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Tweets for 27 Feb 2014

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(08:38:19) Morning, and indeed uhoh... they've updated the @QuizUp beta for Android and mine doesn't work any more.. Should've joined the G+ community!

(08:39:42) @justjuggling_ We'll all be doing that in 6 months time #trendsetter #springsummercatalogue

(08:40:03) @LaceyHughes Safe trip, lovely x

(08:41:04) @_windrider That made me chuckle :D

(08:42:24) @CarolKettley Morning ma'am. Hope you're in the finest of fettlements this morning :)

(08:44:24) 'mark all as read' for me doesn't mean 'I can't be bothered to read this lot'... it's more 'I read them but you clearly don't realise that.'

(08:45:53) @SamRSparrow That's because I have some of the bacon. Actually that's a lie. I have NO bacon. Get all the bacon, girl. For me. For justice.

(08:47:22) @canuckuk True. Says more about my OCD.. or does my computer simply not think I have read the emails ~properly~ :D x

(09:25:28) RT @johndredge: When a puma is slightly annoyed with half a cube tree, don’t put a sprig of parsley into a barrel. #oldproverb

(09:48:10) @canuckuk One has a besoke reading apparatus for such endeavours. And admonishment for any lack of detailed inward digestion.

(10:16:37) @Superblouse Did anything end up in pockets? ;)

(10:43:00) @paulums Oh man :/ This is not good. Keep warm, lots of fluids - back to health soon! And maybe a bit of weekendery to help you on your way!

(15:59:02) RT @CarolineKent: Hmm this is pretty awkward when you put it like that http://t.co/cHoXcWWadp

(16:22:14) @RobJD Wearables certainly seem to be the big thing for 2014.. ! Reminds me of the Jawbone Up.. @nxmee @poots @Bubble2009 @GHOGIT

(16:22:34) @pearcen I'm not sure I can put into words how much I love that. @johnny_winter

(16:55:19) @pearcen @johnny_winter May just have to play it as "Something Wrong" tonight...

(17:50:00) @mrs_forky Dear Jessy? #pointless

(17:55:26) @mrs_forky Good work :)

(18:02:47) @lizzysometimes It's educational...

(18:26:26) Ooh I've just had an update on my @WindowsPhoneUK @nokia_uk 1520 thing. I wonder what it's for...

(18:30:14) @mrs_forky Ahhhhhh. You did splendidly, ma'am 😊

(19:54:37) @tghelani You rock, radio producer lady.

(20:23:55) At the top of the hour that's just on the way, The @Weekendery comes striding into view, clutching music and THINGS http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1!

(21:04:53) RT @sm2n: Looking forward to @weekendery on http://t.co/zhAr2OMJz9 and going into http://t.co/iNDB6HUFaJ for a natter. :-)

(21:05:22) The Nattery is open for a bit of a chat - http://t.co/6Upqj6W5pM - or http://t.co/hkllRomTrd #mintfm on your favourite IRC client. FOR WIN!

(21:08:07) The @Weekendery will be on air very very soon.. please hold tight! :)

(21:16:56) RT @fridgemagnet2: stuff. @weekendery and ting.

(21:48:07) Tonight's Italian House "This Is The Answer; now what's the question" is this: "Three: one in Turin and two in Milan. " What's the question?

Tweets for 26 Feb 2014

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(09:23:43) @Karen_Kay_ I hope all your dreams come true. Except the skydivers bit...

(09:25:08) RT @artistsmakers: Bexhill by Bawden #bexhill #illustration #advert #seaside #pier http://t.co/QjEvBcoXDj

(09:28:02) @Karen_Kay_ For what it's worth I dreamt I had to introduce myself with a tagline.. "IT Engineer, radio presenter & international art thief"

(12:00:56) @MrMichaelSpicer Happy birthday!

(14:09:11) Loving British Bureaucracy... @ Watford http://t.co/vlEVQnNvlg

(16:51:01) @poots Amen *HUG* x

(16:54:50) @Sjluton I wonder if it's simply that the signs are just old; I went to uni there 20+(!) years ago when there was only UKC.. @CanterburyUni

(16:58:59) @Sjluton Didn't have signs in my day... or a smartphone ;) "A-Z" book and a sense of adventure. Please don't be angry. @CanterburyUni

(17:00:49) @Sjluton A valuable lesson learned, then. I hope it can all be fixed... and that he learns to love Canterbury as I have :) @CanterburyUni

(17:01:02) @Sjluton Ahh :/ @CanterburyUni

(17:03:22) @Sjluton @CanterburyUni Funnily enough, I went to Sheffield for an interview (another excellent university there). Wishing him success!

(17:08:41) @quibelles You never know what you can do until you try. #jobseekersallowance

(17:20:42) @DunstableDwnsNT Oh wow! What an amazing sight! :) I've never actually seen a woodpecker - but you mentioned you had a local visitor! :) :)

(17:20:47) RT @DunstableDwnsNT: We managed to tempt the nuthatch to our new window feeder today and then had this arrive to snaffle peanuts! @syzygy h…

(19:12:27) @sarahjaneuk Oh that is fantastic! Best we can muster is a whole bunch (gang? host) of house sparrows @DunstableDwnsNT

(22:56:12) @lloydbayley Mornin' :)

Tweets for 25 Feb 2014

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(07:08:32) @DaisiesandPieUK Twiglet WIN!

(07:09:22) @quibelles I need to know... there will be a big gap.

(07:10:27) @quibelles Ooh...


(10:20:29) @DaisiesandPieUK Another..? I haven't even had a, yet :D

(10:23:18) @quibelles Bet that's what your boss says, too *CHUCKLES*

(10:24:05) @LaceyHughes You get back from life what you put in. You're a superstar.. keep at it. x

(11:53:41) @EmmaTofi It saddens me that you have that view. Most people are actually quite OK.. it's the few that ruin it for the rest of us. Big hugsx

(11:54:40) @Karen_Kay_ Straight up your jumper..?

(12:06:23) @EmmaTofi Amen.

(12:06:54) @SheleileighLaw So many hiding places! @Karen_Kay_

(12:48:49) @PoundworldTweet Looking forward to it!

(12:49:06) @SheleileighLaw I wouldn't let anyone search my cubes... @Karen_Kay_

(12:50:45) @SheleileighLaw http://t.co/Vn3wuvVpFN

(15:44:54) I've come over all warm and hot. I do hope I'm not going to explode.

(15:47:34) @99pStoresUK No luck at all. A very nice young man in there said there weren't any in stock. Well, party glasses in yellow & purple :D

(15:48:03) @paulums I'll be under my desk if you need me..

(16:16:31) @BecauseUAreHere I have asked my colleagues to be vigilant...

(16:17:11) @brennig Quite. Clean up in aisle 3 please...

(16:20:22) @BecauseUAreHere Shame the windows don't open :D Hope you're having a great afternoon 😊

(16:47:51) @fishplatetwo I'm a man of a certain age...

(16:48:18) @99pStoresUK Aye.. and the irony of it throwing it down with rain as I walked to the stop wasn't lost on me :D Thanks again! :)

(16:56:34) @BecauseUAreHere That's very kind! I hope the rest of your day goes equally cleanly! :) :)

Tweets for 24 Feb 2014

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(08:37:14) @canuckuk Morning. A meerkat would have the situation sorted out in no time. Simples... If I ever get a meerkat I shall call her Angela x

(08:37:26) @Z80GameCoder So so cool!

(08:41:04) @Tactless_Blonde Haaappy toxic toxic happy tox, tox about things you like too dooooo

(08:41:54) @thatsjustme0 Morning gorjus!

(08:43:34) Morning. Another week kicks off (hopefully not in a '2am outside the pub' way) and I wish you a moderately interesting one. With sweets.

(09:39:59) @CarolKettley Thanks, Carol - you too!

(09:40:43) @lloydbayley Evenin', Lloyd.. Looks like you've been busy in the shed with your find crafting! Have a restful evening!

(09:40:59) @thatsjustme0 Are ya chipper?

(09:41:42) @DeeSelected Indeed... busy in a good way!

(09:42:12) @ellewadding I will be sure to share any sweets I get :) Have a smashing day!

(09:42:46) @canuckuk They would probably make more money that way :D

(10:24:03) @thatsjustme0 I've come over a bit sleepy (maybe some coffee required :D) otherwise the sun is out, the sky is blueish... :D x

(10:24:22) @ellewadding

(10:24:37) @ellewadding You OK, ma'am?

(10:26:05) @lloydbayley Indeed!

(10:27:02) @tweeting_frog Thank you Clare :) May the air you breathe be fresh and full of the joys of spring :)

(10:32:48) Broke me sunglasses. Is it sticky tape or pound shop..?

(10:33:41) @ellewadding You're in good company with me... I can barely construct a cogent sentence this mattress. Have some coffee. I'm making...

(10:41:08) @GHOGIT Oh no! Has @superalora had to go in?

(10:44:17) @aalaap I had no idea about the charge of the light brigade!

(10:44:34) @lizzysometimes I only use it in the car.

(10:51:43) Ninja tactical sunglasses repair #emergencyspringtime #bodge http://t.co/SCH1g9q8MN

(10:52:42) @RatuKatu I just had the last bit of celebratory flapjack from a colleague's birthday last week and a small mug of coffee #desperation

(10:53:24) @lloydbayley These were 99p as I remember... fortunately I bought two pairs because I lost one almost immediately :D

(10:54:12) @lizzysometimes There is something quite therapeutic about bellowing at a disembodied voice while hurtling up the M1. Or do I mean futile?

(10:55:15) @GHOGIT Bah! Means there's one in hand.. in theory! :D Hope you have a good day nonetheless.. fantastic weather!

(10:57:12) @RatuKatu You are just the encouragement that I need. I might even have an apple. #steadyon

(11:07:05) @Bearlydithers Did he overshoot..?

(11:07:39) @lizzysometimes Do you do the hand grab at traffic lights? Please tell me you do the Rock Ballad Hand Grab...

(11:08:45) @GHOGIT Oops! Only half a year until they're both at the same school #doubleorquits

(11:09:10) @Tuglets Mornin' Metal Momma! :)

(11:09:41) @Scriblit I'm sure you could recruit thousands of folks to help you... :D

(11:10:31) @ellewadding Just how I like it.. here.. take mine :)

(11:53:57) @Tuglets I'm a little more awake, ta :) Hope you're in fine fettle!

(11:54:07) @thatsjustme0 Mmmm tasty biccie! :) Thank you x

(11:54:53) @Mad4mogzz I just think they cracked out of shock of being picked out of the door pocket after months of neglect #darkdriving

(12:37:55) @mostlygeordie Hey hey! I've got QuizUp..! (Dodgy beta for Android :D) Want a game? I'm not sure how to add people.. or who I am(!?)

(14:05:14) @SheleileighLaw Important Pound Shop Update to follow...

(14:08:12) POUNDSHOP UPDATE: None of @Poundland @99pStoresUK nor @PoundworldTweet stock sunglasses yet. Bonus to @PoundworldTweet for helpful assistant

(14:09:19) @PrincessBagel @strchsr2 Now THAT is what I call succession planning... ;) (Yer maj)

(14:10:06) @starr67 Nice tip, Stella! Will do :)

(14:28:16) @NokiaHelps Hi, and thank you. I'll look forward to any update that becomes available with regards to this issue!

(14:29:25) @Bearlydithers I'm sure the National Union of Pillocks would be glad to hear that! :)

(16:03:57) RT @MintFM: The music of Meat Loaf. Right now on http://t.co/XH48GKRcxs. #MintFM The coolest station on the internet! #MeatLoaf

(16:10:20) I have to say I am ~very~ impressed - my daughter's school has just announced a smartphone app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Fabulous!

(16:11:28) @Karen_Kay_ I hope fortune allows you to rid yourself of that earworm soon.. otherwise you might have to be up all night to get lucky...

(16:40:30) @Karen_Kay_ You know the way to evict earworms? Mental arithmetic.. #fact

(17:15:07) @99pStoresUK In Watford? I couldn't find any... had a good rummage an' all. Reading glasses, yes... I'll take another look tomorrow! :)

(22:50:15) @mostlygeordie Horribly so! YAY you found me! (How did you find me..? I utterly failed to find you :D) xc

(22:55:18) @Chocohalix Yay! I've added you too! I now have two friends :) and no idea what I'm doing :D @mostlygeordie

(22:56:14) @mostlygeordie I shall have to make an adjustment ;)

Tweets for 23 Feb 2014

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(09:29:28) Morning. Hazy Shade of Winter stuck in my head. More specifically a thoroughly unjustifiable junglist remix. Could be worse, I s'pose...

(09:29:51) @DunstableDwnsNT Hope so! You're legends :)

(11:55:25) Another one of these days where I feel like I've booted up in safe mode. I've tried turning it off and on again...

(12:51:14) @Runefang78 My network driver is unavailable now. All my tweets are coming off a USB stick...

(12:51:30) @DeeSelected Bless you!

(12:53:43) Unexpected narcissi scenario on the drive. Tiny but colourful... http://t.co/mam1zoF9uO

(12:59:08) @PrincessBagel @Grizzly_Chops Ha! double excellent!

(14:46:00) @AlexGFox That it is, sir, that it is.

(19:28:19) @RobJD I just hope I can go back far enough... :D

Tweets for 22 Feb 2014

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(08:52:08) @iremimera That is some fine blessings counting :)

(08:52:57) @Tuglets I was going to check but I was too scared to look it up :D @dj_frabs

(09:22:49) @iremimera Throw a little birdsong into the mix, and the cheeky hop of a robin on the sill, and you have the recipe for bliss right there.

(11:29:40) It would be a shame not to venture forth into the sunny morning. While there's still some of it left, at least! Happy Saturday :)

(14:57:23) Goldfinches feeding at the @DunstableDwnsNT pop-up hide - a wonderful, peaceful way to spend a… http://t.co/cgtOvIidcf

(15:19:49) @ellewadding Thank you, Elle! We've been out.. bit muddy underfoot, but delightful :) @poots

(15:20:24) @DeeSelected I took some pics on my 'proper' camera, too.. I'll upload them to Flickr :) @DunstableDwnsNT

(15:31:58) More pictures of birds at the @DunstableDwnsNT pop-up hide http://t.co/vhrV1VSLx0 (with apologies for the poor zoom lens!) /cc @DeeSelected

(15:58:48) @DeeSelected They only have the pop-up hides on certain days... but the bird feeders are always there :) @DunstableDwnsNT

(16:01:16) @PrincessBagel @BrewDogCamden @EmmaJCole @kmflett #BeardPower @WeirdBeard_Brew rocks! I love it :)

(16:31:30) @DunstableDwnsNT Please do! It was lovely to see you earlier. :)

(20:49:11) @mostlygeordie Bad.... that's bad....

Tweets for 21 Feb 2014

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(10:13:46) @lizzysometimes What's one of them? #bandwagon

(10:14:19) @MelenieFW Well a retrospective happy birthday :)

(10:54:48) @sharonlangridge Uhoh.. I hope you don't have to move it too much... is it your phone arm? :/

(11:18:03) Good morning. It seems to be one of those springlike days that really annoy zombies and we all either say "Happy days" or "Good times." FACT

(11:46:48) @tweeting_frog Absolutely.. and long may that remain the case! Have a good one :)

(11:47:07) @johndredge Later, sir.. I'm doing my job of work at the mo.. as soon as I have it, it'll be yours!

(11:47:14) @CarolKettley Mornin'! :)

(11:47:30) @sharonlangridge HUZZAH. Feel better soon :)

(11:57:15) @galaxia416 @Karen_Kay_ Any response I might make would only serve to incriminate me...

(12:41:29) @dj_monkeyboy I vote Erasure :) Or possibly Electric Light Orchestra? Enya's not really pop, is she? She's dentist's waiting room music :D

(12:42:41) @IPTechShark It's not me. I still love ya.

(12:48:16) @CherryKaz1 True... there are few better soundtracks to putting on my jammies. @dj_monkeyboy

(13:43:45) RT @cluedont: When driving somewhere for the first time it's actually illegal to not reduce the stereo volume in your car gradually as you …

(13:44:29) @nausea18 He wasn't before the olympics, but he spent a few weeks cramming.

(13:44:52) @LaceyHughes Fantastic :) Have a great day :)

(14:01:21) @MendingHeart87 I know that feeling! :)

(14:03:27) @MendingHeart87 Ahh. I hope you can get that fresh air you need... works wonders!

(14:03:46) @DeeSelected Amazing sky!

(14:24:21) @LilyThePurr LOVELY x

(14:43:22) @DaisyMould Good times! Have a fantastic trip :)

(14:45:08) @DaisyMould Cheers :) Praying for top weather... can't just be while I'm working :D

(16:06:41) @Tactless_Blonde That is a remarkable looking building! :) Hope you're well. SHOULDERS!

(16:06:51) @peasbloss Bad bad bad times. :D

(16:07:17) @Lizzing Amen.

(16:15:58) @Karen_Kay_ Lookin' fine :)

(16:17:28) @peasbloss Keep strong, ma'am. And watch those jugs of squash...

(16:18:25) @LILLYTHEPINK1 MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT BOOO! Is it archived..?

(16:19:33) @LILLYTHEPINK1 That would be wonderful :)

(16:19:48) @dj_monkeyboy Half lunch.. half dinner. Dunch.

(16:25:23) @LILLYTHEPINK1 There is some fairly comprehensive drubbing going on, to be fair.. :D

(16:59:59) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Take the glory while you can... *sticks tongue out*

(17:00:42) @trevypoos We did our best...

(17:03:56) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Canada gives our arses a kicking; one day we'll be giving you a good licking :D

(17:22:53) @ellewadding @cluedont And a 'shush please' to the occupants of the rear seats...

(17:58:06) @MendingHeart87 @dj_monkeyboy *chuckles*

(20:34:37) Last night's @Weekendery is all boiled up and ready for another listen. Strain before serving: http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - enjoy with a gusto!

(21:31:47) The latest entertaining chat with Mr @JohnDredge - https://t.co/z0ACMqQ317 - from this week's @Weekendery

(21:32:59) And a song I wrote called #FlappyBird https://t.co/WSqr2NHHD8 - it's about that game... Flappy Bird.

(21:36:12) @sharonlangridge Can't wait to see it - how's the shoulder?

(22:29:30) @Tone_720 Who'd a thunk it..?

(22:30:47) @sharonlangridge I hope you get some good quality sleep :)

(22:32:28) @kitty_cat84 Thank you for the retweets :)

Tweets for 20 Feb 2014

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(11:05:53) Good morning. If belatedly. Resisting coffee. But struggling with the presence of residual doughnuts. Nothing else to report. As you were.

(14:28:13) @paulwheatley Sorry... I do a radio show on a Thursday evening nowadays. How's your internet now? @streakmachine

(14:29:13) @SheleileighLaw Bless me for I have sinned... 🍩

(14:30:22) Bit springy...

(14:32:43) @italisalute A tantalising glimpse at my favourite season of the gear :)

(14:33:04) @italisalute year.. sorry!

(14:43:15) @SheleileighLaw That's very nearly a whole rosary #takesmeback

(14:44:14) @italisalute A very plausible explanation! Enjoy! :)

(20:30:07) In just 30 minutes at http://t.co/d9KyhPKtLN - like a stone with YOUR name on it, The @Weekendery comes skittering onto the radio. Curling!

(21:12:49) Playing Miike Snow on #MintFM. Tune in if you like interesting music that Heart wouldn't touch with an Asda Smart Price Barge Pole.

(21:25:34) @clairebland1 Evenin' Claire! :)

(21:25:47) RT @sm2n: I'm going to shoot over to http://t.co/WFXa6PcDHz now so I can natter while enjoy @weekendery over on @MintFM http://t.co/zhAr2Ou…

(21:39:17) @SheleileighLaw I am very very funky LOVE IT @weekendery

(21:42:55) My Genre-ation... this week is FUNK. "Between 70 and 75%" is the answer - what is the question? Tweet your answer to @Weekendery QUICKLISH!

(21:53:33) @SheleileighLaw Me too :) :) @weekendery

(22:13:16) @SheleileighLaw I can't wait. Part of my musical education :) @weekendery

(22:19:46) How often do you get to hear a 78rpm record on the radio? You can on the @Weeekendery on http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY - well you could.

(22:37:21) @SheleileighLaw Ahh.. I'm the second oldest of my family .. a 70s child, though :) @weekendery

(22:41:55) Playing the number 5 hit single in Latvia - because I can. This is music radio at its most eclectic. This is The @Weekendery

(22:45:57) @MelenieFW Thanks for the follow :)

(22:46:57) @MelenieFW @MelenieFW Is it your birthday? Given that @johndredge, wished you it there is a good possibility it isn't.. :D

(23:05:09) Another fun and frolicsome @Weekendery show done and dusted.. the archive version will be uploaded tomorrow.. thank you if you tuned in! :)

(23:26:59) @johnshepherd Thank you so much for tuning in, John! I very much enjoyed doing it :) @weekendery

(23:28:06) @LaceyHughes Cool! Duly followed :)

(23:29:42) @clairebland1 I hope it wasn't my show! :D Thank you for tuning in - I know that feeling all too well and I hope you feel free of it soon x

(23:34:37) @clairebland1 *hug* It's times like that you need a quiet party x

(23:34:52) @CarolKettley Oh no! Hope you feel ALL better tomorrow. Hugs! @weekendery

Tweets for 19 Feb 2014

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(10:32:09) @mostlygeordie Not yet... apparently they say it's on its way... :) x

(10:37:43) @katyha I'll do that, but it'll be four bars of a One Direction song you're really not all that fond of. Over and over again. #beautiful

(11:36:50) @adrian4acn Don't joke... I have seen a CV in Comic Sans before... *eek* @jenerator

(11:37:38) @fifirong That is a bit of class!

(11:57:00) @adrian4acn I think the advice is "For heaven's sake SHOW SOMEONE before you send it off..!" :D @jenerator

(11:57:26) It's always nice to have an existential chat over dessert. Pudding the world to rights.

(12:39:31) @katyha I'd offer you a hug if I knew it was gluten-free x

(12:40:46) @fridgemagnet2 That's a win!

(12:41:04) @lloydbayley G'night chief..! Another late one..

(12:41:24) @tobypinder :D

(12:43:03) It's that time of year again... I must set a reminder not to bother watching the Brits tonight.

(13:08:34) @alexgeoghegan @brennig Class is overrated.. :D

(13:25:04) @fridgemagnet2 Stage invasions, mainly...

(13:25:55) @SheleileighLaw Fankoo, ma'am *bows*

(14:11:07) @quibelles I'd pay to oh never mind.

(15:11:38) @karenjeynes We could certainly do with some of that sort of thing here! :D

(20:00:31) @sarahjaneuk He's a very amusing man.. not sure I even cast a quarter his shadow, though... mind you, I'm flatttered!

(21:21:13) @DaisyMould Hang in there DM. It never turns out as bad as you fear.

(21:21:42) @Karen_Kay_ Doge needs to learn some dance tolerance ;)

(21:33:21) @MarkSheppard "unless it rhymes with key" they used to decree. Hurreidly. Some of them shreiking. Like a banshei.

(23:32:46) Off to bed, I think... playlist for tomorrow's show has been created at least, with help from @SheleileighLaw, @johnny_winter @jn2n & @sm2n

(23:40:42) @lloydbayley Night, chief! You're in charge :) x

(23:40:52) @CarolKettley Night, cK :)

(23:41:10) @mostlygeordie Night Miss Amanda :)

Tweets for 18 Feb 2014

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(08:22:29) @DawnLoweActress Morning ma'am. Good day ahead?

(08:24:59) RT @ngyt_uk: The day is here people! NGYT DO @lutonfebfest Ahhhhhhhh can't wait to get started! Fingers crossed for a sell out!

(08:26:51) @SuButcher Morning :) Please share a link to the Jonathan Meades thing... I love his work!

(08:32:09) @DawnLoweActress About the same for me... never really was very good at Tuesdays :D Hope your day goes wonderfully x

(08:32:41) Splendid... Jonathan Meades has made some more telly: http://t.co/oMbfZUe34H

(08:33:56) @PrincessBagel Free minions for sure. And no twitter jail (I think) x #bringchocolate

(08:42:52) @SuButcher Thank you! Can't wait to watch it - I have a perverse interest in the brutalism he covers :) :) :)

(08:45:03) @CarolKettley Morning cK.. please have a splendid day!

(08:46:22) @IPTechShark I shouldn't laugh but I did (sorry) Good morning, ma'am. Hope the day improves; your tweets suggest frustration #understatement

(08:47:01) @CarolKettley Thank you :) It's Tuesday... I have set my expectations accordingly 😃

(08:54:32) @SheleileighLaw If we can all see past the artifice, there will no longer be the need for it...

(10:56:40) @ucalegon Bit cluttered to be fair :D

(12:02:16) @ellewadding Did you sort it? I always do...

(13:01:43) @Chocohalix Woahh...

(13:02:13) @Chocohalix Have you considered taking the bairns for a 'spoons lunch? OK, so it's full of old men, but the food's good and QUIETER! :D

(13:20:06) @AlexGFox Ahh yes... I think we caught some of that... I'll check the rest out :)

(13:21:12) @PrincessBagel Ahhh you've never had Twitter jail? It's when you respond to so many tweets Twitter says "You've tweeted too much. Stop now!"

(13:23:25) @Chocohalix #halfterm :D

(13:26:56) @RatuKatu *high fives*

(13:40:33) @thatsjustme0 Definitely worth checking next door's garden.

(15:28:14) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'm all yours.

(16:06:02) Me, according to the daughter of a work colleague. And yes, that's supposed to be my phone. It's not… http://t.co/b4lcCGR0eK

(17:54:54) @AlexGFox Pretty much sums me up. quack!

(17:55:08) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Hope you got my DM x

(19:12:20) @fridgemagnet2 True.

(19:12:32) @streakmachine I was touched :) As was the whiteboard :D


(19:33:08) Home 'n hungry. @poots is at @lutonfebfest watching @ngyt_uk - good stuff going on in #Luton tonight.

(19:35:57) Wow.. goats are cooler than I thought.. https://t.co/WFfYT0ptRb (via @ThePoke)

(19:38:53) Happy birthday @neilcochrane1!

(19:54:35) Not hungry any more. Yummy korma and naan and bhaji. Time to have a brief chat with @johndredge in preparation for TheWeekendery!

(19:55:51) @quibelles That's a bit.. er.. topsy/turvy. I was thinking earlier - I bet you're shorter than I imagine you to be.

(20:20:21) @quibelles Not as tall as you are.

(20:22:02) @johndredge Don't make me say it.

(20:23:06) @SamRSparrow Some fine 80s tunes. I'll stick you in my ear while I potter. @hoxtonradio

(20:46:13) @SamRSparrow Can't believe you're only on for an hour... and it was a revelation that Love Shack was an 80s song..! @hoxtonradio

Tweets for 17 Feb 2014

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(08:25:34) @thatsjustme0 Morning, laydeee x

(08:27:13) @batwench A regular event? Or prompted by something..? #joy #Eep 

(08:27:45) @wuthering_alice You look splendid as you, to be fair.

(08:29:27) @EveThomas40 And you :) x

(08:30:00) @lloydbayley Not pretty... and a bad noise, too, if I recall...

(08:34:20) @wuthering_alice I expect if you were to go for a coffee with her, she & you'd both attract equal admiring looks. Celeb photos aren't real:)

(08:35:27) @lloydbayley Heh... chasing it up the garden would probably stimulate a bad noise :D

(08:47:54) @lloydbayley Haha! Little buggers!

(10:42:21) @batwench Ahh yes. Done that one. I really don't want to go through ALL my passwords, though... :/ @mrbatwench

(11:10:05) @Z80GameCoder I had no idea. Do they make good pets?

(12:10:36) @Z80GameCoder Oh that is terribly sad. We need to sort out a breeding programme, though. For pangolins.

(12:40:53) @DeeSelected And hello to you! :)

(15:15:45) @paulwheatley Ahh what a nuisance. I'll wait to hear when we can shoot the breeze on the shiny little toys. @streakmachine

(17:23:15) @LILLYTHEPINK1 What a splendid idea... although my work firewall won't let me tune in... booo!

(17:48:09) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'll give it a go! :)

(17:49:43) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I think I have you :)

(17:50:24) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Tune-in radio app on my phone :)

(17:56:01) @LILLYTHEPINK1 You should so get Jake a mic.

(19:03:21) @thatsjustme0 Are you chipper, dear Deedee?

(19:28:25) @CMoz @PontoonDock I could.. but you would have to remind me.

(20:11:51) Monday. Gym day. Time to get a bit out of breath and not do sitting down (except on the rowing machinery)

(21:50:14) @CMoz Unfortunately, I'm the wrong kind of forgetful to be able to participate... if that makes any sense. @PontoonDock

(21:50:36) @CarolKettley I feel tired just remembering it.. ;) x

(21:54:51) @shellzenner Madam.

(22:49:58) @mostlygeordie And that's why I like you :)

(22:51:36) @mostlygeordie I don't have an iDevice, unfortunately. Looks fun, though! :)

(22:55:21) @mostlygeordie Bless you :) x

(23:17:58) Blue lorries with police escort on the M1 this morning http://t.co/Up8yegD7di

Tweets for 16 Feb 2014

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(00:06:00) @cazie5 I'm here if you need me x

(07:46:59) Good morning. Blue skies, little traffic; a peaceful start to Sunday in Luton. What better way to celebrate it than by driving to Watford(!)

(07:47:56) @Bazmati2020 I love that SEVEN! theme you have going on there...

(07:49:08) @Chocohalix It's a bit early for all that... taking the boy to a physics course. May do a bit of Harlequining later. Or Intu or whatever...

(07:49:23) @Chocohalix And a very good morning to you :)

(07:56:00) @Chocohalix We've started referring to the Arndale as 'The Mall' which I thought wouldn't happen. But 'The Mall' isn't a stupid name :D

(07:56:49) @Chocohalix It's all good.. I'm still in my jammies #anythinggoes

(09:25:28) @CarolKettley Morning :) Rock on! Drily!

(09:26:16) @batwench Bad? That's not bad 😋@mrbatwench

(09:34:51) @leica0000 Love it :) Dropping the boy off at a course - Physics. Nice way to spend a Sunday 😊

(10:57:46) I need to stop calling Eleanor "Lenster" when out in public... apparently people look at each other as if to say "They called her WHAT?"

(11:22:23) @PlainTalkingHR True 😄

(12:01:24) Pilot and co-pilot @ RAF Museum London http://t.co/tFljNuLyFN

(12:05:39) My all-time favourite plane (apart from the ill-fated Tupolev TU-144) @ RAF Museum London http://t.co/iUZYODd32U

(20:48:19) @paulwheatley OK.. cool. if it does happen, please can we get the show as snappy as possible - need to go to the gym after! @streakmachine

(20:48:37) @imule That's fantastic! I would love to visit that museum, too...

(20:48:59) @alexgeoghegan I do call my children some odd things, to be fair :D

(20:50:18) All a bit tired now. Work tomororrow. Early bed. That's how the mental process ~should~ work. Let's see how I get on in practice...

(20:51:10) @alexgeoghegan Heehee.. you worked in a cool office :D

(21:05:32) @SheleileighLaw How's your weekend been? :)

(21:29:16) @imule What a beautiful beast! And so similar to the real thing..! :)

(21:36:49) @wuthering_alice Night ma'am.

(21:37:24) @Karen_Kay_ Spring soon!

Tweets for 15 Feb 2014

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(00:15:15) @lloydbayley That's very kind! Always good to have a bit of silliness :) Have a fantastic weekend!

(00:20:00) Battery level critically low. Time to check how airtight the house is. And guess where it will land in the morning. Good night. Be safe.

(00:23:19) @PlainTalkingHR it is! And you too xx

(00:23:37) @CarolKettley G'night :)

(08:40:34) @RobJD What exactly does a 'delay' mean? Stand around until an engineer's been? Wait while we pop over to Costa..? Or is it just dribbling?

(09:05:24) @TubbyHermit Morning... "I've a feeling we're not in Luton any more.."

(09:10:37) @Tactless_Blonde Morning. Sounds like a fine evening. Can I just confirm that last sentence was about a TV show and not a zombie invasion..?

(09:11:57) Good morning. Today's PIN is 3765.

(09:16:05) @CalmWaters73 And now it's swallowed my card. Uhoh...

(09:16:17) @Tactless_Blonde Keep me posted... ;)

(09:16:53) @CarolKettley Morning, Carol. If I'm honest I'm at the dressing gown threshold. Too warm with it on, too cold with it off. Please advise.

(09:22:27) @RobJD HAAHAAHA! I can't believe I missed that :D :D

(09:24:40) @CarolKettley I knew I could count on you for good advice. I think I can counter the funny looks by stumbling around going WHERE'S MY MILK?

(09:34:13) @TubbyHermit Heh... only the matter of a few mm if anything. The bird feeder's still standing :D

(09:37:00) @fridgemagnet2 Tonto. I think the clouds have been blown all the way to Belgium.

(09:41:51) @RatuKatu Oh there'll be something - there's always something.

(09:42:03) @CherryKaz1 Mornin' ma'am.

(09:42:22) @mostlygeordie Morning :) Have a great day!

(10:22:30) @Dreamy_lyrics @CherryKaz1 it's a sunny morning... Still windy but pleasant enough. Off for drinks with old work colleagues later :) You? x

(14:10:27) Heading into London. Being careful of sinkholes... are there more of them than ever..?

(14:14:31) All gone a bit blustery...

(14:21:44) @SheleileighLaw we have problems with potholes too... but these things have started appearing, too.. http://t.co/q1qtJjrpvf (8 miles away)

(14:29:31) @AlexGFox Hahaha! I just hope it stays the same size as it is intended to be..!

(15:05:18) @SheleileighLaw I think it was unforeseen... the clay topsoil got washed away...

(15:05:56) @CarolKettley It began with M.. And I have the luck of the devil 😊

(22:26:41) Back from a jolly afternoon/evening out with Nick, Nik, Liam & Showbiz Dave. Old school larks and the dingiest restaurant in Russell Square.

(23:32:07) @christopherw I got an email before I heard on Twitter..

(23:35:36) @christopherw Only when I logged in... bit of a fail there.

Tweets for 14 Feb 2014

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(07:55:48) Happy St Valentine's Day! Twinned with St Cyril who invented the Cyrillic alphabet. Imagine creating a new alphabet. "What the hell's that?"

(08:10:02) @sm2n Ты проклятый Tootin 'Путин

(08:20:36) @sm2n @fridgemagnet2 True... give your wife a fish...

(08:37:54) @TubbyHermit Thank you! A nice evening with @poots and some comedy, I think :) Big hugs to you!

(08:38:09) @sm2n I guess I shouldn't have stopped there...

(08:38:27) @PlainTalkingHR Thanks, Bina! A big Valentine's hug to you! :) x @poots

(08:38:55) @CarolKettley Happy VD to you :) Played your song last night.. I'll stick it up on the archive later. I said your name in a VOICEOVER VOICE.

(08:39:11) Up periscope.

(08:55:36) @batwench Sorry... didn't see you there...

(08:55:51) @boggits Close... Stephen Toast.

(10:23:21) @PrincessBagel @tabs_penarth Awwww :)

(10:24:56) @galaxia416 @Karen_Kay_ I love you both every day :)

(10:31:06) @Karen_Kay_ @galaxia416 And, of course, @SheleileighLaw :)

(11:50:26) @poots I made you chocolate...

(11:57:01) @76Wilbury Condensation? Have you been partying in a rainforest again..?

(12:07:13) @Thehappyfatgirl Ahh you'll be fine. Only your perception will change :) And it's a good opportunity to get drunk (but not too drunk) Enjoy!

(12:07:31) @76Wilbury O lordy!

(12:53:02) @76Wilbury They're my favourite too! :) :)

(12:54:44) @tweeting_frog Always good when lunch involves the word "concoction" :D Hope you enjoyed!

(12:55:07) @pearcen Happy anniversary to you and Mrs Pearcen. So glad you can be together for it! :)

(12:56:06) @ellewadding Couldn't agree more #pointlesstoo #showtheloveallyearround

(12:57:04) @badpenny31 Oh that is cracking!

(12:59:20) @quibelles Bit o' class. That extra assurance that at least you won't get a sprain. Or, indeed, that you already have one.

(13:06:03) @tweeting_frog Heh... true! It's good healthy food nonetheless, so who's to judge?

(13:06:24) @badpenny31 You've still got it :)

(13:21:58) I just did the head wobble that Jimmy Carr does and got really dizzy. Won't be doing that again.

(13:22:30) @PrincessBagel These are all beautiful things. THANK YOU! :) @DigitalAmoeba @bubwal @jgamet @EwenRankin @RiffRaff41 @PhilT74 @MrJamesMay

(13:26:33) Last night's @Weekendery is available for another listen/download/rinse at http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - get it while it's not too damp! :)

(13:43:44) RT @weekendery: John Dredge Interview 13th February 2014 - BANJOS https://t.co/XTOQAUUu4o via @audioboo

(13:44:16) @johndredge You! https://t.co/O65bOZ9LEb

(13:44:38) RT @weekendery: Kristen Stewart's Vogon Poetry https://t.co/gAMCtzRNvw via @audioboo

(13:54:54) @johndredge Happy weekend!

(14:13:03) @lloydbayley You inspired me! https://t.co/KczIoz7q33

(14:33:03) RT @MintFM: Today at 4pm UK it's 60s and 70s sizzle and at 6UK @1969steve takes us back to love in the 80s

(17:41:30) @quibelles How many times have you tried? I believe 3 is the magic number...

(20:51:30) I really do like Room 1010. Always so affable. Unless Henning Wehn is on. In which case it is utterly hilarious.

(20:52:07) @fridgemagnet2 Still a win in any weather. Hope you have the hatches battened down...

(20:55:08) @CarolKettley Watching the one with Dragon's Den Lady who I have no idea who she is, Vernon Kaye and Miles Jupp. Lovely toilet talk...

(21:09:03) @ellewadding Me too. I have a brother-in-law who is like a more cynical version of Henning Wehn 😃

(22:10:26) @Barlie40 And you, Jim. Good night :)

(23:51:12) I like 'Cruel older brother shoots his sister with a BB gun' http://t.co/mBx3iHR0nl on @tellyapp

(23:53:25) Tesco lorry with contradictory indicators.. http://t.co/zMwvW6Qcb9

Tweets for 13 Feb 2014

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(07:53:12) @sm2n @macolgan @slandi @Omaniblog @topgold @ernmander @DaylightGambler @mcfontaine @dean_read Heh. "Mixed pears figure skating." :D

(08:43:05) @TimHarford I bet you wouldn't leave that inside a patient ;) #Dilemma

(08:43:16) @mostlygeordie GOOD LUCK! x

(08:47:30) @batwench Congratulations nonetheless! :)

(08:48:42) Good morning. Suffering from corporeal sensitivity after an evening out; please pass quietly. I should be human again for The @Weekendery :D

(08:49:03) @PrincessBagel mornin' ma'am :)

(10:32:14) @batwench I fear I have no such excuse... just rich food and lots of driving :D Hop you have a good day! x @weekendery

(10:32:27) @mostlygeordie @weekendery I was driving :/

(10:32:52) @PrincessBagel Bright sunshine here in the home counties(!) ... but I think I have a migraine. There will be coffee required. How's you? x

(10:33:00) @batwench YEAHHH!

(10:33:27) @tweeting_frog Good morning, Claire. Thank you - I'm at my desk pondering coffee :) :) I hope your day has begun well!

(10:34:09) I'm the office zombie.

(10:47:18) @Barlie40 Morning, Jim. Breakfast would be legenday! I shall try to hold on until lunchtime, though :D Have a good day too, sir!

(10:54:57) I have still got Flappy Bird on my phone. I still haven't bothered playing it.

(10:56:41) @PrincessBagel I'm glad you're doing better. Going for a small amount of coffee and wishing I could sleep :D Big hugs from me x

(11:16:52) @CalmWaters73 Never just one. I eat loads and then my kidneys complain #truestory

(11:42:36) @RatuKatu That made me chuckle.

(11:43:46) @mostlygeordie We had exactly that problem when Beth was waiting for her spinal cord operation; moving notes is almost impossible, it seems!

(11:46:40) Looking up the word 'obviates' to ensure I am using it in the right context.

(11:47:39) @clairebland1 Apparently it's been removed from the app store already. It can barely be described as a 'game' :D

(11:47:54) @Tuglets BRAINS. I mean, hello :)

(11:48:18) @PrincessBagel Thanks, lovely :) I've got a sensitive constitution, bless me :D

(11:48:59) @R2UK Crazy completely pointless more like. I do worry about how much precious time on earth is spent angrily jabbing at a screen :D

(11:49:25) @76Wilbury I WON! Which effectively obviated the need to look it up...

(11:50:18) @CherryKaz1 I'm trying to work out the best way to tweet the emotional effect it has on me. I think it's kinda this: "Nnnnng" @clairebland1

(11:55:39) @edtjones Sorry! :D @76Wilbury

(12:15:31) @lloydbayley Good night, chief :) Another day done already!

(12:16:25) @dizzymummytotwo I hope you can satisfy your urges! Straight to Sainsbury's with you, ma'am!

(12:18:12) @gasmanic Yup. @Z80GameCoder

(12:18:35) @Karen_Kay_ That is a good snow measuring system! :) @TuckerFox5 @fox5newsdc

(12:19:16) @paulwheatley Good advice well taken, sir.

(12:27:14) @dizzymummytotwo You show great restraint! Impressive :)

(13:20:53) @mostlygeordie This was a few years ago - the operation was generally a success, and she is still mobile, thank goodness :) x

(14:17:42) @batwench Could do with a bit of a tidy, to be honest...

(15:58:10) @Bearlydithers heehee... always nice to have a sense of humour :D

(16:43:47) @amnotfunny Hate it when that happens. I always thought your twitter username didn't suit you ;)

(17:58:48) @meanjeen HELL...oh... ;) Hope it's been a good day for you! @weekendery

(18:53:20) Reply to @fifirong Oh no! I hope you recover soon.. get as much rest as you can!

(19:01:47) Like a 5p piece you thought you'd never see again, The @Weekendery is BACK on #MintFM later.. 9pm UK time, 4pm EST. Bring an oblong! YEPPS!

(19:03:58) @smartie999 Aren't you the LOVELIEST! x @badpenny31

(19:08:11) @smartie999 I can promise you, @poots will have as many kisses as she could ever wish for :) :x Night night lovely Joodles!

(19:16:54) @CarolKettley Ahh what a shame. I shall play a song for you anyway in the hope you'll listen on 'catch-up' :) @weekendery

(19:39:52) @brennig ooohh quite yes.!

(19:42:50) @PrincessBagel Feel better soon, dear Helen x

(20:29:55) @sheenasbit @cindyvriend That is glorious! :)

(20:54:58) @paul_steele Hi, Paul! :) I'm very well, thank you.. not travelling nearly as much as you - or as much as I'd like! How about you, sir? :)

(20:56:00) The @Weekendery takes to the air in just five minutes - why not tune in if you get a moment. When you get a moment. It's on till 11! :)

(20:56:39) You can listen here: http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY - interact with the show @weekendery or @mintfm or join the natter http://t.co/6Upqj6DWbE :)

(21:05:45) @CalmWaters73 HURRAHHH! :)

(21:05:54) @1969Steve Evenin' Steve :) @MintFM

(21:06:02) @Z80GameCoder HURRAH ! :) @weekendery

(21:06:49) @clairebland1 Bring the weekend on YEAHH!

(21:06:58) @CalmWaters73 I love House Of Fools!

(21:14:00) @CalmWaters73 Hahaha! I love that name! :D

(21:19:06) @CalmWaters73 Works for me! :D

(21:25:31) @clairebland1 Absolutely. Cars that can easily go FAR faster than mine... true story!

(21:27:26) @CalmWaters73 Oh that is a nightmare..

(21:37:08) Tonight's genre is "My genre-ation" is: Hair Metal. The answer is: "6.3 kilometers" - what's the question? #Mintfm

(21:39:06) @CalmWaters73 They should include plasters with the packaging :D

(22:12:42) RT @TheGarbagePOD: Listen to friend of @TheGarbagePOD @syzygy on #Mintfm http://t.co/LbpBXiWzMu

(22:21:12) @drmasquerade And big love to you and Kaz! :) Enjoy!

(22:22:33) @paul_steele Absolutely! Fun can be found in all kinds of places.. even at home :) Stay warm and have fun.. big love to you and Cindy!

Tweets for 12 Feb 2014

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(00:30:46) And so to bed. I can think of no better way to be lulled to sleep than with the voice of Kate Rusby singing gently. Good night.

(10:12:15) @romeotesta Thanks for the follow :) If I'm honest, I don't like smooth jazz either!

(10:15:50) @clairerandall I'm not sure I have an enemy. What should I do?

(10:16:19) @Bearlydithers Happy bus-catching, and I hope the dentist can work magic :)

(11:08:19) Wow.. Vogon poetry! http://t.co/TVrH7LEYec

(11:50:18) @Kittybliss Baffling. And even moreso that she had a public space to vent it...

(11:52:14) @fridgemagnet2 I think you're not there because you would want entirely amusing words included...

(13:24:01) @clairerandall Heh... live and let live, I say. Although I guess there may be people who consider me their enemy.. that's quite sad.

(15:29:06) @dizzymummytotwo Happy? :)

(21:16:30) @Preeteshmusic All good, chief!

Tweets for 11 Feb 2014

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(10:10:16) @DawnLoweActress Mornin' ma'am.

(10:25:46) It's February today. Morning.

(10:59:00) @slandi Very poetic.

(10:59:52) @prc320 Good morning, Mark. I'm doing well, thank you - having a cheeky coffee :)

(11:00:35) @MendingHeart87 It is a very, very bad triathlon. If at first you don't succeed-athlon, tri, tri and tri-again-athlon. Failathlon :D

(11:06:03) @MendingHeart87 I can do a few miles - I train on the treadmill, so I lose interest after a while :D I need to be chased by a tiger.

(11:06:46) @prc320 Absolutely! How's your morning shaping up?

(11:08:09) @MendingHeart87 I'm going to start small - yorkshire terrier.

(11:21:02) @Lizzing What a lovely thing to do :)

(11:21:31) @MendingHeart87 Cheers! Don't forget.. I'm a loafer, not a fighter ;)

(11:22:10) @prc320 Indeed.. we're British after all!

(11:41:04) @DawnLoweActress I'm not too shabby, ta :) How about you?

(12:20:39) @birdfortytwo A woman after my own heart. These are the things he needs to learn :D

(13:45:51) @birdfortytwo Hahaha! Only makes me admire you more :) Just wait until his Dad gets home :D

(13:45:58) @SheleileighLaw Amen, sister.

(15:05:28) @stuartthomas Pfft.

(15:08:22) @kathyclugston That's pretty cool :)

(15:09:22) @CarolKettley @DawnLoweActress Evenin' :)

(17:16:36) @LilyThePurr Definitely.

(17:17:00) @LilyThePurr Although the first was amusinging.

(17:17:56) Bliminy... sink holes appearing everwhere. Be prepared to jump out of the way... :/

(20:34:01) @thatsjustme0 good evening, you! :)

(20:34:28) Tuesday prep for a Thursday show heralding in the weekend.. it's like Christmas has come early. Sort of...

(20:37:36) @CarolKettley Evenin' Carol :) Anything I can play for you on Thursday?

(20:37:54) @BaronHawkey Evenin' BH.. ahhh no.. just my little radio show :)

(20:58:07) @CarolKettley I have a lot of songs that begin with M.

(20:58:18) @thatsjustme0 *blows a kiss*. Careful it's a bit wet. Out.

(21:04:26) @CarolKettley I will find a song and play it directly & explicitly for you. BACKWARDS. Actually. Probably forwards. There may be complaints.

(22:45:10) @BaronHawkey Thanks, dude! I'm playing hair rock :D

Tweets for 10 Feb 2014

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(07:29:18) @KateGL Great article - and what a nice surprise to see @PlainTalkingHR get a mention at the end!

(07:53:34) @quibelles @Lizzing Sounds more like he has not been allowed to leave bed until he has named them...

(09:55:26) @Nick_Tann third finger, third fret, B string?

(11:48:12) @Nick_Tann Top E or bottom E? I'm confused now.. surely it's some sort of G6 or G/E if you leave a finger off..? I'm learning every day!

(14:53:40) @ellewadding A miscalculation last year, I fear. How frustrating!

(14:53:58) @warriorgrrl Oh that is fantastic news :)

(15:05:11) @ellewadding Well that's true... especially if nothing changed last year...

(21:28:57) Rubbish Triathlon complete. 370 calories burned. That's a frighteningly small fraction of a decent fried breakfast. Time for a sit down.

(21:34:21) @wuthering_alice Camomile tea, a banana and a big hug x

(21:34:35) @caritas730 Oh my. Ohhhhhh my.

(21:34:57) @WhimsicalWife @DaisiesandPieUK OK :)

(21:35:38) @topgold It was the machines at the gym. I am also very unfit :D

(21:36:23) @HeatGently HE MADE HER CRY.

(21:36:40) @DaisiesandPieUK HUZZAH! :) @WhimsicalWife

(21:43:17) @caritas730 And ketchup is part of my 5-a-day, right..?

(22:09:12) @prc320 Ahh no. You're confusing the Triathlon with my Crap Triathlon, which is basically running, rowing and cycling until I'm knackered :D

(22:36:21) @prc320 Thanks, Mark... I really hope to be able to get fit enough to run a good distance. Fortunately our municipal gym is a good one :)

(22:36:59) @prc320 And I wish you very good luck and successful training for your run!

(22:49:54) @PlainTalkingHR @KateGL And the very same to you xx

(22:57:17) @IPTechShark Goodnight, ma'am. x

Tweets for 09 Feb 2014

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(08:45:37) But would an idiot be be able to do this..?

(08:46:54) @LizzyWelshCake Bore da. Back to bed with you x

(08:51:18) @Bazmati2020 "blowing like a babyliss" needs to become a commonly used phrase. Or at least a a Keane lyric.

(08:52:00) @mrs_forky You didn't see what I was doing ~stretches arm up the stairs to set your alarm for 3.30am~

(08:59:16) @76Wilbury Pfft. :D

(08:59:49) @LizzyWelshCake Oh I know that feeling all too well! Feel better soon.. maybe some fresh air might help x

(09:01:10) Good morning. Tummy ache, but otherwise all is reasonably orthogonal. Let Sunday commence. Slowly.

(09:01:49) @76Wilbury Not so bad, yet maj... could do with getting out and about but I'm feeling a bit lazy Sunday 😃 You?

(09:02:16) @johnny_winter Which as we both know all too well, things very rarely are...

(09:03:50) @batwench Trying not to feel crabby ;) Did you get the sensuous and classy boudoir shot Beth sent from her Hudl yesterday by the way?

(09:04:27) @batwench PS in the 'pike' position. Me back's gone an' all. pPS morning

(09:04:58) @76Wilbury oooooh! Love a bit of hurtling and driving about!

(09:06:56) @LizzyWelshCake Thank you :) I'm sure I'll perk up later - enjoy your walk! Xx

(09:09:44) @batwench oh weird.. I'll get Lenni to have a play later - not very well acquainted with Oovoo. That said, if it's the secondary camera...

(09:10:42) @batwench ...they are notoriously poor for anything but perfect lighting; cheap tiny sensors...

(11:31:51) @RobJD Thanks, mate... pretty much standard for me - hope you're comfortable today!

(13:19:36) @SheleileighLaw Ahh I'm OK.. bit of a stretch and a caffeine boost and I'm good to go. How are you, ma'am? @batwench

(13:33:56) @sm2n Absolutely loved the #Radio4 programme about Bridges - inspirational and also very reassuring :) Thanks for the link! :)

(13:35:52) @sm2n This might be quite amusing... http://t.co/nAJ8bCp2Xk

(15:15:15) @SheleileighLaw @batwench Fully appropriate Sunday morning activities. I'm pondering more coffee... and tinkering in the studio. 🎤🎧📼

(16:35:20) @LaceyHughes Nooooooooo!

(16:36:17) @neilcochrane1 That's not a healthy volume - certainly not sustained! :D

(16:43:17) Ahh it's good to have my 'main' mic pre-amp back... thanks again @WeAreFocusrite for such wonderful service, especially to Preetesh! :)

(16:44:15) @pearcen Excellent! Good to know you're having fun times... long overdue, sir.

(16:46:41) @sm2n Oooh yeah! :)

(16:47:35) @pearcen I hope you can make the most of it before your return. Yeah.. not bad, ta - having a peaceful Sunday afternoon tinkering! :)

(18:42:05) Last Thursday's Weekendery - as interpreted by a dyslexic parakeet - is now in the MintFM Archives! http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS Bajingo! :)

(18:42:22) @neilcochrane1 Nice work, sir #protectourhearing

(19:05:47) @fridgemagnet2 no ta.

(19:06:30) RT @weekendery: John Dredge Interview - 6th February 2014 - BOOK https://t.co/eAq7Fzc9OM via @audioboo

(19:32:15) @AlexGFox Integrity and fairness is a very difficult path to tread.

(21:22:23) Playing a game of "How many times will I laugh at 'Live at the Electric'?" Current prediction: twice. Both at Two Episodes of Mash.

(22:22:29) @RichHarkness If they can sustain the "parody" description it could succeed... unlikely to be for real, though.

(22:25:20) @RobJD Aye, sir. Aye. Thoughts are with you.

(23:30:05) Bedtime. Or 'hiding from the week for a bit'. Night night!.

(23:43:02) @CarolKettley @thatsjustme0 pyjama hugs to you both 😊

Tweets for 08 Feb 2014

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(00:51:01) MT @BaronHawkey: "At least I beat @syzygy at #wwf for prob the first time ever" - a veritable win, sir. Well played!

(08:59:55) @podquiz Morning, James! Went to a quiz night yesterday; one of the questions: "What instrument represents the duck in Peter & the Wolf?" :D

(09:24:53) @mostlygeordie Good morning :) Words With Friends... something of a breakfast time indulgence for me! Hope you're fabulous x @BaronHawkey

(09:26:33) Good morning. Yesterday: an entertaining evening with @sm2n & @jn2n which involved winning a quiz on a Brucie tie-break.. today: housework!

(09:28:38) @cazie5 That's so lovely to hear. Hang in there, lovely Carol. x

(09:29:52) @mostlygeordie Haha! I've been the same with so many things.. Farmville, Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft, Twitter.. oh hang on :D @BaronHawkey

(09:30:25) @CarolKettley Morning, ma'am. Trust you are tip top and splendid this morning :) @sm2n @jn2n

(09:35:10) My son is, over time, showing me all the animated gifs on the internet. All of them. Today: Sochi Olympic Rings fail. http://t.co/qqDpNVhJPI

(09:35:31) @CarolKettley Fantastic - amazing what a good sleep can do! @sm2n @jn2n

(09:44:23) @BaronHawkey yup... same for me these days!

(09:51:31) @CarolKettley Heh.. I haven't got going yet 😃

(11:52:37) @BaronHawkey Ooh.. will take a look!

(11:52:51) @CarolKettley Of course.. I'll brew you some fresh!

(11:53:09) @jn2n Fun fun fun! Housework for me :) @sm2n

(11:54:01) @rosscraig I think we are.. dear old BBC! :)

(13:30:48) @emma_crowe8 Ha! True. UP PERIVALE. @porksmith

(16:02:17) @brennig one word: The Bugle. @poots

(20:40:01) @sm2n

(20:40:29) @sm2n Excellent - really looking forward to listening!

(20:40:37) @sm2n Thank you :)

(20:41:48) @batwench Beth's got a Hudl too.. I'll ask her to have a go on it..

(20:53:14) @poots @batwench With apologies for the subject matter...

(21:33:58) @MooseAllain Check your dog's bed... there may well be a telescope in there... /cc @dragonhistory

(23:03:31) @IPTechShark Delightful. I see blushing as a positive thing. A breaking down of social barriers :) Hope you're having a splendid evening :)

(23:12:46) @IPTechShark A bottle of beer, a sleepy spouse and House of Fools on the telly. Simple but delightful, thank you :) Big smiles to you! :)

(23:13:49) An afternoon at Dad's, some Splash watchage and an evening with @poots in front of the telly. Saturday done & dusted. And so to bed. Night!

(23:16:01) @CarolKettley Night, Carol! :) @poots

Tweets for 07 Feb 2014

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(08:25:49) RT @Hannaaaaaaahh1: Do not go on the lower Luton road! Water up to my headlights!

(10:49:22) @johnshepherd Thank you, John! :) I am so glad you listened :) :) @weekendery

(10:49:48) @LizzyWelshCake And bore da.. so soon! x @weekendery

(11:10:01) @Karen_Kay_ shoop until you droop. Baby.

(11:12:55) RT @BearGrylls: ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ Plato

(11:13:26) @fridgemagnet2 ENOUGH ABOUT TOMORROW'S WORLD. That's coming next, on Dave. @sparkyannc

(11:17:03) @Karen_Kay_ I now have that song stuck in my head now. And it'll be going round and round until it's replaced by "What a mighty good man.."

(11:17:11) @Karen_Kay_ Which, I might add, is NOT about me.

(11:17:49) @RobinFlavell *applauds* @SteveDoherty1

(11:18:49) @govindajeggy That.

(12:05:42) @Mediaminnie Thank you for the follow! :)

(13:29:08) @quibelles Uhoh...

(14:31:18) @LizzyWelshCake Oh wow! Safe travels. Watch out for the.. er.. damp! :)

(18:28:49) @poots Oh fantastic! Thank you for taking it in! At @sm2n's now... being talked at by the children :D Love you x

(19:29:59) @TubbyHermit Thank you! I hope your weekend is full of unexpected blessings :) @poots

Tweets for 06 Feb 2014

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(10:29:10) @BaronHawkey Before, after or during? :D

(11:44:09) @lloydbayley Oh that is just thoughtless! Amazing how someone could miss that rather important step of considering you. Flea in her ear?

(11:44:35) @lloydbayley ...or was she a hotty? (Yeah, I know... shouldn't have said that.. blame the Haribo :D)

(11:49:55) @lloydbayley Heh.. oops :D

(11:50:35) It has been a haribo day so far. Good morning.

(12:04:55) @lloydbayley Oh lordy... I am so sorry. Glass of red wine may be necessary..!

(12:42:58) @lloydbayley Good night 😊

(12:43:29) @SheleileighLaw Mornin' 😊

(12:57:58) @quibelles And your grammar :P

(12:58:09) @quibelles Who's Sheldon? :D

(13:08:49) @quibelles Ahh. A "Sheldon" :D

(13:09:11) @quibelles Yup. I'm the same with practise and practice...

(13:47:32) @CarolKettley Definitely the former, but maybe a little of the latter ;)

(13:53:14) @CarolKettley indeed. Not that I'm counting the hours or anything. Oh, while I remember, I'm playing radio tonight at 9pm :)

(13:59:58) @CarolKettley That would be the best, if you're about 😊

(14:01:22) @CarolKettley Yay! x

(18:31:43) @1969Steve Enjoying your show from last Friday. I do like a bit of 80s action, and I missed it during my show prep :)

(18:45:33) TONIGHT! Mint FM! A new slot.. slipping slinkily into Thursday evenings, it's the @Weekendery - same show, different time. 9pm UK, 5pm EST!

(18:52:38) @nokia_uk Sure thing :)

(19:07:45) @johndredge you will be on in the last quarter of the first hour of the nearest @weekendery to Wembley.

(20:29:51) @BaronHawkey Eugh! Hope you're home, warm and dry now!

(20:33:49) @MissyMWAC Haha! You're on form!

(21:06:08) Slight technical issues getting the Weekendery to you.. on-air very soon!

(21:23:52) The @Weekendery is on-air .. to a fashion. I have no idea why one of the channels sounds like it's in a sink... http://t.co/d9KyhPKtLN

(21:25:11) @CalmWaters73 Thank you :)

(21:49:22) This was the last link in a rather catastrophic broadcast chain. I have no idea why this was ON... it's "--" now. http://t.co/tVhfKFNaPV

(22:03:39) @ajlanghorn Hahaah.. I almost dread to ask :D

(22:04:36) @lloydbayley Morning :)

(22:14:00) @lloydbayley not too bad now.. had a heck of a job trying to get my mixer to work as it should; came on air 20 minutes late :D You doing OK?

(22:23:27) @driverminnie @anitathetweeter @producerlaura Love that!

(22:23:43) @IPTechShark The Official UK Charts. Oh hang on, that was Sunday. As you were.

(22:23:54) @IPTechShark Or rather, if you find out, can you tell me, please?

(23:19:32) I have a keen sense of smell, but a reluctant sense of hearing.

(23:19:57) Off to bed now after a foreshortened but still enjoyable @Weekendery show. Night night!

(23:20:56) @ajlanghorn Sounds perfect! :)

(23:21:04) @Wymroyal Heehee :D

(23:21:17) @IPTechShark I'm glad I haven't missed it then. Night! x

Tweets for 05 Feb 2014

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(07:24:08) @lazyfoodielady I'm not letting you park my Dodge, then. #soundsabitrude

(07:26:08) @akbea Morning, femme d'amusement :)

(07:27:21) @akbea Was hoping for a 'bof'...

(07:28:43) Labrīt.

(07:31:46) @akbea :D

(10:13:19) @nokia_uk Good morning. I would say I'm 95% delighted with it.. mindblowing camera, really usable and big screen. The best phone I've owned.

(10:13:57) @nokia_uk I'm still waiting for an answer from @NokiaHelps about recording stereo audio on it.. but I remain patient ;) @DigitalAmoeba

(10:14:56) I am utterly delighted with the service from @WeAreFocusrite - can't wait to get my Voicemaster Pro back.. hopefully in time for my show!

(10:39:40) Outlook just autocorrected 'kaboodle' to 'caboodle'. I wasn't expecting that.

(10:40:24) To be honest, I'm in too good a mood to work. I just want to go home, lie in bed, stare at the ceiling and be happy. Until about lunchtime.

(10:44:07) @tweeting_frog Heehee! It tends to reveal itself when I ~think~ a word is spelled one way and it turns out that it isn't :D Good morning!

(10:45:46) @neilcochrane1 I am trying to get my head around what they could have done with the time they wasted getting to that score.. :D

(10:54:50) @tweeting_frog Heehee... never too late for a morning greeting :)

(11:06:19) @lloydbayley Sometimes it's good to get a break - heard your latest RR on my way to bed last night.. the perils of local celebrity, eh?! :)

(11:07:02) @CarolKettley Glad it's not just me!

(11:09:28) @LizzyWelshCake Trying to keep it going until lunchtime! :D x

(13:30:38) @NokiaHelps Thank you! :) :)

(13:30:57) @johnny_winter Haha! Glad it's not just me :D

(13:31:31) @lloydbayley I guess better celebrity than notoriety (especially in your line of work!)... although any publicity is good publicity ;)

(17:04:38) @nokia_uk I'd recommend it to anyone who's in the market for a new phone and wants something with a nice big screen and excellent camera :)

(19:28:36) @trevypoos This is getting weird..! https://t.co/l9yab0mmSj - perhaps it was the same tool they used...

(21:31:59) @IPTechShark No but that is GOOD!

(22:14:58) @RobJD :D

Tweets for 04 Feb 2014

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(07:32:09) @TubbyHermit Thank you :) :)

(07:34:23) @paulums Are you at least less sickly? Making it through January could be seen as progress ;) Have a good day!

(07:36:15) @vobes Good morning, Richard. Have a fantastic, rewarding day! Hope to hear about all your successes later :)

(07:37:22) @LilyThePurr That's a little unraisinable of it.

(07:38:07) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' :)

(07:48:25) @vobes Cheers! Praying for no rain :) I miss our occasional trips to Monmouth... if/when you do make it to St Albans it's be great to meet!

(07:48:41) @thatsjustme0 Feeling good about Tuesday? x

(08:29:26) @_Frazzle_ Will Self?!

(09:03:13) So cool that my old buddy @TheJoeHarland is in The Independent - Radio 1 goes YouTube http://t.co/9PpIwZFpKG

(10:22:24) @AmberMakeup12 Good morning! That's a great look for a Tuesday. I look rough as (nothing different from normal, mind :D)

(10:24:01) @paulfarnold Nice pic :)

(10:40:48) @AmberMakeup12 Yeah.. bright sunshine on my way to work and now this..! I'm doing OK, ta; same old thing :) How about you? Stay warm & dry!x

(10:42:01) @thatsjustme0 I will be approaching buzzability soon. Coffee is imminent (or at least desperately needed 😃👞👞🍵🕚

(12:03:32) @TOther_Simon Or, indeed, a daughter called Beyoncé.

(12:04:00) @pearcen Good aftermorvening. I have no idea who I am, let alone how :D

(12:10:24) @Pandamoanimum @birdfortytwo *grins* #passiveaggressive?

(12:11:40) @emsquare_d This is an absolute CRACKER! :) :)

(13:37:45) @DawnLoweActress Hello :) I'm alive (61.4%) - hope you continue to feel better :)

(14:28:32) @_JenSmith Mildly irked, I'd say :)

(15:43:21) RT @AnneBillson: Here is a vine of Michael Gove falling over. https://t.co/RvKWy3wXVj via @ColetteBalmain

(17:38:30) @Karen_Kay_ Did you get your coffee in the end? Or has it gone past that point? It's gone past that point, hasn't it..? ;)

(19:39:58) @Karen_Kay_ Plenty of the day left! :)

(20:08:07) An exciting @TinTopTuesday on-air now... this is going to be a cracking season of #BTCC - bring it on, @AlanHydeStudio!

(20:10:58) @bitman I turned Danica off and on again...

(23:15:27) @neilcochrane1 I think the world high score is 14. I would suggest not bothering.

(23:16:07) @CarolKettley @Faulko1 Funnily enough, both of them are equally a waste of time.. :D

(23:19:53) @ajlanghorn Hahaa! Almost definitely one of two or three fine companies who would quite like my Twitter username (I feel a bit guilty!)

(23:32:06) @lloydbayley You've been notable by your absence, old boy. I hope you're recovering from anything that ails you.

Tweets for 03 Feb 2014

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(00:10:09) I wasn't quite expecting to be playing (read: trying to relearn) CSS at this time of night. I have, at least, done something.. night night!

(07:54:19) RT @poots: That's all in this house opting out of NHS data sharing, we may opt back in in the future but I'm not sure so I'd rather watch a…

(07:56:05) @ThListeningCent Congratulations!

(08:05:44) good morning. all in little letters...

(08:07:02) @PrincessBagel That is just breathtaking! #oops

(08:07:17) @BlueMoon_11 Morning, Lou x

(08:09:30) Apparently, if you don't opt out of medical records sharing, they get processed by Atos. Few better reasons... http://t.co/VIVwVB60o4

(08:10:24) @AngieJean1 How's it looking your way?

(08:11:29) @Vanburger2 That tweet wouldn't be delivered until you're out, and may well be left with a neighbour... ;)

(08:33:01) @akrabat This is obviously skewed in favour of opting out but there is plenty to read here: http://t.co/BJlHraznqm ..add Atos incompetence..

(08:33:57) @CarolKettley Morning, ma'am :)

(08:37:07) @EwenRankin Ha! Don't even get me started... :D @iannock @Amazing_Maps @DigitalAmoeba

(08:42:57) @akrabat There are plenty of the latter - well-meaning, but ultimately flawed (or, indeed, lacking in circumspection).

(08:44:43) @EveThomas40 Good morning and thank you - I shall endeavour to pass them on 😊

(11:02:24) @DawnLoweActress Morning, top lass :)

(11:03:45) RT @fairuza: Never mistake kindness or gentleness for weakness.It takes a very strong person to stay kind and gentle in a world this harsh.

(11:07:17) @lizzysometimes My son discovered Vine over the weekend. His videos are weird and disturbing. Try some of those.. https://t.co/oxPEubB48X

(12:32:00) @wuthering_alice Oh heavens.. hope D is OK :\

(12:42:41) @wuthering_alice I just saw the instagram pic.. nice work with the steri-strips! :)

(13:29:46) @PrincessBagel Sadly, there is nothing new to say about this that's not been said before. The government don't give atos about any of us. x

(14:45:25) I wonder where Chat Valley actually is. Maybe near Fray Bentos.

(14:48:31) Apparently Chad Valley is near Birmingham.

(15:07:54) @petepaphides @paulnoble @LongPlayerRadio @iamclintmansell A very interesting, entertaining listen. Thank you for sharing it! :)

(15:44:39) @seziskitchen What a complete nuisance. Glad you're back, though :) Happy School Running!

(15:44:58) @essexlad13 Thanks, chief :) @kateab @kidmanproject @habzamaphone @TheBoyandMe @Ellie_davidson_ @poots @kayels @SianLandau @seziskitchen

(16:46:00) Top comedy man @johndredge gets a mention in the Evenin' Stannad: http://t.co/xuLQTfUfOh

(17:04:37) @akbea NOOOOOOO! My wife asked me what it was last night. I told her it was a frustrating waste of time :D

(17:06:37) @akbea I have so far resisted the lure. 0 points... :D

(17:25:17) @badpenny31 What a talented artist! :) :)

(18:25:47) Accident on Airport Way towards #M1 just after traffic lights. Down to one lane.. very very slow. #Luton #Travel @BBC3CR

(19:46:54) @StarFortress Well you know what they say: if it ain't broke... oh, hang on... @PrincessBagel

(19:48:36) Obligatory Twitter design change moan.

(19:50:07) @PontoonDock It's actually a compound word meaning "A chicken with formidable chest muscles."

(19:51:09) @LizzyWelshCake Ooh! Wow..! Excitement! Never regret anything. Expect enjoyment.

(19:53:09) @claw0101 Lordy!

(19:53:35) @LizzyWelshCake I think your impulses are to be trusted :) :) :)

(19:54:15) @canuckuk I've spent the last ten minutes trying to adjust the sole adjustable colour to one that sort-of works. For me. :D

(21:58:49) @PlainTalkingHR As is always the way..! x

(22:03:05) Yeah.. 415 cals burned in the weekly #rubbishtriathlon - for half of which I will compensate with the rest of a bag of liquorice allsorts.

(22:53:07) Has anybody done the "You cant make the word 'governmental' without the words 'Gove' and 'mental'" joke yet?

Tweets for 02 Feb 2014

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(08:32:24) @BusinessPunny "@coxchat The name of this mobility aids shop...is about as subtle as a rock to the back of the head http://t.co/QUheCao0uh"

(08:34:58) Good morning. Some up'n'at-em action required this morning - I'm on guitar duties at church, and Lenni's bringing her viola. Noisy times :D

(08:36:51) @JQP74 @joanneh234 Morning, fine fit people! I'm still in my dressing gown :D Closest I'm going to get to a run may be a bike ride later...

(08:37:48) @JQP74 Morning, John. My fettle is fairly fine this morning :) Hope you and yours are have a great Sunday!

(08:38:27) @JQP74 Love your profile pic, by the way - an image of true happiness! :)

(08:39:12) @ellewadding I've sent @poots back to bed. Last thing I want to subject her to is my poor guitar playing :D x

(08:39:51) @SheleileighLaw And good night to you, ma'am (which may well be a little late!)

(08:40:07) @JQP74 That made me smile so much :)

(09:03:39) @joanneh234 Keeping my fingers crossed! Things are OK here, thank you.. can't believe we're in February already :D @JQP74

(11:42:44) @joanneh234 It has probably been to your benefit.. Twitter can be quite the time sinkhole :D @JQP74 #notmuchtweeting

(11:45:18) @TubbyHermit Good morning :) We survived it.. as did the congregation :) Hope your Sunday has started in fine style :)

(11:47:54) Back from church. A joyful noise was made - all acoustic, but I think it cut through. And now.. some peace and quiet before bike building...

(13:52:05) Friday's @Weekendery is available for another incredulous listen here: http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - is it real? YES. It might be. Perhaps...

(13:52:29) @SheleileighLaw Oh quite low :)

(17:04:28) Morcambe and Lenni (taking a break from a cycle home) http://t.co/pjW8X9FTlK

(18:31:03) An enjoyable cycle ride with @superalora - made it to the top of Harpenden. Loved the smell of Sunday afternoon coming home. I've missed it.

(20:50:39) In hysterics at Henning Wehn on Room 101. Good banter with Michael Ball. Never thought I would ever tweet that.

(21:53:48) @CarolKettley He is very rude but I love his stuff :)

(21:56:31) @RichHarkness Good heavens.. feel the quality - thank you for bringing it to my attention. All you can eat data plan required :D

(22:00:23) Does anyone know @leopardprintgin in real life? His/her twitter account appears to have been hacked. Quite odd tweets... in Russian.

(22:11:58) @leopardprintgin Quite disrespectful - sorry. You are a lady.

(22:31:27) @ladymunch I may well do...

Tweets for 01 Feb 2014

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(08:51:25) @the_anke It's enough to put me off organised religion... wishing you luck, success and courage.

(08:59:54) @TUID Are you acquainted with Tony @Vanburger2? Purveyor of radio for the Seaford area :)

(13:53:31) Overnight work done. Housework (sort of) done. Next: take the boy his mobile and go and see a man about a sofa. Quite nice out. Afternoon :)

(13:55:25) @ellewadding You haven't brought your specs with you?

(14:08:31) @CarolKettley Happy Saturday Carol! :)

(14:09:47) @ellewadding It takes me back... the soundtrack to many childhood coach trips!

(14:11:58) @Bearlydithers There's been sufficient sitting down in between & ferrying my son to Dunstable, where he realised he'd forgotten his phone :D

(16:01:22) Apparently, DFS is at the end of the rainbow. Sale now on. @ Hatters Way Retail Park http://t.co/tu1ZOHTJXM

(16:25:14) @CarolKettley I did pop in to take a look, but it was full of sofas and disinterested salespeople :D

(16:26:49) @Bearlydithers Or indeed, back to Dunstable ;)

(22:40:47) Well after al that excitement, I'm off to bed. Unfortunately @poots isn't feeling very well.. hoping she's all better in the morning. Night!

Tweets for 31 Jan 2014

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(08:07:08) @brennig Here's the playlist.. http://t.co/uoeFC4uUBb - Looks like Amadou & Mariam... must listen back to that one..!

(08:08:23) @fridgemagnet2 Blaze of glory. That may well be the title for my next show...

(08:43:46) @brennig It makes me SO happy to know that the music I enjoy sharing so much is also appreciated by my friends - thank you!

(08:44:59) RT @DigitalAmoeba: RT "@here: We updated our #maps worldwide, download on #WP8 from settings > applications > maps > check for updates http…

(08:45:53) @DigitalAmoeba Thanks for the heads-up! #maps #WP8

(08:46:51) @canuckuk Little vaporous deviants. Actually, not all little...

(08:47:50) @fridgemagnet2 Cheers!

(10:20:44) @quibelles The small stuff? I think you've got to not sweat it. This involves not playing Inner Circle and C&C Music Factory at it.

(10:21:17) RT @RigidBones: #ff @johndredge @AndyKingsFace - funny fellahs! x

(10:25:40) @Scriblit The best (serious) way to get rid of an ear worm is to do mental arithmetic. I happen to favour the Campfire song.

(10:28:22) @TheEggKing I'd say they were unique...

(10:39:50) @DigitalAmoeba I've got a Lumia 1520 :)

(10:54:55) @DigitalAmoeba Heehee :D It's certainly bigger ;) It's a little galling that the 1525 has been (sort of) announced.. http://t.co/i9R1yP3DZh

(11:06:24) @DigitalAmoeba Fair point... I've never had a brand new phone before :D @wpcentral

(11:06:51) @CalmWaters73 Works nicely :)

(11:33:55) @TomCampbell Happy birthday, mate! :)

(11:40:28) Absolutely over the moon.. the @Weekendery interview with johndredge is a 'featured boo' yeahhh! http://t.co/vAzsJCBq6Z

(12:04:23) @TomCampbell Not s'bad, ta... not s'bad :)

(12:56:38) @JuliaBall @LizzyWelshCake @KingOfAnkh Definitely worth getting one of these: http://t.co/tWB7lTKDkl

(13:11:34) @brennig I was most impressed! :)

(13:12:12) RT @JoannaUK: 4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. We’re changing that. #forgotify http://t.co/dkR2GAyQed

(13:33:07) @batwench Baffling. And yet...

(13:33:25) @batwench Couldn't agree more.

(13:34:58) @brennig *ahhh*

(17:40:41) Right... off home. The weekend beckons. Sort of. It's going to be mental.

(18:52:58) @SheleileighLaw Ohhh yes. There will be a @weekendery - it's pretty much ready to go 😄

(20:25:03) @LizzyWelshCake I do get the impression heating with electricity is far more expensive than gas... @JuliaBall @KingOfAnkh

(20:31:01) @SheleileighLaw Fantastic! And I'm playing at least two of your requests :) : @weekendery

(20:48:13) @paulums @SheleileighLaw @weekendery I'll doo my bestest!

(20:49:27) At the top of the hour, The @Weekendery takes to Mint FM for two hours of music and all sorts (not liquorice) YEAH! http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY

(21:33:46) Playing an amazing record by Nick Mulvey on @TheWeekendery - the music on this show is picked like that coffee you get out of civets.

(21:34:35) @sparkyannc I hope you make it out the other side! :D

(21:35:52) @Vanburger2 WIll do! :)

(21:39:06) @sparkyannc There isn't a superlative word for 'glorious'. Is that not paradise? :)

(21:41:20) @Vanburger2 Not entirely sure how they'll manage that :D

(21:52:08) @Vanburger2 That could quite possibly be right! :)

(22:01:20) @johndredge Ahh.. not for a while.. I mistimed the first hour.. sorry!

(22:14:17) @hergiebird Bless you. *hugs*

(22:23:04) @Vanburger2 Fantastic! My sister lives in Seaford.. I wonder if she follows, too! :

(22:26:21) @Vanburger2 @TUID

(22:30:16) @chrisatcoffice Nice work sir! @imule

(22:34:47) @ellewadding @RatuKatu You can actually cook salmon in a dishwasher. But it isn't actually any cheaper.. *baffled*

(22:34:58) @gbay Round and round?

(22:36:58) @RatuKatu Eugh. @ellewadding

(22:38:13) Playing They Might Be Giants, @JohnDredge and Men Without Hats. An indulgent but delightful 10 minutes. #mintfm

(22:41:42) @RatuKatu I guess it's avoiding waste, which I applaud. But somewhat extreme. It may yet come to that #dystopia @ellewadding

(22:42:26) @imule Rather disappointinly I've only done two of those featured on the map (Kaffeine and Monmouth :) @chrisatcoffice

(22:57:57) @Vanburger2 *chuckles* could do! :)

(22:58:26) @RatuKatu And thus you have no place in central government *sighs* @ellewadding

(23:03:38) @RatuKatu Amen to that! @ellewadding

(23:04:19) Another enjoyable @Weekendery done and dusted - thank you to everyone who listened, contributed and existed! :) Now let the weekend begin!

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