for my life :D

(20:07:12) @1969Steve The A Team, I see the A Team.

(20:09:22) @1969Steve Nope.. no idea about the lyric. Yayayayayayayay! TRIPE! #MintFM

(20:14:27) @1969Steve What's that you're stirring..?

(20:14:39) @CherryKaz1 No idea what's going on there...

(20:16:24) @1969Steve Ahhh.. milk no sugar for me, then, please! :)

(20:17:29) @1969Steve I think it's Strictly tonight, too. I'll stick with 80s music, I think :D #MintFM

(20:21:50) Interesting...#GoggleBox has been recoloured #postproduction

(20:56:34) Not sure I've known of an evening where BBC1, ITV and Channel 4 have gone so hard head to head with primetime.. #scd #xfactor #GoggleBox

(20:57:19) RT @TheNardvark: I accidentally left my iPhone 6 at the table when I went to the restroom and when I got back the server had folded it into…

(20:58:25) @Superblouse that will do niceness...

(21:00:48) @pj_Kent aye. Not the worst ever though @C4Gogglebox

(21:02:46) @andytuk It's the opiate for the masses, y'know...

(21:04:18) @fridgemagnet2 That made me proper LoL

(21:05:08) @Superblouse Excellent. I finished a bottle of pink wine. Cheers!

(21:11:30) I am fairly sure I am more statesmanlike than Ed Milliband.

(21:12:16) @AndrewJordan77 you are such a top bloke.

(21:13:12) @Soulful_House I eat them like an animal. Red sauce...

(21:13:55) @ellewadding Kill. Me. Now. #watercoolerawkwardness

(21:14:13) @mostlygeordie ~curtsies~ oh hang on...

(21:14:42) Pink wine taking effect. #FridayEvening

(21:15:37) @AndroidNurd it's after 10pm here.. I wouldn't risk it! Go get..!

(21:16:59) @DaylightGambler It's not really saying much, though :D You should do his voice. With that whispery thing... "Hello.. I'm.. Edmilliband"

(21:17:23) @CarolKettley Cheers! ~waves empty glass~

(21:17:57) @DaylightGambler ~shudders~

(21:18:22) @SheleileighLaw Amen sister x

(21:22:47) @leica0000 Still moreso than Ed Milliband. AND I'm in my jammies. #FridayEvening

(21:23:17) @CarolKettley Probably safer that way..

(21:27:36) @leica0000 Heh. Prime ministerial material that 😊

(21:27:51) @76Wilbury You too, your maj! Xx

(21:45:22) @1969steve no idea about the lyric quiz.. sounds like a racket. Time tunnel - 1982? No.. 1981... Swap Shop era!

(21:53:31) @1969Steve Choon! I've got this on crackly vinyl... although to be fair most of my records are very crackly!

(21:53:50) @brennig Heh :D Which proves my point ...

(21:55:16) @1969Steve Safety Dance is always a good short one (2 min 45) :D #mintfm

(21:56:46) @1969Steve Thank you for the entertainment! Oh lordy... this is woeful! :D In a funky way... #mintfm #deathbymatrimony

(21:58:04) @DeanOrmond Honestly, he's hopeless.. Reminds me too much of 'Tim Nice But Dim' - remember him?

(21:59:11) @Superblouse Pay as you go..? ;)

Tweets for 25 Sep 2014

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(07:08:35) @karenjeynes That is almost poetic... but I sense a pun that I can't quite see #twirly

(07:17:25) @nokia_uk My Lumia 1520 doesn't bend - am I doing something wrong?

(07:17:46) @karenjeynes And that is why I love your tweets.

(11:37:18) @Scriblit Oh but it is lovely... #wantyougone

(12:07:44) @macolgan @audioboom Thank you! :)

(12:36:59) @PrincessBagel @EGX @BritishTech @batwench @EwenRankin @paulums @paulwheatley Oh wow.. I'd not heard about it.. I think we went last year!

(12:38:28) @Scriblit That one sends shivers down my spine... not sure it moves me so much, though :)

(14:08:40) @Scriblit I am going to have to play that game again... my son tries to complete it as quickly as possible; there's so much to enjoy though!

(18:44:09) Hello! Which is a bit of a jolly greeting, given that there'll be no @Weekendery tonight- sorry! Next week will be splendid, though. Honest!

(22:01:29) @DaylightGambler I'm really sorry, Phil.. I truly hope you can join another week! @weekendery

(22:02:22) @paulums @weekendery Nooooo! That's twice in a week I've left you out in the cold, mate.. NOT good form.

(22:02:39) Need to check my shellshock status...

(22:45:01) Oh dear.. it appears @audioBoomHelp have removed the followed.rss feed from their site. That means I can't listen to boos as a podcast :( :(

(22:46:31) Going to bed now. All full of curry. Night night!

(22:52:14) @DaylightGambler @audioBoomHelp Me too. Me very too.

(23:00:11) @DaylightGambler @sm2n I'm already formulating a workaround #justincase #scriptninja

(23:01:07) @sm2n @DaylightGambler I got some JSON -> XML foo brewing.. :)

Tweets for 24 Sep 2014

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(07:22:15) @CarolKettley Morning, CK - hope it's a great one :)

(08:50:19) @rickoldroyd Wow... lots to read about there! Thank you :)

(11:31:03) @iCyberPaul *applauds* That was very well played sir.

(11:31:32) RT @Jimmys_Official: Happy Jimmy’s Day!! Dine for free with us today if your name’s Jimmy, Jim, James, Jess or Jessica! #LoveJimmys http://…

(11:49:38) @CherryKaz1 I think it's a bit of a storm in a teacup.. and that teacup should have TEA in it! Chin chin! :)

(14:21:25) @TaraBusch Bye..! Come back soon :)

(15:57:36) @AmandaBurt16 Thanks for the follow :)

(17:21:26) Instead of writing "Heapdump" I keep writing "Headpump." Kinda suitable, really...

(19:10:34) RT @gagebock: Started updating to IOS8, went on a 10km run and it was still updating when I got back.

(19:11:03) Family viewing time - all gathered around the television to watch Modern Life is Good(ish) with that @DaveGorman (but not @gagebock, sadly)

(19:11:46) @SheleileighLaw Best not pursued...

(19:40:06) This made me laugh #foundpoem #modernlifeisgoodish davegorman

(20:12:43) @IPTechShark some..? #pinkwine

(20:13:42) @TheGarethLloyd @mistajam @1Xtra @BBCR1 Few would be as worthy...

(20:19:19) @CarolKettley @skitty007 @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper @AlecTomasso @TerryColdwell @platinummind @lukie007lukie @Honeybear651 So kind! x

(20:33:48) @CarolKettley Standard tariff.. a twix? @skitty007

Tweets for 23 Sep 2014

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(07:03:40) Think I'm going to have to change my letters #useless #porridgeaccompaniment

(07:29:05) @IPTechShark Aww :/ I hope the memories can sustain you. And, maybe, a solo frolic...

(07:31:28) @Stenbird Happy birthday, Kylie!

(07:32:02) @louisejonesjbj Morning - and have a lovely day with your daughter!

(07:33:40) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Tuesday :) x

(07:34:01) @kyleswager @BritishTech Yes! You rock, sir!

(07:34:58) @debsylee Mornin' ma'am :)

(09:55:28) @Tactless_Blonde Shoulders. Tea... swearing? The f...

(10:34:49) @PrincessBagel Eww.. bit metally, right? (I'm forever catching my fingers on things!)

(10:35:40) RT @CherryKaz1 Hope you can join me tonight at 8 PM UK, 3 PM Eastern for the ice cream parlour on

(11:23:47) @PlainTalkingHR I'm not too horrendous for a Tuesday, thank you :)

(11:27:12) Moved one desk to the left. It's like the slowest office Timewarp ever.

(11:28:45) @alnicholl77 Ha! :D

(11:38:08) @Fullangr You can be sure I will be out at lunch if/when that happens. Or hiding under aforementioned desk. #notinsuspenders

(11:38:49) @fridgemagnet2 Half..? I'm visualising a badly sawed half desk that you're holding up with your legs...

(11:46:12) @Fullangr *clunk* OW! :D

(12:28:23) @SheleileighLaw Straight out of the window.. ;)

(12:28:40) @Fullangr I tell you what, I won't be doing this again.. ;)

(12:38:16) @Fullangr I work in Watford. I'm not so sure that's a good idea, given who I might encounter... and what they might do to me :D

(12:40:22) @noisebird @GMP_Fallowfield That's rather troubling :/

(13:51:57) @noisebird Awful ... I hope something preventative can be done. Have @GMP_Fallowfield come across this before?

(13:53:36) Back in the office after a very pleasant @CostaCoffee in Watford served by Kassa, a new but very capable barista. #TopCoffee /with @sm2n

(13:55:25) @PrincessBagel You can hear blood now.. :|

(14:41:33) @soliamsays Enormous biscuits, often. @CostaCoffee

(14:42:35) @noisebird @GMP_Fallowfield Hard to work out which is yours.. perhaps you can wonder up the road and put a circle around the X ;) (DON'T!)

(14:44:00) @Fullangr Popped out, and fortunately nothing took me by surprise.. except the pick-up truck driver with the devil's eyes(!)

(18:47:14) Just cleaned out the bird feeders. Is it too much to ask for a small note of thanks? They could use husks. Or @superalora's Hudl...

(20:47:25) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up ‘This week in TVs’ with @bigChrisAshley @verso @syzygy and me!!…

Tweets for 22 Sep 2014

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(11:39:54) Nearly lunchtime.. doesn't seem any time since I was at home listening to the Dustbin Lorry Parade outside the bedroom window...

(11:49:50) @tweeting_frog We get between three and five dustbin lorries trundling up our road in short order most Monday mornings.. quite amusing!

(11:50:08) @tweeting_frog Hope the lorry has moved on now, and you've got peace!

(12:02:27) @judisue It's very much like a bunch of other games - Temple Run and Subway Surfers... once you've played one, they're all quite similar!

(12:03:41) @SheleileighLaw Aye... *nostalgic glance*

(12:25:07) @RichHarkness It will be interesting to find out.. my guess would be a bit sluggish (they never have enough memory) and low res :)

(12:50:47) @judisue Oh my.. I can imagine! And doubtless makes a rather uncomfortable 'tap tap' feeling on the screen. I prefer demure word games :)

(12:54:14) @birdfortytwo Pastis is blackcurrant, isn't? Sounds more like a pale imitation of absinthe to me :D Anis port in a storm, though, eh? :D

(13:02:48) @birdfortytwo Which means it was almost definitely strong enough ;)

(13:03:33) @VeryBritishView Chris is the same - no point in getting anything expensive. Both of our two have Samsung Galaxy Ys: ) @RichHarkness

(13:05:17) Happy birthday, @the_anke!

(13:13:51) @RichHarkness @VeryBritishView Well there are plenty to choose from! Have fun :)

(13:57:41) @VeryBritishView @RichHarkness True :)

(14:44:18) @the_anke Sadly I don't have the time and energy to tweet as I did... a shame because this is such a positive and wonderful community :)

(16:06:00) @biscuitnose Doesn't sound good. Strong tea?

(16:39:42) @seagullworrier My Twitter account is worth about 4p, so that is a LOT of RTs and favs. Although actually my cooking is crap, too.

(17:47:55) @paulwheatley Telly? @BritishTech @verso @bigChrisAshley

(17:48:25) @seagullworrier Fish finger sandwiches for the mfing win..

(17:48:41) @seagullworrier PS I love you.

(17:56:24) @paulwheatley Hurrah! #RockinTheRabCNesbittLookTonight @BritishTech @verso @bigChrisAshley

(18:51:49) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show will be LIVE (audio only) in 15min with @bigChrisAshley @syzygy @verso & me Join us http://t…

Tweets for 21 Sep 2014

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(07:32:18) @pearcen Thanks, Neil - a good tine was definitely had :)

(07:33:09) @SheleileighLaw Thank you - I think the light of Diagon Alley helped tune the dress to that shade :) @pearcen

(07:33:27) @brennig I'm a lucky, lucky boy.

(07:34:05) @pj_kent With not a shaken martini in sight :D

(07:35:10) @ellewadding Thank you :) Not often I get quite so dressed up... especially for a night out in (or near) Watford ;)

(07:35:28) @Chocohalix Thanks, Alix :)

(07:41:21) @lizzing @spikyshooz Excellent!

(07:41:53) @anonybelles Yeah... just popped there for an evening out ;)

(07:42:33) @LizzyWelshCake Thank you :) Good food and wine - and I think I behaved fairly well, so yes.. good times! X

(07:42:47) @PontoonDock Cheers, Mark :) @poots

(08:06:54) @Tactless_Blonde I was honoured to be with her :) @poots

(09:58:16) @trevypoos We were indeed :) @PontoonDock @poots

(12:39:25) @CarolKettley @Platinummind Good afternoon to you both :)

(13:18:50) @fridgemagnet2 Should never have got photographic evidence... or maybe photoshopped a t-shirt on me.

(13:52:52) @anonybelles I still haven't checked to see if I have it...

(14:26:06) @mostlygeordie Eep... any particular reason why? (Also: I love the "Not actual size" thing on your profile pic :D)

(19:41:40) @poots I believe we are both affable. Its nice to be affed occasionally.

Tweets for 20 Sep 2014

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(04:03:58) Now is not the most convenient time for God to be moving his furniture around #notevenraining #improperthunderstorm

(04:11:01) @TheIlluminatiMG Could do with a bit more "Doesn't even matter if you're old and grey" #unsolicited #ritethefeemtoon /cc @ellewadding

(04:14:19) Ahh... here comes the rain again.

(04:28:03) @Andrew_Mounsey Heh! Rain's been a bit of a rarity recently... and what's a thunderstorm without a good downpour? Morning :)

(07:54:26) @johnny_winter Close to the edge of a good night's sleep..

(07:54:59) @leica0000 something something something something new emotion :)

(08:29:02) @DaisiesandPieUK Morning :) and thank you!

(15:49:41) @CarolKettley Have you checked under the sofa and in the second drawer down..?

(15:52:17) Happy birthday, @willowHart!

(16:17:28) The Art Of Prediction by @TimHarford His style's an intersection of Scott Mills & Tracee Henge

Tweets for 19 Sep 2014

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(10:51:51) @LutonHaart What an ingenious idea :) Who does your voice-overs? If you're in the market for other voices, I could send my demo reel..?

(10:55:39) @biscuitnose Why thank you (I think!)

(10:57:12) @lukewebbart Thank you for the follow! Have a great weekend :)

(11:02:07) @_JenSmith Let's focus on the good things that happened. Like me surviving getting up at 4am to apply new certificates to a webserver :D

(11:02:27) @tweeting_frog Careful now! :)

(11:46:04) @tweeting_frog Of course.. how silly of me not to notice! :D Bon appetit!

(11:47:02) @_JenSmith I can assure you you're not missing anything... it's a bit dark :D

(11:50:13) @technicalfault Excellent :) @bytemark

(12:24:49) @tweeting_frog Bon post-prandial dip then! :D

(12:35:22) @webziggy Oh I'm sure there will be.. :D

(12:41:45) I hadn't realised that Apple had actually released a removal tool for the new U2 album.. Was that really necessary?

(12:42:35) @nevali Baffling... and I only heard about the tool via the Conan spoof :D

(12:53:03) @edtjones *baffled*

(12:58:21) @tobypinder Oh I have no doubt that people wouldn't want it.. but it's certainly made me think about the wide range of users of Apple kit :)

(14:38:55) @fridgemagnet2 Funny you should say that...

(14:42:13) @platinummind Amen.

(14:45:11) @MarkSheppard Yeah... I spotted that, too. Although iOS manages its memory slightly differently from Android...

(16:42:49) Setting the mainsail for the M1. It may well get in the way, especially in the three lane sections.

(16:44:40) @louisejonesjbj Oh lordy.. I TOTALLY forgot to wish you happy birthday. I'll pop round with a present & a bottle of wine later (some hopes!)

(16:45:06) @tweeting_frog It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so even if it's not, I'll do it anyway. YARRR! :)

(18:55:35) Last night's @weekendery show is available to download as a podcast.. why check it out? Suitable for vegans! #MintFM

(19:00:06) @louisejonesjbj You're looking splendid on it! :)

(19:00:26) @1969Steve Ooh very organised.. getting myself ready to tune in :) #MintFM

(19:01:37) @1969Steve And I'm listenin' :) #MintFM

(19:03:02) @TracyPio Thanks for the follow! Have a fab weekend :)

(19:03:21) @1969Steve YAY! :)

(19:11:26) @1969Steve Ahh a true 'Song That Should not Be Covered' - much like Denise Lasselle's "Don't Mess With My Toot Toot" #LivingInThe80s #MintFM

(19:13:03) @1969Steve Please could you put on Eurythmics's's Beethoven or Souxie & the Banshees Peekaboo, please? #LivingInThe80s #MintFM

(19:20:42) RT @Richard_C: But will he still sing the theme tune? --> BBC News - Dennis Waterman to leave New Tricks

(19:21:29) Dennis Waterman to leave New Tricks.. - won't this make it the Trigger's Broom of light-hearted crime drama?

(19:34:51) @1969Steve Oh this one gives me shivers down my spine.. TUUNE! #MintFM

(19:35:30) @ellewadding We watched a couple of episodes of the latest series and found it rather cringey and charmless. Shame, really. :/ #NewTricks

(19:38:10) @1969Steve It's almost identical! :) #MintFM

(19:38:28) @dj_frabs @1969Steve @Tuglets I've got a toe-doe list on my desk at work..

(19:40:48) @1969Steve Is the #Connection they are all songs about Barney Rubble? Or that they were all recorded while wearing just their pants? #MintFM

(19:52:50) @1969Steve Is the connection that sitcom about the security guards in that office building..?

(20:05:19) @1969Steve The Curse Of The Backwards Playlist... been there, mate #MFtniM

(20:54:20) @ellewadding Ours as well. We really liked Lewis, too.

Tweets for 18 Sep 2014

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(11:10:50) @heatsyangel @weekendery Thank you! :) x

(11:24:20) @sparkyannc @DeniseDT And all for just $1.70..!

(11:24:28) RT @MuseumMakers: JOIN OUR CHOIR |

(12:45:45) @Tactless_Blonde Feel better soon x

(12:48:54) @Faulko1 Seen this book? ... there are recipes on YouTube for nuggets, too..

(19:02:41) RT @SheleileighLaw: Ah! House all clean and lovely and ready for @weekendery !

(19:41:04) At the top of the hour (9pm UK) - the @Weekendery is gallivanting onto the internet for two hours... for FUN! #MintFM

(20:03:37) RT @sm2n: I'm going to listen to the @weekendery at and chat at

(20:03:45) @1969Steve Evenin' Steve! :)

(20:22:03) @dj_frabs Good evening, DJ! There's not enough wibbly wobblying on the radio :D

(20:51:49) Where's @johnny_winter been? He's been somewhere between Sweden & Swindon;

Tweets for 17 Sep 2014

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(11:14:39) I'm considering spending the afternoon building a henge. On my desk.

(11:18:07) @mssres That's the best idea I've heard all day. Albeit one that might not last...

(11:28:53) @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba Congratulations to you both! :)

(12:00:48) @birdfortytwo REALLY? My admiration for you just grows and grows.

(12:01:02) @mrs_forky IDEA! :)

(12:37:51) @tweeting_frog haha! A henge fund, maybe... although I might just hedge my bets ;)

(19:37:23) @tiggerai Neither of them would last long enough, to be honest.. ;)

(19:40:04) @tiggerai Post It Notes..?

(19:40:28) @tiggerai Since I've got you here - will you be my CHOSEN ONE, please? It's for a silly radio show I do. All I need from you is...

(19:40:57) @tiggerai ..a number from 1 to 40, and another number from 1 to 10. And I will tell everyone to follow you on Twitter :) #TheChosenOne

(19:41:19) @tiggerai I'm not offerinng (I don't think) ;)

(19:42:10) @shiredad I have a teenage son who we have encouraged to wash his hair thoroughly by saying "Don't forget to double poo". Hope that helps :D

(19:43:57) @tiggerai You are a STORM CATCHER! And they're fab numbers - thank you! (Playing songs at no 33 in the charts this week in '73, '83 & '93 :)

(21:24:53) @Buntylooping Utterly love your music. May I play your "We Are Here" track on my radio show tomorrow? Will big up your Multimos album! :)

(21:41:56) @1969Steve Having a sneaky listen as I do show prep. You can't NOT expect me to 'sing along' with this one..? :D

(21:43:15) @1969Steve The one that involve a bit of shouting *coughs*. Yes. Those..

(21:45:57) @1969Steve I'd love to hear it... although whether it's suitable for broadcast is another matter! :D #MintFM

(21:52:38) @1969Steve She had a single out in between - URL Badman.. wasn't good! will be playing this one tomorrow, too! :) #TopAccordionAction

(21:56:46) @Buntylooping I do "The Weekendery" on an internet station - @MintFM and I'll be playing your track in "What The Cool Kids Are Listening To"

(21:57:58) @Buntylooping I've only got the Clap Clap RMX from soundcloud.. is it released as MP3? Will be getting the Multimos album - looks EPIC!

(21:58:21) @Buntylooping And thank you! :)

(21:58:41) @CarolKettley Night night, Carol! :) x @1969Steve

(22:01:19) @1969Steve Is it a sandwich toaster? Or sunstroke? Or a beach? #SchoolsOut

(22:04:30) @1969Steve BYTHEWAYWHEREDYAMEETHIM Hate that bit. And much of the rest of the song (even the Joan Collins Fan Club Version :D) #MintFM

(22:04:57) @Buntylooping Would love it!

(22:12:19) @1969Steve I wish I kept my 7"s in better order! Yup, Julian Clary. And no, I didn't steal this off Geoff Lloyd!

(22:13:45) @Tuglets I was going to say Heart, too... @1969Steve

(22:16:24) @1969Steve The BeeGees got to number 7 in 1997 with a song called Alone.. "Somehow I always end up alone".. vaguely remember it!

(22:29:22) @1969Steve That really made me chuckle :D #MintFM

(22:36:33) @1969Steve I had no idea we had that liner.. must remember :D

(22:40:15) @1969Steve Words fail. #MintFM

(22:50:17) @1969Steve YAYAYAAAYAY TUNE! Oh hang on.. that's not my job ;) #MintFM @karaokequeen85

Tweets for 16 Sep 2014

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(07:59:07) @AndersUk On my old phone I had an 'ICE' lockscreen message that has my wife's mobile number on it.. must sort that out for my current phone

(08:47:47) @soliamsays Always best to be a lover :)

(08:51:17) @akbea HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

(08:54:06) @akbea HURRAH! :) *passes the tea*

(09:23:01) @lazyfoodielady Woahh! Congratulations :)

(09:25:53) I can recommend the excellent customer service at @StevenEagell in Luton - Ashley did a fantastic job of getting the Prius serviced & MOT'd.

(09:30:44) @PrincessBagel Good luck! I always print out a spare form (or two) in case I make a mistake. Well, OK, because I ~know~ I'll make a mistake!

(09:31:28) @StevenEagell Most welcome - I'll be bringing the Aygo in October, and will hopefully have the same experience :) We're a Toyota family :D

(09:33:16) Customised my lock screen to include "In Case Of Emergency" details - added it to the background jpg as @WindowsPhoneUK doesn't include it.

(09:33:43) @PrincessBagel @ithildin_lass O lordy.. hope you can put "N/A" for lots of it :D

(09:35:42) @ShiftyPOP Aww... charmed me! :)

(09:37:06) @StevenEagell Cheers :)

(09:41:41) @ShiftyPOP Heehee... not so sure I agree (I'm more of an 80s pop addict!) but you sang it well, and it has all teh joyful exuberance :)

(20:25:00) @PhilCoyne Congratulation! Worthy celebrational.

Tweets for 15 Sep 2014

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(13:53:16) @CarolKettley @Honeybear651 @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind Thanks, Carol! Happy Monday to you :)

Tweets for 14 Sep 2014

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Tweets for 13 Sep 2014

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(18:34:44) The boss is out, so we're watching Doctor Who with the hi-fi on. #kicking sub

Tweets for 12 Sep 2014

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Tweets for 11 Sep 2014

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(07:40:16) @SheleileighLaw Anything else getting your goat this week? Your contributions are always valued and loved! @galaxia416

(11:37:18) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'm praying for coastal erosion x

(11:37:31) RT @ShortList: Because we didn't plan on ever sleeping again

(12:06:01) @paulwheatley A comment for the next Gamer show: I was impressed that Destiny was available on 'legacy' consoles.. but why..? More sales..?

(12:06:14) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'm there.

(13:04:57) @VenusDeMileage I love you.

(13:07:31) @CarolKettley Absolutely. Come/get/

(13:31:58) @badpenny1931 @smartie999 hugs to you both! :)

(13:39:00) @smartie999 @badpenny1931 #Thatwouldbethebest

(13:39:08) @badpenny1931 @smartie999 Thank you! :)

(14:26:41) @SheleileighLaw @galaxia416 Oooh.. happy travelling! I shall send on your Vulcan regards! :)

(15:40:36) It's always sort-of heartening when one was 90% of the way to solving a problem but didn't realise it....

(15:41:22) @PhilCoyne There's really no need for that... :|

(15:41:33) @robjamesUK #Icouldn'tagreemore.

(15:42:14) @EMTrains Go on, @DavidLloydRADIO ask for a tuna sandwich.. ;)

(15:43:38) @robjamesUK ;)

(16:39:18) @SheleileighLaw What the mighty @paulums said! :)

(19:14:06) At the top of the hour (9pm UK / 4pm EDT) The Weekendery will be sitting under the stairs & playing songs. FOR YOU!!

(19:19:14) @Cali4rnication Thanks for the follows! :)

(20:01:17) Just about to do a bit of @Weekendery radio -

(20:05:40) @1969Steve Good evening! :) #MintFM

(20:20:14) @SheleileighLaw :) x

(20:20:43) @DeanOrmond Your tweet is important to us. Please hold and we will reply to it as soon as possible *vanishes in a puff of lasers* EVENING!

(20:25:46) @DeanOrmond Oh Dean what a quality healthy beverage. I'm tempted to join you in a glass. But I might not be able to get out.

(20:33:45) @DeanOrmond Haahah! Seriously..! :D

(20:39:17) @DeanOrmond :D And that dance. That dance. Ohhh. I mean. Ugh. :D

(20:39:55) Where's Johnny.. been?

(20:41:11) @Chocohalix Well.. Totally Tropical, Tina Turner's Thunderdome and Whigfield.. some excellent choices for your #ChosenOne! Thank you! :)

(20:46:25) @DeanOrmond OILS? Isn't that what you put on your bike chain..?! :D

(20:46:37) @DeanOrmond And no.. I dare not google it :D

(20:47:01) @Chocohalix Heehee.. that was 20 years ago this week (and 1985 was my BEST EVER year in pop.. so thank you! :D)

(20:47:28) @DeanOrmond Holy sh*t.. :D

(21:01:29) @DeanOrmond Oh that is horrible! HORRIBLE! :| Especially since she could get a job lot from a charity shop for much less :D

(21:06:16) @DeanOrmond Well, stops them from languishing in a charity shop. An amazing aroma, though.. :D

(21:12:09) @DeanOrmond Table desecrations more like it :D

(21:22:19) @galwaygirl88 Good evening, Lorraine! Thank you for tuning in! :) I hope you enjoy.. there's something wrong coming up in a bit! :D #MintFM

(22:02:53) Another @Weekendery show done & dusted - thank you to everyone who listened, contributed, and, in the case of @fridgemagnet2, won a TRINKET!

Tweets for 10 Sep 2014

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(09:34:44) @CherryKaz1 Good morning, ma'am :)

(09:37:00) @lynnjaneb @CarolKettley @DawnLoweActress @skitty007 @platinummind @Honeybear651 @PRESTIGEWIGS @RealBlokes Morning, groovers :)

(09:49:04) @CherryKaz1 Are you splendid?

(10:37:52) @lynnjaneb @PRESTIGEWIGS Thank you for the follows! Have a most super-hyper-mega-fantastic day. With chocolate.

(11:13:21) @PRESTIGEWIGS @lynnjaneb I am going to have to go on a pilgrimage to Mr Sainsbury's Shoppe and buy myself some of Cadbury's finest... :D

(11:19:05) Catching up with snarky tweets about the 'free' U2 album that's dribbling into iTunes... quite amusing

(11:19:39) @DJChrisBerrow Cable TV?

(12:43:59) @EwenRankin Somewhat invasive, I'd suggest...

(13:13:18) @megangilmurray 100% agree... may have to treat myself later! :D @AMTCoffeeLtd

(20:37:04) @Chocohalix Can I make you feel better by saying: YOUR THE CHOSEN ONE! Please could you give me a number from 1-40 and another from 1-10!

(20:39:44) @Chocohalix It's for my radio show - I choose a lovely tweeter at random, and then tell my listener how fantastic they are and to FOLLOW! :)

(20:40:18) @Chocohalix And I use the numbers to choose three songs from the Charts of the Past :) Your numbers: quite, quite exquisite. Thank you! :)

(20:42:18) @Chocohalix Yes.. the songs from this in this week of 1975, 1985 and 1995 at position 18 :) It's a silly mechanic but often some top songs!

(20:46:06) @LilacNun ow. Get better soon dear you x

(22:01:11) @SheleileighLaw @galaxia416 !! Isn't it called Fair Use..?!

(22:43:06) @SheleileighLaw @galaxia416 He's really clutching at straws... And quite tedious.

Tweets for 09 Sep 2014

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(12:33:43) RT @johndredge: King Dredge are on the longlist for a British Comedy Guide award,hope u might give us a vote!xx

(13:35:11) @CarolKettley Cheerio! :)

(13:45:53) @Chelledogs Good grief.. that sounds scary!

(14:20:09) @ShiftyPOP How's Fiverr working out for you? I found myself rather overwhelmed (and overexpected!) so quit it at the end of last year...

(15:14:12) @ShiftyPOP I had too many orders... I was spending most evenings in the studio - problem is, I couldn't decline ones I didn't want to do :D

Tweets for 08 Sep 2014

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(10:55:11) @mostlygeordie Second child syndrome..?

(11:08:25) More coffee is required.

(11:20:58) @Tuglets It is. And good afternoon. It's afternoon already..?!

(11:21:40) @Dreamy_lyrics HURRAH. Oh, I loved your amusement park boo. the audio was absolutely exquisite. Binaural mics? What windshield did you use?

(11:21:52) @jonBCFC Cheers, Jon - much needed!

(13:43:40) @Dreamy_lyrics Ahh yes..! They were the ones you bought a while ago... I am going to have to save up - they are luscious! :)

(15:47:07) @dellama Looks like the approach is still closed, but the A505 towards Stopsley is about normal for 4.45pm. Are you home yet? /cc @poots

(21:14:22) I'm fairly sure someone in the house next door spends all their free time int the shower. Either that or they just leave it on.. all day.

(21:16:17) @CherryKaz1 Or at leas the shower is :D Speaking of which, I should get myself a post-gym shower.. :|

(21:16:46) @dellama Hope you made it through the badness! I left the office at about 6.20 from Watford and just about missed the jam :) @poots

(21:17:14) @CarolKettley Very! But it's a shared house.. perhaps it is where they hide out :D

(21:17:47) @1969Steve Having a cheeky listen before bed - this sounds like Run by Snow Patrol in a different order. #MintFM #MondayMellowMoment

(21:19:20) @1969Steve Oh you know the one "Light up light up.. because you haaaave a choiiiiice" etc :D

(21:20:08) @1969Steve Ultraviolet D

(21:20:23) @1969Steve Vitamin Ultraviolet.

(21:21:01) @CherryKaz1 It's not up there in my top 10,000 :D @1969Steve

(21:21:09) @mostlygeordie Immediately identifiable :D

(21:23:33) @1969Steve Damp song. Very damp.

(21:24:09) @IPTechShark HUZZAH... And I'm sorry I wasn't there enough not to be useless. Can I play the "Better late than never" card..? :)

(21:32:08) @IPTechShark In which case, I shall hope tomorrow is, indeed, a celebratorily one!

(21:32:28) @1969Steve What a splendid jingle!

(21:33:36) Is it just me or is ripping DVDs to watch on a mobile device the biggest hassle in the WORLD? #FirstWorldProblems #Firefly

(21:33:59) @mostlygeordie Careful not to drop one in! You'll never find it! :D

(21:35:16) @mostlygeordie YES! :D

(21:36:11) @1969Steve B

(21:36:27) @IPTechShark *crossing toes even*

(21:36:37) @mostlygeordie *tries not to snigger*

(21:38:40) @ShiftyPOP Just heard one of your #MintFM jingles on @1969Steve's show - lovely harmonies! :)

(21:41:33) @manytypesoftea Your flooring has too much friction #science

(21:41:58) @rosscraig Don't they turn off your internet if that happens..?

(21:52:26) @rosscraig *books a ticket*

(21:52:59) @soliamsays Wow... now THAT is an undertaking! I'm only doing the ones I want to watch immediately... I need a multichanger DVD drive :D

(21:54:43) @1969Steve E - Keith

(21:55:29) @1969Steve I thought you said the music was going to improve ;) #MintFM #BottomTune

(22:05:03) @1969Steve It's not one with which I'm very well acquainted - but it has something of a charm about it, I'll grant you that! #MintFM

(22:05:13) @soliamsays Quality!: )

(22:08:33) @1969Steve A

Tweets for 07 Sep 2014

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(07:20:57) @leica0000 Heh.. most droll!

(14:28:29) Back from an enjoyable swim at Inspire. As we left there was an "All available staff" alert; reminds me of: @activeAl

(15:47:24) I wonder if @TimHarvey7's #Garage101 has come to pass - no track limit warnings so far (or they're not mentioning it!) @TinTopTuesday #BTCC

(16:25:20) @batwench Yes very much if you'll have me!

(17:37:58) Deconstructing Grenade by Bruno Mars while eating cheesy pasta #SundayTeatime

(17:53:02) @CherryKaz1 Double WIN! :)

(21:21:09) @batwench I have.. Will be finding the form and filling asap... Need to get my act together (as usual!)

Tweets for 06 Sep 2014

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(10:45:36) @Tuglets Morn' :)

(10:46:13) @anonybelles Oh yeahhh

(10:46:55) @DaylightGambler I've been very much enjoying your boos- and you have the most fantastic early morning voice. Breakfast show here you go! :D

(10:55:56) @Tuglets I have been SO lazy this morning :D

(11:03:37) @Tuglets Nice one! Sometimes it just clicks, doesn't it? Today has been more of a worrying "thunk" for me :D

(11:04:36) Thursday's @Weekendery show is available for another listen - - perfect for stamp collecting and jam making.

(11:05:26) @Tuglets Amen to that! :)

(11:55:14) @lizzing Hate it when that happens.

(11:55:33) @lizzing I hope someone replied "Smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside"

(11:57:03) @fizzytilly Impressive!

(11:59:41) @lizzing I'm not sure a tweet is long enough to express the joy that your tweet just inspired. Pangolins. YES.

(12:00:13) @fizzytilly :D

(12:25:20) @jgmotorsport @DunlopBTCC @TeamBMRBTCC @RockinghamUK That photo is missing at least one wheel... #BTCC

(21:19:48) @Chelledogs Coolest! :)

(21:21:02) @sarahsansom Shiny!

(21:22:53) @MissyMWAC Heh. I'm supposed to be reocrding voice-overs. I'm looking at tweets rom an hour ago. x

(22:49:46) That'll probably do today for me. I'm going to bed. Which is one of just a few nouns left that haven't been turned into a verb. Oh hang on..

(22:56:15) @CarolKettley G'night! :) x

Tweets for 05 Sep 2014

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(11:07:37) @SteveDoherty1 I listened to the latest Meet David Sedaris on the drive to work this morning. NOT safe - I laughed so much I nearly crashed!

(11:12:19) Managed to snag a free Starbucks Guatemalan Latte. Quite nice - actually more flavoursome than their usual offering. Buzzing to lunchtime...

(11:23:07) @SheleileighLaw YAY! And so do I :) @MintFM

(11:30:05) @SteveDoherty1 I will be telling my friends. It is AWESOME.

(11:32:14) @SheleileighLaw I APPROVE *stamps approval onto Twitter*

(12:33:43) @smartie999 If you can avoid getting involved, do. x

(15:13:26) @Dreamy_lyrics OW!

(15:14:38) @Dreamy_lyrics Oh nooooo.. I can't believe you're typing! x

(16:01:42) @Dreamy_lyrics Heehee.. handy! :)

(16:01:52) @Dreamy_lyrics Or indeed thumb-y :D

(16:02:42) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ HUGS to you both. just because. PS Are you coming to the UK, KK? Please tell me that that's where you're going!

(16:03:28) @fridgemagnet2 ! You'll have EU regulations after you if you're not careful. #1600WattsOfHacksawPower

(16:05:53) @Karen_Kay_ @SheleileighLaw Safe flight home.. may you be in the comforting paws of your fluffy dog soon enough. and YES! Come see me ;)

(16:06:03) @SheleileighLaw @Karen_Kay_ And to you! :) x

(16:44:39) @sm2n Brilliant! Would love to play..!

(18:32:36) If I were to get a dog it would be a golden triever, so it brings stuff to me I haven't sent it to get. Because hey, free stuff.

(18:56:05) @sm2n They ate doing so much at the moment!

Tweets for 04 Sep 2014

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(08:27:00) @ListenOphelia Cheers! Can't wait to hear the EP. #eden

(08:30:08) @effieproduction Better Than Life.

(08:31:02) @paulums We'll be doing the same next Monday :) Fortunately she'll have her big brother with her.. or at least in the vicinity! :)

(09:46:31) @VeryBritishView Sounds like quite a fun voyage of discovery - although hopefully not too stressful! Good luck to them... @paulums

(12:47:58) @Tuglets @MintFM @dj_frabs Tuned in. Late as always... Fashionably as never. :D

(12:52:53) @Tuglets @dj_frabs @MintFM Fankoo! :) :) If you fancy playing my promo and it's easy to do so) it's on Audioboo!

(13:00:32) @Tuglets @dj_frabs @MintFM What's with the crap jazz singing at the end of the US one? It's punky. It's fun.. the UK gets this one! :)

(13:00:58) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Fantastic! Thank you! :)

(13:12:29) @CarolKettley @skitty007 @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper @platinummind @PRESTIGEWIGS @RealBlokes @cancerreliefuk Hello groovers! :)

(13:17:41) @CarolKettley Are you doing splendidly for a Thursday afternoon?

(13:18:48) @CarolKettley I'm about 40% splendid - but will perk up later when I get to play tunes and be silly on the wireless :) x

(13:28:26) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I like the Herb Alpert one - so a point to the US #MintFM

(13:39:52) @CarolKettley HURRAH! :) If you tweet me, I'll play your jingle ;) x

(13:41:11) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Another vote for the US.. I have the Supertramp LP.. proper 12" vinyl! Although lyrically this song is great. #Decentunes

(13:46:21) @dj_frabs huzzah! :) Although I have to confess my copy is a fairly recent acquisition #charityshop This is RUBBISH btw @Tuglets

(13:47:21) @dj_frabs @Tuglets "By The Balls.. I want to live this life forever By The Balls?"

(13:48:57) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Wasn't that what Enrique was singing?

(15:12:09) @dougclow @katyha Or maybe he's just counted them all up and it comes to a rather jolly annual-style number. Although that's a LOT of bikes.

(15:16:24) @dougclow @katyha All-in-all a place of marvels! :)

(19:29:16) Uhoh... The @Weekendery returns to MintFM, like a Marks & Spencers shirt that's too small. - just over half an hour!

(20:51:52) @dj_frabs @tuglets Hahahaah! I wouldn't get away with saying that :D

(21:33:33) @dj_frabs Hahaha... true.. but that's about the only way one could make it worse :D #MintFM

(21:59:34) @1969Steve It is a cracker! :)

(22:07:04) Another splendid @weekendery done and washed up - THANK YOU for the contributions.. love the interaction :) Archives up tomorrow! :)

(22:17:22) @johnshepherd Thank you SO much for listening! Will do! :) :) @weekendery

Tweets for 03 Sep 2014

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(12:20:33) @lloydbayley That's very brightly coloured! :)

(12:23:56) @lloydbayley Fantastic - I see it's Wireless AC.. totally up-to-date (and not on the Fritz already! ;)

(12:34:15) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Sorry I'm late.. just tuned in... #Sky106 #rock

(14:01:55) @Barlie40 Please! :) *raises hand*

(14:15:06) Feeling useless? Be assured that the atoms and molecules that make you up could not be put to a better use. Except as a sort of Batman.

(14:15:38) I've got apple déja-vu.

(14:16:07) @Barlie40 Coffee, please - and all of those cakes sound splendid, so please surprise me. With fruitcake ;)

(14:23:02) @Barlie40 Absolutely delightful - thanks, Jim! :)

(14:45:32) @jfitzbizcoach @mostlygeordie I was going to say the same thing. Except with more chocolate involved.

(14:57:18) @SheleileighLaw And you are my Batman :) x

(16:36:46) @paulums Excellent work, chief! Hope you didn't get stung/spiked too much #undegrowth #geocaching

(16:46:05) @GardenCity_Mark I spent three happy years in Canterbury - amazing city :)

(16:50:25) @GardenCity_Mark Fantastic - enjoy! :)

(16:53:53) @DaylightGambler I have a horrendous sense of direction... good luck getting back on the right track! :)

(17:04:15) @TUID @poots @cloudexplosion Would be interesting to know the p-value for that research...

(17:04:41) Going home. Baffled.

(17:10:43) @LilyThePurr Hello! You're The Chosen One - for my little radio show. Please may I have a number between 1 & 10 and another betwixt 1 & 40?

(17:11:46) @LilyThePurr (In return I might add you get a glowingly complimentary shout-out on the show and terribly large amounts of gratitude!)

(17:12:42) @LilyThePurr You beauty! You will be rightfully accoladed :) Thank you!

(18:21:02) @leica0000 That idea has a certain resonance ;)

(19:24:27) @paulums True dat! :)

(19:39:06) @CarolKettley @RealBlokes BOTH. Obv. Unless @Faulko1's got a calendar out, in which case, surely no contest..? ;)

(19:39:35) @birdfortytwo It's physics and pies. Two of my favourite things. Three if you include you.

(19:43:26) @birdfortytwo The opportunities are endless... or certainly approach the asymptote. Piesymptote.

(19:43:46) @CarolKettley Aye *winks* @RealBlokes @Faulko1

(19:48:51) @birdfortytwo And maybe you can ensure they go to their next class on a sugar high ;)

(19:49:39) Putting together a playlist for tomorrow's semi-triumphant @weekendery return - with an absolutley CRACKING opener - thanks, @johnny_winter!

(19:50:15) @birdfortytwo PS You almost make me wish I were a school teacher. Almost #descendedfromgenerationsofteachers

(19:51:02) @CarolKettley Thanks for the favourite..! Can I get a cheeky retweet please? ;)

(19:56:56) @ListenOphelia Hello hello :) Would it be OK if I played "Carry Me Home" on my radio show tomorrow, please? It's is a CRACKER! #NewMusic

(19:58:57) @birdfortytwo Oh my goodness.. splendid Yin to my whimiscal Yang. Thank you(!)

(19:59:08) @ms_howard *hic*

(20:04:54) @boggits @weekendery @johnny_winter @gentlemanrhymer What an absolutely splendid suggestion - I've not played him for a goodly while.

(20:14:32) @ms_howard @GieseOliver There is really nothing I can add to that. PROST! :)

(20:14:54) @SheleileighLaw Oh it is SO there :) @weekendery @johnny_winter

(20:17:18) @Superblouse @LilyThePurr I love that.

(20:43:07) @andytuk 25p?! WOW!

(20:45:52) @Superblouse @LilyThePurr Oh lordy... was it consumed by anyone..?

(20:59:57) @soliamsays Thank you for the follow! :)

(21:02:50) @soliamsays Cheers! Really glad you listen to the show! :)

(21:04:33) MUST play "Stop Start" by The Assembly on the @Weekendery one week, if only because it features the Casio VL-Tone. And it's by Vince Clarke.

(21:53:07) @johnfidler Thank you for following me! And what an excellent bio.

(21:56:55) @johnfidler Heh. Which means it works (or something)!

(22:59:08) @gentlemanrhymer @boggits @weekendery @johnny_winter Will give it a mention (and a buy!)

Tweets for 02 Sep 2014

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(10:01:22) @Faulko1 @beachofficial And the east coast is pretty awesome, too :)

(12:19:01) @Faulko1 I'm sure you'll be able to deal (or no deal) with that conundrum soon enough.

(12:24:26) @heatsyangel @bandasepultura Rockin'! :)

(12:32:37) @jakobrosin That wouldn't encourage me to help them again.. how rude!

(12:40:10) @jakobrosin There's no excuse for rudeness - it's such a shame people are wired up like that.

(12:43:46) @heatsyangel It's nice to see you wherever you are :) I tend to have Twitter up much of the time on my PC screen; keeps me up with the news!

(14:02:17) RT @MintFM: On now, a repeat of The @Weekendery from 19 June with @Syzygy. #MintFM

Tweets for 01 Sep 2014

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(11:27:26) First day back in the office and the email mountain has been conquered. Or at least scaled. Haven't got a flag, though.

(11:45:26) @leica0000 Heh. Ohh yes. They're not happy flags, though. They're the ones that say "NO SWIMMINGS" :D

(12:30:27) My Twitter timeline is satisfactorily Indiscreet Celebrity Picture free; a testament to those fine folk I follow. You are entirely splendid.

(12:34:25) @DeanAbbott Only to those that have an appetite for it. Without fuel the fire will burn out. Tragic that all it takes is a little thought.

(12:50:06) @LilacNun Excellent. Cut and paste done literally: )

(14:20:15) @SheleileighLaw Oh fantastic! :) Wish I could join your celebrations! :)

(14:48:04) @Debra_Mann Welcome back! :)

(14:48:21) @debsylee Not at all.. it will doubtless be a good read! :)

(15:04:43) Do people still say "It's all gone Pete Tong" ..?

(15:06:02) @IPTechShark Scotties..? Oh no, that's "Oops."

(15:06:20) @CarolKettley Fantastic - keep that tradition going..!

(15:07:41) @ajlanghorn It's all gone Sir Pete? :D

(15:55:21) @SheleileighLaw Oh dear.. maybe it's your magnetic personality..?

(15:58:19) @nokia_uk I like the camera, the stereo microphones and the pedometer :) #LoveMyLumia

(15:58:52) @CherryKaz1 @StarbucksUK @CalmWaters73 Ooh.. please can you do me

(16:00:05) @SheleileighLaw You need a good karma injection! ;) Hope you get one!

(16:06:42) @CherryKaz1 That's me telled :D

(16:11:09) @Tactless_Blonde and shoulders..?

(16:29:36) @CalmWaters73 Dollops, dear thing. And lashings.

(16:29:56) @batwench And indeed, a third of the way to the emergency services...

(16:30:32) @helenduffett HELLO! (Just because)

(16:47:47) @batwench Literally..? ;)

(16:49:13) @batwench Actinides and Lanthanides.. always got me...

(16:52:26) @paulums EXCELLENTNESSS. (And completely agree about Guardians of the Galaxy!)

(16:56:03) @ellewadding @BaronHawkey And an extra sandwich for lunch to both of you

(16:58:48) @paulums A pleasure - it's like the Paul Wright Showreel.. love it!

Tweets for 31 Aug 2014

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(11:32:43) @karenjeynes do dooo do doodoo.

(12:30:58) @manytypesoftea If I say yes, does that mean I'm a system addict..?

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