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Tweets for 30 May 2014

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(08:51:14) Always a good start to the day..

(09:06:46) @stevenaybour *ends process* Arghhhh! :D

(09:07:19) @CarolKettley @justmeandluke @PRESTIGEWIGS @cancerreliefuk @RealBlokes @disco2man @ParanormalEvent @platinummind Gawd bless ya m'lady! #FF

(09:25:06) @missmayawolff Good morning, you lovely :)

(09:47:46) @SheleileighLaw @pearcen And hello to the colonies ;)

(10:32:05) This Tweet Will Make You Think Twice About Capitalising Every Word In A Sentence.

(10:32:57) @gugucachoo I use pretty much the lot.. I find Dropbox is the most versatile, but you only get 2GB.. OneDrive is 7GB.

(10:33:08) @CherryKaz1 *sighs* How frustratinging :D

(10:33:31) @demsoc Hahaha! *applies for job at Buzzfeed*

(10:56:48) @gugucachoo You can indeed - however, almost everyone I know already has Dropbox :D I think it's 0.5GB per person.

(10:57:19) @johndredge Absolutely cracking - and in your inimitable style :D

(10:57:44) @CherryKaz1 Strawberries?

(10:59:02) The last @JohnDredge "Nothing To Do With Anything" show is simply dripping with hilarity. Surface wipes are available

(11:26:35) RT @bookhive: Ok let's retweet this. @CocaCola get the hell out of Norwich. Nobody loves you here. Nobody. R

(11:27:06) @gugucachoo :)

(11:50:10) @SheleileighLaw @pearcen Oh definitely funky Friday! :)

(11:51:20) @gugucachoo That is a very kind offer. I think should work :)

(12:26:21) @gill_eddy Phew. I hate to see people I like fighting.

(12:26:46) @gill_eddy That's "I hate to see people I like, fighting." Not "I hate to see people. I like fighting."

(13:54:15) @Dreamy_lyrics It is Pizza Friday, after all! :)

(14:20:58) @kingdredge I need to get out more.

(14:36:42) @KingDredge that's.. whelming. :D Have a great weekend, and thank you for making amusing videos :)

(15:44:12) @emmafurious And yet a new chapter in your life. I hope all can be well.

(15:44:27) @Tactless_Blonde Non-shoulders, then ;)

(16:13:46) @Chocohalix @ellewadding And this is why I love Twitter #everydayisaschoolday

(19:12:05) I guess, because pre-gig music should not really be better than the performance itself, that would explain why it's generally so annoying.

(19:13:49) @brennig Arcade Fire yeah :)

(20:00:28) Just enjoyed a wonderful set by @chainsunchained - fantastic harmonies and a really great rapport with the crowd.

(20:04:21) @CherryKaz1 recorded.. I'll upload when I get home/wifi :D

Tweets for 29 May 2014

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(10:20:08) @perrygascoine Safe trip! :) @sm2n @davewitchalls

(12:04:04) @Doctoe Tuned in. You're looking great! (Even though you're sitting on a cat) :D

(16:32:36) @batwench Congratulations :)

(16:34:21) @Canojar Love the shade of blue/purple!

Tweets for 28 May 2014

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(21:59:29) Inspired by @allybrno, I saw this BT radio tower as we were driving past and felt compelled to stop…

(22:25:02) @neilcochrane1 It's a disused radio mast in Kelvedon Hatch - and apparently the highest point in Essex #trivia

(22:25:50) @ellewadding @AllyBrno Apparently it is tall enough to have line-of-sight to the BT Tower in London... sadly out of service now.

(22:26:19) @PlainTalkingHR @AllyBrno Thank you! #seizetheday #cargotabitmuddy :D x

(22:44:02) @PlainTalkingHR It was lovely - thank you :) That was at Kelvedon; I gave the children a brief tour of Essex :D Hope all's well with you! x

Tweets for 27 May 2014

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(07:07:09) @slandi Thanks, Stefano! I'll enjoy it when I'm back at base :) @sm2n

(16:58:54) Games from our childhood #OriginalMemory

(18:24:30) @KermitMash You are totally in my Twitter demographic :) My bio is nearly me (And would very much like to visit your theatre club one day!)

(18:29:37) @poots Very clever (and almost impossible to read out loud :D)

(18:40:16) @slandi That really is quite a compelling toy :D @sm2n

Tweets for 26 May 2014

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(08:22:06) Good morning from a rather damp seaside. It doesn't matter, though, because it's good to get away. Or indeed (my childhood) home.

(08:24:41) @fridgemagnet2 You may have spotted we're down in Sussex - don't want to derail your bank holiday, so just saying hi from here really :D

(08:27:22) @BitsyVonMuffin That sounds like a good way to start a bank holiday Monday :)

(08:28:28) @debsylee Hello lovely cheery Debs x

(08:29:56) @KermitMash I dream of getting weird emails from you: D

(08:59:44) @fridgemagnet2 Cheers - just heard my phone beep too. Might give you a shout this evening once the young'uns are settled..?

(09:05:29) Rather enjoying the long-awaited return of @Brennig's @ThisRealityPod as the soundtrack to a leisurely bank holiday

(09:06:28) @CherryKaz1 Morning :) Absolutely - nothing more than we'd expect, eh? x

(13:50:16) We saw this in a charity shop and couldn't work out what exactly it was for... #weirdesteggcupever

(14:33:03) I have the most erudite twitterpals: @boggits, @regularjen, @mssres, @koshkajay @hergiebird, @Stenbird and @miche sure know their salt pigs!

(14:34:13) @fandrews It would make the perfect damp teabag receptacle, wouldn't it! I've also been informed it is for holding salt. I love Twitter!

(14:41:16) @KermitMash ~blushes~ did I tweet that out loud..? :D

(17:02:51) @kathyclugston Please will you autograph it for me. #excited

(18:33:59) @KermitMash Well, I hope to get to know you better(!)

Tweets for 25 May 2014

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(15:23:37) @DavidLloydRADIO I wonder if they are as poor quality as the ones you could get for 50p at the market #mostlyhiss #allicouldafford #sakura

(15:36:53) @DavidLloydRADIO I can't remember where I read/heard it but the first advice I ever got was to avoid C120s - they were liable to stretch!

(15:37:43) @PaulLomax That is mild. If Shakespeare were alive today he would be able to describe Governor perfectly :) @guardiannews

(21:52:31) We played a game of 'Monarchy' this evening - a great way to learn the names of kings and queens!

(22:39:06) @CherryKaz1 I'd not heard of it before - quite a simple but tactical card game.. just what I like! Enjoy your wine! x

Tweets for 24 May 2014

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(08:14:34) In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have proposed with "For the sake of argument, why don't we get married?" #joke #whatwouldcheggerstweet

(08:17:49) I've always preferred the older woman, which is why I've just downloaded an online carbon dating app. #whatwouldcheggerstweet 

(08:18:59) @paulwheatley Hahaha! Oops! :D

(08:20:29) @DigitalAmoeba It's the work of satan. No other explanation as to how they fitted all that processing power into such a small space works..!

(08:25:12) Am I the only person who habitually presses 'Just once' on my Android tablet? Am I scared of commitment or do I prefer a sense of occasion?

(08:28:49) @DarrenGriffin :D Glad it's not just me!

(08:48:13) @76Wilbury Heehee! A kindred spirit :) I'm still in my jammies, belaying the housework for as long as practicable :D How about you?

(08:48:54) @DigitalAmoeba It's a very impressive feat of engineering!

(09:28:41) @ellewadding But it avoids the hassle of having to... :D Have a great (long) weekend!

(09:29:13) @sharonlangridge You and me both! Have a splendid long weekend :)

(09:30:09) @DigitalAmoeba @wpcentral #Mac #PC #Yahoo #SurfacePro3 Checking it out :) I thought David Pogue was an Apple fanboy..?

(10:15:47) @sm2n @sonicnick @iZotopeInc Ooh.. not heard it yet.. will check it out :)

(11:14:14) @tobypinder I'm reaching the stage where I'm pondering a full factory reset of my Nexus 7.. no small task :D

(11:56:21) I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate déjà-vu.

(11:56:40) @IPTechShark These are good noises.

(12:32:47) @IanLPhotography :D

(13:38:31) Today was computer tidy-up day. It's a bit tragic, maybe, but I like to have all green on my Nagios dasboard. Not Al Green. That'd be odd.

(13:53:56) @CherryKaz1 I'm afraid so... it's how I relax(!)

(13:56:07) RT @CuteEmergency: This shirt makes me laugh so hard.

(13:57:13) @CherryKaz1 I need to get some exercise... I shall see what happens after I've had a shower and got dressed(!)

(14:03:02) @davenicholls Haha! You've just reminded me! I've only got one Pi on the dashboard at the moment; yours would be a very useful interloper ;)

(14:13:08) @davenicholls The mind boggles :D

(19:24:53) @CarolKettley @platinummind Big shout out to you, too! :)

(19:32:20) @CarolKettley Thank you :) Fresh on this week ;) Thanks for the follow, @platinummind!

Tweets for 23 May 2014

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(07:18:53) @mostlygeordie Now that is bad form.

(07:22:19) This tiny pair of trousers keeps making it into (and through) the washing. I honestly have no idea…

(10:49:15) @GHOGIT :D

(10:49:32) @edtjones I never opt for anything less than a boil wash ;)

(10:50:17) @CarolKettley I asked my daughter and she doesn't know to whom they belong - a smartly dressed cat, perhaps?

(10:50:32) @batwench That'll learn me (but it gets the stains out ;)

(10:50:46) @DarrenGriffin :D They can do their OWN washing from now on :D

(11:18:23) The Friday before a bank holiday shouldn't be this busy.

(11:45:13) @CherryKaz1 I'm slacking on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If by slacking you mean occupying the children for half-term :D

(12:26:01) @CherryKaz1 Oh we'll have fun and shenanigans, for sure. I'm a terribly irresponsible Dad :D

(12:56:23) @CarolKettley Meeeeow ;)

(13:39:10) @CherryKaz1 If I bring 'em home in one piece, it'll be a victory! :D

(19:21:10) @paulums And I offer the same toast to you and yours! Happy long weekend!

(21:12:16) On occasion, poots and I find the tesco website more helpful than Google.

Tweets for 22 May 2014

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(09:11:48) @helenduffett Nice! :)

(09:15:58) Good morning. I've caught up. It's "Bring your voting card to work" day today. For me, anyway.

(09:59:22) @topgold That's very impressive! :)

(09:59:43) @CherryKaz1 Morning lovely :) x

(10:21:08) @topgold I was pondering the artistic merits of competent sample arrangements while making coffee. Definitely skilled - but an artist..?

(10:26:09) I really loved the interval song "12" during this year's #EurovisionSongContest2014 - written by @riccowichmann & @Pharfar1 :) (h/t @jn2n!)

(10:27:22) Amusing comedy: #EurovisionSongContest2014

(11:11:47) @akbea You wouldn't catch any of my followers sharing that on Twitter! :D

(11:13:25) @mostlygeordie Magpies are more of a problem for us... Tiny birds are better #tweet

(13:21:27) @mostlygeordie That's an elegant comparison :)

(13:21:50) @topgold Quite so - certainly not one that will fit in a tweet (or, indeed, even a boo[m]!)

(13:30:19) Someone needs to invent a non-conductive umbrella. Actually, it's really not worth bothering. Quality thunderstorm action outside.

(13:30:38) @Scriblit @corrie_corfield Wish I still had a red lanyard :D

(13:55:08) @CarolKettley Heehee.. I'm sure @Faulko1 will be getting some bashes and crashes soon enough!

(13:55:20) @CherryKaz1 Maybe it'll get more tumultuous as you head south! :)

(15:05:21) @impymcwimpy I have had most of this year's Eurovision entries going round my head. This is not good...

(15:05:55) @Feexby *does a bit of indistinct singing like Oleta Adams*

(18:29:39) I'm off out of the house to exercise. Exercise my democratic right, that is! BOOM! ~drops the mic~ ~trips over cable tangled between feet~

(18:33:07) @poots You and me both. I can't even trust a party if they've got a candidate called Dave. It might end up causing re-runs of Top Gear.

Tweets for 21 May 2014

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(10:03:01) @VeryBritishView *chuckles* You're really getting into this :D

(10:16:13) @Feexby Tiny tiny little Tuesdays. Horrible.

(10:16:18) RT @Feexby: I know ordinary Tues are 24 hours long, but minitues?

(10:16:26) @clairerandall @CherryKaz1 Morning :)

(10:16:36) @VeryBritishView :D

(10:16:54) @VeryBritishView I wish I could be there!

(10:47:47) @LaceyHughes I really appreciate those honest, candid audioboos you are recording - heartbreaking. I hope they can sort you out soon.

(11:44:44) @LilacNun At this time of day..? Celebrating? Commiserating? Something else?

(12:04:32) I am now watching the Party Election Broadcasts for the EU elections. I am none the wiser. And none the more foolish.

(14:03:23) @RobJD And a happy half birthday to you! :)

(14:32:11) @RobJD Hope your day's going well, bro :)

(15:37:12) @IPTechShark My expectations are often dashed... I have modified them. And had a bit of a moan :D

(17:01:39) @RobJD I may well be getting to go home in a mo.. and I only had one conference call today - sorted in a record 5 minutes :D Cheers!

(17:02:14) @IPTechShark I'll get them to do it next time :) Shall we start a campaign? The "Clean my blimmin' car, please'" campaign..

Tweets for 20 May 2014

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(09:23:01) Morning. Tuesday. That's Tuesday morning. Lordy. I'm going to wish you a lovely day, and then I'm going to hide. From Tuesday.

(09:26:35) @Dreamy_lyrics At least with Monday we've got an excuse ;) Morning!

(09:27:42) @paulums There will be stumbling...

(09:29:25) @MariaBoedeker @76Wilbury *coughs* Helical :) But beautiful!

(09:30:28) @claw0101 It was good timing - I had a moment & spare bit of real estate on my laptop screen - I tweeted as I watched :) Really enjoyed it!

(09:30:56) @Richard_C Fantastic :) I still have mine, too :)

(09:58:04) @SheleileighLaw Literally just finished drinking mine before I had the chance to photograph it. @paulums - bit close to the table edge..?

(09:58:52) @clairerandall Morning, Claire. I have long been a member of the Abolish Tuesdays campaign (Whizzer & Chips comic, 1978) :D

(09:59:01) @CarolKettley Morning, Carol. Coffee..?

(10:02:15) @CarolKettley @skitty007 Haha :)

(11:42:09) @76Wilbury I'm moderate/good (for a Tuesday) ta! I've been enjoying some gallivanting of late. It's good for my health! :) How about you? xx

(11:43:14) @PontoonDock @poots @catmacdonald Hiya. I'll ask around... I know a few folk fairly nearby, but it's all about their availability :)

(11:44:04) Pro photographer in #StAlbans needed by @epilepsyaction - Fri 23 May for a 1 hr photo shoot. Please email with rates.

(11:44:52) @LutonOnSunday I have a creme egg left from Easter that I think I'm going to eat. Because it's a Tuesday. I was never any good at Tuesdays..

(11:50:36) @76Wilbury Huzzah :) *raises a glass* (poor show.. only water)

(12:59:08) @manytypesoftea I tolerate you with every beat of my spleen.

(12:59:30) @emtgates Makes for a crap rainbow...

(14:22:39) @VeryBritishView Haha! :D Science!

(15:28:25) @thenewbrunette

(16:33:54) How come it took me so long to find the little option on Facebook that says "I don't want to see posts from The Daily Mail" ..?

(16:58:55) @clairerandall If someone posts an article from the Daily Mail, there's a little button you can click at the top right of the picture..

(16:59:20) @DeanOrmond I think I've got away lucky so far #notmanypeopleIhangaboutwithreadthedailymail ;)

(16:59:33) @CherryKaz1 Heh... I'll send 'em on ;) :P

(18:35:04) @CherryKaz1 I can assure you you're not x

(19:29:55) Quite enjoyed the music at @Asda this evening. PARTY ON, SHOPPERS.

(19:36:03) @the_335 What a very silly man. There will need to be some wet fish slappage.

(19:36:49) @CherryKaz1 It is perfectly legitimate to hotstep up the biscuit aisle. @asda

(19:37:43) @the_335 Large wet shark.

(19:39:06) @the_335 Y'know, I think you've got it there.

(20:23:33) @goitsagch That actually gives rise to more questions than I have space for one just a single tweet... :D @asda

(20:24:35) @CherryKaz1 I'm going to have to careful what I do with my pack of jammy dodgers, then..! @asda

(20:24:51) @GHOGIT They play some interesting music.. often in stereo across the shop :D

(20:47:09) @PontoonDock I'm fairly sure it does... we have it on our internet radio, but haven't listened for while... Yup!

(20:48:02) @LizzyWelshCake I'm struggling to work out what that is..!

(20:49:03) I'm still not quite sure what @fridgemagnet2 has got me roped into...

(21:40:25) @SheleileighLaw LOVE. IT.

(21:40:39) @fridgemagnet2 WOO bloody OOF.

(21:41:48) @LizzyWelshCake @JuliaBall I am entirely going to kick myself, aren't I :)

(21:42:25) @LizzyWelshCake I have a feeling you're going to need to put me out of my misery :D

(21:42:56) @LizzyWelshCake You know my goldfish memory.. I always love to hear about your gigs! You will be ACE :) x

(21:43:35) @CarolKettley It is baffling. It's a radio advert :D @fridgemagnet2

(21:45:57) @LizzyWelshCake AHHHHH! *delicate kicks self*

(21:49:16) @LizzyWelshCake They will love you, I'm sure! :)

(21:49:32) @JuliaBall @LizzyWelshCake I was told. There was kickage ;)

(21:49:48) @CarolKettley Exactly :D @fridgemagnet2

(21:51:26) @JuliaBall @LizzyWelshCake Mild shin pain. I can take it :D

(21:52:08) Right, well, having recorded the most puzzling thing I have ever (possibly) had put into the public domain, I shall go to bed. G'night you!

(21:53:56) @fridgemagnet2 I've sent you a couple of emails. Hopefully they're OK - I'm not entirely sure I'm capable of better. Or, indeed, different!

(21:55:14) @LizzyWelshCake A little satisfaction can mean a lot :) Bring it on!

(21:55:30) @CarolKettley Night, ma'am! :)

(21:56:47) @LizzyWelshCake Nos da, cariad! x

(22:00:45) @thatsjustme0 Night, Dee! x

Tweets for 19 May 2014

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(10:10:20) @stu4art Morning Stuart! :) Indeed it does..! :D

(10:13:30) @Tesco I would refer you to the excellent @RealCarrotFacts for #VegHeroes knowledge.

(10:53:59) I have no idea who to vote for on Thursday. I have a lot of ideas of who NOT to vote for. That doesn't help much, does it..?

(10:54:47) @Barwickgreen Is @Richard_C one of them..? I do miss you guys.

(10:54:57) @Dreamy_lyrics YES!

(11:01:16) @PrincessBagel The stickers..?! NOOOO! (they never go on again). I used to dismantle it.. never worked properly after that :D #RubiksCube

(11:21:55) @PrincessBagel Heh. I got a bit wiser and managed to learn how to do two layers.. still can't do the third... :D

(11:22:09) @GShang It may end up being a spoiled ballot! :D

(11:23:32) @GShang It is indeed. And I don't think I do...

(11:44:41) @GShang I would say, on reflection, probably not. :D

(11:45:01) @tobypinder It's a sad state of affairs when it works out that way! :D

(11:45:32) @CalmWaters73 Dare I ask who you represent? If it's the Shang or, indeed, Mint FM party, then you have my vote ;) @GShang

(11:47:54) @mostlygeordie COOOOOOL!

(13:10:57) @CherryKaz1 I for one would vote for you. Where do I sign up for the Kaz fan club? Or should I say party? :D @CalmWaters73 @GShang

(13:11:17) @CherryKaz1 And with you running the UK and @CalmWaters73 running Europe, how could things not be frankly splendid? @GShang

(13:11:56) @fridgemagnet2 Go and live somewhere where they don't sell local honey.

(13:12:57) @ms_howard @Barwickgreen @Richard_C Heh...

(13:15:33) @brennig I'm sure a quick call to Foundation Media (+1 (562) 948-3008) would sort that out... maybe a little short notice, though...

(13:15:57) @edenGD02 @GShang @CalmWaters73 @CherryKaz1 Amen brother.

(13:18:48) @CherryKaz1 @CalmWaters73 @GShang Do I get a badge and special member privileges? First dibs on the ice cream in the parlour etc? ;)

(13:21:47) Thinking of moving to Iceland. Making a bed in the freezer section near the lasagne.

(13:24:39) @CherryKaz1 I'd rather feast in your parlour. That wasn't supposed to sound so filthy.

(13:25:00) @Richard_C Please tell me you still proffer a pipe.

(13:28:08) @CherryKaz1 YUM! x

(13:49:17) @CalmWaters73 You're not starting to sound like a megalomaniac or anything... ;) @CherryKaz1 @GShang

(13:58:43) @CalmWaters73 And that is how empires are built ;) @CherryKaz1 @GShang #PowerToThePeople #PowerToThePerson ;)

(14:06:48) @slandi I won't get scurvy! BONUS! :) Hope it's warmed up where you are.. back on the scooter yet? Missing your boo(m)s!

(14:12:37) @slandi Ahh.. keeps you in beer and cigarettes, though, eh? (Or should I say spare parts for your electronics collection ;))

(14:12:59) @PrincessBagel Bring in the cows #bitharsh #buteffective @BBCNews

(14:34:00) @fridgemagnet2 There is a fridge in the kitchen that I am fairly sure I could fit in. The temptation has so far been resisted. So far.

(15:14:28) @mostlygeordie hahaha! I'd better keep an eye on the skies :D What prompted you to invest on one? Starting your own delivery company? :D

(15:35:32) @tobypinder True. I think establishing a personal rapport with one's representative can help in that respect.

(16:09:36) @emmathegardener Maybe once (I did as a kid :D)

(16:26:30) @emmathegardener It hurts. Tingly-y.

(16:36:35) @emmathegardener So I don't recommend it :) My tongue is aching just thinking about it :D

(17:43:36) @contrarywitch I worry there'll be nothing left than a spoiled ballot :D

(18:01:19) @contrarywitch Sounds like he has got his wires crossed - and is wasting his time and money (but hopefully not much of yours)...

(18:08:05) @claw0101 That's really lovely! Really captures the friendly atmosphere and colourful trains :)

(20:10:06) @contrarywitch My fingers are well and truly crossed too, while also touching wood. And doing something unspeakable to a black cat(!)

Tweets for 18 May 2014

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(05:06:08) @SheleileighLaw @weekendery I just don't have enough Grateful Dead in my life.

(05:14:15) @sarahsansom Wow..! Yes, they were! We used to get them in our Christmas stockings as I remember. Strange texture and smell! @TheWorldImage

(05:14:36) @CatsAreLoud Gosh. And yes. Comes recommended.

(12:06:25) @andytuk That's a long bit of reversing...

(12:07:31) RT @poots: This is a story of Luton that I want the world to hear: This is a town of love not hate. #Luton

(12:10:50) Good afternoon. Interesting studio task of the day: recording French Speaking dialogue for Chris, who has a GCSE exam in it quite soon...

(12:30:37) @CarolKettley Sunday greetings to you :)

(16:39:07) @CarolKettley Lawnmower incident. Tragic ;)

Tweets for 17 May 2014

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(07:53:15) @canuckuk It will by the time I leave the house FNAR x

(21:12:29) Nothing to report. Well, nothing of any consequence. Pondering tactical sleep... while it's cooled down a bit! Oh, and good evening.

(21:21:02) @SheleileighLaw Now that looks just the ticket! :) And a very good evening to you!

Tweets for 15 May 2014

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(09:45:39) @missdianemorgan That would cause me to look at him a little askew.

(10:55:52) Good morning. What remains of it. Blue skies in Watford... that's as far as I've got.

(10:56:26) @tweeting_frog Bon appetit!

(11:14:02) @CarolKettley Hurrah! :) :)

(11:14:45) @LizzyCrone Ohh lovely! :)

(11:14:58) @SheleileighLaw Morning! Hope you can stay as dry as you want..!

(11:15:04) @CherryKaz1 Mornin' :)

(11:53:31) @sarahsansom Ooh! Happy birthday :)

(11:55:15) RT @DiamondLightSou: Diamond is opening its doors to the public in June! See inside the world of modern science http…

(11:56:23) @CherryKaz1 It's a frightening colour!

(12:27:26) I can't see myself spending any time playing this ... (Shift-F12 to start) #childhoodaddiction

(13:02:05) @jopijedd (There are loads of other games there, too.. but Labyrinth was always my favourite. Never could get past the psycho biscuits)

(13:02:29) @edtjones Yup... I am going to have to wait until I get home to play this, otherwise my productivity will hit rock bottom :D

(13:23:00) @LizzyCrone I think we've all learned something this afternoon. Thames Water should put that on a poster :D

(15:58:40) Buzzing from some delicious @AMTCoffeeLtd coffee - the staff at the Watford Junction stand make the best coffee this side of London :)

(15:59:43) I am, however, left baffled by a conversation with @sm2n about Beats by Dr Dre being bought by Apple. I'm not sure what exactly it is...(!)

(16:09:24) @neilcochrane1 I imagine that's because they've all gone home :D #nodetention

(16:09:50) Interesting @Engadget piece on the HTC phone that offered Beats technology:

(16:53:30) @kimhillyard Just annoying they only count as one of your five (or seven) a day. What sort did you have? Pink ladies are the best :)

(18:36:33) @imule Ah.. so Apple have bought a pair of headphones. That's not like them.. I've just read this engadget article..

(18:37:24) @imule I think Apple like their bass :D

(19:10:52) Scanning car insurance documents. It's how I roll.

(19:15:03) @CarolKettley Ohhh yeah! *high fives* *misses*

(19:21:27) @sabsdrummer Do you have a genetic predisposition towards organising paperwork and general awesomness? If so: possibly. Like @mostlygeordie!

(19:26:17) @computermuseum I heart my DEC Rainbow. Whether it still works or not is another matter... :/

(19:26:46) @Canojar E'nin' :)

(19:33:10) @Canojar Missed ya x

Tweets for 14 May 2014

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(10:28:21) @DeeSelected Thank you :) Not bad for a camera phone... less luggage to lug :D

(11:13:58) Quite pleased - my @nokia_uk Lumia 1520 can now record in STEREO! I can recommend Audio Recorder Pro by @phonetorch - A very helpful man!

(12:14:11) @nausea18 @LizzyWelshCake Good! (I think...)

(15:43:14) @poots Thank you, my love. Looks like the usual rush hour nonsense but I'll keep an eye on it over the next hour or so. Eep, indeed. x

(15:54:39) @poots That's disappointing at best. *sigh* I hope they manage to sweep it up soon...

(15:59:38) @SarahMillican75 I think you're funny and that's all that matters. Actually, you seem like a nice person as well. Fine by me. @RadioTimes

(15:59:57) @Stenbird That poor juncture. It will never know what is going on.

(16:00:18) @MissyMWAC That's a fine philosphy, ma'am.

(16:30:58) @Dreamy_lyrics I am perplexed much of the time. Thank you for the boo, by the way - just found it! I don't have the app, so no notification.

(16:31:29) @katyha @bantam_polly I very much doubt he is...

(16:41:29) @canuckuk Please say hello back. If you're not too busy.

(16:51:48) @thatsjustme0 Gosh :) Wish I had time for that :) x

(17:10:25) @canuckuk Bzzzzzzzzzz Another life..? ;)

(17:10:54) @Mad4mogzz @SarahMillican75 @RadioTimes Aye, so she is.

(18:42:43) @ian262 #DPD :D

(22:25:49) @pindippycave Sadly, I regularly do.

Tweets for 13 May 2014

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(09:26:09) @PlainTalkingHR ...and good morning!

(12:40:48) Heh. On new Twitter, the Konami code makes the little bird at the top spin round. (up up down down left right left right B A)

(18:08:11) @CarolKettley I am VERY easily pleased :D

(18:08:26) @tobypinder <- moar fun

(21:51:06) @davidevanlloyd Happy birthday, chief! :)

(22:41:50) @LilacNun Wow. Yes indeed!

(22:44:34) Off to bed. Lots of photos uploaded to Facebook. Some uploaded to Flickr. Funny how that works.

(22:49:37) @CarolKettley G'night!

(22:49:55) @nausea18 What @LizzyWelshCake said! :)

Tweets for 12 May 2014

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(10:54:33) Good Monday. Nope.. best I can do. *sleepy*

(11:05:45) @CherryKaz1 And the very same to you, my ice-creamy pal :)

(11:05:51) @SheleileighLaw YOSS!

(11:46:03) @fridgemagnet2 That makes you a winner.

(11:48:15) @vobes YES!

(11:48:37) @LizzyWelshCake I have every faith in you. Ever single one. :)

(13:23:38) @jakeyapp Made. Me. Chuckle.

(14:34:27) @canuckuk Heehee badum TISH!

(14:38:52) @LilacNun NOOOOOOOO!

(14:39:46) @LilacNun I'm guessing you've tried this (sort of thing):

(17:01:41) @canuckuk Longhair:Shortlived

(17:01:56) @tweeting_frog *big waves from a slightly rainy Watford*

(20:28:33) @aalaap It certainly is! :) I can't play it any more due to a mild addiction! :D

(21:35:13) @aalaap Sounds like a blessing! Enjoy :) :)

(21:51:39) @IPTechShark I would record it for posterity. And, indeed, lols.

(21:52:38) My options are: go into politics or go to bed. Good night.

(21:53:31) (After a long-overdue change of transcoding script. I have no idea why I used mpeg when h264 seems to work fine. Baffling). Night.

Tweets for 11 May 2014

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(09:14:04) Prague, from Quite High Up (where there is inexplicable Christmas music playing)... @ Žižkovská…

(09:34:50) If Daleks made underground stations... @ Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad

(14:09:19) They do churches of such epicness here that the paltry square of Instagram can barely do them justice.…

(17:14:44) @CarolKettley There is an awful lot of photogenic buildings in Prague - worth a trip!

(21:12:49) @CarolKettley Helps that I can walk to the airport #cheapoholidays ;)

(21:13:16) @brennig I was quite careful. For a while, certainly.

Tweets for 10 May 2014

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(08:28:56) @ms_howard @Barwickgreen Don'trothy Perkins.

(08:33:27) Good morning from the Czech Republic. It's sunny here, but windy ... perfect for getting out and looking at all the country has to offer.

(08:34:01) Czech update:

Tweets for 09 May 2014

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(17:02:57) I found Hledani ztracene Jihlavy V- Hockuv mlyn ( #cgeo #geocaching

Tweets for 08 May 2014

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(11:09:18) Off on an adventure...

(11:12:59) Petrov Church in Brno. @ Brno

(19:46:53) @brennig Very indirectly. I've made it as far as the Czech Republic :D

Tweets for 07 May 2014

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(06:12:50) @bitman Can't fit much more than a Kinder surprise toy on a telly these days...

(06:16:39) @JQP74 Morning, buddy :)

(06:19:12) Good morning. Listening to the @ESCinsight interview with Pollaponk - so glad they made it to the final #eurovision #gopreschoolteachers

(06:20:09) @badpenny1931 Morning. Hopefully we can make the best of it!

(10:44:56) @CherryKaz1 Morning you :)

(13:23:30) @traceyherald Me too...

(13:23:57) @CherryKaz1 Fine, thanks, lovely - massive caffeine crash, though. What is a man to do? #nap

(13:27:19) @CherryKaz1 How rude of me: how are you? :)

(15:47:17) @AlexGFox ..and what better time! Good find, sir - I am duly edified.

(16:17:24) @mostlygeordie Gah

(16:18:28) @fridgemagnet2 Surely the appropriate action for UKIP leaflets is to tape them to a brick and send them back..?

(16:35:25) @LilacNun 997 (the largest prime number less than 1000)

(16:46:25) RT @DunlopBTCC: .@thruxtonracing confirms a record-breaking BTCC crowd for last weekend so thanks to everyone that came and played a part! …

(16:47:58) @LilacNun Your last tweet pretty much sums me up :P

Tweets for 06 May 2014

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(09:42:58) Morning. Bernard Cribbins is a fantastic name. cf. Nigel Farage.

(09:44:06) @paulums CONGRATULATION! I think today, I require coffee, too. Formidably :) Mornin!

(09:44:15) RT @johndredge: Episode 3 of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show comes to you from inside a wardrobe on the M1. Ple…

(10:07:06) @ATPmedia Thank you for following :)

(10:07:37) @CarolKettley Morning, CK :)

(10:07:50) @tweeting_frog Bonjella!

(10:11:23) @tweeting_frog Biensur! My French is trop tard.

(10:12:38) @IPTechShark Morning. I think maybe you're being too hard on yourself. Or we're all silly (but not sharks). Me? I'm a bit Tuesday-ish :D x

(10:13:25) @tweeting_frog Trop tard means too late? I thought it meant bloody useless. "Tu es trop tard." is the story of my life :D

(10:13:51) @emmathegardener @ChilternSeeds WANT

(10:14:13) @MarkSheppard Ooh! Will listen.

(10:40:03) @tweeting_frog I shall put that in my personal phrasebook on my next visit to France (to be honest it's been well over 20 years!)

(10:42:00) @tweeting_frog "Quatorze bier bitte". All I need :D

(10:45:25) @tweeting_frog It's probably safer for me to stay at home, to be honest ;)

(13:23:25) RT @dj_monkeyboy: I hope you can join me today at 9 PM UK time for Music by Starlight it's just you, me and the musi…

(13:41:54) @dj_monkeyboy You're most welcome, Darrem ;)

(14:43:17) @CatsAreLoud You may well get a surprise if someone responds... :D

(15:21:50) @CatsAreLoud Essential: you do the cowboy swagger once you're victorious, And indeed, have wiped the mayo from the brim of your stetson...

(19:36:11) @AlanHydeStudio This was a rather touching moment.. #TinTopTuesday

(19:38:06) @AlanHydeStudio My favourite moment had to be this one, though... a bit of drama in the last race! #TinTopTuesday

(19:38:58) Rather frustratingly #Eurovision Semi Final 1 is on at the same time as #TinTopTuesady ... what is a man to do..?

(20:17:14) @paulums Oh there is plenty on the telly :D

(20:27:19) @DVVHolland I was surprised the #Netherlands performance was a lot more compelling live, although the song doesn't go anywhere.. #eurovision

(20:30:06) @DVVHolland You didn't make it there this year? I'm hoping the French or Icelandic or Latvian songs win..? You? #Eurovision2014 

(20:32:52) RT @R2Eurovision: Watching @bbceurovision on @bbcthree? Listen to @R2Eurovision radio, on air for four days, from midday on Thursday http:/…

(20:33:35) @Zomby6 #Eurovision Out of interest, which three..?

(20:44:20) @Zomby6 Wow .. Netherlands and Portugal are opposite ends of the #Eurovision spectrum :D And Montenegro was in its native language :)

(21:13:10) @DVVHolland Third time lucky, eh? #eurovision

(21:24:19) I just read that on 12th May, Roy Hodgson will announce the England World Cup squad at Griffin House, #Luton - interesting location choice.

Tweets for 05 May 2014

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(09:39:32) @DigitalAmoeba @Connects @andspo @NokiaHelps *fingers firmly crossed* (which made typing this difficult!)

(09:39:44) @CarolKettley Morning, Carol! :)

(09:42:11) Good morning. Bank holiday Monday, so I have a list. Starting off with sorting out the photos from the weekend.. there may be a blog entry..

(09:44:34) @CherryKaz1 Good morning lovely Kaz :) I hope all's sunny and well with you!

(09:45:03) @CarolKettley Fantastic! I'm hoping to make the most of the sunshine and freedom (while it lasts!) :D Have a great day!

(09:45:31) @tweeting_frog Morning! I'm not sure I'm going to make it as far as the more boring things on the list ('shredding' and 'washing' :D)

(11:08:59) @clairerandall Mornigm Clairem. (I'm putting an M on the end of everything now. It's all the ragem).

(11:17:40) @FreakyFwoof :D

(12:20:11) I wrote a blog post about my weekend. It's here:

(13:05:07) British Touring Cars weekend at Thruxton via @audioboo

(14:46:16) @quibelles Everybody needs a collection?

(14:47:25) Back from Mr Asda's shop (cereal crisis) and now: wiring. Of sorts.

(14:51:09) @quibelles Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday. I'm on a trip to the Czech Republic at the weekend so will miss it :'( Watch it for me please.

(14:51:17) RT @christopherw: @syzygy on a random cereal bent, Morrison's Savers Bran Flakes are delicious, and stupidly cheap

(14:51:29) @christopherw Gosh I am RIGHT in the mood for that now. Nice tip!

(14:52:06) @CherryKaz1 My life? It's all go. Do I mean 'go'? Actually, I think that should have been 'a bit of a mess' ;) x

(20:15:20) @quibelles Nope.. social call (planned before I realised - and it's a public holiday out there so my friend will be free :)

(20:16:16) @CherryKaz1 I rarely stop... like a Duracell rabbit :D

(20:17:26) It's a Monday Sunday evening.

(20:18:40) I am planning to spend the remainder of the evening not ironing. It has been extremely successful so far.

(20:28:15) @sharonlangridge Excellent skills. Shows persistence :D

(20:28:36) @quibelles Thank you :) x

(22:13:14) @SilverWoodBooks Thank you for following me :)

(22:16:35) @IPTechShark Ooh ooh I know this one! Not you. :)

(22:18:58) Off to bed. Bye bye weekend - it's been nice knowing you. And good night to you.

Tweets for 04 May 2014

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(07:12:35) @poots Not a pretty design but wow - what a fabulous idea!

(07:27:18) @sm2n Wow..! Some obscure stuff as well. Always good to have more than one synth room, eh? #neverbeallowed :D

(22:33:21) Totally worn out after a fab weekend at Thruxton. I was just watching the #BTCC; the competitors must be completely exhausted! Night :)

Tweets for 03 May 2014

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(06:50:32) @sm2n Wow. That is a LOT of Moog gear. Great song, too :D Thank you for sharing! That riff sounds very 'Living On Video' :D

(06:51:33) @VeryBritishView That would very much explain it..! I absolutely love it and will go for an explore during Daylight Hours!

(06:53:42) @mrs_forky Really? That's history squared #mistsoftime (PS Hungary.. I would LOVE it to win, if it wasn't all about domestic abuse :/)

(06:54:21) @tobypinder NOOOO! *tea and kittens*

(07:12:16) @DigitalAmoeba @andspo Sadly not - it records a two channel WAV file, but combines mic inputs to mono:

(07:13:14) @andspo Thank you - I contacted @NokiaHelps but there's not much they could do - it's a Windows driver issue, I think... @DigitalAmoeba

(07:14:03) Morning. Is it sunny yet?

(16:36:11) Rob Austin's Touring Car Driving About. It is glorious here at Thruxton.

(16:39:57) I am everso pleased that you were so kind to share your sunshine earlier. I saw some driving about. It was quite good.

(16:40:24) Little Scarlett's windscreen is being 'done' (after being visited upon by a large rock/stone/piece of…

(16:43:51) I have seen a substantial amount of Driving About today (this bit is the #BTCC qualifier) More…

Tweets for 02 May 2014

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(07:30:04) @GHOGIT @weekendery Heh... now that's a sin I have to admit to committing on occasion :D #halfajob

(07:30:39) @JohnPAtkinson @weekendery @EwenRankin Sorry if I put you off your brekky :D

(07:31:45) @fridgemagnet2 That's a very kind offer! Still working on the logistics, but at the moment a bike rack isn't so cost-effective..

(07:32:47) @Bearlydithers Please let me know what the sign says.. need to put one in our garden ;) Morning!

(07:34:05) @DVVHolland I've got some SOA to listen to as I go off on a road trip tonight - thank you! :)

(10:33:22) @EwenRankin @ninjandy *blushes*

(11:43:58) @stuartthomas AudioHoupla!

(11:45:51) @fridgemagnet2 That's very kind :)

(12:20:48) @DigitalAmoeba @andspo Don't even. :p

(14:42:14) RT @paulwheatley: Just found some trousers in my wardrobe that I last wore to a wedding in 2001. Found a Nokia3210 in the pocket.

(14:43:23) @paulwheatley And this is why you are the true anchor of the @BritishTech Pocket show :D

(15:57:13) I just had to explain the Daily Mail to one of my colleagues. It wasn't pretty.

(16:02:27) @andspo I love my Lumia 1520 but it breaks my heart that it can't record stereo audio without video: acknowledged driver bug. @DigitalAmoeba

(16:04:08) @galaxia416 Amen. He wondered why, when I clicked on a link it displayed the Tea & Kittens page.. :D

(20:20:30) Historic Amesbury. It's well historic.

Tweets for 01 May 2014

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(07:15:28) @batwench Sounds like a busy day in World Of Batwench! Good luck with the job interview!

(07:17:55) @ellewadding Oh heavens.. :/ hope you make/made it in good time. I'm venturing to Watford shortly.. hoping for the best!

(10:33:18) @ellewadding It's getting in there that's the problem. On the whole, though, it was damp but manageable :) #postrushhour

(10:40:24) Having a bit of a shocker. But I had brie and crackers for elevenses, so that's a bonus. Morning.

(10:56:28) @PlainTalkingHR And a very happy May to you. It's going to be a crazy, exciting month for me! x

(10:56:45) @CherryKaz1 Mornin' person ;) x

(11:03:45) So far today I've had the Estonian, Swedish and Icelandic #Eurovision songs stuck in my head. I reckon Sweden will win. I hope Latvia does.

(11:04:36) @VenusDeMileage Happy birthday..?

(12:25:22) @VenusDeMileage *holds my breath for the next one* Enjoy! (Although to be honest, I'm not really big on my 40s.. nifty fifties all the way!)

(12:37:22) ATTENTION! A little care. Sorry. All went a bit Lithuanian then. #Eurovision

(12:37:50) @birdfortytwo JAMYEH!

(12:38:38) @manytypesoftea Poetry in motion blur.

(17:20:06) On the @Weekendery later - Get My Goat. What's the most annoying workplace habit? I can think of loads... #GetMyGoat 9pm - #MintFM! :)

(17:39:30) @ellewadding I'm a bit of a fan. OK. A lot :D Our coffee lady is Lithuanian, and she very much likes their song. Which got stuck in my head.

(17:40:07) @Mirwaisyahya There's a distinct lack of sofas there ;)

(19:35:24) What do you get the radio show that has everything? A good dose of Bank Holiday @WEEKENDERY! Tune in? 9pm UK! BANZAI!

(20:04:24) @1969Steve greetings Steve :) Always good to have your company!

(20:04:34) @CarolKettley @1969Steve Oh no! :sadface:

(20:06:50) @CarolKettley I'm going to play the Carol Kettley jingle anyway :) Hope you can tune in sometime x

(20:39:31) @CherryKaz1 Hello! HELLO! :)

(20:39:53) The answer is: "Sliding on the floor in a most ungentlemanly fashion got him sent back to Berkshire" but what is the question? #MyGenreation

(21:05:43) @CherryKaz1 I'm really good at this radio thing :D

(21:07:09) RT @paulums: My @weekendery face #wheresyours

(21:12:23) This is my @Weekendery face! #wheresyours!

(21:15:39) @pearcen @paulums @weekendery That has got some ROCK to it! :D

(21:16:41) RT @pearcen: . @paulums @weekendery #WeekenderyFace

(21:41:04) RT @jn2n: Sm2n and jn2n @weekendery face #wheresyours @sm2n @syzygy

(22:00:36) RT @SheleileighLaw: OK my weekendery pic officially on Twitter #NoLaughing !

(22:00:54) @SheleileighLaw You look glorious.. a ray of sunshine in a dark damp evening! :) x

(22:08:47) @fridgemagnet2 Oh cool! I'lll definitely bear that in mind.. Bexhill Bike Hire's still not open though..

(22:09:22) @fridgemagnet2 Oh .. yes it is, but weekends only. Bah.

(22:20:37) Off to bed after a thoroughly entertaining @Weekendery with fine friends and top fun. Thank you for the music and the excellence! :)

(22:23:32) @CarolKettley Night! x

(22:38:29) @meeware @theSFGlobe YES!

(22:38:53) @nxmee This is definitely something to aspire to -

Tweets for 30 Apr 2014

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(06:16:23) @BecsOnDecs Thank you for following me! Have a lovely Wednesday :)

(07:55:12) "Thank you for calling. Your call is important to us." Clearly not important enough to have someone to answer it. Eventually. #moany

(08:03:39) @VeryBritishView Best offer I've had all day. In fact all week! :)

(08:04:49) @fandrews Only took 5 mins (on an 0871 number.. profit! :D) Heading to work now.. can only get better from here, right ;) Have a good day!

(08:06:36) @Dreamy_lyrics *hug* We try to pin the universe down. To no avail - to no purpose. The universe knows.

(08:06:49) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Wednesday to you too! :) x

(08:07:46) @fridgemagnet2 One word: Nuclear holocaust.

(08:09:01) @fridgemagnet2 I always said that @hergiebird should start her own religion.

(08:09:58) @LizzyWelshCake That is SUCH a good photo! You'll be a local celeb before long :) x

(08:10:30) @Dreamy_lyrics PS How are your pains today? x

(08:10:50) @VeryBritishView Quality over quantity every time :)

(09:17:32) @Dreamy_lyrics Top brunch action! :)

(09:21:01) There should be a name for the face my colleagues pull when they sniff their empty (and supposedly clean) protein shake beakers...

(09:27:51) @lloydbayley Ahh.. sorry - missed your tweet! Windscreen insurance is often included in comprehensive cover... just an excess to pay :)

(09:28:43) @lloydbayley Heh. That's a bit of a difficult mouthful to manage... a bit like some of the protein shakes they drink ;)

(09:29:35) @PlainTalkingHR Always lovely to get a hello from you :) It's warm and sunny in Watford today.. sitting under a tree with a picnic weather!

(09:29:45) @PlainTalkingHR (Not in Watford, if possible ;) x

(09:30:10) @WheyheyOfficial I like! :) Have a great day!

(09:45:40) @poots Just like you. Top splendid! Thanks, @SCSSofas :)

(09:46:22) @PlainTalkingHR If only I could :D #officelife

(09:47:02) @brennig Thank you :) Thought my pic needed updating now I have Moar Hair :D Hope your travels are going well!

(09:47:26) @Faulko1 O lordy :D

(09:49:37) @lloydbayley I had one once, but it wasn't a sugar-free one, so it didn't have that rather unpleasant saccharine taste. Coffee's better :D

(09:50:10) @lloydbayley Absolutely - my little car's only got a normal one, but it's surprising quite how big they are these days! :D

(09:52:06) @Nick_Tann Because my music is a shambles! :D

(09:52:15) @LizzyWelshCake Oh you :p I have every faith. Every single one. x

(11:28:02) @Nick_Tann When I create something suitable I'll be in touch :)

(14:57:30) @mostlygeordie Just saw his cameo in Brazil. I now want to see Brazil. RIP Mr Hoskins.

(14:57:45) @mostlygeordie I have a huge crush on you. *sighs*

(14:58:22) @fridgemagnet2 It's Kevin Chuckle. The lesser known chuckle brother who is generally competent and not particularly amusing.

(15:05:32) @mostlygeordie Thank you *blushes* - impromptu selfie on the stairs at work, but necessary because now I have All Teh Hair.

(16:06:08) @poots Fingers crossed! :)

(16:35:31) @mostlygeordie My calendar saves things at random times and on random days... :D

(19:25:50) @mostlygeordie ~blushes~

(19:46:51) @johndredge A great pleasure. That farming song were right FAB :) Fancy doing a quick chat tomorrow? Otherwise perhaps I could play a clip?

(22:25:34) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Oh my goodness YES! :) Will be playing I'm Having A Coffee on the show tomorrow! :)

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