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Tweets for 31 Jul 2013

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(12:05:22) @vobes Hope you had a great birthday yesterday and you're enjoying your travels today! :) Hope my card arrived!

(12:08:54) @BeachBelles With graceful, inspiring and effortlessly cool, there is far less flailing. Still, I'd pay to watch.

(12:12:07) @mostlygeordie A dead leg? ;) x

(12:23:31) @mostlygeordie is it a catalyst for bubbles?

(12:24:35) @mostlygeordie Glad to haer it! :) Feeling much better, thank you - I hope you are having another splendid lunch :) You deserve good food!:)

(12:26:19) @mostlygeordie You misunderestimate me ;)

(12:26:33) @mostlygeordie :) :)

(12:39:33) @vobes It's a busy busy time for you, sir! Hope you can gather yourself and reflect on some good times! :)

(12:42:07) @AlexGFox @EwenRankin @dansumption My son already chuckles and says "Troll!" when he does or witnesses something mildly annoying / a prank..

(12:42:42) @peasbloss Sorry. I was going to hide them ~inside~ the television but I couldn't get the back off ;)

(13:26:42) @EwenRankin @dansumption @AlexGFox If every one of them received the short sharp shock they deserved, it wouldn't happen. Who can do that?

(13:27:29) @willowHart Are you the leading blind or the led blind? For what it's worth, I know how you feel :) x

(13:30:04) @EwenRankin @dansumption @AlexGFox That is doing enough :)

(14:37:55) @thatsjustme0 COOL!

(14:40:06) @mostlygeordie @essjaythewitch I have already eaten the prize. Sorry.

(14:52:07) @essjaythewitch @mostlygeordie C'n I have a bit please? :)

(15:08:37) @thatsjustme0 Extra xxx back :)

(15:11:45) @lawnmowerdeth I was humming Icky Ficky to myself yesterday, while folding washing. That justifies #LawnmowerDeth's inclusion, I would say.

(15:56:22) @ProVoiceWorks Hi. Where do you get your backing music tracks? Is it licensed..?

(18:07:07) @Genloo What do I hang on to.. only Thursday's got a railing...!

(18:09:54) @Genloo I'll put my biggest boots on... :)

(18:13:44) @fridgemagnet2 Apparently, he liked it so much, he bought a carvery.

(18:14:34) @gambollingsylph I do like your twitter username.

(19:05:00) @nxmee WOOHOO!

(19:42:53) @mostlygeordie It would appear so. Eep!

(20:07:54) @gambollingsylph Would you mind terribly if I followed you?

(20:09:38) A bit like a Smokey Robinson miracle, last night's @LateNightLoaf show is ready for another go.. come, get it here: http://t.co/st1hBlT1wt

(20:46:59) Oooh! I'm getting Jellybean on my Nexus 7. Well.. I may be.. it could be (coughs) Jingo. I mean just a mira.. oh bobbins.

(21:29:41) One for @BritishTech ... Nexus 7 has been patched for the vulnerability we discussed on the BIG show a while back. http://t.co/7WtjCBZrD8

(21:57:06) @fridgemagnet2 Never really wanted a goat.

(22:55:21) @vobes Holy cow! My thoughts are with him - and you! I hope he makes a swift recovery. Thank goodness for the NHS. Best wishes, mate.

(22:56:33) All done with the Wednesday. There's only a bit left in the corner but you can have it. Or put it in the fridge for breakfast. Night night!

Tweets for 30 Jul 2013

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(10:51:47) @pindippycave RED SHORTS AHOY

(10:51:59) @andytuk You must be so proud :)

(11:14:17) Working from tummy ache this morning.

(11:18:18) @CygnisMedia @AskAaronLee Tesco's virtual try-room = convenience. Also check this out from @syzygyuk on digital POS: http://t.co/uIIoKiO0Iz

(11:19:24) @thatsjustme0 Oooh.. do me some, please! ;)

(11:23:01) @jarbennett Oh my goodness! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts that everything goes OK... x

(11:29:04) @jarbennett Heehee.. if I lived closer I'd pop by with a box of something tasty! :)

(11:29:41) @PervyWilbury Tweet cancellation NOOOO

(14:17:36) @dj_monkeyboy Talented bloke! :)

(15:37:15) Touch and go whether I'm going to be doing the @LateNightLoaf show tonight.. blimmin' migraine now. BLEHH

(15:38:15) @BeachBelles They could end up getting quite abrasive ;)

(15:45:44) @mostlygeordie Keeping my fluids up. I may well go for a rest later... this migraine is directly related to chemical imbalance.. thank you!x

(15:46:56) @LilyShambles @latenightloaf Might go for a therapeutic lie down and then do my best :)

(16:02:28) @LilyShambles @latenightloaf Thank you :) x

(16:51:05) @fridgemagnet2 I think I'll be there.. going for a sleep now in preparation :) Margate, though... That'll take some extensive entertainment.

(16:53:55) Come Hull or Hiawatha, @latenightloaf will be taking to the air at 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern. Grab your washboards! http://t.co/jHr1GPU3Em

(18:29:38) RT @nxmee: I have just uploaded a video of my box of awesome, please like it because it will be part of a competition!

(18:31:54) @IPTechShark You'll get there. I promise.

(18:36:05) @poots I think the thing that troubles me most is that there are 100 episodes, none of which can easily be distinguished from the others.

(18:36:42) @poots (Oh, and In The Night Garden is obviously weird.. it's featured in a @LateNightloaf show intro ;)

(18:37:39) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex - I appreciate it. Feeling a bit better after a sleep :)

(19:18:01) Tonight - 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern on Mint FM - @LateNightLoaf has TOP requests and some nonsense spake by me! http://t.co/mg9T0pIoEW

(20:24:51) @LilyShambles @latenightloaf Yeah... feeling a little better - and there's som great music in the playlist tonight.. hope you can listen!x

(20:25:39) @AlexGFox I've rather been enjoying @Arthur_Strong's TV show.. I'll give it a watch.. thanks for the reminder! :)

(21:06:16) @LilyShambles @latenightloaf Indeed :D Keeping the end up ;)

(21:06:52) Live! On http://t.co/Ec61SQ43P5 right now! It's @LateNightLoaf. All kinds of wrongness for your ears. UNDERSTAND THAT!

(21:27:28) @LilyShambles @latenightloaf Ooh.. I love the Andrews Sisters. Much of what I play is kind of 80s..

(21:37:09) @dj_frabs Evenin' :) I have yet even to Meat him ;)

(21:54:13) @LilyShambles @latenightloaf That's the effect I'm trying to get across ;)

(21:54:37) @dj_frabs Uhhhoh.. to be honest, we never had an accident in our silver car... in fact our current car is silver too. Hmm.. what's going on?

(21:55:10) @BeachBelles the Michael Phelps of the fly world. You have an OLYMPIC CHAMPION there.

(21:55:25) @BeachBelles O lord.

(21:58:42) @dj_frabs I'm having fun playing songs I love. And then I'm going to bed ;)

(21:59:13) @BeachBelles He'll be back... he's the world record U-bend lap holder ;)

(22:02:33) @1969Steve I hope you have a great evening.. I'll upload the archive ASAP :)

(22:03:00) @dj_frabs I would be interested to know if you have any suggestions for other uncoverable songs.. I could turn it into a feature :)

(22:09:19) @dj_frabs True. The true genius of the Lennon/McCartney songwriting can often come through in well-thought-out re-interpretations.

(22:34:15) @neilcochrane1 I played @johnny_winter's request earlier - much to many listeners' bafflement :D

(22:34:35) @neilcochrane1 Get it on the archive, sir ;) LOVED it though.

(22:43:26) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Yup :)

(22:48:49) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter The Loaf Zone. I like that.

(22:49:58) @PrincessBagel Gosh I missed such disaster.. I've had quite the day. I hope all's well. Don't forget to sleep in your wellies x

(23:00:45) @PrincessBagel No problem at all. I'll stump up the cash and break you out ;) Catch up soon, lovely x

(23:02:38) Another @LateNightLoaf done and dusted.. thank you to everyone who helped! I'll upload the archive as son as I can tomorrow. Night night!

Tweets for 29 Jul 2013

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(13:31:06) @LILLYTHEPINK1 That's the way my mind works... how I'm wired up, if you like. Interesting to discuss it, though. Challenging.

(13:37:30) @Zomby6 @googlemaps Looks like it was taken in the evening! :)

(13:37:40) @thatsjustme0 May? Will! :D

(13:38:26) @pearcen Hope you feel much better soon, mate.

(13:44:10) @thatsjustme0 Good afternoon lovely :) I'd love a coffee, but I am going to the dentists in a bit.. need to keep my mouth a temple ;)

(13:49:01) @Tactless_Blonde Heh. Neat loop :)

(13:49:22) @OmarRaza Congratulations, dude! :)

(13:50:11) @Zomby6 That's pretty bad.. any other satellite imagery you can use? Bing been nearby?

(14:06:02) @BeachBelles Which seaside are you at? Hope it's a good one! :)

(14:06:49) @darr_n @poots I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get an email from James Blunt.

(14:32:57) @DawnLoweActress @GiveBloodNHS Did mine the other week... they are keen on making us drink lots beforehand, eh? :)

(14:34:08) @PrincessBagel Fun can wear one out! Hope you get some rest soon x

(15:50:20) I'm surrounded by so much dentism at the moment.

(16:44:01) @BeachBelles Went to Hartlepool once. Does that count?

(16:44:43) @meanjeen It's a special service they provide called "slow down and appreciate the (paucity of the) scenery" ;)

(16:44:56) @B3tan_Tyronne Gummy a break...

(16:45:32) @Dreamy_lyrics I was in the company of dentists.. ;)

(17:44:51) @Dreamy_lyrics Heehee.. came out unscathed (this time!)

(17:44:59) @meanjeen It's only fair :)

(17:45:29) @BeachBelles OK. I may have ended up in Cleethorpes. Or a Cleethorpe...

(18:50:52) @RobJD Thanks, dude :) Perfect for holiday season :D

(19:12:34) @batwench @paulums @intlBeige They are parting ways. Geographical differences. They'd better be back! I did some voicers for 'em ;)

(19:13:30) @batwench Is that someone dressed as a Dalek behind?

(19:14:05) @batwench My mum is 76 and does Facebook, Twitter ~and~ online banking on her iPad ;)

(19:17:06) @paulums @batwench @intlBeige YES.

(19:17:24) @batwench The rest, as they say, is history (and future. And present)

(22:25:04) @perrygascoine @sm2n @davewitchalls @markhort HA!

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