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(09:19:11) Morning. Top quality windscreen chip action during the morning's hurtle. I'm away at the weekend, so better get it fixed.. autoglass ahoy!

(09:29:20) @lloydbayley Morning, Lloyd :) I've been very lucky so far... counting my blessings while I can! :) Hope all's ticketyboo with you :)

(09:30:06) RT @johndredge: Episode 2 of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show comedy podcast.Now with added plinths! http://t.co/BwmskvYn47

(09:56:00) @striderpaul I'm hoping that'll be the same here, too :)

(09:56:37) @tweeting_frog Morning :) How peculiar! I've never understood the adoption of English words into French.. they're normally so recalcitrant!

(10:12:26) @PrincessBagel @jgamet @EwenRankin @DigitalAmoeba @paulums @acroll Yes. Yes it is. #mixedupworldwelivein

(10:47:14) @Dreamy_lyrics Hope your return ticket from painville can be used soon x

(10:49:38) @missmayawolff Hungry like the Wolff ; a Wolff in sheep's clothing ; the girl who cried Wolff ; Wolff-whistle ..?

(10:50:04) @Dreamy_lyrics I hear that's an express service ;) x

(10:51:06) @Raspberry_Pi That was a bit mean. Was it just the handle? If so, maybe Sugru can help..?

(11:06:33) @ladymuckstuff @missmayawolff I used Wolff-ram alpha *badum tish*

(11:26:43) @FinalBullet It's not the same. I get to open the presents eventually. x-raying my pancreas. Now that's more like it.

(12:21:55) @CarolKettley I think I remember.. I follow @henningwehn if that's any help? :)

(12:37:00) @CarolKettley Super! :) @henningwehn

(15:59:13) @StarFortress I have never read a more poorly written (or spam-laden) article in my techy-days.. no canonical links - scaremongering?

(16:06:30) @batwench I am somewhat embarrassed to say I took it yesterday..

(16:32:47) @batwench PS Thank you for the add.. I've only just re-installed it after a couple of years :D

(16:36:58) @revkatebottley @alexinmk I'd watch it but I've got a cake to bake (but not a cheesecake). #eurovision

(16:37:21) @Lizzing *applauds* That is very good :)

(16:41:04) @PrincessBagel You really shouldn't be allowed to drink unsupervised :D

(18:07:41) @PrincessBagel @itsnotgonewell #ThatAwkwardMoment #DrinkProblem But in some respects that means it is going very well indeed. #IApplaudYou

(18:10:00) @PrincessBagel That's very kind! I've not let my hair grow to this extent before... and I'm making the most of it, near a tree by a river...

(19:00:36) @batwench I love it!

(22:45:37) @SheleileighLaw ~blushes~ thank you :) @batwench

Tweets for 28 Apr 2014

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(09:27:23) @VeryBritishView Morning :)

(09:27:47) @CarolKettley @chepbourne @TUID @Mr_DW_Brighton Seaside and family.. doesn't get much better than that! :)

(09:27:59) @mrs_forky ATTENTION! (Sorry. Just came out)

(09:29:10) Morning. Best thing I did last week: turn off that "offline/online" thing that mapped drives do in Windows 7. Instantaneous data YEAH.

(09:30:14) @VeryBritishView Indeed... I still have the paper cuts (not sure where I'm going with that metaphor.. it sounded good in my brain :D)

(10:16:16) @simplytanny2 Thank you for following with your new account x

(10:26:22) Happy birthday to @corrie_corfield who is frankly best at everything.

(10:53:30) I'm not sure there are many towns like Luton that vary from being in the South East, Midlands, East Anglia and - indeed - ''Greater London"!

(10:55:12) @corrie_corfield But your aplomb defies any bamboozlement :) I shall raise a glass of gin in your honour later!

(10:55:28) It's also #EdBalls day. Happy that.

(11:19:22) @mrs_forky I do, too :) And yes, I am excited as well.. I have to admit to quite liking the Armenia one, too #onlybitofdubstepthisyear

(12:07:15) @lizzysometimes About four hours. Hello!

(12:08:36) @lizzysometimes Don't like it.

(12:37:36) @FruitBroo *you're ;)

(12:39:31) @DeeSelected Or at least hide! :D

(12:59:22) @Bearlydithers Cheerio :)

(13:00:35) @clairejustineo What an absolute cad! It may well be worth diarising what happened and when, then contacting trading standards.

(13:01:10) @striderpaul A good call, sir. @VeryBritishView

(13:05:04) Having some strange soul-searching about why I feel the way I do about Michael Gove. Feels wrong to wish suffering on him. Probably is.

(13:23:08) @VeryBritishView Wise words. I see so much undeserved suffering... I can merely try and make the world better. Not stoop to their level :)

(13:23:24) @tobypinder Autocomplete isn't a big fan either :D

(13:25:36) @tobypinder Trying not to wish ill on him. I am a good person, and will resist the temptation to be bad. Thank you :)

(14:08:17) @clairejustineo @girlgonecoastal @Stellabranch *keeping everything crossed*

(14:26:03) @mrs_forky Good point. Much like the Georgia song, which has the most wonderful bassline / prog rock sound. Not really Eurovision, though!

(14:31:44) @IPTechShark I've just checked.. my bit's mostly OK. Happy to lend you some intactitude if you need it... x

(18:17:41) @CarolKettley Down there it's mostly pebble castles. Which doesn't look nearly as good ;) @chepbourne @TUID @Mr_DW_Brighton

(19:37:22) @johndredge Did you want your burgon dispenser back?

(19:38:03) @paulums You cannot afford-ford ford my diamond sword-sword ;)

(19:39:26) @oliwia_s Dobre noc!

(19:42:49) @lizzysometimes Has your week improved?

(19:43:02) @johndredge GRAND. FOUR GRAND.

(19:52:55) Thank you to @paulwheatley, @verso & @DigitalAmoeba for an entertaining, interesting @BritishTech Pocket show recording :) It'll be up soon!

(22:13:26) @MacVader @paulums @paulwheatley Epic!

Tweets for 27 Apr 2014

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(06:52:06) Morning. Fairly early start, so breaking out the big guns: Montenegro's Eurovision entries for 2012 & 2013 to perk me up. This year's? Nope.

(06:55:23) The dubstep wobble of last year's @Eurovision has been somewhat subsumed by whistling in the 2014 line-up. Hmm.

(13:26:26) Now I have the UK #Eurovision entry stuck in my head. I have decided this doesn't make it a good song.

(20:25:08) @MagicOxygen Indulgence of tweet so lyrical!

(20:27:06) @mrs_forky Woah oo-oh oo-oh... we're all children of the universe (parrently)

(20:28:16) @SheleileighLaw I am one massive brainitch 😉

(20:33:22) Home from a lovely trip down south to see @chepbourne, @tuid, @Mr_DW_Brighton and littlest nephew & niece. Thank you for your hospitality!

Tweets for 26 Apr 2014

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(07:10:58) @SheleileighLaw Thank you, lovely... feeling better after a good night's sleep (and some odd dreams!)

(07:11:32) @ellewadding Sadly it's how I like to say the word :D Morning :)

(09:16:54) Morning. There will be hoovering #coveryourears #orputsometunesonloud

(09:25:16) RT @johndredge: @syzygy http://t.co/cuPcrYCDtb

(09:25:31) @johndredge And it was indeed an excellent Peel impression!

(13:46:23) Thursday's Weekendery is ready for another listen.. it's full of some mighty fine music.. here it is! http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC Help yourself!

(13:46:42) RT @fridgemagnet2: @weekendery - Name that link road. http://t.co/3bb52GnK7f

(13:56:43) Highlights from this @weekendery 1: The Weekendery Travel News - 24th April 2014 https://t.co/34knJapCvY (via @audioboo)

(13:57:26) Highlights from this week's @weekendery 2: John Dredge Interview 24th April 2014 - Nothing To Do With Anything https://t.co/ItcBRkiove

(15:19:25) Housework dealt with (I've put the hoover away... for now, at least). Time to sit down and try not to fall asleep. Stupid Computer Games..?

(17:37:04) I can't hug any cat.

(18:21:39) @MagicOxygen Hahaha! ~sneezes~ :D

(18:24:23) @GHOGIT @poots I have long been trying to institute the afternoon nap at work. Boss just won't go for it..

(18:27:18) @SheleileighLaw A truly wonderful idea, but I'm wired so much of the rest of the time I fear I would fall asleep a scant few pages in... :D

(20:06:14) @batwench @DigitalAmoeba @NokiaHelps Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

(20:06:33) @johndredge DON'T SPOIL THE ENDING! (is it cheese?)

(20:06:46) @tweeting_frog G'night, Clare - and bon chance! :)

(20:12:37) @johndredge *cries a bit*

(20:13:00) @fridgemagnet2 SCARY NINJA CATS. Almost all of them (not not not Bling)

(20:14:04) @AlexGFox Like a pole-axed spruce or a rankled goose, none's any use to Doctor Seuss, I'm afraid.

(20:36:54) @elliejenkinsdj You have great teeth and a fine smile :) Good selfie! Hope work goes well :)

(20:38:13) @CatsAreLoud I'm sure they're as confused by your tweets as I are ;)

(21:05:38) @CatsAreLoud Oh I see.. agencies! *shudders* There's a murky world out there. I hope you can get some reputable representation!

Tweets for 25 Apr 2014

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(09:14:57) @SCSSofas Good morning. yes - I'm waiting to be told a sofa is ready for delivery... I'll keep my phone on good and loud today!

(09:15:22) @DigitalAmoeba @batwench @PrincessBagel @mrbatwench Yes please, if that's OK! :)

(09:15:44) @PeachLaneStudio Thank you for the #FF! @mkayes @tringathletic @PaulSquareEyes @_Speedlight_ Have a lovely day (despite the drizzle!)

(09:15:57) @CherryKaz1 Thanks, Kaz. I really enjoyed it x

(09:17:23) @tweeting_frog And the very same to you. Bit misty and cool this morning :)

(09:23:16) @FreakyFwoof Mornin'. You may be thinking of Good Friday, which was last week and a bonus Bank Holiday! Have a fine day nonetheless :)

(09:23:54) @trevypoos I like my coffee like I like my women - just when I've arrived at work.

(09:24:36) @SCSSofas That would be great - I don't have the order number to hand, but the postcode's LU2 9ET in the name of Hart, if that helps?

(09:36:08) @SCSSofas The power of social media - I've just taken a call & we're taking delivery next Wednesday. Thank you so much - you've made my day!

(09:38:58) @SCSSofas You too, Helen - thanks again! :)

(09:39:26) @FreakyFwoof Hahaha! Quite so :D Thanks again!

(09:40:13) @thatsjustme0 Ooh yes please! :)

(09:46:50) @ajlanghorn Now that's interesting.

(09:48:36) @johndredge Did you send a message to Barber Streisand? Number 2 all over for less than a fiver...

(09:49:14) @SheleileighLaw Yeah.. "Well done" indeed :D

(10:28:30) @kimhillyard @guardian Point definitely made! :D Props to @Cassetteboy!

(10:32:11) @trevypoos Haha! YES :D

(12:12:12) RT @johndredge: Here's this weeks newsletter from http://t.co/KBNBnbnJC0 http://t.co/HVE38yAXHF

(12:47:10) @Connie_Primm Checkout assistants don't (tend to) judge.. there's plenty more odd that goes up that conveyor belt #thatwasmealongtimeago

(14:36:02) RT @DeeSelected: Nothing like a good bath! My starlings are having fun in the rain today. #cambridgeshire @Natures_Voice http://t.co/zdXXFB…

(14:36:21) @DeeSelected @Natures_Voice That is a truly joyous photo!

(14:37:36) @mostlygeordie I'll have the rest #iquitelikeit

(14:37:55) @DeeSelected But Coventry is further down the alphabet than Cambridge...

(14:58:12) @DeeSelected That's phenomenal! I'm still waiting for a package to be delivered that only had my name & the postcode on.. so many buildings!

(15:03:07) @claw0101 @AlexGFox @pearcen If I'm going to spend a whole load of money on beer, I want to get properly quite inebriated... quite. Yes.

(15:37:12) @karaokequeen85 Succesful testing tweet in return :)

(18:12:00) @katyha But you won't get it for free.. ;)

(18:12:40) @BaronHawkey Stop! Hammer time. Where Hammer = beer.

(20:54:57) @kjohnson564 Have a quite wonderful weekend!

(20:58:10) Oh wow.. just watched #Elementary series 2 episode 19... absolutely exquisite. The big prom dress bit is just splendid.

(21:05:38) Britain's got talent: Talented people come here with talent. Either in the past or now. That's the cool thing about the UK - Global Village.

(21:06:43) @CarolKettley It's a great watch - I love a bit of Sherlock Holmes :)

(21:07:16) @smartie999 I'm Jake Axelrod.

(21:07:56) @revkatebottley Love your skirt in this week's #Gogglebox. Well iconic.

(21:18:59) @smartie999 Not as good a hugger as me. He's the imaginary brother of David Axelrod, who's been brought in to sort Ed Milliband out. HUGS!

(21:19:38) @CarolKettley Definitely.. You can get some good value on there..

(21:40:47) We're playing a game of "is that the voice of Clive Merrison or Alex MacQueen?" To be honest I'm losing, although they are very similar.

(21:52:22) @smartie999 Haven't had a haircut this year (I think)

(22:44:36) @CarolKettley Wow.. that's your weekend sorted (and maybe the remainder of the month :D) Enjoy!

(22:46:06) End of a peculiuliar day; time to sleep. Who knew white wine and tiger nuts could give me heartburn.. too much of a good thing! Night :)

(22:52:18) @thatsjustme0 Good night, lovely x

(22:52:30) @CarolKettley Night! X

(22:52:34) @CarolKettley look

(22:52:43) @CarolKettley oops! X

Tweets for 24 Apr 2014

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(00:18:27) @LaceyHughes Maybe we could've gone halves ;) x

(08:08:07) RT @roadpoliceBCH: Air ambo lands on M1. Luton. http://t.co/Z2qcwAkBHa

(08:08:59) Good morning. A narrow escape - #M1 northbound is closed at #Luton J10.. I was heading south and it is not nice at all. Best avoided #travel

(08:13:54) @CherryKaz1 Good morning :) Ahhh the delights of a workday! Have a good one x

(08:14:04) @lloydbayley Morning, Lloyd :)

(08:14:24) @canuckuk I'm in Watford now #saynomore

(08:16:23) @lloydbayley Bet the view is amazing! Have a good night!

(08:48:05) @stopsleyvicar Good morning. It's slow on the approach to J10 from the airport (and v. slow on A1081) but southbound is OK in general :) #M1

(08:48:41) @vsopfables Good morning. Oh no... I imagine he's one of many people caught up in the disruption - we're still waiting for a colleague!

(08:49:10) @tweeting_frog Good morning :) I got lucky, though one of my colleagues who's normally in by half-past 8 is still not in yet..

(08:50:16) @PrincessBagel @_youhadonejob @1StevieKilner That is surely not genuine..! Hilarious, though :D (morning!)

(09:26:44) @clairerandall Good morning, ma'am! I trust all is well in your world.. I've not heard you boo in a little while :)

(09:48:53) @stopsleyvicar Wishing you a safe and speedy trip! :)

(09:49:13) @clairerandall Glad to hear it - and literally so ;)

(09:50:11) @nicky_doubleU Squirrel? ;)

(10:32:08) @ellewadding ooh! :) Enjoy!

(10:33:13) @nicky_doubleU I can only dream of such sciurine benefits! :)

(11:06:03) Taking a screen break, I am fairly sure I saw a woodpecker in the trees behind the office. It scuttered away before I could take a picture..

(11:14:24) @Dreamy_lyrics BIG hug x

(11:26:59) @sharonlangridge Cool! I wish I had a better idea of what birds look like. Or a pair of binoculars :D

(12:48:16) @RadioKate @esaoperations HUZZAH! :) Right place at the right time (literally ;)

(13:02:21) @GHOGIT :D A suitable joke for Watford, I think! :D

(14:03:03) @NokiaHelps What if I put it in the dictionary by accident & want to remove it? I have a number of meaningless words that now get suggested!

(15:18:32) @PrincessBagel @batwench Take a nice pair of chaps with you ;)

(18:16:12) Here's a preview of this week's @weekendery: https://t.co/5UE1kOjN42 - it's got all sorts of things in it. 9pm tonight.. Mint FM. BLING! :)

(18:17:41) @johndredge Your legs smell and your teeth run. Or something.

(18:20:04) @SCSSofas Hello! I've missed a few calls from your distribution centre... you'll keep calling, I hope! (I'll turn my phone up tomorrow!)

(18:20:20) @NokiaHelps Thank you! A radical solution, but it works :)

(18:34:21) @PrincessBagel Heehee! For sure, ma'am ~slaps leather chaps~ @DigitalAmoeba @batwench @mrbatwench #IKnowWhatYouMeant

(18:34:56) @jo_whit He's the Derek Jameson of our generation. Baffling.

(19:39:56) @nicky_doubleU It means like a Squirrel ;)

(20:07:11) Live on air on http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - it's The @Weekendery - you'll never hear a show like it. And that's in a good way. Most probably..

(20:11:55) @CherryKaz1 Oh we've only got that soft scoop stuff you get from a dodgy ice cream van. But in a swimming pool ;) Ooh ice cream. YUM!

(20:17:41) @CherryKaz1 Little bit cold if you went for a paddle, mind...

(20:26:19) @DeeSelected Been a bit windy..? Love a bit of wildlife - it's all coming out this time of year :) Rest well!

(20:38:05) It's a covers special of "My Genre-ation".. the answer is "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Elbow Pads" - but what's the question?

(20:43:52) @badpenny1931 Night night! :) x

(20:44:26) @manytypesoftea always makes me sad when I hear that noise. Especially in the dark. And going into the house.

(20:44:52) @johnny_winter Evenin'! Did you hear the Tenuous Celebrity Link?

(20:58:58) @manytypesoftea (They have a homing instinct. They will return)

(21:05:59) @johnny_winter Ahh... well... Sheleileigh was impressed - she's quite the rally fan :)

Tweets for 23 Apr 2014

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(07:45:26) @sm2n The music had a certain 'sound' back then... I know what you mean. @RHA

(09:19:32) @Scriblit *chuckles*

(09:38:26) @Tesco @poots That would be really helpful #neverrunoutofbeeragain #orcheese

(09:59:03) @Zararugosa Good morning :) Quite sunny in stinky Watford as well :)

(10:08:17) @Bearlydithers It's the perfect time of year for that :)

(10:53:23) @Cragflinger Looking great!

(12:40:48) Places I would quite like to visit: Kaliningrad Oblast, Nakhchivan and The Vatican. Oh, and Plovdiv. Great name.

(12:54:17) And one day I hope to go over The Bridge bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen.

(15:35:24) @gugucachoo @vizcomic You are cute as well as filth WIN.

(16:46:44) @johnny_winter Was it wonderful? Train or car?

(16:47:14) @perrygascoine That's phenomenal.. SO looking forward to doing it ... one day! (And seeing the Pope :D)

(16:47:24) @johannariley Twitter trip! :D

(16:47:50) That second coffee may not have been wise.

(17:52:47) Welsh Royal Mail van approaching Luton (not in Wales) on St George's day... http://t.co/fbQYzfYchs

(19:37:47) @contrarywitch I have been unable to concentrate on anyhing for longe

(19:39:14) @tobypinder Arrghhhh! :D :D How the heck did you do that? :D

(19:39:28) @CarolKettley Excellent combo! :)

(19:41:26) @EwenRankin "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five :) Sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under...

(20:04:06) @kjohnson564 Thank you for the follow! Have a great Wednesday :)

(20:05:03) @FreakyFwoof Thanks for the follow, Andre - and for the amazing gift of music! :) Have a great evening!

(20:07:15) @bronwynECG @EwenRankin @donmcallister The best decade, and it'll keep returning; every week someone samples / covers an 80s classic! :)

(20:38:03) @fridgemagnet2 If it's any consolation the whole internet's gone weird round here.

(20:39:54) @FreakyFwoof Oh most definitely! Thanks, chief! Inspirational :)

(20:40:28) @fridgemagnet2 It's the heavy electricity they've started pumping round this area...

(20:41:30) @ClaireBland1 Tuned in while I make record selections for the show tomorrow :) Missed the revaulting song.. lucky escape, I think!

(20:47:34) @ClaireBland1 Cheers! :)

(21:21:49) Tomorrow's @Weekendery is going to be a fantastic musical journey.. with some excellent entertainment thrown in for good measure. EXCITED!

(22:35:49) @TheLPCafe Went for a brew round yours at lunchtime - fantastic. Will be back soon (and I'll give you a shout out on my radio show :)

(22:38:12) @lloydbayley Greetings, Lloyd :)

Tweets for 22 Apr 2014

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(13:01:41) A very happy birthday to the mighty @johndredge who has also made a new comedy #podcast for us to enjoy. YAY! http://t.co/ZVtiSaT65W

(15:39:18) @maycliff56 Good morning *bit frightened* I don't see many of your tweets (sorry!) I blame my overactive timeline :D

(17:44:26) The end of a back to work day. Kinda odd. Didn't take to it. When's the next bank holiday... ooh... soon!

(18:04:20) @maycliff56 I am literally sending internet hugs yay! Happy evening!

(18:05:08) @maycliff56 PS Good use of the word 'expunge' :D

(18:05:31) @CarolKettley #shattered Early night for all of us :D

(18:05:57) @mostlygeordie Kitchen roll season is here!

(22:13:12) RT @poots: I was just telling @syzygy about this: https://t.co/cx7zuHt5lD Zombie Neighbours!!

(22:13:35) @sm2n @RHA But were the Aiwa models better..?

(22:14:20) Bedtime. Playing with computers again this evening.. just about getting the hang of PHP, I think. Night night! :)

Tweets for 21 Apr 2014

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(10:42:06) @thatsjustme0 Good morning, Dee! :) x

(10:42:16) @johndredge Morning lovie! :)

(10:43:01) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) A quiet family day today, indeed - hoping to get some fresh air at the park later! :) x

(16:04:44) An enjoyable afternoon out doing a bit of geocache maintenance (and hunting...) lots of wonderful birdsong and ... er... football cheering.

(16:09:53) @CarolKettley Thank you - hope you are, too! :)

(19:35:55) @poots Hope you get plenty of excellent quality sleep tonight :)

(21:17:01) @davewitchalls Groovy! Nice to have something to do in your spare time *cough cough nappy changes*

(21:24:06) @1969Steve Mulberry

(21:25:53) @johndredge I simply don't go looking for him...

(21:28:06) @1969Steve Hi, Steve :) I've been stealth-listening up to now... need to head for bed soon, though! :)

(21:28:18) @davewitchalls :D Hope you've had a good Easter weekend.

(21:29:30) @ngyt_uk Dusty snooker cue robot.

(21:31:20) @1969Steve I'm going to set my PC clock back 2 minutes for the next one ;)

(21:32:43) @karaokequeen85 Funnily enough I'm better 16 downwards. See.. that actually sounds wrong. @1969Steve

(21:47:28) @karaokequeen85 I think my brain started turning to mush when the 90s happened.. I blame bad behaviour at university :D

(21:57:06) Just so you know... Lenni and Chris's "Children's Take-over" on MintFM from Saturday is ready for another listen: http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC

(21:58:07) Congratulations to @starr67 and @dmills87 on your Easter Egg Hunt success! :) :)

(21:59:24) @1969Steve no VAT :D

(22:06:34) @1969Steve Oh no! You've gone off air! Are you OK? Have Mary and Ida taken their revenge? Great episode this week, by the way :)

Tweets for 20 Apr 2014

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(08:01:20) @sparkyannc That's really impressive - and not something one would have considered :) Happy Easter!

(08:02:23) My beloved @poots recorded some exuberant birdsong this morning - happy Easter! https://t.co/KrSF1xzcQ2

(08:04:02) @ellewadding And a very happy Easter to you! x

(08:05:53) This is why I love #BTCC - It's the @DunlopBTCC #EasterEggHunt! Here are some clues to help you on your way... http://t.co/ffF7khxyYE

(08:07:36) What a fab idea - like @Sweden except in Hertfordshire. MT @HitchinUK: Happy Easter everyone! It's my last day of looking after @HitchinUK..

(08:11:19) @streakmachine Essential part of their eduction #HistoryWIN ;)

(08:11:38) @paulums (It was @poots's idea #bestwifeever)

(08:12:04) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning, Bina - sorry I didn't reply sooner.. it was a crazy but fun day :) The children did radio - great fun :) x

(08:12:30) @thatsjustme0 Good morning, and HAPPY EASTER! :) x

(08:13:07) A very happy and glorious Easter to you - though the skies may be grey, spring is definitely here - the season of new life has begun :)

(08:14:12) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Keeping my fingers crossed :)

(08:18:07) If @sweden and @HitchinUK can do it, Swindon really needs to get its act together. (Shame @Swindon and @SwindonUK are taken...)

(08:19:22) @kitty_cat84 Thanks, Kay! :) And the very same to you and your family :)

(08:19:49) @PeterBluemler Happy Easter to you, Peter.

(10:51:02) @PontoonDock @HitchinUK @sweden @Swindon @SwindonUK @PeopleofSwindon Oh that is splendid! :)

(10:51:21) @HitchinUK @sweden @Swindon @SwindonUK excellent! :)

(10:51:58) @clairerandall Hi, Claire! I really enjoyed your boos from Turkey - some really interesting stories and experiences.

(10:56:20) @SwindonUK Have a different person running the "Swindon" account every week :) Happy Easter!

(10:56:54) @olafzwyzt 23

(11:43:53) @DigitalAmoeba @PrincessBagel @bubwal @ithildin_lass The wine is flowing already ;) Happy Easter to you all :)

(11:45:14) @LilacNun On The Easters? :sadface: Hope you can cease soonish x

(13:33:36) @DeanOrmond Thanks Dean! The children really enjoyed it - it would be great to do a show more often... we'll see what opportunities arise!

(14:19:34) @clairebland1 @DeanOrmond ~grins~

(19:02:27) @starr67 Apparently it's just enough to give one's kids a treat... @Tuglets

(19:03:48) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Tuned in :) Perfect timing to hear @Dreamy_lyrics's song! :) #MintFM - can't wait to know the results! :)

(19:05:54) @dcsparkes The very same to you... I never know where you're going to tweet from next! :D

(19:06:08) @Lizzing Not all.

(19:15:50) @dj_frabs @Tuglets Thanks for the shout-out! I'll let Lenni know you enjoyed her show :) :) In other news; sugar walls? Filth..?! #MintFM

(19:17:04) @LilacNun :sadface again: All done with work? And I'm merely full of chocolate. Boik.

(19:18:00) @dj_frabs Haha! Not really surprised! :D @Tuglets

(19:21:15) @Tuglets That was Netherlands. Lovely harmonies. #MintFM

(19:21:58) @Tuglets @dj_frabs I quite liked the French one. Although that says a lot more about me than about Eurovision :D

Tweets for 19 Apr 2014

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(08:17:58) @RichHarkness @paulums @pearcen And I just like to be a nuisance (sorry!)

(08:18:59) @LizzyWelshCake How did it go? Did they love you? Did you love it?

(08:22:09) @jakobrosin Hahaha! Cheerful :)

(08:52:01) Happy birthday, @Doctoe! :)

(08:52:59) @Dreamy_lyrics He did - I'd not heard it before... quite quite brilliant :)

(08:53:09) @LizzyWelshCake Fantastic! :) :) :)

(08:55:20) @Dreamy_lyrics That is absolutely surreal and brilliant - nice work, @jakobrosin!

(08:56:09) @PlainTalkingHR You too :) x

(08:56:57) @CalmWaters73 Felicitous greetings to you, from the heart of the housework.. well, sort of - haven't started it yet :D

(09:02:08) @CalmWaters73 Oooh.. excellent! Tuning in now to listen while I do the housework. REALLY looking forward to hearing the Polish entry. Again!

(09:02:14) RT @CalmWaters73: @syzygy are you ready? On your marks, get set, #spicerack! #mintfm

(09:02:34) RT @MintFM: are you ready? on your mark, get set, spicerack! #mintfm

(09:02:47) @thatsjustme0 Morning, ray of sunshine! :) x

(09:06:23) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 We're all listening on the kitchen radio - you'd better crack on... there are LOADS of songs! :) Alphabetical order?

(09:06:53) @LizzyWelshCake You'll be a gigging musician soon enough ;) x

(09:12:53) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Blimey.. this takes a while to get going. But first dubstep bass of the competition. WIN! #spicerack

(09:16:24) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Picture a BIG diva, flowing dress and - most importantly - a beard. It's a BLOKE. dressed up as a bird. #controversy

(09:22:39) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Wow.. another slow burner. Or should I say DULL? :D (and yes, Conchita Wurst is a bloke called Tom)

(09:23:20) @lizzysometimes And, indeed, this tweet.

(09:27:48) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 One of a number of cake based songs.. I like this one. Trivia: He had to change a lyric to remove "Google Maps" :D

(09:32:30) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 I liked the first 30 seconds of this, but it seems to have been repeated six times. With extra violin. #spicerack

(09:32:53) @Tuglets @CalmWaters73 Oh this is very Eurovision.. :)

(09:37:56) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Straight into the chorus... very clever #mintfm #spicerack This will be top ten.

(09:39:10) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Another one with a whistling refrain. But the lyrics "OMG let's go".. oh dear :D But still a hit #mintfm #spicerack

(09:41:50) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 "Euphooorrriaaaaaa" etc...

(09:45:54) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 A distinct lack of native-language songs this year.. this song from Spain started well but went all.. anthemic #mintfm

(09:50:18) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 First clanging guitars of the show so far... quite like it, but not a winner.. #mintfm #spicerack

(09:50:30) @CalmWaters73 Totes! :)

(09:50:46) @Faulko1 Mornin' :)

(09:53:33) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 My favourite so far - I have no idea what they're singing about. "Hey babe, you've got a great moustache" ..?

(09:56:54) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Beth and Lenni both like this one - I find the production a bit annoying on it. It's plodding. But what do I know? :D

(09:57:40) @Tuglets @clairebland1 @Calmwaters73 Good to know it's had some airplay. I think it's a grower, but Eurovision ain't got time for that

(09:58:12) @lizzysometimes @quibelles To be fair, nature is quite incompetent. Which is why call centres exist, I think.

(10:01:58) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 I'm unashamed to say I like this - 3 minutes of prog rock.. it's got the yodeling, awkward key changes. Brilliant!

(10:06:56) @manytypesoftea Thank you for the follollollow.

(10:07:33) @manytypesoftea I'm going to rip NO songs off of YouTube today.

(10:09:48) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 This is going to be top ten, I think. Should have got Jedward to sing it though :D #spicerack

(10:10:07) @Tuglets @CalmWaters73 Can't beat a bit of drum'n'bass *dances retrospectively*

(10:11:02) @manytypesoftea Hollowllol

(10:17:07) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 "b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b" :D Beth likes it.. it's catchy. Lyrically horrendous, I think it may do well. Not trigonometry.

(10:17:19) @Tuglets It's not bad is it! @CalmWaters73

(10:18:11) @batwench That's really good! :)

(10:19:24) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 Just can't get into this one.. it's not as catchy as the French song, and not about moustaches either. I think...

(10:22:33) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 CAKE TO BAKE! WINNER! :)

(10:27:01) @AlexGFox HELLO! :) Hope the sun is shining through the windows into the Fox family home this morning! ALEX!

(10:27:46) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 This one's a bit baffling. Bass ballad. Not sure it's really captured my attention. I've got a cake to bake.

(10:32:32) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 None of the last three songs have done anything for me... :/

(10:36:18) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 I like this one by Netherlands, but it is so totally not a Eurovision song :D #mintfm

(10:42:17) @MintFM @CalmWaters73 I love this (the video is full of cleavages :D) Apparently they'll be performing this one in English. And it's ironic.

(10:44:08) @tweeting_frog @CalmWaters73 @GShang They'll be performing it in English, I believe...

(10:44:20) @MarkSheppard *checks watch* YES

(10:44:51) @CalmWaters73 Hahaah! True!

(10:45:00) @tweeting_frog @MintFM @CalmWaters73 I'm wired up wrong, clearly :D

(10:47:52) @tweeting_frog @CalmWaters73 @GShang It reminded me of another song...

(10:48:13) @tweeting_frog @CalmWaters73 @GShang Nicely put :)

(10:50:09) @Zomby6 It's a swift whisk through the Eurovision songs for the year.. I think Slovenia is still to play! http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 now!

(10:52:24) @Zomby6 Ahh.. :D It's not really been the most rivetting of musical exhibitions (except the Cake To Bake song :D)

(10:53:50) @AlexGFox @paulums I think we need to start a Famation campaign. If such a thing exists!

(11:09:39) @mintfm @dj_frabs Afternoon/morning :) You're on in the kitchen :)

(11:10:37) @Zomby6 Really chilled :)

(11:10:59) @CalmWaters73 @GShang Thank you for a fine show, Naama and Geoff! :)

(11:20:10) @lindafrab Thank you! :) If you could play some They Might Be Giants that'd be brilliant.. or anything from the soundtrack to Bill & Ted :)

(11:25:13) @dj_frabs @lindafrab If you have a mo, could you mention the Children's Takeover on MintFM from 6pm to 8pm UK time tonight, please?

(11:27:22) @PontoonDock Please could you get me some salt & vinegar flavour tiger nuts? Oh hang on... you're probably back now :D

(15:47:04) In case you didn't know - there's some Children's Takeover action on @MintFM at 6pm UK time (1pm US Eastern) - join Chris and Lenni on air!

(15:49:39) @Richard_C That is a ferociously fast bird! (And it's a she, I believe)...

(16:10:56) RT @edtjones: The @openrightsgroup have a petition about this #HMRC #data #sharing nonsense. Please sign. https://t.co/bu1jVDnVRK

(16:12:34) @PontoonDock Ooh.. so close!

(16:40:32) @LizzyWelshCake @nausea18 Proper packed stage, too! :)

(17:16:36) Lenni is singing along with the songs she's playing - I hope she can remember she's on air :D #KidsOnMint 

(18:30:12) @jn2n @nxmee @superalora #KidsOnMint Glad you're tuned in - time is flying :)

(18:34:59) @sm2n #RSD14 #RecordStoreDay2014 #gutted Next year for sure!

(19:03:21) @clairebland1 Thanks, Claire - tuned in - have a great show :)

(19:04:51) Thank you to @Superalora and @Nxmee for helping to make this an wonderful Easter @MintFM weekend! :) Really enjoying the shows :)

(19:05:21) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex. We all enjoyed it - it was a real adventure! @nxmee @superalora

(19:06:05) @jn2n Thank you! Night night, Emilia from all of us x @nxmee @superalora @sm2n

(19:07:45) @dj_monkeyboy Cheers! They've gone back to their green room now ;) @superalora @nxmee @MintFM

(19:08:14) @dj_frabs @CherryKaz1 You're not allowed to these days ;)

(19:08:53) @clairebland1 Cracking song! :)

(19:13:19) @dj_monkeyboy That would be lovely.. time's something of a constraint at the moment, though :) One day, though! @superalora @nxmee @MintFM

(19:15:13) @Bubble2009 Thank you for tuning in! Hope you enjoyed the mix of music and @nxmee & @superalora's chatting :)

(19:16:39) @clairebland1 I was told that it'd cost too much to make new moulds for Cadbury's Creme Eggs so they've not got smaller. With your tongue?!

(19:17:07) @clairebland1 @superalora's surprised you haven't played "Lollipop" Ooh lolly-lolly-lolly ;)

(19:17:41) @Tuglets And leave the rest for some poor unsuspecting victim? :D Not really sure Creme Eggs are very good value for money.. @clairebland1

(19:18:03) @starr67 @clairebland1 Not good chocolate in there. Like 1D Easter eggs ;)

(19:18:32) @clairebland1 I would never have dared say what @dj_frabs said ;)

(19:31:19) @Bubble2009 They put a lot of effort into it - they were really well-prepared and it worked out well :) @nxmee @superalora

(19:32:10) @clairebland1 Those Easter Nests have got more sophisticated since we made them at school.. with shredded wheat and extra syrup. Goopy!

(19:38:44) Introduced the children to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure today - a classic of our time.

(19:39:18) @DVVHolland I've got episode 3to listen to yet! :D #needtocatchup

(19:43:17) @DVVHolland Audio skates. I'm not playing them at twice speed.. that would give me nightmares :D

(19:43:38) @CarolKettley They found it very amusing. Really, really stupid but great fun :)

(22:57:18) @slandi @sm2n That is so crying out to be sampled...

(23:00:59) @EmmaTofi An absolute cracker. The music makes it.

(23:02:01) @EmmaTofi He's just a man. A human. I'd like to meet you one day.

Tweets for 18 Apr 2014

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(09:32:22) @RichHarkness You've got to do it while @paulums is looking at you..?!

(09:34:17) Heads-up: Tomorrow 6-8pm UK on @MintFM the kids take over as part of the Easter weekend! It's #KidsOnMint time.. plus the Easter Egg hunt!

(11:35:04) @mostlygeordie I especially like the coffee bit.

(11:35:09) RT @nxmee: Tomorrow i will be on the kids takeover on @MintFM (http://t.co/fYxPqFyfTQ)from 6-8 UK! it's #KidsOnMint time!

(11:35:13) RT @superalora: I am on @MintFM tomorrow!

(11:35:19) RT @johndredge: Next Tuesday sees the start of a brand new podcast series of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show on the British C http://t…

(11:35:27) @LizzyWelshCake GOOD LUCK LOVELY!

(11:35:47) @Dreamy_lyrics YES

(11:36:23) @mostlygeordie Lots of cows - some galloping, some not-so-galloping.

(11:36:33) @thatsjustme0 Morning! :) x

(12:03:02) @thatsjustme0 And to you! :) x

(12:29:44) What better way of spending a Good Friday morning failing to get any kind of VPN configuration working. Still.. I learned something. A bit.

(12:35:33) RT @SussexWildlife: What to do if you find a young bird out of the nest. Please share this important advice. http://t.co/ugJKrkDDcG

(13:12:47) Rather timely - this week's @podquiz features Pachelbel's Canon, which was played at @poots's and my wedding 16 years ago today. Lovely :)

(13:13:34) @thatsjustme0 What a lovely Easter tweet. Heh.. tweet! :) :D x

(13:14:04) @GShang @CalmWaters73 @Tuglets Thank you for the retweets! :) :)

(14:50:15) @EwenRankin Thanks, Ewen. I think you and I have both done pretty well! Here's to many more years :) @poots

(14:51:09) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah :) It's a bit different but a lovely piece! @podquiz @poots

(14:51:28) @PontoonDock Thanks, Mark! @poots

(14:51:46) @pearcen Cheers big man! @poots

(14:52:39) @LizzyWelshCake Thanks, lovely x @podquiz @poots

(14:52:57) @CarolKettley Thank you, Carol! @podquiz @poots

(17:15:13) @jonBCFC @poots Thanks, chief! Hope all's well with you :)

(17:15:25) @Stenbird @podquiz @poots @edgarwright It was clearly our first priority ;)

(17:16:25) @SheleileighLaw Thanks, Sheleileigh :) In the UK we're stuck on crystal.. but I'll get @poots a hologram, too ;) @pearcen

(17:17:08) @SheleileighLaw (Might get a teapot. Teapots are cool) @pearcen @poots

(17:17:17) @mostlygeordie Bonfire?

(17:19:22) The return to wrist-worn technology is at least good news for people who like to ask what time it is when someone's holding a pint.

(17:19:56) @lizzysometimes I do hope you were carrying out an extraordinary rendition. Of the song.

(17:32:56) @fridgemagnet2 Fantastic! @weekendery

(20:43:59) @Zararugosa Wow cool :) Happy Good Friday to you. x

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(07:45:07) RT @FelicityMorse: Amazing letter in the Times #KateMiddleton http://t.co/YwZf8w4GD7

(07:46:25) @revkatebottley #headinthegame Is there going to be one with FIRE? #hopeso

(09:26:05) @revkatebottley Heh! :)

(09:32:12) @PrincessBagel Please remember that the good news outnumbers the bad news - but it's easier to share the bad. Sending blessings to count! x

(09:32:22) @CarolKettley And to you! :) x

(09:32:55) RT @TheSoundGallery: To celebrate #RSD14 @RSDUK we are giving away a fantastic Rega turntable! Retweet to play. http://t.co/AyIPPLkCjr

(09:34:10) @LILLYTHEPINK1 *doing that thing where I screw up my face and pull my fists in until the dice stops moving* Go lady luck...

(17:53:42) @DaveScotford Thank you for the follow! :)

(18:00:56) Preparing the moans for the "Get My Goat" segment of the @Weekendery radio show.. what's got right up your nose this week? Hats? Lime? Bats?

(18:11:18) @sarahsansom Hahah... I'm going to have to have to look that up! :) Thank you! @weekendery

(18:12:13) @sarahsansom That really is a very very stupid hat. GOOD choice! @weekendery

(18:12:58) @IPTechShark Oh no. :/

(18:26:10) In just over 90 minutes an Easter Weekend @Weekendery Weekend will commence.. loads of interesting music and THINGS! http://t.co/mg9T0q0xT4!

(18:34:02) @arikakane Thanks for the follow, Arika :) Every day's an @ArikaKane kinda day.. especially in the sunshine! #quitenearLondon

(19:11:14) @CarolKettley I'll give you your own special shout out if you do ;) @weekendery

(19:37:34) @wellbelove Thank you for the follow :)

(20:05:33) @1969Steve Evenin' Steve!

(20:06:13) @CarolKettley Who knows.. it might just work ;) @weekendery

(20:09:48) @CarolKettley oh that's a shame.. hope you can join the fun another week x @weekendery

(20:50:12) @davewitchalls DOWN PERISCOPE

(20:50:35) @davewitchalls I REALLY want to watch that fillum.

(20:52:05) This week's Goth based My Genr-ation "This is the answer; what's the question": Swoosh, Albatross & Wheat Intolerance." What's the question?

(21:07:39) Oh I like! :) You may well win this week's Huggy Jesus :)

(21:21:32) Playing Something New on The @Weekendery - the remarkable twenty one pilots - Car Radio; the video is really weird: https://t.co/L8fPtM5RZF

(21:41:24) RT @sm2n: Am listening to twenty one pilots - Car Radio via @weekendery at http://t.co/27XogZbUmY and chatting about it http://t.co/iNDB6HU…

(22:02:18) Another very enjoyable @Weekendery show - this time with Poetry From The Provinces, courtesy of @fridgemagnet2; the archive will be up soon!

(22:02:42) To bed with me now, though.. all worn out after humming gothic tunes. Ooooohhmmmmm. Night night!

(22:19:56) @SheleileighLaw Yup.. love that! :)

Tweets for 16 Apr 2014

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(08:45:29) @poots And thank you for putting up with me :) x

(09:12:26) @DigitalAmoeba Morning! WOW.. that's brilliant - I've just redeemed it :) Thanks, @nokia and Alan! :)

(09:12:34) RT @DigitalAmoeba: Just got a nice £20 MS credit #free via @Nokia Gift Voucher app for #WindowsPhone http://t.co/3JD1xuiYRv #Lumia 625 1020…

(09:13:06) @moyskii @poots Thank you :) I feel blessed :)

(09:13:20) @ellewadding *blushes* @poots

(09:51:35) A cautionary tale for my two (@superalora and @nxmee) - you would never do something so utterly dimwitted, right..? http://t.co/EphxWILtzH

(12:05:13) @fridgemagnet2 Goes without saying... I'm surprised you didn't take Beth to one side and warn her...

(14:47:01) @LilacNun When the liner notes say "This one will really exercise your woofers" I'm not sure that is what they meant...

(14:47:25) @poots Excellent! Same again tomorrow? #freelunch

(15:57:27) @nxmee @superalora Idjuts.

(15:58:54) @poots All right, stop. Collaborate and listen.

(16:10:42) @paulums Electro-static discharge..?

(18:40:55) Preparing the playlists for tomorrow's @Weekendery.. it includes one of my favourite EVER songs.. but do I play the 11 minute version..? :D

(18:47:59) @batwench GOOD. CALL. @weekendery

Tweets for 15 Apr 2014

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(08:49:10) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 It is a baffling world we live in. Baffling.

(08:50:20) @mrbatwench @DigitalAmoeba Morning, chief(s). Great news! I'm all Windows 8.1'd up.. time to work through the list of Cool Things it can do!

(09:12:08) Good morning. Words, eh? I was always thought it was "expediate" but apparently not.. "expedite" seems to be in most common use...

(09:12:22) Also: apparently Veet is not a brand of toothpaste.

(09:27:14) @RadioKate Fortunately not :)

(09:28:17) @NokiaHelps @nokia_uk @WindowsPhoneUK Just installed the 8.1 developer preview.. still no stereo audio-only recording on my 1520. Gutted :/

(09:38:22) It's Tuesday... this means BIG coffee... http://t.co/bcrXnK8EEd

(09:41:46) @NokiaHelps Good morning. This has been an issue since I first bought the phone - you have acknowledged it, but it's not fixed in 8.1 :/

(09:51:20) @pearcen Ohhhhh yeah :)

(09:51:32) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning! :) x

(09:53:30) @NokiaHelps Thank you - very much appreciated :) I'll look forward to hearing!

(10:04:12) @CarolKettley Come on over... plenty to go round! :)

(11:12:22) @birdfortytwo Oh no. *sigh* One more reason not to go to Facebook. Every now and then it'll bleed onto Twitter.. ahh well.

(11:13:00) @birdfortytwo PS I will be your Facebook friend.. GUARANTEED: No inspirational quotes. In fact, much the same nonsense you get from me here!

(13:06:15) @birdfortytwo Fair play :)

(13:06:41) @mathssalamander @SarahAliceJ @MattLakin1 As is my user name.. oh hang on..

(13:07:09) @tweeting_frog Uhoh. Still.. sorted my tongue right out! (Morning!)

(13:07:19) @fiverscarrot Not any more, AJ! :)

(13:07:32) @streakmachine Big, 'normous and MAHOOSIVE ;)

(13:08:03) @PlainTalkingHR I'll do my best! :) Hopefully I'll escape from the office while the sun still shines :)

(13:09:04) On the basis that @davewitchalls suggested I listen to the Macho Man Randy Savage album, I think @the_ironsheik should do a rap CD. Yeah.

(13:09:34) @fridgemagnet2 @womblegirl *praying for no thunderstorms*

(14:29:27) @quibelles *applauds*

(14:30:09) RT @nxmee: "May the force be ever in your favor, Mr Potter" - Gandalf (the Chronicles of narnia)

(14:30:58) @poots I would say they've got the measure of you, but I can't honestly think of anyone who falls into the 'chocolate curry' demographic!

(15:47:49) Feeling a bit skittish...

(16:00:11) @poots Plus the AMT I had after lunch with @sm2n...

(16:00:25) @Dreamy_lyrics Ha..! Oops..

(16:25:35) @Dreamy_lyrics Now I know of it, I fully intend to use it. What's is a suikki? And how can one become a master..?

(19:01:47) The Great British Sewing Wasp. That's as far as I got with it.

(19:04:44) @NokiaHelps Thank you. What frustrates me is that there is no reason why it ~shouldn't~ record audio only in stereo. It can do video. A bug?

(19:13:51) I do like that Windows Phone 8.1 offers a 'bacon' setting. http://t.co/pTQAPNQOkO

(19:37:21) First ever protein shake - donated by @DaveWitchalls ... eep! https://t.co/Q9sZsvL3AS

(21:04:11) @nausea18 @LizzyWelshCake Mmmm pie.

(21:04:46) RT @poots: Watching Holby and feeling tingles knowing the same machine saved my friends' little girl a few weeks ago. http://t.co/zZdLnsHddJ

(21:07:03) I have to say, seeing #LTFC play at the weekend, McNulty is a formidable player; when they get going, Luton Town can win. Well done them!

(21:07:19) @LTFCAway @LutonEye I honestly have no idea what the next bit is.

(21:16:14) @davewitchalls Yeah.. for extra protein (I'm not too worried about the fat content :D) It was quite nice - caramel flavour, I think :)

(21:16:38) @davewitchalls I think maybe the milk took away the acrid aftertaste somewhat.. that said, I necked it. Gym performance: average #fatbloke

(21:17:18) @goitsagch Heh. That, I fear, will never happen. It was more that my colleagues didn't want it, and I was curious :D

(21:18:44) @brennig It uses the O2 network, and I'm quite happy using it PAYG, not least because family uses it and free calls :) So yeah.. it's OK :)

(21:20:10) @brennig It would appear so. I'm quite confused by your tweets. But enjoying them :)

(21:20:31) @PlainTalkingHR Amen and congratulation! :) @BronwenPTHR

(21:28:33) @goitsagch I think it's nicer with milk than with water (my colleagues have the latter - apparently it has powdered milk in it) :)

(22:10:12) @NokiaHelps Thank you for the link. Please note: the phone has NEVER been able to record audio-only in stereo... it's not just WP8.1 :/

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(11:33:50) @kerry_mclean That is NOT nice :D @paul_steele

(11:37:58) @paul_steele And a good day - slug free - to you, too! @kerry_mclean

(11:43:56) @katywix Is that a euphemism?

(11:53:18) @VenusDeMileage 'lo :)

(12:39:26) @uk_podcasters Hiya. Gosh.. that's a long time ago now - back in 2005/2006, I think. http://t.co/D38BhkuVYf is a brief blog post I wrote..

(12:39:53) @uk_podcasters I think @Vobes and @podquiz were among the first I found - not sure how, but there used to be a site called "Britcasters"..?

(12:40:28) @paulums I can barely play you... that annoying challenge bug on Android still hasn't been fixed :D Fastest fingers first, mate! ;)

(14:16:36) @audioboo It's a good way to collect audio content from interesting people into one place and listen to it. It's like an audio YouTube.

(14:19:31) @poots Sending prayers x

(14:20:09) @poots I think the answer is something about fish. Or beige.

(14:20:17) @LizzyWelshCake I'm Keith.

(14:20:28) @Stenbird YOSS!

(14:34:15) @poots Non-stop fun and action. Hope the girl had a good day :) Love you x

(14:35:16) MT @RHA Kids reacting to a cassette player. Prepare to feel old: http://t.co/qcMExZ36kq // My DD refers to my record collection as "Big CDs"

(14:36:03) @wuthering_alice True, indeed. But I draw the line at the Daily Mail.

(14:39:20) @LizzyWelshCake It's perfectly OK.. nor do I. I think it's time to go count some daisies.

(14:41:22) @EwenRankin Someone needs a word with the ad agency Johammer appointed. Although car ads aren't much better... @JulieKuehl @WIRED

(14:59:39) @LizzyWelshCake I'm sorry I have absolutely no idea what any of that means... #svensk

(15:19:14) @SheleileighLaw I like that. It's comprehensive. And yet.. just that little bit vague.

(16:00:15) @poots Thank you my love.. it'll be as I drive home, so good timing :) Incidentally, I'm recording a podcast 7pm to 8pm.. hope that's OK! :)

(16:49:34) RT @johndredge: The Huffington Post presents my article on silent films and the things that happened that were to do with them. http://t.co…

(18:16:49) @TOther_Simon Happy birthday thing!

(18:44:48) @thatsjustme0 Evenin' Deedee! :)

(19:31:54) @emmetmclaughlin Nope... :(

(19:32:54) Looks like the Windows Phone Store is down - certainly in the UK - https://t.co/UGurlYtQLX #errorcode 805a01f7 *sighs* @WindowsPhoneUK

(19:40:26) @emmetmclaughlin I've not even downloaded Windows Phone 8.1 yet! There's a lot of it about, it seems - http://t.co/5G4dkG4lia

(19:48:30) Thank you to @paulwheatley, @bigChrisAshley and @podfeet for an hour and some of @BritishTech pocket technology goodness! You guys rock :)

(19:49:20) @emmetmclaughlin That's a bit of a nuisance. Is it possible to change regions fairly easily? (for showing off Cortana purposes, naturally ;)

(19:49:33) @andytuk Cheeky! :D

(19:52:20) @emmetmclaughlin I really appreciate the guidance - thank you! I'll keep trying the store.. keeping fingers crossed for you, too! :)

(19:52:58) @paulwheatley @EwenRankin @bigChrisAshley Couldn't agree more - what a superstar!

(20:39:00) @SheleileighLaw Woahh.. your twitter page has been pimped.. looks well cool now (compared to my old one :D)

(20:39:56) @thatsjustme0 Oh my.. powercut needed to drag you away..? x

(20:40:39) @DigitalAmoeba It is utterly ridonkulous that the Windows Phone store is totally dead.. or is it just borked for developer preview people?

(22:05:55) @neilcochrane1 I find myself asking the same (rather incomplete but utterly applicable) question...

(22:11:36) @mrbatwench @DigitalAmoeba Is it just me, or is this monumentally poor? There's be an outrage if Google Play or Apple App store were down...

(22:14:54) @neilcochrane1 I get that a lot. Well, the not funny bit, anyway :D

(22:15:18) @SheleileighLaw Looks great though.

Tweets for 13 Apr 2014

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(12:05:35) Planning and planning. And taking an old broken telly to the tidy tip.

(12:06:14) @TomCampbell I'm exactly the same with my shows from 1992... frightenin!

(12:06:52) @quibelles Worst.

(12:08:53) @canuckuk O lordy.

(17:56:19) @Ariadnes_web Why aye canny lass.

(18:26:45) @pearcen Wow. Summarily! Because of the Condoleeza thing..? Or just generally?

(18:27:26) @mostlygeordie MEE! Emptied a load of stuff out, only to fill it back up again with stuff from the guestroom. All tired out now!

(18:36:23) @pearcen Fair play :) I could do with my own WebDAV solution, too.. will ponder on it. What are you using?

(18:39:28) @pearcen Cool - cheers, I shall take a look!

(18:40:01) @mostlygeordie Oh I hate it when it does that... but it'll all come together soon! :)

(19:56:55) RT @johndredge: my new weird comedy podcast series begins april 22 and comes with a free ironing board.

(21:26:00) @Stenbird Goodnight, Birger x

(21:26:37) @IPTechShark Not asleep yet, ma'am? Rest well when you do x

(21:45:53) RT @TomCoronel: Video 🎥 my huge #crash 😥😥😥 here in #Marrakech RAW edit, @FIA_WTCC 2014: http://t.co/wCc0laMrvh @MBennaniRacing

(22:02:56) Off to bed. I think @BaronHawkey put it best with his 4-day-week klaxon. Good night...

Tweets for 12 Apr 2014

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(06:03:35) RT @johndredge: my new weird comedy podcast series starts april 22.tune in and win a special granary loaf.

(07:52:58) Good morning. I feel like I should be changing passwords today. And uploading photos. And doing some housework. But i just want to sleep...

(07:55:05) @ellewadding Gulpy and scaldy... sounds like quite a double act :D Luxury for me is a whole morning dozing in bed :) Made it to 8.45.. :)

(08:08:12) @pearcen I am at serious risk of dozing off again... careful now! :D

(08:08:39) @ellewadding Aww... it's a good 'un :D

(09:34:37) @quibelles Gosh.. that looks nasty! I hope it heals up soon. And you don't turn into a vampire, obv.

(09:35:22) @CarolKettley Good morning, Carol :) Lovely day for it! :)

(09:35:38) @PrincessBagel You and me both, ma'am. Shall we' write off Saturday and go back to bed..? :D

(09:36:13) @tweeting_frog Good morning, Clare :) I hope your weekend has started in fine style :)

(09:38:04) @sm2n Ahh wouldn't that be lovely! No.. we're off to watch Luton Town play a game of foopball :)

(09:40:03) Looks like I'm not the only person who's looking into SSL on the back of the whole Heartbleed thing. StartSSL is getting a lot of traffic!

(09:40:31) @quibelles I don't know what the rules are about selfies...

(09:40:42) @tweeting_frog Thank you :) Quite relaxing thus far..!

(09:41:09) @CarolKettley Ahh yes.. and the birds are singing and the windows are open. And there are biscuits left :D

(11:53:51) Just about to watch some foopball http://t.co/CEI9TqdBOD

(12:46:36) @AlexGFox Ohh cheeky :D

(14:15:09) @CarolKettley It's a vicious kicky sport that I'm not sure I ever got the hang of :D

(14:23:32) @batwench It's well documented in the Nigel Molesworth book "How To Be Topp" published by Grabber and Grabber chiz chiz @sm2n

(14:25:27) @PrincessBagel Defo!

(14:26:20) @ajlanghorn For anything beyond the most basic of provision I'd say no...

(17:38:40) @thatsjustme0 Good evening, dear Dee! :)

(17:39:14) @batwench They are a remarkable pair! :) @poots

(18:38:28) @CarolKettley Amen to that! :)

(18:38:38) @thatsjustme0 Big hugs right back atcha! :) x

(18:38:57) To be quite honest, I have no idea what I'm doing.

(18:39:25) @paulums @pearcen @claw0101 Please keep me appraised, gentlemen.

(18:39:45) @sm2n That's pretty cool! :)

(18:40:22) @EcceRita Better is ahead, I'm sure - and prayers from this end (should you wish them) :)

(21:26:17) @jonBCFC Gosh... good spot sir!

Tweets for 11 Apr 2014

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(07:03:26) @fridgemagnet2 Excellently! I shall retweet with aplomb :)

(07:17:15) @fishplatetwo Busted!

(07:40:02) Lad comedy shave club videos are a thing ... http://t.co/SJ3chZQtrG http://t.co/WSV8Lv44SN (#bitracist) http://t.co/9UQhqN12PC (original)

(09:26:44) @Bearlydithers Now that is what I call juxtaposition. It's a good time to read (or, indeed, re-read) Sue Townsend's fine work :)

(09:27:54) I was Adrian Mole's age when the books were published. They definitely spoke to my generation #RIP Sue Townsend #profoundlyinlovewithpandora

(09:33:04) @SandraDartnell @artistsmakers @MrsDinosaurB LOVE those... so did my daughter .. wow.. six years ago! https://t.co/iUynUiLelE

(09:33:40) @MrsDinosaurB @SandraDartnell Fantastic!

(10:52:46) @SandraDartnell Ingenious! :) @artistsmakers @MrsDinosaurB @CFOURCC

(11:29:04) @CarolKettley That and the Falklands war are inexorably linked in my memory :) Strange days (teenage years!) #Iamold

(11:47:39) @fridgemagnet2 One of the most impractical soaps in the world, until all those annoying edges get worn down...

(11:48:18) @Tuglets It's been a long time since I've read them - even the one when he was a bit more grown up :D

(11:56:56) @Karen_Kay_ Bless you! :)

(12:07:55) @bobfmuk I love Crazy Susan :)

(12:31:38) RT @Stenbird: I could play with this all day long. http://t.co/jKqRAKC4xL

(14:02:34) @revkatebottley HURRAH! :) But isn't it broadcasting night as well..?

(14:06:27) @SheleileighLaw It's there somewhere.. in little letters...

(14:06:47) @CarolKettley Aww that's so sweet :) @Faulko1

(15:33:47) @GHOGIT A correct answer! :) @weekendery

(16:34:19) @LizzyWelshCake Boring? Always too much going on for it to be boring :D Lovely tulip! :) x

(16:36:10) @paulums Not again, mate..? I hope you feel all better soon. There'll (hopefully) be a Weekendery in your podcast feed to cheer you! :)

(16:57:42) @LizzyWelshCake I'm pretty much there with you.. x

(18:40:38) @poots Looking splendid my darling x

(20:26:52) RT @rabryst: Syntax error http://t.co/3szACLGFIi

(20:27:08) @rabryst That made me laugh more than it should have done.

(20:29:36) @EcceRita Hope you feel MUCH better after a good night's sleep.

(20:32:48) @Doctoe That is a really impressive way of saying it's your birthday in a week's time ;)

(20:34:32) @paulums Oh fantastic - hope you feel well enough to have a brilliant time :)

(20:34:49) @LizzyWelshCake Oh yes. definitely more bizarre things needed! :)

(20:37:54) @ajlanghorn Have you seen how hard some people already find using a cashpoint? This would increase ponderage by a factor of.. over 9000.

(20:38:20) @VenusDeMileage My mind is worse.

(20:39:55) Quiet Friday evening... not sure what to do with myself at the end of a busy, tiring week. No more screens for the day, I think... night!

Tweets for 10 Apr 2014

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(09:11:06) @poots Might try that too ;)

(09:11:42) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 Beautiful and intricate! :)

(09:38:42) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) I'm a little tired, but it's sunny at least :) Hugs from stinky Watford! @Bazmati2020

(09:39:54) @Stenbird HURRAH. Three digits is a bit much...

(10:29:21) @poots It may well happen... I think the boy needs doing quite soon (again!)

(10:30:12) @poots I feel special (and a little confused :D)

(10:30:40) @EwenRankin Delightful! :)

(10:30:52) @streakmachine I hope spring starts for you soon, chief! @EwenRankin

(11:12:27) @fridgemagnet2 I think this is more of a Jon culling.

(13:22:03) @poots Was she OK about it..? Well done for taking it on x

(13:22:31) @Faulko1 Blimey you get everywhere :D

(13:23:40) @poots I wish I could give you some of mine. That said, you are so much more confident these days. And you are by far NOT the only one x

(13:44:59) @RadioKate It is so entirely Incorrect @lucassekula

(13:46:23) @batwench She was, and making it extremely difficult to park.. it's the Ka.. and normally worse than this: http://t.co/W0CMMiSDbc @poots

(14:35:43) @ibookery Great idea... although I'm tempted to cut out the middleman and just go for the bird seed :D @batwench @poots

(14:36:22) @Karen_Kay_ Good heavens.

(14:37:10) @batwench You're being scarily positive - and long may it continue! ;)

(16:01:50) @paulums @paulwheatley Is there a "Get orrff moi laaaand" special move?

(16:19:48) @pearcen @paulums @paulwheatley Is there a subgame where you cause as much travel chaos as possible on a single-track A-road?

(16:24:08) @ajlanghorn Oh my.

(16:24:53) @Faulko1 Cheers! You follow some beautiful ladies :) @DawnLoweActress @yissa5p @mannyc @kloustagram @HayleyBethMusic @elliejenkinsdj

(16:49:27) @paulums @pearcen @paulwheatley I am so doing this on the show later ;)

(16:50:20) @CarolKettley I think you'll find I am! #notsocute @Faulko1 @DawnLoweActress @yissa5p @mannyc @kloustagram @HayleyBethMusic @elliejenkinsdj

(16:51:14) @Faulko1 Lucky blighter! :P

(18:19:53) @CarolKettley Bless you - inner beauty counts! Xx @DawnLoweActress @Faulko1 @HayleyBethMusic @elliejenkinsdj @kloustagram @mannyc @yissa5p

(18:44:27) @elliejenkinsdj Thanks for the follow! When do you do radio? Would love a listen :)

(18:49:15) @cyberdonkey Just not quite enough room for it indoors... :D

(18:49:34) @andytuk YARR! :)

(18:50:09) @revkatebottley I have missed SO much of this. i.e. never watched it. It's almost as good you just describing them, to be honest :)

(18:53:26) In just over an hour (9pm UK / 4pm Eastern) @TheWeekendery comes rocketing down your earphones. Get My Goat! Provinces! Music! Things! Yeah.

(18:57:16) Here's what's going on over Easter on MintFM! https://t.co/Huk5Tw1t3X via @audioboo #easter #mintfm

(20:28:13) @fiverscarrot Twitter - the YouTube of the mind :) @revkatebottley

(20:49:49) Playing My Genre-ation" on The @Weekendery - the answer The answer is "19 and a half inches wide at the base. " - but what's the question..?

(22:05:35) @fridgemagnet2 *hides report from parent* @weekendery @sm2n @jn2n

(22:26:07) Ahh.. shame there's no entry form on the web versions of the Bexhill-Hastings link road naming article: http://t.co/yLa2uSbX0Y

Tweets for 09 Apr 2014

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(14:38:06) @LizzyWelshCake Ohhhhh ~baffled~ #shouldhaveknownbetter :D

(14:38:43) Feeling a bit sleepy under a tree #dayoff

(21:37:27) @LizzyWelshCake BIG hug - hope you uncrash soon (and shiny new guitars are great!) xx

Tweets for 08 Apr 2014

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(08:45:43) @johndredge Morning Mr Dredge. Hope your wellies!

(08:51:41) @ellewadding @Chocohalix Looking out over Watford junction, one train has now got a sunroof and another has turned into Optimus Prime.

(10:03:28) @Lizzing I especially like the bit about the unidentified cat.

(10:13:23) @Chocohalix Certainly a lot more exciting going through tunnels... @ellewadding

(11:59:25) @davezatz @MikeWehner Lexus/Lexi .. https://t.co/EXFVsUnTD4 I wonder if it was this pair!

(12:21:07) @Chocohalix That annoys me SO much. If you want to swim lengths, swim in the blessed lanes, people! :D

(12:27:21) @Chocohalix We have exactly that at the weekends. The weekends for heaven's sake... can't these guys lighten up and have a splash about? :D

(12:42:03) @poots @TheUkes Good times! :)

(12:53:30) @TomCampbell Hope it goes well, chief.

(18:55:05) @johndredge FFFFGFFFFforrr

(18:55:28) @thatsjustme0 Oh noooooo! X

(18:56:44) @LizzyWelshCake Fawo?

(20:40:28) @thatsjustme0 Yay! x

(21:20:33) Looks like DynDNS is ceasing their free service. This is irksome - there are others but I've used it on my site for over 10 years.. ~sigh~

(21:21:04) @PrincessBagel night, scarypie!

(21:43:25) @LizzyWelshCake It was my special Scandinavian language for "Why?" in a curious Scandinavian voice...

Tweets for 07 Apr 2014

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(07:36:16) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) x

(07:37:02) It's nice to be able to celebrate @superalora's birthday before I head for work. Morning :)

(09:00:49) @CherryKaz1 Happy birthday, Kaz! :)

(12:31:21) @poots Awww :) We'll have to change our gym night! :)

(12:32:23) RT @johndredge: New video: King Dredge's World of Funny Laughter Jokes

(12:33:08) @poots That works for me :)

(13:29:29) @quibelles Came home to find Dad?

(13:36:53) @AlexGFox Thank you, Alex! I'm hoping to enjoy the remainder of @superalora's birthday when I'm home from work :)

(13:41:11) @SheleileighLaw I'll be sure to pass it on to @superalora :)

(13:44:13) @quibelles Oh my goodness. The coming home afterwards must have been harrowing. I hope she's doing OK x

(14:47:02) @nxmee That is 26 minutes of weirdness right there.

(15:12:40) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex! Hope all is well at Casa della Volpe! @superalora

(15:13:18) @quibelles A burden we all carry on occasion. Hugs x

(15:14:18) @badpenny31 I had no idea there was such a thing as a manège... and I am resisting the temptation to make a joke about three horses...

(20:15:02) @LilacNun I know how you feel. G'night, ma'am. :) x

(21:32:18) I am SO going to have to visit this next time I'm in the #Canterbury area: https://t.co/Chw4NVaAco /cc @PontoonDock @SarahAliceJ

Tweets for 06 Apr 2014

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(11:53:07) @AlexGFox It was a delightful surprise to see it in the beer garden of a pub we cycled to yesterday - for a star gazing event, apparently.

(11:55:20) @edtjones Oh my goodness that is just exquisite! thank you :)

(12:07:49) Something @slandi and @sm2n might enjoy... (via the estimable and inestimable @edtjones) http://t.co/gkMlRT3WcY

(12:08:23) @LizzyCrone Advice duly noted... apparently they're something of a wonderland! :)

(13:16:41) @errolin Alan Whiston.. that's a name from the past! Thank you for the update. Would be great to have a catch up soon :)

(14:00:13) @slandi Bonkers, innit! @sm2n @edtjones

(21:30:12) @LizzyCrone One of the cash and carry's re-deeming features, eh? ;)

(21:56:47) @phillipmhughes #notnews

(21:57:19) Off to bed.. what a weekend (thanks, @fridgemagnet2 and @hergiebird!)

(21:58:33) @CarolKettley Night Carol! :) :)

Tweets for 05 Apr 2014

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(08:10:44) @jonBCFC I had exactly that problem last night... even worse this morning :D Have a great weekend!

(08:11:56) @SheleileighLaw Disco please, ma'am!

(08:20:44) Is it just me that can't help thinking the new phone from HTC is the 'HTC one, mate.' ..?

(08:21:10) @fridgemagnet2 Morning squire

(09:27:37) Good morning. I'm trying to reply to a message from my mother, but I have no idea where she sent it.. FB? Email? LinkedIn..?! Technology: D

(09:30:32) @jo_whit NOOOOO! #feelthebenefit @SarahC2612

(09:30:42) @CherryKaz1 @dj_monkeyboy Hello you two :p

(09:57:15) Found it! It was a text message - thank you, @Chepbourne!

(09:57:45) @sm2n @fridgemagnet2 Got to love that thermal printer action...

(09:57:53) @dragonhistory That's a coo-l idea ;)

(09:58:38) @sm2n Enjoy!

(09:59:44) The boy's on an away mission. He has a map.

(16:31:13) Orrery in a box @ The Star Inn http://t.co/HnIZZnrCcF

Tweets for 04 Apr 2014

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(06:57:08) @VicarOfDishley I wish you and @Barlie40 the same :)

(07:01:15) @katyha That is so wonderful!

(09:58:56) RT @mwilliamsthomas: Brilliant: 'Uncle Bulgaria' being mischievous. RT @simongarfield: http://t.co/yl3tiT0zwP

(10:00:17) @RubyJubilee @wearescientists To be fair that's a fair haul.. :)

(10:12:09) @Stenbird That's very very clever - good publicity too!

(10:12:16) @

(10:13:42) One of my colleagues has just explained the significance of his "O for Awesome" t-shirt. It's a New Zealand thing. http://t.co/04zs10YmHH

(10:14:11) @Dreamy_lyrics I have clearly not got the hang of Twitter :D

(10:22:36) @Dreamy_lyrics I'll keep my fingers crossed *HUG*

(14:07:59) @errolin WOW! Congratulations to the man! :) :)

(14:17:32) @errolin Good stuff! Who's running the specialist show these days? Is it Deedee? Have a splendid weekend :) :)

(14:18:54) @superalora Just saw you in a "Happy" video on the school website.. second shot... nice one! :)

(15:29:42) @missmayawolff Will do! :)

(16:43:04) Quick deploy then home then a meeting about a website. Glorious.

(17:46:14) @PeachLaneStudio Thank you - superstar!

(19:18:08) Things I have never said: "I'm just off to the cash & carry." In fact, I don't recall ever going to a cash and carry. Whatever one is.

(20:30:28) @RobJD Excellent away mission!

(20:30:53) @PlainTalkingHR @JuliaBall A place of wonder I'm sure!

(20:31:30) @CherryKaz1 Fun to be had..?

(20:34:14) @jo_whit If I eat too many Pringles my kidneys hurt. Just a caution...

(20:35:53) @SheleileighLaw You are WIN!

(20:50:02) @SheleileighLaw It was a challenging show for you, musically - sorry!

(20:50:39) @PlainTalkingHR @JuliaBall Oh I love a good mooch :D Thanks, Bina and Julia for the tip! x

(21:14:13) Twisted Wheel beer, @CathedralCity cheese and @revkatebottley on catchup #Gogglebox. Paradise.

(21:56:06) @jonBCFC I HAVE THE.. oh. Pooh. hello sir!

Tweets for 03 Apr 2014

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(00:44:52) @LizzyWelshCake Great word... and one that, unfortunately, doesn't last long in one's mind. Ironically ;)

(00:45:27) @LilacNun how ru de.

(00:45:40) @VenusDeMileage Not good. Anti-inflammatory?

(00:57:39) RT @fifirong: RT to Win 2 VIP tix to my EP launch, 4th April @thegarage_mama and a merch bundle! inc. #FiFiRongNextPursuit to enter http://…

(00:58:22) @MarkSheppard Ha! Brilliant :)

(06:44:32) @batwench You and me both. And I'll be waiting until the definitive version (Mark II) cones out :D

(06:45:49) @canuckuk Especially if it's a boxing glove puppet #amirightladiesandgentlemen #bitofsatirethereforyou

(06:49:39) @birdfortytwo Let me get a (somewhat belated) YARRRR!

(06:50:06) @canuckuk Aye, so it would...

(06:52:54) @canuckuk And were not talking BBC Three for this... prime time Saturday evening stuff. Just before Ant & Dec's Lowest Common Denominator.

(06:59:07) @goitsagch Haha! Hadn't considered that...

(07:03:08) @thatsjustme0 Morning 😊 Better dash!

(09:45:56) @LizzyWelshCake hiya :) Thank you - I did! But have had no opportunity to reply yet - sorry! Have a great day xx

(09:50:23) @PrincessBagel Oh poor thing.. I hope this too will pass x

(13:07:34) @Dreamy_lyrics *BIG BIG BIG HUG* There is foolishness. Karma will come down. x

(13:11:59) @LizzyWelshCake Never too busy to send a hug through the ether! :)

(19:16:04) At the top of the hour that's the hour of the hour on the way, The @Weekendery is on your internet radio at http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 -SCOOCHY!

(20:21:30) @errolin Oooh! Who's your new boss...!?

(20:42:39) "4/9s, a tributary of the Savannah River that looks like Charles Darwin and Morocco's entire sponge export of 1989" - what's the question?


(20:59:45) @GHOGIT Ha! True! Enjoy your people-watching! :)

(21:00:34) @fridgemagnet2 May I quote that on the show..? GENIUS. Where did you find that out?

(21:41:23) I just subjected the dear listener to Wing's version of "Back In Black" by AC/DC on the @Weekendery: https://t.co/bQRxd7wca7 #somethingwrong

(22:07:13) Another enjoyable @weekendery completed and filed under "Quite unusual". Downloadble archive will happen soon.. for now.. bed! Night! :)

(22:14:12) @thatsjustme0 And the same to you, dear Dee! :) x

(22:16:45) @johannariley It will definitely mauve you to violets.. ;) @epilepsyaction

(22:17:17) RT @fridgemagnet2: If you do nothing else this evening, read this: http://t.co/qAagBpDEC0

Tweets for 02 Apr 2014

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(07:09:22) @SheleileighLaw Night night! (and subsequent good morning)

(07:10:49) @PlainTalkingHR And a big hug from me to you :) Have a lovely Wednesday x

(08:43:34) @peasbloss @nstuart1991 Looks like Rainbow Dash, but I've not seen one with golden tinsel hair.. *coughs*

(08:45:31) @PrincessBagel @RiffRaff41 @Renzo_Soprano *chuckles*

(08:46:04) @LilacNun In that order, I'd say. I quite like an Iceland kebab flavour pizza, myself. YUM.

(08:52:45) @LilacNun I think I do. It's Keith, right..?

(10:34:39) @girlonthenet Not just me, then...

(11:13:11) @PontoonDock Niceness!

(11:15:49) Just found out from a colleague they're getting married on the same day @Poots & I did - made me feel all fuzzy inside. 16 years ago. Wow.

(11:21:28) @PlainTalkingHR It's been a good day so far - a few challenges, but that keeps me on my toes! :) Hope your day continues in fine style :) x

(11:48:46) @fridgemagnet2 Good point, although working in Watford it's not hugely different to normal ~coughs smoggily~

(11:49:15) @fridgemagnet2 PS available for a phone chat this evening?

(11:50:11) @AlexGFox Time is an abstract concept - marriage doubly so, especially when the wedding car is a DeLorean... @poots

(11:53:53) @brennig @poots Heehee... maybe the former, but I would say I was hanging on to my youth at the time :D

(11:54:38) @poots Must be a popular time of year... although they would've married on a Friday... interesting choice!

(11:58:11) @johndredge I don't suppose I could borrow your burgon dispenser this weekend, could I? I'm having a function.

(13:00:29) @peasbloss Savoury yum! Please :)

(19:41:42) @CarolKettley I wouldn't ~dare~ forget ;) @poots

(19:41:55) @PontoonDock @Stenbird @mangy_fox That's lovely :) :)

(19:44:42) @fridgemagnet2 I could always ice cast to you.. is your home number the same as it always was (ending 30?)

(20:08:07) @fridgemagnet2 You are being held is a queue. We are indifferent about your call. Doo daa dee!

(20:22:20) Holey Molloley there are some absolute WONDERS appearing on the @Weekendery playlist tomorrow. OOHH YEAH. Hope you can listen!

(21:55:14) @goitsagch Sorely tempted sir :) Played a good chunk of symphonic rock the wother week :) @weekendery

(22:44:08) I've only just discovered that Hard 'n Phirm's "Pi" song is 3 minutes 14 seconds long. Heh.

Tweets for 01 Apr 2014

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(09:50:05) @LilacNun :sadface: http://t.co/rVQpy9UbSt

(10:18:16) @kimhillyard CONGRATULATION! on getting to 100 - shame I've only just come on board, but always looking forward to more! :)

(10:19:37) @LilacNun Because you know someone from a pizza advert..? (Sorry.. easily confused :D)

(10:20:46) Seems legit: http://t.co/D6KDmM0nCc @sugru #poisson

(10:27:12) @LilacNun I have never felt more like Hugh Grant in a rom com situation. Hey, forgedd aboud id.

(10:30:58) @LilacNun Indeed! There's been family discussion of what's written on the other side of the bridge (not nearly as interesting it turns out)

(10:41:08) @vobes Wondrous! Have a good day!

(12:12:34) @RadioLaB971fm I vote for C. Excellent smile.

(15:17:23) RT @nokia_uk: A closer look at the new Nokia 3310 #PureView range! Which colour is yours? ;) http://t.co/FxZ2jG4NG8 http://t.co/pFH6m2Dqy5

(15:18:31) @EwenRankin Seen this rather delicious @nokia_uk April Fool? http://t.co/5zXwbkUlb6

(15:25:07) @EwenRankin Absolutely! :D @nokia_uk

(15:25:59) @IPTechShark 80% of things are done through ignorance, not malice... :/ Hope you can pull it all back together again x

(20:09:13) @timoncheese That was very silly :D @TomAndThat

(20:10:03) @mostlygeordie It gets faster at night #Economy7

(21:21:03) Head pounding a bit.. Not quite right (though par for the course on a Tuesday!) just about catching up with life, though.. night night!

(21:21:13) RT @TomAndThat: "@RadioToday: This is the best radio video you'll watch today: http://t.co/mzAYQ2EQJr http://t.co/SQx2eXbtsh" it's all kick…

(21:26:35) @PlainTalkingHR You too, Bina! Night night x

(21:26:47) @TomAndThat It is a work of fine-ness! :)

(21:27:07) @mostlygeordie Explains a lot! :D

Tweets for 31 Mar 2014

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(12:24:30) @pearcen @paulums For me, gentlemen, that is every day :)

(13:03:14) @pearcen @paulums That is quite beautiful and definitely apposite. Along with The Inexplicable Bruising of day-to-day contemplation.

(13:23:11) @ellewadding You and me both, Elle :)

(14:53:04) @RobertoAustini Some fantastic driving from both you & @jasonplato this weekend - LOVED the racing, and supported you all the way! :) #BTCC

(15:05:39) @ellewadding If I could, I'd have a soft seating (lying?) area in the office for just such a purpose. And a frolicking zone for waking up!

(15:52:08) @LJRICH By my reckoning: 11 years :)

(15:52:30) @sarahjaneuk That is so lovely :) #RIP

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