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(07:05:15) @Zararugosa Hahah.. just read this. Ouch :D

(07:05:34) @mostlygeordie Bit of a sprain :)

(07:07:19) @lsrwLuke Excitingly so-so :D

(07:07:38) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Morning :) Busy day ahead!

(07:10:10) @mostlygeordie It feels better this morning :) I WILL play netball again! :)

(07:11:10) @johndredge Typical for a Monday morning! Where's Lionel?

(09:22:17) @willowHart Clingfilm is the only solution. Don't forget a breathing hole! @fionalaird

(11:33:19) Back from a long-overdue blood donation. Fortunately, they overlooked my hurty finger. Phew.

(11:33:52) @j0anne1 Nightmare! (The dyeing bit, not the trip to Solihull. Although I've never been there to be fair :D)

(11:34:30) @SopranoPamela @coollike HAHA! Great minds etc...

(11:52:13) @GHOGIT Funnily enough I mentioned you to Lesley The Supervisor. She thinks your slippers are amusing. Good luck tomorrow! :)

(11:52:36) @mostlygeordie I've got my Mint Club, baby. (It's about the only time I ever eat a Club biscuit! :D)

(11:52:51) @starr67 Ooh! Maybe! :) :)

(11:53:32) @j0anne1 Oops.. not sure bleach would do much for that. Such a shame just half a term from the end of the school year. Hardly worth it! :)

(13:02:11) @j0anne1 Perfect :)

(13:16:51) I've just discovered that our favourite next door neighbour man is moving back to Poland today. That's a shame. We liked him.

(13:38:34) @thatsjustme0 Ooh! Another day trip? :)

(13:38:50) @xlaux Sending positive concentratey thoughts :) x

(13:39:02) @batwench @PrincessBagel *group gentle hug*

(13:40:23) @kibbutzshorts 18.3 seconds. If they don't.. REBUFF! (Seriously, though, some people use lists rather than follows)...

(13:48:23) @BaldExplorer Simply CANNOT wait! :)

(17:19:35) For the benefit of @sparkyannc and finger aficionados, here is an out of focus photo of my Hurty Finger Collection. http://t.co/L0XBJnIVGQ

(17:54:37) @justliketoby That's one major fingermash! @sparkyannc

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(08:12:13) @BeachBelles they should call it 'The Table of Jam' :D

(08:26:30) The children have got a new cereal. It should be called "Kelloggs Multigrain Milky Carnage" http://t.co/YCN37Y9sp8

(12:50:35) @washmysocks31 I do believe you can catch up with the first five episodes on the iPlayer - http://t.co/ImwSIOady4 - I hope that helps!

(12:52:51) @Moominstrudel We went to Also earlier. I was tempted to buy stuff, but resisted #greatvaluehelicopter

(12:53:34) @BeachBelles This doesn't sound like it is going to end well...

(12:54:39) @washmysocks31 I often consider a life without television...

(12:55:52) @JonBCFC I am often tempted to shut my FB down...

(12:59:27) @washmysocks31 Oh yes.. BBC4 is brilliant :) I haven't watched much Sky Arts 2...

(13:00:43) @nausea18 Stunning photo :)

(15:11:22) @j0anne1 @JonBCFC I'm happy to do it.. It's my job in this house :D

(15:20:42) Back from a rather chilly swim. Catching up with the second #BTCC race... always a bit of drama. And zooming. Vrowm.

(15:21:56) @j0anne1 No worries - looks like perfect drying weather! @JonBCFC

(15:23:09) @mostlygeordie Your nuts.

(18:55:04) @birdfortytwo Brilliant :) My two have that when they meet up with their cousins. Love the new profile pic, by the way. Hair remix?

(18:55:52) I'm trying to work out if my little finger is broken. I can type, so I'm guessing not.

(18:57:46) Nah. Just a sprain. http://t.co/GvtR3CYvwY

(18:57:54) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird YES.

(18:58:07) @steve_nolan1 That's not enough for everyone...

(19:06:34) @steve_nolan1 ;) Cheers!

(19:06:59) @birdfortytwo Quite warm, then! So perfect for a British summer ;)

(19:07:14) @fridgemagnet2 It bloody hurt to type that. And this. Ow.

(19:07:45) @IPTechShark Please share it with the class.

(19:08:02) @birdfortytwo Pics please! :)

(19:44:27) @IPTechShark Outrage. I'd send it back saying "wrong recipient." :D

(19:44:41) @birdfortytwo Cool! :) Can't wait to see them.

(19:45:06) @sparkyannc *cough* attempting a handstand. Ginger + finger. yeah. Thanks for the rhyming tip! :)

(19:45:19) @CherryKaz1 Uhoh.. I'll keep it under close supervision :)

(19:53:51) @sparkyannc That's what happens when I'm not under Beth's direct supervision.. :D

(21:26:10) @imlaurahousThank you for the follow! I don't 'pad' down the stairs but I make a noise like Buzz Lightyear when I run up them #freakee

(21:37:28) Right. Taking my horribly mildly damaged finger to bed. If it doesn't make it through the night, please rest it in a little matchbox. Night!

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(06:54:24) @pearcen Morning :) What a delightful way to start the day!

(06:57:34) Morning. Wow.. listening to the first Recycled Radio on #iPlayer; a cleverly put together bit of cut-up audio clips. http://t.co/lKg9EVNBFb

(06:58:06) @mostlygeordie Morning. Where are you?

(06:58:47) @pearcen Never too early for that sort of thing, incidentally.

(06:59:46) @emmathegardener I votededed

(07:00:15) @helerelereno Heh. I love dreams like that. @MattBellamy

(07:00:32) @JQP74 Gosh! Good morning :)

(07:45:10) @mostlygeordie In the kitchen. Housework needs doing. I may start it presently :D

(07:45:17) @pearcen @Tone_720 :D

(07:47:36) @Kittybliss @helerelereno That's a hell of a story to tell on Dragon's Den. "I dreamt it, and I need £5,000 to get Chris Evans to do the ad"

(07:50:33) @Chocohalix Mornin' Alix :)

(07:51:13) @Sk287 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

(07:52:07) Deleting stuff from the temp directory. There's always that little bit of uncertainty...

(08:43:43) @JonBCFC Mornin' dude :) Hope you have a great day!

(08:44:35) @ellewadding Especially when disk space is running short...

(08:46:25) @lsrwLuke nooooo! (especially since it's on a network drive, so no undelete.. oops!)

(08:46:46) @maycliff56 Mornin :)

(08:47:38) @Lycan33 Morning, Matt :)

(09:17:25) @claw0101 It doesn't last last long... then permanent regret ;)

(09:17:51) @ngyt_uk Fingers crossed! :)

(09:30:03) @maycliff56 You too! :)

(09:31:39) Gosh. More coffee needed. But nearly done with the IT housekeeping... now to do the real housework :D

(11:56:39) @BeachBelles I hope they cancel each other out. (Not sure how that works).

(11:59:25) @PeterBluemler Thank you :) Not so bad - got the housework done, at least! Might try and escape outdoors later! Hope you have a good one.

(11:59:57) Stopped the housework to take on water.

(13:03:05) @johnny_winter I got wet. The water didn't get me. Not sure what that means...

(13:03:32) @willowHart Yes ma'am.. dusting time, in fact... :D

(13:04:13) @mostlygeordie Quite. And a good sit down afterwards...

(13:04:31) @BeachBelles Did ya see anyone you know?

(17:26:53) @poots Oh no.. the one in bits was the fore-runner to the Evil Hotpoint Of Doom which you chose from your hospital bed ;) @fridgemagnet2

(17:27:55) @BeachBelles It's a frightening number of years since I was at school, too. Walked the route to my primary school on Weds. Weird. Short.

(17:52:56) @DarrenGriffin ooh classy!

(17:53:19) @PervyWilbury Heh. Eye teeth to read your journal :P

(17:53:27) @PeterBluemler You too, dude :)

(17:56:31) @BeachBelles May well have been the neurosis layer cake. You need to treat yourself this evening :)

(18:01:54) @smartie999 Enjoy :) x

(18:21:42) "Gary's Anatomy."

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(06:43:22) @washmysocks31 That's really soon :) Great!

(07:05:16) Interpretive darts.

(07:09:40) @washmysocks31 Me too! *positive thoughts*

(07:10:35) @mostlygeordie Catsuit. Wetsuit. Lawsuit.

(07:12:41) Never buying a Hotpoint again. They make rubbish smartphones.

(07:14:47) @EmmaTofi Oooh! Please save me one :)

(07:15:03) @PervyWilbury I'm not sure, but when it happens YOU STAND WELL CLEAR.

(07:19:43) @HellenBach That @RealKenBruce is a splendid bloke. One of the reasons I'm sad I don't work for the BBC any more.

(07:20:24) @corrie_corfield I'm a little piqued that I never had the chance to take curtseying lessons from @ms_howard. Or, indeed, sashaying.

(07:20:44) @clairerandall That is the opening line of the best song in the world.

(07:21:32) The QUEEG is visiting Broadcasting House today. The only way to beat it is to play chess with it.

(07:22:09) @peasbloss heehee.. when they don't break down :D

(07:22:26) @corrie_corfield #Iwouldpaytoseethat @ms_howard

(07:23:09) @EmmaTofi Mmmm :) Haven't had them in AGES. Thankoo :)

(07:23:38) @clairerandall Maybe up to the first chorus ;)

(07:25:04) @clairerandall And I was going to say I very much enjoy your boos. (A bit late, I know, but I would own up to breaking something in a shop)

(07:26:09) @mostlygeordie *does a dance*

(07:26:34) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Have a great day, too! :) #FF

(07:26:42) @Tuglets And good morning! :)

(07:29:58) @Tuglets I am going to HAVE to watch that episode again :) :)

(07:30:44) @HellenBach Yeah.. last October; my job changed and it didn't suit my playboy lifestyle ;) [Less working with lovely Radio 2] @RealKenBruce

(07:31:45) @peasbloss *chuckles* Makes a bit more sense now :D

(07:32:10) @Tuglets And yours :) *likes being called 'young'* ;)

(07:40:03) "Six? Do me a lemon. That's a poor IQ for a glass of water" #Queeg

(07:40:47) @Tuglets You're absolutely right... it went a bit pantomime, didn't it? :) Glad to have a kindred spirit!

(08:07:15) @vobes @lloydbayley Morning audio (and indeed video) superstars. Wishing you a fantabulous Friday - or what's left of it! :) #timezones

(08:08:09) @ms_howard If it ain't furious, it ain't a tango... swear-dancing. Now THAT is an idea! @corrie_corfield

(08:08:38) @JeanieFinlay Ahh the general public.

(08:08:52) My goodness there are a lot of places called Crawley in the UK.

(08:13:01) @lloydbayley Great! Hope your evening continues in such frantic(!) style :)

(08:23:24) @JonBCFC Safety?

(08:24:41) @HellenBach @BigNormski1 Aww :) :)

(08:26:29) @Lycan33 @PervyWilbury :D I'm baffled now!

(08:31:07) @JonBCFC Best put your stapler in some jelly just in case they go after that next ;)

(08:31:34) @PervyWilbury @Lycan33 And that is what Fridays should be all about.

(09:13:57) @PrincessBagel @AlexGFox @EwenRankin I find myself doing more selfies these days... quite weird, since I'm getting older. Validation, maybe?

(09:19:00) @AlexGFox @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin *blushes under my sunburn* :) :)

(09:19:58) @Sjluton @LutonEye Oh you guys. Happy Friday to the pair of you.

(09:20:10) @BeachBelles It is coffee time #hopethathelps

(09:52:17) @PrincessBagel @AlexGFox Definitely going to get my hands on it :)

(10:30:42) This week's Late Night Loaf show is in the archives - http://t.co/st1hBlT1wt - @dj_monkeyboy did a fine, fine job. Why not have a listen? :)

(12:36:02) @birdfortytwo :) :)

(12:39:20) @johnny_winter I think @RoyalMail do crossbows with harpoon attachments at their collection offices. #JOKE

(12:40:02) @kathyclugston You are SO dedicated!

(12:41:11) Listening to Tuesday's @LateNightLoaf on catch-up with @dj_monkeyboy - I hope I'm nearly this entertaining.

(14:51:53) Letters from school in email format are great; I get one that says "Synagogue visit" & Lenni's comes home with one saying "Cinema visit" :D

(14:52:02) I'm hoping they're two different trips.

(15:52:58) @kittykatkent Nope.

(15:54:53) @PervyWilbury I'm in.

(16:27:11) @nxmee Yummy yummy. #contractualobligation

(16:29:38) OK Microsoft Outlook, when I am using quick search to look for the string "0000000000" why do you say every single message matches? WHY?

(17:14:42) @sparkyannc Wherever I look, it gives me everything. I have taken appropriate steps - shut down my computer and come home (upstairs :D)

(17:14:48) @lsrwLuke HA! :D

(17:14:57) @ibookery Yes. Yes it is :|

(17:15:24) @sparkyannc Brilliant :D

(17:15:46) @sm2n Gonna miss @AmberMakeup12. More than I'm letting on.

(17:17:48) @mostlygeordie But... how do I know that for sure? ;)

(17:20:30) @mostlygeordie Can I have the one about a subtweet, please. Nobody ever subtweets me. Or maybe I never notice... :D

(17:41:45) @Dreamy_lyrics oh wow! :) Hope you have a great trip!

(17:44:34) @AmberMakeup12 Well, you're just gonna have to come back by popular demand! :D But then, maybe you transcend coffee. Like a boss. @sm2n

(17:48:28) Hey @TheDBC_weymouth! Thanks again for a tasty brie & bacon burger on Wednesday evening - I'll definitely visit again and tell my friends :)

(21:02:30) @peasbloss @croftola @Domesticated_V @maycliff56 @WellsNicky @Mr_Shine74 @janiscw @PepsiShannon Big #ff love from me!

(21:25:29) @thatsjustme0 Aww :) Bed?

(21:27:45) @thatsjustme0 Aww :) He's upside down ;) x

(22:14:00) @JonBCFC Me? nah... I'm not your stalker. Night, dude :)

(22:14:46) @j0anne1 Night, lovely lady. Have a great weekend :)

(22:15:51) Pulling down the blind and putting the answerphone to "out" Good night and sleep brilliantly.

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(06:34:51) @peasbloss You're a delight :) Good morning!

(06:40:37) @__Gran2F__ Good morning, Jan :) I've been something of a stranger to this time of day... but the coffee tastes good! How's you? @peasbloss

(06:43:30) It's a good morning from me. Busy Thursday ahead - getting the CF card out of my camera to recall the past days will have to wait...

(06:45:02) @__Gran2F__ It has been stunning, hasn't it! But not too hot :) I got a bit sunburned yesterday.. oops! #YOLO @peasbloss

(06:46:20) @__Gran2F__ @peasbloss Opening the windows in anticipation!

(12:06:03) @JeanieFinlay Distinctive, whichever! :)

(12:21:05) @LILLYTHEPINK1 These are days of miracle and wonder.

(12:21:44) I like the word "besmirch".

(12:22:17) Having a massive salad, courtesty of @Poots. She looks after me.

(12:23:21) @lloydbayley Hope you're well, sir, and everything's ticking along (including your new clock!)

(12:23:32) @thatsjustme0 :) :)

(12:29:47) @thatsjustme0 *waves back* I had plenty (read: a bit too much) sun yesterday.. hiding indoors today :D

(12:30:26) @lloydbayley Nearly the weekend (in theory!) Yeah.. I'm not too bad, ta. Was going to give blood today, but ended up in Milton Keynes :D

(12:34:46) @PervyWilbury Came to my brain. I will have to use it in a sentence today. Bedecked. Belaboured. Benandjerries.

(12:35:07) @PervyWilbury If that last one doesn't exist it SHOULD ;)

(12:36:35) @colontropogo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Thursday to you :) Rather misty here :)

(13:07:36) @thatsjustme0 I think I got away lucky, although I'm not a pretty sight at the moment :D Hope you're all covered in the good stuff! :)

(13:39:51) @zany_zigzag Don't even.

(14:01:08) @pearcen @PrincessBagel I fully intend to move to Hampshire/Dorset when the opportunity arises. My childhood home :)

(14:15:47) @PervyWilbury Beer! Benzohydrazine! Beccles! :D

(14:19:51) @TeleWonderWomen This is not news, nor is it of our concern, and therefore is just noise. An especially jarring noise. @girlonetrack @billt

(14:20:33) @thatsjustme0 I preferred you when you were Kevin*

(14:20:54) @rachelkennedy84 @corrie_corfield Amen.

(17:56:41) I'm not sure I've done my feet much good. They hurt a bit :D

(18:14:52) @cloudexplosion Good luck, sis. Remember: Don't rush and listen to yourself. Fortunately, it's easy to edit, but try not to swear ;)

(18:15:58) @hergiebird Someone left two cats when they moved..? Is that normal? Is that even legal? @fridgemagnet2

(18:16:56) @jarbennett Hurrah!

(18:17:39) @ellewadding I despair sometimes #tryingtobetextbook

(18:18:28) @Mangowe @birdfortytwo So will the grown-ups... please make mine a double ;)

(18:18:50) @jarbennett Always :)

(18:19:20) @xlaux I didn't understand a word of that #Dadtexter

(19:36:56) Incidentally, what in the LIFE AND TIMES OF DOUGLAS ADAMS has happened to Google Mail on Android? It's gone all random.

(19:42:41) @birdfortytwo @Mangowe HAHAHA. I like to think of it as a rather potent ice cream sauce.

(19:43:35) @Mangowe @birdfortytwo (I'll be honest, I don't think I've had it. Resisted nicking a spoonful after dosing up a sick little one!)

(19:43:50) @LilyShambles pfft :D

(19:44:04) @LilyShambles I fear we are in the long dark teatime of the internets.

(19:44:25) @Zomby6 It's gone all funny. Pastel coloured squares. What's all that about..?

(19:44:50) @Sab_Mc He.. what @dj_monkeyboy said :D Really good books if you get the chance to enjoy them!

(19:47:56) @PontoonDock That whole piece is a gorgeous one - and only 46 seconds long :) How that ended up at the end of Newsround I have no idea!

(19:48:30) @birdfortytwo @Mangowe True. Especially pizza / cake. And when they've grown out of drooling all over it :D

(21:10:08) @washmysocks31 Night night, Barbara :)

(21:10:41) @mostlygeordie I don't know what that is. Is Snapchat good?

(21:59:46) @boggits Little bit. More confused, to be honest.

(22:00:00) @sharonlangridge Thank you for the tip! :) :)

(22:00:22) @goitsagch *baffled* Yes. That. :D

(22:33:17) @mostlygeordie Maybe I do. Maybe I do....

(22:38:03) Gosh, a busy evening. I'm pooped. Night night to you.

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(00:08:37) I found In Full View (http://t.co/ElXysKzPo9) #cgeo #geocaching

(09:27:52) I found Anne's Hideaway (http://t.co/7pFUQehtog) #cgeo #geocaching

(09:49:56) I found The Commodore (http://t.co/kY0FEIKdag) #cgeo #geocaching

(10:54:46) Quite a good view from here. http://t.co/3g6GG5Ugt7

(11:15:06) I found IoP BMX Banditos (http://t.co/Ms7MQVgM8b) #cgeo #geocaching

(11:35:07) @Brambling Heehee! It was dusk when I nabbed the Gone Fishing one... I could at least hear them! :) :)

(11:35:51) @alta8 Having a day by the seaside... a geocaching trip :)

(11:37:18) @sparkyannc I've got a latte and some shade... hopefully that counts! :) this part of the world is definitely worth a visit :)

(11:38:57) @chrisandharvey ~waves~ I'm having a coffee at the Heights before heading down to Easton - I'll take a look on my way!

(11:39:39) @leica0000 I could look in my loft for that :D

(11:40:39) @poots Sorry about that. Big square Bluetooth button fail...

(11:42:01) @fridgemagnet2 I really don't know how to reply to that. Except that I forgot to bring a cassette to record it on.

(11:43:52) @Mr_DW_Brighton More like the nightshift ;)

(11:48:54) @fridgemagnet2 I can find little plastic boxes EVERYWHERE... :D

(13:41:15) Enough Portland stone to make loads of Broadcasting Houses... http://t.co/YSiRAB5S2p

(17:38:56) Best Cathedral yeah. http://t.co/wBrXyPX1wF

(19:27:21) I found TK09 Salisbury River Bridges – Bishop Bingham’s (http://t.co/awIA7lUiKp) #cgeo #geocaching

(21:43:49) @connorwalsh Oh. Wow! Thanks, Connor :)

(21:44:21) @ellewadding I had never been there before... amazing expanse of, well, place...

(21:45:19) @chrisandharvey Thank you so much for the tip.. it will have to wait for the next visit, though... I'm all home now :) (bit sunburned!)

(21:45:44) @fridgemagnet2 Yes.

(21:47:01) All home now. Sunburned with hurty feet. And a load of stuff to sort out. Life doesn't really stop, does it?

(22:21:06) @neilcochrane1 Oh. But what about that pause button? :D

(22:35:19) Off to bed. Goodbye to all da haters etc.

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(02:18:35) Tempting as it is to sing songs substituting the word "life" with "wife", it is not recommended. In front of one's wife.

(02:31:38) Are Rhett and Link the American Conchords?

(02:31:56) Going back to bed.

(05:56:15) @JQP74 Sounds like a great way to spend a Tuesday! Have a great one ;) @tomedz @theonlystoko @agutzmore

(05:58:22) @BaronHawkey Morning, BH! :)

(05:59:38) @JQP74 I'm good, ta... waiting for the caffeine to kick in! It's going to be a warm one, I think! :)

(06:09:27) @BaronHawkey Not bad, ta. Not bad at all. >95% of my limbs and organs appear to be functioning :)

(06:20:50) @sharonlangridge It's clearly a highlight of all the villages - not least because it's near where you're from!

(06:21:35) @BaronHawkey How about you? Heading into the smoke soon?

(06:21:51) @Chocohalix Mornin' Alex :)

(06:26:53) @Chocohalix Or Alix even (sorry!)

(06:27:27) @thatsjustme0 Oooh you're perky this morning! I clearly need more coffee ;) Happy Tuesday :) x

(06:58:32) @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey BUBBB! (no idea)

(06:58:50) @mostlygeordie box of cornflakes in your bedside cabinet #result

(07:23:21) Happy birthday to @xlaux :)

(07:35:01) @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey BACON f'in SARNIE! YES.

(07:35:18) @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey Which reminds me.. need to make myself a cheese sarnie for lunch.. thank you!

(07:52:09) @Dreamy_lyrics Ooooh cool! :)

(08:40:19) @lloydbayley ADSL tends to be the consumer 'favourite' since much of what's done at home is consumption. http://t.co/2Nx3dkDeNS SDSL mmmm!

(09:19:17) Oh this is a DELIGHT. http://t.co/cVuWoEh2Lq #billybragg

(09:41:06) RT @dj_monkeyboy: Late night loaf, tonight with monkey boy. http://t.co/eUqRxJiZH2 via @audioboo

(09:41:56) @ngyt_uk Congratulations on a fine, impassioned performance. Beautifully executed- and the choice of accompanying music was perfect. #RIPned

(11:52:26) @AlexGFox Probably one of my favourite things I've heard this year :) And the album may well be a worthwhile investment :)

(13:04:48) @AlexGFox I second that sentiment! :)

(17:37:22) I found By Gum! (http://t.co/y54jcY3GSp) #cgeo #geocaching

(18:15:48) Today, I think I might be in love with this place. @ The Esplanade http://t.co/XYhowsPpIV

(18:39:13) @mostlygeordie Alcoholic Ribena, though #win #keepawayfromchildren

(18:40:50) Greetings to @latenightloaf ers... due to circumstances, I've handed over the keys to the mighty Loafer Charabanc to @dj_monkeyboy tonight!

(18:41:47) @TlfTravelAlerts I bet he's feeling on top of the world. Or at least a little bit taller.

(18:43:23) Weymouth, I am not so much in as alongside you.

(19:02:14) @GOITSAGCH A bit further down the index of your Collins Road Atlas...

(19:03:19) @perrygascoine @sarahwatkin It is completely lovely - although I have been somewhat spoilt by the warm, gorgeous evening :)

(19:52:01) I found 'arbour View (http://t.co/MLCUAFYbf1) #cgeo #geocaching

(20:07:23) I found Hope you find it... (http://t.co/oD1M9czS4O) #cgeo #geocaching

(20:31:01) I found Jubilee Clock (http://t.co/b8317RRnoI) #cgeo #geocaching

(20:55:13) I found Curse of the FTF Dorset #10 - Weymouth (http://t.co/t8n1kA1Gqz) #cgeo #geocaching

(21:07:19) I found 'Gone Fishing!' (http://t.co/wikp7IlkPo) #cgeo #geocaching

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(07:42:51) @neilcochrane1 Ooh.. thanks for the tip. A good workaround!

(07:45:48) Yay... @thisrealitypod is back! It comes highly recommended for discerning listeners. Quality music. Nice one, as always, @brennig :)

(07:47:38) Bit of a rough night all in, with some really weird waking dreams that involved student halls and entertaining @dizzymummytotwo's children!

(07:48:26) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Morning :) Clunking into first gear... Monday!

(07:49:55) @fridgemagnet2 Don't make @poots send you a curly permanent marker guard...

(07:50:53) @PrincessBagel St John's Ambulance follow you about.

(07:51:51) Owl pics > cat pics.

(07:52:36) @dj_monkeyboy Ha! I sleep with a dozen lidless Sharpies....

(07:54:08) @Brambling Probably not, but if you do catch his/her eye, just maybe say "You've got a little..." and indicate the vast swathe of blackness.

(07:55:14) @Brambling (fortunately I ran out of characters before I could write 'IN THEIR SOUL.' But it still amused me)

(07:56:35) @drhappymac That is pretty definitive 80s boombox action. Hope the cassette deck still works!

(07:58:04) @mostlygeordie Hand over your mouth, young lady :p

(08:49:34) @SteveDoherty1 Gosh I love Focus :)

(08:59:21) Happy birthday, @PeachLaneStudio :)

(08:59:52) @Brambling Ahh... Hove. Were it Brighton, she'd doubtless fit right in #Bohemian

(09:00:01) @mostlygeordie ;) x

(09:00:37) @PrincessBagel @batwench I haven't even countenanced the idea. Wouldn't end well...

(09:16:19) Daft Punk = Disco Stigs

(10:34:59) @sacs This would be entirely the perfect song to play in the "Something Wrong" section of my radio show. But it sounds like a suicide note:|

(11:28:10) @dizzymummytotwo Makes it all the stranger having never actually met you :D

(12:32:28) RT @ThePoke: RADIO NEWS: Nick Grimshaw's lost listeners found cowering in disused coal mine.

(13:09:36) @giffgaff Not sure I like it.

(13:27:18) @TotesAmazeAK I'm glad it's not just me #Ipreferbirds

(13:55:10) Birdfood Rejection http://t.co/U30PXkYdvL via @audioboo

(13:55:20) @BaronHawkey YUM!

(13:56:06) @RedMummy You'll get an airport shut down if you're not careful. Or something.

(13:56:27) Americano!

(13:59:53) @pearcen In the land of the free.. you can be what you wanna be. Except black or gay in some parts of the states.

(14:56:56) I think I'm a rubbish Mogwai (never feed me after 8pm)

(14:58:03) @thatsjustme0 You and me both. x

(15:10:52) @LILLYTHEPINK1 My Zoom H4 :)

(15:11:34) @pearcen Missus Fatch.. double-seat.. well-rated musical theatre production.. etc.

(15:11:50) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo Mornin' (ish)

(15:12:11) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It would appear so. Like a really achey zombie character. It's not pretty :D

(15:12:25) @TotesAmazeAK It's why we tweet ;)

(15:14:22) @rainbowtaylor Cuppa tea.

(15:15:28) @the_335 That is a delightfully cheerful picture :)

(15:15:46) @hadenmaiden It could do with a hoover ;)

(15:27:53) The world has got no hope of flourishing. Or even surviving, no matter what anyone does. Why? Because of too many defeatist attitudes. #JOKE

(15:28:11) @clairerandall I'm waiting for my son to do that. But he's only 13.

(15:38:26) @clairerandall Brave... foolish... somewhere in-between!

(16:30:52) @KerryAGodliman Don't make me come over there.

(16:32:28) @fridgemagnet2 Only in East Sussex. Well, probably not ONLY.

(16:34:36) @PeterBluemler Making a checklist... I am SO there! (I've done one... plus the equivalent to Top Thrill Dragster at Thorpe park.. 13 to go!)

(16:36:46) @pearcen Once you've got two (or three!) it's hard to go back to just one!

(17:34:05) @trixie hello :) My demo... http://t.co/NHKnQCpzs5 (thanks, @jamesstodd)

(20:48:43) @LILLYTHEPINK1 That's NAUGHTY of twitter.

(20:49:15) @goitsagch Heh. I never go out into the rain if I can help it! :D

(20:50:44) @LILLYTHEPINK1 *sigh* Stoopids.

(20:57:53) @cloudexplosion Welcome rejoinging! :) GOOD LUCK TODAY. Oh.

(21:00:54) Just popped upstairs to discover that @poots is watching Michael McIntyre. Say what you like about him.

(21:01:14) @mostlygeordie I already was.

(21:05:35) @fiverscarrot l)

(21:06:37) @mostlygeordie But then I forgot what I was doing. DARN.

(21:08:30) @mostlygeordie I've put my failwhale back in the cupboard, and now I'm going to bed. Best thing in the long run! :D

(21:09:53) @mostlygeordie I especially liked the "As you were... collapse" bit. http://t.co/p5feaUYI8d

(21:12:36) I've been trying @SwiftKey - I like the predictions it makes. How did it choose these villages? (Lunchington was me) http://t.co/SheMQ9UF0Q

(21:14:05) Apparently Burnsall is one of the Yorkshire Dale's prettiest villages http://t.co/n84W2FIkJw ..and so is Grassington! http://t.co/kgafRmKLJy

(21:15:02) @lsrwLuke Fair play :D

(21:15:25) Right.. need to start work early doors tomorrow, so bedtime for me. Night night to YOU, especially.

(21:17:32) @GemMcC @poots I thought they were quite good, and very shouty :) @ngyt_uk

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(08:52:27) @CymraesCoch Good grief, that's quite a trek! Safe trip :) x

(08:52:48) @PeterBluemler YEAH!

(08:54:02) @CymraesCoch On a day like today, yup!

(08:56:04) The morning after another @Jamfolder music session... a new song is already taking shape. Kudos to @sm2n for lyrical maestrocity.

(08:56:26) @OlorinLorien Mornin'

(08:57:49) @pearcen I'll get the spatula. #scrapeyouofftheceiling

(08:58:11) Just no.

(08:59:08) @CymraesCoch I know that feeling! :D #sharethesleepiness

(10:01:34) @OlorinLorien Hopefully so! Gorgeous sunniness :) Hope you have a splendid Sunday!

(14:20:32) @OlorinLorien Indeed... although I've just been for a cycle ride with the children and it's rather worn me out :D

(14:21:00) @CymraesCoch Did ya make it..? Did ya? #safedrive

(14:22:05) @markhort A bit...

(14:29:16) Eric Morecambe statue thing http://t.co/nHbHDeQvQY

(15:22:11) @CymraesCoch @moschops66 Gosh! :o

(15:58:43) @neilcochrane1 I'm guessing you're on ADSL. Because upload bandwidth is lower, it gets saturated, so download response packets get stuck.

(17:12:29) @BaronHawkey @mostlygeordie Tweetup! And I missed it *cries*

(17:16:17) @Ladyfuckwit @Tactless_Blonde The two missing lines at the bottom: "My heart longed to throw my shoes in the sea.

(17:23:16) @BaronHawkey @mostlygeordie Ahh cool :) I would love to meet up with you two fine Bucks folk sometime :)

(18:37:15) @HeardinLondon I follow you because your tweets are insightful without being pompous, amusing without being crass and interesting.

(18:37:43) @HeardinLondon That should be , and interesting. Not crass and interesting, you understand.

(18:39:27) @BaronHawkey @mostlygeordie :) :)

(20:08:52) @mostlygeordie @BaronHawkey <:\}

(20:40:14) @robertpopper They are very, very discreet.

(21:50:15) @PrincessBagel Nighty x

(22:05:06) Starting to get a bit irked by the earth loop noise in my studio speakers. I can feel a rewiring coming on. *sigh*

(22:12:14) @thatsjustme0 Night lovely :) Hope you've had a brilliant weekend x

(22:13:05) @PaulEdwards_ Looks picturesque (although doesn't say the name anywhere!) Is that your Ferrari? ;)

(22:20:16) Right. Racing to bed. ZOOM. Not too quickly, though, or I will be wide awake by the time I get there. Night night night.

(22:22:39) @jasonplato Oh I see what you did there. I just reported you to @AccidentalP :D

(22:24:11) @jasonplato STOP GETTING BOND WRONG!

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(07:30:33) Nope... I don't recognise the EDL march today as representing in any way Britain or me. Peace. http://t.co/TvOAAh6SDZ #WeAreTheMany

(07:31:17) @imule They had the Charleston. Best we've got? Harlem Shake...

(07:32:01) @mostlygeordie it's OK.. You didn't make a spectacle of yourself ;)

(07:43:34) @PrincessBagel Morning :) Hope your builders turn up at a reasonable time today! :)

(07:44:16) 1. Come up with amusing tweet

(07:45:57) @Hartfamilybeer Heehee... that could end up being unsavoury! How far south from Wellingborough does your No.1 come? #LOVErealale #hartclan

(07:46:23) @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @Fee_Easton @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris It's a fine thing!

(07:48:56) @CymraesCoch Me too.. that tweet was an excuse to sit down at the computer. Again :D Better get off my arse and get dressed! :D

(07:52:04) Can I do my GiffGaff tweet again? Please?

(07:53:48) @corrie_corfield There's a particular song which may well be the root of all your misery. http://t.co/x56bk1mVEg

(07:54:37) @washmysocks31 #momentofrealisation #wasnotthatgood ...it's on its way. Good morning! :)

(07:56:27) If I were a small community based mobile operator wanting endorsement by a former EastEnders actor, I'd go for.. Dean GiffGaffney. @giffgaff

(07:57:27) @CymraesCoch It's the weekend, and you've had a horrible week. I think you deserve a good lie-in :)

(07:57:49) @PlainTalkingHR Morning. Ketchup is the order of the day? Make sure there's a nice cooked breakfast to go with it ;)

(07:58:16) @gugucachoo *baffled* Happy Saturday, nonetheless!

(07:58:24) @Canojar Hello Cat :)

(07:59:11) @thatsjustme0 Morning. That happens to me.

(07:59:20) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty these are public transport updates from the big bad city, this is jaaaam hot. All …

(08:00:52) @giffgaffstyly Thank you - I shall correct it next time I troll it out again :D Do you get really annoyed when people write 0207 xxx too? :D

(08:01:11) @CymraesCoch If I could bring you a nice cup of tea right now...

(08:01:25) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' Dee! I hope it's a fab one. I'd better get on with it... :D

(08:02:35) @Canojar Packed schedule ahead.. I just hope I can squeeze some housework in there somewhere :D If it's sunny: bike ride yeah! :) You?

(08:04:16) @gugucachoo Oh brilliant! Will you be joining the celebrations? If so, enjoy! Can't see Luton having such a day... but they should!

(08:06:20) @giffgaffstyly Haha! Totally agree - throws me right off! Great idea to have a GiffGaff SIM Twitter page. Wish you lots of success! :)

(08:06:54) @PlainTalkingHR I'm feeling pretty chipper this morning, thank you. Busy day ahead! Hope you have a great one, too! Now where's that sun..?

(09:07:27) @Zomby6 Mind? I positively encourage it! It's on the playlist :) @latenightloaf

(09:09:09) @dutchPaul @corrie_corfield I love it!

(12:12:44) @TotesAmazeAK Hello :) Checked out the YT page in your bio - great singing :)

(12:15:15) Just went to see Wreck-it Ralph with the children. Great fun film, but it makes me want to play old arcade games instead of doing housework.

(12:47:53) Urgh. Temporary threshold shift from putting the glass out.

(12:48:24) @Hartfamilybeer Epic! I'll keep an eye out.. may have to come for a visit one Saturday, too :) :)

(13:54:16) @helerelereno Agreed.

(13:55:06) The best analogy for the government I can think of is a toaster crumb tray.

(15:20:27) @AlexGFox Wise. I tend to try and avoid expletives on Twitter :D

(15:48:11) Post-housework reward: watching @BaldExplorer (off @ComChanTV) on the terrace on a lovely warm Saturday afternoon. http://t.co/Bkx9plEET8

(15:49:55) ...Although it's got a bit breezy now and the birds are waiting for me to go inside so they can raid the feeders...

(16:17:33) This children are playing outside. Brilliant. They should do that more often :)

(16:27:22) @fridgemagnet2 ..and roll.

(16:27:43) @Tactless_Blonde You have a cat called Moog? *approves*

(16:28:28) @mabelinticket94 Oh cool! When will it be published? How can I find it? :)

(16:31:48) Websites that, when you click 'Submit' take an ominously long time to load. #notonmywatch

(16:36:30) @paulums It is insisted upon.

(16:40:01) @nausea18 !!!!

(16:50:57) @nausea18 Bonkers. But completely foreseeable!

(16:51:49) @CosmicCoco Chinese.

(16:52:02) I've been a vegan for the past 3 hours.

(17:46:33) @fridgemagnet2 Autocomplete service.

(18:01:49) @sparkyannc Pelva? Not from below?

(18:02:06) @johnny_winter YES

(18:02:13) @Dreamy_lyrics ;)

(18:26:48) @sparkyannc ~chuckles~ I've got away with it up to now... :D

(18:28:28) I'm aware it's erroneous, but whenever I see Bovril I imagine a bored-looking factory operative grating an Oxo cube into a jar of Marmite.

(18:30:57) @CalmWaters73 Ooh... not sure I've ever tried Vegemite :D

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(08:49:27) Good morning. A peculiar one at that. I have some tidying to do of epic proportions. And working to do. What a to-do. I need a to-do list.

(08:49:42) @washmysocks31 *hugs from all the way down here*

(08:50:09) @BeachBelles Careful now.

(08:50:35) @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @GettingShirty @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris BIG UP YOURSELF!:)

(08:51:12) Good morning to @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Fine Luton Folk For Sure! #FF

(08:59:25) @dj_monkeyboy Amazing how my ADD can strike even within an actual sentence :D Also: some may be an understatem OH LOOK A SQUIRREL!

(09:06:21) @CymraesCoch You need to set an alarm on your phone to send yourself a reminder to write a to-do list ;)

(09:23:53) I need to apologise to Jarvis Cocker, because I did actually fall asleep during the last #radio4 "Wireless Nights." Like he said. Oops.

(09:32:22) @CymraesCoch I'll remind you to do that later! :D

(09:35:40) @BitsyVonMuffin Pull over! PICNIC!

(09:40:52) @BitsyVonMuffin Oh heavens. I hope you get there without too much delay x

(09:52:40) @Dreamy_lyrics :) :) :) Congratulations! :)

(09:53:10) Nothing says "We value your custom" like an on-line username which is entirely comprised of numbers.

(09:58:08) @Dreamy_lyrics Fantastic - that's my line of work as well :)

(10:23:03) @TheEggKing Re-organising your cassette single collection?

(10:25:35) @hooker1uk @TheMummyScripts @GrenglishBlog @wallymummy @Daniel___BSc @SamCandour @MultipleMumma @khouryrt @McCarthyStone Thanks, Paul! :)#FF

(10:31:40) @106jack I'm going to get it turned into a barcode and tattooed on my forehead.

(10:32:10) @leica0000 Really?! Oh man.. I miss the place. Glad you're still there, though, holding the fort! :)

(11:52:02) @BitsyVonMuffin Not sure what this weekend holds.. music on Saturday night, but that's about it :D

(11:52:32) @Kittybliss @poots @BM_AG @PeterJRCollins @labrow @shapewearuk @commaficionado @Manipulator73 @TheEmptyHearse_ OH! Thank you :) #FunkyFriday

(14:19:44) @GreavsieE17 That way swift intoxication lies! :D @sparkyannc @simontuff

(14:32:41) @sparkyannc @GreavsieE17 @simontuff YES! :)

(15:29:19) That @jakeyapp is a very funny man. http://t.co/MjzNl4r3r6 Who sometimes pretends to be an old woman. Everyone needs a hobby.

(15:29:47) @LilacNun *checks* *phew*

(15:30:24) @LilacNun Hang on a mo. How do you remove followers? Can you force someone to unfollow you? Do you block them? I AM CONFUSED.

(17:24:43) @LilacNun I like it :)

(17:25:39) @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin @Fee_Easton @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Na Zdorovie!

(18:04:13) @Fee_Easton @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @GettingShirty @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Time for wine! ;)

(19:30:39) @PrincessBagel Sorry... but did you like the beard disguise?

(19:35:28) @CymraesCoch Big hug ~hug~ like that. Or ~HUG~. Hoping for better x

(19:36:33) @Tuglets You've starter-d so you'll finish :)

(19:38:22) RT @alnicholl77: Passionate and moving response to domestic abuse question from Patrick Stewart https://t.co/0vkfezalxq

(19:39:32) Horrible, Horrible Histories. But it's good.

(19:46:22) @mostlygeordie Yup!

(19:49:03) @paulums Yes.. and the final one... but they are all watchable over and over again :)

(19:50:08) @mostlygeordie Hiya Twitter sis! I'm good, thank you :) It's the weekend yay! And the evening is gorgeous (with birdsong etc) love it! You?

(20:01:06) @mostlygeordie Oh lovely! It's definitely drinks-after-work weather :) :)

(20:01:34) @kitty_cat84 @Tuglets @dj_monkeyboy Mmmm.. I love a reheated takeaway in the morning :)

(21:50:48) @dj_monkeyboy Tuned in, and intrigued by @starr67's favourite song :)

(21:52:26) @starr67 Yeah... Wanted to know what it was :) @dj_monkeyboy #eternallycurious

(21:52:49) @mabelinticket94 Good!

(21:53:56) I have a sticky leg. It was the result of a honey-based Horrible Histories incident #thoughtyoushouldknow

(21:54:44) @dj_monkeyboy Thanks for making radio!

(21:55:14) @starr67 Not so well :) @dj_monkeyboy

(21:57:08) @dj_monkeyboy Please play Swimming Home. Although I'm already home. And it's not raining for a change :D

(21:58:10) @mostlygeordie That made me laugh :D Don't cross the beams! (Or in this case, legs!)

(21:58:37) @dj_monkeyboy Nope, but you have impeccable taste, sir.

(21:58:57) @iamamro Choon!

(22:01:07) If I were a small community based mobile operator considering endorsement by a former EastEnders actor, I would go for Dean GiffGaffney.

(22:03:17) @iainlackie @starr67 Makes it a classic, though, right?

(22:20:44) I wonder if the 2020s will be quite so roaring.

(22:21:44) @mabelinticket94 Yeah! Hope the weather is fine and you can have fun :)

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