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(08:48:48) Good morning. Having a bit of a read - "The Overcoat" by Gogol as inspired by @TimKeyPoet - (free eBook - Gogol it ;)

(10:09:01) @leica0000 Love it!

(10:09:40) @Thehappyfatgirl Sup yourself :D

(10:10:24) @Matildamouse You clearly didn't ring your bell loud enough ;) #notaeuphemism

(10:13:07) @nickleach1 As good as I can commit to at this point in time.. Perhaps I can come into London after work one evening..?

(10:13:42) @iamamro ~baffled~

(10:15:33) @biscuitnose If I said I was imagining your 'best bits' I would probably end up getting blocked :p PS 38 is still YOUNG!

(10:16:29) @TUID Thanks for the tip! Did you see my tweet about The Overcoat.. Might well be your cup of tea...

(10:17:16) RT @kfury: There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who dont, and those who weren't expecting a ...

(10:22:04) @Matildamouse

(10:22:23) @smartie999 Ooch!

(10:23:22) @iamamro Cool..! And with ingredients that are actually achievable!

(10:30:36) @BaronHawkey Morning, BH :)

(10:31:58) I could stare at this little glowing rectangle all day... better get on, though...

(13:03:58) @TUID Sorry! I should have suggested you listen to the Tim Key documentary first - it is brilliantly made :)

(13:09:41) @sparkyannc An impressive piece of forensic thought.. I could, of course, have been talking about my phone or a netbook. But yup (a Nexus 7)

(13:10:05) @BaronHawkey It was a quite brilliant Christmas, thank you :) I hope yours was, too! :)

(13:14:57) @mabes111 Good morning :)

(13:15:56) I seem to be spending a lot of time putting things on charge. I totally need one of those inductive surface things.

(13:17:58) Time to put some different trousers on. And check I have all my phone batteries.

(14:22:50) @sparkyannc I read an actual book on it.. perfect for such things. I hope you had some splendid presents :) @poots

(14:24:21) @alexgeoghegan You really don't want your trousers running out of juice halfway through the afternoon - take it from me ;)

(14:24:40) @fridgemagnet2 The wrong trousers ;)

(14:25:25) @fridgemagnet2 Almost as good as an etch-a-sketch....

(15:01:19) @brennig It is ever so versatile - tablets have definitely come of age! @sparkyannc

(17:13:20) "Just Dance"ing

(17:49:31) @yellow757 Gets them off the sofa :)

(19:47:11) @fluffysuse I 'loaf' you. Any good?

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(00:03:38) @sparkyannc @poots Duly favourited! Thank you:)

(07:48:12) @RichHarkness So far nothing more than music you can hear on Heart and a TV programme we've got on the recorder.. :D

(08:01:22) @RichHarkness yup.. "This is Heart" in all its ubiquity...

(09:13:45) @dizzymummytotwo It's Twixtmas. It's what we (should) do :) :) x

(09:16:45) @Thehappyfatgirl Hi team back :)

(09:17:45) @washmysocks31 @smartie999 Morning two lovely ladies :)

(09:17:59) @moyskii *BIG HUG* x

(09:18:11) @TOther_Simon Yarp.

(09:28:47) @dizzymummytotwo Thank you - we have indeed! Hope your family is happy and relaxed! x

(09:38:28) @poots Especially after the orthodontist procedure.. perhaps he struggled to get to sleep and is resting on...

(09:38:36) @poots *BIG HUG* x

(09:39:02) @oliwia_s Aww :( Hope you get better soon. I think I'm fighting off a cold, too! :) x

(09:39:30) @Bazmati2020 That is brilliant :)

(09:41:42) I've got a bookmark on my Firefox called "500 Internal Server Error" This means I win.

(09:42:06) @poots If he's not up by 10.30, perhaps.. it's a tough one.. :/

(10:02:05) @poots haha.. genius! She will have just as much control over them as in 'real life' :D

(10:02:17) @thatsjustme0 Morning gorgeous :)

(10:02:37) @trevypoos ooooo

(10:02:50) @_windrider :D

(10:03:07) @pj_kent Swift recovery, Peter.

(10:23:09) @johndredge YES! :) :)

(10:23:33) @Cakefolder Love it! Quite dubby and spacious :) :) Nice work, sir - more please!

(11:59:07) RT @johndredge: @syzygy

(13:17:45) @nxmee Rest well, mate. Hope you feel better soon.

(13:26:05) @sparkyannc He has gone for a rest... Hopefully it'll subside over the next couple of days... heartbreaking! @poots @nxmee

(13:28:17) @RichHarkness You can power the Pi off almost any USB port - you just need a micro USB cable. We run ours off our TiVo :D

(13:51:26) @italisalute Heehee... I like it :)

(14:51:33) This afternoon, for diagnostic purposes, my first name has been portalortal. This is a tribute to the mighty @davelortal and @theilppodcast

(14:52:52) @RichHarkness Depending on your historic phones you might - like me - have a spare 4GB+ microSD card.. stick it in an adaptor and WIN ;)

(14:53:11) @mrs_forky @BaronHawkey @beangirl @MammaTort @Vixbrix @melodimen @mrtomsimpson @ian262 *big festive smile* thank you! :) #FF

(14:57:57) @RichHarkness At least 4GB :) If you're putting it on the network, you may have a NAS you can use. otherwise bigger is better!

(15:37:07) @RichHarkness I'm not honestly sure.. I think it might be 16GB; best to err on the side of caution because they're bugger all use otherwise!

(16:41:18) @LilacNun @welshboy69 @PillowWhisperer @Welshyeti @n1ckbab3r @DanielCotton Sweet mother of bambi.

(17:05:18) @sparkyannc Bless you.

(17:17:02) RT @ThePoke: Daily Telegraph letter of the year

(18:16:30) Wow... they didn't hang about deChristmasifying Asda...

(18:39:15) @Sk287 ~waves~ ;)

(18:47:09) @smartie999 @washmysocks31 Splendid! xxx

(19:01:23) @smartie999 @sm2n *HUGS* for both of you.

(19:01:51) @smartie999 @washmysocks31 Heh. What time's the watershed in these enlightened times? x

(20:33:32) @katchooon o heavens (which is not a Christmas Carol :D)

(20:45:24) @effieoffie no rush... :)

(20:46:12) @thatsjustme0 Evenin' lovely :) Good day?

(20:56:20) @thatsjustme0 ohhhhh yeah :)

(20:57:03) @dizzymummytotwo Tweet if you need an ambulance! x

(21:06:37) @thatsjustme0 I'm going downstairs to play with mine in a bit... ;) x

(22:22:25) @davelortal A perfect job for you, arguably ;) Congratulations! I enjoyed the Christmas-esque ILP; please wish Deb & Tyler a happy new year!

(23:03:24) @thatsjustme0 *mwah* night! x

(23:56:17) Watching the likes of @MrMichaelSpicer and @somegreybloke (or similar) on - bit sweary but very internets. YEAH.

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(09:47:30) Good morning. Really, quiet in the office this morning. Hardly anyone in... it's quite nice, but I have to resist putting TUNES on :D

(09:48:49) @BaronHawkey Morning! :)

(09:49:17) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) Glad to hear it! Enjoy your family time :) :) :)

(09:53:18) @smartie999 I'm in the orifice this morning.. doing OK, though.. hope things improve in World Of You! :) x

(10:06:33) @lloydbayley I completely forgot to empty the kitchen bin before I left for work... darn it! :D

(10:07:03) @PaulEdwards_ Morning, Paul :)

(11:47:48) @smartie999 Wow.. record..?

(12:10:53) @smartie999 Heehee.. I didn't go to the riotous Christmas party.. and there is never any scandal here :D #shame

(13:26:41) @mcdwebster Our kitchen is trashed.. not sure we could recreate the moment again ;)

(14:45:28) Hoping @nxmee got on OK at the orthodontist earlier... can't be nice (especially with all the tasty food about!)

(16:16:21) @smartie999 Yes and yes. Just give them a little fresh love.

(16:18:44) @smartie999 @nxmee :) :)

(16:23:30) @smartie999 Pfft :D

(16:23:39) @JQP74 @smartie999 @Wayne197 Happy 27th food! :) :)

(17:07:12) I have been trying valiantly not to eat too much today. My tum has been helping. "NO!" it says. Quite often.

(17:09:51) @ThatAgnes EVERYTHING is wrong with that. Having my phone anywhere near the bath gives me FEAR.

(17:10:38) @drhappymac Hope you feel even soon. And at your prime.

(19:39:57) Watching yesterday's @ri_science's Christmas lecture - @superalora's comment: "You can make a lamp out of wee..? Cool!"

(19:46:33) @nickleach1 Yup.. He's only recently started - 18 months of occasional discomfort for him, sadly. How is H doing? Must do pi sometime :)

(19:47:48) @ThatAgnes You need a flotilla ;)

(19:49:11) @tezzer57 Oooh neat!

(19:50:47) RT @englishwhirled: Hamburger, cheese burger, king burger!

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(00:00:23) Almost did ALL of Christmas Day. I hope you were able to share everything you wanted to. No alarm set for the morning. Night - schlaf' gut!

(00:01:19) @lsrwLuke same to you, chief :) @JonBCFC @j0anne1

(10:03:37) Good morning. Boxing day is one of the only days of the year when you can have mince pie and custard for breakfast...

(10:04:56) @PlainTalkingHR @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @lindylooloo Good morning! blue skies and sunshine today- fantastic!

(10:06:16) @helenduffett Silver lining and all that :) Hope you conquer the cold soon x

(10:52:11) RT @neilcochrane1: @syzygy You can have a mince pie and custard any day you like, Boxing day is the only day you can tweet about it.

(10:52:45) @JonBCFC You too! Hope you actually have a day off!

(10:53:08) @AlexThatPlays YOSS!

(10:55:29) Having a go at BeyondPod for Android to try and move my podcasts off my iPod Touch. It's not a slick as Downcast & a bit clunky but it's OK.

(11:02:20) Every now and then this pops up randomly.. I always make it go away.. Must find out what triggers it...

(11:03:13) @DarrenGriffin Ooh! Thanks for the tip - may try that before I get too involved in BeyondPod!

(11:05:39) @mostlygeordie I shall be sure to point the camera AWAY from me, just in case :D

(11:08:00) @vobes I was commenting to Beth yesterday about how much effort into the CG - it's fantastic!

(11:09:41) @DarrenGriffin Pocket Casts is really well reviewed; I love the app notes! Looks like a keeper - I shall invest forthwith! Thank you :)

(11:13:12) @JamesCridland Ahh... I see. But I'm not actually touching the thing at the time... Maybe it's a gesture that I inadvertently swipe... Hmm

(11:13:48) @poots Okeydoke! All that just to get some podcasts to listen to in the shower :D

(11:15:25) @JamesCridland You are the second person to mention Pocket casts.. Gonna give it a go! Looking forward to the article - thanks for the tip!

(12:06:46) Happy boxing day!

(18:06:13) 11 days ago, I had been making a racket on this planet for 15,000 days. Post-Christmas discoveries...

(18:08:23) @thatsjustme0 Having a great day, I hope! x

(18:19:54) @thatsjustme0 Perfect :) I'm fine - a pleasant lull after the excitement of Christmas :) xx

(18:44:33) @thatsjustme0 Nope.. just the public holidays - hopefully it'll be fairly quiet in the office tomorrow x

(18:53:31) Lenni and Chris giving their puppets a Boxing Day brush :)

(19:01:45) @fridgemagnet2 Anneka or Tim..?

(20:35:02) The revolution will not be televised, but will be available on iPlayer for 7 days afterwards.

(22:05:58) @RichHarkness Yay! You got a Pi! I am currently using mine as a front end to our IP webcams.. running Chromium in 'kiosk' mode :)

(22:06:21) @smartie999 You are the voice of reason :)

(22:08:30) @MissyMWAC @Tone_720 @batwench Which reminds me: my 9 yr-old daughter was told off by my 13 yr-old son for saying "That's what SHE said!" :D

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(00:05:02) @peasbloss Happy Christmas! :)

(00:05:13) @crabbyknickers Happy Christmas :) ): x

(00:05:51) Well, here it is. Merry Christmas. And goodnight (better get to sleep before Father Christmas turns up...) Night!

(00:06:18) @helenduffett All except the big ones ;) Enjoy! xxx

(00:06:30) @BlueMoon_11 And the very same to you - BIG hugs :) x

(00:06:44) @cyberdonkey And to you, Mr Jazz Man! :)

(00:06:57) @lloydbayley Enjoy the remainder of your day! :)

(00:07:05) @thatsjustme0 xxx

(07:51:15) Festive breakfast by headlamp...

(07:51:34) Just posted a photo

(08:05:33) @JonBCFC Happy Christmas- hope it's peaceful one!

(08:07:01) @batwench The children were well Santa'd - and our gift was that they didn't wake up too early (ten to seven :)

(08:07:14) @batwench And a happy Christmas to you, too :)

(08:07:55) @JQP74 And the very same to you! Have a wonderful, peaceful day :)

(08:08:48) @washmysocks31 @smartie999 @joanneh234 @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Happy Christmas to one and all :)

(08:09:38) @trevypoos YOSS!

(08:10:14) @cazie5 Happy Christmas, gorgeous:) x

(08:11:06) @GHOGIT Merry Christmas! Yes, he has :)

(08:16:31) Never too early to wear a cracker hat.

(08:18:02) @trevypoos Thank you :) hope there are lots of smiles in your home today :)

(08:18:24) @EmmaTofi Happy Christmas, lovely! x

(08:18:48) @lloydbayley Thanks, chief :)

(08:19:30) @cyberdonkey :D :D Merry Christmas to you and yours too:)

(08:19:48) @smartie999 ~big hug~

(08:20:10) @__Gran2F__ And a happy Christmas to you! x

(08:20:55) Right.. time to shower and squeeze myself into my Christmas dress...

(09:57:09) @effieoffie @little_mavis @wombat37 @KingOfAnkh @hastillonlyme @Awdures @batteryrunmum We are clearly among the privileged! xxx

(09:57:56) @PrincessBagel Happy festives! x

(11:23:06) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo And you! Have a most wonderful day, my #Lutonian Twitterpals :)

(16:36:32) Just been experiencing the joy of Rage Quit when I beat the boy at Worms #familychristmas

(16:57:14) @claudiahaun @ms_howard Happy Christmas, lovely ladies :)

(17:42:09) @ajlanghorn oohhh moment!

(21:58:39) Watching the @baldexplorer exploring @Lewes - we recorded it on @ComChanTV earlier today... Nice bit of history.

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(07:52:41) @meanjeen Heehee! Adds to the fun (and humiliating photos :D)

(07:53:14) @sm2n @slandi I did indeed. A very nice sounding module :)

(07:53:58) @neilcochrane1 :D

(07:56:40) @Canojar Breakfast of festive champions :)

(08:10:42) @Canojar I'll be going to work in my Jesus's Birthday Suit ;) And coming home just in time to put out the mince pies and sherry ;)

(08:12:16) Oh Lordy. @OneLouderApps updated Tweetcaster and it's crashing a bit - even after a full reinstall. Caution if you are invited to update...

(08:22:16) @Canojar Dangly jangly ;)

(08:22:57) @miz_shake68 MOORNING! We have Christmas songs on here, and Christmas lights everywhere.. when I get back from work it'll SO be Christmas ;)

(08:23:08) @miz_shake68 I hope your house and home is excitable and jolly! :)

(08:24:01) Today, incidentally, is @superalora's least favourite day of the WHOLE YEAR. Why? It is NOT Christmas. She's out of bed. It's a start :D

(08:29:58) @joanneh234 And a most wonderfully merry Christmas to you and your family :) Have lots of fun and laughter! xxx

(08:31:28) @miz_shake68 Oh cool! They are brilliant bits of kit - and they sound great :) Enjoy! We are getting a kinect.. lots of dancing about ;) x

(09:33:18) A Christmas Eve comedy treat: Episode 4 of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show! Who's behind the cartoon door today?

(09:34:14) @miz_shake68 @indecisive96 Oh dear oh me. And, indeed, oh. #youchoosethemusic

(10:14:18) @JeanieFinlay Pardon? (Get better soon)

(10:20:44) @Wymroyal @superalora It is a truly wonderful day - I have fond memories of Christmas eve; the office is in festive mood. Greetings to you!

(10:30:02) @miz_shake68 @indecisive96 Oh dear juxtaposition! :D (I very much like Depeche Mode, but can't judge One Direction, since I don't know 'em!)

(11:07:53) @lloydbayley Heard your RR from today on the way to work.. wow... that was some background sound you had there! One of your finest, I think!

(11:10:54) I was cautiously pootling down the M1 this morning (quiet but VERY wet!) when two Ford Foci(?) whipped past at must've been 90mph. IDIOTS.

(11:11:40) @vobes YES! Long may your hot water flow. I hope the weather dries out so you can do the roof.. but PLEASE be safe..!

(11:12:19) @lloydbayley Not at all - it was atmospheric (I loved the Pterodactyl reference :D) but I could hear your frustration about phone numpties!

(11:14:43) #punsr bumblebee: Boris Johnson

(11:14:55) RT @Queen_UK: If you're working today, leave immediately. It's Christmas. If anyone asks, tell them the Queen said it was ok.

(11:21:59) RT @lloydbayley: If you're in the UK and looking for something to watch on Xmas Day, the Community Channel is showing The Bald Explorer! ...

(11:36:44) @scottm If you're searching for a number two, you don't need to look much further than Bruce Forsyth ;) @mostlygeordie

(11:38:04) MT *BRILLIANT* Xmas car park #welldonemum

(11:46:29) @miz_shake68 Doesn't look like an open fire to me ;)

(11:46:41) @Canojar BEST CHRISTMAS EVER ;)

(12:04:42) @nxmee *high fives* It worked! :)

(12:04:59) RT @fandrews: Official NORAD Santa Tracker -

(12:54:24) @xlaux It is not a good day for A&E, I'm afraid. Almost as bad, I understand, as New Year's eve. Please be careful.

(13:00:57) @xlaux Thank heavens - hope you're seen soon x

(13:07:52) I love my @RHAAudio MA350s - I just discovered the little 'bobble' on the cord grip of the left hand earbud so I can feel which is which.

(13:30:01) I was told off by my children for considering the "Twelve Days of Christmas" was irrelevant and TOO LONG. Apparently it's about Jesus.

(13:32:15) @GreavsieE17 TC1!

(13:44:32) @GreavsieE17 Probably involved celebrities frolicking.

(13:45:08) @fridgemagnet2 And a very wazzocky Christmas to you :D (Actually Wazzocks sounds like it should be a suburb of Brighton)

(13:46:30) @rwnash EVERYTHING is about Jesus. Except, maybe, paperclips and pineapple juice. And dogpoo.

(16:11:25) @Richard_C This is one good reason why mobile phones should be fitted with longwave radios.

(16:12:24) @IPTechShark Easy.. "Can I have a bit more tonic in this g'n't please? And a bit more gin?"

(16:14:12) @BaronHawkey Especially with nuts.

(16:14:21) @poots FEST. IVE.

(16:14:55) @drgonzolives @poots MERRY AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU :)

(16:16:04) @vobes And the very same to you!

(16:16:41) @pj_kent I just hope they take no-one else with them (or cause inconvenience to other road users :D) Happy birthday for yesterday, btw!

(16:16:58) @BaronHawkey WRAPPED IN BACON. Merry Christmas, BH!

(16:18:26) @moyskii Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia and indeed Nollaig shona :)

(16:40:14) @moyskii *big smiles* x

(16:42:18) @helenduffett Have a happy Duffett Christmas! :)x

(16:44:19) Dear America. Please keep your guns. And Piers Morgan. (h/t @JamesCridland )

(16:49:57) A question for my fine Android twitter pals.. have you tried 'GotYa! Face trap!' Worth the £1.99 in case of theft..?

(16:50:21) @inkyhands :) :)

(16:50:35) @AlexThatPlays The creeper ones are funny :D

(17:33:33) @GreavsieE17 I did ;)

(17:36:08) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Have one for me! :) :)

(17:36:22) @smartie999 Extra-super-festive! :) :)

(18:40:48) We wished the crew of the #ISS a very happy Christmas as it flew over about an hour ago...

(20:00:27) @Matildamouse I am picturing him chasing the ISS at 40,000 mph to keep up… “Slow down will you..!”

(20:03:50) The girls are watching The Snowman and the Snowdog. The score is amazing - quite ‘in your face’ in terms of dynamics, though.

(20:38:18) Festive ginger ale. From Aldi. Really tasty, actually. Ideal for doing very little.

(20:42:35) @drhappymac NORAD.. didn’t realise Google did a Santa tracker :)

(20:43:08) @corrie_corfield It’s coming to telly..? NOOO! It works SO much better on radio…

(20:44:50) @effieoffie It’s got a nice bite to it - some of the other ginger beers barely taste of anything :D Happy Christmas to you and yours! x

(20:47:14) @mostlygeordie Delish. AND it counts as one of my five a day (citation needed) - happy Christmas, twittersis!

(20:48:10) @AlexGFox True family shared experience (although Chris went to bed :D)

(20:49:20) @AlexGFox Early night for me too, then! Have a fantastic time :)

(20:50:55) @TheSantaClaws @drhappymac Just watch out for @MissyMWAC’s rifle.. It’s the pointy shaky thing that just gets sprayed & prayed… or is it..?

(20:53:42) @LilythePurr And the very same to you, yours and those you are of.

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(15:14:49) Our microwave has a new and innovative way of telling us it has finished - it sets the car alarm off. #technology

(15:15:33) @mrs_forky Oooh... looking forward to it!

(15:15:55) @drhappymac Are you high..?

(15:50:09) @thatsjustme0 EIther that or a TINY PIE! :D

(15:50:52) @Brays_Cottage The one of my dreams? They're playing "Gangnam Style", then.. ;) #ihaveodddreams

(15:56:38) @thatsjustme0 Heehee.. cool! Please keep a tart warm for me..! :) :)

(15:57:11) @mostlygeordie Gosh you're going a LONG way north! We've never been much further than the Angel.. :)

(15:57:39) @mostlygeordie PS It's 1 pound fish.

(15:58:44) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Christmas Eve Eve sort of thing :) Less rainy today! :)

(22:42:32) @Matildamouse @junkmanuk :) :) FESTIVE!

(22:43:30) @thatsjustme0 In a sleeping bag? ;) Night! x

(22:47:26) @mostlygeordie You might just have to do it and NOT tell them ;)

(22:47:46) @lloydbayley Morning :) NOT perfect for Christmas, eve, though, eh? :D

(22:48:56) @washmysocks31 Good night, and green grow me nadgers OHHH

(22:58:14) @washmysocks31 (Thought you were channeling Rambling Syd Rumpo ;) Sleep well!

(22:58:42) @mostlygeordie You certainly could.. or the chilly bedroom ;) (And yes, I've been to Scotchland but never up the A1 :D)

(23:00:06) @bassnote73 Wishing you the best of success - and many blessings! :)

(23:07:20) @lloydbayley I hope you're all relaxed by the end of the day! :) :)

(23:07:54) Why is everyone talking about Christmas Jumpers?

(23:08:06) @smartie999 G'night love you x

(23:09:09) @MarvK BST? GMT more like.. anything but summery here ;) And with that, I'm off to bed ;)

(23:30:13) A brief boo about my favourite Christmas song... via @audioboo

(23:43:41) Right. Better sleep - need to work tomorrow etc. Night!

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(11:32:09) .@Gadgetlab asked for photos of old-school cellphones.. I've found my first mobile.. Nokia THX-41 (no reception - heh!)

(22:11:48) @effieoffie Wow..! Even has the leather cover..! Does it work? Mine charges but won't connect to a network (obviously :D)

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(10:19:00) RT @audioboo: Listen carefully and you can hear them singing carols in 1902...

(10:21:20) Two things have brought tears to my eyes today.. first is Toyah's "Brave New World" played during a Smash Hits doc.. ..

(10:22:15) ..The second is this @audioboo of a family singing Christmas carols in 1902. A moment of history captured. LOVE IT!

(10:23:25) @vobes Truly remarkable! :) Hope you have a good day, my dear pal.

(10:23:49) @PlainTalkingHR @hrbeginner @poots @Lindylooloo @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Happy Friday and festivities to you, too :) Celebratory coffee!x

(10:24:39) @Life_Insight Feel better soon!

(11:25:24) Festive juxtaposition thing via @audioboo

(11:25:38) @AlexGFox Few things move the heart like a choir.. wonderful! :) :)

(11:26:03) @striderpaul @audioboo I absolutely love the way the children are yelling "We wish you a merry Christmas" to be heard! :D

(11:29:18) @stu4art Thanks, Stu4art! :) Luton's still going... the Mayans know better than to close the airport on the day everyone escapes! ;)

(11:29:51) @stu4art (It's my daughter's .. honest! :D)

(11:49:26) @mostlygeordie Get better soon, lovely. Try some of this.. it's very well reviewed..

(11:49:50) @keileybobs You may already have seen this..

(12:30:26) @brennig Festive and pretty :)

(15:59:16) @Thehappyfatgirl Feeling better..?

(16:02:58) @macolgan @slandi @sm2n @mcfontaine I have a CD by the amazing Ed Alleyne Johnson who's busked in Oxford for years..

(16:44:55) @mcfontaine @macolgan @slandi @sm2n Indeed! I had forgotten that :)

(17:48:16) @sparkyannc Hurrah! Happy Winter Season :) Safe travels if you are a-wander :)

(21:01:20) @nausea18 Intrapolate.

(21:04:33) I'm going to go to bed, in order to be maximally festive tomorrow. Cocoa, banana and no computer games. Night night.

(21:05:45) @washmysocks31 A demain :) x

(21:05:57) @mostlygeordie Nighty you - please feel tickety boo soon x

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(07:38:00) @washmysocks31 Good morning... and it is today now :) Not big on Thursdays..?

(07:39:28) @Tactless_Blonde That's the spirit :)

(07:40:55) @ms_howard Oh my... :/ I hope it puts your mind at rest...

(07:42:15) @washmysocks31 :) :) And the start of a new Mayan calendar!

(08:00:28) @batwench Good morning :) I like that word. Is it real? My word of the day is: "clothe".

(09:44:35) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show TONIGHT! 8.30pm with @paulwheatley @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @stevenaybour @claw0101 @AlexGFox @TheSantaClaws ht ...

(09:45:33) @batwench Great word. Lenni and I came up with a word while we walked to school - a drizzle blizzard: a drizzard (not a blizzle :D)

(09:45:43) @ms_howard :) :)

(09:48:02) In the office, not drinking coffee.

(10:10:13) @producerlaura Congratulations :) :)

(10:10:45) @poots Trying to settle my tum x

(11:15:18) Quote from a late arrival in the office: "Trains - they should never have been invented." @106jack

(11:15:38) @_windrider @pearcen @batwench V good word :)

(11:38:26) @streakmachine @_windrider @pearcen @batwench Documentary? ;) Great, great movie - loved it!

(11:38:44) @jarbennett @106jack At least with breakfast meetings you get free coffee - and sometimes pastries ;)

(13:39:11) Robin reliant. Bus replacement service. Are they the only two phrases that habitually get spoken out of order..?

(14:05:57) @batwench HURRAH :)

(15:39:17) Good heavens.. all go in the quiet time between #BTCC seasons - @newshamracing has joined Speedworks and @tomonslowcole is going to HARD.

(16:06:48) @LilacNun Congratulations :) :)

(16:07:49) @hubbardcj I think @Linton_T_Tavern would have a thing or two to say about that.. ;) Enjoy your Christmas do.. radio parties are the best!

(16:10:06) @joey_coops Nice one! Although it's an expensive hobby! :D

(16:21:00) @goitsagch Oh I wish :D

(16:39:36) RT @cluedont: If you hold a buttercup underneath someone's chin you can tell whether they have an issue with people invading their perso ...

(16:40:14) @FinalBullet EXCELLENT! :) Can't wait to hear/read all about it :)

(18:01:47) @RichHarkness That is a quite splendid intermediate stage :D I shall use it (when the opportunity to test it out arises: D)

(19:54:41) @EwenRankin @stevenaybour @sarahjaneuk @AlexGFox @claw0101 @paulwheatley I will see if I can find another Mayan calendar ;)

(19:55:40) @BryanRutherford @106jack Have a top time. Wish I was there :)

(20:01:47) @thatsjustme0 Good heavens! Hope you can keep to the plans... are they far away..? x (PS love your writing:)

(20:41:34) @paulwheatley @EwenRankin @stevenaybour @sarahjaneuk @AlexGFox @claw0101 Meeeoowww!

(20:53:31) @thatsjustme0 Wow... SO neat! :)

(21:45:43) @BritishMac Can you please send Karl your audio..? ;)

(22:03:02) @thatsjustme0 My handwriting is woeful :D

(22:08:31) @smartie999 you get a FREE hug! :) x

(22:20:02) @washmysocks31 You should be fine.. as long as you don't have any Mayan coffee on the way ;)

(22:20:26) @smartie999 Mayyyybe :D I have had a Golden Glory beer :)

(22:20:48) @smartie999 Three'n'six? What would you like for a guinea? x

(22:29:52) @smartie999 Oh blimmin' yes! :) Night night, lovely xxx

(22:48:43) @poots @adamhillscomedy I could hear you laughing from down here :)

(23:26:26) @paulwheatley And the very same to you! :) @BritishTech @claw0101 @EwenRankin @stevenaybour @sarahjaneuk @AlexGFox

(23:26:41) Onward, then. N'night.

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(07:33:33) @mostlygeordie Bonkers... (morning :)

(07:37:08) @EwenRankin Giving it all the beans.

(07:37:36) @Zararugosa Gosh.. bit early! Morning :)

(07:39:47) @Littlebit_Bod @Ariadnes_web Good morning and felicitations in various measures:)

(07:40:44) @helenduffett BACON!

(07:43:53) Good morning It's weird - and a bit poignant - seeing photos on Twitter of my old workplace. Nice to think 'I used to work there', though.

(07:44:45) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy humpday! Definitely heading for the shortest day :D #dark

(07:45:18) @_windrider lookin' good!

(07:46:22) @pj_kent Bonkers :D

(08:30:11) @miz_shake68 Mornin' :)

(08:31:34) YES! Happy birthday to @Barwickgreen - as @JamesCridland says, one of the nicest people in radio. And the cleverest. #topchap

(08:35:47) @Thehappyfatgirl This kinda thing.. :)

(08:39:13) Right. Prepare for launch (not lunch. Far too early).

(09:58:18) A little festive desk action...

(11:43:21) @T_Northernbloke Welcome back, AHT!

(11:43:44) @fridgemagnet2 Must be about that time. How's your squirty cream?

(11:44:23) @Thehappyfatgirl Broadcasting House, just north of Oxford Circus. Little known fact is that there's a public cafe in there - worth a visit!

(11:44:34) @lloydbayley Have a good night! :)

(11:45:24) I think it's official - I survived my probation and now I'm a full employee (or similar). Something of a relief, to be honest.

(11:54:20) @RichHarkness Thanks, Richard :) Perfect timing as you say!

(11:55:21) @JamesCridland @Flickr I've resisted connecting my Flickr account to Twitter for now... so many of my photos aren't of sufficent quality.

(12:00:35) @sharonlangridge Thank you :) :)

(13:00:10) @thatsjustme0 Check it twice. ;)

(13:06:46) Oops, @OfficialSanta ... innocent until proven guilty! (but amusingly placed nonetheless) [repost - sorry]

(13:09:54) @RobJD @Bubble2009 Thank you both - identically! :) :)

(13:10:02) @JonBCFC Thanks, dude - and to you!

(13:10:10) @sparkyannc :) Thank you!

(13:10:20) @thatsjustme0 :) :) :)

(14:28:03) @RadioKate In nominal Christis, amen :D *chuckles*

(14:36:09) @BaldExplorer How about a henge?

(17:51:43) @Matildamouse Heehee :D Thank you!

(19:45:18) @fridgemagnet2 ~mutters~ ;)

(19:46:01) @GHOGIT Ha..! Need to sort out my pension fund.. again!

(21:07:32) For information: custard should always be prepared in a glass jug thing. I know all the jargon. #HestonServices

(21:16:51) @AlexThatPlays It is one of the major foodgroups. And is good for you.

(21:17:09) @chepbourne Thank you :) x

(21:17:33) @smartie999 YEAH ~custardy high fives~

(21:18:31) @AlexThatPlays :) :)

(21:27:30) @queenieglass Oh my goodness yes.

(21:34:08) @_windrider @AlexThatPlays I went for normal custard with a beer chaser ;)

(21:34:52) @queenieglass I would join you if I didn't think I would mess it up :)

(21:41:20) Are we all still using Instagram, then? What with the beige-ness and the Twitter not displaying pictures and the advertising? Oh I dunno.

(21:44:13) @_windrider @AlexThatPlays Hey and away we go...

(21:46:45) @_windrider I have it on 7" single... perhaps on the B side of In Dulce Jubilo :)

(21:58:41) @GreavsieE17 It is something of a frustration that Flickr has its limitations... and yet it has beautiful (non-beige) photos ;)

(22:05:13) @GreavsieE17 Flickr has excellent photos.. Instagram more snapshots and moments, with strong colours (and beige)

(22:12:56) @fridgemagnet2 Really..? That's some thick custard!

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(08:02:28) @sparkyannc My heart is about the only bit that's working properly at the moment :D Nah.. probably just caught a chill :)

(08:03:05) @PervyWilbury Doesn't take much for us men to succumb to the man flu :D

(08:04:15) @ajlanghorn Oh man - sorry! I'm unlikely to be in London much, so the best thing is if you let me know when you're invading ;)

(08:04:34) @_windrider YEAH :)

(08:05:33) @BaronHawkey Greetings, BH - and happy Tuesday of whichever description. Don't work too hard! @PervyWilbury

(08:07:24) @lloydbayley Ha! Tempting..!

(08:07:49) @kingfamily And yours!

(08:08:04) @oliwia_s Mornin' :)

(08:09:23) @daisythom When I get stranded at an airport, I always send an email to a random stranger for help. What could possibly go wrong..?

(08:11:09) @BitsyVonMuffin Greetings :) Have you opened your advent calendar this morning? @pervywilbury

(08:12:03) @oliwia_s I'm sleepy but OK, thank you.. no ice to scrape off the car today :) Have a great day!

(08:12:27) @lloydbayley And the very same to you (except the afternoon version)

(08:13:13) @BitsyVonMuffin Gosh... how will you know how many sleeps till Christmas.. ? Oh.. a normal calendar :D x @pervywilbury

(09:42:31) @Leafybear Good morning :) And it depends on the person :D

(09:44:08) RT @GreavsieE17: *Shudders at the memory* RT @grattongirl

(09:52:08) @skullfunkerry Perhaps you shouldn't be telling us that ;)

(09:52:21) Right. I'm at work and doing the biz.

(12:45:08) @thatsjustme0 Wow..! That sounds cool :)

(13:44:37) @Canojar Greetings :) :)

(13:45:41) @willowHart Oh it's you.. face rings a bell.. hmm... ;) [welcome back :D]

(13:56:13) RT @UKPositiveLad: Bored of Instagram messing you around? Check out @EyeEm where the photos belong to YOU. For iPhone/Android/WindowsPhone

(14:05:07) biscupid

(14:50:09) @sparkyannc Badum-tish (is how my heart beats ;)

(14:57:49) @stu4art It should be a BISCUIT yes.

(14:57:59) @Thehappyfatgirl That would be the best cupid EVER.

(14:58:21) @willowHart BELLS I'm doing OK, ta.. workin' until Christmas and then beyond :D You? x

(14:58:41) @Canojar Are you groovy? Hope you pick out a fab outfit! :)

(14:59:22) @TheEggKing It was intended to have the demo Studer OnAir3000 desk installed into it in the corner of the sandpit area. Ask Eleanor McCann:)

(14:59:32) @thatsjustme0 How was it? x

(14:59:49) @GHOGIT Great bit of acting - AND not playing a baddy (as far as we can tell at the moment!)

(14:59:58) @skullfunkerry ;)

(15:00:12) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury I hope Santa fits! :)

(15:00:48) @Thehappyfatgirl Who says you can't have both? *bliss*

(15:01:39) @Canojar I'll cover you with glitter and tinsel! :) Photo once you're all dressed up please :)

(15:01:50) @TheEggKing Either that or you could have a BONFIRE!

(15:15:41) @Canojar I am sure you will look stunning. No Christmas party for me this year, so I've got to appreciate the glam somewhere ;)

(15:16:27) @TheEggKing I'd have no room for anything else (it's a tiny studio and a mahoosive desk!) :D

(16:17:22) @peasbloss :D

(16:18:29) RT @EwenRankin: Are you thinking of getting into DSLR. This is FREE on Amazon - cc @AlexGFox

(16:18:57) @Thehappyfatgirl IT'S NOT FOR CROWS.

(16:19:38) @washmysocks31 There'll be some small town in the furthest reaches of Norfolk that refuses to allow Instagram onto their mobiles ;)

(16:23:30) @thoroughlygood It's on one of my 'Christmas collection' CDs that get wheeled out this time of year...

(16:51:01) @LilacNun @mostlygeordie It is a v. good look.

(17:28:57) Going home. I have the desire to do something with LEDs.

(20:40:16) @smartie999 g'night :)

(20:43:21) @washmysocks31 I realise now that I was replying to a tweet from 21 hours ago.. :D oops! Bed soon, though, I'm fairly sure :)

(21:03:04) @giagia Get better soon :)

(21:04:33) RT @EmergencyPuppy: Currently conducting intense scientific research on the visible guinea pig spectrum.

(21:35:03) @Thehappyfatgirl Take out the bulb, unscrew the thing, jam up the lampshade and swivel the little collar thing as quick as you can. Bulb.

(22:15:29) RT @JustLindaSTL: My kid is almost old enough for social media so we'll need to have "the talk" soon. You know, about your/you're and th ...

(22:21:58) @JamesCridland @BoingBoing cool! :)

(22:22:11) @fridgemagnet2 Overexcited?

(22:23:20) @BeachBelles Sounds like just the sort of thing one should tweet about :) :)

(22:37:30) @poots Bon nuit :) Love you x

(22:40:30) @Canojar You. Look. Magnificent :) x

(22:40:51) @Thehappyfatgirl Hang in there. But sleep first. Sleep -> Hang in there. That's how it works. Night.

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(08:05:41) RT @johndredge:

(08:28:38) Morning. Adjectives available on request...

(08:29:45) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo I wish you a happy Monday, despite the greyness... :)

(08:30:16) @Thehappyfatgirl For you: Tingly.

(08:30:45) @Thehappyfatgirl Which, though it looks like an adverb, is actually not.

(08:42:23) @106jack For you: sesquipedalian :)

(08:43:29) @Thehappyfatgirl Ha :D

(10:35:42) Oh wow.. Community Channel have launched on iPlayer - how cool is that..?! @comchantv

(11:08:22) @Thehappyfatgirl When..? I am so there :D

(11:11:26) @nevali @ComChanTV It's the future! :)

(11:20:24) Totally wearing odd socks today.

(12:23:04) @thatsjustme0 I believe it is possible to combine all three. Although be careful in there.

(12:23:26) @PervyWilbury Ohhhh yeah *gang sign* *gets cramp in fingers*

(12:24:10) @Thehappyfatgirl It's definitely the way ahead (and just between you and me, they came straight out of the odd socks basket ;)

(12:42:57) @smartie999 @AnotherJulia *sigh* I never get the chance to play SongPop any more.

(13:04:44) I have an urge to go on a bonkers rollercoaster.

(15:19:52) @106jack @kimwilde HAHAHA! The Cliff Richard of East Coast Mainline ;)

(15:20:26) @peasbloss Oh no.. I've just made one - would you like mine?

(16:22:27) @_windrider That is very good news - these are of the same material HURRAH :)

(16:22:54) @smartie999 @AnotherJulia Exactly that.. I can't play and drive at the same time. Words with Friends is another matter (NOT TRUE!)

(16:48:47) @shiftrunstop I was most disappointed with my performance in the BBC Basic section. And I didn't do very well with the others, either :D

(16:49:04) @shiftrunstop I got COLOUR 1 being red, though :D

(16:49:38) @_windrider They're from the same pack, so all is good. Apparently they're anti-smell ones, too. So bonus all round :) :)

(16:50:20) I love the word baubles.

(16:50:45) RT @sixthformpoet: When one door closes, another door opens. I need a new car.

(16:58:05) @drhappymac I know what you mean. I like that the Community Channel have used YouTube, though.. at least they know it's there :D

(16:58:30) @thatsjustme0 Strange things can happen in the dark :D

(16:58:51) @BitsyVonMuffin Everso! :)

(18:56:37) The children took exception to this... which is wholly appropriate for a card from @fridgemagnet2

(19:00:17) @brennig Woo! Thank you.. it's right in the middle of some time off I'm planning to take- what are the chances..? would you consider going?x

(19:00:31) @stu4art Love it!

(19:01:18) @BitsyVonMuffin If the meaning comes across, there is no silliness:) x

(19:02:31) @thatsjustme0 Did you make it home unscathed..? Can't be having you all scathed so close to Christmas ;) x

(19:03:40) @effieoffie Awww :( I do have JML superhugs to spare.. :) x

(19:06:20) @brennig You are a lucky man if you get to go to @poots's Christmas shindig... I dream of such delights (dreams don't require behaviour :D)

(19:37:40) @effieoffie I have a special supply of adjectives especially for you :) x

(19:40:17) @brennig :) :) There is some pencilling going on right here... :)

(19:41:04) @thatsjustme0 Perfectly!

(20:48:30) There are some clunky bits of 'Arrow' with the woman in the IT department. None more so than when she uses a Windows 8 tablet, though. Ouch.

(20:49:04) @effieoffie What a brilliant idea! :) :) There are enough until new year! x

(20:50:01) @brennig Beth is the expert at being early. I shall consult with her :)

(21:34:26) @Thehappyfatgirl Indubitably!

(21:34:38) @RobJD Baffling: D

(21:37:21) @Thehappyfatgirl There was some rather exuberant swiping going on.. and then she very quickly moved to a desktop to do something improbable!

(21:53:35) @thatsjustme0 Some of the best ones are left ;)

(21:56:19) @Thehappyfatgirl :D

(21:56:59) @Thehappyfatgirl Haven't heard/read anyone called that in a long old time :D I just hope it wasn't directed at me ;) x

(21:57:20) @peasbloss You're most welcome. Happy to make a fresh one :)

(21:58:57) Right. Peppermint tea, antacids and bed. I can beat the flu*

(22:16:33) RT @claw0101: Halfbrick's entire iOS game lineup is free today only - Result.

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(08:26:38) @NateLanxon Made up name, surely..?

(09:29:09) @thatsjustme0 Did ya go for a swim..? Naughtiness is counteracted by exercies (naturally :D)

(09:29:26) @LilyShambles Gravity..?

(09:30:10) Good morning. Blue skies and a day of potential. Hoovering.

(09:31:20) Tempted to do something LED-y with my raspberry pi. But I probably won't. I'm not really a software developer. But I like blinkenlighten.

(09:32:24) @Genloo At this time of the morning?! :D

(09:33:15) @TOther_Simon If your wife was still in labour, it'd be another day another doula :D

(09:45:09) @RobJD Ha. True :D Morning :)

(09:45:31) @thatsjustme0 Heehee. I can't even spell exercise this time of the morning :D Enjoy - it's Sunday!

(09:45:44) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner A very happy Sunday to you :)

(09:59:34) @thatsjustme0 Please save me a slice ;)

(10:11:32) @BaronHawkey Grand! Keep the fluids coming and be warm! :)

(10:11:49) @PontoonDock He really didn't think that through, did he? :D

(10:12:00) @thatsjustme0 Me too! :D

(10:12:49) @connorwalsh That is just fascinating!

(10:46:08) @Genloo Gonna start a campaign - breakfast sushi for everyone!

(10:49:19) @PontoonDock is dot gd..

(16:40:19) @poots DING-A-LING!

(16:40:54) @TheEggKing ohhhhh yeah #thatiswhatiamtalkinbout

(17:16:17) @washmysocks31 Asbestos fingered show offs :D

(17:24:21) @joanneh234 Really..?! @JQP74 ...?! wowser! Xxx

(17:25:22) @smartie999 Uh. Oh. Send her over here. I will deal with her.

(17:29:04) @crabbyknickers No need to apologise - I've just read what they were planning (and Anonymous's planned response). Completely unGodly. Truly.

(17:43:14) @smartie999 I'm right behind you :) x

(17:44:16) @smartie999 @joanneh234 @washmysocks31 @miz_shake68 @JQP74 It is only right... :D

(20:00:40) @TheTroyKing I hope the entire King household gets better soon! :)

(20:04:40) @AlexGFox @MissyMWAC @claw0101 @Documentally I was moved. As, I believe, were you.

(20:06:07) Baubles.

(22:48:14) @washmysocks31 G'night :)

(22:49:32) An evening spent in the company of music. Some of which was very samey. I'll use what I've learned. At some point. Now, though: bed. Night!

(22:54:36) @PaulEdwards_ G'night, sir. I shall look forward to your latest show turning up in my podcast feed - thank you for recording it :)

(23:02:09) @smartie999 *mwah* x

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(00:01:40) Oop. Bed. I have a rather handy new toy for the studio (it'll be my pick on next week's Big show, although a bit niche). Night night

(08:51:08) @thatsjustme0 Rather delightfully, I have coffee. White without..?

(08:52:15) @TOther_Simon Quite, quite brilliant :)

(08:56:26) @smartie999 Brrrr! Travel in dressing gowns - not to be sniffed at. Or during.

(08:59:15) Mornin'. There is SO much cool tech out there at the moment.. (h/t @dansumption)

(08:59:42) @jamisonmatt Crimble shindig is good.

(08:59:54) @Canojar All under control.

(09:00:19) @thatsjustme0 It's on its way :) :)

(09:00:58) @pearcen Oh my. Get better soon, chief :)

(09:01:21) @gruppox Wow. That is some sweet breakfasting!

(09:04:09) @Canojar Fresh and warm, uhuh :)

(09:04:58) This morning I am mostly be going to be with 'other dads'. I am treating it as an opportunity for time with the children. And observation.

(09:05:56) @TOther_Simon Even the payoff? You clearly have a creative (deranged? ;) mind that time of the morning!

(09:06:52) @gruppox I can't really comment.. I had toasted 10p teacakes WITH SPRINKLES ON(!) from Asda two days past their best before date. Hence 10p/

(09:07:55) @TOther_Simon I'm glad it's not just me. Much of the time I have scatterings rhyming couplets that have absolutely no connection. Nice one!

(09:32:14) RT @ThePoke: My favourite ever comment under a picture: (via @MrLloydSpandex)

(10:29:25) Lenni and her bunny post-ear-surgery (she accidentally pulled it off, but did a great job of repairing it!)

(11:08:01) Family bingo action!

(12:47:44) @smartie999 Good day for it :)

(12:48:40) @TOther_Simon NOT NEWS! :D

(16:13:39) @smartie999 Oh my yes :) :) Keep dry!

(16:23:55) Nice textbook bit of electronics repair - normal wear and tear on the headphone socket has loosened the solder joint.

(18:41:34) RT @johncoles: Here it is, the secret project I've been working on using my @RaspberryPi. Control my Christmas Lights here: ...

(18:46:05) @mostlygeordie *coughs* One of mine is (sorry!)

(18:53:31) @Bubble2009 :) :) A pleasure.

(18:53:53) @smartie999 Shopping is rubbish. Speaking of which.. I need to do some! :D

(19:09:14) @peasbloss Happy happy evening! :)

(20:46:39) @thatsjustme0 That is a NICE looking pool! :)

(21:06:32) @Barwickgreen looks like it's lost its CSS... given that iTunes is a glorified web browser, one does wonder how they manage to mess it up!

(21:28:17) @mostlygeordie @sarahhicksam35 Where from..?

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(07:35:51) @Ariadnes_web I had to extricate myself from my warm cocoon...

(07:54:31) @PontoonDock YODEL action :)

(07:57:54) @trevypoos Hell of a long way down - hope there is a decent cuppa waiting for you at work.

(07:59:31) @PaulEdwards_ Absolutely :)

(08:01:04) @Zararugosa @hastillonlyme @poots @brennig @Poorjim6060 @Barlie40 @batteryrunmum @NorahsArk Happy Friday! Please stay safe & warm :) #FF

(08:01:54) @jamisonmatt Always the way, eh?

(08:03:15) Right. Time to inflict myself on the small parts of the world that will be putting up with me today. Onwards and tally ho.

(08:04:27) @helenduffett Quite unusual :)

(08:04:54) @andytuk Two words I never thought I would see in the same sentence :D

(08:05:26) @trevypoos Good stuff. Me? I’m OK, ta :)

(09:27:53) Yellow industrial train on a low bridge

(10:35:08) @thatsjustme0 Squeeeeeeze it closed! :)

(10:35:33) @mostlygeordie Awwww... :/

(10:37:07) @ThatAgnes I enjoyed Toxic Girl in 2000(ish?)

(10:38:05) @paulwheatley Strictly speaking one, because they are ostensibly the same colour; they say vegetables are better than fruit for five a day.

(11:24:07) @hooker1uk @catsbehavior @TubbyHermit @mumshowlive @nottmbabyfayre @Cath_Bacon @KarenCannard @ldmelz @kentishcrafts Thank you :) #ff

(12:29:30) @sparkyannc @claudiahaun I think there's something going about... I have a virus, too. Hot face and all that. Lemsip for EVERYBODY!

(12:31:51) I'll be honest, I'm not really an Etsy sort of person.

(12:49:38) @kyleswager Finally :) :) Just in time for this week's Mac show? ;)

(12:51:20) @lloydbayley G'night :)

(13:21:00) @Thehappyfatgirl I haven't, but I keep meaning to. Pinininininintererest might be able to help me. In the LOUNGE area.

(13:38:57) @thatsjustme0 Welcome to my world ;)

(13:39:06) @vobes Safe trip! :)

(14:00:01) @vobes Maybe it was James Bates..? I've not been organised this year :/

(15:47:05) @vobes All good :) :)

(15:53:54) @poots I hope they could hear you singing though :)

(17:32:53) I do believe there is a weekend about to happen. BRACE BRACE BRACE.

(19:52:49) @Zomby6 @EwenRankin Lookin' good!

(19:56:18) @Zomby6 @EwenRankin :D

(19:56:39) @claudiahaun @sparkyannc Thank you - a festive weekend ahead, I hope! :) :)

(20:07:40) @hadenmaiden Good old Dale :)

(20:07:57) @Lycan33 Chicken noodle again? Or Carrot & coriander..?

(20:14:17) @sarahjaneuk Thanks, Sarah. Safe journey! @EwenRankin @stevenaybour @RichardHarkness

(20:41:05) @Sk287 @LibbyDaniewska LIBBYYYYYY! SASSKIIIIAAAAAA!

(20:41:32) @sm2n HAHAHAAHA! :D

(20:41:49) @sm2n I very rarely look at myself on screen.. bit of a shock :D

(22:14:40) @thatsjustme0 Bed..?

(22:19:00) @sm2n It looks like a delicious amount :)

(22:26:04) @johnny_winter Thanks! I was a bit off my game; I have trouble with words this time of evening ;) @EwenRankin @RichHarkness @claw0101

(22:26:19) @johnny_winter I shall look forward to listening :)

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(07:48:43) RT @EwenRankin: If you find me and say hello you win a prize.

(07:51:08) Turns out the power cut we had the night before last caused the central heating to reset and turn off. My reaction? Need an alert for that..

(07:57:15) @edtjones Absolutely- already running nagios (for which there's a great Windows widget)... just a case of creating an interface :)

(07:58:34) @tamarakuzminski I would, yes - but I'd keep the bathroom warm and well ventilated so that the sealant has a chance to dry afterwards.

(08:00:38) @alexgeoghegan We live in mid-terrace, so it got a little cool (woke up to 15 degrees), but manageable - the lack of hot water sold it :D

(08:01:11) @smartie999 I shall manufacture a PRODUCT:)

(08:43:28) Hmm. Broken M1 this morning... still queueing to get on. ~sigh~

(08:46:48) Slow M1 southbound at junction 10 - probably an accident between 9 & 8

(12:06:53) @smartie999 Not cheap - sensible :)

(12:08:24) @Thehappyfatgirl Kinda like playing sardines. Although you mayo regret that... but I'm sure you'll tweet when you've fin-ished eating it.

(12:08:50) @Thehappyfatgirl My puns were rubbish, but I hope you'll stay :D

(12:09:24) Have I said hello yet today? Nope, probably not. Annoyingly this is my favourite time of day to make music.

(12:11:47) @Thehappyfatgirl I try to behave. Try.

(13:16:54) @TOther_Simon I happen to like constructing two word sentences with a non-comparable adverb and a noun describing location. So there.

(13:17:15) @Zararugosa Well hello :)

(13:17:27) @GHOGIT LIONEL!

(13:18:12) @Thehappyfatgirl I use my real name, and my mother, mother-in-law and boss follow me. None of which helps :D

(13:18:21) @R2UK GREETINGS! :)

(13:45:12) @joanneh234 Never too late! I'm at work, so music making will have to wait :D x

(13:45:30) @Thehappyfatgirl Heh. Maybe I need another account :D

(14:07:03) @effieoffie Different pavement sauce sounds like one of your dreams :D

(14:07:32) Right.. better eat before I fade away*

(14:19:31) @leica0000 Pretty much sums up the internet. That is a LOT of nyans :D

(14:19:58) @thatsjustme0 A very merry Christmas to you. Very. (That sucks ;)

(14:20:05) RT @leica0000: Good grief!

(14:44:00) @leica0000 :D :D :D

(14:44:17) @tamarakuzminski Heehee.. I completely forgot about geometry :D

(15:08:13) @meanjeen I'm glad it's not just me... cold showers are the worst on chilly morning! :D

(15:09:25) May I be the first to wish you a happy new year?

(15:09:46) @Matildamouse @junkmanuk Aww :)

(15:11:03) @lloydbayley Good morning/afternoon :) I will certainly give it a go! Nice bit of metalwork, by the way! :)

(15:11:42) @PontoonDock <BLINK>00:00</BLINK>

(15:17:16) @RichHarkness The best one.

(16:12:13) @brettsr Is that the Radio Theatre... looks SO different under all the lights!

(16:44:13) @batwench And a very happy dance to you, too. One more day (and a bit) to go for me!

(17:03:00) @alexgeoghegan @brennig Is flirting shallow and insubstantial? I do hope not :D

(18:23:33) Good heavens. Better go home.

(19:50:16) @crabbyknickers @miz_shake68 Hello lovely you two. Better days tomorrow, I hope!

(19:50:29) @crabbyknickers @miz_shake68 They are BRILLIANT.

(19:51:30) .@ngyt_uk Beer battered onion rings #thelittlethings #mainlyfood /cc @poots

(19:52:11) @Canojar *doesn't echo*

(19:54:58) Off for a walk and a ponder and a podcast or three. Yeah.

(22:09:36) @Canojar Supernombles!

(22:10:06) @miz_shake68 @crabbyknickers JAMYEH! Blimmin' long term, this..!

(22:10:39) @mostlygeordie Untweeted :) Home now x

(22:12:02) @JonBCFC T bag!

(22:12:20) RT @rainbowtaylor: Please RT. I'm using the power of twitter to see if I can find a fellow sufferer of Tullios Phenomenon. Thank you.

(22:12:51) @Canojar N'night! x

(22:28:43) @Thehappyfatgirl S'posed to be a pretty good programme, too :)

(22:28:57) @washmysocks31 I'm not far behind you - night night! :)

(22:29:21) @BeachBelles Gives me a headache :)

(22:30:04) @BeachBelles That was, in fact, the original title for the hit Neil Diamond wrote for UB40 ;)

(22:30:27) @peasbloss *chuckles*

(22:31:10) @lloydbayley :) :) Good morning - welcome to Friday :)

(22:31:24) @PaulEdwards_ Yup. But she would be VERY cross if I did.

(22:31:58) @brennig n'night :)

(22:32:25) Right. I had better be back to 100% health tomorrow or so help me I'll not be. Good night.

(22:35:13) @BryanRutherford @106jack There's nothing more humiliating than pulling yourself out of the office secret Santa hat.

(22:35:54) @BryanRutherford @106jack Apart, of course, from all your colleagues watching you pull yourself out of the office secret santa hat.

(22:36:28) @peasbloss Good evening :) And, indeed, nearly good night :)

(22:36:53) @fiverscarrot Thank you! I shall do my best to achieve BOTH. Overnight. Sleep well too when you get there!

(22:37:25) I had one single pondering while on my walk, incidentally. I need to make it easier to create music in my studio. It's too much of a faff.

(22:40:15) @robertpopper Delightfully awkward - well done, Robin!

(22:40:26) @Epithemiou @robertpopper THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

(23:24:47) I believe Woman In Love is one of the greatest songs ever made. Absolutely stunning bit of Gibb/Streisand action. It’s late. I can say that.

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(10:42:19) Happy arbitrary date day!

(10:43:38) Drivers: deter car thieves by perpetually coating your vehicle with a thick layer of frost. Even in the summer /cc @TwopTwips

(13:19:40) @thatsjustme0 :) :) :) Photo please! :)

(14:06:23) @jopijedd I met Adrian Juste once. Nice bloke. He was much as you'd expect him to be.

(14:07:04) @jopijedd Looks like he's on again this year :)

(14:34:49) @jopijedd Hurrah!

(15:12:32) @lloydbayley In last night's Recent Ramblings the food group you were struggling to remember was 'cheese' ;)

(17:25:40) @washmysocks31 A casualty of the continuing battle between Twitter and Instagram, I fear...

(17:29:29) Uhuh yeah scripty.

(17:42:38) @thatsjustme0 You look splendiferous! :) Love the feathering :)

(17:42:54) @washmysocks31 Beth calls it 'Beige' :D

(19:22:13) @MissyMWAC I was hitherto unaware of The Elf On The Shelf... something to pick up on the next H'n'T..?

(20:23:04) @MissyMWAC I literally and appallingly cannot wait :) xx

(20:24:16) @smartie999 Spicy!

(20:25:09) @PoetryOfDivorce Hello you!

(20:28:44) @PoetryOfDivorce What are here chances? We're bonkers busy at the moment.. so much for downshifting. Got a new job though. A start :) You?

(20:45:30) Watford (earlier).

(21:01:12) @Thehappyfatgirl Does it for me :D

(21:02:17) @PoetryOfDivorce YEAH :) :) please do keep in touch! x

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(06:49:23) @__Gran2F__ @charbhardy @peasbloss Good morning :)

(06:50:12) @miz_shake68 Good morning :) No adventure or hot date for me... have a great Tuesday :)

(06:50:31) @debsylee Mornin' :)

(06:51:41) @trevypoos I always carry a spare.

(06:53:12) Good moomin. I'm taking the early shift at work this morning... gets the car scraping out of the way :)

(09:22:09) Making the world better one network cable at a time...

(09:22:22) @Mad4mogzz Reins are cool.

(10:57:07) @smartie999 YUM!

(11:10:30) @lloydbayley :D Thanks mate!

(11:12:00) @emmathegardener You are SUCH a student :D

(11:12:54) @miz_shake68 Ivor the engine?

(11:13:48) @Thehappyfatgirl Ha! Under the desks has its similarities to Calcutta, I'll be honest ;D

(13:13:53) @thatsjustme0 Blimey!

(14:12:57) @biscuitnose Couldn't agree more. SPOON!

(15:13:48) Save changes? (Y/N)

(16:29:27) @pollycard HELLOOO!

(17:55:22) @RichHarkness Eep. I will play in a mo.. haven't had much chance to play on my iPod Touch of late :)

(17:58:04) @PlainTalkingHR An uplifting, inspirational piece- thank you for sharing it! :) @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo

(17:59:47) Extra bonus being home early (a benefit of starting work shortly after 8): a chance to help the children with their homework.

(18:03:55) I have an ominous feeling that I'm the only person in the world who thinks Windows 8 has really interesting, useful features. I like it.

(18:04:40) @AlexGFox It's a hard lesson, but it's best that they learn it now rather than later ;)

(18:06:06) @ian262 I like the Modern interface - nice to have full screen apps. Search is good, too - and the Windows key comes into its own. :)

(18:06:48) @ian262 I will gladly admit that I am in the minority of people who 'get' it... yes, it needs developing, but it is a fresh paradigm.

(18:08:23) @ian262 Windows-D is your friend ;) This netbook boots up in seconds, and shuts down really quickly.. new lease of life and all that :) :)

(18:09:05) @AlexGFox Half the time it's just reminding them what they did in school.. sometimes when they get home it's like the day never happened :D

(18:10:48) @AlexGFox Yeah, but ask them what they ~had~ for lunch and it's "Er... can't remember. It was beige."

(18:14:49) @AlexGFox The best I can hope for is not having them resent me when they're adults... we're not bad Dads.. we're just Dads :D

(19:37:53) People's computers are very much like their brains.

(19:38:36) @cyberdonkey A very wise proposition.

(19:39:17) @Canojar Ooh.. where are ya?

(19:42:57) @ms_howard @Ken_Phillips :D :D

(19:44:01) @RobJD Not from Windows 7, but as a replacment for Windows XP it's brilliant :) Only a slight issue with the netbook's native resolution :)

(19:44:28) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo I had a fine trip home once I got on it - thank you :) Good day?

(19:44:41) @AlexGFox Oh nay neigh ;)

(19:44:53) @Thehappyfatgirl :D :D

(19:45:04) @Canojar I would love to visit it :)

(19:45:27) @nausea18 Bliminy.

(19:46:09) @lucyrboo Once I ate a whole tube of pringles in one sitting. My kidneys really hurt after that #saltoverdose

(19:57:08) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Congratulations! I hope they come up trumps! x

(19:58:21) @RobJD Worth a punt for sure - if anyone is still running Vista, there is definitely no excuse :D

(20:46:25) @JJTobinDudley Touché!

(20:47:38) @EmmaTofi ?! Wow. Although he is clearly foolish to put himself in front of the public after what he has done…

(20:48:45) @intlBeige Can you make sure I get sorted tomorrow, too, please..? ;) @batwench

(20:49:18) @EmmaTofi Either way it is ridonculous, true.

(21:25:52) @fridgemagnet2 @RobJD Arf.

(21:26:38) @_windrider @batwench @intlBeige :D

(22:44:00) @Canojar One word tweets..? :D

(22:44:30) RT @quarridors: Two more days left to listen to the full Pet Shop Boys concert on Radio 2 iPlayer, complete with the Alan Turing piece! ...

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(07:47:45) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner A happy Luton Monday to you :)

(07:49:40) RT @johndredge: … Episode Two of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show sees our theme tune marched straight out of t ...

(07:51:47) @washmysocks31 Orangey blue grey out :) Morning!

(07:52:59) @BaronHawkey Morn :)

(08:00:24) @washmysocks31 :) :) I hope your day continues in comfortable style!

(08:15:02) @BaronHawkey moderate to good, thanks, chief :) Getting ready for the Monday morning commute. You?

(08:15:21) @peasbloss :) :)

(08:15:33) @JQP74 Wrap up well!

(08:16:09) @miz_shake68 Mornin’ :) And yes ~trepidation~

(08:36:43) I'm surprised there hasn't been a recall of those huge black pickups (Mitsubish Animal etc) - none seem to have their indicators wired up.

(08:38:13) @__Gran2F__ Mornin' :) Have a splendid one!

(08:38:28) @BaronHawkey Oh SO much better, thank you! Ooh.. happy Belgium!

(08:39:08) I do like the arrangement of Robbie Williams's "Candy". Which means it really shouldn't be played on Radio 1 #iamold

(10:10:43) And so the working week begins.. with bonus email catch-up required from Friday. Days off don't really count, do they..?

(14:10:19) @PontoonDock Very neat! :)

(14:12:27) RT @johndredge: @jonholmes1 Managed to make Chortle’s Comedy Podcast of the Week,hope u might listen in!

(14:23:50) Interesting tip for Windows users - eating toasted muffins with honey on automatically activates sticky keys.

(15:33:22) @jinglemad Yay!

(16:45:15) @fluffysuse Maybe such people are humbled for a brief while, but very quickly bounce back..? Like Chinese food. "I'm full." Oh.

(16:46:18) @Wymroyal @sparkyannc If it ain't happening in Norfolk, it ain't happening anywhere :D

(16:53:51) @Thehappyfatgirl Wishing you ALL the luck on top of your Hot Skillz. You can do it!

(19:19:31) @PontoonDock It's like someone set fire to London special ;)

(19:20:34) @sacs :D :D Careful now.. I know people who are Audi drivers #butyeah

(19:24:27) Inconvenient things, petrol stations.

(20:05:57) @Canojar Oh I don't think I can ;)

(21:40:08) RT @AvoidComments: Here's your daily reminder to simply not read the comments.

(21:40:42) @lazyfoodielady Love the purple jumper :)

(21:41:28) @thatsjustme0 LO :) x

(21:41:48) @MissyMWAC *makes a note* I shall try that myself.

(21:47:32) @lazyfoodielady @norigirl41 Absolutely! Chilly chilly :)

(21:47:42) @thatsjustme0 Are ya well? x

(21:48:56) I do believe it is heading towards an old-school bedtime. I shall bid you good night & try to be up by about 6.15am. Heh. Some hope. Night!

(21:50:51) @washmysocks31 Bon nuit! :)

(21:51:15) @leica0000 I love to drive. I want a LECTRIC car.

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(05:41:39) @lloydbayley FWIW If your playout PC currently runs Windows 7, there’s not much different with Win 8; desktop apps work as before, mainly :)

(05:42:31) @daisythom I know the feeling :/ Hope you can doze off x

(05:42:57) @smartie999 Gosh… :/

(05:48:58) @lloydbayley At £25 a shot (downloading direct from Microsoft is the cheapest way) it’s not a big risk - and I like it :) Enjoy!

(05:50:01) @lloydbayley (although I can’t update my studio PC - too much old hardware and software.. Sticking with XP for the time being ;)

(05:50:15) @lloydbayley :) :) :)

(16:24:57) @GHOGIT ~echoes~ Hellooooooo?

(16:43:14) @GHOGIT I think there is some Twitter hibernation going on...

(16:44:20) @thatsjustme0 Yum..!

(16:45:17) @PinkBlancmange What do you mean by 'boo'..? :/

(16:46:00) @peasbloss Never gonna happen.. :P ;)

(22:03:52) @Canojar G'night :)

(22:09:11) All home and home after a lovely day with @chepbourne, and a visit to @TUID and @Mr_DW_Brighton and their little'un :) Splendid seasidings!

(22:09:37) @Tone_720 It was, I believe, Spaced :)

(22:25:57) @smartie999 NIIGHHHHT! :) :) x

(22:26:39) @LilythePurr Good night, Helen*.

(22:28:12) @Tone_720 "I'm Andy McNab... I'm Andy McNab" :D #SpaceQuotes

(22:28:57) @regularjen As in "I'm gonna get me some of that sweet tonic?"

(22:39:00) @thatsjustme0 Night night lovely x

(22:58:54) And so, the day comes to an end. Something something something somethingend. Night night.

(23:01:14) @mostlygeordie *mwah*

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(08:53:50) @miz_shake68 @washmysocks31 @JQP74 Good morning :)

(09:01:17) @BeachBelles :D

(10:31:05) Lenni, preparing for her performance with the Saturday Morning Music School. Kick-off in just half an hour's

(10:39:05) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd - will do! :)

(10:39:45) @JQP74 Happy hair cut.. I desperately need mine doing too! @miz_shake68 @washmysocks31

(10:40:17) @BeachBelles I just loved the way the tweet was broken up :D #comedygenius

(10:42:19) Collective noun for recorders: 'surfeit'; unique in that it also applies to the singular.

(10:43:21) @lloydbayley Mine does that too. Hopeless!

(10:53:49) Chris and I are: Teh Audiences.

(10:56:58) @sharonlangridge Perhaps I should have included the word 'descant' (and, indeed, incessant :D) in the terms of the definition;)

(10:57:22) @PlainTalkingHR Good luck, Bina.. you can do it!

(10:59:04) The descant of man.

(11:48:55) A quartet of junior male doctors issuing stage instructions truly show what it is to be British. Four man orderly cue. #aporopunofnothing

(12:06:22) @mostlygeordie Not necessarily illegal (and it's tough outside our jurisdiction) but require consent from the victim to broadcast for sure.

(12:07:28) @mostlygeordie I would add (and I may do an Audioboo) I believe it was not just the prank call - it was the media & press furore afterwards.

(12:08:55) @iconfessimageek @ee it could still be the fastest (domestic) router even if it's not the fastest ethernet (layer 2) switch :D #getoutclause

(14:44:45) @mostlygeordie I daresay the hospital wasn't prepared for such a thing...

(14:45:24) I still find internet banking both frightening and exhilarating.

(14:47:55) @LilythePurr That fine line may well involve the question "WHERE HAS ALL MY MONEY GONE?!!?!!!1!!!!!1!!eleven!?!!" #misclick

(14:48:31) @WhimsicalWife Fringe cutting, blind cleaning.. it's all being able to see, isn't it? :D

(14:50:36) @JoOstermeyer Sweet lord.

(14:51:22) Part of me wants to make music. Part of me just wants to doze. The sleepy part of me is winning.

(14:52:15) @WhimsicalWife If there's one place to carry out deep psyche examination it's Twitter ;)

(17:26:04) @JoOstermeyer Wicked! :)

(17:26:33) @wkdstepmother What @poots said :) Definitely.

(17:26:43) @__Gran2F__ Hello :) I'm sleepy! :)

(18:27:37) @xlaux :) It is lovely that it's not taken for granted :) x

(19:15:27) Mmm rewrite rules and Malibu.

(19:23:14) @mostlygeordie @LilacNun I BLESS YOU BOTHS.

(19:23:49) @sparkyannc Should be a penny difference.

(19:24:36) @LilacNun Car faces are important.

(19:25:35) @sparkyannc :D :D

(19:27:12) I was introduced to the idea of 'car darts' by @nxmee earlier. He will not be allowed NEAR our cars while he still knows about that.

(19:34:07) @sparkyannc @poots Yes :) And it shone through - she played wonderfully (I shall boo it when I get a mo :)

(19:34:52) @__Gran2F__ A bit of everything today.. Lenni performed in a Christmas concert and I went to a small village to collect a microphone :D :)

(19:36:40) @poots :) :) :)

(19:37:47) @effieoffie Y'know, I thought about exactly that yesterday.. need to get out with my GPS soon! How about you?

(19:38:53) @__Gran2F__ The concert was lovely, thank you :) And the small village was a passing through point nearby :) Relaxation time now yay! :)

(19:46:39) @__Gran2F__ YES! :) :) Please save me a prawn cracker ;)

(19:47:13) @effieoffie Haha! WOW! Did ya find it? And did you put 'get orff moi laaand' in the logbook? :D

(19:48:59) @sparkyannc :) :) :) So do you, my talented pal :) @poots

(20:42:39) @shiftrunstop Oh gosh. I fear I may have missed this one...

(21:14:04) @shiftrunstop Gonna make a note.. and head for the studio :)

(21:14:29) @mostlygeordie Noooooooooooooooo!

(21:14:54) @mostlygeordie For this reason I love you.

(21:16:35) @JonBCFC Good heavens!

(21:17:43) @effieoffie :) :)

(21:18:20) @effieoffie Might have to put a cache on the green near our house :D

(21:29:46) @mostlygeordie That looks absolutely gorgeous!

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(06:53:06) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning, Bina :) Happy Friday - and thank you for the smiles this week! #FF

(06:53:31) @miz_shake68 morning ;) it is a good day!

(07:01:46) @miz_shake68 No work for me, too… up ‘n at ‘em, nonetheless! Have a great one :) Playing soon :) #wordswithfriends

(08:02:59) @Thehappyfatgirl :) :) What a lovely way to start a Friday!

(08:03:06) @thatsjustme0 Oops! :D

(08:03:49) @_windrider HAHA! Love it :D

(08:03:54) RT @_windrider: Evil genius.

(08:05:39) @alnicholl77 I SO hate that. Please console yourself that it there is a statistical probability that it will happen...

(08:06:54) @thatsjustme0 I'm doing the shopping, too.. might see you there #worldsbiggestmall :D

(08:07:00) @canuckuk A bit

(08:07:18) Good morning. It is altogether too early for stationery browsing.

(08:07:33) @alnicholl77 Noooooo! :D

(08:07:57) @JQP74 Morning, dude. @miz_shake68 cheats? Outrageous allegations ;)

(08:08:17) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Nearly the weekend YAY! :) Morning!

(08:08:33) @EmmaTofi Happy Friday :) (: x

(08:09:01) @sm2n @davewitchalls *sigh* I wish it was a smaller venue...

(08:10:42) @daisythom If I'm not careful it'll be lunchtime before I know it :| #colouredpens

(08:12:03) @cyberdonkey Badum-tish :D A bit like "Sorry about the wait" -> "That's fine... it doesn't seem too heavy to me" :D

(08:12:17) @__Gran2F__ Mornin' Jan! I'm fairly tickety boo, ta! You?

(08:12:44) @alnicholl77 A silver lining #niceconductor :)

(08:13:09) @sm2n @davewitchalls I'll see if I can arrange a secret gig at the AMT in Watford Junction station ;)

(08:13:28) @2danceis2dream2 :D :D

(08:14:12) @leica0000 Wow.. sky's on fire!

(08:24:01) @lloydbayley Mornin'! I do like a nice lever arch file this time of the day :)

(08:24:08) @cyberdonkey HARSH!

(08:24:53) @__Gran2F__ Yay! We're visiting my mother this weekend.. a 'festive trip' :) How about you?

(08:25:47) That's quite enough, thank you #sleet #Luton

(08:26:50) RT @deargeek: The end of free Google Apps -

(08:32:07) @BitsyVonMuffin It's stopped (for the time being).. bit damp, though, eh? :D

(09:49:50) @batwench Noooooo! | Hope you're in a safe place and it's not raining!

(09:50:23) @oliwia_s Festive! (Except for the devil horns :D)

(09:50:45) Onwards.

(12:21:34) @Sk287 Pahh! Telly stuff ;)

(12:22:00) @batwench :) :) :)

(12:22:29) Sunshine hurrah. I have been out the front and out the back. Now: toastie (not pictured on Instagram)

(12:23:11) @TwopTwips @LilythePurr *applauds* and #FF s

(13:06:14) @kyleswager @BritishTechMac Looking forward to hearing you! :)

(13:07:35) @LilythePurr I like it - 'Spot Bruce Forsyth in pantomime promo photos.' Good game.. good game :)

(13:08:22) @ThreeUK Three? #threelovesxmas Or similar.

(13:09:07) Putting some proper trousers on and making a list (not checking it twice. Who do you think I am? For heaven's sake...)

(13:09:43) @AlexGFox I have clearly learned nothing.

(13:11:44) @RadioKate BIG HUG!

(13:12:17) @RadioKate WHAT?! *baffled face* You share a house with the legendary @timoncheese ..? This is truly a home of greatness. WOW! Hurrah :)

(15:32:11) RT @GHOGIT: @syzygy When you say 'out the front & out the back' is that why you've put proper trousers on?

(15:32:35) @GHOGIT Inconvenient as it is, yes.. :D

(15:34:23) Here's some school run shenanigans: wait for your offspring on a bit of pavement just behind where an ignorantly parked car needs to go. Ha.

(15:35:44) @mabes111 I fear if your drive is already partitioned and fully allocated as your main HD it is not possible to resize it. I will check.

(17:16:36) @batwench Gonna walk everywhere until then..? ;)

(21:36:00) @jinglemad Hello :) Trying to listen to JingleMad Radio on my Internet Wireless set, but the MP3 stream seems to be dead... please help..?!

(21:38:39) @jinglemad I tell a lie.. the link at the bottom of the "Schedule" page has the port number of 8210 , not 8120.. that works :) :)

(21:40:55) The BluRay player and Wii are both carrying out software updates. This is the sort of thing I get up to when Beth's out of the house. HA.

(22:15:51) @ali_hutch That's exacly what I was going to tweet :D @mcdwebster

(22:19:11) @streakmachine I was hoping it would turn it into a Wii U. But no such luck :D It will probably not work properly any more!

(22:19:39) @AlexGFox It was either that or binge drinking. And I have completely run out of binge juice.

(22:21:38) @brennig To be honest, all too often carrying out such ventures at this time of the evening ends in disaster. On this occasion, I was lucky!

(22:22:58) @PlainTalkingHR I think I got away with it.. just don't tell.. oh. :D

(22:23:37) @mcdwebster I have already broken your record for Not Working There ;) @ali_hutch

(22:23:56) @brennig Love that!

(22:31:44) Hm. Moving my mouse to the right hand scrollbar on Windows 8 sometimes makes the odd pop out, well, pop out. Quite annoying.. #feature

(22:37:33) @mcdwebster @ali_hutch :D :D

All tweets for 06 Dec 2012

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(10:53:21) There is disproportionate excitement in the office about a Star Bar.

(11:20:21) @kathyclugston YES! *high fives* Was it down in the dungeon or on the heady heights of the third floor..?

(11:22:57) @claw0101 In the greatest synchronicity ever, I'm listening to H'n'T :)

(11:35:52) @GHOGIT Patient number 4509 to doctor 2 please.. :D

(12:01:15) @RichHarkness @DaisyDisk Looks really pretty! :)

(12:02:12) @batwench Reminds me of a marble. I do like the tin of chocolates in the background :D

(13:43:26) @gilliandonovan No sympathy.. you've had since the end of October ;)

(13:52:12) I struggle with temptation every time I walk past this button... #urges #twitter

(13:52:24) Instagram: I struggle with temptation every time I walk past this button... #urges #twitter

(14:15:08) To tell you the truth, I just don't know.

(14:15:34) @joanneh234 :D :D :D What if a big pot plant comes out and overrides ME?!

(14:16:07) @RichHarkness Depending on which files went you should be fine (if you've got the songs elsewhere anyway ;)

(14:20:51) @leica0000 HAHA! Oops..

(14:31:11) @BeachBelles Jumpers are actually very erotic.

(15:20:45) @Bubble2009 I'm glad I'm not alone! :D

(15:21:03) @PlainTalkingHR YAY.. that makes two of us (three including @Bubble2009!)

(15:22:30) I am considering changing my daughter's surname to "Password" just to scupper any chance of my grandchildren ever getting a bank account.

(15:22:49) @misscorsham I've got one, but it only half works...

(15:23:12) @laurawarwick TRUE :D

(15:23:40) @RadioAndy Capital's processing is perfect for those with age-related hearing loss.

(15:43:43) @MissyMWAC @claw0101 :) :) :)

(15:44:15) @BeachBelles I am very easily pleased :D

(15:44:28) @willowHart Hee hee! You're not helping :P

(16:01:34) Decisions...

(16:05:25) @lsrwLuke :D

(16:05:44) @thatsjustme0 HELP! :D

(20:27:39) @smartie999 @fluffysuse To be simple you need to be a man ;)

(20:29:46) @timoncheese You're a sick man.

(20:55:11) @paulums Awww!

(21:15:49) @EwenRankin @iyaz @acedtect @jasonhowell @sarahjaneuk Thank you for a GREAT show!

(21:16:03) @willowHart Not today ;) x

(21:17:16) @misscorsham Use it..?! You must be joking... although I have half a mind to do so ;)

(21:17:45) @125f8 @StationX Wow..! I hadn't heard about that! I will certainly ponder it hard :) :)

(21:18:16) @lsrwLuke I love Marge :)

(21:18:36) @thatsjustme0 I've only just discovered my biccies have gone.. how could you..? ;)

(21:18:43) @MuddyTurnip YOSS!

(21:18:53) @paulums :) :) :)

(23:37:19) Ahh :) @bedspolice done a Christmas song… (via @Audioboo) Bless ‘em!

(23:38:07) @EmmaTofi Persetivity. One word. Sorted! x

(23:39:14) @ajlanghorn I would love that. When ya down there..?

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(07:57:34) @effieoffie I just like the way the letters change colour #notastrategist :D

(07:59:09) @JonBCFC @meg_bcfc @Denning52 @beckybetts Aww thanks!

(07:59:43) @BitsyVonMuffin Nice one, Keith;)

(08:00:57) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner A half-arsed attempt to snow.. thank goodness! Morning :)

(08:02:22) Good morning. Listening out for school closures. Bring a snow shovel. Actually, don't bother. Bring a fan heater.

(13:02:42) @Thehappyfatgirl WIN

(13:03:25) @jamesstodd Wow. That is actually a bit frightening.

(14:18:52) @Thehappyfatgirl QUITE.

(14:19:18) @BaronHawkey That happened to me too! :D

(14:29:34) Stopshower.

(14:31:12) @poots @BBC3CR @LetToysBeToys Don't forget - the fun never stops with a cardboard box.

(14:31:55) @sacs It's the same in real life.

(14:32:09) I think I might want another coffee... and a wagon wheel #stickykeys

(16:12:43) @OmarRaza HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope things improve. Tell the unprofessional actor it's your birthday. Or would that not work..? :D

(17:23:32) @hooker1uk Oh crap. Thanks for the heads up.

(18:35:00) @hooker1uk Trying to reach escape velocity from St Albans! All good :D

(19:47:27) @vobes Perfect for the weather! :)

(19:48:00) @OmarRaza ;) I know who you are, at least :D SAKE!

(19:48:24) @kittykatkent NOOOOOO! We need a complex system of pipes.

(19:48:35) Ahh home yes. Despite the M1 (again)

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(08:10:13) @TOther_Simon NOT TRUE. Drum & Bass was named after the fish that was found to be responsible for sinking Simon Le Bon’s yacht.

(08:10:50) RT @andycomfort: Has anyone had a card through the door from PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) with an 090.. number to ring? It's a scam. Pl ...

(08:12:03) @ms_howard I refuse to accept that you have a stupid setting.

(08:12:44) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo It’s only been and gone and become Tuesday! Have a good one.

(08:13:37) @fridgemagnet2 Hahaha! I’m surprised you could reach to write that ;)

(08:15:55) Good morning. These made chuckle and wish I had thought of the idea.. love it! (h/t @poots)

(08:19:22) @smartie999 Good morning :) In contrast, I am full of Tuesday Trepidation… have a sunny day!

(08:19:41) @BaronHawkey Morning BH! (and @ms_howard :)

(08:21:00) @EwenRankin It’s called NEWS (apparently). I will have nothing to do with it.

(08:46:45) Ed Sheeran's Week.

(08:46:57) Best be orf

(13:11:57) I'm thirsty like a wolf. That's been eating salt & vinegar crisps (I haven't)

(13:28:19) @virginmedia Happy Twirthday. Twithday? Thing.

(13:37:29) Is it wrong to want to get @poots a fire extinguisher for Christmas?

(13:38:25) RT @impymcwimpy: 10 most commonly misunderstood words in the british language

(14:33:47) Dismantling a Wagon Wheel. For science*

(14:35:43) @ShortyMcStompy He has probably suffered his share of abuse and neglect. Pity him, then ignore him.

(14:36:13) @TomKei Congratulations! :)

(14:40:41) @LilacNun Oooohh!

(14:41:05) @pearcen Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh *pumps arm*

(14:41:19) @MissyMWAC @poots Noted. *crosses it off the list*

(14:41:35) @AlexGFox I may well give @poots her present earlier ;)

(14:41:54) @GHOGIT I wouldn't want the festive season to be a damp squib ;) @poots

(14:42:15) @thatsjustme0 YES! Curl up under your desk ;)

(14:42:21) RT @pearcen: @syzygy

(15:15:25) My friend @Smartie999 is planning her life.. Has anyone ever been in person, to the Birmingham Indian visa office? Was there a long wait? :)

(15:15:42) @ShortyMcStompy :) :)

(15:16:09) @smartie999 Yes. Yes I do *has another drink of water* #pavlovian

(15:26:06) RT @jamesstodd: 30 second time-lapse of airplanes landing at san diego airport

(17:12:32) @smartie999 CRIIISPS!

(17:26:36) @mostlygeordie Just imagine you've lost almost all your followers and you don't care any more ;)

(17:59:55) @davewitchalls Oh cock. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like an accident on the A5 has blocked the offslip (from Google Maps)

(19:31:12) @sparkyannc Thank you for the hints - much appreciated - by @smartie999, too :) :) x

(19:31:28) @effieoffie HURRAH! Thank you :) I shall give you a go! (and probably lose) x

(19:32:03) I wish I could remember who keeps thinking I'm called Matthew.

(19:36:18) @sparkyannc @poots @Wymroyal I sometimes get coffee in bed. (In a mug) x

(19:36:22) RT @poots: @syzygy Someone thinks you're called Matthew? I know Chris' ICT teacher thinks he is called Matthew, are you being Chris?

(19:36:30) Apparently it's not me, it's my son.

(19:37:18) @sparkyannc @smartie999 Wow.. trivia central! :D But well worthwhile, I'm sure :)

(19:40:12) @vobes Farmer Piles! :D

(19:42:57) @sparkyannc Ooh.. by the way - a mysterious packet arrived with your writing on it - we are all intrigued :) Thank you! x

(20:23:25) @batwench ice cream transcends temperature :D

(20:23:57) @AlexGFox My life resembles a Noel Coward play. Not one of his best, mind.. :D @poots

(20:24:24) @goitsagch That would certainly help! ;)

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(08:20:01) @perrygascoine @davewitchalls Morning. In view of this, I'm going to hide out here until it's not a complete waste of time trying to get in!

(09:56:39) @DebbieMccready Hello! Love your work :)

(11:52:52) Oh M1. #broken

(11:58:25) @brennig Yup... central reservation repairs - obviously a nasty one! :|

(11:59:06) @PlainTalkingHR Southbound at Watford... it's made getting to work practically impossible! So I have been working from home #warm :) x

(12:01:04) @vobes Congratulations on the preview video.. going to 'like' it on YouTube! Caught up with the NE.. I could hear you moving stuff about :D

(14:00:47) @vsopfables No way!!

(14:01:12) @brennig FWIW it's re-opened now :)

(15:20:24) Ahh brilliantings - that @johndredge has another bunch of hilarious podcasts on the way.. yah! #comedy #podcast #lamps

(15:20:40) @fridgemagnet2 Are you going to retaliate?

(15:21:06) @thatsjustme0 ya plox! (It's how my two sometimes say 'yes please'. They are odd)

(17:36:33) @effieoffie Oh sweety. I can give you a hug and direct you to here: - lots of jokes to listen to :) x

(22:35:53) Apparently there’s a game called ‘Letterpress’ for iOS… I’m finding my feet - if you fancy a game, I’m ‘jamelopoeia’ - kick my hindquarters.

(22:39:23) @RichHarkness Hurrah - I have been trying to hook up!

(22:49:40) @RichHarkness Could you give it another go, please..?:/

(22:50:52) Congratulations to @lucieshuker and @gavinshuker on their forthcoming baby poppage :)

(22:52:39) @blogmywiki @BeachBelles Frightening but ingenious!

All tweets for 02 Dec 2012

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(00:15:15) @mostlygeordie @jamfolder Tgank you! T'was an underground cable fault, according to NPower :) Back on before half-past ten, though.. :) x

(00:15:53) @EwenRankin It's an austerity measure, I reckon.. we're heading for a three day week!

(00:16:02) @AlexGFox Uhoh..! :D

(00:16:21) @mostlygeordie @jamfolder Thank you, even! :D x

(00:17:28) Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark. Night night.

(13:24:01) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner Bright & sunny... wish I could say the same for myself! #sleepy

(13:56:38) @thatsjustme0 Festivi #Dee!

(16:38:35) It's not a Sunday afternoon's DIY if it doesn't involve a hammer. Unless it involves a trip to the Tidy Tip.

(17:00:32) @TOther_Simon If you're not being sarcastic, I have to say it captures modern pop in terms of arrangement and production perfectly. So yes.

(17:01:09) RT @johndredge: silly podcast series two episode one tomorrow...

(17:02:09) @xlaux Congratulations :) I can't seem to shift an ounce :D #biscuits

(17:02:42) @shellzenner Eep! YES!

(17:12:44) @xlaux Well deserved ;)

(17:14:50) @TOther_Simon :D Have you heard the latest Girls Aloud song? Lordy.

(17:18:06) @TOther_Simon The magic of Xenomania. And yes, I think they are a bit.

(17:19:29) @Ariadnes_web Eep! That's not gping to taste great is it..? :| Hope there is no lasting damage to the kitchen!

(20:44:17) @JonBCFC It might trouble some that the handle is held together with Gaffer tape :D

(23:08:37) RT @DJPandapops: Jus found this please rtwt @LutonatLarge @jennaradio @RylanClark @UnionJworld #missing

(23:10:46) *enormous yawn* time to go to bed, and watch the weekend dissolve into the ephemeral haze that it often ends up being. N'night then.

(23:11:34) @thatsjustme0 I've hardly said a word all night (kinda how I like it ;) Sleep well! x

All tweets for 30 Nov 2012

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(08:03:50) @vobes NEAT! :) Safe paddling :) :)

(08:06:10) Good morning. All go, innit?

(08:57:39) @davewitchalls HAHA! Cheeky :D @poots was out the front before I was even out of bed!

(08:57:59) @batwench One day I will work from bed. That is a COOL thing.

(08:58:16) @lloydbayley Mornin' Lloyd. Not bad at all, ta... bit tired, but there's a weekend ahead for that!

(08:58:31) @BaronHawkey As is the coffee! :)

(08:58:47) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Thanks, Bina - and a happy #FF Friday to you!

(13:01:41) @Pewari Looks delicious nonetheless! :)

(13:02:04) RT @johndredge: Second series of silly podcast series, ‘The Nothing to Do With Anything Show’ starts on Monday. Tune in and hear many st ...

(13:02:43) @Pewari :D :D And possibly leaves space for dessert, so win win! :D

(13:43:38) I keep charging my colleagues 50p for useful information I give them. THEY. NEVER. PAY.

(14:01:49) @serafinowicz I love that you have a cassette with tape over the record tab hole behind you in that picture :) :)

(14:23:51) @dragonhistory I do hope the logo is of the roadsign pointing to the right.. :D

(14:40:36) Happy birthday, @govindajeggy! (Thanks for the heads up, @OmarRaza ;)

(15:10:02) @timoncheese Learn to accept your reseated ward.

(15:57:44) I don't think @superalora has ever wished a month away as much as November.. she wants to get that first Advent Calendar door open :D

(20:48:51) @Canojar Y'know, I never had Subbuteo as a kid. Never had a train set either. Space hopper, though? Ohhh yeah :D

(20:50:57) @mostlygeordie YEAH! Sort of wish I were there. Sort of (I'm in my dressing gown :D)

(20:52:24) @Mizzuks Yes. Oh yes. Up the right hand side. Aberdeen?

(20:58:05) @TOther_Simon It would NOT be safe for him to go. Walk out the door.

(20:59:01) @LilacNun *BIIIIIG HUG* (but not so big it does any damage to your backular system) x

(20:59:51) @LilacNun I wish you lived here. I have at least one of those.

(21:01:40) @Mizzuks I will find you one and send him/her round your house :D

(21:02:17) @Canojar An inflatable one..? We had one of those..! For a while (it got quickly popped after it got bopped :D)

(21:02:56) @smartie999 Oooh... make them talk at @Mizzuks ... see if she can make out ANYTHING they're saying..! ;)

(21:05:33) @DeanAbbott Haha! That's a lot of little cardboard doors to open :D I used to find myself stockpiling them.. days of five ;) @superalora

(21:06:02) @YourMrBumbles @smartie999 @superalora LOLLY SCRAMBLE! (or regional variation)

(21:08:36) That fey posh comedian who looks like he's twelve with the big stupid hair hasn't got big hair on #HIGNFY. Not his script, either. Well.

(21:09:01) @Canojar I LOVED caps! :) :) I wish I could remember more of my childhood :D

(21:09:26) @lsrwLuke Careful now!

(21:10:54) I am asking @poots who they're talkiing about on #HIGNFY. I am only half-watching it, I am really tired and have no idea about Teh News.

(21:11:24) @Mizzuks Quite odd!

(21:12:32) Boris Johnson was made for the the internet. That is all.

(21:23:21) @Canojar Yeeeeehaaaaaa!

(21:34:23) @PaulEdwards_ Hurrah :) Hope you get a Good Sit Down :) :)

(21:38:24) @Canojar The time will come when I will spend a whole weekend just behaving like a kid from the 1970s :D xx

(21:40:00) I have nearly had enough of John Bishop's voice. Better go to bed. Good night. See you when I wake up.. Wednesday?

(21:40:49) @LilacNun N'night spesh x

(22:14:38) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is posted with @Syzygy @sarahjaneuk @ErikLanigan @TIOABOA @EwenRankin - Pls RT & VOTE!

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