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Tweets for 30 Jan 2014

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(00:06:19) @smartie999 Sleep very very well! x

(10:27:11) @tweeting_frog On the whole, you're not missing anything.. it tends to be busy, colourful and meaningless :D

(10:28:33) @tweeting_frog Glad to hear it :) And good morning!

(11:04:40) @PrincessBagel *smirks* I would be pretty pleased to see an ad like that with my face on it :D

(11:36:41) @KxTwo For what it's worth, we just have 'tea' here.. we drink the stuff we like any time of day ;)

(11:37:06) @KxTwo Except at 3pm when pastries are served. And at 11am when we gorge on enough biscuits to completely ruin our lunch.

(13:23:56) @johnny_winter Yeahhh!

(14:45:41) @shellzenner Have a brilliant time.. and DO wear the t-shirt on Sunday! :)

(15:45:32) @EmmaTofi I am sure it won't take long for you to find something else to look forward to, and something to enjoy now. Life is for living x

(16:43:01) @batwench They know when they're beaten...

(17:06:08) @poots This makes interesting reading... http://t.co/To3gKQRuCX

(17:07:01) @vobes @BaldExplorer @ComChanTV That sounds exciting! :)

(17:08:07) @edluton @LutonEye Why did they have to show a photo with police vans in the background..? :D

(17:28:43) @lizzysometimes With a long slow drone. You could be in Pink Floyd.

(17:29:23) @perrygascoine It's looking better now thank heavens... for the time being! @davewitchalls

(21:01:31) @the_anke Baffling! Check your wee (TMI?)

(21:04:51) @fridgemagnet2 I'm pre-recording the show tonight, but could definitely play something if there's anything going on ;) @weekendary

(21:05:29) @fridgemagnet2 She's round Gove's house.

(22:10:25) @fridgemagnet2 I was going to try voice-tracking and live inserts but that would probably drive me mental. Working again tomorrow night..

(22:14:33) @the_anke My two had some of those drinks the other day (I think they're on special offer) but I haven't dared asked :D

(22:21:26) @Lizzing You have reached zen. Or zenith. Or something. The only way is down from here. Race you to the bottom!

(22:24:48) @Lizzing Watch the colour. If it goes baby blue it means GOOD LUCK.

(23:00:24) @paulums @BritishTech What a hero! :)

(23:25:45) @miz_shake68 Hello!

(23:27:12) @miz_shake68 I have slightly inset eyes, I think. Really bad to light in video. Why haven't I seen you on the Twitters for AGES? #uplate

(23:33:22) @miz_shake68 I'm all over the place (not physically. Spending altogether too much time on my bottom) :D But getting there, ta! :)

(23:36:53) @galaxia416 Didn't go well, then? February's a bit shorter. More intensive. Hoping for a C+ at least.

(23:41:57) @paulums @BritishTech Hope you feel better soon - long overdue, sir.

Tweets for 29 Jan 2014

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(08:20:16) @paulums I do hope you're feeling well enough to take on the 1PM CHALLENGE. Wishing you the best, mate.

(08:33:14) @Nick_Tann Mornin' :)

(08:33:35) @badpenny31 Good morning. I prefer hiccup :) More onomatopoeic :)

(08:34:40) @wuthering_alice Morning, ma'am :)

(09:02:20) @thatsjustme0 Dee-lish!

(09:02:47) @quibelles @Lizzing I wouldn't know anything about that.

(09:03:04) Did I good morning yet? Morning :)

(09:07:48) @lloydbayley Greetings! Just sent you an email - great RR about customer service :)

(09:09:20) @PrincessBagel Big supportive hugs - Henry'll be fine, and he'll be happy to know you're close by. xx

(09:10:10) @dragonhistory A very good (if damp) morning to you :)

(09:10:50) @SheleileighLaw I am feeling 100% more me today, thank you! Hope you're feeling great this morning, too :)

(09:11:56) Inspired by @artistsmakers I'm totally going to try and grow sunflowers on the green space opposite our house again this year.

(10:52:11) @quibelles @lizzysometimes @Lizzing Oh gosh. My OH was pondering inspirational toilet wall inscriptions. Or not inspirational.. bossy :D

(10:52:35) @sharonlangridge Morning Sharon! :) Hope all's well with you :)

(10:55:04) @sharonlangridge Yeah.. doing OK thank you. At work. Lurking. And, indeed, working.

(12:53:42) @quibelles @lizzysometimes @Lizzing "For the love of God flush before you leave..."

(13:55:43) @paulums Any news, sir?

(14:16:39) @lizzysometimes This could turn into quite the collection! I'll get in touch with Homebase :D @quibelles @Lizzing

(14:41:58) @PrincessBagel Fantastic! I am sure you have saved up all the TLC he could possibly need :D

(16:08:24) @paulwheatley Or the "Gopyright Symbol" as it's known ;)

(16:09:21) @quibelles And is he?

(16:55:04) @paulwheatley @ibookery HAHA! Option-bacon. That is the best.

(16:55:37) @paulwheatley That made me chuckle. And I have to admit I did exactly the same with my Windows keyboard with VERY disappointing results :D

(17:14:01) RT @MaxTundra: Campaign and be gagged. March and be kettled. Browse and be blocked. What a scary country Britain is becoming. #gagginglaw

(19:15:49) All the way home I was trying to subdue thoughts of organising an extremely unpleasant campaign against everyone who works for OFSTED.

(19:15:56) And I'm not even a teacher.

(19:17:48) @Ariadnes_web I'm descended from several generations of teachers.. I think it might be visceral.

(19:18:49) @crabbyknickers Heh. The thing is, it should be really easy. Find out where they live, and put "GET A REAL JOB" through their letter box.

(19:19:17) @crabbyknickers I blame the coffee. And disaffected youth (only just getting round to that).

(19:20:59) @paulums The British National Farty? @AndersUk

(19:21:28) @crabbyknickers HURRAH!. Except for the clean thinking bit.

(19:25:15) @crabbyknickers And parents. Because they (apparently, and by induction) are supposed to represent the parents. Or something.

(19:25:49) @crabbyknickers Good times.

(20:01:15) @edtjones Nah, mate... I am ~the~ governor ;) Honestly, though, do you think I could seriously be trusted with that sort of responsibility?

(21:36:29) @sarahjaneuk Motorola is worth ~that~ much..?!

(21:54:58) @badpenny31 N'night! :)

(22:06:51) @coxchat Good heavens, I just googled it and it is! Well, I have learned something today :D

(23:16:45) RT @djbensims: My studio was robbed at the weekend, if you live in London and are offered any of this equipment pls contact,thx! RT http://…

(23:18:10) @PaulLomax That's very impressive - iPhone?

(23:19:03) @lloydbayley Morning! Not long till bed for me! :)

(23:19:29) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Wow! That is impressive :)

Tweets for 28 Jan 2014

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(08:31:55) @ladymunch I do hope they're able to get it sorted.. fingers crossed! @CherryKaz1 @clairebland1

(08:32:48) Good morning. And what better way to start the day than at the dentists' getting drilled and filled? Expect dribbly speech...

(12:03:32) @76Wilbury Blehhhh. It's going to be like that today ;)

(12:05:07) @AlexGFox I honestly do my best to resist euphemism to avoid exactly that accolade. It's not that I try to insert it into every post...

(12:05:30) @contrarywitch It was horrific, but I'm at work now, and not quite as numb as I was.. :D Thank you!

(12:05:53) @italisalute Wishing you the best for your visit.. I'm one down, one to go! Have a great day, too :)

(12:06:09) @GHOGIT I'm sure she wouldn't mind... :D

(12:06:54) @76Wilbury I'm in more discomfort today than I was yesterday.. apparently it's preventative action. Ahh well.. onwards! :) x

(12:09:29) @76Wilbury Pretty good, ta... just seems like days and weeks whizz by! :) How about you? :)

(12:13:43) @SheleileighLaw Morning, Sheleileigh :) Finally getting sense back in the left side of my mouth :D How are you this Tuesday morning?

(12:13:59) @76Wilbury Keeping out of trouble..?! But you are needed there.. ;)

(12:16:28) @76Wilbury Heh. Night ma'am :)

(13:16:28) @birdfortytwo So naughty. I struggle to limit myself to just one, though...

(13:17:22) Numbness level: 4.

(13:17:36) @ellewadding I would be pontious about it.

(13:54:14) @sarahsansom Now that's an existential question! I was referring to facial numbness, but I think emotional numbness is about the same ;)

(13:55:08) @ellewadding Your work here is done. How about Piloxing? http://t.co/U8oXoUtagJ

(15:14:42) @KxTwo *smirks* You wouldn't catch me doing anything like that... ohhhh no...

(15:16:42) @SheleileighLaw @sarahsansom shhmmiI'm shhhloorry..

(15:18:53) Facing a major professional dilemma. I fear I may have to say no @Weekendery this Friday due to work commitments. ~sighs~

(15:19:47) @KxTwo It's in the extremely rare situation I need to share the password that it gets a bit awkward... :D

(15:46:51) @ellewadding Spinning? Bikram? Running? Stairs?! A good sit down? I recommend my Crap Triathlon (running machine / rowing machine / cycling)

(16:58:38) Busy afternoon.. trying to find a gap to make myself an Emergency Coffee. Someone came over with a mug of proper coffee. Top miracle action.

(20:58:42) @nausea18 Couldn't agree more.

(22:37:45) @smartie999 Elllooo! are you fair and feisty? Funny you should pop up when I just went to see the dentist. Didn't lick his finger. Big hug!x

(22:51:53) Off to bed. Before 11. Wednesday will be better. Certainly less drilling. Night night!

Tweets for 27 Jan 2014

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(09:29:56) @Wymroyal From the packet.. 19% sugar. That's a lot. No hope of fitting into my Active Wear Top.. baggy t-shirt it is again, then...

(09:34:23) Good morning. I'm in stealth mode. If you see me, it's clearly not working.

(09:34:38) @the_335 Hello! :)

(14:50:02) @the_335 Er... *looks around* I'm still at the metadata stage. Meta. Data. Yes....

(18:02:24) Back from the dentists. Someone is going to need to take a pair of pliers to me. This is not going to end well. Tomorrow, though: filling.

(18:27:43) When I'm next asked to supply my mother's maiden name when signing up for a bank account is there anything stopping me saying Gingerspice?

(18:27:58) Apart from it not being true, of course...

(18:30:42) @B3tan_Tyronne Volleyball kindersurprise d**p

(18:32:50) @BothersBar It'll always be my first guess... when they query it, I'll say "Sorry, I misheard; I thought you asked my favourite Spice Girl."

(18:38:54) @WiccadWitch Congratulations! Well deserved, of course! @BBCRadio2

(18:44:14) @PlainTalkingHR So tempted! x

(18:44:51) On hold. Smooth jazz. Fourth circle.

(19:14:00) @PrincessBagel I'll be a brave soldier :) Thank you, lovely. Loved that gaming pic.. you should so do that :D

(21:13:28) @clairebland1 I do hope it's not too serious! I need a tooth pulled out... eek!

(21:13:46) @clairebland1 @CherryKaz1 Keeping my fingers crossed!

(21:14:34) @CherryKaz1 Oh no.. :/ Beth's been suffering with hers, too - fortunately(!) it's just the gums. Hoping for the best for you! @clairebland1

(21:15:21) @SheleileighLaw That's tomorrow's offering.. I'm waiting for a referral letter for my crown & tooth to be extracted.. eep! x

(21:15:41) @edtjones Makes it hard to read out over the phone, though :D

(21:22:02) @edtjones ~chuckles at interrobang~

(21:22:33) @SheleileighLaw Do I get high on gas & air..? ;)

(23:25:50) @thatsjustme0 Night, lovely x

Tweets for 26 Jan 2014

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(08:15:31) @VenusDeMileage Exquisite.

(08:16:18) @TOther_Simon Mornin'. Hope your gig went well the other night.

(08:17:55) @wuthering_alice Good morning. Like many others, I'm sure, 'OFSTED' is tantamount to a curseword in our house.

(08:19:29) @TOther_Simon That's fantastic!

(08:20:31) @TOther_Simon That's fantastic! Good luck with the uploading... will it be on your YouTube channel? I'd love to check it out.

(08:21:07) @wuthering_alice ~sigh~ And they have to live with themselves...

(08:21:59) @meljaye2000 Safe (remainder of the) trip home!

(08:27:06) @TOther_Simon I'll look out for it :)

(08:28:46) @madlymuffiny That's good to hear (I think). Morning btw

(09:12:34) I've only just recalled that, on my way home from work on Friday, I heard that horrible noise of one car driving into the back of another.

(09:12:58) @Williamandrews Congratulations on making the b3ta newsletter btw :)

(09:23:59) @perrygascoine It was about 2 cars behind me in the next lane.. I heard the screech of tyres and thought 'uhoh'... fortunately it wasn't me!

(09:24:45) @perrygascoine What baffles me is how it is possible to drive so badly in slow rush hour traffic that such a thing can happen! Foot slipped?

(09:26:07) Today: not playing Asphalt 8. It makes my time go away. There are more noble pursuits for a Sunday morning. Archery. Jousting. Regression.

(09:27:26) @kathyclugston Ha! ~grins~

(09:27:59) @perrygascoine Heh... Old-school!

(09:28:29) @leica0000 Didn't have the space to write 'omnibus' ;)

(11:54:16) @pearcen That doesn't sound too good. I hope you can get some fresh air and sunlight and that your mood lifts soon.

(11:55:02) Happy birthday, @hedgemint!

(11:55:28) A belated Happy Birthday to @slandi - hope it was a good one, and not too cold! :)

(11:56:09) @brennig That sounds like a jolly good way to spend the day - hope you are having a good one! :)

(11:56:20) @perrygascoine Oh yes! :)

(11:56:31) @the_335 You could be onto something there..! :D

(11:58:34) Feeling moderately compis mentis today. Or do I mean compost mentoes? Trying to motivate myself for a swim later...

(13:02:54) @pearcen Cheers! I think I completely forgot to back announce KT Tunstall...

(14:10:45) What is it about home electrical wiring that consistently baffles me? Either more wires than I'm expecting or not enough. Or both.

(14:12:30) @thatsjustme0 Sending good wishes to your mam from Twitter! x

(14:13:39) @mostlygeordie I must have missed it.. sorry! Please share it again (if you flounce back in time to read this :)

(14:18:48) @shongum That's what I'm worried about..!

(16:04:19) @mostlygeordie From you? I beg to differ. Your erudition and wit honours the family name 😏

(19:25:39) Crazy busy swimming pool today... must be the Splash! effect. Or the rain. Which amounts to the same thing, some might say...

(19:55:41) @dragonhistory Huzzah! I am delighted and excited... you'll need no help but I'm just a tweet away if you need anything... @audioboo

(19:57:10) @AlexGFox It's the best Luton has to offer... not bad at all, ta - quiet Sunday evening :) Hope you have been able to relax this weekend!

(19:59:13) @thatsjustme0 That's some core strength needed! Good luck :)

(20:00:54) @IPTechShark Not the ideal way to be on any evening, especially Sunday. Anything your Twitter friends can help with? Virtual hugs x

(20:19:49) @IPTechShark OK. I hope it will... you deserve better than to suffer anger. Wishing you a peaceful rest-of-evening. With nice music xx

(20:41:53) A watched download never, er, downloads. Well it does. Just slowlier.

(20:50:51) @Tsaksonakis Would that it were. Could that it.. er.. be-er?

(21:16:50) @thisistomgreen One of my favourite Songify This-es of all time. She is a very amusing woman.

(22:50:30) @mostlygeordie Perfectly normal behaviour, I thought.. in World Of Adverts (but who'd want to live there? :D)

(22:50:45) @batwench Wow.. bargoon!

(22:51:13) @hedgemint A pleasure! I hope you have had a most wonderful day, and your family is all well! :)

(22:52:46) @lloydbayley Morning LB. Hope it's a good one!

(22:53:26) I'm unable to resist.. a swift bowl of frosted flavoured flakes before bed. Have mercy on me.

(22:54:04) @madlymuffiny Are you the Victoria Line? Put some sugar in it.. quick.. want some of my frosted flakes?

(22:56:27) @ellewadding Thanks! Got the dentist tomorrow. Not such a good idea, I guess. Apparently, cheese is better, but I want to sleep tonight :D

(22:56:39) @paulums Aye! :)

(22:57:02) @slandi That sounds brilliant :) Perfectly suited to you!

(22:57:43) @mostlygeordie And cars can do VERY peculiar things.

(23:04:19) Went for Special K stuff in the end. Got to be able to fit into that exclusive active wear this summer.. http://t.co/QUC2wYsirS

(23:05:06) @johnny_winter How DO you do it..? I shall have to cue the theme tune up for next week's show..!

(23:06:47) @madlymuffiny This is not going well. Why did they not teach me this at medical school? Why did I not go to medical school..?

(23:08:07) @madlymuffiny Do NOT go swimming. I repeat.. enchillada rapture longitude.

(23:08:30) @johnny_winter That would certainly explain it!

(23:09:43) @SheleileighLaw I'm going to have to prepare to... launch the paunch! 🎽

(23:12:17) @Runefang78 Wicked! I got lucky :) :) Thanks for sharing that link... really useful!

Tweets for 25 Jan 2014

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(00:02:00) @AlexGFox @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @womblefoot @MustangMatt69 @Kercal @ultgames Sounds like it's been a great one! Good times :)

(00:20:50) @claw0101 @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk @womblefoot @MustangMatt69 @Kercal @ultgames I would LOVE to, but I have commitments on a Friday night..

(08:49:16) @Stenbird Take the National Express... (Although your life is patently not in a mess :)

(09:13:27) @PrincessBagel @DigitalAmoeba @MrJamesMay @PhilT74 @bubwal @jgamet Yay! Diwrnod Hapus Santes Dwynwen! (And thank you!)

(09:14:52) @Stenbird Bleeeehhhh. Hope you're there soon!

(09:16:22) @quibelles Perhaps you should Google "how to do a high kick without sustaining major injury or domestic mishap"..?

(09:33:51) @JuliaBall Oooh! It WAS you! @106jack

(09:34:11) @JuliaBall PS You did a good job :) @106jack

(09:34:30) @thatsjustme0 Goood moorniing :)

(09:34:52) @Ariadnes_web Oh! Thank you for the reminder! :)

(09:39:10) @ellewadding Nice work, ma'am :)

(09:39:31) @claw0101 @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk @womblefoot @MustangMatt69 @Kercal @ultgames Now that would work for me! :)

(09:49:49) Hola! Holla! Holllaa! usw. Last night's @Weekendery radio show is available for download and podcast.. http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS BAFFLING!

(09:50:05) @thatsjustme0 Feeling good?

(09:51:18) Here's an EXCLUSIVE interview from last night's @Weekendery with comedy legend & penguin @JohnDredge - https://t.co/FdtGgn2F49 - more soon!

(10:09:22) @RubyJubilee That should (hopefully) work! @JosieLong

(10:09:43) @Lizzing Heh. Yeah.

(16:45:06) @JeanieFinlay Brilliant! SO of its time! :)

(16:45:50) @contrarywitch We had a couple of big clatters of lightning here.. was over almost as soon as it began (which disappointed the bairns :D)

(16:46:17) @akbea Ohhh :) :)

(16:46:29) @starr67 Er. Lucky you? ;)

(16:46:43) @fridgemagnet2 Err... @hergiebird

(16:47:12) RT @govindajeggy: The word 'repetitive' is only slightly repetitive. It should be more repetitititititititive

(16:48:19) @akbea Exuberant :) And there ain't enough exuberance in this world of ours these days... :)

(16:48:49) @j0anne1 Heehee! Hello, @bexlum38! I'm not a football fan either... :)

(16:49:43) Putting up lights. Not uplights. Lights. Up. Putting lights up. Should have written that before, really.

(16:51:11) @sm2n We should go to that instead. I would always feel a bit odd saying "I've just got back from NAMM" N-n-n-nineteen times @davewitchalls

(16:51:49) @contrarywitch Oooh. You don't want that going through a window..!

(16:52:30) @j0anne1 The power or peculiarity? ;) I happen to love Twitter, mind you. Full of fab folk like you! :) @bexlum38

(16:54:49) @j0anne1 I'd say so. More serendipity on here. And laughter And virtual hugs. And fewer of those annoying comic strip things ;) @bexlum38

(16:55:25) @quibelles You will look back on this and.. er... well you'll look back on this.

(16:55:53) Better finish the job I started. If I can remember what it was. #howmanyhalfajobsmakeajob

(16:56:33) @quibelles Oh my.

(16:57:08) @j0anne1 It's a bit better now I'm over my Candy Crush addiction :D @bexlum38

(16:58:22) @CarolKettley Ha! Busted...

(21:28:16) @mostlygeordie @BaronHawkey @Chocohalix Oh lordy...

(21:53:39) @meljaye2000 Is it Australia Day? Happy Australia Day!

(22:00:51) @IPTechShark Still out?

(22:34:45) Alan Hawkshaw did the Countdown theme? Cool.

Tweets for 24 Jan 2014

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(00:56:06) @aylin_eser Hey! I'm playing Dolls and Trolls on my radio show tomorrow... looking forward to sharing your music!

(01:13:42) Wow.. an epic (late!) evening of playlist crafting. Tomorrow's @Weekendery show is to be a cavalcade of stuff that is Quite Lovely. Night!

(07:55:01) @paulums Constantly.

(07:56:29) @fifirong Thanks for the follow! May I play your music on my radio show?

(07:59:36) @BaronHawkey Very poetic. Morning, BH 😊

(08:02:47) RT @johndredge: Daft double act King Dredge present their Facebook page. Nah den...https://t.co/WoF0sNesWP

(08:15:59) @BaronHawkey Pretty slow this morning... had a bit of a late night which won't do me any favours! Hope you have a great day!

(08:16:39) @Z80GameCoder Morning :) I'm still in my jammies...

(08:17:17) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) Hope you thoroughly enjoy your day!

(08:26:50) @LilyThePurr Belatedly: I think I'm an optimologist... I always see the best in a situation and have devoted my life to finding out why.

(08:27:28) @canuckuk Soft moans? That'll be me xx @BaronHawkey

(08:28:23) @Z80GameCoder Not too bad.. some extra layers required this morning. Will you be around for some Weekendering later? It'd be great if so!

(08:29:40) @brennig Leonard Cohen wrote that about someone who likes dubstep :D

(08:29:59) @mrs_forky Fingers crossed!

(08:30:14) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: Friday. You wake, covered in concrete. An industrial pouring machine is parked erratically outside your house. Oh no..…

(08:30:55) @drmasquerade Morning Dr M!

(10:31:24) @LutonEye I had no idea that was there..! Must go and take a look...

(10:32:43) @tweeting_frog Fantastic :)

(10:33:23) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you! :) I'm doing OK, thank you... quite a late night last night, so I'm pacing myself today! :D Have a great time :)

(10:35:35) @DigitalAmoeba @Fascinatingpics Good heavens..! Shows they're effectively created by the publicity machine. Or, indeed, are one & the same.

(10:55:37) @Z80GameCoder YAY! :)

(13:09:55) I got a text message from HMPO. That's a bit modern. At least it means they got my passport application...

(13:11:05) Am I alone in preferring, when bringing a shop-bought coffee back to the office, to pour it into a mug? Which is rarely big enough, mind...

(14:38:11) @johndredge This is a fake reply.

(14:38:47) @fridgemagnet2 Save it until @hergiebird gets home and stick it in the microwave... it'll be fine.. she won't notice...

(14:44:55) @BaronHawkey @canuckuk Slipping silently through the streets of London...

(14:45:16) @sarahsansom Nooooo *cries a bit* ;D

(14:45:42) @leica0000 I'm glad it's not just me... @sarahsansom believes I'm alone in this *HURRAHS*

(15:03:34) @slandi @accujazzradio Nothing Accu-rate about that Jazz :D

(15:10:00) @gavinshuker Hi, Gavin. Thank you for the letter - received yesterday. I appreciate your stance on the 'gagging bill' and hope for the best!

(15:10:18) @JuliaBall Ooh nice one! :) @leica0000

(15:10:44) @SheleileighLaw Kindred spirits! Of course, it's one more step to take my work mug to the coffee stand... #tempted @sarahsansom

(15:40:49) @dellama Haha! Love it :D Although that first boiling hot drip coming through the tiny hole can be a bit of a shock #ifyouseewhatimean

(15:50:52) @ThatAgnes And there he is.. http://t.co/Ne9QwCHvXy

(16:36:35) @SarahAliceJ And get back in the moment it goes off? Running, I hope.

(16:56:29) @Tactless_Blonde Sheffield? Hospital? Industrial estate?

(16:56:51) @KxTwo I will. With a fire extinguisher (it's what you would have wanted)

(18:20:29) @KxTwo Thank heavens :)

(18:26:55) @trevypoos Probably my favourite song of all time. I was given the 12" version for my 42nd birthday :) I played it on my radio show.. yay.

(18:29:16) @Superblouse It is meet and right. Or, indeed, meat and deep pan.

(18:30:04) Deliciously home. Time to set up the studio for some @Weekendery action at 9pm...

(18:38:25) @Superblouse Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! I had a kebab one for lunch. Decadence in disc format... x

(18:39:02) @CarolKettley A very good evening to you :) My hands are cold, my eyes are heavy but things is splendids! How about you? @weekendery

(18:40:00) The @Weekendery is happening at http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY at 9pm tonight (4pm US Eastern) - why not tune in now and enjoy some 80s music? :)

(18:40:18) @CarolKettley Yay pretty much sums it up :) :) @weekendery

(18:48:57) @Tactless_Blonde Good remembering! *shoulderses*

(20:02:54) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah! :) @weekendery

(20:09:29) @Superblouse Quite big in the Scandinavias... http://t.co/ylT4ba1UkN

(20:40:53) @1969Steve Funnily enough I've got some Fun Boy Three on the playlist in the @Weekendery. No Feargal Sharkey though. Am I still a good Hart?

(20:41:15) @quibelles Is that a euphemism? For a mini?

(20:42:46) RT @Kurren: Gmail Glitch Is Causing Thousands Of Emails To Be Sent To One Man’s Hotmail Account http://t.co/qAa0RHRGk5

(20:42:59) @Kurren @DigitalAmoeba I honestly thought that was a @ThePoke article...

(20:43:15) @quibelles amen to that. Or CTRL-ALT-DEL.

(20:59:36) RT @DigitalAmoeba: @syzygy @Kurren @ThePoke ...just tested myself & doing 'gmail' search on Google then 'Email' link DOES #Gmail compose fo…

(21:05:29) @1969Steve Thank you! :) Great show by the way :)

(21:05:41) @AlexGFox @claw0101 WOOOO!

(21:06:42) On air now with The @Weekendery on http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY - come along... have a listen. The music is warm. C2C - Down The Road YEAH

(21:12:00) @rosscraig @Kurren an advert to email someone..?! Bonkers.

(21:17:52) @rosscraig I know people who use Google to go to the sites they'd quite easily go to if they typed the address into the address bar #true

(21:31:54) @rosscraig I heard on a podcast that someone's other half gets to facebook by typing "The Facebook" into Google. The world is full..

(22:31:56) Playing "Future Love Paradise" by Seal. The @Weekendery. Where the music is a pallet cleanser. Fork lift drivers have never been happier.

(23:02:19) @Z80GameCoder Thanks for your ear s, your support and your company this evening! :) Have a great weekend!

(23:03:17) Another fantastically enjoyable @Weekendery draws to a close. You can subscribe to it as a podcast / in iTunes.. http://t.co/frVQeygsBq

(23:16:30) @CarolKettley Brilliant! :) :) I do it because I really enjoy sharing the music I love! Hope you can make it next week too :)

(23:18:12) @CarolKettley Thank you! :) :) x

Tweets for 23 Jan 2014

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(00:40:04) RT @LaceyHughes: @syzygy Here is what I was working on yesterday. When You Say Nothing At All cover. http://t.co/85BAfseEcx

(10:15:08) Good morning. Slight headache today... tempted to take a small coffee to remedy it. In other news: damp again. Like a squib on the motorway.

(10:16:58) Also: watched the end of Sherlock s2e03 again last night (The Reichenbach Fall) - I can understand why folk were disappointed with series 3.

(10:47:22) @madlymuffiny Pffft *grins like a drummer* Never saw such a laid back bassist, though...

(10:47:53) @clairerandall Hello! :) Hope all is well in World Of Claire!

(11:11:56) @clairerandall Oh I LOVE the sense of achievement brought about by a day of DIY.. I have a few bits to do at the weekend.. gonna be fab! :)

(11:12:28) @clairerandall @CherryKaz1 We have an old-fashioned fusebox... makes me VERY nervous!

(11:18:00) @KxTwo *smirks*

(12:30:32) @tweeting_frog What's the error, Clare? Unfortunately iTunes is notoriously fussy about installing.. the previous version's all gone, right?

(12:41:46) @clairerandall @CherryKaz1 I just pray nothing sets it off.. tends to be a fairly major failure to blow a fuse.. circuit breakers less so!

(12:46:59) @tweeting_frog iTunes comes in lots of pieces.. it may well have left the Apple Mobile Devices Service installed.. needs to be removed...

(13:05:14) @tweeting_frog I fear that may be the case... definitely worth taking a look. Everything tells me says there's residual stuff there...

(13:17:29) @tweeting_frog Who knows what else you'll discover..!

(13:55:05) @Bowen707 That is quite, quite remarkable!

(14:05:47) @JamesCridland Quite wonderful! :)

(14:06:51) RT @Tesco: To be fair, that item you put in the bagging area *was* quite hard to identify.

(14:09:00) @tweeting_frog Did you do a search for Apple?

(14:43:47) @IPTechShark Uhoh. Hot sweet tea required?

(16:39:26) @batwench Have you attended the Irony Refresher Course? One afternoon. Tea or Coffee supplied. With 10,000 spoons. Or something.

(16:40:13) @quibelles I love it when that happens. makes me feel like I'm loved and unloved at the same time. Which is about normal, actually.

(16:41:00) @IPTechShark Yes and yes.

(16:50:36) @quibelles I can read the first bit up to the end of the enharmonic Db) but not sure what the rest means...

(17:02:45) @quibelles @Wulfruna Ooh bad random factor action.

(17:09:55) @quibelles I have just looked up what that is. And it hurts my brain even to think about it.

(17:42:53) @karenjeynes Badum tish!

(17:57:53) @AlexGFox Oh no :/ I do hope you can get to spend some time with your son this evening, and that tomorrow is better.

(17:58:09) Offski. Not with skis on.

(20:19:19) @fridgemagnet2 Arranged like that it almost looks... no. No it doesn't.

(20:19:50) @fridgemagnet2 PS Posted the grippy stuff the same day - did it arrive OK?

(22:52:26) @quibelles I'll turn down the sound effects box. Thing.

(22:53:11) @quibelles You you just just tweeted that. Tweeted that. It. Oh never mind.

(23:03:17) @Scriblit Not when he shaved his beard off he wasn't.

(23:08:11) @Nick_Tann Have you got a timestamp..?

(23:20:11) @Nick_Tann Oh you. I was trying to work out where you appeared on the video, not my timeline ;)

(23:20:31) @paulums We all started eating crisps loudly. Surprised you couldn't hear it.

Tweets for 22 Jan 2014

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(10:29:38) @PrincessBagel Mornin' ma'am. Have you seen the new Top Gear trailer? (I'm sure you have!) Quite amusing :D http://t.co/ANCo6Bqb8D

(10:36:34) @johndredge Did a bit of trimming but it sounds absolutely cracking.. can send you a preview if you'd like?

(10:47:26) @PrincessBagel From what Beth tells me, a lot of Americans were baffled :D Not the ones on our timeline, naturally.. ;)

(14:07:40) @KxTwo Dialled up for fun or business?

(14:20:48) @KxTwo Oh fantastic :) There are some good people in the world :)

(19:24:04) @fridgemagnet2 Hurrah. Glad it made it without getting all damp.

(19:24:12) @LaceyHughes Can't wait to listen! :)

(21:41:13) Gosh, House of Fools is ridiculous. This is why @johndredge should be on telly. He's merely preposterous.

(22:08:41) Now having a go at Uncle. I wonder how much shouting there is in it. Nick Helm is quite shouty.

(22:14:15) RT @Williamandrews http://t.co/JZEZY8cTTq #beard

(22:14:55) @quibelles It's the pips you wanna watch.

(22:49:42) I am singing "Don't fear the reaper" in a bad Scottish accent, changing all appropriate lyrics to "in a bad Scottish accent" #howiroll

(22:50:28) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket Show is up ‘Lick OS’ http://t.co/Sod4hDM9gz with @paulwheatley @EwenRankin @claw0101 & @syzygy pl…

(22:50:50) @j0anne1 oh no ~hug~

(22:55:37) @lloydbayley Morning chief.. hope it's a good one ahead..! Haven't even heard last night's RR yet :D

(23:22:36) Shopping Centre armchair array. @ intu Watford http://t.co/1elYx1PYx5

Tweets for 21 Jan 2014

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(09:52:51) Good morning. Took the precaution of putting extra layers on today. The extra t-shirt works well, but not sure about the gloss paint.

(11:05:22) @DavidMcClelland Still want one..! @TheRegister

(12:22:18) @quibelles You have every reason to be proud of him.

(12:23:31) @tweeting_frog Quite Brilliant White. I look like a door frame.

(15:27:17) @ellewadding Certainly less likely to be overcome by fumes...

(15:27:32) @quibelles Quite.

(15:27:50) Rising bollards *shudders*

(15:46:37) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It's a concrete post (often a bit phallic in shape) used to prevent vehicles entering an area. Some can sink into the ground.

(15:47:38) @AuthorTracey 42 is divisible by six AND seven. And it's the meaning of life. All is therefore well :)

(16:08:45) @quibelles I need a new battery for my going out watch. #saysitall

(16:58:36) @Lizzing You should be in advertising :D

(17:12:59) @Lizzing I sincerely apologise for any offence caused...

(17:17:39) @RedMummy That is SO lovely of him. I'm sure he'll make you a lemsip too ;)

(17:18:01) @KxTwo Looks quite pubby to me! :)

(17:35:43) @CosmaP @nokia_uk You need the App Folder app from Windows Phone Store http://t.co/Efu1ZyuIXI

(18:44:13) @CosmaP Quality over quantity, they say..! @nokia_uk

(20:43:51) Getting my wirecutters out again. Brap.

(20:44:15) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Right to the bollards!

(20:45:27) @quibelles @katobell How the hell did you do that?!

Tweets for 20 Jan 2014

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(12:11:32) After midday already? No time for a 'good morning', then. I blame whoever caused the crash on the M1 spur earlier. Now: pre-lunch banana.

(12:12:18) @leica0000 Bles.

(12:13:20) @ThatAgnes Yes. And the only (as far as I know) sitcom that has no opening theme tune..?

(12:16:58) @LutonNewsConnie Not sure that's the right link/story...

(19:20:11) Doing internet telly for the first time in a while. My hair is dreadful.

(20:26:59) @poots Sorry! I might go when I've picked the girl up from Scouts x

(20:50:10) Ooh I have got a PROPER treat for this week's @Weekendery. Really looking forward to playing it in.

(21:01:56) RT @Lizzing: Be warned. ONLY use http://t.co/OgvVUohQpu Online sting - up to £1,000 for service you can get FREE http://t.co/g6oq2HJtqJ via…

(21:40:11) @fridgemagnet2 Shadappa etc

(21:55:15) @andytuk excellent!

(22:12:54) Being most amused by @poots being amused by 1 Direction shreds http://t.co/ohM0m1dzIn

Tweets for 19 Jan 2014

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(12:00:07) Trolley seat designed by Jim from Vicar of Dibley http://t.co/fCGkearJDC

(13:07:41) I wish there were a town called "Writing." Pronounced "Ritting."

(15:08:13) @guypratt @joey_coops I really, really, really hoped it was real.. alas not: http://t.co/EXYkrhA7cE / http://t.co/rkMRIG80KW

(15:08:56) @neilcochrane1 That's definitely one for @YPLAC / http://t.co/3SdIC85oNS

(15:12:22) RT @govindajeggy: @syzygy Had a lovely week in the French mountain village of Arithmétique

(15:14:02) @thatsjustme0 Big hug from me x

(16:13:09) @BaronHawkey Stay. In. Bed.

(16:29:34) @2225dominic @HarryHillMovie @IsItBroke Couldn't agree more! We all laughed heartily throughout :)

(21:52:59) Watching the Musketeers. With Peter Capaldi playing Malcolme Tucquer.

(21:56:41) @dragonhistory I'm really not sure. Very dark... will give it a couple of epsiodes. You..?

(21:57:07) @AlexGFox ~bows~

(22:01:41) @dragonhistory Kind of like Game of Thrones but with less nakedness. I believe. #neversawit

(22:02:55) @dragonhistory ~applauds~

(22:40:11) @IPTechShark I'm still worki... well, OK, I did stop. Sleep well! x

(22:42:45) @IPTechShark I get to sleep now, at least.. back to the grind tomorrow, and praying for no more stealth overnighters this week! Sleep well!

Tweets for 18 Jan 2014

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(01:43:06) This man is a complete nutter. https://t.co/Kn6krIF4Nz

(01:49:09) @IPTechShark I'm still working.

(02:09:13) @SheleileighLaw It's somewhat hampering my smartphone usage :D

(02:36:42) @SheleileighLaw Bring along your tiny violin. Although I won't be able to play it ;)

(03:07:15) @brennig Still awake, sir?

(03:07:27) @76Wilbury Ohhhh yeah! :)

(03:12:52) @brennig Workin' :) The party's going on in the office!

(03:18:27) @brennig At some point.. handing over to the dayshift at 7am :) And there was pizza! :) Hope the manual is an interesting one...

(08:19:35) A busy night of goings on. I think some sleep is in order. Good.. er.. morning

(08:35:48) @CarolKettley mornimg :) Sleepy time for me since I was working overnight! Have a great Saturday!

(08:36:57) @Dreamy_lyrics night! Sleepy hugs!

(08:37:23) @TubbyHermit Heehee! Thank you :)

(15:21:46) @LILLYTHEPINK1 *blushes all over* @Tuglets @dj_frabs 

(18:32:32) Touch screen sticking plasters. They're the way ahead (except they don't exist).

(18:34:34) @thatsjustme0 YES! o/

(18:35:33) @Tuglets Haha! I had never considered that particular career :D @dj_frabs @LILLYTHEPINK1

(18:52:10) @thatsjustme0 Hope you're having a great weekend! x

(20:28:48) @fridgemagnet2 Not to mention the mad rush for last minute reductions... I'm sure @chepbourne would have good justification...

(20:58:33) Ahh Weekly Wipe catch up, with Charlie Brooker played by @JakeYapp catch up.

Tweets for 17 Jan 2014

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(09:38:19) @DawnLoweActress Mornin' lass :)

(09:38:59) Right... that's May sorted. Need to put some thought into March now. #workingbackwardsfromChristmas

(09:43:25) Hotel booking failure.. flight arrives at 19:10; hotel reception is only open until 19:00. I discover this when they send the confirmation.

(09:45:54) @painted_duchess @76Wilbury @GettingShirty @Fee_Easton @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Nooooo! *brews fresh*

(13:43:47) @quibelles I quite like the one on the left. Are they improbably long legs?

(13:44:19) Got a caffeine buzz and a light to put up.

(14:17:08) @paulwheatley you missed off the 'f' and 'ening' at the beginning/end of one of those words! DON'T LET GOOGLE TOO CLOSE TO MY EYE HOLES!

(14:18:57) Outside light installed in just 30 mins using the patented method: 10 mins installation, 20 mins looking in the dirt for the screw I dropped

(14:20:03) @LizzyWelshCake I gave up and spent £15 more on Holiday Inn :D It's an overnight stay in Brno on the way to meeting a pal in the Czech Rep.

(14:22:01) @contrarywitch It's a guesthouse in the Czech republic.. very well reviewed, but I'm an inexperienced traveller so went for Holiday Inn.

(14:22:30) @brennig April's already sorted #Easter #DaughterBirthday #ProbablyForgottenSomething

(14:23:08) @dmills87 Seems it's more of a guesthouse (B&B?) and from the reviews of other places, it's fairly standard. Going for a big brand hotel now

(14:23:31) @DawnLoweActress Afternoon! My goodness I am on FIRE today. #craptweet #sorry

(14:24:23) @paulwheatley A mate of mine lost his eye because of contact lens issues... I worry about hygiene & care.. also I'm a bit squeamish :D

(14:25:00) @quibelles Stoopid magazines. How on earth are you expected to get your ankles to go outward like that? PS I love you just how you are.

(14:25:18) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @painted_duchess @76Wilbury @GettingShirty @Fee_Easton @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris The 'quick'n'easy'!

(14:26:19) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @painted_duchess @76Wilbury @GettingShirty @Fee_Easton @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris 17 day old thread yay

(14:27:05) @LizzyWelshCake Early May. This is known as 'planning', I believe. I am terrible at it! :D

(14:41:04) @LizzyWelshCake Me too :)

(14:58:07) Sending my poor faulty wearefocusrite pre-amp to the audio doctors. http://t.co/ZumxopAskm

(15:45:22) Packed up my pre-amp and ordered a MyHermes drop-off; saving that until Monday because shops don't like to store other people's stuff...

(15:45:47) @Z80GameCoder I'm afraid not, Paul - I'm working overnight. Sorry! @weekendery

(15:46:39) @paulwheatley It's all about keeping them clean and not in the eye for too long.. I know how addictive on-line life can be..

(15:47:08) @LizzyWelshCake Wow..! That is brilliant! I'm keeping it fairly low key, but this is my first adventure in quite a few years! :)

(20:11:43) No @Weekendery show this evening, I'm afraid, due to work commitments. Back next week with TWICE AS MANY songs. Playing at once. YEAH.

(21:20:41) @sm2n I would probably best avoid the Prodigy LPs then... @weekendery

(21:22:11) @paulums For definite! Get your requests in quick, eh? ;) @weekendery

(21:22:32) @SheleileighLaw Sorry! @weekendery

(21:22:44) @CalmWaters73 Me too #forsure #weekendery

(21:23:35) @perrygascoine @sm2n @weekendery Got some tunes on, but all we hear is Radio Gaga.. ;)

(21:37:03) @paulums Lashings, my friend. Lashings. @weekendery

(21:37:38) @KxTwo I'm on the Coca Cola 'Zero'. Whatever that is. Dark brown water, I think.

(22:51:39) @KxTwo That sounds lethal. Possibly more lethal than a bad bottle of wine :D

(23:25:27) I injured my right phone typing thumb preparing a salad earlier. What a fantastic way to remind me to eat healthily. Ow.

Tweets for 16 Jan 2014

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(07:35:28) @topgold Good morning. I had no Grolsch but sent you a DM boo making a mug of fruity tea... fizzy beer to follow (if and when I get some!)

(07:47:44) @sharpguru I tested by recording this last night... hope it works! https://t.co/wkdYd1vv4e

(07:49:05) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Oh man... I hope you get through to the upside again soon x

(07:50:31) @SharpGuru thank you!

(07:51:49) @PrincessBagel I hope you can shake it off and the day goes we'll x

(07:57:34) @PrincessBagel Eep. I very rarely remember my dreams... although I don't really remember much reality either 😁

(09:22:16) @SharpGuru It's a two channel audio file, yes but not stereo from the microphones.. Both channels are the same. Hardware or OS issue?

(09:23:47) @PrincessBagel Oh gosh :/ So frustrating that one has no control over dreams. I hope you get better sleep soon; it's so essential for life.

(10:13:25) @SharpGuru I acknowledge that. I can get very good stereo recordings if I take a video - just hoping Nokia/Microsoft enable it for audio!

(10:14:28) @SharpGuru I have to say it is an excellent application, and I very much like it. I will continue to evaluate it and feed back :)

(11:07:42) @SharpGuru Fantastic. Sharing is the best... is it possible to attach an audio file directly to an email?

(12:11:42) @SharpGuru Brilliant - thank you :) There do seem to be many API limitations... I hope they sort them out :)

(12:18:40) Really frustrated... bought myself a wireless charger for my phone but it looks like it's faulty. Better return it to Amazon. Blehh.

(12:34:05) @sarahsansom Gosh.. that's one heck of a way to be awoken! Hope you've had some coffee to sort you all out :)

(12:34:20) @LJRICH Cool photo! :)

(13:33:56) Good to see that #Radio4 is getting a new drama and there's some excitement & celebration.. https://t.co/1HmGm6I5uE (via @HanRob24) #WWEBD

(14:52:07) @Stenbird Excellent! Sweet or salty?

(15:41:50) I think I'm going to buy some Sugru... top quality custom nut replacement action http://t.co/ABHMRNbz1V

(16:24:48) Happy birthday @1969Steve!

(16:25:05) @IPTechShark It's a bit of a late day. And, indeed, late in the day day.

(16:26:00) @Stenbird Ahh... gutted! (Although that's my preferred comestible)

(16:46:34) @Sjluton almost Accidental Partridge :D but congratulations anyway! Pic?

(16:59:09) @Sjluton That is splendid and clean and lovely! I hope you're going to enjoy a nice bath to celebrate :) With much fewer miseries.

(17:08:00) @IPTechShark For me it'll be quite a long in the late day day. No sign of escape from work for the foreseeable #twentyyears

(17:08:53) RT @FOTSN: Award-winning ingenuity :) RT @sairamg3: Rick Rolled my physics teacher... http://t.co/3RFbDhQygv

(19:43:26) Got some doughball mayhem going on. Hot dogs. Lordy.

(19:57:02) @Tuglets @LILLYTHEPINK1 You won't be disappointed! :)

(19:57:18) @PrincessBagel @paulwheatley @EwenRankin @batwench @jgamet I love you guys.

(21:05:09) Huzzah.. off home. Until tomorrow night, when the excitement all begins again.

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(00:38:23) @painted_duchess @BaronHawkey @76Wilbury @mrs_forky @BitsyVonMuffin @Fee_Easton @GettingShirty @jrr4film @sparkledoris It's a busy old life!

(10:05:19) Morning. Had CHVRCHES - Mother We Share stuck in my head until I put some weird music on to drive to work. Otherwise.. it's Wednesday. Yerp.

(10:07:29) @SheleileighLaw Touché! @dj_monkeyboy @MintFM

(12:27:16) @quibelles Does this mean you win?

(12:30:01) @Faulko1 Effortless. VERY impressive.

(13:00:15) @Pandamoanimum I concur - it is invariably advantageous to eschew obfuscation manifested through verbosity @MarvK

(13:41:16) @SharpGuru Hi :) No I haven't yet - I'll give it a go. Still wishing for stereo audio recording on my 1520.. it's perfect for it! @topgold

(14:06:21) @poots I hope you've eaten! Can't have helped going up and down the stairs collecting parcels! :D

(14:13:55) @poots Ahh cool. Need a Scales Plinth :D

(15:39:14) @fiverscarrot Yes! Happy birthday :)

(15:39:41) @KxTwo *growls* :D

(15:40:06) @Stenbird One would agre-...oh.

(15:54:52) @topgold Absolutely.. what would you like me to record? I can do 'quiet office environment' or 'Watford street in the damp' :)

(15:55:19) @SharpGuru I would love a beta link - another developer told me it's a bug, but I would happily pay for it if it works! :) DM me pls?

(17:32:04) @katyha Be it your birthday? Happy birthday if so! :)

(17:44:41) @Superblouse Such great news :)

(18:09:18) @crabbyknickers Definitely still you! And definitely hate the photo booth! :) I need to get mine done... I promise to share!

(18:11:16) @crabbyknickers I wonder how passport control officers keep a straight face :D

(20:17:48) Watching House Of Fools. Vic and Bob. It's actually quite amusing in classic idiotic sitcom style. With Matt Berry being Matt Berry. Hilar.

(20:54:58) @mrs_forky When Shooting Stars first happened, it gave me the same vibe. It evolved to be amazing at its height.. hoping this is the samee

(20:55:57) @paulums I do hope it made it past the pilot. Have you checked out Toast of London? (4oD) Matt Berry is amazing in that...

(21:28:43) @mrs_forky it was an interesting juxtaposition between old and new comedy... and better than Mrs Brown's Boys (saying much?)

(23:32:04) Right. Busy couple of days ahead, so what better way to prepare than to be a bit late to bed. Night night neverthelessons! :)

Tweets for 14 Jan 2014

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(07:53:29) @Barbour101 I agree; I tend to visit the local papers' sites & see tweets from their journalists. How they fund themselves is the challenge.

(10:46:21) Morning. There is coffee necessity. Otherwise, I have no idea what today will bring.

(11:13:39) There needs to be a word for that moment, 5 mins before leaving for school, when offspring recall something essential they've lost/forgotten

(11:14:10) @tweeting_frog Hope it's a good 'un! :)

(11:14:48) @AlexGFox Thank you! Small victory this morning when I found DD's dinner money that she feared she had lost :) Hoping for the same for you!

(11:15:33) @andytuk Heh. True but... see my next tweet.

(11:16:13) @gugucachoo True.. but (see next tweet...)

(11:16:59) I have now remembered that I do exactly the same. Just before I leave the house there's hurried trouser-pocket checking for errant car keys.

(11:24:21) @dellama Ohhhh lordy. I remember that all too well! :)

(11:25:35) @gugucachoo Oh gosh! I missed that... I hope it all sorted itself out!

(11:25:48) @lloydbayley Night, chief! :)

(11:38:50) RT @paulwheatley: @syzygy Phnackaplanting (F-nak-a-planting)

(11:39:58) @gugucachoo Gosh.. what an adventure! And a cold one at that!

(12:40:01) @SheleileighLaw It's polygonal, I'll give you that. How about yours? Is there a big chill, still? :)

(12:40:28) @SheleileighLaw Polygonal and amorphous. Polyamorphous. That's me.

(12:45:18) @katyha I try not to send my offspring to school in tears, but it's a challenge sometimes..!

(13:41:23) @Shell3870 #yayvers

(14:59:35) @karenjeynes Wow.. that is pretty cool :)

(15:00:54) @LutonSixthForm @PlainTalkingHR I bet I could bang out chopsticks on that with hardly any mistakes...

(15:03:15) @karenjeynes I would be interested to know how he does a lower case j...

(15:12:20) @karenjeynes Hmm. :)

(15:13:02) @karenjeynes To be honest, he sounds much more livable-with than my two bundles of chaos, whose rooms I dare not even enter... #trash

(15:13:44) @Twitrannosaurus I would rather forget. All done in a shed, as I recall.

(17:31:53) @LourdesSantino @Williamandrews Stick a bit of ketchup on that and you've got yourself a Peter Baynham pizza.

(17:32:54) @SoreenHQ Isn't it escaping from that Three ad? http://t.co/ir2yLP8Bz7

(21:49:53) Enjoying some therapeutic wiring action while listening to @dj_monkeyboy on @MintFM - life could be more worserer... http://t.co/EuzNwhVTcN

(21:54:48) @dj_monkeyboy Madonna did a rather beautiful cover version of this. I absolutely LOVE the Visitors album. The Visitors is a powerful song!

(21:57:17) @starr67 A quite phenomenal (and poignant) swansong from Abba. @dj_monkeyboy

(22:23:44) @dj_monkeyboy UCV - unncecessary cover version ;)

Tweets for 13 Jan 2014

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(07:38:48) @slandi That would SO work! @Misty_Lee

(07:39:36) @painted_duchess @BaronHawkey @76Wilbury @mrs_forky @BitsyVonMuffin @Fee_Easton @GettingShirty @jrr4film @sparkledoris The Year Of Excite!

(07:42:20) Good morrownings. Enjoying reading about other interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, including a silent movie series that Conan Doyle enjoyed.

(07:43:05) @mostlygeordie Bleurrrrrgh #zombie

(07:44:04) @PlainTalkingHR Morning Bina :) Wishing you a splendiferous week x

(07:49:48) If you don't follow the remarkable @artistsmakers you are missing one of the most industrious and inspiring people: http://t.co/5Q80G6U2v3

(07:54:02) @wuthering_alice Heh. Always good to court a little controversy... why doesn't Benn have his own Twitter account? :D

(07:54:48) @badpenny31 Good morning :) I hope it all goes well!

(07:55:31) @vsopfables Oh no :/ I hope it clears soon.

(08:34:27) @PrincessBagel Heh. Next you'll find me appearing in the background of Antiques Roadshow... ;) @paulums

(08:35:06) @edenGD02 Thank you for the tip! I'll definitely take a look :)

(08:41:32) @wuthering_alice True..! I guess it's better that he doesn't :D

(08:41:54) @paulums Not even in HD? booooo! @PrincessBagel

(11:34:37) @chepbourne wow.. I loved reading that! I found a couple of YouTube videos from the Eclair productions - I posted them on FB :)

(13:12:13) @KxTwo @SheleileighLaw @PrincessBagel Big hugs all round, I reckon. For nice appreciative folk like you x

(13:18:52) @KateRobbins I reckon this is: http://t.co/O4MC254c4e

(14:13:42) @PrincessBagel @ProfilesofArt Wow!

(14:14:56) @Lizzing My response would be "I love you to do what..?" :D

(14:15:37) @Brays_Cottage That is a very moody photo :)

(14:16:31) @willowHart Photo or it didn't happen ;)

(14:17:10) @quibelles @LellyMo To be honest, I remain baffled: how *do* you pronounce "Jaime"?

(15:27:05) @willowHart awww boo! :D

(17:36:05) @DigitalAmoeba Well deserved, chief :) @decappeal

(22:01:24) Back from the gym. Ran a bit. Rowed a bit. Very little flailing. Worked off about two and a quarter doughnuts. That's tomorrow sorted, then.

(22:34:08) @MendingHeart87 Excellent!

(22:34:47) @LizzyWelshCake Makes it all the sweeter, though 😏

(23:04:11) @IPTechShark N'night *little kiss back*

(23:04:25) @LizzyWelshCake Keep it up, lass! :)

(23:05:34) @lloydbayley I hope they filled out a customer satisfaction savvy ;)

(23:06:04) Off to bed. Facing Tuesday with a sleepy head. It's the best way. Night night!

Tweets for 12 Jan 2014

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(13:00:37) G'morning. Or afternoon. Not sure I've booted up properly. Going to go into Safe Mode and uninstall some drivers. Randomly.

(16:25:42) There's a blimmin' drizzard out there. Yik. Managed to get my 1km of rubbish swimming done, though. Which means it's hot chocolate time.

(16:26:05) @TubbyHermit And a very happy Sunday to you!

(16:26:36) @CarolKettley Oh I do hope so! Happy evening!

(16:30:43) @sarahsansom Pretty much sums up my life.. flailing and raining :D Would you like some hot chocolate? Plenty available!

(18:01:49) Why can't all kitchen equipment be made of the same material as grill pans?

(18:03:32) @KxTwo All of them? One sitting? :D

(18:06:46) @KxTwo If it's any consolation, I've got one of these in my coat pocket.. waiting for an opportunity to eat it ;) http://t.co/NDSQqXJpV8

(18:10:55) @KxTwo Wow... bargain sugar rush! Have one for me ;)

(18:27:56) @KnotsTherapy @Faulko1 @lisacov19 @chikadee12282 @Jeannine_Barry @Hyper8 With bonus Sherlock silliness. HURRAH! Enjoy :) :)

(19:13:47) @batwench Oh you! :D

(19:14:01) @batwench You're a bit like me with crap music :D

(19:14:48) @sarahsansom Amen!

(19:16:39) @Misty_Lee @SlimJimSim *chuckles* *shares*

(19:16:44) RT @Misty_Lee: This still gets me. Every time. http://t.co/eReuVQHZpd

(20:32:49) Oooh #Sherlock excitements. Without any sign of Sherlock. Yet...

(22:09:21) Time for a post-Sherlock fig roll.

(22:24:16) @BBCOne What do you make of the polarized opinions of this season of #Sherlock? Was it your intention to challenge the audience? #SherlockQA

Tweets for 11 Jan 2014

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(10:17:43) Good morning. Bird feeders topped up... with any luck, robins and dunnocks and sparrows in the cold.. http://t.co/RuxIjKqKto

(10:18:41) Better get on with proper housework...

(10:18:56) @paulums Looks like a kettle. But want one. :D

(10:19:10) @paulums PS is it really quiet?

(10:20:28) @PeterBluemler Thank you, Im well ta

(10:21:08) @BaronHawkey I completely agree - it's got that kind-of subversive chaos that I really enjoy.

(10:22:09) @paulums I may be migrating back to mac for my next studio refit.. although that will take some saving up for! :)

(10:22:31) @Dreamy_lyrics Keep warm, ma'am :) x

(11:09:30) @pindippycave Doesn't work well with stairs

(11:09:50) @BlueMoon_11 I quite enjoy making mistakes for exactly that reason. mornin' btw :)

(11:10:41) @SamRSparrow Lie everything down. Administer tea.

(11:11:06) RT @johndredge: no man is an island. not even the Isle of Man.

(11:58:59) @SamRSparrow That'll do you the world of good! :)

(11:59:18) @BlueMoon_11 I'm sleepy but pushing on with housework..! How about you? #sunnybestdayoftheweek

(11:59:31) @tweeting_frog Mornin'! Hope all is well in Northern France! :)

(11:59:42) @CarolKettley Only day I can do it :D

(12:01:10) @CarolKettley First proper hoover since Christmas.. I can see myself emptying the vacuum several times! :D

(12:03:37) RT @RichHarkness: Photographer goes back in time by photoshopping herself into her childhood photos http://t.co/2yy3bVopDR

(12:05:21) @birdfortytwo There is no need to teach him beige.

(12:05:34) @birdfortytwo Unless you're thinking of embracing veganism :D

(13:57:37) @GHOGIT It's like a comedy outpost of Ikea.

(15:33:37) With the help of @nxmee, I've just fitted some heavy duty eurofit runners to the children's computer… http://t.co/FmlQJ5K3HD

(15:37:13) @CarolKettley Done... well sort of lost interest.. just sorted a bit of DIY and now it's time for a sit down and a mug of the good stuff!

(17:17:29) @quibelles WANT!

Tweets for 10 Jan 2014

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(08:04:45) @peasbloss Morning :) xx

(08:06:07) @Faulko1 Thanks, chief! @Rebaboutique @CarolKettley @RadioInTheUK @lisacov19 @hjmac41

(08:11:30) @TOther_Simon Oh gosh... I hope you can find the source of the blockage and get it cleared... or is it due to the floods?

(08:12:22) RT @BaldExplorer: The Bald Explorer's Taking the Water's episode is showing on the Community Channel today - at 1pm and then again... http:…

(08:15:59) @sarahjaneuk @paulums Morning, both... hope it's a great one!

(11:44:33) @cyberdonkey @marmitetoast an accolade indeed.

(11:46:07) @Raspberry_Pi My OCD desperately wants to sort that..!

(11:46:59) @SheleileighLaw Good morning! :)

(11:50:07) @marmitetoast Unfortunately, I am eminently effable and disappointingly scrutable; you truly have the advantage! :) @cyberdonkey

(13:19:18) @DaisyMould I would go for: warm, baffled or slightly tipsy. You OK, ma'am?

(13:35:33) @DaisyMould Certainly has! Must be nearly time to put your feet up and eat jaffa cakes, though, right..?

(13:59:35) @quibelles Use a massive mug like the rest of us.

(14:20:00) @vobes Yes, it's possible, but like Windows, it needs an app like Unrarx (http://t.co/1DIxBQQviY) to open it - http://t.co/S9kgvo2aYI

(14:22:07) @vobes If you ZIP them, a mac can open it without any extra software required. Like Windows, it has inbuilt zip/unzip support :)

(14:27:42) @nokia_uk No.. no I did not *installs* Nice one!

(16:55:05) @nokia_uk How do you get the multi-tiled picture icons (like the Brazil flag)?

(16:55:26) @nokia_uk PS Now that I have my Lumia 1520, I think every other phone just looks... small!

(17:43:55) I think it's terribly time to go home. Let the weekend festivity commence.

(19:14:33) @fridgemagnet2 I probably will, because I already get loads of emails from 38degrees so it won't increase the influx.. :)

(19:22:54) At a mere 9pm UK (4pm EST) The @Weekendery is due at platform 1 of @MintFM - why not listen to it? There's music, a silly quiz and things!

(19:23:22) @HumbersHomemade Definitely whale.

(19:23:41) @KittyCostanza JAMYEH! :) *high fours*

(19:25:52) @johndredge It is ME! And I would love for your contribution.. want to write a sentence of silliness every now and then..? Got smartphone?

(19:27:48) @brianashton Hurts my brain. "Just don't stop till you get to infinity.." @numberphile

(19:51:35) @SheleileighLaw YES! *excites* 9pm UK, 4pm eastern :)

(20:01:00) @SheleileighLaw It'll be the fourth song I play, I think! :)

(20:52:12) RT @fridgemagnet2: This week's News From The Provinces on the @weekendery comes live (nearly) from Eastbourne and features water buffalo.

(21:06:09) @johndredge I'll put it on right after I've had a lemon and lime double decker buss for elevenses @weekendery

(22:58:24) @SheleileighLaw Night night lovely - thank you SO much for listening! :) Happy Garrison's Landing! BIG hugs @weekendery

(23:08:36) @Faulko1 @itsemillllly @nickstoppani @MK_COURIERS @clairxxb @CowshedDan Night, sir. Wishing you improvements to your health day by day.

Tweets for 09 Jan 2014

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(00:01:31) @DeanAbbott @spreaker I always enjoy listening! :)

(00:01:43) @DeanAbbott @spreaker And a very happy 2014 to you :)

(00:41:48) @amnotfunny Is your username the same..? Would love to follow (if I don't already!) I'm cacophonyx on there...

(00:45:05) @smartie999 What's going on, ma'am? I'm up, too. Workin'...

(00:47:35) @smartie999 I have imbibed caffeine... got typy-typing to do. Can you carry out any mischief?

(00:51:05) @smartie999 Absolutely... and I'm in the office :D

(01:02:00) @smartie999 Yes indeed. My boss is over there ~points~ :D

(01:03:02) @smartie999 That sounds delicious. But is it good?

(01:03:58) @RedMummy @smartie999 I like the word "fessygoon" :D

(01:05:19) @RedMummy @smartie999 But what is SCDGOD? Strictly Come Dancing Ground Orbiting Darcey?

(01:10:29) @RedMummy I do believe I have missed out. I merely have a polo shirt of mundanity @smartie999

(01:19:19) @smartie999 I think they're quite noisy..?

(06:04:59) @IPTechShark At this time of the morning? Impressive :) Mornin' :)

(13:05:43) @amnotfunny Hurrah! :) Thank you :) Gonna follow back when I'm back online

(13:07:03) @IPTechShark Hurrah :) I have to admit to heading to bed when I got in; some overnight work... I hope your morning has continued fabulously!

(13:27:45) @LondonSounds Must be almost impossible to play on an auto-return turntable!

(13:31:22) RT @alicelowe: last chance to listen to my Wunderland radio http://t.co/tuitQE4JS8 i'm gonna listen whilst setting the xmas tree alight and…

(13:35:01) Up and about. Probably should get some fresh air. And something to eat...

(14:34:05) @SheleileighLaw As barely as I ever am :D Off to give blood in a bit #killorcure

(14:37:12) @SheleileighLaw Well I do my best.. :)

(14:38:36) Something to eat and then some blood donation action.. I am not doing having a cold any more. Naaahhh.

(16:07:04) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Or maybe you don't.. :p @jschmude

(16:47:05) @RealMrJules @johnny_winter *pfft*

(16:52:19) I have to say these modern ClotCUD phones are very good /cc @johnny_winter @RealMrJules http://t.co/GFMYlTn5Mb

(16:52:56) @vobes It is certainly ~an~ answer! Oh, and I'm looking forward to the first airing of "Taking the Waters" ! :)

(18:03:28) @katelynnelogan Thank you for the follow! I would love to play one of your songs on my little radio show.. hope that's OK!

(18:27:00) @IPTechShark It's been one of pleasant miscellany... if I can get my show prep completed at a sociable hour it will be 100% win :)

(20:49:38) @katelynnelogan I love Driving.. there are some lovely songs on the album :)

(20:52:50) @Faulko1 I hope you're in fine health again soon - long overdue!

(21:10:37) Watching 8 out of 10 countdowns. It is surreal. With a small amount of brandy...

(21:24:07) @Barlie40 And you, Jim 😊

(21:25:37) @SheleileighLaw Really looking forward to playing your Deep Purple original tomorrow! Sorry for taking so long to play it.. darn cold!

(21:30:16) @pindippycave Same cat. Different lives.

(21:31:47) @j0anne1 You OK, lass? Need the white charger dispatched..? x

(21:32:59) @thatsjustme0 A joy to behold. And to be held!

(21:34:07) @j0anne1 I'm epic at backrubs.. come on over :)

(21:36:50) @thatsjustme0 :) :) Hope this Thursday evening finds you radiant and splendid x

(21:38:00) @j0anne1 I hope you get some you time to relax. A challenge with bairns, I know! Xx

(21:38:25) @thenewbrunette Ask.

(21:43:50) @j0anne1 Sending a snuggle up hug!

(21:50:02) @thatsjustme0 Yayyyyy! Xxxx

(23:18:57) Time to catch up on sleep. Night nght.

Tweets for 08 Jan 2014

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(00:23:04) Finally got round to sending @WeAreFocusrite a service enquiry about my VoiceMaster Pro. It is doing my head in. Resorting to Behringer :/

(00:28:54) OK. I'd not heard of @EmAtak, but apparently she's @KateRobbins' daughter and - according to Wikipedia - comes from Luton. Who knew? Gosh.

(00:29:57) Right. It's now far too late, and although this tweet will take me one beyond the rather pretty '75,777' I need my bed. Good night to you.

(00:49:56) @mostlygeordie Oops! Yes.. Sorry @ematak! /cc @KateRobbins @EmAtack

(00:50:09) @TotesAmazeAK Innit fam!

(00:50:28) @RedMummy Heh... I'm slackin' clearly ;)

(00:50:51) @mostlygeordie She is! @ematack @KateRobbins

(00:51:11) @SheleileighLaw Thanks, lovely :) You too when it's time!

(00:51:50) @RatuKatu Aye. That it is. @ellewadding

(08:04:42) @johnny_winter I like that article, but I fear many businessee wouldn't allow the budget for such customer care #costcentre @envato_support

(08:05:25) @batwench All of them..! Rack 'em up....

(08:09:39) @JQP74 morning. I think the week has been half-eaten by the back-to-work monster :D

(08:10:14) @Chocohalix Morning :)

(08:53:05) @DigitalAmoeba I shall join you; haven't had a response about replying to wrong threads. #moneywasted @PrincessBagel @rowiapp @twitter #WP8

(08:54:29) @Chocohalix We moved around lots when I was young... I have very itchy feet.. My dear wife has only lived in this town... #differentworlds

(09:00:14) @LizzyWelshCake big hugs xxx

(09:03:11) @PlainTalkingHR And the very same to you and the merrie #Lutonians x

(09:39:14) @DigitalAmoeba True! @PrincessBagel @rowiapp @twitter

(09:40:06) @LizzyWelshCake Now they would be quite some videos!

(10:35:53) @KxTwo But witty. I hope you cheer up soon, ma'am. Sending internet hugs x

(11:36:51) @quibelles SHIIINNYYYY!

(12:31:27) @LizzyWelshCake Heh. Y'know I think you could make a good living from filiming your dreams :D

(17:36:18) Went for a walk with @superalora. I took a long exposure shot on the 1520.. she went for triumphant! @nokia_uk #lumia http://t.co/Fw7rZFK9dG

(17:44:04) @Life_Insight :) :) Thank you! We had fun :) @superalora

(19:48:37) @edtjones Maybe they're hoping you'll have changed your mind after sleeping on it..? #CustomerRetention @EclipseInternet

(19:49:20) Preparing for another overnighter. My stomach appears to be the most confused (although my brain isn't far behind)...

(19:55:37) @BaronHawkey Aye. A bit of overnight IT work :)

(19:57:51) @edtjones Cool - looks like @aaisp has some interesting pricing structures... pay for what you use, basically :)

(19:58:09) @ajlanghorn Heh.. sort of :D

(19:58:44) @thatsjustme0 Evenin :)

(19:59:47) @DigitalAmoeba My main issue was that I'd click a tweet, hit "reply" & it would reply to a different one! @PrincessBagel @rowiapp @twitter

(23:11:47) RT @PFPTMillsy: How to cook the perfect amount of pasta:

(23:14:02) @thisisjinsy I sing of missing Jinsy-o

(23:19:04) @DigitalAmoeba I have fedback twice.. nothing. I should check my spam fritter.. always hopeful! @rowiapp @PrincessBagel

(23:25:11) @edtjones That is very impressive. I saw the quote about active choice when it first got reported.. had forgotten it was aaisp. Excellent.

(23:28:27) @edtjones @aaisp I think I will have to adopt XKCD/806 as my mantra :D SHIBBOLEET!

(23:28:44) @BaronHawkey Keeps me out of trouble. In theory, anyway... ;)

(23:31:46) @poots Sending prayers for grandma. And you. Love you x

Tweets for 07 Jan 2014

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(07:56:16) @PrincessBagel @Crucial @DigitalAmoeba @mrbatwench I am baffled as to how you arrived at that subject matter... :D Is everything OK now?

(07:56:47) @LizzyWelshCake Still a profit! (I think :D)

(07:57:39) @SheleileighLaw @HamptonsPenarth @PrincessBagel @batwench @jgamet I think I missed that day... I do hope it'll be available on cwtch-up ....

(08:01:44) @DigitalAmoeba @Crucial @PrincessBagel @mrbatwench How is the ol' PC now?

(08:02:45) @quibelles Happy birthday! Now off you go into the wet... (My two were born in Easter / summer holidays...)

(08:05:44) @sparkyannc Epic!

(08:11:56) @DigitalAmoeba Haha! Good news... sort of :D @Crucial @PrincessBagel @mrbatwench

(09:34:22) @TimGooderham @quibelles I only get my birthday off if it's on a Saturday or Sunday.. still, that's a 2 in 7 chance (excepting leap years!)

(09:36:17) @nicky_doubleU It's always like this. Just be gentle and patient with it, and it will move on...

(12:35:58) @quibelles A vacuum cleaner. Kinky.

(12:36:08) @quibelles Or was there a wasp in the room?

(12:37:55) @quibelles Ahh right. The new version of forceps... :D

(12:40:41) @CherryKaz1 It's a good look! I would recommend a dressing gown, though.. bit chilly out :D

(12:44:08) @quibelles Gosh :/ Who knows what childbirth will be like in 20 years...

(13:30:43) @AlexGFox @NV1K @paulwheatley That is completely unhinged. WANT THIS DVD! :)

(14:09:33) @sarahjaneuk @EwenRankin It's shoes that baffle me - my two have been in adult shoe sizes (attracting VAT) since the age of about 7!

(14:11:18) @sarahjaneuk @EwenRankin Any help? http://t.co/yzvF5qe2T1

(14:15:46) @EwenRankin I think this is the bit that might trip you up: "Is it designed for young children?" http://t.co/VEeKGObIiK

(14:16:54) @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk Heh.. I think we both came to the same conclusion!

(14:18:16) @AlexGFox Haha! Love it! @EwenRankin

(15:41:01) Gosh.. I think I like this: http://t.co/5ttmYUbJ4h

(15:41:33) @MSFTBusinessUK @sarahjaneuk I do hope the screenshot is slowly going to fade to monochrome as the day approaches ;)

(16:25:52) @schmiedesgruebl We should be a bunch of thankers! :)

(16:29:26) @schmiedesgruebl Haha! There's plenty of space for blarney in pro sport, eh? :D

(17:16:12) @computermuseum Wow... that's amazing!

(18:53:29) @MSFTBusinessUK Haha! Yes :D

(19:04:33) I'm still not sure, given that it's a German cake, why Black Forest Gateau has a French name. Weird English language action.

(19:05:31) Food eaten. Now: washing foldage. Life doesn't get more exciting than this. Although I got a damp foot putting the kitchen binbag out. #GoMe

(20:32:42) @brennig Interesting. Have you ever heard @osymyso's "Intro Inspection"? It is a work of true introductory genius - as I'm sure yours is!

(20:35:41) @TubbyHermit Well indeed. Not sure we Brits could get our mouths round that. Like a whole black forest gateau, really.. :D

(20:35:53) @leica0000 Mange tout, mange tout.

(20:36:05) @nicky_doubleU Like "Lu'on".. gotcha :D

(20:36:14) @CherryKaz1 STEADY! :D

(20:36:24) @CherryKaz1 All of it..? ;)

(20:37:58) Fun to be had transcribing one of Lenni's grade 2 viola pieces into @noteflight to hear how it's supposed to sound. Not an easy one #Bartok

(20:57:43) @Chocohalix @mostlygeordie I would have set fire to it.

(20:59:51) @Chocohalix @mostlygeordie Ah. But you weren't using a match to see clearly #reallyreallybaddad ;)

(21:00:10) @claudiahaun We wouldn't have a hope of saying that properly :D

(21:00:24) @Runefang78 *chuckles* That's the only explanation :D

(21:19:10) @mostlygeordie @Chocohalix I was being silly. My son ended up in casualty twice with things stuck up his nose.. a raisin and a tiny ball :D

(21:59:36) @lawnmowerdeth Cool! Got anything to play them on? :D

(22:20:24) @DigitalAmoeba Out of interest - have you and @PrincessBagel ditched @RowiApp in favour of the Twitter client? I'm getting irked by it.. :/

(22:29:25) @andytuk Got any of these? #noveltyrecords http://t.co/0VvZQr1Emu

(22:30:35) @andytuk Oh that is GOOD!

(22:32:42) @andytuk I would imagine eBay could be handy for building your collection (and the audio on the records I've got is shot! :D)

(22:35:35) @lloydbayley Morning :) Hope you slept much better :)

(22:35:52) @LizzyWelshCake It adds to your charm. What happened this time..?

(22:39:11) @RatuKatu @ellewadding Just read up on the story. I see a lot of humanity do great things when called upon. Often, we miss the vulnerable.

(22:42:12) @LizzyWelshCake *applauds* :) :)

(22:42:21) @CalmWaters73 G'night! :)

(22:42:56) @BaronHawkey @mostlygeordie 2014 is a good year to do that. I would love to do more new stuff this year too.

(22:43:24) @Chocohalix Me too. Although that in itself is quite a wide range (I'm originally from Hampshire.. on the left border!) @BuzzFeed

(22:44:01) @BlueMoon_11 Uhoh. I'm more of a Jaguar. #ihavenoideawhatthatmeans #madeitup

(22:45:32) @ellewadding My dear wife works at a pre-school. I am flabbergasted at how much she is relied upon to help vulnerable children :/ @RatuKatu

(22:45:51) @ellewadding ...considering how little she's paid. @RatuKatu

(22:46:19) @LizzyWelshCake Don't underestimate your talents, ma'am :) I think you're brilliant :)

(22:47:53) @chepbourne I think it would, but played far to fast for her to keep up :)

(22:48:41) @BlueMoon_11 Ahh. I'm very blessed that my timeline is replete with intelligent, caring and fluffy people like you :) I'm doing OK ta! :) x

(22:49:08) @hollybrocks @_Frazzle_ @andyparmo Oh that is GOOD /cc @Brilliant_Ads

(22:50:15) @CherryKaz1 @alan9878 I definitely prefer the version without! ;)

(22:50:46) @LizzyWelshCake I'd say about 90% better thank you! No more sore nose.. need to get plenty of sleep to make sure it's totally nailed! :)

(22:55:26) @LizzyWelshCake But your dreams could make the best prog rock song EVER... :D

Tweets for 06 Jan 2014

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(08:50:59) @wuthering_alice And they almost rhyme... I happen to like 'plinth' and 'voluble'.

(10:45:03) @PrincessBagel @KxTwo Top tip there.

(11:07:10) @PrincessBagel I have no such excuse. I wouldn't make it out of the front door without being shouted at to 'put some trousers on!" @KxTwo

(11:08:43) Morning. I have so far resisted making a 'bleaurrrrgh' noise.

(11:21:22) @clairerandall Morning, Claire - and thank you for your audioboo message, to which I listened over breakfast :) :)

(11:21:37) @76Wilbury N'night, ma'am. x

(11:41:27) @LutonNewsConnie Best thing to do is for @poots to pop it into dropbox and send you a link... I'm in the office, but hopefully can help! :)

(11:41:55) @sacs Nooooo! Bleaurrrrrgh means bacon sandwiches and fatness. :D

(11:52:19) @CherryKaz1 Morning :) I enjoy your boos! :)

(11:57:37) @dj_monkeyboy @CherryKaz1 Awwww :)

(12:16:40) @dj_monkeyboy I've never had the opportunity to appreciate @CherryKaz1's ample boots.

(12:42:20) @LutonNewsConnie The MP4 can be downloaded here: https://t.co/VUfXF6QCa6 - hope it works for you! /cc @poots

(12:56:01) @BBC_HaveYourSay Hello :) Yes - I have a little camera on the dashoard of my car. MP4 version of video is here: https://t.co/VUfXF6QCa6

(12:56:55) @BBC_HaveYourSay PS the music is one of my compositions, so no need to licence (if that helps!)

(12:57:52) RT @carlmaxim: Tax self-assessment form.

(13:15:51) @LutonNewsConnie Fantastic :) @poots

(13:20:08) @KxTwo I read that last line in an exasperated tone.... :D

(13:20:57) @LizzyWelshCake Really?! Better be careful :D

(14:50:05) @mostlygeordie @ellewadding I have a little purple bauble on the computer monitor in the kitchen :D Nice to have that reminder :) x

(14:52:24) @slandi Hmmm... polishing a turd? :D It won't do anything with over-mastered audio.. the loudness war goes on ;) @ShareThis

(15:26:22) @quibelles Retract that apology immediately. It was quite amuse-bouche.

(15:26:46) @jgamet @batwench @PrincessBagel *boggles*

(15:27:47) @ellewadding @mostlygeordie We have actually got some non-Christmas fairy lights that are going up to brighten the lounge.. :) Worth a go?

(15:46:02) Filthy face van @ Watford http://t.co/iMqPw2SYzF

(16:17:15) @dizzymummytotwo I wouldn't try and fit 30 days of shredding into one day, Danni - careful now! x

(16:20:37) @IPTechShark *giggles a bit too because laughter is infectious*

(17:39:34) RT @johndredge: a lot of people http://t.co/v1qoUVqEjt

(17:51:07) @BBC_HaveYourSay No worries :)

(21:20:00) Monday night's gym workout done. Depressingly only burned off half a pack of liquorice allsorts in calories. That's rubbish! Worn out now..!

(21:21:01) @Kercal Really?! If so: Happy birthday, Mr @jgamet!

(21:22:39) @thatsjustme0 I think you should. And I hope you have. x

(21:45:34) @johndredge Early days, I think, my friend.. I've been around for a while. One of the honoured few :)

(21:45:54) @LizzyWelshCake Aye :) And I think I did myself some good (as opposed to some mischief!) x

(21:46:12) @thatsjustme0 Thank you - it was pretty much OK! Hope yours was a good 'un too! x

(22:01:23) @1969Steve Will tune in when I'm all comfy on the sofa :) :)

(22:05:09) @quibelles Excellent frills, and fits your curves nicely :)

(22:23:54) @1969Steve Was Basil Brush a fox? Would certainly explain what the fox said... boom boom, mainly....

(22:24:09) @davewitchalls probably a sad amount.

(22:30:30) @starr67 Logical when one thinks about it... I'm not one for thinking ;) @1969Steve

(22:40:14) @1969Steve Got to dip out I'm afraid.. enjoyed the show!

(23:09:59) Is there nothing @AliceLowe isn't brilliant at? She does the surreal Wunderland AND was a key character in Sherlock. AND Horrible Histories.

(23:13:01) @merr1ngton A belated but heartfelt happy birthday! :)

(23:13:40) @PrincessBagel That's some paws-on technical support. Hope you get the mega-grid back up and running again soon, @DigitalAmoeba!

(23:13:58) Bed. Nearly not too late. Night night!

Tweets for 05 Jan 2014

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(08:56:14) @StarshipUK @andytuk Wow..!

(08:58:05) @paulums Sounds like you're fighting fit and ready to go! :) I'm not far behind you... had coffee this morning so I've got a buzz on! :D

(08:58:46) @emmathegardener Good morning! Really enjoyed your eclectic and interesting return to the AKG podcast, and a treat to hear your voice again!

(08:59:34) @TOther_Simon Morn.

(08:59:50) @RiaJones67 @corrie_corfield Love that shot! :) :)

(09:00:08) @badpenny31 Good morning! The car'll need scraping before we head off to church! :)

(09:14:04) @Canojar http://t.co/CDJU9pC5vF heh..

(09:15:21) #sings I like a good coffee buzz at this time of the morning. And I like to spread some honey on a toasted muffin. Or similar.

(09:20:32) @TOther_Simon Aye. All caffeined up.

(09:21:53) @TOther_Simon have a splendid Sunday :) This is all very civilised.

(09:22:44) "Do one thing every day that makes your spouse think you're a numpty."

(09:23:17) @BitsyVonMuffin morrrnin'! Keep warm and fluffy! @BaronHawkey

(12:44:27) @sm2n In a natty hat..?

(12:44:41) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin *grahhh!* I will beat this :D

(12:45:07) @batwench Heehee :D I do a LOT worse than taht :D

(12:45:25) @pearcen heehee.. I try to keep it in single figures ;)

(12:46:39) @TOther_Simon I hope there are as many laughs as there are calluses on your fingers. #tryingmybesttobepositive :D

(12:50:55) WIR: I had the most hilarious impromptu Skype video chat with @CloudExplosion and her children yesterday. They wanted a tour of the house :D

(12:51:53) @sm2n Aye :) Good times!

(12:54:29) I love Mental Floss: 12 letters we've lost from the alphabet — http://t.co/LafDR0K5ee … (via @TheMichaelMoran) My rap name: "Insular G"

(13:18:21) @ajlanghorn @cloudexplosion Ooh... genius! :)

(13:19:29) @OmarRaza Ha! :D

(14:06:59) The boy's attempt to persuade us that the left-over Christmas desserts are sufficiently thawed... http://t.co/3z86lKaZSs

(14:19:59) @sarahsansom Heh... either way, he wants to have it NOW :D

(20:31:50) Let's do this (after an extensive selection of trailers). #SherlockLives

(20:32:02) @quibelles They're the same organism.

(22:02:02) I watched #Sherlock a bit tipsy and spent a lot of time laughing But why did so much of it remind me of Jeremy Clarkson solving murders?

(22:21:05) @smartie999 Aye lass @poots

(22:21:30) @fridgemagnet2 It's the only way to recover from Clarkson.

(22:38:24) @vobes From the trailer, the next one seems to be a return to the cut and thrust... I'm still a little confused about the point of this one!

(22:38:37) @SimplyTanny N'night x

(22:41:03) @zany_zigzag #Sherlock Completely the opposite of Elementary...

(22:44:06) Still not tired of this technique... “@arwelwjones Time slice wedding photography! http://t.co/oAbx0BXsAl”

(23:12:07) @LizzyWelshCake Aye! @arwelwjones

(23:35:51) @zany_zigzag It's a programme that, while I'm watching it, I can't do anything else. Requires full concentration. Brilliant :)

(23:46:33) @sarahjaneuk Heh.. I read The Sign of Four ~years~ ago in my teenage years - I quite like way it connects with the books!

Tweets for 04 Jan 2014

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(08:58:42) Oh wow... they've made a second series of The Bridge! Starts tonight on BBC4: http://t.co/5stkLBz0i8 (via @denmarkinuk / @Scanditwitchen)

(08:59:12) @sm2n Gosh!

(09:00:22) @RatuKatu Love it! And even more impressive you got two grown men going 'What..?' :D @brennig

(09:53:09) RT @Mad: It appears the flooding in Gloucester has taken the entire @Fasthosts business and ALL of it's customers websites down ! Crazy ! #…

(09:53:37) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Saturday to you, too! Nearly 10am and I'm still in my jammies :D Better up-and-at 'em, eh?! :D x

(09:54:41) @Twitrannosaurus I'm looking forward to watching it, mouth open, hands over my eyes... :D

(13:43:51) RT @pJackThought: 13-year-old Kanye Jacob from Letchworth missing since Thursday - call 101 with info

(13:44:22) @ellewadding Have you checked your spam fritter?

(13:45:30) @neilfarrimond Looking forward to it, but I don't know if I should save it up for a The Bridge Binge; can I wait a week between episodes..?!

(13:46:39) Please be careful if you're out driving today.. some roads are flooded! Here's one I encountered in Caddington: http://t.co/ozbx5jlxaf

(13:52:05) @akrabat That's where all the troubles start ;)

(13:52:20) @neilfarrimond god bless the TiVo / PVR ;)

(13:52:31) @ellewadding Bleh.

(16:03:15) @ibookery Haha! That's genius :D

(16:04:01) @Twitrannosaurus Y'know, I probably wouldn't have - the other driver and I exchanged grins as we both turned right. :D

(16:05:14) @Twitrannosaurus The camera is a cheapo one off Amazon http://t.co/IdvLCRPJDC - a go pro would have made it look really epic! :D

(16:38:37) @Twitrannosaurus I got the third degree from Beth when I got home, though.. apparently 6 inches of water is enough to destabilise a car :D

(16:38:53) @Twitrannosaurus Oh the flip is perfect.. really good quality :)

(20:02:15) @Twitrannosaurus You can't go wrong with a bit of Meccano - I've used it for all manner of household bodges! eBay job lot? @_windrider

(20:03:40) @PeterBluemler Me too!

(20:05:22) Watching the local jumping into water contest. S'all right. #Splash Faceplant off the 3m board is my speciality.

(20:20:45) @Superblouse I want a shiny cozzie #splash

(20:51:03) @AmberMakeup12 #advice #hmmmm #questionning I often find that the first thought I had was the right one. Often causing misery in pub quizzes

(20:52:16) RT @KarlOnSea: RT @Surfingh2o: Bikes being flown up for a down hill race. http://t.co/BHTr8Lpw57 «But of course.

(20:54:34) @SamRSparrow I watched it & thought "Isn't this a positive advert" until right at the end. I was baffled then disappoint. #ReasonsToBelieve

(20:55:44) @Superblouse yes! Especially a touchscreen one #bloke

(22:03:37) @Superblouse Pride comes before a Falmer.

(22:45:42) @LizzyWelshCake @nausea18 I'm guessing you've just read this. http://t.co/FYcJPmmMIK - it hasn't changed my opinion of him, to be honest...

(22:49:43) @lloydbayley Mornin' chief.

(22:49:55) @KxTwo Hop! :D

(22:50:50) @IPTechShark Night nigh... oh you've gone ;) x

(23:04:26) @lloydbayley I'm hoping to have it conquered by tomorrow.. it's been a fairly relaxing weekend! Hope your Sunday has started well :)

(23:20:35) @lloydbayley Chin chin, sir! Bed for me immimently :)

Tweets for 03 Jan 2014

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(10:14:51) @johnny_winter You're eating it. You're a hipster ;)

(10:17:45) @NokiaHelps Hello. I have a Nokia 1520 that won't record audio in stereo. The app developer says it's a WP8 OS bug. Can you confirm please?

(11:21:58) @johnny_winter Heh. I have no idea what kool-aid is. Drink the kool-aid, I believe the phrase doesn't go. I think it's got caffeine in.

(11:22:29) @IPTechShark I think that's a Sky 3 show that is begging to be made. And I happen to think you're far more interesting.

(11:23:02) @KxTwo Eww! They put molasses on the salt here. Imagine how that tastes :D #HPSauce

(11:24:04) @NokiaHelps Hiya. The video camera records in stereo, but none of the audio recording apps I've installed can record anything but mono...

(11:24:52) @NokiaHelps "The App supports stereo recording, but due to a driver bug audio is currently mirrored (e.g. both channels contain same data)"

(11:25:33) @NokiaHelps I sold my Zoom H4 because I wanted to use my phone to record my band's music.. and I can't do that without video as well! :/

(11:40:59) @125f8 I've sold my Zoom! I only want the audio - at the moment I'm stripping it from the video. A clunky workaround..! @NokiaHelps

(11:42:12) @125f8 (To be fair the audio quality of the video recordings is excellent.. but it's a faff to have to do it that way) @NokiaHelps

(11:52:26) @poots Oh wow! What a fantastic find :) :) I can't recall.. is this from before they were rebranded as 'Zhu zhu pets'? :D

(11:54:15) @125f8 There's no audioboo app for Windows Phone 8... is there? @NokiaHelps

(11:55:05) @neilsleat I wouldn't have wanted to have been out in that..!

(12:17:25) @lloydbayley Good heavens! It's damp and drizzly here... hailstones the size of coins being reported! How different it is..

(12:17:46) @clairerandall *stifles a giggle*

(12:25:45) @lloydbayley I'm staying put indoors... safest place for us to be, eh?!

(13:43:21) @wuthering_alice The ceiling is so much higher.. :)

(13:53:48) @quibelles They are bargains. And you're quite pretty.

(14:44:25) @brennig I was thinking that but didn't want to say... @RatuKatu

(15:10:34) @SheleileighLaw .. so cool! There was a great interview with Arthur C Clarke in 1974 - http://t.co/NqtsIqiZik

(15:12:28) RT @DigitalAmoeba: For any #stressed about imminent or already #BackToWork. Pick a scene & set a timer to take a digital #chill pill http:/…

(15:45:40) @AxelSchruhl Hi, Axel! Thanks for covering. Showtime is normally 9pm UK; 4pm Eastern (10pm Germany ;)

(15:50:26) It's that time again... always read the label. http://t.co/btlMwU5Y7R

(16:03:36) @poots I may have a bit of work to do over the weekend, but it's fairly straightforward :) x

(16:04:07) @poots Hope you had a lovely Finding Nemo!

(16:23:17) @haleshovis @PlainTalkingHR YAY! :)

(16:32:06) @AxelSchruhl No worries.. wanted to retweet ya sir! :)

(16:32:40) @AxelSchruhl PS You might want to update your Twitter bio / website link..?

(16:34:10) I want to change my profile but I look dreadful. Not sure what to do for the best. Any looky-likies around?

(16:39:35) @mrs_forky I like your thinkingininging!

(16:39:54) RT @MintFM: RT @AxelSchruhl: Today I will return to the virtual airwaves. Join me at 9 PM UK on http://t.co/50eEae32q9 as I cover for James…

(16:54:05) @AlexGFox Heehee.. do-it-yourself looky-likeying.. genius!

(17:08:55) @GHOGIT A hologram! Genius! *does the Rimmer salute*

(17:47:52) @trevypoos The latest version of Logic is very, very good. The drummers especially. You may not need much else to make music with.

(20:28:36) @LaceyHughes I think it's folk music. @keyboardplayer2

(20:30:38) Just a heads-up: After Steve's show, @AxelSchruhl will be welcoming you to the weekend - enjoy! I'll be back next week cold free!. #MintFM

(20:37:26) @CalmWaters73 Thank you :) xxx

Tweets for 02 Jan 2014

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(07:37:39) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) I hope today lives up to its promise and more :) x

(07:48:40) @RatuKatu My daughter refuses to have electronic toys in her bedroom for just such a reason. Quite annoying when watching a gripping TVprog!

(07:50:18) @PlainTalkingHR I'm still stricken with coldiness but work beckons... big hug to you (from a safe distance!) x

(10:22:28) @quibelles Nice. Although I can't walk past a domestic appliance with the wrong time on it... regardless of how little sleep I've had :D

(10:22:46) @badpenny31 That is a lovely fragrance :)

(10:30:26) @quibelles Lunchtime doubly so ;)

(10:57:15) @badpenny31 Understood :) We don't often have fragrant flowers in our house... they don't last long when we do, sadly..!

(10:59:35) Good morning. Feels like a Monday. The sun is shining, at least, and there's plenty of work to be doing. Best get on...

(11:28:27) @pearcen You are as bad as my son. And also, you have just lost again.

(11:29:54) @mostlygeordie YEAH! I've been at work for two hours. Snacking like a boss. Feed a cold. Until it is FAT :D Wishing you a top quality 2014!

(11:52:50) @BaronHawkey Hello sir! Yeah.. back to the grind.. like Christmas had never happened :D The cold's hopefully on the way out! Have a good'un!

(13:52:05) Going to find a pen.

(14:38:55) RT @ben_briscoe: Well done @FirstCC You managed to crash the top of the train into blackfriars station roof. Trains going nowhere. http://t…

(14:40:45) @IPTechShark How very Freudian.

(14:55:41) @Genloo This year is the year to be free of such pettiness.

(14:57:59) @IPTechShark I'll fall asleep. Pyschiatrist's worst nightmare. Or possibly greatest profit-making. I had left over Chinese #whatdoesitmean?

(15:04:50) @clairerandall The train? Blackfriars is where the trains that cross London go from overhead wire to third rail. They forgot to pull the...

(15:05:33) @clairerandall ..overhead electricty picky-up thing down, despite a lot of signs reminding them to do it. Crunch, it went, into the roof.

(15:06:53) @Genloo Fear and lack of clear thought provokes bad judgement. It will come back and bite them in the bottom. How's your CV looking? x

(15:26:44) @perrygascoine Baa! :D

(15:43:28) @Chocohalix Hello! My Christmas was delicious, thank you. And yours?

(15:43:45) @RichHarkness @AlexGFox Heh true!

(15:44:06) @missmayawolff @sunshinelive I must take a listen! :)

(15:58:20) @missmayawolff It's amazing! Great to work to :) @sunshinelive @BBCR1

(16:11:24) @quibelles Lucky you.

(22:43:48) No Weekendery tomorrow, I'm afraid - I'm still beset with Evil Cold Of Doom, and you might catch it. Back next Friday... hope you are too!

(23:03:58) @ellewadding Is this it..? https://t.co/YWFtNav6C4 It was a good one.

(23:04:28) @kitty_cat84 Thanks, Kay :) Bed for me.. stat!

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(09:31:09) @johnny_winter Not me.. I was at my brother's. #alibi (Steve & DJ Monkeyboy were on MintFM)

(11:03:33) @Richard_C Thanks. The same to you!

(11:04:22) @quibelles Mornin' lass. Get the first strike in..? Or is that too much like hard work this time on a New Year's Day? :D

(11:04:34) @jo_whit *generic enthusiastic response*

(11:04:43) @ellewadding Happy New Dampness! :)

(11:05:09) @BlueMoon_11 Happy New year you! :)

(11:16:52) Last night's New Year's Eve party was powered by @Grooveshark - my brother has a subscription, and the party mode worked really well.

(12:55:25) @LizzyWelshCake I can see you on the Twitters!

(12:57:32) @76Wilbury @mrs_forky @baronhawkey @bitsyvonmuffin @fee_easton @gettingshirty @jrr4film @painted_duchess @sparkledoris Top '14 action to ya!

(12:57:53) @BitsyVonMuffin @NicolaJSwinney @76Wilbury @louisehols @DaveMooreArt @MichieBe @ellewadding @badpenny31 @BaronHawkey @InjunTrouble Yeahhhh!

(13:29:32) Watching the Luton vs Barnet game on TV... it's not often I watch football matches, but I'm fairly sure it's a new thing to play on a swamp.

(13:29:48) @LizzyWelshCake 100% yay! Xx

(13:30:08) @ellewadding I have been mainly eating leftovers 😃

(14:01:47) @IPTechShark Unavoidable by all accounts. It's fairly mild... x

(15:33:55) Wow. That is scary. I found myself typing my details into a FAKE passport application website. BE CAREFUL out there. http://t.co/1PtHws3JcW

(15:48:26) @IPTechShark Pretty much..! Not pictured: drabness. And your lovely you.

(15:48:39) @JustTashie @LilyThePurr *applauds*

(15:48:53) @BaronHawkey @mostlygeordie YEAHHHH! :)

(15:49:49) @lipsticklori Thing is, I love @caitlinmoran but there is only one of her in the whole world. That makes me sad. Ish. @koshkajay

(15:51:07) @AlexGFox It's pretty bloody frightening.. I stopped mid-form and thought.. ".co.uk..?" I think I got lucky.

(15:55:51) @AlexGFox It doesn't help that the UK Gov application form is horribly clunky.. these 'helpful' sites make it very easy to get sucked in.

(15:56:58) @AlexGFox All the UK GOV website says is "Beware of copycat sites"... on their front page. Which is no use if you've already been bitten! :|

(15:58:33) @AlexGFox Some might comment that a Conservative government would encourage it, since it's entrepreneurial. Doesn't make it right.

(16:00:38) @thatsjustme0 Thus spake the Grand Visir of all Leisure Activities: "It shall be the hour of nappage, and let no-one inhibit this." <- YEAH!

(16:00:56) @AlexGFox Might just jot a note to my MP.

(17:59:56) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Splendid. Rummagage and then lasagne. WIN.

(18:02:13) I'm hoping to do more music in 2013. I have got my guitar out. This won't end well...

(18:35:25) @Wymroyal I am the next Peter Capaldi (or something)

(18:36:22) By which I mean I'm going to build myself a time machine and that will be my first priority. Natch. #noideawhatyearitis

(18:37:08) @vobes I think I got it a bit wrong. This is 1998, isn't it..?

(18:37:30) @Stenbird Er. Yes. 20/20 hindsight etc 😃

(18:38:00) @brennig Hmm. Oh yes. I'm the best at years etc. 😃

(18:44:14) @vobes If you want me, I'll be in Gud. With an umbrella. Actually it's not far off that, but with less slurry flying out of windows (just)..

(18:50:17) @zany_zigzag 2 hours 10 mins, ma'am.

(18:50:53) @brennig Or furtive fretting at least... ;)

(18:51:47) @vobes Love it.. the brickwork really adds to the character :)

(18:52:21) RT @TSBible: Nice nutritional 'Three Course Meal' at St. James' Park... http://t.co/CREC6OiKDO

(19:11:10) @Sab_Mc Heehee.. not sure I can cope with such a big change :D Now where's my time machine..? :D

(19:11:19) @koshkajay @lipsticklori @caitlinmoran YES!

(19:47:43) @Sab_Mc *coughs* of course I did.. like a cheque I don't want to be cashed ;)

(19:48:21) @chepbourne Thank you! I hope you've had a lovely relaxing day - despite the rain! :)

(21:01:39) This is it. #Sherlock Concentrating. Back in 01:25:00

(21:10:17) Chuffin' wow. #Sherlock

(22:30:56) Yup. I love that my Twitter stream is full of funny and positive things about #SherlockLives - means I follow Mycrofty people. Oh but yes.

(22:45:51) @Sab_Mc Happy Old Year!

(22:46:11) @76Wilbury Careful now!

(23:02:37) @76Wilbury It was a fantastic Christmas and a cold-infused New Year.. trying to shift it before 2015 ;) How about you?

(23:07:09) @ellewadding NON yay. I'm off to bed myself now... Night night, ma'am.

Tweets for 31 Dec 2013

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(07:50:24) @Dreamy_lyrics Safe trip!

(10:27:58) @CalmWaters73 Nice work! :)

(10:29:07) Morning. Cold status: 8.3. Pondering eating crisps until I'm better.

(10:53:23) @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk Wow.. what a bargain - and I love Sherlock Holmes stories :)

(10:53:45) @batwench @mrbatwench YAY! Happy 2014 to the both of you :)

(10:55:30) @76Wilbury as am I :) Hope everything improves for him.

(11:00:49) I really love this kinda thing: 12 ancient words, stil used: fossilised in idioms http://t.co/7h086ISVNM (via @RadioKate / @lewis_dartnell)

(11:11:27) @PrincessBagel Fantastic news :)

(11:16:19) @sparkyannc And the same to you - wishing you a successful and happy 2014!

(11:26:59) @BaronHawkey Happy New Year's Eve, BH. Hope you've got a great one planned :)

(11:33:21) @AlexGFox I'll let you know how I get on! :) :)

(11:33:43) @EwenRankin Heh. I'll be on the lemonade later.. with some port :D

(11:46:19) @BaronHawkey Like @caritas730 I have a rather unpleasant cold, but I'm hoping to get through the workday and see the new year in! :)

(12:57:21) @caritas730 Oh man.. I plan to try, at least! It's only fair ;) Get better soon, ma'am. And, Mr @BaronHawkey, rock on sir!

(14:22:50) @roadpoliceBCH @bedspolice It's amazing how people pull together when there's an incident - even when it's cold! We saw the same on Sunday.

(14:23:48) @Thehappyfatgirl You on a Warner holiday?! I believe my wife claims the record for the youngest person at Warners.. our honeymoon :)

(14:24:06) @IPTechShark You lucky bastard. I mean YES!

(14:24:25) @fridgemagnet2 But less windy?

(14:40:52) @IPTechShark When to commence the festivities... that's the question! :)

(14:42:54) @PrincessofVP @LilyThePurr Lovely :) Witnessed a car accident on Sunday evening - so many kind, helpful people on the scene. Goodwill. Yes.

(14:43:18) @PrincessofVP @LilyThePurr And even sharing that blog post is sharing goodwill :) :)

(15:18:50) @JpsGirl4eva2011 @HandWashHeroes @hooker1uk @MsMummyofTwo @FamilyAffairs @malkster76 @incredibusymum @BountyUK @mygoddelusion YES! Happy '14

(15:51:07) @philipoltermann @JemStone Thanks for the reminder... I'll be looking for a tigerskin rug to fall over..!

(15:52:18) @Thehappyfatgirl She was 20. We are OLD PEOPLE in young people's bodies. Although actually, I have all the old person's body. Go figure :D

(15:52:49) @birdfortytwo I'm blimmin' working. Might have a cheeky glass of port later and a look at the sky. If it's not raining. Chin chin.

(15:53:04) @MadeleineRich LUCKY! @birdfortytwo

(16:01:43) My musical accompaniment to this afternoon's work is catching up with @do_or_diy's 16th Dec podcast - eclectic & fab! http://t.co/YhXIJzu8Iz

(16:20:39) @PrincessBagel @jgamet @MrJamesMay I'm ready. I have been recommended cherry coke and vodka to help with my cold. There will be tweets! :D

(16:20:59) @quibelles Belles @quibelles 3m My tweets are not appearing in my own timeline again. *gloats*

(16:21:19) @quibelles Heh. Can I come to your party? I look like a coldy troll :D

(16:21:52) RT @mrs_forky: "Dinner For One" is on @ndr in 30mins. Watch it here - http://t.co/CFl6JSqXCN

(16:40:19) @mrs_forky Its on! #dinnerforone

(16:40:59) Watching NDR - http://t.co/CkmMCRKg9U #dinnerforone

(16:55:39) @vobes And to you, sir - may 2014 be as successful for you as you hope it to be :)

(16:56:48) @ibookery @PrincessBagel @jgamet @MrJamesMay Fine idea. One of my five-a-day... two if you count the cherry...

(18:21:51) RT @johnny_winter: OK, 50 tracks for £0.79 That's just over £0.015 per track, sure, some of them ain't worth it https://t.co/Cu9dar3mVp cc …

(18:22:38) @johnny_winter I have most of them, but I'm still sorely tempted! Bargoon! @murphwiz

(18:23:35) @badpenny31 @JQP74 And a happy new year from me too! Xx

(18:35:26) @gugucachoo I saw 'FLM' and thought.. y'know, I don't think I've got that... :D @johnny_winter

(21:09:06) Perfection WIN! https://t.co/QynPpEnL4s

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