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(08:01:11) @brennig I’m glad we are on the same page :) That said, I always wanted to take in Samanda, the psychotic Big Brother twins from years ago.

(09:37:26) @sm2n @downcastapp Seconded! I played a recording of ambience (Hurricane Sandy from indoors) en route to work; could barely hear anything!:D

(09:38:23) @poots Why guilty..? Can she not stay..?

(09:50:27) @poots I will redress the balance by neglecting her for an hour later... ;) Thank you for doing the washing, by the way! :) :) I love you x

(09:51:18) @moongirl01 I am SO going to listen to that on iPlayer! Thanks for the tip :) #seminal

(09:51:22) RT @moongirl01: Currently listening to: BBC Radio 4 - Swansong, Synchronicity by the Police http://t.co/SQAaR8dp

(09:52:52) @LutonNewsConnie Friday isn't going to happen. Sorry it had to be broken to you this way.

(10:21:26) @oliwia_s And you! It's bright and sunny here.. just right for a fire drill ;) x

(10:34:28) @moongirl01 Synchronicity II is one of my all-time favourite records of all-time (noddarf mate)... Listening like my life depends on it! ;)

(10:36:04) @thatsjustme0 Your tweets this morning have gone between a bit concerning and completely frightening. Put your wellies on and have a *HUG* x

(10:39:05) A really interesting - and useful - Android browser comparison article by @itpro: http://t.co/hXR7XbIQ

(10:40:21) @thatsjustme0 Please do do dry it out thoroughly before using it! And a very good morning to you. Or at least one that improves! :) x

(10:41:02) @vobes Excellent! :) :)

(10:41:29) @WhimsicalWife Yes. Yes I do. You also use the word "wodge" which gets a bonus point.

(11:31:49) Mmm. Wagon Wheel. (thanks, @poots!)

(11:34:35) @Life_Insight Great article :)

(11:34:38) RT @Life_Insight: Hypnosis myths busted!

(11:55:06) @akrabat Is it an urban cookie directive?

(11:55:30) @emmathegardener Lovely :)

(11:57:43) @_forky YES YES THANK YOU! :)

(13:11:32) @smartie999 Oh dear. But you did what was right.. just seems he didn't.

(13:11:58) @tezzer57 @zany_zigzag Pineapple juice.

(13:13:39) @mostlygeordie ?

(13:44:57) @smartie999 You took a risk and did the best you could. A lesson learned - although it says more about him than about you. x

(14:54:58) Dealing with tax things. Nightmare.

(15:06:06) I am absolutely gobsmacked by what I have just discovered. I now know why I never got my P45...

(15:23:54) @meanjeen Oldschool! :D

(15:24:22) @mssres Heehee... nope.. not quite ~that~ bad.. but there is the small matter of my leaving.. :/

(15:24:37) @edtjones According to HR I haven't actually left..! :D

(15:35:54) Just got an out-of-office autoreply from my former boss suggesting people contact me for queries. I left nearly a month ago. Says it all.

(15:43:32) @sparkyannc @poots @edtjones I'll be back in the office tomorrow ;)

(15:45:40) Calming down a bit now. Thank you for listening and for your patience. Still doing that *bemused expression* thing. Therapeutic Wagon Wheel.

(16:01:44) @GHOGIT I am expecting to be called in to a disciplinary for not coming into the office for the past month :D

(16:02:40) @sparkyannc Unfortunately the interest rate is so poxy at the moment, it's barely worth it. That said, I think they can be patient ;)

(16:03:28) @smartie999 I danced to that (or similar) on Saturday. DANCED.

(16:12:54) A Wagon Wheel is the only non-vegetarian thing I have eaten today. Apart from another Wagon Wheel (it was an emergency).

(16:13:13) @smartie999 Not that one, unfortunately.

(16:27:39) @_forky @smartie999 Your music choices were fantastic to a fault (although I had to pop out when Jive Bunny came on..)

(16:41:01) @poots @sparkyannc @edtjones I fear with the HR & payroll functions being outsourced, they're unlikely to take responsibility for anything.

(16:44:10) @mabelinticket94 I hope you are doing OK and that the hurricane and its effects are just a memory very soon. Be well.

(18:43:03) A bewildering array of happenings today. Which rhymes, but that's about the only good thing.

(18:56:08) @joanneh234 I think my car's gone wrong :D There's a man on the way soon.. :D

(19:14:23) @joanneh234 All good.. I was at home, and a very very nice man came out :)

(19:14:50) @Tactless_Blonde Thank you, lovely - I am doing OK now! Explanatory tweet to follow :)

(19:15:20) My little car was making a BAD noise. A very nice man from the AA said "drive it backwards for a bit." It stopped making a bad noise #stone

(19:21:54) @sm2n VERY pink! :)

(19:32:38) @edtjones Yes. Yes I did. But on the opposite carriageway, so it was OK (right?)

(19:43:55) @oliwia_s Good to know the snow's melted! Dark and chilly here.. but not too cold! Have a great night :)

(19:44:25) @edtjones Absolutely fine. I win at the M1.

(19:46:06) I am going to have a celebrity shower.

(20:27:08) Another song that would be complete rubbish if Pino Palladino hadn't played bass on it: Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh.

(22:05:53) @Tactless_Blonde Thank you :)

(22:06:07) @RobJD Heehee … mayyyybe :D

(23:29:57) jamelopoeia - cemental (snippet) http://t.co/9h24Iae5

(23:35:00) That'll be Tuesday finished with then. Night night.

(23:52:44) @perrygascoine I will do what I can to remember!

(23:53:48) @sm2n Thank you :)

(23:55:37) @sm2n Wow :) @jn2n looks 100% classy :) @nyssapod

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(07:09:15) Good mornbleurgh.

(07:10:09) @AuntieJammy Hellooo :) I am struggling with verticality :D You?

(07:10:31) @dwhewitson Zackly.

(07:23:30) @dwhewitson not bad ta - bedroom clock hadn’t been set back though so it all got a bit confusing. You?

(07:23:54) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo Happy half-term Monday to you :)

(07:24:14) @lloydbayley Morning Lloyd :) Hope it’s been a good ‘un :)

(07:25:10) @AuntieJammy T’was a weekend of adventure - interesting but tiring :) Fortunately I have coffee :) And yours?

(07:25:54) @repurposedmind Shouldn’t be allowed, I tells ya. Nice twitter profile pic btw. Very cartoony :)

(07:27:11) @lloydbayley Blimey… not another failed mail order delivery..? Best of luck getting past the ‘customer services’ people..

(07:27:32) @dwhewitson Sounds rough. Hope you can get some rest today.

(07:28:34) @AuntieJammy Heehee I know what you mean… I have loads to do around the house! Busy week? Almost definitely.. things pick up at work :)

(07:29:38) @lloydbayley oh no :/ numpties! I haven’t caught up with the RRs - I shall have a listen on the way to work!

(07:30:46) @lloydbayley (for what it’s worth I have created a separate wireless segment for our wi-fi cam with an old router…they can be quite chatty!)

(07:32:42) @AuntieJammy No more trips up north for me… I’m happily deskbound in Watford these days :) In theory makes for a more straightforward life!

(07:33:04) @AuntieJammy What about you? Anything fun planned for half-term? X

(07:33:19) @lloydbayley Heehee bring it on!

(07:33:57) @repurposedmind ooooh! Bit early for that?

(07:36:07) @jonBCFC Bliminy! Enjoy :)

(07:36:44) @washmysocks31 Morning :)

(07:38:07) @amnotfunny Aww :) I’m glad to hear the concept of ‘pyjama days’ extends beyond our house :D

(07:41:56) @repurposedmind Huzzah :) gets them out from under your feet!

(07:42:15) @peasbloss For sure!

(07:43:15) @AuntieJammy Heehee! :D

(07:43:46) @lloydbayley And they still managed to break your internet..! :/ Idiots.

(07:54:32) @washmysocks31 A bit odd this morning, since it's half-term, but business as usual for me! :) Have a splendid day in the autumn sunshine!

(07:54:42) @peasbloss I wish you the very same :) :)

(07:54:52) @jonBCFC You too - enjoy! :)

(07:55:39) @repurposedmind It's about that time that I rifle through all my emails :D

(07:56:42) @LibbyDaniewska you look well gorgeous :)

(07:58:37) Right. Time to angle myself to the south and thitherto. Bon chance!

(10:01:49) @brennig Have a good week! :)

(11:39:45) @joanneh234 Good heavens.. I nearly forgot to say good morning to you! And @smartie999 - and @JQP74 - good morning all (with 21 mins to go!)

(11:48:17) @JQP74 You always look hot :) Me? I am fair to middling, thank you. I may well go for an amble at lunchtime :D @joanneh234 @smartie999

(11:48:43) @joanneh234 I am working my little tail off. In a nice warm office :) How about you? Half termium? x @smartie999 @JQP74

(12:02:07) @joanneh234 Gosh that's a bit peculiar! I hope you have fun with the off-one! :D I promise not to work ~too~ hard! x @smartie999 @JQP74

(12:13:21) @joanneh234 Oh my! I wish her the best of luck with the bookwork! :/ Plenty of tea...

(12:13:44) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo The family are, but I'm back in the office.. gives them a break!

(12:15:26) I can't seem to be able to find a watch that plays "Yellow Rose of Texas" when the alarm goes off.

(13:26:15) @EmmaTofi [1] Is she still going? [2] Doesn't it say more about the Daily Mail that she is on the front cover? [3] Daily Mail Readers. That.

(13:51:23) @EmmaTofi Yes, yes she is. And that is another thing that sets you two apart. Far, far apart x

(13:51:50) @joanneh234 Diddlee dee dee dadee dee.. (etc :D)

(14:15:46) @fluffysuse Good afternoon DMY

(14:16:11) @_windrider A well-deserved cuppa :)

(14:59:51) @fluffysuse Apparently it means "Don't mess yourself" (ie don't get your knickers in a twist. DGYKIAT. Ooh I like that). Happy Suse? x

(15:01:25) @_windrider Excellent work :) A proper treat!

(15:47:52) @JQP74 @joanneh234 @smartie999 And pretty poor customer engagement. They're off my list. That is how social media works, @eds_easy_diner

(15:48:53) @fluffysuse YAY! ~does a small (almost imperceptible*) happy dance at my desk~

(15:49:50) @MissyMWAC Good morning. Surely PP?

(17:05:26) @CalgaryGuru Y'know, I am more tempted than ever to get a previous iPod Nano.. they are great little toys! :D

(17:06:57) @joanneh234 Heehee.. what I'm trying to work out is how I found out what it was called before the internet! :D

(17:08:29) @mcdwebster Cairo? Business? Turning the pyramids into to radio studios..? ;)

(17:09:24) @chchchchelsea @SRA *high fives* I LOVE YOU

(17:17:31) Time to get dark and damp. Allons-y!

(17:18:00) @AlexGFox Yip... *nostalges*

(18:44:06) Chris: "Lenni.. look how long this [YouTube] snake is!" Me: "Are you paying any attention to the video?" Chris: "No, not really." #numpty

(18:47:55) @lsrwLuke Can't be going oversharing :D T'was merely the drive home :D

(18:48:34) @joanneh234 @JQP74 @smartie999 @eds_easy_diner You can come round mine... I do a mean fish finger sarnie ;)

(18:52:12) What the heck is Nick Coffer doing on the radio? He is rubbish, and I personally know much better presenters who have no airtime. @BBC3CR

(18:56:32) @mcdwebster Cooool! :) :) Or rather probably quite warm!

(19:13:24) @ChocoDelight_ @NGYT Nice work on the radio - listening back now :) You guys could do the show ;)

(19:53:54) @fridgemagnet2 Haha! I encourage you to listen to @106Jack podcast.. how they've not been taken off air I don't know! http://t.co/9sQtf6jH

(19:54:48) @fridgemagnet2 @womblegirl Is she secreting them about her person? I have ~always~ been suspicious of people called Laura. You mark my words

(19:55:02) @JuliaBall No.

(19:55:55) @smartie999 @joanneh234 @JQP74 @eds_easy_diner You can have the custard then x

(19:56:38) BE AWARE: #FF is also the internationally recognised hashtag for Fish Fingers.

(20:00:31) @brennig And, indeed, cake.

(20:00:50) @sparkyannc Noooooo!

(20:01:48) @oliwia_s Good night, my musical pal :) x

(20:39:03) @brennig Both. One after the other.

(20:40:32) @sarahjaneuk It did. Unfortunately it has changed beyond all recognition... radio has in general, I think...

(22:47:18) Time for bed, after an episode of Buzzcocks that is well up there with the oddest. I want my very own pet Stacey Solomon. Night night.

(22:59:34) @thatsjustme0 Ey up! ;) Night night and xx right back because I AM cheeky :op

(22:59:47) @PlainTalkingHR Heehee.. I think @poots knows ;) Night nigh! x

(23:00:12) @mcdwebster You and @BarwickGreen are gettin' about, eh? ;) Careful now..!

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(13:22:25) Home after a delightful wedding in the Deep South West. Thank you again to @_forky and @jopijedd for such a fun celebration. First dance?

(13:23:44) @zebsoanes Heard you this morning doing the papers. Very good to hear your voice - great stuff!

(13:27:02) Watching the British Bake-off technical thingy. Non trivial sweetmeat preparation. Cheaper from Asda.

(13:30:57) Thank you to @junkmanuk and @Matildamouse for the delicious breakfast treat on my way home :) And the horror maze anecdotes.. brilliant!

(13:32:52) @106jack Popped round to see my brother and his family on the way home.. they had you on in the kitchen. Exclamations of 'great tune' :)

(13:44:25) Fireworrrrrrks last night. Imagine about three quarters of the way through "Rule the World" by Take That. Th http://t.co/W1JnEjv1

(16:39:20) Back from swimming to hear the next module @poots is doing involves metals. This is all she really needs to know: http://t.co/wmCVSyXP @sm2n

(16:51:24) @mostlygeordie It's the de facto look for Sunday afternoon, no..? ;) http://t.co/71qiZ7vI

(16:51:41) @lsrwLuke @jonBCFC OUTRAGE! :D

(17:11:23) @lsrwLuke @jonBCFC ...Twitter pal :) and you..?

(17:13:33) @mostlygeordie Heehee.. great for chopping onions ;) x

(17:32:25) @lsrwLuke He is a cool bloke to know :) :) Lovely guy as well!

(17:44:04) @106jack Shame you got none of the fry up. Really sorry about that. Really.

(18:16:47) @vobes Just a spot..? I try and get the whole thing flattened! Thank you for the @vobesshow podcasts... kept me company when driving! :)

(18:18:15) @mostlygeordie And there was I thinking he was a Zynga Facebook game... #inappropriate #sorry

(18:19:00) @mostlygeordie That can only be a good thing ;) x

(18:20:18) @dansumption Frying tonight..!

(18:23:58) @Davidlloydradio Wow. Now THAT is the true heart of radio.

(18:26:37) RT @le3ky: Go do this now "Twitter's new default=anyone can reset your password w/o any authentication. Let's all change that" http://t. ...

(18:45:57) @Canojar Dark dark house... all that..?

(18:46:30) @iconfessimageek Good strong stuff, as I recall!

(18:47:25) @shellzenner I would love to, but I'm rarely in London these days :/

(18:48:24) @jonBCFC A diamond in the rough to be sure! Although I have almost always had good experiences with Megabus :) much less so Greenline.

(20:46:12) @edtjones I'm fairly sure that is part of the OU's core study content... @poots

(20:58:08) @PontoonDock @Stenbird If you're right in the middle of #Sandy, you are barely steps from the Captain's manor house (or equiv.)

(21:00:19) I love that my timeline is divided between two extremes - X factor and The Code-breakers. I am watching one of these. Can you guess which?

(21:09:44) @connorwalsh Fantastic! :) :) I wish you much luck with the wiring :)

(21:11:39) @JuliaBall Yes! (I thought of you yesterday as I listened to @106jack podcast.. must've been your contribution to the cooking suggestions ;)

(21:13:26) @gilliandonovan Yes!

(21:36:27) @fiverscarrot Eeeek!

(22:20:18) Off to bed. It is later than I think it is (or vice versa) nightly night.

(22:25:03) @mostlygeordie Of course. Who knows what might happen at night! Rest well when you do (after washing up/chocolate ;) x

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(13:58:59) This is @_forky and @jopijedd - they are outside being wedding photographed. @ Taunton Racecourse http://t.co/vb4V7JV9

(18:44:17) There is dancing to the Smiths going on here. #weddingreception

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(08:34:27) @OmarRaza Heehee... yup! I guess I'm quite an auditory person.. love it :) Have a great day!

(08:34:39) @hooker1uk @zooarchaeologis @Ten2Two @MKBizCit @Dawn1976 @Singlewarehouse @skullfunkerry @frugalfamily @MeTheManAndBaby Thanks Paul! #FF

(08:34:58) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @hrbeginner @nxmee Good morning :) Have a fabulous day!

(08:52:34) Good morning. If today was a character from Balamory, it would be Eidie McCredie. Happy thisthing.

(09:03:42) @_windrider Ha! Genius :D

(09:03:58) @_forky Thank you :) :)

(09:04:24) I have the Paddington Bear theme going round my head. #brainitch

(09:15:26) @alexgeoghegan @brennig Morning, you two :) Friday is idea day (clearly!)

(09:29:44) @thatsjustme0 Happy Friday to you :) x

(09:30:00) @lloydbayley @vobesshow HUZZAH! Looking forward to listening (and vice versa)

(09:47:40) @vobes Splendid! Thank you :) And good morning!

(10:27:58) @GreavsieE17 Oohh. is Edwige back..? http://t.co/c4mL2rqO I have one of her CDs. Bit shrieky ;)

(10:40:19) @emmathegardener Please :)

(10:57:10) @emmathegardener *blushes* I wish I was awesome. More flawsome :) x

(10:57:25) @emmathegardener Thank you :) Richly needed :) x

(12:33:26) @Canojar It's griddling time..?

(14:56:18) @PinkBlancmange @Angie_LFC @roastipops @kelvm777 @Jacki74 *blushes* Thank you! #FF

(16:23:12) @poots Hi, my love. Yes - thank you. Just about to leave the office, and I will look forward to seeing you at home xxx

(16:23:42) @poots All understood - thank you :) See you Quite Soon :) x

(18:30:32) @Leafybear as are you :)

(18:32:38) @alicearnold1 @BBCRadio4 Congratulations, and it was an honour to work with you. That said it was a month ago I left.. ;)

(18:35:46) Listening to @superalora singing the intro to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with the word ‘Beans’. It’a Friday night in the Hart household.

(18:36:39) @oliwia_s V moody :)

(18:37:39) @OmarRaza I would’ve given you a splendid hug. Happy Eid! (and I know you don’t talk like Sanjay all the time ;)

(18:39:27) @jonBCFC The first couple of times, maybe ;) Happy weekend mate!

(18:40:16) @joanneh234 Put some clothes on - you’ll catch yer death! ;) x

(18:40:59) @sm2n @jn2n YOSS!

(18:41:25) @shellzenner You need a longer show.

(18:43:14) If I had a cat, I would call it ‘The Cooper Temple Claws’. I won’t be getting a cat.

(18:43:30) @JQP74 again…?!!! @joanneh234

(18:43:50) @poots But… but…!

(18:48:36) @poots Just keep putting the antihistamine in my morning coffee and I’ll be none the wiser. Explains why the guinea pig is so nervous, mind.

(18:53:42) @shellzenner you would need over eight hours to play it... or two hours four days a week ;)

(19:14:09) @Canojar How's yer welshcakes? ;)

(19:14:23) @BellesBottom YOSS!

(19:16:14) @joanneh234 Would we..? ;) @JQP74

(19:16:45) @Canojar Roastin' yeah!

(19:18:02) Next week I shall be expressing surprise thus: "Mavis Cruet!"

(20:00:22) @thatsjustme0 I can't believe I nearly missed the opportunity to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" So: Happy birthday! :) x

(20:19:24) @BellesBottom play you at uno!

(20:48:00) @BellesBottom Ha!

(21:54:25) @lsrwLuke @j0anne1 @jonBCFC @3MM4B4V1DG3 @tprince90210 @TouchLearnGo Thanks for the #FF :) Love the Engineer twitter profile pic!

(21:56:14) @j0anne1 And the very same to you :)

(21:57:08) @j0anne1 Please drink loads of water before you sleep… it will save your head in the morning! x

(21:57:25) @brennig Nos da :)

(21:57:50) Night night the twitters.

(22:12:29) @alexgeoghegan night, lovely :) x @brennig

(22:12:56) @PinkBlancmange ~blows a kiss~ Bon nuit! x

(22:13:04) @thatsjustme0 Sleep well! x

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(10:50:01) @sparkledoris Everyone wants to be 'The Arrow' or whatever he's called...http://t.co/ts9UF0pK

(11:37:25) For great justice.

(12:02:04) @thatsjustme0 That doesn't sound very nutritious;) x

(14:22:51) @sparkyannc Virtual hugs.. x

(14:23:27) @thatsjustme0 :) :) Just like you! :)x

(14:23:55) @Mark_Hattam Mange tout mange tout! :D

(14:26:01) @GHOGIT Heehee.. I need proof ;)

(14:59:17) @sparkledoris :) :) :) Like mother like son :)

(14:59:57) @sparkledoris (I have a son like that, although he's a bit of a spacemonkey, he's got a wonderfully good heart. Takes after his mum, too)

(15:21:41) @shellzenner Better than being tie-dyed! :D

(15:22:20) @sparkledoris I consider myself very blessed :) x

(17:36:18) Home and catching up with #TinTopTuesday - good to hear the banter … definitely my favourite sportsmen #BTCC

(19:11:25) @sarahjaneuk Hello.. are you about? Hoping to do a show with you in (as opposed to Ewen ;)

(19:32:23) @shellzenner Very 1960s..! https://t.co/UY1NFp4j

(19:36:06) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is LIVE…RIGHT NOW! with @eriklanigan @sarahjaneuk @syzygy and @joedemax watch at http://t.co/GT4TmyhP

(20:59:41) @sparkyannc I hope you're feeling better now x

(21:26:33) @sparkyannc Yay :) Hope you are recovering from your late evening launch! Catch up soon I hope :)

(22:41:43) @OmarRaza I imagine you reading out your tweets in a Sanjay voice. Is that wrong?

(22:44:09) Bedtime. The surface of the earth is constantly moving about. I am going to be horizontal and have a good ponder. Night!

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(06:22:12) Morning. Weird James Bond dream last night. No idea.

(06:23:37) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris Morning, you too xx

(06:24:13) @WhimsicalWife morning and yum :)

(06:25:12) @JQP74 Hope you got your tea :)

(06:25:34) @thatsjustme0 Morning early bird :)

(06:26:28) @schmiedesgruebl O no! Missed it :/

(06:28:32) @Stenbird More running about a big house and avoiding infra red beams, then having a car chase up the A40. Quite realistic..

(06:29:32) @willowHart Hahahaha! Unfortunately not.. it was more as an action hero - i’m not really known for running about :D

(06:33:17) @zany_zigzag Weird dream night!

(06:33:37) @AndreaRauter ~mwah~

(06:38:50) @willowHart I am waiting for the Aston Martin to be delivered… ain’t no way a gentleman spy is going on the Tube

(06:43:47) @willowHart Metropolitan line, natch…

(06:53:43) @mcdwebster Urgh :/

(08:09:21) @vobes Good morning, Richard. I wish the same to you - some sunshine but it's chilly! Thank you for posting the Bluebell Railway podcast!

(08:30:15) @sm2n Your contribution has been excellent too :) All in all a very good listen. @Omaniblog @audioboo @RJNET @mcfontaine @slandi @SOLOSAIR

(08:33:29) Oops. I think I might have run out of coffee.

(08:36:27) @lloydbayley Steps will need to be taken.

(10:41:26) @Wymroyal I will be remedying my.. well.. remedy at lunchtime! :)

(10:42:27) Huzzah... managed to squeeze one more mug of coffee flavoured drink out of the remnants... recaffeination is complete.

(10:42:52) @thatsjustme0 *phew* :) Hope your morning is going well :) x

(10:43:02) @Dappydoris Happy Tuesday, dear Doris. xx

(14:28:08) @emtgates I hope the best answer is the one you get :)

(14:35:24) @j0anne1 Paracetamol from heaven? Hope you feel better soon x

(17:56:13) @AlanHydeStudio Looking forward to it... I imagine they'll all be crushed in. Or crashed in. Like on Sunday, sort of.

(19:33:00) @jonBCFC Surely dayshifts are better than nightshifts..? more daylight :)

(19:36:25) @fluffysuse A day is like a plaster.

(19:43:58) @jonBCFC Work tires me ;)

(19:59:05) @fluffysuse Doesn't hurt when it comes off in the shower, though. Which is nice x

(19:59:34) @jonBCFC Yes. Yes indeed.

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(06:27:43) @perrygascoine @sm2n @davewitchalls If the iPad has a 3.5mm headphone socket and you have access to a mains socket, I am sure I do :)

(06:39:25) @perrygascoine @sm2n @davewitchalls A pair of computer desktop style speakers with a little sub - i’ll put them in the car :)

(06:40:58) @washmysocks31 Good morning :)

(06:41:19) @emmathegardener Morning :) Happy Kew-ing :)

(06:41:43) @BellesBottom Nah. Morning :)

(06:43:50) @emmathegardener Hurrah! x

(06:44:48) Good morning. I had one of my alien invasion dreams last night. Could so easily be a movie screenplay, but ended up being quite dull.

(06:52:36) @AuntieJammy Yup.. strange dream :) I’m OK, ta - a nice family weekend :) Hope you’re well! Have a grand day :) x

(06:52:55) @nausea18 I didn’t wake up with a headache so presumably not ;)

(06:53:11) @BaronHawkey Morning BH. Have a great week sir!

(08:54:47) @nxmee Hope it went OK! How are you feeling?

(08:59:05) @nxmee Glad to hear it. Hope the painkillers are effective and you can enjoy your lunch when it happs! :)

(09:02:14) My son has just had two teeth removed and is being brilliant about it. Love you, @nxmee https://t.co/fmYVtC9d

(09:06:55) @smartie999 He is. Wow.. 5! I fear Lenni will have to have a number of teeth removed, too :/

(09:19:51) I am rather bewildered by the sheer number of people here with Nokia phones who haven't bothered to change the ringtone. Diddle oo-doo..

(09:22:29) @_windrider Hahaaha! I will find it and send it to you as an m4r.

(10:09:34) @ellewadding Glad it's not just me.. :) That said, I am very picky about my choice of ringtone.. there are some amazingly annoying ones :D

(11:25:03) WAR.. huh.. good God.. what is it good for? Collecting a number of java classes for distribution in one monolithic file.

(11:26:27) RT @ewanpearson: New depths in icky-wicky producty-woducty food marketing. http://t.co/GFNvwAjI

(11:27:02) @AlexGFox It is tragic but offers solidarity. Thank you.

(12:04:55) @kingfamily That Dom Joly has a lot to answer for :D

(12:55:54) @LilacNun It's been a bit of a year for you all in, hasn't it..?

(17:43:58) @Zararugosa brrr! Cardy on! X

(17:49:03) Home, allowing my feet to dry off. I should have expected as much from Water Lane…

(18:01:59) @perrygascoine Good luck for this evening :)

(18:14:28) It is not safe to assume that either my Dad or Father-in-Law is calling when answering the phone “Hello, International House of Pancakes.”

(18:15:21) I would add that, at this time of the evening, it normally is one or the other. Not the manager of a Harvester restaurant.

(18:21:04) @jonBCFC Oops. He asked to speak to Beth. She refused saying “I’m not speaking to anyone after you’ve answered the phone like that!” #oops

(18:23:56) @smartie999 oops. still get it..?

(18:30:27) @smartie999 ~high fives~ is this the case, @joanneh234 ..?

(18:51:09) @BaronHawkey Hope you’re home very soon, mate.

(19:21:28) @yellow757 :D

(19:25:18) @joanneh234 @smartie999 I am so happy for the children for whom you were involved in their formative years..! Wow.. what a start to life! x

(20:00:48) @LilythePurr And the same to you x

(20:01:22) @smartie999 @joanneh234 WOW! Wish I was in your class :D

(20:37:03) @Matildamouse YAY! :)

(21:20:17) It's about bedtime, I think.. I fear I'm not going to be able to wrestle much more out of today. Night night.

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(07:39:21) @JQP74 Hahaha! Morning dude :) I would love to but I’d make it to the end of the road and then need a ventilator :D

(07:39:53) @ellewadding Morning :) Tis a little

(07:40:24) @washmysocks31 Missed you! (morning

(07:40:39) @AndrewJordan77 Good luck!

(07:41:06) @amnotfunny Awww feel better soon :/ x

(07:42:46) @KermitMash YUMmorning.

(07:44:21) Good morning. A day of fun and frolics ahead - congratulations to @Bubble2009 and @GHOGIT on your Ruby Wedding anniversary. And #BTCC!

(08:00:29) @LilyShambles @Bubble2009 @GHOGIT It’s an achievement to be sure!

(08:19:23) @TOther_Simon I very much liked the groove - could you tell me what you use for the drum/rhythm section? I need to build my library...

(08:20:27) @emmathegardener Hello :) Master composter question, please: Is pineapple suitable for going into the compost bin? Or is it too acidic..?

(08:21:46) Once again, I'm seeing tales of entertainment booking systems causing frustration by being completely unsuitable for the task. Sort it guys!

(08:22:25) @emmathegardener Thank you! No pineapple plantation here..! Just, well, one pineapple :D Have a delicious Sunday. Emailed you btw.

(08:22:36) @smartie999 Oh I wish.

(08:24:33) Lenni's catching up on last night's Strictly... the musicianship is amazing. Shame they are imprisoned in a brightly colour lit cage. #scd

(08:24:41) @Canojar An enduring image :D

(08:25:08) @brennig Looks delicious! (Except for the absence of BACON but hey :D)

(08:25:30) @sm2n *raises a mug* Happy Sunday.

(08:26:02) @amnotfunny OWW! I am SO glad my two are past that stage :/ May your Sunday improve by at least 119%.

(08:26:35) @ellewadding It's the communications equivalent of a traffic jam. I'm an engineer... it grinds against my sensibilities, I suppose..

(08:27:04) @sm2n iPlayer :)

(08:27:34) @Canojar :D :D :D x

(08:27:57) @smartie999 @_forky I am SO going to be in all the photos. WEARING A FASCINATOR*

(08:28:09) @emmathegardener *hug*

(08:29:32) @smartie999 @sm2n Pfft! :D

(10:32:41) @TOther_Simon Thank you SO much; I think I need it! :)

(18:17:14) RT @FOTSN: Canterbury! Are you ready for #SpokenNerd? We are at @TheGulbenkian to set science ON FIRE!

(20:35:12) Beth: "Who's that?" Me: "Example." Beth: "Who?" Me: "A rap artist. I think." #nmtb #downwiththekids

(20:38:23) Neither @poots nor I know why Wretch 32.

(20:41:27) @miz_shake68 Bangin'. Valid. *does a jaunty gesture* *catches knuckles on door frame*

(20:42:54) @poots Hence the diet gag at the beginning...

(20:46:40) @_forky I want to go to Dungeness, Dounreay and Lindy :)

(21:00:08) @_forky :) It's only up the road from where I grew up... no excuse to have missed seeing the sound mirrors :)

(21:01:13) @mostlygeordie Made it round the M25 then..? Huzzah :) x

(21:01:38) Betimes bedingfield. Night night might x

(21:10:59) @effieoffie Night :) x

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(09:18:40) Belated good mornings. Fiddling with Android apps & generally faffing, while the boy tells stories from the internet of irrational parents.

(11:49:43) Listening to @Slandi's latest @Audioboo about jazz and stuff. Reminds me of Pino Palladino - one of my favourite bass players ever...

(11:50:13) ...I was reminded of a conversation about Paul Young's "Wherever I Lay My Hat" - Pino Palladino led the track with his fretless basss.

(11:52:27) @charbhardy Wonderful! I need to have the energy on a Saturday morning to get out and chop down the wild-growing garden :D

(11:53:15) (Pino Palladino also played bass on "Music For Chameleons" by Alan Partridge. Also: HIS NAME RHYMES).

(11:55:29) What does one do when one has finished* the ironing? It may be time for a cup of tea. Or lunch or something

(12:16:58) @charbhardy I’m glad it’s not just me :)

(12:17:24) @mostlygeordie Heehee :) Nice idea!

(12:21:27) @charbhardy Ours is coloured mainly green… best I can muster :D

(12:22:09) @daisythom You are going to wake up with SUCH a headache! x

(12:25:02) @charbhardy My plan for next year: lavender and parsnips :D Need to get compost out of the compost bin, too x

(14:48:44) "While you're still sleeping

(16:25:11) @_windrider Lost..? I think I might have to blame Facebook. How frustrating. Cup of tea. FOR SURE.

(16:25:28) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots It's sunny but a little chilly here.. perfect autumn dusk on the way :) x

(18:25:00) @poots You rock. I love you xx

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(06:30:33) @alicearnold1 Outrageous!

(06:31:30) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning :) It's Friday. Can't be bad :D

(06:32:31) @Mizzuks Seriously? Find something else to distract you. Voice of experience (and Dad to a potential addict - frightening)

(06:33:14) @KermitMash Definitely den-out-of-sofa-cushions weather.

(06:34:38) @The_Devotea @mad4mogzz Bristol is amazing. A creative epicenter laced with poverty. And beautiful wateryness.

(06:35:42) @BaronHawkey I've got a sorry carcass too. Morning :)

(06:36:13) @Mad4mogzz :)

(06:37:55) @gruppox Ooh! Which one..?

(06:38:36) @cyberdonkey Good morning you epiphenomenon.

(06:40:04) @KermitMash YES! Have a good one, despite the sponsibilities.

(06:40:31) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 YEAH :) really glad to hear it #metoo

(06:41:22) @The_Devotea Darwin is spinning in his gravy.

(06:41:57) @Dr_Black Feel better soon :)

(06:42:33) @biscuitnose Heh. Cool kid. Your fault.

(06:47:29) @BaronHawkey Good thank you :) Nice to be avoiding meetings! Have a top day :) :)

(06:47:58) @gruppox Fantastic :) Hope you have the best time :)

(06:49:04) @joanneh234 @JQP74 @miz_shake68 And the very same to you :) Friday is goooood x

(06:50:43) Good morning. Nice and quiet in the house, punctuated by laughter from the children at YouTube videos. Jeff the glitchy silverfish etc.

(07:03:58) @cyberdonkey I thought I had made it up! I quite like sticking the word ‘epi’ on the front of words… :D Bon epimatin nonetheless :)

(07:04:28) @alnicholl77 Fabulous! Rest for the little one :)

(07:04:52) @JQP74 @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 Wow cool!

(09:17:47) @stu4art Morning, stu4art :) https://t.co/ACgC0FOF Mr Number Text, Call & Block :)

(09:18:00) @hooker1uk @ActuallyMummy @ericahughes @KarenCannard @plus2point4 @CoffeeCurls @cosmicgirlie @MagneticBoardCo @Stewpot Thanks, chief :) #FF

(09:28:22) @smartie999 Cool plane! Annoying whingeing children though. Super headphones required, I say :D

(10:49:12) @jopijedd I believe it has something to do with this.. http://t.co/ZJHlERhY

(11:09:00) @scott_cawley Loads of people do.

(11:48:40) Time for the Patented Post-nuclear Pizza Pyramid

(12:19:49) @PlainTalkingHR Happy Friday, Bina. I wish you the best of days :) :)

(12:21:09) @danvesma Oh my! Wishing G a swift recovery. I know how frightening that can be.

(12:51:15) @claw0101 HURRAH :) Just listened... I even got a namecheck from the mighty @MissyMWAC! :)

(12:51:32) @brennig O lordy.

(13:07:29) RT @michlan: Mums: Do you avoid being in photos? Read this:

(13:12:40) @stu4art Ooh.. now you're talking - If the rain holds off for long enough, I might take the children out for some kite flight action! :)

(13:12:49) @virginmedia May well do :) Thank you.

(13:13:03) @smartie999 Yes. Yes there is.

(13:13:19) @brennig :D Stops the bottom going soggy, y'see!

(14:24:45) @RobJD HAHAHAHAHA! NO :D (it's my method of serving slices of recently microwaved pizzas so the bottoms don't go soggy ;)

(14:24:53) @claw0101 Always :) :)

(14:25:35) @MissyMWAC @claw0101 I was chuckling whilst you were talking about The Life Of Father Ted O'Brien ;)

(17:27:04) We can put electric fondues into the recycling but not that grey eBay bag packaging stuff BOO. When will you do /4\ plastic, @LutonCouncil?

(17:27:36) @riggwelter And slowly and surely, they drove it over your foot..?

(17:40:52) @brennig No.. I am ;) @poots

(17:41:25) @BlueMoon_11 Hello hello! Happy Friday - and welcome to the weekend :) x

(17:43:13) Words I will never use as verbs: party; action; cheese.

(17:43:49) @jonBCFC Cheers! And welcome to the weekendery :)

(19:05:06) @zany_zigzag He was a very cheeky man. Actually 'I was cheesed off is perfectly valid. I rescind my previous statement ;)

(19:05:53) @charbhardy Sweet lord no. I have been informed that 'cheese' is fine, though. Cheesed off. Oops :D

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(06:03:19) @JQP74 Morning. Coffee for me, please- I think @WhimsicalWife was angling for a mug of the good stuff in bed, too ;)

(06:05:44) @BellesBottom Morning :) That, as I understand it, is completely normal...

(06:06:42) @vobes Hurrah ;) Morning :)

(06:07:50) @JQP74 You too, dude - and Thursday greetings to your sister @miz_shake68 too!

(06:08:26) @ajlanghorn Morning :) Yup.. what am I expecting..?

(06:08:57) @errolin Blimey.. hope it was worth it!

(06:10:38) Good morning. I feel like I have bashed my toe on something. Odd night.

(06:13:02) @BellesBottom Patience :) x

(06:14:00) @vobes And the very same to you - with lots of laughter. And not too much grey dust :/

(06:14:21) @BellesBottom PS big pants are good in my book :)

(06:15:08) @jonBCFC And you, Jon - hope you have a magnificent day :)

(06:24:06) @Tactless_Blonde Sleep kicking :D

(06:24:41) @PaulEdwards_ The very same to you :)

(06:24:57) @vobes :D :D

(06:55:35) @_windrider Good spot, sir… I shall

(06:57:28) @TOther_Simon ~sniggers~

(06:59:22) @brennig Quite so. Eddie Murphy?

(08:21:50) @brennig Ahh :) I had a feeling it was an action movie of some sort (and an unusual choice of dubbing!) New job? Interesting. Lots to learn!

(08:21:57) @_windrider Top banana - thank you :)

(08:22:18) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Splendid! I hope the day holds all you could wish for :)

(08:43:30) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Good morning, my delicious pals :) x

(08:48:09) RT @jonohunt: LostWinds (iOS game) is free at the moment http://t.co/Ib1acodQ

(09:17:23) @errolin Something for the commute (not me.. I have to drive :D)

(09:29:38) @dirtychurch2000 Welcome back :) Where have you been?

(09:51:51) @poots Thanks for the update x

(10:55:36) @fridgemagnet2 Help yourself to a Doctorate from the University of St Leonards.

(10:57:00) @OmarRaza I listened last night, and will listen again now. It was WELL valid.

(10:57:19) @mostlygeordie Amazing. Cos I know you :)

(13:06:19) @keileybobs I have designed and built an eternal torment for politicians unrepentant in their NHS cuts. Anyone want to sign my perdition?

(13:35:51) @keileybobs *chuckles* I'll sign your partition, too. And, indeed, your pediatrician.

(14:01:32) @keileybobs Absolutely - I'll bring along my small-minded Irish cousin. Will you sign my petty Sean? (Shall we stop now? ;)

(14:09:22) @PlainTalkingHR Wow! Good morning :) It's 3pm here.. not quite so early shift ;)

(14:17:50) @PlainTalkingHR That's a good time of day - it's a quarter past three here.. tea time! I'm OK, ta.. got a bit of a headache, but all good :)

(14:18:05) RT @BothersBar: Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys is 53 today.

(14:46:41) @PlainTalkingHR Mmm cake! :) Thank you! xx

(19:17:24) @MissyMWAC *makes a careful note* Perhaps one could combine the two, by doing a personal presentation to the neighbourhood twice a week..

(19:28:36) Are we ~ever~ going to get our double broadband speed, @Virginmedia..? Going to have to wait till next year now... http://t.co/3F5ImvET

(20:18:52) @sparkyannc Congratulations indeed to them :) :)

(20:41:33) @TheSharonRankin The bad(!) news is you've been mentioned on the BIG show.. expect all kinds of followers ;)

(20:41:53) @AlexGFox Hahahahaha! oh. you weren't joking ;)

(21:58:06) Attempting to extricate myself from the sofa and go to bed. I bid, therefore, you a pre-emptive goodnight.

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(06:16:13) @JQP74 Morning :) Yeah - you've got the run of the place!

(06:17:58) @vobes Good morning :) Hope the coffee grinder has been running well today!

(06:21:17) Whenever anyone says "Greggs" I always think (in my mind, and on occasion, out loud) "Olllllldd Greeeeeeg!" #mightyboosh

(06:25:05) RT @debsylee: RT @richardbranson: .@virgintrains #backontrack! UK Gov no longer awarding West Coast MainLine franchise to FirstGroup htt ...

(06:26:36) @Canojar Et toi :)

(06:27:59) @charbhardy @peasbloss Morning you two! There's a bit of blue in the sky - be a shame to waste it :)

(06:28:37) @miz_shake68 Morning - or "all right our kid" ;)

(06:30:04) @paulums ~chuckles~ Must watch that again sometime :)

(06:31:38) @goitsagch I don't think there's a song in the top 40 that doesn't use MIDI in some way - if virtual.. it still underpins music making :)

(06:33:14) @vobes Grand! I'll make sure I turn the volume down when you grind your beans ;) I was going to write an email after your latest show; soon!

(06:34:03) @Canojar Mercredi... or "jour du hump" ;)

(06:35:03) @AuntieJammy Morning :) Hopped out of bed this morning - normally it's all I can do to get vertical :D All well with you..?

(06:36:16) @davewitchalls I find him mildly frightening... :D

(06:36:59) @AuntieJammy Yup! But busy doing stuff I enjoy :) #nomeetings

(06:38:10) @TOther_Simon maybe 7am IS a lie-in.. ;) (at least you didn't wake up to find a small creature busting out of your stomach)

(06:39:53) @Leafybear Happy birthday! May this be the start of an even more amazing decade of your life x

(06:48:57) @Leafybear :) I hope there are plenty of smiles today!

(06:52:34) @TOther_Simon O Lordi. That said, it was after midnight for me.. blimmin’ nuisance, isn’t it..?

(06:53:04) @AuntieJammy You too! x

(06:53:29) @Canojar They need to make greetings cards with that on.

(07:05:48) @goitsagch Well.. listening to some so-called 'songs' it's not far off those .MID tracks #mainlyjustshoutingthesedays #IamOLD

(07:05:58) @JQP74 :D

(07:12:21) I hope someone in the government gets a good kicking about this West Coast Mainline debacle. Worst. Government. Ever #corrupt

(08:39:25) @dragonhistory One day you will witness it for real. For now, you will have to imagine. I will be wearing more than just my pants #partridge

(08:39:32) @R2UK @topgold @slandi @sm2n @chrismarquardt @audioboo Thank you :)

(08:39:51) @davewitchalls @perrygascoine Quicker to walk..?!

(08:43:15) In today's queue on the M1 this morning (another traffic accident) I was pondering what punishment should be wrought on whoever caused it.

(08:43:49) In other news, my feet are a bit damp.

(09:10:58) @poots I fear they may have. I'll get some no more nails to 'em...

(09:33:56) @poots :) :) They've done a few miles :)

(10:08:40) @Dappydoris :D :D

(10:09:33) @joanneh234 @smartie999 @miz_shake68 Can I come? I am better than a nephew (barely)

(12:06:04) @dragonhistory Gosh! Happy birthday :) :) :) :)

(12:40:24) @Dappydoris WOW. Those people are frighteningly bad at stuffing animals :D

(13:22:14) @dragonhistory Insist upon it. Moreover, insist that lunchtime extends to at least half-past three ;) x

(13:23:56) @washmysocks31 What a brilliant thing! :) Enjoy :) :)

(15:22:11) @timoncheese CTRL-ALT-Up arrow if it helps ;)

(15:28:11) @timoncheese Clearly I'm not alone in attempts to assist.. sorry! A great practical joke, though - I recommend swapping 'M' & 'N' keys, too

(15:43:44) @jonBCFC There's no place like it :)

(15:44:14) @leica0000 I'm more into a shoulder to crayon :D

(18:01:48) @LibbyDaniewska SHOES? Not socks..?

(18:04:36) RT @poots: Very pleased to get the news that the wheat at Rothamsted has been harvested. The vandals didn't win that one.

(18:06:34) Home and cooking with gas. And electricity. But not lasers (yet).

(18:44:02) @Wymroyal The Rothamsted wheat? Yup. Opinion is certainly split on that one.

(18:49:42) @emmathegardener It makes you look like a pensive nun in miniature. I like it. (Although nuns frighten me).

(18:51:11) @LibbyDaniewska Holy mo. I shall have to google images of "Running in individual toe shoes" for a bit. My mind's been broadened. Thank you!

(18:51:28) @AlexGFox I prefer "Old school". And, indeed, "Workhouse" :D

(18:58:48) @emmathegardener You will learn not to pay the slightest attention to my opinion... :D @poots knows that all too well ;)

(19:07:24) @thatsjustme0 Definitely a hi-five moment nonetheless :) :)

(19:11:25) @claremac82 Get you on the breakfast sofa! :) :)

(21:37:22) Catching up on comedy on the #BBCiPlayer before bed... great!

(21:38:07) @sarahjaneuk I truly hope they are. Either that or there was some corruption and collusion.. I watch too much "The Thick Of It" :D

(21:38:29) @sarahjaneuk I must try 'em (I've never been to a Greggs!)

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(06:37:21) RT @johndredge: My kids book 'The Silly Adventures of Twighead Larson' today Tuesday 5pm on Resonance 104.4FM x

(06:39:23) Good morning. Today requires a greater than average coffee consumption. That's greater than average for me, not @MissyMWAC :D

(06:50:47) @nausea18 Poetry.

(08:31:52) Sometimes thinking makes me sneeze.

(08:32:32) @streakmachine Amen, brother :)

(08:32:42) @_windrider Cool :)

(08:42:41) RT @deloresaudioboo: @Audioboo are still looking for London users to attend a forum on Tuesday evening at 7.00pm. it should last approx, ...

(09:01:46) RT @audioboo: Fascinating - the story behind Gangnam Style - from BBC Newshour: http://t.co/ObZh6dwz

(09:13:35) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @BNI_Luton And a very good Tuesday morning to you :)

(09:13:57) @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @Dappydoris @_forky @jrr4film *blows a big kiss* Welcome back @BaronHawkey!

(09:14:27) @lloydbayley Greetings, Lloyd. Caught up with your RR on my walk to work - nice bit of perspex action ;)

(09:14:38) @nausea18 It's in all of our souls ;)

(09:15:27) @AuntieJammy Hello :) Sorry for the delayed reply.. the ol' work prep action! Fully settled in and about to do some photocopying! You OK?

(09:16:05) @OlorinLorien Spirited, if a little lacking in 'oomph' sometimes :)

(09:16:34) @streakmachine I can be quite unmanageable when I have had coffee :D

(09:16:51) @lloydbayley You and me both.. although I don't have a functional shed.. I tend to use the studio as a workshop (gets quite messy!) :D

(09:32:15) @AuntieJammy You too! Nearly time for a teabreak, I think ;)

(09:32:40) @lloydbayley I am happy improvising... I just feel blessed that I have some space to myself :) :)

(09:32:57) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @BNI_Luton I'm moderate to good, thank you - hope all is well with you! :) :)

(10:59:24) @griffinkate Because you can't move nearly as quickly..? ;)

(11:33:32) @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin @Dappydoris @_forky @jrr4film @BaronHawkey I am about 79% splendid, although quite hungry ;)

(11:48:57) Still a bit bewildered that a CPU I bought a year ago is still one of the best value processors.. http://t.co/LtxgUVjE - no Moore's law..?

(11:53:15) @willowHart Yes. I think you could.

(11:56:43) @dragonhistory Want a hug?

(12:14:44) @dragonhistory *hug* anyway - refunds are available x

(12:14:55) @thatsjustme0 Wow... you don't half get about! ;)

(12:18:30) @lloydbayley night, Lloyd :)

(12:33:40) There's some cool ruins on Lundy. https://t.co/6mtYUbmO ...one day I will go to Cornwall (and thereabouts)

(13:51:46) I have come to know and love "Format Painter".

(15:11:44) RT @giagia: THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Hexaflexagons, yea, you heard me - Hexaflexagons: http://t.co/un8YYoHe

(17:53:29) @mostlygeordie Every now and then it stops raining ;)

(18:37:28) @govindajeggy That made me chuckle. Internal organ jokes clearly tickle me.

(18:56:55) @mostlygeordie I was pondering doing the same, but bottled it :D

(18:58:23) @fluffysuse :D Surely it's an opportunity missed if YOU don't do it... (also: Jonathan Ross..?)

(19:00:06) @dragonhistory Hope you’re feeling much perkier now. Or have gone to bed x

(20:00:24) @fluffysuse Steady now ;)

(20:00:55) @mostlygeordie Great! Nowt wrong with the odd splash of water :) :)

(20:01:12) @R2UK All good :)

(20:01:48) @dragonhistory Happy to own up.. I’m used to taking the rap - say I distracted you with a mysterious dance :)

(21:48:35) @dragonhistory It’s not one I will be sharing on the internet. But oh my is it mysterious. Swishy and mystifying. Dry ice and ~everything~ x

(21:48:41) @fridgemagnet2 Yes. Yes it are.

(21:50:09) Well, my attempt to tidy my studio has resulted mainly in building a new pair of MIDI cables and making even more mess. Oops.

(21:51:15) @BaronHawkey night!

(21:58:59) @vobes This is rather late for you, sir! Rest well when you do :)

(22:50:52) @slandi It's a pleasant way to spend an evening, even if the results aren't immediately visibl :) Enjoy the rest of your day; happy Octaver!

(22:55:39) @mostlygeordie Ooh ooh ooh! I vote for your spleen x

(22:55:45) Gone. night night!

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(09:15:33) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots Happy, if damp, Monday :) Another week - another new start. If I can remember how :D x

(09:33:56) @peasbloss Gosh. That young lady needs a lesson in listening!

(10:17:22) Happy birthday, @EdTJones. Properly and (more or less) correct, this time!

(11:17:01) RT @CliveHasTheHorn: Apple have just launched their London tube map app. See latest screenshot here!

(12:14:18) @Barwickgreen You have my finest and most ebullient sympathy.

(12:15:52) @davewitchalls I don't know that particular tune (or I probably do, but not the name) so I have substituted it with The Girl From Ipanema.

(12:17:34) @sm2n Looks like you've got some nitro fuel there..!

(12:53:26) @GHOGIT @RobJD Wishing you both strength and patience.

(12:54:00) @davewitchalls Ooh.. Greenday. Have they woken up now September's ended..? ;)

(18:03:47) Ahh it's good to be home. There's no place like it, so I understand.

(18:04:05) @errolin How's Monday?

(18:04:21) @nickwallis It's what those vending machines are all about.

(18:05:51) @goitsagch When the M1 is behaving, oh yes! :) :)

(18:06:27) @Barwickgreen It's the perky type, now with added vitamin C ;)

(18:06:47) @sm2n All good, thank you :) :) Hope you're having a stimulating time!

(18:07:06) @davewitchalls I don't know what to say ;)

(18:11:15) @OlorinLorien Work.. but much closer to home now :) Bliss! :) :)

(18:12:27) @tamarakuzminski Wow! *admires*

(18:12:51) @MissyMWAC Quick quick quick! Actually.. you're not able to go quick.. until you've got coffee ;)

(18:13:00) @goitsagch :D

(18:13:20) @goitsagch @poots For the Mulled WIN.

(18:33:54) @Kimtins If I tell you there isn't does that help? ;)

(18:35:12) @RobJD Oh yes.. I am a truely local host ;)

(18:36:04) @OlorinLorien Quite the reverse, sir.. I have Little Scarlettt - a tiny little runabout that ferries me to and from work at the M1's behest.

(18:39:21) @jonBCFC I quite liked it :D Hope you're feeling better!

(18:46:28) @errolin Hey.. R1 isn't about productivity - it's about bangin' tunes ;) WD17 is good, ta!

(18:48:21) @jonBCFC Glad to hear it! :) I'm not bad, ta.. relaxing after another busy day :)

(18:48:28) @Kimtins YEAHHH! :)

(18:53:45) @jonBCFC Well, thank you - it's right up my street and I am enjoying learning new things :) :)

(18:55:10) @crabbyknickers Alternative is to kick them all out. Or at least out of your favourite part of the home. But yes.. I know how you feel x

(21:21:13) @washmysocks31 Good night :)

(21:22:25) @thatsjustme0 If it were up to me, always purple ;)

(21:40:04) Brilliant - the More Or Less podcast's record for inaccurate reporting.. http://t.co/VHQzj7YX (MP3)

(21:40:19) Right. I am all tired out after a long squawk. night night.

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(07:31:41) @deborabora @TOther_Simon Well I’m steering clear of Ocean Drive as a precaution..

(07:39:09) @stu4art What a great bit of pop! Thank you for sharing it :)

(07:40:26) @AndreaRauter Quite right too :) :)

(12:10:33) @R2UK @slandi Yes. Recforge Lite. Brilliant.

(12:10:53) @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 @JQP74 You too!

(17:45:23) @R2UK @sm2n @slandi Always glad to be of assistance - even on the dark side (or better: 'the side that doesn't really work properly' ;)

(18:09:40) Wow..! @Asda FM are playing Howard Jones.. "Soon You'll Go." Blissful- and certainly giving @106jack a run for their money for eclecticness.

(18:39:23) Lenni, when interrupted mid-sentence (again) by her brother: *sigh* "Please save your corrections till the end."

(18:41:16) @slandi @R2UK I would say, incidentally, it's worth going into the settings and selecting 44.1kHz - mono - 16 bit for the best recording.

(18:42:48) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is posted with @ErikLanigan @IanBurton_ @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @AlexGFox @EwenRankin 'Bring-A-Story Party' h ...

(18:49:36) I just went upstairs and poked the children with a stick because BOTH of them forgot to brush their teeth. It's an upside of being a Dad.

(18:50:45) @joanneh234 @washmysocks Seconded! A fantastically cheerful smile.for a Sunday evening ;)

(18:51:40) @BellesBottom It's even worse when it ~is~ chocolate.. the dilemma..

(18:52:32) RT @mjyharris: Jesus has been in Tesco again http://t.co/n5XJmCHM

(19:06:43) @ajlanghorn I thought it might be funny. My son simply said "Stop poking me with a stick"; my daughter turned it into a stick poking fight.

(19:07:52) @washmysocks @joanneh234 which makes it all the more impressive :) I shall post a photo of me that Beth took earlier :D #retaliation ;)

(19:11:08) Me, in the countryside, as taken by lovely @poots :) http://t.co/qQ1CRNzN

(19:11:28) @BellesBottom ;) ;)

(22:17:35) @poots Ain't a patch on "Thwack" ;)

(22:33:48) @thatsjustme0 Nightnight :) xx

(22:34:20) Right.. time for bed without any delay. Any more delay. Au du lait. Night night.

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