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Tweets for 29 Mar 2014

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Tweets for 28 Mar 2014

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(08:17:52) @gilliandonovan *unfollows* ;)

(08:37:37) @Chocohalix This is a very peculiar story..!

(08:38:12) @Chocohalix Hope you're able to get it all untangled x

(08:40:36) I've always considered myself moderately erudite, but the word "dissimulation" appearing on @superalora's spellings today had me mystified!

(08:42:42) @Bazmati2020 Now that is a bit weird and scary... and possibly dinner? :D #chicken

(11:10:12) @Moominstrudel Gutted :/

(11:15:45) @Moominstrudel To be honest, I didn't even try - the venue's an absolutely gorgeous one, but just too small to accommodate all her fans!

(11:16:17) @AlexGFox Au contraire, Alex - you've impressed me with your extensive vocabulary! @Tone_720 @sfdrummer @superalora @Airwavescast

(11:44:15) @AlexGFox Oh that is so wonderful. Such amazing advances in science! We take these gifts for granted, don't we. Thank you for sharing :)

(12:30:54) @batwench Good heavens. I honestly thought humanity was past this. *sighs*

(12:47:58) RT @ShakespeareSong: Alas, firstly; allow me to taketh a self portrait.

(12:48:38) @edjeff @dansumption Sometimes it just happens. Don't feel bad. Learn from it.

(12:51:09) I am fairly sure I heard someone's mobile phone with "Blurred Lines" as the ringtone. Baffling.

(13:12:41) @Karen_Kay_ *waves* Cheers! :P

(13:13:40) RT @fridgemagnet2: This is #bexhill. Woman:have you been for a pee. Man:Yes I've been twice. Woman:ooooh. Man:no hold on it was only once.

(13:13:46) @fridgemagnet2 BIGTIME

(13:14:35) @shellzenner Look up "booking fee" and see that it is defined as "customer exploitation bonus." ...

(13:15:48) @sarahsansom I looked stoic. It's quite a sexist, unpleasant little number, despite the catchy backing music...

(13:15:56) @tweeting_frog You and me both!

(13:38:45) @CarolKettley Wow cool! Funnily enough I was an auntie again this week, too! Have a great one, Carol and @Faulko1 !

(13:59:54) Last night's @Weekendery is available for another listen! - plug in! turn up! varnish! #mintfm

(14:00:42) @Stenbird Grrrrr *top layer of tooth enamel gone*

(14:56:44) @BitsyVonMuffin For a brief moment I wondered what that was. Then I realised it really doesn't matter and that I still hate paparazzi ;)

(15:53:41) @thenewbrunette Woahh... first I've heard of that - looks brilliant! :)

(16:06:03) @nxmee @superalora Seen these? I'm afraid I don't have the technology! :D /via @giagia @SheDefeatsYou @ayasawada

(16:11:18) @BitsyVonMuffin Ahh such are the pitfalls of A-list celebrity, Ms Muffin ;)

Tweets for 27 Mar 2014

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(00:22:06) @IPTechShark Man that's not good. I hope you can get to bed soon, and have something proper for breakfast. Hang in there, ma'am.

(00:23:47) Playlist finally settled for tomorrow's @Weekendery - always eclectic, a bit electric and occasionally eccentric. Night night!

(00:24:32) @sarahsansom *makes a careful note* *note gets a bit damp* Uhoh...

(00:24:56) @CarolKettley Good night, late owl! Really glad you'll be able to join the fun! @weekendery

(08:46:15) @IPTechShark You shouldn't really be awake, ma'am. I hope you can rest soon.

(11:07:46) @DeeSelected beautiful!

(12:54:18) @IPTechShark That's the spirit..! Now... put the glass down ;)

(13:05:24) @Karen_Kay_ @SheleileighLaw @pearcen There are better Dido songs to live up to. But don't go waving the White Flag Hahaha! (only one I know)

(13:16:20) @pj_kent Can't say as that's ever happened to me - congratulations! @DellUK

(13:16:51) @RevRichardColes Certainly head and shoulders above the rest...

(13:29:19) @Connie_Primm Didn't we have exactly this yesterday..? :D

(13:30:39) @pj_kent Still pretty cool! :) :)

(13:38:08) @umbrellanor @Danny_Fullbrook <- saw this and thought of you. Will get in touch soon about potential visitations...

(15:35:57) @SheleileighLaw That is a lovely picture!

(16:13:16) @Danny_Fullbrook @umbrellanor Got my fingers crossed for both of you! :)

(20:11:31) At the top of the hour on #Mint FM - The @Weekendery returns for another two hours of MUSIC and MAYHEM. And MOSAICS!

(20:45:52) @SheleileighLaw @weekendery I'm on in 15 minutes... it's still Winter time in the UK.. until Sunday xx

(21:05:16) The @Weekendery! On air on #MintFM right now. Why not tune in.. or join the Natter at #mintfm

(21:06:37) @1969Steve HELLOO! :)

(23:03:50) Another fun @Weekendery done and dusted.. the archive will be available soon - for now, though, I wish you a splendidly good night! :)

Tweets for 26 Mar 2014

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(00:14:17) Bedtime after a bit of headphone maintenance.. didn't quite get to the Photoshop and radio sweepers bit.. that's for tomorrow. Night night!

(00:18:31) @ellewadding Ohhh yes. There was a bit of sawing of wood, too. Which I class as exercise (I'm out of breath afterwards anyway :D) Cheers!

(00:29:28) @SheleileighLaw Enjoy your evening! Sleep well when you do :)

(09:45:07) @Dreamy_lyrics What's going on ma'am? Anything I can help with? Or is this a new hobby..?

(09:48:22) @sparkyannc Hello! Where are you staying at the moment? And, more importantly.. how are you tweeting without broadband? #miracle

(09:50:00) @BitsyVonMuffin BA BA BAAAA sorry.. went into the Jim'll Fix It Theme for a moment, there. Which is of even more worser taste :D Morning!

(09:50:42) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning! (sort of)

(09:54:14) @johnny_winter Bit o' class!

(10:01:43) @Dreamy_lyrics They don't make it easy.. even though they claim to! Keep at it xx

(10:02:17) @sparkyannc Ahh! Hope the broadband installation goes without any hiccups :)

(10:48:04) @76Wilbury @BitsyVonMuffin MISCELLANEOUS GREETINGS! (sorry for shouting - I'm quite a long way away)

(10:52:59) @MooseAllain That is such a touching blog post - thank you for sharing it.

(10:57:32) @IPTechShark *fingers crossed for more than nothing*

(10:57:51) @76Wilbury I'm pootling on.. considering coffee. Not sure about @BitsyVonMuffin, but she's on good form!

(10:58:17) @tweeting_frog I bet it sounds great :)

(11:52:00) @IPTechShark *crosses fingers for no more nor less than nothing* Sorry for the misunderstanding!

(12:07:13) Interestingly it's Purple Day. For me.. every day is Purple Day, mind.. @epilepsyaction

(13:45:32) @AlexGFox It's a work in progress... and for sure I'm making the most of it whole I still can!

(13:45:42) @AlexGFox And thank you 😊

(14:00:33) Still got no friends on Snapchat. That makes me one of life's winners, right? Also, someone has put a packet of wasabi popcorn on my desk.

(14:03:47) @Tesco I'm afraid I must disagree. Improved technique is what is required. You'll never get your yellow belt in Dunkido otherwise #

(14:05:32) @Tesco Also: the custard cream is the monarch of biscuits. Few biscuits have as ornate a decoration and richness of taste.

(14:09:00) @andytuk Without the brown M&Ms? I've wanted one for a long time..

(14:23:35) @ellewadding Lockin!

(15:16:00) Weird stuff going on round these parts.. #uksnow

(16:09:23) @Stenbird I've never had such. And will never reach the status where a company isn't ashamed of me being out in public. Please send me one!

(16:24:54) @VenusDeMileage Oh. Oh dear. Or oh good. Depending on what works best... and how far I am away :D

(16:25:18) @trevypoos Once you get out you'll be fine.. the first step is always the hardest. Especially if your shoes are knackered.

(16:25:30) @coxchat Happy birthday! :)

(16:47:31) @GHOGIT *chuckles*

(16:47:43) @CarolKettley I've got my patented Snow Vacuum ready...

(16:47:54) @PontoonDock My pleasure, chief!

(17:35:22) @CarolKettley Oh no.. clearly my extension lead didn't extend far enough :/

(17:57:18) @poots Oh cool! Good name, too.. :)

(17:58:53) @PeachLaneStudio @bucks_herald Congratulations! That's some excellent publicity! :)

(17:59:30) @ellewadding It's hardly 64, but hey.. there's a lake over there *points*

(17:59:49) @poots All good :)

(18:00:41) RT @Alby: The rarely spotted HDMI-to-Hozelock adaptor:

(21:20:50) @streakmachine I really do think so! :) :)

Tweets for 25 Mar 2014

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(08:12:53) @thatsjustme0 Morning indeed :)

(08:13:49) @SheleileighLaw Morning :)

(08:14:04) @CarolKettley Good morning :)

(08:14:26) @PlainTalkingHR Morning, Bina... comes around so quickly!

(08:19:20) Sometimes this game can be SO annoying #wwf #allvowels #oldmcdonald

(08:39:14) @Karen_Kay_ Indeed.. but it would be nice to have a consonant or two :D

(08:44:12) @Karen_Kay_ If I score less than 24 points in a turn, I am disappoint :)

(10:04:21) @pearcen That's some mighty fast eatin'

(11:11:26) @PrincessBagel Oh you. You're delightful :) And congrulations!

(11:13:46) @PrincessBagel @Karen_Kay_ @HamptonsPenarth That is such a great pic :)

(11:19:56) @davewitchalls Now that's a reference I had to look up (and discovered that I had heard of him!) @DarkBunnyTees

(11:40:50) @76Wilbury I like :) Night night!

(11:44:05) @Karen_Kay_ Fancy a game, then? Cacophonyx is my #wwf name :)

(11:49:36) @ajlanghorn I've resorted to buying £6 ones for day to day use.. little Panasonic RP-HJE 120 E1 ones from Amazon. Sound OK for the price!

(12:06:49) @ajlanghorn If they're - as I suspect - similar to the Creative EP630s, we have exactly the same - mine went the other day.. no idea why!

(13:04:18) @Karen_Kay_ Well we shall have to sort that out then! :)

(14:35:53) I struggle to remember the word "arcane."

(14:40:14) @PlainTalkingHR Good afternoon, dear Bina! My day is OK, thank you - typical Tuesday enhanced by coffee (sounds a bit defeatist!) big hugs!x

(14:48:03) @LizzyWelshCake That is EXACTLY why I just tweeted that.. for one brief moment I remembered it.. if yours comes to mind, please tweet! x

(14:49:04) @ajlanghorn Manufacturing fault for shure (ahahah! Sorry). If you have a couple of spare quid, the Panasonics are good working headphones :)

(15:17:26) @zany_zigzag Hello :) Hope you're well! :)

(15:17:58) @GHOGIT How handy! :)

(15:18:42) @LizzyWelshCake I do hope you get it off the tip of your tongue, or the back of your mind or wherever it's hiding itself! :)

(15:19:42) It's a little depressing that there is a crossover between Gove's and my favourite music ('chap hop'). But Mr B can't stand him. Good.

(15:20:10) Citation needed.

(16:07:30) @slandi HAHAHA! That made me chuckle at my desk :D Thanks, mate!

(16:08:41) @Bazmati2020 Achievement unlocked! Apparently, my Dad earned the nickname "The Sheriff"... I've a lot to live up to :D My best: "Wide boy"

(19:20:40) Great to meet @umbrellanor, Danny and Sophie from the @RadioLaB971fm team earlier - thank you for my prize! :) Will be in touch soon!

(19:42:56) RT @gentlemanrhymer: So here's my little two-penneth in the Guardian......

(21:12:40) I couldn't find the araldite so I put a new shelf in the tool cupboard #extremelooking

(21:13:49) @zany_zigzag Not s'bad ma'am... how's your poetry reading?

Tweets for 24 Mar 2014

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(10:38:36) @Bearlydithers That is the most wonderful thing! How did you persuade him/her to do that..?! #gonnahavetobuysomemealworms #andsitoutside

(10:39:21) @stevenaybour It's arrived!

(10:40:51) @LizzyWelshCake Now now... :P

(10:41:06) @Bearlydithers I love it :) :)

(10:42:31) @Dreamy_lyrics Would love to.. if I can catch you as you zoom about the country, I will! :)

(10:48:59) @Bearlydithers Only to people who have easily offended sensibilities... it's a normal thing - hope you can get it rebooked.

(10:56:50) @Bearlydithers Sounds like a real challenge!

(11:29:05) @quibelles Congratulations! You may well love it :) All the office banter, the bad coffee and the daily commute... :D

(13:40:10) @vobes Good call. #AvoidBarclays We've banked with Nationwide for the last few years and we like them - they're still mutual.

(13:40:52) @BigKahuna69 @Karen_Kay_ I was going to comment on the same bloke...

(13:46:44) Excursion to Mr Maplin's imminent. Shout if you want anything.. sat nav? rechargeable batteries? Cable of specified provenance? Glass shelf?

(15:42:15) Note to companies sending things out: just the road name isn't really going to work. And yes, I did completely enter the shipping details :/

(15:44:34) @CatsAreLoud (For a moment I was wondering if you were being illustrative, but that is a tough state to be in)

(15:58:26) @CatsAreLoud Oh my goodness! I hope you can get back onto an even keel soon... you're a resourceful person - you can do it :)

(15:59:27) @DeeSelected Oh dear :/ Well I've rung the company & said "If it's returned, please send it out again to the RIGHT address!" :D Eventually..

(17:05:13) @CatsAreLoud Oh no! I hadn't realised. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you... sending positive thoughts and cake.

(19:34:19) @PontoonDock Pretty much :D

(19:36:19) @IPTechShark Chin chin!

(19:40:38) @thatsjustme0 Evenin'... not quite sure yet.. still got the gym to go :D

(19:41:05) @PontoonDock Does Kwik-Fit count as a shop? ;)

(19:46:53) @thatsjustme0 Self-inflicted suffering... what is wrong with me? :D Hope you have had a lovely day x

(19:47:51) @PontoonDock I'm scared of most of the chaps in Games Workshop... and I've only ever been in one twice :D

(19:48:19) @PontoonDock I've only ever been in a Games Workshop twice.

(22:34:54) @2danceis2dream2 Latex in the earpieces..?

(23:08:45) @thatsjustme0 G'night lovely :)

(23:11:15) Not quite enough achieved tonight.. the usual Monday evening gym, and then watching the end of Moone Boy. Soldering and Photoshop will wait.

(23:12:04) To bed, then... goodnight!

Tweets for 23 Mar 2014

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(08:07:30) @doubleflipit That is so lovely :)

(08:09:58) @revkatebottley Didn't you tweet that yesterday..? ;)

(08:36:29) @Bubble2009 I'll help in any way I can @brennig @RobJD

(08:38:48) @stevenaybour WANT!

(08:57:15) @stevenaybour We have an ultrasonic deterrent, but the cats seem to find a way round it and coffee grounds on the bits they use as a toilet!

(09:05:47) @stevenaybour That would be fantastic :) Cheers (I'm thinking motion detection camera as well to capture the little buggers for Vine :D)

(09:30:00) @Dreamy_lyrics Wow! yummmmm

(12:35:44) @brennig Thank you very much for the offer :) We are making a little progress... all is not lost :) @Bubble2009 @RobJD

(16:33:08) @Borbassi Isn't it fun! :)

(16:33:39) @mostlygeordie You still tipped them? Name and shame (and Google and Tripadvisor review!)

(16:33:52) @ClockworkKriss Nice!

(16:41:08) @ClockworkKriss Great song! :)

(16:41:59) @hubbardcj Surely it would be just SO satisfying to correct the sign while being filmed..? Freedom of information act -> YouTube. LEGEND!

(16:42:16) @mrs_forky Congratulations!

(16:42:50) @ClockworkKriss Hiya :) Not so bad, ta.. keeping out of trouble (mostly!) - glad your system's all up and running again :)

(16:45:39) @brennig Some time spent in surgery.. feeling somewhat optimistic :) @Bubble2009 @RobJD

(17:18:17) @ClockworkKriss This is as rubbish as I remember it :D

(17:22:17) @ClockworkKriss Now ~this~ is more like it #dadrock

(17:37:49) @PrincessBagel Amazing how tiring sorting can be. I feel exhausted just thinking about it :D

(17:42:47) @PrincessBagel Ooops! :)

Tweets for 22 Mar 2014

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(08:41:53) I really, really can't understand this... How can multiple tangles and untangles of a plastic slinky…

(08:54:20) @DigitalAmoeba That's great news! Hope you rest well and can enjoy your birthday proper today :) @PrincessBagel

(08:55:31) @edtjones I'm not sure that's the case - it seems like some elements are now upside down, so the untangling process has twisted.. But how?

(09:06:23) @edtjones Bonus clue(?): The text on the back has transmuted into mirror writing. Noooo idea...

(09:59:19) @BlueMoon_11 morning ma'am :)

(10:33:17) A morning of musical delights and recorders. And hitting things with other things. But mainly delights.

(10:50:43) Another performance imminent...

(10:58:28) @pearcen Can't you go home?

(11:59:10) @pearcen Thursday's Weekendery is ready for another listen... also you could write a novel. Or a song.

(11:59:46) @BlueMoon_11 Ooh! Not often I get called sir #couldgetusedtothat Have a fabulous day!

(13:21:56) @edtjones Chris sorted it out - apparently all the elements were exactly upside down, so he twisted it to turn all of them the other way :)

(13:22:24) @edtjones I gave Chris some Garry Gum.. sorted :)

(13:22:49) @mrsbojangles What's a smoffee?

(14:34:28) @mrsbojangles Ohh naughty! But a good afternoon for it! Hope you have a good trip back north.. you still Dunstable way?

(14:34:57) @Faulko1 Top man - cheers! Have a top weekend! @Keeley_Jayne @angelawalsh2112 @CowshedDan @grebble @littlemiraclesp

(14:35:49) @SheleileighLaw I think @pearcen is in a town without Pitney, too ;)

(15:25:19) @moyskii Wow! :) We've just had great tits, sparrows, a robin and a dunnock.. oh and a chuffin' great pigeon getting all nibbly :D #beige

(16:22:51) @moyskii I'd like next door's cat to ~expletive deleted*~ off our garden.


(17:02:38) @thatsjustme0 Sounds delicious :) :) x

(17:03:21) @poots The two are intimately linked... ;) x

(17:08:59) @edtjones :D

(17:13:15) @thatsjustme0 Nearly teatime... ;)

(17:45:26) @DeeSelected Who do you think makes up the back four? (I honestly have no idea) @poots

(17:46:39) @webziggy Fun, love and money. Pretty much sums up the 80s :D

(18:08:51) @quibelles How's your back door now?

(18:12:20) @quibelles That is excellent. Just in time for spring / snow.

(18:13:19) @quibelles Ah. Hope husband is drying out!

(18:18:26) @quibelles Now that's some dedication to making a new back door!

(21:28:07) @mostlygeordie Anything left to do? If not, why not have a Good Sit Down?

(21:33:35) @mrsbojangles Yup... some things never change! Glad it's been a sunny one :) :)

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(07:45:57) @Faulko1 @AnnMMcs @Keeley_Jayne @Lara_Laughs @angelawalsh2112 @gemch #FF #follow #followfriday Cheers! Happy Friday!

(08:38:45) @quibelles In your sleep..?

(08:39:49) @shona_1966 Thank you - and you! x

(08:44:17) @vobes I love the colours!

(08:45:35) @Tactless_Blonde Blessings #counted

(11:12:57) Good morning. Still alive.

(11:16:29) @badpenny31 Good morning :) It's a good way to be - especially with a little sunshine!

(11:16:51) @tweeting_frog Bon matin, madame!

(11:17:13) @CarolKettley I would definitely recommend it. It's the best way to appreciate coffee :)

(11:17:51) @vobes I do like it. Especially when it's sunny! Hope the south coast is looking wonderful and your wall is drying out :)

(11:18:21) @karenjeynes I'm at the "I really shouldn't have" point.

(11:18:42) @badpenny31 Is it?! Long may it continue (my favourite season!)

(11:19:27) @BitsyVonMuffin HURRAH! And sunshine :) Love your smile!

(11:22:55) @vobes Oh fantastic! Enjoy (and watch out for those gulls!)

(11:24:20) @badpenny31 Spring pips it for me.. just about. For some reason April & May are my most creative months... strange how that happens :)

(11:35:11) @76Wilbury Yaargh! @BitsyVonMuffin

(11:37:03) @vobes Hitchcock's "The Chips" :D

(11:38:18) @badpenny31 I was born in November.. so maybe it was when I started to flourish...

(12:32:58) @tweeting_frog Top quality Friday lunch there :)

(12:33:27) @mostlygeordie You be careful what you're doing with that, ma'am...

(12:34:10) @donmcallister Oh man! Keeping my fingers crossed it all comes together for you.

(12:35:05) @KateRobbins The resemblance is remarkable ;)

(12:35:52) @Lizzing In the words of the great George Takei: "Ohhh myyy"

(13:07:35) @stuartthomas Now that is odd! I thought tube trains ran on a different gauge!

(13:08:36) @Zararugosa @poots I feel almost guilty admitting it's rather springlike here! :)

(13:20:51) @PrincessBagel What a superstar! Happy birthday, @DigitalAmoeba! Wishing you lots of luck, sir! @sportrelief

(13:22:55) @galaxia416 *high fives* As long as the science gets done!

(13:23:15) @Zararugosa Nope... I just hope it heads north soon :) @poots

(13:26:42) @AuthorTracey Happy birthday, Tracey! :)

(13:33:30) @Lizzing @quibelles I'm really struggling to come to terms with the fact that I love you two so much. #FF

(13:34:21) @tweeting_frog I try to redress the balance by sustaining a Spongebob-esque level of upbeatness :)

(14:00:57) @Karen_Kay_ I think the promoted tweets are ones that are paid for ( Also you never tweet random stuff ;)

(14:01:42) @mrsbojangles Hello! They look hungry :D

(14:03:38) @MarkSheppard Morning, Mark :)

(14:05:17) @sarahsansom Thank you! And the very same to you :) :)

(14:05:58) @tweeting_frog I hope you are able to spend less time with them, then x

(14:07:07) @gill_bee Wonderfully captured, too :)

(14:07:36) @Karen_Kay_ Hahaha! Ohhh yes. Subvert it, baby :D

(14:18:06) @Karen_Kay_ Y'know I don't think I get nearly as many Promoted tweets... or I just gloss over them :D But interesting demographic choice..!

(14:18:47) @nejomo Wow..! Glorious :)

(16:09:48) @noisebird I love love love the architecture of Quay House :)

(16:42:37) @Karen_Kay_ @galaxia416 I thought you had just gone Geordie on my ass (Why aye canny lass!)

(16:43:29) @Lizzing You're not wrong. Or so bad yourself @quibelles #boycrush

(16:49:12) Brilliant #numberwang

(17:34:18) @revkatebottley Gun's version wasn't bad, to be fair. #oldbutnotthatold #wellOKold

(17:34:59) @lol929 That is beautiful! :) Thank you for sharing it :) @johannariley

(17:35:12) @KermitMash Niceness!

(17:37:28) @lol929 @johannariley Yes yes! :) Beautiful! They're two of my favourite birds right there! What camera/lens do you use, Laura?

(17:37:52) @sharonlangridge Please be sure to come up for air! #dolphin

(20:13:44) @nxmee Until they hit you with the naughty stick again... (or whatever it's called)

(20:14:24) @andytuk I think I've probably still got one somewhere... along with my AWE32 :D

(20:15:27) @mostlygeordie @BaronHawkey Please note: NEXT weekend (in the UK). Hugs and sleep!

(20:16:56) @kathyclugston TOP BREAD.

(20:17:44) @mostlygeordie @BaronHawkey I am SO sorry #badthingshappentoITsystemsonclockchangenight #Itakeittooseriously #sorry #sorryagain

(20:32:03) @mostlygeordie Okeydiddly! @BaronHawkey

(20:36:52) @revkatebottley Good evening :) Will you be on telly tonight? I do hope so :)

(20:38:22) @nxmee Splendid!

(20:39:18) @Moominstrudel This is one hell of a hobby. Love it!

(21:31:22) I wish I'd had a Stag Mass. #MooneBoy

(21:31:52) @giagia Hey hey hey!

(22:05:15) @revkatebottley but your and @MajorDufus's virtuoso viola(?) performance did make the cut :D @GoggleboxBuster #gogglebox

(22:40:37) @sm2n God Bless Lisa C from Customer Services (and her friend Emma-Louise)

(22:41:04) @karenjeynes I love your penchant for words :)

(22:51:44) Last night's @Weekendery show has lolloped into the #MintFM archives: Why not have a listen? It's various! :)

(22:53:08) @PrincessBagel Good night, lovely. Hope @DigitalAmoeba gets some rest soon :) @sportrelief

(22:55:15) @karenjeynes I could've accrued points for myriad words, were I not so fatigued and slightly palintoshed. Onwards...

(22:56:12) Time for evaporation. Condensation due in just over 8 hours.... night!

(23:10:25) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery Travel News - 20th March 2014 via @audioboo

(23:11:37) @TomCampbell I suppose it's good for the stereo checking... #testtransmission

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(07:50:56) @lloydbayley I went to bed shortly after.. ringing head! Hope your day has gone well so far :)

(09:48:20) @BritishTech @neilcochrane1 *cries just a little*

(09:48:58) @lloydbayley Sounds like a hive of activity while all I've done is dream :D Work time for me now :)

(09:50:12) @Dreamy_lyrics Sending you strength and patience!

(10:21:04) @PrincessBagel Congratulations! :) @Mr_Mike_Clarke

(10:23:08) @lloydbayley Splendid. I have been very naughty and eaten biscuits... slap wrists!

(10:23:25) @maycliff56 Mornin' :)

(10:31:04) @maycliff56 You too, ma'am :)

(10:48:39) @missmayawolff NOOOOO! I feel your pain!

(10:50:38) Here's a sad series of tweets - inspired by @missmayawolff and someone else on my timeline who suffered the same..

(10:53:03) @missmayawolff Clearly needs a support group ;) Hope you get some coffee anyway!

(10:55:49) @sacs Easiest peasiest answer? Google Chrome opens PDFs natively...

(11:12:28) @BritishTech Oh no.. your definition was fine.. :) @neilcochrane1

(11:13:04) @sacs Oooh... that's not so good. As you were :)

(14:14:40) RT @DeeSelected: @syzygy @missmayawolff I've got 4 backup cafetieres, heh heh.

(14:15:12) @EwenRankin @BritishTech @neilcochrane1 I may well have to do that :D

(14:17:18) To heck with this, I'm off down the bingo.

(14:20:32) @CarolKettley Hahaha! I reckon if I win any celebratory party I throw will be a full house ;)

(14:37:47) @paulums I'm doing it in honour of the memory of the Two Fat Ladies :D

(14:38:07) @CarolKettley Oh yes you could!

(14:42:20) @CarolKettley YOU WIN! YEAH (I think) ;)

(15:05:29) My #FirstTweet: Not using the iPAQ, nor the Mac any more. Still a geek. #First10million

(15:13:30) @missy_molly_mol @LilyThePurr That is a splendid opening gambit :D

(15:19:46) @LilyThePurr Yup. I even do the voice*.

(15:24:48) @bowbrick AND IT CAME TRUE. Possibly.

(17:04:32) @LizzyWelshCake Ahh that's a pity... but yes.. I can't believe that's SEVEN years ago ... almost to the day!

(17:35:25) @Lycan33 May well be the French.

(19:04:35) @LizzyCrone I've got my 1p off voucher and I'm gonna use it ;)

(20:19:24) Good heavens... Thursday again? That means The @Weekendery is back on at 9pm UK time... eclectic music and THINGS!

(20:29:21) @thatsjustme0 Now THAT is the weekend right there! x

(21:10:25) @1969Steve @MintFM @syzygy @weekendery Evening, Steve! A couple of peculiar technical issues.. sorry for the delay! :)

(21:15:17) The @Weekendery is ON-AIR at - if you like it, why not take it home in a doggy bag? Playing Empire Of The Sun. TUNE!

(21:15:29) @1969Steve Hurrah! :)

(21:17:46) @thatsjustme0 All in your jammies? I hope so :) With a glass of something delicious. A glass of you :D (That sounds wrong. Sorry :D)

(21:24:48) @thatsjustme0 That sounds just lovely :)

(21:49:17) This week's @Weekendery "My Genre-ation" is Symphonic Metal; now playing Apocalyptica - I Don't Care. Epic. Oh yeah!

(21:50:39) Tonight's Symphonic Metal Answer that needs a question: "Only the cellists got prosecuted" - but what's the question..? @Weekendery #MintFM

(22:40:32) @1969Steve We're a close knit radio station - got to be said!

(23:07:02) Another splendid @Weekendery draws to a close - thank you if you listened.. if not, the download will be available soon! Night night! :)

(23:11:14) @CarolKettley Night, Carol! :)

(23:11:55) @thatsjustme0 Let's hope so! :) Bring it on! :) xx

(23:22:28) @RadioLaB971fm BOOMIN'! #BassFace

(23:33:08) @RadioLaB971fm You're doing great :)

(23:53:56) @RadioLaB971fm Epic! THANK YOU :)

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(00:02:00) @slandi Oh my. This is more complicated than I had hitherto expected. I shall do perpendicular to toothbrushing... surely that'll work..? :D

(00:04:02) @slandi Eyes getting heavy.. I'd better make a decision before I just sleep right here :D Night!

(09:49:11) @SheleileighLaw Morning again! :)

(10:03:11) @PlainTalkingHR You're brilliant :)

(10:04:39) @nickpiggott I ran out very quickly and had to buy one of those automatic switcher things from Aldi.. :D

(10:40:19) Good morning on Humpday. Today I got a dayglo jacket.

(11:11:17) RT @TotesAmazeAK: Instead of posting a 'natural selfie' with no explanation, why not go here & actually donate? Make a real difference.

(11:19:21) @RatuKatu Hoping for the best. Hate it when it's not clear cut x

(11:20:48) @tweeting_frog Good morning, Clare. How is everything your side of the channel?

(11:21:25) @ellewadding I'm a FIRE WARDEN YEAH! Dingalingalingaling *GET OUT!* Sorted.

(11:21:48) @PlainTalkingHR Heh... and feel warm and appreciated, too, I hope! :)

(11:23:23) @RubyJubilee Looks uncomfortable! :/

(11:26:47) Small coffee and Spotify. Bliss.

(11:27:11) @TOther_Simon *applauds* That is inspired.

(11:50:48) @streakmachine Aye, sir - that be the case. That said, it's hard to find new music on there... quite a lot of established pop thereon.. :D

(12:05:20) @streakmachine Ahh I guess :) I'm trying to do some research for my show while I work :)

(12:16:56) Hey @poots let's go on a @Tesco #FuelSave Road Trip! TO JINSY

(12:17:59) @streakmachine I'm having more of a rummage as I type! :)

(12:33:13) @paulwheatley Macworld..? I hadn't heard ;)

(13:05:00) @Karen_Kay_ A presentation that begins badly and you know it's just going to get worse..?

(13:09:08) @coxchat It's a link to your mailbox, I'm afraid.. I can't read it :)

(13:33:58) @lizzysometimes The government's parents.

(13:35:44) @coxchat I think you should. From what I've read it's more than just gratuitous shenanigans. Also: please report back.

(13:38:16) @SheleileighLaw How's it looking?

(14:49:25) @SheleileighLaw No sign of spring yet? Boo..! Hope you got out for a run in the end.. I find once I get going it's a bit easier! :)

(14:51:29) @Moominstrudel Boost your seratonin.. have a biccy! :)

(15:18:58) @mostlygeordie I saw.. ohhh yes. But said nothing. ;)

(18:02:44) @SheleileighLaw Did ya get your run?

(21:58:12) RT @gagebock: Off for a 10km run than a ham sandwich. Ever.

(21:58:48) @lloydbayley Morning chief :)

(21:59:04) @badpenny31 Night night :)

(21:59:21) RT @1969Steve: On @MintFM at the top of the hour it's Steve's House of Fun on with me on #MintFM. Did you get that? …

(22:22:38) @1969Steve Got you on in the background while I do my show prep :)

(22:40:57) @1969Steve Thanks for playing it! :)

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(02:21:01) All done with another stealthy bit of overnight work. Next: caffeine crash and bed. Night night!

(12:34:07) @gugucachoo Belinda.

(12:41:16) @gugucachoo Loreen? Katja? Vane$a? Bob? Moravee, Prinzess, Coral, Petunia or Hharriette? Sanamtha? Almera? Heather Small? Laycey? Jamesetta?

(12:41:29) @gugucachoo Hope that is of use.

(12:43:09) I've been added to @ellewadding's Listy-list list. Best list ever. I should start using Twitter lists. Or listing at least. Ever so slightly

(12:43:20) @gugucachoo Oooh yes :)

(12:48:56) @quibelles If you can, you should - it's how contractors work. Set up "Helen Smellen Enterprises" and go for it. Expect tax forms...

(16:20:38) @MammaGump We've got a Samsung. Works lovely.

(16:24:33) Looks like the #LutonHappy video made it to HuffPo..

(17:31:00) @ellewadding I know what you mean - and I am honoured to be listed :)

(17:31:32) @quibelles True.. true.. full time is a large commitment, but it means they love you :)

(17:42:26) @Barwickgreen Pomona NEWS!

(18:27:54) @Dreamy_lyrics I've thrown off the yoke of work and I'm tuned in for the last half hour :)

(18:28:49) @ellewadding @TweetLanes Splendid! :)

(18:31:45) @Dreamy_lyrics Can't wait to hear how you pronounce "David Bowie" :D

(18:33:31) @Dreamy_lyrics Dafeed Bowveeay :D

(18:40:11) @Dreamy_lyrics YA MESS! Pretty much sums me up. This Anapolkka song is brilliant!

(18:48:57) @kimhillyard Love your work! :)

(20:49:17) @custardlove What a wonderful offer - I'll tweet my Salford Quays pals... is there a web link? @Barwickgreen #Pomona 

(21:15:56) Salford / Manchester folk - important #Pomona event on Friday! Please go... there will be cake:

(21:53:12) @boggits Thanks for the retweet, James!

(22:06:42) @LizzyWelshCake I AM V INTERESTED! :) :) I would love to hear it.. x

(22:07:16) @LizzyWelshCake BRILLIANT :) :)

(22:08:06) @LizzyWelshCake Can't believe I missed this.. I must have been away from Twitter... x

(23:05:24) @LizzyWelshCake Hats are cool :) :) xx

(23:16:24) @LizzyWelshCake I will be supporting you from afar :) :) x

(23:21:45) @LizzyWelshCake Now now... it may sound like that to you, but it is a delightful lilt to the rest of us :p

(23:33:29) @LizzyWelshCake *big big hug* :)

(23:48:19) Bed. I think I know what I'm doing. Horizontal, right? Night...

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(08:12:05) @Faulko1 @HCCMK @grebble @MKEXPO @viki__xx @gemch @balaganlive @laurafalconer87 @edjames1 Lá 'le Pádraig!

(09:30:48) @GShang @CalmWaters73 Happy Anniversary to you! :) Wishing you many, many more years of happiness :)

(09:46:40) @RHA It's really weird.. I took delivery of MA750 and they sounded horrible to start with - I was pondering sending them back!

(09:48:10) @RHA Had me worrying that my ears were wrong! I was getting resonances in the mid-lows that were swamping the bass and losing sharpness. :/

(09:50:02) @PrincessBagel THEY LOVE YOU! :) @HamptonsPenarth

(09:52:40) @RHA Will do. Spent yesterday evening picking the most comfortable tips and going through my favourite CDs. I'll try again tonight. Cheers!

(10:19:15) @PrincessBagel I can't get over how tiny it is! :)

(10:22:21) Morning. Some measure success by the size of their bundle of keys. I measure it by whether I can find my house keys at all. Today: SUCCESS.

(11:15:42) @tweeting_frog Bon Matin! Could be a lot worse, eh? I hope your Monday has commenced with aplomb :)

(11:16:01) @CarolKettley Mornin' ma'am. I trust you're doing splendidly?

(11:16:17) @edtjones *coughs* Our old boss..

(11:16:48) @edtjones And there was a bloke at church yesterday who had a MASSIVE bunch of keys. Probably opens all of Luton.

(11:19:39) @prc320 Mark: IMPORTANT. I just got a dangerous hack tweet from you. Please check your twitter applications permissions...

(11:20:11) @tweeting_frog Hahahaha! Touché!

(11:32:59) @prc320 All good - glad it's all safe now.

(12:32:45) @stu4art Hi, Stu! Happy Monday :) I'm glad you're enjoying he Weekendery - I'll upload last Thursdays later :) SmashHit looks fun.. smashy!

(12:35:06) @lizzysometimes I will remain content living in a world where people I follow on twitter use the word 'deemed'. :)

(15:15:16) @Lizzing @ASOS You don't really get much for your money, do you..?!

(15:48:54) @CatsAreLoud That is fantastic :) And it makes me think: that's why I have middle age spread... makes it more comfortable doing it :D

(15:49:38) @Lizzing Put it like that it's even less of a bargoon! :D

(15:50:19) @LizzyCrone Hey you're deeming like Jan Leeming. It's a level of deeming I can only dream of. Deem of. Something...

(15:58:13) @cazie5 But SO exciting! I hope the coffee is decent. #ProTip: Bring yours in

(16:02:04) @qqtx Nice to get that visual warning :D Hope it returns soon...

(16:04:50) @LizzyCrone After some assessment, I deem that thoroughly appropriate for this afternoon. #ProTip: Always assess before you deem.

(16:05:10) @cazie5 YOSS #purepro

(16:50:33) @Lizzing What you save on postage you can spend on short! #sendpics

(16:52:59) I wonder which of my children's aunts is the giddiest.

(16:54:03) @Moominstrudel @becnard BUSTED!

(17:25:19) @brennig Oh for sure... #LivingDangerously

(23:34:50) @quibelles Hello. I have no idea what you're talking about :)

Tweets for 16 Mar 2014

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(09:16:43) @batwench Always a great listen - do you subscribe to the A Point Of View podcast? It's my Friday bedtime indulgence 😊

(09:17:02) @Chocohalix Morning ma'am :(

(09:17:11) @Chocohalix Oops.. I meant :)

(12:21:23) @pearcen I don't think it even deserves to be called a coffee grinder. Coffee botherer perhaps. BAD BAD thing! @Karen_Kay_

(12:22:46) @SoreenHQ Either chocolate Soreen or A Soreen snack bar thing. Which would be quite cool #Soreen #Random #MALTLOAF

(12:52:51) @revkatebottley How did it go? I always find the mood much lighter when the sun's streaming in... makes listening to a sermon much nicer 😉

(13:00:59) @revkatebottley Sounds good :) We got a breakdown of John 3:16... and bombay mix & prawn crackers with the after service coffee. #various

(13:14:15) @dlwp This sounds BRILLIANT. Wish I were there... @Bowen707

(13:17:27) @ajlanghorn Surely that's not normal..?! £20 is a reasonable amount to pay to see a band sing and play, right..?

(18:04:33) I'd never seen one of these before - a Microcar MC1 (505cc 2 cylinder engine with CVT transmission)…

(18:11:17) @sm2n O lordy... those random cupboards of knobs have let you down..!

(18:17:06) @sm2n BUT WHICH ONE..? One if these knobs is not like the other. You should be OK to replace it. The game is on.

(18:18:25) @EmmaTofi and clicking 'back' a couple of times did nothing? ~holds breath~ I hope it was cathartic anyway.

(18:18:52) @thenewbrunette Was there a fish head within?

(18:21:06) @thenewbrunette Heh ;)

(20:56:15) @Barwickgreen THREE? That's a record hustle and bustle.

(20:56:45) Strangest ever thing. I appear to be wearing in a pair of in-ear headphones. Is that normal, @RHA?

(20:59:39) @streakmachine The replacement (the 'M.Go' isn't nearly as clunky.. but it looks like the MC1 is still featching top dollar on eBay! (£2K+!)

(21:00:28) @CatsAreLoud Hahaha! Tesceen :D I saw a Costa in Tesco the other day and got all nearly anagrammatically confused :D @SoreenHQ Soresco!

(21:55:50) @streakmachine Heh.. you're much more likely to find parts for it! :D

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(09:38:34) @pearcen @johnny_winter Badum tish!

(20:38:29) @Bearlydithers It does a very cheerful rendition of "Under The Sea" with which we all join in. Top fun in our house :D @revkatebottley

(20:39:12) @PrincessBagel Look after yourself sweety. And clearly not @bubwal (what caused that..?!)

(20:39:48) @chchchchelsea I find every bunch of spring onions is different 😉

(21:02:02) @aylin_eser Fascinating! And inspiring :)

(21:03:24) @IPTechShark Bliss! Happy shark :)

(21:07:11) Sofa time. Plenty of outdoor time in amazing weather today. All tired out now and a little footsore.

(21:08:37) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 Oh bless you two.

(21:25:04) @SheleileighLaw Wow..!

(21:26:53) @brennig That's the hills over Luton. I'm not entirely sure it's the best quality photo.. but the weather was perfect for a panorama!

(21:27:13) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Giggidy.

(21:47:04) @brennig Thank you :)

(21:55:35) @brennig Good call.

(22:26:24) RT @poots: My dear husband is crying laughing as he tells me a tale of small boys chasing cows in Dunstable today. He has some odd times.

(22:26:47) I got a bit sunburned today too...

(22:28:13) @slandi Not bad for mid-March!

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(08:39:22) @Tactless_Blonde I haven't. Nice surprise :)

(08:39:27) @DawnLoweActress @GiveBloodNHS NICE! :)

(08:40:06) @Karen_Kay_ Heehee :D Happy Pi day to you too. In America ;)

(10:02:18) @wuthering_alice Oh wow! Happy birthday :) :)

(10:07:02) It's amazing how little one can do on the web these days with javascript disabled. Especially when one forgets one has disabled javascript.

(10:46:26) This chap regularly amuses me with science...

(10:47:05) Tiny, tiny hadron collider.

(10:48:01) New law: phone app stores should have two categories - productivity apps and unproductivity apps. I keep making bad mistakes. Ohh yeah.

(10:51:19) @lloydbayley Hahahaha! Oops.. :D

(10:51:51) @streakmachine Sorry... couldn't read that tweet... javascript was disabled ;)

(11:01:09) @paulwheatley I wonder if it's a function of faster hardware that more stuff (AJAX calls etc) can happen in the background without impact...

(11:02:10) @paulwheatley I kind of understood that HTML5 built in a lot of what Javascript still does, but maybe just not yet/backwards compatibility.

(11:02:30) @streakmachine :D

(14:07:38) RT @1StevieKilner: @SlowSlownews @_youhadonejob And to think, some people say we live in a nanny state. Really gets my goat...... http://t.…

(14:08:39) @Stenbird You really need a badge. Or a level up. @PontoonDock

(16:57:17) @Karen_Kay_ Mighty fine! Cheers :)

(17:21:49) @SarahAliceJ Please wave to Bexhill as you go past! #WhereIMisSpentSomeOfMyYouth @MattLakin1

(17:22:45) RT @MintFM: Calling all 80s music fans! At the top of the hour join @1969Steve for Living In The 80s on for plenty o…

(17:27:09) @SarahAliceJ YAY! Thank you :) Have a splendid weekend x

(21:51:38) I've got a boy crush on Rev Kate. #gogglebox

(21:53:26) @Lizzing

(21:54:24) @Lizzing My two are nearly old enough that I'm the one sleeping while they drink the wine 😃

(21:58:16) @quibelles YAY I happen to love @revkatebottley now I know of her existence.

(21:58:51) @quibelles How did you hear of her?

(22:01:56) Green comb stuck in hair. It's the look for Spring '14 #gogglebox

(22:05:17) @Bearlydithers Probably my favourite episode ever... Claudia Winkleman who is completely bonkers and @revkatebottley singing our doorbell.

(22:06:34) @revkatebottley Doesn't make particularly good telly if you're back there :D Are ya coming on again? How do you like the fame..?

(22:11:45) @revkatebottley It's always more fun with company! My job is to try and keep @poots awake. Greetings to you, @majordufus (top piano action!)

(22:19:32) @revkatebottley I know it's a bit of an 'inside baseball' question but are there people around/in the house when you're watching telly?

(22:46:47) @revkatebottley Ahh cool - thank you :)

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(08:08:45) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) Misty one here... hope your Thursday has started in style :) :)

(08:14:50) @thatsjustme0 Nice wiggling action..! I'm still trying to avoid moving too much... too early for bouncing :D Good luck buffet avoiding! x

(08:26:38) @goitsagch Loks more like the collection office on Stuart Street to me ;) @LutonEye

(08:27:24) @thatsjustme0 Thanks, lovely - I'm sure it will! :)x

(08:33:08) @SamRSparrow Fantastic! I would love to get off at Green Park and walk, but unfortunately I work in Watford... :D

(08:37:08) @quibelles I'm right behind you...

(08:37:43) @goitsagch Bit of a pea souper to be fair, though! @LutonEye

(11:51:35) I love it... someone has set up a "C:" alias on this linux box... "echo 'Error: There is no such thing as a drive C: in Linux!'" Brilliant.

(11:52:21) @TedOfficialPage @bexlum38 I had to reflect on that for a while...

(11:53:47) I'm the home of the medium sized plate not particularly special.

(11:56:28) I've decided I'm not a sociopath. I'm an idiopath.

(11:57:36) @Moominstrudel I rue the day they first used Comic Sans in WOLVERHAMPTON! 0<-->0

(11:57:51) RT @jopijedd: Why were there never any other songs about women who have stolen parts of Bette Davis' amatomy?

(12:09:35) @karenjeynes *applauds* And I like being called y'lovely.

(12:09:53) @CalmWaters73 :D :D

(12:10:29) @CalmWaters73 *applauds* I like!

(12:11:14) @bexlum38 Ahh yes.. Facebook - the epicentre of internet riddles! :D @TedOfficialPage

(13:42:31) @SheleileighLaw Yes please! :)

(13:43:30) @RadioKate ... or a sinkhole.

(14:02:36) @quibelles That is kind-of unbiased, isn't it..? Well, maybe biased against Lancashire :D

(14:03:12) @quibelles Me too, actually.

(14:21:47) @aalaap Wow. That is a LONG scene! I'm guessing the little car has some sort of explosive in it..? (Haven't seen Dead Pool.. worth a watch?)

(14:23:24) @aalaap I consider myself educated :D

(17:04:05) Viral thing I missed.. "First kiss" video was just an advertising stunt (duh!) ... and the first spoof's out already!

(17:11:47) @mostlygeordie definitely not an osteopath... that's all I know... as for being ridden roughshod over.. Well 😉😃

(17:31:49) RT @cntr_cltr: BBC3's Late Junction tonight is a Vocoder special | From Maria Minerva to Mdou Moctar | With @annehilde Neset 11pm | http://…

(17:59:11) @BlueMoon_11 Evenin' you! Did you have a fantastic birthday the other day? x

(19:57:31) @Wiccetrix Thank you for following me! I will do my best to be Moderately Entertaining and nice :)

(20:43:12) At the top of the hour, the @Weekendery comes trundling onto with a bumper Get My Goat from lovely Twitters and MORE!

(20:43:50) @BlueMoon_11 hurrah! Save for a couple of unnecessarily late nights and the odd sneezing fit, I'm doing OK, thank you! :) Enjoy yourself! xx

(21:04:27) RT @sm2n: @1969Steve @syzygy I'm listening too! And chatting at @weekendery

(21:04:35) @1969Steve Evenin' Steve!

(21:05:15) @sm2n @weekendery Cheeky! :)

(21:34:35) Playing some 80s Dance Pop on The @Weekendery - and the answer is "A road cone and some discarded tinsel." .. but what's the question..?!

(21:49:36) @brennig @weekendery hahaahhaah! As far as you remember ;) NICE one :) :)

(22:20:38) @GHOGIT That is a frankly inspired guess. And wins this week's star prize (a vrtual huggy Jesus) @weekendery

(22:51:32) @TuneTweak Thanks for the follow! :)

(22:53:48) Tonight's @Weekendery natter ( has featured Google Streetviews of our childhood homes.. fun fun! (except Germany)

(23:03:32) @BlueMoon_11 Yay! Hope you get home soon and can remember the fun you had in the morning ;) xx

(23:07:15) @Wiccetrix I can't wait! :D

(23:07:44) Another fantastically enjoyable @Weekendery done and dusted.. the archive/podcast will be available tomorrow sometime! Night night :)

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(07:52:38) @Wiccetrix I have DOS2.1 running on a DEC Rainbow @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @paulums @paulwheatley @Engineerasaurus

(07:53:24) @Stenbird Ohhhhh ow! I hope the dentistists can do something about it... but yes that counts! @weekendery

(07:54:01) @meanjeen Absolutely! Case in point today... definitely noted 😊 @weekendery

(07:55:44) Morning. Season of mists and mellow fruitlessness. Or something.

(09:25:01) @arkdesc @sweden @SaraMrtsell @WikimediaSE Hej! *waves*

(09:27:27) @LilyThePurr "It's just an illusion..."

(09:28:43) @KateRobbins Camp caller :D

(09:30:03) RT @BBCRadio3: Happy Wednesday, world...

(09:30:53) @ajlanghorn I'm glad I read the responses before commenting :D

(09:35:09) RT @sliderulesyou: How to pour liquid from a carton properly, as explained by a Japanese diagram. Life now improved immeasurably. http://t.…

(09:35:54) @Z80GameCoder I had no idea it was computer generated.. as in.. entirely!

(09:58:10) Another fantastic WizzAir experience... I have just rebooked my flight home for the same time as it was, after they moved it to 06:00.. :/

(09:59:06) @LilyThePurr Hugs. My wife was on pregabalin for a while :/

(10:01:15) @prodnose I do hope the Neighbours theme is on there...

(10:52:48) @ajlanghorn If only you had read the reviews on O'Reilly's site..

(10:56:08) @ajlanghorn Good call.

(11:09:17) @CostaCoffee If I put an empty Costa coffee cup on my desk every day to advertise your fine products, how long before I deserve a free one?

(11:20:42) @lloydbayley Good night :)

(11:24:10) Top tip: type "Countdown Timer" into Google, and it presents you with a countdown timer in the search results. Neat.

(11:42:55) A very happy 25th birthday to inadvertent confusion between the internet and the world wide web.

(12:24:04) @fridgemagnet2 Bane of my life.

(12:54:39) @fridgemagnet2 ^^^ What you said. I'm only just moving from CVS -> SVN.

(13:24:05) @doubleflipit Our 10-y-o daughter has, but she's only allowed direct family (parents, g'parents, cousins, uncles & aunts) as friends.

(17:42:45) @paulums That's a gorgeous photo.. what did you take it with?

(20:42:02) @paulums And a fine eye for a photograph, sir :)

(20:42:30) @doubleflipit Definitely worth monitoring what's going on... :)

(20:43:03) @Tone_720 It's definitely what sets them apart :)

(20:44:30) @LizzyCrone If it's any consolation, you didn't ;)

(21:14:49) @RadioInTheUK Bloody hell! Getting! Nice tip - thank you.. :)

(21:19:07) @RadioInTheUK Cool! I'll definitely keep an eye on them over the next few days! :) Thank you :)

(21:19:11) RT @RadioInTheUK: @syzygy its part of Google Play Birthday celebrations, new album on offer everyday for 99p,previous ones have included Mi…

(21:27:19) @RadioInTheUK Cheers :)

(21:27:28) @thatsjustme0 Evenin' lovely DeeDee! :)

(21:31:47) RT @MintFM: Prepare to laugh your socks off! It's Steve's House of Fun with @1969Steve at the top of the hour on #Mi…

(21:54:13) @thatsjustme0 Good day? X

(22:41:58) @lloydbayley Oh my goodness! Must have pre-empted the clock change.. several times! Hope you have a good day despite the disturbance :)

(22:42:27) @thatsjustme0 Pretty much the same but with less sunshine :D I'm hoping to get some fresh air this weekend.. & praying it lasts that long! x

(22:52:28) @Wiccetrix There were few other search engines! @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @paulums @paulwheatley @Engineerasaurus

Tweets for 11 Mar 2014

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(11:44:59) @BitsyVonMuffin Ahh...

(11:57:01) @GHOGIT Heh... a slightly different definition to the one I intended :D

(11:57:30) @RichHarkness SPREADABLE! @olafzwyzt @HelenleeWhalley

(12:27:24) RT @brightonstation: If anyone needs to prove historic train lateness (as if such a thing would ever happen!) then this site will help you …

(14:35:48) Is it just me that gets halfway down a flight of stairs only to forget how to do stairs and have to relearn before I fall down the rest?

(14:37:52) @CarolKettley Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs. Quickly.

(14:39:04) The hardest thing about comparing CVS and SVN is typing "CVS vs SVN" into a search engine. Took me four goes.

(14:43:06) @RichHarkness Tip: arrange with parents to high five each others children. #howtobendnotbreaktherules

(14:43:38) @Faulko1 Are you still on air or have you put your iPod on shuffle? #personalityradio

(14:45:34) @CarolKettley YEAH! He's alive! @Faulko1

(14:47:36) @sacs Arghhh*sputters*

(14:48:09) @DeeSelected That made me chuckle just picturing it :D

(15:23:23) @1969Steve Tuned in. To last week's House Of Fun :D

(15:27:01) @CarolKettley @1969Steve I'm afraid so... I left during that Money on my mind" song... Sorry, @Faulko1! Is your show tightly playlisted?

(15:27:17) @connorwalsh Too much analysis :D

(15:27:38) @sacs YOSS!

(15:55:04) @poots Excellent! :) :)

(16:08:23) My dreams are too weird to be china in my hands.

(16:09:17) @karenjeynes *hopes you haven't burned out your headphones* :D

(16:21:04) @karenjeynes Oh I wouldn't worry about that - Twitter doesn't judge and nobody else noticed ;)

(16:21:35) @quibelles Niceness!

(18:57:15) @tobypinder O lordy! That said, I think the only downside of Git is its name. Not nearly enough V in it... 😃

(21:03:44) @AshleyPaulette But doesn't it feel better to have a smile? :)

(21:04:42) @MyLyricalMind It is a feeling I and many know well. My condolences #brokenheart

(21:06:29) @AshleyPaulette Brightened up my timeline anyway :) Smiley. Works for me...

(21:26:06) @badpenny31 Good night :)

(21:27:07) Has anything annoyed you this week? Please tweet me - I'm compiling a list of woes for this @Weekendery's Get My Goat section :)

(21:30:11) I'm not sure this is how Liberate by Erik Prydz is supposed to sound..

(21:30:29) @Tactless_Blonde Now THAT is what I'm talking about! :) Thank you! @weekendery

(21:32:44) @IPTechShark Conference call sponsored by Ariston? Can you put it on speaker/mute and make a cup of tea? It's what I do. Or go for a wee...

(21:34:56) Actually the new song by Erik Prydz is less interesting than that.

(21:38:30) @LizzyCrone Excellent work, ma'am! You're not the first to complain about the smell of Cornish Pasties on trains! :) :) #GetMyGoat

(21:46:11) @nicjomo How you managed to fit such a comprehensive list into just one tweet is impressive, sir! Thank you! :) :) @weekendery

(21:46:34) @nicjomo M. Gove put your phone off.. :D @weekendery

(21:47:29) @mostlygeordie Yes, yes and YES! Pot holes.. I pray every time I bump through one I didn't swerve in time to avoid! :D @weekendery

(21:48:13) @nicjomo They'll put him in charge of the NHS next.... :| @weekendery

(21:48:47) @DaisiesandPieUK And they are just perfection with salmon, scrambled egg and the other thing I can't rmember (rocket?)

(21:49:23) @mostlygeordie HAHA! To be honest, the two are almost indistinguishable! :D @weekendery

(21:49:33) @nicjomo NOOOOO! @weekendery

(21:50:05) @Barlie40 Good night, Jim. Rest well! :)

(22:01:07) @LizzyCrone Hahaha "So you'd better wrap up well, and wear those boots you've been saving to go down the shops in.." :D

(22:01:25) @goitsagch Amen. To both! :)

(22:01:48) @nicjomo The NSA will take one look and go "Pisstakers.." :D @weekendery

(22:02:51) Shutting down and going to bed. For great justice #sleep

(22:03:02) @Bearlydithers Busy bear! :)

(22:33:37) @RobJD Oh my.... #timetheflushcarefully @IPTechShark

(22:39:23) @batwench Gosh this takes me back.. move zig. @poots

Tweets for 10 Mar 2014

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(09:52:20) @wuthering_alice Oh, but if you could turn back time... ;)

(10:27:21) @RHA Thank you - much appreciated! :)

(10:30:04) @RHA Thank you! I'll look forward to hearing :) I'm a big fan of RHA, and would like to be an advocate! :)

(10:30:30) @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @paulums @paulwheatley @Engineerasaurus Still gonna be running it on my studio rig :D #XP

(10:51:59) @PrincessBagel I've got the Windows For Workgroups floppies :D @paulums @paulwheatley @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @Engineerasaurus

(10:52:38) @paulums @paulwheatley @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @Engineerasaurus I migrated computers to '95 in my first IT job :D

(10:53:07) @PrincessBagel You're looking good on it, ma'am #ZX81boy @paulwheatley @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @paulums @Engineerasaurus

(10:53:45) @paulwheatley Haha! Ohh yes.. "Please insert Disk #12" ... @PrincessBagel @paulums @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @Engineerasaurus

(11:00:32) @PrincessBagel I did! Brought it all back! @paulwheatley @DigitalAmoeba @jgamet @EwenRankin @paulums @Engineerasaurus @charltonbrooker

(11:43:28) RT @bobfmuk: Main Road Closed After Sink Hole Opens Up In Watford

(11:45:19) What have I missed this morning? A sink hole opening up in Watford & Jack rebranding as @BobFMuk (short for Kate?). HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

(11:45:36) @CarolKettley Crazy days. Crazy. Day. Smorning ':)

(11:46:07) Bob. Lordy.

(11:51:35) @poots Thanks sweety. I am going to have to have words with that cat.

(11:57:03) @tweeting_frog Heehee... nothing surprises me any more. Well, nearly nothing :D

(13:19:50) @EwenRankin Hope it goes well. All the best!

(13:56:26) @fridgemagnet2 To be fair the sinkhole in Watford is a bit disappointing. I thought you lost a load of railway down your way..?

(14:40:40) @RHA Super - thank you! To be honest, I find having headphones over my head to be rather annoying.. if the MA750s sound good, I'll invest!:)

(14:42:52) @PrincessBagel I'll be playing that on my show later in the week... share the suffering ;)

(14:55:16) @fridgemagnet2 Bob. Heh. Still not sure I'm quite there yet.

(15:33:34) @EwenRankin Good news :)

(15:34:30) @lizzysometimes I don't think you can spend a bad ten minutes doing that.

(15:35:56) @nxmee @dota2

(15:36:35) @BAFTAGames I deserve the @BAFTAGames #DOTA2Prize because it is the only thing that is stopping me conquering the universe for real.

(16:45:51) @hubbardcj @bobfmuk Are you going to get some Darrow announcements or equivalent? It won't be the same without a bit of acerbic wit!

(16:48:42) @BitsyVonMuffin Maggi?

(16:50:07) @hubbardcj How exciting! *prays it isn't Alan Carr*

(16:50:15) RT @hubbardcj: @syzygy We have a new voice of BOB - I have no idea who he is though! Top secret!

(16:50:48) @TheDoctorBob Really enjoying the pictures, Bob! Raise a glass for me! :)

(17:37:43) @EwenRankin But you passed the course, so all is right with the world :)

(19:34:14) @RobJD Heh.. quite so! @fridgemagnet2

(21:57:42) 430 calories burned in the weekly crap triathlon. I will be working hard at the sitting down to follow - another 15 calories at least. Yeah.

Tweets for 09 Mar 2014

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(08:39:36) Evolution of clothing: Superdry -> Firetrap -> Onfire. Ahthangyou

(08:39:48) @quibelles back to bed with you.

(08:40:46) @Faulko1 Morning :) Church is at 10, and I'm only just getting up :D Wasn't aware churchgoers made ~that~ much noise..?

(08:42:59) RT @olafzwyzt: IS DEAL! IS CHEAP! IS NOB! NOB!

(08:44:43) @wuthering_alice I bet it makes the kitchen smell lush too

(08:47:12) Morning. No music hangover which is a delight. Whether the latest @jamfolder track will ever see the light of day is another question...

(08:47:31) @badpenny31 Morning. Seeya :)

(09:02:09) @trevypoos Hahahaha! True!

(09:31:21) Handy website (via @ajlanghorn) to report premium passport / licence application websites:

(09:32:52) RT @trevypoos: @syzygy @ajlanghorn I would add to that driving test booking ones too. :)

(09:33:11) @CarolKettley Morning ma'am! @jamfolder

(12:39:36) @BlueMoon_11 Aye so it is! :)

(13:02:37) Sunday Morning Chaffinch via @audioboo

(13:13:08) @jakobrosin @RecEvery What a brilliant idea! Followed (And will add #RecEvery hashtag to future recordings :)

(13:13:36) @jakobrosin My Nokia Lumia 1520 - bought because it can record in stereo (although only in 'video' mode at the moment) :D

(13:14:17) @vobes I hope you are having a splendid day :) Definitely worth escaping the house!

(13:20:15) @RHA Hello! Just a quick question - does your 3 year warranty cover the issue pictured? I am VERY careful with them.

(13:21:49) @lizzysometimes The best things are definitely worth waiting for, though. Especially hedges.

(13:22:25) @vobes Oh I would SO love to be beside the seaside, especially since it's before tourist season! I may venture to the garden this afternoon!

(13:23:06) @BlueMoon_11 Glorious! I'm going to have a frolic in the back garden :)

(13:25:48) @RHA (Modified tweet) Also.. would you recommend these for in-studio mixing: How do they compare to closed-backs?

(13:26:15) @BlueMoon_11 Fantastic! We could well do with some professional effort in our garden, to be honest... it's a challenge at best! :) xx

(13:26:29) @BlueMoon_11 I'd love to see a photo of said garden/frolicking!

(13:26:39) @vobes Cheers! :)

(18:17:57) @thatsjustme0 Sounds like you've had quite a day! x

(18:19:06) @mostlygeordie Gonna make a note of that one - ticks all the boxes for me! x

(18:20:44) First car cleaning session of the year. Even if they're only a bit shiny for a couple of days, it's still a tribute to the kids' teamwork!

(18:21:46) @ms_howard Now that's what I like to hear!

(19:13:41) Hmm. Travel arrangement nuisance.. flight has been rescheduled for the next day and I've booked a hotel with a no-cancellation policy. Meh.

(19:14:29) I wonder if travel insurance works before the actual event... *ponders*

(19:16:27) @GShang my bank offers travel insurance with their current account, but I think it takes effect when travel happens.. this is in May.

(19:26:57) @RobJD Ahh the delights of budget travel - I should've chartered my own private jet & booked a suite in the Hilton. If there is a Hilton :D

(19:27:18) @ebilouskittious keeping my fingers crossed 😊😊 Cheers!

(19:27:53) @SheleileighLaw I'll see what I can persuade them to offer.. it was only one night but hey... 😊

(19:31:05) @SheleileighLaw Thanks, lovely :) It feels better to have shared my frustration 😊😊

(19:35:23) @thatsjustme0 Cheapo airline... and since the rescheduled flight is within 24 hours apparently they can do that sort of thing.. ahh well. x

(19:39:37) @thatsjustme0 I'll give it a go - it's with my bank

Tweets for 08 Mar 2014

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(11:06:09) @PrincessBagel @bubwal @Ste_F1 BRILLIANT! :)

(13:48:58) @LizzyWelshCake Wow! Congratulations to her :) :)

(17:41:20) @SheleileighLaw Oh that is a cracker! And perfect for the day :)

(17:43:45) @SheleileighLaw And definitely a song I've not heard in years! Inexplicably..!

(18:36:57) @PeachLaneStudio Its been a delightful combination of housework and resting - if such a thing is possible. How was yours? x

(18:40:22) @PeachLaneStudio Sounds like all go! Enjoy your evening :) :)

(18:48:35) @Dreamy_lyrics jaw dropping :D

(18:49:34) @Dreamy_lyrics Heh. Gravity! King of dropping...

(18:49:51) @Dreamy_lyrics Anyway, one of your dog's ears already drops, doesn't it? ;)

(18:50:00) @thenewbrunette Do it.

Tweets for 07 Mar 2014

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(08:31:31) @goitsagch that would certainly work as an infographic :D

(08:32:11) @neilcochrane1 Great minds! @LukeStruts @weekendery 

(10:23:49) @ajlanghorn Funnily enough our discussion has been about jellyfish.

(10:24:02) @ajlanghorn Edlin, though..?!

(10:25:19) @IPTechShark My goodness ... that doesn't sound good. You seem quite lovely - not sure why anyone would hate you. If they do: their loss. x

(10:26:13) @fiverscarrot Oh crumbs.. even after a reset (holding in the power button - sometimes needs to be up to a couple of minutes) and charged?

(11:15:01) #FreeCheeseFriday - possibly the best hashtag every.

(11:55:24) I haven't got nearly enough make-up on today.

(13:18:15) @stevenaybour Congratulations! You're a WINNER!

(13:26:52) @missmcq I wouldn't dare... might dislocate your ankle :/

(13:55:11) @SheleileighLaw Ear make-up? 😃

(13:55:18) @SheleileighLaw

(13:55:32) @SheleileighLaw Oh and it just means I look rough as.

(15:41:55) @Stenbird Nobody comments on how I look any more #nohope :D

(15:42:06) @SheleileighLaw My face needs to be at least 3mm thicker :D

(15:42:30) @ajlanghorn I am pondering keeping fish at my desk. Live ones, obv.

(18:29:35) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket Show is up ‘Don’t feed Windows Ph…’ with @paulwheatley @syzygy @streakmac

(19:09:50) @emtgates Difficult third season! :) I'm looking forward to it too...

(19:13:57) @Stenbird I hope it doesn't take too many episodes. Hug from me x

(19:14:16) @Superblouse Apparently I'm "in a facetious mood this evening." Win. I think.

(19:20:56) My son was telling me about the book they're reading at school "Lord of the Files." I told him to zip it. HAHAAHHAHAH. jk.

(19:21:52) @Stenbird Owowowowow x

(19:22:05) @johannariley I'm all about the virtual hugs.

(19:22:30) @Superblouse They should really make that into a Twitter hashtag.

(19:23:24) @Superblouse Was it full of iron-y... wood you recommend it to other readers or would it drive-r them mad? AHAHAAHA. oh.

(19:24:13) @Superblouse Almost as good as my golf puns. Were there golf puns? If not, oh.

(19:24:40) @CarolKettley Hope you feel all better soon.

(19:48:03) From this week's @Weekendery - @JohnDredge Interview - Poet Laureate - some comedy to help you into your weekend!

(19:48:48) From this week's @Weekendery - This weekend's handy travel tips

(20:15:17) @tobypinder And that's for the game!

(20:27:45) @sarahjaneuk It's OK, I'm home now. And it's dark :D

(20:37:36) @BaronHawkey Go you, sir!

(21:37:49) @BitsyVonMuffin That would be hilarious! @Nicalalala

(21:41:03) @DaisiesandPieUK Scone as in 'epitome'.

(21:46:18) @BitsyVonMuffin frankly I'd come over to watch that even if you weren't on telly. @Nicalalala

(21:46:51) @DeeSelected Hope they're resting now - and you!

(21:54:39) @LutonEye Yup... Gonna miss @LutonNewsConnie - will she change her name?

(22:45:31) @thatsjustme0 Gonna be lovely! #springforabit

(22:47:47) @smartie999 That picture pretty much sums up what I love about you... wish you wore that all the time! :) <3

(22:48:22) @PeachLaneStudio I think that's equally laudable and much more interesting! x

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(00:33:36) The playlist is pretty-much sorted and I'm pretty-much asleep. This time tomorrow, @Weekendery will be a memory and I'll be in bed. Night!

(08:30:47) @smartie999 @badpenny31 Hello lovely yous xx

(08:31:17) @poots Glorious!

(08:54:36) @smartie999 T'was ever so... please bring the hat :D @badpenny31

(10:24:39) Good morning. A number of questions occur to me: how have I managed to lose my hoodie? Why does my head hurt a bit? Is this Thursday, then?

(10:25:22) RT @cr3: Guys you've gotta remember to close your H3 tags (via HN)

(10:48:35) @Tuglets I feel naked. Oh. Hang on. I am. Better go home from the office and put some clothes on #likeanightmare

(10:49:01) @contrarywitch The depressing bit is that I can't remember. And I've checked FB and Twitter... :D

(10:49:27) @76Wilbury I don't suppose you've got a space/time sewing kit, do you..?

(10:59:43) @76Wilbury If it involves smearing, I'm in.

(11:24:54) @76Wilbury I'll send out a subspace message to Get Yer Pancakes Ready!

(11:40:35) @johnny_winter I often ask myself how do I work this thing...

(11:53:01) @johndredge I try to snog... marry... avoid watching it HAHHHAHAHHAAHAAH oh.

(12:23:51) @PrincessBagel Big hugs and strength sending your way x

(12:25:01) @IPTechShark With a red exclamation mark... it's that "Please move my request above all the others cos I don't care about them" thing :D

(12:25:25) @Karen_Kay_ This is actually quite quite lovely. I need to play more Arcade Fire on the show...

(12:28:00) @rebeccajanetv How did you get on? x

(12:36:29) @rebeccajanetv Sounds like a great way to end the day/night! :D

(12:44:22) @rebeccajanetv I used to be a radio engineer for the BBC; now I do radio as a hobby with a small internet radio station.. can never leave!

(13:03:37) If I were an all-powerful benevolent dictator, I would employ @LukeStruts and Régine Chassagne to sing for me every day. Together. Top epic.

(13:30:49) @mrs_forky And a very interesting story, too - certainly had me standing by my tesselator! @thisisjinsy

(13:32:32) @fiverscarrot My Nexus 7 does that when the battery's run out. Sticking it on charge, leaving it for 20 min then resetting it tends to work

(16:19:40) @ellewadding We tend to run out of fresh milk.. :| Hope you can replenish your supplies before the need for tea becomes urgent! :)

(20:19:59) At the top of the hour, The @Weekendery comes bounding along the lane, draggin features & music behind it. ENJOY!

(20:47:19) @CherryKaz1 @dj_monkeyboy Thank you for the retweets! :) :)

(20:48:13) @PrincessBagel For what it's worth, my phone doesn't get too hot either.. hope you can get yours sorted.

(20:49:08) @Superblouse You are an amazing storyteller. Love it.

(20:59:29) Crashing on air on @MintFM in just a mo.. it's The @Weekendery ... join the natter or #mintfm

(21:04:41) @1969Steve Big greetings to you! :)

(21:29:12) @1969Steve It's an absolute cracker, isn't it! :) :)

(22:19:21) Playing the new song by Mike Oldfield with brilliant vocals by @LukeStruts @TheWeekendery #MintFM

(23:04:49) Another wonderful @Weekendery finished and left to dry overnight.. thank you to everyone who contributed! Really enjoyed tonight's show :)

(23:10:21) @goitsagch Absolutely... in a similar(ish?) vein to Moonlight Shadow, though? )

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(09:58:32) @koshkajay I'm sure Twitter can help...

(11:08:28) @LyleD4D Clearly @koshkajay is not keen to benefit from our critical eye. I'm trying to build myself up as the Twitter Gok Wan. Twok Wan.

(11:23:23) @lizzysometimes Humans also respond to reverse psychology, but you wouldn't want to make any response to that.

(11:35:26) @Karen_Kay_ That's a bit deep and ponderous for early morning..? How about some diddly diddly music? Drum and bass remix.

(11:46:07) @Karen_Kay_ Y'know I've only heard Send Me On My Way.. I shall have to further investigate their oevre...

(11:46:25) @tweeting_frog Good morning and happy Ash Wednesday!

(11:48:41) @Karen_Kay_ Thank you! :)

(11:56:39) @tweeting_frog Thank you :) I observe it but not actively :)

(11:57:12) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Happy Wednesday to you too :) And uh-oh...

(12:05:25) @lhsi Nice.. one for @nxmee to try :) Thanks for the link and for coding the app!

(12:06:47) RT @_ColinAnderson: We're recruiting for BBC Radio Comedy Staff Writers. This is a pretty amazing opportunity:

(12:46:44) Still a bit concerned at how badly I did helping my daughter with some rather tricky Sudoku puzzles at breakfast time. Want to finish them!

(12:47:33) @Tesco I'm the same with (black and white) pepper and (bell and chilli) peppers.

(14:58:41) Things I learned today: Las Vegas is geographically north of Los Angeles. I had no idea. Where it was. Mainly.

(15:00:28) @IPTechShark If it's any consolation, I'm still suffering the after effects of dentistry at the weekend #hurtymouth

(16:14:17) @IPTechShark Hopefully your jaw will recover very soon *hug* I had a tooth removed.. sensitive gap and the left corner of my lip is sore :|

(16:21:51) @IPTechShark PS Now is NOT the time to demonstrate the Snooker Ball Trick. It won't come back out... #dislocated

(16:52:20) @rebeccajanetv Sleep. Sugar will give you a major crash :|

(17:44:20) @hubbardcj There's local... and then there's a rewritten press release and free advertising :D

(17:44:53) @cazie5 Who's that of?

(17:45:30) @cazie5 Lookin' right grand :)

(21:30:25) @cazie5 That you are gorgeous :)

(21:47:35) While @clairebland1 delves into her musical Vault on, I'm preparing tomorrow's @Weekendery .. want anything played?

(21:48:23) Also: we're doing a special linguistic "Get My Goat" - what idioms do only idots use? What business buzzword grind your gears? Bring it! :)

(21:56:33) @ixdStudio Heehee.. not just me, then :D email if you have something you really want to get off your chest! :)

(22:09:25) @PrincessBagel Oh my goodness yes. I love both of those. That is to say I despise them :D

(22:20:01) RT @MintFM: Steve's House of Fun is now live on Tune in for 2 hours of fun & games #MintFM

(22:22:17) @Karen_Kay_ Don't feel bad. Perhaps take something up instead? Pay forward once a week? Donate to a food bank? Meditate every day?

(22:37:57) @SheleileighLaw I come from a rich Catholic tradition. Some things never really leave one... @Karen_Kay_

(22:38:11) @Karen_Kay_ Oh you. You're always nice :p

(22:38:50) @VenusDeMileage I disagree. There's... Oh. Nope. As you were.

(22:39:49) @edenGD02 Is that Ace played by Sophie Aldred? Had a massive crush on her back in the day...

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(09:42:44) RT @badpenny31: It is always embarrassing when someone retweets one of my tweets which has a typo in ti!

(09:43:29) @LizzyWelshCake Delightfully weird as always :) :)

(09:45:33) RT @ucalegon: Lest we forget.

(10:08:15) @LizzyWelshCake A little from column A... a little from column B... ;)

(10:09:10) @gugucachoo *polite applause*

(10:22:02) Morning. Nothing like an impromptu sneezing fit during a complicated commute. I wonder what other drivers thought I was singing along to...

(11:03:48) @CherryKaz1 Mornin' ma'am :)

(11:19:52) @quibelles Strictly speaking the M25 isn't so much long as round ;) Morning :) x

(11:20:13) @lizzysometimes I always offer biscuits. Biscuit?

(11:21:06) @jonBCFC "Tell me why... I don't like pancakes" :D Morning

(11:53:03) @quibelles Interminable #roadtohell

(11:53:59) @lizzysometimes I would have you down as a plain chocolate hobnob nibbler. No offence intended.

(11:54:18) @jonBCFC You too, chief. Done any more voicers recently..?

(12:55:37) @RubyJubilee Blimey! Nary a contrail!

(12:58:55) @lizzysometimes Where's Suki when you need her..?

(14:16:50) @mostlygeordie What's up, ma'am? Feel better soon x

(14:29:24) @lizzysometimes You're a woman after my own heart failure.

(14:30:21) RT @olafzwyzt: #ASKJAMESBLUNT @JamesBlunt HELLO JAME! SHOP A BIBL?

(14:42:07) RT @Censored_Pixel: Ha. RT @stepickford: Hah, google 'PC World' and look at the tag line on the logo.…

(15:01:21) @karenjeynes I like it... but wouldn't have the first idea how to pronounce it... 😃

(15:01:54) @karenjeynes ~offers you an oeillade~

(15:03:07) @karenjeynes YES!

(15:35:14) Here's the UK's entry for Eurovision 2014. It's.. what's the opposite of "growing on me"? #eurovision #eurovisionuk

(15:35:33) @JeanieFinlay Just you weight one skinny minute....

(15:46:54) @dj_monkeyboy Cluttered. Yes. That's what it is...

(15:47:18) RT @1969Steve: Last night's Monday Mellow Moment that was on the radio last night is here >>> #MintFM

(15:53:43) @JeanieFinlay Hope you enjoyed..! I'll keep hold of that recipe - great idea :)

(16:51:00) @mostlygeordie Oh dear... :\ I hope you recover from it with a woman's ferocity!

(17:20:33) @johnny_winter And why would they do that again..?

(17:27:14) @johndredge ALL of those things?

(17:30:27) @johndredge I'll use one of my own.

(17:30:41) @IPTechShark Keith

(17:35:47) @Spotify Nothing... still waiting for a Spotify update for my Windows Phone.. *sighs sadly*

(17:48:55) @IPTechShark Hmm. Theresa? @obotheclown

(18:59:13) @fridgemagnet2 if you like that sort of thingus.

(19:10:04) @streakmachine You know you could be right! :D

(19:32:25) @hubbardcj @LutonNewsConnie

(19:33:00) @hubbardcj You've obviously never had to drive the Lower Luton Road :D @LutonNewsConnie

(19:34:06) @RandomFlopsy Uhoh... I hope they are inspired soon!

(20:03:31) @neilcochrane1 You didn't miss anything. Literally.

(20:51:16) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I love the fact they are contractually obliged not to sing together for half the song. :D

(21:21:40) Looks like @sugru has done the trick remounting my sE mic to its cradle - it's even threaded!

(21:50:13) @RobJD Oh wow... I bet I could make some fantastic contributions to that! @giffgaff

(21:54:42) @dj_monkeyboy Tuned in... sorry I'm late. Got a note from my mum. And my wife. And the lady from the doughnut shop. But don't mention her.

(21:55:25) @RobJD Hahaha! Sampletastic! @giffgaff

(23:04:21) @chchchchelsea GOOD CALL

(23:05:41) @lloydbayley Morning! Hope you have a grand day.. I'm off to my cot now :)

(23:08:21) Made it to the end of Tuesday. One could call that progress...

(23:08:32) And goodnight. And something about Lent. NIGHT!

(23:08:39) @lloydbayley Cheers :)

(23:16:25) @CherryKaz1 Thanks, lovely! You toox x

(23:16:32) @CarolKettley Night, ma'am! :) x

Tweets for 03 Mar 2014

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(10:15:00) RT @lipsticklori: RT @digitalspy: This pic of Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at the Oscars is a great way to start the week. http://t…

(10:15:31) @Karen_Kay_ Arrghh!

(10:15:43) @lizzysometimes Morning. We're famous, but just less well known.

(10:52:06) @lizzysometimes I look down the left hand column of my Twitter feed & imagine it's a MASSIVE selfie. And then I think "I should be working."

(10:52:50) @AuthorTracey :D


(10:54:30) @MelenieFW They sneak up on you, these bad-ass virii. Please take it easy and get better soon! (and pneumonia is BAAAAD!)

(13:03:56) @SheleileighLaw Morning, Sheleileigh :)

(13:05:27) @Cherrykaz1 Tuned in :)

(13:19:38) @cherrykaz1 I'm eating pasty and salad at my desk.. as always :D Could you play me Lost In Music by Sister Sledge, please?

(13:22:54) @Dreamy_lyrics You can do it.. hugs :) x

(13:24:41) @CherryKaz1 Cheers :) Fine bit of Nile Rogers action. With backing vocals by most of Duran Duran in the 1984 version :)

(13:39:26) @Cherrykaz1 My brain says 1982...

(13:42:17) @birdfortytwo Holy crap. I had hitherto not heard of that... er... thing.

(13:49:56) @JuliaBall I could have got a GCSE in Kylie songs. And I don't even like her music that much...

(16:21:10) @JuliaBall That's a teensy bit before my time... born in 71, but really picked up pop in the 80s :)

(17:15:24) @quibelles The niblicks. I don't know what a niblick is.

(17:27:19) @fishplatetwo Signed.

(17:35:41) @PrincessBagel *sigh* @BBCNews

(18:57:32) @Superblouse That's a rather narcissustic thought (badum tish)

(19:37:55) @paulums Oh no! I do hope you can appeal successfully :)

(19:38:43) @poots @giagia @sueperkins <- three legends.

Tweets for 02 Mar 2014

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(08:11:03) @pearcen Oh man... I hope you can set off your sense of fun or mischief!

(08:12:53) @debsylee Stunning :) Morning x

(08:15:07) @Bearlydithers Morning. And the washing will dry :)

(08:28:50) @pearcen get up and go and coffee ;) Bring it, my friend.

(08:32:45) @batwench back to bed with you, ma'am

(08:33:31) @VenusDeMileage We are spending too much time blinking.

(08:37:45) @SamRSparrow Looking good for this time of the morning!

(08:43:36) @pearcen PLAAAAAN!

(08:45:03) @SamRSparrow Oh the perils of breakfast radio. Hot tip: reheating last night's takeaway makes a good brunchfast. Smells great too ;)

(08:46:16) Distances have always been a problem.

(08:50:33) "We wouldn't have murders on the front page if people murdered all the time." - @AlainDeBotton Remember: news is not the norm.

(08:51:13) @poots Must get up! (sorry!)

(08:53:18) This is brilliant... "@alaindebotton: Talk on why the news is driving you (subtly and stealthily) crazy:"

(09:00:40) @LILLYTHEPINK1

(09:01:32) @SamRSparrow Did I miss you on the wireless this morning? I do love your 80s show c

(09:01:53) @LILLYTHEPINK1 hmmmmmmmmmm. Not sure I agree.

(09:02:12) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It's a song.. Hoping you can play it

(09:02:34) @76Wilbury

(09:03:03) @LILLYTHEPINK1 A bit of silliness for a Sunday morning. Hmm. Or the middle of Saturday night ...

(09:03:42) @LILLYTHEPINK1 "The world sucks".

(09:05:04) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It puts into context the "Distances have always been a problem" ... Its the line from a silly song. Trying to send a smile x

(09:05:50) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It may be uphill but you can make it above the clouds. And you will. Hugs x

(09:30:06) @SamRSparrow Ah.. You're up pretty early for a 10am show! Have a good one.. I'll miss it, since I'm off out to do Sunday Obligations x

(09:32:02) @trevypoos You are on fire this morning. Literally.

(09:36:35) @SamRSparrow Good heavens! Jam packed life! Safe trip, lovely :)

(09:39:15) Extinction is a conservation cul-de-sac.

(09:41:28) After my tooth extraction yesterday I'm not allowed to brush my teeth for 24 hrs; the perfect alternative: sucking a denture cleaning tablet


(11:44:00) @DeeSelected Thank you! A little sensitive but I'm doing better than expected :) Have a wonderful Sunday :)

(11:44:48) @Tactless_Blonde Heh ;) I provide a valuable educational service. Have a great day x

(11:45:10) @sarahjaneuk Quite so..! @alaindebotton

(11:45:41) @cyberdonkey Yes! Happy birthday!

(11:49:34) @ellaboheme @lizzysometimes :D

(11:53:22) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Sunday :)

(12:01:00) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you! Wow... what a lovely sight :) All is well here.. no rain so far today! Big hugs x

(12:05:08) @PlainTalkingHR Wow that's warm! What a wonderful way to spend the day :) :) x

(12:18:51) I am fairly sure our next door neighbour is building a wooden TARDIS in his van.

(12:33:52) @LizzyWelshCake Never had him down as a Timelord...

(13:27:36) @CarolKettley Disappointingly not. Although I don't think he's finished it yet, given the amount of banging going on... #Iliveinhope

(13:27:52) @RobbieOn I do believe he intends to be able to fit a van inside his van.

(13:42:37) @Karen_Kay_ Some fine restraint there #HUNKERDOWN

(13:43:23) @LizzyWelshCake Best. Job. Ever.

(16:43:55) Thank goodness for @WindowsPhoneUK "Find My Phone" I keep leaving it around the house playing podcasts through bluetooth headphones. Oops.

(16:44:33) @paulums Are you feeling down? *badum tish*

(17:04:22) @CarolKettley Hahahahaahaha! Have you seen how big this thing is? It's the size of a small double decker bus...

(17:04:58) @RobJD Hahahahaha! I like your thinking 😃

(17:38:45) Geographically, Luton is closer to Wales than Luton is to France.

(17:42:15) @fiverscarrot *makes a note* This is going to be a great book.

(17:42:33) @CarolKettley Luton is definitely closer to Northampton than it is.

(17:46:44) @AlexGFox See that makes great sense.

(17:47:24) @fiverscarrot Probably. Well, chapter one is, anyway. It's going to be called "The Collins NOT Road atlas."

(19:46:37) @PontoonDock We shall duly wave back! @poots

(19:46:54) @fridgemagnet2 Expect to see it on a poster...

(22:13:20) Standing by my Tesselator! @thisisjinsy

(22:14:07) @trevypoos Safe trip, sir! I'll wave from hereabouts :)

(22:18:04) @Cherrykaz1 Thank you for the follow! :) Bonus! x @cherrykaz123

Tweets for 01 Mar 2014

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(08:50:53) @aalaap A frightening possibility! Hopefully learning from earlier mistakes if so..!

(08:51:21) @TubbyHermit A happy, misty Saturday to you and yours :) @poots

(10:08:23) @Nick_Tann Haven't played Mario Kart in months! Busy doing housework now but Ill definitely add you!

(10:31:24) @caterham7 Good hug though to be fair.

(10:59:07) @fidunn Cheers! Will check it out @BBCRadio4 @sm2n @vipodcasting

(15:26:37) Dentist's waiting room. Warm.

(15:31:15) @tghelani I saw a tweet from you & made the connection; and the number of times I've heard your name after a good chuckle- it's only fair :)

(15:32:28) The only time I ever watch daytime television is courtesy of the NHS...

(15:36:37) @dragonhistory The dentist! Thank you x

(16:19:34) @SheleileighLaw @sarahsansom It was Bargain Hunt in advance of a nasty tooth extraction. Will leave an interesting subconscious connection!

(16:41:02) @sarahsansom @SheleileighLaw I'm not sure I would want to under most circumstances - it's somewhat tawdry 😊

(16:47:01) @CarolKettley It was OK... much better with a bit of sedation! Bit bleeeehhh now 😃

(16:57:03) @CarolKettley Cheers!

(17:23:54) @chepbourne Thank you! Trying me best :) :) x

(18:33:05) Home and a tiny bit throbbing. Requisitioned to the sofa. Thank you to @GHOGIT for being the responsibile adult & to @Bubble9009 for care.

(18:51:30) @RobJD Thanks, bro. I'm doing OK... trying this thing called resting - haven't really taken to it 😉

(19:04:09) @clairerandall Ticking along, thank you... Post tooth/crown extraction under sedation. No idea what happened but it twinges now :D

(19:04:53) @dragonhistory Quite the reverse.. crown/tooth extraction. Completely forgot to ask for the crown... maybe they'll melt it down :D

(20:15:51) @dragonhistory YUM 😊

(20:18:11) @clairerandall Thank you! Taking your advice!

(23:33:00) @CarolKettley Nighty! X

(23:35:11) Recuperating horizontally. Night night!

Tweets for 28 Feb 2014

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(10:27:54) RT @johndredge: Ooo the new King Dredge video is on Chortle

(10:48:35) @paulwheatley Happy birthday, Paul! :)

(10:49:56) Good morning. Bit of a radio hangover but clumping through Friday with my big blockerboots. Have a lovely day!

(10:54:10) @paulwheatley Heehee! Oops :D Well, you're on my Twitter Birthdays Google Calendar now, so I'll get a reminder for next time ;)

(10:54:49) @tweeting_frog They're comfortably under my desk now, so the world is safe... for the time being anyway! Have a lovely day :)

(10:55:07) @ellewadding Yup. Especially with all this dampness around.

(11:10:45) @paulwheatley Trying to get the full set 😉

(13:30:40) @Superblouse *whip crack*

(13:45:17) @spikej77 Or at least if it isn't rotten by the time you get it home, it is within a day or so :D #gladitisnotjustme

(13:46:31) @fridgemagnet2 Oh man. Is this at Ravenside..?

(13:48:00) MT @sfdrummer Spot the odd one out! // definitely cc @YPLAC

(13:56:55) @pearcen I keep hearing mention of that game. Fortunately it's not available for Windows Phone, otherwise I fear I might suffer the same!

(13:59:08) @brennig YES!

(13:59:25) @pearcen YOU ARE NOT HELPING! :P :D

(15:18:50) @MendingHeart87 Not simply "tying" ?

(15:21:45) @BaronHawkey Aye that it is. Piserable.

(15:23:19) @LaceyHughes HURRAH! Hope you get rid of the headache soon. I have one too, if that's any consolsation! :D

(17:35:30) @emmathegardener Liked!

(17:35:53) Head: 85%. Tummy: 70%. The question is: beer?

(17:50:20) @emmathegardener I did - thank you. I'm intrigued by the Pomato / totato(?) And I love that the UK is growing tea :)

(17:50:42) @aalaap Boolean logic at its finest! :) Cheers!

(19:16:22) @MissyMWAC That @claw0101 Madden chap is a true scientist. X

(19:25:56) @claw0101 God bless you, Professor Karl, and of course, @MissyMWAC SPD (Doctorate of Starbucks and (P)hotography)

(19:27:03) @ellewadding Attempting to drop ballast... pull up... pull up... this tweet really isn't turning out the way I had intended. Love you. Bye x

(19:27:29) @batwench ~writes that down carefully~ #science

(19:27:48) @emmathegardener YOU are intriguing.


(19:28:54) @Barlie40 Rest up, sir, and prayers for a swift recovery!

(19:29:31) @VenusDeMileage Have you turned into Sue Perkins?

(19:31:00) @lizzysometimes That works in so many ways.

(19:31:40) @CalmWaters73 The walk to the car was a bit risky but yeah...

(19:32:03) @VenusDeMileage Aren't we all. Which only adds to my inability to look away.

(19:35:20) @VenusDeMileage Wasn't she the slightly frightening one from Tellytubbies?

(19:46:39) @VenusDeMileage I really don't know what to do with myself any more. I'm off to do a berocca. PS love you.

(20:18:31) Enjoying some post-work 1980s music courtesy of @1969Steve on @MintFM - he's playing a song sped up by 4 times... I know it but what is it?

(20:19:15) @1969Steve i drove all night!

(20:20:33) @1969Steve and @Tuglets!

(20:34:15) @1969Steve Whistling along to the guitar solo of Perfect with headphones in is likely to attract bemused expressions from others in the room

(20:50:39) .@1969Steve Is it "India"?

(20:52:06) I love this. - this is my kind of audience interaction...

(20:55:53) @1970RobD Thank heavens.. I can concentrate now. But I no longer want my tea. @VenusDeMileage

(20:56:50) @1969Steve Great show as always - cheers!

(21:15:21) Yesterday's mighty @Weekendery is ready for another listen. Get your gums round this. Do I mean gums? BAZINGA!

(21:17:11) @PeterBluemler Harsh but fair! :D

(21:27:44) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery - Travel News 27th February 2014 via @audioboo

(21:35:53) RT @weekendery: John Dredge Interview 27th February 2014 - Great Missenden via @audioboo

(21:44:34) @batwench There is a remarkable similarity... @JohnDredge @weekendery @audioboo

(21:46:10) @GaiaTheorist @VenusDeMileage @monkeydogify @1970RobD I have far too many hobbies already. But it sounds like fun.

(22:12:31) @paulums Thanks for the retweet sir! Hope you're feeling better 😊

(22:13:29) @kitty_cat84 Thanks for the retweet! Have a splendid weekend :)

(22:14:43) @VenusDeMileage STOP DISTRACTING ME. Actually you're all right.

(22:17:48) @neilcochrane1 That's because he's not. I am funnier than him. I am barely funny at all. At. All.

(22:50:23) @neilcochrane1 Bless you sir. The Weekendery misses you, but understands it doesn't fit with your schedule.

(22:55:07) Right. I'm off to bed, while I still have angles in all the right places #slouching #slovenly Goodnight to you.

(23:06:46) @CarolKettley Night ma'am!

(23:07:01) Crazy when you can still smell a hug.

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