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(09:14:33) @colontropogo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning - and YES! Hope the sun shines for ya

(09:16:07) Morning. Something.

(09:30:25) @HeardinLondon BRILLIANT. Better than the train manager and his "we will shortly be arriving to the Finsbury Park station stop." *sighs*

(09:31:05) @lloydbayley Morning. And as if by magic, I am listening to your voice :D

(09:36:51) @lloydbayley Ahh of course.. it is winter now! Although last week's show never happened due to technical issues :D I'll shout you tomorrow!

(10:23:06) @OfficialSaundra you too :)

(10:23:40) @dj_monkeyboy Hope you get all your cases shut! :)

(10:24:02) @cazie5 Can I stow away? :D

(10:25:19) @smartie999 @miz_shake68 YES! My sister has done that before. She was very drunk, though :D

(10:50:07) @blindman75 Tuning in, sir.. sorry for being late! :)

(11:01:03) @blindman75 Heehee.. does your cheekiness ever end? ;)

(11:59:27) @blindman75 Great show as always - and what fine and versatile sponsors you have ;) thank you!

(12:01:35) @smartie999 The mind boggles. Christmas present? @miz_shake68

(12:39:52) @wombleway @YPLAC Random!

(15:37:04) @shellzenner I could watch this over and over again. Until my brain melted.

(19:53:56) @MooseAllain "ouvrez la fenetre" is French for "hoover the furniture."

(22:02:00) @helenduffett uhuh yeah. Or... "KAPOW!"

(22:07:30) This time tomorrow, I will be clambering down the @LateNightloaf in a most unladylike way. Requests and goats always welcome!

(22:08:01) For now, though, I am orf. Night!

(22:09:19) @pearcen technical issues meant there wasn't an LNL last week. Tomorrow's show will be the one that would have gone out in its place.

(22:27:50) @peasbloss @thatsjustme0 Night, lovely ladies :) x

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(09:48:17) Bit o' the ol' housework there. Putting the snow paraphernalia away. That's scuppered it.

(09:48:32) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Happy Saturday to you, too! :)

(11:03:05) I used the word 'specious' in front of my son, but I think I got away with it (it was in a conversation about Cispa. He is a bright lad)

(12:38:06) @smartie999 I wasn't ~entirely~ sure what it meant until I liked it up afterwards to confirm :D

(12:38:29) @GHOGIT Mere good fortune... ;)

(20:50:33) @smartie999 moderate to good, ta. I am nearly dead with a cold, mind.

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(06:22:18) @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @Fee_Easton @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Yeah weekend! #FF

(06:22:54) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Happy Friday to you :) Cool and damp.. lovely! #FF

(06:23:40) @alta8 Fantastic! I have been really enjoying it too.. some excellent bits of whimsy :)

(07:10:00) And so to work.

(07:10:31) @claremac82 If they had any compassion at all, they would be doing a tribute to JLS.

(07:24:19) @BinatonePLC Hello! Why does the box of your Link Plus iDect phone lie? You can't pair a Bluetooth headset :( http://t.co/Sw3vROjTjT

(07:27:48) @lloydbayley Greetings, Lloyd! Hope you've had a pretty cool Friday :)

(07:57:31) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @Fee_Easton @painted_duchess @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Ed Balls

(08:19:20) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' :)

(08:58:01) @thatsjustme0 And the very same to you. Keep warm and snuggly! :)

(10:53:12) @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @BitsyVonMuffin @GettingShirty @Fee_Easton @painted_duchess @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris HUG+BICCY=JOY

(10:53:19) @hooker1uk @Damson_Lane @_Nexus @DavidJBanks @petitmew @DianaPreston @BewilderedBug @Keynko @RPrettyprincess Thanks, chief :)

(12:08:36) @sarahjaneuk I'm not allowed to bite anyone at work.

(13:38:53) @clairebland1 You're rocking out there.. sounding good :)

(14:12:59) @clairebland1 No worries! :)

(16:44:20) @thatsjustme0 The mind boggles.

(16:47:12) A bit distracted choosing some party music. Not sure I'll be able to sneak in some classic Bali Brahmbhatt or Laziest Men on Mars tomorrow.

(16:49:32) @naomihall YOU ROCK.

(16:50:58) @thatsjustme0 Dee lish! :) Good evening, smashing! :)

(18:15:32) My MP3 collection needs a serious tidy up. Not least because it has at least one Victoria Beckham song in it.

(19:44:12) @johnny_winter Their music, or do you need a cleaner..? I think they're between jobs now ;)

(19:45:20) @amcyoung Oops...

(19:45:53) @clairerandall Heh.. I have plenty for the "Something Wrong" section of the show, I can tell you that ;)

(19:46:02) @JonBCFC Good point ;)

(21:13:37) @willowHart Family friends...

(21:28:26) @thatsjustme0 It's the perfect time for sleepiness. Night night :) x

(21:29:05) @mostlygeordie At least you're home (I think!)

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(08:04:23) Good morning. It's Thursday. I did a 'thirsty/Thursday' joke with Lenni yesterday. That's it. Her childhood is over.

(08:04:38) @Canojar Morning Cat :)

(08:05:09) 100% full of cold this morning. That's not true. Only one nostril, so 50%.

(08:07:00) @Canojar mioaw :D

(08:07:34) @oliwia_s Thank you! It's a rare thing that I get a cold, but my son had one the other week, so it might be his! :D Have a great day xx

(08:08:15) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Mad4mogzz - you don't look it! :)

(08:08:49) @poots Excellent! :) :)

(08:10:01) My waking dream involved discovering a @BritishTech Mac presenter lived across the road, and dismantling & reassembling his kitchen tap.

(08:10:43) @miz_shake68 *blows nose quietly* thank you. Fortunately, I'm working from home today, so I can stuff my pockets with tissues! :)

(08:17:03) @Canojar Apart from a really nasty* cold, I'm OK, ta. I've got coffee and a day of work ahead.. what's not to like? :D How about you lovely?

(08:18:03) @EwenRankin @AndersUk Hahah... I got my first 'packet' last week.. this week has been quite a few unimaginative shots of legs and Converses

(08:21:15) @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @jrr4film @mrs_forky @sparkledoris I'll have a biccy!

(08:36:41) "Technology is an important part of everything I do.. W<skips ad>"

(08:38:46) @BritishTech It was an unknown person, a bit like @drhappymac but less fun ;)

(08:39:16) @Canojar Oh wow.. lovely! Have a fantastic day at Brecon... deep breaths of the fresh air! :)

(08:39:28) @Mad4mogzz Thank you! :) x

(09:05:05) @edtjones *chuckles*

(09:05:37) @batwench @latenightloaf Morning :) I'm afraid I didn't do a show this week... but the MP3 should all be there - I'll check! :)

(09:06:23) @batwench On her way home from school she was complaining she was thirsty. "But it's only Wednesday" I replied. She looked DAGGERS at me.

(09:06:44) @edtjones You are so YOUNG still. Git :p

(09:07:06) @alta8 Thanks, Torsten. Keeping warm and lots of fluids :) Have a great day, sir! :)

(09:07:32) This tweet is PROMOTED! Bit of a waste of time, to be honest.

(09:08:14) @peterlee666 Sunburst vest top. YEAH.

(13:42:31) @claw0101 @pearcen @batwench If I had more time I would SO do an H'n'T soundboard. There would be a lot of "MADDEN!" D:

(13:42:40) @pearcen @claw0101 @batwench *blushes*

(13:42:50) @Tone_720 @claw0101 Steady! :D

(13:44:45) @batwench @poots I had to call the customer care line. I got neither customer nor care. Quite, quite appalling :D

(15:46:37) @MissyMWAC Congratulation!

(16:29:15) @MissyMWAC I will do you a frame! :)

(16:30:11) @sparkyannc I know how that feels! It's been one of those weeks..!

(20:36:17) @justliketoby that is very special... Want one! Perhaps @weirdbeardbryan would find it useful ;)

(20:57:49) @GardenCity_Mark that's pretty cool :)

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(07:10:49) Scientists have confirmed that no atoms have a sense of humour. Which is no laughing matter.

(07:14:15) @Vanburger2 Thanks for the heads up about the fire on London Rd; I think @chepbourne or @Fishplate2 might be affected as they live nearby!

(07:14:27) RT @Bexhill_Police: ATTENTION: Fire in London Rd #Bexhill. We are on scene with @EastSussexFRS. Avoid the area,we may need to close the roa…

(07:15:46) @fridgemagnet2 I have the same issue with ethernet :D

(08:56:15) I am never going to Bedford again.

(08:56:58) @GHOGIT Oooh...

(08:57:05) @leica0000 Douglas!

(08:57:12) @AlexGFox ;)

(08:58:24) What is a JLS?

(09:00:10) @johnny_winter Heehee.. showing our age :D

(09:01:53) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Well, quite! :D

(09:02:55) @CalmWaters73 @LILLYTHEPINK1 Now you're talking!

(09:07:17) There is a bird outside that whistles the first few notes of White Town's "Your Woman". Most distracting.

(09:07:50) @AlexGFox If you can provide with a rendition of any sort, I'm sure the Twitterverse will be able to help! :)

(09:08:21) @CalmWaters73 @LILLYTHEPINK1 They were... http://t.co/V5xa2Py7jS #satire

(09:08:52) @kitty_cat84 And I will never get to visit them *cries*

(09:12:14) @clairerandall I think it's a blackbird... they're nesting around here.

(09:12:32) @clairerandall If I can get a recording I will audioboo it :)

(09:41:08) @thatsjustme0 NOOOOOOO! I ate them. Sorry.

(09:41:31) @clairerandall That is SO cool! :)

(09:41:44) @kitty_cat84 I cannot find my way around it. IT IS EVIL.

(09:44:06) RT @Mad4mogzz: @syzygy I think they sell sofas & have a sale on 99.9% of the time :-)

(09:55:52) @streakmachine *smirks*

(10:39:15) @smartie999 I love Olivia :) x

(10:54:53) Thank goodness for pineapple juice. #sorethroat #better

(12:56:51) @vobes Phew indeed :)

(13:21:35) @sarahjaneuk I got a bit lost and ended up with a ticket for driving 10 yards in a bus lane trying to turn round. *GLARES AT BEDFORD*

(13:21:46) @ibookery Mmmmm! WIN :)

(13:22:01) @imule :) :)

(14:13:01) @johnny_winter They're called "onesies" and they are HOT.

(14:18:23) @johnny_winter There comes a time where everything is HOT. Springtime.

(14:27:34) @HellenBach @FannyIngabout That is LOVELY! :)

(15:55:37) 100 uses for a Sports Direct mug. Fortunately, that is binary, and all of them include giving it to other people.

(15:56:40) @smartie999 It's a hard life ;)

(16:28:29) @mostlygeordie I think you need a "Yeah." after it. "A female. Yeah." I like that.

(17:02:19) This is gonna be brilliant... #betterthantheiOSversion #bbcradio http://t.co/wZ9z9Yk3br

(17:03:02) @EmmaTofi #endorses#

(18:16:58) @trevypoos what... a real life radio..? ;)

(18:17:40) @ajlanghorn oh my... has a Year gone by already? Have you got a job there yet?

(18:18:02) @Bubble2009 It is a beautiful looking app :)

(18:21:38) @MissyMWAC KEEP YOUR PHONE CHARGED at ALL times. And a reasonable data package. And next door's wifi.

(18:22:22) @Z80GameCoder JAMYEH!

(18:23:42) @MissyMWAC Best.

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(00:22:53) @lloydbayley Morning :) Hope the first job goes well :) I'm still workin' :)

(00:40:18) @lloydbayley Swift in 'n' out, I hope! :)

(00:44:52) @thatsjustme0 *tucks you in*

(04:34:46) @simontuff *Waves from just down the hill from where you are now* Safe trip, sir!

(04:35:10) Pretty much fixed. Going to bed, in a minute, I think.

(16:15:40) @RichHarkness @latenightloaf *blushes* thank you :)

(18:16:53) @sarahjaneuk Cheesy funk, perhaps..?

(18:17:36) @claw0101 Huzzah! Thanks! And thank you, @batwench :)

(20:51:11) @kitty_cat84 Hellooo! Yup... in just 10 minutes, I'll be doing some @latenightloaf shenanigans :D Hope you can hang around for it! :)

(20:53:47) @MintFM This doesn't half sound like "Uninvited" by Alanis Morrisette in parts...

(21:13:33) So so sorry.. Back in a mo! Rebooting...

(21:25:47) Late Night Loaf encountered some rather odd technical issues this week. Sorry - not going to get it sorted tonight. Next week, then. Night!

(21:26:23) @dj_monkeyboy @starr67 @1969Steve The signal takes a VERY convoluted path.. it is definitely a soundcard issue. Inexplicable. Gutted Sorry!

(21:26:44) @fridgemagnet2 Sorry.

(22:19:18) RT @MintFM: Listeners may be interested to know there will be a Dodgy Phono Cable burning tomorrow. Stupid thing #LateNightDuff http://t.co…

(22:25:55) @GShang Thanks, Geoff. Digital signals behave strangely with dodgy cables.. this was a long-overdue manifestation of that :D

(22:26:21) @fridgemagnet2 Welcome to the world of S/PDIF over dodgy phono cable. It needs an RFC really.

(22:26:28) @johnny_winter Sorry.

(22:26:56) @dj_monkeyboy Yuuurp! :D

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(08:29:51) @johndredge Happy birthday, John. I hope it turns into a good one.

(08:50:17) Good morning. I've pretty much done a day's work already, and it's only nearly 10am. Darn this being on call business.

(08:51:45) @DavidTylerPozz Saw his live show on Friday... absolute genius. @marcusbrig

(08:52:12) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Good morning - I wish you the very same!

(09:35:47) @edtjones Indeed.. :D

(09:35:54) @DavidTylerPozz Thank you! :) :)

(10:18:30) @impymcwimpy Happy birthday, Jade! You share your birthday with @JohnDredge #fabulouspeoplebirthday

(15:30:44) Absolutely pooped. Better not be like this tomorrow.

(18:24:53) @sarahjaneuk @latenightloaf True! Hopefully I'll be on form for tomorrow :) :)

(18:25:07) @brennig Gosh. That sounds uncomfortable! :D

(18:25:16) @kitty_cat84 Gonna do my bestest! :)

(21:48:45) Still going.

(21:48:52) @thatsjustme0 Night, lovely x

(22:49:13) @TheQuill Plays a mean bass. Actually, it's a very sensible bass.

(22:49:30) @sparkyannc Sleep well. And yes, I'm up again. *sigh*

(22:50:07) @sparkyannc Glad to hear it x

(22:51:21) @poots @ellewadding *loves*

(22:51:53) @poots @ellewadding Absolutely no idea.

(22:52:08) @sparkyannc Heh. My hourly rate is plummeting :D

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(05:04:41) @BlueMoon_11 I know that so well! Mind you, it's surprisingly quiet out front for me this morning... noisy bird must be on tour... sorry!

(05:46:18) @BlueMoon_11 the delights of being on call :D x

(13:17:42) @k4thybrown Surprisingly it's from 1991, so not vintage at all. Designed to look retro, they only made 20,000 of them. Quite sought after.

(16:59:25) Excerpt from a little red car wash http://t.co/xs1ZpP5ysE via @audioboo

(17:05:28) @BlueMoon_11 Hope your day has been a good one! :) x

(17:05:52) @batwench You can't get pneumonia doing reqports :D @poots

(17:06:16) @_windrider BIT FRIGHTENING! (well, a little more frightening than real life :D)

(17:07:26) @Canojar Wine and cheese, though..?

(17:10:44) @Canojar *makes a note* Does it go with tipsiness, at least?

(17:12:06) @CosmicCoco There is no shame in free (i.e. already paid for) chocolate. Unless you nicked it. Although, to be honest, it's still free.

(17:12:51) Nobody has collected the barbecue and the scanner from our Freecycle bin. This is why I don't do Freecycling any more. IT'S NOT A CUPBOARD.

(17:14:25) @batwench Conceded! Fortunately @poots has survived. Phew. I didn't do a recording of her, though (not to her knowledge, anyway :D)

(17:15:45) @cyberdonkey I bet that bar wasn't a swinging place to be, to be fair... everyone marching up to the bar and drinking in double time.

(17:16:27) @thatsjustme0 Hello! I have, but I am ZAUSTED now. Hope you're having a nice sit down and a cup of tea. It is good for you x

(17:16:48) @Canojar Please save a glass for me.. I'm happy to help ;)

(17:18:19) On the upside, Google Now seems to think it's going to take me ten minutes to get home from here. Right now I'm on the sofa. At home. BONUS!

(17:18:55) Also: cracking bit of #BTCC racing today. Hardly any crashes and some really good driving action. Yeah.

(17:19:23) I have reached the stage where I am tweeting because I can't be bothered to get up and do anything else. This is not good. Going now.

(17:20:44) @LilacNun There are actual quite lovely people aboard Twitter. Here's one -> @mostlygeordie .. maybe we should ONLY follow lovely people.

(17:21:28) @LilacNun YEAH. We need to have a little 'certified lovely' icon. None of this 'verified' nonsense. I would certify @mostlygeordie for sure.

(17:23:30) @CosmicCoco Hehe... they wouldn't sell NEARLY as well.. especially subconsciously ;)

(18:41:21) @FrankMillar You may well already have an answer but I believe they are Spare cuff buttons.

(18:42:59) @DarrenGriffin Congratulation!

(18:43:30) @smartie999 You are the coolest! @PlainTalkingHR

(18:43:53) @becnard @Moominstrudel Congratulation!

(19:21:05) @gottaring72 *chuckles*

(19:21:55) @Superblouse PERFECT vcolour. Although you missed your feet.

(19:26:55) @smartie999 @PlainTalkingHR I got rid of the piano. I am in Knip

(19:31:56) @edtjones We can't guarantee to be in, so people do pop over and collect it from our brown bin.. or rather they should, but they don't! :D

(21:02:55) @BlueMoon_11 Only a bit :)

(21:47:19) @AndrewJordan77 Congratulation on the win - sleep well, sir! :)

(21:47:38) @thatsjustme0 Quack! :D x

(21:47:51) @mostlygeordie Have a great week, Amanda - sleep well !:) x

(21:49:13) Taking a running leap at sleep. I hope it's a soft landing. Good night.

(21:49:44) @cazie5 High five! *BANANA!*

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(09:28:54) @birdfortytwo Now that is a splendid way to hear! Happy birthday, @HellenBach - you are a fine person!

(10:52:58) @thatsjustme0 You get shoes from a butcher's? :D x

(10:53:48) @Davidlloydradio *crackles*

(10:54:41) @PrincessBagel gorgeous colour! :)

(11:34:24) Luton's "chequered church" on a sunny day http://t.co/opvSye56Op

(13:24:48) Went in a shop and there had been a D**ly M**l landslide. I couldn't bring myself to touch them to tidy them up.. http://t.co/GM7ibrBwFk

(13:41:11) @ajlanghorn I regret NOTHING.

(13:41:19) @PlainTalkingHR Heehee ;) x

(13:47:50) I have absolutely no idea why Google Now is telling me about the Southampton vs Swansea football match. Is it because of my onesie tweet?

(13:53:11) @batwench We had a hilarious time, thank you :) Still feeling a bit mooshed, but the sun's out, at least! :) @poots

(13:53:34) @ajlanghorn *sighs* I now regret not setting them alight :D

(13:53:49) @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @GettingShirty @jrr4film @Fee_Easton @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Happy Sunshine!

(16:29:22) @DVVHolland @XerxesCFox @Arianna483 @TomKei Gah! I hadn't got round to entering the first one! my answer was one of Scooch's flying helmets.

(16:29:45) @BitsyVonMuffin @painted_duchess @pervywilbury @gettingshirty @baronhawkey @jrr4film @fee_easton @mrs_forky @sparkledoris Perfect weather!

(16:30:34) @claw0101 you are a champion!

(16:42:01) @Barwickgreen those last four letters spell out a 4kHz tone, if that helps?

(19:44:51) @nausea18 It was a GOOD one.

(19:45:10) @HellenBach Wicked! I didn't know they were still running hovercraft anywhere!

(19:45:30) @Moominstrudel @becnard Wishing you luck and perfect weather!

(19:45:56) @sm2n That doesn't sound right... although I fear it is probably true!

(19:47:03) @TheDailyEmma Totally agree :)

(19:52:21) @HellenBach Wonderful! Now THAT is the way to get to the IoW :)

(19:52:39) @mostlygeordie I missed you AWFULLY. In fact, utterly ineptly. x

(19:55:24) @mostlygeordie *mwah* had your top down today? :)

(19:58:18) @cyberdonkey @HellenBach LOVE that! :) I miss the sea.. :/

(19:58:31) @mostlygeordie :) :)

(20:52:09) @TOther_Simon I will be featuring them on my show next week ... they are SPECIAL.

(20:54:47) @TOther_Simon People love it. It makes me feel better about myself.

(20:56:32) @TOther_Simon Holy crap.. they do Chop Suey. http://t.co/nGNusX1DKJ but DUE TO DRAMA OVER THE WEEKEND WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS!!!

(21:01:11) @thatsjustme0 :) :) Perfect. Early night for bonus sleep?

(21:14:06) @thatsjustme0 You and me both.. start now and I might be in bed by half-eleven! :D

(21:14:44) @Mad4mogzz G'night.. and good luck! Rochester's pretty and near the estuary, but also near Chatham. Maidstone.. I don't know much about :D

(21:21:21) @thatsjustme0 Deal! xxx

(21:37:47) @sparkyannc Oh man.. it was all going so well, too! I hope you get a good night's sleep and feel better in the morning x

(21:57:52) @HQvoice They could be members of the @DunlopBTCC Airwaves @motorbase Touring Car racing team who are at Donington this weekend...

(22:14:39) @HQvoice @DunlopBTCC @Motorbase Ha.. sorry! Of course, one wonders why they are still dressed up in their racing garb :D

(22:15:22) @stopsleyvicar Gosh.. happy birthday! Glad it's been a good one (Thanks for the heads up, @PlainTalkingHR!)

(22:20:06) @HQvoice @DunlopBTCC @Motorbase Heehee.. but which one to pick? :D

(22:20:37) Bed time. Rest well when you do, peacefully and delightfully.

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(06:20:14) @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @mrs_forky @sparkledoris @GettingShirty Yes! Friday fun!

(06:20:34) @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @mrs_forky @sparkledoris @GettingShirty BRING IT #fF

(06:22:00) @vobes hope you feel better soon sir.

(06:22:30) @ellewadding I think they're having trouble getting it going...

(06:23:08) @Moominstrudel Oh no! Feel better soon x

(06:24:06) @willowHart Happy Friday! Crazy week..!

(06:24:59) @thatsjustme0 Happy Friday! xxx (/)(\)

(06:26:09) @Moominstrudel Happy birthday to your little one, too :)

(06:27:06) @thatsjustme0 DEE LISH! (that may be my new nickname for you :D)

(06:27:45) Good morning and Happy Nearly Weeknd to @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo #localfolk

(06:28:23) @BaronHawkey YOSSS! Have a good one, sir :)

(06:30:44) @Chocohalix Morning, and happy day 7 of your birthday celebrations (if my calculations are correct)

(06:31:34) @batwench Neat!

(06:39:59) @BBC3CR @iainlee NO. Gove is an arse.

(06:40:52) @BaronHawkey I'm a bit achey this morning, but not too bad, ta.. going on call for the first time this weekend.. gonna be interesting! :D

(06:41:26) Tuned into @106jack and they're playing what they want, which is mainly Dad music today.

(06:42:09) @106jack For what it's worth, I'm the only one in our house who doesn't own a onesie. I won't wear anything that rhymes with a Welsh city.

(06:42:30) @Bedtonman :)

(06:51:12) @vobes That's good to hear. hope you can keep warm! I'm not bad, ta... busy week, but all's well :)

(06:52:51) My kidneys hurt again. Quite annoying.

(06:53:09) @vobes Looking forward to hearing your audio journal :)

(06:54:22) Having a first listen of this year's #Eurovision songs courtesy of @DVVHolland.. I quite like most of the songs so far (except Estonia!)

(06:54:58) @vobes I do a silly radio show on a Tuesday evening - it's called Late Night Loaf, and it's mainly music and mucking about on Twitter!

(06:55:40) @vobes I daresay I'm on air after you've gone to bed but the show archives are here: http://t.co/iBUhVrToSt

(07:04:25) @perrygascoine As always! #bonnie

(07:04:48) @vobes It's broadcast live at 10pm, but available as a podcast from the archive site :)

(07:05:12) @DarrenGriffin I ate quite late last night.. might go and see the doctor anyway - thanks for the tip! :)

(07:05:43) @vobes Might work on your internet radio! :)

(07:06:09) @EwenRankin Morning. Glad to hear you're feeling better. The world? Well, the government is mucking it up #goveisanarse

(07:06:20) @perrygascoine *smirks*

(07:06:44) Right.. better get on. Time waits for no man, and Tom Waits for music.

(09:22:19) @willowHart It's getting worse :D Sorry!

(09:28:19) Suffering minor body failure. It may well be that I make a doctor's appointment. Hmm.

(09:36:53) I think there's something a bit wrong with my brain; the main @brainitch / earworms I've been suffering recently have been mobile ringtones.

(10:15:39) @sparkyannc Ooh... interesting glandular tip there! I'll hopefully find out next week! :)

(10:30:23) @2danceis2dream2 They are hard work.

(12:30:48) @chepbourne It could be! I'll keep myself high in fluids... and pray for a little more sunshine!

(12:31:22) Reply to @batwench Wild horses and, indeed, the lurgy wouldn't stop me taking @poots out this evening :)

(12:31:52) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex. I am sure things will settle down nicely :) Have a great weekend!

(12:32:02) @streakmachine Ohhhhhh yes. From your house, as I remember :P

(12:32:19) @willowHart Ehhh ehhh ;)

(12:32:44) @Matildamouse Thank you :) I'm hoping to get some rest this weekend (between calls!)

(13:02:04) @PrincessBagel I would go for the endorphin treatment... :)

(13:38:24) @lloydbayley Night :)

(13:39:50) @chepbourne Indeed.. my first on-call weekend! :)

(14:23:07) This is rather crazy... six of the most famous voice-overs, and only 300 people have seen the video.. http://t.co/0HITfCBflh

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(07:01:25) RT @Cragflinger: @syzygy Thank for the follow. I hope my adventures will worth keeping up with.

(07:02:13) @RobJD Thanks, bro :) @poots

(07:02:43) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo Fantastic! Enjoy:)

(07:30:38) @brennig thank you - I am lucky bloke @poots

(07:46:04) Good morning, and the biggest congratulation of all to @poots who has put up with being married to me for fifteen of God's green years.

(08:43:35) @ajlanghorn Thank you! :) @poots

(08:43:45) @R2UK YES! :) Thank you :) @poots

(08:43:57) @Tuglets Thanks, Janet :) I'm a lucky bloke! @poots

(08:44:06) @perrygascoine Thanks, Perry :) @poots

(08:44:31) @AlexGFox *chuckles* @poots deserves a medal :D

(08:44:48) @moyskii Thanks, Moy! I'm just lucky @poots hasn't changed the locks yet.. :D

(08:45:17) @PrincessBagel Thabk you! Hope you got your extra shots in the end! :)@poots

(08:45:31) @BitsyVonMuffin Thanks, Liz! @poots is a very tolerant woman :)

(08:45:48) @Tactless_Blonde Thank you! I'm a lucky bloke! @poots

(08:46:05) @shellzenner Thanks, Shell :) :) <3 @poots

(10:16:29) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd! :) Beth's a brave woman to put up with me for so long :D

(10:16:40) @ajlanghorn Thank you, sir! :) @poots

(10:16:49) @kitty_cat84 Thanks, Kay! @poots

(10:17:25) @Bubble2009 Thank you! You're definitely right on the gorgeous bit ;) @poots

(10:54:46) @willowHart NOOOOOO! How's the head today? x

(11:11:12) @Richard_C Bit frightening! You OK?

(11:12:05) @willowHart I'm really glad to hear it :) I'm OK, thank you... just doin' some workin' :D

(11:12:39) @stu4art @poots Thank you! :) We will (hopefully) spoil ourselves with an evening out tomorrow.. a lovely way to start the weekend :)

(11:12:49) @alta8 @poots Thanks, Torsten! :)

(11:13:07) @chepbourne @poots Thank you :) 15 years ago seems like a long way away!

(11:13:21) @colontropogo @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Heehee.. you can dance... I'll just watch :D

(11:28:50) @RubyJubilee For reference, the four columns are: term time, holiday time, armageddon time, Hammer time.

(11:30:58) @Hemmo Isn't Twitter brilliant? :)

(11:31:01) RT @Hemmo: If you dropped a fancy looking gold and pearl earring at Oxford Circus I've handed it in to the station manager at Vic line exit.

(12:12:11) @PrincessBagel Hope it goes OK! x

(12:12:33) @peasbloss No you are!

(12:32:53) The best place to buy a onesie is Swansea.

(12:42:34) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah! Hope you're having a wonderful week :) @poots

(12:55:32) I have to say the microphone on the iPhone 4/4S/5 sounds really good. A really quiet pre-amp and amazing frequency range. Lovely.

(13:06:41) @lloydbayley Absolutely.. so tiny, but impressive. I quite like to hear binaural recordings made with two iPhones.. quite clever! :)

(13:09:54) @shellzenner I'm going to listen with interest :D

(13:12:52) @shellzenner I'd play it on the radio! :) Nice bit of rocky indie funkiness.

(13:19:33) @RHAAudio Tantalisingly, http://t.co/EsVzlKMOrd isn't live.. and no Android app. But Taylor Swift, for heaven's sake? I despair #mainstream

(13:21:29) Time to engage D**ly M**l kitten plugin - moaning about Samantha Brick is happening again. https://t.co/xfuscIhCy4 https://t.co/Ot8aESz60I

(13:22:00) @streakmachine :) :)

(13:22:22) @streakmachine I've been really disappointed with all the Android devices I've tried to record on since.

(13:30:06) @brianmmonroe @streakmachine A very good day to you! :)

(13:32:14) @RHAAudio We can only try - and I am fortunate that I follow some very musically literate people :)

(13:38:56) Doesn't happen very often.. I had to listen to the end of Rimsky-Korsakov's Story of the Kalendar Prince when it came on @ClassicFM ... wow!

(14:02:09) Here's something I didn't know... this: http://t.co/x7QHLItZ09 is a symbol that means Standby not Power on/off (IEC 5009)

(14:08:07) @alexispetridis @Fannydotie @madewithstring @zoesqwilliams Oh me...

(14:19:50) @johnny_winter I think so.. it's the only way to banish the demons :D

(14:21:14) @batwench It features in my Big Book of Rhyming Retail.

(14:21:39) @johnny_winter I'm afraid so. (It's definitely not the microphone on the 3GS, to be honest - that's pretty good as well!)

(14:44:56) @tamarakuzminski Congratulations! Where is it..? Not too far away I hope (although I'm aware our visits were woefully rare at best!)

(15:11:38) @lsrwLuke @JonBCFC Mmhmm.. bit breezy. Watch out for toppling lorries, eh?

(15:13:04) RT @danieljones2012: On this day in 1930 it was announced "today there is no news" So they just played piano music instead.

(15:13:44) @RHAAudio And you were doing so well :p #shouty #mainstream

(15:27:11) RT @sparkyannc: Want to be a broadcast engineer? Paid apprenticeship run by the BBC just launched - please apply (and RT) :) http://t.c ...

(15:29:23) @Cakefolder Holy cow.. it's like getting into a time machine and knocking on Alexander O'Neil's door! :D

(16:07:36) @RevRichardColes LOVE it

(16:08:24) @PrincessBagel Tickling therapy. It's the only answer.. ;)

(16:08:33) @GShang You would own it, sir!

(16:09:12) @fridgemagnet2 WOW TECHNOLOGY

(16:23:36) I'm fairly sure I saw a copy of Private Eye languishing flappily by the side of the road as I walked to work earlier. Private Eye, though?

(16:25:45) @birdfortytwo Welcome to my life. Go butter some bread ;P

(16:31:51) @PrincessBagel Ahh yes. Well, there is that!

(16:37:55) @trevypoos @fridgemagnet2 Turdperfect more like! (Although I used to know all the hotkeys :D)

(17:01:00) Holiday Inn at the end of the rainbow http://t.co/2SdoP5Ee7T

(18:12:52) @pj_kent @timalmond Happy to help :) Screen real estate is key.. a mini may be too small. Have a play if you can.

(19:02:53) @JBsWhatsOn @peterlee666 YESS!!

(19:21:46) @Chocohalix Oh my goodness.. is that down by Edgware?

(19:23:39) @goitsagch All the way across the sky...

(19:38:37) Lawnmower Deth - Weebles Wobble (but they never fall down) #nowplaying

(19:39:07) Sonia -

(19:43:53) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up #nowPlaying

(19:44:09) And yes, I am trying to ruin #TwitterMusic for you.

(19:50:08) @lsrwLuke :) :)

(19:50:20) @neilfarrimond :) :)

(19:55:07) Aquabats - Hey Homies #nowPlaying

(19:58:00) @tamarakuzminski Ahh wonderful - not too far! :) Great news - I hope you complete soon :)

(20:00:42) @lsrwLuke Thank you :)

(20:00:58) @gugucachoo ;)

(20:02:42) @thatsjustme0 Welcome home! :) x

(20:03:00) @gill_bee Don't watch the news. Read the history. And pray for the future.

(20:07:33) @willowHart The new Twitter Music picks up the '#nowPlaying' tag .. I'm just trying to ruin it... although I do have that 12" single :D

(20:07:52) @Zararugosa :) :) #TwitterMusic yeah!

(20:18:27) @brennig aww :)

(20:34:48) @willowHart I am sorry and will understand if you never speak to me again. X http://t.co/H43Zre2tlx

(20:37:19) @alexgeoghegan :)

(20:37:37) @alexgeoghegan Not, like 23 years ago? :)

(20:39:40) @claw0101 Thank you for the kind anniversary wishes! :) Good to spend some time with you, sir! :)

(21:08:58) @PontoonDock Thanks, Mark. Amazing how much of @poots and my marriage we have known you :)

(21:09:22) @jgamet @claw0101 @EwenRankin @acedtect @RichHarkness Splendid times :)

(21:10:33) @alexgeoghegan I am SO old. You, however, are youthful :)

(21:11:32) @sarahjaneuk Indeed,

(21:12:43) @Mad4mogzz Nooooo! Your brother was trying to sell you to me on Tuesday (I think). You may be happy to know I declined :p

(21:52:54) @j0anne1 @cloox3 Awww :) That is SO what parenthood is all about :)

(21:54:02) @willowHart a compliment, for sure! X

(21:54:54) @PrincessBagel ~cough~ and the Big Show :p Hope you had a fab time :) @YgrainePendragn @jamesmaysmanlab

(21:56:30) @sparkyannc If it wasn't nearly 11pm, maybe...

(21:56:53) @poots night night, beautiful wife xx

(21:58:06) @BeachBelles ta :)

(21:59:21) Totally got mobile device amnesia just then... I was going to look something up but checked Twitter and completely forgot what it was...

(21:59:50) @sparkyannc Yay :) You are most welcome :)

(22:00:10) @BeachBelles Not yet, sorry!

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(06:36:52) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @colontropogo @Lindylooloo Good morning... you too!

(06:41:05) @batwench have you had tea?

(06:42:45) Happy Wednesday type thing... find it in Yellow Pages. Under 'thing'.

(06:55:32) @canuckuk Feels good, doesn't it? #notreally

(10:56:48) @neilcochrane1 What a silly name!

(10:56:59) @canuckuk Indeed...!

(11:55:28) Tech advice: when downloading video footage of a rock concert, you can expect the filesize to be about a gig.

(12:02:40) @EwenRankin Holy cow that looks impressive!

(12:02:59) @EwenRankin Feel better soon, Ewen.

(12:18:00) RT @EwenRankin: I can honestly believe that it takes an awful lot of work to make any KFC meal look good http://t.co/IrtCWfinLa

(12:22:07) MT @ThePoke - The Internet: A Warning From History: http://t.co/nHIU5gWl9o - with the MIGHTY @JohnDredge doing voice-over work :)

(12:27:42) @willowHart Oh no! :/ Keep yourself hydrated! x

(13:10:31) @WelchMotorsport I absolutely loved your behind the scenes video - so much more goes on than I knew... wishing you luck for Sat/Sunday!

(13:19:50) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'll be sticking you in my ear as I work.. ;) @dj_monkeyboy

(13:20:28) @LILLYTHEPINK1 PS please play something that refers obliquely to insects becoming our overlords. @dj_monkeyboy

(13:33:41) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I like this Jonathan Coulton track :) He writes good geek pop :)

(13:34:04) @sparkyannc MUG CAKE (needs a microwave :D)

(13:34:37) @dj_monkeyboy @LILLYTHEPINK1 BWIP!

(13:38:55) @sparkyannc http://t.co/RMrwVT3HDM LOADS on Google...

(13:39:13) @dj_monkeyboy Ooh.. mayybe so!

(13:39:34) @dj_monkeyboy Brave or foolish. Mainly the latter ;)

(13:39:57) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Messenger BWIP noise :) @dj_monkeyboy

(18:08:06) It has been nominated and faced the non-public vote - old piano, you have been evicted from Geri Halliwell Towers. http://t.co/l3KVr7UOjT

(18:14:51) @poots @fiverscarrot I climbed over it a few times... Just as a proof of concept, you understand...

(18:20:02) @JonBCFC Hopefully a new home :) Good old Freecycle! Are you well, sir? How was the weigh in (or should I not ask?)

(18:21:18) @batwench @poots @fiverscarrot Think "Right Said Fred" but with less tea drinking and more going home :D

(18:40:54) @streakmachine Fortunately my son was home, if not to do the heavy lifting, then at least a helpful hand :)

(18:41:06) @DVVHolland @TomKei @melodimen YES!

(18:43:05) @batwench You have seen what I'm like on the Big Show... and poor @poots has put up with 18 years of me :D @fiverscarrot is fab, though :p

(18:44:07) @JonBCFC I can't even begin to think how much I would be shouted at... it is the good life, sir :)

(18:44:51) @LilacNun Cool!

(19:42:32) @AlexGFox I do hope that's not a euphemism. Or maybe I do...

(19:43:58) @fridgemagnet2 it was in the studio. Taking up most of it..! Thanks for the email - a lot to reply to. T'was a good show last night :)

(19:44:55) @VeryBritishView which I am following... all the better!

(20:23:22) Tried "Perception" - not even closely nearly as good as Elementary. Which is splendid. I should work as a media journalist or somethink.

(21:07:20) @BossHawg_ Cool :) we may try another... it might settle down:) Enjoy!

(21:08:14) @paul_steele Cheers!

(21:09:17) @Superblouse ~applauds @redmark71~

(21:11:53) Nearly time for bedtime for bed. Have a lovely sleep when you do. G'night.

(21:12:37) @kitty_cat84 Good call! I'ma gonna listen to @1969Steve as I prepare for beds.

(21:18:55) @paul_steele I'm good, thank you! Enjoying the spring :) Hope you're having a fine time on your travels!

(21:19:13) @Life_Insight Bon nuit! :)

(21:19:33) @thatsjustme0 Hello lovely! :)

(21:20:21) Before I head to bed, I've uploaded last night's Late Night Loaf for listenagainability. Try saying THAT underwater! http://t.co/iBUhVrToSt

(21:21:14) @thatsjustme0 Just off to bed, I am, so a good night, too! BIG hugs :) x

(21:40:27) A Freecycle advert for a piano... http://t.co/YH9JJy3dFZ via @audioboo

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(06:48:32) @canuckuk Thank you. I have no idea how @poots puts up with me..!

(06:49:03) @gill_bee Morning :) Me too... @poots

(06:52:28) @AndersUk Ha. Young man'

(06:53:21) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning. Friends and compassion x

(06:54:31) @thisisfreegle Interesting... such a shame you didn't tweet sooner! Next time it'll be Freegle for sure :)

(06:56:04) @canuckuk I'm surprised @poots isn't on here all the time, then :p

(12:02:52) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @colontropogo Courage :)

(12:03:24) Just had my first taste of vending machine coffee in several years. It is as bad as I remember it...

(13:42:13) @perrygascoine Ha! I wouldn't touch that with a bargepole (nor Starbucks) #wantajobdoneproperly

(13:42:48) @willowHart Bad as in not good. I don't know what they use to make vending machine coffee, but it certainly doesn't seem to be coffee :D

(13:43:07) @CalmWaters73 I shall bring my own in future #thermos :D

(13:43:17) @miz_shake68 I need a nice big chocolate bar to take away the taste ;)

(13:43:55) @Tuglets A long lie down in a darkened room will have me right as rain - which just goes to show how little caffeine there is in there! :D

(13:44:32) @perrygascoine I think American Starbuckses are somewhat in a different league, too. Heh. Starbuckses.

(13:52:44) Is George Osborne Ozzy Osborne's evil alter-ego?

(13:53:27) @goitsagch @brewdog @BrewDogNewc Gosh! That looks quite, quite perfect!

(14:03:55) @sparkyannc Have you tried turning it off and on again?

(14:07:27) Still trying to work out how to adjust my chair.

(14:27:09) RT @PrincessBagel: Absolutely devastated to hear poor @RubyBobbles has passed away. My thoughts go out to her family & friends. She ...

(14:33:32) @sparkyannc Darn it.. aside from coffee I'm all out of ideas :/

(14:34:06) @crabbyknickers It's the stiffness I have a problem with :D

(14:37:59) @crabbyknickers I have been having a lot of trouble getting it up - my legs are just too bent in this position.

(18:09:44) @peasbloss PROFIT!

(18:10:48) Gosh it's good to be home. Tonight, @LateNightLoaf returns to @MintFM (after @kitty_cat84's Kitten Corner) - better get some tunes together!

(19:34:18) @AlexGFox @Kercal @sarahjaneuk I don't think you have too much to worry about with phone calls.. they're pretty much got those sorted (now!)

(20:20:45) @Kercal @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk I really, really hope so.

(20:50:25) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah :) Nearly ready to go on air.. I always leave it to the last minute!

(20:55:51) That Late Night Loaf is happening in just five minutes. @kitty_cat84 has been keeping MintFM nicely warm... thank you!

(21:08:34) @dj_monkeyboy I do believe @kitty_cat84 left it nice and tidy. I had to pick up some chocolate wrappers, but that's fairly normal ;)

(21:09:02) @Tuglets Hello! :) It's springtime.. strawberries is DEFINITELY it :)

(21:29:57) @johnny_winter Welcome! I've just been moaning on your behalf ;)

(21:32:07) @sm2n Not quite..!

(21:32:54) @Tuglets Great choice! :) I am sure I have it.. playing next! :)

(21:49:07) @johnny_winter I've tidied up all the rappers :D

(22:00:59) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 I'm not entirely sure how that works :D

(22:10:09) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 I lose track, so sorry! Twitter is not the best place to store requests. One choice each.. next week.. GO!

(22:19:37) @neilcochrane1 Are you SURE I haven't played that..? @johnny_winter

(22:23:28) @neilcochrane1 Ahhh... please accept my apologies. Of course, since I publish the playlist, my guilt can be nicely established ;)

(22:24:10) @johnny_winter Cracking tunes.. definitely deserve a play! :) They're on the list :) @neilcochrane1

(22:24:26) @johnny_winter PS you have an interesting definition of 'one' ;) @neilcochrane1

(22:28:29) @neilcochrane1 It's a rollover!

(22:41:54) @neilcochrane1 Night, chief - thank you for your company! :) @johnny_winter

(22:52:14) @johnny_winter The most beautiful girl in the world? To be honest, he was a genius... unhinged, but that is often the way..!

(22:52:24) @chrisesch Most welcome. And thank you for tuning in! :)

(22:53:32) @blindman75 Thank you SO much for covering last week - I heard really great things :)

(22:54:12) @johnny_winter I shall have to do some research on that! :)

(22:56:51) @johnny_winter Hahaha! Beer googles! :)

(22:59:01) @chrisesch Thanks, Chris. It's not often I can get away with singing (only when the children are safely in bed two floors up & Beth's out!)

(22:59:33) @johnny_winter There is nothing that can make me go week and blissful than a truly beautiful woman. Just don't tell anyone!

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(07:28:53) @batwench I hope the journey back up begins soon x

(07:30:23) Good morning to local fab folk @PlainTalkingHR @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner and bonus GOOD LUCK to @Lindylooloo :)

(07:35:41) @peasbloss happy birthday! I hope today brings you everything you could desire. Including breakfast ;)

(07:37:03) Today is a good day to change your font size.

(07:40:53) @ajlanghorn http://t.co/ir7PMswfum

(09:17:37) Timesheet done, weekly database report done. Now to the main business off the day... a spinning placeholder thing. I like a challenge.

(09:19:46) @willowHart Heh. No idea, but I can only just read what you wrote :D

(09:20:19) @neilcochrane1 I shall have a go myself.

(09:20:28) Ed Balls.

(09:21:00) @regularjen I do hope this is a set-up for some yarnbombing :D

(09:23:19) Oh dear. Well I hope they keep MarioKart Wii online for a little while longer: http://t.co/GYxPP1Amcb (H/T @streakmachine) #WiiEndOfLife

(09:30:27) @AlexGFox Heh. Indeed!

(09:30:58) @stu4art No that font, no :D <smallenough>

(09:47:37) @neilcochrane1 Love it.. http://t.co/bhGkSL37yb

(09:49:06) @willowHart Oh no not again :| I hope it clears up soon. A bit of sunshine might help? x

(09:49:39) @fridgemagnet2 That's a bit.. big.

(09:54:30) @willowHart I woke up feeling horribly dehydrated, so I know what you mean.. especially since sleep is at such a premium! Take care of you x

(09:55:14) Be a winner, not a sinner.

(10:20:26) @willowHart I have no idea, but something reminded me of this man: http://t.co/eWoen248qa whose voice used to greet me on my way to work..

(10:21:58) @GreavsieE17 Not as far as I know (last seen on Exhibition Road).. just for some odd reason his voice came into my head. I am NOT scared.

(10:22:29) @crabbyknickers I like to skirt around the bounds of each... join me for a lap of (dis)honour :)

(10:23:02) A bit tempted.. http://t.co/cD59ey8l2w

(10:31:14) @Ti_Leo @ustwo Me too.

(11:23:53) @PontoonDock @Davidlloydradio It is so cool that you are both on my timeline.

(11:25:13) @ustwo @Ti_Leo Thank you. Shame there's no holding page to say it's in maintenance... wishing you success with the restoration to service!

(11:33:03) @emmathegardener #notaeuphemism

(11:37:11) @PontoonDock That is so cool! @Davidlloydradio

(11:38:12) @shellzenner Let me know what you need - I'll help if I can :)

(11:39:02) @Lycan33 Is this how long you spend travelling in a lift in a given day? Or how long you can delay getting to the ground floor...?

(11:40:09) RT @GarethMalone: Mum ~ RT @NinaSwann: MISSING Keith Yoghurt last seen 3.45pm Saturday in black cab, Camberwell Green #findkeithyoghurt ...

(11:40:47) That last retweet because KEITH YOGHURT for heaven's sake. @NinaSwann

(11:47:12) RT @RHAAudio: Twenty years difference in technology (though you still need headphones unless you want to annoy your mates). #iphone http ...

(11:47:19) RT @shellzenner: If you value the work i do in radio and music, vote for the underdog (me) in the Sony Golden Headphone awards:

(12:42:25) @ESCinsight Love this! :)

(13:09:10) @peasbloss Perfect for a spring birthday :)

(13:09:56) @PrincessBagel Big hugs from me x

(13:10:41) @samuelbailey Ask @KillingStation ...

(13:12:19) @johannariley I hope @peasbloss will save me a slice! ;)

(14:27:07) @sparkyannc Please do send my greetings to her! :)

(14:52:51) @connorwalsh @sparkyannc @soundwomen Gosh... she's getting published everywhere!

(14:54:19) @sparkyannc @Andreaeday I will twiddle whichever knobs you need for less/fewer* money.

(14:55:50) MT @poots Right weather, you've got it spot on perfect today; this.. will be fine all summer, thanks [@GavinShuker please have this seen to]

(15:39:28) @Barlie40 Good afternoon :)

(15:41:23) @Barlie40 I'm moderate to good, thank you - lovely to have some sunshine and the windows open! :) I hope you're well.

(15:50:58) @muckdog Wishing you success with the interview :)

(16:24:43) @JoJoBass Oh wow! :) #flutterby

(16:25:24) @gavinshuker *chuckles* Nice answer, sir! @poots

(16:25:37) @Lycan33 Ahhhh!

(16:47:03) This evening, I am going to bite the bullet and do some freecycling. I've been putting it off for months #notverygoodwiththepublic

(17:08:12) @LILLYTHEPINK1 it includes a piano...

(17:16:50) @willowHart Timewasters, no-shows, people who can't write sentences... pretty much the lot :D

(17:17:06) @johannariley @peasbloss Amen to that! Thank you :)

(17:46:45) @willowHart Hahaha! Don't forget where I live... all human life is here :D

(17:47:49) Hmm... went for Freecycle over Freegle. I shall report back on the Hot Giveaway Action.

(18:16:01) @PontoonDock any particular reason? Not that you need one.. #boogideon @george_osborne

(18:44:37) @Chocohalix Crazy what some people ask for... "Wanted XBox 360 and games" ... it's the no-shows and timewasters that bother me. Ah well..

(18:44:55) @willowHart Innit blud.

(18:45:29) @willowHart (PS I have no idea what that means)

(18:46:09) @PontoonDock That is quite clever..!

(19:13:31) @stopsleyvicar At least it's a 'when' rather than 'if' :D

(19:38:43) @markhort @perrygascoine @davewitchalls Oh. Oh no.

(19:41:38) @perrygascoine Where on earth did you get that photo from..?! Are you there?! Hope you (and @markhort's headphones) are safe @davewitchalls

(19:45:02) @Barlie40 Amen.

(19:50:45) @markhort @perrygascoine @davewitchalls Nightmare! Reckon we'll be in the office tomorrow?

(19:52:40) @poots It has all gone crazy out there... I shall wait to see what is happening tomorrow... my poor coriander & parsley plants!

(19:54:50) Oh dear... first Boston and now this is my office... http://t.co/hkBUdz0WF7 WHAT IS GOING ON..?!

(20:04:20) @batwench It was after hours, fortunately...

(20:05:02) @Chocohalix @poots Indeed. What a strange event!

(20:05:57) @BossHawg_ I believe it was after hours... quite shocking!

(20:07:33) @AlexGFox It was after everyone had gone home, fortunately... but still... I could never have predicted this! All is safe...

(20:10:02) @simon_toon @markhort @perrygascoine @davewitchalls I will await further instructions. We can keep this channel open, at least.

(20:12:20) @RobLound It has been a strange evening - but this is an unconnected event... looks like work will be a challenge tomorrow! Thanks, mate.

(20:13:27) #PrayForBoston That casualties are limited and all remain vigilant.

(20:13:41) @simon_toon @markhort @perrygascoine @davewitchalls understood.

(20:17:48) @Mad4mogzz it went on fire this evening, apparently...

(20:32:32) @ellewadding I gave up with Freecycling last time I tried it... I fear it hasn't improved...

(21:08:26) @fiverscarrot Rest well.

(21:31:14) @RobJD Thanks, bro.

(21:33:14) Signing off for the day. It's been quite an evening. I hope you have a peaceful sleep when the time comes. Night.

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(07:49:07) @Superblouse Simply tell the world to go away, and at 5pm wash in the sink. #pome

(07:51:28) Morning. Sunny. Coffee. And we made it to 8:45am before the first "whatever" of the day... #result

(07:52:01) @syzygyuk RT @kstreetkate: GREAT job on the F4P runway and set up this year. Best ever!!

(13:31:41) @MrsGumpy It's Keith the Malevolent Bee.

(13:31:53) @brennig Nope.

(17:07:31) @brennig Well OK then.

(17:07:47) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is posted with @Syzygy @jgamet @Gazmaz @verso @EwenRankin http://t.co/wMBYHUwDCf Pls RT and Review in iTunes.

(19:35:22) @brennig I'll see what I can find... we have a drawer for such things.

(19:35:57) @PlainTalkingHR @hrbeginner @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @lindylooloo @colontropogo It was a glorious day :)

(19:37:31) @SimplyTanny That's so cool/scary :) Will you be able to share the article when it's been published? :)

(20:11:26) @SimplyTanny I shall wish you luck nonetheless :) What's the article about? x

(20:15:38) @sparkyannc Risky cake? Sounds like a challenging recipe...

(20:18:47) @sparkyannc Cool :)

(20:22:52) @sparkyannc You write very well :)

(20:25:13) @sparkyannc Ingenious! And delightful... I'd not heard of soya custard... sounds tempting (and a good alternative to the Other Thing).

(20:28:48) @Superblouse At the angry guitarist? Did you hear the final version? It is so beautiful.

(20:30:03) @sparkyannc Ha! The sixth slice.

(20:36:26) @Superblouse It's special, but not nearly so sweary nor guitar smashing. http://t.co/reXQtuKQfh This is what he was working towards...

(20:37:10) @sparkyannc Nice one, @regoodyear - I shall give it a go one time!

(20:38:07) @VickyAuld Good night :)

(20:58:47) @smartie999 Heart says banoffee; head says lemony meringue.

(21:12:48) @Superblouse It is the burn of anticipation and the exhilaration of the performance that makes it all worth while :) Enjoy!

(22:22:03) RT @Davidlloydradio: Tomorrow is 'be nice to your radio station technical and IT folk day'. I've just decided: http://t.co/9gyVfOKDBZ

(22:23:20) @neilcochrane1 ?

(22:24:50) A lovely day spent with family friends... back to work, school and all sorts tomorrow. If that is you, good luck! Night :)

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(07:52:17) @BaronHawkey morning BH :)

(07:52:50) @Canojar byeee (and good morning!)

(07:53:15) @Chocohalix morning :)

(07:53:41) @BeachBelles Eep!

(07:55:08) Good morning. Saturday house things, I do believe. Gotta love an atomic washing machine.

(08:20:27) We have been treated to an analysis of our first names by @superalora. It's on the internet so it must be true http://t.co/Fw1Qgj8jdl :D

(08:21:31) @BaronHawkey Morning :) Not bad after coffee, ta! And you?

(12:04:16) @KezRocks1976 It's probably safer that way :D @brennig

(12:05:49) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo I wish you a lovely Saturday, too :) Nearly sunny :D

(12:13:19) @smartie999 mmmmmmmm please save me a slice ;) x

(12:24:44) @smartie999 You're the best xxx How did the cupboard reshuffle go?

(20:29:37) @Chocohalix Cheers!

(21:22:28) @johnny_winter REALLY? That happened to me too.

(21:32:39) @Superblouse Riiiight. Please don't tell me how it ends.

(21:54:59) Because of @charltonbrooker I have just seen this: http://t.co/W2NwVi2COU which is a work of genius (reminds me of Michel Gondry's work)

(22:07:31) Quite lovely. http://t.co/q22yCwVeSS Then bed. #endofMichelGondryThings Goodnight.

(22:10:57) @canuckuk We did. I thought they were great, but I'm easily pleased. May upgrade to Triops one day http://t.co/6fwYWLWcJr

(22:11:04) @fiverscarrot N'night! :)

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(07:01:40) @BaronHawkey @ThePervyCouncil @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @mrs_forky @PervyWilbury @sparkledoris Thanks, chief!

(07:19:45) @BaronHawkey Have a great day, BH - it's Friday!

(07:20:24) @Fee_Easton Mornin', fine talented photographer lady!

(07:22:09) @JQP74 morning sir! I'll bet @miz_shake68 is hiding away looking for more obscure words with which to beat me at #WordsWithFriends :D

(07:23:43) Morning. But I can't sit here telling you that. Onwards to victory/work, therefore.

(07:24:12) @TOther_Simon GET A KITTEN.

(07:26:24) @BeachBelles I work with someone called Archana... close enough? :D

(07:26:59) @PaulEdwards_ Good morning :) You too!

(08:10:39) RT @BitsyVonMuffin: @syzygy Morning James Happy Friday to you

(09:14:13) @claw0101 I think you should sell a book on beer-induced life improvement. $200 sounds a fair price.. @AlexGFox @MissyMWAC @Herenthereshow

(09:14:45) @BitsyVonMuffin A splendidly happy Friday to you, too. Sun's out here (finally!)

(09:15:20) @hooker1uk That's not nice.. :|

(09:15:49) @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @jrr4film @painted_duchess @Fee_Easton @mrs_forky @sparkledoris @GettingShirty #ShiversDownSpine!

(09:16:12) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 oooh.. I'm totally not getting involved :D Have a great day, you two!

(09:16:29) @PhillipaJC @sphenefan @Indepenpress @ladyfreebird750 @RoseyPoseyLou @sixteenthCgirl @joe_crowley Thanks, Phillipa! Wishing you a fab day :)

(09:16:39) @BaronHawkey Amen :)

(09:19:30) @OlorinLorien Holding every door open as I go... :D Have a great day!

(09:20:41) My secret double life... you may be entitled to compensation for a PPI claim. http://t.co/GjfcgyRRqG

(09:22:27) @brennig Morning, sir :) It is the acceptable way to participate on a conference call. Less tough on the shoulders!

(09:22:54) @birdfortytwo PHOTO! PHOTO! DRINK! :D

(09:32:13) @Canojar Morning :) I'd have best part of 700 quid :D

(09:37:26) @Canojar Haha! I can only aspire... ;) x

(09:38:11) @birdfortytwo Love the mental image that evokes...

(09:39:27) @Canojar I think we can tolerate anything but a full moon on Twitter ;)

(09:43:46) @BeachBelles It's not true. But... you may be paying too much for your car insurance. [Actually, I'm on a conference call...]

(09:45:12) @peasbloss Morning. I've kept a Friday aside for you right here... but it looks like you've already got one! :D

(09:47:45) @BeachBelles I think I would be trying to make you laugh to keep you on the phone. I would be NO good in a call centre... :D

(09:48:31) @peasbloss Of course - do you still have the original packaging? I would add that this one is the De Luxe version. With sequins.

(09:49:02) @kittykatkent You're out of bed and tweeting. Some days I am pleased I have made it that far :)

(09:49:35) @poots I love you. Sun's out!

(09:50:13) @sphenefan Happy Friday :)

(09:51:19) @kittykatkent Jammies are good (I'm in my work clothes. I do not approve of them).

(09:51:31) @JQP74 ~smirks~ @miz_shake68

(09:52:28) Come Dine With me want men from Luton to have a go on it. It would be a BAD idea if I volunteered for many reasons. #fishfingersandwiches

(09:52:54) @BitsyVonMuffin Ahh but on the upside, you're not in Watford ;)

(09:53:18) @peasbloss I love the way you space your tweets :) I've wrapped it and it's on the van for the 11am delivery ;)

(09:54:18) @brennig I would be tarred and feathered. Nobody wants to see that. Or, indeed, our kitchen.

(09:55:22) The cable on this telephone headset isn't long enough for me to go for a wee.

(10:12:41) @clairerandall How did they get on?

(10:13:17) @BitsyVonMuffin I love the sound of spring birdsong :)

(10:13:37) @Tuglets You are SO on! Perhaps we should have a MintFM 'Come Dine With Me' :D

(10:15:26) @LutonNewsConnie I truly wish I could... but yeah, I reckon @GavinShuker would be brilliant.

(11:06:20) @mrs_forky That would be a possibility #funnel

(11:06:28) @lloydbayley Ha! True...

(11:31:46) @willowHart :D

(12:03:05) @lilmissmosher Ha! I like that :D @shellzenner

(12:49:06) @shellzenner Oooh electropop *likes*

(12:51:08) @Fee_Easton Good afternoon :) I've just had pizza, and the sun is nearly out. It could be a lot, lot worse! :D How about you, lovely? x

(12:52:43) @smartie999 That is one of the things I love best about you. What a lovely surprise that will be! :D

(12:56:37) @smartie999 I love the concept of yarnbombing but I am absolutely bewildered by the amount of effort it seems to be... LOVE IT!

(12:56:50) @Fee_Easton A bright weekend ahead yeah! :)

(14:05:45) @poots Cool :) Hope you were able to get what you wanted. Seems @nxmee has been getting busy on Steam :D Love the new profile pic, BTW :) x

(14:07:54) @wkdstepmother Wish I was in bed, too, to be honest. Feel better soon! x @dizzymummytotwo

(14:39:09) @peasbloss @RoyLilley Next to work on (going forward) "going forward." *grizzles*

(16:20:49) @regularjen You are in very good company.

(16:24:42) @claw0101 See you on pisstr or whatever that app's called! :D

(17:37:52) @poots I'm at j10a :-D

(18:08:21) @Davidlloydradio most of them (like me) have got utterly @?#!ed off by the gradual exclusion into corporate service provision and left. :(

(18:12:38) @indecisive96 Congratulation! I'll raise a glass to your success this evening :) /cc @miz_shake68 @JQP74

(18:14:57) Driving under the shower before my appearance on #BritishTech Big in a bit. I will be dressed (on the whole).

(18:18:33) @shongum Ha! Oops :D #typo

(18:58:59) @claw0101 HA! I knew it wouldn't be too long before you got that ;) @untappd

(19:10:12) I just earned the 'Newbie' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/1v7J8Vyiza

(19:18:49) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah! Enjoy your evening :) @jgamet @Gazmaz @verso @EwenRankin @claw0101

(20:43:34) @JonBCFC Congrats! And thanks for popping in the chat room :)

(20:55:05) @Zararugosa Aww :)

(21:01:33) @Mangowe Haha! :D

(21:14:59) @poots Sorry! Fortunately they didn't miss me :D

(22:01:10) @jgamet @Gazmaz @verso @EwenRankin Thank you for a fun show - t'was a fine way to enjoy a Friday evening!

(22:51:35) All finished with Friday. The rest is going in the bin (which needs emptying) Good night instead.

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(07:21:31) @sm2n It would be great to hear these 'up close' ... they definitely have the trademark Korg sound!

(09:01:00) @Bowen707 @MelitaRadio HUZZAH! Very much looking forward to listening to your latest show.. it's a monthly highlight :)

(09:01:31) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning. Walked to work with no coat today. NEARLY warm! :)

(09:03:27) @superalora CUTE: http://t.co/XfUd14wiC6

(09:29:12) @misscorsham To be fair, @theollymann is a top bloke.

(09:47:49) @willowHart ehhhh what's up doc?

(10:51:45) @cazie5 Are ya coming to Watford, then? :D

(10:54:59) @LilacNun I'm posh but originally from t'west country. I say "noogarrrrr" with the accent on the 'rrrr'. Have you called a heating engineer?

(11:30:29) @cazie5 Yup :D Great exercise, though, swimming - all done with now, though, eh? :)

(11:30:39) RT @Bowen707: @syzygy @MelitaRadio Stereo Spectacular is now on podomatic! Thanks Melita! Down the Pub! James - do spread around! http ...

(11:35:18) @peasbloss Still working on keeping Friday from arriving too soon ;)

(12:53:04) @thatsjustme0 Oh no! And oh very very no! Can you use your smartphone? (to locate you, rather than travel back in time) x

(13:11:14) Lunchtime salad complete. Some Software Release Bulletin reading, I think, to take me into the afternoon.

(13:11:48) @BeachBelles We have SO many children's books.. too painful to dispose of them! (The same goes for all my cassette tapes :D)

(13:46:28) @connorwalsh Blissful :)

(13:48:42) @BeachBelles That is so touching. DO NOT LET IT GO! (Can you inscribe it to one of your little monkeys?)

(13:49:13) @mostlygeordie I will be waiting in wondrous anticipation :)

(13:51:50) @willowHart I'm not sure I would be very good at that... seems a little passive aggressive to me :/ #supertext

(13:53:27) I would shout "There's no ombudsman in the vicinity!" (and hope it catches on)

(13:54:59) @GHOGIT @poots I'd still be standing... like a candle in the wind. I'd apologise, but sorry seems to be the hardest word. I'll stop now.

(13:56:13) @GHOGIT @poots http://t.co/MIaWQ4IYOR

(13:56:48) @miche Tell her to put a sock in it, or you'll summon the ombudsman.

(13:57:26) @willowHart True.. what are you trying to say? ;) #supersubtweet

(14:52:04) @BeachBelles Oh wow.. I remember Tom Sawyer. Definitely of its time! :)

(16:18:47) @PontoonDock @Wedge D'you know I need to work on numbers 4 and 10 too! #peasinapod

(16:18:59) @PontoonDock OfOmbud is my next band name.

(16:20:41) @stopsleyvicar Oddities with MS Word are often caused by printer driver incompatibilities... I hope you are able to sort it. Google Docs?

(16:21:36) @koshkajay You, like many people who think that way, are wrong. x

(16:33:47) @stopsleyvicar What a nuisance.

(16:34:02) @koshkajay @LyleD4D *grins*

(18:28:44) @PontoonDock I simply can't top that (Often) :D

(18:31:43) @Herenthereshow @claw0101 Hurrah! I was listening as I trundled my merry way home :D Good to hear you and @MissyMWAC again!

(18:32:59) @jgamet Someone's coming round your house when you're out and listening to Bieber. Be careful out there.

(18:33:47) @claw0101 @Herenthereshow @MissyMWAC big fan of the show :) Seems a little quieter than normal though...

(18:34:35) @thatsjustme0 Taylor! I was about to send a search party out :D Home yet? x

(18:35:17) @thatsjustme0 Taylor? That should have said "Yay!" #darnautocorrect

(18:35:51) @claw0101 @Herenthereshow @MissyMWAC Gonna have to make more, then ;)

(18:36:56) @batwench Have you got the Voodoo doll of @EwenRankin out again? :D

(18:37:43) @claw0101 consider it penance ;) @Herenthereshow @MissyMWAC

(18:38:00) @ThomasKealy Good luck sir.

(18:39:04) @claw0101 Some.. Alien. @Herenthereshow @MissyMWAC


(18:48:08) @johnny_winter pretty much...

(18:48:48) @Barlie40 thank you, Jim - always grateful for your support!

(18:49:13) @Tuglets Hmmmm... a watertight alibi...

(18:50:54) @Tuglets yummy!

(19:09:20) @sarahjaneuk FABULOUS - and well deserved, I'm sure! :)

(19:09:52) @PrincessBagel @jgamet @EwenRankin @batwench Big show is TOMORROW dear you... Ewen is rushing around like a crazy man tonight.

(19:10:05) @PrincessBagel PS a warm but slightly moist welcome home :) @jgamet @EwenRankin @batwench

(19:10:41) @batwench Oh gosh.. hope you can find a comfortable position this evening (so to speak)

(19:21:02) @batwench Your secret is safe with me :) @RichHarkness

(19:29:44) Something in my brain just went "Doo-doodle-ooo JAKKI BRAMBLES! " #Radio1 #1988

(20:02:49) @ajlanghorn I am old.

(20:03:31) @JonBCFC Alive alive-oh!

(20:04:10) @brennig 5.5 tonnes of it, at least...

(20:42:32) @ajlanghorn Hahahaha! True!

(21:08:34) Downloading the Radio Times...

(21:10:00) @kittykatkent True... and it was ALWAYS better than TV Times ;)

(21:10:27) "Support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014. If you're running this version after support ends, you won't get security updates.." Oh.

(21:40:10) @hooker1uk Nice tips, sir.

(21:40:14) RT @hooker1uk: slow #android phone with a #mediatek CPU? Low memory Try these no root optimisations. http://t.co/05IKFDmu8j

(21:41:55) Wow.. this is a phenomenal use for a Pi! http://t.co/26StyfbA2m #raspberrypi (via @Raspberry_Pi)

(22:10:28) @DarrenGriffin It's not a bad approximation for a few dollars, though :) People are really getting creative with those li'l beasties!

(22:10:51) @johnny_winter Apparently Philips think/thought so! :D

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(07:00:17) @poots YELLOW CARD @Vanburger2

(08:56:50) @ThatAgnes Flash is a way to do things that web pages normally can't. It's fairly easy to use.. here's tutorials http://t.co/PraGfQ7BFC

(09:34:33) Good morning. Everything else is as yet undefined.

(10:09:24) @lloydbayley select % from DAY ;)

(10:09:35) @lsrwLuke mornin' :)

(10:10:01) @AlexGFox I am alive, I have a job and the sun is doing something akin to shining. Yeah :) Hope you are hale and hearty this morning :)

(10:22:02) @AlexGFox Gosh that is good news! We could do with some rain - preferably overnight :)

(10:23:10) @lsrwLuke Worky work... sun's out so I might venture out at lunchtime :) How about you?

(10:43:33) @lloydbayley Actually that was terrible.. I should have written "SELECT * FROM DAY where TYPE like '%'" ... #queryfail Enjoy your evening!

(11:14:40) @smartie999 "Fairly Godmother" :D

(11:59:29) @fridgemagnet2 I will be looking out for small creatures behind my domestic applicances...

(13:24:40) While out walking I saw Yellow Pages, wrapped & scattered and thought: "Invasion of the Directories"… http://t.co/N10PDAMeeW

(14:56:29) @crabbyknickers Careful now.

(15:22:22) On my walk to the office this morning, I saw a custom Smart ForFour where the tyres were, combined, almost half the width of the car. Crazy.

(15:29:17) @sarahjaneuk @AlexGFox @latenightloaf Yeah.. I'm doing OK, I think! :) #blessingscounted

(15:29:23) @kitty_cat84 Good afternoon! :)

(16:05:53) @poots Oooooh! *excited*

(18:38:12) @poots I'm home :)

(22:15:24) @Bowen707 Hello hello! I'm waiting with keen and baited breath for your podcast to download, but PodOmatic hasn't updated yet *sighs*

(22:16:31) Right. Bed. This time tomorrow it will be nearly Friday, for heaven's sake! Night night.

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(00:01:23) @mand2004 At this time of night..! Hope you get to rest well soon.

(00:28:43) @sparkyannc I am... it's so nice to be actually able to do something at night... resistance was horrendous back in the day! :D

(00:28:56) @sparkyannc Rest well when you do (if you haven't already!)

(00:32:47) @LilyShambles *hic*

(00:35:04) @sparkyannc I hope so.. breaking new ground tonight (for me!), which is always interesting... resisting coffee, though ;) Night night! x

(00:35:33) @sparkyannc You are not alone in that... the trick is to get into your jammies as soon as you get home from work ;)

(00:44:23) @LilyShambles Still alive, yes... still living? Only maybe. I could do with a kebab.

(01:31:46) @DeanAbbott I very much enjoyed your latest (and, indeed, last) Almanac - looking forward to hearing the Ramblings! :)

(01:43:07) @DeanAbbott You're elcome. Some of what you mentioned I wish I could remember and quote: 'A wise man once said..' :) Subscribed to Rambles!

(02:39:18) That'll do for today, I think. Bis Morgen. G'night!

(12:45:16) RT @latenightloaf: Yo. I'm afraid there'll be no Late Night Loaf tonight, due to issues just to the right of my control (by the shed). N ...

(14:13:30) @johnny_winter Got high off the fumes, man.. :D

(18:32:26) RT @latenightloaf: Splendid news! Shaun - aka @blindman75 - will be covering the Late Night Loaf slot tonight.. expect fun and mischief :)

(18:41:47) RT @mink_ette: The Soviet-era arcade game mentioned in http://t.co/bBj4Kjlh9G one is playable here http://t.co/JRktwQjE6m v @zoewi

(18:41:57) @mink_ette @zoewi Cracking! Thank you :)

(19:07:17) @brennig Yes, yes I do.

(19:26:07) @brennig Nahh... I worked till 4.30am and didn't really sleep much, so I need to catch up tonight to be any good for work tomorrow :)

(20:13:09) RT @MintFM: Coming up at the top of the hour, @blindman75 will be filling in for @syzygy and Late Night Loaf! http://t.co/50eEadLr1z

(20:55:28) @blindman75 Have a great show - I'll be listening under the duvet! :)

(21:09:30) @GarethMalone I used to write that in my diary when I was a youngster! :D

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(07:23:17) @thatsjustme0 Morning :)

(07:24:32) @JQP74 Morning dude :)

(07:31:27) Good morning (or close approximation). Better get going... not sure how today is going to pan out. Or indeed, whether it will involve pans.

(07:32:14) @vobes Thank you, Richard :)

(09:10:32) @hubbardcj @ResolveCharity CONGRATULATION!

(11:22:53) @nxmee That was very impressive! :) I reckon you could do that, though ;)

(11:42:51) @PhillipaJC I will despair if they get a second term... people clearly don't get it - although the alternatives aren't much better :/

(12:05:03) @andytuk I'd vote for @FinalBullet

(12:49:44) @poots Just be glad you don't go swimming with me and the children too often... we rarely get the whistle blown at us *coughs* @Chocohalix

(12:51:16) @paulwheatley Soup is awesome EVERY DAY.

(12:54:46) @paulwheatley Gosh. That's a bit spicier than the more usual coriander, isn't it? Must try that :)

(15:24:52) @JeanieFinlay I am SO glad my children are >3 years old. I never want to go through that again. Even with grandchildren.

(15:24:57) RT @JeanieFinlay: http://t.co/tH5hF41GTG "His brother pretended to sing for one second"

(15:25:28) @iandeeley I was going to ask what had happened to Claire.. *sighs* @JamesCridland

(15:26:27) @poots PRO TIP: Get the girl to make you coffee.

(18:32:15) @Superblouse Big love from me... Feel free to feel how you feel.

(19:34:35) Disco nap... better get ready for doing more work.

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(16:47:04) @brennig Sort-of sorry!

(16:47:10) @mostlygeordie YES.

(16:47:27) @JoOstermeyer Congratulations! :)

(16:47:39) @sm2n Choon! :)

(16:49:25) @mostlygeordie Fun can and should be had :)

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(08:59:17) @sm2n Oh wow... never hear that track before - I hadn't realised Felix used a sample from another song :D Classic handbag house :)

(08:59:57) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo The very same to you - definitely worth venturing forth!

(09:22:37) Me: "I was learning about different genres of music last night, like handbag house." @nxmee: "Isn't that where those tiny dogs live?"

(12:24:02) WITH LASERS.

(12:24:13) RT @poots: As @syzygy drives a small car with a huge aerial the temptation to have him drive around a carpark while I hold a remote cont ...

(12:24:45) @sm2n Apparently the Felix track is categorised as 'hardbag'. *baffled*

(12:33:58) @vobes Yes. Everything is better with lasers (except, perhaps, professional video making ;)

(13:07:31) @sm2n It's specifically cited in the Definitive Knowledge Repository: http://t.co/gETJfFnsKj (and handbag here: http://t.co/YimZa2EVuA )

(13:10:24) @julietmayne @hubbardcj ZING!

(13:10:55) @thatsjustme0 Driving a car with a trainer is not recommended (although do check the manual).

(13:12:05) @Shell3870 Wow.. that's a great look - hopefully this means summer is on the way! :)

(13:13:06) @nickleach1 *baffled*

(13:13:48) @LilacNun Might I suggest you do it in view of sunlight? Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

(13:14:43) @tezzer57 That is remarkable - glad you kept it! :)

(13:14:55) @tezzer57 I hope you find him and call him a tossbag.

(13:15:06) @striderpaul Looks great! :)

(13:22:26) @nxmee True. True. @vobes

(13:22:39) @LilacNun :) x

(13:22:57) @tezzer57 Heehee.. I like!

(13:23:46) @nickleach1 Just why someone would want such a service. It just smacks of negativity and seems a little unnecessary. People, I guess :)

(13:58:23) @nickleach1 @poots *chuckles*

(16:16:20) Girl and robot. http://t.co/YFGQSwLw1S

(16:21:25) @beershowjimmy Right pain in the next when there's no metal grid above the road... @poots

(17:21:21) Story arc. I have one, but the episodes have been fairly dull this season.

(17:59:24) @moyskii Haha! That's still on the TiVo, to be fair.

(18:30:36) @pearcen Catching up on SHotWttCS - glad it's not just me that has slight cable troubles! :D)

(19:01:55) @pearcen :D It's SO good to be having it download automatically now :)

(19:56:13) @pearcen I've very much enjoyed it - and thank you SO much for the shout out! :) I really appreciate it - you were too kind!

(19:56:38) @pearcen You can be sure I'll be entering the competition, but I've not had a bath in months! :D

(22:30:24) @CaldwellKath @thatsjustme0 Amen!

(22:31:23) Loop pedal keyboard musical shenanigans this evening. Nothing made... Hmm. Bedtime, I think.

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(06:03:48) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) x

(06:04:23) @BaronHawkey Morning BH :)

(06:05:52) @SteveDoherty1 Easy peasy... just ,alike a note of the settings beforehand :)

(06:32:58) @mrs_forky @melodimen @danielpeake @spongepaddy @brother_kohben @tomkei @hellodoris @sirdigbychicken And the very same to you :) #FF

(06:34:17) @SteveDoherty1 We have OpenDNS set up on our router and it's fairly unobtrusive.. only pops up when things go 'wrong' :)

(06:35:11) @debsylee Wow! Congratulation! I am honoured to be following you :)

(06:36:11) @washmysocks31 Good morning :) Blueish skies here, but the sun is still hiding...

(06:36:36) @paulums Morning:)

(06:37:13) @DJChrisBerrow I favour brainitch. But now I can't get that statement out of my head...

(06:37:41) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) Excellent to hear of your week!

(06:37:54) @FrankMillar And you!

(06:38:51) @JQP74 Amen to that! Morning, handsome bloke :) @miz_shake68 @indecisive96

(06:39:50) @SteveDoherty1 Completely agree :)

(06:40:26) @PlainTalkingHR You are an inspiration :) I am still on my way 'up the hill' :)

(06:41:19) @washmysocks31 You couldn't be more right - although best for rain overnight when most people are indoors! Have a jolly good day :)

(06:42:42) @batwench @thekeithchegwin Morning you two cheeky scamps :)

(07:07:16) @AndersUk Morning - and congratulations on your BIG Show debut :)

(07:08:51) @brennig Never too early.

(07:10:19) @YPLAC http://t.co/SHo1FJDLmX There honestly is no point in continuing with this Twitter account now...

(07:11:22) @alnicholl77 morning :) Hope you and yours are well :)

(11:38:11) RT @SoreenHQ: Because we love you: RT and follow to WIN! Exclusive New #ChocolateMaltLoaf be the #Firsttotry

(12:08:52) @BeachBelles I am fairly sure there should have been some punctuation in there.

(15:30:53) @poots YEAH! :) *high fives* Hope they both had splendid times - and you did, too :) xxx

(18:08:59) Home. And no horses spared. So please don't ask for one.

(18:12:26) @thatsjustme0 Yes, but only because I remember when we were two little.. oh.. hang on..

(18:12:46) @RichHarkness Post traumatic stress tetris, mate.

(18:13:10) @smartie999 Panasonic make of the GOOD camera.

(18:13:21) @noisebird The internet says NO.

(18:19:52) @LilyShambles YES! Neeiiighhh!

(18:20:05) @smartie999 Whuuhh!? :D

(18:20:12) @thatsjustme0 You too, my lovely x

(19:47:20) @sparkyannc I love the comments! :)

(19:51:32) @sparkyannc The beauty is in the endeavour :)

(19:53:10) It's wrong to drink beer and play driving games, isn't it?

(20:00:03) RT @dcsparkes: @syzygy better than driving and playing drinking games.

(20:00:19) @dj_monkeyboy HAHA! Tuned in, by the way :) :)

(20:00:28) @paulums YEAH! :)

(20:12:01) @thatsjustme0 wow.. drunk golfing! I can't think of anything more random (especially at this time of night! :)

(20:13:15) That @dj_monkeyboy is on @MintFM, but when it's all gone quiet, why not download the latest LateNightLoaf? It's up at http://t.co/iBUhVrToSt

(20:13:24) @claw0101 Oooh so close :D

(20:42:24) @MissyMWAC @claw0101 @AlexGFox I can see your pants.

(20:51:37) @dj_monkeyboy Could you play a little Foo Fighters, please? (Learning to Fly, perhaps?) I've seen Goldfrapp live twice.. she is 'MAZIN'!

(20:51:48) @Superblouse Fascinating.

(20:57:12) @dj_monkeyboy Thank you :) Oh wow.. this Alanis song is CRACKING. Might have to borrow it for next Tuesday ;)

(21:22:27) @AlexGFox @MissyMWAC @claw0101 Honestly.. I'm more than happy to. :D

(21:32:31) @AlexGFox I do apologise for your blushes, though, mate - sorry! @MissyMWAC @claw0101

(22:40:04) @johnny_winter :) I'll check my wires before next week's show! :)

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(07:30:19) Plenty going on at the bird table this morning... http://t.co/zKD9X0zMrL

(07:32:22) @lloydbayley There's a pair of ninja squirrels in the neighbourhood who like to pretend to be birds, cats and Daleks. Evil little buggers :D

(07:34:11) @mostlygeordie Definitely... I think there's still little enough food around elsewhere. Good morning! We like to spoil birds (& squiggles!)

(07:34:44) @lloydbayley We live upstairs. Oh... hang on...

(07:46:55) @sparkyannc I. Love. This. :) :) :) (And I've always had a respect for Amanda Palmer.. but never bought a Dresden Dolls record...)

(07:48:11) @johannariley I love this! :) http://t.co/5GV2QzEzvc

(07:49:05) @amandapalmer Absolutely loved your TED talk :) :)

(07:49:56) To work, then.

(09:04:43) I have to give kudos to @nxmee for the clever shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-V which does a paste without formatting. That has helped me SO much!

(09:18:50) @brennig Interesting...

(09:20:59) @RedMummy :) :) @nxmee

(09:25:00) @cazie5 That's kinda the complement (in Word), isn't it :) That said, I get a lot of pleasure out of using format painter #easilypleased

(09:25:47) @WelchMotorsport Thanks for the follow! :)

(10:21:13) @chrisandharvey @PontoonDock Excellent! :)

(10:21:23) @alexgeoghegan Saves a little pain :) Good morning!

(11:59:29) RT @poots: I've been trying to decidet what to get @syzygy for our wedding anniversary and I think I've found the perfect thing: http:// ...

(12:05:12) @joanneh234 From me, too! Good luck @indecisive96

(12:09:19) @batwench @poots I was hoping for a 20" box portrait of Paul Ross, but hey.. you can't have everything.

(12:10:19) @miz_shake68 Oh heavens. The waiting is the worst part. Big hugs to all :) x @joanneh234 @indecisive96

(12:11:06) @AlexGFox I'm sure you tried that before but you bottled it... make a note in your dairy not to do that again ;) @poots

(12:16:42) @miz_shake68 Mischief is good. Hope you've got a spare battery/charger! @indecisive96 @joanneh234

(12:17:10) @BeachBelles NOOOOO! You may well get a class relegation.

(12:43:36) @BaronHawkey Amen!

(13:34:36) @joanneh234 It's our 15th anniversary in a couple of weeks... how @poots has put up with me for so long is baffling! :D x

(13:35:04) 1. IT IS SNOWING AGAIN. WAI?

(13:35:38) @striderpaul Nice. Blimmin' snowing here.

(15:30:06) @PhillipaJC Glad they arrived :)

(21:25:48) @noisebird Mmm :) I like!

(21:27:26) @shiftrunstop Reverby :) I'm guessing it's not my favourite staircase in TVC (staircase 12, as I recall)

(21:32:08) @nevali @shiftrunstop Haha! Touché ;)

(21:33:55) @Superblouse Your mask is philosophical.

(21:40:45) @washmysocks31 Good night, Barbara :)

(21:41:34) @mostlygeordie Not me. you offering? :D

(21:41:57) @wkdstepmother G'night!

(21:43:14) @Superblouse it's splendid.

(22:06:22) @sparkyannc I would say whichever gives the experience that least lends itself to further opportunity.

(22:08:29) @PlainTalkingHR @smartie999 Good night to you both. Lots of love x

(22:10:43) Good night. Please switch off the lights and remove all masks before retiring to slumber. Crivens.

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(07:23:24) RT @WelshDalaiLama: The Daily Mail have excelled themselves this time. Yet again, it's time to remind you of this handy flow chart. http ...

(07:25:20) @willowHart Yes please :)

(09:20:17) @willowHart For sure :) It's definitely time for that sort of thing :)

(09:21:56) Emails caught up with. Now: to-do list. #extradaysoff

(10:09:19) @intlBeige Oh excellent! Thank you :)

(10:09:39) @BeachBelles Rabbits? Foxes? Badgers? Pigeons? OWLS?

(10:12:55) @intlBeige Ooh fantastic.. it's downloading now :)

(11:48:32) @LutonEye I no longer despair about the half-witted nature of local council decisions. Do you have a link to the plans? :)

(12:00:18) @BeachBelles Consider it art, therefore.

(12:54:50) @fridgemagnet2 Good. Good.

(12:55:46) @brennig Absolutely - which is why Mr Burns does the same in The Simpsons.

(13:02:21) @BeachBelles Stick a Wii controller on top of the iron.. genius! :)

(13:17:05) Having a brief yogurt and Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti break.

(13:44:40) @fridgemagnet2 Who would have thunk it? :D

(13:57:14) @mrs_forky I'm currently playing a Winny Puhh YouTube playlist. I played them on the show last night and a member of Lawnmower Deth tweeted!

(14:11:52) @mrs_forky The song that 'won' is SO bland.. obviously a political move.. deservedly last in the countdown :)

(14:15:47) @neilcochrane1 It's the name of the song :)

(14:15:55) @johnny_winter *smirks*

(14:16:20) @johnny_winter I played it to Beth this morning and she said "For a song with no discernable tune, I'm surprised it's got stuck in my head"

(14:41:36) @neilcochrane1 It's up there in the top 5 of my favourite songs about industrial accidents.

(14:46:43) @cazie5 I hear the popcorn machines are quite impressive when they get going.

(14:47:11) RT @fudgecrumpet: When people ask me if I have OCD I say No, then I say Yes. Because of alphabetical order.

(14:47:25) @fudgecrumpet I have CDO.

(14:50:46) @NateLanxon I never enjoying playing Elite, myself. More of an Arkanoid man.

(14:51:08) @cazie5 There are only so many appropriate responses to that tweet.

(15:18:04) @Tactless_Blonde Old

(15:19:12) @RuthBlackett Quick... someone call the emergent services! I think it's an 0845 number...

(15:21:36) @MissyMWAC Is there a difference? #regime

(15:28:28) @Ariadnes_web I'm not sure. Maybe fish. I like fish.

(15:28:53) @Tactless_Blonde HA! :D SHOULDERS!

(15:30:52) @DunlopBTCC @MattNealRacing @AndrewJordan77 @gordonshedden "Rob Austin's new BTCC Arcade game gets delivered. Then promptly crashes."

(15:32:41) @smartie999 *chuckles*

(15:59:39) @LutonNewsConnie Oh. Oh dear...

(15:59:42) RT @LutonNewsConnie: Traffic:Two lanes are closed on M1 northbound between J1 (Luton Airport Spur Road)&J11, A505(Dunstable)due to a ...

(16:12:36) @LutonNewsConnie PS Thanks for the heads up!

(16:53:04) @poots @davewitchalls Currently, calculations show that despite the delay, the M1 is still a better bet than M25/Lower Luton Road.. hmm..

(18:05:10) Stuck on the M1. Attempting to escape at Hemel. like everyone else. Home before dark..? I can only hope....

(19:36:08) @davewitchalls Oh man! Are you any closer to j9? I took the j8 option & struggled through Garston. Hope you get home soon.

(19:37:24) @fridgemagnet2 A poor 1hr50, but my colleague Dave has been on the road for 3 hours now...

(19:39:03) @Vanburger2 I managed to escape the motorway & did some country lanes... fortunately I avoided any huge puddles :)

(19:39:47) @AlexGFox I made it home, nerves just about intact. I feel for those still stuck...

(20:00:51) @davewitchalls I really hope you're free now - or at least soon.

(20:06:36) @AlexGFox It's not really been front or indeed back garden weather... fine community spirit :) Me? Merely working. How is your James today?

(20:07:18) @Ariadnes_web Fair enough.. what did you opt for in the event?

(20:09:37) @mrs_forky I like that:)

(20:10:30) @johannariley Well I will have to admit I was only aware of one definition (the alignment of astral bodies). So that one.. and yours..?

(20:14:26) @AlexGFox Lucky lucky lad! Do you get to go to lunch with them, too?

(20:15:36) @Ariadnes_web Serendipity!:)

(20:29:54) @AlexGFox Heehee... I guess that's what keeps the mortgage paid - and your son's inherited charm seals the deal :)

(20:37:52) @davewitchalls @perrygascoine Nightmare! Wasn't expecting that... how frustrating that you have missed much of your rehearsal :/

(21:25:18) @washmysocks31 g'night!

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(14:41:25) @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots And to you. Sunshine... finally!

(19:15:14) Stacking up the records onto the radiogram ready for Late Night Loaf at 10pm UK (5pm Eastern) on http://t.co/mg9T0pIoEW. Last minute action!

(19:38:41) @RichHarkness Have a look on the show page at http://t.co/QUU8WLdzl5 :)

(21:05:27) @dj_frabs Evenin' Frabs! :)

(21:05:41) @1969Steve Good evening, Mr Versatile Presenter man :)

(21:06:17) RT @sm2n: @fridgemagnet2 @latenightloaf yay! Time for LateNightLoaf on http://t.co/cgqGDirNTD

(21:12:58) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah. I'll say hello to you in the "Wonderful Podcast Listeningers" section :)

(21:26:18) @johnny_winter And it's your song! :) :)

(21:26:50) @1969Steve I'm using the Tweetdeck app on Chrome and it's fine.. it's only the website version that doesn't work. Perplexing! :)

(21:32:38) @johnny_winter Absolutely :)

(21:34:01) @AlexGFox Good evening :) It's good to have you here! I'm doing well, thanks.. bit tired out after a road trip. How's life with the Foxes?

(21:38:31) @fridgemagnet2 Perfect time to go get branflakes.

(21:45:03) @EwenRankin Thanks for tuning in - I appreciate it! :) Rest well, sir - and safe trip to Euston :)

(21:48:27) @AlexGFox I only wish I could remember what you tweeted about doing with James.. it was cool.. that I can recall!

(21:51:52) @AlexGFox :) :) :)

(22:02:09) @AlexGFox haha... at this time of night?! In this weather? Ever the optmist, sir! :)

(22:13:02) @thatsjustme0 Night night! *pushes you upstairs*

(22:14:04) @AlexGFox vice, and indeed, versa were the case :) I do believe @poots had a lovely birthday weekend - thank you for asking! :)

(22:17:06) @thatsjustme0 Oh no! *drags you back downstairs* :D

(22:17:38) @shellzenner I really don't think anyone who follows you would do that... surely...

(22:20:03) I would like to recommend this plugin to all those of sound mind: Firefox: https://t.co/xfuscIhCy4 Chrome: https://t.co/Ot8aESz60I

(22:24:58) @ajlanghorn @shellzenner This earlier tweet might help: https://t.co/1Ubjlx4yw0

(22:25:58) @sparkyannc Or rather ... oh my.. where are you? :D

(22:26:24) @Tuglets Evenin' Janet! You're at that challenging part of the show.. that may well wake you up! :D

(22:28:52) @AlexGFox Heehee.. Twitter doesn't lend itself to long soliloquy so fret not sir! :) @poots

(22:29:10) @ajlanghorn There is always hope. @shellzenner

(22:29:30) @Doctoe I think the word "welcome" may have been somewhat spurious :D

(22:32:10) @Tuglets Oh I like that! :)

(22:37:41) @sparkyannc Oh wow! That's wonderful :) I hope you have some relaxing times there, alongside some splendid studying :) Is it chilly cold?

(22:43:55) @AlexGFox Thing is, I love this on SO many levels :)

(22:47:56) @AlexGFox Now you're talking! :) :)

(22:50:18) @dj_frabs Hahaha! you've heard that song before?!

(22:55:03) @neilcochrane1 Oh yes... I like that! :) :)

(22:55:11) @johnny_winter :D :D

(22:55:22) @dj_frabs Haha! :D

(22:58:00) @dj_frabs Thanks, Frabs! :) @Tuglets

(22:58:09) @johnny_winter Thanks, Johnny :) @EwenRankin

(22:58:40) @neilcochrane1 Need to make another one for @johnny_winter's Precarious Celebrity Encounters :)

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(15:17:09) @Canojar Careful now..! Last time I took apart a washing machine' I couldn't get it back together again..!

(15:20:28) @Canojar This is how ours ended up... http://t.co/GfDHg0Xm3P :D

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(09:30:11) @Dirtyboxers I am sure you have done FAR better... I'm just sorry I didn't make more. Is there to be a full rebranding?

(09:33:13) @cosmicvibes @DarrenGriffin Ahhh... that would make sense then. Hopefully they'll update them at some point. Next stop is Raspbmc for me!

(09:34:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Holy Saturday to you :)

(09:34:52) @sm2n And Nicola Bryant too.. mmmm!

(09:35:13) @sm2n PS New series tonight :)

(09:36:46) @brennig Oh the irony (but my admiration for Peter Gabriel grows with every fact)...

(09:47:49) Back soon. Muffins.

(21:19:06) @cosmicvibes @DarrenGriffin The replays work absolutely wonderfully on my old CRT telly... Waiting for the next live stream.

(21:19:37) @brennig Thanks chief... Will check it!

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