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(11:19:02) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @colontropogo @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo A very happy (YAY!) Thursday to you :) :)

(13:58:20) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is still a GoGo at 8pm though with @jgamet @charlotteahenry @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @EwenRankin Pls RT

(15:32:58) @GreavsieE17 Naked Penguins (and thus not as good) #thatisall

(15:33:28) Non stop. Relentless. Etc. Although I am actually going to stop to make some coffee, having made a spreadsheet of Mild Doomery.

(15:43:40) @LilyShambles Ahh.. I've not really done any hardcore spreadsheets since my days as a manager.. baby steps :D

(15:53:41) @LilyShambles The building material of the future! :D

(17:17:02) Evening, Jim. Hope it's a good one! :)

(17:19:18) @LilyShambles "The tractor-fed spreadsheet beneath my feet begins to crumble..."

(18:59:06) @pearcen Yeahhhhh!

(19:10:09) .@ibookery @iyaz @EwenRankin @jgamet @charlotteahenry @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk There will be no BIG show this evening, sadly.

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(07:05:26) Big hugs and love to Barbara @washmysocks31 - a Twitter delight (thanks @johannariley)

(07:06:28) @washmysocks31 GOOOOD LUCK today.

(07:48:03) @ajlanghorn Are all those diodes down your left side giving you gip again?

(07:49:47) @goitsagch Happy birthday, Nick. With a splendid house.

(07:50:04) @PervyWilbury I dread to think what you've been putting in your coffee! :D

(07:50:50) @pearcen @latenightloaf Indeed, thank you for selecting me as a winner! :)

(07:53:33) RT @ThePoke: Spare a thought for Phil Daniels who around about now, rather than enjoying his usual lie in, will have been rudely awakened b…

(07:54:08) RT @ThePoke: oh god… RT @lordBNG: @ThePoke no he isn't - monday was a bank holiday so bins are a day late this week

(07:57:25) I feed the pigeons, that I sometimes feed the sparrows to. It gives me a sense of enormous wellbeing. Off to put my trousers on. #parklife

(07:58:06) @PervyWilbury Happy Wednesday! I'm busy porcupine-proofing my house :D ZIMBU!

(08:02:59) @Canojar Morning, Cat :) x

(08:59:26) @batwench YEAH! :) Must be the Late Night Loaf effect ;) #opportunitisticattribution Long may you feel that way!

(09:00:07) @_windrider Great to hear you're sleeping. Underrated, that ol' sleep thing.

(09:08:31) @nxmee CONGRATULATION!

(09:28:41) @dj_monkeyboy Tuned in! :)

(09:29:00) @thatsjustme0 Put a jumper on? And another jumper? And a hat... (morning!) x

(09:29:53) @batwench @latenightloaf @MintFM Oh that would be epic! :)

(09:30:06) @goitsagch Ahh. Dunstable. I went there once...

(09:31:36) @PervyWilbury Aporcupypse. A frightening word. If James Herbert were still alive, that would be one of his. Or possibly @NeilHimself ...

(09:32:42) @R2UK Thanks for the heads-up, Ruth. @NickCoffer I'm in Luton, if that helps, and my rates are reasonable.. when I'm not at work ;) @sm2n

(09:35:37) @dj_monkeyboy "Earning a crust" Ha! Could you play a song about working REALLY hard for me? Just to give the appropriate illusion... ;)

(09:44:26) @dj_monkeyboy I do internet-based plate spinning. So bashing about on a computer keyboard all day :D You are playing some great tunes today!

(09:46:11) @R2UK You mean me? *blushes* Too kind! @nickcoffer @sm2n

(09:46:58) @dj_monkeyboy Couldn't agree more about the Corrs... totally sold out.

(09:48:55) @dj_monkeyboy We've got this song for "SingStar" on the Playstation. Great one to belt out. Not so much for the neighbours...

(09:49:42) @steph_atlantis Morning! Ahh.. now @dj_monkeyboy is a proper DJ. He knows what he's doing and doesn't play (much) weird stuff ;)

(09:52:23) @starr67 @dj_monkeyboy I don't play SingStar so much these days. I get complaints from my family. And the local constabulary. And London.

(09:54:44) @dj_monkeyboy @starr67 @CherryKaz1 The game & the Antisocial Behaviour Order from the Magistrate. My PlayStation 2 now has a tag on its leg.

(10:00:49) @dj_monkeyboy WOO WOO! (Careful with all those bananas... you don't want to go all Peter André)

(10:51:05) @dj_monkeyboy This is frustratingly tantalizing... Twice forty two..? oh my. Still pondering.

(10:56:26) @dj_monkeyboy Frustratingly, I am.. preparing to kick myself :D

(10:58:12) @CherryKaz1 That may well be my downfall..! @dj_monkeyboy Were they all used in TV ads? Or songs by people who were/are on telly? Gah...

(10:59:19) @dj_monkeyboy @CherryKaz1 Science? :D

(11:00:33) @dj_monkeyboy @CherryKaz1 Songs that have charted since the start of Channel 4? :D

(11:01:29) @dj_monkeyboy @CherryKaz1 (Starting to get desperate now :D) Each song had a novelty record at number 1 when it was in the charts?

(11:02:47) @dj_monkeyboy All the songs are named after a type of sandwich. That features in a George Orwell novel.

(11:06:30) @dj_monkeyboy Hahahahaha! Oh for heaven's sake :D Annoyingly, I don't own the Now albums with those songs on. Twice 42? Don't get that one..

(11:15:19) @nxmee @superalora I love you two.

(11:18:25) @dj_monkeyboy @CherryKaz1 I have learned something today. I've got Now 7, 8 and 16 on cassette and Now 1 and 9 on vinyl, I think :D

(11:19:50) @MendingHeart87 @CherryKaz1 Definitely worth getting hold of a second hand copy.. they tend to sum up the world of pop from that time :D

(11:20:33) @dj_monkeyboy Wow.. that is quite impressive (and a lot of shelf space!)

(11:23:55) @'DJ_Monkeyboy Holy crap that is absolutely exquisite.. how did they do that?!

(11:27:31) @nickcoffer Hi, Nick. I've been in IT for 15 years, and pretty much know computers backwards :)

(11:38:06) @nickcoffer I am indeed.. my mac doesn't get much of an airing, but I help out with friends and family. Only issue is my availability...

(11:38:40) @nickcoffer I'm currently working from home at the moment but have a full time job in Watford that might make it a bit of a challenge.. hmm.

(11:44:10) @dj_monkeyboy Wow.. this is wonderful.. very reminiscent of her Yazoo stuff. Might have to get her album. I like Guy Sigworth's productions.

(12:57:53) @thatsjustme0 Taken literally, that makes no sense :D

(14:18:25) @nickcoffer Certainly in the near future - I can take a lunch break most days, and I live not far from the airport :)

(14:18:59) @asic69 My goodness that's an admirable skill! Colour me impressed, sir. @R2UK @nickcoffer @sm2n

(15:25:40) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'm a bit saddle-sore after all that.

(15:35:26) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Oh I totally have to play some Cake on my show next week. Brilliant!

(15:48:00) @LILLYTHEPINK1 YES!

(15:55:27) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I look like a sheep, but behave like a goat ;)

(18:00:13) @BeachBelles Ha!

(18:02:43) @Superblouse I think I'm young at 41, yes, but it's the noise I make when I stop thinking & get up to put the kettle on that gives it away:D

(18:05:12) @iamamro @Superblouse Oh you two. We've got another 30-40 years of this yet. Might as well make the most of what still works. Anything..?

(18:07:22) @Superblouse I'm counting my blessings I can still see mine. Weekends & bank holidays is when I get to take them out of their cardboard box.

(18:54:38) Fantastic Simon & Garfunkel tribute on this week's #HorribleHistories My two have no idea who they are...

(19:26:34) @Canojar It's all about the pre-heating ;)

(19:30:56) @Canojar I never doubted that for a moment ;)

(19:32:34) @clairerandall How exciting... I'll be there!

(19:33:27) @thatsjustme0 :)

(19:55:11) This is totally what Rando is all about. #culturalexchange #probablygoingtoSouthKorea

(20:14:05) @2danceis2dream2 I thought the music was amazing... there's a brilliant Smiths one on today, too...

(20:15:00) @ajlanghorn Take a photo -> send it -> goes to a random (unknown) recipient -> you get one back. From a random recipient. Android/iOS :)

(20:38:28) @goitsagch A little bit. They're brilliant :)

(20:39:45) @TheDailyEmma G'night :)

(20:48:04) @Kittybliss I'm afraid I must add my name to the rosta of those who don't know the rules to Yellow Car.. BOO!

(21:21:40) @Canojar Wow.. definitely worth the wait! (And the heat ;)

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(04:22:37) Earlywoke. Going to have another go at sleep. It was probably the cheese.

(06:42:23) @JQP74 Good morning, John! :) Back to work today?

(06:45:05) @Dreamy_lyrics Ooooh!

(06:45:30) @smartie999 Drive carefully, ma'am.

(06:47:27) @JQP74 That's fantastic to hear :) Yup... back to the grind for me, too... Keeps me out out of trouble ;)

(06:48:44) @sparkyannc ~waves back~ I returned to bed and dug myself out a little after 7 :)

(06:49:45) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Hugs to you, too. I have opinions about Tuesdays;)

(09:27:43) @poots Congratulation! :)

(09:28:19) @intlBeige @pearcen Listened to SHotWttCS on the way to work this morning. Some great tunes - fantastic to hear Diffusion again! :)

(09:36:26) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) Hope it's a grand day for you, despite the damp! :)

(10:45:01) @thatsjustme0 No compromise! It doesn't taste the same from another mug! I hope you found yours :)

(12:39:26) The Way Of The Exploding Cherry Tomato. Onto my sleeve, basically.

(12:55:59) There is someone talking in an office down the corridor that sounds like a wasp.

(12:56:20) @govindajeggy Your attitude brings tears to my eyes.

(12:57:18) @Tuglets @CherryKaz1 @dj_monkeyboy The best ones are those that survive a wash :D

(13:30:01) @dj_monkeyboy The person in the office. From this distance (and through all the walls), their voice sounds like a bothered wasp :D

(13:40:35) @clairerandall They may reply with a stinging rebuke ;)

(13:41:37) @fridgemagnet2 Not keen. (On the giant wasp man, naturally - @hergiebird's great :D)

(14:21:58) RT @musicMagpie: RT and FOLLOW us to WIN this super 80s Prize-Bundle #WIN80sBundle

(14:30:14) @GShang I certainly know a man who does! I think it's probably a bit a bit better than G.722... but don't quote me on that!

(14:31:24) @barwickgreen An intriguing query from @GShang: Do you know which codec / b-rate BBC use for alot of their outside broadcasts (e.g. cricket)

(15:57:52) @GShang Often it's limited by what the venues have installed...

(15:58:52) @mostlygeordie It was a person talking - in a monotonic tone, through many partition walls - that sounded like a wasp. No newspaper to hand.

(16:27:42) @streakmachine Bruce 'Salad' Lee. Yes.

(20:33:26) Lawks a-lachrimose, is it really Tuesday evening already? At 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern, @LateNightLoaf comes on-air. This week: eclectic! :)

(20:34:18) Oh and for bonus fun, bring all your personal belongings to - it's called "Natter" and there are FINE folk within.

(21:05:07) @johnny_winter Oh he'll turn up sooner or later :D @neilcochrane1

(21:11:19) @johnny_winter

(21:43:38) @sm2n @MintFM @latenightloaf Love that song! :)

(21:44:07) @clairebland1 A very good evening to you :)

(22:12:31) @sm2n YES! You are a winner, sir.

(22:33:54) @sparkyannc Dare accepted. Possibly not as something wrong, either... I like their stuff. And maybe it will be my last week as a result :P

(22:34:13) @dj_monkeyboy @latenightloaf Nearly. But frustratingly not.

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(07:04:38) @mscj93 Morning! :) Tuned in - haven't heard this Britney song for ages! :D

(08:17:57) @PlainTalkingHR :D

(08:20:53) Oops. Neighbours have an industrial waste bin but they've blocked it in by parking their car across the drive, so collectors can't get it :D

(08:21:17) @painted_duchess *growls manlily* Heh. Manlily.

(08:24:12) Oh and good morning.

(14:04:45) @miz_shake68 Good afternoon, Kate! I was scooted away from the internet by a busy morning - I hope your day has been a good one so far! :)

(14:05:01) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo You too! It's GLORIOUS out there! :)

(14:05:19) @batwench Luton's fine refuse collectors, yup!

(14:26:51) Quite splendidly worn out after a fun swim this morning and a forensic examination of Luton's discount stores (£1 and 99p) this afternoon.

(14:27:36) In case it's in any way interesting, I bought a tiny tripod from Poundland because my Zoom H4 can go on it, and a rounders bat. For frolics.

(14:27:54) @CosmicCoco I haven't finished my orange squash yet.

(14:29:33) @CosmicCoco *gulps* Don't forget to take plenty of fluids with you.. it's pretty warm out :)

(18:24:36) @the_anke @cohendave We saw that this afternoon. 100% one of the best HH songs ever - and that's saying something. Junior curriculum, stat!

(18:29:59) @mattfrog I'm afraid not - they're non-tramsferrable as far as I know - one can buy things on behalf of someone else but not gift points.

(18:35:59) @TheTemplestone Surely you mean "grate"? #oppuntunitymissed

(19:07:17) @TheTemplestone Ahh - Touché! Wishing you success, and thank you for the kind reply! :)

(19:12:57) @koshkajay Nope... I got nuthin'. Budge up ;)

(19:51:54) @koshkajay It's only the sombre that turns me off. Or did you mean 'sombrero'? Quite the contrary. Popcorn?

(20:42:41) @smartie999 I want to see the measuring equipment.

(20:43:37) @BaronHawkey Night, BH :)

(21:01:55) @sparkyannc @smartie999 Times like these I wish I were a woman. But mostly I'm happy being a man. I'd still love an excuse to visit R&P ;)

(21:07:19) @smartie999 I cannot promise that. Impeccable doesn't often figure in my life... @sparkyannc

(21:08:03) @sparkyannc Hold my hand, please. And refer to my tweet at @smartie999 :D @poots

(21:54:22) @thatsjustme0 Night x

(22:01:27) Tuesday: NSFW

(22:20:31) @LILLYTHEPINK1 ALL of it. And not in a good way :P

(22:21:00) @mcdwebster @sparkyannc @smartie999 @poots I have been edumacated :D

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(07:24:07) I've been awake since 6.40am. On a Sunday. Outrageous. And then back inrageous again. Becoming a zombie. A coffee drinking one yeah.

(07:55:26) @mostlygeordie Morning :) Time to open the windows and take in the fresh air! :)

(07:55:57) @Sab_Mc @dj_monkeyboy I was a bit cheeky and went to bed late. Sleep just gets squeezed out :D

(07:56:15) @PeterBluemler The temptation to go back to bed... :D Have a great Sunday - hope it's sunny where you are!

(07:57:22) @PervyWilbury I love doing that with music. I'm not into ballads, unless they're sped up to Techno speed :D

(08:22:14) @Sab_Mc @dj_monkeyboy It was definitely a late night.. ;)

(08:27:03) @Zodster It's an Android function called Google Now - it analyses your location day by day - you can turn it off :)

(08:28:00) @Sk287 Amen :) x

(08:31:31) @pearcen You won't regret it #prettyniceoutofbed

(08:38:06) I quite like putting on a shirt that's slightly too big for me. Makes me feel comfortably flimsy.

(11:06:02) @Weezykid @pearcen Now THAT is what Sundays are for.

(11:06:44) @Zodster Definitely worth turning it off, then... who knows what else knows where you are. Possibly even your toaster.

(11:07:29) @PervyWilbury Ballads is just a mis-spelling of a fine Anglo-Saxon word ;) Try it with a slow-jam. I did it on my radio show last month :D

(11:15:54) @pearcen Most welcome. I don't think I've ever heard anything like @crabtreesmythe's Radio Show... not for the faint-hearted, but genius!

(11:16:28) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner @colontropogo @poots @Lindylooloo A happy Sunday hug to you, too. Glorious! :)

(11:16:58) @PeterBluemler Uhoh.. I need to chop some greenery while the sun still shines :D

(15:40:51) Gah. I missed three calls this afternoon, since I was out chopping down a hedge with @GHOGIT. The number isn't in my address book. Oh pants.

(19:07:49) @chepbourne Oh no - bad timing! Mystery solved for me.. ti was a work colleague calling me back after I 'pocket dialled' them. Oops!

(19:08:25) @LilyShambles Hate it when that happens.

(22:07:39) Well. It's been quite a day. I have hardly sustained any damage from nature at all, even though I made 5 trips to the tip with hedge bits.

(22:07:55) @j0anne1 YEAH! Race you there! :D

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(07:58:37) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo You too :) Have a fantastic bank holiday *hugs*

(08:00:51) Good morning. There is mucking about with a computer to do, but I should get on with the housework first. I'm sure there's a pithy saying...

(08:03:03) @mostlygeordie If there is a poster I want to see it :D

(08:46:30) @mostlygeordie It surprises me that the gym is somewhat magnetic to these enthusiasts. But I never claim to know anything any more :D x

(09:03:16) @mostlygeordie I'm not even sure darts is a sport... :D

(09:04:00) I'm having an earbud crisis. Am I a medium or a large? I can jam both in my ears, but can't hear what others' opinions are. Pardon?

(09:51:02) Earbud update: Medium. Big falls out. Now I am going to do some ironing.

(10:52:53) @mostlygeordie I need optimal earbud fittage to ensure effective vacuum cleaning :D Hope you're having a great day :) x

(10:53:22) @bitman I s'pose cleaning is moving muck about :D

(10:54:29) These pistachios haven't aged well.

(11:08:34) @mostlygeordie I would say up to 5% easier (every little helps!) I only have small.. perhaps they'll shrink in the oven like crisp packets?

(13:57:43) I found National Trust South Bedfordshire: Tree Cathedral ( #cgeo #geocaching

(14:08:02) I found Leaves 'n Pews (Beds) ( #cgeo #geocaching

(15:29:38) @fridgemagnet2 I believe @poots was responsible for that. I would have used LASERS.

(15:30:00) @lloydbayley Needs must when the snack attack hits ;)

(15:30:23) @lsrwLuke Aye. Perfect! :)

(16:03:58) @lsrwLuke Wow.. that is glorious! My two were able to go out and fly their kites :)

(18:11:45) I actually dun a blog post: - "An afternoon on Dunstable Downs." Now with headspinny panorama photo thing.

(20:58:39) @JonBCFC They are voracious at the moment :) Thanks for popping in! :)

(20:59:07) @batwench @PrincessBagel @BritishTech @DigitalAmoeba @claw0101 Should at least have got @AlexGFox to do his photo shoot! :D

(21:00:25) @JonBCFC How was the German footie?

(21:01:00) @PervyWilbury Funnily enough, I'm doing the same thing. Well, not so much render as transcode. Which is even more annoying :D

(21:01:08) @JonBCFC Fair enough :D

(22:47:24) @PervyWilbury I offer you hearty congratulation! I'm still plugging away with primitive video editing software. I'm more of an audio man :D

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(11:57:27) Pre-bank-holiday-Friday. Hello, too.

(11:57:51) @Dreamy_lyrics Hope you're doing OK now despite the late night.. I'm exhausted :D

(12:01:04) @Barwickgreen Took your advice today - BRILLIANT! (only had malt vinegar... and I did shake ;) Thank you!

(12:03:10) @meanjeen Sorry.. missed your tweet! Chutney is a spicy jam (or jelly?) - salad cream is like a thin mayo, made with eggs, oil & vinegar :)

(12:04:05) @Sab_Mc You had to be there ... well, at least we didn't get caught ;) @Dreamy_lyrics #howrumoursstart

(12:04:40) @Sab_Mc There's a chance it won't be pouring with rain for yours, then ;) HELLO!

(12:50:11) @thatsjustme0 Rain?

(16:32:24) @pearcen My wife thinks I'm rubbish at computers ;)

(16:34:03) @Z80GameCoder You too :)

(16:34:14) @PeterBluemler Tantalisingly close..!

(16:35:20) @batwench I don't know what I like more, the derpy expression or the photobombing cat in the background (that looks a bit psycho)

(16:43:57) @ibookery @batwench :D

(16:44:11) @Dreamy_lyrics I'm not sure I know what's reasonable any more :D

(16:53:59) @vobes Have a great one, too, Richard - hope it's a rewarding, interesting one! @Z80GameCoder

(16:54:28) @Dreamy_lyrics @dj_monkeyboy Never tried that... sounds tempting!

(16:55:06) @pearcen Can't pull the wool over your eyes (glad I'm not married to you :D)

(16:57:37) @johndredge I'm listening to your Nothing To Do With Anything Show with John Peel intro. Absolutely brilliant. NIIICE.

(17:05:49) @BeachBelles Perfect place to make cheese.

(17:05:58) Nearly finished work. NEARLY.

(17:07:38) @birdfortytwo They're more for... chips.

(17:52:56) @thatsjustme0 Awww :) Have a hug back (cos that's how it works :)

(18:06:22) @sparkyannc Started at 6.30am ;) Come on now.. It's stopped raining at least :D

(18:07:06) @claw0101 Made it. Reward: beer. :) Hope you have had a good one!

(18:08:39) @birdfortytwo Aye... The lovely @MissyMWAC introduced me to them. Don't ask how they came out for her, though ;)

(18:08:59) @thatsjustme0 Ran. Fell over ;)

(18:10:03) @AlexGFox I hope it is a full length bank holiday weekend for you and the family with recovery and fun :)

(18:11:41) @thatsjustme0 I'll be fine... When I've stopped crying ;) :D xxxx Thank you x

(18:12:37) @AlexGFox And there is no doubt you'll have fun with @claw0101! Hope to see the photographic evidence :)

(18:13:48) @dizzymummytotwo Yay :) My two are going to enjoy their week off too :)

(18:14:19) @jo_whit Come on now.. Get out there and find it ;)

(19:22:29) @sparkyannc When you typed that, it was about ten past eight. In the evening. Just so it's noted.

(19:24:09) @thatsjustme0 Splendid. Welcome to comfort :) x

(21:05:21) @sparkyannc Can't see it :( Shall move to somewhere flatter after a good night's sleep :D

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(07:10:26) @PrincessBagel I so, so desperately want to go there. Better start saving now :D

(07:15:27) Good morning. All under control? Good. I shall go back to my coffee and work laptop, then...

(07:55:04) @batwench @PrincessBagel I shall go and adopt a turtle forthwith. #notaeuphemism

(07:55:26) @batwench @mrbatwench Holy miaow! :D Have a great day nonetheless!

(07:55:50) @Tuglets Morning young Janet. I'm beginning to doubt it's under control anywhere! :| :D

(07:56:02) @thatsjustme0 Morning lovely :) x

(08:30:13) @perrygascoine Ooh! Please send pictures! What did ya get in the end? And how was London from on high?

(08:30:37) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Best day of the working week. YEAH! Have a good'un

(08:56:35) The more I think about it, the more I think the B Ark is a good idea. But for the EDL, misogynists, jobsworths and Daily Mail columnists.

(08:57:30) That's not to say I'm in favour of eugenics. But the idiocy of some people is baffling. For example: h/t @DawnHFoster

(09:03:31) @2danceis2dream2 I don't watch the news. Only the historical context is relevant.

(10:23:24) @vobes Congratulations! :)

(10:25:26) @perrygascoine Ha! That is quite, quite tragic :D

(10:26:07) @GShang I do apologise - it was a screengrab of power company EDF's twitter page with responses saying "It wasn't us, it was the EDL"

(11:13:57) RT @thecuriosity: “@ArenaFlowers: Some amazing new features of the new Xbox One” sold to the girl who loves a free p…

(11:14:21) @BitsyVonMuffin Glittery purple. With sludge brown inserts.

(11:32:43) @BitsyVonMuffin I'm down to my last two bottles, but you can certainly have one! ;)

(11:33:39) @GShang They are the "English Defence League" - a small organisation of militant activists who protest (often violently) against Islam.

(11:34:21) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @colontropogo @Lindylooloo You're not far off; it's the slope to the weekend!

(11:40:36) @GShang It's the latter.. EDF shares two letters with EDL. And you have to have a special sort of mind set to manage a knee-jerk like that!

(11:41:07) @GShang Like people who broke the windows of paediatricians...

(11:41:47) @GShang ...and pour Twitter hate on people with the same name as someone who's been convicted of something nasty. Just baffling.

(11:42:36) Once about ever 20 emails I send, Outlook changes the font colour to red. If I were ever to write a trojan, it would do something like that.

(11:43:16) @GShang

(11:53:22) @GShang It was a joke site.. "they bloody should think dot com"

(11:54:31) @GShang Ha! Oops..! :D

(12:06:22) I have just discovered I've run out of chutney and salad cream. This is going to be the worst salad ever :D

(12:06:39) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Oooh.. please do say!

(12:18:56) @AlexGFox It's like... eating healthily ;)

(12:19:13) @cyberdonkey These are my salad days something about the chairs being all worn.

(13:24:21) @ibookery @AlexGFox Amen! What's up, doc? ;)

(13:24:40) @Feexby OMD I think you're right!

(13:25:01) @thatsjustme0 Aww :) I love reading tweets like this x

(16:06:53) @LilythePurr Not easily..

(18:31:14) @goitsagch We saw the same one! :)

(18:32:43) @Sab_Mc Hey... you listen to MintFM - you've already got a life ;)

(18:35:02) @j0anne1 (Sorry! Tweeted from the wrong account.. darn Tweetdeck!) Anyway, you always look most sylphlike, I reckon :)

(18:36:16) @Sab_Mc I'm the map I'm the map I'm the MAP! (No, I have no idea what brought that on :D)

(18:55:31) @goitsagch Yup.. but unfortunately it ended up in a tree...

(18:56:29) @j0anne1 I'm editing audio and praying the phone doesn't ring. Enjoy your book. and some good old fashioned peace and quiet! :)

(20:03:50) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @colontropogo Oh I like that. It's at the top of the week.. the pinnacle! :)

(22:56:42) @JonBCFC @simoncook1 @Denning52 @beckybetts @MrWhatzitooya @chrisdjmoyles I reckon we'd have a right old laugh. Who's bringing the beers? ;)

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(08:12:42) Bit full on this morning. G'day anyway.

(08:13:33) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Morning :) Wednesdays.. my second favourite day!

(09:18:50) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then the train is probably defective and needs to be taken out of serv…

(09:19:41) @miz_shake68 I hope your busy day subsides enough for some mischief later. Or at least a nice cuppa :) *waves back*

(09:20:19) @Manda_Jones N. Ephemera is for just that. There will be others.

(09:20:52) @debsylee I occasionally have a 'toffee copup'... don't try that at home! :D

(09:23:49) @lloydbayley Listening! :) Hope the rain-protection holds out! :)

(09:54:37) @birdfortytwo Don't eat the contents of your baby's nose #thistoowillpass

(09:55:56) @Zomby6 YES.

(10:00:32) One of the fringe benefits of working from home: instant access to No More Nails.

(10:00:49) RT @dizzymummytotwo: RT @O2 Loving Lumia 925? Wee giving away a matching mobile number: 07525 925 925. Just RT before 31/05 and it could be…

(10:54:51) @PrincessBagel @britishtech @DigitalAmoeba @claw0101 @AlexGFox @batwench Let's keep fingers crossed the secret ingredient isn't snake oil..!

(10:56:49) @kitty_cat84 I'm fortunate that I do a job which is quite heavily web-based, so I can work from home when the need/opportunity arises :)

(10:57:15) @kitty_cat84 That said, there's something about the vibe of an office environement that makes working from home rather more quiet..

(11:52:49) @GHOGIT I can provide that service for you. Please make an appointment at.. say.. tooth breaky...

(12:08:59) Too many thoughts about this whole #FBRape thing to fit in a tweet. Thoughts of misogyny, double standards & greed. I'm done with Facebook.

(12:10:31) Amen:

(12:47:59) @kitty_cat84 Gosh - is it your birthday today?! Happy birthday! :)

(12:50:05) @batwench @PrincessBagel @BritishTech @DigitalAmoeba @claw0101 @AlexGFox Well dodge!

(15:00:08) @Matildamouse I'm hoping they get their act together before I close my account.. or an alternative becomes available that has no asshats...

(15:22:45) For the last ten minutes I've been thinking in a strong Glaswegian accent. Weird.

(15:24:37) @Matildamouse Thanks. The internet has a seedy underbelly. Well, more than one. But some I certainly had no knowledge of. With subspecies..x

(15:33:52) @Matildamouse Kittens and stupid videos YEAH! :)

(15:34:09) @dj_monkeyboy That would explain it :D

(15:34:26) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Funnily enough, Thursday :)

(15:43:32) Xbox: 1 - PS: 4. A good result for the away team, there.

(15:43:43) @Bazmati2020 Yahey! :)

(15:44:07) @errolin Big up your Wednesday! :)

(16:14:44) @SlimJimSim Local derby at that...

(16:17:26) @errolin yeah... Did the early shift - 4am start - not going to make a habit of it! Hope you can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

(17:42:45) @RichHarkness Oops! Correcting it in the track listing now...

(18:03:20) @GHOGIT No it's true. How's the tooth?

(21:27:50) Off to bed. Rest well when you do! N'night.

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(07:24:59) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner @colontropogo @poots @Lindylooloo And a very Happy Tuesday to you too :)

(07:26:24) A blimmin' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @pearcen - have a great one! :)

(07:27:07) @leica0000 I hope there are some silver linings... no matter how small. You deserve a smile x

(07:32:58) @PontoonDock Oooh.. Might have to put some Black Box Recorder on tonight's show :)

(07:36:54) We love @HumbersHomemade and her jams. Want to help a local Bedfordshire business grow? Here's how: Please help!

(07:37:26) @mostlygeordie @Chocohalix Conceived in the Potteries?

(09:37:32) RT @stuartthomas: Competition Commission names radio stations in 7 areas of UK that Global must sell

(09:38:24) @pearcen Sometimes it's safer to be at work ;) I'll do you a birthday shout out on the show this evening! :)

(09:47:07) @_windrider It was all going great until the last word.. :D

(09:49:20) RT @DarrenGriffin: There’s a saying, “If it looks right, it'll fly right.”. So gawd help us with our F35 fleet, pigs with wings: https://t.…

(09:49:39) @DarrenGriffin Holy crap that is impressive. And frightening. And impressive again. #jumpjet

(09:54:06) @DarrenGriffin I think that's a theme with most aircraft, sadly...

(10:21:31) @vobes Hope it goes well :)

(10:47:28) @lazyfoodielady That is some rather splendid swivel-eyed loon action.

(10:47:51) When I am old, I want to be a swivel-eyed loon.

(10:50:26) @mabelinticket94 Hey one.

(10:57:40) @lazyfoodielady This cannot be allowed. *swivels eyes* *removes chin*

(10:57:52) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I am already a swivel eyed loon ;P

(10:58:07) @bitman I think you're mistaking me for @EwenRankin ;)

(11:53:05) @fridgemagnet2 *chuckles* Oh aye.

(11:53:25) @LILLYTHEPINK1 *blushes*

(14:18:32) @thenewbrunette Happy birthday, gorgeous cheekychops.

(14:20:55) @thatsjustme0 Bed?

(14:49:25) @Manda_Jones My inbox is fully populated, but on the upside, I am fully dressed. In my mind, though, it's another story. #denial

(16:12:53) @willowHart Hello back :)

(16:13:42) @gilliandonovan Surely that's just like normal driving but with more horn tooting, heavy braking and disappearing lanes...

(16:25:06) @hubbardcj It's a hard life.. :D

(16:26:07) @BeachBelles Hate apples like that. Hello by the way.

(17:40:20) Late Night Loaf is back tonight - starting on time, and with something that might be fun to play with for a while. It was @AlexGFox's idea..

(17:40:57) @willowHart I'm doin' OK, thank you - there were doughnuts at work, so BONUS! The outside world is warming up, too :) How's you, lovely?

(17:41:51) @EwenRankin That's pretty cool! Can it run OSX? @mccorriston

(17:44:46) 10pm UK (5pm EDT) - Late Night Loaf brings you the usual stuff plus bonus Nattering- like a chat room, except Loafer:

(17:46:12) @thatsjustme0 What about now?

(17:56:39) @johnny_winter It's an idea.. I think there will still be Twitter and, indeed, email! :)

(17:57:35) @johnny_winter 7 bit quality.. doesn't get lost in the ephemera, though (but maybe the spam folder)

(18:08:52) @LondonKirsty Won't that kind-of rub it in? :D @PontoonDock

(18:55:16) @willowHart Yup.. (although I like custard and apple ones, too. And those posh ones from that shop) x

(18:55:53) @chrisandharvey Ha! :D @pontoondock @londonkirsty

(18:57:59) @batwench @AlexGFox 10pm tonight... bit late, but hence the name :D

(19:08:30) "When did you last play zyngawf_18289593 in Words with Friends?" Who? I don't know. When did YOU last play zyngawf_18289593? #meaningless

(19:09:11) @willowHart I'm trying to picture it.. Krispy Kreme. That's it I'm glad I don't have to say it.. Kreme could be pronounced so many ways :D

(20:05:52) @AlexGFox Twitter, email and generally muttering it on air. (It's the idea of a chat room thing..)

(20:52:19) @paulums @AlexGFox @pearcen

(21:10:25) I do believe Late Night Loaf has stumbled onto the internet. This may well be a record. Welcome!

(21:14:39) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @dj_frabs Oh I don't know :D

(21:22:01) Want to join in the Late Night Loaf Natter? - they are VERY friendly in there!

(21:38:01) @dj_frabs @Sab_Mc Did I call you DJ Crabs on Air? Makes you sound like a Character from Spongebob

(21:41:40) @Sab_Mc @dj_frabs I think a renaming is in order ;)

(21:41:51) RT @sm2n: I am still enjoying #LateNightLoaf over at @latenightloaf

(22:03:51) @sm2n It was the song that was the song called "Locked Out" by Crowded house

(22:04:09) @sm2n I happen to love that.

(22:05:41) @sarahjaneuk I think because it's geekshed it knows your nickname already...

(22:20:46) @sm2n YEAH!

(22:21:16) @neilcochrane1 Ooh now you're talking! :D

(22:24:25) @neilcochrane1 Ooh.. good call. I't son the list.

(22:35:00) @neilcochrane1 I can't even remember what you requested... oh and which Jilted John track would like next week? Gordon?

(22:58:23) @lazyfoodielady :D Please do be aware that there is a piece of glass between you and them. Expect shards.

(22:59:16) @neilcochrane1 I do hope it's recorded this time ;) Thanks for joining in.. you'll definitely get your jingle played next week! :)

(23:00:03) @neilcochrane1 I do hope not.. we've got no biscuits :D

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(06:46:08) @paulums That can so easily happen...

(06:46:33) @miz_shake68 Mornin' Kate :)

(06:47:16) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' :)

(06:48:24) @peasbloss Morning :) Cheery tweet :)

(06:48:42) @JQP74 Morning :)

(06:49:22) Morning. Thank heavens for coffee. Time, also, for some Doctor Who.

(06:49:37) @paulums @arronclaydon It's certainly a fine breakfast notion.

(07:00:56) @arronclaydon @paulums Oh no question: have both!

(07:01:39) @JQP74 Not sure - my daughter's playing in a concert later, so we'll be off to see that. Maybe a walk in the countryside? And you..?

(07:03:55) @edenGD02 Me too :)

(07:05:23) The order of people my son is likely to be speaking to: 1. his sister (normally bickering) 2. someone on Skype 3. Anyone else in the world.

(07:06:09) @miz_shake68 PS Sorry about ditiching the Words with Friends game... just got too frustrating having no vowels, so I've given up :D

(07:16:23) Ooh I do like this game.. - I scored 15039 on this one (h/t @DarrenGriffin )

(07:25:39) @BeachBelles The Danes with the penny whistles and the drums and the questions. How is your head now? x

(07:26:35) @miz_shake68 Good luck to your daughter at the tournament! My DD's playing in a concert later. Gonna be a Sunday! :)

(11:05:59) @mostlygeordie It's a website based game - uses Google Streetview :)

(11:06:28) @lloydbayley Evenin' Lloyd. Not bad, but never enough! :) Hope you have had a splendid and relaxing day :)

(11:06:35) @thatsjustme0 Afternoon! :)

(11:06:57) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Hiya! it's a weekend of things. Variety is good :)

(11:07:31) @BeachBelles Oh my. Me too - I hope the cause is easy to spot (I can't eat too much garlic.. :D)

(12:09:52) @BeachBelles I was going to say 'how on earth did you do that?' but then I realised I've caught the edge of my head with the hatch too..

(12:10:28) @BeachBelles I do hope your OH doesn't do Twitter ;)

(12:10:37) @JQP74 Better than I could ever muster! :D

(12:10:58) Pondering making something with elastic bands.

(14:29:38) @lsrwLuke You need a bedside toaster.

(16:24:50) @ThatAgnes Not one that will alter SW London to my satisfaction...

(16:28:54) @gill_bee The Power of Love and the Wonder of You #hitsingleversions

(16:30:56) What's the opposite of "the calm before the storm"? I think it has something to do with youth orchestras just ahead of a performance...

(16:48:24) @ThatAgnes ;)

(16:57:00) 5 minutes until the commencement of different noisage (musicage to be more accurate). Daughter is playing in part 2. I may have a nap.

(16:57:50) Specifically a music appreciation nap.

(19:54:10) @DVVHolland I know it's far too late to mention it now, but the "Final Predictions" blog post links to the "Semi Predictions" audio.. :|

(19:58:44) @LutonYouthMusic Thanks for a great show this evening - the sound that the youth of Luton are capable of is AMAZING! :)

(19:59:11) @TheGarethLloyd Well played, sir. @LutonYouthMusic @lutonyouthjazz @LYConcertBand @LYCantores

(20:16:38) @poots I can testify to that ;) @xlaux

(20:17:44) @MelodyMetcalf See I would be happily married to someone with half the pundemental wit that you have.

(20:18:02) @johnny_winter HA! It's in...

(20:24:51) @robertpopper I am sure you've seen this. - it is SPECIAL /via @canuckuk @ChrisJonesGeek

(20:25:42) @canuckuk @ChrisJonesGeek That. That is remarkable. It's going into my next radio show. Thank you :)

(20:30:01) @BeachBelles I get that. It's normal. Hope you're all back to normal now :)

(20:30:51) @DVVHolland Thank you! :)

(20:31:24) @TheGarethLloyd Truly :) I feel privileged to have been part of it #wavesflagonemoretime

(20:32:18) Finally bought my ticket for the @BritishTech bash. Means I'm definitely coming...

(20:35:51) @smartie999 @BritishTech 6th July. Tickets come off sale on the 23rd May, though!

(20:59:52) @robertpopper Thank you! :) In case you hadn't realised, it's this rather frightening woman:

(21:08:17) Here's what I did with elastic today.. a home-made cradle for my (rather hissy, but quite directional) microphone.

(21:22:42) @thepete @audioboo I tell a lie.. just didn't download. That is SPECIAL! :)

(21:25:09) Better do some tidying up and some going to bed. night night :)

(21:42:23) @canuckuk My boy doesn't use his Meccano any more, so I went for it ;)

(21:42:37) @johnny_winter I've painted it magnolia...

(21:42:52) @mostlygeordie I'll get my dustypan out special x

(21:43:00) @lsrwLuke Night, Luke! :)

(21:50:29) @dizzymummytotwo *blows a kiss*

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(07:54:26) @BeachBelles I will be watching it alone. I would invite you round. However, it does give me the opportunity to put my decent speakers on ;)

(08:07:02) @Barwickgreen Streaky bacon is smaller than back. So you're fine. It's more about the salt, though, I'd imagine.

(08:09:21) RT @SteveDoherty1: On The Hour special hosted by @eddiemair repeated on R4Extra now, again tonight and online. A great listen.

(08:10:40) RT @canuckuk: Surely, you have 12 friends, who could follow me for the day, just to make an old lady very happy...

(08:11:30) @BeachBelles I have never been to a Eurovision party. I would love to have one in my house, but it is too much of a state :D

(08:12:19) Good morning. I have no idea what Snapchat is. It's probably best - I have enough trouble with Rando.

(08:13:30) @trevypoos To be fair, once you start following, you'll want to carry on. AND THAT'S NOT ALL .. with every follow you get a hug. @canuckuk

(08:13:56) @canuckuk Wish I were there.

(08:14:36) @BeachBelles We can have one on Twitter. I will be cranking up the tunes, and commenting via my @eurosyzygy account :D

(08:15:48) Which reminds me: Tonight I will be @eurosyzygy - my Eurovision alter-ego. This is gonna be GOOD (apart from the crap ballads) #eurovision

(08:32:18) The #Eurovision song that's mostly been stuck in my head has been Sweden's. MORE yodelling. I'm off for a shower. And a yodel.

(08:32:47) Testing the speakers in the lounge with a bit of Igranka. Works.

(08:39:21) @ian262 *chuckles*

(08:39:28) @PervyWilbury @mrs_forky @BaronHawkey Rowr!

(08:39:37) RT @SDLluton: @syzygy If ur from #luton then pls RT @SDLluton and help us get more local followers. Coming soon to a place near you

(08:39:50) RT @mrs_forky: @syzygy I think we shoudl all tweet "Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti" during the estonian song #eurovision

(08:40:40) @mrs_forky During which time I will be recreating a number of industrial accidents in Latvia.

(08:40:52) @PrincessBagel @eurosyzygy YES! :) :) :)

(08:41:45) @trevypoos I think it's more that she wants to get to 1000 followers :) And you are a worthy followee. Heh. I said wee.

(08:41:59) @PervyWilbury Perfectly roasted, too.

(08:42:29) @Barwickgreen @GreavsieE17 One being another bacon sandwich.

(08:50:23) Speakers - tested and working for #eurovision tonight (subwoofer not pictured)

(08:58:06) @lloydbayley I used to have some enormous hi-fi speakers which took up half the lounge; this was our compromise.. Wharfedale PPS-1s :)

(08:59:46) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @mrs_forky @BaronHawkey Morning Glampers :D

(10:31:24) @thatsjustme0 ohhh my! That is a weekend treat! :)

(11:07:56) I found Lilley View ( #cgeo #geocaching

(11:50:23) Quite nice out. #pylon

(12:20:12) @fridgemagnet2 Uhoh... I might have to start eurosyzygy2 :D

(12:20:43) @jonhind I'm not sure where they sell them now.. this was about 12 years ago I bought them. Other (and better!) are available, I'm sure.

(12:25:55) I found LQ:HERTFORDSHIRE - Lilly Who? ( #cgeo #geocaching

(12:28:13) O no... one short of triple figures in the ol' Geocaching! Need to have another expedition soon, I think.

(12:56:23) Some cracking trailers for tonight's #DoctorWho finale.. including Strax

(12:57:02) @Chocohalix Now that is VERY impressive! He'll love it :)

(12:59:30) @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @mrs_forky It's been reborn to mean "Glamorous camping" - an upscale camping holiday... (!)

(13:00:39) @mostlygeordie @Chocohalix This is a good way to spend a Saturday. I have a camera - happy to help :D

(13:01:50) @batwench There is clearly more of a market for LARP gazebos than I had first considered..!

(13:02:13) @mostlygeordie @Chocohalix *joins the queue* :D

(13:02:40) @everyword @mostlygeordie Didn't he used to be a DJ?

(13:19:39) RT @MrMichaelSpicer: Eurovision has given us many memorable songs over the years but none more so than "Super Extra Wonder Shop". http://t.…

(13:20:00) @MrMichaelSpicer I thought this was going to be one of your spoofs. I was wrong. As is it.

(13:24:33) I made it 38 seconds into this.. - then @poots mentioned 'grounds for divorce'...

(13:26:12) @sparkyannc Looking for the performance poetry? I'd say the 7th floor's your best option.. (Arts?) :D

(13:28:16) @stevenaybour There are some fantastic performances ahead - I think Sweden may well do brilliantly this year, again, too.

(13:28:29) @lsrwLuke 7pm

(13:31:20) @stevenaybour WITH YODELING. And lots of smiling.

(14:18:53) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @dj_monkeyboy @lindafrab Not all we ever think about. There's coffee and pie as well.

(14:19:54) @timoncheese Yes. Yes indeed.

(14:22:31) COCKEREL. To be honest, it could be a hen.

(14:26:00) @timoncheese @b3ta_links That is remarkable!

(14:27:03) @KerryAGodliman I've got Sinclair spectrum game cassettes dubbed onto my iPod. Leads to extreme techno. Or bafflement. Not sure which. Yet.

(14:27:20) @thatsjustme0 Sumptuous! :)

(14:43:01) @batwench Defniitely :)

(14:43:10) @lloydbayley G'night! :)

(14:46:30) Woodland birdsong via @audioboo

(14:48:15) @MattLakin1 I am completely baffled. But flattered. And wondering you might have the wrong person...

(15:12:12) It has only just occurred to me that a hotel detective is an actual thing. Not just the title of a song by They Might Be Giants. Cool job!

(15:13:20) @fridgemagnet2 Marriage. It's a toleration thing. @poots

(15:15:12) I think I'm getting a garlic migraine. That is definitely a thing. Right?

(15:55:48) @Superblouse That is a quite special colour (my favourite shade of purple :) )

(16:09:54) Robin

(16:10:08) Dunnock

(16:12:29) @Tsaksonakis Must try that one again! :D

(16:14:26) @mrs_forky Which reminds me.. must download and listen to the latest DVVH podcast before the show tonight! :)

(17:06:51) @PeterBluemler I am SO there.

(17:09:01) This is why I use multiple email addresses for my domain.. I can see which ones 'leak' to spammers. @radioacademy ...

(17:11:39) Or are they just guessing..? This one is using 'klick'. @radioacademy ... *sighs* Time to make some more rules.

(17:12:12) RT @GShang: If you want to hear Eurovision online, you may be able to listen to BBC Radio 2, and you can watch it at Eurovision.TV. #fb

(17:18:27) @mostlygeordie DELISH. Please save a slice for me / Eurovision!

(17:23:08) @mostlygeordie Hurrah! :) Did you do the photoshoot by the way? :)

(17:24:54) @mostlygeordie Ahhh... I hope it's sooner rather than later (and still warm!)

(17:25:04) @poots Enjoy! :)

(18:00:04) @batwench I am QUITE excited. But will not start drinking until @poots gets home :D

(18:00:52) @PeterBluemler Au contraire, sir - I have my own @eurosyzygy twitter account which I will be bashing away at this evening to celebrate :)

(19:28:44) @crabbyknickers Certainly top 5 :)

(20:33:54) TWITTER JAIL @eurosyzygy. NOOOOO!

(20:35:06) Right. I'm afraid I'm going to have to tweet my @eurosyzygy tweets here. Sorry.

(20:37:38) Will you start the fans please! (again)

(20:38:24) Azerbaijan: Completely unhinged performance. 6/10 #eurovision

(20:38:41) @edtjones Sadly.. Eurovision gets me all excited...

(20:39:31) They don't want to win. But we all want to sing along #Greece #eurovision

(20:40:42) @CalmWaters73 That ukulele is TINY!

(20:41:33) What is he PLAYING? What the hell do the lyrics mean? Did he just sing hummus? #eurovision

(20:41:52) @CalmWaters73 I think I want one...

(20:43:43) Annoyingly I want to sing "alcohol is free" along with the chorus for every remaining Eurovison song. #eurovision

(20:44:13) @PeterBluemler It goes up a couple of gears, I think... eventually! :D

(20:44:38) "I should have stayed at home..." "SHABBA!"

(20:45:13) An excellent vocal performance to be fair #eurovision

(20:45:36) @Sab_Mc It is one of my favourite days of the year! :)

(20:45:49) @technicalfault Adds to the charm. Top 10!

(20:46:46) Ukraine - Amazing singing, but didn't really go anywhere. 7/10 #eurovision

(20:48:03) @batwench I think the rules are that they're not allowed to be released before submission - afterwards, anything goes.. #eurovision

(20:48:33) What has he got on his head?

(20:49:35) This instrumental break lifted from 'Robbie Williams' Angels #eurovision

(20:49:50) @jn2n And look bored. Yes. LOADS.

(20:50:13) @paulums I like!

(20:50:34) Italy. Dull. Suit. 3/10 #eurovision

(20:50:46) EAT MY LOVE #eurovision

(20:51:20) This is BIG. I hope it wins. #eurovision

(20:52:14) @batwench There is a lot to be said for the marketing of the song... Eurovision is a complex art! :)

(20:52:38) @thirdbreakfast To be fair, they only just got back into it...

(20:53:09) @CalmWaters73 Hahaha! :D

(20:53:44) @contrarywitch It's a legal requirement, yes. With LEDs if you've got them.

(20:54:23) Well, this gets my vote Norway 9/10 - absolutely excellent performance #eurovision

(20:54:55) @jn2n We didn't see her try to get off the stage, to be fair. But yes :D

(20:55:06) RT @Ewan: Georgia now. With a song written by a Swede. With a Swedish backing singer. Singing in Sweden. With a Swedish production team. Hm…

(20:55:18) RT @heatherrhian: It must have taken them AGES to breed butterflies to look like all those flags #eurovision #naturalselection

(20:56:43) See, I think this will get lots of votes because it's anthemic and has strong harmonies and close to the end #eurovision

(20:57:02) @PeterBluemler Crazy like a fridge freezer.

(20:57:13) @blabers I'm sure they did two at once there.

(20:57:23) Sparkle shower! :D

(20:57:55) @mostlygeordie Oh it is a brilliant bit of dance pop.. and late in the running order. It may well be top 5.

(20:58:09) @sm2n Thank you :)

(20:58:20) It's... not Jedward. #eurovision

(20:58:54) @CharIiebear True. But leaves a sweet (if not saccharine) taste for those of us who are now too drunk to know better.

(20:59:46) @tezzer57 I think we all need to be, yeah.

(21:00:56) Oh dear.. the backing vocals aren't high enough in the mix. Not big enough.. hmm.. this doesn't translate to live quite so well. #eurovision

(21:01:19) @akbea True dat.

(21:01:50) @mcdwebster Well, with Eurovision, you can certainly expect

(21:02:02) RT @aforaorta: THIS ISN'T MY LOVELY HORSE! *writes angry letter to the BBC* #EurovisionTwitterParty #eurovision

(21:02:26) @tezzer57 Certainly top 10.

(21:02:48) @sm2n :)

(21:03:56) Don't forget.. go to one of those Timeshare scheme meetings and ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL IS FREE #eurovision2013 #eurovision

(21:06:38) For what it's worth.. for me it's Norway - Iceland - Finland - Greece - Sweden #eurovision #eurovision2013 Good selection of songs this year

(21:08:17) @batwench It's likely to be an infrastructure thing.. or the fact that we're one of the top five. Which one would you vote for?

(21:10:38) I got engaged trying to vote for Norway! :D

(21:16:30) @dj_monkeyboy *snarfs*

(21:16:49) @perrygascoine Ahh.. but @poots follows me.. the truth is out! :D

(21:17:18) @HelenQuigley It will be a Eurovision wedding. Now THAT is WIN.

(21:17:47) @Tsaksonakis I got engaged at the Dartford Tunnel. It was funny at the time.. :D

(21:20:06) I have broken off my engagement with Norway. Alcohol is still free.

(21:20:41) @jn2n @AlexGFox Ooh.. did you vote? Good choices for favourites - they're all up there for me.

(21:26:45) Well I don't think there'll be a runaway winner... and whichever country wins, it'll be a good one, I think. Or Romania :D

(21:27:08) My friend @Stenbird is from Sweden. I must remember this, watching the interval act.

(21:28:14) @sm2n Good choices... altough I fear Belgium was a little early in the running order to do too well, unfortunately.

(21:29:35) This is fabulous and peculiar, and in English. And is taking the mickey a bit #eurovision

(21:30:15) @jn2n I'm afraid not. @alexgfox

(21:32:15) @sm2n You are a man of taste and good memory. I, however, am tipsy and have completely lost all sense of what is supposed to be going on.

(21:32:43) @jn2n Ha! Just the right amount of wrongness!

(21:33:23) @Stenbird You probably made the right decision.

(21:34:02) @jn2n @alexgfox Ahhh... and it would probably cost several hundreds of points with a mobile! :D

(21:34:41) @batwench This will be going in the book I'm writing about life in the 21st century. @latenightloaf

(21:35:15) @willowHart *hic* She should have brought a bottle of sherry on stage with her....

(21:35:42) @crabbyknickers Empty pint glass handy? Why get up..?

(21:39:11) @sm2n @AlexGFox @jn2n I'm afraid so.

(21:39:30) @jn2n Quite so :)

(21:40:22) Using the Eurovision app to keep track of the results. And the telly. And the cheering. #eurovision

(21:40:54) @neilcochrane1 Yeah. It was mainly pissing about. Quite funny though.

(21:41:29) We're off the mark at least... #eurovision

(21:42:17) @neilcochrane1 I think it is @johnny_winter who has missed out :D

(21:42:54) @AlexGFox I'm allergic to cats, too.. get some piriton down ya! @sm2n @jn2n

(21:43:37) @AlexGFox Good use of voting, there :D I am sure M did you proud. @jn2n @sm2n

(21:43:59) @willowHart It did nothing for me...

(21:44:59) @fridgemagnet2 You know how to have Eurovision fun..!

(21:47:36) @neilcochrane1 I love that they're put a representation of the snake in the graphic.. very good! @johnny_winter

(21:49:14) @Superblouse I fear Netherlands won't make it into the top ten. Didn't really mesh with the show. On the upside: profit @MrsAshborosCat

(21:49:56) @fandrews Totally wasn't me. My vote was wasted.. Didn't even get a point.

(21:53:10) @AlexGFox Goodnight, chief :) @sm2n @jn2n

(21:53:31) @willowHart This bit of the show is completely beyond me..

(21:55:44) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I am unashamed in its use.

(21:56:06) @sparkyannc Time those delays ;)

(21:57:18) How many times will they vote for Denmark la la la la-la la la la between us. Didn't think that tweet through.

(21:59:00) @clairebland1 That's pretty woeful, isn't it! But neither the UK nor Ireland are in eastern Europe ;)

(22:01:35) @clairebland1 I believe we're capable of making a fantastic Eurovision song, but we've had Lloyd Webber and Waterman.. where do we go next?

(22:04:08) @ian262 You're certainly not alone with that opinion! :)

(22:07:09) @SteveDoherty1 Ireland is bottom with 3 points ; UK is 23rd

(22:08:13) @jn2n I've got the app, too. very cool :) @sm2n

(22:08:41) @HelenQuigley UK getting more points than last year.

(22:10:35) I'm really surprised Finland are doing so badly. OK, so their stage show was a complete mess, but it was a great song. #eurovision2013

(22:10:57) @lsrwLuke Ha. Starting to fade a little, to be fair.

(22:11:23) @jn2n I was going to say 'damp and flustered' @sm2n

(22:12:11) @akbea That made me snigger in a very bad way.

(22:13:44) Has that Greek woman spilt something down the front of her dress..? #eurovision2013

(22:14:40) How are Germany doing so well..? #eurovision

(22:19:19) @sm2n @jn2n Indeed. My prediction for the UK: 18th. Currently: 19th. It's a good range of votes, but I think Denmark have it... interesting.

(22:19:44) @PlainTalkingHR It wasn't pretty! But hey.. what do I know about fashion? :) Did you vote?

(22:20:16) @orgmul I think people were a little fussy about the German song being very similar to last year's... and it seems Denmark have won :)

(22:21:01) That is an epic dress. #eurovision2013

(22:21:47) @orgmul Well, it's all gone a bit odd in Sweden :D

(22:22:36) @contrarywitch Rather uncharacteristic!

(22:26:49) @jn2n Spain, Austria, Albania and Israel (5 points)

(22:27:13) @orgmul Heehee.. it's a lovely country to visit! Maybe... :)

(22:29:05) Well that was great fun, as always. Thank you for sharing the fun! :) #eurovision2013

(22:30:06) @orgmul @sparkyannc That would be the trip of a lifetime.. @Barwickgreen are you with us..?

(22:30:28) @jn2n Indeed :)

(22:30:49) Right. Bed. Night!

(22:31:20) @orgmul Guten nacht! :) And thank you for the fun - great spending time with you :)

(22:50:50) @neilcochrane1 This is one of my favourite videos of all time.. .. the cutest thing ever :D

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(06:36:57) @MattLakin1 @SarahAliceJ @mathssalamander All things being equal, we've all got the power... #tooearlyformathspuns

(06:58:23) My life is one long blooper reel. They should make a movie of this.

(06:58:42) @humedini You're having a baby, Ted?

(06:59:39) @humedini It would start at the end credits... :D

(07:00:28) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Thanks! Wishing you a guided busway of a Friday :D

(07:10:50) @PervyWilbury There's a lot of fluffed dialogue and falling over... working on the car chases, and the love scenes are a mere fantasy :D

(07:28:58) @lloydbayley Holy crap your shed's tidier than my house! :D

(07:30:01) The Late Night Loaf Eurovison Special is in the archives ready for retoleration! - Playlist:

(07:30:09) @PervyWilbury We could make millions...

(07:37:14) Always handy to have a #Eurovision translation.. (/via @ThePoke - kudos @pixiefilming?)

(07:38:03) @PervyWilbury @smartie999 Ma'am ~salutes~ ~wanders off~

(07:46:45) @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Amen&Alleluia #FF

(09:16:29) @RubyJubilee Neither of those is a sufficient excuse #blocked ;)

(09:23:22) @RubyJubilee o lordy.

(09:23:38) @hooker1uk @KiddyCharts @TheBrickCastle @mygoddelusion @Evilpostman @fireflyphil @BewilderedBug @TheMummyScripts @dorkymum Thanks chief! #FF

(09:24:16) @batwench The story arc makes absolutely no sense :D

(09:24:26) @Mr_DW_Brighton There will be bleeping :D

(09:30:59) @RubyJubilee There's something to be said for it being more wholesome than Jeremy Kyle. But I'm in no position to comment - not seen either!

(09:40:02) RT @Glinner: George Takei responds (via @Smyles91) (via @LilythePurr)

(10:58:09) @PervyWilbury "Fructus sem non faciat bellum" Which sounds both profound and a bit filthy. I approve.

(10:59:41) @lloydbayley Totes. #newspeak

(12:23:52) My daughter has got a school disco this afternoon. I still haven't worked out why.

(12:24:16) @peasbloss There is staring to be done...

(13:00:48) @PontoonDock @latenightloaf YEAH! :)

(13:02:20) @sarahjaneuk *chuckles* I am trying to persuade myself that it's not as an opportunity for me to demonstrate my Dad Dancing.

(13:19:28) @mostlygeordie I've been at it since 9 :D

(14:21:41) @mostlygeordie I'm wearing trousers if that's what you're asking ;)

(14:21:57) @AlexGFox Of course! @sarahjaneuk

(16:20:11) RT @MintFM: In preparation for tomorrow's Eurovision Song Contest join @1969Steve at the top of the hour for non-stop Eurovision http://t.c…

(17:19:56) @PervyWilbury Nooo... you can ALWAYS help yourself to my beans. Rest well, cheeky pops. Fecky fruit! :)

(17:20:56) Noooo! The #Eurovision app isn't compatible with my Nexus 7. Ahh well.. the phone it is, then...

(20:10:42) @shiftrunstop Heh. Funny you should retweet that. I have heard of @brianashton #truestory

(20:15:44) Gone to bed. The wifi is rubbish up here. Reading then sleeping it is then. Or Berkshire then Bedfordshire. Good night.

(20:56:11) @dj_monkeyboy Tuned in in bed... :)

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(07:05:22) @Mad4mogzz You can do it! Kettle goes in last ;)

(07:05:43) RT @EwenRankin: Thanks to all who subscribed to YouTube Chnl Yesterday but I need 1000 to dump JustinTv. Pls RT and …

(07:06:19) @Sjluton When..?!

(07:07:01) @PlainTalkingHR Congratulations! Bowling is all about luck whatever anyone says ;)

(07:07:18) @dj_monkeyboy Mornin' D

(07:07:35) @Sjluton Oh I see.

(07:09:14) @lloydbayley @vobes Morning gents :) Have a good evening / morning

(07:09:57) @vobes Lovely picture! I so miss the sea...

(07:11:10) @Sjluton :)

(07:11:40) @effieoffie Haha! I would SO love a meeting invite :)

(07:12:15) @jopijedd Oh wow! Now that is a convergence of fine things :)

(07:13:38) @PlainTalkingHR It's been a fairly good week, thank you; and now the sun has appeared... I've always quite liked Thursdays! Have a good one!

(07:14:33) @Sjluton And thence you will be known as Luton's finest clairvoyant ;) With a massive shoe collection, presumably :D

(08:45:36) @LutonNewsConnie Ooooh! Does the track go all the way along now then?

(08:47:40) @LutonNewsConnie I hope they stop before it ends up in a big hole, then! Enjoy (and do please post a video if you can!) :)

(09:05:15) @emmafurious That's a little concerning. I hope things sort themselves out...

(09:07:01) @PervyWilbury @sparkledoris Lordy. And indeed feck. There ain't a holder in the land big enough for one that size.

(09:07:14) @LutonNewsConnie :) :) Bon voyage! :)

(09:11:13) I haven't actually seen Downtown Abbey, but this is unhinged. (Cnntains a swear. And Puff Diddly) (h/t @RHA)

(09:47:25) @jonhind @LutonNewsConnie Good picture! I'm trying to work out where that is.. bottom of the A6?

(10:24:40) @jonhind @LutonNewsConnie Ahhh.. thank you!

(11:04:52) @iamamro It's your birthday? Happy one! :)

(11:35:51) @LucyOomch Brock House may be closer...

(12:13:20) @fridgemagnet2 @latenightloaf OH SO CLOSE. I have no idea how you're listening now; I've not uploaded the show. You didn't record it did ya?

(12:20:19) @PervyWilbury I would. I quite enjoy Vogon poetry, too ;)

(12:22:12) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: The N1701 night bus has been upgraded to the N1701-A and now has a holodeck.

(14:49:45) @jonhind @LutonNewsConnie That's some fast-track bureaucracy right there...

(14:57:13) @fridgemagnet2 Could you send me a copy please? I had to rush in some new software, and it didn't automatically record...!

(15:02:46) @CalmWaters73 I don't think @dj_monkeyboy has anything to worry about. My prediction is between 16th and 20th.

(15:08:45) @dj_monkeyboy I love the sentiment of this one but it might well by why Greece is skint at the moment.. we have to buy booze! @CalmWaters73

(15:09:34) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy Mmmmmm! YEAH. *hic*

(15:12:02) @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc @CalmWaters73 This one is bollocks. But has some serious bass hidden in the background. And no alcohol *hic*

(15:12:24) @Tsaksonakis I love @iamamro. And you. And @smartie999

(15:13:17) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc I really hope I have missed the Bronski Beat one. I hate it but it gets stuck in my head. Hate.

(15:13:44) @Sab_Mc @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy I can understand your reluctance to turn it up enough to hear it... :D

(15:14:21) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy This one's about getting smish smosh SMASHED! :D @Sab_Mc

(15:22:31) @CalmWaters73 This one may well win. Last one was dull. Isreal haven't done anything decent since Dana International! @Sab_Mc @dj_monkeyboy

(15:22:58) @Sab_Mc @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy This one's called "Jaeger leaf" which is about drinking Jaegerbombs while smoking dope. Probably.

(15:27:09) @dj_monkeyboy @CalmWaters73 I clearly missed the washing machine bit. MORE KITCHEN APPLIANCES IN EUROVISION. #writestomymp

(15:27:21) @dj_monkeyboy @CalmWaters73 ONE OF MY SHOES IS CALLED PAIN.

(15:28:04) @dj_monkeyboy @CalmWaters73 OW!

(15:30:09) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc Someone needs to have a word about these lyrics.

(15:31:33) @CalmWaters73 @Sab_Mc @dj_monkeyboy Absolutely facile. Although I love the drum samples. And the brass riff is funny. DUBSTEP THOUGH?

(15:32:30) @CalmWaters73 Will you play my eurovision theme if I send it to you? It's special. It' made of dubstep...

(15:33:07) @Sab_Mc @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy Top 5 for this one.

(15:35:50) @Sab_Mc @dj_monkeyboy @CalmWaters73 I LOVE THIS. It is batty. And didn't qualify. SADFACE. @MendingHeart87

(15:37:08) @tweeting_frog @CalmWaters73 It was my favourite :D To be fair, I am a bit unhinged.

(15:38:45) @tweeting_frog @CalmWaters73 Ha! :D

(15:39:01) @MendingHeart87 @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc This one is top 10.

(15:43:44) @Sab_Mc @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @MendingHeart87 This is classic Eurovision. It's got something approaching real strings.

(15:46:19) @MendingHeart87 @dj_monkeyboy @CalmWaters73 @Sab_Mc It's my favourite of the 'fairly normal' ones :)

(15:47:48) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @MendingHeart87 @Sab_Mc PLEASE NO NO NO NO! NO! NOOO NO NO NO NOO! NOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO *cries a bit*

(15:52:21) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc @MendingHeart87 Ahh Sweden. This one's called "We can't afford to win this twice. Remember Ireland?" :D

(15:52:57) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc @MendingHeart87 Although this is top 10 for sure.

(16:01:14) @Sab_Mc *curtsies*

(16:01:48) @CalmWaters73 Brilliant, brilliant show - thank you for the smiles! :) @MendingHeart87 @dj_monkeyboy @Sab_Mc

(16:16:57) @trevypoos *applauds* @Mad4mogzz

(16:19:47) @LilyShambles 1996?

(16:43:25) @fridgemagnet2 I would say you were as close as it gets :D Thank you in advance.. great news! :)

(17:15:14) @LilyShambles Heehee. I'm not sure I'm even that any more. We should go and make the world better x

(19:27:28) @PrincessBagel That @EwenRankin has rebooted the internet.. trying again! @jgamet @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @batwench @BritishTech

(19:59:34) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @jgamet @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @batwench @BritishTech Thanks for trying again.. completely understand.Night! x

(20:07:36) RT @Jimblobb: Will you help @EwenRankin get to 1000 subscribers so google upgrade him to live streaming? PLEASE?

(21:11:11) @jgamet @sarahjaneuk @EwenRankin @acedtect @claw0101 Always a giggle... and fortuantely the stream held out! Until next time! :) Thank you!

(22:34:22) Off to bed... Late Night Loaf podcast is uploading as I type.. that's what night time is for. Bis morgen.. guten nacht :)

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(08:17:55) Good morning. I say that. Oh hey, there is still coffee in the world, and I have the use of all my limbs. Let's do this thing, Wednesday.

(08:18:35) @batwench @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk @claw0101 @MissyMWAC @verso @jgamet @drhappymac @BritishMac Holy mother of Tigger... (and good morning!)

(08:18:43) @PervyWilbury FECK! :D

(08:18:57) @sm2n @latenightloaf @sparkyannc The original, I'm guessing? :D Thank you for listening, sir!

(09:19:40) @Manda_Jones Didn't realise you'd been on't wireless.. I'll have a listen when the opportunity arises :)

(09:26:09) @kitty_cat84 It is a VERY good way to be.

(12:19:00) @ThatAgnes Did you get that through the post..?!

(12:21:09) @karaokequeen85 @dj_monkeyboy That was pretty special, wasn't it! :;)

(12:21:54) RT @clairerandall: No takers? come and take my themes of stage and screen quiz

(12:28:21) @nausea18 It's funny because it's true. Which is not funny.

(12:29:36) "Chicken 'n ham don't take long. Garlic sausage and beef tongue." I think.

(12:30:41) @nausea18 XD

(12:43:22) @JemStone @katiemoffat @malcolmcoles Frustratingly, both! I like to give recognition to fine tweets, but also find useful ones again! :D

(12:44:17) We're all done with that whole 'Keep Calm' thing now, aren't we? Please remove all merchandise and stick it in the loft. Ta..

(12:44:49) @_windrider I think of @streakmachine about once a fortnight.

(12:45:24) @andytuk Good call. @phenoptix seems cool.

(12:46:00) Feeling a lot perkier (and warmer) now I've had some lunch. However, I am exuding garlic like a boss. Keep well clear (vampires, mainly).

(12:46:50) @Mad4mogzz Wishing you success and very few breakages. Anyone you can lend X to for a couple of days while you get everything together?

(12:47:07) Sometimes full screen just isn't full screen enough.

(12:47:28) @JoOstermeyer NOOOOOOOOO! *pictures it* *hoses down brain* NOOOO!

(12:48:08) @fiverscarrot Fingers crossed! Get walkin'!

(12:48:37) @trevypoos Yup. And Alan Carr.

(13:10:55) @Saint_Magnus Poor cathedral :| I have a tiny splinter in my little right finger, for what it's worth.

(13:13:58) @LILLYTHEPINK1 @dj_monkeyboy YOU HAVE NO SHAME. The pair of you. Elton John + Nickelback. Well.

(13:39:43) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Something breathless? This is a VERY special cover version. And an improvement on the original.

(14:06:49) @AlexGFox That is pretty swish.. but agreed!

(15:08:33) @thatsjustme0 Me me! :D

(15:09:35) @RHA @lucyabmolloy *duly bookmarked*

(15:14:25) @mostlygeordie Post prandial dip! Snuggle up..

(15:25:25) @mostlygeordie That would certainly re-energise you. Or you might just end up laid out on one of those bench things. KILL OR CURE YEAH! :D

(15:25:58) @thatsjustme0 Ellooo! Hope you're feeling perky this afternoon. I'm in the mood for a nap :D

(16:01:32) @mostlygeordie Whether or not you take one with you is key to this, I think :D Everybody needs a pillow in a gymnasium, as the song goes...

(16:56:28) @batwench @latenightloaf Err... not quite yet. There were technical problems, so only the second hour remains. Don't ask..! :D

(17:09:16) That'll do for the day, I think. The work day, anyway. There's a whole quarter of today left! Let's go and turn it into biscuits. YEAH!

(17:10:50) @BitsyVonMuffin Outrageous! #FECK ;)

(21:04:19) @BitsyVonMuffin I am fecked :D Are you delicious?

(21:08:53) @lsrwLuke We will need to have words.

(21:52:09) @effieoffie Oooooh FORMS! ~tries not to get excited~

(22:06:25) I've been very mostly enjoying some @BBCRadio4 - including Jarvis Cocker's Wireless nights and @KerryAGodliman's Thing About Lists. Funny.

(22:08:19) Also @LouSanders is pretty and funny and quite funny. In no particular order. She can be in my quiz team any time #notaeuphemism #nottrue

(22:08:31) @birdfortytwo Mmmm breakfast buffet.

(22:09:23) @effieoffie Wish I could join you. I would misbehave dreadfully.

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(07:05:47) @mostlygeordie The mind boggles..! Better not be Richard Littlejohn..!

(07:07:36) @vobes Always a good listen :)

(07:11:00) Morning. Insert joke about Eddie Izzard having mostly been running in recent years.. the mayorship of London just seems the next step.

(07:12:37) @edtjones Yes..! On minidisc somewhere(?!) Oh I so want to hear that R. Stoke show! She comes from the Sarah Kennedy school of broadcasting.

(07:12:48) @canuckuk *applauds*

(07:13:49) @mostlygeordie I only know of two Angelinas - Angelina Ballerina and an actress called that. Not sure I could make a joke about either :D

(09:29:18) Sparkling water. Brilliant.

(09:29:37) @Pandamoanimum @LilythePurr I sometimes don't. For the first time it plays. But then.. oh my.

(09:54:38) @AlexGFox It was amazing in its time, wasn't it! :)

(09:55:25) @LilythePurr @Pandamoanimum Oh crumbs. Add that up over a year and that's a fair amount!

(09:55:40) @leica0000 They have a fizzy water vending machine here. Wicked...!

(09:55:59) @colontropogo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo :) :) Even if it's a Tuesday (good morning!)

(09:56:36) @vobes I hope Georgie can catch up after the break-in.. nightmare! :| Have a good day, sir - wishing you success with the writing/editing :)

(09:57:12) I hope it doesn't rain, because the bit of damp string that's connecting this office to the internet is struggling as it is...

(10:26:28) @vobes Oh yes! Hope it goes well at @ComChanTV :)

(10:33:12) @johndredge Absolutely LOVED your Nothing To Do With Anything show on @britpublicradio - never fails to make me do a laugh :)

(10:35:16) Quite brilliant.. the fantastic Mr @JohnDredge is on British Public Radio - a worthy home: #comedy @britpublicradio

(10:35:44) @mostlygeordie 19.

(10:41:17) Things I am unlikely ever to say: "Look, it just does, right?"

(10:43:21) @ajlanghorn You need to google for the driver, and then get stuck in a mire of completely unrelated 'DOWNLOAD NOW' buttons. #hth

(10:44:25) @GlennDJ74 A warm welcome from my secret underground headquarters. @MintFM

(10:49:15) @mostlygeordie It is DEFINITELY QUITE GOOD. I would happily be your Official Photographer. I have a camera and everything.

(10:51:54) @Mad4mogzz I'm doing a Eurovision Special on my @LateNightLoaf show tonight; I'll be watching the first semi while doing last-minute prep :D

(10:52:25) @AlexGFox They don't make it easy... online episode guide is required :D

(11:22:24) @perrygascoine 50p per MB.. I'll just make sure I don't use CVS :D

(11:24:16) @PervyWilbury Mmmm but the buzz! :)

(11:24:36) @leica0000 You can have a go on it if you like :)

(12:17:13) @JamesCridland It's powererd by chocolate bars..?!

(12:21:20) The little finger on my right hand has gone a bit funny. I think it's got something to do with how I hold my phone.

(12:24:15) @leica0000 Rarely does a moment go by when I don't.

(13:20:16) Banana beats apple.

(13:25:38) @fridgemagnet2 It was close, I'll give you that. @latenightloaf

(13:28:21) @Mr_DW_Brighton It is now I come to the realisation that my children are not small any more... that didn't even occur to me :D

(13:34:03) Colin wasn't here.

(13:34:43) @Tuglets TOTALLY! (unfortunately I have none of those things at my desk :D)

(13:43:41) @pearcen Good luck, chief!

(13:46:46) @GardenCity_Mark Your freezer is as cool as Herbie Hancock :)

(14:00:12) @PervyWilbury Nice pear!

(14:31:42) @clairerandall Now you're talking! (I think it would have to be apple pie if there's custard available, but banana bread if not ;)

(15:28:01) @willowHart I think I've identified a splinter (non related :D) Amazing how distracting a tiny little pokey thing can be. So to speak.

(15:28:15) @PervyWilbury Fruit is so filthy.

(15:28:35) @clairerandall Mmm. I am in the mood for dessert now. But all I have is an apple (which doesn't count :D)

(15:31:34) @GardenCity_Mark Not now you've switched the freezer off ;)

(15:43:26) @washmysocks31 Don't they..!? Bad form!

(15:50:55) @washmysocks31 But I bet they look identical when offered..!

(15:53:43) @canuckuk @SteveDoherty1 Sorry to butt in, but for gorgeous quality you can do a lot worse than this:

(18:20:36) @gill_bee I think you spend too much time thinking about bed :D

(20:50:20) In just 11 minutes, Late Night Loaf takes to the air (technology permitting) at - it's a Eurovision 'special'. Uhoh!

(20:56:15) @ward_emily23 HURRAH! Can't wait :)

(21:08:14) Late Night Loaf is delayed due to technical issues - with you soon!

(21:11:58) IT'S WORKING! :) Thank you for patience...

(21:15:19) @MendingHeart87 Hello! It'll be mayhem! :D

(21:15:39) @stu4art Yes! Great to have you here! :) :)

(21:17:01) @sm2n @latenightloaf YOU MAY! :)

(21:21:13) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Greetings Barb' wire! :)

(21:21:59) @MendingHeart87 This is the greatest thing to come out of Finland other than @Dreamy_lyrics ;)

(21:26:28) @MendingHeart87 @Dreamy_lyrics Oh my goodness yes. In the winter they do a good line in night time :)

(21:28:30) @1969Steve I hope you wrote them all down! :) There are some dreadful ones too! :D

(21:29:58) @stu4art I was in bed VERY late last night as a result. I may have to audioboo it :D

(21:36:57) @sm2n @latenightloaf Ha! No Sattilite this year, I'm afraid.. hold back the best, my friend ;)

(21:38:14) @fridgemagnet2 Yes. And yes.

(21:52:38) @johnny_winter Well, that's the best guess you've made so far! :D

(21:52:58) @MendingHeart87 Really? I don't think I've heard the German version in... eep! 31 years! :D

(21:55:13) @MendingHeart87 Ahhh... I can only claim living in Germany for one year in 1977 (which was well before Nicole!) and some visits since :D

(21:55:48) @Tuglets *noted*

(21:56:36) @MendingHeart87 Ahh young lady ;)

(21:58:42) @johnny_winter That's not the connection, that's the USP, mate!

(21:59:09) @stu4art Gonna give that a go next week! :) I have a LOT of B-sides!

(22:15:50) @sparkyannc Indeed, in fact.

(22:33:05) @MendingHeart87 It is! It's about the flowers in Holland. It's hardly Russian lesbian techno.. oh how far we've come :D

(22:43:27) @Tuglets I'm nearly, nearly sorry

(22:48:29) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Cooden Beach? That's just up the road from where used to live... I've probably been past his house LOADS :D

(22:52:30) @Tuglets It's kind of between Bon Jovi and Metallica, isn't it?

(23:00:04) @johnny_winter Treat it as a learning experience.

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(06:57:24) @Genloo I'd forgotten he had written that! Nope... this:

(09:17:58) @peasbloss Are you being figurative? (morning, by the way :)

(09:21:35) I think @Cmdr_Hadfield now owns the internet.

(09:25:05) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Lindylooloo @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @colontropogo Good morning, and *applauds* and *subscribes* #blog

(12:54:24) If Mary Berry is Queen of Cakes, I am King of Slightly Disappointing Salads. Or possibly president (if it's a republic).

(12:56:08) @perrygascoine Right on cue...

(13:54:12) @DVVHolland hello :) Listening now - although the links on the blog page are broken extra space in there I think.

(14:38:29) @Tuglets I think it was poor ingredients.. the tomatoes were a little lacklustre, and the lettuce wasn't very crisp :) Still .. vitamins!

(19:05:10) @Gavinshuker Hi, Gavin. I forgot to mention - I just found the letter you sent on my desk and it reminded me - thank you for writing back :)

(19:57:34) There are some inspirational people in history. I think I know some of today's generation. Twitter is good for that.

(20:01:12) @mostlygeordie Gosh..! That looks delicious :)

(20:08:37) Happy birthday to David out of @ngyt_uk :)

(20:12:31) @koshkajay Bed? Not too early...

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(11:49:01) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Lindylooloo @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner @colontropogo Happy Sunshiney Sunday :) Hope it's a good one!

(11:49:21) @johndredge It's not.. it's from "I love to hate you" by Erasure.

(15:01:54) I have nearly stopped cataloguing our DVDs. Nearly.

(15:12:00) @batwench Stopped. I'm not sure it will ever be finished. It's a displacement activity (but from what I'm not sure :D)

(16:54:37) @fridgemagnet2 You obviously didn't use a big enough hammer. I hope all's mostly well now, and there's no dead air! :)

(17:04:30) @thatsjustme0 Ooh.. intriguing! :)

(17:23:11) @smartie999 Oh no... that is so uncompassionate. Big hugs and support from me. BIG.

(18:26:18) Listening to the latest Stereo Spectacular by @Bowen707 - so wonderful that there is a family recording off a cassette in 1979.. fab story!

(18:29:14) @Canojar I've never watched The Voice.. please tell me they have a Travellator.. or Wolf chases after them as they sing..? @CosmicCoco

(21:51:17) Keep behind the visual cliché.

(21:59:06) Heading home from an interesting and unxpected evening in London to say hello to an old uni pal. Listening to the Fifth Elephant. Eclectic.

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(07:53:16) @thatsjustme0 Weird that it's all gone a bit autumnal already! :D Morning :)

(08:27:03) Good morning. DOINGS.

(08:38:59) @streakmachine Oh yes! :) You can get an emulator for most platforms, but sometimes it has to be the real thing! I've got one in the loft :)

(08:43:06) @streakmachine @paulwheatley If it's any consolation, my work laptop has been displaying this for 45 minutes...

(08:43:24) @streakmachine @paulwheatley It tells me not to turn off my computer, but that seems to be the only way out! :D

(08:57:07) Oh. This might take a while...

(11:19:47) @sfdrummer Fresh install of Windows 7, sir... nightmare! :D

(11:19:54) @ellewadding Now THAT is an idea! :D

(11:20:42) @JQP74 Morning, John. I'm on dusting and tidying duty today.. not sure I'll get the hoover or the iron out this morning :D How's you?

(11:21:22) @sarahjaneuk Fortunately, the kitchen & lounge are connected (sort of open-plan house thing) so the cable reaches ;) It's our kitchen telly!

(11:22:05) @thatsjustme0 I've not ventured forth, yet.. been doing tidying in the lounge this morning :D Might sweep the terrace outside in a bit :) x

(11:22:52) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo Have a great day.. I'm having a tidy :) :)

(11:26:47) @fiverscarrot Good luck! :)

(11:27:00) @BeachBelles Oh. you touched it. Ew.

(11:27:16) @RedMummy @canuckuk I'LL DO LOW BUDGET COMEDY!: )

(13:29:29) Tins of screws: it's a grown-up thing...

(18:08:33) Ooooh it's a Neil Gaimon one..! #DoctorWho

(18:11:17) @mostlygeordie Nooooooo! But you probably deserve it far more than me :)

(18:13:09) @AlexGFox Wow! That is remarkable :)

(18:14:57) @canuckuk oooooh. I think I need a shelf!

(18:17:34) @thatsjustme0 I went out to do some sweeping and got rained on :D Hope you're all snuggled up in the warm! x

(19:36:49) @mostlygeordie OHH WOW! :) :) Best box of chocolates EVER! :) Are you going to save that one till last? ;)

(22:11:47) @trevypoos Gosh.. that's impressive - quite a strange, ghostly sound... thank you for sharing it! :)

(22:38:38) @mostlygeordie I was really really crap at long distance relationships... still am (despite the internet!)

(22:39:02) @thatsjustme0 I'm not far behind you - good night :) x

(22:48:40) @mostlygeordie Heehee.. I do feel bad; I was a cad myself as a teen, and I'm fairly poor at keeping in touch. (Sorry!) X

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(07:24:28) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Good morning :) Always good to know where one's niche is ;)

(07:25:31) @lloydbayley Morning, Lloyd. A tidy desk is the sign of an ordered mind (that's what I tell myself.. I love a neat workspace!)

(07:25:52) @Chocohalix Captures family life perfectly :)

(07:26:37) @mostlygeordie Still..? :|

(07:27:04) Good morning. I'm going to pretend to be awake today. Don't tell anyone.

(07:27:29) @johndredge I wouldn't go to Reading. @Vanburger2

(07:42:41) @contrarywitch You could be on to something there! Random jewellery juxtaposition!

(07:44:04) @lloydbayley Very neat! wish I could say the same for mine :D

(11:10:24) @Tuglets Oh my...

(17:20:41) Work all done for the week.. Windows 7 re-installed on the PC in the kitchen(!) and pizza eaten. Is it time for bed yet?

(17:21:49) @Mangowe That's horrible :(

(17:22:29) @1969Steve Tuning in, sir! :)

(17:25:19) @PaulEdwards_ ooh posh :)

(17:27:54) @1969Steve Thanks for the shoutout :)

(17:34:01) @1969Steve Oohhh.. nice walk-up! :)

(17:38:27) @sparkyannc Heh.. very very nice! (Thanks for your email, too.. will reply soon :)

(17:39:30) @batwench I was most unimpressed :P

(17:45:24) @batwench Mmmm! Worth it, though! :)

(18:13:25) @mabelinticket94 Are you feeling any better yet? xxx

(20:07:01) @Lycan33 Nope.

(20:41:50) @fridgemagnet2 Technically, yes. In terms of content.. no :D

(20:41:59) @hooker1uk @JpsGirl4eva2011 @SamCandour @sarahMo3W @Digital_Hobo @mygoddelusion @dumphimlove @kateab @RedTedArt @AppOnline Thanks, chief! :)

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(06:35:41) @mostlygeordie I drove through Sale once... wasn't for me, either...

(06:39:52) Morning. @106jack are making me have to Shazam things again. And apparently just 'Mike' isn't good enough.. first Streets, now Passenger.

(06:49:27) @washmysocks31 All is well, thank you. Hope you are able to do what you need to, and much of what you want!

(06:50:05) @BeachBelles @johannafateman Amen.

(06:52:07) @nxmee Top!

(06:53:35) @PervyWilbury It's never too late...

(06:57:05) @BeachBelles @johannafateman It was "hitherto" for me... maybe I should resolve to read a new word in coming months and pronounce it wrong.

(07:00:03) @PervyWilbury FECK.

(07:01:31) Just put my tablet on a lump of spilled porridge #firstworldproblems

(08:54:10) @striderpaul It was by the time I'd finished wiping it off :D

(08:54:23) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo And the very same to you! May brighten up! :D

(08:54:57) @ifpeck That is a fantastic gift. Healthy and tasty. Genius. @jenniferronnie

(09:13:20) @shellzenner Congratulation! :) MOAR listeners :)

(09:13:41) @ShortyMcStompy Peace and quiet..?

(11:13:09) @JadeEdwards9 Just caught up with @TinTopTuesday - great work... I hope you can come back and keep @AlanHydeStudio in check ;)

(12:30:15) RT @buschenfeld: Not sure about these new Reggae Reggae eye drops

(14:52:19) @PervyWilbury If you're offering, I'll accept one! :)

(15:51:12) @chrisesch the analog - and cheap - ballpoint pen :D More branded USB sticks, I say. Or possibly even mouse mats.

(15:53:02) @thatsjustme0 Wasn't me.. I've been clean for about a week now *suppresses a sniff*

(15:53:30) Lucky pants? ALL my pants are lucky. Although, to be fair, it's unlucky for the pants.

(15:54:40) Pasting logs into a skype conversation is antisocial, but I just can't help it.

(16:14:13) @thatsjustme0 Hellooo :) And bless you, indeed.

(16:19:01) @paulums Congratulation! @batwench

(16:27:38) @paulums @PrincessBagel My goodness...

(16:28:26) @PrincessBagel (I'm not even on tonight, but that may well take further research :D)

(17:55:26) @paulums @PrincessBagel Certainly preferable to brown sauce! :D

(17:56:39) Two aromas that don't mix well: frying sausages and WD40 #science

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(06:39:17) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter It was a bit ropey, but the recording is fine :) And yes... it was a Windows PC (hmmm.. with bonjour)

(06:41:13) @actingtheparty Morning #bitgrey

(06:42:20) @thatsjustme0 Morning to you, too :) x

(06:48:44) Good morrow. Some days it's a blessing just to have a morrow of one's own...

(06:52:49) Discussing accidental heroes like the man who helped those three girls escape, and that hitch hiker a few months back. True Yin to the Yang.

(06:56:55) By which I mean Yang to the Yin. Honey to the Bee. J2O. Whatever.

(06:58:49) @princessbagel Morning, you :)

(07:01:01) @actingtheparty I quite like the rain ('gainst my window)... :)

(07:09:24) It had to be done... and @schmoyoho did it - that hero interview songified:

(08:10:39) Last night's Late Night Loaf... uploading soon. Here's an advert for Your Bank... (via @VoiceBo)

(08:13:32) I'm still baffled how @neilcochrane1 knew that just last weekend I installed iTunes & blimmin' Bonjour onto my PC. IT HAS RUINED IT (maybe)

(08:13:39) @mostlygeordie *snarf*

(08:32:37) @neilcochrane1 *cries* I though you were a loyal listener :D

(08:33:07) @striderpaul All good, Paul - the show will be up in the archives if you want to experience what a shambles it was :D

(08:46:43) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 I have summarily discharged it.

(08:46:57) @neilcochrane1 Might be worth listening to the archive.. I did you a jingle ;)

(08:49:28) Here's a thing.. last night's Late Night Loaf has magically appeared on the internet. Mind the gap, now.

(09:12:56) RT @poots: Both of these are well worth a watch on Sunday even if you only have the slightest interest in physics:

(09:14:26) @paulums Good luck, Paul! I hope it goes really well :)

(09:15:09) @lloydbayley Morning/evening Lloyd :) Darn these time zones and earth's rotations! Glad you can listen to the show nonetheless! :)

(09:43:09) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo It's still spring.. honest! Have a good day :)

(10:20:07) @starr67 Incidentally, we played Cluedo eventually.. it was Mr Green in the Hall with the dumbbell. I think they've updated the game..!

(10:36:34) @starr67 Absolutely baffling.. it's not Revd Green any more, either.. or Colonel Mustard. It's lost its charm somewhat...

(11:36:09) @blindman75 CRACKING song! :) Never heard this before, but yes.. I'm turning it right up :)

(11:47:48) @blindman75 Yes. And then I think where she gets it from... definitely her father's daughter! :D

(12:37:18) Classic @YPLAC - Parked on the pavement and covered in bird poo.

(13:33:50) @mostlygeordie It's why I don't park under the trees any more (yik!)

(14:54:08) @alta8 @streakmachine I've got 500 problems and that server is one...

(14:55:21) @mostlygeordie I am constantly baffled by... things.

(14:55:58) @Manda_Jones And now you've scanned it, I'm going to print it out and TAKE YORE STUFF!

(15:27:45) @Manda_Jones And what with Africa having hardly any countries in it, it would have been a cinch anyway... ;) #notaprettyfaceatall #menotyou

(15:30:19) @NateLanxon @Dropbox You do the science so we don't have to (thank you!)

(15:50:00) @batwench I believe @sarahjaneuk is aware, and dealing with @EwenRankin :)

(15:55:39) @batwench @sarahjaneuk @EwenRankin Handy tip: if the error's in the 500s it's probably their end; if it's in the 400s it's probably yours ;)

(15:57:49) @batwench @sarahjaneuk @EwenRankin That's the point at which I put my tinfoil hat on!

(16:10:25) @Vanburger2 Oh it wasn't subliminal.. I just never got round to doing it / asking for it.. but if you're in the studio any time ;)

(16:10:37) @Vanburger2 The Thematic Three has officially been renamed, by the way ;)

(16:11:35) @poots Too early, maybe - but it just shows your dream can be a reality. Keep pushing, my love. x

(16:12:23) @EwenRankin Been there, mate... the Drafts folder is a terrible place. @batwench @sarahjaneuk

(16:52:35) Knocking work on the head for the day. I do hope the lump's gone down by morning...

(16:53:44) @Leafybear Not a bad one.. certainly not as challenging as yours appears to have been! :) Hope your evening improves :)

(17:01:36) @AlexGFox All good - my show was one long technical quandary! :) Hope you've had a good day :)

(17:01:47) @Vanburger2 A fingy.

(17:02:32) @thatsjustme0 You and that @mostlygeordie are so active! I'm planning to spend the next couple of hours Potttering and Sitting About :D

(20:05:41) @mostlygeordie @thatsjustme0 You are SO amazing, the pair of you. :)

(22:33:19) @mostlygeordie I did it with aplomb. I'm fact, I was working on a remix... just a bit of twiddling, mainly :D @thatsjustme0

(22:35:28) Sleep time after a day of work, remixing and general doings. More of most of them again tomorrow. Hope you will be there too. Night!

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(06:41:44) @cyberdonkey CDO - it's not right if it's not in alphabetical order...

(07:01:28) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Short week hurrah! Have a great day :) #Lutonians

(07:04:16) A sort-of Mondayish Tuesday good morning to you. There's going to be a @LateNightLoaf tonight, all beards being equal... lock up your jazz.

(07:09:40) @EwenRankin Thanks, Ewen :)

(08:57:03) @miz_shake68 I am completely bewildered by the week - yesterday definitely felt like a Sunday! Means Friday comes that bit sooner, right? :)

(08:57:18) @striderpaul @latenightloaf Thanks, Paul! Have a great day in the sunshine :)

(08:58:10) @Helenwrites If you can leave the house without a bit still stuck round your lips, you're doing better than I am :D

(08:58:33) @miz_shake68 Indeed. Have a great day! :)

(09:02:13) @EwenRankin Ouchy. Contract expires -> software disappears. That's just greed!

(09:03:08) @alta8 Thank you for the retweet - and good morning! :)

(11:17:41) Looking for a needle in a giant haystacks.

(11:27:46) <Insert letterbox analogy here>

(11:28:09) @thatsjustme0 I have a cheese sandwich if you'd like one?

(11:28:27) @thatsjustme0 FELT TIPS!

(11:30:34) I'm running a version of Windows Explorer called Dora.

(11:31:08) @thatsjustme0 Okey doke.. I'll try not to tempt you :)

(11:52:28) @thatsjustme0 Mmm aromatic!

(11:55:12) @dellama And it can't seem to find anything without a great deal of help from me :D

(12:00:18) @trevypoos :D :D

(12:00:33) @Vanburger2 Does my allergies no good at all :D

(14:41:22) @_windrider It's an occasional mild twinge... I got lucky! Hope yours gets better soon, too.

(15:52:38) @Canojar Still working :P

(15:53:02) @sparkyannc I would if I could, but in this weather the nearby chocolate shops are BAD.

(16:35:15) @Canojar I'll be driving back down the M1 soon :)

(19:37:30) In case you forgot what day it was, @LateNightLoaf is on @MintFM at 10pm UK and this week's intro is satirical. And in no way beard related.

(21:16:16) @sm2n Evenin'!

(21:20:41) @johnny_winter It's been OK for me... I'll have another listen...

(21:21:49) @johnny_winter Seems OK at the moment... but skips a bit oddly...

(21:22:37) @1969Steve Evenin' Stevenin'!

(21:28:00) @johnny_winter I could have done that last minute with that, couldn't I!

(21:30:24) @fridgemagnet2 Oh man.. can you hang on for the beardy bit next? Or you can pick it up on the podcast :)

(21:36:26) @fridgemagnet2 That's so annoying. Wish there was something I could do...

(21:58:40) @thatsjustme0 Night nighty xx

(21:59:02) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Hellooo! Are ya tuned in? Can I say ehhhhhelloooo to you?

(22:03:40) @johnny_winter I wish there was something I could do.. didn't do a test transmission - it's not the wire this time! :)

(22:04:54) @johnny_winter Me too..! I can't tell from here :D

(22:05:35) @Tuglets Good evening Janet - it's great to have you here :) I appear to be having technical skippy diffficulties this evening.. sorry!

(22:05:47) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It's not you.. it's me :|

(22:11:09) @Tuglets Do you have the keys to do that? It may be me.. I just can't tell!

(22:17:36) @Tuglets I tried threatening my computer with a piece of two by four with a nail in it, but to no effect...

(22:56:29) @sm2n @latenightloaf @jn2n Ahh.. how frustrating - I reckon it was waiting for its moment to strike. I'll just have to do it all again! :D

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(07:51:39) @painted_duchess @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @BitsyVonMuffin @BaronHawkey @Fee_Easton @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Fecked if I did!:D

(08:06:51) goodish morningish. Coffee (not ish)

(12:33:18) @SarahAliceJ Hello ma'am. A syzygy is three celestial bodies all in a row (I was never one for nursery rhymes, even ultra modern ones).

(12:33:36) @SarahAliceJ Hugs are brilliant.

(12:36:34) @blindman75 Hope you've had a great Monday :)

(12:36:55) @JonBCFC Belated greetings to you :)

(12:41:39) I sprained my shoulder due to over-vigourous hoovering. I am quietly proud of this. Domestic Goddess Injury.

(12:45:52) @SarahAliceJ PS I have always wanted a stalker. Brings out my Sherlock Holmes side.

(12:46:55) Chloriney.

(12:47:52) @Matildamouse I did it on Saturday, so had pretty much recovered yesterday... got a bit of a twinge swimming today, though #keepoverdoingit

(12:56:37) @Matildamouse Heehee.. it was a good (if highly flammable) result ;) Gonna relax this afternoon... hope you are having a splendid BH Monday!

(13:01:52) @Matildamouse Yeah! Sounds brilliant :)

(13:03:51) Getting all a bit excited about #Eurovision 2013 while @DVVHolland rips into the songs, some of which are cracking. I'm unashamed.. love it!

(13:05:23) Except the whole Estonia thing. Winnie Puuh totally would have of wonned.

(13:06:53) @mabelinticket94 Oh no, mabes. Please feel better soon - lots of fluids and rest, even if it seems frustrating. Sending hugs x

(13:09:48) @GShang @calmwaters73 Indeed... there is the usual 50% anodyne dross, but the rest is always an interesting listen :)

(13:10:05) I am baffled by hair care products.

(13:21:32) New product idea: a specialist shampoo for the Ornamental Tufty Chin Beard. In a tiny bottle.

(13:21:43) @thatsjustme0 Epic!

(13:22:33) @sparkyannc In just 12 days time. TWELVE! *excited* May well have to do a Eurovision special on @LateNightLoaf to celebrate :) @DVVHolland

(13:23:18) @Matildamouse That would be wonderful - the children love playing together, and it's always great to see you :)

(15:39:32) @meanjeen Thank you - it was a plaster dust and back of the washing machine fluff mission :)

(18:11:45) @PervyWilbury Fufty.

(18:25:15) @DVVHolland @esctoday @ESCinsight @Brother_Kohben Downloading now for my ears. Hoping for a Rambo Amadeus for 2013... vainly, I fear...

(18:25:55) @mostlygeordie Can I come round for tea, please..? ;) x

(18:27:35) @LordGibbon I took my children out frolicking yesterday and we built a den :) They're back on their computers now :D #bestofbothworlds

(18:28:36) @mostlygeordie Lashings of ganache. Galachings.

(18:29:42) @alnicholl77 All part of the fun of fatherhood :) :)

(18:34:04) @LordGibbon Not yet... give 'em something round to throw & a couple of acres of grass to do it in ;) My two have cousins nearby.. a bonus!

(18:34:35) @crabtreesmythe Excellent sir.

(18:41:19) @ClockworkKriss Good luck and bon appetit!

(18:41:56) @Mad4mogzz :) :)

(18:44:37) @crabtreesmythe And your good self. But not that Cray chap. He might take it the wrong way and cut me, you understand. Hugs to dear Sage.

(19:14:56) @thatsjustme0 It has been a splendid day, thank you... warm but no sunburn! Thank you :) :) You doing well?

(19:15:59) @birdfortytwo That's a Bel, surely?

(19:47:45) @thatsjustme0 Me too... pooped and jammied! (Nearly)

(19:49:06) @birdfortytwo Well, I have definitely learned something today! Thank you :)

(20:11:57) @RoryMorrison1 YES! Onwards, sir.

(21:54:05) @Wymroyal It is indeed... and who knows, they could be back in Sweden next year..! @sparkyannc

(21:55:14) @mostlygeordie If the brussells sprout one is still there.. ;)

(21:57:24) @Superblouse Mmm aromatic! :)

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(07:46:58) @trevypoos TEA LASORS

(07:47:10) @Canojar *baffled* :D

(07:47:38) @EmmaTofi My two are discouraged from using such things.

(19:52:44) @fridgemagnet2 She really loves you. Also: that could be a jingle for a new radio feature. "Baby your beard is weird at me!" yeah.

(19:53:32) @EmmaTofi We should all do this.. MT @Hokuboku: Someone found this note tucked into a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

(21:32:38) @fridgemagnet2 @latenightloaf Yes!

All tweets for 04 May 2013

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(06:42:40) @washmysocks31 Oh no! I hope everything is sorted out soon. Until you return.

(07:07:20) @PaulEdwards_ Mornin' chief.

(07:07:28) @debsylee Good morning to you, too :)

(07:34:13) @batwench Great to see Ravensburger bringing their puzzle expertise to the digital platform :)

(07:38:45) @EwenRankin Nice work, sir.. great colouring! Someone on there does a good impression of @SteveNaybour (but without the pink headphones)

(07:40:01) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) i just had coffee and cornflakes :)

(07:42:37) Over the past few days I've eschewed a Twitter client on my phone in favour of the mobile browser version. Summary: it is annoying and slow.

(12:09:28) Conversation - @nxmee: "I'm rubbish at ganking and I can't get farm in the jungle." Me: "?"

(15:01:53) @chrisandharvey I quite like it (and it doesn't have the problem with cache building up) but the 'Post' button goes missing sometimes :)

(15:02:39) All done with the 'oovering in time for the #BTCC qualifying. Nothing really unexpected there. Now: a sit down followed by a game of Cluedo.

(15:05:43) @starr67 I'll let you know if you were right in a bit ;)

(16:12:43) @smartie999 You look so happy! :) :)

(16:33:04) @thatsjustme0 Our guinea pig would LOVE to help you with that! :)

(16:33:12) @trevypoos Oooh! What ya got?

(18:40:15) @gazuky *applauds* Yup!

(18:40:52) @leica0000 Nice one! By all accounts, they will think no more of it... they'll be onto their next victim :|

(18:42:15) Pretty much had it with Freegle/Freecycle. I offer something -> someone emails to say "Me!" -> I say "OK it's yours" -> they never reply :|

(18:56:08) @Thehappyfatgirl @isomerfield Oh. Oh dear.

(18:57:02) @trevypoos It's an interesting spotlight on the People Of Britain. And I'm not sure I like it.

(18:57:33) @ellewadding I gave up for a while, and then thought "I'm sure society has improved." It hasn't :D

(18:57:46) @thatsjustme0 They look fab! :)

(18:58:01) @trevypoos Gets the ol' fingers going, though, eh? :)

(18:58:09) @smartie999 :) :) :) :) x

(19:01:44) @thatsjustme0 A weed is just a flower that isn't wanted... :)

(19:07:08) @thatsjustme0 Oh now that is pretty :) :)

(19:07:36) @AlexGFox Not sure, Alex.. quite odd! I'm definitely there :)

(19:09:04) @thatsjustme0 It's definitely spring enough for that now! :)

(19:12:31) @AlexGFox All I can offer is a blank look ;) I'll refresh it from my profile settings.. see if that makes a difference :)

(19:15:39) @AlexGFox :D

(19:23:43) @dellama Unfortunately I think it's half-and-half ignorant people and my messages ending up in spam...

(19:26:23) @thatsjustme0 Not quite yet, but now you mention it.. :)

(19:27:13) @fiverscarrot Whatever anyone says, it wasn't me. #justmakingsure @poots @goitsagch

(21:15:57) @FreegleBrighton Heehee.. thank you for the hint! One spam folder (which I managed to sort in the end!) and one non-responder.. not too bad!

(21:16:22) @fridgemagnet2 I'm a monster, basically.

(21:16:40) @effieoffie There's a joke in there somewhere... (oops!)

(21:24:56) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Fantastic! Thanks for the reminder.. gonna choon in now! :) @geekforyou @MintFM

(21:35:53) @geekforyou Tuned in on the massive speakers in my studio... nice bit of 80s, this! :)

(21:38:02) @johnny_winter I have a hit or miss relationship with it.. I just can't stand to throw decent stuff away. And I'm rubbish at carboots! :D

(21:40:49) @geekforyou The round pie in a square box? Easy peasy - because if it were a triangle box it wouldn't fit.

(21:53:17) @PhillipaJC Congratulations :)

All tweets for 03 May 2013

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(06:35:54) @thatsjustme0 a very happy Friday to you, too :) x

(06:36:11) @EwenRankin o lordy..!

(06:41:30) @actingtheparty morning :)

(06:41:41) @BaronHawkey nooooo!

(06:43:38) @alta8 Good morning :) Some days just feel like that... I hope you have success with your hack... or fun doing it, at least!

(06:45:15) @actingtheparty There will be working (with the windows open to let the birdsong in) and trying to sort out the house alarm... You?

(06:46:22) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Happy Friday to you, too! Gonna be gorgeous #FF

(07:02:34) @actingtheparty The benefits of working from home - I will be doing that, too! I might tweet some pics of the amazing blossom :)

(07:03:39) @actingtheparty And yes.. the alarm has been misbehaving; going through the diagnostic phase at the moment... hopefully something simple!

(07:05:15) @bowbrick amazing!

(07:32:53) @intlBeige Wow.. can't believe you closed with Cinderella Rockefeller! I have a scratchy old 7" single of that :D

(07:51:10) Weird dreams last night, including one where I got all cross and smashed my Omnibus mug on the wall. Peculiuliar.

(07:59:30) Belated blossom

(08:08:55) On the way home from walking Lenni to school I had this real sense that I've forgotten something important. I'm sorry if it was for you!

(09:52:10) @mostlygeordie @Lloydbayley HOW DID YOU GUESS? That'll explain the funny looks I was getting ;)

(09:52:51) @jarbennett @StaceInspire @BeccieVarney @NaturalSolution @jwebbersme @JulanneB @stayingaliveuk @Chelliemish @tonyburgess Thank you! :) #FF

(09:53:26) @actingtheparty Don't get me started on the hoover - I will be doing some industrial wielding of it this weekend, given the chance :)

(09:53:42) @hooker1uk @FivesFellowship @RPrettyprincess @WillMakMusic @ericahughes @plusnet @Eliza_Do_Lots @PlainTalkingHR @markusj75 Cheers dude! #FF

(09:54:46) @blindman75 Morning, chief. Have I missed the cake? ;)

(09:55:19) @sparkyannc No, yes, no. (I always check for trousers before leaving the house. Lesson learned...)

(09:56:04) I can assure you I carry my trousers with me at all times. My wallet, however, sometimes requires an extra trip home to collect. #numpty

(10:01:35) @PervyWilbury For use when required. If required. Or after complaints ;)

(10:02:45) @johnny_winter *cough* Was it "Those are the headlines, gosh I wish they weren't"..? :D

(10:10:27) @PervyWilbury I'm not bad now this darn cold's pretty much gone. Looking forward to a weekend of fun and/or frolics. I like frolicking. You?

(10:11:26) @johnny_winter I know pretty much all of 'On The Hour' by heart.. probably the best thing to be on the radio ever :)

(11:18:42) @GettingShirty @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Forage! #FavFWords

(12:13:37) @shaunwkeaveny There's a special edition of Apple's music software coming out which only contains white middle-class loops.. "Farageband."

(12:15:00) @cachondo You appear to have a naked Penguin as your Twitter avatar. Outrageous decadance! (I saw it on 'Who to follow' :D)

(12:15:29) @effieoffie @nausea18 I'm waiting for the pelvic thrust part of the UKIP plan...

(12:17:45) @PervyWilbury @KathrynRuthD @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @Lycan33 YES!

(12:18:02) @KathrynRuthD @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @Lycan33 All I want for Christmas is a flange on a plinth.

(12:18:38) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Farage! :D

(12:23:25) I just got a phone call on my Nexus 7. Completely wasn't expecting that.

(12:24:10) @KathrynRuthD @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @Lycan33 Dangling.

(12:24:42) @new_art_riot @shaunwkeaveny "With a little bit of luck we can make it to the next General Election..."

(12:36:58) I am king of putting down my screwdriver and forgetting where.

(12:37:27) @the_anke Very elegant (and pretty!)

(13:00:30) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Feeling pretty good this afternoon, ta! You? :)

(13:00:46) @sharonlangridge I think I do, too. Now.

(13:01:03) @shongum I'm not sitting down any time soon then! :D

(13:01:09) @GardenCity_Mark OWOWOW!

(13:01:35) @effieoffie @nausea18 I'm moderate to good, ta. I can't see your motivation, by the way... not from where I'm sitting, anyway ;)

(13:01:48) @nausea18 *curtsies* @effieoffie

(13:11:21) @PlainTalkingHR Excellent! I hope you're able to escape into the sunshine soon and enjoy a splendid weekend :)

(13:21:55) @thatsjustme0 I know most of what one tastes is in the aroma, but I'm not sure that's particularly nutricious! :D

(13:22:24) @peasbloss Not a bad tune! :)

(13:25:20) @peasbloss (I especially like the line "I won't make it to the shops without your love.")

(13:37:52) @Slandi Hope all's well with you - it's been a while since you booed!

(13:38:46) @emsquare_d Not sure I've heard the album version before - thank you for sharing it! :)

(13:47:05) Handy tip: If you used a permanent marker thinking it was a dry-erase, write over it with a proper dry-erase pen and it will clean off.

(13:47:34) @DeanAbbott Wishing you success!

(13:48:13) @peasbloss Might play it on my show next week, I think :)

(13:48:24) @thatsjustme0 Hurrah! Hope you're not too hungry now! x

(15:28:27) @slandi Wishing you success, Stefano! Hope all goes well, and I will look forward to hearing from you when you get time :)

(16:53:20) @MuddyTurnip is there sprucing required for a car picnic? I would do it in my jammies ;)

(16:54:23) @nausea18 I sense some sarcasm... just a smidgeon. ..

(18:20:20) @effieoffie Wow that is gorgeous!

(21:32:33) @OlorinLorien I am v. v. lucky :)

(21:32:49) @EwenRankin @jgamet @claw0101 I'm refreshing like a mad bugger.

(21:34:56) @BlueMoon_11 Pretty short book ;)

(21:35:43) @artistsmakers That @SimplyTanny is a true wonder. As are you, sir. Hoping for many less crap days to come. For everyone :)

(21:56:43) The floor is covered in plaster dust. I have put a stop to it.

(21:57:28) @thatsjustme0 YES! Have something to eat, too. I had a nice pear.

(21:59:35) Bed thing. Night night! BANK HOLIDAY YEAH. For those working in the next few days, I salute you.

(22:25:04) @effieoffie xxxzzz!

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(07:14:38) @fridgemagnet2 Hope you win.

(09:14:31) RT @PontoonDock: If your email saves addresses in Contacts, have a clearout. So if you're hacked, it's not spamming exes and others you don…

(10:57:19) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is at 8pm with @jgamet @stevenaybour @sarahjaneuk @claw0101 @syzygy @EwenRankin Lots of BIG Tech News this wee…

(11:38:52) @BeachBelles *completely lost*

(12:19:07) @Moominstrudel That's pretty cool :)

(12:19:47) @washmysocks31 You really don't want to know how they pronounce "solder" :D

(12:22:26) @BeachBelles Ahhh. Oh dear. I only hope I am not the person who leaves things in a mess for my successor.. :D

(13:22:35) @mostlygeordie There was simply no suitable response to the tweet about the bird poo ;) [I stopped parking near trees for just that reason!]

(13:25:33) Blimmin burglar alarm went off, dinnit? I had my headphones in and didn't hear it. Must've been eddy in the space time continuum. (I was in)

(13:33:50) @washmysocks31 :D They say "Sodder" for some inexplicable reason. Doesn't sound nearly as nice :)

(13:34:40) @brennig D'you know, I have not the first idea what the going rate is for a dog.

(13:56:43) @brennig Especially that one! :D

(16:45:44) @intlBeige Catching up on your last SHotWttC; t'was a nasty trick to play at the end of the Smiths song.. thought my headphone had borked!

(17:12:51) @BeachBelles @ADadCalledSpen That sounds pretty cool :D

(18:36:00) @ADadCalledSpen You totally win. Or totes. I have no idea any more.. @BeachBelles

(21:27:24) @claw0101 @EwenRankin @jgamet @sarahjaneuk @stevenaybour Always interesting and varied - great to have been part of it! :)

(21:29:54) @computermuseum That is remarkable! :)

(21:30:48) @jgamet Entertained? I think @PrincessBagel was in her element! :)

(21:31:45) @sm2n Wonderful! :)

(21:36:03) @sm2n @perrygascoine I have many - please feel free to borrow! :)

(21:55:14) @johnny_winter @latenightloaf That's very kind! Thope you enjoy the rest of it :) :)

(21:58:18) @johnny_winter Hurrah! :) I think I've got some requests for next week.. :)

(22:01:55) @johnny_winter O NO! I forgot... so so sorry! One of these days I will work to the running order :D Next week..

(22:02:10) Right.. off to bed. Night night night.

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(08:17:15) @DeanAbbott Wishing you LOTS of success and not too many nerves for your big meeting later this week! Thank you for Ramblings :)

(09:09:58) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: There is NOT a crocodile at Earls Court. Stop going on about it.

(09:10:43) @actingtheparty Thanks for the follow! :)

(09:11:47) @neilcochrane1 This... less so :D

(09:12:16) @Bazmati2020 @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo A flick and a click for being so quick!

(09:16:32) @neilcochrane1 *chuckles* I love you guys :D @johnny_winter

(09:49:51) @Nicky_Bee Oh my.. that is SPECIAL. Thank you for sharing it! :)

(10:37:45) @thatsjustme0 NOOO! :|

(10:38:52) @MintFM @blindman75 Apathetic bloopers... only on MintFM

(10:40:10) @MintFM @blindman75 I walked straight into that one! BOLLOCKS! :D (with apologies for my language :D)

(10:47:27) @kitty_cat84 @blindman75 This is a good 'un! :)

(10:48:34) @blindman75 @kitty_cat84 I might have sat on something... and I wasn't even drinking any tea at the time :D

(12:45:44) Typical... just missed an Amazon delivery because I had popped to the bathroom before lunch. They know, y'know...

(12:50:26) @sliderulesyou @iamamro Wow... that is poor.

(12:58:10) MT @brianblessed Had a lovely time with @DrBrianMay yesterday updating the badger song by @TheWeebl || Doesn't get much more epic than this.

(13:36:07) @crabbyknickers That would be a very very bad thing. Very. Especially if they were driving :D

(13:36:44) @perrygascoine Vicious little buggers, to be fair.

(13:41:31) RT @ifpeck:

(13:56:36) @iamamro What troubles me is that the report is presented so believably; there is a lot of nonsense being fed to the TV watching public.

(15:31:13) @SoreenHQ Now why would I retweet it if I wanted to win it..? Surely that would reduce my statistical chances? :D

(16:00:00) @leica0000 Nice short one next week, though :)

(20:22:54) @JonBCFC OK, I have already cleared the area right now...

(20:24:35) @JonBCFC Hoo!

(21:42:49) @andytuk Classics! :)

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(06:41:07) @JQP74 Morning, chief.

(06:41:25) @Chocohalix mornin'

(06:42:23) @BeachBelles Are you in my house talking to my children? #exactlythesameresponse

(06:43:04) @washmysocks31 Good morning. Perfect weather for a walk :)

(10:37:31) @smartie999 You are a true wonder of the modern world. @miz_shake68

(12:14:00) @PontoonDock I'm afraid technical issues prevented there from being a show last week.. sorry! Back on air tonight :)

(20:15:44) Tuning in to @1969Steve's History of Commercial Radio on @MintFM - some seriously anorakky stuff but I love it! After that.. @latenightloaf!

(20:21:24) @kitty_cat84 @latenightloaf @MintFM @1969Steve Me too... I used to work there (as a greasemonkey ;))

(20:21:42) @johnny_winter YOSS! There will be requests played. Anything.. er.. getting your goat this week?

(20:22:01) @AlexGFox @latenightloaf CAREFUL NOW! :) Looking forward to your company sir!

(20:27:25) @1969Steve Heh.. you've heard my shows - they wouldn't risk putting me on air :D I've always been behind the scenes :) Less pressure there!

(20:27:46) @kitty_cat84 Yeah... back when commercial radio was cool (and not horribly anodyne!)

(20:40:55) @neilcochrane1 Contraversial at least ;) @johnny_winter

(20:48:20) @Sab_Mc I really don't know how to take that :D @1969Steve

(20:54:49) @Sab_Mc *blushes behind the mic* :) :) @1969Steve

(20:55:10) @neilcochrane1 I will change your name to protect your anonymity. I might call you.. ooh.. @johnny_winter ? ;)

(21:06:27) @stu4art Evenin' sir! :)

(21:06:37) @stu4art And a very happy day tomorrow! :)

(21:07:06) RT @fridgemagnet2: if you like you radio like it's been put through a blender then why not tune into @latenightloaf - if it sounds french, …

(21:08:23) @Z80GameCoder Hey hey hey Paul! I was having a conversation about Iceland just today :) Must be lovely having so much daylight! :)

(21:09:02) @dj_frabs HELLOOO!

(21:13:30) @johnny_winter Noted! :)

(21:13:50) @johnny_winter That's a new one.. isn't it? I've got a couple of your request lined up :)

(21:19:28) @Sab_Mc I'll be honest, I quite like it ;) @Tuglets

(21:26:33) @sparkyannc YES! I like that one.. keeping it for next week, if that's OK?

(21:27:23) @AlexGFox I have been told.. might have to check that one out later. When it's later. And late. yes.

(21:35:19) @Sab_Mc Yup! No relation... unless one of my ancestors was deported to Australia way back when :D

(21:39:34) RT @sm2n: I'm enjoying a classic 'let my people go' over on thanks to @latenightloaf

(21:45:50) @stu4art I think it was made from alien skin :D

(21:46:24) @Sab_Mc @MintFM Saturday nights at 10pm! Great way to enjoy a Saturday night! :)

(21:48:05) @Sab_Mc @MintFM DJ Cyclops .. close! :)

(21:48:44) @poots Night night, my darling xxx

(21:52:15) @fridgemagnet2 No. Nobody listens in Dunstable. Or, indeed, Stopsley. Now.

(21:52:45) @neilcochrane1 I'm afraid so. And a Get My Goat that you had nothing to do with.. oh no. There'll be another one on later, though! :)

(21:53:29) @fridgemagnet2 Oh. Oh yes. I should have written it down, then.

(21:58:27) @neilcochrane1 Haha! Max Headroom.. that's brilliant - dodgy telly at its finest :D

(22:04:40) @batwench @intlBeige @latenightloaf Uhoh! :D Thank you!

(22:05:22) @Tuglets ooh... best guess so far tonight! :)

(22:07:28) @neilcochrane1 What are ya on about? :)

(22:08:13) @batwench @latenightloaf Darn it.. Poots? :D Didn't know she was an expletive now ;)

(22:12:20) @Z80GameCoder ;)

(22:13:18) @batwench @latenightloaf In fairness, I'm impressed that Beth's got such a cool Twitter name, even if it's the Discworld versiosin of Feck;)

(22:13:38) @sparkyannc I've got the Dalek one, too ;) @latenightloaf

(22:14:07) @stu4art Thanks, Stu ;)

(22:17:11) @kitty_cat84 Evenin'. You just missed Ed Balls.

(22:19:28) @kitty_cat84 I am sorry ;)

(22:23:06) @Superblouse Your curtains were a reflection?!

(22:27:22) @stu4art I have that problem with my iPod, too... It may well be a goat to get next week ;)

(22:27:29) RT @sm2n: Pet Shop Boys! @syzygy @latenightloaf

(22:34:42) @ajlanghorn There is that... almost incestuous (ew)

(22:36:00) @ajlanghorn Ooh I like that! Does that explain why all the music is compressed to buggery, too? :D

(22:39:54) @neilcochrane1 I did i :D

(22:40:22) @Tuglets I'm utterly perplexed...

(22:44:17) @johnny_winter That's beautiful.

(22:45:33) @AlexGFox Oops! It's a tricky bit of the show to get through :D

(22:49:49) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter BGM?

(22:50:26) @AlexGFox I hope you can get back into the pineapple and sleep! :D

(22:57:55) @batwench @latenightloaf You did well ;)

(22:58:33) @stu4art Have a great day tomorrow, and thank you for being part of the fun! :)

(23:00:16) @AlexGFox Oh heavens.. I hope Bev and Bob steer well clear ;)

(23:00:34) @neilcochrane1 I ENCOURAGE IT! You have good taste in music, sir! @johnny_winter

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