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(15:05:55) Can I go home yet please?

(15:06:06) @mangy_fox Ooh!

(15:40:29) @brennig Why thank you sir. Saw your M1 fire video earlier.. how frustrating!

(15:40:46) @contrarywitch That is JUST what I need. Thank you! And a very good weekend to you :)

(15:41:02) @batwench They'll listen to you - you're the Batwench! :)

(15:41:23) @CarolKettley Thanks, Carol. I shall wend my merry way. If I can find it :D

(15:41:34) @boggits Sadly not. Still got my towel...

(17:53:23) Listening to Asda FM, and they just played "Doesn't mean anything" by Alicia Keys. Horrible, horrible production. Or is it just me..?

(18:10:15) It's not often I buy computer games, but this has got #BTCC cars in it... woo drivey! http://t.co/AamQu0eblS

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(07:58:37) Tempted to learn the electric violin

(08:09:23) @davenicholls I have both of those to aspire to. Arythmic hand clap has brought a smile to my face this morning!

(11:00:20) It's... Doctor Burnorium's Hot Sauce Emporium! http://t.co/uMA3WY08WT

(11:53:05) @pearcen @paulums This is the BEST :) #truelove #bliss

(12:20:55) @goitsagch Lenni's Hudl stopped charging - needed a hard reset for a good long press.. I think that was what sorted it.

(12:24:11) @fridgemagnet2 http://t.co/Vgokk3UAml makes choosing a bit easier; noise / performance / price. I got Yokohama Blue Earth AE01 for my Aygo

(13:20:20) @danvesma Good heavens that's a bit of a bargain. And requires quite a large box!

(13:20:27) @MarkSheppard Morning chief :)

(14:28:18) @poots You rock. I love you x

(14:28:38) @poots PS This is why I never carry bolt croppers in the house #hardstare

(14:30:54) RT @TonyCowards: Suarez has been banned for 9 matches, or in England terms, 3 World Cups.

(19:13:45) There's less than 1 hour until this week's @WEEKENDERY takes to the air, with all sorts of shenanigans. On the radio! http://t.co/kdB0Vt6eu5

(20:01:23) Just about to take the @Weekendery on air.. http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - YAY!

(20:49:18) @clairebland1 hello hello! I hope I didn't distract you from your phone call! :)

(20:50:04) The answer: "Halfway up Ayres rock wearing nothing but a cardigan and a pair of flip flops. " What's the question? #MintFM

(21:00:20) @Tactless_Blonde Haha! I'll be reading that out very soon - you may well win a "Huggy Jesus*" :) :)

(21:07:07) @clairebland1 Awww! I promise not to go WHIZZZZZZZ! ;)

(21:28:53) @clairebland1 heehee.. I wouldn't want it out for long :D I've got a helicopter, but I'm rubbish at it :D

(21:38:31) RT @fridgemagnet2: listening to @weekendery so YOU don't have to. Fiscal donations gratefully received.

(22:07:29) @clairebland1 Thanks, Claire! :) I really appreciate your ears! #MintFM

(22:23:39) @paulums @pearcen Good times?

(22:33:36) Putting another @Weekendery to bed - thank you if you listened.. if you didn't, the archive version will be available soon! #MintFM :)

(22:53:07) @johnshepherd @weekendery Thanks john! :) :)

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(07:53:08) I think I've missed the cutover when one stops supporting England and starts supporting the team drawn out in the office sweepstake...

(07:53:32) @lizzysometimes You need a special mixing attachment.

(07:55:59) @lizzysometimes Woahhh. You're like robocop. That makes quiche. Roboquiche.

(08:13:13) @GHOGIT I'm afraid so, Dave, but isn't it nice...

(08:14:24) @katyha He's halfway down the chimney. That's going to take some explaining.

(09:55:26) @AMTCoffeeLtd Thank you! :) And I will.. when I've saved up enough calories! ;)

(09:55:29) RT @AMTCoffeeLtd: @syzygy Good Morning. Our delicious Froffees have 322calories (small). Glad you enjoy them :) We look forward to seeing y…

(09:56:32) @CherryKaz1 Haha! I can understand that :D

(10:45:37) @ladymuckstuff Isn't it!

(10:47:02) Totally going to make myself some coffee. Trying to avoid snacks (we have a no biting policy)...

(11:25:16) @slimbobwe Absolutely baffling. I asked my boss, and we're not allowed to bite at work, either :) @CBSNews

(11:25:48) @ladymuckstuff Of course... how do you like it?

(12:16:37) @ladymuckstuff I'm sworn off biccies, I'm afraid, but you have charmed me - there's a creme egg in my desk drawer if you'd like it..

(12:17:21) @slimbobwe Heh - you should have heard what sanctions he'd take if there *were* biting (it involves removal of said teeth :D) #nobiting

(12:47:48) @ladymuckstuff I have no hope of regaining my bikini body for the summer season... I'm just trying to fight old age, I think #slowmetabolism

(14:19:35) Want to buy new toys...

(14:20:15) @MarkSheppard Ooh! Happy birthday, sir!

(14:22:58) @slimbobwe @Z80GameCoder Internet tennis..? :D

(16:12:13) @LizzyWelshCake Absolutely. Especially when I see them in action on the internet...

(16:12:22) @pj_kent Gah. A kindness..?

(16:19:31) @pj_kent An inevitability, then ;)

(16:33:04) @karenjeynes Ha! Imagine if you'd clicked it, it started the ad again... #cruel

(16:57:57) @simon_toon *waving back* @davewitchalls

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(07:11:43) @AMTCoffeeLtd Morning. Since you're on: is there a nutrition/calorie guide to your drinks? I love a Froffee, but don't know how many cals!

(07:13:13) @BaronHawkey You're a risk-taker, sir! Morning :)

(07:13:45) Morning. Working from home today - must remember the reason (i.e. picking my daugher up at lunchtime for a music rehearsal) MUST remember!

(07:43:02) @johnshepherd Morning, John. Yeah - sounds great, I'll... oh hang on... noooooooooooop :D

(09:14:28) @clairerandall Morning :) She has an activity day for strings players - they learn a piece during the day and perform it later :)

(09:19:05) @tweeting_frog Heehee... I would not even want to contemplate the trouble I'd be in if I didn't! :D

(09:21:30) Once again, I've discovered that a delivery address I entered was missing a house number - thanks to @GAMEdigital customer service for help!

(09:48:17) @GShang Aye, that she is! :) @superalora #ProudDad

(11:45:41) @PontoonDock Cheers! :)

(13:16:44) @SheleileighLaw I remembered YAY! :) :)

(15:28:26) @PrincessBagel I hope the fly follows you on Twitter.. :|

(15:40:25) @PrincessBagel This sounds like war. *red lights start to flash and a big map appears in the middle of the lounge* LET'S DO THIS

(16:27:06) @PrincessBagel There are always casualties. On the upside - great story to tell, and you didn't RAID your face #almostdefinitelynotnice

(16:28:21) RT @katerussell: How come this just never gets old http://t.co/VJID749Lp2 ? :D

(18:49:14) A shout out the size of Greater Swindon to @Abigailwhiting2 @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind #becauseIcan

(18:52:34) @CarolKettley @parkbenchkipper @Abigailwhiting2 @Chelledogs @lynnjaneb @platinummind *high fives all round* .. which makes.. 30!

(18:52:46) @Abigailwhiting2 Happy Tuesday :) @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind

(19:01:00) Enjoying stumbling through the musical undergrowth, picking up some great tunes for the @Weekendery on Thursday. And some old crisp packets.

(21:02:56) @PrincessBagel Good heavens... what an afternoon!

(21:29:36) @LilacNun Ooh I doo like. Thank you for sharing!

(21:31:42) @LilacNun Heh. Nope. You get enough attention - you don't need any from me :) x

(21:32:26) @LilacNun Thats not to say you don't deserve my attention. Oh I'll stop digging now :D

(21:33:39) @karenjeynes WOAH. Yes. Me too - thank you ! :)

(21:34:03) @LilacNun I've never seen Die Hard. Or the other one.. Die Hard 2. Or is it 3..?

(21:35:39) @LilacNun *dies a little inside, and yet has never felt more alive*

(21:42:03) @karenjeynes What is the opposite of greenswardmanship? That...

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(07:17:15) @PrincessBagel Never fails to raise a smile. Morning :)

(07:24:45) Morning... epic hay fever today. Can barely keep my eyes open... that will be my excuse for slumping over my desk at work... #sniffle

(11:01:51) @DaisyMould Bless you! (In case you're sneezing, too!)

(11:02:02) @tweeting_frog Bonjour! :)

(11:02:17) @CalmWaters73 Heehee thank you! :)

(15:57:04) @Pewari That's some science, right there. #gaussiandistribution #bitmessy

(16:52:14) @emmathegardener On the upside, that's dinner sorted, right..? ;) @insectweek

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(19:48:23) Sunday evening post-gardening #selfie with #audiomo in my ears and fizzy vitamin drink in my hand.… http://t.co/V8jMHZRBtQ

(20:10:51) @SheleileighLaw Gorgeously healthy, though! :) :)

(20:11:12) @paulums Hahaha! Thank you, sir!

(20:11:48) @DeeSelected Heehee.. it's getting a bit nippy to be fair ;)

(20:22:37) @sarahsansom Thanks, Sarah! :) I certainly am! :)

(21:15:50) @CarolKettley @lynnjaneb @Chelledogs @AlecTomasso @parkbenchkipper @platinummind Thanks, ma'am! Hope you've had a top weekend :)

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(07:00:11) @Stenbird @mangy_fox Woo! Yay! Houpla! You are both entirely fabulous, and I wish you an equivalently tremendous day xx

(10:52:49) Quality product combination (spotted by @nxmee) @ Asda http://t.co/SQ6JeUM50R

(10:53:04) Quality product combination (spotted by @nxmee) @ Asda http://t.co/Nuy4BjtkXf

(14:51:30) Shiny shiny supercar #AudiR8 #R8 @ London Luton Airport (LTN) http://t.co/MBEVawhJw7

(16:43:37) I have ALL the skillz. Trying to pull the scanner from under the PC, realised I'd loomed up the USB cable.. thus pulled out the mains lead..

(16:43:57) @Moominstrudel Sure looks like it! :)

(16:47:38) @CarolKettley Heehee.. mayyybeee *stumbles into the lounge to find the Pimms* *puts another coat hanger in the fridge*

(16:48:32) @CarolKettley @juciejules61 @lynnjaneb @lukie007lukie @Chelledogs @platinummind YAY FOR THINGS! :) Thanks, Carol :)

(16:48:56) @sunshined69 @CarolKettley *high fives*

(16:50:32) @CarolKettley wake me up when it's autumn, please *clump*

(19:07:51) @alan9878 Tuned in for a bit #TTFM

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(07:50:18) @PlainTalkingHR #FF Thank you! You continue to inspire and cheer me in my #Lutonlife :)

(08:20:41) @simplytanny2 Just common gulls, then :) (Morning!)

(08:20:55) @Dreamy_lyrics YES!

(08:21:08) RT @johndredge: @ResonanceFM also I'm on... http://t.co/ZdGrn5VNr5

(08:25:10) @Scriblit Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

(08:25:47) @BaronHawkey And the very same to you! :)

(08:27:42) @simplytanny2 There be, aye. Moreover there is no such thing as a seagull :) http://t.co/X1fQM265kH

(08:28:06) @simplytanny2 (I am sometimes taken aback by quite how much I like birds :) )

(08:29:06) RT @SusanSarandon: Inventors of the #selfie at it again. #ThelmaAndLouise http://t.co/1yvbF8j4fF

(08:29:35) @IPTechShark Excellent :)

(09:25:46) @IPTechShark It looks it! :) I'm trundling along, thank you - how about you? x

(09:26:47) @simplytanny2 What better mating location than the municipal tip, eh? ;) I used to live by the seaside... there are worse wake-up calls! :)

(09:27:07) @BaronHawkey Hello! It's Friday, which is jolly nice :) How's things down your way?

(11:01:42) @GHOGIT HAHAHA!

(11:25:05) @BaronHawkey Even better! The weekend has surely started for you! :)

(11:25:17) @simplytanny2 I miss it so much :) x

(11:25:31) @simplytanny2 (The sea, not courting at the tidy tip :D)

(11:26:21) @KarenCannard TOP fun!

(11:26:31) @galaxia416 Mornin' ma'am :)

(13:01:26) @emsquare_d I tend to use the phrase "I'm sorry, do you have an appointment?" (and I'm perfectly happy to adopt the role of 'housekeeper' :D

(13:01:34) @emsquare_d ) <-- darn it

(14:51:46) @LilacNun More like the sound of da beast.. ;)

(14:55:31) @LilacNun Had to put it on.. great bit of music for a Friday afternoon! :D

(16:13:08) @Dreamymarmot That's an audiomo from a long way away..!

(17:03:51) I do believe it's a bit time for some going home-age. I do hope there's a weekend waiting for me.

(17:04:37) @Z80GameCoder Góða helgi!

(18:27:29) @VeryBritishView YEAH! *holds it aloft* Cheers :)

(18:27:48) @CherryKaz1 Ooohhh.. where did you hide it? (Not in the fridge with a coat hanger I hope ;)

(19:04:45) RT @MarcusduSautoy: It's still mathematically possible! We beat Costa Rica i:0 where i is square root of minus one and we go through in an …

(21:35:02) @JosieLong You were ace and lovable on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown; you said thank you for letters and EVERYTHING. Also you're a lefty.

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(00:08:11) @CatsAreLoud Heh. I am fairly sure he never had that prominent a jawline. #Icanonlywish :D

(00:08:34) @ms_cornwall Bon nuit / gute Nacht!

(00:10:22) My kicking sub's not working. #workissues

(01:57:40) What. Ever. BOOM! @sonicnick @iZotopeInc #spectrogramsynth

(02:03:07) @pearcen Keeping my fingers crossed for you too, sir! Must be plenty out there for someone as talented as you! @SheleileighLaw

(02:13:46) @pearcen A bit of a trek by all accounts, though...

(05:45:34) @platinummind Morning. Bit early :D

(05:45:59) @emmathegardener @EmC_Sci I love science, me.

(05:46:15) @pearcen Different CV for every type of role you want, too!

(16:59:57) @CarolKettley Thanks, Carol - hope you're feeling much better these days :) x @lynnjaneb @lukie007lukie @Chelledogs @platinummind

(19:12:53) Coming up next hour: @TheWeekendery saunters onto the internet for those of us who aren't interested in the F word.. http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1!

(19:13:56) @CarolKettley Hope you can tune in tonight! :)

(19:17:05) @CarolKettley Huzzah! :) I'll have your jingle ready ;)

(19:31:52) @CarolKettley :) :) :)

(19:59:29) Just about to go on air with the @Weekendery on http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - a guaranteed no score draw. #avoiddisappointment

(20:41:39) The answer: "They were quite surprised it stretched that far, although the A34 remained closed for nearly two days." - what's the question?

(21:09:33) @PlainTalkingHR Hehehe... quite possibly so :) :)

(21:09:52) "Great, Cliff! What instruments do you want us to break?" #MintFM

Tweets for 18 Jun 2014

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(09:37:17) @CarolKettley @parkbenchkipper @platinummind Shout right back to ya! :)

(15:04:14) @karenjeynes #bitsnarky Try deconstructing the Doors lyrics.. they are complete crap :D

(15:10:47) @karenjeynes Ohhh definitely. I liked the bit at the end where he summed up American culture - that worked for me :D

(19:23:08) This marks the half-way point of my day. One work shift left to do (starting at 11.30)... please wish me luck!

(19:36:20) @badpenny1931 Thank you! I have just had my first tactical coffee of the day.. don't want to peak too early :D

(19:37:48) @DeeSelected Thank you! It's been quite ridiculous. I'm off for a walk to Asda to buy life-sustaining flapjacks. Or reduced price doughnuts.

(21:53:45) @VeryBritishView I appreciate your support! We all have our role in this :D @claw0101

(21:54:02) @ellewadding An emergency trip to Mr Asda's Shoppe was in order!

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(09:27:15) @CherryKaz1 Mornin' ma'am.

(09:28:34) RT @LordManley: A German couple seriously tried to sell their baby on eBay? That's messed up. A baby is something you made, that sort of th…

(10:18:28) That's not supposed to be there #slowpuncture http://t.co/UHDZnKyWTW

(10:31:14) RT @johndredge: Am on Resonance 104.4FM this Saturday being nutty.

(10:33:33) Good morning, and happy birthday to @artistsmakers - it honestly doesn't feel like a year since the last one! :)

(11:44:36) @tweeting_frog And a frankly jubilant hello to you, too.

(12:46:57) @CatsAreLoud Good heavens... that's a bit rubbish! @twitter

(12:49:29) @CatsAreLoud I find it a little bit unsettling when I get an email from someone I've never seen and their picture appears in gmail.. eeek!

(12:57:49) @CatsAreLoud I hope you get some joy from @twitter .. keeping my fingers crossed!

(12:58:42) @CatsAreLoud And it's not in your signature or anything..? That is the strangest thing. And, as I see it, not necessarily @twitter's fault?

(13:10:25) @DeanOrmond @TopTunesFMuk Gonna surreptitiously tune in just before doing an interview. Not during.. the candidate wouldn't be impressed :D

(13:17:59) @CherryKaz1 Surely the candidate should ~already~ be a fan of @TopTunesFMuk ;) @DeanOrmond

(13:21:41) @DeanOrmond @CherryKaz1 @TopTunesFMuk I WAVE THE DECISION STICK!

(15:32:42) @CatsAreLoud Sadly, I don't think @twitter @Support is very good at customer service (and Facebook is even worse!) :/

(20:40:19) @poots Aye. I still don't like columnists' columns, in general though. Bit smug (and yes I know that's me saying it :D)

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(07:09:58) We have to establish why or how a clothes hanger ended up in the fridge #insertyourownpunchline

(07:41:53) @alan9878 I'm utterly baffled - but that is as close an explanation as I've heard so far :D

(07:42:05) @bitman ?! :D

(07:44:41) @DawnLoweActress I'm surprised more cafés don't do rooibos tea - not sure if you've tried it, but it is caffeine free and very healthy.

(07:45:52) @Tactless_Blonde I've never loved in one... #watchwhereyoutread #owwwwwww

(08:27:30) @bassnote73 *applauds*

(08:27:40) @GHOGIT Heehee.. that's the one! :D

(08:27:58) @Kercal Hahaha... perfect :D

(08:28:01) RT @Kercal: @syzygy hanging around, chilling out.

(08:28:05) RT @bassnote73: @syzygy perhaps it was fed up of hanging around and wanted to chill out for a while.

(08:28:09) RT @GHOGIT: @syzygy Probably Chris wanting to look cool.

(08:28:26) @alan9878 Poltergeists in need of good entertainment :D

(08:28:33) RT @VeryBritishView: @syzygy leave it for a few weeks then you can call it a cold case file.

(08:30:33) @CarolKettley Oh no :/ I hope your recovery is just around the corner! x

(10:55:42) @SheleileighLaw I think my fourteen year old son, who has a bizarre sense of humour, may well have had something to do with it.

(10:56:04) @PrincessBagel I wish I had that excuse! Beth was fairly sure it was me.. :D

(10:56:27) @CherryKaz1 Heehee.. a little from section [a], a little from section [b] :'D

(11:02:28) @ellewadding That is an expensive sweepstake! #maximumofafiver #acoupleofquidisperfect @BaronHawkey

(11:07:49) RT @lutoncouncil: Proud to support #FSW2014. Don’t risk food poisoning by washing chicken. Spread the word not the germs. http://t.co/ZZPqY…

(12:39:41) Lots of people's birthdays, today! Happy brithday to @Z80GameCoder, @GardenCity_Mark and @darr_n :)

(12:40:10) @BaronHawkey Exactly..! @ellewadding

(12:41:11) @PrincessBagel YOU! Tell what what, the badger was REALLY peed-off when I popped in for a visit before work. I won't sit down for a week. :S

(12:43:19) @fridgemagnet2 That never happens to me :sadface:

(12:47:26) @johndredge This is classic. CLASSIC. Are the elephants lines from Q?

(12:51:25) @ellewadding "Dusty pan, the wife!"

(12:52:17) @johndredge Interesting.. you are a mine of comedy information!

(14:42:44) My name in French is "Georges Fracas"

(14:50:42) @tweeting_frog As with much of what I tweet, extensive research was carried out, and then I just made it up *grins*

(14:50:51) @76Wilbury Merci madam :)

(15:53:10) @paulwebster Vraiment!

(22:16:02) @Tactless_Blonde That makes more sense :)

(22:26:21) Apart from the 'chatroom' this is quite amusing live coverage of the USA vs. Laboratoire Garnier match that's now on: http://t.co/wVCu7nvLVG

Tweets for 15 Jun 2014

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(07:26:46) @brennig I love it when one of the playerpeople gets a SPORRRRRRTS!

(16:08:50) It's a bit of a shame that @Nintendo doesn't do online play of Mario Kart Wii any more... old school.

(21:46:15) Trying for an early-ish night.. a sort-of run-up for the week ahead. All of which hyphenated fun means one thing: good-night!

(21:52:55) @CarolKettley Night, ma'am :)

Tweets for 14 Jun 2014

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(08:11:04) @DeanOrmond Ahh yes - also known as "Guilt" magazine! :D

(08:40:39) Good morning. I am finding myself spending more of my life sneezing at the moment.

(08:45:24) Xbox ON!

(08:49:28) @_windrider Aahhhhhaahhh *holds nose*

(08:49:44) @TubbyHermit Heehee! #incorrigible @poots @candypeery

(08:50:38) @alan9878 Thanks for the follow, Alan.. hadn't realised I wasn't following you! :) Have a great day - hopefully I'll catch the show later.

(08:51:12) @fishplatetwo Oh you *blushes coquettishly*

(08:51:20) @ajlanghorn TOTALLY! :)

(08:51:39) @PrincessBagel LOVE YOU!

(08:53:41) AHOY! Thursday's @Weekendery is ready for another listen - 73% perfect for intimate family get-togethers. http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC

(08:58:41) @Dreamy_lyrics HAHA! I'm thinking a 'stuck in a lift' party or 'an everybody looking in the garage for the barbecue' occasion' :D

(10:29:36) @pearcen Hope you enjoy :) :) @weekendery

(10:29:57) @tweeting_frog Good morning! Well, the rain has come, and the sneezing's stopped (for the time being, anyway!)

(10:30:10) @TubbyHermit Ha! YES! @poots @candypeery

(10:31:21) @DeanOrmond Not in the mood for being damp! :D

(10:31:57) Phenolphthalein.

(10:32:54) @naughty_tart Badum-tish! :) @timehop

(10:52:41) Oh dear. I was going to spend the morning in the garden, but it appears to have rained. #fairweathergardener

(10:55:37) @_windrider Heehee.. that would indicate a bit of a mess :D

(12:12:13) @goitsagch Hehee yup.. guilty as charged :D

(12:13:03) @slandi Oh my goodness... I hope you get some well - deserved sun soon!

(14:15:11) Ooh.. There's a touring car racing game coming out in the next couple of weeks.. WANT! https://t.co/4QRSms4of4 http://t.co/bA2QC1SVun #BTCC

(17:00:19) @tobypinder That is SO naughty :D

(17:06:01) @willowHart I celebrated by leaving my children at home and going drinking with my former work colleagues. It's what they would've wanted ;)

(17:06:18) @CarolKettley Not 'til November :SADFACE: ;)

(17:55:18) @CarolKettley Tragically yes.. I need a royal birthday.

(19:08:40) Watching YouTube reviews of a dashboard cam; never inspiring when the demonstrator spins out in the first 10 secs.. https://t.co/8kMiXOLTvz

(19:09:08) @VeryBritishView That is a fitting (St Austell) Tribute to fatherhoood ;)

(19:30:40) This is why I love @Audioboo: https://t.co/aZgeAa2ysI - by @dragonhistory #Orkney

(20:43:04) @GHOGIT Quite. I just don't know whether to invest just in case I come a-cropper on a roundabout...

(20:45:28) My plan for later - @TVCatchup on my tablet in bed from 11, half-hoping England crash & burn horribly in the first half hour.. #WorldCup2014

(22:03:55) @TVCatchup It could end up 2-1 ... the optimist in me says in England's favour; the realist says Italy.. you? #WorldCup2014 

(22:24:17) @TVCatchup Haha! Our little secret ;) Enjoy the match - wow.. it's turning out to be a cracker so far! I'm eating my words :D

Tweets for 13 Jun 2014

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(10:38:19) @custardlove Awww!

(10:39:38) Good morning. It's Father's Day Eve Eve, so that calls for a celebration.

(10:40:43) @custardlove We've had the live stream on in our house for the last few weeks... @BBCSpringwatch

(10:47:34) @custardlove Frustratingly the red button sometimes gets taken over by non-trivial things like sport, but it's a good watch! @BBCSpringwatch

(10:48:08) @PlainTalkingHR A very good morning to you, Bina - I was just thinking of you this morning, and how your tweets brighten my timeline :) x

(10:57:45) @Zomby6 Oh how awful for you. Hope you are home now and things are stabilising.

(11:01:18) @Tuglets Good morning human :)

(11:55:06) @tweeting_frog Greetings :) :)

(12:01:15) @CherryKaz1 Heehee.. I don't need an excuse #unofficiallytheweekend

(12:32:14) Someone has been reheating old trainers in the microwave, I think #officekitchenaromas

(12:56:04) @PlainTalkingHR It's quite quite OK, thank you! :) I'm out in London this evening.. hurrah :)

(12:57:27) @PlainTalkingHR How about you? A delightful weekend ahead?

(12:57:41) @CarolKettley I could smell it from my desk :D

(13:04:54) @fifirong Nice..! :)

(13:09:25) @morncoffeecup I love it precariously.

(13:37:56) @candypeery I send my wife a good night tweet EVERY night. Just before I get into bed with her. @TubbyHermit

(13:44:50) @caterham7 You have a point, sir..!

(13:45:02) @TubbyHermit Happy Weekend! :) @candypeery

(17:25:15) Amazing... I've been back in London less than half an hour and already been asked for directions.

(17:27:28) Of course, I'm still waiting to be mugged or not appreciated. #alanpartridge

(17:28:26) @nausea18 I just think everyone else does it better than me :D

Tweets for 12 Jun 2014

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(10:09:29) @karaokequeen85 Cool :) Or, indeed, roasting :) Missing you on the airwaves.. when are you coming back? :)

(10:36:04) @karaokequeen85 I bet you've not even got a postcode yet ;) Hang in there and enjoy the sunshine! :)

(10:42:22) @ellewadding Oh dear :/

(10:44:28) @ellewadding It is a thing (I believe) that some people who occupy senior positions in companies get there because they're psychopaths.

(10:45:25) @ellewadding Citation needed: http://t.co/whBC62aaIa

(12:15:35) @Barwickgreen Ahhh I miss the drei-ecke.. @byronhamburgers

(12:16:09) @wuthering_alice I think international jetsetters have to go to the dentist, too. Or do the dentists come to them..?

(12:17:51) @sugru Statistically it's an excellent bit of free advertising. @thetimes

(12:22:21) RT @govindajeggy: I know an illogical anaesthetist whose nickname is π. He's an irrational number

(16:00:32) @DeanOrmond Having a sneaky listen in the office ;)

(16:03:25) @DeanOrmond Me too. It's the "Shut the door, baby, don't say a word." Quite rude. Should have said please. And "If you don't mind, ta."

(16:04:24) @DeanOrmond My office has air con .. thank you for the cross promotion :) And nowt wrong with the odd 'bottom tune' :D

(16:08:45) @DeanOrmond Oh crumbs. It's Damp Damp Damp #TTFM

(19:10:13) In just under an hour, The @weekendery runs up from midfield, beats three defenders and then.. trips in the box. #MintFM! 9pm UK time!

(19:11:13) PS The Weekendery is the ideal listen if you don't really like football... since there's not much else going on ;) http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 :)

(19:55:06) @davetaylor2112 NOOOOO!

(19:55:17) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I realy do like a good folking.

(19:55:29) RT @LILLYTHEPINK1: If after @Syzygy you're still wanting good folking radio, tune into http://t.co/7jCB5qRPaJ or http://t.co/WZP1CQ5ClS and…

(20:37:22) @issym16 @CherryKaz1 @LILLYTHEPINK1 @Tuglets @dj_frabs Oh gosh. All this talk of Doughnuts... *cries*

(20:37:32) @DeanOrmond If it ain't broke..!

(20:48:47) An international reggae My Genre-ation. The answer: "After getting the singed bits off they were easy to untangle.." What's the question?

(21:13:32) @GHOGIT That made me laugh! Thank you :)

(22:05:48) Another @Weekendery done and dusted - stay tuned to #MintFM for more fun and action :)

Tweets for 11 Jun 2014

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(10:13:01) @R2UK Uhoh..! We may well end up getting one ;) @audioboo

(11:37:57) Yes! I've been here! https://t.co/hA6nvxhUJL - it's sung by Synthesizer Patel. Which makes it EXTRA mysterious! @govindajeggy #ElectricBrae

(11:45:08) @PrincessBagel @CNET WOW!

(11:48:31) @RHA My goodness that was impressive! :)

(11:48:36) RT @RHA: ICYMI - Weezer drummer Pat Wilson catches a frisbee mid-song without missing a beat. Awesome. http://t.co/7JiMRRGY2R

(11:48:59) @PrincessBagel I would cry if it ran out. #FACT @CNET

(12:47:21) @manytypesoftea As is M & N. *chikkachikkaslimshady*

(13:02:43) @MikeWehner A watched inbox never.. er.. goes ping?

(13:14:16) @Barwickgreen Are you a contributor, then..? @DumTeeDum

(13:25:29) @Barwickgreen A loyal listener, more or less.. ;) @DumTeeDum

(13:28:33) @DumTeeDum I shall continue listening to @Barwickgreen's bit, then ;)

(14:31:23) The World Facepalm Championship starts tomorrow! YAY! http://t.co/vMqMN85sHN

(14:51:55) @CarolKettley But the ones who really matter stuck by you, right? ;)

(15:09:06) @CarolKettley Heehee :) I'm busy busy busy today. And mildly caffeinated :D

(16:02:55) RT @TheRegister: Tweetdeck user? Wondering what that XSS box was about? Sign out and revoke your account's access to Tweetdeck. Now.

(18:25:10) @imule Now THAT I would pay to see..!

(20:05:44) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I think there will be a massive kick-up before that happens.

(22:47:21) @davewitchalls Wow.. that is INDISPENSIBLE! :)

Tweets for 10 Jun 2014

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(10:22:44) @Dreamy_lyrics Holy crap. You need to come down hard on that. I hope you can and someone gets suitably humiliated.

(13:09:43) @DeanOrmond Tuned in. Acappelllaaaaa!

(13:10:24) @DeanOrmond And 1984. Second best year in pop, arguably. (My mate Alec says it's the best year. I disagree).

(13:10:54) @DeanOrmond Oh lordy.. the last time I heard this was on cassette. #TTFM

(13:19:33) @DeanOrmond Ohh yes. Very WWI. Quite timely #centenary. Is it sad that I identified Nena at the first note? #classic #prefertheGermanVersion

(13:21:34) @tweeting_frog Yup yup yup! @DeanOrmond

(13:21:49) @tweeting_frog PS How's the building site? ;) @DeanOrmond

(14:05:16) @DeanOrmond Now that's more like it. Hopefully less of a George-michael-fest. The Gary Barlow of his day :D #TTFM

(17:05:36) @Dreamy_lyrics Tuned in! :)

(17:54:55) @GShang Funnily enough some of my lovely (long suffering!) listeners quite enjoyed it :D @weekendery

(17:55:06) @CherryKaz1 Odd chap. @DeanOrmond

(17:55:21) @DeanOrmond Haha :D Well..

(17:55:52) @tweeting_frog OK, so it was a guess! :D @DeanOrmond

(17:59:57) @Dreamy_lyrics Thank you for a great show! :)

(18:12:45) @DeanOrmond Heehee I wouldn't say such a thing #georgemichael @CherryKaz1

(18:13:02) I'm not still at work. Ohhh no.

(18:17:16) @ajlanghorn Me too.. hopefully! :) #dedicated

(19:36:26) I've got chutney on my earphones. #stickymusic

(19:37:01) @ajlanghorn Extra win! So did I! :)

(19:37:34) @clairerandall I was but now I'm not #glorioussofatime

(23:00:21) @SheleileighLaw I had a curry earlier. And it got EVERYWHERE #messyeater

(23:00:33) @GHOGIT HAHAHA!

(23:00:43) @batwench That would explain a lot #waspsmakejam

Tweets for 09 Jun 2014

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(12:25:17) @CherryKaz1 Tuned in - but it keeps dropping out..! Bad network connection here, I think :D Ah Bananarama before they went REALLY rubbish!

(12:29:32) @CherryKaz1 Threaten it with a good spanking :D #MintFM

(13:11:16) @CherryKaz1 Ahh the new one by Ed Sheeran. Bit too much rapping, but not a bad song. SING! I do wish they would stop shouting at me. SING!

(13:29:31) @CherryKaz1 I pop out to make a poor quality instant coffee and return to find the Village People playing What happened?! :D #MintFM

(13:34:58) @CherryKaz1 I will never listen to it in the same way again :D LOVE the versions of the Fleetwood mac songs you're playing - a fresh listen!

(15:51:39) "Where haven't I been..?"

(17:34:16) @ucalegon You might want to turn up late one day ;)

(19:39:54) I've just been introduced to http://t.co/PseRj6AFl5 by @paulwheatley - what a fantastic local service. #glasgow

(21:21:24) It's rainin' a bit. Again.

(21:22:11) I very much enjoyed recording a splendid @BritishTech Pocket podcast with @paulwheatley, @PodFeet and @bigChrisAshley - uploaded soon! :)

Tweets for 08 Jun 2014

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(11:11:09) @mostlygeordie Are you rummaging..?

(11:11:46) Windows open.. cool breeze blowing in.. hay fever sneezing has subsided. Nearly time for some #BTCC driving about on the telly. Exciting!

(11:32:54) @mostlygeordie There's furkling and excavating in there somewhere but this sounds more bothersome!

(11:33:57) @fridgemagnet2 Ill have to get as much as I can and store it in the fridge or something, then... #summer #bitwarm

(12:20:40) Doing some research on Ricicles (because I encountered doubt when I said it used to have marshmallow bits) - it only had them in the 90s..

(12:25:59) I was wondering if there was an SI unit for disappointment. @poots's response is not repeatable on Twitter.

(12:26:24) @TUID YAY!

(12:30:20) @Dreamy_lyrics Truly. I'm glad you could click your red shoes together three times..!

(12:32:04) @Karen_Kay_ Why does @SheleileighLaw get all the plum jobs? ;)

(13:23:13) The latest @Weekendery is up online for another listen - http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC - lots of interesting music and the like. Ohh yes.

(13:36:15) A bit audio geeky, but I was really impressed with the sound quality from @jgmotorsport's microphone on race 2's warm up lap #btcc @itvsport

(13:40:26) Great view of the @TinTopTuesday logo on @RobertoAustini's car from @jasonplato... fantastic race 2! #BTCC 

(18:08:54) @SheleileighLaw Yes. Yes you are. Foolish of me to have thought any different! @Karen_Kay_

(19:34:30) RT @MintFM: At the top of the hour The Rockspin Show goes live, with @dj_frabs, @tuglets and @angelcomedy1, on http://t.co/50eEadLZo9 #Mint…

(20:11:21) @fizzytilly That's a bit weird, since only people who follow you can see the tweet! :|

(20:42:21) @dj_frabs @Tuglets I popped upstairs to refill my pint glass and chat to Beth, and the Jethro Tull song was still playing :D #MintFM

(22:17:07) @dj_frabs @Tuglets The Doors are overrated #controversial

(22:40:00) @DeanOrmond It was that wibbly wobbly guitar solo that did it :D @dj_frabs @Tuglets

(22:49:19) @DeanOrmond I'm the same with Kanye West. And jazz. @dj_frabs @Tuglets

(22:50:06) An evening spent furkling with a website... front end stuff, though, rather than the innards, like I normally do. Night night!

(22:51:04) @Tuglets I'm still not sure why he's famous. And don't get me started on that Kardashian woman. Or women. @dj_frabs @DeanOrmond

(22:53:15) @dj_frabs @Tuglets @DeanOrmond Haha! Thanks for the show, guys :) Kept my company as I fiddled with HTML :)

Tweets for 07 Jun 2014

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(06:52:28) @paulums Morning.. bit early for that on a Saturday :D

(08:21:37) Looks like Kelloggs are giving away hacky sacks - I don't think it'll ever catch on... I'm sure… http://t.co/64Nhdarc4K

(10:02:51) It still feels a bit weird for me to sign a text 'Dad'. There's a punchline just waiting to be written... not enough coffee in me :D

(11:21:27) @VeryBritishView Me too, my friend. Me too.

(11:21:35) @GHOGIT Heehee.. true! :)

(15:25:49) @CarolKettley @PRESTIGEWIGS @platinummind high fives to one and all!

(15:27:16) A lovely walk with @poots in Stockwood Park; not home in time for #BTCC qualifying, but some Supertouring to watch on http://t.co/prCN2dnB9T

(20:19:25) I found Are you capable.?? (http://t.co/Dcx2MIdkQ7). #cgeo #geocaching

(20:22:14) I found Anyone for Tennis? (http://t.co/5fQggJjs5a). #cgeo #geocaching

Tweets for 06 Jun 2014

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(07:47:48) @quibelles I've taken a cursory look and there doesn't seem a huge amount he can do.. except question his friends' advice in future...

(07:50:55) @manytypesoftea I do hope you have recorded these stories - it is great that you can share them on Twitter.. I hope they live on x

(07:53:47) @neilcochrane1 Wow.. quite a building! New work ahead..?

(07:54:07) @jonBCFC I gotta try at least,;)

(10:09:20) @emmathegardener And of course, the word 'ballot' comes from the Italian for 'little ball'.. things just don't change :)

(10:31:22) @neilcochrane1 It's kinda got a TV Centre feel to it :) Where are you heading now..?

(10:42:26) @ucalegon Ohh yes. Especially since that means you have to wait for it to break again. And it may never not...

(11:45:00) Happy birthday to @ThePete!

(13:28:56) @birdfortytwo It is the only way they will learn. And they won't learn.

(16:30:33) @birdfortytwo And Ohhh those faces.

(20:20:34) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you very much, Bina! It has been a very challenging week, but I'm home now, and relaxing :) Hope all's well with you!x

(22:38:26) @karenjeynes The fire may be out, but you can still feel the warmth x

Tweets for 05 Jun 2014

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(06:35:01) Good morning. Ha. Fooled you! :D

(09:09:33) @oliwia_s YES! :)

(10:19:32) @pj_kent Splendidity to you and yours.

(10:19:41) @CarolKettley g'morningtide

(11:01:25) @slandi Thanks for the redux, Stefano - I'll enjoy that when the opportunity arises for me to enjoy some earbud action! :)

(11:02:04) @grahamdunning @sm2n @slandi This is seriously remarkable (with apologies if you've seen it before) http://t.co/45r1hCE76q /via @TaraBusch

(12:47:58) @grahamdunning Oh cool..! I shall take a listen :) @sm2n @slandi @TaraBusch

(14:35:34) @slandi I have to say that's very prescient of you - the "My genre-ation" on the radio show I'm doing later features.. TV theme tunes! :)

(19:07:15) At 9pm tonight (UK time; 4pm US Eastern) the @Weekendery returns to Mint FM! YES! In less than an hour's time! Quick quick..! If you like :)

(19:58:36) The @Weekendery is about to start on MintFM - http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - it's better than next door's cat. The Nattery: http://t.co/6Upqj6W5pM

(20:04:56) @SheleileighLaw VROOOM!

(20:35:00) @JamesCridland BOSS LEVEL!

(21:32:43) @clairebland1 Good evening! :) Sorry I haven't waved to you berore xx

(21:33:17) @clairebland1 @CherryKaz1 I reckon Ed Sheeran is an amazing live performer.. great vibe.. I hope the gig isn't too big .. closer the better!

(21:33:24) RT @JamesCridland: If you're interested in radio and/or history, you might want to follow @HomeService1944 - read the Twitter description f…

(21:34:03) @davetaylor2112 Haha! :) I hope you have a better day tomorrow.. it's unofficially the weekend ;)

(21:36:08) @davetaylor2112 YEAH! Now THAT is what I'm talking about! :) :)

(21:37:57) @brennig hugs to you x

(21:43:47) @smartie999 THEY LOVE YOU.

(21:44:33) @Tsaksonakis *golf claps* Oh very good sir. @smartie999

(21:45:08) @davetaylor2112 Haha! I hope my little show has somewhat helped with the post traumatic stress ;) @CherryKaz1

(22:03:37) @clairebland1 Thank you, Claire.. I really enjoyed doing it - and your company :) Happy walking! :) x

(22:03:56) @clairebland1 Yup.. unintentionally, too :sadface:

(22:04:23) @davetaylor2112 If you think my show is sane, there is obviously some VERY strange stuff going on! APPLE LOVE! @CherryKaz1

(22:12:42) @quibelles What on earth happened? Is there anything the Friendly Internet can do to get it back? Sounds a bit wrong that he's lost money :/

(22:37:29) Good night - and thank you for the day.

Tweets for 04 Jun 2014

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(06:45:11) @PeachLaneStudio A very happy birthday for yesterday! They say you're only as old as you feel, so 26 it is! x

(06:52:46) @wuthering_alice Is that like a latte made with yogurt..?

(06:54:48) @pearcen Heh. Too early for that sort of caper #motionlesssaveforthumbs

(07:38:11) Good morning. I have spent much of my conscious time today trying not to sneeze #pineapple

(07:39:41) @pearcen ~raises a coffee mug~ That is crazy o'clock but fantastic if you can make it!

(07:55:17) @Tuglets Apparently saying "pineapple" exercises the mouth in just the right way. "Almost inedible satsuma" doesn't quite work ;)

(07:55:32) @pearcen Oh mate.. hopefully that'll change in time.

(07:55:41) @CarolKettley Morning, cK! :)

(10:42:54) @JeanieFinlay @MyNottingham Heavens above.

(10:44:01) @tweeting_frog My daughter tells me that saying 'pineapple' stops a sneeze from, well, happening! I think it only works in marginal cases..

(13:10:35) @vobes I really loved the account of the "Ladies Who Lunch" talk - you were entirely in your element! :) I'm proud to know you.

(13:46:21) @Tuglets @clairebland1 I don't know if I dare ask what's in one of Angel's smoothies!

(13:46:36) @vobes All entirely deserved, Richard :)

(18:24:08) Gosh. Bit tired now.

(18:26:16) @CarolKettley Got show prep to do :D It may sound like it's just thrown together ;)

Tweets for 03 Jun 2014

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(12:19:49) @VenusDeMileage I love you too.

(12:20:43) Daily greet.

(14:51:45) @paul_steele Gorgeous!

(14:59:58) @CatsAreLoud I shall have to have a peruse.. I like your amusing style - more people should, indeed, see it :)

(16:23:52) @neilcochrane1 Deelish!

(16:26:10) @_Frazzle_ Nothing major to worry about - be careful which email attachments you open. Cryptolocker details here: http://t.co/5EBL8Z2R1e

(18:21:11) @inkyhands I do hope the strap line of the catalogue is: "careful what you're doing with that - you could have someone's eye out!"

(18:21:54) @SheleileighLaw I'm all tired out already :D

(18:39:54) Going out for some!e fresh air, I think. We've got Springwatch on the telly, but it's not the same as having a good rummage in a real nest.

(18:40:29) RT @TheMichaelMoran: I just hope this ad is genuine, because this guy is definitely the bass-player for me! http://t.co/n0bPeEdQwf

(20:39:14) @poots I know you will do your best, and I know how amazing you are at your best.

(20:45:43) @SheleileighLaw Aye so it is! :)

(20:48:12) @badpenny1931 N'night :)

(20:48:57) Heading for the studio.. show prep begins tomorrow, so I'd better get some tidying done. And maybe some soldering. Need wires.Ohh yes.

(20:49:45) @SheleileighLaw This week, for sure! I've got them all saved up - please DM me with any 'must-plays'! :)

(22:22:09) @fridgemagnet2 Is Sidley still going? Can't wait to hear more..!

(22:22:13) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy heading for a triumphant return to the hairwaves this Thursday. Better get you some news then: the link road, ch…

(22:22:26) @CarolKettley My fingers are all soldery :D

(22:23:17) @chepbourne Oh he will.. :D @fridgemagnet2

(22:33:26) @quibelles Stuff.

(22:33:53) @Mr_DW_Brighton OS X? Why...? :D

(22:47:47) Imagine this is an animated gif of me going to bed. Might take a while #thoroughtoothbrushing Night!

(22:50:31) @peasbloss Heehee! Night x

Tweets for 02 Jun 2014

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(07:26:42) @lloydbayley I must have missed that one! Thanks for the tip; depending on their experience (when 8.1 finally installs) I may well use that!

(07:27:23) @brianmmonroe It's a bit of a showstopper... or showslower anyway :D

(07:27:43) @stevenaybour ~coughs~ yea! ~splutters~

(07:29:23) @DeeSelected Thank you :) Funnily enough you'll know whose PC it was I worked on - I'm pleased to say the Richardsons are in fine form :)

(07:29:36) @SheleileighLaw Gosh I needed it! Thank you :)

(09:49:49) @lloydbayley How strange... I tend to be quite assiduous about replying - please accept my apologies.

(09:51:22) @batwench I guess that makes me unique - I'm flattered :D @SheleileighLaw

(09:52:34) @lloydbayley I hope your Monday has gone well.. it's pretty-much just beginning for me :D

(10:03:40) @lloydbayley I'm hoping for minimal ruggedness today (and just the right amount of coffee! :)

(11:05:26) This made me chuckle - surely only in the UK can a paper aeroplane hitting a defender cause such a joyful reaction: https://t.co/ZO1nEJrf3q

(12:21:20) @CherryKaz1 Ooh are you on? Having a crafty lunchtime listen :) @starr67

(12:24:45) @DeanOrmond Tuned in. Love this song... completely ruined a few years back by a remix :D #ttfm

(12:30:33) @CherryKaz1 Doesn't seem like any time since you were on the wireless :D @starr67

(12:32:25) @DeanOrmond Quack Quack oops! (Sorry!)

(12:32:54) @starr67 Haha! True... @CherryKaz1

(12:33:31) @DeanOrmond Haha! You're sounding splendid - a wine hangover is a better class :D

(12:36:14) @DeanOrmond I've heard a lot of Bucks Fizz songs before, but haven't heard this one.. it's got a bit of ELO about it #TTFM

(12:37:44) @CherryKaz1 But just how much Kaz is too much? I think we need some kind of scientific exposure tests. Bags me the research group! @starr67

(12:53:02) @Faulko1 GUTTED! Perhaps you can improvise dipping some sticks from outside your front door into a jar of marmite..? ;)

(13:15:02) @DeanOrmond Oddly enough, this one is better in remix format... normally it doesn't work that way round :D #TTFM

(13:17:04) @DeanOrmond Mylo did a good job on that one... really captured the sense of summer time. Might have to play that on my show this week :)

(13:25:48) @DeanOrmond Still listening... I was looking forward to finding out what you and @CherryKaz1 ~really~ thought of me ;) #TTFM

(13:30:51) @CherryKaz1 Haha! Uhoh... 😃 @DeanOrmond

(13:40:58) @CherryKaz1 I'm a geek?! Ha! Ohh lordy... you know what they say, though - the geeks will inherit the earth #geekandproud @DeanOrmond #ttfm

(13:52:29) @CarolKettley Twiglet splinters are the worst... @Faulko1

(13:59:54) @CherryKaz1 @DeanOrmond Thank you for a splendid show! #ttfm

(14:00:47) @inkyhands That is a GOOD look. Fume cupboard action!

(14:01:50) @TopTunesFMuk @DeanOrmond @djfelix2020 2014..?

(14:04:32) @CherryKaz1 @DeanOrmond @djfelix2020 Me three #ttfm

(14:13:33) @djfelix2020 I'm thinking early 80s... 1980 or 1981? #TTFM

(14:36:02) @djfelix2020 @beckyballball @CherryKaz1 Well I'm going to say 1980 as well then. Not because I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Ohhh no. #TTFM

(14:36:20) @djfelix2020 Wow.. is this ripping off Buddy Holly or what..?! #TTFM

(14:53:08) @CarolKettley Hope you feel 100% better soon. x

(15:44:39) @PrincessBagel Who needs sanity and dignity? CONGRATULATIONS to your body!

(16:18:18) @HalliCJ @EwenRankin @spreaker Cheers :)

(16:29:59) @Dreamy_lyrics YEAH! :)

(18:53:12) @CatsAreLoud You should work for Buzzfeed. I'd use more capitals, though. #1980s were better.

(18:54:46) @CatsAreLoud Hahaha :D I've got most of he 80s on cassette, though, to be fair ;) And I'm not just talking about the music.. :D

(18:55:02) @CatsAreLoud ;)

Tweets for 01 Jun 2014

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(10:50:36) @Karen_Kay_ Where have the last six years gone..?!

(10:57:43) @Cakefolder That's an interesting set of sounds - reminds me of 8-bit computer music. Definitely worth pondering for my Nexus 7 - thank you!

(12:36:52) @wellbelove Fantastic photo! :)

(12:44:08) @Karen_Kay_ They do small loaves here in the UK, but charge a premium (much more than half the price of a full sized loaf) Blehh!

(12:57:50) @karenjeynes I hope life is better for you than that poem... seems a little bleak.

(12:58:27) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I know the feeling. I've pretty much clicked unsubscribe to life for the time being... a bit of peace and quiet, perhaps?

(12:59:50) @karenjeynes Yes, it does. I'm a little worried about turning down that road myself.. It's reassuring you're able to reflect on it.

(13:01:12) @CherryKaz1 @audioboo can't beat a nice bath! :)

(13:02:24) All done with Month End shenanigans. Been a busy day so far what with playing the guitar at church & trying to stay awake. Is bedtime yet?

(13:02:59) @karenjeynes The smile on your profile pic never ceases to give me a lift - I hope you can smile like that lots this week :) x

(14:33:50) @CarolKettley You'd better watch that @Faulko1 - he's something of a notorious rapper now ;) https://t.co/Cwk0GNrc2n

(14:35:19) @CarolKettley @platinummind *waves* afternoon x

(14:44:48) @CarolKettley *whispers* It's not.. ;) @Faulko1

(14:45:05) @Dreamymarmot Tempted too..

(15:02:06) @FreakyFwoof You always have plenty of interesting things to share. I would just talk about yoghurt. @Dreamymarmot

(15:02:43) @Dreamy_lyrics You really do have the measure of me, don't you! Can't beat a bit of @CherryKaz1 hassle! ;)

(15:38:35) @kitty_cat84 http://t.co/gW3AIpK9Za

(16:30:03) @TopTunesFMuk Tuned in from stinky Bedfordshire! Actually it doesn't smell too bad at the moment...

(16:31:30) @kitty_cat84 Hellooo :) Tired and sleepy! Hope all is well in your life

(16:34:46) @TopTunesFMuk You two are sounding like you're having SO much fun, and for me, that makes the best radio 😊

(16:55:50) @simplytanny2 Chin chin! #ginoclock

(17:00:05) @BecsOnDecs Fantastic branded t-shirt! And I love @CherryKaz1's nail varnish:)

(20:13:58) @trevypoos Wow.. I'll definitely take a look - thank you! :)

(20:14:26) @chrisesch Standard form here in the provinces, sir! ;)

(20:16:00) Spending the evening on a PC migration. Some bits are easy, some quite tricky & others are horrendously frustrating #adware #bundledsoftware

(21:52:59) Windows updates. This follows the 42 I had earlier... although it may well have re-included some of… http://t.co/u8OjHzlWRh

Tweets for 31 May 2014

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(08:22:59) @BlueMoon_11 Fantastic! It'll all come flooding back, I'm sure :)

(08:54:45) @ajlanghorn I hope something happens to perk you up soon, sir.

(08:55:53) @ian262 That's Orinocco, isn't it..? @RadioTimes

(09:49:29) @ian262 Splendid :)

(09:50:03) @CALLIABARA Thank you for the follow! :)

(18:14:46) @LilacNun Your first nephew/neice? I hope it all goes well x

(18:16:28) @BlueMoon_11 Put wheels on! Or watch iPlayer :) x

(18:17:00) @BlueMoon_11 Drink a large sip of prosecco every time you do a kilometre?

(18:17:43) @revkatebottley You probably wouldn't have an unexpected small boy landing on your head in that case #deepend

(18:20:33) Apparently I caught the sun today. And it wasn't even sunny. #vampire

(18:31:07) This afternoon I have been driving Nissan Silvias and Skylines in a most irresponsible way. Quite fun… http://t.co/CbVz60a303

(18:39:48) @brennig Quite quite possibly! I was outdoors all afternoon :)

(18:40:01) @aalaap Oh my goodness.. that is some hardcore avoidance! :)

(18:40:15) @canuckuk Heehee maybeeee #tyresmoke

(18:42:33) @Richard_C @eastnewscam @PrivateEyeNews @roystoncartoons @Gillian_Philip *chuckles*

(21:23:36) @clairebland1 It's quite exhilarating - perhaps worth waiting until he's a bit older and can do the driving himself :)

(21:24:09) Month end action. I can still smell tyre smoke.

(21:25:53) @PhillipaJC Oh no :( Please don't be too disheartened.. everything happens for a reason x

(21:26:14) @CarolKettley night x

(21:27:25) @batwench @nokia_uk Bet you're glad it's back :)

(21:31:04) @VeryBritishView I've checked and I'm still following. All is right with the world (to that extent, at least!)

(21:31:34) @slandi Pretty much!

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