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(15:55:20) @LutonFunPalace Hiya. I know @grahamdunning is a very talented man, and has worked in Luton before. He many have visual artist contacts too!

(15:55:39) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you :) It's turning out to be quite a week! xxx

(19:45:30) @fridgemagnet2 Ello. Just emailed you and got the most odd auto-reply (delivery failure?) about vacation or something..?

(19:48:27) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @DeanOrmond You two are both fantastic broadcasters - and breaking stuff is half the fun. (Sort of!) :D

(19:49:16) @paulums Oh man.. hope you can join the Weekendery at least on catch-up.. how frustrating that my show is on a Thursday now.. :|

(19:57:58) @LILLYTHEPINK1 THANK YOU! :) :)

(20:15:42) @fridgemagnet2 Ahhh.. at least the email made it to you :)

(20:27:30) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Can't have too many introductions in a song.. like Chinese starter food.. :D

(20:45:09) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I love the arragement of that track.. SO cool :)

(21:58:22) @CalmWaters73 HAHA! I've not been called a wally in a VERY long time :D @weekendery

(22:02:46) @CalmWaters73 Which is pretty much the most recent time ;)

(22:18:44) @CalmWaters73 I read that as "Co Op deliver on Skype." Which would be very impressive. Not to mention messy.

(22:19:19) @PrincessBagel Night ma'am. And I fear I don't know.. but we can try and make our little corners of the world as happy as we can. xx

(22:27:54) @mrdogbolter Hello.. found your music on Reverbnation.. I'd love to play "Denial Of Death" on my radio show tomorrow... would that be OK?

Tweets for 29 Jul 2014

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(07:29:15) @sm2n Cheers - will take a look :)

(07:38:52) @TheGarbagePOD CDs arrived - thank you. I'll find a track to play on the shows later in the week and will be sure to give you a shout out!

(08:04:08) @SheleileighLaw WOW COOL! :)

(08:21:26) RT @RHA: ICYMI You can get 40% off RHA's SA950i on-ear headphones on Amazon this week! http://t.co/UJ2NsyOg8Q

(11:41:51) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Good afternoon (here). I am barely suitable for consumption.

(20:42:27) @paulums I don't even.

(20:45:26) @paulums Sweeeeeet!

Tweets for 28 Jul 2014

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(10:08:10) @Sk287 Happy birthday! :) :)

(10:13:27) All I did was wash the car yesterday... surely it didn't cause this..? http://t.co/xStGj2Vfwu

(10:16:12) @peasbloss Uhoh... hope you can find, well, everything!

(10:21:15) @peasbloss Glad to hear it :) Me..? I'm doing the usual Monday Morning thing.. resisting coffee until absolutely necessary :D Safe drive! x

(10:32:49) @peasbloss Now that's an early coffee! :) Sounds like you had a busy day ahead at that early hour - hope it's going well. x

(12:00:55) @ellewadding I fear so.. seems like it's everywhere but Herts/Beds... the epicentre of the storm :D

(12:02:02) @RatuKatu Who did they appreciate? :D

(12:04:57) This picture raises so many questions... https://t.co/7DCYrdHx0U /via @duncantappy @JadeEdwards9

(12:22:07) @DarrenGriffin @paulwheatley For what it's worth, I'd not heard of it either...

(13:39:37) @fridgemagnet2 Yeah... about that... ~gulp~

(13:39:45) @iCyberPaul Nice! @RAFRed8

(14:43:58) @nazihunteralan @Brays_Cottage @RevRichardColes Yes pleases.

(14:46:59) @DeanOrmond 'avin' a bit of a sneaky listen while I work... :)

(14:47:15) @Brays_Cottage It's a risk I'm willing to take ;) @nazihunteralan @RevRichardColes

(14:47:32) @fishplatetwo It was only dripping when I left it, honest..!

(14:52:45) @DeanOrmond Thanks for the shout out. No more interviews for now.. just drinking coffee and trying to fix things. Electric Avenue #TUNE!

(15:07:32) @nazihunteralan Cheers!

(15:08:51) @djfelix2020 Is it 1974? #TTFM

(15:16:39) @djfelix2020 Ahh.. I can tell the future #crystalball

(15:40:49) @theHuoHouse @aalaap Red down, then right so it touches blue. Black up to the middle, blue left left then right..

Tweets for 27 Jul 2014

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(16:21:30) Engaging in one of my favourite activities with the children #cleaningthelittleredcarofadventure http://t.co/4yeDNcHLWL

(20:15:07) @fridgemagnet2 *coughs* It's how these things work #raindance

(20:15:37) @CarolKettley They love playing with the hose, although my (teenage) son lost interest when I suggested cleaning my wife's car as well :D

(20:55:54) Watching a programme about the Red Arrows. Utterly different world. I wouldn't have the first idea. #whoosh

Tweets for 26 Jul 2014

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(04:31:36) @shonz101 Thank you for the follow :)

(04:33:07) @davewitchalls Nice one :)

Tweets for 25 Jul 2014

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(01:25:15) @poots Still haven't woken up ;) I may be alone, but never feel abandoned x

(07:25:46) RT @johndredge: @syzygy 12 SECONDS OF SILLINESS FROM KING DREDGE! https://t.co/MYsy6nzQ85

(07:27:00) @johndredge yisyisyisyisyisyisyisyisyisyis

(07:28:02) @Andreaeday EXCELLENT hat.

(08:08:53) @lloydbayley Nice! Funnily enough, I've been doing some tinkering with automation, too, using my Raspberry Pi... http://t.co/4fcGeACNvJ

(08:15:27) @lloydbayley Cool stuff! I'm still learning, too - it's a mess of javascript, Perl and PHP at the moment :D

(18:18:40) @lloydbayley Keeps the grey cells whirring, too! :)

(18:39:13) @DeeSelected Lovely!

(19:02:04) @poots Have top fun! @ngyt_uk

(19:20:33) @poots Love you. Sorry to have deserted you for Friday Night Entertainment x

(19:39:28) @anonybelles I have never had to write on a bottle of wine... :D

(19:40:25) @VenusDeMileage How are you going to keep them in order..?

(19:42:55) @poots I hope so :) x

(19:43:52) @anonybelles Genius. They clearly know you well :)

Tweets for 24 Jul 2014

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(10:48:28) It's quite a day, apparently. I am tempted to overindulge in nut-based snacks.

(11:12:06) @deargeek @France It's TODAY?! Cool :)

(11:22:36) @VeryBritishView Before I do, though, I'll need something to wash(er) it down... #irnbru

(11:44:34) @VeryBritishView I am pundementally in favour of that novel(ty) idea!

(12:25:41) @Tactless_Blonde Shoulders..?

(13:00:48) @ibookery I hope you found out before you put it in your mouth! @VeryBritishView

Tweets for 23 Jul 2014

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(07:22:01) @BaronHawkey Very poetic, sir! Have a good one :)

(07:24:03) Happy birthday, @CarolKettley!

(10:50:53) @birdfortytwo *BADUM TISH*

(14:36:57) @Dreamymarmot It's a sad indictment of juveniles with too much time on their hands and no intention to make the world a better place. #sad

(14:54:57) @LutonFunPalace I'll do my best to make it :)

(14:57:59) @vobes Looks glorious!

(15:00:01) @vobes Heehee.. I'll bet! #Gritty

(16:18:09) @nicky_doubleU Far preferable, I can assure you :)

(16:18:41) @RobJD #nicelyplayedsir @LutonOnSunday

(16:20:12) @CALLIABARA A very happy birthday to you :)

Tweets for 22 Jul 2014

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(07:04:08) @CherryKaz1 I think I might be a viking... or a vampire :D @1969Steve

(07:07:57) @GEODUDE68 Oh aye! @bobservant

(09:19:33) @topgold I did - as the audio I recorded yesterday (glorious stereo!)

(10:13:12) @anonybelles There are often discarded grapes on the floor #Slippy #Carefulnow

(10:14:03) @CherryKaz1 And a good morning to you. Despite it being Tuesday :D

(10:48:07) @anonybelles Ahh yes the utter nutter checkout* mutter.

(12:28:19) @elliejenkinsdj Evidence that many people think no further than their own, sadly limited, horizons. It's why advertising works. #WeAreDoomed

(12:28:44) @paulums @SheleileighLaw Well HURRAH

(12:28:58) @VenusDeMileage I love you.

(14:30:08) @MintFM I read that as "Oh no.. a repeat of last week's @Weekendery" :D #MintFM

(15:17:00) @alan9878 @LeeTheGuna @DeanOrmond My favourite period of the 1990s was the late 1980s ;)

(15:24:35) @alan9878 @DeanOrmond @LeeTheGuna To be honest, the 1990s were better than the 2000s... and the 2010s have so far been the '80s again :D

(15:24:48) @DeanOrmond Acieeeeed! @alan9878 @LeeTheGuna

(15:26:03) @LeeTheGuna @DeanOrmond By that account, the 1710s would be about as good as it gets #Bach

(15:42:37) @LeeTheGuna @DeanOrmond Definitely a classic period!

(16:29:03) @CarolKettley @AlecTomasso @parkbenchkipper @kathhomeless @CobyGreerMusic @louisejonesjbj @Chelledogs @platinummind Hi! Keep yer fluids up!

(16:49:31) @CarolKettley Splendudno :)

(16:50:41) Adding IP addresses to an access control list takes longer when one has OCD. Why ~wouldn't~ one want them in numerically ascending order..?

(18:20:32) @boggits Ahh yes... but it's so much nicer getting in there and doing it by hand #likegardening

(19:53:22) Just jumped in the car to head to the gym to hear @CalmWaters73 on #Radio4 harrowing story of life in Israel during the air strikes #InTouch

Tweets for 21 Jul 2014

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(15:04:05) I've spent together too much time on the M1 today #another45minuteslater

(18:05:40) @TheGarethLloyd Rubbish radio! :)

(19:52:37) @Simonjenkin @LilacNun I hadn't even thought of that. Genius!

(19:59:06) @LilacNun I only have a little brain... :D @Simonjenkin

(19:59:44) There's a bloke on Panorama who has a very annoying voice. I keep thinking to myself "He could end up education secretary." For a while...

(21:34:17) @1969Steve I'm with you on this one, chief ;) @CherryKaz1

Tweets for 20 Jul 2014

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(08:06:33) Morning. My internet bank is shut. That's really funny.

(12:48:26) @CarolKettley @Caitlin_Louuise @louisejonesjbj @Chelledogs @platinummind Slightly cooler HELLO to you! :)

(15:56:19) @CarolKettley @Caitlin_Louuise @louisejonesjbj @Chelledogs @platinummind Still a bit warm for my flimsy constitution, I'm afraid #wilting

(15:56:42) Cardboard actually smells horrible.

Tweets for 19 Jul 2014

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(15:08:06) @LizzyWelshCake Please keep playing the guitar..! I'm sure you can find another gig. Also: there are PLENTY of other hobbies! :) Do both!

(15:08:55) @ngyt_uk ~waves at @superalora~ Break an egg!

(15:09:01) RT @ngyt_uk: #dressrehearsal #dearmrgove TICKETS STILL ON SALE FOR TONIGHTS SHOW #luton http://t.co/rlEudW3lvO

(15:09:49) @brennig Woahhhh!

(15:12:34) @LizzyWelshCake It'll be like riding a bike. x

Tweets for 18 Jul 2014

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(07:34:54) Good morning. This is a retrospective tweet about the storm. Gosh that was flashy and loud.

(07:35:19) RT @ScottHoad: Did you get the train to work?

(07:36:51) @lloydbayley Afternoon, Lloyd :) There was a wicked electrical storm overnight - just at the wrong time, though... 3am #deepslumbertime

(07:38:06) @lloydbayley My first thought was "Better close the windows" and then went back to bed.. sticky here! Hope you're keeping warm! :)

(07:38:52) @LilacNun Does your PIN have a 4 in it..?

(07:41:16) Must get on. I'll spend part of the morning listening to @Bowen707's latest Stereo Spectacular - kitsch and amusing! http://t.co/aeIJdJJIUU

(07:44:42) @LizzyWelshCake I can barely stumble around the house closing windows when the storm hits at 3am.. may have danced if it had been earlier!x

(07:45:50) @canuckuk He sounded pretty pissed off :D

(07:46:42) @brennig I'm not sure what I'm looking for...

(07:46:52) @canuckuk Gove.

(08:17:17) Yesterday's @Weekendery is ready for another listen - http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC - don't forget you can subscribe as a podcast (WOO!) #MintFM

(08:23:45) @tweeting_frog It's all a bit rumbly here this morning.. quite intense! Have a great day :)

(08:27:48) @coxchat Badum, and indeed, tish! "Thunderclap Newman supported Big Country on a 2011 tour of the U.K." according to Wikipedia :)

(08:29:05) @brennig Oh gosh... that makes it a bit challenging to, well, do anything... hope you can get it fixed soon (replacement, I'm guessing..?)

(08:29:46) @VeryBritishView Now that was satisfyingly prescient. And the closest I've so far heard to battening down the hatches! :)

(08:30:03) @CarolKettley Have a good one! :)

(08:30:33) @coxchat YEAH! :D

(08:54:48) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery - Travel News 17th July 2014 https://t.co/vToThlyVaM via @audioboo

(08:56:03) @brennig Great news :)

(09:40:47) @LilacNun Happy birthday! Xx

(09:41:29) @SueAtkins Happy birthday! :)

(15:11:42) The Fan is out of the Loft. That's: "The Fan is out of the Loft." #notcode

(15:12:03) @RatuKatu I would accept no less than helicopter. Or hot air baboon.

(16:35:36) @O2 I'd say #GreenNokia

(19:08:46) RT @1969Steve: Living In The 80s is now live on http://t.co/f4fxYXQP7O. Come and get it while stocks last! #MintFM #80s #Nostalgia #BestDec…

(19:09:19) @1969Steve Having a sneaky listen #radioluxembourg #1440 #MintFM #80s #Nostalgia #BestDecade

(19:10:36) @karaokequeen85 @1969Steve I, not so much... #MintFM

(19:14:46) @1969Steve You're sounding great - fantastic to have you back. Vinyl LPs are even harder to control :D #MintFM #80s #Nostalgia #BestDecade

(19:20:54) @1969Steve Oh the Hazy Shade of Winter is the BEST 12".. but that's not important right now.. Walk Like an Egyptian I think :) #MintFM

(19:22:02) @1969Steve Could you play Kylie - What Do I Have To Do, or Nothing Can Divide Us by Jason Donovan, or anything by Sonia, please #SAW#MintFM

(19:32:19) @fridgemagnet2 Pardon me...

(19:45:19) @1969Steve I'm not aware of the lyric.. how frustrating! In terms of favourite years, for me 1985 beats '86.. but only just :)

(19:47:22) @fridgemagnet2 It probably is related.

(19:55:57) @fridgemagnet2 Looks like you have your very own storm... :D

(19:57:55) @1969Steve Having to pop away for a bit.. hopefully catch you in a bit! :)

Tweets for 17 Jul 2014

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(07:34:55) @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @parkbenchkipper @louisejonesjbj @platinummind Morning Thursday Superstars..! I'm a bit weary after show prep :D

(07:38:15) @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @parkbenchkipper @louisejonesjbj @platinummind Cheers..! I hope so :) May be a bit melty in the studio #hotone

(07:38:45) @platinummind Morning! :) Have a splendid day of splendid splendiditude! @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @parkbenchkipper @louisejonesjbj

(07:54:45) @JuliaBall Bring it! Seriously - lots of positive thoughts to Archie! :)

(08:06:38) @louisejonesjbj @platinummind @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @parkbenchkipper I couldn't have put it better myself... morning ;)

(12:08:32) Totally just used the word "moratorium" in an email. I just hope I got the definition right - it's a room where you store marrows, right?

(13:14:40) @Stenbird Ahhh.. best avoided (not a big fan of marrows)

(14:36:43) @AMTCoffeeLtd Just had a delicious Froffee from Watford Junction - the ladies who work there look like they're melting: SO warm. I feel bad.

(15:40:20) OK.. I think I've been out-manoeuvred; someone used the word "preponed" in another email (not related). I had never seen that word before.

(15:40:42) @fizzytilly Get your dad to do his at the same time ;)

(16:13:18) @fizzytilly HA! Ace #photosoritneverhappened

(17:04:14) @SheleileighLaw Hello! YES! (barring all eventualities)

(19:37:51) In just under 30 mins the @Weekendery will hove into view, woven with mauve loom bands & looking jovial http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 YEAH! #MintFM

(20:05:56) @1969Steve A very good evening to you, Steve!

(20:09:57) RT @fridgemagnet2: pulled a back muscle, in pain & can't go cycling? Why not listen to @weekendery 9pm, instead & transfer the pain to your…

(20:46:28) @dj_frabs That's true... I didn't think that through :D

(22:02:35) @dj_frabs :D :D :D

(22:02:43) @dj_frabs I'm sure you oculd feel the rotation from there :D

Tweets for 16 Jul 2014

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(09:15:13) @karaokequeen85 Happy birthday! :)

(10:22:55) @topgold Interesting... not really very quantified, though! :)

(10:23:01) @topgold Thanks for the share :)

(13:03:35) @topgold Will definitely have a listen! Cheers :)

(13:03:53) I think my internal Brita filter needs replacing.

(13:06:46) @Moominstrudel It's sometimes tough to count blessings. A decent cup of tea can often be considered one...

(13:25:24) @SheleileighLaw Just an unsettled tummy :D How are you, lovely?

(13:25:32) @CarolKettley @AlecTomasso @louisejonesjbj @platinummind @Chelledogs @parkbenchkipper Right back atcha! :)

(14:27:17) RT @SimonNRicketts: As well as phoning in sick, you should be able occasionally to phone in thick. “Sorry boss, I’m feeling particularly st…

(14:42:37) @MarkSheppard That's great! So little has changed.... :D

(15:44:40) @LilacNun Yeah easy. But you have to put the right disc in. And wait AGES for it to do something...

(15:48:01) I've got a M$ Voucher Thing for £20. I just saw Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is on special offer at £20. Just can't bring myself to buy it...

(15:48:25) I'm a loafer, not a fighter. Actually, I'm a (not very good) driver, not a fighter.

(16:03:02) @thenewbrunette Nice! :)

(16:05:33) @EwenRankin Oh Ewen... how do I build up the bloodlust to want to play..? D

(16:16:39) @vobes Keeping my fingers crossed!

(16:17:21) @tweeting_frog Oh what a nuisance! I hope everything gets straightened out and you can be seen soon.

(18:09:48) RT @edtjones: @syzygy is there not a title called "Call of doughnuts: modern loafing VI"? That'd be perfect.

(18:10:00) @edtjones If there isn't, there blimmin' well should be! :D

(18:27:36) @edtjones LEVEL UP!

(18:28:25) Setting up an IP camera should NOT require Wireshark... #justsaying

(18:29:38) @brennig It makes me think that they realise the spam filters are looking out for the correctly spelt products because WE DON'T WANT THEM...

(18:30:39) @BaronHawkey You can do it! I believe in you :)

(20:08:44) @edtjones I think I shouldn't have taken off EVERY zig...

(21:37:44) @sarahsansom Amen!

(22:14:38) @SamanthaEdgley Hello! Got a soundcloud page or anything..? #newmusichunter

(22:58:52) @elliejenkinsdj A hug from me, too. Should you want it.

Tweets for 15 Jul 2014

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(07:22:36) RT @artistsmakers: Other schools should copy! MT @MicroBizGirl: Have you seen letter @BarrowfordSch sent their Primary School leavers http:…

(07:29:17) @Chelledogs I borrowed it to dry my Official 1 Direction socks that I always wear on a Tuesday.. I'll pop it through your letterbox later..

(07:30:11) @platinummind Aye aye!

(09:09:02) @platinummind Pretty much.. for a Tuesday :D You?

(09:10:31) Morning. I love it when I get an email to say someone's found our geocache - yesterday it was a Beavers colony.. brilliant! #geocaching

(09:10:45) @platinummind Good call! #ForTheBenefitOfMrKite

(09:31:57) @PlainTalkingHR It is :) Good morning! x

(09:32:14) @tweeting_frog Good morning, young Clare :) I hope the fireworks didn't keep you awake too late! :)

(09:32:31) @CarolKettley @Chelledogs Morning, laydeees (is that a bit Robin Thicke? If so: sorry)

(09:48:50) THANK HEAVENS! Michael Gove is not 'in charge' of education any more. I AM GETTING OUT THE BUNTING #ChiefWhippingBoy

(09:49:04) @EwenRankin YA-effing-AYYYY!

(10:16:18) @EwenRankin He can stay as chief whip(ping boy) until karma catches up with him...

(14:34:05) I am SO going to create my own timezone. The first timezone that includes naps.

(15:01:08) @LizzyWelshCake This timezone is getting better and better... :)

(15:01:16) @CarolKettley Absolutely! :)

(15:01:38) @EwenRankin Permanently. I'll be saving as much daylight as possible...

(15:56:13) @CherryKaz1 Cheers! Are you joining my campaign..? :D

(18:13:24) It is warrm.

(18:13:55) @nickpiggott Yes. Happy birthday. @JamesCridland

(18:15:31) @LILLYTHEPINK1 *growls* xx

(18:15:44) Happy birthday, @emtgates!

(20:33:06) Sign of the times - a loom band tool thingy on the pavement during my evening constitutional... http://t.co/SXvqSHC5pV

(20:38:44) @YPLAC Extra adventure for pedestrians - an Astra parked so that passers-by get to clamber through a hedge. Such fun! http://t.co/liVrTWMjXH

(20:39:17) @fishplatetwo That in no way pleases me...

(20:39:27) @SheleileighLaw Isn't it!

(20:40:00) @anonybelles Sort of... you don't know Loom Bands..?

(21:22:56) @CarolKettle Duly noted!

(21:25:25) @iCyberPaul Amazing how it's been repurposed - quite ingenious!

(21:25:44) @johnny_winter Don't I know it..! They're all over the house... :D

(22:03:28) @davewitchalls It is absolute genius, isn't it? - I'm planning to play that on the show on Thursday! @sm2n

Tweets for 14 Jul 2014

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(06:54:47) @LizzyWelshCake Absolutely - muscle memory is an amazing thing, and don't forget your wrist action!

(06:55:11) @simplytanny2 Birds are far superior to blokes :)

(07:01:18) @jonBCFC Happy birthday, sir!

(07:02:32) @caritas730 Happy birthday! :)

(07:20:45) They should put some music on the Monday Morning Dustbin Lorry Parade. Or maybe I should just provide my own...

(12:24:11) @CherryKaz1 Sorry I'm late! I've been working (honest!) :D #mintfm

(12:24:29) @helerelereno :D

(12:24:53) @caritas730 A pleasure - have a LOVELY day! (Perfect weather, from what I can tell!) x

(12:25:11) @tweeting_frog OH WOW. We need those here! :)

(12:25:33) @CherryKaz1 What's my penance (Or dare I ask?) :D

(12:26:19) @LizzyWelshCake I'm sure there are plenty of ideas on the internet #fingeringexercises #guitar

(12:31:01) @CherryKaz1 Absolute cracker from 1986..! Haven't heard since.. well.. I played it on my show AGES ago! #MintFM

(12:39:51) @CherryKaz1 I know my pop... like every beat of my heart :P

(12:41:17) @CherryKaz1 Sadly so... I've been trying to work out which synth was used to play the bassline to this Madonna track #definitelygeeky

(13:01:40) My lunch is unacceptably damp.

(13:06:25) @bitman Yes. Quite unacceptably. Damp salad. Fairly typically British, I fear...

(13:07:12) @DeanOrmond @CherryKaz1 Agreed. Takes me back! :) #Deborahharry

(13:08:41) @blindmanonair Greetings / good evening / morning!

(13:16:54) @CherryKaz1 This sounds like something the Backstreet Boys would reject :D #MintFM

(13:17:27) @blindmanonair Not too bad, ta - looking forward to the weekend :D

(13:18:27) @blindmanonair Things good with you?

(13:18:36) @VeryBritishView Heh.. true! :)

(13:26:45) @CherryKaz1 Aye.. I imagine there will be a LOT of girls who will be rather upset that 1D are planning to split. Never understood it myself!

(13:31:33) @PontoonDock :D :D :D

(14:30:39) @Susan_Rae1 Someone DEFINITELY needs to do a conversion!

(20:53:31) @Chelledogs @CarolKettley @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper @platinummind Some quality smile action there..! 😁

(21:17:10) @Chelledogs @CarolKettley @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper @platinummind What a fine motto. Mine: "Never eat anything bigger than your head"

(21:34:51) @platinummind @Chelledogs @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper What can I say.. I learn from the greats (and I count @CarolKettley among them!)

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(08:37:17) @LizzyWelshCake Not boring at all - just never knew clothes pegs had so many versatile uses! :)

(15:44:51) I found Cast Iron (http://t.co/VdZlFwCa63). #cgeo #geocaching

(15:47:54) @LizzyWelshCake Do I (we?) get to see..?

(18:30:34) @simplytanny2 It never occurred to me that it wouldn't be possible. And now I know, I'm a bit sad.

(18:31:13) @LizzyWelshCake Heehee.. if you're pleased, it's definitely something :) xx

(18:35:40) @Tactless_Blonde Sounds splashy.

(19:00:06) @LizzyWelshCake It's quite similar with me - if I find something I like, I will often wear it to bits :D Barcodes are a pain.. literally..!

(19:01:46) @LizzyWelshCake It all starts so well, too..! Play capo 2? :D You'll get used to them eventually (although my long fingers help a bit!)

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(07:39:58) @brennig I am not aware of her work...

(07:42:58) @helerelereno But what about that last (rainbow) dash to the finish line..? #MLP

(07:44:03) Current percentage of my FB timeline which is cats: 8%

(07:44:28) @brennig I see. Was she the one who went to prison?

(07:57:24) @canuckuk Disappointingly low. Mainly cos you're not my friend on there :p

(10:49:55) @brennig It's (very rare) times like that I wish I had small, uncontrollable children with me. Or a puppy. Or both.

(10:50:52) @LutonEye I wonder how confusing it will be :)

(10:51:32) @grahamdunning I'm sure Greif was the name of the dog in my high-school German text book.

(10:51:58) @LilacNun Oh you and your deep sense of irony.

(10:55:10) @LilacNun Seriously? You are 0% quirky..?

(10:56:19) @LilacNun (all meant very affectionately, of course)

(10:56:33) @trevypoos @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird This is NOT good. NOT GOOD at all.

(10:56:44) @batwench More than plenty... ;)

(10:58:36) @LilacNun I see quirky as different from run-of-the-mill. There are so many people who happily confirm to fashion, media etc.. you don't :)

(11:22:07) @LilacNun I have ~literally~ stopped digging. (A nightie? To the Isle of Wight..?)

(12:24:20) @LizzyCrone @josephjcrone @gfcrone @awaken What a deeming pile of...

(12:24:32) @batwench 'fraid not :/

(12:24:44) @batwench Looks like a perfect day for it!

(12:53:52) Disinclined. That's to say flat out...

(12:55:02) @LizzyCrone I cant hear it from where I'm perched, so I'll have to take your word for it :D

(16:07:37) @LizzyCrone Must be frustrating that you didn't even have a ticket..!

(16:08:16) @tweeting_frog *coughs* Might be... *grins*

(16:15:14) @LizzyWelshCake There's a good chance that might ened some explanation (or it might just be me :D)

(17:14:52) @LizzyWelshCake Pretty much everything... like I said, probably just me :D

(18:48:54) @Karen_Kay_ Funnily enough it smells a bit like that outside our house... and I'm not sure it is all that nice .. :/

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(12:12:41) @RHA Hello :) Sadly, my 350s have developed an issue at the plug end - my left earphone is intermittent. Easy/cheap to repair..? Hope so!

(12:47:33) @RHA Cheers! :)

(13:16:29) @LizzyWelshCake Thank you - just crazy busy. Or just busy. or just crazy.... x

(13:17:01) @intlBeige How does one listen..?

(13:33:41) @intlBeige Tuned in! :) Works nicely :)

(13:37:33) @intlBeige Heh. That'll be my work firewall. I wonder if you're maxing out at around -10dB - seems a little quiet but at least not clipping!

(13:56:31) @batwench @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @jgamet *cries*

(13:58:27) @intlBeige Good heavens.. now this is a remix!

(14:03:41) @intlBeige Got to pop away now.. thanks for the musical entertainingment! #nomullets

(16:33:29) @brennig Cheers, Brennig. Just a bit run down.. :)

(18:45:09) I've just seen the weekend delivery lorry pull up outside the house. It's always nice when it fits through the letterbox. If a bit short.

(20:35:29) @CherryKaz1 Oooh love curry!

(20:36:15) @johndredge Missed it. Again.

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(12:07:05) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Tuned in! Hoping 1971 is better than 1970 .. last week was hard work! :D #MintFM

(12:13:04) RT @ngyt_uk: Dear Mr. Gove #musicaltheatre #luton 19th July http://t.co/Plbu69eUCy

(12:22:10) @dj_frabs @Tuglets This is going to take a seriously good US track to beat it..! #MintFM - Neil Diamond gets my vote..

(12:26:32) @paulums Little..? Lot..? I'm knackered :D

(12:42:28) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I would like to vote for the almost unintelligible station announcement currently being made at Swansea station #MintFM

(12:43:39) @nausea18 YES

(12:45:48) @Tuglets @dj_frabs It'll have to be Gladys Knight and up to three of her pips. BUT NO MORE. #MintFM

(12:50:04) @nausea18 When I grow up I want to be like him.

(13:00:08) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I reckon the US one pips it. Just got that more funk. And NASA..? And that drum break. Sampletastic! :)

(13:01:23) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Apparently that track was sampled in the Prodigy's "No Good (Start The Dance)"

(13:05:26) @RichHarkness I really, really really hope he's taking the pee... that is SO deadpan!

(13:06:02) @CarolKettley I'm under my desk. Shhhhh don't tell my boss ;)

(13:21:48) @CarolKettley Safest place to be (and most convenient for my Statutory Naptime :D)

(16:11:16) @intlBeige Looks pretty splendid to me! :)

(16:47:58) @CherryKaz1 Afternoon :) Nearly end of work time for me yay! :)

(18:31:46) Sadly, there's no @Weekendery tonight - hopefully back on full form next week! #MintFM

(19:26:06) @Tuglets Sorry... I will do all I can to wheel it back onto the mint FM logflume next week x

(19:29:43) @TomCampbell Totally awwwww!

(19:43:04) @RatuKatu I won't comment on her sartorial choices, but little can distrupt a pleasant evening like the irritating resonance of a bad voice.

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(08:31:20) I am SO going to beat today 7-1. Or am I Brazil..? Good morning.

(11:34:01) @CarolKettley @Xstcher @kathhomeless @AlecTomasso @platinummind A happy midweek to you! :) Time for an indoor picnic (eating at my desk) :D

(11:55:29) When counting my blessings, I always start with "I'm not Michael Gove."

(12:05:02) @mullerBiker @EwenRankin That's well inside the top ten! :)

(12:54:07) @fridgemagnet2 You can not be both. Or be not both. I think..

(13:43:15) @GHOGIT Well that certainly makes sense...

(17:36:04) Always nice to score that consolation goal in the last minute #AbitlikeBrazil

(21:37:38) I wonder how long it will be before MyFitnessPal gets bought by one of the massive social media organisations... if it hasn't already. #tech

(21:51:09) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up 'That girl from my school…' http://t.co/pnFpHdsArc with @docrock @syzygy @DigitalAmoeb

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(09:23:23) @SheleileighLaw I like it! I'm doing the DOO :D

(10:31:14) @RobJD You want to watch that.

(12:25:20) This is something for @jamfolder to aspire to: sell more albums than Robin Thicke... http://t.co/X2s7BWbfvD

(14:07:56) @Dreamy_lyrics I'll do my best! :) #mintfm

(14:08:07) RT @MintFM: On now, another chance to hear that very strainge @syzygy fellow on The @Weekendery. http://t.co/87IzGe1cB9 #MintFM

(14:23:07) @lizzing You're thinking of Big Brother.. right..?

(15:48:00) @dave_maydew *sigh* They really are the lowest of the low (apart from payday loan companies)

(15:48:08) @Karen_Kay_ Lick it off..?

(16:08:30) @VeryBritishView Wow.. that is a LOT of ports. I hope you get the right PSU (100A @ 5V? ;)

(16:15:21) @Dreamy_lyrics Tuned in! (Finally!) #MintFM

(16:15:55) @Tactless_Blonde Well deserved! SHOULDERS! :)

(16:17:14) @Dreamy_lyrics This is a fine tune :)

(16:55:29) @Dreamy_lyrics I WANT DOMINOS PIZZA!

(16:58:13) @RatuKatu We never saw the selfie.. #shame

(17:29:47) Free. Free like Leighton Buzzard.

(19:53:30) @dmills87 @Dreamy_lyrics Even on a 'two for the price of one' day.. although it makes a great breakfast snack ;)

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(17:50:41) Haven't even had time to tweet today. Until now. Which doesn't count. Back under the Duvet Of Obscurity I go...

(20:01:53) RT @MintFM: Join our team, it's the best one around! https://t.co/9Oy4JOZ4I8 via @audioboo

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(14:17:43) @PrincessBagel @jgamet @batwench @EwenRankin Since when were Bose Quiet Comfort crap..? Wow. Sennheiser do some stunning ones (PCX450?)

(14:18:30) @PrincessBagel @bubwal @batwench @EwenRankin @jgamet Worth pondering dock vs. bluetooth... and this definitely depends on budget. How much?

(14:27:13) @manytypesoftea What's with the evil hypnotist at the bottom right..?

(14:29:41) @bexhillfm Random Fact: Boris Johnson's middle name is "Michelle."

(14:30:18) @bexhillfm Random Fact: Only 25% of people in Cooden can spell the word "funicular"

(14:30:39) @bexhillfm Random Fact: Nobody knows who invented cheese.

(14:32:08) @bexhillfm Random Fact: Every two minutes, someone locks themselves out of their house.

(14:32:38) @bexhillfm Random Fact: More likely than not, next door's WiFi password is "Milk"

(14:33:48) @bexhillfm Random Fact: There are actually no more random facts. Any facts that you think are random are pre-destined. Which is frightening.

(17:40:54) @PrincessBagel @jgamet @batwench @EwenRankin Last time I was in an Apple store there were loads on display - you can afford to be fussy!

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(08:11:48) Just had the weirdest bit of spam(?) ever: A hotel emailed asking if I was having a pleasant stay. I think they got the wrong number...

(10:35:18) Seems there's a piece of music for recorder called "Mike Oliver's Tank Top". It is sadly not as psychedelic as one would hope #threenotejam

(10:50:10) @CarolKettley @PRESTIGEWIGS @RealBlokes @cancerreliefuk @AlecTomasso @platinummind @kathhomeless @CobyGreerMusic Top quality greetings to ya

(10:50:54) @missmayawolff You're a legend :) Have a great weekend! x

(21:51:30) @SonicNick Sonic Talk and the fine software by @iZotopeInc - both quality products :) #irisrocks

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(07:00:58) @JulieClicks I'm trying to imagine your viewing angle... #tired :D

(07:05:49) @anonybelles You may want to get out of that hedge.

(07:06:07) @CarolKettley @AlecTomasso @DrSweetsmokeBBQ @louisejonesjbj @lukie007lukie @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind #ff Thanks, Carol!

(14:11:10) Going to too many loud gigs without adequate ear protection is like signing your own deaf sentence.

(14:52:17) @sacs Wouldn't that be convenient! Like eyelids :D

(15:10:42) @nxmee CONGRATULATION!

(15:12:06) @PeopleofSwindon Every so often, Poundland does a 15m Belkin cat 6 cable... if you're in town (and there is a Poundand) you might get lucky?

(15:44:19) @PeopleofSwindon Boo. Hope you find the cable you need. Perhaps someone on Twitter has some spare? I know I have, but I'm in Luton, sadly.

(18:16:00) @anonybelles I didn't spot you #camouflage

(20:55:27) A very meticulous Impudence Day to my American cousins...

(21:11:59) @missmayawolff Woooahhh cool! will tune in #TTFM

(21:18:53) @TopTunesDanny @missmayawolff Listening to you - I love your speaking voice, Maya - as good as your singing voice! #TTFM

(21:21:06) @TopTunesDanny Question for @missmayawolff: Where do you think your biggest audience is? Germany, the UK.. the internet?

(21:24:17) @TopTunesDanny Thanks for the shout out, dude :)

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(08:31:39) @Mad4mogzz Perfectly tenuous! Thank you :)

(08:32:24) @poots CONGRATULATION! :) I have faith in you x

(08:46:51) Good morning. PICNIC WEATHER. Just for your reference. #trustmeonthesunscreen

(09:32:11) @clairerandall If I could escape from this air-conditioned office, I certainly would love that! :D

(09:32:29) @Tuglets Nice touch.. crusts cut off..? :) Morning :)

(09:33:14) Just spent £30 on a 60GB SSD drive for my Dad's computer.. hopefully it (and a RAM upgrade) will give it a new lease of life #gottospeeditup

(10:24:06) @Tuglets I'm well common, me :D

(10:24:46) If I could describe how I feel right now, it would be a complex interaction of synapses based on external and internal stimulation.

(10:47:14) @Tuglets Oooh. You are on. I will make cucumber sandwiches while it plays...

(10:47:46) @tweeting_frog I would simply say "It's complicated" (good morning!)

(11:28:00) @ellewadding Hmm.. I guess I could have phrased that a little better.. :D

(11:52:17) @fridgemagnet2 I'm optimistic :)

(12:02:44) @dj_frabs @Tuglets TUNED IN! :) 70s was a crap decade to be fair.. ;)

(12:18:33) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I am really struggling to work out which one is better. Or even less worse :D This one isn't to bad, I guess... US?

(13:00:10) @Tuglets @dj_frabs The UK gets this one - at least it's original..! Although the lyrics are rather bleak. #MintFM

(13:02:06) @manytypesoftea Butter lingers, which doesn't help. Or do I mean "butter fingers"..? Or both.

(13:02:28) @Sulalee1 I would imagine a camera might get be quite a challenge to handle :D @manytypesoftea

(13:02:38) @pearcen Woahhhh.

(13:06:27) @Sulalee1 Good point. And yes. We only see through the chink in @manytypesoftea's wall that Twitter offers... and quite scary enough it is!

(13:07:21) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I can safely say that the US choice will be better than this. Can't help thinking of Only Fools & Horses #MintFM

(13:10:49) @Tuglets @dj_frabs Can't I vote for the US..? #misunderstoodtherules

(13:17:59) @Tuglets @dj_frabs This is tough listening. TOUGH listening. I vote for anything but this execrable Beatles cover. Unless it's worse #MintFM

(13:23:20) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I vote for the angle grinder outside. Or for the blissful silence of oblivion. #MintFM

(18:26:23) @anonybelles Better than watching them #my11yearold

(19:20:19) @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @AlecTomasso @debrabrierley @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper @Faulko1 @platinummind BIG BIG BIG up! I think.

(19:21:24) @parkbenchkipper @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @AlecTomasso @debrabrierley @louisejonesjbj @Faulko1 @platinummind ENORMOUS UP!

(19:32:46) @louisejonesjbj @parkbenchkipper @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @AlecTomasso @debrabrierley @Faulko1 @platinummind Quite overwhelmingly! UP!

(19:40:45) Next hour on @MintFM - http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - The @Weekendery tramples over nearly 30 twigs to get to YOUR internet radio. BRILLIANT!

(19:42:16) @louisejonesjbj @CarolKettley @parkbenchkipper @Chelledogs @AlecTomasso @debrabrierley @Faulko1 @platinummind Bit worried it'll crush me..:D

(19:49:57) @louisejonesjbj @CarolKettley @parkbenchkipper @Chelledogs @AlecTomasso @debrabrierley @Faulko1 @platinummind It's like one of those dreams!

(19:54:15) The @Weekendery NATTERY will be open in moments.. http://t.co/6Upqj6W5pM :)

(20:14:44) @dj_frabs Evenin' sir! And I honestly don't know where you are. Is it Bradford? :D

(20:16:17) @dj_frabs Oh cool! :) Always wanted to visit there. But I'm not sure the airport would let me through.. I'm very suspicious looking :D

(20:21:15) @dj_frabs !!!!!! How.. how did you know he'd sat on it..? Did he have VERY wet buttocks..?

(20:21:34) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @dj_frabs :D :D :D :D

(20:28:19) @dj_frabs I'll put it on next week's show if that's OK..? It is a WINNER! :)

(20:42:03) @Tuglets I have been somewhat spoiled by good music this week :) @weekendery

(20:42:41) "Nobody knew what to do with a half scale model of the Menai bridge, and a 50 foot blow up Tom Jones." is the answer.. what's the question?

(20:42:53) @Tuglets I LOVE IT! @weekendery

(21:23:08) @AlecTomasso @CarolKettley @parkbenchkipper @louisejonesjbj @Chelledogs @debrabrierley @Faulko1 @platinummind Snore quietly, Carol ;)

(21:26:16) @pj_kent You win a 50ft Inflatable Tom Jones..! :D

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(07:23:45) @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay @jolly_paul To be fair I was most impressed by the use of the phrase "moon cup."

(08:08:06) @edtjones This is an absolute revelation, and will keep the "Something Wrong" section going for weeks to come (including Christmas!) THANKS!

(08:09:44) @wuthering_alice Bump on the head..?

(09:52:12) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Wedensday to you, too xx

(10:20:44) @PlainTalkingHR :) x

(12:25:28) Just saw https://t.co/3MD3Uv3ZnZ ... I traveled on this coach daily for 10 years. There are no words to describe how wrong this is :D #Luton

(12:42:17) @poots I didn't know they had such a deep sense of irony (I thought I recognised some of the actors)

(12:42:26) @poots But seriously....

(17:48:15) @edtjones I'm honestly very touched by that.

(17:56:56) @poots @edtjones It is an association I am actually quietly proud to bear :) x

(18:02:32) @nokia_uk David Dickinson?

(18:26:28) @edtjones A seminal album - and my first experience of circuit bending, I think... enjoy! Bye bye bye....

(18:27:25) @simplytanny2 More of that sort of thing! :)

(18:27:37) @Lady_Of_Ostia Good grief. Good read?

(18:28:27) @PontoonDock I am SO tempted to make a parody... :D

(18:30:29) @PontoonDock Post-post-post-modern irony irony (irony?)

(18:33:08) @PontoonDock I think it pretty-much typifies Dunstable, to be honest...

(18:33:51) @PontoonDock It is Hove to Luton's Brighton #pooranalogy

(18:37:55) @edtjones Funnily enough, so do I... and I have been known to say "They are life" when anyone says "tracksuit bottoms" #offwightradiator

(18:42:01) As a music producer, I believe I've made it: someone has uploaded the audio of one of the songs I produced to YouTube without my permission!

(18:42:52) OK, so it was "Sent Fishing By Your Neighbour" by Offwight Radiator, but hey. I've quite enjoyed reading the (NSFW) comments...

(18:43:24) @Lady_Of_Ostia Noooo! (Unless you find some circular references, in which case that's your evening sorted!)

(19:23:31) @edtjones https://t.co/i70g0sGwZj That would be hilarious :D

(19:23:42) RT @edtjones: @trevypoos @syzygy probably a good time to pull this link out for its annual airing http://t.co/gwx8IEmoSF

(20:40:44) @contrarywitch It is a terrible, terrible song. Terrrible.

(20:43:04) @DaylightGambler @paulgbuck You're doing a tor tour..?

(20:43:48) My Wednesday evenings of choosing music for tomorrow's @Weekendery ALWAYS send me to a state of audio bliss. Tonight is no exception.

(20:49:12) @DaylightGambler @paulgbuck Excellent! I enjoyed your rambly boo - especially the insect check bit. Nice tip #veryunlikelytoneedtoapplyit :D

(20:53:41) My "Who To Follow" list has gone haywire. Not interesting folk with whom those I follow exchange tweets.. Currys, Dannii Minogue & ITV2?

(20:56:35) @tobypinder It would certainly be less of a distraction! Nice idea... :)

(20:56:44) @DaylightGambler Handy! #noted @paulgbuck

(20:58:40) @kimhillyard Hope all's well with you - haven't heard your fine choices of new music in a while. Looking forward to your (hopeful) return!

(21:05:08) @tobypinder I'm nodding sagely as I type this... #niceone

(21:46:45) @fridgemagnet2 Steady #rimmeladoverdose

(21:57:44) @davenicholls Never have I faced such a dilemma! :D

(21:57:48) RT @davenicholls: @syzygy Snog, Marry, Avoid?

(22:12:17) At this time of night, d'you have any tenuous celebrity links? A brush (regardless of how few bristles) with fame? WHAT DID THEY SMELL LIKE?

(22:22:04) @manytypesoftea That's going to take some beating *notes it down* :

Tweets for 01 Jul 2014

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(06:35:33) @millstonebarn Love it #Tescwho @tesco

(06:37:39) @Tesco Good morning. I'm struggling to come up with more The Who puns to do with your home delivery service; otherwise I'm good, ta #Tescwho

(08:37:54) RT @Confused_com: What would you buy with £1 million? @syzygy would invest in an extensive spice rack http://t.co/MukedKR3f7 http://t.co/vF…

(08:40:34) This is the oddest and frankly most beautiful tweet I have seen today.. https://t.co/1r7onTZj9e @Confused_com

(11:44:09) @CherryKaz1 HELLOOOOOO

(12:47:35) Question for @robinthicke What is the most ecological way to dispose of a run-over hedgehog? #AskThicke

(14:55:29) @GShang Good grief. I'm glad only you noticed that @weekendery #IThinkIGotAwayWithIt

(20:17:02) @edtjones I am ENTIRELY looking forward to this.. thank you!

(20:19:15) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy @robinthicke eat it probably

(20:19:35) @fridgemagnet2 I was baffled, then impressed, then baffled again. @Confused_com

Tweets for 30 Jun 2014

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(06:37:48) @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @louisejonesjbj @lukie007lukie @platinummind Happy Monday!

(07:08:38) Monday morning: The procession of bin lorries.

(10:27:59) @Dreamy_lyrics I am SO glad I wasn't drinking coffee when I read that.. there would be spluttermarks on the desk! :D HILARIOUS! @alan9878

(11:19:48) RT @CherryKaz1: please join me at the top of the hour as i open up the icecream parlour once again on http://t.co/xum4exzGRT

(11:32:14) This is why I love #BTCC - https://t.co/KYxYnd6C1L - real (respectful) insight into the drivers' experiences @RobertoAustini @newshamracing

(12:02:10) @CherryKaz1 Tuned in! :)

(12:06:39) @timoncheese @producerjacob EXCELLENT. And I have drunk water from the Mystery Water Dispenser. #goodtimes

(12:07:24) @Karen_Kay_ It's in the documentation. Y'know.. the docs..? The instructions write-up.. the.. er.. oh never mind :/

(12:08:16) @fridgemagnet2 To be fair your Thursday evening was already sorted, but you have transcended that, clearly. With beer.

(12:21:07) @CherryKaz1 Booooooooob layyyyyyyyy (with rap) not very relaxing #givesmethejitters

(12:30:35) @CherryKaz1 I'm eating my usual combination of hot pasty and cold salad.. nice? It's OK.. may need to vary it soon :D #lunch #eatatmydesk

(13:38:18) @CherryKaz1 Mine are cheapo Tesco ones :D @DeanOrmond me too.. sadly these are frozen, so need nuking #slummingit #MintFM

(14:12:07) @CherryKaz1 Thank you for being in my ear this lunchtime! Helped my workday no end :)

(14:13:35) @MikeWehner HAHA!

(14:15:22) @Techmoan Another excellent video - thank you :) Wonder if it's worth just setting up a separate dashcam for the back window..! @YouTube

(16:25:05) @Techmoan Certainly pondering it.. cheers! As per the end of your video (I was still watching when I tweeted!) the G1W seems to fit well.

(18:40:42) When our @Tesco delivery arrives I like to sing the list of unavailable items to the tune of the Who's "Substitute" #IsItJustMe?

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