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(07:26:11) @RobJD Does what it says on the packaging ;)

(11:10:57) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo Morning :) Gorgeous sunshine!

(11:14:32) Heading to the office; getting a lift with @davewitchalls while on a conference call. Non-stop fun/action. Literally. Since 9am yesterday :D

(11:15:48) @zebsoanes @bbctvcentre wow! Haven't been allowed in the old NTA in years... always had scary CCTV cameras at the doors...

(11:21:38) @willowHart @davewitchalls Pretty much #flatbattery ;)

(11:32:13) @willowHart It's a 'me' charger I need :D #pooped @davewitchalls

(12:58:37) @willowHart I love coffee almost more than I love sleep #whichishandy @davewitchalls

(16:00:04) @BeachBelles HA! EPIC! :D

(16:20:16) @sparkyannc I'm secondary on-call from 28th Dec ;) Last week I did 67 hours and got about 2 hours sleep last night on call. Heh. #Daftbugger

(16:26:58) I popped out at lunchtime without my in-ear headphones on. Basically, it's just traffic noise out there. #urban

(17:00:59) @willowHart Blimey. Way to make friends! :D

(17:04:38) @syzygy @willowHart (By which I meant the mum at school.. how rude of her!)

(20:13:26) @BaronHawkey Hope it improves :)

(20:14:03) @Canojar A bit :)

(21:15:21) @neilsleat Me too! Except I never met you there :)

(21:28:19) @Canojar I thought you'd gone to bed, young lady ;) In your velvet jammies :D

(21:28:32) @neilsleat That would be the best!

(21:31:54) @Canojar You too! xxxxx

(21:34:33) @LilacNun @Thehappyfatgirl @MissFBA NEVER does with me.

(21:34:48) @leica0000 Good heavens. Hope you get seen soon!xx

(21:52:26) I think bed is a VERY good idea. I'll see you on the other side of a darn good night's sleep! N'night :)

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(07:08:39) @miz_shake68 Morning :) Not quite out of bed yet;) #lazybugger

(07:09:20) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner Have a brilliant day- now the rain has subsided!

(07:11:20) @helenduffett Niiiiice! I rarely venture forth to London these days... we shall have to find some neutral territory ;) Have a good recover!

(07:12:42) @miz_shake68 Ought to get up 'n at 'em really... not least because that is where the coffee is :D

(07:13:41) @__Gran2F__ Morning:) Sleepy!

(07:15:55) @BaronHawkey I am woefully under-prepared :D morning dude:)

(07:17:03) @cyberdonkey morning carpet dime

(07:18:22) @__Gran2F__ Yeah, I think so... it's a busy time of year! Have a fabulous day :)

(07:18:48) @thatsjustme0 Morning:) Sleep well? x

(07:19:31) @streakmachine Excellent!

(07:20:16) Launching in 5... 4... 3...zzzz

(07:21:37) @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 !!! Did I, too..? Was it yesterday?

(07:22:25) @Leafybear I'm getting in there while I can :D

(07:30:48) @lsrwLuke Heh.. nearly :D

(07:35:20) @Ariadnes_web :) :) I have never drunk coffee in the shower before. Cool!

(07:36:37) @tezzer57 When I used to commute on the coach, they would get really grumpy if passengers brought food on board. Shame - I love a good BBQ.

(07:37:21) @lloydbayley ~groans~ Do I HAVE to? :D

(07:38:53) @lloydbayley PS very clever impressions at the beginning of your latest #BayleysBanter

(07:40:06) @lloydbayley Not today, I fear… not least because I have a small sound system to set up and test in the office #alwaysasoundman

(07:56:05) @tezzer57 Coachlife!

(07:59:57) @TOther_Simon Amazing that the milkman was so foresighted.

(08:00:30) @KermitMash HELLO! I haven't seen you in ages. Never too early for crumpet. Or, indeed, muffin.

(08:00:55) @washmysocks31 Is that a metaphor? :D

(08:01:16) @KateGL That's why I never have an evening black tie do when I get up in the morning ;)

(08:01:24) @ellewadding HURRAH! :)

(08:01:46) @PontoonDock Proclaimers YEAH :)

(08:02:28) @batwench The moon is dark grey, isn't it? ;)

(08:03:09) @BaronHawkey Me too. Beth has bought some... equipment.

(08:10:43) @Manda_Jones We have had this playing on our kitchen radio for well over a week now.. :D Still haven't had a mince pie!

(08:11:02) @KermitMash Yay! (To still knocking about.. I know what you mean about busy! :D)

(08:11:44) @tezzer57 Just wait until the 'battle of the air conditioning' where passengers variously petition the driver to turn it up/off/down :D

(08:29:35) @KermitMash See you when you next pop out of the rabbit hole! :D

(11:37:48) @ajlanghorn What's amiss? @ukradioplayer

(15:46:27) It appears that @PerryGascoine is printing out all of his emails that have "Please think before printing this email" at the bottom.

(18:47:13) I'm fairly sure @fridgemagnet2 will be pleased that even Royal Mail are apologising for the Birthday Packet he sent.

(20:24:56) @fridgemagnet2 I wish I knew what was missing. I think it might have been your alleged birth certificate?

(20:25:21) @ajlanghorn @ukradioplayer Oh for heaven's sake.

(20:26:02) Big thanks to @perrygascoine for the tech support earlier - got it working, thank you!

(20:26:28) @BlueMoon_11 Good evening :)

(20:30:09) @ajlanghorn Quite risk averse, I would say. Typical radio.

(20:31:36) @RallyCampaign I really think that is the sort of thing you should say to @jasonplato's face. I daresay you wouldn't dare. @KXAkademy

(20:32:07) @Rebs_42 Good evening :)

(21:38:46) @BlueMoon_11 I am ALL tired out.. :D You doing OK? x

(21:39:19) @Rebs_42 Looking forward to the weekend :D You..?

(21:41:43) @ajlanghorn Radio IS king :) I still believe it :)

(21:42:13) @Rebs_42 YAY! :) Going far..?

(22:41:17) @Rebs_42 Lovely part of the world :) :) Enjoy!

(22:46:53) @perrygascoine No worries, mate - one step at a time :) :)

(22:47:58) @ajlanghorn I DO hope it was from @shellzenner ... although she never so much as sends me a single entendre.

(22:49:04) @lloydbayley Morning :) I'm here (on and off) for the long haul.. on call tonight :) No coffee, though.. better not :D

(22:58:50) @ajlanghorn @shellzenner Sounds like a flatpack riot :D

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(07:43:44) Good morning. Another day of pressing buttons ahead. May it be brung on. Gently, though.

(07:52:27) @BitsyVonMuffin Good morning, lovely Liz! Bit damp, innit !

(07:53:12) @__Gran2F__ Happy Tuesday :) I'm a bit sleepy but OK, thank you... how about you? x

(07:53:32) @BitsyVonMuffin Nice cat, btw :) x

(07:54:04) @fluffysuse Good morning pdsa

(07:54:20) @Canojar Helloo :)

(07:55:42) @Ariadnes_web Uhoh.. got some special tyres?

(07:56:38) @WhimsicalWife uhuh, yeah, work it girlfriend #channelingGok (PS photo or it didn't happen) (PPS hope your boiler gets fixed!)

(07:57:32) @PaulEdwards_ Morning Paul. Enjoyed your most recent beer show.. Badger Golden Champion tastes like coffee..? That's unusual :D

(10:58:18) @AlexGFox @EwenRankin Wireless can be a nightmare... I've had to go multi-network :D

(11:33:30) @PaulLomax !! Disgruntled former customer/employee..? Hope everyone has had a nice strong cup of tea!

(11:34:07) @thatsjustme0 Did ya get your tea? x

(11:35:01) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Tuesday! Or as happy as it's possible to get :D

(11:36:10) @AlexGFox My concern is the same router = same channel = shared bandwidth... I am using two different channels :)

(11:39:08) @Canojar Rowrrr!

(12:35:50) @AlexGFox All on 2.4GHz - for technology compatibility reasons :)

(12:36:15) @LutonHaart :) :)

(12:40:27) @leica0000 I just read "High thread count" and immediately thought of stricken JVMs... your version is SO much more comfortable ;)

(14:36:25) @TOther_Simon Oh sweet lord.

(14:36:45) @MissyMWAC I am a bit frightened. HELLO by the way! :)

(18:46:45) @ian262 Should have got Victor Lewis Smith on. Or the bloke who plays Lewis. Or Louie Spence (that last one was a joke)

(18:47:37) @stu4art I have.. played with it once or twice, but found more often than not my phone is charging via the USB connection so I use that :D

(20:05:17) @ian262 Hmm.. way to 'subvert' it :|

(20:05:52) @stu4art Excellent stuff :) I've been working pretty-much solidly for the past nine days.. looking forward to Thursday when I come off call!

(20:08:59) @PaulLomax I'll send you a sign for reception "No nutjobs (except the receptionist)" :D

(20:14:48) @ian262 That said, I am ENTIRELY in love with Paloma Faith.

(20:17:17) Paloma Faith ~dies happy knowing that she is in the world*~

(20:42:53) @rhodri Well, congratulations (if appropriate) @jiggott (and @DeDomenici )

(20:56:13) @RobJD yes! :) :)

(22:18:01) @ian262 Heh. No. To be honest, I think he did better than some #preston

(22:18:32) @ian262 But I am totally at the front of the queue;)

(22:20:51) @regularjen Ooh! I always knew you had it in you ;) splendid work with Pete on Elephant of Surprise :) Board games for the win!

(22:24:10) @helenduffett You are well sound. Going on the radio soon? x

(22:30:05) @lloydbayley happy Wednesday:)

(22:34:16) @lloydbayley It was a busy day to start with, but I have had a beer and a Good Sit Down this evening :) Have a fabulous day!

(22:36:38) @iamamro G'night :)

(22:36:52) @brennig Night :) x

(22:37:20) @shellzenner ~high fives~ You're the best :)

(22:39:36) @streakmachine Radio..? Please tell me more!

(22:40:32) @Ariadnes_web @ian262 ~chuckles~

(22:40:58) @JonBCFC Man that is tough. Be strong - for both of you.

(22:41:38) @helenduffett Gosh! Down with the youff etc..? Miss you.

(22:42:33) @LilacNun Night. I will dream about your bizarre left elbow.

(22:43:22) Onwards. Onwards to eternity and that. Or at least a fair to middling night's sleep. Night!

(22:43:51) @JonBCFC You don't need to do - just be.

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(08:57:29) @koshkajean Morning. I like 'Obfuscating Cat'. Most cats are that.

(08:58:04) @lloydbayley Delightful! (Although annoying!)

(08:59:03) Good morning. Must remember to pack myself a lunch before attempting to hurtle on the M1 (which is borked according to @PerryGascoine!)

(09:08:43) @perrygascoine @davewitchalls Oh man.. race you in! :D

(09:09:56) @FinalBullet it looks downcast..

(09:10:39) @PinkBlancmange awww!

(09:21:23) @koshkajean Ha! True :D

(09:21:39) @_windrider True. Sadly :D

(09:22:09) @PinkBlancmange The internet, eh..?

(14:47:18) @mostlygeordie @RoyalMail BONFIRE!

(15:13:41) @thatsjustme0 Aw, Snap! ;)

(15:15:58) When all is despair, and you're feeling so down, take heart in the fact that you're not @ChrisBrown .

(16:43:18) @Canojar Did you say anything to it? Or receive any wisdom from it?

(16:44:30) @poots I'll be raising a glass to that later on ;)

(17:45:33) @fridgemagnet2 Was blade runner set at rush hour in a November evening? If so, yes.

(18:26:02) Time for homewarding. With you as soon as the M1 will let me, darling @poots!

(20:34:00) Me: "I'm going to check my internet banking." @poots: (incredulously) "On Windows 8?!" #technology

(22:09:23) I chuckled at this wonderful moment in the first #WTCC race at Macau. 1 min 33.. surely they knew this might happen?

(23:21:13) @PlainTalkingHR Dobre noc!

(23:22:23) Today, apparently, @superalora asked “Why can’t Daddy get a job where he is paid to play Minecraft with me all day?” Oh I wish :D …

(23:42:26) @sparkyannc Wouldn’t that be fantastic! :) I just need to get home earlier, to be honest :D

(23:43:57) @sparkyannc Wow..! Hope it does the trick :)

(23:44:21) Now: sleepings. Night :)

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(09:24:34) @fluffysuse Good morning LLcoolJ

(09:30:59) @EwenRankin *cries* I don't have any savings at the moment... :|

(09:45:49) @EwenRankin I'll take it, then, please :)

(09:50:15) @brennig Do you know what model of camera it is? (And I get the fear too!)

(13:49:41) @xlaux Traditionally, that doesn't make for a good first impression... good luck nonetheless:)

(13:51:24) @WhimsicalWife That looks for all the world like someone with children's front room...

(13:52:47) I can tweet at the same time. Go me #partialbeardmalfunction

(13:53:42) Clearly I cannot shave and tweet at the same time #partialtweetmalfunction

(15:38:50) @WhimsicalWife Feels like home.

(15:39:14) @AlexGFox It (hir)suits me to do so ;)

(18:06:29) Tools down.. (sort of!)

(20:41:32) @mostlygeordie @chrisandharvey I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I have never owned a picture disc.. not a single one! :| (yet ;)

(20:45:16) @chrisandharvey @mostlygeordie Funnily enough I played the 12" of 'The Wizard' by Paul Hardcastle yesterday evening. Some v. jazzy chords!

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(08:55:38) @chrisandharvey Haha! Takes me back :) @mostlygeordie

(09:04:20) Good morning. Mainly trying to make myself useful today... bit of a first.

(09:06:21) Happy birthday, @drgonzolives :)

(09:10:01) @OlorinLorien coool!

(09:58:24) Super 12 - the loudest electronic game in the world (caution: loud) via @audioboo

(09:58:32) RT @nxmee: The first nxmeeboo via @audioboo

(09:59:14) @brennig "Hello.. is that 999? I need police fire and ambulance, please. The location? Brennig's loft." Fine. Got it. (Good luck!)

(10:00:55) @BaronHawkey Good morning, BH :) Have a splendid weekendid!

(10:01:06) @PaulEdwards_ Morning, Paul :) Have a good one!

(10:01:43) @thatsjustme0 Morning, lovely. Did you get any sleep in the end? x

(10:10:28) @BaronHawkey Thank you.. not a bad birthday ta! I've installer but not played Letterpress.. I am cacophonyx on there too :) Fancy a game?

(10:47:32) @Barwickgreen @brettsr I can just about manage a "D'oh!"

(10:48:52) @OlorinLorien Not so much freezing here.. just penetrating! Have a good weekend :)

(13:50:01) Come on, then.. whose idea was it to put a 'pause' button on a washing machine? It's not like you can play musical chairs with it. #baffled

(18:07:18) It annoys me when I set something up on my Linux box and then can't remember how I did it, and then I want to change it and I can't #idiot

(18:07:40) @AndersUk 35

(18:21:00) @AndersUk Fashion? You'd better not listen to me, then! I transcend fashion.

(18:21:46) @AlexGFox To be honest, I don't have any anger inside me. My irkdom is merely a brief reaction to my own folly :) You are the sensible one!

(19:01:51) @TheTroyKing I really should write stuff down more often!

(19:02:34) @brennig Yup. I really should do better.

(19:02:51) @Matildamouse That's more 'musical bumps' isn't it..? :D

(19:03:08) @BitsyVonMuffin They really didn't think that through, did they?! :D

(19:03:25) @TheEggKing To be honest, it's better than most of the stuff on BBC3 ;)

(19:03:36) @fridgemagnet2 Perfectly. yes.

(19:04:00) @alnicholl77 YES! Food distraction. Now why didn't they put that in the manual? :)

(19:04:18) @OlorinLorien Because I might find it halfway across the kitchen when I get home? :D

(19:04:34) @leica0000 My washing machine doesn't have that function ;)

(19:07:28) @brennig Because most of what I do is trial and error, the documentation process would [a] slow me down and [b] be full of crossings out :D

(20:26:12) @Ariadnes_web just *HUG* (should you like one)

(20:29:04) @Ariadnes_web xxx

(20:29:34) @poots *approves* x

(20:29:59) @naomimoriarty Aww :)

(20:30:54) @BeachBelles #baffled

(20:32:13) @BeachBelles AHH! LOVE IT!

(20:33:20) @mostlygeordie And a very good evening to you. Please, have this award for 'best sausage related tweet of the day' :)

(20:33:50) @BeachBelles :) :) :)

(20:34:09) @lsrwLuke All good - I don't play too seriously :)

(20:34:30) @Ariadnes_web If I could send you a little of my happiness, I would. You deserve it x

(20:34:47) @brennig I guess I should've saved my command line history! :)

(20:35:30) @BeachBelles Two words: Medised. And vodka (for you ;)

(20:36:24) I think I've had altogether too much screen time today. Popping off unless I have something useful to say. N'night! :)

(20:44:07) @LilacNun @mostlygeordie *arf*

(20:44:21) @LilacNun @mostlygeordie I love both of you.

(20:44:41) @yellow757 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ;) x

(20:44:51) @lsrwLuke Bon nuit!

(20:45:07) @BeachBelles Don't knock it (back) until you've tried it ;)

(20:50:01) @LilacNun Who?

(20:58:12) Question for lovely Lutonian people: are there any second hand record shop in #Luton? I want a second hand record. Or CD. Or both. Or some.

(21:03:45) FOUND IT! Vinyl Revelations #Luton - thanks @poots #sounditout

(21:43:37) @Bubble2009 Thank you! I will certainly go and visit them :)

(21:44:33) @chepbourne Thank you! A true indulgence:) Thank you also for the wonderful birthday present - I will enjoy choosing something :) :) xx

(21:45:08) @Stewpot @poots Thanks, Stew! May well do :) :)

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(00:05:53) Ready for the long haul (coffee not pictured)

(02:00:28) @sparkyannc heehee..volunteered for some hardcore work as a learning experience - the cool stuff happens at night.. I'm at home at least! ;)

(02:00:44) @JonBCFC A one-off special. Now with Gantt charts ;) You?

(02:04:00) @Z80GameCoder I ENTIRELY approve.

(02:11:58) RT @_windrider: Dalek Relaxation for humans:

(02:12:15) @_windrider Hilarious :D

(02:37:19) @JonBCFC Rest well! :)

(03:31:53) @MissyMWAC Lovely bauble!

(03:33:42) @smartie999 Maybe later, ta - I'm on these at the moment.. help yourself!

(03:55:11) @smartie999 Oh always #midnightfeast

(04:31:02) @smartie999 Every day's a Sabbath day for me, and special offers are exempt.

(04:55:54) @smartie999 Heehee... that's a GOOD day! I hope the mistletoe is up all year round, too :) I've had a lie down for a bit. Does that count?

(05:03:51) @vobes Good morning :)

(05:32:36) @sparkyannc :| Big hugs from me. (I would like some sleep, too!)

(05:54:31) @smartie999 Gonna have a doze when the work is done. YEAH x

(06:13:41) @thekeithchegwin Time off in loo.

(06:14:18) @biscuitnose I learn a lot this time of the morning.

(06:20:52) @biscuitnose I shall watch you watching the kids watching telly. Not in a stalkerish way ;)

(06:25:06) I admire @miz_shake68 - who plays #WordsWithFriends before tweeting for the day ;)

(06:31:21) @vobes Have a fantastic Friday - I hope it has a bit of everything you want from a day :)

(06:31:31) @miz_shake68 Always ;)

(06:33:10) Roboteers... cease! Back in a bit.

(06:53:53) @peasbloss Mo rning x

(06:56:12) @vobes Wishing you luck with the CG - just catching up with the NE :) You'll pick it up again in no time :) best to keep out of the wind!

(07:21:27) @PontoonDock Thank you! And to @trevypoos from me :)

(07:51:23) Going into stasis.

(16:43:52) @PinkBlancmange @kelvm777 @awiawi63 @twomeypat @chrisprodromou Thank you! Have a splendid weekend :) x #FF

(16:44:20) @LilyShambles Thank you, I had a fair to middling kip (the main event is tonight ;) Happy Nearly Weekend! :)

(16:44:50) @washmysocks31 Heh.. you were unlikely to get a reaction - I was up all night working :D Have a lovely weekend!

(16:45:00) @lloydbayley He'd better have smoked me a kipper ;)

(17:18:56) @BlueMoon_11 Happy Friday to you! :)

(17:22:25) @RobLound Wow.. meetings have come on a long way since I used to go to 'em..!

(17:34:12) Get with the programme, old-timer... #wordswithfriends

(18:18:08) @PaulEdwards_ Bottoms up! :)

(19:09:00) In celebration of the approaching weekend, the children have taken to pinging Rebecca Black along a road in a Flash web game. #Friday

(19:37:47) @beershowjimmy Cheers!

(19:38:36) I am SO going to toast some muffins in a minute.

(19:38:59) @Kercal It's what the public want :D

(19:40:03) @Kercal And anyway, this:

(19:41:10) @brennig Of course.

(19:43:11) And I quote: "Those potatoes are FAR too patronising."

(19:44:32) @areyougettingit I am disappointed daily that I am not a role model for disaffected youth. With access to a toaster.

(19:45:54) @beershowjimmy I do. I do indeed.

(20:04:51) @lsrwLuke You never questioned me (or rather I fear I missed your question).

(20:05:35) @lsrwLuke Ahh! Found it. I am “cacophonyx” on #wordswithfriends - sorry for the delay!

(20:06:21) @RobLound Haha! Brilliant :)

(20:08:03) @giagia You’re only a subtstrate away from making semiconductor dough.. squishy apocalyptic computers FTW.

(20:14:52) @Vobes just listening to your latest NE - it's a credit to your talents that you can fulfil ALL the roles in the film-making!

(20:15:05) @alnicholl77 Wonderful! :)

(20:15:16) @lsrwLuke It is SUCH a game of luck!

(20:15:24) @leica0000 YOSS!

(21:09:57) Fluff!

(21:16:19) @vobes Not to me, it's not. You are an inspiration.. if not to millions, then at least to those who know and appreciate your skills.

(21:17:49) Watching another documentary on #BBC4 - this time about 7" singles. I am SO the target audience for this.

(22:04:51) 'Single mix' or 'album mix' ..? The former every time.

(22:06:23) There may well be a generation of children on the way who never own a physical copy of a piece of music they love. That is weird to me.

(22:19:32) @mostlygeordie That is SO cool! I'm sure some of the brighter kids in school bought the sheet music, too.. I was always very impressed!

(22:22:01) @chrisandharvey My little'un (not quite so little - she's 9) asked if she could play one of my 'big CDs' :D They've both played records ;)

(22:23:33) Ahh the Channel 4 Constant Cutaway. I say that like it's a good thing. It is entirely not. Can they not hold a shot for more than 3 seconds?

(22:24:35) @mostlygeordie I've got one of them!

(22:25:11) @RichHarkness Heehee.. I have a box of VHS tapes in the loft ;)

(22:36:20) @mostlygeordie #PoorlyPlayedChicago ;) x

(22:55:04) @thatsjustme0 Sending soothing sleepy thoughts x

(22:55:39) @yellow757 mmmmm! There is an Iceland open this time of night? ;)

(22:57:30) @AnnMarieCFoster yes!

(22:58:43) @mostlygeordie That should be Great Britain's logo.

(23:01:14) @yellow757 Please get me one while you there. And one of those MASSIVE boxes of party snacks ;) x

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(12:48:51) @shellzenner I'm glad I missed that tweet ;)

(12:49:12) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner I'm awake now.. (nearly ;) Another late one ahead..!

(12:50:00) Happy Thursday. I think it's Thursday, anyway. I have an A3 Gantt chart. Quite nice.

(12:50:47) Branding.

(12:53:11) @Poots you might have missed that @Maria_Moyses has a science-related twitter account: @Dr_Maria_Hodges .. bit complicated for me, mind ;)

(12:55:24) Precision. Precision branding.

(13:03:37) Happy Thanksgiving to my American follower :) I am almost always thankful. Gratitude is cool (like a hat).

(13:07:37) @Tone_720 NINJA SKILLZOORS

(13:41:18) @_windrider @streakmachine Which I endorse (from a safe distance)

(14:15:44) @BeachBelles Why not tell her you're going on the pull later and don't want to arouse suspicion... bound to work ;)

(14:20:30) @BitsyVonMuffin I had a lovely day, thank you - working, mainly :D Doing it again tonight - I shall let my hair down at the weekend;) xx

(15:38:43) @sparkyannc They all want a piece of you! ;)

(15:38:57) @poots And a happier Beth is a happier me. x

(15:51:17) @WalkerBruhn I hope it is a brilliant day for you and your family :)

(15:57:17) @corrie_corfield @sueperkins @EmmaK67 I saw a list of the 150 most illegible people in the UK, but I couldn't tell you who was on it.

(16:49:50) @LutonHaart Would a 'please' be too much to ask..?

(20:11:00) @smartie999 Some, but you'll have to fight my brother-in-law for it ;) Oh, and there are some little chocolate brownies in the office ;)

(20:14:27) @Stenbird NOOOOOO!

(20:27:14) @LutonNewsConnie Every week? That's a long write up ;)

(20:45:17) @Stenbird Damp is bad. Perhaps @TheQuill could pop round after?

(20:46:30) @LutonNewsConnie I hope all is cheerier soon :)

(21:35:59) @TheQuill What a gent :) @Stenbird

(21:47:37) Diiiiisco nap.

(23:14:24) @areyougettingit Sorry I missed it - I was preparing for some overnight work which I'll be kicking off in the next hour or so :)

(23:14:43) @GHOGIT *chuckles* me too! Thank you :)

(23:57:36) @ellewadding Sleep well :)

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(07:40:54) @Stenbird Thank you! Being still alive and drinking coffee is a treat in itself :) :)

(07:41:15) @annainterrupted ~big smile~ thank you!

(07:41:27) @ngyt_uk Thank you! x

(07:41:39) @BaronHawkey Cheers, bud :)

(07:42:08) @brennig That takes me back... a frightening number of years :D thank you!

(07:42:27) @gruppox Thanks, Paul - have a splendid day :)

(07:43:16) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Happy Wednesday at a less #Binaish hour to you :)

(07:44:06) @Matildamouse Have a really lovely day - in fact, have a fantastic birthday week! Happy birthday :) :)

(07:44:56) @claremac82 They are so much better behaved than I am :D Glad you survived the lurgy x

(07:45:37) Happy birthday @RobJD - I wish you a brilliant day!

(07:46:10) Happy birthday, @pauldmorgan :)

(08:00:57) @linseyt Thank you :) I shall be hot footing it to the candy store;)

(08:01:08) @BitsyVonMuffin Might be ;)

(08:01:29) @BaronHawkey Thank you :) Have a great day too!

(08:02:51) .@Matildamouse And a very happy birthday to you! I hope you have some smashing treats today! Hugs from us all xxx

(08:03:37) @claudiahaun Thank you, Claudia :) I hope all is splendid with you! x

(08:06:40) @linseyt Candle store. I hadn't had my coffee :D

(08:07:28) @thatsjustme0 Ooh intriguing! What's afoot? x @BitsyVonMuffin

(08:08:44) @junkmanuk ~chuckles~

(08:10:05) I don't care if it doesn't go, I am totally wearing my new hoodie to work #glees

(09:38:11) Sweet parking ticket

(09:56:59) @joanneh234 Heehee I wish (I would love a purple car ;)

(09:57:40) @thatsjustme0 Have a splendid day regardless! (ps photo!) #proudmum

(09:58:15) @JQP74 Thank you! I am sure @joanneh234 looks a lot younger than me :D

(09:58:59) @poots Not again :/

(09:59:33) @fridgemagnet2 85% Thank you :)

(09:59:54) @sparkyannc Thank you! :) :) Happy birthday @walshd1 - among many!

(10:00:13) @AlexGFox Cool that will be! ;) Thank you!

(10:00:41) @smartie999 @poots TA! x

(10:01:11) @smartie999 Please note: @poots is already a champion surrogate ;)

(10:17:43) @joanneh234 Mais biensur ;) @JQP74

(11:52:44) @Barwickgreen Thank you. I am quite pleased that my age is, once again, a prime number :)

(11:52:56) @joanneh234 I liked it ;) @JQP74

(11:53:14) @fiverscarrot For a damp day, I have to say it was quite well-behaved :D Thank you!

(11:53:25) @binabery @walshd1 Thank you, Megan! :) :)

(11:53:35) @Bubble2009 @RobJD @Matildamouse Thank you *BIG HUG* x

(11:53:49) @JuliaBall Thanks, Julia :) Hope all is well in North Hertfordshire!

(14:00:35) @painted_duchess Bless you. Bless ALL of you. Especially your tingly bits. x

(14:00:47) @joanneh234 @JQP74 *chuckles*

(14:01:03) @JuliaBall YES! Don't let anyone touch it! :D

(14:30:37) @ellewadding :) :) That makes me genuinely happy :) :)

(14:30:56) @biscuitnose near enough.

(14:31:53) @crabbyknickers You look sultry :)

(14:32:33) I am all tired out already. It was scampi and work dreams.

(14:38:31) @crabbyknickers But not slutty (or indeed, slurry). You are far too classy for that :P

(15:13:30) @mostlygeordie WEIRD! (but delightful ;)

(15:18:06) @washmysocks31 Nowt so queer as folk!

(15:18:20) @SimplyTanny Bit damp :/

(15:18:31) Looking for the Print Room.

(15:38:58) @poots *BIG HUG*

(15:39:50) @washmysocks31 Thank you :) It is a pleasant one (despite the dark and dank!) Hope you are having a moderate to good day!

(15:40:05) @JonBCFC A place of myth and legend. And PCL6.

(15:40:28) @crabbyknickers *mwah*

(15:44:30) @washmysocks31 Excellent! Sounds like she is a fascinating companion :)

(15:56:28) @italisalute Impressive!

(16:40:56) @smartie999 SO COOL!

(17:15:38) RT @olivia_solon: This RT @WiredUK: BBC is so wrong to kill The Naked Scientists argues @natelanxon #savethenakeds ...

(17:23:08) Every now and then I start up Internet Explorer, which is still set to the MSN home page, showing irrelevant showbiz stories. Must sort it.

(18:06:34) @poots Heading home shortly - working again from 9pm though.. finished by midnight with any luck! :) xx

(19:27:17) Woo! Thanks, @RobertoAustini and @WixRacingUK - this pic and a posh pen.. arrived today; perfect birthday presents!

(19:28:16) @TOther_Simon As long as there was no mention of a minor you should be OK :|

(19:28:30) HURRAH. HOME. And no work for 90 minutes :D

(19:54:48) @jopijedd Heehee! He's a movie star, y'know ;)

(19:55:23) @JonBCFC ~cries~ you shouldn't have. Seriously :p

(19:58:15) @JonBCFC Excellent voice mic - Steve Wright insists on that (or certainly similar) Electrovoice mic. Dynamic - so directional but v clean.

(19:59:43) @JonBCFC :) Thanks, chief!

(20:00:29) @EwenRankin ~pfft~ @poots

(20:00:44) @jopijedd Hahahaha!

(20:02:34) @JensWall @sounditoutdoc Sam and Gareth seem like absolutely lovely lads.

(20:04:23) @PlainTalkingHR Nope.. you hit my birthday right in the middle ;) thank you! x

(20:20:26) @PlainTalkingHR :) :) x

(20:21:16) Going for a shower, and then I am going to work in my pyjamas. #notaeuphemism

(21:23:19) @fiverscarrot That is just HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing it :) I love the family photo :D

(21:43:38) This made me chuckle: (Thanks, @fiverscarrot :)

(21:53:48) @effieoffie HAHAHA! Better than a car crash ;) Thank you, lovely! x

(21:54:44) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter I had to compose myself before going upstairs to ask if @poots had seen it.. so funny! :D

(21:56:20) @Beckyyyy123 LOVE that!

(21:56:24) RT @Beckyyyy123: Here's a picture of a happy microwave, have a good evening

(21:57:15) @drhappymac AND the bloke who played Avon in Blake's Seven ;)

(22:02:50) @effieoffie oooh naughty!

(22:03:16) @vobes Thank you :) I found the beer show a little challenging in the middle! You and Jimmy had quite the argument :D

(22:03:54) @lloydbayley Mornin' Lloydy :)

(22:10:17) @lloydbayley I'm not bad, ta - a little tired, but still going .. a bit of late night work going on here :D Coffee time, I think!

(22:11:26) @corrie_corfield Mere minority views. I claim it as EPIC.

(22:12:24) @mabelinticket94 Hello!

(22:18:32) @PaulEdwards_ Delete as applicable? ;) @lloydbayley

(22:19:37) RT @matt: Great work from @DeanJWhitehouse on the @funkids site - when it loads it turns black and white, you paint back colour! http:// ...

(22:19:47) @matt @DeanJWhitehouse @funkids That made me smile! :)

(22:26:28) @PaulEdwards_ It has a spicy centre! @lloydbayley

(23:50:42) @MissyMWAC NOMMY. And they look at bit like buns, too, under all those pecans ;)

(23:52:35) B.V.S.M.P. Heh. Night!

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(07:29:14) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Morning :) may your Tuesday not be too Tuesdayish...

(08:00:31) Good morning. We are playing word plants with Lenni. Not word pants.

(08:00:56) @mostlygeordie Up an atom!

(08:01:31) @TOther_Simon #dailygroan

(08:01:39) RT @govindajeggy: When you get to the bottom of your professional career it's called "reaching your Nadine"

(08:02:45) @BaronHawkey @washmysocks31 Morning both :) hope you have a splendid day despite the dampness!

(08:07:34) @LilythePurr @fluffysuse Morning smashing tweeps x

(08:08:13) @BaronHawkey Damp-proofing in clothes form yeah! @washmysocks31

(08:09:56) @fluffysuse Good morning ZTT

(08:10:21) @washmysocks31 Back to autumn, eh? @BaronHawkey

(08:14:43) @BaronHawkey :) :)

(09:38:25) @lloydbayley The tuna arrived, then? ;) Have a good tinkle!

(09:51:45) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner I was never very good at Tuesdays :D The M1 behaved OK ;) Have a good one x

(10:17:39) @lloydbayley I'm very much looking forward to hearing it! :)

(10:41:06) @lloydbayley Some lunchtime listening for me - thank you! :)

(10:44:02) @edtjones @TimHarford That is bonkers!

(10:50:30) @MooseAllain When moving back to the UK from Germany, I lost a soldier cuddly toy on the train. I also have no idea where my Sunny Jim went.

(11:15:47) @lloydbayley Me too! Rest well when you do :)

(11:33:01) @willowHart Doesn't get a much better aroma than that :)

(13:11:55) @LutonNewsConnie It is only little :) Just you wait until someone emails you a photo they've taken on the biggest setting on a new phone!

(16:59:10) @axisweb Tomorrow is a good day to have a birthday. /cc @RobJD @MatildaMouse

(16:59:20) @daisythom YOSS!

(17:33:34) @xlaux !

(17:45:04) Better get myself home for a bit.

(17:54:00) @poots Oooo!

(17:55:04) @xlaux BOO! Hope it subsides soon x #poxyhormones

(20:30:52) @LutonNewsSally Ohhhh lordy.

(20:31:08) @BeachBelles I lose some by not being there :p

(20:31:34) @claw0101 @MissyMWAC YESS! :) :)

(20:31:37) RT @claw0101: The latest Here 'N' There is up. What does @MissyMWAC do with her giblets? Find out on this weeks show.

(20:32:04) RT @jamierubicin: Australia had it so right. A male and female Bishop.

(20:33:29) @hooker1uk A HUGE amount of work goes into game soundtracks.. even @LondonBulgChoir feature in the latest Halo music.. and they are AMAZIN'.

(20:33:55) @brennig BED.

(20:34:52) @bowbrick Impressive that, given one can't even get mobile phone reception down there :D

(20:38:22) I have found myself reading Jeremy Clarkson's tweets. Time to move AWAY from the Twitter. #betterthingstodo #althoughheisquiteamusing

(20:38:47) @BeachBelles Yes. yes I will *obeys*

(20:38:51) RT @MandyPandy32: The map of Twitter (ht @davidschneider and @chigwiri)

(20:39:11) @ewarthale SOMETHING.

(20:40:08) Oh and I have just voted FOR female 'me's. How progressive is that? #myowndemographic

(21:04:57) @claremac82 COOL :) :) All better now? x

(21:06:46) @mostlygeordie A much more pleasant contemplation :) x

(21:14:35) @mostlygeordie If I'm honest, I'm completely pooped.. just about to record some guitar lines for a song I'm working on :) And you..? x

(21:14:45) @_windrider FOODAGE ;)

(21:15:07) @Matildamouse Not a huge amount, to be honest.. work mainly ;) @axisweb @RobJD

(21:15:24) @Matildamouse How about you? Any treats for your birthday? x

(21:16:28) @pearcen @claw0101 @MissyMWAC They are EPIC! :)

(21:16:54) @mostlygeordie Oh goodness... enjoyable nonetheless?

(21:17:18) @mostlygeordie Oh I am... no point in being dishonest (especially with my poor memory :D) ;)

(21:18:39) @mostlygeordie I am sure that's the case wherever you go, though #vivaciousandsmart

(21:18:56) @claw0101 @pearcen @MissyMWAC *tailspins*

(21:22:35) @mostlygeordie Hahaha! BRILLIANT :) :) (and free food ;)

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(07:10:39) @SheiketteJudy Welcome back x

(07:12:48) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner Happy Monday :) May it be full without being frantic. X

(07:15:27) @mostlygeordie I really liked it :)

(07:18:09) Good morning. Another night of weird dreams.. can't quite remember them, though. Let's see what we can do with this Monday, then. Origami.

(07:19:22) @PlainTalkingHR Heehee :) Still trying to boot up my brain this morning.. how about you? @poots @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner

(07:30:24) @vobes Morning, Richard :) I very much enjoyed your latest NE - full of the joys! Have a most splendid week with laughter and craziness :)

(07:31:33) @washmysocks31 Good morning, Barbara. I sense it is the season for odd dreams :) I wish you a clear head and a happy day!

(09:09:38) @sacs Good morning :) Zombie apocalypse dreams.. I'm hoping that one is NOT on the list for me. Not big on zombies :D

(09:10:18) @TOther_Simon You are on form today, sir. Oh, and very much enjoyed your Mantrap song. YOSS!

(09:10:34) @peasbloss HUZZAH! :D

(09:10:46) @oliwia_s Mornin' ;)

(09:11:25) @leica0000 Hang in there. And do what is necessary to keep going.

(09:12:30) @crabbyknickers For what it's worth, I do, too. Some things are not suited to the capitalist model.

(09:16:57) I love this - by @TOther_Simon - Mantrap! via @Audioboo

(09:37:18) @peasbloss Have a brilliant day (hoovering notwithstanding)

(09:40:03) RT @TomMeeten: Spoiler Alert! #spoileralert

(09:41:05) @nxmee one for you.. Bronies on the @Audioboo frontpage this morning with a number of tributes to @tarastrong

(09:42:37) @emtgates I really can't be bothered to answer that ;)

(09:53:47) @emtgates Have a great day.. and don't let 'em get away with it ;)

(09:54:06) @sacs That would certainly explain it! #assiduouslyavoidszombiegames

(11:31:41) @mostlygeordie If only there was a way of calibrating problems to take account of 'real-problemness'... we'd all be so much more chilled.

(11:31:52) RT @mostlygeordie: You think you've got problems

(13:21:37) There's no "I" in salad. (that's an 'i', not a lower case 'L'. Obviously).

(13:22:51) @vobes @beershowjimmy YAY! :)

(14:31:17) @peasbloss GET CAKE. EAT CAKE. FLY!

(14:43:24) @sparkyannc Feel better soon x

(15:15:01) @TheEggKing And, indeed, in 'Wotsits' which I had with my salad. Which is nice.

(15:29:31) @TheEggKing :D :D :D

(15:29:42) @peasbloss But it will be worth it :) :)

(21:04:41) @Tone_720 ~blushes~ :)

(21:16:11) @Tone_720 Working on a pop track at the mo :)

(21:16:34) @oliwia_s Thank you - you too!

(21:28:06) Just caught a small snippet about #chiptunes on #bbcradio1- nice that 20 year old technology can still be cool. For the kids yeah (etc).

(21:40:03) @poots Ha! :p

(21:41:13) @gazuky Hurrah! :) Will my RSS feed be updating with shiny new podcasts?

(21:41:56) RT @TiernanDouieb: Instructions on my ready meal said 'remove sleeve & film lid'. The food is still cold, so is my arm & I now h ...

(21:45:13) This keeps blimmin' well happening in #wordswithfriends - I get a seven letter word, but nowhere to put it. Sort of.

(21:56:51) RT @Twips2: TURN your office into a kids' party by ignoring your boss's instructions unless he starts them with "Simon says ..." (via @e ...

(21:57:30) @streakmachine You mean get it out of the loft, right..? ;)

(21:59:15) @PlainTalkingHR It was @poots who was commenting about me playing Radio 4 at an antisocial volume in the car earlier.. I can't win ;) x

(22:00:18) @JQP74 Oooh... scurrilous! (But might explain why @miz_shake68 keeps beating me ;) - only joking.. that's my bad luck does that ;)

(22:08:34) @gazuky Okeydokey. Please do tweet when a show comes out.. I wouldn't want to miss one! Great to hear you are BACK :)

(22:09:04) @miz_shake68 I shall get ready for your comeback ;) @JQP74

(22:10:27) Right. I will now attempt to be in bed by ten thirty. Mainly by resisting any temptation to tinker in the studio. Ready go. N'night :)

(22:11:27) PS Went to @nxmee's parents' evening earlier. Main things taken away: his science is boring, and his art teacher is very good value.

(22:29:26) @thatsjustme0 Rest well when you do, dear Dee! X

(22:29:45) @miz_shake68 Awww.. get better soon! X @JQP74

(22:30:23) @gazuky Cool.. thank you! I shall let you know how I enjoy it :)

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(09:45:45) @stevenaybour They're holding the Grand Prix in a pub? Scalextric! :D :D

(09:48:22) An amusing discussion with the boy this morning about creative self expression and why instagramming the kitchen table isn't so appreciated.

(09:49:26) I keep getting 'spam' tweets saying "I can get you 4000 followes in 24 hrs." I say: I bet they aren't nearly as good as the ones I have now.

(09:53:16) Good morning. And you can take that to the bank (although it's shut).

(09:56:17) @lucyrboo YES! ~high fives~

(14:51:43) Just back from a very pleasant welcoming meal for @LutonRev and his family. Now: swimming in the autumn sunshine. Sort of. Indoor version.

(21:52:39) RT @mostlygeordie: If you prefer Twitter over Real Life please DO NOT RT this tweet. I'm trying to show my sister that most tweets get c ...

(21:53:45) @LilacNun Check through your spam folder... there is EVERYTHING for sale in there ;)

(21:54:33) @mostlygeordie I had to read that several times to work out whether I should retweet it or not :D And hello your sister ;) x

(23:58:25) Another night another something s'something something. Nope. It's gone. Beddingtons. Night! :)

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(09:13:14) @sm2n I am sure you're right... I let that track pass me by... linky? @ClaudiaBrucken1

(09:23:42) @mostlygeordie Gah. Looks like mainly the work surface got it.. our kitchen carpet has had more than its fair share of milky baths :D

(09:25:10) @neilsleat I have the same sort of inexplicable obsession with Woking and Wokingham. I intend to write a thesis on the finer comparisons.

(09:26:01) RT @stuartthomas: In case you missed last night - the new Doctor Who trailer which confirms his new companion is called Clara.. http://t ...

(09:26:41) @thatsjustme0 What did you have in the end? I had Sugar Puffs #weearoma

(09:30:12) @trevypoos ~sniggers~

(09:31:47) @emmathegardener The mind boggles ~searchesforitonAmazon~

(09:33:02) @AlanChand @neilsleat The main difference is that with Wokingham you can always find somewhere to pork. (park? Oh never mind)

(09:33:41) @BlueMoon_11 Morning Lou Lou :)

(09:35:27) @LadyJanieGeek @Ariadnes_web I may have to keep restarting my weekend until I fulfil all of those criteria. This will take a while.

(09:54:41) @AlanChand @neilsleat I shall bay contritely for mercy, guarding my crackling loins. Then away I shall trot, as this sorry

(09:55:24) @sm2n Yes to both. @ClaudiaBrucken1 has ALL the mellifluous tones :)

(09:55:58) @BlueMoon_11 Hence the 11 in your twitter name ;) A relaxing weekend ahead - in theory! You?

(09:57:34) @AlanChand @neilsleat That, incidentally, was a tweet-length @hellobuglers style pun-run. In case you missed it.

(10:41:07) @sm2n @ClaudiaBrucken1 @jamfolder @syzygy *BIG GRIN*

(10:47:00) Good morning. I had a thought yesterday: Advice for life: Live, but don't get sucked in. Can't decide whether that just works for me..

(10:48:02) In other news, I've faffed about quite substantially so far today, mainly looking for an errant DVI to VGA adaptor. Ordered one off Azanom.

(10:53:21) @thatsjustme0 Whose is it?! :D x

(10:53:50) @PlainTalkingHR A very good morning at a non-#Binaish hour! :) Just about to make tea.. :) Enjoy a day of happiness and freedom! x

(10:54:23) @leica0000 Frustratingly I think we do, too.. but they weren't in the usual place! :) Thank you kindly, though :) :)xc

(10:54:35) @BaronHawkey feeling better, sir?

(10:55:57) Last night I dreamt about being on remand. Weird. I didn't like it. Therefore I shall continue to be quite quite legal.

(11:00:07) @batwench Now I am not going to admit ~that~ on Twitter, am I? #whiterthanwhite

(11:00:26) @miz_shake68 @smartie999 YES! X

(11:04:52) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 It was clearly a Weird Dream Night :D

(11:06:45) @_windrider @batwench Thou Shalt Get A Decent Solicitor :D

(11:07:13) @pearcen @batwench I shall have to invent one. He will be called 'Tom'.

(11:11:50) @poots Er yes?

(11:19:01) @poots Be strong, my darling x

(12:50:20) Yeah, thanks for that, Microsoft...

(14:04:54) @sfdrummer Windows 7 insists upon it, it would appear. Unless you furkle around with the innards.

(15:02:51) @LilacNun Your twitter avi is completely broken now. Which is a shame, because you're adequately pretty. @mostlygeordie

(15:04:16) Free cow!

(15:43:08) @batwench It's what I sing whenever "La Freak" by Chic is on't radio. If ever there's a bovine incarceration I'll be ready with my protest.

(15:48:18) @lsrwLuke Not Bill Bryson's :D

(15:53:21) Twice today I've seen the word "Chirality" in our house. I have a cool family. Also, every day I have heard the word "Fancy." #statistics

(15:55:12) Also today, @vihartvihart has introduced @SuperAlora to the concept of Flexahexamexicanfoodcravings.

(16:12:24) @davewitchalls I shall look forward to hearing it :) :)

(16:18:08) @mostlygeordie Because you're worth it.

(17:25:27) @repurposedmind That would explain the oval stickers that I see everywhere ;)

(17:25:59) @mostlygeordie Yes! Festive! YESTIVE!

(19:15:32) @brennig Oh my. A rollercoaster ride.

(19:29:00) @repurposedmind *coughs*

(19:37:44) @Zomby6 @aboutdotme Thanks for the reminder.. needed to do mine! :)

(19:38:56) @Zomby6 @aboutdotme Thanks, @Artemu !

(20:49:52) @GHOGIT Great to hear! :)

(21:24:08) Watching the behind the scenes of Trollied series 2. Interesting to see what goes on.. but it's not the first sitcom set in a supermarket.

(21:38:10) @PinkBlancmange Nightmare. Can only only get better x

(21:42:22) I would love for the song I'm currently working on in @Jamfolder to be pressed to vinyl. One day. One, affluent, day. When it's finished.

(22:17:36) Out progeny have engineered some rather patriotic feeding tubs for the guinea pig. She is entirely oblivious

(23:25:08) Vinyl Indulgence - beginning and end of Side A from where I was sittting... via @audioboo #sounditout

(23:52:05) May your dreams be joyful and interesting. Just a couple more tunes from me before I sleep. Night night.

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(00:06:50) More mixing and noise done this evening. Progress, albeit slow. Need to add some sparkle (does that sound too 'showbiz'?) G'night.

(00:26:46) @smartie999 @poots YES! I would love to xx

(07:47:26) @BeachBelles That is what breakfast time is for. :) :) Fantastic mental image!

(07:48:33) RT @johndredge: Coming soon...

(09:03:20) @mrs_forky @EssGee_x @MammaTort @KingPinguin @countrymunkle @beangirl @XerxesCFox Thank you! We’re gathered on the cusp. Have a good cusp!

(09:38:28) RT @Loadofoldshit: Dunno why people moan about paying to use the bogs up Victoria station - 20p ain't bad for 8 bog rolls and 6 bars of ...

(09:49:30) @mediauk Yeah - got the holding page last night when I clicked on the Sally Bercow link. Hence the RadioPlayer link. Not expected..?

(09:49:42) @hooker1uk @Dawn1976 @SusanBoylesCat @NLifepaints @DirtyLittleW @GerrysMum @kykaree @Dark_Wolf @rachelgully @im1rob @poots Thanks, Paul :)

(09:49:59) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Thank you LUTON STYLE! :) #FF

(09:50:18) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @Lindylooloo @wkdstepmother You too, Bina :) #FF

(09:55:24) @ThePoke @LilythePurr @MooseAllain and @govindajeggy #thepoke50

(10:04:34) RT @drewb: A 20-min presentation on "Precisely why the Daily Mail is irredeemable shit" via @BoingBoing

(10:11:30) @rhodri YES.

(10:36:39) @painted_duchess I really need to do that this year. How's the teeth?x

(10:42:07) @LilythePurr There are many folk I follow on Twitter who make me chuckle - your tweets are rarely groaners! :)

(10:42:30) @biscuitnose Preston Park.

(10:42:49) vub vub vub. German dubstep.

(11:19:48) @thatsjustme0 Guten Morgen :) x

(11:19:58) @BitsyVonMuffin JA!

(11:27:02) @thatsjustme0 Genau! :) x

(11:29:17) Via @webziggy Lossless codec 'Pono': Musician Neil Young launches challenge to MP3s - pointless with current mastering.

(12:18:13) @CoyneMax Curiosity is one of the watchwords for my life :) I don't work for @syzygyUK I'm afraid... I just like the word so I took it(!)

(13:27:45) @LettersOfNote @Zany_Zigzag Wow. What galls me a little is that there are, I suspect, still people around who believe they 'own' slaves..

(13:57:09) Let's see.. @106jack: .. local, relevant; @thisisheart: .. facile nonsense. #saysitall

(14:20:12) @sarahjaneuk It may be a little late now.. - I'll keep an eye out for an update.

(15:03:16) RT @EwenRankin: THe Mac SHow is LIVE in 30 with @BritishMac @AlexGFox @Verso @KyleSwager @drhappymac @EwenRankin

(15:03:44) Good to have you back, @BritishMac ! And what a fine panel.. @AlexGFox @verso @kyleswager @drhappymac @EwenRankin

(15:04:18) @sarahjaneuk Heehee.. no worries. Nice to be referred to in the singular ;) Have a lovely weekend!

(16:38:11) Another wonderful preview of An Abandoned Canal by @BaldExplorer … - looking forward to it! :)

(18:56:20) @poots What could be a better way to spend an evening? Oh yes, Accident and Emergency. And most other things. Including olives.

(18:57:58) @sparkyannc Pro tip: put the working headphone on the front of your head for a full mono soundfield.

(19:00:19) I arrived home to discover my daughter had been on stage at the Globe Theatre today, delivering lines of Shakespeare. #prettycool

(19:33:06) @fridgemagnet2 You will. One day. Anchovy @poots

(19:33:42) @wkdstepmother I'll save 'em all up and pop them round ;) @poots

(19:34:01) @crabtreesmythe Thanks!

(19:41:16) @willowHart She is definitely a drama queen ;)

(19:41:53) @crabbyknickers I hope the memory lasts and inspires her :)

(19:42:20) @_windrider which I am sure you did with a manly stride and aplomb ;)

(19:42:56) @streakmachine :) Nice to hear of what's going on while I'm at work :) :) have a great weekend!

(19:43:26) Improper bo.

(20:00:10) Season of mists and yellow bonfirenees via @audioboo

(21:39:11) @BaronHawkey Feel better soon, dude :)

(21:40:22) @helenduffett You can’t do both at once? This needs to be remedied.

(21:40:45) @akrabat Enjoy :)

(21:41:22) @JonBCFC What would you give her 20 seconds to do..?

(21:42:15) @mostlygeordie @LilacNun You two! #FF

(21:46:36) RT @inkyhands: Everybody join the the chorus ....

(21:47:00) @inkyhands Wow! That is subtly brilliant :)

(21:48:06) What I have learned from science programmes: If you don’t have spooky background music, science is impossible to explain. And doesn’t work.

(21:51:32) @FinalBullet Reverse entropy… isn’t that called ‘tidiness’..? (or lack of children ;)

(22:26:28) @effieoffie Blimey. Ready for a weekend?

(22:28:50) Watching Russell Howard doing shouting. Then bed. I did do a bit of reading, though. I may well take Bill Bryson upstairs. Night night.

(22:29:43) @getbentsaggy @buschenfeld Saves me watching it.

(22:29:58) @effieoffie Rest! Soon! x

(22:30:26) @washmysocks31 N'night :)

(22:41:54) @brennig Agreed! @alexgeoghegan

(23:06:44) @errolin Heeyyyyyyy! Happy weekend! :)

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(05:58:25) @drhappymac It was "Heaven" by the Martians :)

(06:04:42) @thatsjustme0 early morning :)

(07:34:33) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner Good morning :) A delight to see a tweet from you first thing :)

(08:04:00) @Canojar Totally :)

(08:04:48) Good morning (again). A bit of reserach on Windows 8 for netbooks suggests screen scaling is required for Modern 8UI apps to run at 1024x600

(08:05:37) In view of the aforementioned revelations, I am off to the medicine cabinet for some anti-inflammatories. Well, OK, for my back actually.

(08:07:32) @willowHart Good morning you :) x

(08:08:29) ONWARDS. To Victory (or other Royal Navy ship converted into a museum. Especially if you need to go to Belfast).

(10:15:25) @Barwickgreen JAMYEH!

(10:18:38) @fridgemagnet2 guaranteed to bring a smile to any face. Any except yours, since you'll be GAWPED AT.

(11:38:34) @slandi @CJAD800 Thanks, Stefano - we're waiting for Toyota to call us back :) :)

(11:38:55) @Canojar Thought that was tomorrow..? Need to do some research! :D

(11:50:12) @Canojar (That is to say *I* need to do some research on who to vote for... I have no idea at the moment! :D)

(12:18:13) @corrie_corfield Wow... no aircraft trails, either - that's even more amazing!

(12:18:52) @2danceis2dream2 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

(12:24:52) @willowHart I am SO going to have to look up matzoballs :D

(12:55:46) @willowHart It is on my List Of Things To Do (and, indeed, look for!)

(12:56:08) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Oh my.. that's confusing! I hope you can enjoy the sunshine! :)

(13:25:39) RT @firebox: It was a simpler time. If only we had these (awesome) tips back then.

(13:43:49) @LilacNun Are you out of prison now then?

(13:48:01) @LilacNun You're beating me.. I am merely cheap and easy.

(14:27:32) @clur_roberts @YPLAC Impressive, and yet...

(14:30:38) @virginmedia @HairyMcFairy And this: But these are not appropriate for connecting your internet. Hope this helps.

(15:07:16) When I hear the word "Carousel" I always think of Carol Chell, arguably my favourite Playschool presenter. An insight into my brain there.

(15:08:14) @christopherw [1] if you have a biometric passport, they can use that; saves 20 notes. [2] the post office charges +£4.50 for a photo there.

(15:17:40) @MuddyTurnip :D :D :D

(15:18:33) I am currently getting an accurate assessment of how little diggity I have.

(15:34:23) @Tone_720 Hence the accurate assessment ;)

(15:35:30) @Canojar That was close :D I only remember because my daughter's Cubs is cancelled; they're using the church hall as a polling station :D

(16:53:24) @goitsagch @poots YEAHHH! :)

(16:54:28) Awww! There's my lovely lovely lovely @poots at the back! :) (Thanks @goitsagch ;)

(17:33:44) Listening to the radio...

(19:10:55) @christopherw Damon Albarn was clever to be able to make something that didn't suit (therefore transcended?) any of the radio stations: D

(19:13:47) I confess I turned the radio off briefly during the 5.33pm 2LO piece because I thought my car was broken and making a warning sound. #bbc90

(19:14:18) @RobLound We may well have been. It wasn't ThisIsHeart, that's for sure ;)

(19:17:31) I don't think I got as good a deal as George Entwistle when I left the BBC. I have to pay THEM £3000 because of a bureaucratic error. #fail

(19:18:03) @mostlygeordie It was a bad noise. Honest!

(19:30:47) @christopherw It is only short.. you may want to make a playlist/evening of it.

(19:31:13) @goitsagch Worst game of Monopoly I ever played...

(19:32:21) Don't forget - tomorrow is Wear A Onesie To Work day.

(19:33:48) @xlaux @lucyrboo Awww :)

(19:34:09) @ms_howard ~chuckles~

(19:52:12) Having listened to the Damon Albarn piece again, I've decided I don't like it. BBC Radio is far more beautiful than that. #bbc90

(20:07:16) @alnicholl77 ;)

(20:07:34) @mssres :D

(20:09:52) @alexgeoghegan Noooo! :D

(20:10:20) @fridgemagnet2 It isn't bland enough...

(20:11:59) @imule And I was about as far from the top as it's possible to get. Yup. Moving back into tech - much more comfortable than management :D

(20:12:42) @gazuky It made me think there was something wrong with my car. I did have to switch it off to check at one point :/

(20:13:55) @brennig Honestly? I have no idea :D

(20:23:15) @poots I am well used to taking 'no' for an answer ;) @brennig

(20:30:52) @thatsjustme0 A bounteous evening to you :) x

(20:32:06) @LoveLetchworth @SzpakPhoto How long have they been missing? Twitter is good for finding lost children .

(20:33:33) @alexgeoghegan Handy to know @brennig #neverwornaonesie

(20:47:38) @brennig And overwhelming and rather frightening range...! Which one are you getting? Wouldn't want to clash... ;)

(20:48:02) @thatsjustme0 Good day..? x

(20:48:26) @SzpakPhoto @LoveLetchworth Ahhh ;)

(20:50:13) @gilliandonovan A true insight in what it is to be you. I like it.

(20:51:56) We have just discovered that @poots and I both have a face we pull when Nigel Farrage turns up on the telly. Each.

(20:52:42) @brennig Me too (the same)

(20:53:31) @thatsjustme0 Lots learned again.. busy busy busy. Good to be in my jammies now :) x

(20:59:11) @thoroughlygood You live in Southall? (See what I did there?)

(20:59:48) @brennig ~something else in Northern~ (and actually I look dismal)

(21:00:19) @JoFenner That's one hell of a kickabout.

(21:09:31) @RobJD @poots has been on TV and radio ;)

(21:10:06) @Rebs_42 Evenin' :)

(21:10:44) @GHOGIT Yes... that one!

(21:20:19) Ha. Comedy goal.

(21:36:19) @RobJD Surrogacy pieces on 5Live and Radio 4. I have them on cassette ;) @poots

(21:37:36) @paulwebster Heehee :D yes! @poots

(21:39:08) @thatsjustme0 I know how that feels.. I never read enough! Relaxing now, I hope :)

(21:48:04) @Rebs_42 I'm doing OK for the time of night, thank you :) And you?

(21:49:34) @thatsjustme0 I definitely need some of that! :) x

(21:58:00) @OlorinLorien I would say they're all the rage now, but I would be ~very~ wide of the mark. Steadily heading for cult status, I think.. !

(21:59:56) @Canojar G'night :) x

(22:00:37) @thatsjustme0 Heehee.. I am something of a scrawny weakling (and no fighter!).. it'd be more aerobic exercise for me.. swimming ideally :) x

(23:48:20) @smartie999 HURRAH :) x

(23:48:35) @Z80GameCoder v. good, sir :)

(23:48:57) Synthy overload this evening. But at least there was noise made. Bed calls. B'night.

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(07:54:40) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy Tuesday to you! Bet you've been up for hours ;)

(07:55:08) @emtgates We can see sunshine here :) Have a happy Tuesday :) x

(07:55:53) @oliwia_s Dzien dobry :) Happy Tuesday! x

(07:56:20) @shellzenner Ouch. :/

(07:58:59) Good morning. Anybody put that fire out yet?

(08:02:23) @vobes Plays for me - and it is well up to your usual excellent standards. Some wonderful photography!

(08:03:28) @PlainTalkingHR It was amazing..! Reminded me of Buncefield...

(08:03:42) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Perfect! Happy Diwali! :) :)

(08:05:15) @washmysocks31 Both poetically and literally..!'s still going!

(11:17:10) @slandi We are fast becoming a Toyota family ;) I like the Yaris, too!

(11:18:33) I absolutely LOVE this video of Toyota Aygo football - I've got one of these. Just like #BTCC superstars driving them!

(11:19:51) (Quite amusing to see Ben Collins not dressed up at the Stig for that previous video, along with @mattnealracing & a young TomChilton_ )

(11:31:14) Congratulations to @SparkyAnnC for being one of this year's @RadioAcademy #30u30 -

(13:07:43) @goitsagch Great little car!

(13:08:10) @_windrider OH SO CLOSE!

(13:08:21) @BendyBanana St Albans :)

(13:10:35) @goitsagch That would be SO much fun! And they hardly got trashed at all :D

(13:16:14) Wow. There are more Saisho personal stereos on sale at eBay than I had expected.. #cassettesarecoolagain #not

(13:25:45) @herofftheradio For you or her? ;)

(13:35:33) When sending an email update about the air conditioning being broken, it may be worth reconsidering (mis)using the phrase "bare with us" ...

(16:01:54) @poots It was WELL cool, and I hardly played with it at all when queuing on the M1. Hardly at all. It's got cruise control and everything!

(16:56:32) @goitsagch I was able to get another 25 minutes kip ;)

(16:57:05) @GardenCity_Mark @widescreenJohn Zoom H1 or H2. Absolutely brilliant quality, and good value.

(18:00:15) When the air conditioning goes off in here, it reminds me of that bit in Total Recall when nobody can breathe. Also that I need to go home.

(18:00:38) @fiverscarrot Oh you'd be surprised ;) @poots

(19:35:45) @goitsagch Ooooooh I can't guess. Is it The Angel of The North..?

(19:58:21) @goitsagch I am fairly sure there's a branch of Asda near Tha Enjel o Tha North leik

(20:07:02) @thatsjustme0 Hoooop!

(20:08:10) @brennig The wonderful thing about @poots-es is that @poots-es are wonderful things ;)

(21:52:53) @BlueMoon_11 @itvnews NOT NEWS.

(21:53:29) @teresahummel Wow. That is FULL of win! :) :) :) And tea.

(21:54:38) @areyougettingit In fairness you can get 8 in Poundland for a quid. Well, they're 2032s, but you can bash 'em with a hammer ;)

(21:54:51) @thatsjustme0 EXCELLENT :) :) x

(21:55:18) @BlueMoon_11 I like both. But it's you whatever, and that's what makes it :)

(21:57:40) Spencer Compton, Henry Pelham, William Cavendish, John Stuart, Augustus FitzRoy, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Henry Addington. Prime Ministers.

(21:59:18) @thatsjustme0 I am proud of you :) :)

(21:59:27) @thatsjustme0 (and you smell so sweet ;) x

(22:02:10) @sparkyannc @VirginTrains Not home yet? Hope it's soon! #late

(22:04:16) @areyougettingit Terrifyingly so, sir.

(22:05:09) @BlueMoon_11 And you brighten mine - so wonderful to share the love on Twitter :) x

(22:30:08) @JonBCFC G'night :)

(22:31:18) N'night. Upearly.

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(07:20:49) @BaronHawkey Wow! That is just overnight for me ;)

(07:22:39) @BeachBelles Your saviour may well be gaffer tape ;) Bit late now after the fact... :/

(07:23:47) @JQP74 Good morning :) Not so big on getting out of bed, myself.. but I'm up at least ;)

(07:24:26) @emmathegardener Been out seeing a contemporary beat combo..?

(07:26:25) @trevypoos Best I can suggest is a rebranding...

(07:28:02) @vobes Extra layers today then..? Hope you can take it easy and catch up on your rest. No itchy jumpers today!

(07:28:32) @miz_shake68 G'day :)

(07:32:44) @washmysocks31 Good morning :) Umbrella weather..?

(07:34:18) @TOther_Simon Morning then.

(07:35:04) @Moominstrudel my mind is willing, but my body is protesting...

(07:35:38) @vobes You too. Top bloke :)

(07:36:51) @_windrider Love it when that happens (sort of)

(07:40:06) @TOther_Simon We're talking molecular physics at the breakfast table. Always good to learn something new. How is your wife & little'un?

(07:45:51) @emmathegardener I missed out! What a treat :)

(07:47:26) @TOther_Simon Glad to hear it :) Have a brilliant day. Incidentally - installed Addictive Drums at the weekend.. great tip, thank you!

(07:48:56) @emmathegardener Shiny and rock. You look fabulous! x

(09:11:05) @perrygascoine sure was! Did you see the fire in your mirrors?

(09:11:37) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo Good morning. M1 conquered.. now to work!

(09:14:47) An epic coloured car (despite being a Ford) brightened up a woeful M1 this morning

(09:32:01) @slandi Missed your @ reply.. sorry! It's a little Toyota Aygo - our little runabout car! :)

(09:42:41) @PlainTalkingHR @hrbeginner @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo YESS!

(09:42:59) @sacs :D

(10:25:56) @Matildamouse I married into a Vauxhall family... we do not speak of their arch-rival ;)

(11:20:07) @heatherrhian @ali_rez Holiday Inn Media City for sure! :) Enjoy the show!

(11:20:29) @thatsjustme0 Nap? Good morning by the way :) x

(11:44:12) @dizzymummytotwo Good for the complexion, apparently (doesn't work for me ;) x

(12:07:30) Note to self: cheapest place to get the Windows 8 upgrade is a direct download from Microsoft's own site..

(12:13:40) @washmysocks31 If you have Windows 7, my personal opinion would be that it is not worth it. For me, it's a cheap upgrade from XP :)

(12:29:26) @willowHart helloo :)

(12:38:51) @the_anke @AdrianLester intriguing.. what's the scam..?

(12:46:41) @the_anke @AdrianLester Amazing that it still goes on :/

(12:49:18) I like to see numbers scrolling up my screen. Has to be up. Down just makes me uncomfortable.

(12:59:12) @Matildamouse (Don't tell anyone, but I have a bit of a thing for the Tic Tac coloured Ford Focus RS ;)

(13:24:28) @RobJD It frightened the living crap out of me ;)

(13:24:57) @RobJD Yeah.. that's the dilemma I face. Along with the stuck 'o' key on Beth's netbook (the planned recipient of Windows 8 ;)

(13:25:22) @willowHart Moderate to hungry, ta. And you? :)

(13:25:47) @dizzymummytotwo Frizzy hair is GOOD ;)

(13:26:24) I'm waiting until Call Of Duty: A Good Sit Down comes out.

(13:46:48) @mostlygeordie That'll be special downloadable content ;)

(13:47:31) @pearcen Absolutely! :)

(15:40:23) Someone really needs to put that fire out.

(16:50:15) @BitsyVonMuffin CLASSIC! :)

(16:50:34) @Stewpot Yes. Yes it is. It is systematically ruining my life*

(16:50:45) @Z80GameCoder *applauds enthusiastically*

(16:56:38) @nxmee How was your day?

(16:57:05) @LilythePurr Happy birthday?

(16:58:26) @fiverscarrot I do believe that is how the song goes.

(17:11:41) @poots Ooh you're lovely. Heading home as fast as the bonfire will allow; not sure what the optimal route is at this stage. may sit it out x

(18:23:13) Naughty and inconvenient fire just off the M1 (apparently for gawping at)

(18:43:38) Off to watch a new vicar get installed this evening. The best bit? When we discover he's the 64bit version & he needs to be rebooted. Twice.

(18:44:25) @lucyrboo It's a wood yard near St Albans that's been on fire since Sunday! :/ Made it home OK.. eventually! Thank you :) x

(19:22:20) @jo_whit Heaven forfend ;)

(19:22:50) @RobJD Far safer than kicking Bishop.Brennan...

(19:25:55) More free wifi in church! #sermonbackchannel

(19:27:00) What does one have to do to become a visiting dignitary?

(21:01:09) The bishop sounds like Robert Webb & has his own personal stick carrying lady. If I had known bishops get one of them I'd have tried harder.

(21:01:26) @jo_whit With dignity..?

(21:02:00) @goitsagch I have no dignity. Nor a chain to go round my neck. That is on the list.

(21:02:14) @brennig Yes. I have a plan.

(22:11:02) @fridgemagnet2 You. Had. A. What..??! I have so missed out on this meme.

(22:11:12) @streakmachine YOSS!

(22:17:19) Installation complete. Drive home in a bonkers car. Buzzcocks then bed. G'night.

(22:18:02) @Canojar I like crackerbread with butter. Yum.

(22:19:49) @JonBCFC Relationships should never have fear as a component. Conquer the fear then bother. It is worth it. You have a lot of love to give.

(22:20:34) @LilacNun Why..?!

(22:26:10) @LilacNun Get a parrot. Kill or cure. How is that back of yours?

(22:26:26) @Canojar muffin?

(22:26:53) @JonBCFC all good.

(22:43:02) @Canojar Not a toasted one with lashings of butter and honey.

(22:43:22) @Canojar Should have been a question mark there.. sorry! x

(22:43:43) @thatsjustme0 You're the best x @JonBCFC

(22:43:56) Right. Definitely gone. Night!

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(08:20:57) @miz_shake68 There's frost on the windscreens:) Morning :)

(08:22:50) @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 @JQP74 @smartie999 !!! And morning.

(08:30:43) @smartie999 @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 @jqp74 I am hoping for photos later! :)

(08:30:57) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 @smartie999 Yes! Have a good one :)

(08:32:03) @washmysocks31 The autumn colours look wonderful on a blue backdrop :)

(08:33:05) @Tactless_Blonde Jones..?

(08:46:40) @Tactless_Blonde I'm (blissfully) unaware of her work. But I'd not be surprised if that particular 'news'paper is capitalising on this..

(08:47:07) @mrs_forky @smartie999 I must have missed the link... would you, please..?

(08:49:04) @mrs_forky Thank you :)

(09:03:26) @mrs_forky Cool :) I shall venture forth..! @smartie999

(09:06:01) @PlainTalkingHR Hurrah! And the very same to you and yours on this happy festival day :)

(12:23:08) @areyougettingit one more :) RT @MrCharch: it's a delonghi perfecta esam5500. It takes beans and grounds and it's easy to use and clean

(12:23:34) @RobJD @MrCharch Haha! I would need to get that one past the financial controller ;)

(12:24:01) @MrCharch Thanks, dude! @RobJD

(12:24:55) Cool.. @nxmee is in his bedroom listening to Pendulum on his iPod dock. That's my boy.

(13:23:35) @emma_crowe8 I hadn't realised there was a transcript.. I tend to get the podcast :)

(15:42:31) There is car washing going on. Kinda damp.

(16:21:36) @Canojar JOLLY GOOD

(16:21:59) @LilacNun Oh. Oh my.

(16:22:28) @EllieMo1 @YPLAC *sniggers*

(16:22:51) @joanneh234 O lordy. At least you have one hand free to tweet/twitpic! Swift recovery!

(16:23:23) @miz_shake68 They enjoyed it. You could tell by the amount of bickering(!)

(16:23:29) @hooker1uk @ThreeUKSupport @RichardMaun @lisaterritt @CatParrott @just_immi @VodafoneUKdeals @Dawn1976 Thanks dude :)

(16:28:25) To the victor, the spoils. Or the remainder of the beer that didn't end up on the floor when I knocked over

(16:39:48) @JonBCFC Badger Golden Champion ;) All done with the nightshifts?

(16:41:07) @JonBCFC SPLENDID! :)

(21:11:30) Popping upstairs after an entertaining chat with @fridgemagnet2 to find small child had put a football at the top of the stairs. #seemeoff

(21:46:10) Gritty drama.

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(00:08:38) @streakmachine Job’s a good’un ;)

(00:09:12) @_windrider @streakmachine We can all do this.. low budget fun ;)

(00:11:16) I have just got to the bit about the woman who swallowed a toothbrush in the @106jack podcast. @hubbardcj cracked first. @julietmayne win!

(00:12:24) 0 moments till sleep time. Night.

(00:12:58) @fluffysuse Yes!

(08:43:01) @mostlygeordie Good morning... that is one of my least favourite sounds ever :/ Hope it has subsided x

(08:43:22) @thatsjustme0 They're the best sort. Morning x

(08:44:41) @JQP74 Morning dude. Get better soon - there is a lot of it going about.

(08:49:46) @LilythePurr Hellooo :) x

(08:50:09) @BlueMoon_11 Good morning :) How is the cold?

(09:22:19) @LilythePurr Reet grand, ta. Happy weekendery :)

(09:23:55) @BlueMoon_11 Gah! A weekend of errands, housework and a mate hopefully coming over to do some music for me.. And you? x

(09:24:31) @mostlygeordie Or gifted… wherever you go it makes people want to improve the place. Noisily ;) x

(09:34:26) @smartie999 I have a tap for that.

(09:44:10) @BlueMoon_11 YOSS!

(09:45:02) @PlainTalkingHR @poots Thank you! Have a splendid weekend too! :)

(09:48:03) @BlueMoon_11 You have my authorisation to do NOTHING today. If anyone asks, tell them I said so. x

(09:48:18) @fridgemagnet2 I am most impressed - fantastic UI too :)

(09:48:56) @smartie999 Aww... well @poots and I are about four miles apart at the moment. Darn those restraining orders (well, OK, she's out & about ;)

(09:49:13) @smartie999 Yes. Yes it is. And my car needs a clean.

(09:50:00) @robjd Dude.. where can I get my beige car valeted? Is the one at the end of Wigmore/Ashcroft any good?

(09:52:07) @daisythom I hope your day improves x

(09:52:42) @RobJD SUPER - thanks, mate. Need to get it all buffed up on Tuesday morning.. reckon I should make an appointment?

(09:57:54) @BlueMoon_11 I'll put a pot on ;) x

(09:58:08) @RobJD Cool.. I'll get in early on Tuesday - thanks for the tip!

(09:58:37) @BlueMoon_11 o no! Parent's evening at my boy's school the following week.. no pressure (wish you were there.. it would be hilarious :D) x

(09:58:53) Right. To my ready room to prepare for an away mission.

(10:00:12) @lloydbayley :D

(10:08:59) @BlueMoon_11 I would want to come too ;)

(10:16:34) @batwench @mssres Just checked the script and discovered I don’t have a speaking part #uhoh #prepareswilhelmscream

(12:29:57) @repurposedmind oh man. That sounds like you have the virus that’s going about. Hope you feel better soon x

(13:31:41) @fridgemagnet2 It will be brought back to its cardboardy glory ;)

(13:32:40) @LilacNun nice, nice baby.

(13:34:07) Away mission a success. Captain Kirk got all the snogs, though. Never fair.

(13:53:41) If I get called up by one of those "Injury At Work" salespeople, I will confirm that my whole life is one massive frolic of my own. Frolic.

(14:02:46) @sarahjaneuk That sounds brilliant! Enjoy :)

(14:03:45) @BlueMoon_11 Did you get that coffee in the end..? x

(14:09:18) Explaining the prefix 'sub' to Lenni. Me: "Can you think of any others?" Lenni: "Subconscious!" "Yes! Any more?" Lenni: "Er.. Subastian?"

(14:10:21) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird YES! Although to be honest that doesn't happen very often, does it..?

(14:20:08) @mostlygeordie Looks like some kind of adjustment socket thing. I love your pliers.

(14:26:17) @mostlygeordie Or, indeed, Cockney rhyming slang...

(14:27:06) @Tone_720 That seems logical...

(14:27:28) @streakmachine The scamp.

(14:29:33) @poots Agreed.

(17:41:33) All warm after a good hoover.

(17:42:45) @mostlygeordie I was going to show you my crevice tool...

(17:42:59) @canuckuk And a dust-free carpet :)

(17:46:42) @MissyMWAC We have the same for John Lewis here..

(17:53:00) @mostlygeordie As soon as I can find out where I put it down #disorganisedvacuuming

(18:04:46) @AlexGFox YES! Dustily ;)

(18:05:02) @BlueMoon_11 Gah. Why don't you live next door?!

(18:05:31) @washmysocks31 *crosses fingers like on X Factor or similar* (I don't watch X Factor so can only guess)

(18:06:46) @ultgames What's the betting they use Amazon S3? ;)

(18:07:14) @BlueMoon_11 Of course! I live to make coffee for others. And do a mean toasted muffin ;) x

(18:07:36) @washmysocks31 heehee thank you ;)

(18:15:37) @BlueMoon_11 Both ;) What ya having for tea? x

(18:18:15) @areyougettingit As always, the more you're prepared to spend, the better you get... :/

(18:21:13) @BlueMoon_11 Heehee :D I think I would make someone a good wife ;) Please get some chips/a naan bread/some special fried rice for me ;) x

(18:21:28) @mostlygeordie I shall have a rummage.

(18:39:27) @crabbyknickers Not just me, then...

(20:12:59) @poots *HUG* (both virtual and, rather delightfully, real) Get better soon, my darling. Calpol? x

(20:13:31) @areyougettingit I will ask around those who have such wonderful things. I am sure one of my fine twitter pals does...

(20:14:25) Dear twitter pal, do you own a fabulous 'bean to cup' coffee machine? Did it cost less than £1000? Is it brilliant? If so, please tell me!

(20:15:54) @jo_whit I can't drink tea any more. But I love to make it! :)

(20:16:20) @brennig All good :) Thank you for your reply.. asking on behalf of someone who likes his coffee gadgets! :)

(20:25:46) @mostlygeordie NEATO :) Thanks for the tip! x

(20:26:05) @fiverscarrot Do you know what it's called? (And not James's pet name for it ;)

(20:33:33) @goitsagch Excellent - do you know the model number?

(20:37:15) @goitsagch thank you!

(20:38:38) @areyougettingit RT @goitsagch - it gets thrashed to death at work and it's still going strong after about 3 years

(20:51:04) @RobJD Thanks, dude :) there is some cool kit about!

(20:51:39) @riggwelter Thanks, James! :) Your coffee enjoyment is legendary around these parts ;)

(20:52:22) @areyougettingit another fine machine! RT @riggwelter Ours is a Gaggia Synchrony - fab machine but don't think they make it any more.

(21:31:39) @canuckuk Me too! @poots xx

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(07:26:36) Good morning. Saturday #FF

(07:28:09) @washmysocks31 Good morning :) I am not doing my gymnastics ;)

(07:28:56) @BeachBelles Morning :) Porridge sorted?

(07:29:47) @lloydbayley Heehee :) But Saturday follows Friday.. see what I did there? #rubbishhashtaggag

(07:30:31) @russbravo all I know at this point is that it follows Friday ;)

(07:31:52) @BeachBelles The day can only improve :) And then it becomes the weekend:)

(07:39:26) @miz_shake68 @washmysocks31 Wow - effusive:) ~sleepy good morning waves~

(07:40:53) @LilacNun Given your abilities on Twitter, I would say you are a shoe-in. How is your back doing now? Is there a happy future?

(07:53:29) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) Happy consolidating! :)

(07:55:18) @LilacNun *BIG hug* I hope things' get better for your back. You have suffereds' quite enoughs'. (Hope that helps)

(07:55:47) @fridgemagnet2 That needs dealing with. Or entering into Eurovision.

(07:56:39) I'm getting a bit fed up with always telling my mummy before I go off somewhere.

(07:56:52) @emmathegardener YEAH! x

(10:03:44) @Z80GameCoder Don't get me started with putting my hands on my head ;)

(10:03:57) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @hrbeginner Thank you! It's Friday.. what's not to like? ;) x

(10:04:51) @hrbeginner @Bazmati2020 @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo Such a cheeky scamp that Margaret Moran. Don't like her much.

(10:05:29) @Moominstrudel It's Friday. It's an entitlement. I may well toast a muffin later #livingdangerously

(10:13:27) @fiverscarrot Perhaps get her one of these for Christmas..? (if they can actually get it under a tenner!)

(12:39:08) @TomAndThat GOOD CALL!

(15:27:37) RT @olivia_solon: Time for some more of The Useless Web (click at your peril)

(15:30:18) @NewMacUK Hi, Ian. Happy to help. They are bargain ones from Amazon - 30 quid a shot..

(15:30:30) @NewMacUK PS Please thank your friend for listening :)

(15:42:03) @NewMacUK Ahh.. well, I have an Android phone (using TinyCam) , but I'm sure there's an app for iOS...

(16:34:08) @Sk287 :) Just occurred to me when you commented on my tweet the other day x

(20:24:55) Oh wow. There's a version of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi. And they've got an Archimedes Emulator for it. Such fun!

(20:27:04) @JonBCFC Wake up soon.

(20:37:39) @areyougettingit We have just the one.. it may well not be enough, although currently I have the monopoly over the ours.. ;)

(20:38:02) @JonBCFC Well happy weekend :)

(20:44:11) @JonBCFC Oh man.. nightshifts! I hope you get through them unscathed :)

(20:44:33) @JonBCFC It has gone a bit weird, hasn't it?!

(22:04:16) Sorted the micro USB charging socket of my Galaxy S - needed cleaning out with a pin.. works now *phew* (note: take the battery out first!)

(22:09:28) @mostlygeordie @DerrenBrown His programmes and experiments make me feel uncomfortable so I don't watch them. Immensely talented man.

(23:53:35) Successfully freed up a network connection by configuring my @Raspberry_Pi to work on wi-fi (under RaspBMC) Thanks to @Fridgemagnet2 :)

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(00:08:38) @mostlygeordie As soon as I find out I will be sure to let you know :D

(00:09:01) @brennig Thank you / sorry. Tharry.

(00:09:58) @RobLound A plaster? I dun my finger in :D PS Some great photos in the instagram!

(00:11:16) Horizontal and shutting down.

(07:44:24) @bitman A valiant tweet, sir. Valiant.

(08:20:18) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo It’s Thursday… my busy busy day :) Have a great one! x

(08:23:52) @lloydbayley Evening :) Only just catching up with yesterday’s stormy RR! Thank you :)

(08:24:02) @gilesbabbidge Morning :)

(08:24:59) @Tactless_Blonde Sniiif. There is a lot of it about.

(09:30:28) @drhappymac Excellent! :) Reminds me a little of Avalanches and Lemon Jelly but with more of a rocky sound :) Thanks for the link!

(09:31:13) @lloydbayley All good - get it out of your system! Hope the UPSes have recharged now :)

(09:31:20) @sm2n v kind :)

(10:13:40) @Tone_720 @Mr_Picard WANT! #TNG25

(10:13:57) @jarbennett *high fives*

(10:24:39) @mostlygeordie Congratulations!

(10:28:48) @SteveDoherty1 @profanityswan Oh. Oh dear me. I was blissfully ignorant of that until now. What a dreadful mess.

(10:34:16) With my birthday coming up soon, I only ask for one thing for it to be perfect. That I do NOT get given this: Arghh!

(12:06:24) @fiverscarrot I think a love affair with charity shops is what you might like to nurture ;)

(12:07:36) @Tactless_Blonde Blow your nose. I'm OK, ta.. doing the do as I am wont to, which watching pigeons trash my bird feeders on the webcam :D

(15:11:01) @RobJD Just stick it through their letterbox ;)

(16:00:23) @tinytwinks @YPLAC That could so easily be round the corner from my daughter's school.. a shamefully regular sight :/

(16:06:43) @mabelinticket94 Hello Mabes.

(16:07:26) @xlaux We know a song about that.

(16:22:17) Showbiz news. Showbiz. News. 500 internal server error.

(17:19:47) I do believe I am done for the day. Time to head homeward...

(19:01:13) On average, a bit tired.

(19:51:21) @AlexGFox @EwenRankin That is QUITE remarkable!

(20:23:04) @brennig you too! :) :)

(20:24:30) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is LIVE with @ErikLanigan @syzygy @sarahjaneuk @AreYouGettingIt - - Come on, we're wai ...

(21:35:58) @MissyMWAC YES!

(21:36:13) @jc76 They sound frightening. Like Doctor Who monsters.

(21:36:19) @jc76 Called Kim.

(21:45:34) @batwench Thanks for the follow! x

(21:47:25) @Zomby6 Thanks for the follow! :)

(21:54:15) @effieoffie Nos da xx

(21:55:30) Always a bit strange turning off the studio lights after the @BritishTech BIG show. Somewhat subdued after all the fun.

(21:56:37) @Zomby6 Sorry! :D

(21:56:52) @lloydbayley Blimey. Time for a coffee? :)

(21:57:20) @jc76 *high fives*

(21:58:31) @lloydbayley Very wise, sir - sounds like the best course of action. Up the tower today? Or is it tomorrow..?

(22:10:14) @lloydbayley I hope your day carries on in fine style!

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(07:33:34) @Sk287 Good morning :) What ya doing there so early? Are you appearing on BBC Breakfast..?

(07:37:37) I've said it before and I'll say it again: nice one, Barry.

(07:39:58) Nearly time to brave the garden. That compost bin won't fill itself... brrrr though.

(07:41:46) @washmysocks31 I used to wake up shortly after 5.30am... those days are happily gone, now I stumble downstairs at about 7.20 :D How's you?

(07:42:02) @helenrick Beep beep!

(07:43:06) @repurposedmind @LilacNun Morning you two. Please keep warm, especially if you're getting your poppies out.

(07:43:33) @Mark_Hattam @sk287 That's not right. Not right at all.

(07:44:19) @washmysocks31 Splendid! I hope your day continues in such entertaining style :)

(08:01:04) Just found this gem of a programme - another splendid bit of #radio4, but I make

(10:51:25) @Mark_Hattam Get lots of rest, mate. I am sure @Sk287 will keep things going ;)

(10:51:34) @brennig 'mazing isn't it!

(10:51:52) @Sk287 WAKE UP! I'm doing OK, ta.. just trundling on :)

(10:52:22) @LilacNun I hope you haven't died of hypothermia.

(11:07:23) @thenewbrunette GET BETTER. SOON.

(11:07:33) @leica0000 Me? Oh I do hope so.

(12:26:01) @washmysocks31 One of my favourite Chinese starters :) :)

(12:26:46) @JonBCFC Oh man.. hope you recover soon. Can you get @J0anne1 to deliver some biccies?

(12:27:04) Lunchiousness.

(12:32:49) @washmysocks31 All the major food groups. Well... most of my favourites anyway ;)

(12:34:10) @JonBCFC Nightmare! Wrap up warm, mate! And there was I hoping @j0anne1 would swing by my office with doughnuts, too ;)

(12:40:13) @sparkyannc Wow! That is about six weeks before I will have all mine done ;)

(13:47:28) @BeachBelles I like him.

(15:32:37) @RedNaylor I just chuckled involuntarily at that. A work colleague asked me why I laughed. I told him. He looked at me as if I were mad. :D

(16:53:48) Bye bye Clive Dunn. You were old even when I was little, but a mainstay of my comedy life. Splendid, splendid man. Never yet met you.

(17:16:59) @LilacNun My beloved wife had two injections in her spine. They know what they're doing. Sending positive and strengthening thoughts xx

(18:18:14) Eventual Wickes discovery.

(18:19:15) @LilacNun Sending every bit of strength I can muster xx

(20:10:44) @brennig ~blushes~ Thank you x

(20:11:35) @LilacNun Please tell me you are still alive x

(20:12:07) @disaronno4me @Alan7Dunn @brian_wilks @isyahs44s @all_is_rosie @amanda_mck01 @lgoonerhoward @pitbulllovera @collinsonjewllr Thank you :)

(20:20:53) Watching a retro episode of Buzzcocks, with Frankie Boyle and Greg Davies on it. Perfect comedy nonsense.

(20:31:39) @fridgemagnet2 @poots had strapped an LED lamp to her front and was shining at me. In the dark.

(20:48:39) @xlaux @Mad4mogzz Yes..? ;)

(21:06:49) @brennig Worth looking up 'time stretch' ..?

(21:57:48) @brennig That is the second time I have heard of Paramore today.. young @HodgePip did a fab version of a song by them..

(21:58:04) @peasbloss g’night x

(21:58:19) I really need to apply myself.

(23:52:08) jamelopoeia - bass and mandolin jam

(23:55:48) Right. I have a blister on my left index finger, so I am going to bed now. Night night.

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(07:42:58) @Mizzuks There were some proper laugh out loud moments in last week's episode.. Mark Heap does make things hilarious, though...

(07:43:31) @poots YOSS!

(07:44:10) @EmmaTofi I've turned Twitter off and on again. Hope this helps.

(09:38:47) @BeachBelles Polo neck. One of many, many layers in this weather. Probably about 4th from bottom.

(09:39:15) Good morning. Must go to B&Q later and get myself a MASSIVE lightsabre.

(09:41:29) @BeachBelles I could have told you that. Go for the curves girlfriend #channelingGok

(09:41:55) @hrbeginner @Bazmati2020 @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @poots That made me chuckle :D Wasn't that a song by Hue & Cry?

(09:42:49) @mostlygeordie Did you get your chocolates? I left them just inside the window sill. Honest.. ;)

(09:43:07) My wife used to have Betty Davies eyes. Sort of.

(09:44:01) @regularjen It's a 5 foot fluorescent tube I'm after, but the effect is the same. WOOWWMMM

(10:03:13) @sacs Married her :D

(10:03:23) @BeachBelles And I love both. x

(10:03:32) @mostlygeordie Oh nuts.

(10:04:15) @regularjen The potential for fun is immense. The temptation rather greater than I should allow it to be.. ;)

(10:27:18) @washmysocks31 Good morning, Barbara. I hope you have a VERY smiley delivery man.

(11:19:24) @Lindylooloo @Bazmati2020 @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @poots I was wrong.. clearly all this time I've been living in a box.

(11:20:28) @macsessed @_windrider HA! Brilliant :D

(12:44:26) RT @BaldExplorer: The #BaldExplorer is on Tv again today on the wonderful @ComChanTV - don't forget to check it out and tell your frien ...

(13:49:04) @JQP74 @smartie999 YES! :)

(15:56:02) @poots Photos or it didn't happen.

(16:22:51) @Barwickgreen @Richard_C VALID!

(16:23:28) @Z80GameCoder Gonna download it this evening :) :)

(16:23:51) @mostlygeordie YOSS!

(16:24:36) @poots FAB! Although actually I don't need to do that - I can see your beautiful face every day :) :) x

(17:03:19) @Z80GameCoder Have you logged in via Facebook? Seems somewhat divisive to do it that way... :/

(17:18:57) @Z80GameCoder Glad it wasn't just me. Quite a weird, very basic game though. Interesting.

(19:54:33) @fluffysuse Whiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ~clack~

(19:55:21) @fridgemagnet2 @poots Good times! :D

(19:57:26) I forgot to go to Wickes. I forgot to buy a Twix. A long, white glowy one. Sorry @poots

(20:41:19) @wkdstepmother Good heavens! Getting into the swing of the festive season..! @poots @Bazmati2020

(21:09:32) @Ken_Phillips Not out in the sticks, though ;)

(21:28:55) @PlainTalkingHR I am glad I gave the reverse effect ;) x @wkdstepmother @poots @bazmati2020

(21:29:46) @ellewadding Appreciated ;) @poots

(21:54:21) Watching the Dara o'Briain science thing. The audio is compressed horribly and the content garbled. Quite challenging to watch. And hear.

(21:56:14) @lloydbayley Happy hump day! :)

(21:57:37) @Cathyathyathy @Purple_Sand That is the worst. Trevor Horn should never have allowed that to happen. Four minutes silence. Instead of it.

(21:58:28) @Life_Insight Bike!

(21:58:48) @Richard_C What has it come to..?

(21:59:39) @lloydbayley It is the opposite of sticky and overcast here.. chilly and clear.. yeah.. I think I prefer that. Bit dark, though ;)

(22:09:04) @Cathyathyathy @Purple_Sand Having heard their desecration, at least they only sampled it - serving merely to illustrate its facile nature.

(22:09:53) @EwenRankin Never did telly for just that reason #theycannotdosound

(22:11:16) @Richard_C Nice to see @AlokJha on the telly, though. At least his bit was recorded properly.

(22:30:34) @BlueMoon_11 !!!

(22:31:18) Ditching the science in favour of bed. It works for me.. night night!

(22:32:12) @LilacNun I would literally make an appointment to come and see you (I would bring warming coffee) if I were still in Londonon.

(22:32:37) @brennig 'night! x

(22:33:01) @washmysocks31 Good night, Barbara. :)

(22:34:40) I just found myself cheering the epigenome. I SO live with a biologist. Night night

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(07:34:49) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner A very Happy Monday to you too. May all the challenges be intriguing ones.

(07:35:12) @washmysocks31 AND it's not a Sunday ;) Good morning.

(07:36:24) Good morning. The usual First Day Back After A Holiday shenanigans - looking for stuff that needs taking back to school...

(07:37:18) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning you two. I'm not doing anything until I have finished this coffee. :D Have a good day!

(07:45:22) @Sk287 Morning you. Sent you a DM... no reason.. ~looks shifty~

(07:47:36) @daisythom Safe trip. There are things in London that will make your hair curl/straight (saving the use of GHDs and the like)

(07:50:16) @Sk287 ;)

(08:28:25) That splendid moment when I am just about to leave the house but I need to find my phone first. Which is on silent #typical

(08:38:08) @vobes Found it.. thank you..! It had migrated to Beth's side of the bed in the boudoir ;) Have a great day - good luck with the #canals

(08:38:28) @ClaireatWaves Found ot ! Thank you #relieved

(08:38:52) @Sk287 Founded it! Xx

(09:16:10) @Canojar You too!

(10:30:00) @daisythom Yes. Yes indeed. *crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

(11:39:38) @Mad4mogzz @xlaux Some of the most appreciated - and played with - presents my children have received have been inexpensive and simple :) :)

(13:48:27) Feeling a bit wibbly wobbly this lunchtime. I shall press on with soup and salad eating nonetheless.

(14:05:42) @JonBCFC Thanks Jon. Not sure what's going on.. hopefully nice and trivial :)

(14:32:46) @BitsyVonMuffin That would do me nicely :D How are you? x

(15:40:37) @BellesBottom Harsh!

(17:32:33) @smartie999 It is night now.. dark outside and everything :)

(17:32:47) Right. I am going home and will learn Japanese on the way.

(18:35:42) The home fires are burning. Strictly speaking we don't have a fireplace, but there's a hob on...

(19:15:42) I do not believe there's an actual upper limit to how many beer battered onion rings I can eat. I've made a mental note to find out one day.

(19:57:45) @goitsagch I'd never heard of that show until you mentioned it..! :D But yes.. from what I've seen, I think I would ;)

(19:57:57) @_windrider Probably very sensible, too!

(19:58:25) @yellow757 *makes a note* I am taking that as encouragement ;)

(19:58:35) @MissyMWAC YES. YARR!

(19:58:51) @smartie999 I am! HAI!

(19:59:21) @LilacNun Totimo Yoroshi Dess'!

(20:04:35) @mobods Hello. I remember you from the Bluggcast. Can I be a mobody yet?

(20:04:54) @NateLanxon YOSS!

(21:40:22) @BeachBelles Y... oh.

(21:47:05) Listening to a fascinating interview with Vernon Hopkins - of 60s band The Senators - on the @PaulEdwards_ podcast... a great story.

(21:56:53) @PaulEdwards_ :) :)

(21:57:13) @mostlygeordie It was me. In long trousers.

(22:00:58) @mostlygeordie I'll knock something together and pop by on my jet ski ;) x

(22:57:32) You know when you start a file copy and it's bed time and there's still 45 minutes to go? That. Oops. Good night, my internet Krone tool.

(22:58:05) @thatsjustme0 G'night! x

(22:58:23) @crabbyknickers Hot squash, jumping frogs. Night night x

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(08:22:46) @brennig Happy birthday! (tentative)

(08:52:08) @mostlygeordie I am left-handed. Disastrous with a fountain pen!

(08:53:01) @brennig Have a great day - and wishing you a WHOLE year of whatever the opposite of heartache is :)

(09:22:26) A subdued Sunday morning here at Geri Halliwell Towers. Damp and drab outside, but warm and family-y indoors. Happy Sunday.

(09:22:53) @TOther_Simon I do hope your doctor is called ROLF.

(09:23:45) @LilythePurr @fluffysuse Good morning to my two Chief Twitter Wits.

(09:25:17) I love the smell of toast in the morning.

(09:26:37) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Good morning superstar siblings. Happy Sunday! :)

(09:26:47) @lloydbayley Couldn't agree more! :)

(09:26:54) Right. Onwards. Or we'll be late.

(09:42:30) @willowHart Yes! x

(09:42:44) @BitsyVonMuffin @brennig Good morning, lovely!

(09:42:57) @fluffysuse *admires* x

(09:43:21) @canuckuk Oh. Oh dear. That'll explain the noxious fumes.

(09:43:54) @JQP74 Morning! Nice and quiet here this morning - we're pondering going out if the rain subsides :) Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

(09:44:02) @streakmachine :) :)

(12:20:10) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner It is a little cold and damp.. indoor play today, I think! :D

(12:42:19) @Lindylooloo I hope it does!

(14:35:37) @mabelinticket94 hello :) I hope your back is feeling less painful!

(14:37:35) @Zararugosa Wonderful :) Using horses as notepaper must have its drawbacks, though, surely..?

(14:38:15) @brennig Heh. It could be considered a tribute.

(14:38:47) @Mizzuks I bet you have a much smaller hat collection in real life.. ;)

(14:43:36) @LilacNun Did you get the heating sorted, or are you using the Rolling Stones' musical stylings to keep warm through, er, danceage?

(18:16:05) Quite high up for a Sunday evening...

(18:21:39) @smartie999 I can nearly see your house from here ;) x

(20:20:24) @JonBCFC I wasn't, but I am now :) London's a quick spin down the M1 (and free parking near Waterloo bridge on a Sunday ;)

(20:21:53) @thatsjustme0 Just popped onto the London Eye for an 'end of the half term holidays' treat :) Hope you have had a good one!

(20:53:46) @thatsjustme0 I'm not a massive fan of London, but it's an amazing place to visit.. things are so much further apart up north, though! x

(20:54:20) @JonBCFC We did :) Even saw fireworks in all directions across the city :) Hope you've had a fab weekend!

(20:55:56) @JonBCFC I wish you a splendid week too! :) :)

(20:56:51) Right.. heading for the studio armed only with a pen and paper. Or similar writing equipment.

(20:57:18) @akrabat @sm2n It was synonymous with my university days :)

(21:11:18) @trevypoos I will only have a hope of winning if I actually manage to write something! :D

(21:12:03) @BlueMoon_11 Amazing, thank you - signing off the half term holidays in style! How is your cold now..? x

(21:15:58) @BlueMoon_11 Typical! :/ Yup.. we did the London Wheel - in the dark :) No queue at all, too - bonus! :) :)

(21:17:27) @sm2n @akrabat @petshopboys Those two albums couldn't have been better timed. Then there was Very .. I met Beth shortly after that.

(21:18:28) @BlueMoon_11 Absolutely :) And the fireworks in the distance all around but below us! I would recommend it if you're down this way! x

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(08:04:07) The news reader on @BBC3CR needs to blow her nose. Oh, and good morning.

(08:04:57) @UKTesco Frighteningly chirpy. Good morning :)

(08:05:54) Kris Akabusi? At this time of morning? Lordy.

(08:06:19) @nickwallis Morning radio and comedy maven.

(08:07:45) While I'm wittering on about radio, dear @106jack please please please please upgrade your internet stream so it's stereo #firstworldproblem

(08:08:30) @miz_shake68 Good morning Kate :) May I wish you a quite splendid weekend :)

(08:08:59) @thatsjustme0 Good morning, Dee. Hope you are smiling this morning :)

(08:12:47) @emmafurious It is a bit early :D

(08:14:25) Yes. I do have a bit of a downer on radio at the moment. I believe that a platform with such universal reach is being squandered. Go figure.

(08:18:24) @nickwallis ThisIsHeart and the BBC.. the former for obvious reasons, the latter because of local radio being diluted. Ahh well.

(08:19:19) @nickwallis that said, it was good they split Sussex/Surrey. But regional. Savings. There are community radio services that need funding.

(08:20:21) @vobes Absolutely. What I can't work out is whether it has got worse as I have got older, or just my perception. Good morning btw :)

(08:29:43) @thatsjustme0 uhoh.. just ran out.. I'll put another pot on :) x

(08:30:22) @Tone_720 My son is struggling on the mobile version but my daughter is doing OK on the desktop...

(08:31:39) @vobes Yup. Or catering for the lowest common denominator for the maximum audience...

(08:33:21) @lloydbayley Good morning. Not sure it was a recommendation but have a good listen! Iain Lee on weekday breakfast is good though :)

(08:51:26) @vobes I am resolved to get involved in community radio. Even if it's only an hour a week. I need to make a difference.

(17:56:39) There is something of a charm to a carousel at night - especially when lit @ Chessington World of Adventures

(20:38:14) @ngyt_uk Thank you - we had a fab day in the autumnal sunlight :) Hope your weekend is going well! x

(20:43:47) Home after an epic family day out - not many more of them this year, I think, especially under autumn blue skies. Exhausted now, though...

(20:46:20) @brennig @poots Oh man, if so, I hope the pain is shortlived. Makes for a story to tell & a richness to life. With @poots, I'm doing my best

(20:50:05) @thatsjustme0 Oh. My. Goodness! Yup.. clear skies and a chill with autumn sunshine here. Drive safe, dear you!

(21:01:18) @thatsjustme0 That's great to hear :) Enjoy your evening! :) x

(21:34:24) @brennig Thank you - that is a lovely thing to say :) @poots

(22:24:06) Two things before bed. Brilliant in-car invention- the little shoulder on the inside of the door that I can put my elbow on while driving.

(22:27:57) Thing number 2: I wonder when the thing where two forefingers and thumbs are put together to make a heart shape was invented. Seems recent.

(22:28:41) @effieoffie St Marten is a place I truly want to visit in my lifetime x

(22:29:56) @mostlygeordie Well that bit on the inside of the car door where I can put my elbow :D

(22:30:38) @_windrider Not before spring!

(22:40:10) @italisalute Yes! A splendid invention! :) :)

(22:41:50) @mostlygeordie It's a bit longer than a nub.. its the bit inside the door on the inside of where the window goes in..

(22:59:51) @effieoffie Oh my... :/ Dreams get in the way of proper sleep ~hug~ I hope you get some good rest soon x

(23:00:46) @LilacNun Not by me. Night night x

(23:01:06) @sparkyannc Lordy.

(23:07:01) @mostlygeordie Arm ledge. Yes. It now has a name. And I appreciate it. Thank you! X

(23:09:25) Right. Bed, without a moment more pause. Night night. I need to write.

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(07:14:54) @miz_shake68 Moomin :)

(07:16:09) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Thank you! Happy #FF Friday!

(07:42:51) @joanneh234 Happy Friday, Joanne :) I hope there are smiles aplenty for you today :)

(07:43:18) @_forky @beangirl @countrymunkle @mammatort @smartie999 @brother_kohben @imlosingtouch_ Thank you for the #FF :) Exciting times!

(07:43:58) @PlainTalkingHR @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner All snuggled up in the kitchen with coffee and porridge at the mo! You..?

(07:45:02) @miz_shake68 How is the world looking from your angle..? My feet are a bit cold #wherearemyslippers

(07:48:17) @emmafurious Morning :) This little corner of Twitter is a bit sleepy, but compensating with caffeine. You..?

(07:50:27) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss Morning you two! x

(07:53:05) @emmafurious Most respectable :) I hope your day continues in fine style :)

(08:06:02) @miz_shake68 Haha… enjoy! #idopinkandblue

(08:06:33) @AuntieJammy I’m a little achey, but not bad, thank you :) And you.? @peasbloss

(08:18:59) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss A family weekend planned.. having fun (hopefully in the sunshine!) And you..? x

(08:19:42) @peasbloss I'm a little achey but fairly hale and hearty thank you for asking! And you? @auntiejammy

(08:21:31) T'was on a Friday morning, the @virginmedia man was due; between 8am & 1pm, what will I find to do..? (Tidying & Workings from home mainly)

(08:22:09) This week has flown by.. doesn't seem any time since last Saturday!

(08:50:27) @peasbloss @AuntieJammy Absolutely! :) :)

(08:50:36) @hooker1uk @halftermdates @MKBizCit @MrsTrellis @CoffeeCurls @NLifepaints @just_immi @Dawn1976 @cosmicgirlie @FFAssistant Thanks, Paul! :)

(08:50:47) @_windrider Oh. My. Goodness. YES.

(08:51:29) @johndredge The more this sort of thing happens, the more sure I am a separate radio network needs to be built. For everyone, not money.

(08:52:05) @BitsyVonMuffin Mornin' Liz! Doin' OK, ta.. dealing with car insurance, though... presumptious that they want me to renew with them! :D You?

(10:13:57) @sarahjaneuk Last. Resort. The hoovering comes first! ;) @virginmedia @MBrundleF1

(10:14:18) @BitsyVonMuffin Oh wonderful.. I do like a good long walk..! Might try the same later! :) :) x

(10:14:54) ASHLEY IS APPROACHING. It sounds all the more threatening when written in capitals. But he's the @VirginMedia man yeah.

(10:18:09) @lloydbayley Morning :) I'm good, thank you... getting on with work while I wait for the phone company man to put in some new kit :) You?

(10:25:30) @lsrwLuke Yes. Yes I will. Expect a photo of resulting black eye.

(11:00:20) @sacs Samson C1?

(11:10:39) @sacs @abenedykt @funkydoolah Excellent! :)

(11:41:07) @lloydbayley Splendid! And hopefully the aroma will dissipate soon, too :)

(11:41:39) The @virginmedia men have gone. It was broken and then it started working (although we still only have 10Mb/s.. we'll get that sorted)

(13:44:45) Oops. I appear to have scuppered my website. My own silly fault for not having thought about it before leaving the house. Heh.

(13:45:23) @sacs @abenedykt @funkydoolah Couldn't put it better myself (which doesn't excuse my behaviour on a Thursday night ;)

(13:46:12) @virginmedia Thanks, JG. He's been and gone and it's looking good, although we've not had a speed bump yet .. waiting expectantly! #superhub

(13:48:26) @poots If you could type "show my internet IP address" into Google and DM me the results, I'd appreciate it :)

(14:06:30) @virginmedia still10Mbps - we have just been upgraded to 30Mbps (I called on Wednesday and they said they needed to put a superhub in)

(15:33:24) @PinkBlancmange @helsbells2306 @Alan7Dunn @SpringerSaint @maggiewatts Thank you! You are a wonderful lady :) #FF

(16:52:09) @virginmedia Thank you - I had to dash to work after Ashley had gone, so I'll be sure to report back over the weekend :)

(16:59:51) @sm2n That is a splendidly captured moment! :D

(17:31:21) @Canojar The very same to you! :)

(17:31:48) @Barwickgreen @GreavsieE17 HUZZAH! :)

(17:32:04) I do believe the weekend is about to commence. Well done if you've made it this far. Tally ho! :)

(18:46:39) Home sweet home. And sweets. Well, strictly speaking, fish.

(18:47:22) @Canojar YEAHHH! The weekendery has begun. I am celebrating with fish and maybe beer. HURRAH :)

(18:47:37) @tezzer57 @zany_zigzag @tonynewquay @fuelled_by_pies @MrJDStokes @alantshearer @mixedupnuts @fizfull Thanks, the Tezzer! :)

(18:49:52) @akrabat @readability oooop!

(19:30:06) There’s a BMW parked opposite our house. Likelihood of it being CID is directly proportional to the number of detective dramas I’ve seen.

(19:46:33) @striderpaul Or Miss Marple. She drove a Ford Mondeo.

(20:36:18) In the past couple of days I have seen TWO articulated lorries with 'COMET' written on the side... getting rid of the kit..?

(21:25:03) I cannot believe they went for the classic Del Boy moment on Trollied. Brilliant.

(21:58:56) I wish you a splendid weekend (to the tune of another song) night night night night night niiiight.

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(07:11:16) @TOther_Simon Congratulations on your radical life change thing.

(07:33:31) @TOther_Simon Hope you can sleep when the baby does! It's the only way to stay sane :D

(07:34:32) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Happy Thursday :) A day of potential and mystery!

(07:37:20) Morning. I have a feeling there is something I have forgotten...

(07:37:36) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner No returns.

(07:39:31) @washmysocks31 Good morning Barbara. A nice big mug of coffee may well see me right.

(07:42:45) @shellzenner Opportunity! ;) @mediaukradio: Mary Anne Hobbs quits Xfm, tells Facebook #radionews /via @radiotoday

(07:43:21) @PaulEdwards_ @LilyShambles Morning, the dynamic duo!

(07:43:43) @lucyrboo I love coffee. And toast. All bases covered :)

(07:46:06) @_windrider I have made a mental note. Not making that mistake again ;)

(07:47:32) @vobes Morning, Richard. You mean it's not "wear a dressing gown to work" day? Shame! Loved your canal @vobesshow :) Going to be a good BE!

(07:47:47) @lucyrboo mmmmm!

(07:53:51) @washmysocks31 Can't see it working, but I suppose people are free to do what they want on here..word games, flirting. overthrow planning :D

(09:47:24) @BlueMoon_11 Morning :) How's the cold? x

(10:46:35) @JonBCFC You too! :)

(10:46:47) @lsrwLuke @JonBCFC @syzygy I had completely forgotten about that!

(10:46:57) @_windrider Ouch!

(10:47:26) @BlueMoon_11 I do hope so.. lots of fresh air should sort you out! :) I'm fair to middling, ta.. nearly coffee time, I think! :) x

(10:47:59) @brennig You are the third person to remind me. I mean mention that ;)

(10:48:32) @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots Hope you made it to your destination - and got a seat!

(10:52:14) Statistics associated with sayings 1: "This will be great if it works" - Percentage chance of it working: 19% #madeupstatistics

(11:49:02) @willowHart I use Tweetcaster... does the job :) x

(12:52:41) @Barwickgreen oooh!

(12:52:49) @LilacNun Already..?

(12:53:39) @willowHart Fantastic :) I continue to wish that TweetBot would make its way to Android.. I'll keep lookin'! :)

(15:25:53) @willowHart Try pressing the calls button - menu button - settings - "Use Internet Calling" at the bottom; click "Only for Internet calls"

(16:17:34) @MissyMWAC YOU GET A STICKER..!? That makes it all worthwhile :)

(16:23:23) @SimplyTanny In a onesie? You OK? x

(16:38:32) @smartie999 Bah! I shall ship one over to you :|

(16:47:49) @poots Well. Just a shame they took it out of NikNaks. I wonder how one polarises MSG...

(16:48:06) @poots @smartie999 And I am a very blessed man.

(16:58:30) *applauds @Prodnose*

(17:00:37) I wasn't a regular listener to #DannyBaker - and certainly not @BBCLondon, because it's woeful. But they have been foolish to lose him.

(17:13:06) Oh dear.. broken #M1 this evening. @poots ... hopefully home before half six. What better means of communication than Twitter..?

(20:07:34) @sarahjaneuk A wonderful sight over a wonderful view! :)

(20:17:20) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is broadcasting with @ErikLanigan @sarahjaneuk @syzygy and @joedemax

(20:38:44) @mostlygeordie Good heavens!

(20:51:05) @perrygascoine I'm on-air at the moment.. what's up? Something wrong..?

(20:53:35) @perrygascoine Splendid! :) :)

(21:09:03) @poots Hahahaha! And quite right too! :D

(21:40:24) @willowHart Most welcome :) x

(21:50:26) @thatsjustme0 Ahh to heck with it :) x

(22:03:43) @thatsjustme0 Me too... I am hopeless. :D I shall have wine at some point. Wine is good :) x

(23:07:17) @ms_howard @moyskii Bird naming. I never get round to that.

(23:11:43) @thatsjustme0 Big hugs to you! X

(23:22:00) A toast: to sleep. Minty spits. Night night.

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(10:34:27) Someone has brought in some amazing looking and delicious Chinese snack products :) :)

(10:38:48) A thing I have learned today: - China has a QS code for Quality and Safety in foodstuffs.

(11:03:08) @charbhardy HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) x

(11:04:41) @Lycan33 CHOON!

(11:04:54) RT @OmarRaza: Calling all @FagsMagsandBags fans! The final episode of Series 5 is on at 11:30am today on BBC Radio 4! Get your, this thi ...

(11:05:58) @pearcen *sniggers* I hope you stopped, looked and listened to him :D

(11:15:40) RT @govindajeggy: Don't wish to worry anyone, but in today's @FagsMagsandBags (on Radio 4 in 20 mins) Ramesh has to jump over a bacon shark

(11:16:17) @pearcen BIDDY, and indeed, BIDDY. Or whatever Metal Mickey used to do.

(11:23:14) @lloydbayley Bon nuit! Or equivalent in local vernacular :)

(11:24:34) @thatlass May I have a treat please? Got any wagon wheels (or spooky equivalent)?

(11:31:28) Finally catching up with @ShiftRunStop research.. Barratts does, indeed, exist - UK-based - they make Refreshers! :)

(12:32:41) @zany_zigzag It contains enzymes, apparently. Works for me, anyhow! Hope you're feeling better soon x @tezzer57

(12:32:49) @thatlass Deeelish! :)

(13:54:57) @MrMichaelSpicer At Movembertime, we let in light and we banish shade. JUST REMEMBER THAT.

(14:22:36) Who is the best lord? That's today's HOT TOPIC.

(14:31:59) RT @CharlotteGore: Ethiopian kids given tablet computers. In 6 months they teach themselves English then hack Android.

(14:32:12) @streakmachine EXCELLENT!

(14:42:46) @RadioKate Easy. "You may think this is an insurmountable challenge with no hope of completion, but I can & will prove you wrong. Tomorrow."

(16:16:10) @AA_Members @PlainTalkingHR Thank you! :)

(16:16:32) RT @AA_Members: @syzygy Glad #TheAA were able to help James. @PlainTalkingHR That's great to hear you have us to call. We think they are ...

(18:40:07) The amount of time I spend at this petrol station, it's not a loyalty card I'm expecting, it's more likely a share of their council tax bill

(19:09:12) I hardly ran over any trick or treaters on the way home.

(19:17:19) @riggwelter I consider it a treat for them. :D

(19:17:51) @lsrwLuke Most disappointing. I was hoping to get some Haribo lodged in my air intake.

(19:18:18) @RobJD I try. I try hard.

(19:19:25) @PlainTalkingHR It could so easily be a social hub but rarely is it so.

(19:37:07) @lsrwLuke I got my scraper out. No evidence remains ;)

(20:40:09) Is that James Bond film buying up airtime in TV programmes..? They keep playing the trailer.

(20:41:25) @fridgemagnet2 we have had a slurry pit fitted.

(21:04:12) @DarrenGriffin Chin chin! :)

(22:42:11) @ajlanghorn Heh. My day has been C8H10N4O2, AIX, ksh, WC7 and DB2 #same

(22:46:26) Silly #Octaver Music Quiz Thing via @audioboo #octaver

(22:59:10) @ajlanghorn I have a rather ominous feeling that I've been using vi since before you were born ;) I don't get to play with the hardware.. :)

(23:00:31) @shellzenner (The first one is the molecular formula for caffeine ;) I made some.. @ajlanghorn

(23:02:10) May I bestow adequate repose to you, dear sesquipedalian twitter. G'night.

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