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(10:12:44) Woke up with a stinking cold. Bleehh. I will eat biscuits until I'm better. Biscuits and lemsip. Feed a cold something something. Morning...

(10:52:24) @Matildamouse Thanks, Deb.. me too! Keeping warm and medicated! x

(10:52:42) @brennig It's that time of year, I fear... feel better soon, sir! x

(10:53:00) @emsquare_d Almost as good as ginsip ;) Thanks, Em.

(10:53:29) @BitsyVonMuffin Thanks, Good Queen Liz. Hope your Monday has started in better style! :)

(13:11:59) @PrincessBagel Oh my! Sending virtual hugs and google streetview searchparty xx

(13:12:26) @LaceyHughes Thanks, lovely. Hope you and @dmills87 are fully recovered and are in great voice!

(13:12:47) @ladymuckstuff Now they are lovely!

(13:13:57) @SheleileighLaw :) :) You're the best :)

(13:14:35) @CalmWaters73 Just one chicken nugget? Worst McDonalds trip ever. PS Strange tweets appearing on your timeline...

(13:15:53) @IPTechShark Got SOME sunshine and blue skies here in stinky Watford. Sending some up your way. Don't be blue...

(13:18:53) I miss Paula White.

(13:20:31) @sarahsansom Thanks, Sarah. Hoping it's gone by New Year's Eve. Uhoh.. that's tomorrow! :D

(13:24:26) #TwitterNumbersGameThing 21 a true inspiration of so many kinds. I'm glad I know you.

(13:27:20) @sarahsansom If you want me I'll be under my desk ;)

(13:41:09) @bitman

(14:06:33) #HashtagNumberGameThing 56 A delight to have on my timeline - always with something interesting to say :)

(14:08:30) @bitman We all have a challenge to uphold!

(14:57:00) @AVagabond_ <-- What he said @IPTechShark

(14:57:19) #TwitterNumberHashtagThing 27 An erudite, talented and interesting person whom I believe deserves a much bigger audience.

(17:16:42) @topgold Wow.. impressed that you're one of the first 48,000 to join Twitter. (My wife was in the first 90,000 :D)

(17:20:09) #TwitterNumberHashtagThing 45 I have a lot of time and respect for you - you use your many talents to achieve amazing things.

(17:23:45) @trevypoos Strange game that I appear to have stumbled into... you get DMed a number then tweet, prefixing that number, about the person.

(17:23:55) @trevypoos You're not being dense. I'm not sure I understand it either :D

(20:34:50) @laura_hobson At some point... long into the future... he will appreciate the attention πŸ˜‰ @davidevanlloyd

(20:38:03) @fridgemagnet2 I honestly have no idea. On several counts. Which ranges from about 0.002 to 55,301. But you have to end on a double.

(20:38:33) @poots Ow. ~smiles for the first time in weeks~ πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ @laura_hobson @davidevanlloyd

(20:40:31) #TwitterNumberThingy 711 A unique, enchanting person who has a phenomenal voice.

(20:41:23) Watching 2013Wipe. It's like a hot toddy with tabasco in it. And sneering.

(20:42:41) RT @joshgroban: Stop crying, children. I'M your Bieber now.

(20:43:03) RT @MintFM: MintFM brings in the new year starting 31/12 at 10am UK in every timezone, on air and via twitter. Don't miss out.

(20:44:31) @TOther_Simon @karenjeynes I've got an Argos finger since Index went out of business...

(20:51:51) Got to remember - loratadine is the non-drowsy antihistamine, and Letitia Dean is the actress off of Eastenders.

(20:55:30) @tweeting_frog Heh... it works though!

(21:10:05) @FlossieTeacake I ended up having a sneezing fit from laughing at one bit - pretty much trademark Charlie Brooker :)

(21:10:22) @russbravo Nice! #classy

Tweets for 29 Dec 2013

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(11:45:41) @quibelles Excellent. Hope they put the Queen's speech on TiVo... have fun! (ish)

(12:09:43) @the_anke @benwillbond out of off of Yonderland/HH? Cool! #2013

(12:21:44) @the_anke Works for me! :) @benwillbond

(22:24:44) Witnessed a fishtailing incident ending badly heading up the A1 tonight. Note to self: look up
on YouTube how to recover from a tankslapper

(23:16:43) @SheleileighLaw I witnessed someone coming completely undone in front of me earlier... I read that the key is not to brake! (I drive a FWD)

(23:17:10) @SheleileighLaw I hail to you, though - you know rallycross!

(23:20:16) Reading up on driving ninja skills complete. Will play Gran Turismo tomorrow in the hope there's a Prius in there #somehopes πŸ˜„ Night...

Tweets for 28 Dec 2013

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(08:42:21) Good morning. For information: it's Saturday. Expect travel disruption. I think some hoovering may be in order. Have a smashing day!

(08:43:52) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning and happy Saturday to you!

(09:29:13) @artistsmakers It'll certainly help me get from the kitchen to the stairs ;) Good morning!

(09:31:45) @canuckuk I'm worried about Lego-related punctures... ;) x

(10:25:38) I consider myself blessed that the toughest thing I have to deal with as a parent on a Saturday morning is untangling a slinky.

(10:26:57) @PlainTalkingHR Hi, Bina :) Yes! What there is of it ;) Hope you are too xx

(10:27:19) @gill_bee Nahhh ;)

(10:28:14) @KermitMash Haven't even seen AM1 yet, but your recommendation is definitely noted :D

(17:51:16) @KateGL This one (eventually) capitulated without too much permanent damage. Plastic ones are less hurry :D

(17:52:29) @neilcochrane1 this was a plastic one and salvageable. Otherwise it becomes a hurry nuisance :D

(17:53:18) @PrincessBagel @SHO_Masters Heh.. chance would be etc :D Might see if I can find it on catchup :)

(19:15:14) @Tactless_Blonde Good timing.. and good times! :)

(19:15:43) @PinkOddy @Tactless_Blonde A happy birthday to your respective progeny :)

(20:47:29) @gagebock Hope you had a great Christmas! I'd better run off those turkey sandwiches... 5k'll be plenty. Happy new year to you & Mr Stivens.

(20:57:12) Me: "You've seen The Italian Job, haven't you?" Beth: "I fell asleep during it. Twice." Ahh well. I will remain married to her.

(20:58:54) @OmarRaza I have a laser printer. And every intention of printing with it.

(21:15:24) I just earned the 'God Save the Queen' badge on @untappd!

(21:17:31) @boggits The original.. just saw the tail end of it while looking for something on the TiVo πŸ“Ί

(21:17:53) @brennig Both of the original πŸ˜‹

(21:42:24) @johnny_winter I say hello to you several times, I believe - glad you've tuned in...

(21:43:01) @brennig Thonk!

(21:44:16) @thatsjustme0 We're watching rubbish Christmas telly... come on over - we'll turn off the TV and play board games and drink beer ;)

(21:45:47) @IPTechShark You and me both. Let's take up Piloxing!

(21:46:15) @impymcwimpy Great pic!

(21:48:27) @brennig Amen to that, sir!

(21:49:14) @slandi @Omaniblog @evelynoconnor Nicely put. That's where I struggle!

(22:01:25) @thatsjustme0 Always! xxx

(22:04:03) @johnny_winter Well, I would love Mrs Winter to be mentioned. Just say the word..! Chuffed she's listening, too ~bit flattered~

(22:05:21) @IPTechShark I flail like a good'un.. and I believe boxing gloves are supplied... it's the being shouted at that I object to 😁

(22:06:14) @tweeting_frog Bon nuit, mademoiselle ~smiles~

(22:10:51) @johnny_winter Good heavens. There's a supermarket called Norway?!

(22:12:59) @IPTechShark I like your style. I shall come armed with one of those cheek-mounted mics. And a megaphone.

(22:14:04) @thatsjustme0 Your invitation is permanently open 😁

(22:15:45) @dmills87 We should not be allowing @LaceyHughes to leave these shores... a national institution! @TopTunesDanny

(22:17:00) @karenjeynes That's pretty cool, on aggregate ☺

(22:20:30) Titanium is cool. I do hope there's more of it than tantalum and helium.

(23:41:37) @mssres That is the BEST!

(23:41:47) @Barwickgreen Aye, so it is! :)

(23:43:44) Better head for bed. Always good to be up bright and early for Sunday mornings. Or early, at least. Night night (especiaily to @ellewadding)

(23:44:06) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Ahh yes. Tune! :)

(23:44:57) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter I'm sad you guys can't make Friday evenings.. but completely understand... hope you can make it sometime :)

(23:45:10) @cyberdonkey Cheers, Simon - you too :)

Tweets for 27 Dec 2013

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(08:44:37) @76Wilbury @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @Fee_Easton @GettingShirty @jrr4film @painted_duchess @sparkledoris @mrs_forky Twasn't pervy nuff!

(09:00:43) @76Wilbury ooooh madam!

(09:06:34) Good morning. Back to work. Plenty to catch up on over the festive season. Better get on with it, then...

(09:45:43) @Bearlydithers ~sighs and picks up the shovel~ :D Have a good day!

(09:46:32) @tweeting_frog That's very kind - and good morning to you. Taking a brief screenbreak now, so I can say hello back! Have a good day! xx

(10:48:44) @IPTechShark Yes! How's your bed?

(11:13:50) @IPTechShark YAY! I have to admit I spent far too much time in mine over Christmas and am now missing it.

(11:14:08) @paulums Oh mate - hope the sickness doesn't last too much longer.

(14:05:05) @paulums Always good to get enough obsidian :D

(17:30:24) @TimHarford Haha! Done with affection, I'm sure ;)

(17:31:06) @MissyMWAC I'm not sure what that means. Surely every day with you is a fruitcake day? ;) BIG love at Christmas! x

(19:34:29) @AlexGFox It's between you and me, sir. And may you have many more. Hope it's been a good one!

(20:28:41) Soon soon! In just over 30 minutes, the last @weekendery of 2013 hits the airwaves like a duffle bag on a lino floor!

(21:05:50) @sm2n It was skype :D Fortunately I was listening and worked it out :D @weekendery

(23:26:06) @SheleileighLaw Looks great! :)

(23:28:05) @PrincessBagel @SHO_Masters A rather poor 70%. I need more practice...

(23:40:32) @AmberMakeup12 Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas - and that 2014 is an amazing year for you! :)

(23:41:32) Right.. bedtime, and not a moment too soon. Several moments too late, in fact...

(23:41:39) Night night!

Tweets for 26 Dec 2013

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(09:44:54) @PrincessBagel @jgamet @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @batwench @mrbatwench @bubwal @fiathina @PBd3 @PhilT74 @kyleswager Happy Christmas (still!)

(09:45:32) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo And to you! Hope you had a happy day xx

(09:46:07) @stu4art thanks, Stu! I wish you and yours a happy Christmas season :)

(13:28:24) Finally catching up with Doctor Who. Peculiar.

(19:32:14) @SheleileighLaw As long as it wasn't as bad as that one with Kylie in it. That was just awful :D

(20:50:51) @paulums It was more. "er?" :D

(20:51:10) @fridgemagnet2 I'll never be as disappointed as I was with the Kylie one...

(21:32:55) @mrs_forky I happened to very love it :) @KaraokeSecret

(21:33:48) @ellewadding @mostlygeordie Me too. Tubby tubby me :D

(21:36:00) @SheleileighLaw I'm not sure I recall that one.. some of them have been a bit hit and miss, to be honest... but most are brilliant fun :)

(21:37:53) @brennig Sales? Already..? Ikea meatballs?

(21:39:01) Making a playlist for tomorrow's show - some of my favourite songs of 2013 as well as some found gems. I love music - enjoy the @weekendery!

(21:39:56) @brennig I saw the video.. barmy!

(21:40:02) @SarahAliceJ BAD lady.

(21:45:19) @brennig Thanks, chief. Checking out tunes in the studio ... nice to have some immersion in the world of wonderful music. Rest well sir! :)

(21:46:55) @boggits Playing @crownsband and @the_levellers on tomorrow's @weekendery - definitely need more folk rock on the show :) Ta for the tip!

(23:34:59) I think I'm a bit in love with Charlotte Rowney.

(23:37:55) @CherryKaz1 Certainly sounds like it! :)

(23:59:21) Right. bedtime. Work tomorrow.. and my sister's 40th birthday (which should, by rights, best be observed with a public holiday).

Tweets for 25 Dec 2013

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(07:35:00) Happy Christmas. The children are up at a reasonable time and coffee is served. All is pretty much well on this dark Christmas morning...

(07:35:26) @kitty_cat84 And a happy Christmas to you too, Kay! x

(07:46:21) @brennig Thanks, Brennig! A happy Christmas to you! x

(07:46:46) @kyleswager Thanks, Kyle! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

(07:47:32) @leopardprintgin That's one big naan bread!

(07:47:42) @gilesbabbidge and you!

(07:49:37) @thatsjustme0 happy Christmas, my festive pal! Where's the mistletoe? ;) xxx

(07:50:45) I've got Gaudate stuck in my head. Must listen to it... it'll blow my mind #festivefolkoverload

(08:09:58) @BaronHawkey Thanks, BH! I wish you and yours a Christmas full of music and laughter!

(09:22:03) @pearcen Not a bad version at all - played it on the show a few weeks back ;)

(09:22:22) @pearcen And a very happy Christmas, sir!

(09:22:51) @BaronHawkey @76Wilbury @BitsyVonMuffin @Fee_Easton @GettingShirty @jrr4film @painted_duchess @sparkledoris Yesyesyall! Have a splendid one!

(09:23:34) @Superblouse bon Noel!

(09:24:27) @thatsjustme0 Perfecto! xxxxx

(12:41:10) Amazing frost patterns on the top of the little red car this morning...

(13:01:17) My son's magnanimous gift to his sister.

Tweets for 24 Dec 2013

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(11:37:15) Sad sign @ Luton

(11:52:39) Never too old for a visit to Santa! @ The Brache Beefeater

(14:47:06) @fridgemagnet2 I'm afraid so. Move along please...

(14:47:30) @perrygascoine It's a kindness.

(14:52:31) Just saw the Harry Hill movie - very very silly. The progeny loved it and so did I. It featured the Magic Numbers.. they are fantastic!

(16:51:49) @thatsjustme0 By my reckoning, it was, about 20 minutes ago ;) x

(16:52:17) We call this the "Trust fall crane" - although there isn't a crane behind ready to catch it..!

(17:04:03) Destroying the Wall Of Jenga #AirZooka

(17:47:06) @thatsjustme0 And the very same to you, lovely! Bottoms up! :D

(17:47:26) Exciting Sherlock preview action:

(19:38:15) @Ken_Phillips How did you ... er... Thank goodness.

(19:38:47) @meanjeen Haha! :D It normally lurks in my son's bedroom... only comes out when he wants some wilful destruction ;)

(19:39:10) @ibookery #genius

(19:39:30) @claw0101 Awwww! :D Merry Christmas, by the way, mate - I hope it's a fantastic one! :)

(19:40:39) @Ken_Phillips Happy Christmas anyway! :)

(19:42:29) @Ken_Phillips Ah. just remembered - We had to put a bucket under our aerial mast.. ought to check it in the loft.. thank for the reminder!

(19:42:50) @PrincessBagel 31 track. Wowsers! :D

(21:08:19) Christmas Eve bliss. Beautiful wife present but not pictured.

(22:00:34) @SheleileighLaw And the very same to you - lots of love, laughs and lasciviousness! x

(23:11:17) @TubbyHermit Thank you! And the very same to you and those you love :)

(23:11:26) @claw0101 Yes!

(23:34:58) Off to bed now. When I awake it'll be Christmas. Wishing you a peaceful night - my thoughts go to those with no power! Goodnight.

(23:35:36) @helenduffett It's worth bearing in mind that the phrase "Santa's been!" can have more than one meaning...

(23:36:04) @AlexGFox Oh man.. I hope he feels so much better in the morning. Wishing you and your family well.

Tweets for 23 Dec 2013

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(01:03:58) @RichHarkness Wow. That really is horrible.

(01:04:27) @johnny_winter Audio: brilliant. Video: Sucky.

(01:04:52) @sarahsansom Ahh no.. I like the foam hearts. And the liquorice ones, which I narrowly avoided finishing :D

(01:07:32) @johnny_winter Ohhhh... I see what you did there ~blows a raspberry~

(01:08:25) Done. Time for a bit of Christmas anticipation.. Christicipation. Bed first though. Night!

(01:08:40) @peasbloss N'Night :)

(09:48:42) @PrincessBagel @ridesandskis @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @jgamet @ibookery @kyleswager @paulums @batwench @mrbatwench @bubwal And to you! :)

(09:50:08) @laura_hobson Supermarket armageddon? Hope you can recover with a nice mug of hot chocolate and your favourite Christmas jumper.

(09:53:04) Good morning! Monday?! Well, another listen to Friday's @Weekendery will soon see about that. - all fully cooked now!

(09:55:26) @PrincessBagel The exchanges may be virtual, but the relationships are very real! Twitter is wonderful - and I'm glad I know you! BIG hug x

(09:56:30) Today especially I wish I knew someone called Eve.

(10:02:30) @ucalegon @thenewbrunette Blimey. And a very happy Christmas Eve Eve Stephen. Which sort of works.

(10:04:09) I've just had an email from Shoezone that I need to order before 5.30pm today to get delivery by Christmas. Emergency shoe situation avoided

(10:04:38) @zany_zigzag \o/

(10:05:27) @leica0000 Help may be at hand! :D

(11:01:58) @thenewbrunette @ucalegon Oh yes... Hello @EveCC ... I think we met, years and years ago. Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Eve! *there, said it*

(11:02:18) @fishplatetwo Happy Christmas Eve Eve Evelyn! ;)

(11:02:35) @fridgemagnet2 Quite.

(11:03:15) I'm glad it's not just me that struggles to open a bag of Haribo. Also not to finish one.

(11:04:38) Delighted that the children can listen to one of their pals from 'oop north' on the internet radio :)

(11:05:19) @quibelles Gorge.

(11:36:33) @paulums Oh man.. just before Christmas? Get to bed with a hot toddy..!

(15:57:52) @fridgemagnet2 It has begun.

(16:01:13) @misscorsham That is COMPLETELY STUPID.

(16:01:53) MT @misscorsham Merry Christmas. This may help kill some time - - bafflingly brilliantly stupid. @superalora @nxmee

(16:17:24) @misscorsham I did. With much sniggering. I tweeted the link to my offspring.. that'll keep them occupied for a bit, too :D Thanks, ma'am!

(16:18:05) @RichHarkness It doesn't get any easier, either.. *sighs*

(16:18:58) @paulums Thanks, chief. Wishing you a swift recovery. Or at least a drunken haze ;)

(16:19:14) @bitman @paulums It's a conspiracy, I tells ya.

(16:28:03) I couldn't find a glowing LED star in the shops, so I made one.. a but quirky, maybe, but festive :)

(18:28:51) @shellzenner Tragic :/

(18:29:29) @Chocohalix All dressed up, too! :)

(18:41:03) And since there's no place to go, let it horizontally drizzle, let it horizontally drizzle, let it horizontally drizzle.

Tweets for 22 Dec 2013

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(00:56:22) An enjoyable day of family time and music making; the instrumental version of my @KaraokeSecret song is about 95% complete. Splendid. Night!

(09:26:51) It would appear @poots is introducing the children to 'Doop'. I knew there was a reason I married her.

(13:33:56) @vobes Doop is a silly song from the 1990s, where a charleston is put to a hard disco beat. Not your cup of tea, I'm sure.. nor Splidge's ;)

(13:34:48) @vobes While I remember - please congratulate Georgie on passing her driving test! I loved hearing her tell you - what an exclusive! :)

(13:36:49) @sarahsansom Gosh. That is a BIG ship! Hope you can find her ;)

(13:38:09) It's nice to have a session violist in the house. You never know when you might need one.. #KaraokeSecretSanta @KaraokeSecret

(13:40:00) @pearcen @batwench @poots Yes. Yes it was. In what context I have yet to be clear...

(13:41:31) @leica0000 This... - and no, I have no idea why :D

(13:42:47) Don't forget the birds this Christmas... they have to be out in the minging weather...

(15:05:41) Marzipan. Parmesan. Not to be confused while making a Christmas cake (h/t @superalora)

(15:06:58) @HeardinLondon Absolutely.. but how you got into the child's seat of that trolley is beyond me...

(15:08:54) @goitsagch Not. It holds them together. Also, stops squirrels pinching great chunks off 'em. Although they've stolen whole fat balls before!

(15:09:22) @SheleileighLaw Still hoping for a robin to perch on my finger...

(15:36:09) @SyzygyApparel Done :)

(15:36:25) @alexgeoghegan :D

(23:40:32) Unleashing the power of Haribo to do some late night video editing. This isn't going to end well. Not least because I'm rubbish at video.

(23:49:25) @thatsjustme0 Night :) x

(23:50:04) @Lizzing That's a lot of blessings.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2013

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(08:03:04) @ellewadding I would say Jools Holland's new year's eve thing... but that was probably recorded in July.. :D The Book Of Mormon?

(08:07:53) RT @TheGarbagePOD: @syzygy @Nick_Tann @artistsmakers @drmasquerade you have now officially been launched into the #Podisphere…

(09:51:31) @johnny_winter Eartime? :D

(10:01:30) I've just had @superalora demonstrate her "overattached girlfriend" look. It is a bit frightening. Not represented.

(10:02:15) @ellewadding I do like a nice solstice. Good morning by the way

(10:07:29) @meljaye2000 I love it... just amazing to think that it's 39 degrees during the day :D

(10:09:26) @ellewadding Ahhh :D

(10:25:50) @Chocohalix Alcohol has a high calorific value.. it counts as food (just more flammable)

(10:28:39) @RadioKate I would exercise a little caution - look at the reviews. Many of the cheaper tablets don't have the ram and CPU to work well.

(10:32:43) @RadioKate Definitely worth checking any and all reviews, then :)

(10:33:04) @mrs_forky Excellent! :)

(14:44:42) @fridgemagnet2 Lisa has strange friends' daughters. And, indeed, friends. Charming, though.

Tweets for 20 Dec 2013

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(07:33:43) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning, Bina :) Just one more push through one more workday, then the fun can start! Have a good one! x

(07:37:34) @poots I hope your Christmas party is as remarkable as mine was :) Hopefully home before you're off out :) x

(07:39:49) @poots It was fun. I made up for missing the gym by dancing like a loon. Not enough sleep, but hey. Breakfast is included though :) Love yaX

(07:40:13) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you! Right back at ya :) xx

(07:41:27) @wuthering_alice O no! Please both get better soon x

(07:44:49) @wuthering_alice Absolutely... I hope there's an opportunity to get some rest before it all becomes a bit exciting! X

(07:47:25) @RobJD Steady now..!

(09:12:38) @lawnmowerdeth Have a fantastic one! :)

(09:13:31) @DaisyMould Christmas party..?

(09:42:18) @EwenRankin Wow. That is poor!

(09:42:54) @TOther_Simon I can tell you don't want a lot for Christmas, but there's just one thing you need...

(09:47:37) @DaisyMould Ahh cool! Well, I would recommend finding somewhere to have a nice lie down and seeing if you can make the day go quickly :D

(09:48:03) @TOther_Simon Aye.

(12:37:08) @Cragflinger bargoon!

(19:09:10) #FF @IPTechShark Pulchritudinous Tweetage.

(19:10:40) @wuthering_alice ~sigh~ I will never be cool...

(19:29:45) DJ Lenni in the house

(19:40:28) @1969Steve Song lyric quiz answer: "I want to be omnipresent"

(19:59:02) @1969Steve Thanks chief :) Show preview is in the usual place :)

(20:30:10) @AlexGFox Hi, Alex! Thank you - I wish you and your lovely family a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, with lots of fun times together! :)

(20:30:32) @BaronHawkey Rest, sir - and don't forget those fluids!

(20:31:35) At the top of the hour, there's a 12 (unless it's digital) and the doors to the @Weekendery will open for some Festive Bandwagon action! YOM

(20:32:18) Don't forget you can have me read out your brains if you tweet @weekendery or @mintfm - or join the natter at!

(20:32:55) Oh, and you're wondering what the @Weekendery is, or where you can find it... is the place to tune in. TUNA! INN!

(20:41:43) @boggits @weekendery @MintFM @crownsband @the_levellers Of course you can - I've got a pretty full playlist this week, but DEFINITELY next!

(20:43:06) @mostlygeordie Yeeeeeeeah! :D

(20:55:36) @SheleileighLaw I'm about to do my silly radio show here.. - I'll say hello to you! (Of course :D)

(20:55:46) @PrincessBagel @choccywoccyshop Yeahhhhh! :

(21:05:26) @SheleileighLaw That was the end of Steve's show... I'm on now :D

(21:14:08) @SheleileighLaw See how professional I am :D

(21:20:40) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @weekendery Go for it.. #mintfm

(21:21:14) Playing a rather jolly version of Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World on @MintFM - coming next... Get My Festive Goat!

(22:11:02) @poots YAYAYAYAY :D

(22:11:29) @WHS_Carpet That made me laugh. Quite existential in its way.

(22:17:25) Absolutely LOVE the Deacon Blue Christmas song.. "You'll Know It's Christmas".. playing now on The @Weekendery

(22:58:48) @GardenCity_Mark Thanks for the retweet! :)

(22:59:43) @RichHarkness Ha! :D

(23:06:31) Another very enjoyable @weekendery done and dusted - the archive will be available tomorrow. A fun two hours with my internet pals :) Night!

(23:13:54) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Dunstable?

(23:17:10) @LILLYTHEPINK1 A poor joke... it's a rubbish town quite near Luton (where I live :D)

(23:18:58) @ellewadding @poots I had my first Sambuca last night. It troubles me a bit that I can't actually remember having it. I should've tweeted!

(23:21:42) @ellewadding I'm fairly sure I would've remembered that! It's on the list (now) ;) Had a Goldschlager too. That's werid and shiny :D

Tweets for 19 Dec 2013

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(00:00:19) @ellewadding Gosh. That is cryptic. I do hope you know someone called Simon. Got to buy some fireworks? #noideaeither

(00:01:13) @SheleileighLaw A follow-up tweet to this: "This just makes me want to go drinking with @jvsshow …”

(08:25:06) @vobes Just catching up with your "Licence to Kill" NE.. It's a poor bit of production.. there is a whispered 'to kill' after she sings.

(08:25:56) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Thursday to you too! #notquitesoearlyshift x

(08:42:03) @vobes Oh it definitely does! Quite amusing when you think about it (only Sean Connery would be allowed ;) Have a great day :)

(11:10:43) Morning. Got brainache again. This does not bode well for Festive Festivities. Ahh well, I can only party as hard as my body will let me.

(11:13:59) @ellewadding Tidying up! :) :)

(11:29:56) @tweeting_frog Morning. Bit blustery to be fair.

(14:39:37) Starting to get a little irked by the constant (three times a day?) emails from Portable North Pole. It's unlikely to make me want to play..

(15:55:20) @SheleileighLaw I'm doing OK now.. holding off as best I can! :)

(15:55:29) @vobes Well quite! :D

(15:57:10) @76Wilbury "Land a man who's your biggest fan.." ;)

(18:56:23) Eating curry in a nightclub. Apparently this is not normal #bitbeyondme @ Oceana

(20:57:02) Struggling with the juxtaposition of dancing (badly) and temporary threshold shift. Out for a non-smoke break. Not much left in me...

(20:57:58) RT @SimonNRicketts: Here's what we know so far about the #ApolloTheatre balcony collapse. Live blog may follow.

(20:58:42) @fridgemagnet2 is it biscuits..?

(21:34:15) @fridgemagnet2 How did you know.. do you have spies?

(21:35:21) @SheleileighLaw hell of a walk, ma'am. This is all a bit alien to me. I believe it's called 'partying'. Too much shouting to be honest. :D

(21:35:47) @AlexGFox I plough my own furrow sir :)

(21:36:53) @IPTechShark Works for me #jammiecoordination

(21:41:30) I've worked out what was missing #agoodsitdown #ChristmasParty

(22:13:12) I would like to affirm that I am only dancing because I missed a session in the gym. I might go for a run later. In Watford. Unlikely.

(22:17:55) @SheleileighLaw Glad it's not just me. Intimate get-togethers every time. The closest I get is on my silly radio show The Weekendery :)

(22:18:48) @fridgemagnet2 I have been told my dancing is not 'dad dancing' at all. Which means it is most likely unhinged. :D

(22:19:17) @2225dominic Tiny. Or a long way away. On an enormous hand :D

(22:28:45) @mostlygeordie I'll do my best. Mine will mostly be spent a bit hungover, so help yourself :)

(22:29:52) @SheleileighLaw I didn't have such a luxury. Dancercise for me. Which isn't even a word. Jiggleacise. Something.

(22:30:06) @SheleileighLaw will do :)

Tweets for 18 Dec 2013

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(07:22:51) @davewitchalls That made me chuckle out louds :D

(07:25:18) @johndredge Now that is the sort of tweet I like to see! Excellent news :)

(08:04:37) Good morning. Recurring dreams can be reassuring in their way, but I wish I knew what it meant... railway station & timetable dilemmas...

(08:05:46) Also in my dream I got so flustered that I forgot my phone's unlock code, but tried 'mostly harmless' and that worked... #alwayshandy

(08:08:54) @lloydbayley Hope you feel found soon... I get like that sometimes - just too busy to feel creative, and when there's a lull.. nothing.

(12:34:20) @clairerandall Quite possibly both! :D I just like the way my brain is so consistent.. :)

(12:35:07) @striderpaul I definitely think so - and transport is a good manifestation of it... :)

(12:35:20) @chepbourne Definitely.. although I'm quite tired today! :D

(12:35:38) @lloydbayley I hope you wake up with a new sense of purpose and drive! :)

(12:35:46) @mostlygeordie I fear so...

(14:42:10) @batwench That's a darn fine look! :)

(16:18:45) @chchchchelsea When's it on youtube? ;)

(16:38:36) @PrincessBagel Had a chat with the driver of FAB1 the other day... nice bloke - proper copper :D

(16:40:02) @petecooper @gruntjs @bower LIKE A BOSS LEVEL!

(16:41:17) @TOther_Simon That's actually spectacularly good.

(16:43:25) Today I have discovered that an unsent email (too large) has burned through practically all my data allowance. Fix it, please @windowsphone!

(16:46:49) Things I really need to get around to doing #958: alias 'mdkir' to 'mkdir'. Saves a lot of typing.

(16:48:02) @TOther_Simon Oh and since you're here... loved your Parental Epaulets song - great to hear the finished version! :)

(16:48:45) This is a delightful song by @TOther_Simon - Parental Epaulettes:

(17:19:47) @mostlygeordie Month. Not day. Sadly.

(17:20:20) @AlexGFox Noooooooo!

(17:22:42) @LJRICH I did abysmally!

(17:25:41) @poots Niiice! Might have to take a pic when he gets back. #betterdressedthanIcouldeverbe

(17:46:50) @KxTwo Sounds like a rubbish Genesis song :D

(21:24:03) @PriscillaAhn Seriously digging "Deck The Halls." Nice work!

(21:26:14) @smartie999 Was: working blimmin' hard. Now: preparing music for a festive radio show thing :) You?

(21:27:19) @AlexGFox AudioTechnica microphones are very highly regarded (the big brother is used for continuity at BBC TV ;) it's a good mic for sure.

(21:27:38) @clairerandall Heehee.. I had an iPhone once.. for a short time. When I was a manager. Not doing that again ;)

(21:27:58) @KxTwo Their loss, Karen. Their loss. Indeed. I happen to like you and your tweets.

(21:30:13) @AlexGFox A great pleasure :)

(21:44:48) @brennig @RatuKatu I got frostbite from just reading that.

(21:49:30) RT @nxmee: Visit the Mr Best Network website:

(21:50:32) This just makes me want to go drinking with @jvsshow

(21:53:00) (Mind you I wouldn't want him to drive me home)

(22:52:14) @EmmaTofi I wouldn't even dare to guess what you're doing with it... but handy to turn off the light, I guess :D

(23:53:39) @ellewadding Party..? Why not share it with your tweeps and we can help decode it ;)

(23:54:42) Pretty much done the bulk of show prep for Friday's Festive @weekendery - out tomorrow night... I hope I recover in time! eep.. Night night!

Tweets for 17 Dec 2013

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(07:50:44) @batwench Nooo! Better save up your pennies for one of your very own! People are in awe of mine. Well, OK, baffled by its immense size #1520

(07:51:50) @sparkyannc I can think of few better ways to spend a day :)

(08:05:22) Good morning. I received a Facebook message from Mr Mezzanine apologising for his van's bad parking in September. Better late than never.

(08:06:16) @BaronHawkey Morning, BH :) Hope all is well with you on this busy week!

(09:59:35) @BaronHawkey Glad it hear it! Ticking along ta.. last week of term and all that ;)

(10:08:22) @thisisjinsy That song is really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really catchy.

(15:40:01) @GHOGIT Certainly fewer flaws than I was expecting ;)

(15:40:33) @BaronHawkey Bit of family time here and there.. and I'm back at work on the 27th ;)

(15:44:22) @2225dominic That is a substantial amount of salad, to be fair...

(15:47:59) Once again my work laptop's gone rogue. (The letter 'H' has stopped working). Rebooting. Installing updates. Sighing...

(15:59:21) @JuniperNetworks Actually, that is really awkward. Infrastructure every time, though.

(17:18:12) @MintFM tuning in! :)

(17:21:17) @MintFM @Dreamy_lyrics Mmm.. Rupert Neve stuff!

(17:21:43) @Sjluton a-a-a-! I mean hahahha :D (Rebooting seemed to sort it :D)

(17:22:08) @mostlygeordie Just got as far as "HEEELLP!"

(17:22:41) @batwench And the evil beard. Evil beard. OOOOOh. Fortunately turning it off and on again tamed it somewhat...

(17:23:22) @edtjones I had completely forgotten about that... but I might just try the 'two wrongs make a right' with it! :D

(17:24:07) @tweeting_frog It's arder tan... more difficult.. er.. it isn't so easy ;)

(17:24:45) @Dreamy_lyrics Lots of distortion! :D

(17:33:07) @Dreamy_lyrics Are you using a stereo microphone? ;) Thanks for the shoutout :)

(17:36:53) @tweeting_frog Surprisingly that made complete sense! Nice work :D

(17:46:28) @Dreamy_lyrics Gosh that opening "graawwwwww" of that Swedish Eurovision track is immediately recognisable.. shivers straight down my spine!

(18:08:22) @SheleileighLaw @batwench Something to do with the build quality, perhaps..?

(18:14:34) @Dreamy_lyrics Oh dear.

(18:14:45) @Dreamy_lyrics PS Love Weird Al! :D

(18:19:59) @Dreamy_lyrics I'm glad you explained that.. and I'm extra glad that I agree! :D

(18:20:34) @Dreamy_lyrics It's beautiful and inspirational :)

(18:21:32) Belatedly, but at full angular velocity, @TheWeekendery is available for another listen in the @MintFM archive: YOP!

(18:49:35) @Dreamy_lyrics This Korppi track is luscous! Love the vocals :)

(18:58:24) @Dreamy_lyrics Lovely show - thank you! :)

(20:23:49) @jo_whit KHALKHALASH.

(20:38:56) @thatsjustme0 I could frankly watch that all evening :) WELL festive!

(20:42:19) @thatsjustme0 I'll be looking out for 'em ;)

(20:58:40) @helenduffett That happens to me sometimes.

(21:15:09) @helenduffett That's a nice bit of mind workage. Wishing you luck! :)

(21:33:45) @smartie999 Gosh! You'll get much better support than that from the Twitters! Big hug from me x

(21:37:52) @2225dominic Tiny pack of jaffa cakes, right..? ;)

(21:38:31) @sarahjaneuk Fortunately a reboot made it work OK. That's on my Windows 7 work laptop.. my XP home PC wouldn't misbehave like that ;)

(21:38:56) @smartie999 Nowt so queer eh?

(21:44:44) @ellewadding @poots I feel for the growers - they weren't making a whole lot of money out of it, but even that is under threat now... :|

(21:47:06) @Andreaeday Really interesting article.. I kinda new about the timbral qualitty of sound bit, but the melding of voices.. really good tips!

(21:54:34) @Andreaeday I've subscribed to your blog - you write some interesting stuff (and it's nice to see what's going on in radio :)

(21:57:20) @Andreaeday I don't underestimate the amount of time it takes to write a blog post.. I wish I made better use of my time! :)

(21:57:29) An episode of Toast in bed, I think. Like a slice of toast, but with fewer crumbs. And about twice the amount of butter. And swearing.Night!

Tweets for 16 Dec 2013

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(08:32:13) @LILLYTHEPINK1 happy to... I'll be in touch :)

(08:32:58) @neilcochrane1 Haha! Start small... maybe Mrs C will go and get you a cracker...

(08:34:25) @SheleileighLaw Too much to explain in one tweet - but it's an 'account' Apple used on the front of the iPad adverts.. unclaimed.. amusing!

(08:34:44) @mostlygeordie Top dreams, ma'am?

(13:07:34) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Please check your dropbox :) x

(13:58:02) @LILLYTHEPINK1 always x

(15:44:07) @petecooper My lovely pal Johanna @Dreamy_lyrics is a Finn (I think she lives in the south) - I'm sure she can advise! :)

(15:49:22) @quibelles steady...

(15:50:24) @quibelles *sighs*

(15:50:44) @quibelles PS I have singularly failed with Christmas shopping this year. Bad, bad form.

(16:57:03) Quite a few Dilbert calendar days to catch up on...

Tweets for 15 Dec 2013

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(00:44:13) A fun evening creating something a bit ambient with @sm2n. Yes - @jamfolder did some music. Not bad for an evening's noodling. Bed - night!

(00:50:16) Gosh.. the original Mistletoe and Wine - (h/t @ColinGPaterson)

(11:16:36) Good morning. All about a crib service today. These ones won't fall over for no readily apparent reason #topplecrib

(11:38:31) I'm utterly baffled as to why Samsung have chosen Robin Thicke to feature in their phone ads. They clearly have no idea what he represents.

(17:21:54) Gingerbread house at Aunty Cath's @ Cholsey

(20:19:45) @leica0000 The advert appears to be attempting to attract women to 'appear in a video' with him. Just... baffling.

(20:21:08) An entertaining (and raucous) afternoon spent in the company of my sister Cath and her family. Proper festive shenanigans. Home now.

(20:21:52) I would add that the M40 was broken. Presumably by a Vauxhall Insignia driver going too fast for the weather conditions. Serves him right.

(21:27:51) I do like #Gogglebox, but those two older scouse women really don't add anything. Statement of the obvious & drippiness. More of the others!

(21:39:35) @laura_hobson :) :)

(21:39:54) @chchchchelsea High five! twist it! Ow!

(21:41:31) Nice bit of apricot brandy and telly catch-up (Yonderland, Gogglebox, Crackernory). May well bring the weekend to a nice close.

(21:51:01) @chchchchelsea Makes the achievement even sweeter! :)

(21:52:56) @fridgemagnet2 It's Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaas! Hope that helps.

(21:54:11) @thatsjustme0 Plenty of ice left... and brandy ;) Help yourself! x

(21:54:36) @mostlygeordie Please tweet details of your peculiar dreams ;)

(22:39:34) I am SO following @gagebock. Ever.

(23:26:12) @gagebock I would struggle to run 10km. You?

(23:27:57) @Faulko1 Yes, but I reckon charity shops are better. More quirky and individual ;)

Tweets for 14 Dec 2013

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(07:49:08) @linseyt Good morning :) Days like this are a rare joy - have a lovely one... hope you get everything done :)

(08:34:19) @Canojar Morning :) Very poetic!

(08:46:40) @ian262 Bah humbug.. that's too strong? ;)

(08:48:19) @akrabat I'd be satisfied with that :D What provoked that assessment..? Annual 360 degree appraisal? ;)

(08:52:37) @akrabat Haha! Nice technique!

(09:01:24) @LadyEkaterina Nice! @podquiz @ShrinkyBear

(09:01:54) @ian262 Gosh... that's quite a brainteaser.. still pondering it!

(10:49:27) Horrendous cuddly toy action (apparently the heart comes out too) @ IKEA

(15:08:48) Major network issues on the home network. Getting disproportionately stressed out about it. Suspecting a network storm...

(15:32:09) Sorted. Rebooted the switches. Strange behaviour - I'm just glad the Draytek router withstood the craziness. Full connectivity. yeah.

(15:33:35) @Tesco Bit of a fail.. this was delivered - customer services said take it to my local store to get it unlocked..

(15:34:17) @tesco ...but I drove the 2 miles to the Express in Stopsley only to find they don't have the equipment! No Christmas drinks for us :| :|

(15:34:52) And with that, I'm going to get on with some very sober hoovering.

(18:23:13) Festive spinny thing

(18:29:42) @goitsagch Trying to find an old hard drive magnet...

(18:30:29) @streakmachine Plastic ducks in Onesies.. surely whast every child wants..? :D @DigitalAmoeba

(18:32:20) Hoovering done, a Christmas film on the DVD (Santa Claus the Movie, I believe) and festive music making tonight. Sleigh bells at the ready..

(18:54:52) @PlainTalkingHR Yes indeed! Hope you're all warm and cosy this evening :) x

(19:21:10) @ruskin147 Hope you feel better soon.

Tweets for 13 Dec 2013

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(01:37:46) @mostlygeordie I hope you can write it all down so you can remember it! :) Perhaps an audioboo? ;)

(06:15:37) @IPTechShark Wow. You're up early! (I haven't been to bed :D)

(06:57:53) @IPTechShark Been doing a bit of overnight work. Might have a go at sleeping in a bit. And then another go :D Spinning..? In the morning..?!

(12:55:58) @podquiz Did OK on this week's quiz! 16/20 Slight mis-speak on the answer to number 3.. was Van Halen not Europe :) Sure you knew that!

(12:56:27) @podquiz PS I enjoyed the year-based music round.. please do it again! :)

(15:22:05) @LaceyHughes Reckon you'll come back to the UK again? It's been a bit chilly and camp! I'm sure it wasn't @dmills87's idea ;)

(15:22:40) Putting together the playlist for tonight's @Weekendery - lots of very interesting music. Ohhhh yes.

(16:23:35) @Bubble2009 Yes! Thank you :) I've not really been home much.. had to work last night, so I didn't get the chance to say thank you! :) :)

(17:40:46) Just about to watch @superalora perform some musical theatricals with @ngyt_uk - she very much enjoys a bit of wailin' and flailin'.

(18:56:25) RT @nxmee: this is probably the best gif I have found today:

(18:57:39) @dmills87 He's 14 :) @LaceyHughes

(18:57:58) @dmills87 Thanks for the follow :) @LaceyHughes

(19:29:15) @KxTwo flat white.

(19:29:28) @brennig *high fives*

(19:29:51) @EllesBell Nooooooooooo! Why not record it on Audioboo and we can all have a listen and try and work out what it is..?

(19:30:30) @poots Excellent work by the @ngyt_uk crew :) Laura and David should be justifiably proud of them - and themselves!

(19:57:52) @KxTwo Ahh. Sorry. But hey.. have a flat white! ;)

(20:08:37) After Steve's finished Living In The 80s, The @Weekendery will be opening its doors at - Songs! Silliness! Poetry!(?)

(20:09:35) Good heavens, @1969Steve is playing a song I haven't heard since it was out.. London Nights by the (late lamented?) London Boys #mintfm

(20:12:51) @1969Steve Pretenders 100000000 miles. Per hour.

(20:59:00) Thanks to @1969Steve for the last three hours of fantastic 80s music... in just a moment the doors to the @Weekendery will open.. on MintFM!

(21:04:48) @1969Steve Fantastic :) Sorry I didn't listen! Still.. bit too soon for the festive music, I think ;)

(21:31:58) Playing some excellent Bombay Bicycle Club on @MintFM as part of the "What the cool kids are listening to" feature. Quality, quality music.

(22:09:59) @pearcen @paulums I really enjoyed it. And watched it in Ipswich on purpose ;)

(22:17:01) @paulums So great to have ya in the weekendery! :) :)

(22:29:42) Playing "Something Wrong" in the @Weekendery on @MintFM - music that stretches the definition of acceptability. It's a learning experience.

(22:30:16) @pearcen @paulums Frustratingly I don't have the right equipment in my studio to do proper radio.. it's a major lash up :D

(22:40:42) @pearcen @paulums I'll send a pic :)

(22:41:18) @smartie999 Oh my goodness. How naughty!!!!!!!!! You are young and cute and beautiful. He clearly didn't have his eyes in :)

(23:08:27) @pearcen @paulums it's a bit of a mess, but here it it is...

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(07:46:39) @katyha Thank you! There are some really cute ideas there - I love the sciencey gifts :) :)

(07:47:35) @ellewadding Yup... with the new carpet smell and working air conditioning! #7months

(07:49:11) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning! Lots of 'c's! :) Hope it is a successful and delicious day!

(07:57:34) @actingtheparty That made me smile this morning :) Thank you for sharing it!

(07:59:27) @EllesBell Smoke alarm..?

(09:48:29) @EllesBell Bah. Hate having to stand somewhere & wait for a beep to... beep. Especialy when it turns out to be next door (that's happened!)

(10:00:28) @BitsyVonMuffin Hoots indeed.

(10:03:19) Good morning. It's going to be a strange, long day. That's all I know so far. Apart from the whole lemon and ginger tea thing. That's nice.

(10:45:01) @IPTechShark Good morning :) You know when you boot a computer & it spends the morning running really slow, thrashing the HD? That's me :D x

(10:45:16) @CalmWaters73 Morning, Naama :) I hope it's lovely where you are! x

(10:53:15) @IPTechShark How rude of me, though - how are you this morning?

(16:09:09) An enjoyable lunch with my dad, an army colonel, a major and my sister (as yet unranked) before I rest and prepare for another overnighter.

(16:10:21) @IPTechShark I hope your day has improved, or at least that you can write it off & have a better one tomorrow! How's home improvenet going?x

(16:11:06) @BitsyVonMuffin Dark. And misty. And no, i haven't been drinking :D You? x

(17:10:20) @ladymuckstuff Evenin' ma'am. I miss Whitstable. Used to cycle there when I lived in Canterbury :)

(17:12:46) @CosmicCoco YUM! Please accept this small token of my esteem *helps get the plastic wrappers off* ;)

(17:13:10) Time to rest.

(21:12:13) @GreavsieE17 Wow! \o/

(21:12:37) @PrincessBagel In some small way that means you win.l Feel better soon x

(21:13:12) @LaceyHughes @dmills87 I've been enjoying your audioboos! Funnily enough my son had one of those massive desserts - he didn't manage it! :D

(21:13:48) @SheleileighLaw Sorry for the delay in replying - but that is an utterly fantastic bit of music! Thank you for sharing. And truckin' on!

(21:22:06) @GreavsieE17 A unique moment, for sure! So pleased you could share it :)

(23:24:10) @quibelles These are existential questions that really are unsuitable for bedtime. Why not think about trees and forests. And zombies.

(23:25:09) @quibelles Assuming you've not blocked. me. Although if you had, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Assuming it's a conversation!

(23:45:08) @birdfortytwo But ever-so-cute :)

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(08:06:54) Good morning. I've had a very helpful email from a WP8 app developer saying there's a driver bug stopping my 1520 recording stereo audio.

(08:08:01) Haribo and porridge. Genius.

(08:16:14) @PrincessBagel @BBC_TopGear Gives them an opportunity to tidy up afterwards... ;)

(08:50:46) @katyha Good morning :) Less than a tenner each?

(08:52:12) @katyha I'm not sure my daughter would be fussed about the swearing.. she just loves unicorns. Or more specifically, alicorns.

(10:22:46) @lloydbayley Ja genau! It was funny listening to your hot hot RR as I walked to the office in freezing fog :D Hope you feel cheerier!

(10:25:11) It's not clear why there's a cardboard cutout (I'm told it's Rihanna) inside the back door of our office. She's not dressed for the weather.

(10:26:13) Aforementioned cardboard cutout.

(10:26:39) @EwenRankin Ha! True.. but there are filters on the PCs here to prevent that (in theory ;)

(10:27:20) @lloydbayley I do hope so too! I'd give you some of our coolth if I could :D

(10:31:23) @tweeting_frog Good morning. Chilly fog here north of London - hope you have a great day and an even better choir practice :)

(10:31:36) @leica0000 Uhoh...

(10:40:45) @leica0000 Ahh... hoping for the best... although there is something to be said for keeping one's own backups...

(11:33:26) @leica0000 Oh. Oh yes. It hadn't occurred to me that anyone would do that..!

(14:36:20) @errolin That's a nice looking phone! LG make some good stuff these days. Sticking with Android for the time being?

(14:58:55) @OmarRaza I'm going to a Christmas party next week and I want to wear exactly that.. @oh_lola_x @STRAINN @helloimrebekah #blendin

(15:33:32) @LaceyHughes @nationalrailenq @dmills87 *waves at you, just 20 miles away*

(17:38:55) @neilcochrane1 Why not start folding fellow passengers up and putting them on the luggage racks? It's a kindness. @northernrailorg

(17:53:40) @KxTwo A jar of caterpillars.

(19:57:12) @fridgemagnet2 Nice one!

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(10:21:04) Good morning. I think we can be fairly sure that everyone's a bit tired today. Everyone. Well, me. And @markhort

(10:22:08) @Chocohalix Nice!

(10:23:16) @quibelles I just live with that fact. You look fine.

(10:58:30) @Dreamy_lyrics You don't know how tempted!

(10:58:50) @clairerandall Glad it's not just me. And @markhort :D

(10:59:15) @quibelles Wish I was there. We could be odd together.

(11:08:34) In women's football do they shout "Woman on!" when a player's being marked? Genuine question.

(13:26:07) @quibelles Because just one calculator is never enough...

(14:20:47) @RichHarkness @johnny_winter @pearcen WIN.

(14:21:31) @RichHarkness @johnny_winter @pearcen To be fair, although holding an iPad to film looks stupid, it gives the most stable shot...

(14:21:37) @RichHarkness @johnny_winter @pearcen And blocks the view for other parents :D

(14:28:36) English Markets in Germany... I mean... surely it has al the romance of German Christmas Markets..? (via @ThePoke)

(14:37:25) @brennig Good luck.

(15:08:04) @ajlanghorn Funnily enough I've just got myself some of that, too. Now what's the chemical formula for a hobnob biscuit..?

(15:38:39) I love the way my @WindowsPhoneUK reads texts out to me if I've got my bluetooth headphones on. Really clever features.

(15:41:04) @EwenRankin Great video.. was that the A5? Loved the way the gaps in the song synced with the pauses :D @kyleswager

(15:41:26) @LILLYTHEPINK1 YAY! Wrap up well :) @GregProops

(15:42:31) @jopijedd No. Oh no no no. Spilled on the floor like a broken cassette.. wrapped up in your workings like a broken cassette. EJECT!

(15:43:01) @Pewari Oh no... contents still safe? I mean.. at this time of year, too...

(15:44:23) @LILLYTHEPINK1 High-freakin'-five! @GregProops

(15:45:22) @Dreamy_lyrics I have had coffee. I am now excitable and tired :D There's no hope.

(15:48:00) @Pewari There are a few things I never underestimate - the condition of a delivered parcel is just one :D

(15:48:21) @Pewari @akrabat PS *crossing fingers for luck*

(22:26:06) I am SO rubbish at Christmas shopping. Please can somebody help me. I will give you a Kinder egg. The colour of your choice.

(22:55:43) @alexgeoghegan Disappointingly, yes. It's a backwards step #lettoysbetoys

(22:57:37) @katyha I think I love you! :) @sharonlangridge

(22:58:22) @katyha #likethis #butoffline See this is the sort of thing I need!

(23:37:52) @katyha That would be wonderful :) Three female friends - one classy who likes art deco; one arty & affectionate and one studious and quiet.

(23:39:59) @katyha I would so love to get my ten year old daughter the unicorn mug, but I've wisely been relieved of present buying duties for her.

(23:45:38) Rather kindly, @EwenRankin has published my review of the Nokia Lumia 1520 - what a nice man. And what a fine phone.

(23:46:33) And now I shall sleep. Perchance to wake up at about 3am feeling thirsty. Night night!

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(08:34:18) @TOther_Simon Gonna be a high impact presentation...

(08:35:27) On our drive back from Sussex last night, I introduced the progeny to the ISIHAC game "Word for Word." Much hilarity ensued. I got hiccups.

(08:36:51) @nicky_doubleU How did you manage that..?

(08:37:22) @ellewadding #list Hope you can recall it all #kimsgame

(08:43:30) @nicky_doubleU Cool! Have a smashing day :)

(08:45:56) @TOther_Simon I would find it hard to resist asking though...

(11:20:29) @pearcen My wife did shout "Mornington Crescent" at one point. They were baffled. Nice antlers, by the way :D

(12:11:02) @nokia_uk Morning. Did you get my tweet about stereo audio recording apps..? /cc @batwench

(12:18:08) @petecooper That looks like the future!

(12:34:26) Testing Voice Memos Lite (@Topgold) via @audioboo #8 #app #phone #test #windows

(13:40:22) @KxTwo Same person? A celebrity? There are all kinds of folk in this world of hours and they are well represented on Twitter. This one: odd.

(13:42:29) @fridgemagnet2 I just hope it doesn't kick your hay fever off for another six months...

(13:43:47) @sparkyannc Hope you're feeling fair dinkum! Strange stalker behaviour. From a long long way away!

(13:44:27) @topgold Using Voice Memos Lite audioboo integration :)

(15:36:21) @batwench There doesn't appear to be one.. :/ To record stereo audio, at the moment it has to come with video! :D @nokia_uk

(16:41:25) @topgold Catchy! Windows Phone 8 isn't very tolerant of things happening in the background :D #audioboo

(17:37:05) @RichHarkness @johnny_winter I would write one about Windows Phone 8 :D

(21:23:18) Done the rubbish triathlon.. now time to download an app to tell me quite how puffed out I am...

(21:59:32) @KirstyNHW @quibelles PFFT!

(22:22:17) @timoncheese That is brilliant. Now do a remix of Rebecah Chufty Swedish lady.

(22:40:30) @poots And bear in mind you're exercising next to me. I'm puny. But I love you :) @Bubble2009

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(15:33:58) Sunset seaside

(18:57:21) The old board games are the best.. @ Bexhill Town

(21:55:59) @fridgemagnet2 A brief moment of levity ;) Great to see you earlier! :) Hope the cycle home wasn't too cold & rough! :)

(21:57:05) @errolin It's about 18 months behind OS and app-wise. Whether it will catch up, I don't know.. not sure yet!

(21:57:12) @EwenRankin Yeah! :)

(21:58:30) @mrbatwench Thank you! It's an absolutely breathtaking bit of hardware.. so much potential - about 75% of the way to fulfilling it :)

(22:07:27) @thatsjustme0 Night lovely x

(22:52:05) Home after a lovely day on the south coast... fab family time :) Thank you, @chepbourne, for making it so enjoyable! (and @fridgemagnet2!)

(23:31:11) @errolin Heh.. true! Haven't made a call on it yet, though ;)

Tweets for 07 Dec 2013

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(00:03:48) @striderpaul Sounds like it's been a hell of a challenge already! Got any exploding ferrets with no sense of smell? :D

(08:08:33) @poots I sense that there will be plenty of opportunity to see the fruits of our two's endeavours in the coming years #arty #brilliant

(08:38:16) Good morning. There is tinkering to be done.. although also housework. And going to see @superalora play in a concert. Busy day yeah.

(09:44:55) @quibelles @biscuitnose So close.

(12:04:04) @helenduffett That's lovely to hear. In my experience delivery drivers can be somewhat hit and miss. I would make a great delivery driver.

(12:08:57) Half time. After the break, people hitting things with other things. #winterconcert

(15:32:00) @pearcen Gosh! Early Christmss present?

(15:43:02) @Stenbird *laughed*

(15:55:08) @expansysUK Hello :) Do you know if/when you'll be selling the _red_ version of Nokia Protective Cover CP-623 for Lumia 1520? I need one! :)

(18:33:26) I've come over all sleepy. Shame i have things to do this evening, because bed sounds like a lovely prospect...

(20:38:24) @chepbourne Looking forward to seeing you! Are we OK to take you out for lunch?

(20:46:47) It's been a day of trying to stay awake and familiarise myself with Windows Phone 8. It's... different. It's about 18 months behind Android.

(20:52:53) @poots @Tesco Blimmin' van failure. They'd better be out the front with a wheelbarrow before it gets too late...

(20:54:09) @petecooper Cheers! Might join you with a brandy...

(20:56:32) @brennig I've been writing transcoding scripts to get MP3s from MP4s... the phone only seems to be able to record stereo audio on videos...

(20:57:05) @Barlie40 Night, Jim :)

(22:04:41) @brennig While my phone can't natively record stereo as audio only (yet) I am taking automatic video uploads and ffmpegging out MP3s..

(22:05:54) @leica0000 Lumia 1520. Quick, sumptuous hardware but let down by an embryonic OS and not enough apps for a power user (e.g. Dropbox)

(22:47:20) @leica0000 it's not far off.. I can still hold it comfortably in one hand - I have nice long fingers :D

(23:21:35) Off to bed now. It's been a day of indulgence - putting everything on charge now for a family day tomorrow. Sleep well when you do!

(23:24:19) I'm hoping to do a 'power user' blog review of my Lumia 1520.. lots to write about; it's immensely powerful.. but I'm posting more typos(!)

(23:25:04) @KateRobbins She is such a charming, lovely lady :) My favourite actor.

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(09:54:34) @quibelles Do you live in [a] a stately home [b] the library [c] Chesterton's World of Misadventure?

(09:55:30) Good morning. My daughter's last junior school assembly - time passes.. amazing and lovely to see how her class have grown together.

(10:25:30) @mrs_forky @gallopen484 @HaciendaGirl @danielpeake @RhiannanKay @ogbajoj @boigen @sarahboo72 And a merry weekend to you and yours!

(10:25:58) @hooker1uk @PlainTalkingHR @nudge_me_uk @HandWashHeroes @_Nexus @coombemill Thanks, chief! Have a good one :)

(11:47:08) A very happy milk expiry date to @Becchanalia. May your mug of tea be especially delicious today.

(12:12:08) @coombemill And for me :) Happy weekend! (nearly) @hooker1uk @PlainTalkingHR @nudge_me_uk @HandWashHeroes @_Nexus

(12:16:43) Major ADD today.

(15:34:54) @nokia_uk I've taken delivery of my Lumia 1520 - it's very beautiful. But I can't find an app that can record audio only in stereo! HELP!?

(15:54:39) @davewitchalls I'm guessing the sticker fell off, then ;) I hope you left my recycling in the box :D

(16:45:45) @davewitchalls Quack Quack Oops! Thanks for sorting it out :)

(19:26:15) @tweeting_frog @1969steve Can't beat a bit of crackling ;)

(20:38:17) Right at the top of the hour, popping its head over to have a look around, it's The @Weekendery on @MintFM. Silliness and music. YARR! :)

(21:06:22) @1969Steve Thank you! :)

(21:47:31) I'm playing some rather splendid music at right now. A rockin' cover version of Awolnation's "Sail" right now.

(22:30:45) @dj_frabs Sorry! I was trying to work out what a modern equivalent would be.. "Sorry.. we don't have a branch of Starbucks in this town..."

(22:48:37) @CalmWaters73 And good evening! :) :) @dj_frabs

(23:24:02) @striderpaul Thanks for tuning in, mate! Really interesting audioboos lately - thank you for sharing them. Good luck about that bill! :)

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(07:59:36) @slandi @macolgan @sm2n @topgold I was lucky enough to find one at Poundland... whether it's any good is another matter :D

(08:01:28) @slandi I'd say get the most expensive you can afford but a good seller - best chance of continued stylus supply. @macolgan @sm2n @topgold

(08:03:13) @ellewadding Tapping on a mobile device ain't gonna help any..! Hope you can warm up soon :) #mytinyhandisfrozen

(08:03:47) @quibelles It's breeding season....

(08:05:23) @Sk287 I'm not sure I understand what that means.. you OK?

(08:06:15) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Sounds pretty awful! Hope you made it out of bed OK...

(08:06:54) RT @BaldExplorer: Watch the latest Bald Explorer episode: or all of them. #discover #Britian

(08:09:53) RT @leesargent: Genius, genius genius - Picard gets into the christmas spirit

(08:52:03) @Sk287 oh man! Is there anything the police can do at this point..? Xxx

(12:06:40) Outside the office (I forgot my pass) I ask a colleague to let me in. "Do you work here?" "Yes," I say. "You walk past my desk every day."

(12:07:58) @quibelles @Lizzing @Mermaidstranded Huzz - and indeed - ah!

(12:08:46) @Lizzing @quibelles @Mermaidstranded I am always too afraid to nudge. I fear the consequences. Y U NUJ ME? *perplexed face* etc...

(12:10:26) @MarkSheppard *sigh* Small cog.

(12:17:35) @DunlopBTCC @ToyotaGB Hiace Ventura - Pet Detective / Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prius / Bill & Ted's Excellent Avensis #ToyotaMovies

(14:38:53) Dataloading like a boss.

(14:40:58) @Lizzing The annoying little paperclip suggests: View -> Zoom -> grab a tissue

(18:52:40) Looks for all the world like half of Luton is at the Royal Mail collection office this evening. They need ninjas behind the counter.

(19:37:15) @RobJD That wouldn't quite account for why they take so long. Unless the customers are ninjas too. Hmm.....

(19:37:38) @RichHarkness *blows a raspberry and shows you my Twitter pass* ;)

(21:52:40) I'm doing that "oh ho HO!" thing picking tunes for the @Weekendery tomorrow. Interesting and brilliant music to come - 9pm tomorrow. Yeah.

(21:54:06) Rest in peace, Mr Mandela. You will live on as a significant part of 20th century history - and the humanity you improved as a result.

(21:55:06) @OmarRaza Appropriate. Almost seems inappropriate to wish you many happy returns of today, but happy birthday anyway, top man.

(22:02:06) @leif5000 @brennig I follow excellent people. All is well.

(22:12:29) @Melissamoo Thanks for the follow! :)

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(08:00:37) Good morning. Google has been rummaging through the photos on my phone and made an 'auto-awesome' video. Spooky. But clever. And spooky.

(11:50:42) @Tactless_Blonde SHOULDERS! (Just had to remind myself :D)

(12:36:27) @SheleileighLaw Especially since I had forgotten I'd taken those photos! Possibily on an old phone :D Still.. it looks pretty cool :D

(14:20:39) @PrincessBagel That is extremely charming :) And quite quite frightening.

(14:26:22) @markhort In case you miss the anticipation of getting a new Apple product..

(14:44:16) @poots Congratulation! Have a mince pie.

(14:45:26) @kitty_cat84 Cool beans! Which one are you getting? @LawOfIllusion90

(17:04:35) @kitty_cat84 @LawOfIllusion90 Agreed! :)

(18:47:34) Vauxhall Insignia drivers. Don't even get me started. Although actually I started a LONG time ago. But not on here. But still. Urgh.

(19:42:42) Having seen the latest Vytautas advert (I think) it links to a completely bonkers movie called 'Redirected'. Is it real? I'm confused now.

(19:43:38) @PlainTalkingHR They crop up regularly on the things that bother me on the M1.. but yes. Today especially :D Hope your day went well! :) x

(19:44:33) @thirdbreakfast They are the choice of the emotionally numb salesman. For me they have transcended BMWs and Audis. Which takes some doing!

(19:45:16) @batwench Woo! Is that your money back..?

(19:45:30) @mrs_forky A blessing certainly worth counting! :)

(19:47:01) @Barwickgreen Wow. That's proper cooking.

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(00:25:10) Drippage (and challenges therein) via @audioboo

(00:29:12) @SheleileighLaw I certainly don't. I think my progeny have eaten them.

(00:35:01) Like a NatWest cashpoint, I'm pretty much no good to anybody now, so I shall head for bed and wait for morning. Night night!

(12:39:14) @birdfortytwo Nightmare! I'm sure your blushes were spared... but check for toilet roll hanging out the back of your top?

(12:40:10) @chepbourne I do hope it's not an age thing.. :D

(12:40:45) First tweet of the day.. at twenty to one. It's been busy. Must remember to empty the Leak Pot later.

(13:03:22) @mostlygeordie If it would result in them losing business/hits, it's a friendly thing to do. Should be able to deal diplomatically.. link?

(13:05:14) @Sk287 YAY! :)

(15:07:41) @thatsjustme0 Snacktacular!

(15:09:01) @leica0000 What a bellend.

(15:09:18) @contrarywitch How are the diodes down your left arm..?

(15:16:38) @LaceyHughes @slandi rocks! :)

(16:29:48) @contrarywitch Gosh... you really are channelling Marvin, aren't ya? Hope it settles down.

(16:35:20) @poots Haha! The last time I saw the little holder with the ones you bought me, our progeny 'played with them'. These ones will be mine! :Dx

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(07:29:00) Morning... a sure sign it's been a bit of a rough night: finding the duvet is the wrong way round. How on earth..?

(07:31:47) @Ariadnes_web I'm 'cacophonyx'... I'll start us a game if you'd like :) #GamesWithFriends

(11:43:11) @chepbourne Heehee.. maybe! :D I ended up in B&Q ;)

(11:43:17) @Tuglets Or maybe it was..?

(11:43:47) @lloydbayley I certainly feel like I got out the wrong side ;) Rest well when you do!

(14:15:04) @jgamet @PrincessBagel @AlexGFox @EwenRankin @QuantumPirate Amazon drone delivery - like Yodel but with more lethal spinning blades.

(14:16:15) @chepbourne Thank you :) I think I've managed to limit the flow to slow drips... further work will be necessary!

(14:33:01) @sparkyannc Love it!

(14:37:12) @vgeller @effieproduction @WeChatApp @TweetSmarter I think it's heavily used in China.. and there are a LOT of people in China #skewed

(14:38:01) @vgeller @effieproduction @WeChatApp @TweetSmarter Although now I see that this excludes China. Hmm, then. Hmm indeed.

(17:11:43) I have been dissuaded from using the aphorism "two pipe problem" in an email. I would've thought @markhort would be more well-read ;)

(17:44:24) One of these scripts is not like the other...

(17:44:45) @Moominstrudel Totally agree: )

(17:45:05) @lilbluelephant @Moominstrudel If your big boy is less than 41 years old, you'll be fine ;)

(17:46:07) @batwench @nokia_uk @wilcox_c I'm going for black on my 1520 with red & yellow covers. Why? Because only black will be available on the 6th!

(17:46:24) Boom. And I'm outta here.

(17:46:38) @kyleswager Heh. Diff!

(17:47:17) @mrs_forky Mine has been something of a curve ball, too! Will be starting work on it tonight... @KaraokeSecret

(17:58:58) Just walked past a car blasting out Mike Oldfield's "In Dulce Jubilo" at high volume. Festive rush hour.

(20:22:56) @KxTwo Why do I find it hard to type the next line..?

(21:31:07) @wilcox_c Yeah... kind-of obsessed at the moment... this phone is nearly within my reach.. finally! @batwench @nokia_uk

(21:36:22) @hubbardcj TouchΓ© :)

(21:37:44) @boggits Quite possibly. Or maybe @markhort would enjoy some Conan Doyle. But pipes, though. True.

(22:23:37) I do wish I didn't forget how pleasant it is to edit beautifully recorded audio. I should do it more often.

(22:23:55) @smartie999 That is 100% splendid news! :)

(22:31:55) @smartie999 I know xompletely how that is! :)

(22:32:05) @smartie999 I think it's called love :)

(22:32:59) I have managed to make my last remaining plectrum mysteriously disappear in front of my eyes. This is SO weird. Is it a message..?

(23:41:40) @2225dominic Nightmare scenariorio.

(23:41:52) @lloydbayley Thnanks, Lloyd! It's been interesting to say the least! :)

(23:42:09) @goitsagch If I banked with NatWest, never a better moment ;)

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(09:09:47) Morning. Is it just me that gets a shiver down my spine when the DoctorWho theme plays and the choir briefly kicks in..? Amazing production.

(09:13:12) I've just signed up for this year's "Karaoke Secret Santa" - send someone a song for Christmas :) why not have a go?

(20:42:15) Uhoh. Slight drippage from the shower inlet pipe. This brings the number of domestic drips to three. Not including me. I'm failing at DIY :D

(21:39:52) @misscorsham A pint and a third (and some cheese) for Β£29..? Not sure I love beer that much...

(21:51:07) Tuned into a bit of Rockspin action on @mintfm :)

(22:08:33) @hubbardcj All those staples and just 10p?! What more could I want on a cold December day... to help get a roaring fire going?

(22:12:38) @MintFM @dj_frabs UTTER UTTER TUNE!

(23:39:52) Surfin' for washers in the evening. Stopping now. Bedtime. G'night!

(23:40:22) @KathrynRuthD

Tweets for 30 Nov 2013

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(00:17:35) @boggits OHhh so close! :D

(00:27:24) @boggits Ahh.. no. Although you never know with the record buying public. I was thinking more Busted/McFly.. which is arguably as bad ;)

(10:51:28) Morning. Not sure where to start. Possibly printing out blank alto clef manuscript... then the tidying can commence...

(11:28:42) Wow.. @noteflight is a fantastic online music authoring tool: - perfect for sorting @superalora's viola carol parts.

(12:51:27) I think I look especially pale today. Wan? Not sure. Scruffy? Always.

(12:51:51) @sarahsansom I managed to defer the tidying for quite a while ;)

(12:52:51) @Tuglets Good afternoon! I am just about at the start.. having done at least some tidying. Which makes me wonder what I have already done :D

(12:53:43) @tweeting_frog Good advice! I started in the middle and got lost :D Hope your Saturday is a splendid one so far!

(12:55:54) @timalmond Yup.. That's quick and easy - And the USB midi standard is supported natively. Cheapo: /cc @pj_kentΒ 

(12:58:57) @timalmond if you want to control other synths (>16 channels; >1 midi port) I had a MIDISPORT interface like this -

(13:37:28) @fridgemagnet2 That is quite unsettlingly uncanny...

(13:38:15) @kyleswager heh... he's more Bond than I'll ever be ;

(13:38:47) @Tuglets Stuck in the middle with who? ;)

(22:31:00) @thatsjustme0 Nooooooo!

(22:33:10) @thatsjustme0 I reckon @lusciouslauraxx followed you because you're epic :) :)

(22:34:45) Definitely an all-star cast of #Crackanory - just saw @Williamandrews making tea.

(23:49:17) @thatsjustme0 *mwah*

(23:49:56) Another day zipped by. Some progress made. More tomorrow. It's Advent. Night night..

(23:50:30) @sm2n Gosh that is spectacular. I wonder if there'll be another chance to see them play live... I'd be up for going!

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