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(09:30:11) @Dirtyboxers I am sure you have done FAR better... I'm just sorry I didn't make more. Is there to be a full rebranding?

(09:33:13) @cosmicvibes @DarrenGriffin Ahhh... that would make sense then. Hopefully they'll update them at some point. Next stop is Raspbmc for me!

(09:34:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Holy Saturday to you :)

(09:34:52) @sm2n And Nicola Bryant too.. mmmm!

(09:35:13) @sm2n PS New series tonight :)

(09:36:46) @brennig Oh the irony (but my admiration for Peter Gabriel grows with every fact)...

(09:47:49) Back soon. Muffins.

(21:19:06) @cosmicvibes @DarrenGriffin The replays work absolutely wonderfully on my old CRT telly... Waiting for the next live stream.

(21:19:37) @brennig Thanks chief... Will check it!

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(00:14:41) @willowHart xxx

(07:32:38) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner Good morning to you... last day of a short week - hopefully!

(07:33:27) @neilcochrane1 Me neither until I did a bit of research - they choose some good tunes for ads!

(07:33:46) @julietmayne :D

(07:34:08) @julietmayne Shouldn't you be shouting at the public? :D

(07:35:30) @Leafybear @crabbyknickers I have picked my son up from Scouts dressed only in my jammies. It's quick and convenient. And importantly: dark.

(07:37:20) Good morning. Another solid night's sleep, although I still feel tired... it's nice and sunny out, though. #vitaminD

(07:41:48) @akbea Yes. That. @nazihunteralan I can understand, but... @LilacNun

(07:44:15) @Mad4mogzz Ooh tricky one. But when they're gone they're gone...

(07:44:36) @thatsjustme0 Morning #loganberry

(07:45:27) @alta8 Good morning :) I wish you a wonderful day!

(07:46:05) @Leafybear I put clothes on top... @crabbyknickers

(08:56:15) @benjrooney @bobbiejohnson "Just doing our job" is a very scary phrase.

(08:56:47) @Tuglets Morning *stuffs a croissant in your open mouth*

(08:58:15) @helenduffett I do hope they keep this scene in The Movie Of Your Life... :D

(08:58:50) @lloydbayley Mornin' chief :) Or evening !

(08:59:41) @Tuglets Carefully. With a funnel ;)

(08:59:51) Gotta go. Layers!

(09:59:12) Impractical shoe on a fencepost

(10:41:36) @fridgemagnet2 Looks the right way round to me..!

(10:42:00) @PlainTalkingHR Must have been a heck of a shindig.. Wednesday night's the new Thursday/Friday?

(10:42:48) @johnny_winter And Wednesday nights *stumbles*

(10:43:08) @Tuglets @dj_monkeyboy Oh you two :D

(11:11:51) @qqtx That really gets my goat!

(11:12:23) @poots I have no need for trousers (I've gone 'dress down' today :D)

(12:06:43) @smartie999 Only from the hips down (don't want to catch my death!) @poots

(12:08:26) @JamesCridland It doesn't matter.. it bounces to full version when clicked on a desktop :)

(12:11:16) @Purrfunct I like that :)

(12:23:31) @Richard_C Cool :)

(13:42:43) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @batwench @AlexGFox @jamesmaysmanlab There's no show tonight, I believe :)

(14:01:40) @BeachBelles Photos or it didn't happen :D

(14:06:13) @helenduffett Last one you posted (the Kate Rusby one) was utterly gorgeous. I like your taste in music. How's your plumbing?

(14:06:37) @thatsjustme0 Good heavens.. that's a heck of a round trip!

(14:09:17) "We attempted to deliver your order to you today. As you were not available we have delivered your package to your receptionist." Heh.

(14:09:26) I've got a receptionist.

(14:10:26) @helenduffett I hope all your expectations are satisfied.

(14:12:03) @AlanHydeStudio Just catching up with the first #TinTopTuesday of 2013 - fab show! Surprised you didn't play Michael Caine by Madness ;)

(14:52:00) @alexgeoghegan Oh. I. Wish.

(14:52:14) @johnny_winter Does that get your goat? ;)

(14:52:23) @helenduffett Amen.

(15:04:44) @BeachBelles Imagine you're doing it on Twitter. No need for self-consciousness on here :)

(15:05:09) @fridgemagnet2 Are you dead?

(15:29:00) @nxmee WHUH?

(16:27:14) @fishplatetwo @fridgemagnet2 It's rather stylish. I would say keep it as a wall feature.

(16:40:53) @PontoonDock @latenightloaf Thank you for the idea.. fab tune! :)

(16:41:03) @pearcen :) :)

(16:41:11) @thatsjustme0 Weekendery?

(17:21:45) @RobJD WINNAR!

(17:58:26) Once again, I appear to have lost my biro, so I have been using a sharpie to write nots this afternoon. I don't recommend it #stinkypostits

(17:58:48) On the upside, though, it's all a bit hometime.

(17:59:29) @willowHart Your keyboard stole your breakfast and lunch..?! :D x

(19:04:43) @Canojar There are some ardent May fans out there. A bit scary, some of them :D

(20:34:12) @Superblouse Or indeed Give Us A Clue with Michael Parkinson (who even gets a mention in the feem toon). Oh and Lionel Blair & Stubbsy.

(20:35:04) @Dirtyboxers @brianmmonroe @FunZoneRadio The mind boggles. Hello you, by the way!

(20:35:34) @moyskii It is the only logical conclusion one can draw. With a sharpie.

(20:36:21) @streakmachine My favorite purple Pilot V5 stopped functioning... I haven't had the heart to replace it...

(20:36:44) @Canojar Not in the slightest ;)

(20:39:16) @mulldog @Superblouse Oh.. Oh dear.


(20:48:37) If the world were run by Tellytubbies, Laa-laa-land would be next to Poland.

(20:53:50) Factoid: the American word "Awesome" is a corruption of the Sussex town "Horsham", renowned for its superlative neighbour, Haywards Heath.

(20:56:31) @gill_bee Get a new one..? Technology!

(20:57:26) @DavidMcClelland I'm having a sit down... they are the best.

(20:58:59) @gill_bee How's your tongue now..? You have been through the wars!

(21:00:11) @willowHart Oh. Oh dear. I hope you're getting Dipsy ;) I'm watching "Congratulation!"

(21:00:47) @Canojar Who's your hero, then..? x

(21:01:41) @helenduffett Congratulation!

(21:03:38) @gill_bee Ah Dublin..! I spent the day there once with my Dad. Guinness factory ;) Hope you get to go back soon! x

(21:09:12) @helenduffett Some Morcheeba?

(21:11:46) @helenduffett Oh crumbs.. The telly's on... Sue Perkins is talking. Can't listen right now...

(21:14:22) @Canojar I absolutely adore Olivia Colman (met her once - she is a complete love) and I have a bit of a crush on Katy Wix :)

(21:16:38) @helenduffett Potty mouth! Ha!

(21:52:27) @helenduffett And that is why I love you :) (and your family!)

(21:53:23) @willowHart Congratulation! is a sketch on Anna & Katy.. v funny x

(22:39:17) @Moominstrudel I am embarrassed to say I saw it once and found it charmimg (this one's on the TiVo)

(22:39:34) @gill_bee Night x

(22:40:56) @thatsjustme0 Soon! Please keep warm x

(22:41:26) @Moominstrudel It's a hidden gem :) (at the moment)

(22:43:39) Watching "How TV Ruined Your Life." It should be mandatory educational material for anyone intending to watch television. @charltonbrooker

(22:44:29) @Moominstrudel I want a dessert trolley. And a wine cellar. And a dessert cellar.

(22:46:43) @striderpaul I'm glad it's being shown again... Good use of repeats. @charltonbrooker

(22:50:02) @Superblouse Do stop going up a hill.

(22:53:01) @BeachBelles Do try the new camomile and lavender Chloroform Plus - it's effective and aromatic.

(22:58:07) @thatsjustme0 awwww :) x

(23:09:04) @cazie5 I would but wouldn't have the first idea what to do with you then... night! x

(23:12:53) Right. Off to bed with me. Taking a Twitter break over the Easterings, so please don't post anything funny. Night night and love you. x

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(00:00:51) @bitman @Tone_720 Oh wow.. doubtless amazing for retro charm, but not a whole lot of use..?

(00:01:12) @johnny_winter Thanks.. and I'm glad you stopped short of giving me a mark out of 10 ;)

(00:02:41) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Thank you for being part of it! :)

(00:03:35) @Tuglets Thank you, Janet! Looking forward to listening to you soon! :)

(00:05:52) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Night night - and thank you! :)

(00:06:05) @johnny_winter Don't make me come over there... :P

(00:06:21) Right.. that'll do for me - sleep well when you do! Night night :)

(00:06:57) @fridgemagnet2 I am just about to listen to that before I go to bed. There are warnings about cheese before sleeping but hey..

(08:41:35) Intrigue in Lenni's class this week - the teacher wrote "Wed: Eleanor drunk" on the board. She'll play Drunken Sailor to her classmates.

(09:54:24) @joey_coops You are Twitter's very own Nigella.. unless she's on Twitter (to be honest, I haven't checked)

(09:59:02) @fridgemagnet2 The mullet on the man.. oh my goodness.

(10:32:14) Getting mouse/surface incompatibility rage. When will someone invent a viable alternative to the mouse? #getmygoat

(10:33:52) @joey_coops Well I don't follow her, and surely that's what's important. #JoeyNigella

(10:35:08) @RedMummy Best mental image of the day #winnar

(10:48:53) @AlexGFox It would also be ENORMOUS. Unnecessarily so. And predominantly seen on the school run.

(10:55:33) @HeardinLondon Hope your hobbling days are over soon. PS Found this in response to a post to @OctoberJones. You two are the best of Twitter.

(10:56:52) @RedMummy

(10:59:26) RT @funkids: On we post a funny video every day called a Fun Clip! This is definitely one of our favourites http: ...

(10:59:57) @washmysocks31 Good morning :) We had a glimpse of sun earlier. A promising start!

(11:36:23) I'm trying to work out if the things I think I've added to Google Bookmarks I never got round to adding, or whether they're being dropped...

(11:47:00) @leica0000 Not as far as I know... but I don't like the look of it (and I do doubt myself!)

(11:47:34) @thatsjustme0 Off you go again! Where are you heading today?

(11:47:55) RT @Ben_Nuttall: DOS Emulator for @Raspberry_Pi Released

(11:59:04) @edtjones I am tempted to tell the children that all they can use during the Easter holidays is a raspberry pi & DOS :D @errorstudio

(12:13:22) @edtjones Oh my.. that takes me back..!

(12:41:06) @RobJD YES! :) :)

(12:46:41) Using to turn @TinTopTuesday's Soundcloud feed into an RSS for my podcast collection. Downloading now. YEAH.

(12:54:36) @batwench I am indeed :) Doing my best, at least! @poots

(13:46:29) @PontoonDock COOL!

(13:47:48) @BeachBelles G - D - C = Win?

(13:59:07) @BeachBelles No worries. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know... I taught myself guitar :) Also: smaller is better.

(14:09:48) @BeachBelles I fear that is endemic in this generation...

(14:38:08) @Littlebit_Bod @birdfortytwo Makes me cringe.

(14:38:41) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Eclectic! :)

(14:44:12) regular expressions 2 : 0 me

(14:45:38) @LILLYTHEPINK1 This is a bit nicer than the shouty rap :D

(14:55:51) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Request: Please play me something that sounds a bit like the combination of a smoke alarm and a shark eating crisps.

(14:56:58) @timoncheese Lionel

(18:00:48) @sarahjaneuk Doing some crazy stuff with filter chains in Apache Ant. Fair melts the brain :D Thank heavens for Google :D

(19:45:43) @helerelereno Get thee to a Claire's Accessories. #actuallynot

(20:09:52) @smartie999 I'll count you down from 200 x

(20:27:09) @smartie999 Here be dragons. Boy child got an award. Girl child played Juliet in a play. I'm in my dressing gown. Do you sleep in a Yashmak?

(20:28:09) @smartie999 Er. Thank you :)

(20:29:54) @James_Deacon Congratulations on your two awards tonight.. we were there to see @nxmee get one too. Result!

(20:32:31) @mostlygeordie What did you do with the trainers..?

(20:33:13) @smartie999 They are good kids. As is yours.

(21:47:42) @smartie999 That looks FAR too snuggly for the sandy heat! :D Lookin' good though :) :)

(22:46:56) @hubbardcj Congratulations - excellent work, richly deserved! I really love all the news pieces you put on @Audioboo @106jack @IRNAwards

(22:56:42) @neilcochrane1 Already earmarked. I love it SO MUCH. It's actually better than Rambo Amadeus form last year... :) @latenightloaf

(23:10:29) @1969Steve CHOON! (Better late than.. well, not even late.. sorry! Some sweepers in the show liners folder.. hope that's OK!)

(23:14:39) @Superblouse Chuffin' normous. Or standing on a box. Standing on a cardboard box. Pretty, though, too. You smile well :)

(23:18:54) @Superblouse Lordy. You are an evolutionary WINNAR, then.

(23:19:05) Right. bed. Night!

(23:20:40) Last night's @LastNightLoaf (and playlist) is up on the MintFM archives to ingest and digest. Remember to chew chew.

(23:32:35) @1969Steve Splendid - glad they made it, and thanks for playing 'em :)

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(07:47:17) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Do an AudioBoo search for it... There are LOADS!

(07:47:47) @washmysocks31 Nope... None here..! Morning :)

(07:55:11) @batwench It was award, I didn't like it, but at least it's over. It is kind of you to ask :)

(07:55:35) @batwench awkward (it's an awkward word to spell!)

(07:56:41) @keileybobs @mattwhatsit Done :D

(07:59:47) @biscuitnose Excellent dream. Feature length Peppa Pig. Brilliant.

(08:00:50) @washmysocks31 We can hope for better (but not too much.. I complain if it's too hot ;)

(08:03:34) @BlueMoon_11 Morning :) X

(08:11:35) In less than 14 hours, Late Night Loaf takes to the internet like a rather dodgy raft. Always after your 'Get My Goat' ideas.. bovvered?

(08:27:30) @davewitchalls @perrygascoine Holy crapola! I thought you were up the A6 now..?

(08:44:51) @thatsjustme0 Me neither! #latetoo

(09:10:13) Why is there a man mowing the grass by the ring road in the snow..? The grass hasn't grown - it's covered in SNOW.

(10:03:03) Snowmower update: I think they broke it - last I saw there were three blokes standing around looking at it..

(10:04:45) Working from the walk to the office... gotta love technology #tethering #tablet

(10:05:42) @lloydbayley Bonkers!

(10:06:50) @willowHart The benefit of two hands is that they could do both :D

(11:09:26) @shellzenner Clearly @boxerrebellion are the next big thing... they were featured on the mighty @thisrealitypod podcast, too. Excellent!

(11:16:33) @shellzenner @boxerrebellion @thisrealitypod YES.

(11:17:47) @mostlygeordie I think it was their performance of an old song on Saturday Night Takeaway.

(11:19:36) @mostlygeordie PS: FFS.

(11:22:10) @shellzenner PS And if you say it's cool, it's cool. WORD.

(11:22:30) @TomCampbell Are you OK, Mr C?

(11:39:48) My teeth hurt. Does that mean something? (Not in a toothache way, just generally). Feels somewhat ominous.

(11:40:10) It doesn't help that I was researching Danté's Inferno for the show later.

(12:07:46) @dj_monkeyboy It's the front of my teeth :) :)

(12:08:23) @alexgeoghegan Almost definitely. Roll on spring. Actually, it can stay spring. I like that :) :)

(12:08:47) @michellew1974 Kinda weird, huh? I had a sneezing fit earlier... maybe it is my sinuses having a bit of a moan :D

(12:08:54) @willowHart HA! :D Oh I wish ;)

(12:10:45) @dj_monkeyboy Yeah. Not sure I like it. I shall keep my mouth shut :D

(12:17:09) @AlexGFox Hmm.. could be both, but the sneezing fit I had this morning was, I think, my sinuses complaining. Thank you! :)

(12:17:24) @mostlygeordie OH NO!

(12:18:00) @mostlygeordie Please don't. Can you drive it to a Kwik-Fit first?

(12:18:43) @contrarywitch Hope it went well. I know how that feels! :)

(12:18:56) @painted_duchess :|

(12:19:16) @cazie5 I promise you tomorrow.

(12:23:26) @cazie5 :) :) :) I have written a letter to my MP to ban all elusive buses from the UK. Should be sorted in the next couple of years.. ;)

(13:01:21) @Canojar car park picnic! :)

(13:02:29) @painted_duchess Absobloodylutely not! Can you go back to reception and say "I don't know what you were thinking..!"

(13:24:27) @brennig It's really not much of a news story at all.. Basically the story is: Massive boat in Wales! The rest is speculation...

(14:29:11) @brennig So kind. I ate up @ThisRealityPod yesterday and it was a tonic :) More, please. PS I love @ShellZenner and I think you might too.

(14:29:46) @Canojar Quite right too! :) What's with the crazy Tesco Easter egg game? Is there chocolate to be won? I do hope so! :) x

(16:52:36) @poots *baffled*

(16:58:46) @poots Gosh. That's some hardcore mowing.

(17:08:19) @Maria_Moyses Feel better soon x

(17:40:02) @smartie999 Ha! Genius! :D

(17:46:30) @pearcen Oh. Oh dear.. still works?

(18:04:06) @Superblouse Don't give a hoot. The world keeps spinning no matter what you do. Also: blushing's healthy, apparently.

(18:04:25) @pearcen Heehe :D

(18:04:35) @smartie999 Definitely! :) :)

(18:05:13) Better go home. Laters. Literally.

(19:37:08) @meanjeen The mind boggles!

(19:37:56) @EwenRankin By the council. I guess :D

(19:46:21) @johnny_winter I'll play one of those covers this evening - can you tell me the band name - i've just "My Recording" in the tag :)

(19:51:16) @JonBCFC I very rarely wear them, myself.

(19:52:25) @JonBCFC To be honest, I never put them on my smartphone - they never feel as good as glass, and my frustration > the protection :D

(19:52:58) @JQP74 I can't see the hairy patch on my back (if I've got one)... I have so far avoided such calamity! :D

(19:53:09) @washmysocks31 NEARLY spring. nearly.

(19:56:37) Time to head downstairs to prepare a cavalcade of sound and non-vision for @LateNightLoaf on in two hours. Mmmyeah.

(19:57:04) @johnny_winter Ha! Full credit will, of course, be given ;)

(19:57:19) RT @DunlopBTCC: Ten minutes until @AlanHydeStudio presents @TinTopTuesday - details are here...

(20:15:25) @smartie999 Sometimes! :)

(20:28:57) @brennig Wow.. I'd not herad of @Missionmotorspt - what a splendid idea! Are they competing? :)

(20:33:00) @johnny_winter They are great (better than I could do!) I'll be putting on Jumpin' Jack Flash on if that's OK?

(20:44:34) @brennig Cool! :) :)

(20:45:11) @johnny_winter @latenightloaf I'll be doing full and comprehensive testing. With a can of brasso ;)

(21:49:58) Carrying out last minute preparations for @LateNightLoaf.. got to make sure I get both channels of whumping bass...

(22:07:21) @Tuglets Good evening Janet! :)

(22:07:39) @stu4art Evenin' Stuart - did you hear the mention last week? happy birthday!

(22:07:52) @sm2n @1969Steve @latenightloaf Evenin' champion S men!

(22:13:07) @dj_frabs Evenin' Frabs! :)

(22:13:18) @fridgemagnet2 Dare I ask what happened to the cake?

(22:18:43) @stu4art Sometimes it's a healthy thing to do.. there just ain't enough wilderness out there...!

(22:19:48) @fridgemagnet2 Mate, it's gone a bit funny... I'm sure not all the songs are called "T"

(22:27:58) @contrarywitch It's a good approach to take.. please do let me know how it goes! :)

(22:35:40) @johnny_winter Is this another celebrity encounter you want the world to know abbout?

(22:35:54) @stu4art I can see two of you.. *wibbles*

(22:39:18) @johnny_winter If it shouldn't, it may well be a bit late.. :D

(22:39:38) @Tuglets I would hope you gave the gents a wide berth :D

(22:43:56) @Tone_720 @latenightloaf Ooh.. thanks for the heads up.. I shall install Spotify :)

(22:44:52) @johnny_winter Please raise your complaint with your local MP.

(22:49:41) @RichHarkness *does the arm movements*

(22:52:21) @johnny_winter HARSH.

(22:56:56) @Tuglets I love that guess! You'll have to hang around for a few minutes to find out if you're right...

(22:57:10) @johnny_winter Oooh... could be! I did choose them for a reason...

(23:08:22) @johnny_winter Nothing wrong with Level 42. Right. I'm going to get a record out now. That'll learn you.

(23:13:47) @johnny_winter Do you know, I actually got the 12" of Sweet Bird Of Truth out & considered playing it.. maybe next week's Real Record Thing

(23:17:02) @johnny_winter Hahaha. I have eclectic tastes :) And yet a limited musical vocabulary..

(23:27:48) @johnny_winter Fantastic! Now that was a bloody good song. His debut single...

(23:32:15) @johnny_winter Was Brand New Friend about someone called Jane? :D

(23:32:24) @johnny_winter I like it... :)

(23:36:49) @Tuglets That's a very good question. Shall we email them and ask? That does make them sound like a 1960s American show, though :D

(23:39:38) @johnny_winter Ahhhh! :)

(23:41:34) @johnny_winter It does get a bit cold to be fair...

(23:50:32) @Tone_720 Oh I love technological toys.. I still hanker after a speak'n'spell.. gonna have to raid eBay sometime..!

(23:54:07) @neilcochrane1 I think I mentioned you and Rich, right..?

(23:54:34) @1969Steve Thanks, Steve - I appreciate your support..! I'll do you those voicers tomorrow afternoon, if I may?

(23:55:13) @neilcochrane1 (I do hope so!)

(23:57:21) @sm2n @latenightloaf HAHAH! Only just saw this.. Still can't believe we both have it! Two peas in a pod :)

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(00:09:48) Struggling to sleep. There's a meeting tomorrow night where there's a good chance I'll speak to the parents of the boy who assaulted Chris.

(00:15:37) @Ariadnes_web me too.

(07:04:22) @sparkyannc They almost definitely don't know, and that I risk making things worse. I cannot accept bullying. All tired now... ahh well.

(07:28:58) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd. It'll sort itself out, and I got to sleep in the end :)

(07:29:45) @batwench I don't believe so; I have no idea what their reaction will be when I tell them. Ahh well.

(07:30:07) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Morning :) Hoping for spring today... or at least some time!

(07:31:45) Good morning. Monday, though, eh?

(07:34:28) @JonBCFC Thanks, Jon. Have a good day too, sir :)

(07:35:13) @sharonlangridge Thanks, Sharon - me too... I've got coffee and a tummy ache - fairly standard fare :D Have a good day!

(07:35:53) @thatsjustme0 Morning :)x

(07:36:20) @fibresand Thank you! :) :)

(07:45:40) @BaronHawkey Morning :) Early start! Have a good one :)

(07:46:34) @sharonlangridge Oh no... I hope one gets better and the other is enjoyable!

(07:47:31) @PrincessBagel @batwench Thank you - me too. Not very often I need to get involved (thank goodness!) so it's a bit rough on the nerves :D

(07:47:45) @miz_shake68 Yes! :)

(07:49:14) @batwench @princessbagel It was on the way home from school...

(08:13:18) @PrincessBagel @batwench True... fortunately Beth will be there, and she's the sensible one :)

(08:14:33) @lsrwLuke You too, Luke :) @JonBCFC

(10:01:47) @AlexGFox I like that approach. The apprehension is somewhat pre-occupying. Not having the best of days... hope yours is a good one!

(10:02:55) @PrincessBagel A big hug from me. You're never alone. x

(10:04:27) @paulwheatley @downcastapp I've really taken to Pocketcasts - it's certainly getting there, but with a completely different paradigm.

(10:21:12) @AlexGFox Beth is the rock to which I am anchored. :)

(10:24:34) @AlexGFox She puts up with a lot :D

(11:29:21) @DebbieMccready WHICH DEBBIE MCCREADY ARE YOU? *worries*

(11:30:36) @theilppodcast While I've got you here, thanks for an entertaining latest show. Some very good tunes and good Brixton local advice.

(11:31:08) @theilppodcast It amuses me, though that your contact details jingle includes MySpace but not Twitter. Perhaps get Tyler to shout over it?:D

(11:33:54) @theilppodcast Nice bit of Bowie editing, too ... your listener did notice ;)

(11:35:10) @tezzer57 Were you particularly looking for a pretty young lady with a camera to photograph? If so, you've got it spot on! :)

(11:46:59) @vobes I see line rental as the connection between your house and the exchange and the service to connect your wire to everyone else's :)

(11:47:47) @vobes Because if any part of that goes wrong, they have to fix it; so one could possibly say it's a 'service charge'.

(11:54:00) @vobes You have what I believe are called 'standing charges'

(11:54:25) @vobes You'll still have to rent the opportunity to have a go on the exchange...

(11:56:36) @vobes But yes.. it's definitely a topic of interest -

(12:00:35) @vobes Ha! True... one could say the same about so many things..!

(12:18:47) @RobJD I will have Beth with me. She is the voice of reason.

(12:22:52) @sparkyannc :D

(12:23:51) @paulwheatley Not just me, then... sometimes I have to click on the 'download' button - then it downloads the lot. Odd.

(12:31:38) @tezzer57 Brilliant :) Definitely a fine subject!

(12:40:47) @sparkyannc They put Capital on? ;)

(12:55:05) @fridgemagnet2 @RobJD Yes. AND she looks great in a hat.

(13:58:36) @mostlygeordie I'm having a bad head day :) x

(13:58:56) @claw0101 NOOOO! Feel better soon, mate. Maybe you need to clean out the vents in your van..?

(14:42:28) @LILLYTHEPINK1 It's only fair. And a bit weird.

(14:55:48) @batwench I absolutely LOVE A Point Of View - it's my bedtime listening on a Friday night :)

(14:58:31) @andytuk I love my @RHAAudio MA-350 headphones... not sure you'll get much better for the price.

(14:59:33) @Tactless_Blonde Pretend you didn't get it. Not that I would ever countenance doing such a thing myself *coughs*

(15:00:01) @thekeithchegwin What @batwench said.

(15:01:58) @andytuk Oh I wish! @RHAAudio

(15:03:14) @RHAAudio Cheque's in the post, right? ;) @andytuk

(15:10:13) @RHAAudio @andytuk :D

(15:23:06) @andytuk Fairly deep and cleaner than the Creatives I was using before. It take take a bit of Skrillexing :D

(15:33:11) @andytuk Heh.. if you like that sort of thing :D

(15:37:23) @andytuk What in-ear phones are you using at the moment?

(15:47:48) @andytuk Annoying!

(17:00:24) @perrygascoine @sm2n Have a good trip! (looks like your train's in!)

(18:54:10) @impymcwimpy For hot crim action.

(19:03:17) @StreakmachineFD @streakmachine Wow... I imagine the same can be done with a mini web server & portable database :)

(21:29:43) @streakmachine YES! AA batteries for the win!

(21:30:59) @mostlygeordie A bit ringy but I am alive. Early night for little old me. Good day? xx

(21:31:59) @Zomby6 You like a fool? There is one of them on air tomorrow at 11pm CET tomorrow ;) @MintFM

(21:33:14) @RichHarkness Johnny Cash doing NiN at your wedding?

(21:34:45) @impymcwimpy Everybody gets a go. That's the benefit of sociofying the constabulary.

(21:36:05) @RichHarkness Ahhh! :D

(21:43:07) @mostlygeordie You too when you do :) x

(21:58:12) I saw one of those tiny Aston Martin iQ things today. it is SMALLER THAN MY CAR. And has the vent thing on the side. Brilliant. Or not.

(21:59:49) I am not being made to watch Googlebox on 4oD.

(22:02:14) @cazie5 That's what she said.

(22:04:15) @JuliaBall It is exquisitely edited and beautifully cast. Some hilarious bits :) Never saw it before!

(22:13:42) @clairerandall It's watching people watching telly. I may well have to take some snippets for my show :D

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(08:10:22) @mostlygeordie Only just spotted that.. yes! We love our periodic table poster :D EINSTEINIUM!

(08:10:32) @WhimsicalWife YEAH.

(08:11:35) Morning. Must do the hoovering today #dayofrest

(08:23:50) @debsylee Morning :)

(08:24:31) @washmysocks31 There is a bit of a nip in the air. And snow. Morning :)

(08:26:45) @mostlygeordie Good Sunday to you :) No topless pleasure drives today, I think!

(08:28:42) If I were a character from Harry Potter, I would probably be Run Wheezily.

(08:40:41) @mostlygeordie Have a most splendid day :) x

(09:51:46) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @washmysocks31 Have a most splendid day... I've just done a bit of car brooming :D

(09:52:10) @batwench Oh you :D

(13:04:23) @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk Yup.. as long as the uid and gids match ;)

(13:05:03) @lloydbayley Night - hope you sleep well.

(13:07:33) Very proud of @superalora - she played viola at church this morning (while I put her off with my guitar). Very impressive.

(13:08:06) @mabelinticket94 Morning :)

(17:09:55) @Canojar I'm dopey :) x

(17:13:52) @Canojar Hey hey... no work till tomorrow, I hope! x

(17:14:14) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is posted with @acedtect @jgamet @sarahjaneuk @verso @Syzygy @EwenRankin Pls RT &amp ...

(17:14:28) @gill_bee @superalora Hurrah :)

(18:19:59) @Canojar Perfect for a Sunday afternoon :) :) x

(21:18:16) An enjoyable afternoon with family and family friends... exhausted now, though... I think it was all the guitar playing earlier.

(21:18:46) There is so little comedy on at the moment that we're watching a re-run of Russell Howard's Good Olds.

(21:26:00) @PlainTalkingHR Ooh.. the World Touring Cars?

(21:40:44) @PlainTalkingHR Neat..! I'm just taking a look at the FIA touring cars at Monza.. it is soaking wet..!

(22:06:42) @PlainTalkingHR Wow... I bet that was spectacular! :)

(22:10:06) @smartie999 Safe thing x

(22:11:17) Right, that does it. Going to attempt a Monday, and this is the run up. Expect a virtual 'You've Been Framed' moment as I slip over. Nighty.

(22:31:06) @mostlygeordie Lovely! :) :) x

(22:37:29) @sparkyannc I do hope you can let yourself veg out soon. I know exactly how it feels... busy brains! x

(22:38:21) @thatsjustme0 N'night! :) x

(22:38:49) @washmysocks31 Good night :) x

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(05:52:35) @markhort Better late than never <0.5" snow here. The airport sounds like it's running, at least! Safe trip :)

(05:54:27) @linseyt Ahh the wonders of the drunken homing instinct - hope you made it home OK! :)

(05:56:06) @lloydbayley All done and neatly filed in a subdirectory ;) Ta(r) for asking ;)

(05:59:14) @brennig Me too... I'm not having this ~puts a podcast on and has another go at dozing off~

(06:01:18) RT @LDNLutonAirport: Operating normally but severe weather is forecast. Do check if flying today at and watch for ...

(09:41:12) New musical genre idea... like house music but more sheddy: shiplapstep.

(10:01:54) king of the batteries: the Li ION.

(10:06:22) It's remarkable how something as innocuous as a hair cut can make one so light-headed...

(10:56:14) @sm2n That is, in some way, reassuring. I wonder if one day we will meet him. We could be BD's support act ;)

(10:57:04) @joanneh234 Duplicated? Nope.. there'll only be one of me :D How are you doing?

(10:57:32) @sparkyannc It had been a while.. :D

(11:00:12) @sm2n :) :)

(11:07:56) RT @Record_Producer: This woman nearly gave 'Yesterday' an electronic backing! #paulmccartney

(11:08:57) Throwing away Pyrex Pyroflam stickers.. unless anyone wants them? (60% off pyrex stuff basically)

(12:36:09) @joanneh234 Heehee... just being silly (and maybe a bit geeky) with HTML :D

(12:37:18) @brennig Thank you :) It's a bit of silliness - happy to play some Brennig-selected music if ever you'd like to educate the audience thus!

(12:38:20) @PhillipaJC No worries - there are only six, but we will be getting another Tesco delivery today, so there may be more.. please DM me :)

(12:40:49) We just had bacon pancakes made by @poots. Everything about that is WIN. Highly recommended. Not suitable for vegetarians.

(12:43:29) Me, post haircut (still the same face - sorry!)

(13:40:06) @joanneh234 YES! And, of course, SHTML is if you want sugar ;)

(13:41:04) @rwnash @MissyMWAC Quite, quite so.

(13:41:16) @leica0000 Thank you.. I think! :D

(13:41:26) @sarahjaneuk Thank you.. and much needed! :)

(13:41:37) @vobes Thanks, Richard! :)

(13:41:56) @canuckuk Not evil.. more mischievous '_'

(14:04:27) Gutted.. new Raspberry Pi, but it won't boot. The green light goes on then off.. tried loads of SD cards. Power OK. MOST frustrating.

(14:06:13) @fridgemagnet2 @poots Horse bacon. Don't knock it till you've tried it..!

(14:27:50) @ibookery There is a lot of 'Hmmm' going on here. There is obviously something it doesn't like about ALL of the boot images on my Pi. Odd.

(14:33:46) @ibookery Picky booter :D

(14:55:32) @ibookery Not a word of a lie: my wife looked at it AND IT STARTED WORKING.

(14:58:10) Weird. @Poots looked at the stricken Raspberry Pi and it started working. Back to hanging up the washing with me now, then...

(15:45:37) @LilythePurr Oh you are wicket. @keileybobs

(15:46:14) @BeachBelles Hot water..?

(15:50:46) @BeachBelles How frustrating :|

(17:21:02) I am SO going to have to use these (until they get withdrawn!)... I'm really surprised I had never seen them before!

(19:06:19) @chrisesch I entirely concur - it's peculiar, but my older Raspberry Pi likes it. In fact, my wife stared at it and it started working..!

(19:07:06) @chrisesch Then I tried to repartition the filesystem, borked it & had to re-image. Back to square one. And the hard stare hasn't worked!

(19:07:16) @chrisesch Thanks for the pointer, though! :)

(19:12:17) @chrisesch I may well have to resort to that... :D

(19:13:23) @washmysocks31 I saw a tweet from @Barlie40 that there are some Pointless Celebrities on telly tonight... :D

(19:24:26) @Canojar Gosh. Never tried that!

(19:25:13) RT @goitsagch: "@hollycandy: My hero." << bwahaha!

(19:31:25) @Canojar Neat! Saves all the waiting! :D x

(20:41:03) @humedini "" :D

(21:18:16) Ah. I see. shows there's a major enough difference between old & new @Raspberry_Pi that ALL OSes need fixing. HELP!

(21:45:46) @Thehappyfatgirl I am home, Team.

(21:46:59) @streakmachine I still have no idea how @poots did it... there is no way it should have worked! :D

(23:40:12) My day of @Raspberry_Pi fiddling has come to a moderately satisfactory end. I wrote a blog post..

(23:41:06) @PinkBlancmange CLASSIC!

(23:41:15) Bedtime, I think.

(23:41:40) @humedini I honestly had no idea that existed :D

(23:42:02) @chrisesch Incidentally, I think I found the answer...

(23:45:06) @johnny_winter I was fairly sure I had come across just such an eventuality.. - I have a card with RISC OS on it :D

(23:45:16) @BeachBelles That'll do for me :D

(23:45:51) @PinkBlancmange I would suggest you do some mental arithmetic (it stimulates the other cortex) but actually it is a darn good song :D

(23:46:07) Right.. definitely off to bed now. Please have a good night.

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(00:10:55) The 'highlights' of this week's Late Night Loaf - 19th March 2013 via @audioboo

(00:12:07) This week's Late Night Loaf has sauntered into the archives... ...if you listen, Lionel will give you 95p.

(00:12:55) @mostlygeordie Night night :) :) x

(00:13:22) Right. That took a little longer than I was expecting, but this week's @LateNightLoaf is all put to bed. And now I must be. Night night!

(00:32:29) @peasbloss @latenightloaf Night! :) x

(08:43:37) Hehe... it's @serafinowicz, Joanna Scanlan and Matt Berry.. in What Has Aid Ever Done For Anyone?: via @youtube

(08:46:05) Laurence Fox out of off of Lewis is a singer as well? Bliminy. .. yeah. Not bad at all. @LozzaFox

(08:47:39) In case you missed it last night (it was a bit late) this week's @LateNightLoaf 'high'ligh't's are here:

(10:12:09) @Vanburger2 *chuckles*

(10:13:16) @hastillonlyme @spriggit @Zararugosa @Poorjim6060 @poots @brennig @its_justjules @pollson Morning. And, idneed, it is.

(10:13:32) Happy golucky.

(11:11:48) @leica0000 A special glowing key. YEAH

(11:12:39) @AlexGFox @PrincessBagel Little Miss Getting Splendider?


(11:18:44) @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk It can go a bit awk-ward. *smirks*

(11:21:53) @pearcen @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk Oh that is genius (not least because it's a regular expression in US culture :D)

(11:22:28) @sarahjaneuk @AlexGFox Sometimes you just have to git a grep.

(12:28:07) @leica0000 There's only one answer to that: RAR!

(12:40:11) @fiverscarrot Hope you feel much better soon. No snow here in Watford.. hope that remains the case! :)

(13:26:25) @BeachBelles Perfect :D

(13:26:38) @BeachBelles (I get complaints about my singing, for what it's worth...)

(13:27:44) @thatsjustme0 Oh that's a shame :/ I had pizza at my desk, for what it's worth :)

(13:35:00) @BeachBelles Quite so. Best not ask that Gareth Malone chap, though, eh? :D (My children tell me to STOP SINGING :D)

(13:52:46) @thatsjustme0 Aww :/ There will be another occasion, I'm sure :) Paninis are cool :) x

(13:52:57) @Z80GameCoder You too! :)

(14:34:31) @TUID @richardosman Like magnetic polar opposites. In height terms as well, I get a sense...

(14:37:02) @Z80GameCoder yes, tar :D

(14:41:54) @TUID :D Top dream!

(14:43:01) It's always a bit weird when I only notice a speck of something on my screen when it looks like there's a spurious accent on a letter...

(15:17:55) @claw0101 You be careful, sir - @EwenRankin has the power to leave you off the shownotes...

(17:39:26) @yellow757 Blimey!

(18:04:35) Oooh.. since when did Google Mail start sending emails when one hits CTRL-Enter? I can't decide whether that's good or scary...

(18:04:46) Going home now. BONUS.

(21:02:00) @thatsjustme0 You too, lovely xxx o/

(21:04:15) @batwench Yoss!

(21:05:19) @Vanburger2 Yay! Have a most splendid weekend :)

(21:06:06) @yellow757 I'll take a look :)

(21:19:02) @fridgemagnet2 bz2 does my head in... Just... Why?

(21:41:01) @andytuk Amazing! /cc @sm2n

(21:42:38) And now time to play 'how many laugh out loud moments will there be on catchup 8 out of 10 cats'? My guess: <=4

(21:44:49) @johnny_winter Not going well so far... <=0

(21:47:24) @sm2n @youtube Thank you! Always interesting to hear what Rob has to say - maybe @Jamfolder could learn something /cc @BrettDomino :)

(21:52:45) @sm2n Well, quite. Who indeed... (the musician who plays BD)

(21:54:37) Running total: 2 #8outof10laughs

(21:57:52) @FinalBullet @shiftrunstop I love this. Especially since I am fairly sure some episodes of @TheILPPodcast were recorded there too :D

(22:00:48) @sm2n No...

(22:04:53) @sm2n Good point.

(22:05:18) @PinkBlancmange I think I did two. One little one...

(22:07:07) @ThatAgnes The beard stops him from shouting..?

(22:07:55) @sm2n And he's had a MySpace page since 2006.. Which is nearly the BEGINNING OF THE INTERNETS. probly.

(22:43:21) @sm2n Pretty much sums me up :D

(23:13:18) @Superblouse Fortunately, Carol Decker is on Twitter, and will probably clout anyone who claims not to remember her #feisty

(23:13:40) @poots Night :) x

(23:15:19) Off to bed. I wrote a brief blog post about podcasts... just because I hadn't written a blog post in AGES.

(23:16:40) @Superblouse Definitely worth a follow :) @CarolDecker As, indeed, are you.

(23:16:55) @Sk287 Night :)

(23:17:02) And so to bed. night.

(23:20:00) @linseyt Oh my. I hope you make it home OK! It's the weekend.. you don't have to get up tomorrow (do you? :|) x

(23:23:41) @smartie999 xx

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(06:46:06) @BlueMoon_11 I was :) :) :) Thank you!

(06:47:04) @dellama I am impervious to futility ;)

(07:41:16) Good morning. It actually looks a bit springy out there (apart from the frost. and the lack of leaves of the trees). OK... it's just sunny.

(07:43:22) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning :) Wishing you a day of success and springinging.

(07:46:01) @washmysocks31 If only there were such a thing as a 'snowbow'! Good morning :)

(07:46:26) @perrygascoine I will if you will...

(07:49:49) @perrygascoine I have no intention of finding out the answer to that #probablyinyourpants

(07:50:39) @vobes Good morning, my talented pal. I hope you have a day of success and fun!

(08:08:43) @perrygascoine A blessing in disguise (cost otherwise it's pretty crap :D)

(09:40:54) @perrygascoine Glad it's not just me:) That said, at my old place they installed 'Yammer' which is a corporate version of Twitter. Hopeless!

(09:45:59) @Mad4mogzz Pineapple juice apparently contains enzymes that soothe a sore throat :) Works for me :)

(09:47:42) I'm thinking about growing one of those tiny little tufty chin beards.... and now I am not thinking about it any more.

(09:48:51) @Thehappyfatgirl To be honest, there's little point in asking, since it's a place we all know... Kidderminster.

(10:17:30) @leica0000 Very, very small. Fleeting, even. A fleeting beard.

(10:18:56) @thatsjustme0

(10:20:33) Today is World Poetry Day, so I dedicate this tweet to struggling poets and others who strive to write something poignant and sweet.

(10:22:00) @thatsjustme0 PS good morning :)

(10:24:53) @jack Went well.

(10:29:46) @birdfortytwo boom! :)

(10:35:59) @birdfortytwo I am rather in the mood for a potato cake right now. Please send one over the internets.

(10:36:32) @birdfortytwo (If you have one to spare)

(10:48:43) @birdfortytwo Oh. Oh no. (Did you not finish it? Parenting bonus?)

(10:50:55) @birdfortytwo Indeed. Drool. Yik.

(10:51:37) @AlexGFox *applauds* We are slammin' this morning!

(11:09:29) Brilliant.. must try this on @superalora (not sure it would go down particularly well!)... (via @GiaGia)

(11:39:47) @Wymroyal Splendid :)

(12:14:29) @thatsjustme0 Congratulations! What did ya win? :)

(12:48:14) @thatsjustme0 Now that is one heck of a prize(!) Will there be free coffee and snacks? :) x

(12:49:38) @smartie999 @RedMummy "Useless the 3rd" I would start a company called that. Or maybe rebrand to "Apologetica" ...

(13:04:44) @smartie999 :) :) I like @RedMummy (And, indeed, @Tsaksonakis). You know some cool people. And me.

(13:05:44) @Canojar Hello :) x

(13:26:56) @RedMummy @smartie999 Might have to play that on my show next week...

(13:27:17) @Tsaksonakis @smartie999 @RedMummy Tara! :) x

(13:34:15) @smartie999 You're going to get a spanking off @joanneh234 ...

(13:38:39) Lunchtime.. a bit of @MintFM with @dj_frabs @Tuglets I think...

(13:39:15) @MissyMWAC They come in tens, right..? :D

(13:39:30) @thatsjustme0 YOSS!

(14:03:14) @MintFM Definitely Mental As Anything :)

(14:11:12) @1969Steve @Tuglets @dj_frabs It's a little... anodyne :D All of Bruce Hornsby's stuff sounds the same :D

(14:15:32) @1969Steve @Tuglets @dj_frabs Mine too :)

(14:15:54) @gilliandonovan That doesn't look good!

(14:40:52) @corrie_corfield There'll be letters...

(14:49:46) @smartie999 Gosh! I shall endeavour to be late to see @joanneh234 when I finally get the opportunity ;)

(14:50:01) @cbradbee @corrie_corfield Indeed for sure.

(15:04:21) @corrie_corfield You've shown @eddiemair the inside of your shirt? Well...

(15:24:59) @yellow757 Airhorn! :D I do hope they calm down... :/

(15:25:13) @HoptonHouseBnB Wow! Gorgeous!

(15:26:01) @AlexGFox Sort of, but Apple do it with a design sensibility that I'm not sure Google has.

(16:02:19) @zany_zigzag I would break the egg into a separate cup and do a 'smell test' before using it. If you're making boiled eggs: probably not.

(16:03:24) @AlexGFox Couldn't agree more :)

(16:03:45) @HoptonHouseBnB I know some folk on Twitter like that ;)

(16:04:11) @yellow757 Phew :) :)

(16:51:18) @birdfortytwo I would be much happier blaming the parents. Can I? Please? :)

(17:11:44) @birdfortytwo Splendid. And the D*ily M*il. That's pretty much the full house. (PS Worth blaming the ad agency, too).

(17:15:40) I am glad I stopped doing "Daily Mail Columnist Through A Megaphone" on Late Night Loaf ... Richard Littlejohn is not even funny any more.

(17:17:11) @batwench @EwenRankin @MissyMWAC I think your tweet may have brought your site down :D

(17:18:09) @batwench @EwenRankin @MissyMWAC PS I like the category "Things of Doing" :)

(17:19:16) @blabers Amen.

(20:05:54) RT @sarahjaneuk: British Tech Ryder Cup live now! @Acedtect @Verso @JGamet v @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @EwenRankin - ...

(20:12:57) @EwenRankin Couldn't agree more!

(21:15:03) @MarvK THANK YOU for making a podcast. Fine, fine work, sir! :) Please do more!

(21:21:51) @trevypoos Totally back on form! @MarvK

(21:27:21) @mostlygeordie Noooooooooooooo! *throws a snowball*

(21:27:31) @goitsagch Oh really..?

(21:30:02) @thatsjustme0 But... but... :D

(21:30:15) @goitsagch NAUGHTY SNOW!

(21:35:23) @shellzenner @amazingradio @BehindShields YEAH! :)

(22:34:07) @MrTomGray @Superblouse ESSENTIAL. What about curly wurlys?

(22:34:52) @HarrietCass @BBCRadio4 Wishing you success and happiness - you don't need luck :)

(22:35:47) @danegolden What @DianeWordsmith said :)

(22:37:40) @rvbelzen I think @jgamet is an absolute superstar. I completely understand why people keep inviting him on their podcasts :)

(22:55:02) @VickyAuld Sleep well, and a belated Happy Birthday :)

(22:56:03) @rvbelzen :) :)

(22:56:42) @MrTomGray @Superblouse I have surely learned something tonight. Also: chocolate whistle sounds like a euphemism. Or a chocolate bar.

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(00:01:27) @lloydbayley heehee... keep it ;)

(00:02:02) @Vanburger2 Thanks, chief- I can't think of anyone I'd rather be goated by ;)

(00:02:47) Thank you SO much for sharing this musical (and somewhat nonsensical!) journey with me this evening. Highlights & archive coming soon! :)

(10:20:45) @clairebland1 Feel better soon, Claire. I hope you and your vault will be back to normal before we know it :)

(10:22:30) @pearcen Oh man. Have you considered ..?

(10:23:03) RT @ryan: This is by far the best bit of user interface design I have ever seen. Ever. EVER.

(10:24:06) RT @PlainTalkingHR: Happy World Happiness Day to @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @syzygy @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo, be happy and make ...

(10:24:19) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning, Bina. I hope to raise a smile :)

(11:07:14) @GHOGIT This is cool... reminds me of the slow motion on your camera.. a great use of the effect! (via @redboxmusic)

(11:16:01) @mostlygeordie Seriously? Builders out the front..? I hope your day is more harmonious :)

(11:17:38) @BeachBelles I've got a pink lady apple and two thirds of a packet of cream crackers you can have.

(11:19:33) @pearcen The pitfalls of having such a clever NAS :) If one could get some kind of video capture interface, the Pi could be useful for that.

(11:43:41) @Tuglets Doesn't that have major safety implications? @blindman75

(11:46:45) @Tuglets @blindman75 There really is no acceptable answer to that...

(11:47:43) @Shell3870 Cheery! :)

(11:50:41) Reply to @Andreaeday Love it! :)

(11:51:13) @sparkyannc "Some evenings at the Piccadilly Metrolink station we’d just send out tram after tram after tram all to Altrincham" Brilliant!

(11:55:46) @sparkyannc "Bonn doesn’t even have a tram system" ... ahh!

(11:56:29) @lloydbayley Oh man! Magnet?

(12:19:17) Hmm. Should I be admitting to quite enjoying listening to the instrumental versions of the Motherhood/Fatherhood Fiat 500 adverts..?

(12:19:47) @thatsjustme0 Hello :) *waves back*

(12:21:17) @CalmWaters73 OK *redacts* (They are quite catchy, though ;)

(12:22:02) @CalmWaters73 And I have a bit of a pre-occupation with instrumental versions.. the voice doesn't overpower the arrangement, y'see :)

(13:32:16) Gosh I am outstandingly bad at shopping.

(13:46:36) @richardlockwood @camra @Hartfamilybeer @Northants_CAMRA Wouldn't it be even better if beer and lager were separately taxed..?

(13:47:15) @drhappymac Can't get my beloved wife to help me on this occasion - it's for her birthday :D

(13:47:56) @thatsjustme0 Where are you..? :|

(13:48:17) @queenieglass *chuckles*

(14:02:23) @leica0000 Is he..? Are you sure it wasn't just the man in the tiny box #robbrydonreferenceineverthoughtiwoulduse

(14:14:04) @johnny_winter I think vocoder is OK at its rawest (it sounds good with harmonies), but in terms of autotune, you are completely right :)

(14:15:35) @HellenBach Sometimes cake is the only cogent solution. In fact, I'm surprised Gideon didn't come up with it. Oh. Hang on. No I'm not.

(14:15:55) @crabbyknickers I understood all but the last word of that.

(14:16:07) @crabbyknickers Is it like geocaching? Except with stickers?

(14:20:21) @johnny_winter People Like Us ( ... I can't remember where I got the MP3s from but they are all remarkable :)

(14:21:04) @crabbyknickers Like the computer monitor of the guy who sits next to me?

(14:58:20) @crabbyknickers I will let you know ;)

(15:29:34) @ellewadding NOOOO! *runs and jumps in front of @BaronHawkey at the opportune moment...*

(15:29:45) @BeachBelles Uhoh.

(15:49:47) @brennig To their faces?

(15:50:27) @BaronHawkey Oh dear. Oh dear oh me. @ellewadding you will have some explaining to do. I suggest you go and have a good hard cup of tea.

(16:21:35) @FIAT_UK They are rather good - who made the songs? :)

(16:39:49) RT @BaldExplorer: A sneak preview of the next #BaldExplorer, currently in production:

(16:40:15) @vobes I very much enjoy your work - and I'm sure it was a real buzz to see yourself on TV in the hotel :)

(17:13:43) @nxmee That made me laugh (although it probably wasn't supposed to).

(17:15:13) @nxmee @poots NOOOO!

(17:16:48) @sparkyannc *smirks*

(17:17:05) @BlueMoon_11 Yeah... you?

(17:22:40) @BlueMoon_11 SO glad to hear it! :) I'm really sleepy, to be honest.. late night last night :) xx

(17:28:37) @smartie999 Would love to...

(17:29:16) @BritishMac Is that a Dora The Explorer reference? Before you had a little'un you would never have known about that :D

(17:29:56) @NateLanxon *chuckles*

(17:30:16) @smartie999 @washmysocks31 EXCELLENT... What an evening that would be!

(17:31:59) @batwench @MissyMWAC catLady :D

(17:32:35) @thatsjustme0 Now that is a hell of a day! :D

(17:47:17) @BritishMac Might have to do some *cough* research... my two are too old for CBeebies now :D

(17:48:22) @thatsjustme0 True! :D Good to be home? :)

(17:50:37) @effieoffie Oh no! Can you have a nice sit down this evening? :)

(17:51:22) @BlueMoon_11 DEFINITELY. Push me up the stairs at 10pm please :D

(17:59:21) @MissyMWAC Dead but happy. But hey - you're alive and happy. You are WIN!

(17:59:56) @thatsjustme0 Wow.. non stop! :) :) I'm off home from the office imminently :)

(18:00:15) @BlueMoon_11 Thank you! :)

(18:00:40) @thatsjustme0 I'll sort it *gets a glass and a piece of paper*

(18:03:08) Right. Homeward. A beanstoast.

(18:03:59) @thatsjustme0 I would be happy to :) xx

(20:18:16) #Youhadonejob

(20:39:27) Mid-week wash WIN. One step closer to laundry-basket zero.

(21:55:33) Wow. Feynman was THE BEST. If it didn't risk sucking out my soul, I could be just a vague shadow of his excellence. Challenger. Brilliant.

(22:46:55) @totkat It is a vain hope here, too - don't worry (not least because most of the children's clothes are on their bedroom floor :D)

(22:47:49) @mostlygeordie You can be sure I won't be twitpiccing it :D

(22:48:37) @PlainTalkingHR Just amazing - and the perfect coincidence! :)

(22:49:23) @Z80GameCoder :) :)

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(07:01:15) @JQP74 Good morning :)

(07:01:43) @BaronHawkey Uhoh...

(07:10:17) A sort of good morning. It's a Late Night Loaf day... but will it be cooked in time? Or will we all have to settle for a slice of Kingsmill?

(07:11:18) @BryanRutherford I thought Jules was supposed to be on air..?

(07:16:20) @JQP74 I'm sleepy but alive, ta - you?

(07:17:02) @dj_monkeyboy cobbled streets and northern accents...

(07:18:12) @lloydbayley Evening, Lloyd :) grand stuff... I'll say hello later! Hope it's been a good day :)

(07:23:57) @lloydbayley Hope you get your remote control solution sorted... I was thinking perhaps two instances? (depends how many PCs you control!)

(07:24:31) @BaronHawkey Coffee... the elixir of office life! have a good one :)

(07:25:55) @dj_monkeyboy :D It's certainly a theme for the show :D

(07:26:23) @clairerandall @dj_monkeyboy It's the type with bits in... ;)

(07:35:03) @lloydbayley Makes sense... it's definitely a mature, fully formed business tool. I'm afraid I found Teamviewer a little less polished..

(07:36:52) @johnny_winter It will be moulded into the shape of a Brioche

(07:42:54) @thatsjustme0 Morning lovely x

(09:38:20) @kitty_cat84 Hurrah! Looking forward to hearing your show! :)

(09:38:41) @thatsjustme0 Are you off on your travels today? :)

(09:47:05) @oliwia_s I hope it gets better soon :)

(09:48:06) @canuckuk Who knows what he might be getting up to in the secret corridors of the Vatican...

(09:59:52) @canuckuk You've got me wondering about that lightning strike now...

(10:00:02) @thatsjustme0 Nice sitting *awards*

(10:32:51) @peasbloss You may be better off pointing the satnav towards Amarillo..?

(10:37:24) Ooh I like: - @minuum (via @RHAAudio)

(10:37:47) @shellzenner BIG hug.

(10:52:03) @batwench Feel better soon x

(11:01:39) @JuliaBall @BryanRutherford That's how I remember him.

(11:03:39) @JohnOsRadioHead @TimClarePoet Hello. I like your silly jingle. Please play me a song. My name is james and I went to Norwich once.

(11:23:32) @brennig Yellow card. Didn't realise it was a link to the Daily Mail and my work PC doesn't have the kitten link thing. Gah.

(11:32:52) @brennig Much better! ;) Thank you!

(11:51:18) @peasbloss And you may ask yourself, "Am I right? Am I wrong..?" And you may say to yourself... "My God, what have I done?"

(11:51:47) @Tactless_Blonde Is it possible to gallumph in heels? Surely it's more 'clattered'?

(11:58:25) @buschenfeld You and I must've been watching the same video...

(11:59:39) @cazie5 Not wrong at all. I wish I could clone myself :D

(12:00:07) @BeachBelles It's a good look.

(12:00:46) Grepping like it's going out of fashion. It was never really in fashion, to be fair.

(12:57:07) @lucieshuker On a scale of 1 to 84, I'd say about 91.

(12:57:44) @sarahjaneuk I'm piping like a good'un - so halfway between the two? :D

(13:00:42) @GShang Me too. That and awk are my bestest shell buddies :D

(13:01:36) @BeachBelles PS Why so coy?

(13:02:07) @cazie5 Interesting as in 'a bit frightening'? Or would the two of me just end up in a big fight? :D

(13:02:27) @Tactless_Blonde That is a moody indie rock video right there.

(13:02:43) @Mr_DW_Brighton Get you and your recursion :D

(13:03:47) @pearcen grok -p "YES!"

(13:04:46) @GShang I have tutorials in my faves, but now I use the commands so much I'm fairly conversant.. unless I want to do something very clever!

(13:05:36) @cazie5 True. I think we would probably both misbehave really, really badly. Especially if nobody knew there were two of us #alibi #YEAH!

(13:06:40) @BeachBelles I can appreciate that. Pushes my curiosity buttons bigstyle, though :D

(13:07:55) @johnny_winter @pearcen I can't believe you just tweeted that with such cavalier disregard.. gone. Gone forever *cries*

(13:08:33) @cazie5 I have been really well-behaved recently, Carol.. I fear I might have lost my edge. I need a good sharpening ;)

(13:08:45) @syzygy @johnny_winter @pearcen No match.

(13:13:22) @cazie5 Don't knock it till you've tried it ;)

(13:20:49) @cazie5 I really haven't thought that through. I shall try for a veiled euphemism next time :D

(13:21:31) @misscorsham What @Barwickgreen said :) *high fives*

(13:23:01) @Barwickgreen This is the weirdest website ever.

(13:28:47) @cazie5 Most of the time I do (honest!) but i tends to be at fairly short notice :D And it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission;)

(13:39:08) @cazie5 I always have the best of intentions. Well, in the top 5 anyway ;) x

(13:41:38) @RubyBobbles I heard that his newly designed Popemobile has a fearsome set of subwoofers that will be used for the Dubstep Tridentine Rite.

(14:00:57) @cazie5 Yes. Yes she is :D

(14:16:18) @RubyBobbles Heehee. More wishful thinking. I don't have a decent sound system at work.. the Pope deserves one, at least! :)

(14:17:33) @BeachBelles I'll do it... (or is that not what you're after?)

(14:18:23) @PhillipaJC Because you can afford to be fussy :)

(14:18:48) @andytuk SO much could go wrong with that! :)

(14:19:52) @BeachBelles I'm in a mischievous mood this afternoon. May well end up getting myself into trouble. If I haven't already :D

(14:34:20) @PhillipaJC Yup. They have to be worthy of you, as much as you are to them :)

(14:34:27) @PhillipaJC Also, you seem nice :)

(14:35:14) @cazie5 Uhoh. *hides under my desk until judgement day*

(15:05:33) @gugucachoo Oh. Oh dear.

(15:12:53) @gugucachoo Oh. DVR is your digital video recorder (Sky+ / TiVo / Freeview Recorder etc); it looks like the hard drive needs to fix itself.

(15:13:42) @andytuk Excellent! Any chance of a share?

(15:37:53) @andytuk Neat! I'll keep an eye out :)

(15:53:28) @gugucachoo I'm really glad to hear it! :) It probably happens all the time; we blokes just don't notice (or just turn it off and on again!)

(15:54:27) I love the references to Skrillex in the comments.. (great pictorial explanation here: )

(15:54:45) (With a hat tip to @andytuk for that previous tweet)

(15:56:02) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Uhoh.. not again! :D I'll tune in!

(16:34:37) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I'm at work.. need to behave :D

(16:35:12) @gugucachoo A victory for sure! :)

(16:39:54) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Thanks for the shoutout :) You're sounding good (and it's the afternoon here!) Might have you on during the drive home! :)

(17:00:40) @ajlanghorn You're going to have to start your own American College of Langhorn? :D

(17:04:07) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Heehee.. in my mind I am in a constant state of misbehaviour :D

(17:04:55) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Why sad? You're makin' RADIO! :)

(17:05:30) @sarahjaneuk Heehee... lots of PuTTY sessions - love it! :)

(17:05:57) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Ahh... BOO. I hope you can get them sorted.

(17:08:35) @LILLYTHEPINK1 That was weird :D ONE LEFT! Go on...

(17:14:41) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Absolutely cracking tune! This is my kind of misbehaving :)

(17:15:21) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Sweet baby G. This is genius.

(17:18:10) @LILLYTHEPINK1 YES! Reminds me of you ;)

(17:19:03) @LILLYTHEPINK1 You get naked on the radio :D

(17:22:04) @sarahjaneuk :) :)

(18:59:20) @kettls @canuckuk @poots From the BBC report, it would appear that this year's Comic Relief was hopelessly unfunny regardless of complaints.

(19:25:14) @canuckuk @kettls @poots Oh my.

(20:50:49) I am REALLY looking forward to sharing some cracking tunes on tonight's @LateNightLoaf on @MintFM - 10pm after Kay's finished with you :)

(21:24:55) @RichHarkness I may even play one of @johnny_winter's requests ;)

(21:25:02) @MintFM YAY! :)

(21:58:50) @Vanburger2 @MintFM Audi right back to your Aunty Nancy!

(22:07:02) @lloydbayley Evenin over there! :)

(22:07:27) @Tuglets YESSSS! SO good that you're here :) It's not a show without you! #unduepressuretoturnout

(22:13:30) @Zomby6 @latenightloaf I have got a LOT of late night midnight oil right here.. :)

(22:13:50) @Tuglets YES! :) In the first hour :)

(22:14:10) @kitty_cat84 Evenin' Kay! :)

(22:14:23) @Zomby6 @latenightloaf Can't guarantee the good music - I'll do my best! :)

(22:20:23) @Zomby6 @latenightloaf Thanks, Jan :)

(22:20:57) @kitty_cat84 Or they hide at the back! :)

(22:21:20) @lloydbayley I did, and I may have mentioned your celebrations over the weekend. Apparently it's @stu4art's birthday today! :)

(22:21:32) @kitty_cat84 So glad it's not just me! :)

(22:27:47) @Vanburger2 LOVE IT! :)

(22:36:23) @Tone_720 Evenin' Tony! :) nice pun!

(22:40:11) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness @JordanMerrick Fair enough..looking forward to what comes out! :)

(22:44:33) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter @RichHarkness @jordanmerrick Evenin' .. that's the thing about time :D

(22:46:25) @johnny_winter Good choice.. next week? I've got two of yours coming up this week :)

(22:48:48) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter I would absolutely love a beer, but unfortunately I wouldn't make it to the second hour :D

(22:49:54) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter I'll warn you now, I only play 25 songs a week - this could quickly escalate beyond control :D

(22:51:00) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 And, indeed, it's different from the 25 tracks that Global Radio own.

(22:51:48) @Tone_720 Thanks, Tone. there's a reason why I'm playing this one, though :)

(22:54:16) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter @MintFM I'll have to do you a jingle, too :D

(22:54:57) @Vanburger2 Did you see "Its Kevin"? It's hilarious - the closing titles run over a drill. Genius.. made me think of that :D

(22:57:32) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter @MintFM Really?! That's exciting :)

(22:59:04) @Tone_720 YES! :) :)

(23:02:28) @Tone_720 And that rich kid producer chap. Given enough money, anyone could afford a trombonist.

(23:07:26) @johnny_winter I didn't want to play Jeannie :P

(23:07:48) @Tone_720 I thought the guy who did the Lily Allen albums used nothing but Logic... have to research that :)

(23:10:58) @johnny_winter OOH CHEEKY! :P

(23:11:13) @kitty_cat84 Listeners are the BEST! :)

(23:11:28) @johnny_winter Oh no - that's because I have a woeful memory :P

(23:19:15) @lloydbayley Really?! I find it so hard to make out what it was Falco was singing.. but wasn't that in English? :D

(23:20:55) @Vanburger2 Aww :) :)

(23:21:13) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter What do you fancy? If I can fit it in, I'll do my best :)

(23:22:31) RT @neilcochrane1: @johnny_winter @syzygy @cochrane on (need followers)

(23:23:57) @lloydbayley Can't play it right now - but will listen when I get a mo! Didn't it go "Jeanny.. stop living on dreams.."?

(23:27:51) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Not got that one - can I play it next week? :)

(23:33:26) @johnny_winter Hahaahaa. It's supposed to be :)

(23:33:34) @lloydbayley Ahhh...!

(23:36:15) @johnny_winter Just something I knocked up before the show :)

(23:36:50) @johnny_winter Badum tish? Takes me back to my younger days... Now That's What I Call Music 7?

(23:43:02) @johnny_winter I may have to play It's Immaterial next week.. now THAT is a lovely song.

(23:44:44) @neilcochrane1 It does sound it, doesn't it!

(23:49:39) @sparkyannc The girl in the "Everyone Says Hi" video by Claudia Brucken reminds me a bit of you.

(23:51:51) @Vanburger2 That's dammer fine of you, sir! :)

(23:57:15) @lloydbayley Thank you for tuning in, Lloyed - great to have your company :)

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(10:36:15) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning :) Shaking off a migraine today... lots of water!:)

(10:36:24) @akrabat @perrygascoine Pretty much :D

(10:36:51) @gill_bee :) :) I used to find praying got me to sleep quite quickly... not sure God was particularly impressed, though :D

(10:37:19) Good heavens, I've been on Twitter for six years. Pretty much solidly :D

(10:52:00) @Tuglets In the last six years I have learned to do everything on (and indeed, with) Twitter. Biscuits. YEAH.

(10:52:26) @MelG1804 Hopefully warming up, though! :)

(10:57:53) @johnny_winter Most welcome :) I keep forgetting about :)

(11:04:56) @Zararugosa Aww :) Tiny!

(12:04:07) @GHOGIT What are the chances..? I took the same sort of photo this morning! :)

(13:19:08) @ajlanghorn TVC can buzz off :D

(14:36:17) @ajlanghorn Absolutely. The people there weren't nearly as nice as those involved in radio, either :) :) Oh, and the restaurant whiffed.

(14:36:40) @GHOGIT It was something I'm not sure I'd seen before - or certainly in a while! :)

(14:37:38) @thatsjustme0 eep...

(14:38:04) @dellama Bliminy. Hope it gets better soon - quite the eventful weekend!

(14:38:30) @smartie999 Uhoh... you had to do the dusting..?!

(14:40:02) @JonBCFC YES! :D

(14:42:39) @EwenRankin Frightening catch at the end.. but that really is an epic bit of kit! :)

(15:01:25) @Leafybear Wow. That was a delight to read (although sad about the loss of your knitting) :)

(15:01:58) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo I'm a bit foggy, but doing OK thank you :) Hope your day's good!

(15:02:23) @shellzenner YAY! :)

(15:03:14) @EwenRankin Brilliant :) :)

(15:38:14) @shellzenner You totally are a proper radio person :)

(15:38:27) @teresahummel @jgamet :) :) :)

(15:38:58) @teresahummel @jgamet I run on UTC. For a while I ran on 'internet time' but that really didn't work at all.

(16:02:30) @ajlanghorn Fire away! :)

(16:03:46) @shellzenner Now THAT I can associated with - my entire radio career was spent in engineering! :) You're no imposter - you're the backbone!x

(16:04:05) @teresahummel @jgamet Between 0.00 and 0.20 ;)

(16:41:09) @ajlanghorn That's a question I'm fairly sure I've heard asked before. The answer is: yes, they can close down at whatever time.

(16:41:56) @ajlanghorn Most local stations fold into a non-local service of an evening, so it's kind of moot; stations like Scouse are the exception.

(16:45:59) @KermitMash They're bonkers cheap for what they can do. Although not really a fully-fitted luxury cruiser :D

(16:53:50) Ribaldry.

(16:54:15) @Davidlloydradio Disagree. Disagree. Disagree. Agree. Agree.

(16:55:08) @KermitMash Couldn't agree more. The perfect weekend car? :)

(17:06:24) @Davidlloydradio It was a little obtuse - sorry! :) I hate TVC when I was there because News ruled the roost. T'is the same with NBH :/

(17:06:34) @Davidlloydradio hate = hated. Sorry.

(17:28:08) @Davidlloydradio Absolutely. Is this love not simply onanistic? Yes, it's new (and paid for by the viewers) but more is happening outside.

(17:56:48) @thatsjustme0 *high fives*

(18:00:59) @ClaudiaBrucken1 Absolutely LOVE your version of "Everyone Says 'Hi'" - totally getting it (not sure what format yet!) :D

(22:04:01) And so to bed. Ill-preparation is everything. With me, anyway. Oh, and happy birthday (if I am correct) to @JamesCridland. Night night.

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(00:15:51) @birdfortytwo Abstemious. *awards*

(00:16:43) @clairerandall Oh dear.. hope you can drift off!

(00:17:01) Bedtime. Completely wasted the latter part of the day. Some days are like that, though. I hope. Night night.

(00:25:06) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd :) Seeya in the morning/evening!

(10:02:31) @gill_bee You're naturally beautiful - especially when you smile :) Thank you for sharing that photo!

(10:03:24) Good morning. The middle floor is full of shouting children on Skype - @poots and I are hiding.

(10:14:51) @thatsjustme0 I know that feeling. It's either housework or get frustrated being rubbish at making music :D Good morning, nonetheless! :)

(10:21:18) @thatsjustme0 :) :) I need to persuade the children to do something productive this morning... yesterday was staring at a computer screen!xx

(11:16:04) @thatsjustme0 Hurrah :) I do like a nice crumpet. I currently have both children engaged in homework.. miracle of miracles! (and biccies!) x

(12:04:15) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Sounds exciting :)

(12:09:49) @LILLYTHEPINK1 I have you discreetly in my left ear - thanks for the shout out :) You're sounding good :)

(12:17:20) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Great Marvin Gaye song this - especially for a Sunday. Best use of an 808 drum machine in soul EVER.

(17:31:17) @Execcer Ooh! Is it your birthday? Happy birthday if so :)

(18:33:40) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter You guys :D

(18:35:28) Who, in days of old, would have predicted that the future would involve staring at a glowing rectangle while someone shouts "ASHLEY BANJO!"?

(19:12:02) @Fiona_WordsBird Splndd!

(19:20:04) Our creative project for a damp Sunday afternoon - a little #Minecraft Creeper made of felt. Not too bad…

(20:38:31) @LilyShambles I can't find a 'like' button. IT IS ALL BROKEN.

(20:38:52) @birdfortytwo @weetabix Weetablokes?

(20:40:52) @LilacNun It's Computer Lego with explosions. There. Sorted.

(23:15:10) @gill_bee Count slowly down from 300 :) x

(23:16:38) @MissyMWAC Definitely. Happy St. Paddy's day! :)

(23:17:16) @2225dominic @sparkyannc Heehee. I think we all have that problem! :D

(23:18:00) Time for bed. I shall do it with diddly diddly music playing in my mind. It's what St Patrick would've wanted. Night night.

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(10:52:42) This morning we're enjoying the fruits of @LutonYouthMusic's labour.. @superalora is playing her viola for a bit.

(11:40:39) @IPTechShark Thank you :) Have a fab weekend!

(12:18:45) @crabbyknickers Here's a tip - why not sleep in your sporty clothes..? (Afternoon BTW)

(12:19:58) @thatsjustme0 Wow shiny :)

(12:20:30) @RuthBlackett Excel-lent!

(12:39:01) Idea for next Android OS - whenever someone tries to take a video in 'portrait' mode it displays a message saying "This will look rubbish."

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(07:44:30) Morning... bit vague and lethargic for a Friday. I am planning my approach to Watford. We can do this.

(08:14:52) @lloydbayley Hi, Lloyd. Am I right in recalling it's been your birthday today? If so - happy birthday! Otherwise, please wait ;)

(08:15:43) @thatsjustme0 Careful now..! There may be water (but I guess you'll cross that bridge when you come to it ;) )

(08:16:15) @Tuglets Sounds like you're already at an advantage ;)

(08:16:27) @washmysocks31 @BaronHawkey Please!

(08:16:55) @PontoonDock @latenightloaf Oh... Forgot one vital bit.. hang on!

(08:18:28) @PontoonDock Should be now! (Forgot to run a script... really need to automate that :D)

(08:18:46) @washmysocks31 @BaronHawkey Zooooom! Ta :)

(08:19:07) @hooker1uk @humbershomemade @drranj @jaybee838 @poots @dizzymummytotwo @dianapreston Thanks, Paul :) #FF

(09:57:21) @PontoonDock Uhoh.. thanks for spotting that! It may well have been my fault with the parsing of the web page... looking!

(09:57:27) @Stenbird @PontoonDock *blushes*

(09:57:56) @pearcen It's called "Tiny Tiny RSS" and, although it's not perfect (and requires a database/PHP) it works for me :)

(10:47:32) @pearcen Can you run MySQL/PostGreSQL on your NAS? If so, COOL! :) :)

(10:47:41) @PontoonDock @Stenbird I think I've fixed it :)

(10:52:57) @lloydbayley HURRAH! Just caught up with your RRs.. Stephanie has an excellent clear voice :) YAY for soirees - have one for me!

(10:53:08) @thatsjustme0 Have a good one :) x

(10:53:42) @jarbennett @SmudgeCreative @zap_franco @tubblog @isoremedia @Sallybiz @JulanneB @chrisgdack @EleanorBetts Wishing you a splendid weekend!

(10:55:45) @corrie_corfield I'm suffering from static electricity quite acutely at the mo. Is it because we're being charged more for daily life? ;)

(10:57:03) @lloydbayley Please put me down as an interested! :) :)

(10:57:51) @stu4art Aww... it's one of those many songs that just doesn't get played any more - took me back, too! :) Thanks for listening :)

(10:59:32) @corrie_corfield I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I kissed Beth the other day and both of us got a jolt. Fair took the wind out!

(11:06:05) @giagia done :)

(11:11:38) @pearcen (Just discovered a couple of native Android apps for TT-RSS.. bonus!)

(11:18:03) @corrie_corfield :) :) :)

(11:24:34) @Fiona_WordsBird I like your Twitter name :) (it popped up in the suggestions thing :)

(11:29:21) @mabelinticket94 Good morning - and happy birthday for Wednesday!

(12:17:16) @shellzenner I'll have it.

(12:19:38) Really weird timezone things happen when your US-built OS doesn't seem to recognise UK daylight savings.

(12:37:02) @GShang AIX :)

(12:39:38) @sparkyannc Ahhhh!

(12:43:09) @sparkyannc IBM AIX. Bit weird to be honest - I might need to talk to our experts! :)

(12:49:40) Ah.. I see.. when using the TZ environment variable to get yesterday's date, one must use the extra M3.5.0,M10.5.0 bits to time it right.

(13:00:06) @LilacNun I can recommend graffiti and puddle on wholegrain.

(13:00:48) @GShang It's a little thing in /etc/environment - just need to make sure I get the environment variable right! :)

(13:05:36) @LilacNun Now you're talking.

(13:06:35) @GHOGIT Can't get a script to do that. Or if you can, I wanna know how! :D

(13:45:21) @pearcen That's pretty swiffy. I think I've got busybox running on my NAS - the only constraint is memory, I guess...

(13:48:01) @thatsjustme0 NOOOOOOO! Are they going to make you reverse off..? How frustrating that it's that 7 mile stretch you happen to be on :/ x

(13:54:41) @mrs_forky Excite!

(13:56:16) @2danceis2dream2 @sparkyannc Ours (the L&D) is about average.

(14:09:59) @sparkyannc @2danceis2dream2 Will do :)

(14:10:50) @sparkyannc Surely @2225dominic would be much keener to take 'em off your hands ;)

(14:26:16) @fridgemagnet2 Heh.. it's that rather unpleasant interim period, I think :)

(14:56:08) @cosmicvibes Funny you should mention the Nexus 7 (I hope you don't mean 'dead' dead!) I can't get the live stream to play :/ @EwenRankin

(15:34:13) @cosmicvibes @EwenRankin Oh blimmin heck! I have to admit to dropping mine, but I got lucky. Can't find the log files.. right nuisance!: D

(15:38:42) @webziggy I am definitely part of the 'rubbish' and 'bloke' section :D

(15:39:37) @Superblouse I do hope it all shapes up for you soon. I just want to go to bed. Somnolently.x

(15:59:39) @misscorsham Please bear in mind that employees of National Rail and their contractors are there to MAKE TRAINS GO, not help people. Sadly.

(16:02:17) @misscorsham Hang on a mo.. just looking that one up. Ah yes: "GIT."

(16:03:10) @thatsjustme0 YOSS! :)

(16:03:26) @Superblouse wh..wh..whuh? *caffeine crashes back again*

(16:17:19) @cosmicvibes I can see userdata files but not log files - created the directory in org.xbmc.xbmc but it seems to want to write to /data/data

(16:21:13) @cosmicvibes Here's what I get... /data has nothing in it; /sdcard/data has no data subdir... etc..!

(17:09:23) @DarrenGriffin @cosmicvibes I've got a rooted Galaxy S.. I'll give that a go :) :)

(17:11:12) @teresahummel *puts head over the fence* Loved your letter yesterday, Teresa - hope my response was OK! :) @jgamet

(17:21:57) @teresahummel We gave you a special hello anyway! :) :) @jgamet

(18:53:01) Epic amount of walking done today (some of it damp). It's gong to be good for me in the long term, but I'm all pooped now. Weekend. Hurrah.

(18:54:21) @PontoonDock Why thank you :) I have never been double-#FF'd before! @latenightloaf

(18:55:43) Happy birthday @LloydBayley! A warm welcome to the decade that both Mr @Vobes and I occupy ;)

(19:32:50) @RobJD @GHOGIT order by cynicism...

(19:45:54) This evening I are mostly be trying to find a way to persuade Android that 'tbr' is not an acceptable atlernative to a mistyped 'the'.

(19:46:56) Also, in my experience many of the comedians I have encountered are the most humourless souls of all. Except Cannon & Ball. They're a laugh.

(19:50:40) @MissyMWAC I will wait. Patiently. With a bit of pining.

(19:52:35) My personal Android dictionary says a lot about me...

(19:53:01) @effieoffie ~chuckles~ I have survived :) x

(19:53:29) @effieoffie That really made me laugh :D

(19:54:40) @debsylee Seriously..?! Oh my...

(19:55:07) @Superblouse Colonic Relief is an entirely different matter...

(19:56:39) @HumbersHomemade @goodshoeday You'll have Twitter at a standstill with questions like that..!

(19:57:04) @effieoffie How's your face now..?

(20:09:34) @dj_frabs @clairerandall Indeed. It's part of the creative dysfunction, I think...

(20:10:45) @Superblouse Nope, much to my irrigation.

(20:10:59) @effieoffie Silly! :P

(20:26:52) @effieoffie Both of those are quite wonderful :) Wishing you a delightful weekend! :)

(20:27:25) @GorgeousClaude BAD.

(22:02:49) @Superblouse 'Fill-in' *chuckles*

(23:09:14) @Superblouse You make me smile. Made any music with it? Does your Twitter audience get to hear it..? X

(23:10:16) Done a bit of sequenced Android music with a bit of a shuffle. Now going to bed. it's quieter. G'night :)

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(07:11:09) @BeachBelles Hopefully Anna and Katy and - later in the week- This Is Kevin will restore your faith.

(07:12:26) @peasbloss v poetic. and early. morning:)

(07:51:38) @BeachBelles High comedy standards. I respect that.

(09:47:25) A lucky escape - this is what south of J5 looked like when I came off the M1 this morning. best avoided southbound!

(10:09:06) RT @canuckuk: @syzygy Anti-airport expansion protest at your Town Hall today 12.30.BBC London News will be there.Tell your friends...ple ...

(10:09:43) @canuckuk I am lurking in Watford today. Which isn't quite close enough to Luton town hall, unfortunately.. :/ Wave a banner for me, please!

(10:10:06) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Thursday :) I think the sun has melted a lot of the ice!

(10:11:19) @mostlygeordie :D I'll just call it 'Pi Day' (as it is in the states :D)

(10:11:30) @mostlygeordie (I am well aware that I have no hope :D)

(10:13:00) There's something rather retro about the anticipation for a @Raspberry_Pi to arrive - just like those mail order days. 28 days for delivery!

(10:15:03) Wow.. is it @BigBangFair weekend coming up? It's worth going to; family tickets for the weekend are still available!

(10:15:43) @mostlygeordie Yup. A poor approximation, but good enough for me (and it won't happen in the UK.. just like SBJ ;)

(10:56:50) @davelortal I'm going to plug it into my telly and play old computer games on it with ChameleonPi -

(10:57:55) @mostlygeordie Good point.. 3/14/15 (at 9:26:53 ..? ;)

(11:05:49) RT @divaschematic: BLOODY HELL Pet Shop Boys leave Parlophone - new album confirmed for June | Music Week -

(11:08:54) Interesting.. Pet Shop Boys have joined the same label as Bjork, Skrillex, Trent Reznor, Moby and.. er.. Macca. I'd not heard of Kobalt.

(11:10:03) @TOther_Simon Don't get the last train when you're leaving, then - heaven only knows where you'll end up...

(11:24:10) @borningore Ooh.. subtle difference. Thank you for the fine tuning! :)

(11:25:17) Correction: Pet Shop Boys will be using Kobalt Label Services (thanks, @Borningore). Kobalt are certainly a major publisher, though!

(11:30:44) @thatsjustme0 They're threatening you with a van..? What exactly's going on..?! *baffled* You should record an audio diary of your travels!

(11:33:15) @thatsjustme0 Are all the ones they've got there rubbish, then? :) What are ya getting?

(11:42:00) @thatsjustme0 That'll do nicely (apart from being a Ford* ;) Drive safe!

(12:13:02) @diningstrangers Absolutely LOVED your blog about dinner with @Bowen707 - I can think of few people I'd rather have lunch & a chinwag with!

(13:45:23) @johnny_winter It was about the same for me with my first one, but now they're churnin' them out (hopefully!) @Raspberry_Pi

(13:47:43) @washmysocks31 Lookin' good! :)

(14:47:47) @Bowen707 Great that Bexhill-on-Sea got a mention in this week's show! It's on Route 66 in spirit (and you're performing there in summer!)

(14:56:00) @LilacNun Or just some sunshine - fresh air?

(15:12:01) Next on BBC Three: My Parent Mother

(15:30:01) @sparkyannc #openawindow ?

(15:31:15) @davelortal Do it yourself Roomba. It's the way ahead!

(15:40:59) @sparkyannc #thereisanopforthat

(16:24:08) @johannariley Enjoy the remainder of the afternoon :)

(16:29:46) @nickleach1 Emergency Room -> Casualty. Yup.

(17:03:52) @Bowen707 @diningstrangers You're on! :) :)

(17:04:41) @LilacNun Lovely! I wish I could have followed suit, but I'm in a rather green-stuff free connurbation here... YAY for feeling better! :)

(17:11:02) @ucalegon You really need to get control, see.

(17:11:44) @Monika_Hale I like Whale Trail (I have the mind of a 5 year old :)

(17:12:06) @Monika_Hale Although it does get quite hard quite quickly, it's charming.

(17:12:45) @effieoffie Have this seen to. How's the mouth?

(17:43:28) @thatsjustme0 Hopefully you'll find a supermarket nearby :)

(17:44:32) Off into the fray. If anyone's near junctions 5, 6a, 8,9 and 10 of the M1, please have a word, ta.

(18:34:44) RT @jgamet: What are you doing in 90 minutes? Watching me & @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @ewenrankin on The Big Show, right? http ...

(18:59:14) @johnny_winter +1! o/ @jgamet @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @EwenRankin

(21:54:14) Dear @MissyMWAC, please can you fix it for us to have a @Herenthereshow show, please? Thanks, love from james from Belgium.

(22:18:37) @simon_toon @CakesOnTheNet @perrygascoine @markhort Faiz's body is a temple.

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(00:00:42) @Tuglets I have to say @K_whawell's tweets are a party in my ears! :D

(00:04:16) @Tuglets Thank you for being part of the show! It's been great :) Night night! :)

(00:04:50) @johnny_winter Seriously..? I didn't play your requests? You'll definitely get something played next week :)

(00:10:20) @mostlygeordie If only you could get hold of a a pillow to keep your neighbour quiet :/

(00:11:02) If you joined me for Late Night Loaf tonight, THANK YOU for your splendid company :) Off to bed now - night night! :)

(09:27:24) Good morning. It's well sunny and that. Quite nice.

(09:32:57) @clairerandall Oh no! I'll send a bit of sun up your way ... I daresay the wind's blowing hard enough :D

(09:33:11) @lloydbayley Evenin' Lloyd :) Hope it's been a good day :)

(09:33:34) @pearcen It was good fun - I'll stick it up on the archive either tonight or tomorrow :) Hope you slept well!

(09:43:34) @lloydbayley I know that feeling! I always end up saying "An early night later in the week.." and never do! :D

(09:44:01) @blindman75 Morning Shaun :) Not bad, ta... need coffee! Have a great show - I'll tune in when I get a mo :)

(09:53:45) @pearcen You'll feel the benefit, I'm sure.. get some coffee down ya ;) Have a great day, sir (ps.. interesting avatar!)

(09:54:33) @mostlygeordie Lurvely. Gonna go topless today? ;) It'll blow away any residual bathprune :D x

(10:24:32) Oh yeah #coffee

(10:36:15) @helerelereno She doesn't need to do anything. #FACT

(10:36:42) @Twitrannosaurus Really tasty stuff - and ethical too :)

(10:49:04) Sometimes in life's journey you encounter a fork in the road...

(10:55:53) @clairerandall It's a fork (the metal cutlery sort) I saw on the road as I walked to work...

(11:24:07) @_windrider :D

(11:24:29) @alexgeoghegan Never good to drive over it, though :D

(11:24:53) @stu4art no worries, sir - it'll be in the archives soon! Hope you have a great day :)

(11:41:19) @brennig That leaflet, though. Wow. They clearly feel strongly enough to make it a glossy one, too. Somewhat jarring to a liberal like me :)

(11:44:25) @giagia You're the best :)

(11:44:29) RT @giagia: Watching The New Pope which is much better than all that Vatican stuff:

(11:52:50) @brennig I listened to the first of the tracks yesterday - may well play them on the show. I can see why you like them.. rich & reverby! :)

(12:17:06) @andytuk If the finance offers better interest, I'd go for that; worth remembering the dealer will push for finance because they make a cut.

(12:18:15) @FinalBullet Must try that :D

(12:20:12) @EwenRankin Done! *waves at @cosmicvibes*

(12:39:35) @thatsjustme0 Hot and tasty :)

(13:09:01) @Bazmati2020 That's a great photo :)

(13:09:42) @Wymroyal I'm not sure I could handle that ;)

(13:26:09) RT @poots: I've written somethign too long to tweet, I may link it here a few times though as I'd really value your opinions. http://t. ...

(13:26:53) @fridgemagnet2 Better late than... actually not.

(13:35:25) @Bazmati2020 It's hit Watford now...

(13:40:01) @poots Neat. That can go with 'slizzle' and (drizzling sleet) and 'drizzard' (blowing drizzle) .. it's started and stopped here, too...

(13:41:05) @poots I've experienced similar thoughts; that my mother, mother-in-law and boss all follow me on Twitter tends to focus my mind a little :D

(13:42:21) @poots That said, am I being untrue to myself to present a sanitized image of who I am? I guess that's what I do in front of the children...

(13:53:38) @claremac82 Your @secretcinema is safe with me ;)

(14:30:21) @corrie_corfield Just you wait... there'll be a Creme Egg bot soon enough *hides behind chocolate stanchion*

(15:16:44) @samstarling One of my colleagues said that yesterday... must be the new 'thing to say' :D

(15:17:57) @missdianemorgan Mmm. Musky.

(16:06:28) @smartie999 @RedMummy *boggles*

(16:14:54) @IPTechShark I'd say so.

(16:15:31) @samstarling Ahh. Never one to miss a trick! (Sort of...)

(16:16:23) It's amazing how inadvertently copying an extra ">" can create half an hour of work. It's certainly redirected my efforts this afternoon.

(16:19:44) @GHOGIT Well that's certainly an angle to take...

(16:30:55) @MuddyTurnip Sorry! (I think Twitter is playing very silly buggers today. It's an attention seeking thing, I reckon :D)

(16:31:21) @Thehappyfatgirl Only if it is a film about soft kitties.

(16:32:03) @sparkyannc Banned? BOO! They do need a radio show, yeah.

(16:34:19) @SOTCAA Poor Morris Mitchener.

(16:35:23) @sparkyannc So why not you then..? Should I start a petition at

(16:44:32) @Tone_720 ooh very good :D

(17:13:30) @JuliaBall It'll get smoked off :D

(19:23:22) Seems Pope Francis hails from Buenos Aires... I do hope the qualifier for his election involved the Total Wipeout course. #PopeFrancis

(19:23:46) Ooh... I just got a letter! :)

(19:25:14) @PrincessBagel I'm writing you a "Sorry you didn't get to be Pope" card as I type.

(19:29:25) @Vanburger2 O!

(20:06:45) @PrincessBagel Yes. Yes you would, your holdliness.

(20:07:52) @batwench I put that down as a WIN :)

(20:25:18) @Ken_Phillips That's one click beyond "splendid".. and nearly "epic"!

(21:46:52) Last night's antics on @LateNightLoaf can be enjoyed/endured again at - or for the first time if you missed it. Yes.

(21:47:37) @stu4art Miaow!

(21:50:29) @stu4art :D :D

(22:12:35) 'High' 'lights' from last night's @latenightloaf - an audioboo conundrumnum (via @audioboo)

(22:37:40) @lloydbayley Thanks, chief... I pressed the 'compress it to death' button :D

(22:38:06) @brennig it won't be nearly as good as yours :)

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(07:32:02) @vobes Morning, Richard :) yesterday's NE made me chuckle as I drove home... great to hear how you deal with cold callers!

(07:32:45) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' lovely x

(07:33:24) @JonBCFC Pays the rent...

(07:36:48) This morning I mostly feel like death with a generous coating of creosote.

(07:46:58) @vobes Thanks, Richard. Fighting something off!

(07:47:18) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning, Liz :)

(07:48:15) @gill_bee Thanks, Gill :) I'll do my best! Hope your Tuesday has started well :)

(08:08:27) @brennig the COSSH cupboard? :D

(08:08:56) @RichHarkness Thanks, Richard. Coffee is contributing to my recovery...

(08:09:11) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin YES!

(08:09:27) RT @106jack: “@syzygy: This morning I mostly feel like death with a generous coating of creosote.” Which is also the recipe for making J ...

(08:11:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo I'll do my best! May have to take a hot water bottle to work!

(08:12:08) @BeachBelles What could possibly go wrong? :D

(09:50:56) @ellewadding Thank you :) The sun is streaming through the window, and I'm eyeing up the Lemsip greedily :)

(09:51:11) @freemp31 I like your thinking. Waterproof and warm! :)

(10:39:22) @lloydbayley Hope you had a good dinner. Thanks for the mention on RR - can I play you a song tomorrow morning? :)

(10:51:22) @lloydbayley That is a formidable choice, sir :)

(10:53:41) @PrincessBagel @BluHairDesign Can you request that they make it BIGGER? Big hair is cool.

(10:54:48) @ellewadding And an equal challenge to concentrate once one hits the wall of warmth...

(10:58:47) @Manda_Jones Another go at 'happy birthday' right here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

(11:46:35) @PrincessBagel @BluHairDesign Please send photographic evidence of serpents/sleekness :)

(11:49:17) @shellzenner That was inside your kinder surprise? That's a bit rubbish! Not as good as the plane...

(12:03:27) @vobes A dog! :D

(12:22:46) @AnnaClare__ I completely empathise.

(14:33:03) RT @Dr_Angrybones: I've just seen an advert in my local newspaper.

(14:33:43) @RichHarkness Cool! What are you using to write it?

(16:53:20) @mostlygeordie @businessBoris Is the Chef from South Park there or something?

(16:53:36) @leica0000 It's a frankly priceless queue.

(17:09:50) @leica0000 Quite quite fascinating! :)

(17:10:05) @leica0000 (And a great song.. may have to play it tonight!)

(17:20:44) @EwenRankin I think the shimmy is due to the vibration of the blades causing a standing wave... you're bound to be able to correct it :)

(17:24:30) @EwenRankin Oh man... hope you can get it back to balance :)

(19:01:09) @intlBeige Ooh Fry and Laurie quote.. classy!

(19:01:43) @EwenRankin Hmm.. only what Google might suggest... I don't even know if shockmounting would help or hinder...

(19:08:03) At 10pm UK (6pm EDT) Late Night Loaf strides purposefully onto Mint FM, then trips over a twig. Tweet @LateNightLoaf with requests & rants!

(19:08:48) @EwenRankin @DarrenGriffin Now that's an engineering solution! :)

(19:10:33) @pearcen Thanks for the retweet! :)

(19:38:51) @smartie999 Lovely! Good for all seasons (except snow)

(19:41:56) @shellzenner *BIG HUG* You get a Soft Kitty dedicated to YOU today. Feel better soon x

(19:42:30) @PrincessBagel I am sure @BluHairDesign are very pleased with what they've done (they did your shoulders too? ;) )

(19:48:54) @PrincessBagel @BluHairDesign :D :D I wouldn't venture to suggest such a thing ;)

(20:37:22) @smartie999 Can I be backstop? :)

(21:46:02) @smartie999 @sm2n That is batty! :D

(22:05:24) @Tuglets GOod evenin'! :)

(22:05:50) @sm2n @1969Steve Good evening, gents! :)

(22:06:20) @smartie999 I'm playing radio stations on now if you're interested :)

(22:09:11) @Tuglets HIGH FIVES! (Or is that a gangster thing?)

(22:09:33) @fridgemagnet2 It's SKIFFLE.

(22:10:22) @clairerandall Evenin' Claire! :)

(22:11:27) @smartie999 HURRAH! :)

(22:15:09) @lloydbayley HURRAH! You're on next :)

(22:15:34) @lloydbayley THere were too many bread puns jamming up the @LateNightLoaf timeline ;)

(22:17:01) @lloydbayley Mate that is some serious dedication! Thank you :)

(22:17:14) @smartie999 I promise not to rock about too much ;)

(22:20:10) @Tuglets Bet it's not RYVITA CAKE! :)

(22:20:56) @johnny_winter @latenightloaf Yes. yes it is. NOT about Boots the Chemist. NO.

(22:28:56) @lloydbayley I just hope I got it right :)

(22:29:16) @Tuglets I do hope you're not expecting to sleep tonight! :D

(22:36:27) @smartie999 I'll put something on for you... what do you fancy? :)

(22:39:10) @Tuglets It's a trip that went badly badly wrong...

(22:40:25) @Tuglets Wilkinson! That's what I was rather awkwardly angling at! :D

(22:41:34) @smartie999 Heehee... Might put some Eva on in a bit :)

(22:44:41) @smartie999 HOLY CRAP! That's news? :D

(22:44:52) @smartie999 I am SO playing some Geri Halliwell in a bit :)

(22:49:25) @smartie999 If I could tell a newspaper to F right off, the Daily Mail would be it :D

(22:51:28) @RedMummy @smartie999 *chuckles* YES. It was that that riled me most especially :D

(22:58:57) @lloydbayley Heehee.. I could be as good as this one for sure.. (Bit rude :D)

(23:00:44) @mostlygeordie What are you waiting for? The pope? ;)

(23:02:51) @mostlygeordie heehee.. I can't really play Songpop any more - the commute is by car which makes it rather difficult :d

(23:04:52) @mostlygeordie Not in the slightest! :D

(23:10:38) @mostlygeordie (Sorry.. had to be brief.. the song I was playing was coming to an end.. safe now.. I'm playing Geri Halliwell now :D)

(23:14:14) @mostlygeordie Yeah.. one of the benefits of not having to get up at twenty to six in the morning :D

(23:14:51) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Oh no..! Did you miss your request?! I get so confused! :D

(23:20:45) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Did I play Ed's Funky Diner in the end..? I can't remember...

(23:21:19) @mostlygeordie Sorry. Not even waterlilies?

(23:26:40) @lloydbayley Absolutely amazing writer - and what a voice! :)

(23:27:06) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 It was hard to play it at all. That song is precious to me. It's like getting out my favourite jewellery :D

(23:31:41) @neilcochrane1 Which song's that..?

(23:31:50) @neilcochrane1 Is Poison..?

(23:32:17) @mostlygeordie Awww :/

(23:33:17) @lloydbayley This is Weird Al :) :)

(23:52:36) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness Heehee... You're all fine tech podcast folks :)

(23:52:46) @lloydbayley Oh fantastic! :)

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(11:02:36) Good morning. I'm still alive, which counts for something. I need to make a biscuit:walking ratio calculator. Then I can have MOAR BISCUITS.

(11:03:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Welcome back to Monday work! It's a cold one, though #windchill

(11:12:39) @striderpaul I shall get down to it! :D

(11:13:13) @lloydbayley Mornin' :) Current biscuit count: 1.. and a 10 minute walk. Doin' OK so far I think :D

(12:40:18) @fridgemagnet2 You've got snow..?! Is it too far to walk? Nice lunchtime stroll will do you the world of good :)

(12:40:58) If my calculations are correct, happy birthday @Manda_Jones :)

(13:05:41) It's interesting to know that Canadian teachers' pensions depend on people travelling through Kent.

(13:12:16) @brennig Another dubious fact same time tomorrow ;) [ ]

(13:12:56) Good heavens.. they have got snow on the south coast..!

(13:14:33) @Manda_Jones I'm celebrating your birthday for Australia, if not actually in Australia :D

(13:15:00) @Manda_Jones (Also: the date of appointments on my phone calendar is clearly not prominent enough :D) Hey, at least I'm the first, though ;)

(14:22:46) @LutonOnSunday YES.

(15:01:41) @chepbourne Glad to hear you're inside and - hopefully - good and warm!

(15:02:10) @Mad4mogzz We've just got grey/white skies and horrible horrible coldness! :)

(15:02:22) @fridgemagnet2 I shall order an upgrade.

(15:02:33) @Wymroyal Dreaming of a white Easter? :D

(16:28:17) @crabbyknickers I'm sure it won't be nearly as bad as you fear. Unless there is a ruckus.

(16:28:51) @effieoffie When do you get to go to the dentist? It seems like you've had this for days :/ x

(16:32:35) @fridgemagnet2 Hope you've got your chains on! :D

(16:38:24) @claw0101 I think @jGamet's name is spelt wrong in the show description, too. @EwenRankin will be in the naughty corner ;)

(19:38:11) @Richard_C You suspect correctly... Olivia is to me what Audrey Hepburn was to many. Thank you! Any chance of a bigger version? (wallpaper!)

(19:41:31) @SimplyTanny Butter -> non melting.

(19:54:06) @Richard_C Heehee... busy lady! No pressure, but wow... that photo has made my evening :)

(19:54:23) @SimplyTanny I am RUBBISH at telling off my two. It turns into a mickey taking session.

(20:10:32) @painted_duchess It's pronounced "Trainee" ;)

(20:10:47) @thatsjustme0 Splish splash :)

(20:24:57) @clairebland1 That may well make an appearance on tomorrow's Late Night Loaf - in the 'Get My Goat' section ;)

(20:25:37) @mostlygeordie I don't have Sky *cries*

(20:26:26) @willowHart Me too... my fingers are freezing! :D

(20:26:35) @Mad4mogzz Oh dear :|

(20:27:04) @fridgemagnet2 I thought "The Cascade" was a new sort of dance...

(20:28:05) @clairebland1 Oh NO!

(20:28:16) @clairebland1 This is totally going on the show (if that's OK?)

(20:28:33) @smartie999 Chin, indeed, chin :) x

(20:29:22) @Vanburger2 @fridgemagnet2 Is this for real? I thought it was just rubbish snow earlier! :D

(20:31:21) @clairebland1 What a numpty. "Happens all the time" = "That's fine, then"? :D

(20:32:58) @fridgemagnet2 Blimey. STAY IN YOUR HOME.

(20:33:15) @willowHart I've got a pair of fingerless ones upstairs... may have to fetch 'em out! :)

(20:36:01) @fridgemagnet2 I do hope it's right in the middle of the A259.

(20:40:58) @Richard_C One time I dreamt I was married to Sally Phillips. The next day I walked by her in the corridor at TVC and nearly said "Hi, love"

(20:43:05) @mostlygeordie @AccidentalP Heehee... I already do.. and I got 'Midmorning Matters' on DVD for Christmas... must watch that soon! :) :)

(20:48:08) @Vanburger2 @fridgemagnet2 Needs must!

(20:49:39) @Richard_C It was fairly early in the morning... had to snap myself out of it! :D

(22:12:46) @intlBeige That is intimate :)

(22:14:20) @qqtx ~chuckles~

(22:15:24) @claw0101 Been there. Put gin in it. I am a doctor (off the internet)

(22:23:38) @batwench @EwenRankin @pearcen I can do some banging tunes. banging.

(22:31:34) @pearcen @batwench @EwenRankin @paulums A half hour DJ set each.. how does that sound? :D

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(08:22:15) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner And to you :)

(08:22:31) @lloydbayley Oooh lovely!

(08:25:15) Happy Mothers' Day (UK) and Mothering Sunday. And, as I recall, Laetare Sunday. Have a lovely day.

(08:27:01) @kittybliss and to you :) @poots

(08:31:22) @Mad4mogzz @fishplatetwo Misread it... sorry! :D I should actually know when it is..! Happy Mother's Day to you :) :)

(08:32:21) @CosmicCoco @KSPARKGILL sounds perfectly fair to me.

(08:45:55) @Canojar Couldn't agree more. Bit much for this time of the morning!

(09:54:00) @MissyMWAC That's pretty neat! Isn't it, like, bonkers o'clock in the morning where you are? :/ x

(09:55:48) @Canojar Oh my. I hope it's all calmed down! :D

(09:57:21) @Moominstrudel Awww. If I was your hubby I would ask to postpone it to the day of your choice. Hang in there x

(09:58:19) @shellzenner I'm getting Rapunzel feelings :D

(09:58:38) @Moominstrudel :) :)

(10:00:42) @Canojar *chuckles* It's never too early for a gin in the bath :D :D

(14:42:22) #seemslegit

(18:51:48) RT @johndredge: my new video on Chortle today, Peter Pilbeam's Hotel Review.

(18:55:47) @KSPARKGILL @CosmicCoco Go on, then... how did you get on?

(18:59:44) @MissyMWAC I hope you are as happy as a pig in a poke :)

(19:00:22) @CosmicCoco @KSPARKGILL Perfect! :) I didn't expend much energy today and ate pizza, but now I am extremely tired. SCIENCE. #LazySunday

(19:20:23) @KSPARKGILL I am waiting for our medal presentation by @CosmicCoco ;)

(21:46:09) @pgnimmo I use windiff... I've got something slightly different on my work laptop. Otherwise, there's always Cygwin :) /cc @CalmWaters73

(21:58:18) If I am ill tomorrow, I will be well riled (that's what the young people say. Shame about 'vexed'.. scored more in scrabble...)

(22:13:33) G'night.

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(08:50:08) @daisythom Now that is something I'd like to see printed in the Lancet...

(08:51:18) @Canojar Morning, Cat :)

(08:51:51) @vobes Soon, I hope!

(08:52:27) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo A very happy Saturday to you too :) x

(08:52:43) @daisythom :D

(08:52:49) RT @daisythom: @syzygy I know! "Breaking: Vodka is good for you..."

(09:35:11) @Canojar Not too bad, thank you - need to crack on with the housework :) :) How about you?

(09:35:26) @vobes Listening to your latest NE... I really hope you can get out to do the churches soon!

(09:43:27) @Canojar :) :)

(10:17:57) @sm2n I've never seen that before... It has SUCH a Taylor Dayne sound on it... I've got Tell It To My Heart on 12" :D

(10:18:40) Thanks to @sm2n I've got this playing good and loud in the kitchen... house-music-tastic

(10:54:22) @ShortyMcStompy Can you go shopping with the match playing in your ears?

(11:26:07) @VoiceBo Will there ever be RSS feeds or easy playlists so I can play the latest VoiceBos from those I follow one after the other?

(11:26:25) @mostlygeordie Justified Muffins! :)

(12:04:36) @ShortyMcStompy Gah!

(12:05:19) @sm2n Cool! :) Not sure I was ever aware of the Cover Girls... I have been educated :)

(12:05:27) @mostlygeordie YOSS! :) :)

(12:30:33) @sm2n A bit less housey, that's for sure! :)

(12:33:00) All done with writing semi-pointless scripts... I guess I really should carry on with the housework...

(12:33:13) @mostlygeordie This is turning out to be a GOOD DAY :)

(13:59:09) @RobbieOn Thanks for letting me know, Rob! :)

(18:29:55) @sm2n Wow...! There is an app for EVERYTHING! :)

(19:18:49) I spend so much time socialising in the virtual world I have completely forgotten what a normal party is like. Real humans. Weird...

(20:07:28) @clairerandall Not sure... Bit if a sensory overload and nobody is talking to me :D

(20:08:44) @SimplyTanny I think, like travel & musical performance, it gets easier the more one does it. I am suffering serious inertia. Teenagerish.

(20:09:26) @JonBCFC Bit frightened.

(20:23:37) @clairerandall Awww thank you :)

(22:00:34) @SimplyTanny Glad it's not just me x

(22:01:15) Home now. I can smell the Captain, which is weird because HE IS NOY HERE.

(22:02:23) @ngyt_uk Congratulation!

(22:49:16) Comedy catch-up. The new @katywix & Anna Crilly thing (Anna and Katy) is the best comedy on telly at the mo. @WilliamAndrews - lucky bloke!

(23:01:12) @thatsjustme0 Good night lovely xx

(23:02:01) @LutonNewsConnie "Careful now... You might get a write-up!" :D

(23:05:39) @thatsjustme0 Slightly tipsy cuddles :) x

(23:10:04) @thelastleg #isitOK to tell me the name of the record on @adamhillscomedy's desk... Looks like a record on the Island label by the colour...

(23:12:49) @poots Please don't do any more than is sensible. Love you x

(23:14:24) Gon' bed. Yeh. night to you.

(23:20:05) @JonBCFC Good night, one.

(23:20:49) @effieoffie I really hope you sleep OK - sending painkillomg thoughts (or at least distractions!) X

(23:21:05) @effieoffie Painkilling.. Sorry..!

(23:29:50) @lsrwLuke Rest well, sir! @JonBCFC

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(09:18:46) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Friday to you, too :) #FF

(09:47:37) @EwenRankin @PGKonig "This video is private" :/

(10:18:22) @mostlygeordie @Dropbox Yes, they are :)

(11:17:13) @EwenRankin @PGKonig @johnny_winter Nice one - like the 'birds-eye view' :)

(11:51:56) @IPTechShark Are you back to full speed now? Please don't fall off anything this weekend :)

(12:32:56) @sparkyannc Nice article. Your link to "They Work For You" needs an http:// on the front...

(12:54:35) @BeachBelles I've never been to a Greggs.

(14:58:20) @vobes @LilyShambles How about 'and then he woke up and it was only a dream'? (Not helping much, am i? :D)

(15:56:30) @LilacNun Da*ly Ma*l statistics. As reliable as a crimplene crash helmet.

(15:56:44) @mostlygeordie A weetweet?

(16:12:01) @naomisusi Exactly that happened to me earlier, thwarting my Raspberry Pi order till I chose some more. That I can remember. @johnny_winter

(16:25:49) @BeachBelles Thank you for this SCIENCE.

(16:26:19) @johnny_winter Ooh! I may have to have a rummage later... thank you :)

(19:21:04) @birdfortytwo Isn't that, well, pink?

(19:27:05) @birdfortytwo Work your way through the spectrum. Can you get infrared wine?

(19:30:53) I have been carrying this apple around all day. At some stage I believe I'll feel like eating it. After writing "1/5" on it. With a sharpie.

(21:22:25) This week's @LateLateLoaf is now in the MintFM archives, awaiting a strong, sweet cup of tea and a good listening-to.

(21:45:58) @Vanburger2 GREAT TUNE! :)

(21:47:37) The noisiest bits of this week's @latenightloaf in AudioBoo format... via @audioboo

(21:58:05) @Vanburger2 Thanks, Mr Van :) You are too kind - and it is presenters like you who inspire me :)

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(07:19:38) @washmysocks31 Morning... definitely on the damp side! How are your DMs today?

(07:19:51) @Chocohalix Goood morning :)

(10:06:45) Today I am mostly being distracted by the aroma of new fabric conditioner we're using. It reminds me of visiting family friends as a kid.

(10:08:16) @washmysocks31 I had no end of trouble with Tweetdeck the other day... it seems to be hit and miss whether it tweets at all. Frustrating!

(10:08:43) @poots @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner And the very same to you. Time for a cup of tea, I think.

(10:42:10) @Thehappyfatgirl Can't think of Shakespear's sister without this coming into my head..

(10:42:38) @ThatAgnes We've got it recorded... :)

(10:43:01) @markhort @perrygascoine I'll give you a tenner if you drop it down the stairs..

(10:43:29) @markhort PS We will have to rename the team "Perry's Skivvies" :D @perrygascoine

(10:59:47) @ThatAgnes Definitely worth sticking with, then... we found the same with Trollied - series 2 was fantastic! :)

(11:00:00) @perrygascoine @markhort :D :D

(11:25:33) @SoreenHQ My wife is a splendid mum - she's the sensible parent, and puts up with the crazy ideas the children and I have! #SquidgeonSunday

(11:29:17) @theollymann The whole of Eastbourne smells like chips.

(11:57:44) @shellzenner I'd say so.

(12:25:58) Oh dear me. I really should listen when people tell me their names at a call centre. Completely forgot. Guessed. Bit of a faux pas. Oops.

(12:26:36) @inkyhands Industrious! :)

(12:27:13) @OmarRaza Oh man. You're going through the mill at the moment, but to achieve the greatest highs, you must hit the lows. Better will come.

(12:29:15) My daily stats: I tweeted. I appreciated tweets and replies. I have no need to count (via #qualityoffollowersnotquantity)

(16:11:35) @R2UK :) :) Maybe a little 'passive aggressive' but for me, Twitter's not a competition :)

(16:12:04) @OmarRaza Soon you'll be giving it all the "YOSSS!" I'm sure :)

(17:18:13) Been a bit of a scripty day. If it's hundreds of thousands of lines of data, I am well at home.

(17:50:22) @helerelereno *high fives* (making sure you have put the spaghetti down first :D)

(17:50:37) @JonBCFC YUM

(17:51:05) @K_whawell @audioboo Epic machine, all told.

(20:09:33) @mostlygeordie @LilacNun *smirks*

(20:14:03) @JonBCFC He's playing some bizarre version of Portal 2 :D @nxmee

(20:15:45) @oliwia_s n'night! :)

(20:16:00) @JonBCFC It's a great game - much longer play! :) @nxmee

(20:22:34) @JonBCFC Ooh.. I shall take a look at that! @nxmee

(20:24:50) @JonBCFC lordy... 4.5GB!? Crazy days. @nxmee

(20:25:57) @nxmee I knew that *shame* @JonBCFC

(20:28:35) RT @batwench: @PrincessBagel Oh Missus where are you for The Big Show on @BritishTech Network

(21:58:56) @jgamet Another fine contribution this evening, sir - thank you! :)

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(00:05:33) @johnny_winter *dies a little with happiness* Are we going to have to set aside a special Claudia Corner on the show..? ;)

(00:06:20) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex - for your company and for your support :) Night! :)

(00:07:39) @johnny_winter 1985... what a year. What. A. Year!

(00:09:07) If you joined me for @LateNightLoaf this evening THANK YOU for your company. It's been fun and wouldn't be anything without you :) Night!

(08:19:11) @PaulEdwards_ I like to play :)

(08:28:34) RT @stephencgrant: Other words: "Hey naïve, your letter 'i' should have two dots, not one!" Naïve: "Really? OK, I'll change it!" Other w ...

(08:29:07) @fridgemagnet2 Did anyone see you? Video it? #YBF #250quid

(08:29:30) @Dreamy_lyrics Morning :) Don't mind if I do! :)

(08:32:39) Y'know when you remove a bunch of files from the /boot partition because it's getting full, and then do a reboot... and hope? That.

(08:32:52) Phew. That is an analogy for life (probably)

(08:34:00) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner good morning at an entirely non-#Binaish hour :)

(10:25:49) @pearcen @johnny_winter I must get that Mixcloud RSS feed thing sorted...

(10:39:33) @washmysocks31 Seems rooms (and furniture & sweet course) can have many names... one of my Australian tweeps calls his sofa a 'lounge'...

(10:40:11) @washmysocks31 Although I've not heard dessert referred to as 'lounge'. One would never countenance eating Spotted Dick in the sitting room.

(10:42:33) @BaronHawkey Mornin' BH :)

(10:43:13) @washmysocks31 Nope..

(10:44:05) @washmysocks31 Different strokes for different hemispheres, I guess :)

(11:18:30) @washmysocks31 Fair enough :) :)

(11:18:57) @BaronHawkey Ticking along, thank you. I have had LOTS of coffee this morning :D

(11:29:38) I look forward, maybe just once in my life, to a day that can be best described using this picture:

(11:30:26) In other news, is there a more cheerful looking front of a car than the Mazda MX5?

(11:42:59) @joanneh234 It comes from this, rather delightfully unhinged, site:

(12:16:27) @joanneh234 Ooh... now that takes some thought - I will ponder on it over lunch :D

(12:29:40) @connorwalsh Good heavens... yes!

(13:01:11) @sm2n set using roland kit.. Nice! TM404 for@robbooth's Electronic Explorations (via @MooseAllain)

(15:24:24) @zsk That is inexplicable!

(16:05:17) Tired now.

(16:09:37) I'm a little excited about @DunlopBTCC kicking off again at the end of the month... it co-incides with @poots's birthday, though.. hmm :D

(16:10:08) @smartie999 You need to be driven about. Like Miss Daisy except by Parker out of Thunderbirds.

(16:55:33) @BaldExplorer @ComChanTV Congratulations! Looking forward to the latest episode :)

(17:08:45) @poots Interesting choice.. I knew about drama, but electronics isn't running? :/

(17:46:54) @willowHart Nobody deserves to be treated like that. I hope you have the self-respect to know you are unique and brilliant. x

(17:52:46) @willowHart xxx

(19:54:30) I know what I would buy if I had a million quid: an extensive spice rack.

(19:56:01) @jo_whit might join you...

(20:00:26) and a centrifuge.

(21:35:34) @AlexGFox That is a splendid amount. I could be mad about Saffron...

(21:36:15) @AlexGFox I would love to - it would suit me better too! I will work on it :)

(21:36:59) @Tuglets YES! A long narrow one :)

(21:37:14) @dj_monkeyboy I shall check on Amazon...

(21:37:36) @ibookery Stirred...

(21:38:14) @BeachBelles Can I move into your dream? I promise not to drop the spice rack..!

(22:06:10) @AlexGFox No worries - I'm watching science on the telly....

(22:06:35) @BeachBelles Some of it. some.

(22:08:23) @MintFM @1969Steve Tuning in on my way to bed... Yeah!

(22:10:13) @BeachBelles I was there from the beginning... I kinda miss it :)

(22:12:08) @BeachBelles They're great guys - very passionate about the music... it's good to be around such inspirational people :)

(22:13:07) @BeachBelles (I looked after their playout system.. The 6music iTunes library, if you like :) )

(22:14:35) @ngyt_uk Well dome for making it to the end of another busy day! And thank you for the positive contribution you make to Lenni's life :)

(22:15:49) @BeachBelles :) :) You are right about radio. For sure. (Except Heart and Capital)

(22:16:34) @mostlygeordie Oooooo!

(22:17:24) @BeachBelles There is a scientific reason for that (it's processed to make it 'the loudest station on the dial'... Ooch!)

(22:18:30) @mostlygeordie Please never apologise for a witticism... please never take my reaction as criticism :)

(22:19:13) @ngyt_uk You're welcome :) rest well!

(22:19:45) @BeachBelles Because mix means variety...!

(22:21:07) @fidunn D'oh!

(22:22:15) Right. I have had too many biscuits. This means it is time for bed. Night night :)

(22:22:31) @washmysocks31 Noooooo!

(22:25:18) @washmysocks31 I guess it depends if you can recreate the issue on another computer or device... If so, it's your account... How annoying!

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(07:40:30) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning :) Hope it's a fab Tuesday!

(07:41:04) @lloydbayley Fantastic :) Looking forward to playing some tunes at you! @MintFM

(07:42:31) @106jack Nah... most of them have been Justin time...

(08:10:14) @Matildamouse A non-hairy Dave..? Whatever next!

(08:14:34) @lloydbayley All geared up to go?

(10:14:49) Drove the Crazy Robot Car in to work this morning... bit of a Tuesday treat, having cruise control and buttons that go beep. Thanks, @poots!

(10:15:51) @LDNLutonAirport What the heck are you on about? :D

(10:59:43) @LDNLutonAirport But it's Tuesday... (And I'm doing a daft radio show at 10pm)

(11:00:37) @lloydbayley I do believe you've got one, too (from the beeps in RR!) we have one of the first ones made, and it does SO many cool things.

(11:59:40) @peasbloss Can't say I blame you - it's lovely out! :)

(12:19:06) @JamesCridland It's a bit like "audioboo" which sometimes 'corrects' to "audiobook"

(13:22:16) @RubyBobbles Uhoh.. hang in there! #nosenseofdirection #ifeelyourdisorientation

(13:53:28) There's a very warm welcome at Watford Junction for someone called Murphy...

(14:11:46) @andytuk I'll get them to make one that says "Taylor" just in case ;)

(14:11:57) @batwench Indeed... I'll get a porter ;)

(15:02:25) @jackseale Kevin Eldon's radio show was brilliant, too - but overlooked (t'was ever so with wireless) @govindajeggy

(15:02:51) @Matildamouse :) :) :)

(15:09:52) @Matildamouse If it is what I think it is, BRILLIANT! :) Hence beard trimmage, eh? (Celebratory or preparatory.. haven't worked it out yet!)

(15:10:10) @Bubble2009 @stopsleyvicar @GHOGIT He's a good man :)

(15:31:44) @verso I saw this on the car I parked behind this morning and thought of you :)

(16:47:37) @batwench Good heavens... he likes to make himself welcome, eh? :D

(16:47:50) @verso Heehee... I'll try ;)

(16:49:19) @verso The perfect birthday gift ;)

(17:37:49) @AlexGFox @batwench *applauds*

(17:55:53) @brennig Comedy night in Birmingham?

(17:57:20) @nausea18 I am SO playing that tonight! :)

(18:03:20) @poots It's a lovely sound, isn't it? :) Heading home imminently.. got a bit lost in scripting :) x

(20:50:26) @brennig Ah. Ah yes... :D

(20:51:05) Show prepping like a boss. An incompetent one. Oh that takes me back.

(20:51:40) @mostlygeordie I'm clearly not watching what you are..! Care to explain the 'belly buttons' thing..? :/

(21:51:57) RT @MintFM: James will be here at the top of the hour with the Late Night Loaf

(21:56:05) @stu4art Oh man.. that's some crazy training! Sleep well when you do! :)

(21:59:40) Woo.. @dj_monkeyboy has played some cracking tunes this evening, but I'm not sure about the intro... :D

(22:02:27) @fridgemagnet2 Nice LOAF! :)

(22:02:41) @clairebland1 Evenin' Claire! Welcome abroad :D

(22:03:30) @fridgemagnet2 Do you have, like, Synaesthesia or something? :D

(22:03:51) @1969Steve Evenin' Steve! You get your weekly mention later ;)

(22:10:58) @AlexGFox YES! Is it a legal requirement to be in distress? :)

(22:23:33) @neilcochrane1 I could give you a quote... "Have at ye, varlet!" :D @johnny_winter

(22:24:31) @AlexGFox @PrincessBagel *blushes*

(22:24:56) @PrincessBagel G'night. Feel better soon! :)

(22:41:04) @Tone_720 Bublé has. I don't think Bieber actually exists.

(22:42:32) @neilcochrane1 I don't think he is ;) @johnny_winter

(22:44:28) @intlBeige @Tone_720 Evenin' both! :)

(22:49:52) @lloydbayley Hello! :) :)

(22:54:12) @lloydbayley *chuckles* :D

(23:06:26) @johnny_winter I will play KLF until you stop mentioning ;)

(23:07:41) @johnny_winter That's pretty cool :D

(23:14:24) @johnny_winter Haha... did they have a camera? :D

(23:15:51) @johnny_winter CHOON! :)

(23:16:06) @lloydbayley Hahaha! Great word :D

(23:20:23) @johnny_winter I shall have to do a reverby version of that :D

(23:25:10) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness @johnny_winter Nuthin'. Something about KLF..

(23:27:24) @johnny_winter Thanks, Johnny! :)

(23:31:52) @johnny_winter It wasn't Wing last week ;)

(23:32:48) @johnny_winter I think it was @pearcen ... he played it on his show, I think...

(23:33:23) @lloydbayley It's very special.

(23:35:29) @lloydbayley Oh that was wrong. There's one of these every week, I'm afraid :D

(23:45:27) @johnny_winter The best things come to those who wait. @neilcochrane1

(23:53:44) @neilcochrane1 Any particular song? He's done a lot of great tunes! :)

(23:57:44) @lloydbayley Thank you, Lloyd - it's so great to know you've listened and enjoyed it! :) Thank you for your company :)

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(07:59:40) @PaulEdwards_ Morning :)

(10:22:57) @neilcochrane1 Haven't had Nestlé product since I was a student...

(11:01:29) Treating myself to a big mug of tea. Mmmm. Otherwise it's a fairly typical Monday. Monday. Something something to me.

(12:31:17) @RuthBlackett Heh :D

(12:37:11) @alicearnold1 What a kind neighbour you are :)

(13:00:40) @skullfunkerry Gosh! I hope you had a strong cup of tea after that trauma!

(14:36:51) @crabbyknickers It's a bit purple. I'd call it 'tanned blackcurrant'..

(15:18:35) @emmafurious @crabbyknickers I can see purple in everything. I have SPECIAL* ABILITIES

(15:45:51) @leica0000 Wetherspoo. That kinda works :D

(16:12:10) @sparkyannc I am a big fan of PasswordSafe... much better than a bit of paper and my brain :)

(16:12:41) @sparkyannc That said, most things are better than my brain. Cake. Chocolate. Suburu Imprezas. Stamps.

(16:12:57) @LilythePurr It's 4pm...

(16:25:48) @smartie999 @sparkyannc *coughs* I couldn't possibly comment.

(16:26:04) @smartie999 I love your marshmallows.

(16:45:22) @abbieseed For what it's worth, if it's Windows, you have "Wordpad" - start -> run -> Wordpad. Saves RTF files.. usable :) @thisistomgreen

(16:45:34) @crabbyknickers SO. COOL.

(16:56:50) @poots I love the last four characters of your bio. Next challenge: a 10 character summary of your epigenetic make-up.

(17:03:05) @RadioKate @esa EXCITING! :)

(19:06:38) It may only be me who's considering ditching @ThreeUK due to their attempt at viral advertising. I paid for that. May well go to GiffGaff.

(19:10:22) Lenni, while struggling to motivate herself to do her homework: "Life! Why does it have to exist..?" Me: "Sorry."

(19:11:18) Need to do some show prep. That nonsense doesn't utter itself, y'know...

(19:31:56) @starr67 Thanks for the tip - most of the rest of my family do, too! :D

(19:32:10) @Mad4mogzz Makes sense, then!

(19:32:26) @goitsagch I may just dip my foot in - that's the benefit of Pay As You Go! :)

(19:37:08) RT @trevypoos: I am also looking for a charity advert for each episode, which will be absolutely free. Please contact me if you are inte ...

(19:37:47) @Superblouse Dining trousers.

(19:44:08) @starr67 That's why my two have giff gaff... so they can call their mum for free :) :)

(19:50:19) @goitsagch Good point. Tempted to use Three for data (because tethering is free on PAYG) and Giff Gaff for calls... tricky one, eh? :D

(20:09:09) There is a special noise we make when Eastenders inadvertently comes on the telly. It's one of those really visceral, sickened noise...

(20:11:06) @Mad4mogzz I have struggled with questions to the extent that commentary has begun on appearance amd names... :D

(20:12:22) @koshkajay you and @gugucachoo are of the same mind! :D (and in good company!)

(20:16:20) @koshkajay @gugucachoo Who needs 3D... That would sell it for me! :D

(20:21:25) @dellama That really shouldn't be allowed to happen.

(20:39:18) @gill_bee Yay :) It's been a sleepy day for me...

(20:59:55) @MissyMWAC Oh my.. I can't work and watch movies at the same time. In fact, I can't do anything and watch movies... :D

(21:00:28) @gill_bee It could be a lot worse..! :)

(21:16:08) @Tuglets Orange

(21:43:11) @Tuglets Any time... :)

(21:45:45) Taking myself and a pocketcastful of podcasts to bed with me. A demain, parcel de sealion,

(21:46:48) @cyberdonkey In the dark. Always. Night!

(21:47:00) Pelmet.

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(00:12:19) @pearcen Ahhh.. I love Wing's musical stylings :) I don't believe she is anything like Yoko Ono :D

(09:58:56) @effieoffie Oh dear...

(10:08:13) @effieoffie Oh no :/ I hope it's nothing serious.. really not what you need before tomorrow :|

(10:09:30) Good morning. In an adjective noun way.

(10:11:47) @thatsjustme0 Hope your Sunday is looking quite quite splendid :) As are you! x

(11:01:12) @lloydbayley Evening, sir :)

(11:02:02) @effieoffie Posh cannibals... it's a movie all if its own: D

(14:14:00) @stu4art Nope... can't say I ever saw that ad! :D

(14:14:18) Time, I think, for swimbling.

(16:49:46) @leica0000 Splashin' about :)

(16:49:59) @Tone_720 Within the restrictions of a municipal pool :)

(16:57:35) Bit chloriney now. Serving hot chocolate to the children. It's appropriate.

(16:57:59) @sparkyannc What's a POD?

(16:58:12) @thatsjustme0 D'oh! Hope you get your nap soon!

(17:04:41) Lenni bought herself some new swimming goggles... can't think why they appealed :D

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(08:52:32) I've just discovered @BritPublicRadio on @Audioboo - speech and content-rich audio that is of a really high quality.

(08:54:03) - I know my audio, but I learned something from this.

(08:55:27) @cyberdonkey HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON THERE! :)

(09:00:11) Is it wrong to be in awe of folk who have synaesthesia?

(09:01:47) @DJChrisBerrow Excellent piece on music and tone on @britpublicradio :) I may well have seen you in Western House when I worked at Auntie :)

(09:04:58) @pearcen :) :)

(09:05:27) @mand2004 @aFriendlyDaddy Some fine work by Mr @WilliamOrbit.

(09:09:12) @zany_zigzag Heehee... indeed! I imagine some experiences could be somewhat uncmofortable! :D

(09:09:26) @pearcen Hahaha! True.. :D

(09:09:44) @Tone_720 That's the one. Or senses are conflated.. amazing piece of cerebral wiring...

(09:11:50) @James_Deacon Dafty.

(09:13:49) @griffinkate James Brown?

(09:14:46) Right. Shower -> Laundry -> Tidy -> ing -> Paperwork -> Generally being excellent (if I get to that bit). Where "->" represents Twitter.

(13:30:11) "Hello. I just saw a student get up and go to the fridge for some chocolate milk. Yes. They actually…

(14:04:30) @shellzenner @freshnet Mmmm pie. @pichorlton

(14:14:28) @IPTechShark Not bad at all, thank you - been busy tidying, hoovering and washing this morning.. editing audio this afternoon. How's you? x

(14:15:02) @IPTechShark PS Normally I find 5p or 2p coins in my housework ventures.. today I hit the jackpot - an unopened tube of Pringles YEAH :D

(14:15:27) @lsrwLuke Heh.. it was more to illustrate my lack of ability to focus on what I should be doing ;)

(14:15:56) @DJChrisBerrow @britpublicradio @podacademy Fantastic! I shall have a listen and a subscribe! :)

(14:16:26) @perrygascoine Excellent news! And a lot less to carry than the speakers! ;) Seeya Monday :)

(14:16:43) @perrygascoine Oh. Oh no. You couldn't have been further wrong :D

(14:17:00) @AlexGFox I wonder what beige sounds like. @intlBeige ...

(14:17:10) @griffinkate Stay on the scene.

(14:19:38) Done with the cleaning (except one load of washing). Got an email about twoo. Not sure whether I approve. Anyone on Twoo?

(14:23:42) @richardallinson @BBCRadio2 Ephemeral music..? Could you please play Howard Jones - Pearl In The Shell?

(14:24:00) @poots YAY! :) I hope you can relax this afternoon x

(14:26:02) Things that bother me a bit: websites that, when you click the 'back' button, don't go to the previous referring site, but refresh theirs.

(14:49:12) @Barwickgreen @SkypeSupport Nightmare! It's the fact that when you run it up it gives you no choice that bothers me.. :|

(15:01:14) 'That thing we do'... the click of the torch via @audioboo #familylife #habits

(15:14:46) @thisistomgreen *chuckles*

(16:27:09) RT @latenightloaf: Late Night Loaf - 26th February 2013 via @audioboo

(16:40:57) @Sk287 I miss you xxx

(16:42:14) Tuesday's Late Night Loaf is now available to hear again on the Mint FM Archive: - always wear protective equipment.

(16:43:31) @Sk287 Saving chocolate and treats until I see you next. And hugs x

(17:03:27) @ellewadding Yup yup yup.. never going back there*! :D

(17:03:53) @johnny_winter :) :) Thanks again!

(17:30:02) @RichHarkness @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter @latenightloaf Huzzah :) A bit of rss jiggery/pokery :)

(17:34:49) @106jack You missed the bit about slopey eyes. Maybe that's because [a] it doesn't begin with 'P' and [b] HAHAHAHAHAHA!

(17:54:06) @IPTechShark That is a quite lovely photo :) I love swans (insert something about them breaking the Queen's arm)

(18:03:11) @IPTechShark I think my real camera's been out of its bag once this year. Pringles? Hmm. Thought they were paprika. Nope: thai sweet chilli.

(18:07:12) @IPTechShark Not sure at this stage... The tube's the same colour.. I just didn't look carefully enough :D

(18:11:12) @IPTechShark :) :) I know for a fact it'll likely only be me and my son who eat them, so that's a bonus ;)

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(07:14:38) RT @Zyote: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 - Harlem Shake video is awesome! -

(07:20:11) @helenduffett Congratulations to you and your team. It was all done with Duffett Power :)

(07:21:02) @lloydbayley Not a good way to end the day... hope you relax before bedtime...

(07:21:50) @vobes Morning. Good stuff!

(07:34:31) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Morning, and a happy #FF :)

(07:35:34) @vobes I hope you have a really satisfying day... it's good to hear you're on the front foot :)

(07:36:01) @lloydbayley Nice glass of something cold and refreshing?

(07:37:03) @jasonplato Wishing your munchkin well...

(07:38:45) Preparing for the first taste of coffee of the day. Yum. Morning, anyway.

(07:39:25) @Canojar I love your Twitter bio :)

(07:40:09) @willowHart Morning :) They kept you waiting all of yesterday..? Book!

(07:40:28) @willowHart Or even: Nooo!

(07:40:59) @washmysocks31 Good morning. Still grey here. White rabbits!

(07:42:01) Happy Dave Day. Especially aimed at @GHOGIT, who is the Davest person I know.

(07:42:35) @alnicholl77 Great to look at, though, I'm sure! Morning :)

(07:45:36) @washmysocks31 The cat, I am sure, is a much more suitable recipient :) Have a lovely day :)

(07:46:46) @willowHart I hope so! Please keep the Twitters informed :) As for March.. lighter evenings, leaves and flowers.. what's not to love? :) :)

(07:47:27) @Tuglets Morning, Janet. A rather damp one here, but spring is on the way... Honest?!

(07:48:03) @crabbyknickers Thanks, Cath :D

(07:48:18) @crabbyknickers Kath.

(07:48:44) @alnicholl77 Gosh..I'll bet!

(07:51:12) @miz_shake68 Morning :) You too!

(07:51:40) @PrincessBagel Morning PB :)

(07:52:38) @thatsjustme0 Run! Flail! Pandemonium! Morning :)

(07:53:20) @brennig Morning. I am edified.

(08:19:21) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Got me!

(08:21:56) @Podquiz Great music connections round this week - definitely needed the clue, though... it was obvious when you said that! :D 12/20 :)

(08:22:36) @podquiz Oops on the Bankok question (although I would've got it otherwise! :D)

(08:22:58) Off to work. And today, I'm packing SALAD. (no leeks)

(08:26:42) WANT: (tweeted yesterday by a fine twitterer.. can't remember who.. sorry!)

(08:32:03) In your own time, then... #daffodils #stdavidsday #distinctlackofsunshine

(08:54:30) Motorcyclist hurtling down the middle of a traffic merge lane, you are an idiot.

(09:52:52) @Thehappyfatgirl Mild thing...

(09:57:58) @EwenRankin A perfectly executed J-turn, I think you'll find. Those tyre marks will be immortalised. @poots

(09:58:09) @pearcen Indeed.

(09:58:23) @Vanburger2 Oh *applaud*

(09:58:41) @PrincessBagel Leaning, rather desperately, towards sunlight...

(09:59:02) @CalmWaters73 I'm all out of loaf...

(10:03:59) @Canojar Aaah :)

(10:04:48) @poots It was perfect timing... I was just at the J10 roundabout so not committed at that point :) :)

(10:05:17) @jarbennett You're loveable too :) x #FF

(10:15:57) @lloydbayley It's a good thing to do.

(10:16:53) @ellewadding Absolutely. Speaking of which, are you having train nightmares today? I hear rumours the Euston-MK line is borked.

(10:19:03) @lloydbayley Me neither. Always something to distract me. I should read more, too. Don't let me keep you from your nothinging!

(10:20:49) @ellewadding Hurrah for home. I drive to Watford so I'm OK (although, of course, I have the M1 to thwart me on occasion :D)

(10:21:24) @batwench Good luck! :) I need to re-install Windows on my machine at home...

(11:10:38) @Thehappyfatgirl Das ist Numberwang! :D

(11:12:30) One #FF from me today - the wonderful @thecabinstudio. An inspiration.

(11:13:09) @AlexGFox Oooops. That reminds me, actually - I need to make a phone call :D

(11:31:41) "The key experiential question of Google Glass isn’t what it’s like to wear them, it’s what it’s like to be around someone... wearing them."

(11:32:54) @claw0101 Gosh that is DARK!

(11:33:37) @claw0101 @pearcen I am very much enjoying imagining that. Can you mention the Harlem Shake on your next Here'n'There podcast? :)

(11:37:19) (My previous quote on Google Glass comes from here: - via @PaulLomax and @wimleers )

(11:42:41) @claw0101 You are on form today, sir! :)

(11:51:03) @maznu We all have one of those cables... just not always labelled like that :D @boggits

(12:02:34) Just sittin' there. In the fridge. With milk in. The mind boggles...

(12:24:49) @eddiemair I absolutely LOVED this!

(12:25:56) This, for me, typifies the best of @BBCRadio4 - - not least because @eddiemair is on it.

(12:28:08) RT @BBCRadio4: Terry Pratchett's Eric starts on Weds with Mark Heap as Rincewind. Listen to a preview clip: #disc ...

(12:47:24) Got to love @UK2 - they sponsor the @BritishTech network AND have great deals on web hosting and such things.

(13:36:22) @AndersUk I can't listen to that without thinking of a Daily Mail column read though a megaphone.

(13:39:07) @AndersUk It used to be "The Cat Litter On Sunday" :D A radio feature that lends itself to such instrumentation.

(13:41:35) Finally getting round to listening to @shellzenner actually live on @AmazingRadio ... I need to do better :D

(13:45:49) @shellzenner @amazingradio *slaps wrist on your behalf*

(13:58:16) @RuthBlackett Bacon?

(13:58:32) @IPTechShark What's amiss?

(14:00:13) @IPTechShark Ahh. I do that sometimes. I shall move on as quickly as possible :) How's your bumps & bruises?

(14:01:31) I love this. Too. (via @AstroKatie and @TotKat)

(14:02:10) @IPTechShark Really glad to hear it.. I am desperate for some swimming exercise.. might take the children this weekend :) Not bad, ta :)

(14:03:34) @angelofthenorf @YPLAC CLASSIC C-ery.

(14:08:42) @shellzenner Audio processing is really heavy. I'm finding listening to @amazingradio a little fatiguing... maybe it's my ears. Or earbuds.

(14:10:54) @andytuk Cool! :) What joystick were you using to play the Spectrum games on Fuse?

(14:11:42) @shellzenner @amazingradio Maybe it's just modern music :D

(14:31:57) @bernardvedith @amazingradio AGREED. Not just her voice, to be honest... @shellzenner is 100% gorgeous.

(14:32:23) @BeachBelles Congratulations :)

(14:39:55) @hooker1uk Wow!

(15:09:57) @MuddyTurnip o no! Feel better soon, please x

(15:11:05) @RobJD @GibboGib It was between J10 & 10A, where the northbound offslip merges to one lane.. frightening enough when I'm driving a car!

(16:05:30) @poots I'll come home as soon as I can and cook us something nice for tea x

(16:13:33) @poots okey doke, my darling. I hope you can rest this evening xxx

(16:22:56) @simon_toon @poots Heh. I was thinking more prawn stir fry (that never happened last night due to time constraints...)

(16:46:38) @fridgemagnet2 You're not living by the run-off from Pebsham Tip any more... you'll be safe, surely?

(17:20:13) @IPTechShark You've had a week. Comfort.

(19:18:02) @LilacNun Have you gone wrong? First boredom, now this. Help is at hand if be needs be.

(19:19:30) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @jgamet @batwench @paulums @_windrider @pearcen @MMFlint ~chuckles~ Monsieur Zuckerbourg.

(19:20:37) @LilacNun No better place to do it than on Twitter. You will (or may) look back on this and remember. Fortunately, you're among friends.

(19:22:59) I learned what a 'bridge camera' is today. I'm fairly sure they weren't called that before.

(19:24:40) Estimating the size of a musical instrument by the sound of its name. Piccolo. Bassoon. FRENCH HORN. Kudos to @nxmee for the concept.

(19:49:52) Do Ski still make yogurt? Yoghurt?

(19:52:13) @smartie999 ~high fives~

(19:52:47) @mostlygeordie YUP!

(19:53:08) @Tone_720 Hm. More the sound it makes...

(19:53:21) @2danceis2dream2 HORN.

(19:53:41) @Vanburger2 I did not know that..!

(19:55:07) @goitsagch I have no idea. Apparently they still do, but they're Nestlé...

(19:55:34) @LilyShambles Glad it's not just me. Beth tells me they are...

(19:58:10) @ajlanghorn Ta! Saves a trip to the ol' asdasas.

(20:15:26) Like a fox (like a fooooox) on our drive. Must play that song next week.

(20:16:49) @AlexGFox You're on our drive..? :D

(20:18:04) @AlexGFox Hope you're able to relax now :)

(20:19:55) Watching @charltonbrooker's Weekly Wipe. I'm not sure I could have hated news any more, but he managed to help with that.

(20:23:57) @AlexGFox Glad to hear it - hope you do get to spend some time with the other Foxes soon!

(20:25:11) @IPTechShark Here for ya x

(20:43:37) @AlexGFox @drhappymac Real name? Please tell!

(21:44:41) @BeachBelles Some people might get sicked on...

(21:51:55) @AlexGFox I shall have to remember that. Just as I have failed to do with the full names of Scooby Doo's pals... Thank you!

(21:52:58) @IPTechShark I am eating cashew nuts in sympathy. And will go swimming on Sunday :) Smile! x

(22:18:16) Television opining... am I alone in thinking Alan Carr is too screechy to watch? Also, I reckon the theme tune to QI doesn't really fit it..

(22:20:53) @Superblouse Covers band? Please keep Twitter updated with track choices. And more photos :)

(22:22:47) @johnny_winter @latenightloaf It's on the list of doings for tomorrow... spending time with Beth this evening :)

(22:23:15) @fiverscarrot :) :)

(22:24:06) @paulums my heavens...

(22:58:29) @Mangowe Thank you for the reassurance! I do love Twitter for the many like minds :)

(23:01:29) @paulums @pearcen Oh. Oh my. We can get you help...

(23:04:16) @PontoonDock oh that was horrible probably something @jonholmes1 did. He is amusing but evil.

(23:05:13) @andytuk @giagia @laurenlaverne @AMAZONUK @hollybrocks Seconded.

(23:05:50) @RubyBobbles How rude :p Night :)

(23:06:08) @johnny_winter :) :)

(23:08:39) This train terminates at Sleepington, calling at Snuggledown Central and WaitForPocketCastsToFinallyFinishUpdating Junction. Night night :)

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(07:17:39) @PaulEdwards_ Morning :) I do hope so :)

(07:18:49) @BaronHawkey ~raises a mug to your success~ morning :)

(07:19:33) @LilythePurr Not just me, then... (although, to be fair, I think we are... )

(07:21:39) Early morning getting up noises. pre-caffeinated zombie prototype.

(07:24:26) Our @nxmee is capable of causing the weirdest noises to be emitted from his room. Today: clanking.

(07:25:44) @leica0000 Morning. I was having a wee when I came up with that. #bestthoughts

(07:26:30) @PaulEdwards_ breakfast barbecue. Oh wow..!

(07:30:50) @leica0000 Sorry..! :D

(07:32:01) @willowHart @alnicholl77 Innit lovely :) Always good to start the day with a chuckle :)

(07:32:11) @gill_bee Amen.

(07:32:59) @JonBCFC G'day :) Thursday is my best day :) (although Friday is pizza day to be fair :)

(07:34:45) @RubyBobbles You're in good company. I had to be persuaded not to go out in my jammies and straighten the car wing mirror last night...

(07:35:58) @106jack getting in there with the big stories before @BBCr4today, I see... ;)

(07:36:10) @lloydbayley Evening :)

(07:37:11) RT @poots: Apparently 'a week tomorrow' is an "appointment riddle" when said before the first coffee of the day! @syzygy

(07:38:29) @producerlaura There is a hidden camera connected to the internet over your shoulder all the time. The people at the bank are watching you.

(07:41:11) @producerlaura Get some of these TLAs down you:

(07:41:56) @willowHart oooh!

(07:42:33) @alnicholl77 @willowHart There is something to enjoy at every age.. :)

(09:30:21) @RubyBobbles @PrincessBagel Ahhhh that's better... :)

(09:39:29) @Thehappyfatgirl Ahh the delights of juvenile office behaviour. To be honest, I'd rather have that than anodyne politically correct tosh.

(09:43:51) @Thehappyfatgirl Indeed. There is an art to sailing close to the wind in the office environment... I wish I worked with you :D

(09:44:25) @mostlygeordie DIGGERS!

(10:08:13) @crabbyknickers It is Thursday indeed. #FT

(10:08:41) @Tuglets Good morning, Janet part of the world...

(10:09:04) @MrPaulGroom They're driving a Range Rover. No more needs to be said...

(10:09:35) @SteveDoherty1 You are like @poots in that respect ... @MrPaulGroom

(10:11:28) @crabbyknickers Follow Fursday...

(10:20:41) @MrMichaelSpicer Quite quite special.

(10:21:57) @shellzenner I've put it in a bun.

(10:23:17) @pearcen My goodness, your young'uns are going through the mill at the moment. Hope all returns to normal soon.

(10:25:01) @MrPaulGroom @Lisamariegee @purlpower Pretty much sums it up (despite the out-of-ratio picture)

(10:27:42) @emmafurious @MrMichaelSpicer And that's why I follow him. And, indeed, you.

(12:01:15) @mostlygeordie Please pop in and take photos/notes. For Twitter. For science.

(12:08:26) @corrie_corfield A beautiful piece of engineering, and artistically captured :)

(12:08:51) @peasbloss Mr Peevly?

(12:16:20) @peasbloss Ahh. "If you wanted it then you should have put your name on it"?

(12:16:45) @mostlygeordie That reminds me.. must remember to close my Barclays account at some point.

(12:47:14) @thatsjustme0 Definitely! :)

(12:49:02) @CalmWaters73 @dj_frabs @Tuglets Mine too! :) :)

(15:08:43) @Sk287 18+ only *chuckles* Sounds like you're R rated :D

(15:57:06) @batwench @verso Pope Rock Pizza. Rock smashes Pope.. Pizza smothers rock. Pope eats Pizza.

(21:42:45) @Tone_720 I've had this one.. it's... course?

(22:12:31) @AlexGFox Gave you a shout-out on the show, sir. Hope you can make it through! :)

(22:27:18) @Canojar G'night :)

(22:45:42) @batwench Beth is feeling much better now :) Thank you for your concern and your kindness :) x

(22:51:57) @blabers Impressive.

(23:00:43) N'night. Tomorrow, then, eh?

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