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(00:01:42) @beershowjimmy Thanks Jimmy :) It was fun. I get to do it again next week. Hopefully with all my jingles working ;) Thanks for your company!

(00:01:53) @sm2n Loperamide. blimey!

(00:02:08) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex :) And I appreciate you being here to share it:)

(00:12:09) @sm2n Thanks for your support - and congratulations on your winning! :) @AlexGFox

(00:12:26) Off to bed now.. g'night! :)

(08:29:51) @batwench @BritishTech @DigitalAmoeba Just shows how ahead of their time Brooker and Morris were: http://t.co/SIb5WW8b #nathanbarley

(08:30:40) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning :) Bonkers week so far.. and set to continue so!

(08:31:35) I need scratch mittens. Or, more accurately, nose-scratchy mittens

(08:31:58) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning, you two :) :)

(08:32:17) @Zararugosa Oxford! ~waves~ have a fab day :)

(08:50:17) @lloydbayley Evening Lloyd! Wow - I am honoured :) That will be my usual slot, yup!

(09:46:24) @lloydbayley I'm doing Tuesday evenings, 10pm to midnight UK time... so a late breakfast show ;)

(09:47:43) @stu4art Morning! I guess it finished at 1am on the continent! :D Thank you for your company:) I'll upload it to the archive tonight :)

(09:48:48) @vobes Morning, Richard :) It's a small independent internet radio station, which has foolishly agreed to give me a weekly show :D

(09:49:47) @AlexGFox Steady.. :D Do you do a show, by the way? I am sure i heard mention on a mac show....

(10:15:18) @vobes Music, definitely, and the rest is just whimsical nonsense... definitely lighthearted (with the occasional rant :D)

(10:17:26) @mostlygeordie Two more days! :) x

(10:19:38) @vobes http://t.co/6jvejVsT - although I think it's on after your bedtime :D

(10:20:07) @poots YAY! You're the best and I love you x

(10:33:09) @alicebell I hold the door open for everyone.

(10:33:24) @alicebell It often takes me a while to get into a room.

(10:37:28) @RichHarkness 200MB? I eat that in about a week with all the alerts and comms I get! :D

(10:37:45) @lloydbayley Thank you! :) :)

(10:39:41) @twomeninacar HA!

(11:04:39) @FinalBullet Shame our local restaurant had to get rid of their one-armed waiter. He could take it, but he couldn't dish it out.

(11:43:18) @SteveDoherty1 @Scanditwitchen - Gt. Titchfield if that helps?

(11:54:42) @_windrider I can understand that ;)

(13:11:27) @dansumption Wow.. haven't heard that since the days of Irwin Chusid's Incorrect Radio Show... LOVE IT!

(13:11:51) @dansumption (I think I've got Naomi Hall's cover version somewhere...)

(13:32:57) @dansumption I have followed @mikebelgrave because of you.

(13:36:36) @thatsjustme0 One of whats..? *worried*

(14:11:39) @Lutonbookworm I was going to say Wigmore, but I used the internet version of the library to download an eBook more recently :)

(14:12:52) @thatsjustme0 I'm not sure what it was.. was there s'posed to be a picture attached..? :)

(14:13:01) @dansumption @mikebelgrave HURRAH! :)

(14:20:04) @thatsjustme0 Oh my goodness! That's a bull terrier of some sort, isn't it?

(16:03:23) @sparkyannc There needs to be some clever time compression thing.

(16:04:11) @christopherw Hardware keyboard = mmmm :)

(16:09:46) @streakmachine It doesn't help that social networks (like Google Plus) seem to sync a load of contacts of whom I have no recollection!

(16:52:18) @Tactless_Blonde NO! NO! *shudders* x

(16:53:52) @brianmmonroe @christopherw It's the ability to touchtype that I miss... my other half's got an HTC Desire Z & my Dad's got the HTC ChaCha.

(16:59:01) @darrenleedj WOW! Bring it on! :) @Slash

(17:01:55) Ooh.. I've found out why some autoarchiving on my Outlook folders hasn't been working.. it looks for 'modified' dates.. http://t.co/aPyEshX1

(17:20:03) @christopherw @brianmmonroe (my other half also hangs on to her i600.. she loves that blackjack :D)

(17:34:12) @MintFM Love Ace of Base, too. The best of Swedish music (apart from Abba. And others)

(17:36:21) If my boy doesn't go for this it'd be a shame... http://t.co/ZdWcTZ9q - he'll be one of the first to do the eBACC, I think. CompSci YEAH!

(17:36:47) @errolin HEY HEY stranger :) Hope all's well with you. I'll upload it tonight :) :)

(17:53:03) @clairerandall What my son's been doing in his IT lessons has been frankly shameful.. OK, I didn't do Office when I was at school, but hey!

(17:58:05) @MintFM I honestly can't make out half of what Pellow's singing.... must have been drunk: D

(20:37:39) @andytuk Cool! That was about the same time as the AWE16? I had a 32...

(20:40:33) @andytuk I am the proud owner of a Gadget Labs 8/24.. A little after the time, but wondrous nonetheless:)

(20:57:31) @MissyMWAC ~chuckles~

(21:26:53) @shellzenner I love this photo :)

(21:47:12) @sm2n @slandi Here y'go :) http://t.co/ZP0PmWSV

(22:24:58) @dansumption That's all a bit Apple (and indeed Modern) isn't it?

(22:42:22) @sm2n By which I mean LOVELY! (darn it!)

(22:43:00) @PrincessBagel n'night :)

(23:11:36) RT @latenightloaf: Late Night Loaf - 29th January 2013 http://t.co/km7n2YCy via @audioboo

(23:14:14) Off to bed, now... Late Night Loaf now has its own Twitter and Audioboo accounts (@LateNightLoaf and http://t.co/FHScd77j )

(23:14:23) @LilacNun N'night! :) x

(23:15:21) @LilacNun *sighs* Keep in touch, you.

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(00:58:00) @UKTesco Yup, Thank you. Please send our compliments to Chris Manning, who is a credit to your customer service team :)

(07:56:57) Yawning and stretching and all that. Can be done any time of day, but best in the morning.

(08:09:33) @goitsagch Oooh yes... with a nice cup of tea.

(08:10:30) @Genloo It's almost adequate compensation for not enough sleep :D

(08:10:42) @UKTesco Thank you :)

(08:15:31) @Genloo My own fault.. debut show tonight and I was doing some prep :)

(13:10:11) @sacs That's v. pretty - good price, too. It would be nice to have an actual mains wall socket so nothing is protruding.. nothing found :|

(13:10:18) @perrygascoine Love it!

(13:20:35) @thatsjustme0 *offers you a cuppa and a smile*

(13:38:13) @thatsjustme0 :) :) Don't let me interrupt your busy-ness! :) :) x

(14:29:32) @mostlygeordie You don't need wavelab :) Drop me an email and I'll get you Audition, which is an excellent bit of software :) x

(14:52:42) Rare competition entry; Win a Monopoly board designed by you! RT & follow to enter. Terms: http://t.co/9jlO5J05 Ends 9th Feb #ArgosMonopoly

(17:29:23) @helenduffett @simplycomm Even MORE awards? You're going to need more shelf space soon! :) :) Congratulations!

(19:12:27) @poots Booowww!

(19:12:59) @streakmachine Who?

(19:14:51) RT @MintFM: Coming up at 10pm UK, 5pm US Eastern, it's the debut of @syzygy with Late Night Loaf. Don't miss it! http://t.co/IF8Mmjf9

(19:42:25) @AlexGFox http://t.co/XuYxP4hY :) please don't expect too much more than the contents of my addled brain and upbeat tunes :D

(22:17:22) @sm2n lordy... You know all about social media!

(22:25:53) @fridgemagnet2 Par!

(22:34:58) @fridgemagnet2 night :) May need that podcast thing ... You know how poor I am at recording things :)

(23:09:26) @sm2n You're the closes so far....

(23:09:42) @AlexGFox YES! No.

(23:19:59) @sm2n OOOH! I missed that! :D Sorry!

(23:20:16) @AlexGFox @sm2n I am fairly sure that technology is available :D

(23:30:25) @beershowjimmy What possessed him, though? WHAT?

(23:33:20) @AlexGFox @sm2n Sounds a bit Monty Python to me.. or ISIRTA?

(23:40:04) @AlexGFox @sm2n That's the antiques collector detective, isn't it? Wow... takes me back!

(23:47:58) @AlexGFox @sm2n More songs with Tuesday in them!

(23:48:07) @sm2n @AlexGFox @syzygy I was pondering that, actually...

(23:58:19) @beershowjimmy Y'know I think that was it! Please be available for all my conversations...

(23:58:28) @beershowjimmy (Beth laughed at me struggling with that :D)

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(08:06:43) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning :) Another week trundles into view :) :)

(09:17:20) Both. Accident southbound just after junction 8 of the M1.. lanes 1&2 closed. Oops.

(10:58:54) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo AND new biscuits. If I can't resist them. BISCUITS!

(11:12:17) @LPAudioBoo Hello :) I've got a Galaxy S. Please include me if it helps! Maybe soon Androids won't be rubbish for boos https://t.co/CKxcAAkH

(12:50:03) @dragonhistory You've been to the dentist, too? So has @xlaux - and I have a check-up later... it's dentist day! :)

(12:52:49) @ThatAgnes Crap quality, but this is what I think of whenever anyone mentions a Monorail... http://t.co/FCV8LrB0

(13:04:33) @xlaux @dragonhistory Won't be long until you're not slurring or slurping! :)

(13:53:27) Working from home this afternoon - treated to a visit from my favourite Small French Meter Reader. She's called Dominique and is great :)

(18:01:02) @batwench you are truly the British Techipedia ;) @PrincessBagel @BritishTech @EwenRankin

(18:01:47) @JonBCFC I wouldn't eat it, then. Go for a nice fresh pollock.

(18:04:32) One of the delights of working from home is that I could witness the @UKTesco Delivery Person. This one was rubbish. Quite disappointing.

(18:14:04) @yellow757 He gave us the wrong crate; we identified it - he insisted there wasn't another for us & didn't answer his phone subsequently.

(18:14:50) @leica0000 That IS BBC Three, isn't it? ;)

(18:28:59) @yellow757 WIN! We had loads of subs, but I cannot fault Chris at the @UKTesco (Bristol?) call centre who was friendly and very helpful :)

(18:43:37) @yellow757 :) And I hope for another good next delivery for you, too!

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(09:28:28) @birdfortytwo The colouring? I thought it was E102 that was the bad stuff.. But no.. I couldn't tell you who invented it. Wasn't me. Honest.

(09:33:59) Good morning. It's all go. Well, abut 65% of it is. The rest (i.e. me) is sitting around drinking coffee. It shouldn't be.

(18:41:39) @RubyBobbles Aww... why? :/

(18:41:48) RT @MintFM: MintFM would like to welcome James Hart, @syzygy to our broadcasting family! #fb

(18:41:58) @MintFM Thank you! SO exciting! :)

(20:09:25) @fridgemagnet2 I muttered darkly and got the job. Rathe rodd :D

(20:11:31) @Vanburger2 Awww... can do the voicers, though ;)

(20:15:02) I thought for someone was playing a dramatic synth pad in my browser, but it's the kick heater in the kitchen rattling on its bearings :D

(20:16:30) The eternal battle* of Call The Midwife vs. Top Gear. *television scheduling triumph

(20:35:32) @AlexGFox Yes.... although I might not watch it tonight...

(20:41:49) @Barwickgreen You say such kind things :) :) @MintFM

(20:46:24) @AlexGFox Indeed :)

(21:11:49) @perrygascoine Hahaha! YES! :D

(21:18:50) @effieoffie @hastillonlyme @NorahsArk @welshwannabe @EJ___x @batteryrunmum Wow! AMAZING piece of nature! (Great soundtrack choice too!)

(21:19:19) @hastillonlyme @effieoffie @NorahsArk @welshwannabe @EJ___x @batteryrunmum (Evanescence - Lacrymosa)

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(12:29:38) I do wish hair would not find new and innovative ways to escape from my face. #old

(15:24:48) @brennig Nose hairs. ON my nose. ~Sigh~

(16:07:26) sooooo sleeeepy.

(16:15:35) @peasbloss I am under your influence ;)

(17:46:57) @DarrenGriffin Hi. Darren. It was the iKaossilator for iOS :)

(19:12:50) @sparkyannc It was as much of a surprise to me :D @poots @ConnectingHR #COYH

(19:20:49) @johnny_winter It's a tradition Microsoft have strived to maintain from the days of IE3 :)

(19:22:33) @EwenRankin I imagine it is busiest shortly before mealtimes... difficult to capacity manage, I daresay! @JustEatUK

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(07:27:40) Friday. Statistically the most sung about day of the week (citation needed). Good morning, nonetheless :)

(07:30:12) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Good morning and happy nearly-weekend :) #FF

(07:44:31) @willowHart Music to my ears! :) Morning :) x

(07:44:46) @mostlygeordie And a very fine Friday to you :) Hope all is well in your world! :)

(07:47:30) I would like to apologise to Apple for besmirching their iTunes store; it turns out they did use my credit, but didn't update the store...

(07:47:43) @jarbennett *sings* Morning :)

(07:47:53) @mostlygeordie Hope the car doesn't need scraping! :) x

(08:05:45) @jarbennett Hehee.. still none the wiser. Oklahoma? Paint your Dolly? :D

(08:06:18) @PrincessBagel Heehee. I have my dignity (actually, I don't, and I spend a lot of my times on my knees in front of computers :D)

(08:06:43) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @DigitalAmoeba @BritishTech @Colossal @TechnicalBoy Awww thanks :) #FF

(08:34:49) MT @svartling: Facebook Cuts Off API Support For Vine App - http://t.co/1UhtD1CK ("THAT's what you get for banjaxing Instagram, Twitter!")

(08:35:17) @justjuggling_ @IronRickards Happy anniversary and congratulations :)

(08:37:00) @Tactless_Blonde I have been enjoying this - a wonderful chronicle of your travels :)

(08:38:13) @_windrider I should, yes, but I probably won't ;)

(08:43:34) @jarbennett Wow... BRILLIANT! I haven't seen that in years - must remember to watch it if ever I need to raise a smile :) Thank you! x

(08:44:10) @Tactless_Blonde You do both very well (as far as I can see ;) Have a good day :)

(11:28:47) @JQP74 @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 @indecisive96 Morning you lovely people. Chemistry GCSE.. takes me back :D

(11:29:12) @mostlygeordie Excellent - I would love to hear your experiences :D x

(11:29:35) @fiverscarrot :) :) Indeed! Have a good day :)

(12:21:42) Me, just now: 'Saying "A bloke called Keith told us and it seemed to work" doesn't quite cut it.' This is true for all things in life. FACT.

(12:22:08) @leica0000 I would but I haven't got an Apple device to play with it on :D

(12:49:44) @GHOGIT It certainly backs up the theory :D

(12:50:42) @joanneh234 I am more of an engineer than a scientist (i.e. I break more things :D) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 @indecisive96

(12:53:44) @ThePoke @audiopsyence Is it the one about the red windmill?

(13:00:41) @mr_robbirnie @twomeninacar Listened to your bickering last night.. and you weren't in a car. JUDITH! Still, it's free. Thank you for doing.

(13:23:55) @JohnOsRadioHead I so want you to push her over. Not because of any malevolent intent, but to see if ParcelForce have any excuse at all...

(13:24:51) @lloydbayley G'night :)

(15:29:56) @johndredge Four exclamation mark boredom! That's bad... ;)

(15:50:29) @PrincessBagel Are you OK? :| ;)

(16:00:50) @PrincessBagel BRIAN LEMON! https://t.co/4zyCh6BT

(16:01:23) Rehydrating.

(16:09:33) @RichHarkness HOLD.

(16:10:17) RT @dwhelton: This reads like an Onion article, but it is from a blog. Wonder if it is true... hilarious if so: http://t.co/3DlbJSbT

(16:10:58) @willowHart She Ra.. He Man's the one with the power..

(16:11:28) @RichHarkness Just an inkling I have. The boys on the @BritishTech Mac show can give you advice, too. Not good advice, mind. Just advice ;)

(16:50:56) @willowHart Heehee... true, true ;)

(16:51:05) @BlueMoon_11 BIG UP! :)

(17:22:25) @gill_bee Soooooooooooon... (for me :D)

(17:23:34) @twomeninacar I have yet to shout #FAHAYHEE even though I think I went to Flitwick once.

(17:24:26) @twomeninacar I like if you write FLITWICK in capitals it looks a bit like an anagram of FUCKWIT. I got stuck behind a lorry. I was bored.

(17:26:51) @PrincessBagel Any bottles of wine he has left would need to be Bejewelled ;) x

(17:58:37) @PrincessBagel I hope you're not bitter. #Imadeabadpun x

(17:59:03) Tools down. YEAH.

(19:30:30) @perrygascoine @sm2n @davewitchalls @markhort :D Completely baffling article otherwise, though...

(19:31:33) @BritishTech @NewMacUK @richharkness It was my comment about the Mac Show's advice that was harsh, I think :) Try one if you can, Rich :) :)

(20:05:33) I can never remember what hubris means. But then, I don't need to.

(20:08:16) @Zomby6 See... Told you I didn't need to ;)

(20:08:58) @oliwia_s Have a wonderful sleep :)

(20:14:00) @sm2n Bliminy that is a beast of a machine.... but would you get as much use out of it? I may take a look on eBay for vintage knobs.. :)

(20:16:36) @Zomby6 Gosh..!

(22:45:17) @fiverscarrot Aww :/ feel better soon x

(23:13:24) Early to bed, and early to rise, makes me remember archaic rhymes. Night.

(23:13:34) @BaronHawkey Me too! Night, sir! :)

(23:14:54) @sm2n Ohhh my. Some epic tones off of that thing :D

(23:19:47) @sm2n Huzzah! Enjoy - and happy noodling!

(23:20:01) @thatsjustme0 Sleep well lovely xxx

(23:20:17) @sm2n Having a look - and checking out the original KS20 sounds!

(23:20:36) @yellow757 Bon nuit, as a french person once said :)

(23:20:49) @lloydbayley Thanks, dude! :) Enjoy your Saturday!

(23:21:04) @ellewadding @BaronHawkey *waves* Rest well when you do!

(23:22:55) @lloydbayley How disrespectful - should have said 'sir'! My apologies :)

(23:24:57) @sm2n Sorry.. short for Korg MS20 (typo :D) Tired.. me too. night!

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(07:37:30) @PrincessBagel @AlexGFox I will SO listen to that... when are you on't radio, Alex? You kept that a secret!

(07:38:25) @AlexGFox That is a very touching thing to say :)

(07:39:17) @fridgemagnet2 Playing your requests and dedications until I'm arrested for misdemeanors in the 1970s...

(07:39:48) @RobJD Metallica in a major key all the way ;)

(07:59:15) @crabbyknickers Mornin' :)

(08:00:21) @timoncheese Nope.

(08:01:35) @poots Five years... it's zoomed by!

(08:02:01) @vobes Good morning, Richard. porridge for me, too!

(08:03:22) Good morning. Is it too late to make a new year's resolution? Too soon for Lent, I fear. It's the slump. The slump I tells ya.

(08:04:53) @j0anne1 @lsrwLuke @jonbcfc Morning groovers. I am sleepy. Need perking up. Please send someone soonest.

(08:07:22) @amnotfunny If @UKTesco @RoyalMail & @ldnlutonairport are anything to go by, it's just muckin' about alongside the odd bit of PR ;) Ask 'em!

(08:09:49) @batwench Get better soon, Mr batwench.

(08:10:18) @JQP74 Morning dude :)

(08:10:43) @timoncheese And that is why Twitter is fab. As are you.

(08:11:17) @vobes Spring is on its way. Definitely the most depressing time of year, this!

(08:12:31) @vobes That @beershowjimmy is a fine man - I do believe I have had the privilege of meeting him :)

(08:31:38) @beershowjimmy YES! Good times… @vobes has done some cool things, and it’s been a privilege to be part of them - and a pleasure to meet you!

(08:32:39) @fridgemagnet2 We just missed the trick of getting Avon from Blake’s Seven to do our voicers….

(08:32:54) @vobes Fact!

(08:34:08) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Thursday :)

(08:40:40) @UKTesco I would love you to share your wisdom & experience with @amnotfunny :) @RoyalMail @LDNLutonAirport

(08:51:05) @LDNLutonAirport Much appreciated :) Thank you :) Always know I can count on the big guns :) @UKTesco @amnotfunny @RoyalMail

(08:52:01) @j0anne1 Maybe I should chase you around the house a-la Benny Hill :D #yakketysax @lsrwLuke @JonBCFC

(09:06:49) @UKTesco @amnotfunny @RoyalMail @LDNLutonAirport Communication is definitely the key - and I imagine it gets pretty busy! :D

(09:07:47) @amnotfunny A pleasure :) I imagine running a company Twitter account is really rewarding - but quite fraught with frustration! Good luck!

(09:09:43) @crabbyknickers Nicely written - and looks like a great performance (I love theatre when it entirely absorbs :)

(09:10:11) @oliwia_s Dzien Dobre! :)

(09:15:54) Footballers are kicking children now, are they?

(10:34:43) @crabbyknickers I do hope you're having Frosties.

(11:11:53) @crabbyknickers Ahh. Can't think of any more tiger-related breakfast products. Apart from actual tiger.

(11:12:11) @PrincessBagel @RubyBobbles @innitmarvellous @MorganStarr89 @HeidiPeeps @Maid_of_Astolat @VintageBarbara @jane_brewer @AmieLR @realBainesy H

(11:12:36) @PrincessBagel Only had one character left in the 'reply all' to say hello. To heck with it: HELLO YOU.

(11:13:08) Fastidious.

(11:13:15) Conjecture.

(11:13:27) (Just making notes of words I can never remember when I need them).

(11:51:45) @LilyShambles @lloydbayley Not shambolic either? ;)

(12:02:14) @LilyShambles @lloydbayley Oh I do like the word 'crate'.

(12:45:56) Radio clocks: The MSF 60 kHz time & frequency signal will be shut down from 09:00 UTC on Tue 29 Jan until 18:00 UTC on Wed 30 Jan 2013. #NPL

(13:06:39) @fridgemagnet2 It's clearly a new chemical composition they're working on. Eau de chemical etching...

(13:27:46) @AudiobooSupport @Blind_Geek @cuddles_59 EXCITING! :)

(15:34:13) @lsrwLuke Not sure as yet. More exercise, I think.

(15:36:15) @technicalfault Official Twitter app (which ain't much different from the mobile site on a browser!) and Tweetcaster. Which is v. good.

(17:00:03) @zany_zigzag Fantastic :) I need to go out for a rummage soon.. the best sights can be seen when hunting for caches! :)

(17:00:12) @zany_zigzag (Or maybe just after ;)

(17:51:30) @PontoonDock Won't that be typical :D

(19:02:24) @andytuk Wow! :) Where's that?

(19:07:19) Home and having a sit down and a read...

(19:08:25) @sparkyannc eep :|

(19:11:20) That Derek B, though, eh?

(19:13:26) @lsrwLuke 50 shades of shownotes, mate... :D

(19:32:20) @andytuk Wow! Enjoy :) :)

(19:53:00) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is LIVE in 40 Minutes with @stevenaybour @syzygy @daletownsend @paulwheatley The warmup to the weekend. htt ...

(20:11:08) @glenvillemorris @iainlee @Bubble2009 Nice find! Might just use that for my podcast pick this week :)

(20:13:00) @helenduffett Congratulations to the Award Winning Helen Duffett :) :)

(20:33:20) @helenduffett Heehee... those were the days! :)

(21:27:50) Conflagration #nameourplane

(21:28:22) Jessops #nameourplane

(21:28:44) SPLODY #nameourplane

(22:05:46) Wow.. the insanely talented @cyriakharris has created another mindboggling video.. http://t.co/AFzPwEDq (/via @Cassetteboy)

(22:19:26) @BaronHawkey g'night! :)

(22:19:39) @PlainTalkingHR Congratulations! And BIG hugs from me x

(22:58:58) @mostlygeordie FANTASTIC! I am a enormous fan of Zoom recorders - I've had an H4 for a few years now... a key piece of my recording kit :) x

(23:03:31) @nausea18 This one: http://t.co/Q8mn1wg1 - the rather stricken dreamliner :D

(23:03:47) @mabelinticket94 Hello :)

(23:04:18) @PrincessBagel Missed ya. Hope you feel better soon x

(23:05:08) Sleeeeeeee(ee)p

(23:06:20) @UKTesco G'night :)

(23:08:27) @lloydbayley Heehee... just listening to you! Have a fine Friday :)

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(00:15:55) @sparkyannc @Richard_C @BBCRadio4 It's actually lesser.

(07:44:57) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo I feel like a veritable layabed :D Good frosty morning :)

(07:47:25) @RubyBobbles But where most of them don't bother tweeting :D

(07:48:26) @BeachBelles It's the beginning of some creative redecoration, I'll give you that.

(08:00:31) @willowHart Mornin' ma'am :)

(08:02:51) @EwenRankin Wow. Never seen that, and I think I can see why :D Seems they go out of their way to try & make Bradley Walsh lose it...

(08:03:22) @willowHart I have coffee - I will survive :D And you..? x

(08:03:51) @BeachBelles Get thee to a Dragon's Den :D

(08:05:43) @DaisyMould @106jack DAISY MOULD!

(08:07:32) @EwenRankin @drhappymac "Cirencester Software Concern"..? I would have thought "Dr Happy App" would be more appropriate :D

(08:08:30) @106jack @DaisyMould I still have the snippet I recorded off of the radio to make a proper theme tune with :D

(08:08:47) @RubyBobbles Nice :)

(08:18:52) @drhappymac @Tone_720 @EwenRankin ahhhh! The tiny little Homer things...

(08:19:11) Darn it. Still out of stock of Diggity.

(08:20:33) @smartie999 Some days are like that #Fridays

(08:21:17) @amnotfunny HAHA! Doofus.

(10:31:08) Wardrobe malfunction this morning... second-from top button was left undone on my work shirt. I'm not in a trendy wine bar now, y'know.

(10:58:53) @birdfortytwo The mental image that projects is wonderful :) I'm glad I followed you.

(11:19:58) @AlexGFox That would explain the 'pyong' sound as I sat down this morning. :D

(11:20:06) @PrincessBagel OUTAGE.

(11:20:35) @italisalute Heehee! To be honest, I don't think I've been to a trendy wine bar in a LOT of years, so I bow to your superior knowledge!

(11:20:46) @smartie999 Undies? NEVER!

(11:20:58) @PrincessBagel RAGE. Not AGE.

(11:21:22) @birdfortytwo Competition is fierce, mind.. :D

(11:52:16) @mostlygeordie Blimey.. posh! :)

(12:48:54) @zany_zigzag Brilliant! I was looking for local caches yesterday, but decided it was too cold #fairweathergeocacher ;)

(13:10:41) @thatsjustme0 Where are ya today? You're certainly racking up the miles! :)

(13:21:10) @LutonNewsSally Many towns were completely banjaxed by shopping centres... Luton was one of the first. Hitchin is delightfully preserved...

(13:47:28) @LilacNun How about some nice CAKE?

(13:48:38) @LilacNun Watch me eat cake? I promise to be as untidy as possible x

(14:40:16) @thatsjustme0 100% HUZZAH situation :)

(15:11:21) @poots Congratulations :) :)

(16:58:39) @BeachBelles GOOD. Quaffing?

(17:00:34) @LilacNun It's about the same as writing a Radiohead song, in fact. Hope you're feeling chippererer.

(17:01:44) I've got sinusache. Pronounced "sigh new satchee"

(17:05:10) Looks like someone here has about as much ADD as I have.. just read a shell script comment that simply says "this script cannot"

(17:13:44) @iamamro Sackcloth and muslin?

(19:37:24) @peasbloss Fill it with wine. Like a big bath :D x

(19:38:24) @PontoonDock I like the passive apostrophe. I say 'like' but actually it's rather intimidating.

(19:40:50) @peasbloss Wine wings! :)

(19:41:00) @thatsjustme0 YUMSK!

(19:41:09) I really love your tiger's feet.

(19:43:00) @PontoonDock Only on Facebook...

(19:43:20) @brennig YEEP! :)

(19:43:38) @thatsjustme0 Aww... tuck in (but not too much.. you'll give yourself tummy ache! :) xx

(19:44:45) @PontoonDock And that's why I run Facebook on a completely separate browser #true #cookies

(19:47:30) @thatsjustme0 *heart breaks* x

(19:56:42) Thinking of doing a radio show demo thing.

(19:58:27) @FinalBullet I was always told that lukewarm water (adjust until it is just right) was about the most soothing thing..

(19:58:42) @AlexThatPlays Yes. Yes indeed *applauds*

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(08:05:13) @VoiceBo Hello :) Liking the Android app :) Any way of finding Twitter pals who Bo? Also: what does a tick in the blue flash mean?

(08:06:07) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Morning :) Tuesday, eh? Let's do this thing...

(10:51:04) Not the most impressive start to the day... wandering out of the house without my work bag had knock on effects. Typical Tuesday.

(10:52:07) (Also I nearly slipped over on the way to work.. after seeing a man actually slip over. It's hazardous out there. Hazardous, I tells ya).

(10:52:25) @PontoonDock They are my favourites. Please allow me to help.

(10:52:49) I am therefore *this* close to sending an email to the entire occupants of the office asking who has biscuits and I can I have them.

(11:09:27) @joanneh234 Dunk it baby ;)

(11:10:00) @mostlygeordie Very very kind :) Thank you!

(11:10:31) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning :) Totally! What ya got? x

(11:10:51) @PontoonDock Nomsk!

(11:11:19) @VoiceBo I like your thinking :) :) Will do!

(11:24:09) @BitsyVonMuffin mmmm please! :) x

(11:46:20) @birdfortytwo nice analogy :)

(11:48:28) @BitsyVonMuffin Hero! :)

(11:48:56) @mabelinticket94 Good morning :)

(12:57:33) @sparkyannc Oh my! Hope it gets better. Typical Tuesday...

(13:01:03) @johndredge Including© This?™

(14:55:03) @slandi @audioboo I like @voicebo & will give it a go. At least the Android App works well - AND it allows comments on others' bo's BOs. BO.

(15:19:39) @nausea18 That happens if you apply heat to a cold surface too quickly.

(15:19:55) @thatsjustme0 YOU!

(15:21:48) @sparkyannc Heehee... I had food (I'm not sure 5:2 would do me any good at all.. I get cranky when I'm hungry. Two days of crankiness eep!)

(15:35:55) @MissyMWAC Totes amazeballs! :)

(15:36:23) @washmysocks31 It was exquisitely written... I was chuckling. Much better than the previous series :)

(15:37:07) @thatsjustme0 *big hug* x

(15:45:08) Graphs is just one of the reasons I follow you.

(15:49:35) @fiverscarrot I have an epic one at home.. just need to find it :D

(16:21:23) @fiverscarrot :) :)

(16:21:47) @BaronHawkey Quite so.

(16:23:05) @birdfortytwo That is an inflammatory observation.

(16:26:40) Wow.. pretty.. http://t.co/QBgp8i1B

(17:38:17) @BlueMoon_11 You just can't take your biscuits.. I'm a two packets in an afternoon man ;) x

(17:41:20) @ratbanjos Get yourself to Thorpe Park - they have one just like the Dragster. Great fun (sort of :D) /cc @iamamro

(19:09:11) @leica0000 I started it ;)

(19:12:28) Right. That does it. I formally hate Apple. £12.50 of credit; I buy an app for £13.99. How much does iTunes take off my debit card? £13.99!

(19:13:07) @OfficialSaundra Adds to the mix of airport fuel and Vauxhall Van paint where we are ;)

(19:18:55) @RobJD The unique way iTunes works..? :|

(19:19:42) @OfficialSaundra True! I am using Febreze to freshen the air. What could possibly go wrong?

(19:19:59) @fiverscarrot I LOVE it! :) :)

(19:20:10) @sparkyannc I think you should conflate the two. With graphs.

(19:21:01) @WhimsicalWife FOOD?

(19:22:03) @WhimsicalWife Just this eleventh sense I've got :D

(19:22:12) @sarahjaneuk *big big big sigh* :D

(19:22:58) @fiverscarrot Ahh well.. bit of a nuisance. The children will have to do without birthday presents ;)

(19:23:08) @fiverscarrot Or I will drink less beer for a bit.

(19:23:29) @nxmee It nearly looks like a horsey in that picture. NEARLY I tells ya.

(19:36:16) @paulums My pick for the BIG show this week ;)

(19:36:46) @nxmee I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

(19:37:11) @goitsagch *sigh*

(19:37:56) @paulums The iDri-buddi, though almost impossible to type, is a real boon in this day and age.

(19:45:32) @thenewbrunette I cannot say 'actually'. I always say 'Ashley'. Also I never know when to stop saying 'alfalfa'. Can I be your sidekick?

(19:59:33) @RoryMorrison1 Sending strength and patience.

(20:11:21) @trevypoos it is absolutely gorgeous! I invested in a small PC about a year ago - bit of a shame! Most impressive, though :)

(20:12:43) @PrincessBagel @EwenRankin @batwench Might make me look better.. one to wear on the Big show ;)

(20:17:07) @RoryMorrison1 :)

(20:47:25) @Twitrannosaurus Appleing. That.

(20:48:03) @fridgemagnet2 How will it boot..? HOW? @trevypoos

(22:02:04) @SimplyTanny Gnight :) x

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(10:05:38) Morning. My work computer is on a go-slow (in fact a not-go-at-all-stuck-on-the-"Welcome"-screen). Time to brew some coffee. Shoulders back.

(10:06:12) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy (resolutely not) Blue Monday :)

(10:16:30) @JQP74 It's a Monday morning thing :D Good morning:)

(11:37:03) @thatsjustme0 HURRAH :)

(11:39:06) Two similar snow scenes in swift succession on my timeline.. made me look twice! https://t.co/I3ECoH2M https://t.co/uOW4tNRh Neato! :)

(11:55:43) @RubyBobbles <<--- what she said @PrincessBagel

(11:56:04) @RubyBobbles @PrincessBagel But with two big XXs a little x and a couple of o's

(11:58:41) @GreavsieE17 Haha! Love it when that happens :)

(11:59:03) @ellewadding I poured coffee in to help it. It seems to be fizzing along nicely now.

(11:59:13) @lsrwLuke Greetings, chief.

(12:01:39) @RuthBlackett In fairness you got 'Rhumble' right, though. Which is a conflation of 'Rhubarb' and 'Crumble'. Which is what the song's about.

(12:13:20) @Zomby6 Jaunty angles and trees are what it's all about! :)

(12:43:55) @crabbyknickers That's still pretty cool! :D

(12:50:01) @crabbyknickers You need a multidimensional head. Hope you can sort it out..!

(12:50:20) @Zomby6 Ouch!

(13:30:47) @EwenRankin Will there be colouring in?

(13:31:01) @EwenRankin Is there a link to book places at the bash?

(13:34:52) @Canojar Lookin' good! And snowy...

(16:27:46) I am everso fond of @SpaceKate and thus want to send her into space. Please help: http://t.co/3sFFWUdA

(16:32:30) @smartie999 Is being in a harem a job? ;)

(17:01:51) @smartie999 They would be learning from the best ;)

(17:15:26) @OmarRaza You are truly blessed if you can pursue your calling :)

(17:32:23) @birdfortytwo Two foot tall.

(17:34:55) @AlexGFox The smell of price fixing? Can't seem to get one for less than 17 squids.

(17:39:00) @ellewadding I think suggesting I come and have a go is a stupid idea, and so you are wrong on every count. #notverygoodatarguingactually

(18:33:57) @gill_bee Glad you made it :)

(18:34:07) @sparkyannc Neat and tidy?

(18:34:15) @smartie999 *mwah*

(18:35:51) @gill_bee Oh my.. I saw your tweet about the train :| Hope you're all warm and snuggly now :)

(18:36:25) @ellewadding Y... th... oh I give up :D

(18:37:30) Too many tools, too little creativity. Bleh.

(19:07:44) @sparkyannc Medium is good (better than HWH and far less open plan than NBH) - can you hide away in the old Newsbeat newsbooth..? :D

(19:08:54) @Tone_720 A veritable cornucopia...

(19:09:14) @AlexGFox It's a lull... :)

(19:11:58) The children are doing an online quiz: "Which Muppet are you?" This offers more punchlines than Twitter's character count will allow.

(19:12:49) "The one that is doing a pointless online quiz." For example.

(21:03:38) @fiverscarrot Thanks for the heads up! @poots

(21:10:11) @smartie999 Oh no sweety. Turn over and try again x

(21:29:25) @LilacNun yup.

(21:31:41) @hooker1uk Sounds fun :)

(22:05:10) Neville! #miranda

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(09:04:45) @Zodster Good morning :)Yes please if it is still available :) #ingress Which team are you on?

(09:06:52) Good morning. I've woken with a headache...and dozed off again. Didn't work - I shall have to try coffee instead...

(09:18:41) @brennig Self medication sounds just the ticket... thank you!

(09:19:14) @Zodster I LOVE walking - will do! :)

(09:22:26) @ninja_jenpots Oh my... that's what Sunday mornings are like/for aren't they!

(09:23:47) "@ThePoke: Restaurant chalkboard of the day http://t.co/U9CAFyiD" @MissyMWAC

(09:24:49) @PrincessBagel Thanks, Doctor Bagel! Gonna go for a stomp in the snow in a bit...

(09:42:11) @lsrwLuke Good morning :)

(09:43:41) Really weird rainy snow. It's settling though. @nxmee is playing Minecraft and pretending to be Bear Grylls. Trying to do the voice...

(09:43:58) @batwench Lookin' good :)

(09:53:43) Hmm.. @nxmee is playing Bear Grylld. Who is @superalora playing? "The voice inside his head" #bizarrechildren

(10:02:05) @fridgemagnet2 Yes. Yes it is.

(10:03:18) For some reason, @poots is looking up German winter obligations. Arguably, Eiszapfen is a cool word.

(10:12:36) Lenni's shop: "Stuff." I got two for the price of one on a dirty mug and spoon. http://t.co/aHZPx7r8

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(05:26:23) Onwards into the fray.. bit early but...

(06:05:06) @lloydbayley Good morning :) Hope.it's cooling down somewhat!

(06:06:05) @HumbersHomemade It's not been too bad... certainly not as severe as previous snow days..!

(06:06:37) @thatsjustme0 Morning! xx

(06:07:32) @mcdwebster I had to get to the office before I could make coffee :D Hopefully all done by 2pm #weekendwork

(06:44:54) @AmandaHolmes21 No overnight deluge, thank goodness, though! :)

(06:45:18) @mcdwebster And enough snow left :D

(06:45:37) @lloydbayley T'be sure! :D

(07:01:37) @AmandaHolmes21 The pavements, however, are covered in compacted snow :| Please take great care! :)

(08:40:59) @EwenRankin COOL! :) Love massive civil engineering.

(09:20:01) @johndredge LOVED the closing song on last week's show (and, of course, the rest of the show :D)

(09:20:13) @thatsjustme0 Pardin..? :D

(09:24:56) @EwenRankin Would love to! Bit busy today, unfortunately...

(09:46:39) @nxmee Steady now :D

(11:12:34) @claw0101 It's very pretty, isn't it! :)

(11:14:48) @cyberdonkey Oh no! Hope you have a swift recovery.

(11:15:47) @claw0101 Heehee... that's what happens with ours, too :)

(11:16:12) @johndredge Sounds well modern! :D

(11:44:41) @batwench @claw0101 I've got one that's running 24/7.. works absolutely fine as long as you don't load the USB port (wi-fi does that :|)

(13:31:33) @mostlygeordie Sure! On Twitter, you have a better opportunity to get to know interesting new people with common interests. @paulmonkeygreen

(13:53:50) @mostlygeordie Indeed! @paulmonkeygreen Like, say, @thisistomgreen in your case :)

(14:14:50) @mostlygeordie You wield a good shovel.

(14:16:10) @Littlebit_Bod :) @poots was clearing the pavement outside next door just in time for them to park their great big MPV on it. The scruffs.

(16:29:42) I am completely baffled by Antiques Flog Hunt In the Attic. I keep getting it wrong, which doesn't impress @superalora

(16:53:15) @mostlygeordie @paulmonkeygreen @thisistomgreen I like it - hot and steamy yoga with bonus menthol chest rub...

(16:54:41) @AlexGFox They do but the children are rather kinetic television viewers... :D

(17:24:57) Me: "Did you cry watching Les Mis?" @superalora : "Yes. But not because of the play." Me: "Because of your brother?" @superalora : "Yes."

(17:30:42) @Kobygrace You can do it! #hashtag

(17:37:32) @Canojar moo?

(17:41:54) @LilacNun About us> restructuring... "and all teh documentation "- sorry!

(17:45:18) @LilacNun Two uses of the word "via" on your front page #notaeuphemism also info@ or enquire@ your email address is a bit 'bigger' ISYWIM

(17:48:15) @LilacNun Finally, the contact form has a LOT of fields on it. Can you reduce them / emphasize the important ones? Also, sadly, expect spam.

(17:48:45) @Canojar Careful now, don't want curdled milk ;)

(17:52:42) @thatsjustme0 Absolutely!

(17:58:37) @thatsjustme0 You will look back on these days and smile :)

(18:25:46) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/RPka8hKl my weird show be on resonance 104.4fm at 6.30 and online also, you x

(18:36:11) @LilacNun I'm wearing my dressing gown, drinking peppermint tea and adding rude sites to the family internet filter. Yes. Yes I am.

(18:38:35) @feedbacker1 *spatters tea over the keyboard and checks you're not looking over my shoulder* no.. no I'm not :D @LilacNun

(18:39:41) @effieoffie You're not wrong.

(21:17:05) @fiverscarrot *glees*

(21:17:48) @Sjluton No idea :D Hello :)

(21:51:04) @fiverscarrot I ain't no Twitter badger :D

(22:07:33) @Canojar Heimlich manoeuvre?

(22:09:29) @brennig Night sir. I am slouching... I really need to stop that..!

(22:12:25) @thatsjustme0 G'night :) x

(22:13:29) @RubyBobbles He can be quite persuasive ~opens a packet of Walkers crisps~

(22:16:40) @Canojar Of course - here to help /(and/or unclip :D)

(22:22:04) 8 out of 10 Cats has gone feral.

(22:36:51) @Canojar dobdobdob x

(22:38:14) @GabriellaWhite Went a bit loopy! We've opted for Mock The Week... a bit more sedate (and fewer annoying reaction shots)...

(22:55:10) @Canojar I've got my Duke of Edinburgh pasta award...

(22:57:15) @ajlanghorn 644? @Kaithar @geoffgarside

(22:59:34) Bedtime. It's a place. Nighty.

(23:00:03) @Canojar oh bravo! x

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(07:31:54) @fiverscarrot Morning :) I nearly made it to bed early last night! ;)

(07:34:44) RT @OctoberJones: The puzzle in The Guardian was EASY. I thought this was a paper for brainy people. http://t.co/PVrxn66d

(07:35:41) @washmysocks31 Morning :)

(07:56:20) They've done it again... a YouTube pre-roll ad that made me watch to the end (it's quite funny actually) http://t.co/DNnQNBFj #owntheweekend

(07:56:57) ...although it amused me that the video started with a pre-roll which was the actual video. If you see what I mean.

(07:59:42) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo A happy #FF Friday to you :) Beth's packed me a sleeping bag :D

(08:00:09) @washmysocks31 I'm not sure about hunky, but I'll settle for dory, thanks! :) :) Cold but clear so far today - how about you?

(08:00:23) @mrs_forky @Vixbrix @beangirl @countrymunkle @Moominmamma12 @MammaTort @AndreaRauter @BaronHawkey Happy white sky! #FF

(08:01:28) @fiverscarrot An early Friday night? Unheard of! :D Since I have to be up at 5am on Saturday, it may have to be, though :D

(08:01:51) @washmysocks31 Me too.. very much so! :D

(08:03:11) This is what made me laugh this morning: http://t.co/LePgUBsk *chuckles*

(08:03:31) @PrincessBagel It's only right #Snocalypse

(10:10:11) @jarbennett @chrisgdack @design58 @WeaverOfWBeing @BobBurg @muddybootsfoods @StaceInspire @bluebellhenley Thanks, JacquelineB! :) #FF

(10:47:59) @nxmee Bastion? I dare not even ask :D

(10:49:31) @nxmee Ahhh :D thought you were heading for Afghanistan for a moment there.. http://t.co/xLB2TeRP

(11:16:00) @nxmee Not doing just dance on the kinect, then?

(11:16:29) Amusing that Chris is 'working from home' today and tweeting his lessons. He's a good lad.

(11:58:36) @nxmee True.

(12:27:09) @nxmee I hope you're not injured! Did you use that push down apple cutter upper thing?

(12:33:34) @nxmee Good to hear :) Hope it was tasty (and the piggy got some!)

(12:51:45) @poots Fantastic.. is Lenni home, then? :) I'm doing OK - I have Pringles and a sense of my own self-preservation. And pizza for lunch :D

(13:05:26) @poots Awwww that is the CUTEST! :D

(13:06:14) Looks a bit sleety out now. It's not really gathering too much. Yes, it's another snow tweet.

(13:06:47) @Sk287 Violated by a virus... virulated?

(13:07:30) @shellzenner @amazingradio @lukerathborne @tameimpala Totally tuning in! :) :)

(13:11:41) @nxmee @poots @RobJD Are you using the traditional Glass Recycling Tub method? :) Doesn't seem to be quite enough snow just yet...

(13:13:33) @joey_coops I will endeavour at least to try and use coherent English :) Hope you're all snuggled up and warm. Definitely duvet weather! :D

(13:27:38) @nxmee @poots @RobJD Ahh cool :)

(14:20:48) @PrincessBagel @putney_man *chuckles* Sense of humour failure much? I think many companies use agencies for their tweets.. new balls please!

(14:21:47) Tagging like a boss #CVS

(14:22:17) @joey_coops I hope you make it home safe and sound.. I think I'm here for the long haul :D

(14:23:10) RT @rickhurst: careful out there guys - the pavements are literally covered in instagrammers..

(14:23:41) @batwench Lordy. Photos or it didn't happen :p

(14:39:13) @adrianhansel @thatjustme0 HAHA! That's quite stylish :D

(16:06:01) RT @lutoncouncil: Our gritters are out but it does take time for the salt to work, and with fresh snow falling all the time it's a round ...

(16:08:53) @drhappymac Different (four)strokes for different folks...

(16:46:21) @RobJD @poots @nxmee He's got a good spade action. Takes after his dad having to dig himself out of holes ;)

(17:18:19) @gill_bee It's a nice smile... what can I say? :)

(17:55:03) @sparkyannc That's no way to start the weekend.. :| Can you put it all to one side or build a little castle out of them?

(17:55:24) @JonBCFC Congratulations :) :)

(18:04:03) @sparkyannc Oh heavens... perhaps get yourself something to eat and then do, er, something with it? Or just go out and make snow angels? :D

(18:23:45) @LilacNun I haven't.

(18:24:19) @effieoffie I have that problem. Can you take something warming in there with you?

(18:26:27) @LilacNun I was hoping for a stoning...

(18:26:49) @effieoffie That might not last ~quite~ long enough...

(18:29:03) @effieoffie OW!

(18:30:05) @effieoffie Every now and then...

(18:30:50) @SuButcher http://t.co/ZLPEAb6S ?

(18:31:44) @SuButcher (In short, it's inconsistent, and depends on the spec of the thing you're trying to communicate with / control)

(18:32:02) @effieoffie Can you be creative under a duvet? YES

(18:33:22) @effieoffie It's OK.. I'm still standing :D

(18:38:06) @effieoffie Heehee GOOD!

(18:38:29) @effieoffie I shall go out and make a snow angel immediately ;) x

(18:45:00) @SuButcher All good - it's a few years since I struggled with RS232... my motto was: First time you try it's always wired up wrong :D

(18:45:17) @effieoffie You're an angel! :D

(18:47:04) @effieoffie I'm sure inside there's an angel trying to get out :p

(19:25:09) @OlorinLorien Glad to know you've made it :)

(19:25:20) Molasses are our friends tonight.

(19:25:39) @Ariadnes_web @BBCRadio4 The best is gone.

(19:25:53) @brennig If you don't know what you're doing it is a BAD place to be...

(19:26:19) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 @indecisive96 Hello winter wonderlanders... get your snowshoes on!

(19:32:18) @lutoncouncil Great work - thank you! :)

(19:32:25) RT @lutoncouncil: How do we decide when to grit? http://t.co/G1JxEcmE

(19:32:50) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @joanneh234 @indecisive96 And a spade...

(19:34:36) @poots @brennig I'm finishing at about 2pm tomorrow... plenty of time for stomping! :)

(21:32:01) @poots Good heavens..!

(21:35:15) @brennig @poots Amazing!

(21:36:27) @markhort P1! LOL

(21:36:45) RT @EwenRankin: One of the most enjoyable BIG Shows I've been on is posted with @Syzygy @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk @daletownsend http://t.co ...

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(07:19:34) @fridgemagnet2 Happy birthday. They clearly known you well.

(07:20:22) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning you two:) Bit chilly innit :D

(07:25:01) My body's system is stuck in a reboot cycle. Good morning anyway.

(07:26:09) @Ariadnes_web Now wash your hands :D

(07:32:38) @washmysocks31 Morning :) No start at all so far :D

(07:33:59) @washmysocks31 Much needed! Thanks:)

(07:52:24) @thatsjustme0 Morning :)

(07:52:45) @WhimsicalWife Scraping the permafrost off the car, too :)

(07:53:35) @vobes Mmmmm!

(07:54:49) @batwench Ying. Or yan or something... hopefully you'll still be perky for the BIG show later.. Hope to see you in the chat room :)

(07:56:16) @JonBCFC A working weekend for me :D Have a great day!

(07:59:46) It baffles me how a train, which is almost entirely made out of tons of mettil can catch fire. Or is the Gatwick Express made of wood?

(08:01:46) @PrincessBagel @batwench Habitually it's on a Thursday.. aiming to start at about 8pm. :) It changed about a bit around Christmas time :)

(08:02:21) @gilesbabbidge Tally ho =)

(08:03:34) @BaronHawkey They should make those out of mettil as well, then :D And a good morning to you too :)

(08:04:16) @handiandi12 ~zapping noise~

(08:04:42) @PrincessBagel @batwench @EwenRankin Looking forward to it :)

(08:07:12) @Barwickgreen @producerlaura You'll know the @BBC3CR listeners who don't have garages by the potato starch smearings on their windscreens...

(08:08:34) @BaronHawkey Bad show. Is it cheating to put your elbow on theirs? Or possibly even a 'king of the hill' / 'one potato two potato' victory?

(08:08:49) @washmysocks31 Cheerio :)

(08:09:51) @BaronHawkey :D I'm a bit bleary this morning.. chemical imbalance, I fear. Coffee will right the boat, though! You doing OK?

(08:11:15) RT @billt: my dear friend @RadioKate aka @spacekate really wants to go into space but will start with this... http://t.co/NIwNMw8T - if ...

(08:13:13) @BBC3CR @IainLee Takes me back to those innocent Hereward days. We treated @herofftheradio with respect back then... What has happened? :D

(08:16:16) @tamarakuzminski :) :)

(08:17:02) @Barwickgreen @producerlaura Down my way it's mostly van drivers and kettles of boiling water. The bloody idiots.

(10:11:38) @gilesbabbidge The week started quietly, but it's going to build up to a bit of a frenzy come Saturday :D And yours?

(10:14:57) @Kercal Now that would be spectacular! :)

(10:15:14) @srpnor True... :) Quick rusting!

(10:15:52) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Thank you! Made it to work OK.. hoping for a good return home!

(10:16:09) RT @BBCRadio3: @syzygy @Barwickgreen @producerlaura @BBC3CR The approved Radio 3 method is to wait patiently while it melts of its own a ...

(10:20:43) @MuddyTurnip But that means it may well get better #optimist ;)

(10:21:37) @thatsjustme0 Chily paws! :)

(10:31:19) @thatsjustme0 Wow. Bit brisk! xx

(10:49:18) @canuckuk And VAT's what it's all about.

(11:30:49) I call shenanigans on Internet Explorer's "Offer to check if it's the default browser" checkbox. It keeps asking whatever I do. Dimwit.

(11:31:37) @smartie999 @joanneh234 BIG hugs to you both x

(12:06:39) @_windrider @pearcen Good grief - that IS early.. I admire your dedication! @PrincessBagel @batwench

(12:07:12) @smartie999 I have just had the most glorious mug of coffee. Could be a lot worse :D @joanneh234

(12:07:30) @MuddyTurnip Any improvement? x

(12:12:50) @Manda_Jones Made up word? Oh lordy. Nope.. :D

(12:15:57) My scarf is mostly bobbles. #notaeuphemism

(12:18:07) Guide to British English #95 Acceptable: "Lovely jubbly." Not acceptable: "Lovely jubblies." #trialanderror

(12:18:39) @RubyBobbles I am baffled and flattered. Battered.

(12:19:03) @fridgemagnet2 Hasn't arrived yet then.

(12:19:38) @birdfortytwo ~big smile~

(12:23:00) I get a bit overwrought with excitement at the prospect of paying a cheque into Nationwide's paying-in machine. It prints a tiny version!

(13:26:39) @PedroStephano @YPLAC He is SO going to hit the bollard on the way back out. It must be in his blind spot...

(13:27:52) @birdfortytwo It's only when it goes FOOOOOM you want to worry. By which time it's too late (actually, it's probably fine)...

(13:28:13) @CoyneMax Change of battery? ;)

(13:30:46) @PedroStephano @YPLAC We are all doomed. Not even sure you're safe on the footpath ;)

(15:14:54) @canuckuk I will come and stock up on you in a minute. (!?)

(17:36:28) @RichHarkness Amazing to think that the same song ( http://t.co/KYoMRDzL )begat this rather well-known sample, too... http://t.co/BU9rxq0x

(17:38:28) @lsrwLuke I wish I had a time machine ... :D

(18:53:54) @fridgemagnet2 Splendid :)

(19:22:47) @fridgemagnet2 V special. Top drawer gifts this year, eh?

(19:45:39) RT @DarrenGriffin: “@EwenRankin: Have you voted for our shows? NOW is the time as the voting closes soon. http://t.co/a3A0RAFn” I’ve vot ...

(19:46:30) @DarrenGriffin +1 point for your own shortening service.. tempted, but the budget won't stretch that far :D

(19:46:59) @mostlygeordie I went there once.

(19:48:02) @oliwia_s @BBCSSO Lordy!

(19:48:34) @RubyBobbles @patrick_hurley Me too. Definitely.

(19:50:31) Dear gritters, please park outside my house tonight and drive 100 yards ahead of me tomorrow, ta.

(19:59:49) @RubyBobbles @patrick_hurley Gladly, as soon as the guest room's sorted.. it's a tip (the crowning glory being a dirty laundry mountain...

(20:00:22) @RubyBobbles @patrick_hurley That my son proudly presented to me when I asked for every bit of dirty washing to be extricated. Uhoh..!

(20:14:34) Can't be bothered to tweet about #Quenington

(21:22:54) @thatsjustme0 Stops the windows steaming up :)

(21:23:21) @melodimen @mrs_forky Splendid. Gritter exchange programme :D

(21:32:41) @mostlygeordie @stewkulele You might find the shelves have been stripped - there's a siege mentality going on..!

(21:33:02) @RubyBobbles Ya please.

(21:34:03) @LilacNun @Thehappyfatgirl Owwwwwwwwww

(21:50:52) @TomKei WOW! I would absolutely love one of those.. it's a musical instrument!

(21:53:37) Great @BritishTech BIG show with @sarahjaneuk @daletownsend @BritishTech, the mighty @AlexGFox and a fab chatroom. Thanks for the chuckles!

(21:54:09) @TomKei eBay?

(22:27:03) Silophone - the best (and biggest!) on-line reverb unit going http://t.co/5X853s1e via @audioboo

(22:34:11) @taylornoakes Hi, Taylor. I've just come across your AMAZING photo of Silo no. 5 - if I credit you, may I use a thumbnail of it in my blog?

(22:34:40) @mostlygeordie @stewkulele NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wanna come round mine? There's toastable bread..

(22:36:13) @AndersUk I am :) Currently I only have one, but I'm not sure I can resist increasing my collection! :D

(22:38:15) @Vanburger2 You are too kind. DEFINITELY - just email me the lines and I'm well away :)

(22:38:25) @daletownsend @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk @BritishTech HA! :D

(22:43:29) @taylornoakes Thank you! :) :)

(22:44:15) @AndersUk Neat! (Blog duly Google Readered!) I use mine as a monitor for our IP webcams.. runs Chromium full-screen in Kiosk mode :D

(22:59:12) @taylornoakes Here's a link to the blog post.. http://t.co/4QCXX77r :) Thanks again!

(22:59:58) @mostlygeordie Ooh ooh! I've got one of them, too! During my first ever live gig last year I discovered they do NOT work well in the rain :D

(23:01:11) All gone. Night!

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(00:20:53) Playing one of those songs that gives my emotions a punch. I wish I could make music that had as profound an effect. Beyond bed time. Night!

(00:21:11) @mostlygeordie !!!¡¡!!!

(00:21:25) @gazuky ~chuckles~

(00:24:18) @mostlygeordie Night x

(00:24:39) @mabes111 enjoy the remainder of your Tuesday!

(00:25:02) @peasbloss Rest well when you do! x

(07:38:51) I play too many computer games to be allowed near my daughter's hair, ever since I gave her a pwny tail.

(07:39:41) @Leafybear Good morning :) It was riffing on 'btw' btw ;)

(07:40:46) @Canojar Having to nag the family..? ;)

(07:42:28) My joke on the matter: So they've been putting horsemeat in burgers have they? That would explain all the nagging. #tooearly #toolate

(07:44:32) @Canojar Oooooh nice!

(07:55:43) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Wednesdaying :) Mind your step if you're striding forth!

(08:01:21) @PrincessBagel I was a little concerned about saddling Twitter with yet another, but hay, I wasn't expecting any flanks (seriously.. sorry!)

(08:01:40) @BaronHawkey Good morning! :)

(08:03:29) @thatsjustme0 Kinda pretty :)

(08:04:24) @BlueMoon_11 Morning :) Just give it five minutes to get all toasty x

(08:06:26) @PrincessBagel :D :D You win ;)

(08:07:34) @smartie999 Swift swift and don't forget your tissues!

(08:08:17) @BaronHawkey Feeling a little sleepy this morning :) How are you? Is the big smoke keeping you well?

(08:11:23) @PrincessBagel If it makes for a stable life, go for it ;) x

(08:44:16) @BitsyVonMuffin Yawny morny :D @BaronHawkey

(08:45:05) @maggiemay135 Hellooo :)

(08:48:50) A couple of weeks back, Lenni and i created a new word: drizzard. Today is the complement- it's drizzling snow (hallelujah?) - snizzle.

(08:49:16) @BitsyVonMuffin @BaronHawkey Oooooh! Stimulating :D x

(09:29:47) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin And so say all of me x

(09:30:29) Fringe benefit of working from home: putting araldite on the letterbox.

(09:45:46) @lloydbayley That's the plan and I'm sticking to it... and so is the postman, my wife, passing cats.. ;)

(09:49:20) @oliwia_s Lovely :)

(11:34:33) @PrincessBagel @Windrider @EwenRankin @batwench @DigitalAmoeba Unfortunately, @Debbietmbf 's account is protected, so we'll never know :D

(11:34:42) @PrincessBagel @putney_man :D :D :D

(12:06:09) Settled on some @amazingradio to have as the soundtrack to my work. A pleasant diversion from the norm. A bit like Lorraine @Bowen707 .

(12:43:37) @Bowen707 I am a big fan of your podcast - I very much enjoyed the Tuvan throat singing and Starbase 109! :) :) (PS I come from Bexhill :D)

(12:44:02) @sparkyannc YOSS!! :)

(13:12:48) @PrincessBagel @_windrider @EwenRankin @batwench @DigitalAmoeba @Debbietmbf USB is BAD at power. A powered hub is often the only solution.

(13:13:41) Is this a new thing where twitter colours in red the extra characters when I over-run the end of a tweet? That only serves to encourage me t

(13:14:58) @thatsjustme0 :) :)

(13:23:27) @_windrider Thank you :)

(13:26:40) @poots Oooh! So it does. The things they are doing, eh? :D

(13:29:05) @thatsjustme0 Fantastic... all makes for an experience! Welcome home. :) I don't think I could do without quirky :)

(13:29:34) @biscuitnose Them's the best.

(13:45:28) Lordy. http://t.co/v2oXlCR3 (via @BrettDomino who made a song with it)

(14:24:52) @vobes I shall definitely take a look - thanks for the tip! :)

(16:40:10) @UKTesco @spireite72 It may be between the brown and white Shergar.

(16:41:22) The consensus over tea is that all three of us have tried to operate our mobile devices with our noses. Our own. Not each other's.

(16:44:34) Google Mail has a reading pane. #onlyjustspottedthis

(16:46:50) @Twitrannosaurus @BritishTech @sarahjaneuk Genius..!

(17:26:04) @spireite72 @UKTesco Nice work! :)

(17:51:38) @AlexGFox @MissyMWAC I'd join. Can I be a henchman? Or a minion? Ooh ooh.. no.. I want to be the obsequious assistant.

(17:58:21) @AlexGFox I would very much like some lasers to play with, too... ;) @MissyMWAC

(17:58:51) @joanneh234 Noooo! But now you can make fantastic yorkies, just think of the future! :) :)

(19:50:45) @gazuky Comedy bloke :)

(20:04:27) @gazuky And the wit... for sure!

(20:08:18) @vobes I'll have a look on YouTube.. just as good on the small screen ;)

(20:09:53) @AlexGFox I'm not sure any of us know anyone like that. Showbiz, rockstar type... @MissyMWAC

(20:12:20) @vobes I am, thank you :) I am trying to do more reading this year, so I'm curled up with a book - good aspiration!

(20:16:22) @vobes I'm reading Jimmy's bus book for entertainment and Andre Norton science fiction for stories ;) How is your history reading going?

(20:19:16) @vobes I love hearing your NEs about what you read.. the thing about swaddling clothes was a real revelation!

(20:54:37) @BeachBelles I would be quite content with that :D

(20:58:50) @RubyBobbles @UKTesco @spireite72 Guilty as charged :P

(21:01:17) Who's going to help me get an EarlyNight™? Actually, that sounds like something John Lewis would sell.

(21:09:23) @AlexGFox with a printout from the internet to tell them how much to sell it for :D

(21:09:45) @fiverscarrot I was thinking more 10pm :)

(21:11:21) @AlexGFox "...with a ___________ customer services assistant" - leaving a gap for 'surly', 'disinterested' or 'over keen' :D

(21:58:36) I just wrote a blog post - the biggest real life reverb unit I've ever played with.. http://t.co/4QCXX77r

(22:02:04) @iamamro Oh. WOW :) :)

(22:06:49) @iamamro I haven't heard it for YEARS! :)

(22:07:20) @AlexGFox I'm just me. Just in a big silo ;)

(22:12:29) @fiverscarrot Yes ma'am! :) :)

(22:12:38) @fiverscarrot (In a minute ;)

(22:13:32) @AlexGFox That is why I am bringing my children up to look people in the eye and engage. When I can get them off their computers ;)

(22:58:18) @Thehappyfatgirl It is a good place to do that. Inspired by you, I shall put mintfm on - they have an 80s show this time on a Wednesday :)

(23:00:51) @1969Steve Just tuned in to the 80s show.. first time listener etc :D Louise is one of my favourite songs of all time (for reasons :D)

(23:01:21) @1969Steve PS If you read this tweet, it's pronounceed "sizzerjee" (or just james from Luton ;)

(23:02:05) @andyparmo Your secret is safe with us. All of us. And @UKTesco

(23:03:01) RIGHT. BED. *sigh* Didn't make the 10pm deadline. Night! (and sorry, @fiverscarrot!)

(23:04:29) @birdfortytwo Twitter suggested I follow you. Who am I to subvert such a thing? Also, you have fortytwo in your name.

(23:04:46) *gone*

(23:05:18) @Tsaksonakis x

(23:12:14) @1969Steve You could tell that samplers had only just come into fashion... :D

(23:39:53) @1969Steve David Bowie - Modern Love :) Night night :)

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(07:46:46) Good morning. Some light dusting.

(07:58:22) @linseyt Bit of hoovering, an' all... on my way :D

(07:58:45) @Vanburger2 And some heavy hoovering?

(07:59:54) British local politics at its best / most baffling... http://t.co/f5UJBU3U

(08:00:56) @batwench Ant. Lers.

(09:36:53) @paulwheatley I am so glad it's not just me :D

(09:37:07) @Vanburger2 Gentle Henrying :D

(10:27:27) @Canojar Run up? :D

(10:30:13) @Canojar That pretty much sums up how I feel this morning :D

(10:30:35) There's something vaguely disheartening about putting "sort out pension" on my to-do list. Again.

(10:30:53) @mostlygeordie Good morning. Haven't got you your card yet ;) x

(10:35:42) @GHOGIT Utterly inspired, eh! :)

(10:51:27) @AlexGFox Sage words, and well taken.

(10:52:22) @GHOGIT I am blessed to have a wife who is very good at steering me in the right direction... it's in the genes! :)

(10:52:36) @MrPaulAshbrook :) :)

(10:57:47) @AlexGFox Hahaha! I think I would probably use Excel, but it'll end up just being done on a bit of paper with a deep breath (& Beth's help!)

(11:03:01) @Thehappyfatgirl Not complaining :D

(13:01:13) @batwench "Brainwave cat ears." The future is here.

(13:46:14) @pearcen @batwench This could get messy! :D

(13:53:38) @mostlygeordie Awwwwww! (I thought you were playing hangman before :D)

(13:55:34) @batwench @pearcen Most people at work know what I'm thinking without the need for anything wagging. This is not always a good thing ;)

(16:10:17) @Manda_Jones You are not Alan Partridge #AICMFP

(20:47:15) There's a doin's a transpirin' ... Lewis is back yay! :)

(21:10:36) Beth and I just came up with the BEST Tarot card based comedy sketch.

(21:11:25) @fiverscarrot We're running a week behind - thanks for the heads-up that it's a two-parter :) :)

(22:01:14) @effieoffie you OK lovely..? X

(22:03:22) @brennig I'm trundling down the river Lea to Luton... night! x

(22:04:49) @timoncheese Was that a delayed drop IN A TWEET? :D @RadioToday

(22:05:07) @effieoffie Crackers!

(22:05:55) @effieoffie I hope you put an end to both swiftly;)

(22:18:30) @timoncheese @RadioToday Worked, though;)

(22:18:43) @effieoffie Even better! x

(22:20:18) @fluffysuse I do believe I under-tweeted you. Is that similar? Hello, BTW norwich

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(08:03:45) @IscaGill I shall keep an eye out for it :) @thisistomgreen

(09:00:40) @ian262 I love his A Point Of View ponderings.

(09:01:15) @poots Agreed! @Bazmati2020 :) @wkdstepmother

(09:27:06) @BeachBelles Uhoh..!

(16:29:04) Actually, I quite like it. http://t.co/e76pSPJ7

(19:55:04) @poots PJ away, my darling. Just having a quick bite before heading home.. not too far away in case the weather turns! X

(19:55:41) @EwenRankin @RichHarkness @DarrenGriffin ~chuckles~

(20:29:28) @AlexGFox eep! @EwenRankin @RichHarkness @DarrenGriffin

(20:30:10) @EwenRankin Harsh... but hey, it's cold out and we do have soup ;) @poots

(22:15:25) @SimplyTanny Bon nuit :)

(22:15:47) @mostlygeordie Puzzle bed..?

(22:18:28) @mostlygeordie That should have said "puzzel"

(22:21:13) @GHOGIT @RobJD @GibboGib :D

(22:26:57) @thatsjustme0 G'night, lovely x

(22:36:46) @iamamro ~whispers~ night!

(22:39:22) @washmysocks31 Nice sachet :)

(22:50:09) @washmysocks31 a seashell chassis...

(22:53:04) @Matildamouse Good night! It's a bit of a lottery, isn't it!

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(11:36:37) @smartie999 SUNGLASSES!

(11:36:53) Good morning. There is pottering going on. Just not quite as much as I would want.

(11:37:37) @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots Good morning top local twitter pals :) Definitely a good'un!

(11:39:37) @smartie999 You'll warm yourself up, I'm sure! :)

(11:39:46) @peasbloss Bit damp? Just grey over here :)

(13:06:32) @RobJD That is COOL! Where are ya? :)

(13:44:17) @RobJD Enjoy! :) :) So glad to hear you're well enough to go :)

(15:06:11) @EwenRankin PIN Sentries are interchangeable (but that's not much help if you've only got one :D) The Nationwide one has a CR2032 :) :)

(15:06:59) @BaronHawkey I am too sleepy for productivity. No good :D

(15:07:19) @thatsjustme0 Oh my. Any of those sound great! What are you in the mood for?

(15:08:16) @RobJD COOL! :) :)

(15:45:13) @thatsjustme0 awww xx

(15:45:41) @RobJD Oh the coercion :D @GibboGib

(15:46:08) @muddybootsfoods Have a wonderful weekend :)

(15:58:16) @gill_bee I think 'indoors' is my best friend :D

(16:03:56) @BaronHawkey Gonna do some writing: D Hope you're faring well!

(16:26:06) @BaronHawkey Catching up on old-school correspondence :) my pen hand is getting a bit achey!

(16:26:38) @thatsjustme0 Sweeeeet!

(18:02:08) @thisistomgreen Great song - thanks for sharing it! I subsequently discovered it was sampled for Will Young's "Losing Myself" - amazing!

(18:02:50) MT @thisistomgreen: If you like "Drive" or music with a weird 80s vibe, listen to this, it's ammmmaaazing http://t.co/nRyJO7nq /massive!

(18:03:23) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/ZVON2JMO Am on Resonance 104.4FM at 6.30pm tonight with daft comedy and music. Then Peter Blegvad's doing so ...

(18:03:49) @peasbloss SCIENCE!

(18:04:20) @JonBCFC Yum :) Please have a not too spicy one for me ;) @j0anne1

(18:17:37) @fridgemagnet2 You're not planning to put that in the washing machine as well are you..? /cc @hergiebird @womblegirl

(18:30:28) @peasbloss Beyond the call of duty, I tells ya. Please tweet the results ;)

(18:40:47) @thisistomgreen I shall check out Bon Iver, too! Top stuff :)

(20:20:12) @poots ~blushes~ I do try :! Xx

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(07:35:04) @BaronHawkey @Chocohalix Good morning and happy Friday :)

(07:36:12) @goitsagch Amazing what's out there..! Although I have taken a dim view of Google Drive.. it threatened to resize the photos I uploaded! :/

(07:37:59) @effieoffie Uhoh :/

(08:02:45) @effieoffie Ohhh my. I guess you just need to get through today (without the dreams coming back into your head!) x

(08:21:31) @effieoffie DEFINITELY fingers crossed, then xxx

(08:42:33) @crabbyknickers Happy ancience-bases anniversary! Hope it's a good 'un :)

(09:50:44) @batwench Gosh.

(12:14:49) @jarbennett @StaceInspire @muddybootsfoods @EleanorBetts @MoseleyExchange @BigLotteryFund @Bruce_Hurd @First4Aid @sm2n @BLAHnetwork WOO! #FF

(14:02:36) @effieoffie *cries* *HUG*

(15:33:23) @willowHart Hello stranger!

(16:25:16) @willowHart I'm pretty splendid, ta :) How is life with you..? x

(16:34:09) This phone hasn't got a 'mute' button. At some point during this conference call I did a little burp. I have stopped eating Lovehearts.

(17:09:04) @poots It kind-of jumped out of my mouth when I wasn't expecting it (the burp not my thumb :D)

(19:23:28) @gill_bee Hellooo :)

(19:24:34) @mostlygeordie You missed the bit about Russell Howard's Good YouTube Videos :D

(19:51:05) @perrygascoine Going to get myself a phone with a belch filter :D

(20:04:28) @Manda_Jones YOSS!

(22:20:21) Campus on DVD and salt & pepper pistachios... a bizarre but pleasant combination. And I have a bottle of Golden Glory. Friday evening. YOSS!

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(07:20:19) @batwench I just don't see the point :D

(07:20:44) @Chocohalix 'ning :)

(07:21:26) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Good morning :)

(07:23:14) @BaronHawkey Bring it! (Morning :)

(07:25:37) @Zararugosa Morning:) Missed you! Hope all is well in the misty north!

(07:26:41) @charbhardy Morning :) frosty round these parts!

(07:42:34) @charbhardy Uhhoh...! | Have a good day nonetheless!

(07:43:11) @JQP74 Doing OK this morning, thank you :) Work as always today.. I've got some data to represent. #representin :D And you? @miz_shake68

(08:02:20) @crabbyknickers ~awaits the invitation to come round for tea~ #everhopeful ;)

(08:03:54) @charbhardy True! Seems to be how it goes here... One day of utter travel chaos then gone! :)

(08:04:15) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Misty Thursday greetings to you :) Keep warm!

(08:05:14) @crabbyknickers ~enormous smile~ what a lovely thing to say :) x

(08:06:00) @mostlygeordie Rest! And eat!

(09:53:38) @JQP74 Gosh.. haven't been there for a goodly while. Hope you have good tram luck! :) @miz_shake68

(10:09:35) @JDHStore1 WANT! :)

(10:19:16) @JDHStore1 heehee.. I'll save up! :D

(13:13:04) Beaten by Excel chart limitations. Gah. I won't have it, y'know. I was ~this~ close to writing my own graphing routine. Now: lunchtime.

(13:14:34) @thatsjustme0 *waves* I'm just about to toast some muffins.

(13:15:00) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter That would be #garlicbuttervicaring ;)

(13:15:22) @batwench Oh you'll assimilate it soon enough..

(13:58:50) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter :D :D

(14:08:55) @sharonlangridge I can see that on the shelves in Sainsbury's... :D

(14:26:30) @sharonlangridge You could be the next Levi Roots. But please keep the product name!

(14:27:00) @charbhardy @Unusual_Plants @ILoveLincs Y'know I always wondered how to spell "Buddleja"...

(14:37:49) @MissyMWAC I wish I watched it. But I guess I don't have to because you are always first with the highlights! :) :)

(14:47:01) @charbhardy @ILoveLincs @Unusual_Plants :D :D I hear it mentioned by those who know how not to kill plants... I am an incompetent gardener!

(15:03:50) @thatsjustme0 You know how to be good to yourself... i just give in to my nihilistic streak ;) x

(15:13:51) @thatsjustme0 basically eating lots of biscuits :D x

(16:38:56) @smartie999 Lamb. I'm probably too late. It may actually taste of something.

(17:50:55) @davewitchalls Gah... thanks for the heads up. Not many other options - I shall stick with it....

(17:55:57) @Hartfamilybeer Yes! Hearty greetings :) And one of my intentions for this year is to enjoy some beer from the Hart dynasty ;)!

(19:20:31) @smartie999 You and me both, dear thing. You and me both. X

(20:24:18) @ajlanghorn Gonna have to spark up the Facebooks! :D

(21:36:03) @daletownsend Great job sir! Good to have you on the show :) @EwenRankin

(21:58:37) RT @Sysadm_Borat: Borat teach you identify network cables: 1. pull cable 2. listen which coworker shout WTF 3. if all coworker shout WTF ...

(22:37:00) Quick blog post - a cheapskate's guide to oneline backups: http://t.co/cNaPMfi7 (with all due caution!)

(22:37:21) @Tactless_Blonde G'night! :)

(22:37:45) @washmysocks31 Nos da! :)

(22:38:18) Onwards to bedward. Ward. Night! :)

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(00:02:59) @BaronHawkey @hannatidd It's infinity sideways. Yeah baby.

(00:07:13) @mostlygeordie The straddle. night! x

(00:07:21) G'night then.

(07:52:08) @SlimJimSim Living off the spoils? One could say the same about Sting...

(07:55:17) @washmysocks31 Did they use lasers..? (Pow-pa-pow!)

(07:56:19) @Chocohalix Mornin' :)

(07:56:59) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo A tardy Wednesday greeting to you :) No spirits damped by rain!

(08:02:11) .@LDNLutonAirport We're reviewing the airport plans over breakfast. Ideas so far: double decker runway & aeroplane treadmill. You're welcome

(08:07:28) @leica0000 Ewww :D

(08:08:43) @washmysocks31 Hoping for the best, then (although I secretly hope for lasers every time. I missed my vocation to be an evil overlord)

(08:09:44) @ellewadding Yes..! Into a big funnel for fast-track immigration! @ldnlutonairport

(08:11:28) @thatsjustme0 Viel Spass!

(08:13:07) @RoyalMail Stand clear of the closing clause...

(11:08:38) The new David Bowie single sounds like one of those 'last track on an album' songs. Maybe a grower, but a bit dirgey. #musicreviewinatweet

(11:11:19) @johndredge What were we talking about again..?

(11:23:57) RT @stuartdredge: Oh, just amazing. All the craziest bits of that Qualcomm CES keynote cut together into two minutes and 32 seconds http ...

(11:24:39) @JaneReynolds8 Happy birthday..! :) You don't look a day over 24 ;)

(11:24:59) @Thehappyfatgirl BASE how low can you go? (or, indeed, how high ;)

(11:35:49) @Thehappyfatgirl I'll call the ambulance for you if you like? :D

(11:37:05) @tomscott Interesting mic choice... more suited fo football commentary than VOs... good luck nonetheless!

(11:41:37) @PrincessBagel Glad it's not just me. That said, at least it's not a revival of his Tin Machine days. They were a bit... er... noisy :D

(12:22:41) @tomscott Heehee.. I completely understand! Have you considered one of these? They're very well reviewed - http://t.co/ey9MVSK6 :)

(12:23:27) @PrincessBagel Eeep! I'm not sure whether I want to watch the video now! (I had one of my recurring bad dreams last night FWIW :D)

(12:23:45) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo It's been a busy but enjoyable morning - thank you :) Enjoy!

(13:04:47) @alicearnold1 @SteveDoherty1 One kind of wonders what "...told the Telegraph" actually means. Did they actually ask you or just assume..?

(13:37:00) I fully intend to use the word "besmirch" in an email today.

(14:08:55) RT @ThePoke: Museum warning sign of the day.

(14:10:32) @Chocohalix @mostlygeordie I would not besmirch Twitter in such a way :p

(14:10:38) @fiverscarrot Never! :) :)

(14:10:52) @peasbloss :D :D :D Oops!

(14:41:46) @Chocohalix @mostlygeordie *chuckles*

(15:06:17) Anyone going to Ikea this week..? Free brekky until Friday if you've got a Family Card thing.. http://t.co/zQm2zMVD

(16:00:20) @slandi I understand it is rather.. dark. I'll take a look :)

(16:00:41) @fiverscarrot Gutted! :(

(16:08:03) @fiverscarrot Quite quite tempting, though, eh? ;)

(16:09:00) @LilacNun Awwright Keith.

(18:21:42) Time to go home. Oop.

(20:33:30) @Tactless_Blonde I am nurturing a roast vegetable and lamb steak food baby. It is the right time for such things :)

(20:34:01) @RobJD Bliminy!

(20:34:59) @poots @ngyt_uk I have stopped getting lost and crashing now :) #burnoutdisorientation

(20:38:40) Science + BBC1 primetime = Dara O'Briain.

(23:05:01) I like the way iCloud's "find my iPhone" uses Google Maps for the location...

(23:22:16) @macsessed Good point! :)

(23:22:51) @helenduffett chillycold? :)

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(08:24:26) Happy birthday, @regularjen :) #elephantofsurprise

(08:25:07) @thatsjustme0 Have a splendid day! x

(09:58:21) @mostlygeordie Happy to help - although I would hope you might repay the favour :D

(09:59:26) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots Glad it wasn't just me.. woke up at 4am- and that wasn't even with an alarm!

(10:01:57) @trevypoos Gosh! Thanks for the hot tip :)

(10:02:09) RT @trevypoos: @syzygy I take it you are aware that Adobe are giving away Audition 3? https://t.co/3nDnioo3 You will need the patch as w ...

(10:09:08) @thatsjustme0 Heehee... I'll be in there making coffee... might be tempted to hide with you (is that cupboard big enough for two? :D)

(10:09:41) @vobes Morning Mr V. REALLY gutted to hear about the testimonials cutbacks. They are cutting their noses off. I'll still be a fan whatever.

(10:11:07) The office conversation this morning is that kicking a ball about game. I'm keeping well out of it #nonothing #exceptLutonvNorwich :D

(10:12:11) @vobes I have no doubt you will - please keep writing your autobiography.. you have already achieved so much, with more to come, I'm sure!

(10:13:04) @ajlanghorn Haven't tried installing anything yet, but wow, eh!?

(10:37:54) @BitsyVonMuffin @memhart It had some truly amusing bits in it. :)

(10:38:42) @Canojar TOASTY!

(10:40:51) @lloydbayley Splendid. Hope you're feeling all better.

(11:37:20) @mostlygeordie NOW! (Please? Perfect timing... I am just preparing some coffee, so it's just the kick start I need for the afternoon :D)

(11:37:40) @mostlygeordie PS are you eating properly today? :p

(11:37:59) @Canojar Oh my... Yum!

(11:39:24) @caterham7 We're onto headphones now.. The consensus is that Beats are chavvy tat. Much more my area of expertise #resignationaverted

(11:40:01) @lloydbayley Thank you :) I love to record unusual sounds :) Need to bring my Zoom around with me more!

(12:16:06) @alicearnold1 I do hope you don't need to pull out the "DON'T YOU REALISE WHO I AM?" card on @BritishGas ... I will watch with interest.

(13:53:02) @sparkyannc @MegFitz Looks like the clash of the titans(!) is on the 26th of January...it's at yer actual Norwich, I think. Would love to!:D

(14:50:04) RT @EwenRankin: PLS PLS PLS VOTE VOTE VOTE for The BTN Shows in the EU Podcast Awards. As MANY times as you can http://t.co/seZBhhM6 Pls ...

(14:52:40) @griffinkate "Both authors are soccer players on the German National Team." *chuckles*

(14:56:32) @sparkyannc @MegFitz It's a knockout fixture*, I'm afraid.. one to catch on 5 Live, perhaps. *look how much I know about foopball!

(14:57:34) @Manda_Jones I played tennis in my going-to-the-shops clothes this weekend. Works.

(15:06:28) @RoyalMail @UKTesco @jacko2255 This is totally what Twitter is for.

(15:06:40) @ajlanghorn Ohhhhh yeahhh!

(15:06:59) @sparkyannc @MegFitz Let's be 'avin' yoooooo!

(15:13:58) @crabbyknickers Nor have I, but I haven't let it stop me :D I nearly read a BOOK and everything.

(15:14:04) @crabbyknickers PS Good to have you back x

(15:17:23) I just walked 14.5 metres to the kitchen to fill up my pint glass with water. I may well go for a wee in a bit (30 metres) (via my.feet)

(16:17:55) @LDNLutonAirport Seems @UKTesco has just married @RoyalMail - you are, perhaps, maid of honour? @Bristolmary @goriami @CoastHolywood

(16:18:58) @regularjen All three different sorts? :D

(16:19:37) @crabbyknickers Two, in fact. One is really difficult to read, the other is Bill Bryson (pure luxury!)

(16:53:48) @claremac82 Pomona? *does a little cry*

(16:54:37) @goriami @Bristolmary @syzygy @LDNLutonAirport @UKTesco @RoyalMail @CoastHolywood I'll get straight on to BBC Three. The Only Way Is Twitter

(17:13:49) @claremac82 It may be, but you were there, so it is BRILLIANT. I'm doing OK... totes* missing you etc. Are you still in a rage? xx

(17:13:58) @claremac82 *Heh. I said 'totes'. I am SO young and feisty.

(17:14:21) @claremac82 Pomona sounds a bit like Poundland.

(17:29:38) @claremac82 I around with my shoes off ALL the time. Although I've not broken out the slippers.. :D Tram rage. NASTY. Big up yourself! x

(18:29:06) @BaronHawkey 11!

(18:29:52) @poots Just leaving the office now; a bit of late work was required. Gives me a chance to take Lenni to school tomorrow morning, though :) x

(18:33:57) @BaronHawkey 2..!

(19:26:22) @EwenRankin Made it home... hoping for the best tomorrow & Thursday ;) @poots

(19:27:34) @hannatidd @BaronHawkey @frak I still feel like a WINNAR. Next time i won't be so lucky...

(19:30:21) @hannatidd PS two is a prime number ... I have a bit of a thing for them too ;) @BaronHawkey

(19:38:44) @BaronHawkey Afraid so - no... unashamedly so ;) @hannatidd

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(00:32:56) The neighbours can be reassured that I've stopped singing now. Antares has not yet invented autotune for party walls. Bedtime. g'night!

(07:32:57) @PlainTalkingHR You too :) I wish you success and fun!

(08:06:10) @washmysocks31 It's like cod liver oil all over again ;)

(08:07:50) @mostlygeordie You can't stuff a cereal snack bar up your sleeve for later..? :/ Hope the day flies by :)

(08:08:14) @peasbloss Careful now!

(08:08:40) @Thehappyfatgirl Morning Tim.

(08:10:12) @crabbyknickers Morning. Normality - 32 years for me :D

(08:10:31) @Canojar Gosh, so it is! Morning :)

(08:11:23) @EcceRita @washmysocks31 Thinking back, just YIK :D

(08:13:20) @peasbloss :D I tend to make a 'now' pile which is about two shirts taller than my interest can sustain :D

(08:14:09) @BitsyVonMuffin @washmysocks31 @BaronHawkey Ello :) And happy Monday :)

(08:14:37) @BlueMoon_11 Bonkers people. That is all. Morning BTW /:)

(08:15:16) @Canojar More daylight for everybody*!

(08:16:05) Huzzap! RT @johndredge: http://t.co/MTZoaWCx This week’s John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show does not include the word ‘fnurg.’

(08:16:23) @thatsjustme0 Gah. Forgot my lipgloss.

(08:17:37) @BlueMoon_11 ~sleepy greetings~ morrrrrrrrrzzzzz

(08:20:10) @BaronHawkey Greetings, BH - have a top day..! @BitsyVonMuffin @washmysocks31

(08:21:21) @Canojar Heehee :) I wear them to drive - oh and to appear on showbiz television interviews but that's about it.

(08:56:14) @effieoffie Uhoh.. I hope it hasn't all been one bizarre dream! :)

(08:56:30) @UKTesco @LDNLutonAirport Good morning, you two cheeky scamps.

(08:59:08) @Canojar Ha! But.. er.. yes.

(10:24:43) @shellzenner Oh my.

(10:56:32) Had a look at the @LDNLutonAirport development plan - http://t.co/kFlOJPfy (Ref: 12/01400/FUL - boundaries have somewhat hamstrung them!

(10:57:55) For a quick look, the current before / after overview plans are here: BEFORE: http://t.co/JYHfXqDM ; AFTER: http://t.co/s1pdHTaf

(12:47:27) RT @Lutonbookworm: Got a new ereader to play with? Luton library members can download ebooks free of charge, and there are hundreds... h ...

(14:38:57) @mostlygeordie Time for tiffin? ;)

(14:39:50) @fiverscarrot But there is someone there: you... they know! (actually it's me. Just doing it to wind you up. Do you need Microsoft Support?)

(15:17:22) @joey_coops Bless you. Deep breaths!

(15:17:53) I have torn my trousers. That's pretty poor form for a sedentary job!

(15:19:32) Gosh.. that is quite a lovely looking car: New NGTC spec Vauxhall Astra for @AmDessex #BTCC http://t.co/agEKJIn5 (/via @DunlopBTCC)

(15:19:48) @PlainTalkingHR I may well need to! :D x

(15:29:53) @mostlygeordie Oh my! Hang in there! :)

(17:25:21) @AlexGFox Worse than that... put too much in the pockets and then sat down :D #foolishme

(17:52:39) Homeward. Swiftish.

(21:36:41) There was a bit of Miranda that I actually laughed a lot at.

(21:52:53) @BeachBelles I am sure his mum is a delight :)

(21:54:08) @sarahjaneuk I wouldn't usually, but Beth and I have given up on everything else that's been on this evening..! All good here, ta.. and you?

(21:54:39) @batwench It has Rentaghost-style end credits... so not even :D

(21:56:04) Taking my tablet to bed.. The intention is to borrow an eBook from the local library. What a splendid idea...

(22:05:42) @_windrider Side, can you believe it? Overloaded pocket :D

(22:21:28) @Manda_Jones Blimimy..that's going some. Couldn't think of many more suited to the front page of the internet :)

(22:34:33) @BeachBelles :D Happy birthday to the young scamp.. And well done to the slightly older one :p

(22:36:54) @sparkyannc Congratulations! Poorly written, but gets the brilliance of you across :)

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(09:02:42) @Twitrannosaurus @LilyLivingstone @BritishTech Wow...all that for just 5MB..! That's one MP3 worth right there :D

(09:04:08) Good morning. I think there is a plan. I had better get up and see #lazylayabed

(09:10:23) @PrincessBagel I would but I'm stuck too :D I need a bedside toaster. Or maybe move my bed to the kitchen & within reach of a work surface..

(09:11:03) @lsrwLuke g'day :)

(09:15:19) @miz_shake68 Mornin you :)

(10:32:34) @BeachBelles *sigh* All been a bit disappointing, really. Economic downturn, eh? Or a sign of the times for Apple..? hmmmmm

(16:43:42) @brennig @rodti @Tupp_Ed The German newspapers have already lobbied government for it.. http://t.co/ecg7rh7h - couldn't happen here, surely?

(16:44:16) @oliwia_s Feel better soon ~hands you a tissue~ x

(16:44:52) @Moominstrudel Hate it when that happens... not Nice (geddit? :)

(16:46:01) @thatsjustme0 Blankieeee? Surely you don't need to diet.. you're slender and lovely x

(16:47:24) Splendid swim with the progeny. Two days in a row of exercise... that has to be good!

(16:49:10) @smartie999 I can think of no better loins to be girdeded. Hang in there, lovely x

(16:50:29) @sparkyannc I'm sure you saw the link about the whole Promise thing from @Maria_Moyses ... I think it's a referendum or something.

(16:52:02) @leica0000 ~hug~ Lots of twitter love for you this afternoon x

(16:53:23) @brennig @rodti I am not sure it is possible to be more out of touch or ignorant... oh yes it is.. the music industry early 21st century...

(19:50:52) @nxmee Nice blog post. Hope you can start clearing down your hard drive soon!

(20:12:53) @JonBCFC Does the job! :)

(20:13:16) @brennig Happy bedding/sandwiching. Watch those crumbs!

(21:26:45) @johndredge *does an appropriate type of happiness jig*

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(09:32:05) Morning :) Woo! I just saw my gurning fizzog on the @GadgetLab podcast... I think I might have won some epic gloves..!

(09:49:46) @miz_shake68 Happy weekendery :) Struggling to get going today... hope you're having a productive one! x

(10:03:49) @charbhardy Wow.. that's cool! What was he doing on there..?

(14:30:03) Inexplicable tiny robot toy feature http://t.co/goRZ3bpr via @audioboo

(14:56:50) In the circle of hell that is the queue for returns at ToysRUs. Not without faffing.

(15:07:47) @peasbloss Doesn't happen all too often, thankfully :D

(15:50:46) municipal tennis court @ Luton Hoo Memorial Park http://t.co/ilq4xXRF

(16:10:15) @BendyBanana A rare ordeal, thankfully:)

(16:12:40) @MissyMWAC There's a water tower here that's been converted into apartment flats... so lovely. This is the posh bit of Luton (there is one!)

(16:13:24) @smartie999 No tennis club here, I'm afraid ;) Didn't even bring my dinner :D

(16:13:55) @smartie999 Dibber. I meant dibber. Darn autocorrect!

(16:36:45) @goitsagch Good point.. it can get a bit roary... @MissyMWAC

(16:37:30) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo We've been to the park.. so mild and dry.. Good times!

(16:38:02) @smartie999 We will have to fashion you a new one x

(19:24:25) The children are pointing out the diving board they jumped off when #Inspire first opened... #Splash

(19:27:22) If you hadn't spotted it, Vernon Kay is in #Luton. He's making the place look untidy. I cannot understand his ubiquity.

(19:31:31) @mostlygeordie I do believe she isn't.

(19:32:01) @Natpirks Luton baths ~chuckles~

(19:36:36) Do they really need TWO cue dots..? #TomDaleySplash

(19:37:34) @Chocohalix Fact.

(19:38:47) RT @mediauk: RT @syzygy: Do they really need TWO cue dots..? #TomDaleySplash <- Yes, they do. Explanation here: http://t.co/pMaeQ9xe

(19:39:14) @mediauk I learn something new every day..!

(20:11:27) Calpol is responsible for your small child's poor behaviour in supermarkets..? I really have no idea about adverts any more.

(20:12:18) This is the longest I've watched ITV for since last episode of Lewis. I am still baffled.

(20:18:42) Amazing! MT @simonhardwick: here's why itv transmission is complex. the north transmission centre (one for south too) http://t.co/gEUASrP4

(20:20:17) @mostlygeordie ~chuckles~ yes. and Vernon Kay was a masterstroke.

(20:22:38) I have to say the audio challenges of producing a show from the acoustic environment of a swimming pool is not inconsiderable. #splash

(21:14:39) @GHOGIT Heehee.. it's not the programme, it's the adverts :D

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(07:46:40) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Wishing you a wondrous Friday, whatever you're up to :)

(08:18:11) Morning. Time for me to shower and zoom. Make the most of the school holiday traffic while it lasts...

(08:19:05) @miz_shake68 You may need to check back in your calendar. Or the calendar in your back :D

(09:22:06) @RichHarkness :) :) :)

(09:55:38) @Tactless_Blonde SHOULDERS! ;)

(09:56:16) @mostlygeordie You'll know it's bin day when the bin lorry has gone by. Which is a bit late :|

(10:46:56) @mostlygeordie Sorry! We're a bit spoiled - our @lutoncouncil has a PDF they've created.. coloured in and everything.. http://t.co/f0SVSnxY

(11:08:51) @Tactless_Blonde I'm a lot less stressed these days :D How about you..?

(11:09:06) @mrs_forky Thankyou :) x @ian262 @melodimen @PauloPanic @jamieonelife @Brother_Kohben @beangirl @BaronHawkey @Moominmamma12 @asta02 #FF

(11:31:44) @thatsjustme0 There are only so many polite responses I can give to that..

(13:14:04) @johnshepherd *chuckles* I like that.

(13:16:49) @Tactless_Blonde I read that Brian had turned to complete mush. Mine's gone all granulated, which means that coherent thought is impossible!

(13:29:24) @Tactless_Blonde New job.. no management responsibility.. :) Not much time off at Christmas, though... need a holiday :)

(13:48:01) @canuckuk I have just subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader thing :) :)

(14:14:46) RT @mostlygeordie: Morning! Don't suppose anyone's got a spare ticket to Adams Park this Sunday they want to offer me?

(14:31:43) @amnotfunny They do that, don't they..? MOST annoying :D

(14:32:16) @LilacNun Hurrah. If ever I need some of my HR to be consulted, you'll be right there towards the top of my list ;) #nomagicbeans

(14:34:59) @_windrider I hope you only mean you've unfollowed some people on Twitter, rather than gone on a Terminator-style mission :D

(14:36:13) @NateLanxon @PokehFace Too much exposure to technology will do that to a man... just flash the cash and be done with it... ;)

(14:37:12) @_windrider Uh...ohh!

(14:40:41) @iamamro You have done nearly 326,400 tweets. I am in awe. That has to be the biggest number of tweetings I've seen so far...

(14:43:08) @_windrider Haven't popped over there yet..

(14:44:32) @iamamro Our little secret.. got it ;)

(14:51:21) @_windrider I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble...

(14:54:53) @_windrider That would be most wonderful and kind - thank you :)

(15:18:14) @giagia I got an infernal server error on my first go...but I read it.. I like the intent; don't just talk (or type). Do. Yup.

(15:55:39) @poots I ate it. Sorry.

(16:00:50) @poots There is a weekend ahead :) x

(16:24:01) @poots I hope it's gone well! :) x

(16:37:16) @poots You deserve a nice beer tonight. Or equivalent. x

(19:34:43) @dellama !!!!! How old is he..?

(20:39:57) Gosh this x-box thing is complicated. The X button is in a different place to the Playstation. Makes for some bad gaming decisions.

(20:50:41) @Tactless_Blonde My goodness that's some serious gaming! Just been hurtling around the streets with my two :D

(20:51:01) @mostlygeordie That sounds lethal!

(20:52:32) @mostlygeordie I was more thinking all that brandishing within the constraints of a lounge or parlour :D

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(08:23:53) @Lindylooloo Rest well.. hope it is peaceful!

(08:24:23) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Thursday #feelslikeaTuesday :D

(08:25:34) Good morning. Nearly ready to do the do. First: shower without waking the children...

(08:27:40) @leica0000 Two dozen bless yous :)

(08:28:13) @alnicholl77 my goodness!

(08:28:17) RT @alnicholl77: Morning. Apparently only now Russia is re-classifying beer as an alcoholic drink. Until now it's been a food as its les ...

(08:32:21) @Canojar Morning :) Christmas..? Nik Naks..? nice'n'spicy :D

(08:32:40) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/KuoJHTMG Fast-moving bizarre humor at 5.30pm today on Resonance 104.4FM with a repeat of The Nothing To Do W ...

(08:33:15) @JQP74 Morning dude :) Hope it's a good one!

(08:36:03) @Canojar Heehee :D

(10:01:59) @vobes Oh no! More hassle and expense :/ :(

(10:03:21) @NewMacUK *chuckles* :D :D

(10:04:33) @BlueMoon_11 Jetlag kicked in yet..?

(13:42:51) @Lissia @Thehappyfatgirl I am a geek and I have a whisk. Happy to help.

(13:51:15) @Thehappyfatgirl That's the last time I offer out my whisking skills. I do a ferocious serving of custard ;)

(13:51:52) @BlueMoon_11 Hope you're still awake! xx

(14:22:39) @Thehappyfatgirl #notaeuphemism

(14:52:19) @leica0000 Tried the capsule form? http://t.co/rbFmxiWL Brilliant colour :D I have spares.. shame I'm not there!

(15:13:37) @leica0000 The antioxidants will help to have you right as rain soon :)

(15:29:03) I just had a lychee. But apparently Persimmons are all the rage. Yes. FRUIT.

(15:43:54) RT @Mr_DW_Brighton: @syzygy I often have to Chown Fruit, otherwise I get a Persimmons denied error. #linuxJokesareLame

(15:44:06) @Mr_DW_Brighton Outrageous!

(15:44:56) @shongum You have my persimmon. My permission.. join the club... Oh you know :D

(15:45:11) @alnicholl77 One of my five-a-day ;)

(15:47:40) @batwench When I worked at Sainsbury's (years and donkeys ago!) we sold sharon fruit. And star fruit. Never tried the exotic ones.. boo!

(15:52:14) Pondering the first recorded apology; it must've been played in the last 100 years. Before that, one had to apologise insincerely in person.

(17:45:15) @effieoffie Nope.

(17:46:57) @LilacNun I am glad. That's just the start.

(17:47:38) @mostlygeordie *sigh* Who are they after now..? :|

(17:48:26) I do believe it is time to go home. Please stay clear of Stephenson Way and the M1. It's all mine. ALL OF IT. Ta everso.

(17:48:49) Must write a blog post about internet reverb.

(18:50:25) @mostlygeordie Ebbs and flows, I guess.. who'd be a celebrity these days, eh..?

(18:51:50) @PlainTalkingHR More often than you know.. but all of mine are sincere ;)

(20:11:37) @mostlygeordie Casting the first stone and so on... can't be having of that..!

(20:23:51) Time, I think, to work on the 'to-do' list...

(21:31:37) @mostlygeordie I'm in a house... hope that helps!

(21:37:13) @mrs_forky My creativity seems to have gone awol.. I'm busying myself until it returns :)

(22:33:41) It's hard to strike out with confidence, when all you see is glimpses. My poor old addled brain needs to settle down, I think. Night night.

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(04:35:42) @slandi True, true! :) @jamfolder @sm2n

(04:36:21) @sparkyannc Keeps me busy - and I'm operating from my office at the kitchen table at the moment.. commuting time: 35 seconds ;)

(04:39:29) @vobes Good morning.. super-early! I'm off back to bed soon (needed to do some overnight work :D)

(04:42:53) @vobes See you later! :)

(10:13:01) @trevypoos Hope it all sorts itself out, and soon.

(10:13:58) Good morning. Sort of again. Mondayish Wednesday, yeah, although I made it into the office OK, so that's a bonus. Thoughts: addled.

(10:14:40) @effieoffie There are worse ways to start a day. And, indeed, less unusual ;)

(10:15:28) @bimadew @Ariadnes_web LOVE that!

(10:17:02) @poots Love you, gorgeous darling x

(10:28:58) @Mr_DW_Brighton Exactly. Happy New Year, sir.

(10:29:12) @poots Plodding on, my darling.. :)

(10:29:25) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo That's really pretty :) Have a great day!

(10:59:35) @mostlygeordie A very happy new 2013 to you, too, twittersis! :) x

(12:37:52) My food preparation style is definitely inspired by Heston... not Blumenthal - Services.

(12:52:31) @JuliaBall For some reason Leicester Forest East was the de facto location for stupid-o'clock travelling breakfast way back when for me!

(14:21:51) @effieoffie That sounds much better (and fairly normal for you ;) :D

(14:23:10) @JuliaBall A local masterstroke!

(14:30:00) @fiverscarrot This time of year it's probably lovely and cosy warm :) Don't forget: wombling is free!

(14:42:12) Hurrah.. the family's geocache was found on the 31st.. it's damp, but no immediate need for maintenance :) @nxmee @superalora @poots

(16:28:59) @Barwickgreen Nicely chamfered.

(17:11:56) @ThatAgnes D'you know, I think I have that Q magazine, too.. AND two copies of the CD (inexplicably!)

(20:35:00) What I have learned from @charltonbrooker's 2012 Wipe: There is a garish programme about Welsh people.

(21:03:36) @effieoffie @charltonbrooker I'm afraid so... http://t.co/382fZJrc

(21:05:53) @smartie999 Hello lovely you. My day was moderate, thank you. And yours? Where..? Where are you?

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(01:52:59) Home again after an amusing and entertaining evening with @Marvin_engl, @Matildamouse, @junkmanuk & families. Happy New 2013 to you. Night!

(11:01:55) Good morning. The children are still asleep - no great surprise, since they were up super late... I should really get up & make a list...

(12:58:39) @inkyhands Happy new year to you and yours, too! Hope it is a wonderful 2013!

(12:59:32) @Matildamouse Oh heavens.. What a nightmare (literally!) I dare not ask what they were doing up there... :/

(13:00:57) @_windrider There's always plenty to do besides getting the children up ;) I hope 2013 is a less, well, bumpy year for you!

(13:01:47) @lloydbayley Good evening! I hope the year has started well - bright sunshine and virtual machine backups here :D

(13:02:16) @AlexGFox @BritishMac @BritishMacFan @kyleswager @EwenRankin @donmcallister @MissyMWAC Luxury new year lie-in!

(13:02:43) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @lindylooloo Apparently it's the hottest day of the year so far today! ;)

(13:48:31) @PrincessBagel And to you :) Bring it on! :) @_windrider @MissSpidey @EwenRankin @batwench

(14:42:13) @Matildamouse Ahhh.. Germans ;)

(15:31:30) I found Strathmore scouts - Scout so High (http://t.co/Sp6245S7) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:47:15) Coloured in, but abandoned golf ball... @ Stockwood Park http://t.co/lWeYGF8x

(16:35:48) I found Hollybush Heights (http://t.co/cJC2JO7V) #cgeo #geocaching

(17:21:12) It feels like a Sunday, for about the fourth time in a week.

(17:30:12) @jo_whit Oh. Oh dear. But the Sunday at the beginning of a really short week, right..? :D

(17:30:51) @EcceRita Glad it's not just me. Hopefully by this time next week I will have got the hang of 2013 ;)

(17:42:30) I think I've done fairly well foodwise this year - I'm not a bit sick of mince pies yet.

(20:28:47) @sparkyannc It's not too bad - I've not had more than two days off in a row this Christmas.. :) Early start tomorrow, though...

(20:30:45) @OlorinLorien :D Yup.. me too ;)

(21:05:09) This is the future of @jamfolder merch.. or maybe not given the expense & quality... http://t.co/HEWtQkvE (via @sounditoutdoc) /cc @sm2n

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(07:32:09) @lsrwLuke @JonBCFC Ha.. NO! (Not sure my children would be chuckling at that one :D)

(07:34:24) @lsrwLuke @JonBCFC Found it.. http://t.co/gYYgumyn

(07:35:18) Good morning. Long day ahead.. trying to decide quite how much noise to take with me...

(07:45:00) @PaulEdwards_ Good morning :) I wish you happiness and success today and next year! :) :)

(07:45:54) @Vanburger2 HELLO! Haven't been in contact with you for ages... sorry! Have a great 2013.. must catch your SeafordSurf show sometime :)

(07:46:40) @vobes Morning, Mr Travelling man! I hope all your journeys are numpty free :) I loved your NE about Pendle Hill - went there as a child!

(07:56:40) @JQP74 Morning John! I did an epic load of ironing last night - thought of you! Have a brilliant new years :)

(07:57:25) @HumbersHomemade A very good morning to you :) I wish you a successful, enjoyable day :) x @vobes

(07:58:35) @perrygascoine I've got a kicking sub (well, several, actually :D) so it would be a shame not to use it ;)

(08:56:27) @Canojar Good morning :) Happy NewYear's Eve! :)

(09:03:39) @perrygascoine I am indeed.. all quiet on the western front... so far! :D

(09:03:52) @HumbersHomemade WOW! Yummmmm @vobes

(09:04:12) @vobes It's pretty relentless isn't it.. not too cold, but very very damp. I hope you get your roof sorted soon.

(09:04:42) @Canojar Haha! From the 1980s :D

(09:29:02) @Canojar Me? I'm plying my trade, and then getting picked up to go west for new year's eve shenanigans. It will be loud and raucous :D You?

(09:41:44) @Canojar Aww... wish you could come to our shindig - mind, it'll be jam packed with overtired children.. probably best staying at home ;) x

(09:48:37) @Canojar Thanks, lovely! There will be singing :D Hope to tweet you from the midst of the chaos ;) xxx

(09:54:33) @peasbloss @Canojar Heehee.. HOW tempted? ;) x

(09:54:50) @mostlygeordie Easy peasy.. ;) Have a good day! x

(10:09:34) @stevenaybour @secret_london @tntmagazine @N19Archway Any help..? http://t.co/dNqJTE4O

(10:19:00) @stevenaybour I didn't film it - just a quick scour of YouTube ;)

(10:35:53) @brennig Are you making fizzy coffee..? ;)

(10:36:41) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo A very good morning to you! :) Last of the year...

(10:36:49) @smartie999 I did that once. It was GREAT!

(10:43:15) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo It's been a heck of a year, for sure! Lots of changes and fun!:)

(11:03:55) RT @johndredge: @syzygy http://t.co/LbuZ5ifB This week's Nothing To Do With Anything Show includes a splashing sound,courtesy of Thames ...

(11:04:11) @smartie999 Heehee.. wouldn't it! :D

(11:27:37) @smartie999 A plan is most definitely needed....

(13:01:54) @thatsjustme0 Can you do both?

(13:02:11) @batwench And to the very same you! :)

(13:02:18) @leica0000 Bliminy!

(13:42:05) @Vanburger2 And, like you, @johndredge is a splendid, lovely bloke.

(14:53:57) @AlexGFox No boldness required - it is gratefully and cheerfully accepted :) Have a fantastic new year to you and the whole Fox clan.

(15:21:11) @2danceis2dream2 *honoured* :)

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