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(00:04:35) @sparkyannc You are very good at both :P And I think the show would be something entirely different if you produced it. Far less shambolic!x

(00:05:03) @Tuglets Thanks, Janet - it was a pleasure! :)

(00:06:50) @Superblouse There's nothing to stop you getting a DIV LOCK installed on the device of your choice... did you pluck it from the organ? ;)

(00:08:26) @sparkyannc You have the best business ideas :D Bedtime for me - sleep well when you do (soon I hope... none of this Late Night Guidemin!) x

(00:10:01) @Superblouse I tried to Google DIV LOCK buttons, but there are none for sale. Even on eBay. GAH.

(00:12:12) Off to bed now. Thank you for your company today. It's been miscellaneous (especially in terms of caffeination). Night!

(08:29:40) Good morning. Seems like Google has sent out about a million app updates today... hard to get a word in edgeways. Have a good day!

(08:32:51) @ellewadding I'd offer you a lift, but I'm not in Watford yet, and I have no idea where you're going... hope it arrives soon!

(08:44:11) @misscorsham Well, I guess it would be nice.

(08:51:13) @misscorsham If it helps, mental arithmetic stimulates a different part of the brain and can be effective at exorcising an earworm :)

(08:51:45) @jarbennett Good morning :) I hope your day's looking impressive so far!

(08:52:05) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning at a far less #Binaish hour :)

(10:18:11) @jarbennett Sounds like there is some room for serendipity! Have a great one :)

(10:19:07) @ellewadding "I'm sorry to report the 8.01 from Euston is delayed due to a failure to invest in decent railway infrastructure"? #satire

(11:13:16) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo It's a sleepy one for me.. but I'll get to the end of it :D

(13:12:39) @RubyBobbles Are you defying gravity?

(13:34:13) @sparkyannc NOOOOOOO!

(13:34:54) @RubyBobbles :) :) Please send pictorial evidence!

(14:44:53) @Zomby6 I know it as Steve. Steve the leek.

(16:23:12) @Chocohalix Good heavens... and quite right too! :)

(16:23:58) http://t.co/7qt1LxBsES - quite right too. I will ask @superalora if she has accidentally done this.

(16:51:45) @RuthBlackett Maybe a new email signature? "Please consider the environment before printing this email. I didn't. I felt physically sick."

(16:53:33) @johncoulthart That is a frightening, frightening website. (via @dansumption)

(17:22:11) Why has Oswestry just popped into my brain?

(17:22:46) @wkdstepmother @PlainTalkingHR wonderful! :) :)

(17:26:33) @Vanburger2 FEET!

(17:26:57) @dj_monkeyboy Today's bun count: zero. Sad, but true.

(17:28:59) @dj_monkeyboy Fortunately, I had a number* of custard creams earlier.

(17:29:19) @PrincessBagel It was a lot to take in, I'll give you that.

(17:29:28) @AlexGFox Woaahhhh!

(17:29:52) @AlexGFox (I wasn't even sure where it was before I thought of it.. then looked it up on Google Maps)...

(17:31:06) @PrincessBagel Not again :/ Feel better soon x

(17:31:22) Marissa Mayer news on the @BritishTech BIG show for sure.

(17:34:59) @ajlanghorn Interesting discussion afoot about her ban (or intention to revoke) telecommuting. An internal memo that became bad PR, I think.

(17:35:18) @BritishTech That sounds wrong however I say it.

(19:17:04) @RichHarkness You did Marisa Mayer News without me..? noooooooo!

(19:18:26) @ajlanghorn Tomorrow evening at about 8pm... http://t.co/FYrEc61bWq ;)

(19:51:16) Just found a copy of Lenni's homework... it's states of matter. Under liquid she has listed: "Family/friends, undrunk tea."

(20:12:08) @EwenRankin @richharkness If I have time tomorrow... got a parents' evening before the show...

(20:55:29) @RichHarkness @EwenRankin Oh it gets much, much worse... :D

(20:56:11) @AlexGFox It would make me feel a lot better if you didn't work so hard...

(20:58:13) @gill_bee G'night :)

(21:08:55) @AlexGFox Keeping my fingers and toes crossed...

(21:09:52) @gill_bee :) :)

(21:17:10) The new @SuePerkins sit-com 'Heading Out' has some very amusing bits. Worth a watch. Bonus Mark Heap, Scanlon lady and NEVILLE. iPlayer it.

(21:45:23) @RuthBlackett You have a sad avatar.

(21:47:17) @peasbloss I wish I could have been part of it...

(21:49:06) @sparkyannc Generally hurrah :)

(21:50:27) @j0anne1 I hardly cried at all. You can be in my favourite twitterers tweet. Rar. /cc @JonBCFC

(21:52:16) @MissyMWAC Beetroot and parsnips? I don't really know what kale is...

(21:54:57) @JonBCFC Thanks Chief :) It is a pleasure to know you :)

(22:00:30) @j0anne1 Aww... :) I had a microphone like that in my old job... :D

(22:00:42) @JonBCFC :)

(22:01:08) @RuthBlackett It's nice. But a bit sad.

(22:03:09) @MissyMWAC Yes. Yes. I see. Save some for me, please? Also seasoning.

(22:10:49) @lsrwLuke what can I say? it's a happy place... @JonBCFC @j0anne1

(22:12:18) @j0anne1 Oh my... not at £2,400 a go :D Although the bloke from The Streets nicked one to make his first album :D

(22:15:56) @lsrwLuke Result!

(22:49:04) Just watched the last episode of Campus again. Still wiping tears of hilarity - so funny.

(22:49:20) @IPTechShark How are your purple bits? x

(22:50:29) @ajlanghorn Must catch up on that - did you hear it when it was on BBC Scotland? #originallyonradio

(23:51:05) @IPTechShark Glad to hear it :) Been watching comedy this evening - always good to end the day with a laugh :) Night :) x

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(07:36:27) @thefridgeman I read this whil leaning on my elbows. I have already failed. Ahh well. Next year.

(07:37:55) @JQP74 Morning, John. Hope it is a good one :)

(07:38:46) @lloydbayley There's a doin's a transpirin'...

(07:39:35) @WhimsicalWife Morning, WW. So have I...

(07:44:36) @JQP74 just waiting for the caffeine to kick in... Need to get topped up before work :D

(07:52:26) EMERGENCY. http://t.co/dkZPgDIgPm

(08:03:27) @lloydbayley :D Daleks survive on coffee #littleknownmadeupfact

(08:04:56) @PrincessBagel YES! Pick up the phone and dial 00 :D

(08:16:07) @washmysocks31 Because you can't remember not to? :D

(10:50:21) RT @stevyncolgan: So true RT @stevehills RT @kimismay: Bliss. http://t.co/ALamOZXuMX

(10:51:25) @koshkajay One of those days, eh? :/ Hope it improves #Tuesday

(10:52:02) @washmysocks31 True, true! :D

(10:52:38) Right. I'm here now. There is fruit tea. Let's do this. Fruitily.

(10:56:36) @koshkajay Sounds sensible - and, indeed, fair!

(10:59:06) @perrygascoine @markhort @davewitchalls @sm2n Ahh.. you're getting Fruit Tea and Fruity mixed up. One is damp and smells of strawberries...

(13:26:37) @brennig Apparently the station was named by a Geordie :D

(13:40:25) @SamBonham That is rather clever and innovative..!

(13:40:31) RT @SamBonham: Visual radio in 3D!!! http://t.co/VmOIGr01EJ

(16:51:42) Decaffeinated coffee suspicions. #justsayin

(19:15:47) @PrincessBagel I like your thinking :)

(19:16:31) @BlueMoon_11 It's been a little out of the ordinary... new places and new people :) Not bad, though, ta :)

(19:16:44) @BlueMoon_11 How about your day? x

(19:20:58) @ajlanghorn I'll say. Whom are you using? More to the point, what are you selling? :D

(19:21:29) @mostlygeordie bargain food tastes better (arguably :D)

(19:22:03) @thatsjustme0 Evening :) It's been odd, I'll give you that!

(19:23:19) @ajlanghorn I was not told. Thing is, I am now having a crash like it was caffeinated. This is most vexatious.

(19:24:16) @ajlanghorn Neato..! Got product? And who's hosting?

(19:25:27) @ajlanghorn I missed your first tweet - sorry! Great idea - and an excellent opportunity to prototype :)

(19:25:58) @ajlanghorn you rock, sir.

(19:26:52) @mostlygeordie One of those 'wish I were there' moments. My behaviour and table manners would be impeccable. :)

(19:28:02) @thatsjustme0 Visiting a customer site and having a meeting in some random office building. Glad to be home now, though :) How was your day?

(20:37:32) @thatsjustme0 :) :) x

(21:59:18) Late Night Loaf is about to take to the air... I say 'air'.. it'll bounce awkwardly off the doormat and landing on the drive. Help yourself.

(22:03:43) @johnny_winter You can be sure you got a mention sir! :) :)

(22:03:56) @dj_frabs Evenin' frabs! Thanks for the mention on Twitter! :) :)

(22:04:15) @perrygascoine Hahaha! Karaoke! :D

(22:04:34) @1969Steve Evenin' Stevenin'! :)

(22:05:20) RT @fridgemagnet2: Compare and contrast my two listening options this evening..... Loaf or lurve. http://t.co/eNPDBMfbE3

(22:21:33) @fridgemagnet2 What do you think this is? Classic Hits? :D

(22:22:13) @fridgemagnet2 That was close..!

(22:26:05) @lloydbayley Morning Lloyd! :) :)

(22:26:33) @johnny_winter And that gets me through the day :D

(22:28:02) @1969Steve Completely agree! :) :)

(22:33:18) @johnny_winter I think it was @neilcochrane1 ... you get your VOICE on the show instead ;) @RichHarkness

(22:34:12) @lloydbayley Turn up the radio.. take on the mechanics! :D

(22:37:04) @johnny_winter Oh man... that's definitely one for next week - I've only got the obvious It's Immaterial song...

(22:37:41) @RichHarkness Lemon Jelly's definitely on the playlist! :) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1

(22:40:36) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter @RichHarkness It'll be ready for you tomorrow! :) :)

(22:42:47) @SimplyTanny Rest well :) x

(22:43:43) @jn2n @sm2n @latenightloaf It's one of Beth's favourite films :)

(22:44:44) @sm2n @jn2n @latenightloaf Your guess has been registered...

(22:47:34) @johnny_winter Was it..? That was Rudebox by Robbie Williams..

(22:48:26) @johnny_winter It was the use of the (almost definitely synthesized) Casio VL-Tone that probably got ya ;)

(22:52:23) @johnny_winter Ahh but they put their requests in last week.. ;) @RichHarkness @neilcochrane1

(22:53:35) @johnny_winter Yup... delivered by Yodel. @RichHarkness @neilcochrane1

(22:54:57) @jn2n @sm2n @latenightloaf This is a tweet ;)

(23:00:49) @johnny_winter I'm afraid we are all doomed :) @RichHarkness @neilcochrane1

(23:09:14) @pearcen @latenightloaf Evenin Neil! :) :) You've just come in time for some hellos! :)

(23:09:31) @perrygascoine It's OK.. you had some amplified singing to do ;) @sm2n @latenightloaf

(23:13:37) @dj_frabs HELLO! Great that you're still with me! :) :)

(23:14:04) @johnny_winter The W just makes it that much more catchy :D

(23:17:53) Now playing on @MintFM ... @Jamfolder ... the circle of Tweets is complete.

(23:21:04) @Tuglets hiya Janet! You're at the 'New" bit of S.O.S.N.S.B.S.W :D

(23:26:22) @johnny_winter I think I might have to do a feature on tenuous links.. you would certainly be in the running! :)

(23:26:47) @Tuglets Oh this is especially wrong this week. Delightfully, affectionately so.

(23:30:14) @lloydbayley Thanks for listening! You have just escaped the wrongness! :)

(23:31:20) @Tuglets But is so beautiful :) Don't you wish you lived in Canada? :)

(23:31:31) @ajlanghorn Evenin' Andrew! :)

(23:36:43) @ajlanghorn But it's Tuesday... *worried*

(23:38:26) @sm2n @fridgemagnet2 @latenightloaf @jn2n @fidunn Yes. Yes it was.. deliberately threw you off the scent :D

(23:53:23) @johnny_winter Next week.. it's in the "Borrowed" section :)

(23:53:33) @ajlanghorn Heehee.. true! :)

(23:57:55) @sparkyannc Haha! I need a producer. Please find me a producer :D

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(07:32:15) @thatsjustme0 Oh go on... don't make me the only one #dressinggownandcoffee

(07:33:26) @IPTechShark Morning. I ache, but from wonky sleeping. I hope you can move about more today... Being seized up is no good...

(07:34:41) @BeachBelles Cunning! My two compete for 100% attendance, so sickness is bad for both.. but my son has bonus days off anyway..

(07:49:56) @SteveDoherty1 If 'Walk like an Egyptian" remains stuck in my head, I will consider you responsible.

(07:50:28) @JonBCFC Morning chief.

(07:55:30) @BeachBelles Aww... hope he feels better soon.

(07:57:24) @washmysocks31 Not even that here... we have no weather at all in Luton :D Morning :)

(07:58:17) @SteveDoherty1 Thanks... I... oh.

(07:59:48) @washmysocks31 Heh :) Hope the opportunity arises to enjoy it, even if it's curling up by the window for a bit!

(09:28:49) @crabbyknickers Work and traffic jams, mainly.

(11:12:05) @thatsjustme0 Couldn't agree more! x

(11:12:45) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo The same to you :) The week begins...

(12:19:38) @thatsjustme0 Just what I needed :) Hope you're back up to full speed now! :)

(12:20:02) @IPTechShark Oh gosh... I hope your red blood cells get you right as rain soon! :)

(12:23:05) @fridgemagnet2 @Mad4mogzz OLD PEOPLE.

(13:42:07) @striderpaul v. pretty. I enjoyed your boo about the broadband with the aerial; what happens in a power cut, though? I guess mobile phone..!

(16:55:06) @JoOstermeyer *high fives*

(18:50:13) My dropbox is full. Outrage. Outage. Time to have a rummage.

(19:01:41) @JoOstermeyer Oh I wish it were.

(19:02:00) @lsrwLuke I got the IT engineer blueeeeess....

(20:42:14) @lsrwLuke Because they like computers more than they like people #fact

(20:46:56) @lsrwLuke Humans, computers, birds, animals, fish, insects, trees, everything else.

(20:57:25) They should rename Luton to Lutein. That would be cool.

(20:59:30) @Superblouse Best pie chart demonstration ever *stamps endorsement*

(21:01:24) @fiverscarrot It would at least encourage people to pronounce the 't' in it :D

(21:01:54) @NateLanxon You're in a very out of focus bit of New York, to be fair.

(21:09:53) This "Spy in the Huddle" programme is just You've Been Framed for penguins. Which one gets the 250 quid? And where's Harry Hill? #bbcone

(21:10:57) @fiverscarrot inni'. *sighs*

(21:11:05) @lsrwLuke True. True.

(21:11:19) @lsrwLuke Although to be fair, there's nothing to nick here ;)

(21:45:42) @Superblouse There is no punchline for this. None at all. *tries not to think of one*

(21:46:53) @Superblouse For completeness, my first car was an X reg Austin Allegro. I broke it when I moved to Luton & left it to rot in a pub carpark.

(21:47:13) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Yes. Yes you can. And it is princely.

(21:49:27) @Superblouse This needs to be made into a film. Or at least a scene from Miranda...

(21:54:34) @perrygascoine @davewitchalls Best thing to do is plug the microphone into the input on the left... the haedphone socket is out only.

(21:54:49) @perrygascoine @davewitchalls But if you want to play music, the CD IN is perfect... I'll bring some cables :)

(21:55:48) @johnny_winter I hope he makes haste...

(21:59:12) @perrygascoine @davewitchalls If you're careful with the volume of your iPhone/iPod, yes.

(22:00:04) @EwenRankin How tempted for my studio..? :D :D

(22:01:33) @RobJD @facebook Mine does that, too. NOT NOW, BERNARD.

(22:02:01) @pearcen @johnny_winter Sorted... respect due! GOAL! :D

(22:05:09) @danegolden @PayPal That's actually worse.

(22:05:42) @davewitchalls Congratulations! :)

(22:13:58) @Superblouse Dare I ask what brought this story to mind..?

(22:14:06) @BlueMoon_11 Night you x

(22:14:56) @sweetbillyp Happy birthday :) You are a bit younger than me. You rockular musicians need to be.

(22:16:06) @Superblouse Good heavens. I see. You pee.

(22:25:08) Right. To bed with me. Busy day tomorrow. I will be wearing one of my best jumpers.

(22:25:19) Good night to you.

(22:26:19) @mostlygeordie YOU. Specifically. Night night, twittersis x

(22:26:35) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd! I'll say good morning to ya :)

(22:26:47) @peasbloss Yes. Yes there might.

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(08:34:13) @chrisesch Thanks, Chris - may well do! :) :)

(09:03:51) @poots I still love the fact he said "Please can you wash my dressing gown - it stinks"... I didn't think it was caused by over-Lynxing :D

(14:57:05) This afternoon I are be mostly going through Lenni's My Little Pony (and My Little Fakie) collection with her, working out the names.

(14:57:16) @thatsjustme0 Happy to help :)

(14:57:31) @Superblouse Th.. oh.

(14:57:52) @IPTechShark O no! Hope you get some pain relief soon x

(14:58:22) @Zomby6 Good heavens yes!

(14:59:05) @trevypoos @B3tan_Tyronne Still using Audition (when it works!)

(15:00:38) @IPTechShark Oh man.. I did that. The ground is rather too hard this time of year.

(15:01:02) @B3tan_Tyronne Ha! I am going to persuade Lenni to give that name to one of her fake ponies.. genius!

(15:08:56) @IPTechShark I hope you have consigned yourself somewhere nice and comfy for the remainder of the afternoon. Ibuprofen is GOOD.

(15:09:11) @ibookery Heehee... the temptation..!

(15:09:31) @Mangowe Glad it's not just me :)

(15:09:49) @WhimsicalWife That is quite beautiful :)

(15:17:11) @thatsjustme0 Hello *waves back* I honestly don't mind :) I have a good eye.

(16:19:11) @Mangowe I have to admit - having seen them at close quarters - to having been quietly impressed by the Yellowism addition to the Rothko :D

(16:21:06) Symbolic links will be the death of me.

(16:21:12) @SimplyTanny Aww x

(16:22:29) @JamesCridland RECURSIVE ARRGHH

(20:19:58) @Mangowe Far be it from me to suggest this, but you really do need to top that #justsayin ;)

(20:21:33) What happened: I played Realistic Summer Sports Simulator with the children - http://t.co/jVIAIqm2AW - and now I have hiccups from laughing.

(20:29:09) @B3tan_Tyronne YOSS

(20:29:46) @RichHarkness It is completely rubbish. We played it for free on my daughter's PC :D

(20:34:25) @neilcochrane1 @mailbox I'm glad you like it :) Shame it's not available for Android ;)

(20:37:13) I am enjoying the anachronistic dashboard shots on the Range Rover piece. Not enjoying the vehicle so much. It's a gangstermobile #topgear

(20:43:17) RT @DunlopBTCC: Patrick Watts has bought two ex-works BTCC Peugeot 406s & plans to contest new series for 90's style Super Tourers h ...

(21:38:03) @Mangowe I missed your next tweet.. sorry!

(22:45:46) Right. Back to work tomorrow. I do hope I can remember how to do it. Night night.

(22:47:50) @Mangowe See THAT is art. In its most primal form, but art. HA! So so naughty :D

(22:49:16) @peasbloss Ha. No you won't :p Night! x

(22:49:32) Definitely gone. It wasn't my idea.

(23:14:07) @willowHart Me. And my hiccups... Well, for a little while, anyway #backnow :D

(23:15:24) @Silverbeak Bob Servant's on BBC4 and nobody told me..?! Thanks for the heads up! (via @govindajeggy )

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(06:40:10) @peasbloss I can hear the klaxon from here.. morning :)

(09:37:02) @effieoffie That's exactly what I was thinking...

(09:38:40) @JonBCFC seriously..? I would have offered but the risk of getting the wrong one is just too great... #bootsfrightensme @j0anne1

(09:40:09) @smartie999 Good! Are you vertical? @miz_shake68

(09:41:36) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning... I reckon you should learn to skateboard.

(09:42:54) @SopranoPamela ~chants~ Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marge Simpson hair!

(09:43:52) @lsrwLuke I got 99 problems but Super drug ain't one ;)

(09:44:53) @effieoffie I have said it before and I will say it again... I love your dreams :)

(13:21:07) @smartie999 @miz_shake68 YOU ARE THE WIN.

(13:21:46) @JonBCFC I tried to dye my hair purple once. It went bright orange. Need to get it done properly. One day, maybe! Photo, please, @j0anne1 !

(13:22:06) @effieoffie Topical weird dreams. Even better! :D

(13:23:22) Finally getting round to sorting the recordings on my Zoom H4 and uploading the least worst ones to http://t.co/WE48hrO8ts - ambience fun.

(13:58:41) @effieoffie What's not to love? WRITE A BOOK! :)

(14:11:27) @Richard_C That makes me want to get a little statue of Nipper to sit outside HMV with a slot in his head for coins...

(14:12:06) @thatsjustme0 The one word I would use to describe that: PROPER.

(14:12:29) @FrankMillar Ouch!

(14:13:04) @effieoffie Amazon Kindle is the way ahead... you could be the next JK Rowling ;)

(14:14:20) This is a tweet for @AvivaUK so they donate money to @RailwayChildren #1every5 - worth doing, I think.

(14:22:31) @lsrwLuke HAHA! :D

(16:14:36) @BlueMoon_11 Good to fend off the weather! :)

(16:15:10) @vobes Wow.. that's some pale scotch! :) Hope you enjoy it, sir.

(16:21:32) @RadioKate http://t.co/1Eiffg64Yo - rededicated to you.

(16:26:21) Blimey... http://t.co/aHOFcpoMET #softkitty @RadioKate

(16:30:38) RT @DawnHFoster: Oh dear. "Austerity engagement ring" http://t.co/woBrNcAOSe

(17:23:23) The Evernote Windows installer is nearly 60MB. It's a glorified notepad. 60MB? Baffling.

(17:23:41) With all due respect, not being funny or nuffink.

(17:24:27) @artistsmakers mmm lemony!

(17:25:22) @mostlygeordie Yes. Everything in the quiet carriage needs to be quiet. Even into YOUR EARS. Nobody with tinnitus is allowed in, either :D

(17:26:18) Adobe Audition refuses to install on my PC. This is vexing.

(18:21:17) @PontoonDock "Project of Pop" http://t.co/TaDtN9TEz9

(18:22:39) @TheTroyKing Thanks, Troy - it's a voyage of discovery, for sure! :)

(18:24:27) @chrisesch I've done the lot...it's been most reticent - it gives the dialogue "Please select your language" then goes away when I click OK

(18:25:01) @chrisesch I have been all the way through the registry and tried to remove all the bits... I fear a Windows re-install may be necessary!

(18:25:15) @chrisesch I even asked it nicely :D

(18:25:42) @trevypoos Nope.. it doesn't get to the bit where it actually installs... offers me the choice of language... Ahh well. Reinstall time :D

(18:30:48) @trevypoos Oooh.. thank you :)

(18:32:31) @LilyShambles Excellent, excellent word. I like 'baffling'.

(18:45:18) @trevypoos I think that may be it... it doesn't help that I have other Adobe products installed. What a mess!

(19:59:11) @chrisesch May well do :)

(20:00:52) @trevypoos Me too - it is an excellent editor.

(20:22:15) RT @johndredge: Am putting my book for kids out as a blog in very short bits - we're up to Bit Number Five..

(21:00:09) Ahh yes, that moment when I want to extend an installation & I have no idea how I installed it. And so I have no idea how to extend it. Boh.

(23:02:52) Dropbox-based system backups sorted. Another item off the 'to-do' list. Splendid.

(23:03:34) @thatsjustme0 Bon nuit, ma petite pamplemousse :)

(23:10:17) @thatsjustme0 Oh no... that's not what I meant at all! I thought it was french for butterfly! :D

(23:10:45) @thatsjustme0 But that's papillon... bon nuit, ma petite papillon. Sorry! :D

(23:11:52) @thatsjustme0 Apparently pamplemousse is French for grapefruit. I really need to remember that...

(23:13:55) @lloydbayley Great news :) The WD40 worked..!

(23:16:32) Right. To bed before I cause any more diplomatic crises. Night night!

(23:17:09) @TheTroyKing Quite so! As does the time taken to upgrade it when the next major version comes out! :) I admire your skills :)

(23:22:52) @TheTroyKing Amen! :)

(23:23:11) @lloydbayley G'night, chief! I will miss the winter chill when it's over! :D

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(08:49:49) @bedspolice I spotted 2 sets of number plates pushed down a street drain on our street yesterday... what should I do? http://t.co/YgzqhlCsMD

(08:50:55) @lsrwLuke Some clever 'reopen tabs' on my browser thing. oops.

(08:53:11) Morning. Still a bit wibbly of tum. Attempts will be made not to squander the last weekday of half term. First, though: porridge & coffee.

(08:54:02) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Have a good one, with that Friday feeling :)

(09:19:04) Has anyone suggested voting for the new Pontiff live on @R2KenBruce's show? What a week of Popemaster that would make.

(09:19:37) @leopardprintgin Brilliant :)

(09:22:38) @regularjen Floor shakin' good.

(09:23:30) @mostlygeordie Still noise outside..?

(09:28:31) @mostlygeordie Oh gosh. Some sounds can get through the most closedest window, too... :/ Hope he gets bored soon!

(09:47:39) @thatsjustme0 Oh no..! I hope it is a brief visit, and all is well x

(10:15:18) @bedspolice Will do. Thank you.

(11:15:18) @thatsjustme0 God bless the NHS! Morning, lovely x

(11:16:18) @Bowen707 The time and effort you put into your programme is immense, and it shows! I love the field recordings.. genius stuff :) :)

(13:15:37) MT @Bowen707 http://t.co/girLOBb1OK ooh do share it around! On Itunes podcasts too https://t.co/tNTelU9ZAM <- quirky radio goodness!

(13:21:05) @YPLAC God bless disabled Anglian van drivers. Especially when their van's overhang blocks the pavement behind... http://t.co/Tx1jUjHpC5

(13:23:14) RT @TheMichaelMoran: I could look at this .gif forever. In fact, I just might. http://t.co/PZ2lbQzuuj

(13:24:04) @thatsjustme0 Can you do both..? ;)

(14:40:19) @AmboClaire @YPLAC Sadly. The worst bit is that disabled people parked beyond the van would have to go round it!

(14:40:43) @philxj4L @YPLAC There are far too many of them about.

(14:41:55) @AnglianHome One of yours..? https://t.co/X6V0huqbXZ

(16:23:40) I have learned something today. And if it says it on a tin, it is fact. http://t.co/kW6p3kP3I5

(16:51:34) @AnglianHome Thank you :)

(16:51:39) RT @AnglianHome: @syzygy thanks for this, we will inform the relevant managers

(16:55:34) @sparkyannc *subscribes on Google Reader*

(17:23:40) @mostlygeordie *applauds*

(17:49:55) Closing down... http://t.co/LejwpTY8hJ

(17:57:57) @MissyMWAC Threaten it with the freezer... Seriously, though, hope: it co-operates x

(19:24:47) @Superblouse Oh my. That's a heartbreaking situation. I would ensure she knew I was there for her. I'd be honest, but not pushy. Her life.

(19:26:21) Poked around like a demon on my website. I want content published (& not to disappear).. did it myself. I MAY be getting the hang of Joomla.

(19:27:02) @batwench Heehee... How long before Tumblr gets eaten up by a cheezburger or a Myface? I love it, but I just can't trust it any more ;)

(19:27:16) @neilcochrane1 @GDRTECH @installationman @customised @RichHarkness @johnny_winter @BritishTech @MasterplayAV Thanks, Neil! Happy weekend! :)

(19:27:26) @MissyMWAC I. Love. That. Word.

(20:10:31) @abappbetas It's very nice looking - where can I write about my experiences? I am on a Galaxy S - one of the more foible-filled-phones :)

(20:14:34) @BaronHawkey It's very powerful, and is giving me the opportunity to fine tune(!) my CSS skills :D

(20:16:16) @sharonlangridge :) :) :)

(20:22:16) @abappbetas Please do :) Followed :) Plenty to tell you already :)

(21:26:53) @alnicholl77 Phew indeed!

(21:48:25) @imule Eek! Nasty..! Thanks for the warning!

(21:57:14) @TOther_Simon He doesn't want to talk about it any more.

(21:57:28) @thatsjustme0 Nooooo!

(21:58:59) There's something very strange about the concept that Danny Dyer is actually on television. It makes no sense. Danny Dyer. Television. Nope.

(22:06:23) @JuliaBall @RevRichardColes Legend. Who tweeted from Bexhill!

(22:06:40) @neilcochrane1 I am utterly baffled.

(22:07:30) @willowHart He is on 8 out of 10 Cats... Which is bad enough. But wow. He is empty.

(22:08:30) @thatsjustme0 Finger in your mouth!

(22:14:10) @willowHart I had never encountered him before. And hopefully never again.

(22:15:29) @neilcochrane1 I am baffled by Dyer - you are crystal clear, sir.

(22:23:05) @johnny_winter Until he appeared on 8 out of 10 cats, I didn't know who he was... now I don't know why. Imbecilic in the extreme.

(22:23:33) @willowHart Yes. yes I am. he has gone now. I will say no more about him.

(22:49:57) @johnny_winter You are an erudite man...

(22:56:47) I am sure I just saw an advert for a new Peugeot where the selling point is 'it will get flashed by speed cameras'....

(23:00:07) @helerelereno My two love My Little Pony - my son is apparently a 'Bronie' and my daughter is a 'Pegasister'. Makes me proud to be a Dad(!?)

(23:00:40) @Ariadnes_web But even that isn't as bad as Chattyman...

(23:02:36) @Ariadnes_web Oh dear. Hate is a strong emotion. I would imagine Twitter would be over if it evoked no emotion whatsoever..

(23:06:23) @helerelereno Absolutely! I am a fan of Derpyhooves (don't even!) & we love the YouTube mashups... Rainbow Pony Dubstep is a favourite here.

(23:07:49) @helerelereno I would emphasize that this is by osmosis. Actually I like grown-up things like the news and insurance. GO COMPARE. oops.

(23:09:20) @Ariadnes_web When it comes down to it, I still would use Twitter as a short form journal. People come and go.

(23:10:14) @dellama Put it on your CV.

(23:11:10) @BeachBelles Oh no :/ hope he feels better soon.

(23:13:49) @thatsjustme0 ... http://t.co/QfAoHrCpTa

(23:15:17) @helerelereno This isn't a conversation I was expecting to happen at 11pm on a Friday night. I love twitter :D I shall research that video!

(23:15:52) @thatsjustme0 Get thee to bed, ma'am :)

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(09:13:30) @canuckuk Good! :) Radio 4 6.30pm for you!

(09:14:01) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Morning :)

(09:19:36) @canuckuk The bar is set a lot lower on telly (in my opinion:) x

(09:30:21) @canuckuk I will look forward to reading it, and allowing it to play out in my mind:)

(09:32:38) I am aching like a donkey. Some divine intravention is required... coffee.

(09:34:56) @canuckuk That will be scary and funny :D

(09:36:57) @joanneh234 @smartie999 BIG love to you both.

(09:37:56) @crabbyknickers No. I approve :)

(09:44:48) @crabbyknickers NEED! Ta :) Got any curry left? :D

(09:45:29) @jonhind I am the donkey whispererer(?)

(09:55:36) @mandsywoo Amen to that! @joanneh234 @smartie999

(09:56:17) @Bowen707 Tuned in to your latest podcast... eclectic as ever. Loved the X Ray Spex song ("The S.R. way"!) & the washing machine woman.

(15:20:56) The musical act band @Jamfolder has finally released a new song. It's called "Blue Order" and it sounds like this: http://t.co/h24NG3FyJl

(16:49:12) @RubyBobbles I would SO like to do that at our local church, but I fear some of the older members of the congregation would need hospital...

(16:49:41) @Moominstrudel Ow :/

(16:50:59) @kyleswager You're a poet.

(16:52:48) @sparkyannc Maybe you'd be better off doing it over the VPN from home? #thickerstring

(17:00:30) BT London Gigapixel Panorama 2013 http://t.co/pyl7YCCaCH #BTTowerView Cranes and Trees.. quite, quite amazing panorama of London!

(17:15:02) Probably my favourite bit of the BT London Gigapixel Panorama 2013 http://t.co/3oIAVLj0dd #BTTowerView #collapsed

(17:16:01) @batwench I have Donkey Senses :D

(17:16:24) @sparkyannc @zsk NEWS! :D

(17:30:20) @sparkyannc @zsk I'm fairly sure when Beth and I went on a Mystery Coach Tour of the area, Chicken Roundabout was a feature...

(17:47:56) Ooh.. new beta version of @Audioboo is available. But not for my Nexus 7... (boo!) http://t.co/H8jOyuBpK1

(17:52:05) @johnny_winter That's really cool! :) I can see my old desk... but now I work in Watford - a bit too far to see! :D http://t.co/w92VfO6NSA

(18:13:42) Test of audioBoo 2 beta on my Android phone... http://t.co/4SGUt96klN via @audioboo

(20:03:23) @JonBCFC Thanks, chief :) :)

(20:04:22) @johnny_winter It is - and I woz there (I managed the radio playout systems :)

(20:04:57) @leica0000 Boo indeed. A bit of a booboo :D

(22:34:29) @striderpaul Thanks, Paul! :)

(22:35:01) @paulums @audioboo Thanks, Paul :)

(22:35:30) @RubyBobbles I think that may well be something I need to look up on YouTube :D #boundtobethere

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(00:01:42) @lloydbayley Thank you so much for your company! :) :)

(00:01:57) @johnny_winter It wouldn't be the same without you - and don't forget to tune in next week! ;)

(00:02:27) @AlexGFox Thank you - it was fantastic to know you were there! :) :)

(00:02:47) @lloydbayley Enjoy the remainder of your Wednesday.. see you there! :) @stu4art

(08:31:54) morning then.. coffee very much needed.

(08:35:07) Ooh cool. I've found the name of the legendary £40 record.. even in v.good condition it's only £25 on discogs... http://t.co/6TqNGwFl

(08:36:09) @neilcochrane1 That's really kind! I can export the playlist from the playout system if it's of any help :)

(08:36:54) @BaronHawkey Oh that is perfect - thanks, chief. how is your Wednesday looking?

(08:38:30) @lloydbayley Evening! I'm lagging behind a little this morning... Beth and Lenni are already off out. Hope you've had a satisfying day!

(08:46:20) @BaronHawkey That's one of my favourite tube stops..! hope it goes well :) A day with the boy for me today - half term activities :D

(08:47:16) @lloydbayley Yes it was :) Both of the children came down to the studio to do some voicers early evening and stayed while I did show prep :)

(08:48:02) @smartie999 Always! And literally the whole world - I had a listener in Australia #couldnotdothatwithshortwave

(08:48:51) @lloydbayley Man, laptops were the bane of my life when I did tech support - so much to go wrong in such a tiny space! hope it goes well!

(08:49:15) @BaronHawkey Cheers, dude - hope the coffee is great there ;)

(08:56:09) @lloydbayley Vista is spawn of the devil! man I feel your pain! It's ripe for a Windows 8 economy upgrade...

(08:57:28) @canuckuk Hmm... surely locking yourself up would just give you more time to write..? I sentence you to daytime telly! ;) @BaronHawkey

(08:58:11) @CherryKaz1 Happy Wednesday, Kaz!

(08:58:53) @smartie999 You should do it! you are a broadcasting genius!

(08:59:46) @lloydbayley Gah... swiftly out the door with it, then - the best of British to you!

(09:00:47) @canuckuk Everybody has a book in them. so what if yours is unbound (by convention?) I would read it - I adore your style :) x

(09:01:43) Right. need to get rid of this stupid beard. rock and roll lifestyle etc. Hasta la vista twitter (until later)...

(09:26:30) @DarrenGriffin Hahaha! You're not the first to say that :D Thank you for your company!

(09:26:49) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness WORKS! :)

(09:27:04) @smartie999 @sm2n Sorry you too... it had to go. Next time, for sure! :D

(09:27:43) @canuckuk My response to this and your former tweet would be heartfelt and too long for Twitter. In short: sample to Amazon Kindle :)

(09:28:55) @blindman75 Thank you! A bit of running around with my son this morning (hopefully without too much damage!)

(09:29:16) @smartie999 *crossing fingers, eyes and legs* Hope it goes well, lovely xxx

(09:30:23) @LilacNun Please don't sneeze :/ Get better soon x

(17:18:07) @thatsjustme0 Oh my goodness NO! :/ Hope you can contest it...

(17:18:36) @mostlygeordie Hello you! Where does one get one's archive from? x

(17:19:17) @mostlygeordie Hurrah! Found it :) :)

(17:31:07) @neilcochrane1 I had no idea I wasn't following you - sorry! done!

(17:33:39) A fun morning was had by me and @nxmee at @QuasarHemel - I would definitely recommend it for their enthusiasm and friendliness. Brilliant.

(17:35:54) Also, I won a bit (@nxmee was the victor in the first) even though I'm old. Made it even more satisfying. @QuasarHemel http://t.co/ifrxnjNj

(17:36:17) @JonBCFC See my subsequent tweet #winnar @nxmee

(17:57:25) @thatsjustme0 Flippin nuisance! :/ Definitely worth contesting, though...

(18:00:53) @sm2n @smartie999 HOW tempted? :D

(18:19:26) @RichHarkness @latenightloaf When I've uploaded it.. I'll do that this evening :) Watch this space!

(18:24:08) Too worn out to do anything now. I shall play XBox and not iron. studio later, maybe...

(19:27:15) @Zararugosa That is so lovely! :)

(20:16:41) @xlaux That would explain why I get so easily dist

(21:17:26) @smartie999 I will never underestimate you :D @RedMummy

(21:21:40) @LilythePurr @jamierubicin I fail regularly to resist singing "Scaffold!" in an indulgent Cockney accent whenever it comes on the radio.

(21:30:18) Last night's loaf is sitting on the draining board... get a slice here: http://t.co/1gaIOnq6 - full show here: http://t.co/ZP0PmWSV

(21:32:17) @jamierubicin @LilythePurr A mental image I will find it hard to dispel now... :D

(21:33:50) @RedMummy Hello! Late schmate(?) We both love @smartie999 - that is good enough for me.. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

(21:35:37) @mostlygeordie More, surely, that people turned a blind eye to it ;) Sorry I missed it! x

(21:37:26) @j0anne1 YES! I push my daughter over whenever she's precariously perched on the lounge floor... this is why we have children :)

(21:38:00) @chchchchelsea Take CTRL of yourself :p

(21:54:47) @Barlie40 The very same to you. Rest well :)

(22:02:20) @batwench @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @DigitalAmoeba @RiffRaff41 Nahh.. just the battery's been run down.

(22:13:28) @PrincessBagel @batwench @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @DigitalAmoeba @RiffRaff41 Such are the effects of rolling out the (Austin) Metro interface.

(22:26:01) @effieoffie Cool! :)

(23:22:26) Righty.. off to bed with me. Sony can do their announcement in their OWN time. Busy day tomorrow. night! :)

(23:26:22) @peasbloss N'night! :)

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(05:38:58) @Zodster Yup #goesbacktosleep

(05:39:51) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) Is it a #Binaish hour where you are?

(05:44:33) @smartie999 pretty much. back to bed with you x

(07:50:27) @miz_shake68 @smartie999 Good morning, Kate :) Blimmin frosty one here...

(07:50:56) @wkdstepmother Heehee... true! Have a lovely Tuesday! :) @PlainTalkingHR

(07:52:56) Good morning. Definitely going to be a half-term day... children's activities and the like...

(07:55:16) @leica0000 Every day is a half-assed day when I'm doing it :D

(07:55:52) @smartie999 I went back to sleep :D

(07:57:42) @clairerandall Heehee... why not? Make a party of it (my two are 9 and 13 if that helps :D)

(07:58:32) @washmysocks31 Heh.. it was trips to towns and visits to the country on some days when I was growing up. Not much different with our two :)

(07:59:11) @susanlo I'm always about it, rarely in it ;)

(08:06:45) @clairerandall I'm sure there is fun to be had :D Bring a magnet to the cooker shopping ;)

(08:07:28) @washmysocks31 If you have any tips to getting my daughter to tidy her room... seems like the impossible dream! :D

(08:07:52) @Mad4mogzz Makes it really weak, too, I'll bet..!

(08:08:44) @LilythePurr I agree with @BaronHawkey - the risk of damaging your wheel is high if you don't.

(08:09:07) @batwench Oh goodie... the EU's doing its thing again :D

(08:09:46) @washmysocks31 Oh she does what she's told... she's just no good at it :D

(08:10:08) @PontoonDock I was going to say 'resist!' but actually...

(08:11:10) @washmysocks31 I would say it's got me out of a number of rather dull tasks, but that would be lying :D

(08:11:49) Right. Better jump under the shower and get going ... early(ish) start today. I do wish this cold would buzz off, though. Have a good day!

(08:12:38) Incidentally, regardless of how much preparation I've actually done, @LateNightLoaf will be inflicting itself on @MintFM tonight.. 10pm UK!

(08:58:43) @PrincessBagel Will do... Lenni wants to shop for make-up (she's definitely a girly girl!) Have a good day, too.. no migraines now!

(08:59:28) @Matildamouse You too! It's a good day for it (bit chilly though!)

(09:28:05) I love to browse charity shops for old records, but I do draw the line somewhere... [pic] — http://t.co/UVqfYwLC

(09:49:35) @emsquare_d It's a fairly generic EP and in woeful condition... I guess they just don't want to sell records (nothing there less than £5!)

(11:03:01) @AlexGFox @PrincessBagel I promise it's not for me. Promise ;)

(14:07:49) @fridgemagnet2 Oh there will be a fresh new godawful track this week... ;) Expect a mention :)

(18:09:04) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter @RichHarkness Email, eh? Did someone say it was the future? :D I think the reviewer wasn't tuned in to it...

(18:59:54) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/b2ilRhHJ Am putting my book for kids out as a blog - this is the first in a series of very short bits!

(19:00:38) @Superblouse I fear it has simply put some graphite in your pencil. Barbecue?

(19:01:07) @fridgemagnet2 Nice. It's re-enacting the fly-over of the International Space Station.

(19:02:23) Warning: @LateNightLoaf is on air at 10pm UK time tonight on http://t.co/9Zznmk9s - extra warning: I will be doing some rap. Yes. RAP.

(19:05:32) @Vanburger2 Evenin' Van! :) Hope you're well! :)

(19:39:43) @Superblouse I hope your pencil is a 6H, then! :D

(19:40:07) @Dreamy_lyrics Heehee.. Finland got a mention last week ;)

(19:40:25) @Vanburger2 Good heavens.. you're industrious! Not sure I could sustain that..!

(19:56:10) @dansumption Thanks, Dan.. I'll upload the highlights to AudioBoo and you can make up your mind whether to listen later ;)

(20:25:25) @Bowen707 YEAH! :)

(20:25:46) @thatsjustme0 You'll.. I mean they'll need a lot, don't worry!

(20:50:55) @misscorsham Nowt wrong with that (although, to be fair, I am rather old :D)

(20:51:05) @thatsjustme0 JAMYEH! :D

(21:30:46) @misscorsham *chuckles* A fringe benefit ;)

(21:37:05) @misscorsham Oh. It's a work night. Uhoh...

(22:05:21) @AlexGFox Mate ... you've been working SO hard lately.. rest yourself, sir! :)

(22:05:32) @1969Steve Evenin' sir! :) :)

(22:12:31) Doing radio on http://t.co/9Zznmk9s - it's silly.

(22:14:47) @AlexGFox @stu4art Hah! If you're too close to the bat... that'll happen!

(22:25:32) @fridgemagnet2 I do believe he mentioned Hastings. Hastings. FFS.

(22:25:49) @DarrenGriffin Hey hey Darren! :)

(22:31:47) @fridgemagnet2 Please send the bill to.. what's his name.. Macklemore. I mean, whut?

(22:36:22) @RichHarkness Funnily enough they were curled up on the sofa when I was doing that.. they ignored me and kept watching YouTube #coolkids

(22:41:09) @sarahjaneuk Oh Sarah. Just you wait. @AlexGFox

(22:41:35) @ajlanghorn I fear it may have a limited lifestyle.. there is only so much bile I can take :D

(22:43:16) @sm2n @jn2n HURRAH! :) I hope you're doing early nineties hippy dancing to this :D

(22:47:02) @ajlanghorn oooh.. tempting! :D With a dalek voice, perhaps? :D

(22:48:35) @ajlanghorn Hahaha! :D

(22:55:41) @sm2n Heehee... Ben Liebrand isn't right.. I'll give you that so far! ;)

(22:57:52) @johnny_winter Mayyyybe. Again, I don't want to peak too soon ;)

(22:58:34) @lloydbayley Greetings Lloyd! :) @stu4art

(22:58:51) @fridgemagnet2 Oh I do hope @hergiebird isn't throwing them at you..!

(22:59:44) @RichHarkness Did ya hear your voicer? Epic! :)

(23:01:55) @johnny_winter You really know how to find my krypyonite.. you are SO on! They have a new EP out.. I'll be playing some of it next week! :)

(23:02:08) @neilcochrane1 You can make a request if you like! :) @johnny_winter

(23:08:13) @neilcochrane1 That is a very very nice choice :) @johnny_winter

(23:08:59) @neilcochrane1 How's this for a deal.. am I ok to play the lenka song next week? You're on a promise for that one!

(23:13:14) @johnny_winter It meant back then there was a half-decent radio station that played absolutely wonderful pieces of pop like this :) :)

(23:14:32) @johnny_winter TMBG is definitely an acquired taste. Luton, a lack of the same ;)

(23:14:48) @fridgemagnet2 T'was requested...

(23:17:42) @fridgemagnet2 They Height be Giants.

(23:18:07) @stu4art It's my great pleasure :)

(23:19:18) @stu4art Don't give me ideas ;) Although most days I struggle a little and, indeed, come up with rockall ;)

(23:25:29) @sm2n @latenightloaf It's an idea. But once again, it'll make it a little obvious where I'm going ;)

(23:25:47) @lloydbayley I can certainly let you know what it is! :)

(23:28:58) @neilcochrane1 Ooh.. Spotify! I like your thinking...

(23:29:56) @lloydbayley Wonderful, isn't it! :) I delight in this sort of music.

(23:30:11) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 I bet this one isn't! :D

(23:31:01) @fridgemagnet2 Indeed. Don't make me rap again.

(23:34:51) @fridgemagnet2 REALLY? I must try that. I'm guessing it's a niche one. That involved more throwing of crockery.

(23:37:02) @lloydbayley @stu4art I'm not wearing those undergrundies again :D

(23:39:28) @lloydbayley A blessed release!

(23:40:36) @johnny_winter Oooh... please drop me an email! :)

(23:43:15) @lloydbayley Indeed! :)

(23:44:54) @johnny_winter Thanks, Chief!

(23:48:24) @stu4art Sorry! :D I do hope I don't ruin your night's sleep.. I'm aware it's nearly 1am!

(23:49:28) @lloydbayley :) :) :)

(23:50:59) @PeachyPics In Tring of all places?! For shame :| I hope she's got a nice strong, sweet cup of tea and lots of hugs.

(23:53:38) @PeachyPics Glad to hear she's OK - and thank goodness for a soulmate :) x

(23:54:05) @sm2n I love a challenge, but ... ;)

(23:54:24) @mostlygeordie Oh my. Hang in there! And get PLENTY of sleep! :)

(23:57:32) @mostlygeordie Night twittersis :) xx

(23:59:27) @fridgemagnet2 @latenightloaf I shall bear that in mind. Crunchy. Night! :) Thank you for your company!

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(08:03:18) @xlaux Congratulations :)

(08:09:47) Good morning. Today's fragrance will be eau-de-fabric-softener. Ought really to do some show prep, too...

(08:13:29) @BaronHawkey Fresh fresh :) Hope your week starts well :)

(08:14:12) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Good morning :) Half term here... fun to be had in the sunshine!

(08:19:55) @johnny_winter Morning, Johnny :) Not quite summer yet :D

(08:20:58) @debsylee Morning... I'm slow-moving and shaking rather precariously ;) Have a good day!

(08:22:21) @PrincessBagel Ahh... missed out this morning... I'll put it on the shopping list ;)

(08:25:42) @crabbyknickers Oh my... I fear we have that delight ahead...

(08:26:41) @debsylee xxx

(08:27:22) @lsrwLuke Greetings :)

(08:48:39) @Canojar Morning, ma'am :)

(08:50:28) @washmysocks31 Morning :) Busy Monday morning for me.. If I can get going! Have a splendid Monday :)

(08:51:31) @lsrwLuke Not too bad, ta... felt like I squandered yesterday, so need to get something productive done today :D You doing OK?

(09:50:29) @_windrider @johnny_winter Horizontal drizzle ~shudders~ ... that said, frightening insects and arachnids...

(09:51:26) U is for Ukulele.

(09:54:01) @effieoffie Excellent... interesting dreams, I'm sure! :D (I hope!)

(09:56:11) @clairerandall My show is rough enough round the edges with hours of prep... it would be a shambles without (spot the difference :D)

(09:56:29) @lsrwLuke Amen, brother!

(10:06:42) @nickleach1 Yes. yes indeed.

(10:07:25) @nickleach1 Enjoy! @managertools

(10:20:24) @johnny_winter @TheUkes are THE BESSST!

(10:30:19) @rainbowtaylor Angst..?

(10:30:58) @rainbowtaylor What's the game, by the way..?

(10:50:15) @_windrider @johnny_winter Oh my.

(11:08:03) @technicalfault Ha!

(14:01:21) @rainbowtaylor I shall take a look - thank you! Hope the new levels come soon :)

(14:01:50) @sarahjaneuk ~blushes~ I will send out a special hello for you tomorrow!

(15:03:40) It's dentist o'clock (well, maybe it was 32 minutes ago...) Oh the fun that can be had here*

(15:12:21) @CalmWaters73 oh no! nightmare! I am at the dentist for a filling... hopefully it'll be nothing more! feel better soon!

(15:56:16) @smartie999 they wear latex gloves, now #lessfun He needed to give me enough anaesthetic to knock out a small elephant and I still felt it!

(15:57:14) @CalmWaters73 Aww.. I hope that is the last time :)

(15:58:52) @BritishMac You are a legend, sir. @johnny_winter @RichHarkness

(15:59:55) @smartie999 Latex 'yick' more like :D

(16:00:54) @smartie999 Aww.. Keep him away from my dentist, eh? x

(16:26:11) @smartie999 Heh.. it looks well filled too ;)

(18:18:15) Ooh that's gotta hurt @BurgerKing ... http://t.co/CoWRD4ZQ

(18:20:44) @effieoffie You could make a fortune, ma'am! :)

(20:34:12) @GHOGIT @RobJD I reckon @virginmedia need to get their Android app sorted. :/

(21:12:38) @BlueMoon_11 Play with water and be prepared to get wet :D

(21:15:50) @BlueMoon_11 Quite so XD

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(08:55:47) @peasbloss Aww :) :)

(08:58:01) @PaulEdwards_ @vobes @lloydbayley @beershowjimmy @spbrown @stu4art Morning :) Hope all is well in your world :)

(08:58:33) @lloydbayley You have the coolest toys!

(08:59:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo Morning :) a lazy slow morning here :) Coffee soon :)

(08:59:31) @JQP74 Morning :)

(09:00:24) @lloydbayley Not too bad, ta... Being a bit lazy! #stillinbed

(09:01:27) Better get up better get up better get up (woah woah)

(09:02:11) @lloydbayley Ha! She's asleep next to me :D

(09:02:42) @stu4art It's a good day for a lie-in :) Enjoy!

(09:03:23) @lloydbayley Heh.. so did I as I typed it :D

(09:04:27) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning :) I totally need coffee :D You? X

(09:04:37) @thatsjustme0 xx

(09:39:18) @miz_shake68 @jqp74 I took Beth coffee, at least :) :)

(09:39:41) @BitsyVonMuffin Milk no sugar... Sorted!

(09:40:15) @Tuglets I did, and I think I am still vertical :D Have a great day :)

(09:41:21) @CalmWaters73 YES!

(09:42:21) @Tuglets Not until after taking the children for a frolic around the countryside - then I shall definitely collapse :D

(10:02:12) @ian262 A fine series, sir.. keep 'em coming!

(10:02:47) Note to myself: get all the content off my Posterous site. It's going. Going I tells ya. Onto my blog.

(10:03:10) @BitsyVonMuffin If there's any left after I've made mine ;)

(10:04:05) @CalmWaters73 I was going to make a comment about just unzipping it, but it's far too early for that sort of thing ;)

(10:04:39) @Tuglets Hopefully it'll burn off some of the excess calories from yesterday (beer and burgers :D)

(10:05:21) @mostlygeordie Sounds like a perfect Sunday so far :) Can I come for a ride?

(10:05:47) @CalmWaters73 :D :D :D

(10:49:51) @mostlygeordie I can make fun out of most activities ;) x

(10:50:48) @gill_bee Suits you :)

(10:51:57) @batwench @mrbatwench Sounds delightful- definitely getting out and about weather :)

(10:52:15) @leica0000 DO!

(10:54:14) @thatsjustme0 ~resolutely doesn't chuckle~ Actually you look beautiful :)

(12:10:31) @johnny_winter @RichHarkness @BritishMac Brilliant ideas... I can do a whole week's show with poor Alec Guinness impersonations doing VOs!

(12:11:52) @RichHarkness @johnny_winter If you're up for doing some crazy voicers I would love that! Please DM me your email address ;)

(12:21:12) @Thehappyfatgirl Feel better soon x

(12:22:08) @BaronHawkey Agreed. Bit overfamiliar :D

(12:47:49) @johnny_winter That's just cruel... next it'll be half an hour of M People :D

(12:57:52) @BlueMoon_11 Sounds wonderful :)

(13:00:57) @Stenbird That tweet took me a while to decrypt :D

(13:02:09) @Mad4mogzz :) :) :) Did I read you were pondering a move away from the glorious south coast? I miss it SO much :) x

(13:10:12) @ngyt_uk Out geocaching with the young'uns this afternoon... really need to make some music, too :)

(13:11:59) @BlueMoon_11 That is unusual :) I'm good, thank you - off out with the bairns for some fresh air this afternoon :)

(13:42:36) @CalmWaters73 Coffee works just as well :) :)

(13:42:51) @thatsjustme0 BOO! But it will be worth it! :)

(15:13:30) I found Stanbridge Circuit, Village Green (http://t.co/YhLIPYQJ) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:31:50) @smartie999 A fine idea :) :) And just your kind of fun!

(15:44:14) I found Stanbridge Circuit, Fancy a Bath? (http://t.co/vHARXLHF) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:19:01) @smartie999 Absolutely:) Worldwide! Glad to have found a kindred spirit, @Zodster

(17:29:07) @PrincessBagel I am quacking in my boots ;)

(18:03:14) @batwench @PrincessBagel Oh dear.. smoke signals mean it's ready..? ;)

(18:03:45) @PrincessBagel @MapleMoose73 @snowbird0007 @ni_re @jeffreylhill @_windrider @AlexGFox @EwenRankin @pearcen @paulums @batwench And to you! x

(23:08:24) @thatsjustme0 Sleep well :) :) x

(23:08:45) @Superblouse For what it's worth, my kidneys hurt.

(23:09:01) @AnnaClare__ *applauds S*

(23:12:13) @LilacNun There is a pretty little coastal town called Milford on Sea that we visit when we go to the New Forest.. if you like such things.

(23:12:53) @effieoffie Oh my :/ Deep breaths and something warm and milky.. xx

(23:14:12) @Superblouse I cannot tell a lie, it was beer. :/ And cheese. HOLD ON TO YOUR KIDNEYS. etc.

(23:15:03) G'night. Same time tomorrow? I doubt it..

(23:16:39) Before I go.. a public service announcement: http://t.co/0j7QDTJN - via @Richard_C :)

(23:19:01) @Superblouse I've been looking through the kitchen cabinets for something that looks like an antidote. Best I could come up with: custard.

(23:19:16) @sparkyannc Bon nuit :) Sleep well.

(23:20:13) @Superblouse PS Hope you feel better by the morning.

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(06:24:11) @biscuitnose Oh no.. :/ Still? Hope it ceases soon.

(06:36:23) @shellzenner Wow pretty!

(10:28:58) Holly Walsh x Holly Willoughby = Holly Wallaby.

(10:37:00) Onward. I think I might be going to London today.

(10:44:44) @arronclaydon Root canal if they can... I understand if the tooth goes, the upper tooth suffers because it's got nothing to bite against.

(13:51:46) Utopia - as seen at the bottom of a pint glass... (apparently it's a brand of beer) http://t.co/WHhYqlD4

(19:30:23) @sparkyannc ~waves back from a pub in Holborn with former commercial radio colleagues (including Nik)~

(19:31:08) @2225dominic Excellent idea - I hope you have some fine family times ahead :) :)

(21:53:57) Piano player at St Pancras http://t.co/pfbCV6bj

(23:04:04) @sparkyannc Iguana Kebabs... whatever next? ;) Thank you for the suggestion. I went for the solace of home, glass of water & paracetamol ;)

(23:04:45) @paulums It was wonderful - and wow... what a splendid start to a honeymoon! :)

(23:04:53) @Tsaksonakis :)

(23:24:29) @Richard_C Absolutely brilliant idea :) We saw a similar thing done in Dortmund when we went there a couple of years back :)

(23:29:17) @j0anne1 I would double-follow you if I could.. hang on...

(23:35:47) A fun day, mainly spent in the pub(s) with @nickleach1, @liamwhiteside, Paul, Nik & Showbiz. The beer and laughs did happen. Home now. Bed.

(23:36:13) I bid you, therefore, good night. Going, going, gone.

(23:42:37) @lloydbayley Thank you :) enjoy your Sunday!

(23:43:24) @JonBCFC Thank you, sir. Sleep well when you do :)

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(08:03:20) I've got another think coming.

(08:28:02) @RobJD @Bubble2009 T'was on the 7.. I daresay the 4 will follow suit soon :)

(09:54:58) @BaronHawkey Good morning to you, sir! Good to be Friday, eh? :)

(10:38:07) @thatsjustme0 Blimey. Not just one conversation, I hope :D

(10:39:02) Just been listening to the @guardiantw podcast... if you have offspring of 13+ you can sign up for http://t.co/3iGqYM1y - cool free stuff.

(10:42:55) RT @stuartthomas: Extraordinary video of the meteor shower in Russia that's injured at least 500 people

(10:43:57) Right. Onward. And coffee. Done some housework. I nearly bought something, but then didn't. That's about it so far this morning :D

(12:20:32) The latest @LateNightLoaf show has been slung unceremoniously online: http://t.co/UMlVHAet ... snippets are here: http://t.co/t35ckwaz

(12:59:57) RT @Essexairamb: Pls RT - be aware there are air ambulance charity clothing bags being dropped in your area... proceeds of these DO NOT ...

(13:01:17) @VoiceBo Thanks for the tweet! :) :)

(13:01:55) @ellewadding Not too bad, eh? Remembering to get the bedding OUT of the washing machine is, to my mind, a triumph :D

(13:37:02) RT @unulty: Yes, kids truly are creative genius. My 2yo just made an amazing drawing. On the top of baby's head. With a permanent marker ...

(13:54:53) This is good.. and I'm rather surprised it's only got 62 followers! The Guardian Audio Edition on Audioboo: http://t.co/wZNm7K0E

(16:08:55) RT @Barthsnotes: Dorries and expenses: her IPSA guide "fell" from her office window + she took photo for her blog. Pic removed today htt ...

(16:10:02) @sarahjaneuk Thank you, Sarah - a very kind thing to say :) Glad you enjoyed it! @MintFM @BBCLondon949

(16:10:48) @errolin Not at work today :) This might give you a chuckle (and I'm sure there are examples in BH!) http://t.co/z4hqMHbv

(23:46:34) @PrincessBagel @AlexGFox @EwenRankin BEST BIT OF PAPER EVER :) And bottle of wine. :D Hope you have had a splendid evening :) #flattered

(23:47:34) @2225dominic Intriguing! hope you get a good night's sleep... makes for a much better day tomorrow... and helps the soldiers survive!

(23:48:00) @RichHarkness @johnny_winter @latenightloaf :D Sorry!

(23:48:24) @neilfarrimond @IlRoberto @RetroGames @TheSocialGamer @andytuk @c64club @Dragoneez @nyquist64 @retroist @computermuseum @VintageVanilla Hai!

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(00:00:44) @sparkyannc Hope you can have a peaceful, happy weekend. With no work! :)

(00:03:19) @MrsGumpy And the same to you :) Hope you are veritably overwhelmed with Valentines wonders :)

(00:38:17) @mostlygeordie I love you equally too :) #gotalotofloveinmyheart

(00:38:35) Happy VD

(01:07:09) @Tuglets Good night :)

(10:03:21) @2225dominic Hahaha! HISTORICAL FACT! :D

(10:03:24) RT @2225dominic: @syzygy I've looked it up and it's from a recently discovered Babylonian tablet meaning "garage flowers are not on today"

(10:05:54) @batwench @BritishTech @drhappymac Streaming live video is between 200MB and 1GB per hour; chat room is much, much less :)

(10:12:54) @mostlygeordie A tragic story... I hope the full facts emerge soon :/

(10:14:17) @batwench @BritishTech @drhappymac Wish you could pop round mine.. broadband works fine (one of the benefits of living in a massive town!)

(10:15:49) Good morning. And thank you for the card whoever sent it. Oh who am I kidding? Thank you, @Poots :D

(10:29:51) @mostlygeordie True :(

(10:32:07) @batwench @BritishTech @drhappymac how frustrating! Perhaps @EwenRankin might enable the audio only feed for you? (60MB per hour)

(10:32:43) @lloydbayley I count my blessings daily (just to make sure I've not locked one of them out of the house :D)

(10:39:33) @AlexGFox @PrincessBagel I second what the mighty Mr Fox said - and, if I recall, you had a migraine? Better is to come. Always is. :D

(10:40:00) @jarbennett Very smart! :)

(10:42:04) Just looking at the @BBCPress announcement about the shake up at BBC Towers. http://t.co/Fa5JRuPw NOTHING about Technology delivery. Fail.

(10:43:04) Right. Time to shower and prepare for a trip to the orthodontist with the boy. Rites of passage and the like.

(11:00:10) RT @106jack: “@syzygy: Right. Time for a trip to the orthodontist.” Ooh, brace yaself!

(11:48:35) Watching the boy getting his brace redone. A 'Wishing I could do it instead of him' moment. Although I would get in trouble for tweeting.

(12:21:54) people do things so much more slowly during the daytime #retailexperience

(12:43:57) @painted_duchess Thank you :) Apparently "the pain hasn't kicked in yet".. *hoping for the best*

(12:46:25) @BeachBelles It's the thought that counts. And the card.

(12:46:57) @birdfortytwo Congratulations. I do hope it's a Mobius Knitted. They're the best.

(12:54:07) Gosh I love Google Calendar.

(12:54:38) @lloydbayley Hope you sleep soon, mate.

(12:56:12) @Rob_Bishop @Raspberry_Pi Holy cow that is EPIC! :) :)

(12:56:15) RT @StJosephsY5: We're trying to show our school why we use Twitter - please can you retweet this to show how far it can go? Thank you!

(12:58:42) @washmysocks31 Aww :) :)

(14:45:47) @Zomby6 Fantastic - enjoy the blue skies and waters! @EwenRankin

(15:05:43) @painted_duchess @jrr4film It's better than paper that can be lost! (Or left at home :D)

(15:05:47) RT @EwenRankin: THEN…at 8pm its The BIG Show with @sarahjaneuk @RichHarkness @syzygy @daletownsend @AlexGFox http://t.co/GT4TmyhP

(15:06:03) @RichHarkness Ah. Yes. True.

(15:06:20) @lloydbayley Thanks for the mention on Wednesday's RR! :) :)

(15:07:15) @stopsleyvicar Did ya drive! Did ya?!

(15:15:31) Inexplicable video mashups! @nxmee might like a bit of weirdness (via @robertpopper ) http://t.co/ALcWoYm8

(16:11:06) @deargeek Happy birthday (I think!)

(20:31:42) @Dr_HelenMC Definitely gonna have to make some of that with the young'uns.. :) Thank you!

(21:49:40) Playing with @Twefax - http://t.co/BJKISMrG This is OLDSCHOOL! (Thanks @AlexGFox)

(21:54:22) @AlexOldfart Cheer up you old bugger :)

(21:56:45) Thank you, @misscorsham; due kudos to @JonathanEx on FAB TweFax! http://t.co/BJKISMrG (perhaps register the Twitter name?)

(22:09:36) Did this really happen in Canada? https://t.co/ub2rXZAd We need this at PMQs here. Most definitely :)

(22:10:19) @j0anne1 It comes highly recommended. Sleep well when you do! :) :)

(22:10:50) @christopherw Don't forget your zebra steak for dessert ;)

(22:11:20) @christopherw @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk @RichHarkness @AlexGFox Thank you! Great show.. thank you for bringing the youff element ;) #iamold

(22:28:40) @sarahjaneuk Hahaha! love it! @christopherw

(22:47:59) Ooh... exciting... and a bit frightening. I'm gonna do it..! http://t.co/c1OTecOj

(22:48:33) @washmysocks31 Hope the dreams are musical ones!

(23:17:04) @Bubble2009 It is! And it seems to have taken.. haven't seen much difference so far :)

(23:17:28) @mostlygeordie Night, twitter sis! X

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(00:01:11) @beershowjimmy Thanks, Jimmy :) :)

(00:01:40) @clairerandall There are many better ways to show affection to someone. Easter eggs is just one ;)

(00:02:11) @Tuglets *awards you the medal of honour* You are a true champion among listeners! :) :) Thanks for your company this evening :)

(00:03:27) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter It's been an unexpected and enjoyable pleassure! :)

(00:03:39) @Tuglets :) :) For me, too :) :)

(00:07:17) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter *BIG* smiles! Night, gents :)

(00:08:03) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 heehee... there'll be another Johnny Winter Request Spot next week.. ;) Incidentally.. (tweet to follow)..

(00:08:23) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 ... surely there can't be that many Johnny Winters - http://t.co/foFvLnyv has your name mentioned! :) :)

(07:57:26) @CherryKaz1 Thanks, Kaz :)

(07:57:56) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 Wow..! Now that is a heck of a performance!

(08:00:06) @debsylee Please send links under plain cover :D Good morning :)

(08:01:23) @lloydbayley Oh no - sorry you missed the last bit of the show.. I'll upload it to the archive later :) Hope you've had a great Wednesday :)

(08:03:22) @thatsjustme0 Morning :)

(08:04:37) @lloydbayley Good to hear.. Wednesday's just kicking off here (I don't get up at a @Vobes -y hour :D)

(08:05:53) Good morning. I have coffee. Could be a lot worse.

(08:07:02) @thatsjustme0 How is your Wednesday looking? Need to get myself zooming soon :)

(08:09:07) @batwench Got something to dunk..? ;)

(08:09:54) @Dreamy_lyrics Morning! Good call... it is a good day when there is plenty of coffee in the pot :)

(08:10:56) @washmysocks31 Morning :) Quite so - there is always time for a bit of blessings counting :)

(08:11:16) @thatsjustme0 TWINS!

(08:11:47) @Tuglets Veritable felicitations :)

(08:13:04) @_windrider Crumbs.. I know loads, but can't remember a darn one! I will ponder :) #mondegreens

(08:13:58) @AlexGFox You're working too hard, sir :) I hope the week relents and you can defy bedtime soon!

(08:14:57) @SzpakPhoto Oh no - feel better soon!

(08:16:22) @alnicholl77 That is beautiful!

(10:49:22) Checking the ingredients of biscuits - we're OK.. no horse.

(10:50:56) @Dreamy_lyrics @blindman75 @kitty_cat84 Just tuned in.. this is RANDOM. Who better to bring order back to things? not Weird Al for sure :D

(10:52:31) @Mazelbium I'll hope for the best... dentists are SO expensive! :D

(10:54:27) @Dreamy_lyrics @kitty_cat84 @blindman75 There are worse people to be obsessed about! He's a musical genius.

(11:07:15) RT @_windrider: @syzygy What kind of bread to Tesco use when making their prepacked 1/4 pounders? Thoroughbred.

(11:07:29) @Dreamy_lyrics @blindman75 YES!

(11:08:24) @fridgemagnet2 That sounds frightening! :D

(11:09:14) @Dreamy_lyrics @clairebland1 YES! Happy birthday Claire! Hope you have an immense celebration. And not a terrible hangover ;)

(11:22:46) @poots Doing a late one tonight, my darling - so leaving work at half three :) x

(11:23:07) @fiverscarrot I try not to think too much. Otherwise my brain starts hurting.

(11:30:41) @poots Thank you :) :) I hope Lenni enjoys @ngyt_uk!

(12:01:46) @mostlygeordie Gah, and indeed BA! :|

(12:05:22) RT @nxmee: wow... just wow.... http://t.co/vM3rBfFQ

(12:05:37) @nxmee It's the best use of an emergency broadcast system I've ever seen! :D

(12:05:55) @RubyJubilee Oh dear :( Hope it gets better soon. Perhaps your head is now too light? ;)

(12:31:51) @RubyBobbles Heehee :D

(12:32:32) @nxmee YAHHH! http://t.co/NIUhqoYb

(12:32:46) @thatsjustme0 Awww - a hearty lunch ;)

(12:41:26) @lsrwLuke I shall tell my colleagues. They won't be impressed :D

(12:41:33) @shongum *chuckles*

(12:54:05) Still chuckling thinking about Lenni and Chris doing the Harlem Shake in the studio last night. Bass up good'n'loud :D #reasonstobeadad

(13:11:00) @ajlanghorn Photos or it didn't happen.

(14:36:57) @RubyBobbles ME TOO! :) :)

(15:26:49) @poots They should have called it 'old-school' ;)

(15:27:59) @helenduffett Utterly splutterly?

(15:28:40) @fridgemagnet2 I suggest you set affinity to just three of them so you can use the rest for Twitter.

(15:30:42) @RobLound @PSNEurope Oh my.

(15:32:58) @RubyBobbles @HeidiPeeps *duly favourited* Thank you !:)

(15:48:38) poew's day. Well, actually, I'm working tonight. Hey/nonny/no.

(15:49:18) @meanjeen Certainly was ;) And, indeed, more coffee :D

(16:03:51) it's only blimmin well started doing the s-word again... what is this, Switzerland..?

(16:26:16) accident. northbound between j8 and J9. outside lane broken. boo!

(17:00:43) @KermitMash Bit of a day!

(17:38:36) An actual AMC Pacer - seen in Watford this afternoon; I used to LOVE this car (as did Garth from Wayne's… http://t.co/ShYsXeLO

(17:41:34) @trevypoos I just had to get a photo... that's possibly the first time I've ever seen one 'in real life' :D

(17:41:59) @EwenRankin Good heavens! None of my matchbox cars are in mint condition.. nor are the skirting boards either ;)

(17:43:22) @KermitMash It's nice that she shared those tales of woe with you... (or did you sneak a peak at her diary? ;)

(21:13:34) @KermitMash Awwww bless! My daughter writes wonderful things like that (and I scan them... Ssshh ;)

(21:14:48) @Matildamouse It's a classic American car - and featured in Wayne's World (the Mirthmobile... remember Bohemian Rhapsody head banging? :D)

(21:21:48) @shellzenner It. Just. Is.

(23:33:47) @Matildamouse I'm sure I had a toy AMC Pacer as a kid, too.. :)

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(00:36:09) @peasbloss Rest well, night-owl!

(00:51:03) Early to bed. Ish. Night!

(08:26:25) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner Gosh.. is it Tuesday? Have a good one!

(08:27:43) @CherryKaz1 @clairerandall Heehee.. timezones will feature heavily in tonight's show, funnily enough :D Have a good day/night /afternoon!

(09:11:37) @joanneh234 @JQP74 @washmysocks31 Happy Lent (nearly!) :D

(09:11:56) Playing tunes loudly before heading to work. Today's best mix. HA.

(09:26:46) @effieoffie @__Gran2F__ @hastillonlyme @charbhardy Big hugs to you :) :)x

(09:29:01) @GardenCity_Mark I'm working for an eCommerce company in Watford :)

(09:29:27) @__Gran2F__ @effieoffie @hastillonlyme @charbhardy Yeah.. much better today, thank you - fighting off a virus, I think. You doing OK today?x

(11:02:58) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Let's get shriving. Shraving? Shroving! :D

(11:03:22) @GardenCity_Mark It's good fun - far, far better than what our *cough* local music stations have to offer :D

(11:03:47) @GardenCity_Mark What about you? How's the work situation?

(11:04:16) Tidying up emails.. only 300 to go..

(11:12:02) @GardenCity_Mark :D

(11:12:14) @GardenCity_Mark That's pretty cool :) :)

(11:12:49) @AlexGFox Haha.. the principle that if it's important, they'll email again, right? ;)

(11:13:01) @lloydbayley heehee.. hope you keep it in 3 figures :D

(11:23:01) @AlexGFox I know several people who don't like to use the phone (I used to dislike it, but concluded that I don't actually have to answer!)

(11:23:15) @GardenCity_Mark A very kind offer :)

(11:43:45) @GardenCity_Mark Splendid! :) :)

(11:45:51) @AlexGFox Conversely I see those people (predominantly women, I observe) whose phones are permanently attached to their ears.. no idea! :D

(12:05:18) I think I have a major seventh chord threshold.. more than three in a short period of time and I have to turn it off. #ballads

(12:16:56) @AlexGFox I would say 'I want a piece of that' but, to be honest, I've got a pair of boots, a pair of shoes and a pair of trainers already;)

(12:48:54) @Dr_HelenMC Is that off-the-shelf Play-Doh? #embeddedironfilings

(12:49:16) @dj_monkeyboy Feel better soon :)

(13:58:11) @RuthBlackett I already do *ashamed*

(13:58:53) @mostlygeordie Good idea :)

(15:28:41) @TheEggKing Serve it rather ineplicably with grapes, and you may have yourself a deal ;)

(15:29:03) @AlexGFox Heh. I have a pair of slippers at work which I dare not wear for reasons of shame and mockery.

(16:28:23) @mostlygeordie YES. But only something easy ;)

(16:32:26) @ibookery @AlexGFox I have a pair of moccasins for special.

(16:39:14) @mostlygeordie YES! :)

(16:59:15) @LucindaGos @ri_science Holy cow.. I wish I were free this evening! :)

(17:00:04) @BeachBelles Very nouveau-coquettish ;)

(17:04:03) @BeachBelles Wish I'd thought of it ;) x

(17:04:12) @BeachBelles IMPOSSIBLE to get, in fact.

(17:07:50) @nickwallis Moses and Elijah.

(17:08:07) @nickwallis Also: Eamonn Holmes and Bruce Forsyth.

(17:09:02) Going to escape. There is show prep to do and I smell of garlic.

(18:06:57) @dizzymummytotwo *chuckles*

(18:48:46) RT @SOTCAA: @johndredge is Podcast of the Week in the Radio Times. Next issue, John's 'My Kind Of Day' (with a Kipper Williams cartoon o ...

(19:44:53) @Vanburger2 Funnily enough, I'm hoping to experiment with some I'm the next few days... I'll let you know :)

(19:45:17) @dizzymummytotwo Always :) :)

(19:45:39) @stu4art Ooooh,.. May have to give them a play!

(19:56:07) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @DigitalAmoeba @AlexGFox @batwench @RiffRaff41 Like being at the beach :D

(21:55:00) RT @MintFM: Join James at the top of the hour for this week's Late Night Loaf http://t.co/eOdfUui1 Don't forget the butter!

(21:59:34) @stu4art Can't wait, mate - you'll definitely get a mention! :) :)

(22:06:04) @1969Steve Evenin' Steve! :)

(22:10:22) @dj_frabs She is definitely a unique performer :D

(22:10:58) @fridgemagnet2 Thank you. That was most distracting :P

(22:16:44) @sm2n @1969steve Good evening sm2n! :) :)

(22:18:20) @Tuglets Evening, Janet! Great to have you here :) :)

(22:24:48) @beershowjimmy *applauds*

(22:29:25) @Tuglets I can assure you it is bad... :D

(22:39:37) @Tuglets Oh what a wonderful idea! :) I have another sleepy song to close with .. but definitely another week! :)

(22:43:34) @fridgemagnet2 No way..! Does he..?

(22:43:34) @fridgemagnet2 No way does he?!

(22:48:37) That went well... my Twitter computer just fell off the internet :D

(22:49:43) @ajlanghorn Yeah.. I've got a playout system running on the other one :D

(22:50:05) @neilcochrane1 Only when I'm doing internet radio :) :) Ironically, I was about to tweet that I'm on air :D

(22:52:25) @beershowjimmy @MintFM BRILLIANT! :) :)

(22:53:18) @neilcochrane1 It's on http://t.co/9Zznmk9s - I think it's on TuneIn radio (if that's an iPhone app)

(22:54:39) @sm2n *stunned silence*

(22:54:59) @neilcochrane1 I tried to tweet that I was on air but my tweeting computer fell over :D

(22:55:32) I'm playing radio stations on http://t.co/6jvejVsT - Late Night Loaf .. tune in if you don't value your sanity :D

(22:59:45) @effieoffie G'night lovely :) x

(23:01:30) @johnny_winter @neilcochrane1 One of my work colleagues showed me an absolutely gorgeous iPhone app that organises emails.. 'Mailbox' I thnk

(23:06:16) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Ahhh yes.. of course - I forgot about that bit! :D

(23:06:25) @shellzenner Deflating?

(23:07:06) @johnny_winter BLANCMANGE! (and world peace ;)

(23:10:56) @beershowjimmy @MintFM I very much like XiaaLive radio for Android. Really nice user interface

(23:19:18) @neilcochrane1 And I'm playing something from 1948 :D PERFECT juxtaposition

(23:24:17) @neilcochrane1 It truly was :)

(23:30:40) @dj_frabs Heehee... arguably :D But you've not heard the wrong yet :D

(23:31:19) @neilcochrane1 Good heavens.. or it is so vastly different from the original..!

(23:38:55) @sm2n Hahaha.. I am sure I occasionally see tweets from pub quizzes :D

(23:49:58) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Quite possibly my favourite song of all time. I must have about 8 different copies of it in various formats :D

(23:55:40) @Tuglets Hahaha! THAT is what lent means :D

(23:58:40) @clairerandall You haven't been forgotten, I can assure you :)

All tweets for 11 Feb 2013

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(11:39:28) On the school run this morning it was remarkable how many children were carrying large lumps of snow triumphantly... great to see, though :)

(11:55:43) @mostlygeordie Sounds like a fine Monday of achievements! :) :)

(12:25:08) @LILLYTHEPINK1 no.. I was lucky enough to walk my daughter to school this morning, and saw all the other kids enjoying themselves too :)

(14:48:39) @pearcen Some playout systems do it automatically ;)

(17:04:32) Oh dear. Suffering from minor body failure. I think I've got a virus. Where were you when I needed you, Sophos Human On-Access Scanner..?

(17:11:02) @thatsjustme0 Yay go you! :)

(17:15:14) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you :) A mere setback :) :)

(17:16:25) @lsrwLuke Full reinstall required, perhaps- have to get the install discs off my mum :D

(17:28:52) @emsquare_d Thanks, Em :)

(17:29:27) @PlainTalkingHR Quite so... Soon be spring, though... :)

(19:23:10) @dragonhistory What..?! Everything in this tweet bothers me! Say it's not so...

(19:31:09) @dragonhistory Great idea :) :) I've seen quite a few, but it's sporting the repeats I haven't seen that is the challenge..!

(19:32:27) @thatsjustme0 It's been an odd day, and one I won't see the end of until Tuesday hoves into view :) For now, though, telly and snacks :) x

(19:33:00) @oliwia_s I hope you get better soon, too! Definitely still winter :) x

(19:33:50) @kitty_cat84 I will have stern words with this virus... show it who is boss!

(21:22:35) @dragonhistory Quite so! :D

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(09:29:39) Morning.. listening to @claw0101 and @MissyMWAC talk Superbowl, meat and cars on this week's Here'n'There podcast http://t.co/33IsWqJu

(09:31:07) @koshkajay Love that! :)

(10:15:33) @smartie999 WELCOME BACK! :)

(13:24:51) @kirnick Ooh.. what about porridge?

(13:25:46) So cool! RT @vobes: The Bald Explorer in the Daily Mail Weekend Magaine! http://t.co/F3oAfF88

(15:55:14) @kirnick hahaha! VIVA PANCAKES! :)

(20:47:46) @poots And you're still with me.. what's with at? :D x

(20:50:22) Top Gear should rebrand one of the sections of their show "Let's put a star in a comfortably long toilet break."

(21:05:55) RT @lutoncouncil: We are currently gritting priority routes http://t.co/rxRrqANP #gritting

(21:06:20) @lutoncouncil YEAH! Thank you - always reassuring to see the gritters on Vauxhall Way!

(21:06:39) Lethal blizzard.

(21:18:29) @fiverscarrot Not quite so blowy, but still white stuff descending, yup...

(21:19:15) @johnny_winter That's not good... it was damp earlier, but upgraded(?) to snow mid afternoon.. maybe you'll escape #workinthemorning

(22:34:52) @Bubble2009 @poots Indeed. That would certainly scupper things! :D

(23:09:27) @Bubble2009 Good night x

(23:09:41) @thatsjustme0 Rest well xx

(23:21:15) Onwards to bed. Or offwards. It's a directional thing. Good night. GO AWAY SNOW. Ta.

All tweets for 09 Feb 2013

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(00:05:45) I had no idea there even WAS a game of soldiers.. night night.

(08:16:26) @TOther_Simon They kept that quiet...

(08:31:01) @CosmicCoco There's some in the pot... how do you take it?

(08:31:56) @batwench Bass.

(08:32:16) @batwench Also backing up my Dad's computer (lunch provided ;)

(08:39:03) An amusing 'back of cereal box' idea - a maze which is also a QR code. Works for me! (Realty weird… http://t.co/HRQrERCO

(08:53:47) @thatsjustme0 Morning Dee :) x

(08:54:28) @clairerandall I am v. easily pleased ;)

(08:56:51) Morning. Totally going to get stuff done today. Or maybe closer to 88%.

(08:57:34) @thatsjustme0 Plenty to do.. need to get out of these jammies first :D And you..? x

(08:57:58) @Canojar I know what you mean!

(09:22:08) RT @GunnerWhoWalks: This is gold. http://t.co/WcYu7W5O

(09:22:42) @biscuitnose HA! Doooo it. Doooo it (because chanting is the most effective form of persuasion)

(09:23:34) @claw0101 If you see him, please say hi to William Green :)

(09:24:40) @batwench If you can believe it, all three. At once.

(09:24:56) @thatsjustme0 I'l steal the duvet off of ya ;)

(09:25:05) @claw0101 HUZZAH :)

(09:25:27) @brennig YES!

(09:25:39) @Canojar YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER! Then go out ;)

(09:26:05) Right. Enough of this.. better get on. Have a splendid Saturday (even thought it's a bit grey)

(11:20:28) Random Sticker I Found On My Clothes While Tidying Of The Week: "Grrrr!" http://t.co/I8uQeRxU

(12:45:27) @2225dominic Hahaha! Mayyyybe :D

(12:46:16) @Matildamouse Tracky bottoms (disappointingly ;) Hope you're well!

(12:46:51) @leica0000 I just ended up with 'greyndad'

(12:47:08) @JonBCFC You too!

(12:47:37) @brennig Not in the slightest (yet..?!)

(12:57:37) @brennig That's the status right here, too... boo (except good for the garden:)

(17:25:32) This afternoon's project- an LED make-up light for Lenni http://t.co/IjAeFjlE

(20:06:30) @JonBCFC Not sure I have, either :)

(20:14:28) RT @mbrit: Oh yes. Probably the best traceroute result in the world:

(20:15:31) @mbrit @andytuk That is magnificent! :)

(20:16:33) @Matildamouse Ooh.. that could work (if we're not up to our knees in snow!) Shall we pencil it in..? :)

(20:17:00) @mostlygeordie We're hoping to give her the opportunity to find that out for herself :)

(20:23:41) @PontoonDock You're the best! :)

(20:31:08) @PontoonDock HAHAHA! :D

(20:36:46) @Matildamouse Heehee true! I would definitely need to give my two (and me) hot chocolate afterwards, though: D

(23:01:56) Moving things about on the web. FOR SCIENCE.

(23:02:10) @thatsjustme0 Race you there! Just got to update some blog post links :D

(23:11:34) @nausea18 The internet doubly so ;)

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(08:06:03) Happy birthday, @rainbowtaylor :) #f

(09:45:46) @thatsjustme0 You clearly needed it. Morning :) x

(09:47:12) @misscorsham The word "Ubuntu" does, too - South African for "I am you and you are me and we are she and we are all together..."

(09:47:36) @ellewadding Morning. I am hoping for a deeply uneventful weekend ;)

(09:48:20) @PlainTalkingHR Namaste, my well-travelled friend! Enjoy, however you spend your #FF Friday!

(09:50:00) RT @poots: I do love that there is so much for children and young people to do in Luton. Thanks @LutonLibraries @lutonculture

(09:51:41) @paulnoble Not often I say this (because it's not good English, and actually I don't have such a sensibility), but: wel jel :D

(10:42:52) @smartie999 WOW! You see the coolest things. Keep well away, though.. they're blimmin' dangerous!

(10:49:40) @misscorsham Heehee :D Sorry!

(10:52:21) @thatsjustme0 The sun is out, I have coffee and something to fix.. hey, I'm a happy greasemonkey ;)

(10:52:46) @mrs_forky @melodimen @ian262 @wonderwaff @sarahboo72 @PrimeofMissyF @snuggleskunk @EmpJNorton @danielpeake @JackdawsMusic Thank you! :) #FF

(10:53:11) @ellewadding Definitely. I hope your weekend ahead is a wonderful one :)

(12:28:30) @mabelinticket94 Everybody needs a baby :)

(12:45:17) @RHAAudio Blatent earbud abuse... normally I am much better behaved. Happy Friday :) http://t.co/tomNWlgk

(14:17:33) @pearcen There are so many things wrong with that. Go home and maker her not bored.

(14:24:17) @pearcen Ahh. Oh. I hope she can make it through! :)

(14:24:34) @paulnoble LORDY!

(14:27:44) @pearcen *chuckles* :D

(14:31:16) @CalmWaters73 It was a joke, I think. 'Sketch' in the title... I'm not sure what Sean Dilley's trying to say, but hey...

(14:45:33) @shellzenner Full. Fat. Baby.

(14:47:25) @CalmWaters73 I completely agree :) Comedy is a difficult art to get right. I would know - I try to be funny all the time :D

(17:03:37) @Shell3870 Quite inspired :)

(17:03:53) @JuliaBall Oh yes. I remember IOU better.. rather squawky.

(17:04:11) @peasbloss That is so cool! :) :)

(17:05:22) @vobes Yup... 'no obligation' free employment. If the intern 'fits in' they may get a job.. :/

(17:06:06) @vobes What @speedina says, though.

(17:06:34) @dj_monkeyboy @CalmWaters73 That's a really kind thing to say - made me smile! :)

(17:22:53) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/qmBYt2FN My weird comedy podcasts also on British Public Radio Audioboo channel here x

(17:30:17) @CalmWaters73 @dj_monkeyboy :) I just love laughter :)

(17:33:25) I wish I had the presence of mind to notate how many times I laugh on a given date. I do believe it's quite a lot. I am Ainsley Harriott.

(17:44:05) @nausea18 I try and do it every day - having other people around definitely helps :D

(17:44:18) @mabelinticket94 Hey hey hey :) Gonna boo you later! :)

(18:57:41) @mostlygeordie Oh heavens - hope you can manage something substantial soon x

(21:42:37) @OfficialSaundra A week for the memoires!

(21:45:47) @DeanAbbott I would imagine one could substitute any class or type of person in the first clause of that - admittedly true - tweet :)

(21:46:47) @OfficialSaundra Epic!

(22:03:27) @johndredge @BookMarkLee Amen!

(22:03:55) @alnicholl77 Great vibe on that show :)

(22:05:11) @mostlygeordie That is a pretty frightening message!

(22:05:57) @biscuitnose I have trouser trouble.

(22:06:12) @PrincessBagel Night, you x

(22:32:49) @MissyMWAC Not sure I would ever bother getting out of bed :D

(22:42:06) @peasbloss @PaddyFantastic @Twixtcupandlip @amcyoung @TomDoohan @podium53 @Andy_the_chef ~curtsies~ thank you :) x

All tweets for 07 Feb 2013

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(07:34:02) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morrow :) :)

(07:37:46) @washmysocks31 I love the mental picture of a weatherman standing in front of a blank weather chart... morning :)

(07:51:05) @JonBCFC That's a hardcore breakfast- where's the bacon sarnie?

(07:51:51) @Littlebit_Bod Big hugs from me :)

(07:52:15) @washmysocks31 Yeah.. I popped round the. back and switched it on :)

(08:16:38) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Oh wow.. love a bit of people-watching... enjoy! I'm OK, ta :)

(12:16:08) @mabelinticket94 Good morning :)

(12:26:00) @mabelinticket94 I've had too many banana chips :D How are you? Is your cold better now? Hey.. jtlx is following my radio show on audioboo!

(13:13:47) @MintFM @dj_frabs @Tuglets Afternoon :) Listening! Wow.. this takes me back. Which was the song with the never-ending groove at the end..?

(13:21:42) @Tuglets Fantastic! Love those sorts of records..!

(13:35:43) @MintFM @dj_frabs @Tuglets Really enjoying the show - great fun :)

(13:47:52) @shellzenner Such is the life of a true artist. *HUG* from me. Be faithful to yourself. x

(13:52:25) @meeware HAHAHA! This the only good thing I've actually seen on Vine.

(14:16:26) @CalmWaters73 @MintFM This song beats any other. FACT.

(14:17:44) @CalmWaters73 @syzygy @MintFM Wish I could write songs like this...

(14:24:33) RT @verso: RT @almightygod: My sincere congratulations to @meganphelps, who announced she has left the Westboro Baptist Church: https:// ...

(15:36:55) @ms_howard Where's Gok when you want him? Or similar.

(16:40:51) @ms_howard Oh I only wish I knew. :|

(17:09:11) @willowHart Hello. Oh. *checks to see if you mean me* x

(17:09:28) RT @Dr_Black: Anyone ever used one of these? @TNMOC #bpark http://t.co/Yfbz1sSq

(17:10:47) @Chocohalix Have you just fallen off a roof?

(17:10:53) @willowHart :) :) :) x

(17:11:35) @Chocohalix Ahhh. Please be assured that your son is completely normal. My two lose critical things all the time :) Worth looking for it?

(17:20:41) @Moominstrudel *chuckles*

(17:21:00) @willowHart I'm hoping for FIIIISSSSHH

(17:28:02) @Chocohalix Honestly.. it's not always him :)

(17:28:50) @Chocohalix The number of times my two have been about to leave the house and it's "...have you seen my...?" - er.. not since last week!

(17:29:02) @willowHart Can I come round for FIIIIIIIISSSHH please ? ;)

(17:33:33) @thatsjustme0 Congratulations! :) x

(17:34:41) @willowHart Will do! :) :)

(17:34:53) @MissyMWAC Hahahahaahaahaha *falls over*

(18:59:58) @pearcen @BritishTech There should be a health warning against having my face that big!

(19:53:33) @chchchchelsea HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is quite, quite something! x

(20:20:45) @Thehappyfatgirl I'll see your three locations and raise you an estate agent :D

(21:27:37) @mrbatwench HELLO!

(21:56:27) @Mad4mogzz Sleep well x

(21:59:57) @justliketoby @BBCR1 *chuckles*

All tweets for 06 Feb 2013

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(00:02:47) @lloydbayley heehee.. it's good to be able to 'talk' to you - since I listen to your RRs every day :)

(00:03:14) @AlexGFox @sm2n Thanks, Alex - I am so pleased you were able to join me :) :)

(00:18:36) @Tuglets http://t.co/sqpPKXWO

(00:18:57) Right. To bed before Piers Morgan gets me. Night!

(08:08:52) @TOther_Simon Nor mine...

(08:12:47) @leica0000 How interesting - thank you! Ours didn't...

(08:14:27) @TOther_Simon Me neither... the whole MP voting thing bewilders me - surely they have to ask ALL their constituents, then average it out?

(08:15:34) @Mad4mogzz Happy half birthday Xanthe :) Red cheeks are all part of growing up.. #teethingalready?

(08:15:56) @BeachBelles Happy to help...

(08:16:28) @lloydbayley Evenin' :) Hope it's been a day of fewer spillages!

(08:17:31) Right. Better change into my superhero outfit and save the world. Happy Hump day...

(08:18:08) @BeachBelles With skillz and precizion. And extra zzzz's

(08:18:42) @vobes No.. It's IT Tinkerer Man!

(08:21:06) @vobes I hope you have a splendid day :)

(10:06:55) It's another one of those days when I find myself rummaging through my workbag. There is some scary stuff in there (and payslips :D)

(10:07:43) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo Happy Humpday from where I'm sitting in Watford :D

(10:08:06) @K_whawell Not bad at all, thanks, Kristian... once I'm out of the drizzly sleet stuff!

(10:08:21) @perrygascoine It's true.. just ask in the office tomorrow ;)

(10:42:20) @joanneh234 The sticky stuff is always the worst :D Good morning :)

(11:01:25) @AndreaRauter Gosh..! I hope you don't get stuck somewhere you don't want to be! :)

(11:06:58) @MintFM @blindman75 Mornin' :) Just tuned in... something to enjoy listening to in the office :)

(11:34:44) @willowHart I NEVER get enough of it! Mmmmmm sushi :D

(11:35:36) @corrie_corfield If you don't try to catch a glimpse of what's in her bag, we will all be bereft of closure! :D

(11:43:19) @Wymroyal My list of things to do which are Things To Do is far too long for me to start on ones that aren't Things To Do. Except faffing :D

(12:25:09) @BeachBelles They spelt Pepsi wrong.

(13:28:24) @LilythePurr I hope you like it too.

(13:29:35) @LilythePurr *applauds*

(13:30:11) @thatsjustme0 GO GO GO girl. And don't break any more pairs of glasses...

(13:30:32) @stopsleyvicar That sounds both entertaining and sinister ;)

(14:24:05) @fiverscarrot Two 'F's and an 'S' ;) SO glad I don't live in the US..

(14:34:18) @fiverscarrot *makes a note* No pretend grenades... got it! ;)

(14:38:59) @fiverscarrot NUMPTYBLOKE! (Still working on the name ;)

(15:03:40) @claremac82 I'd reply to this tweet, but I just have to pop to the postbox with a fishing hook...

(15:43:41) @petegurr They ain't 10p any more...

(16:46:26) @stu4art Thank you :) I only made a couple of mistakes this time ;)

(17:01:10) @poots Dare I ask by whom you were asked?

(17:03:37) @poots I think I have one if he wants it... ;)

(17:06:58) @kitty_cat84 Hello :) Having a listen before I head home from work :)

(17:12:26) @kitty_cat84 CHOOOOOOOOON!

(17:12:45) @kitty_cat84 PS Is there such a thing as too much coffee? ;)

(17:21:08) @AlexGFox @stu4art Me too! I was angling for an 8 to 10 slot, but they're all taken :D

(17:29:51) @RichHarkness Oooh.. where from? LINKY PLEASE! :)

(17:30:21) @kitty_cat84 Great Genesis track - one of the first Phil Collins did the vocals on since Peter Gabriel left :) Nice bit of Prog Rock :)

(17:33:52) @mostlygeordie Backwards to forwards, right..? I DO THAT TOO!

(17:34:12) @pearcen Thank you. It's basically just mucking about ;)

(17:43:15) @pearcen Fantastic :) Live is definitely the most fun.. and preparation is key! Will you be streaming?

(17:43:49) @kitty_cat84 Another splendid record - I love Nik Kershaw's writing style... it's very distinctive!

(18:52:26) @Canojar YUMSK! :)

(18:54:06) @birdfortytwo I will have this seen to.

(20:20:10) @RichHarkness WANT! :) I shall research on-line.. thank you! :)

(20:20:26) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness Thank you - much appreciated :)

(20:44:24) Somehow Late Night Loaf was let loose on Mint FM again last night. This happened: http://t.co/oEsZ3hPe Full show here: http://t.co/UMlVHAet

(20:51:27) @neilcochrane1 @RichHarkness @EwenRankin That is actually very pretty (but yeah.. I've got copper in most places too ;)

(21:03:44) @fridgemagnet2 Struggling a bit with the track listing bit.. I will keep trying...

(21:04:30) @Vanburger2 Knock yourself out ;)

(21:05:50) @JonBCFC I won't blame you if you need a sit down afterwards. Or, indeed, ten minutes in :D

(21:28:42) @sparkyannc Pizza! (for both?)

(21:33:30) @JonBCFC I have a Rode NT-1A... great value :)

(21:39:22) @JonBCFC Their procaster is an excellent mic, too :)

(21:44:09) @mostlygeordie Lordy...

(21:44:52) @Canojar nighty!

(21:51:40) @fridgemagnet2 I tried. Will give it another go...

(22:28:02) @sparkyannc @2danceis2dream2 B.A.H!

(22:30:30) @Manda_Jones Wow...

(23:01:28) G'night. Nearly made 11pm. NEARLY.

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(09:27:05) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning :) Blue skies here in Watford :) :)

(11:05:05) @GHOGIT I'm always left feeling a little flat afterwards...

(11:53:43) @fridgemagnet2 Fantastic!

(11:53:56) @JamesCridland Name. Shame.

(13:10:49) @mostlygeordie Badum.

(13:12:20) @JamesCridland Thank you for sharing that.

(14:55:58) @joanneh234 They're the best sort, right..? :)

(14:57:03) @JamesCridland I had a listen. At least the processing wasn't too bed. Did you spot the iPhone locking 'click' in the edit you made? :D

(15:13:43) @joanneh234 Oh my no.. horrible! My office is comfortable, thank you - how are things with you?

(16:36:18) @Bubble2009 Oh lordy... better think about packing up and shipping out! :D

(17:01:49) @sparkyannc Shouting is rude. Go Supernanny on 'em and tell them that it's not assettable, and they should go and sit on the naugh'y step.

(17:12:16) @smartie999 OOOH! :)

(17:20:18) @fridgemagnet2 Chris Huhne's Missus is radioactive.

(22:07:28) @Tuglets Greetings!

(22:07:47) @1969Steve Hiya Steve!

(22:11:22) @clairebland1 Evenin' Claire! :)

(22:11:50) @sm2n @MintFM I HAVE ALL THE BREAD :) (evenin' @alexgfox)

(22:18:17) @clairebland1 I'm quite splendid, thank you :) And you?

(22:18:28) @AlexGFox IT IS EDUCATIONAL @sm2n @MintFM

(22:24:01) @fridgemagnet2 I'll play some for you later... no really.

(22:24:31) @dj_monkeyboy Evenin' Monkeyboy - good to have you 'on board'. That's what real radio DJs say. I'm only pretending.

(22:24:46) @Mad4mogzz @fridgemagnet2 TRUE.

(22:27:19) @dj_monkeyboy I totally know what you mean...

(22:30:08) @slandi Evening! :D @sm2n @MintFM

(22:30:28) @fridgemagnet2 I've got a special Phil Collins drop just for you...

(22:39:24) @dj_monkeyboy @Tuglets *chuckles* I hope I'm not in trouble :D

(22:40:10) @stu4art Oh I'm bopping like a numpty :D

(22:40:47) @dj_monkeyboy I don't believe I've had that pleasure... but I will be sure to check out the ChooChoo! @Tuglets

(22:55:02) @sm2n @slandi @syzygy Oh if only you'd guessed that after the third one started playing...

(22:55:33) @Tuglets It's like throwing a bunch of crashmats at a wonky ball.

(22:55:51) @clairebland1 NEARLY! :D

(22:57:19) @stu4art It certainly did in the 1970s... @mintfm

(23:04:57) @clairerandall Evenin' Claire!

(23:06:39) @sm2n @slandi Oh. Oh yes. I didn't spot that :D

(23:11:03) @sm2n @slandi Closest so far! :D

(23:23:48) @sm2n Will do! Happy birthday @Pewari! :)

(23:27:12) @stu4art Sleep well, sir! :) I really appreciate your company this year! :)

(23:28:13) @syzygy @stu4art This year? I am losing it :D

(23:34:27) @Tuglets Quite so. Bluegrass is better than such rock stylings.

(23:35:23) @clairerandall Heehee... yup! :D

(23:35:45) @clairerandall No worries at all :)

(23:50:06) @AlexGFox We nearly called our daughter Eloise. We stuck with Eleanor :D

(23:53:24) @sm2n @AlexGFox Not Eleanor Rigby.. at least I hope not! :D

(23:54:00) @lloydbayley Hi Lloyd! Thank you for joining me! :) :) :)

(23:54:30) @Tuglets It was made by Peter Serafinowicz.. I think it's on youtube.. just look for Dalek Relaxation tape :)

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(00:00:15) @rhodri Is that the same middle-aged Rebecca who lives only three miles from me? Looking sultry in a sideways photo style? I smell a RAT!

(00:00:59) @PoetryOfDivorce Many of these tips of the day can apply to other occasions. Nice work.

(09:29:46) @WhimsicalWife That's brilliant! :) :)

(09:30:25) @RubyBobbles Just call him Riiichard.. it's quicker ;)

(09:30:50) @Life_Insight Just a bit.. blue skies and maybe a snowdrop or two...

(09:31:26) @debsylee Morning :) Love that photo! :)

(09:31:41) @chrisdymond Easy peasy :) It's an ST!

(09:59:21) RT @vobes: Need a video for your website or project? TV Producer and documentary maker, Richard Vobes is available. :) #VideoProduction

(10:00:20) @claw0101 I've been enjoying Here'n'There... I quite like @MissyMWAC when she's fussy - kinda feisty (and a bit scary ;)

(10:01:04) RT @alaindebotton: A proof of good parenting? That the child has no aspiration to be famous.

(10:01:30) @Life_Insight I'll not put my winter coat away just yet! Morning :) :)

(10:02:37) @jc76 BRILLIANT! :)

(10:04:03) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning.. wishing you a productive, interesting day! :)

(10:04:43) Right.. can't sit around here on Twitter all day... there are many other seats to tweet from.

(11:10:35) @Barwickgreen How..?!

(11:11:01) @poots Note that down in your copybooks now.

(11:14:03) RT @purplebint: Horrible Histories - #RichardIII Song: http://t.co/OlCzbsIy via @youtube

(11:22:39) @jc76 :) :) Hope to see you in more!

(11:23:06) @johndredge Mornin' :) Did my first show last week - no worries, though.. I'm hoping to be regularly making bad internet noise for a while!

(11:23:16) @johndredge I have a small studio at home :)

(13:20:11) I found Church Micro 709: Lilley, St Peter (http://t.co/8RsslzCU) #cgeo #geocaching

(13:49:26) I found Back to Basics - A Nuvver Log (http://t.co/6UHVCZmx) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:08:16) I found Back to Basics - The Hollow Tree (http://t.co/15IJpSvI) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:11:30) Apparently, my 'club name' is Keieth the Giraffe.

(16:18:37) @smartie999 Get someone to hold one end and then SPINNNN!

(17:09:38) @batwench It's my daughter Lenni's secret(!) club, and it's pronounced "Keeeth" with a long eeeee. And an 'i' in the middle (silent)

(17:45:52) @batwench It was the best of the stickers available :D

(17:57:58) @ibookery @batwench They're suich a teiase!

(17:59:32) @PrincessBagel @batwench I can wear my hoodie with IMPUNITY in da club :D But I'm not really a hatty sort ;)

(20:44:57) @SimplyTanny If fun can be had at home, bring it on, I say :) :)

(20:45:44) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Not quite so productive - a day off, which is pleasant, though:)

(20:45:57) @Canojar Never tried it :) Will have to!

(20:46:09) @mostlygeordie Err... *looks innocent*

(20:48:21) @effieoffie Hahaha! Genius :D

(20:50:51) @Canojar I shall look out for it (it may even be on special ;) x

(20:52:22) @SimplyTanny Our guiinea pig would have gone bonkers by that point... and I hope you're going to put it on again :D

(20:52:31) @PontoonDock *blushes*

(20:53:37) @AlexGFox oops! Free wine, I daresay! Did you get your work finished OK on Thurs night? :)

(20:55:51) @SimplyTanny You are clearly skilled and delicate with your fingers. Please be careful with the knife! :)

(20:56:29) @mrs_forky pffft :D In Leicester, though? :D

(20:57:11) @AlexGFox *mind boggles* That tweet in itself tells an amazing story. The life and times of Alex G Fox. You should write a book..!

(20:57:25) Right. Must get on. My face is getting hot.

(21:11:21) @effieoffie I'm not sure our local council would do such a thing... But there is always hope!

(21:13:00) @SimplyTanny Such salad precariousness. I will not rest easy until you've handled your vegetables and all pointy things are well put away! x

(21:29:30) @SimplyTanny Phew ;) xxx

(21:29:57) @effieoffie You should ask! nothing ventured ;)

(21:43:54) @effieoffie If your dreams and imagination are anything to go by! :D x

(21:45:13) @BaronHawkey Please feel entirely better soon, dude :)

(21:46:34) @BlueMoon_11 Keep warm and safe sweety! :)

(21:46:57) Right. Signing off for the night. Half an hour in the studio and then bed. G'night! :)

(21:51:07) @AlexGFox You'll be ready for next time ;) @ibookery

(21:51:24) @thatsjustme0 ~mwah~ xxx

(21:52:27) @BaronHawkey I'm fair to middling, ta :) Had a day off today which has put me all out of kilter :D Early bedtime, hopefully, though!

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(08:35:25) @washmysocks31 It barely qualified as news when it happened :D Good morning :)

(08:40:54) @JQP74 Morning chief :)

(08:43:08) @oliwia_s Good morning :)

(08:44:01) @SlimJimSim @BBCNews Ohhhhh...

(08:51:30) @PlainTalkingHR Have a great Sunday too! Wrap up well :) @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo

(08:58:46) @TOther_Simon Not sure the audience would have noticed those different chords - seemed to fit the bassline. Good performance :)

(08:59:55) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) Always lovely to see your smilies on my timeline :)

(09:01:32) @TOther_Simon I know how that feels.. if I get the wrong lyric stuck in my head it is SO much more effort to remember to correct it!

(12:15:03) @batwench @EwenRankin :D me too!

(12:15:55) @brennig Ruining a church service with my guitar playing (excuse du jour: cold fingers ;) @poots

(12:16:18) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Mornin' :)

(15:17:55) @twomeninacar My wife will NOT be pleased to hear this :D JUDITH! FAHAYetc.

(15:32:15) @CalmWaters73 @poots Thank you :)

(15:57:48) @sparkyannc Heehee.. I just played my guitar at the congregation... but I would like to be an archbishop #houseoflords @poots

(16:08:05) A brief distraction by the delights of Sunday Afternoon Scripting... time to fold some washing. And maybe sort my jingles out. Finally...

(16:08:45) @oliwia_s It's been pretty good, thank you :) Best to be indoors, though.. rather chilly out! :) :)

(16:37:55) @sparkyannc Don't get me started on the delivery people :D @poots

(16:41:57) @LilacNun Yup. I am truly blessed. Thank you for allowing me to stop and think that now.

(16:43:02) RT @thelawns: How to offend four groups of geeks with one photo... http://t.co/sBT4861r

(16:43:37) @RubyBobbles I want to stay in that hotel. They seem to be looking after you. (Are you OK?) x

(16:44:16) Ironing. I'll give it fifteen minutes, and if it's not done by then, I'LL SET FIRE TO IT.

(18:04:32) @gill_bee I did my best :) Lovely to see you - you looked great despite your cold. Hope it leaves you alone soon!

(18:05:27) @regoodyear It's a bit late for for that now... ~offers @sparkyannc the smouldering remains~

(18:05:45) @RubyBobbles Feel better soon x

(18:32:36) @fiverscarrot I now jave the ashes.. just the sackcloth to find #alternativesatoriality ;)

(18:45:15) @poots @goitsagch ~chuckles~ That is a good analogy :D

(18:50:36) @streakmachine It's a firey protest.

(18:51:29) @fiverscarrot I love the smell of singeing sackcloth in the evening... ;)

(19:03:29) @fiverscarrot @poots :D You don't want to go missing @goitsagch's bon-mots ;)

(19:04:28) @streakmachine I do need a good sit down soon after (and, indeed, midway through on occasion) yes ;)

(19:05:57) It is OK for a 41 year old man to wear a hoodie, isn't it? ~mutton dressed as emo lamb~

(19:07:56) @washmysocks31 Heehee! Not since Woolworths shut down ;)

(19:08:28) @batwench Oh crumbs... that's not a good look #suspicious

(19:08:46) @Matildamouse HURRAH! :)

(19:09:06) @sharonlangridge They are lovely and comfy :)

(19:10:34) Thank you for the confirmation.. shopping yesterday felt like people were peering at me in my Marshall hoodie "what's he doing in that?" :D

(19:19:44) @PrincessBagel That, PB, is something for me to aspire to ;)

(19:19:47) RT @PrincessBagel: @syzygy My hubby's most embarrassing mo: bit hungover & unshaven in hoodie, sat on floor outside Tesco with our d ...

(20:13:50) @shongum heehee.. best to hide my face in such circumstances.. ;)

(21:17:33) @RichHarkness Thanks for the tip, Richard - I'll definitely keep an eye out for that! :) :) @AlexGFox

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(08:19:46) @dansumption Happy birthday, Dan. Lookin' good on it :) Pension? Only another 30 or so years...

(08:20:50) @pearcen Me too. It's all about lining the pan with the right kind of oil, I reckon... first pancake sets the scene :) #talkingcrepe

(08:21:30) @canuckuk Fish protection tactic..?

(08:25:59) @BeachBelles I have never heard it, but it would have to be impressive to eclipse even their other albums let alone others' :)

(08:26:44) @canuckuk ~makes two columns~ ~writes that dowm~

(08:27:49) @RobJD You gave it a go - I can appreciate that :)

(08:29:42) @RobJD As always, slightly longer than is comfortable to watch :D Reminds me.. Banzai is on 4oD.. Must watch it again :D

(08:30:40) @BeachBelles An uplifting story :) Glad you're still with us x

(08:31:27) @emsquare_d Not just me, then...

(08:32:01) @brennig Huzzah :) Again...

(08:32:15) @akrabat A good day indeed :)

(08:33:06) RT @akrabat: Today seems like a good day to change my Twitter password. After change, I see this... http://t.co/9vLe8RKE

(08:39:00) @canuckuk It would have somewhat defeated the object :D x

(08:42:19) @emsquare_d Indeed.. and there was no way I was going to click any link in an email...

(08:42:45) Right. Changed my password.. don't forget to delete any naughty applications that you don't trust. Good time for a clear out.

(08:43:05) @BeachBelles HUZZAH!

(08:43:59) @canuckuk "I'll never drink coffee again..."?

(08:45:09) Planning Saturday morning... it mainly involves [a] laundry [b] getting some fresh air [c] guitar practice [d] not wasting it.

(08:52:16) @debsylee Good morning :) Blue skies here... always good to perk one up!

(08:53:24) Amazing blue sky action outside.. may have to take the camera out before the sun gets too high...

(09:04:17) @Mad4mogzz Insert Xanthe related activity to replace guitar playing? ;) Apparently it's a bit chilly out, mind..!

(09:07:58) @Barwickgreen Don't get me started on journalism :/ Such stories are merely space fillers inflated to grab the viewer's attention...

(10:01:43) @hubbardcj I've still got my minidisc machine... about the only medium you could edit on (without dangerous tools ;)

(10:02:52) RT @gcluley: Twitter has been hacked, 250,000 users potentially at risk. Find out what you should do to protect yourself here: http://t. ...

(10:03:36) @JonBCFC Oh dear.. coarse language is quite unnecessary! :/ (Morning, by the way!)

(10:22:01) That moment when I remember I have an aloe vera plant on the window sill and haven't watered it in 3 months. How is it still alive? :D

(10:23:10) @hubbardcj That's the problem.. unless you have one of those sony machines which do quick transfer, it's real-time, like cassette :/

(10:23:24) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Saturday! :)

(10:25:53) @Tuglets They have no scent at all - they're not so pretty (bit spiky!), but have a succulent inner which can be used to treat burns!

(10:26:44) @batwench My window sill's definitely not dry nor hot ;) Still, can't complain.. I've had Barry The Daddy Aloe Vera Plant for about 6 years!

(10:26:55) @Purrfunct Bring it on! :)

(10:34:01) @Tuglets Ahh.. either the sap has an aroma when it's concentrated or they use another scent... great stuff though (hardly use it, luckily!)

(10:36:28) @Purrfunct @verbomania I have always favoured the 'leaning round the front door' method :D

(10:39:04) @PlainTalkingHR And you :) It's a little chilly, but I do want to make the most of the sunshine! Hope you can too! @poots

(10:47:42) @leica0000 Indeed :)

(11:11:31) @washmysocks31 Wrap up warm! :) :)

(12:50:53) @streakmachine Ooh.. evil spiky spitey plants...

(12:53:56) @corrie_corfield @Sara_Orchard @Barwickgreen @Richard_C "Hold to dial" and a keypad button?

(12:56:57) @helenduffett I am sure I used to work with a guy called Facepal Mistry.

(13:04:22) @helenduffett No, that was Derek Hesketh.

(13:11:44) @Thehappyfatgirl CTRL-ALT-UP arrow, I thought it was?

(13:16:40) @Thehappyfatgirl Nightmare! :|

(14:54:35) The choice of the audio professional... http://t.co/GZJjvuHF

(15:12:22) @johnny_winter Phthththtththrrtrrrrr :p

(18:37:56) @Wymroyal Heehee... amazing what you can get for a pound, in fact! :) :)

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(07:46:25) RT @olivia_solon: Amazing. Woman orders a photographic cake, gives cake store a USB key with the photo on. Gets this instead: http://t.c ...

(07:47:30) @PlainTalkingHR No returns! Morning :) It's the shortest month, so who knows what I might achieve :)

(07:48:34) @Ariadnes_web Splendid :)

(07:49:15) @EwenRankin @AndersUk @paulums Morning, my dri buddies.

(07:53:23) Good morning. I wonder what delights February will bring... exactly four weeks of, well, who knows what. Who? Find out and win £3.99

(07:55:14) @EwenRankin @paulums @ewenrankin @andersuk It's a strong start to the day..!

(07:56:08) @stu4art Hope you arrived home safe and sound with all brain cells still attached!

(07:56:43) @WhimsicalWife Darn tootin' there will!

(08:00:14) @PontoonDock Oh my... just looked up his oevre - I am SO going to play some of his stuff on my show :D

(08:13:00) @PontoonDock AHHH! I have seen his Chap Hop History video on YouTube.. that's the one that introduced me to the banjolele! :) :)

(08:15:22) @PontoonDock It's a broadcast of miscellany and nonsense on a Tuesday ..10pm on MintFM. My first isn't very good: http://t.co/UMlVHAet

(08:15:44) @thatsjustme0 A good way to start a day... breathing! :) Mornin' you :) x

(08:15:59) Right. Off to work before I get eaten by the house monster.

(10:41:04) @Tuglets And the very same to you - hope it's an excellent month! :)

(11:37:45) @ngyt_uk @poots @suep1140 @BevMullane @chelleriley21 @GaryNAnsome Thank you! Have a fabulous weekend :) #FF

(11:40:52) That thing when you send an email asking a fairly detailed question and get a brief answer assuming you know EVERYTHING else. That.

(11:41:44) @PrincessBagel Thanks lovely! :) Hope your head feels much better today! @JasonBradbury @TheGadgetShow @AlexGFox @EwenRankin @BritishTech

(11:42:17) @VioletCloister @mostlygeordie Logically awesome.

(11:56:00) @clairerandall Some days are great like that - and sometimes London isn't all that bad :)

(12:06:44) What the heck's going on with these retweets from a particular account offering some kind of affirmation of Twitter reality? Malicious code?

(12:17:03) @BitsyVonMuffin *sighs*

(12:17:12) @blindman75 Greetings :)

(12:33:53) @BitsyVonMuffin YAY! Hope you're having a top Friday! :) x

(13:31:37) @Mad4mogzz @willowHart @char_the_cabbie You are rather feisty today! :D

(13:32:03) @johnny_winter How handy! ;)

(13:32:54) @sacs Mary Berry can be quite opinionated at times ;) [And I didn't put the plug in properly... old time analogue issues!]

(13:33:05) @BitsyVonMuffin Y E A H! xxxxx

(13:53:15) @petegurr @benCHAFF Send me your password and I'll do it for you.

(13:54:23) @sacs Thank you :)

(13:54:33) @johnny_winter eep! It doesn't get any better ;)

(14:12:11) @RuthBlackett Your manager, much like the biscuits, has a soft centre.

(14:16:39) @BeachBelles @Mermaidstranded HURRAH :) :)

(15:08:36) @smartie999 That is ALL the cool :)

(15:11:37) @ThreeUK I would take a water resistant #XperiaZ to the Blackpool Sea Life Centre. Or the enormous rollercoaster. In the RAIN. #ThreeWinners

(15:19:37) @simon_toon Nooooooooooooooooooo!

(15:19:52) @LilacNun You're back!

(16:23:25) @poots That sounds exciting! :) Absolutely, if he's up for it! Hope you have had a good day. Love you x

(16:23:39) @poots PS I'll happily drive him up there etc x

(16:25:45) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 It was a diet pepsi to be fair ;)

(17:17:15) @Vanburger2 Tuning in! :)

(17:24:14) @LilacNun TOO MANY MANKINI REFERENCES IN TWEETS: https://t.co/HxthlbiM

(17:26:22) @Lycan33 @LilacNun I was thinking similar things.

(17:27:04) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 @smartie999 I really hope nobody walks past my desk this afternoon..! :D

(17:30:46) @Vanburger2 Bit of an odd track title, that Chicago one, but it's the right one :) Good to hear you, Mister! :)

(17:30:59) @Vanburger2 (And thanks for the shout out!)

(18:48:54) @sparkyannc @mrdavidwhitley !!!!!!!!!! *bookmarks just in case* Also: http://t.co/zgVdb0WL is ranked 9 out of 10. Based on 62 user reviews.

(19:33:10) @sparkyannc You're absolutely right, just the kind of subversion I love. Sure you've seen these.. defniitely spoof! http://t.co/14c3obwZ x

(19:33:42) @willowHart @syzygy @Mad4mogzz @char_the_cabbie And that's with a headache! :D

(20:07:13) @LilacNun Is about the Delius Myth? (Norwich TV Chef doesn't exist)

(20:09:16) @mostlygeordie Please carry out a full and detailed investigation and report back.

(20:11:04) @Mad4mogzz @willowHart @char_the_cabbie Please don't apologise.. made me chuckle :D

(20:29:30) I can't help but be a bit sad about this... http://t.co/2n5LERgW

(20:33:07) Knowledge is being aware that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not banging on about it.

(20:34:16) @mostlygeordie the latter.. that was my kit ;)

(20:35:17) @Ariadnes_web My children will be prepared for adulthood (ie. how to avoid bunkum spouting nitwits like me ;)

(20:39:52) @mostlygeordie Also: it happened because of cost-cutting... it was bound to...

(20:43:12) @AlexGFox YES.. I mean NO. I. Mean sshhhhhh!

(20:44:59) @clairerandall Very true :) I used to manage support for the BBC's radio playout systems, though, and I'm aware it's due to cost-cutting...

(20:48:41) @meanjeen You have a bye ;)

(20:50:10) @clairerandall Spend less money on telly and invest in radio and audio :)

(20:51:16) @clairerandall I am a support engineer for an internet company - much less politics and meetings :)

(20:51:47) @claudiahaun Cost-cutting, I fear x

(20:54:00) @clairerandall BBC4 has some excellent stuff - I quite like it :) I totally agree about Three, though. And sport ;)

(20:55:42) @SlimGirlFat @KasbahCoventry @Skylar_Smythe @BevanWhitfield Happy weekend! :)

(21:09:21) @sparkyannc @mostlygeordie 15 mins is a pretty long time..! Although I'm not sure it's up my street.. pay me £3.50 an hour and I'll do it!

(21:15:42) @sparkyannc @mostlygeordie It's the Media Guardian... to be fair, is any of it news? ;)

(21:16:12) @sparkyannc @mostlygeordie It's just like the Radio Times with more words :D

(21:55:14) @2225dominic Hungry now. HUNGRY.

(22:18:13) @RobJD DEEPLY frustrating ~cough~ developers

(22:18:37) @RobJD ;)

(22:52:33) I won't pass comment on anything on telly I haven't seen but I can't bring myself to watch Mrs Brown's Boys...

(22:59:00) @sparkyannc How did you guess..? http://t.co/JFcT4s2c

(23:08:51) @sparkyannc I was introduced to it by Beth :) Most amusing, it is :)

(23:11:27) @thatsjustme0 sleep well lovely xx

(23:16:29) @fridgemagnet2 The natural follow-up is Blake's Junction 7; worth watching, although it is completely unhinged. Let me know if you want it!

(23:17:08) @poots Night :) x

(23:17:52) @sparkyannc True! No idea what she's doing with me :D @poots

(23:18:24) BETTING ENDS. Night...

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(07:21:47) @lloydbayley Hope you can have a restful evening :)

(07:23:19) @BeachBelles You should do greetings cards ;)

(07:25:02) @CherryKaz1 @latenightloaf Yay! :)

(07:28:03) @lloydbayley I only hope I can live up to it! ;) I shall be sure to give you an audio wave... you & @vobes have inspired me for a long time!

(07:28:32) @BeachBelles 'sorry you locked your keys in your car again'

(07:30:51) @lloydbayley You do, sir :) Fine broadcasting style!

(07:32:35) @vobes It is sad, but your legacy will live on... I would love to have an archive of your shows.. frozen loaves, if you like ;)

(07:33:38) @valentinalucia Hello :) Thank you for getting in touch! I've followed you, so DMing should work.. thanks again!

(07:37:32) @vobes Noooo! Not if I can help it! You have truly been an inspiration :)

(07:38:55) @vobes Moreover you are now an inspiration to budding film makers - showing what wonders are possible even on a non-existent budget!

(07:40:34) @BeachBelles I also see the pancake analogy working as a valentines card.

(07:41:19) @vobes I am looking forward to hearing about them :)

(07:41:53) @lloydbayley PS Hope to hear another BB soon ;)

(08:03:47) Kenny Jackett and Paul Buckle... makes it sound like comic strip characters have come to life. #foopball #ihavenoidea

(08:04:33) @AnnMarieCFoster If there ain't no "Bits and Pieces" it ain't no Radio 1 Roadshow...

(08:06:59) @BaronHawkey Oh man... you seem to be having more than your share lately!

(08:08:42) RT @Richard_C: Good Morning UK, it's #RAJAR Day. As Sonny & Cher plays on the radio, here's @Matt with some musing on the numbers. h ...

(08:09:24) @Richard_C Is that a 'Groundhog Day' reference? :D Nice analysis, @Matt

(08:09:38) @debsylee Mornin' :)

(08:10:35) @alnicholl77 Morning :) Dry is best - especially where fitness is involved (except swimming, naturally)

(08:14:16) @willowHart Oh no..! I hope it dissipates soon x

(08:16:13) @Barwickgreen @lfenner @njhamer Milk before teabag removal isn't the most heinous tea crime, but can lead to stinky bags in the compost bin.

(08:17:23) @debsylee Morning :) I'm all the better for seeing your smile in my timeline :) Have a Thabulous Fursday! x

(08:18:28) @thatsjustme0 Good morning lovely x Hoping for no more hungry hound encounters today!

(08:19:21) @Richard_C @Barwickgreen @lfenner @njhamer Oh. Oh my. ~shakes head gently~

(08:21:59) @Richard_C @Barwickgreen @lfenner @njhamer This conversation has spawned vigorous discussion here at Geri Halliwell Towers...

(08:34:10) @skullfunkerry Ants?

(08:42:39) A job playing with LEDs? COOL! MT @ChristyMedia: LED Systems Technician required...… http://t.co/kGJCj6tY REF2957 #jobsuk #engineer #jobs

(09:57:43) I just saw the strangest thing heading into Watford - a big green articulated lorry with blue lights and pol http://t.co/z7shKVxW

(10:31:18) Still a bit spooked having seen that scary truck on the way to work. By all accounts, it appears to contain Special Nuclear Materials.

(10:33:55) @christopherw EVERYTHING!

(10:40:55) @ThatAgnes I hate it when that happens.

(10:43:30) @AlexGFox Watford will have it :D It's the Nationwide Tour of Nuclear Waste. YEAH!

(11:09:58) @BeachBelles What exactly have you lost? And is that a button cell?

(11:18:49) @BeachBelles I would happily live in your handbag (that sounds wrong)

(12:00:00) @BeachBelles YEAH! Please send evidence of finery under plain cover.

(12:00:38) @sparkyannc Oh NO! I've brought some banana bread in - come and get it while it lasts...

(12:12:11) @Wymroyal Actually, yes - eating heartily is very important. Very very. Important. @sparkyannc

(12:41:05) @Smith_James_D BIT FRIGHTENED.

(12:53:54) @Wymroyal I'll try to save some ;) @sparkyannc

(13:23:57) @batwench @AlexGFox Seems to be quite a hot topic at the moment - certainly one with a long half- life...

(13:24:52) @batwench With all the police escorts and the like? Quite a lot of public money going into it!

(16:24:33) @gill_bee YAY! But are you..? :)

(18:59:41) @Smith_James_D Thank you :) :)

(19:52:41) @BeachBelles That sounds like HORRIBLE things...

(19:56:50) @BeachBelles Time to filter it to your spam folder ;)

(21:57:12) @Smith_James_D *starts shuddering again* ;)

(21:57:57) Thanks to @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk and @chrisesch -and the @BritishTech chatroom - for a very entertaining BIG show! :) :)

(21:58:24) @johnny_winter I used to work for Chiltern FM (as an engineer, I would add ;)

(22:00:34) @johnny_winter That was what I was aiming/hoping for :) _HURRAH_!

(22:01:12) @johnny_winter PS I so nearly borrowed your Pokki link for my cool thingy this evening... really must try that! :)

(22:33:06) @2225dominic *cleans out brain*

(22:33:44) @johnny_winter Good call! Maybe next week, then .. after I've given it a go ;)

(22:34:38) Is @charltonbrooker 's Weekly Wipe the natural replacement for TVBurp? I will find out tomorrow, i guess (watching it on catch-up :D)

(22:35:49) @PrincessBagel @AlexGFox @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk @chrisesch @BritishTech I really hope you feel better soon.. you were missed! x

(22:36:13) @gill_bee YAY! *still praying* x

(22:36:39) @mostlygeordie Is the correct answer :) Hope you're feeling less coldy! x

(23:21:52) @corrie_corfield @alicearnold1 This group photo pretty much sums up what I love (and miss) most about you all. I will cherish it forever.

(23:23:20) @corrie_corfield @alicearnold1 *wipes away a tear* :)

(23:27:50) @gill_bee You will have to put up with me playing my guitar badly (mainly involving dropping my plectrum) :D Seeya then! x

(23:28:14) @EmmaTofi Test reply.

(23:28:53) With a heart full of nostalgia and fondness, I head to bed. G'night.

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