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(07:08:25) @UKTesco Is that how it works..? :D I thought the weather was controlled by Vince.

(07:27:01) Good morning. The children are building unfeasible molecules. A good way to start a Saturday.

(07:30:48) @Dappydoris and me!

(07:31:00) @Rebs_42 Back to bed with you!

(07:32:47) @UKTesco I am so glad you’re there. Every little etc.

(07:45:32) @JQP74 @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 Good morning lovelies. Enjoy your day - especially your last workying one, John :)

(07:46:29) @womblegirl Family day out to buy a flamethrower… then do the garden ;)

(07:58:52) @mostlygeordie I missed it.. can I come next time please?

(08:02:44) @thatsjustme0 Happy Saturdee! :)

(08:03:00) @Tactless_Blonde Wow! Makes up for no dinner the other night! :D

(08:04:09) Time, I think, to play with PC bits. I may end up with a computer again. Maybe.

(08:04:32) @davewitchalls Clearly it's not loud enough.

(08:05:03) @davewitchalls Or you need to do something about your woofers. *badum tish*

(08:05:27) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd.. Cautiously optimistic (and a bit hung over ;) Have a good evening! :)

(08:05:42) @LilyShambles Hello stranger! :)

(08:08:20) @davewitchalls Very wise :D

(08:09:38) @LilyShambles Heehee! I nominate you as chairperson of the hangover club ;)

(08:10:14) @thatsjustme0 Time for a change :) :)

(08:50:10) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @joanneh234 Have a great weekend! :) :)

(08:50:21) @streakmachine Bleh. No Quake 3, then ;)

(10:15:33) @streakmachine Better off with a Raspberry Pi! ;)

(10:15:51) @OlorinLorien And suffering for it this morning ;)

(10:16:31) @mostlygeordie I am sure that can be arranged. I am practising ‘O Sole Mio!’ as I type… ;)

(10:53:06) Bit of a stroke of luck.. found a motherboard which is compatible with my quad core CPU. Back in business (eventually).

(10:55:40) @joey_coops You have five minutes of morning left ;)

(11:34:37) Not impressed by the refund on my Stretch Limo season ticket. This makes NO sense, and was not mentioned anywhere..

(11:47:29) @jo_whit @Danvesma Well.. sort of..!

(11:48:18) @trevypoos I blew up the motherboard via the USB port. Sad state of affairs - mains spike took it out :/ What's up with yours?

(11:48:45) @trevypoos (That said, I was a little suspicious about the USB ports anyway.. not really sure I like USB very much. Computer SCART, I say).

(11:49:18) @kittykatkent Means I've nearly fixed my computer.. YAY for being able to do all kinds of things on it again.

(13:23:22) Bless her.. Lenni is trying to make the molecules on @MrJamesMay's Things You Need to Know; it's wrong. 5 bond carbon?

(13:24:55) @trevypoos What a nuisance.. hope @MyCatsPaws hasn't been too frustrated by it...

(13:25:33) @_windrider Gracias.

(13:30:08) Molecules!

(13:30:29) @Mark_Hattam Is the correct answer!

(13:30:55) @MyCatsPaws @trevypoos You didn't break it - technology did ;)

(14:21:08) @goitsagch It's the 'remind' bit I take issue with - nowhere is that written down :/ It's obviously all about the profit for them. Horrible.

(14:21:22) @MyCatsPaws @trevypoos And quite right too :)

(15:20:54) @goitsagch Amen to that! :)

(15:23:16) @claw0101 That's going to be the look for Autumn/Winter 2012 - just you wait and see. Ordering my Littlewoods catalogue now ;)

(16:06:09) Best. Molecule. Ever.

(16:12:19) @davewitchalls Ruined..? Stage antics? Good price though!

(16:14:31) @AnnaClare__ Yes. Yes they do.

(16:14:58) @AnnaClare__ And the ambulance can and will go with anything :)

(16:15:29) @thatsjustme0 You're behind the curve - Beth and I have both had one!

(16:15:45) @alexgeoghegan It's only right ;)

(16:16:31) @davewitchalls Wow.. fretless! Makes for creative playing!

(16:17:39) @Dappydoris Ha! Sort of thing I would have done as a teen, I can assure you ;)

(16:39:43) @alexgeoghegan Heeheee not first thing in the morning, no ;)

(16:40:13) @davewitchalls Arguably, it's still art.. just heading towards avant-garde. Or jazz.

(16:41:11) Happy birthday, @Tactless_Blonde :) May your food be celebratory. Or celebrity.

(17:01:02) @Tactless_Blonde RARRR! xx

(17:05:18) @AnnaClare__ Oh heavens.. well - helps with the decision making. That said, some of my favourite toys were broken. By me. Personalised ;)

(17:07:24) @leica0000 Lovely photo! And just up the road from my childhood home :)

(19:44:11) @cyberdonkey That is a wondrous thing :) it is just a shame Twitter won't let me find Instagram tweeters :/ Hurrah!

(20:39:39) @cyberdonkey Ooh.. I'll watch out for that :)

(20:40:41) @fridgemagnet2 @poots Or rather those things used to be.

(20:49:06) Wagon Wheels Wheelies now..? Coolio (I had one)

(20:51:18) @Pewari Only £2.49 on YouTube ...

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(05:49:57) @TomBedwell @webziggy Thanks, Tom. Strange days indeed…

(06:08:29) @_forky Happy birthday, young thing... I hope your day is full of marvels and wonder and smiles and giggles x

(06:10:24) @danvesma Congratulations:) Your progress is inspiring:)

(06:25:59) @kingfamily Good morning :) sounds like lots to look forward to today! x

(06:26:22) @peasbloss Good luck!

(06:27:18) @jarbennett Good morning and thank you :) always good to hear your voice and your thoughts - loved your meatmarket boo! #FF

(06:28:23) @Dappydoris Good morning :) I'm not aware of @mariancall's work.. something to check out!

(06:31:06) @washmysocks Good morning. Sunshine here too!

(06:31:51) @ElPixelo Feel better soon, dude.

(06:32:49) @thatsjustme0 Good morning lovely x

(06:33:46) @eddiemair I always thought your wit was rather dry.

(06:35:47) @ElPixelo Not a bad year then! Hang in there and swift recovery!

(06:36:14) @washmysocks Certainly in terms of traffic! :)

(06:59:59) @BlueMoon_11 And the very same to you x

(07:00:21) @lucyrboo Hahahah! Brilliant!

(07:00:47) @WhimsicalWife Morning :) Let it cool then chug it ;)

(07:01:07) @SharonWoolich I fear so... don't make me link you to it :D

(07:01:46) @kingfamily Work is really interesting - SO much to learn, but I think I've practically made it through the first week and they may keep me!

(10:57:04) @jonBCFC Why no sleep..? :/

(11:19:37) @Manda_Jones @techpractical We totally need to make more use of such characters, don't we‽

(11:19:47) @AmandaHolmes21 YOU ROCK! :) :)

(11:28:00) Lunchtime‽

(12:15:21) @Mad4mogzz I certainly wouldn't recommend such behaviour. He was clearly setting a bad @example ;)

(15:09:02) @jonBCFC Rest well, and feel better soon, mate.

(16:57:14) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner And the very same to you! :) :) x #FF

(16:57:40) @Tactless_Blonde I've got a dinner. Come on over.

(16:59:14) Home in record time and off to St Albans beer festival to meet up with @ucalegon shortly. A good end to my first week at a new job. YEAH.

(17:29:02) @kingfamily @ucalegon Thank you! :) :) And the very same to you :) x

(17:29:23) @Tactless_Blonde That is not a pretty thought. Make haste. Or at least make complex carbohydrates! x

(17:29:37) @_windrider I wish you a happy weekend :)

(18:25:56) @hooker1uk Thanks, dude :)

(18:27:10) @ucalegon not there yet - soon.

(18:28:00) @goitsagch @poots @fiverscarrot Sampling. Celebratorily. That. :D

(18:29:08) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner It's been a very interesting week - I think I may well pick things up :) xx

(18:30:57) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris Love you both. :) happy #FF Friday:)

(18:37:09) @goitsagch @poots @fiverscarrot I only have a little beard. It will get a good stroking.

(19:14:43) Half-pint number 1 is Millstone Tiger Rut - very light but a bit too hoppy.. I may well have had this before...

(19:23:17) Half pint 2 - Newby Wyke - White Squall. Another pale one.. much more full-bodied than the Tiger.. sweet & fruity. Pineapply. Strong 7.5/10

(19:34:25) @goitsagch I may well do - after a couple more 'safe' starters... ;)

(19:42:51) @sacs He hee.. thank you for the advice! I love weissbier.. I'll look out for Bitter &Twisted!

(19:43:50) @OlorinLorien Sampling the UK's finest delights ;)

(19:45:14) @thatsjustme0 Nearly ;) x

(19:50:03) Half-pint number 3 BlackBar Left Hand. Pale, but very flavoursome - almost to the point of the kitchen sink. Not bacon.

(20:07:28) On the advice of @goitsagch I have opted for half-pint 4: Oakham's Green Devil. So grapefruity I fear it is trying to drink me. 6%/10 :D

(20:13:28) @goitsagch It does! It tastes like garden when I burp!

(20:41:46) @goitsagch if I were to go for a Dark Star it would be a Hop Head- gorgeous... don't like to go over 5%.. ;)

(20:42:48) @goitsagch I can smell the Citra from here..!

(20:51:33) Half-pint number 5 - Oakham Citra. They've turned the fruitiness up to an almost greengrocer level. Fun but not sessiony. 6/10

(21:03:54) Cooking with gas for the last two.. first a dark Dochter Noblesse Extraordinaire - burnt liqueur, with spices. Wow.

(21:04:54) @errolin Nearly.. very nearly. But I have learned from the best... (i.e. @BigAlTwit)

(21:09:36) @goitsagch They turn the volume right up on flavour! We've hit the basement.. one more and I'm spent.. :D

(21:12:04) @goitsagch They're out.. really gutted. Went for something equally liquorice-y :)

(21:17:30) @jonBCFC If ever there was an appropriate use for 130 interrobangs, it would be now :p Hope you are feeling better!

(21:18:36) @goitsagch Indeed. Welcome to the weekend ;)

(21:47:28) Last half of the evening... Ongelovie Thomas - very spicy but very very strong.

(22:22:48) @sparkyannc Happy birthday. Entirely. X

(22:24:04) Heading home after an evening of #realale appreciation with the mighty @ucalegon - what a fine way to end the week :)

(22:27:21) @derots I ended up with my pal in the downstairs European bar.. some amazing beers!

(22:27:41) @_windrider Heeheee.. yup! Half the battle ;)

(22:29:10) @Mark_Hattam No beer got more than 7/10 but that was more down to the selection (hoppy & fruity) than anything.. back to mainstays at home!

(22:30:43) @beershowjimmy Ohhh yes. Definitely end-of-the-night chocolately brews! I'm too much like the @vobes the rest of the time ;)

(22:31:28) @jonBCFC You too, chief :) good r&r to you!

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(06:56:36) Good morning. @nxme is talking about turning milk into something harder than stone. Frightening Things A Boy Wants To Do.

(06:57:10) Today is a good day to wish @EdTJones a Happy Birthday. I would encourage it.

(07:01:15) @edtjones Oh heavens.. your birthday is the next item on my calendar.. wrongly assumed it's today! Well.. it's your birthday season ;)

(07:02:44) @sparkyannc @binabery Have a fantastic holiday :) Many celebrations for the birthdays!

(07:08:23) @edtjones Turns out I had a calendar malfunction.. only my TwitterBirthdays was showing .. sorted now! :D

(07:08:51) @fridgemagnet2 Is this an award you are planning to give, or received a long time ago..?

(07:09:14) @womblegirl Well! :)

(07:12:31) @meeware Is that REALLY the lyrics..? Wow. As I hear it..

(07:12:50) Off to work. YEAH.

(08:58:47) @errolin I don't need no stinkin' stretch limo.. I've got a tiny runabout ;) Have a good day - hope you can see some sky!

(08:59:03) @fridgemagnet2 That's the best way to get awards.

(09:00:16) @akrabat @slandi @sm2n @macolgan @R2UK @jarbennett I like Kik for exactly that reason. Whatsapp is quite interesting, too... choice is good!

(09:00:40) @mostlygeordie You too (with coffee!) JAMYEH! x

(09:00:58) @Kercal Oh dear.. I hope the marking is cheerful nonetheless! :)

(09:01:34) @JQP74 I have SO much to learn, but I think I'm getting there :) How was Alton Towers and your life of leisure? ;)

(09:01:53) @PlainTalkingHR @NxMee You are TOTALLY on! Good morning :)

(10:03:37) I understood all of what just happened... I think I deserve a coffee and some cake.

(10:10:06) @dragonhistory You should be in the Orkney Twitter Top Two :) Although watch what you're doing with that shirt.. you'll catch your death! x

(10:10:45) @claremac82 That's because you are.

(11:42:25) @slandi @macolgan @akrabat @sm2n @R2UK @jarbennett @donbrown Still better than the cost per MB of a text on a non-inclusive package ;)

(11:42:41) @fridgemagnet2 Is it within its best before date? ;)

(11:43:01) @fiverscarrot It's a colleague's birthday and she brought in something chocolatey and sticky. WIN! :) :)

(11:51:03) @joey_coops @KissFMUK I reckon it's not long enough... it goes into the breakdown before I'm ready :D

(11:56:07) @OmarRaza @therealsusheel @EmilyHauze I will have to use the adjective 'valid' more often. I want to be down with the kids. YEAH well valid.

(12:19:41) RT @annainterrupted: @bunnywoomble – turn your coffee into an owl -

(12:20:28) @_forky Is it your buffday? x

(13:04:17) @corrie_corfield @RoryMorrison1 @eddiemair They are almost soundproof. Almost.

(13:30:09) @webziggy You as well..? Goodness me...

(13:31:23) @corrie_corfield @RoryMorrison1 @eddiemair My only experience is through demonstration (with discretion). Hmm. Not helping my case much...

(13:31:48) @corrie_corfield @RoryMorrison1 @eddiemair I would add, though, that my claustrophobic sister-in-law refused to go inside. #saysitall

(13:32:08) @webziggy PS Good luck and best wishes :)

(14:02:17) @bedspolice Congratulations on your excellent work :) :)

(14:05:39) @Dappydoris That is SO wonderful .. no trolls in sight, though? x

(14:35:25) @LutonNewsConnie Like the music service... ;)

(14:51:15) @joanneh234 @smartie999 Awww :/ xxx

(14:57:44) @smartie999 Oh absolutely. I'd much rather share @joanneh234 with you, though ;) x

(15:41:51) @claw0101 Lookin' forward to hearing it (me hearty!)

(18:33:10) M1.. once again you have ruined my day :/

(18:58:01) @leica0000 I would be in exactly the same

(19:33:09) @fiverscarrot Made it in time for the podcast.. just! :)

(19:53:01) @smartie999 I'll get it out special xx

(20:30:19) @smartie999 A carrot?

(20:39:45) @IanBurton_ Good to meet you on the Big Show this evening :)

(20:51:26) RT @AdrianLester: Nice to read this from J.K Rowling,

(20:57:17) @zany_zigzag You need a toastersofa. #DFS

(21:21:26) @Canojar niiiigjt!

(21:30:25) Off switch. Well, start - shutdown - OK. Night night (installing updates/ brushing teeth)

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(06:48:22) @lloydbayley I wish you the very same when it happens!

(06:49:03) @Dappydoris @smartie999 @_forky Happy Wednesday my morning delights x LIMBS!

(06:49:52) @JQP74 @joanneh234 Morning excitement people! No desk jobs this morning..?

(06:50:14) @Barwickgreen Bring an airhorn!

(06:51:11) @lloydbayley Hope you can keep the windows open for as long as possible :) :) Onwards!

(06:52:23) @JQP74 I love Alton Towers! I went straight to my new job with only a day of no work.. enjoy the break!

(06:52:38) @lloydbayley Reet grand!

(06:53:04) @vobes Have a good one! Hope the networking goes well :)

(06:54:06) Good morning. Midweek. Not with Andrew Marr.

(06:58:37) @joanneh234 Good morning :) Cheeky @JQP74! (can’t say I blame him!) have a fab day xxx

(07:00:32) @washmysocks Happy birthday! You don’t look it ;)

(07:20:31) @davewitchalls @perrygascoine Thanks for the heads up - I shall bring a good book :)

(10:12:43) @errolin Quantel? That's TELLY! *spits* ;)

(10:13:05) @BitsyVonMuffin A belated good morning.. it's been a very interesting week so far.. how about you? x

(10:13:12) @PaulEdwards_ And the very same to you! :)

(10:13:51) @Execcer @106jack A new episode?! *hopes*

(10:13:54) RT @Execcer: @syzygy @106jack you heard the voice Maestro Darrow (w.Paul McGann & Jenny Agutter) in this Free series? ...

(10:17:01) @errolin Possibly visualisation.. it's a slippery slope :D

(10:21:27) @joanneh234 @Dappydoris Ooh! ooh!

(10:21:51) @Execcer You are doing brilliantly.. need to pin down those pesky commissioners! :)

(10:22:29) Just struck a rich seam of information in the Wiki.. I love decent documentation :)

(10:32:52) @joanneh234 @Dappydoris A delightful slightly bonkers, mind - I like it :)

(11:12:06) @claremac82 Bet you smell great, though.. of electricity and ylang ylang (or similar)

(12:35:09) @BitsyVonMuffin Amazing how the week goes! :) :)

(14:50:58) @thatsjustme0 I would certainly point you towards the water dispenser...

(17:20:29) M1, you are rubbish. That is all.

(18:57:10) @andytuk hell on earth. Touché.

(19:09:29) @Mark_Hattam @Sk287 But in my heart..? Mild drizzle ;)

(19:10:58) There is an evening. There is a sofa. And there is a Lewis on the TiVo that I can't remember if I've seen yet. It's getting hard to tell :D

(19:13:03) @Sk287 @Mark_Hattam BENDYBUS

(19:13:38) @Sk287 @mark_hattam I'm still here. Just fewer biscuits ;) x

(19:35:30) @smartie999 I am doing my best. Which is the best I can do :) Not a pretty man, I'm afraid. Functional in feature ;) @poots

(19:37:18) @claudiahaun @orgmul Gesundheit!

(20:54:46) @perrygascoine You could make them really quick.. one beat each.. hahahaha! ;) Nice one, sir.

(20:55:04) @fridgemagnet2 Pain in the ruM1p

(20:57:52) @j0anne1 @jonBCFC You can have one of mine!

(21:01:44) @j0anne1 @jonbcfc I have got a Ferrari (Hot wheels) Audi R8 (model) and I can borrow my son's Chrysler (remote control) ;)

(21:05:37) @j0anne1 Can you get @jonbcfc to fix it..? I'll happily give him a hand :)

(21:06:38) @jonBCFC @j0anne1 I will get one sent up to you ;)

(21:08:03) @j0anne1 @jonbcfc Harsh! I always get bitten by cars when I try and work on them.. too many sharp metal edges :D

(21:16:53) I've got a lot of time for @markhoppus (out of off of from Blink 182) - a very well rounded individual.

(21:17:50) @jonBCFC @j0anne1 You guys :D

(21:36:29) Bedtime? Already? Well, since it’s gone half past ten. Night night Wednesday :)

(21:37:14) @jonBCFC Night, chief :)

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(06:03:19) @_windrider Seems like a mains spike took something out - possibly (frighteningly) the motherboard - when I depowered a USB device.. :/

(06:05:12) @slandi I'm afraid so. Turned off a USB peripheral at the mains, PC unexpectedly depowered and it never came back up :/ Stripdown tonight!

(06:05:25) @errolin Enjoy!

(06:06:33) @katchooon Good morning :)

(06:07:23) Good morning. In the stack for the bathroom...

(06:21:25) @_windrider A lesson I constantly fail to learn - don’t do anything even slightly risky before bed :D Safe drives today!

(06:32:52) @thatsjustme0 Coffee please ;) (there is some in the pot:)

(12:45:03) RT @themiltonjones: Co-op member? If so please visit and vote for @Scope to be their Charity of the Year! Please RT

(15:31:46) @joanneh234 This place is very quiet and demure.. very focussed, too, which is nice - the day goes very quickly! :)

(15:32:22) @AlexGFox I couldn't agree more. Main excuses likely to be: "it is raining" or "we can't be bothered to walk" :D

(15:32:35) @fridgemagnet2 I think there's a bug going round...

(15:35:20) @emtgates Normal ain't all that bad ;)

(15:36:07) @Bubble2009 Wow..! Excellent - and in one piece, too, I hope :)

(15:36:34) @poots Hello hello my darling. I'm hoping I am getting it all out of my system before I'm let loose on the live kit here :D Love you xxx

(18:10:12) @_forky You and me both :) x

(18:13:57) @Dappydoris @_forky With bare feet and fresh air.

(18:14:09) @Dappydoris @_forky And more horizontality than anyone could imagine.

(18:14:20) @BlueMoon_11 Ello :) :)

(18:24:57) @BlueMoon_11 I do believe the north of England has had the worst of the weather recently! :/ My day has been interesting, thank you! :) You?

(18:26:04) @thatsjustme0 Eat! Soon! (but not quickly :D) x

(18:26:25) @mssres Coool :)

(18:58:55) @_forky @Dappydoris I’ve been working on a clone for a while now. Isn’t going well…

(19:03:37) @BlueMoon_11 Deep breaths - and a nice cup of tea ;) x

(19:04:08) @thatsjustme0 Enjoy your beanses! x

(19:11:14) @smartie999 @Dappydoris @_forky They look a bit frightening. (A bit like my family :D) x

(22:09:52) @peasbloss I'm not far behind you.. night night :) x

(22:10:08) @painted_duchess I carry one around with me just in case :)

(22:11:37) @thatsjustme0 You too xx

(22:12:51) @errolin Moderate to good, ta. Four how-to guides written.. very simple ones, though ;) Hope all's well in W1 :)

(22:13:01) @painted_duchess You may borrow it if you wish x

(22:13:12) @smartie999 @Dappydoris @_forky Now now :P

(22:13:36) Daniel Beddingtons. Night night.

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(06:20:40) @EwenRankin Thanks, Ewen :) I shall keep the coffee coming!

(06:21:00) @ngyt_uk Thank you :) #bitnervous

(06:21:27) @poots Thank you for the coffee and porridge :) I will do my best x

(06:21:48) @RobJD Thanks, bro. All very exciting!

(06:22:18) @Richard_C Thanks, Richard :) Up 'n at 'em!

(06:22:42) @errolin Thanks Errol. Happy first day back in the old office :)

(06:23:14) @alnicholl77 I am a very blessed man :) thank you - have a good day!

(06:23:45) @ClaireatWaves Good morning :)

(06:24:03) @Zararugosa Huzzah :) Safe trip!

(06:26:10) Good morning. Nice to be up at a sociable hour. Drinking coffee and listening to Johnny Ball's daughter on the radio. Packing my bag soon...

(06:26:50) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' :)

(06:31:23) @errolin I left my salad cream in the fridge - help yourself ;)

(06:31:55) @annainterrupted Thank you :) @poots

(06:37:19) @wkdstepmother Thank you :) I need it ;) x

(06:38:47) @ClaireatWaves I am afraid not… tempting though it is! Please do try to fit some sleep in ;) x

(06:40:10) @zany_zigzag Haha! I used to get up at 5.30am (or at least my alarm went off then!) now ~that~ is unsociable. This is practically perfect! x

(06:40:53) @errolin Thank you :) I have a couple of bits to return - see you at some point i’m sure :)

(06:52:12) @106jack Your latest Audioboo is downloading - not sure the sentiment is as intended ;)

(06:52:30) @wkdstepmother xxx

(06:52:43) @zany_zigzag Hence the new job :) x

(06:57:42) @106jack I SO want to hear Paul Darrow say that just before an ad break :D

(06:57:59) @emmathegardener Horoscope or, well, fact?

(06:58:23) @paulwheatley @ElPixelo Hahaha! Love it :)

(07:00:20) @kingfamily thank you :) Enjoy your day! x

(07:01:02) @Kercal Thanks, Paul :) A new challenge to be sure!

(07:01:21) @emmathegardener ~free hug~

(07:02:12) @crabbyknickers Yarp!

(07:45:00) @gruppox @poots Thanks, Paul :) I do hope so! :) :)

(07:45:15) @crabbyknickers I will bring you marmalade (sort of)

(07:45:49) Allons-y! (even)

(08:43:59) @LibbyDaniewska I am sure the AE&P boys will happily help you out - not quite as rude as me, though ;) Miss ya xxx

(08:44:20) @RobLound Thanks, Rob. Hoping to learn something!

(08:46:55) Touchdown at the new office.. 50 minutes door to door isn't bad - I reckon I can get it down to 45 (while not being a menace on the road)

(08:47:07) @Leafybear True.

(08:48:00) @Wymroyal Good morning :) I am blessed to be so - even more wonderful to be able to share breakfast with the family. Onward!

(08:49:01) RT @leica0000: In case anybody thinks The Thick of It is just joking, oh look we bought a bank:

(08:50:10) @mostlygeordie Careful now.. you could grow a couple of inches taller :D

(18:05:50) @jamisonmatt I'm working in an office in Watford doing IT stuff :)

(18:06:06) @GHOGIT Thank you - I think I survived it on my wits ;)

(18:06:19) @sarahjaneuk It is wondrous. I like it :) :)

(18:06:37) @sfdrummer Thank you - it was a good day. Very full on, but isn't that the best way? :)

(18:07:03) @Barwickgreen Thank you, Rupert :) Some new technical challenges await.. my brain is full for the day already! :)

(18:07:33) @joanneh234 Thank you :) They are - pleasant and patient! I certainly am enjoying the job so far! x

(18:07:54) @sacs @EwenRankin One day I will RULE THE WORLD. I will need henchmen. Do you hench?

(18:08:12) @nedtypeseagoon Thank you :) I still have a job after day one. A good start! :)

(18:08:34) @paulwebster Thank you! Heehee.. it is 20 miles door to chair :)

(18:08:48) @AlexGFox I wholeheartedly approve :) :)

(18:09:06) @Bazmati2020 @poots Thanks, Baz. I think I made it to the end! Only really ready for bed now, though :D

(18:09:30) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you, Bina. New horizons, for sure.. and I think I'm doing OK :) :)

(18:10:03) @errolin It was an interesting day.. relentless but good, thank you! :) :)

(18:11:30) @Mark_Hattam Wonderfully so.. home before it gets dark (at the moment, at least ;)

(18:11:52) @sm2n I do like my noodles, and I'm glad you do too :)

(18:37:03) @smartie999 @sm2n If you like your noodles silly, the man @Tother_Simon and his songs may well be up your avenue :)

(18:37:26) @macolgan @slandi @dt90spt It is a remarkably powerful piece of software - and for free, it's amazing! :) :)

(18:37:52) @GHOGIT I have much to learn (grasshopper) :)

(18:43:57) @TOther_Simon @smartie999 @sm2n I would say they are one tier above noodles. Supernoodles, if you like.. ;)

(18:44:29) @TOther_Simon You are entirely welcome and well-deserving of recommendation.

(18:57:40) Letters home from school like this leave me bewildered and a little vigilante-ish. @YPLAC

(19:03:43) @fandrews I make a point of standing in front of cars when they're on the pavement.. nothing they can do about it..!

(19:08:45) @SarahLovelyBuns Me too! Makes me absolutely furious :/

(19:09:03) @fiverscarrot I only wish I'd been there... :|

(19:21:17) @fandrews If they do I will see to it that they never drive again.. :)

(19:38:09) @claremac82 Nope.. not as yet - I may have to recruit you ;)

(19:42:17) @fluffysuse Careful with balloons, then.

(19:47:45) @perrygascoine Ever the optimist ;)

(19:48:00) @fluffysuse Good evening FLAC

(19:49:27) @washmysocks Bit gusty..?

(20:19:27) @sm2n Uhuh yeah :) :)

(21:03:29) @MissyMWAC Oh sweet heavens.

(21:05:18) Lyricists: stop using the phrase "you and I" in the objective sense. "I see you and I" = WRONG. "Something about, baby, you and I" = WRONG.

(21:09:25) @Tactless_Blonde HA! You got it right - and that is something that will benefit both you and I xxxx

(21:14:31) @JoOstermeyer *long sigh* xxx

(21:46:08) @totkat EXACTLY! *emphatic sigh* ;) x

(21:49:59) @fluffysuse I remember you :) x

(22:15:25) Well. A little bit of a disappointing end to the evening - it would appear that I have just destroyed my studio PC. Night night, then.

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(07:35:58) @gruppox Gosh you kept that quiet! Happy birthday for yesterday :) :)

(07:36:36) @gilesbabbidge Happy birthday! :) :) Hope you have a fabulous one. You share your birthday with @Stenbird :)

(07:37:06) @Stenbird Happy buffday. Cos you is well buff x

(07:38:11) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) Today I will mostly be ironing, watching #BTCC and seeing if I can make some music. You..? #Lutonians

(07:39:08) @tamarakuzminski I hope it is a trouble free journey x

(07:41:49) Good morning. Sundays are a difficult day to seize.

(07:44:23) @PlainTalkingHR Oh that sounds like a great way to share Sunday lunch - I hope there are plenty of laughs to be had :) :) x

(07:44:52) @washmysocks I think it needs to be rebranded. Saturday+1 ..? ;)

(07:45:16) @leica0000 ~chuckles~ love it!

(07:55:08) Me: (sort-of singing) "Set fiiiiiire to the rain..." Chris: "Who's Lorraine?" #oldiebutgoodie

(07:55:37) @washmysocks I shall write a strong letter to my local paper MP.

(08:15:45) @BitsyVonMuffin Quite so (especially since I've got sniffles :D) Have a good day! :) x

(08:16:04) @poots I will beat this bug. Antivirus etc.

(08:16:14) @thatsjustme0 Mornin' :) xx

(08:17:26) @TimGooderham I am now struggling to resist the temptation...

(08:17:50) @BitsyVonMuffin Thank you :) May well hide from the rain :D x

(08:23:23) @TimGooderham Heehee.. you and me both :) :) They make the rockin' world go round...

(08:25:07) RT @amerbob: This is possibly my favourite thing on twitter EVER. Two starship captains bemoaning their cable service. Brilliant. http:/ ...

(08:26:40) @dt90spt Ooh that's new :) You're doing a lot of sound quality testing at the moment.. :)

(08:27:10) @dt90spt PS sounds bloody awful.

(08:29:42) @dt90spt Audio saved as 11kHz sample rate at 32kbps. Cheap - but fine for audio messages, I guess.

(17:18:20) @vobes Wishing you success and happiness! :) :)

(17:20:12) I am getting those hibernal vibes. Big first day in the new office tomorrow.. slowly urging myself towards it...

(17:24:01) @thatsjustme0 Thank you :) I need it... my habitually robust confidence is somewhat unusually wobbly at the moment..xx

(17:25:37) @JuliaBall Thank you :) :) xxx

(17:26:19) @poots You rock. That is all. More tea? x

(17:28:36) @thatsjustme0 *hug* I'll do my best :) x

(17:29:19) @Stenbird @Hayleyisfree @bjornstenberg immortality is merely years away - and you're looking good on it :) x

(17:49:22) @goitsagch Thanks, Nick. I honestly have no idea! :D Brand new job ;)

(17:49:50) @davewitchalls Heehee.. I am NOT going to be late.. I'll look out for your car on Vauxhall Way and hurtle along behind you ;)

(17:50:00) @mssres Thank you *hoping*

(17:51:00) Oh splendid. My Linux box's clock is 35 minutes slow. Odd. #ntpfail

(18:09:30) It would appear there are.. well.. considerations to running a Linux virtual machine when it needs to synchronize time:

(20:07:53) @davewitchalls @simon_toon I was going to say 'I shall make sure I beat the traffic and simply drink coffee till 10am' but that's dangerous!

(20:08:25) @smartie999 Thank you lovely. Given you are amid the Alps, please do NOT break a leg :) x

(20:59:31) @thatsjustme0 I never trust unsolicited texts. x

(21:18:27) @thatsjustme0 Night night xxx

(21:19:13) The unleashed idiocy of social media.. people are giving someone called Andrew Mitchell a hard time because he's called 'Andrew Mitchell' :/

(21:25:19) @sparkyannc Sleep well. Have a phenomenal day tomorrow. A phenomenally good day. x

(21:25:28) @Canojar Night x

(21:26:01) @ajlanghorn It's something that Chris Morris would've done ten years ago :D

(21:26:15) @thatsjustme0 Thanks, Dee - you are a LOVE x

(21:26:30) @Sk287 You are 34% cooler than me. Deal with it ;)

(21:26:46) @washmysocks Good night, Barbara - enjoy your read :) x

(21:46:01) @smartie999 @simon_toon I will do my best. I have biscuits, and I may well share them... ;)

(21:46:20) @LilacNun Best news I've had all 39 seconds.

(21:54:30) @LilacNun Blimmin meant it! :p

(21:57:49) jamelopoeia - meaningles (noodle)

(21:59:46) jamelopoeia - meaningles (noodle) via @audioboo

(22:01:13) @PaulEdwards_ It's downloading as I type :) Thank you for sharing your podcast!

(22:01:27) @LilacNun I haven't been to Swindon in over 12 years.

(22:08:56) Right. bedtime, after pyschological preparation. And teeth brushing (both can be done at once..) Night night.

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(07:36:59) @PlainTalkingHR good morning :) And a special Saturday greeting to you, too :) :)

(07:40:09) Good morning. Today I am going to do productive and non-internetty stuff. Possibly involving housework. Enjoy your day! :)

(07:45:12) @AuntieJammy Good morning. I'm doing OK, thank you - fighting off a bug, I think, but the wheels are spinning freely (at the mo!) How's you?

(07:45:39) @washmysocks good morning. Also: octogenarian? :D

(07:47:16) @miz_shake68 I'm not sure what a blue job is, but I shall do my best :D Not so much brownie points, more the benefits of a tidy house ;)

(07:48:19) @washmysocks Cool! :) You're beating my dear mother by 5 years!

(07:48:56) @Mark_Hattam Just click "OK" and it'll go away, right..? Also: get the frontline guys to do it :)

(07:49:35) @AuntieJammy HURRAH for lazy weekends! I actually very much enjoy pottering, and Beth and Lenni are out, so plenty of space to do so :) :)

(07:50:07) @streakmachine It's a wonderfully crisp autumn day here in the shire.. hope it's pleasant in the wilds of the north! :)

(07:52:21) @emmathegardener YAY! Me me me me (although I'l pop back after I'm showered and dressed for maxiumum freshness :)

(07:52:38) @Mark_Hattam Lordy :/ Sophos have a lot to answer to! :/

(07:52:51) @streakmachine Ahh yes. So do I. LOTS of them :D

(07:53:19) @Mark_Hattam Oops... :/

(07:53:56) @corrie_corfield The miniature Queen Mother (with a missing arm, as I remember) will take some beating. 40B is a museum of wonder & delight.

(07:55:10) Right. I am going to engage housework brain. Expect hoover-related tweets and sneezing. #dustallergy

(07:55:28) @emmathegardener Thank you :) :) *tailspins* x

(09:55:53) Listening to the 'best' of @106jack's breakfast. Poor @hubbardcj and his Tina Turner earworm. My son @nxmee suggests

(09:57:31) @hubbardcj (I favour the alternative method of exorcising a brainitch by doing mental arithmetic - it uses the other side of one's brain)

(09:58:04) @LilacNun Drink the water. Fill the bottle. Think of the consequences later :D

(13:06:52) @claremac82 I love the radio at the heart of the chaos :) :)

(13:09:07) Right. All done with housework, I think. I like the smell of clean washing, as it permeates the house. Time to make another list...

(13:14:07) @errolin A simple combination of hoover and Lego Mindstorms.. my very own Roomba, except with more bits of Lego all over the floor :D

(13:15:21) @PervyWilbury Greetings, monarch of the pervs. I'm not bad, ta - trying to work out what to do this afternoon. Mischief? ;) How's you?

(13:38:29) @claremac82 EPIC! :D :D :D

(13:39:54) @dragonhistory I was; now having a sit down and considering what I can do with some gaffer tape... :D How about you? Still at the Cathedral?

(13:40:15) @Tactless_Blonde I find housework is much more fun when done together :) :)

(13:40:34) @Tactless_Blonde ...except when rushing to get the house into a habitable state before visitors arrive ;)

(13:45:32) @PervyWilbury Wired on caffeine is one of my favourite states.. although the crash is pretty harsh :/ :) :)x

(16:52:16) Amused by @nxmee's rather modern take on 'having friends round' - he's been on a Skype call with an international pal all afternoon.

(17:41:39) @billt @ktsays Congratulations! I wish you both happiness and joy :) :)

(17:43:08) @Barwickgreen I think the "ColorPlus" may prove to be somewhat ironic when it's developed ;)

(17:43:50) @dragonhistory Wow! You fill your weekends so wonderfully full :) Yup..starting a new job on Monday.. getting back into IT engineering :)

(18:33:23) @tezzer57 It's only right.

(21:26:32) Splendid.

(21:28:57) @_windrider You don’t know how right you are, mate! Night :)

(21:29:45) G’night then. I am really not very good at being awake at this time of night…

(21:34:34) @thatsjustme0 xxxxxxx

(21:34:45) @PlainTalkingHR Rest well :) x

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(07:12:17) @alnicholl77 Ho de ho do ho de ho :) :)

(07:13:04) Good morning. I've got my list of Things To Do today on the back of an envelope. Going to make myself useful. #sortofunemployedforaday

(07:36:48) Bye Bye BBC on @audioboo

(07:56:03) @mostlygeordie @BBCr4today GOOD! :)

(07:56:16) @thatsjustme0 Wow! :D

(07:57:26) @davidanderson00 Thank you :)

(07:57:49) @_windrider And the very same to you (if a little belatedly!)

(07:58:40) @shellzenner I couldn't move north, so I'm taking my football and going home ;) Seriously, though, I want to get into community projects.

(08:02:26) @mostlygeordie @BBCr4today There are many other ways to get squeaky voices ;)

(08:03:45) @sparkyannc Happy Friday to you, too. Today I will mostly be eating cake ;) Oh, and THANK YOU for the lovely gifts! They are epic epic epic!

(08:04:45) @mostlygeordie Yup. I have a free day, a tank full of gas, it's dark (well, grey) and I've left my sunglasses in the other car. Hit it! (?)

(08:05:14) @shellzenner I most certainly will, Shell. You haven't heard the last of me - and I certainly haven't heard the last of you! :) :)

(08:07:51) @thatsjustme0 Have a good day - hope you can see clearly through it ;)

(08:33:25) @fandrews Thank you, Freda. Another door opens! :) :)

(08:33:57) I think there's a bug going round.

(08:41:39) @AlexGFox That made me blush :) Thanks, Alex. You are a true gent and an encouragement, and it is an honour to know you.

(09:23:25) @edtjones Frightening, and yet fun :D

(09:24:19) @simontuff @audioboo ;)

(09:25:54) I'm going for a wee and then sorting out car insurance. Like stroking a cat, it should NOT be done the other way round. Also: I'm allergic.

(09:26:21) @emmathegardener Have you regressed to 1993? ;)

(09:30:17) @hooker1uk Thanks, chief!

(09:51:31) Watching the Nick Clegg Autotune video ( ) makes me wonder how the Lib Dem's equivalent to Malcolm Tucker reacted.. :D

(09:51:57) @_windrider @pearcen Thank you both. I shall endeavour, indeed :) :)

(09:52:48) I do worry that I paint every political story with a #thickofit brush, and try to imagine what's going on in Whitehall behind the scenes...

(09:53:23) @emmathegardener I love your tweets :)

(09:54:48) I've just rebooted after a Windows 7 update and all the animations have gone REALLY slow... is it just me?

(10:02:38) @leica0000 Indeed :)

(10:07:59) Oh. It's fine now after another reboot. Good old Windows.

(11:29:33) Cheapest quote.. Swiftcover. Ooh.. let me have a look at the reviews.. - I think that says it all.

(11:30:34) @EwenRankin Oh mate - I really hope you get seen soon and the pain goes away. Look after yourself - your health comes first, sir.

(12:33:54) @TheEggKing Underappreciated :)

(13:04:05) @errolin put swiftcover at the top.. says it all, really! As for signing on, heading to the PO to get my giro now ;)

(13:04:23) @Rie111 @_forky @beangirl @melodimen @AndreaRauter @jayforeman @smartie999 @BitsyVonMuffin HURRAH to you all. Yeah #ff

(13:43:16) Just popped to the local Post Office. It is at the heart of the community and has been in my life since my infancy. Long may it last.

(13:46:53) Walking to the post office, I followed a man who had mobile and home phone numbers printed on the back of his polo short. Presumably his.

(14:56:26) If I ran the Royal Mail, I would instruct the postmen and women to put the elastic bands through the letterboxes of houses with children in.

(14:57:18) @sparkyannc Thank you - I will definitely enjoy both :) it's been a full but enjoyable day :) Have a fantastic weekend when it arrives! :)

(14:58:18) @LilacNun *BIG HUG* How are your legses? x

(14:59:36) @JuliaBall Chuck or ping? ;)

(14:59:57) @_danicharlton Back.

(15:27:43) @LilacNun Oh sweety :/ I hope your whole body is better soon xx Me? I'm playing car insurance carousel. It's a hobby :D

(15:58:53) @slandi A very worthwhile idea - if they can be reused, they should!

(16:07:37) @thatsjustme0 Will you sleep tonight..? Also, did you bring any Pimm's home? ;)

(16:07:58) @ptomtom48 HAHA! :D Yes... *ashamed*

(16:08:23) @pearcen Quite literally lucky bands.. love it! :) Shame they've gone back to beige here.. the red ones were great :)

(16:08:41) @LilacNun Isn't it, blood.

(16:20:50) Walking to the post office, I followed a man who had mobile and home phone numbers printed on the back of his polo short. Presumably his.

(16:23:29) @thatsjustme0 Me too.. my face appears to be rather hot, too. No idea what that means*

(16:23:56) @OlorinLorien He could ask whoever is behind him to read it out.. neat idea :D

(16:24:35) @ptomtom48 It's cheap. I quite like it. It may well replace the XP installation on my wife's netbook. She won't mind.. oh no. No. *hopes*

(16:25:02) @LilacNun Don't even get me started on the gesticulations involved.

(16:29:16) @smartie999 I didn't. I should have tweeted the number.. :D

(16:29:42) @LilyShambles I only follow people with phone numbers on their backs now. I need the contacts ;)

(16:30:28) @OlorinLorien Or send comedy texts.. or sign him up to PPI spam :/

(16:38:42) @MissyMWAC Hahaha! :D

(16:39:02) @EwenRankin I have a warm face now.. hair of the dog time? :)

(16:40:10) @LilyShambles I find it's the best way to make new friends ;)

(16:41:04) @smartie999 So you didn't put prices on as well, then? :D

(16:42:08) This* calls for a toastie.

(16:43:18) Or billiards.

(18:46:54) Walking to the post office, I followed a man who had mobile and home phone numbers printed on the back of his polo short. Presumably his.

(18:49:38) @brennig I resisted.. but only just. I mean... what would one say..? Especially when he turned round and saw me talking to him :D

(18:51:17) Stoopid Twitter client.. sorry for the dèja-tweeted phone number polo shirt anecdote - it didn't send before :/

(19:10:57) @mostlygeordie Sorry! I do try to be original when I can :D Time, I think, finally to ditch this Twitter client... :F

(19:11:18) @washmysocks Oops! Sorry :D

(19:28:43) @washmysocks :) :)

(19:32:11) @smartie999 Bring it on!

(19:33:47) @jonBCFC It does. I will mainly be journeying to and from work in Juliet*

(19:34:59) @jonBCFC Cake!

(19:57:35) @PlainTalkingHR Hello hello Bina :) I've had a busy day! Completely exhausted now - not sure what to do with myself :D How are you?

(21:07:53) @PlainTalkingHR Plenty going on :) I hope you’re able to relax this weekend! Rest well, too :) xxx

(21:12:50) @BellesBottom Wow. That’s some impressive boat recognition!

(21:13:31) @PlainTalkingHR Fantastic! That sounds like a weekend of fun :) Enjoy! xx

(21:13:59) @Zararugosa @hastillonlyme @welshwannabe @willipmrpip @PME200 Happy weekend! #FF

(22:08:16) @joanneh234 Seems @JoFenner saw the same.. intriguing! :)

(22:09:18) @Lindylooloo Happy birthday, Lindy Loo :) :) #FF

(22:09:46) Right. Bed. Now. (me, that is. You carry on). Night night!

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(04:08:49) RT @Dr_HelenMC: When you find something that no-one else in the world (or universe) knew before, you realise that being a scientist is t ...

(05:17:32) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss @custardtop Happy Thursday morning to you. Arguably the best day of the working week :) Have a wonderful day!

(05:18:37) Good morning. It's Thursday - there will be doors.

(05:19:19) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss @custardtop I'm not too bad, ta.. taking it a day at a time :) How about you?

(09:09:17) @JQP74 Today is my last day.. Monday is my first ;) Have a good Thursday!

(09:09:59) @Mad4mogzz Thanks Judy :) Hugs..? Ooh no - people give me a wide berth ;)

(09:11:08) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex. Tally and indeed ho!

(09:11:56) @Wymroyal Thank you :) I'm hoping it will be a good, if poignant day :)

(09:18:19) Standing in new BH reception, Googling the people who come to be collected.

(09:20:58) Sarah Dunant out of off of from a Point Of view is here, and The Galloping Gourmet (actually a bloke) #peoplewatchinf

(10:08:25) @mostlygeordie I am a football player and a rock bass player yeah ;)

(10:09:03) @willowHart Broadcasting House :) I will look forward to using fewer acronyms :D

(10:09:25) @JQP74 Thanks, mate! #coolingtheglasses

(10:10:11) @mostlygeordie I knew there was a reason I liked you ;) #lovepsychicsandcontroversy

(10:12:57) @willowHart ftw!

(10:30:26) @willowHart Happy bathday! And birthday! ~big hug and a bottle of beer~ xxx

(14:14:36) @claremac82 I'm on my way..

(14:28:55) @claremac82 Where are you..?

(14:36:04) Well that's it.

(14:37:55) @claremac82 :( :( I went to Brock:/ :'(

(15:01:31) @claremac82 In the words of the mighty Whitney Houston: "I will always stalk you." We (cont)

(15:40:40) @GreavsieE17 You're the best.

(15:41:08) @slandi always good to have a positive identification ;)

(15:41:43) @fiverscarrot A bittersweet one, but a yay nonetheless:)

(15:41:56) @mostlygeordie Done. Finished. Good.

(15:42:32) @Mark_Hattam Heehee! Good choice:) And thank you - please do stay in touch :)

(15:42:51) @fridgemagnet2 Can't keep a good man down. And me.

(16:17:19) @mostlygeordie Hahaha! She was outstandingly grumpy ;) I shall make my own way (and my own trouble) from now on ;) x

(16:17:31) @slandi Oh indeed :D

(16:17:49) @errolin Plenty more of that on Twitter.. please do keep in touch.

(16:25:23) A sort of extreme retail therapy.

(16:26:14) @errolin Apparently Apple maps is rubbish. not sure...

(16:49:12) Interview with an Assistant Manager. Box office flop, to be honest.

(16:49:28) @MissyMWAC JAMYEH!

(19:08:25) @RobJD Thanks, bro. Interesting times ahead! :) I am sure you will find out how it all goes. Record is: one week (my mate Nik ;)

(21:35:43) Sleepified. A bit like petrified but more… tiredly. Night night. Another day tomorrow, and this side of the equinox.

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(05:17:40) @AndreaRauter Who is it? Morning :)

(05:18:21) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss @custardtop Morning earlybirds :)

(05:19:38) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss @custardtop Pretty much - Wednesday is my meetings day :) How about you..?

(05:20:04) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner Merry Wednesday to you, too :)

(05:20:31) @peasbloss @AuntieJammy @custardtop When the sun comes up and the coffee goes down, yup! You too :)

(05:21:02) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss @custardtop Perfect... sometimes a quiet day brings the best sort of serendipity :)

(05:21:27) @AndreaRauter Well hellooooo :)

(05:25:45) @AndreaRauter I do believe I am still asleep ;)

(05:26:13) @AndreaRauter Bring it! Xx

(06:31:39) @Ariadnes_web Wow cool! Congratulations :)

(06:33:06) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Good morning lovely siblings :) Happy humpday!

(06:38:28) @helenduffett Yarrr!

(06:49:08) @verso I shall wield my banjo.

(06:50:04) @truesilveruk The words abstemious and facetious are great, too :)

(06:50:18) @emmathegardener morning one x

(06:52:18) @BellesBottom A lesson for all parents. Although it might have a different effect on your DH (and Twitter followers :D)

(06:54:30) @washmysocks Clear expression FTW!

(06:55:00) @BlueMoon_11 How do you do it..?

(06:55:29) @Zararugosa Top o' the morning :)

(06:56:17) @BellesBottom The beauty of the human form ;)

(06:57:07) @washmysocks :D I speak one and a half and have a passing knowledge of jargon and memes ;)

(07:00:48) @vobes @beershowjimmy Small beer! :D ~shouting at the podcast~

(08:08:44) @zany_zigzag Busy busy busy! :)

(08:09:58) @truesilveruk All the vowels are there, though, in alphabetical order ;)

(08:10:21) @zany_zigzag Busy busy lady! :)

(08:12:58) @ClaireatWaves Ahoy! Oi be ship shape, thankee landlubber.

(08:54:09) "I'm sure you have seen the 'heads-up display'..." - er... no. Actually yes - it's a massive piece of paper blu-tacked to the wall. #hitech

(08:54:38) @vobes Great show as always! Thank you :)

(08:56:08) @ClaireatWaves Wow! Now that is embracing a life on the open(ish) wave(ish)! Wishing you the best!

(09:01:34) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) Quick! Get some coffee down you and havaway!

(09:01:52) @verso rest well.

(09:06:52) It's going to be strange not going to meetings. Good, but strange. But good.

(09:12:39) @_windrider :D I'm one for the middle ground. Mild discomfort for the win!

(09:13:03) @leica0000 I will always be here in my heart. Or the resource hub.

(09:47:20) @sacs Hammering away at a keyboard and staring at a shell prompt ;)

(09:48:05) @truesilveruk I absolutely love words :) :)

(12:10:33) @zany_zigzag You totally win :D Ten minutes late..! Sorry :D

(12:53:14) @zany_zigzag with you as soon as I can!

(15:15:19) @ClaireatWaves Arrrrrrrrrbsolutely!

(15:33:22) In my last meeting at the BBC. Probably the best one, too, which is heartening.

(15:36:23) @dt90spt Looks like a cloud is coming out of the top of it.

(15:37:07) @kathyclugston God bless you all. Are you in W1 tomorrow..?

(15:37:49) @LucyOomch @BBC6Music @elliedavis You could've tweeted that.

(15:41:44) @kathyclugston You there now..?

(15:41:59) @mssres Yup. A wrench.

(15:45:10) @kathyclugston I'm leaving the BBC tomorrow. I will miss you x

(16:45:54) @kathyclugston I'm off to, as I believe they are referred to, pastures new (and within more convenient commuting distance :D)

(16:48:18) @kathyclugston For what it's worth I've had your book in my drawer for months and never came to ask for you to sign it :/ Too late now boo!x

(16:49:14) @mssres @bbcrobinlustig @mrjakehumphrey Totally. With Caroline Thompson as collateral damage :D

(16:49:37) @edtjones Watford :D

(16:50:33) @dt90spt Operating entirely within the cloud (or under one :D)

(16:51:01) @JuliaBall @kathyclugston To spend more time with my twitter account :D

(16:51:36) @paulwheatley Yeah, and some of them were still alive. But enough about my team... ;)

(16:52:59) @donmcallister Now that's a hi-tech blessing :D

(17:12:43) @zany_zigzag with you as soon as I can!

(17:17:11) @Moominstrudel Did anyone ask you for help..? :D Easy mistake to make.. don't be hard on yourself :)

(17:18:34) @AndreaRauter Mine was pretty intense.. but I survived it :) :) Yay for learning - I love it!

(17:37:18) Harrrr! I've been endeavouring to spell piratey words in #WordsWithFriends today.

(17:37:55) @dansumption wow!

(17:50:02) @pj_kent I like the "Bazinga!" one ;)

(17:55:39) Must remember to take my noodles home tomorrow.

(18:00:11) @blabers A bit, yeah. Time for a change...

(18:00:29) @GreavsieE17 That would be wonderful - thank you!

(18:02:21) See that red line..? I can assure you it is not a cue for the small child in this stretch limo to start whingeing.

(18:05:19) @ajlanghorn ohhhh no. Nothing so grand :D

(18:38:36) @Mark_Hattam You should have gone before we left ;)

(18:39:33) Ooh.. has enabled sync... game on with Dropbox..?

(18:40:13) @DeanAbbott Congrarumiserations

(19:32:25) @zany_zigzag ~glees~ :)

(19:55:32) @canuckuk You have assiduously avoided seeing me after the first time ;) I barely managed to persuade @zany_zigzag to come along :D xxx

(19:59:06) @ellewadding Thank you - I am amazed @poots has put up with me for so long.. hoping for another 15 or more!

(19:59:49) @streakmachine I got 50GB.. good start..! Will give it a go at the weekend...

(20:04:25) @canuckuk From the moment I first saw you I was - and remain - enchanted. Much like @zany_zigzag :)

(20:16:44) @canuckuk It is the objects of the choice that I feel sorry for ;) x @zany_zigzag

(21:04:45) Much as I'd love to stay & chat, I have a horizontal to be, so I shall bid you good night. Any advance on good night? Going.. going.. gone!

(21:16:40) @mostlygeordie You too! x

(21:16:56) @thatsjustme0 ~smooch~ night :)

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(05:51:52) @zany_zigzag Perfect :) 1pm at Oxford Circus? We can find a panini and I can give you a 50p tour of BH..?

(05:52:43) @smartie999 @JQP74 Good morning you two fine people. Happy Tuesday. Not very good at Tuesdays :)

(05:53:37) Good morning. Freedom is a fish cake.

(05:56:08) From yesterday - usual rogues' gallery of selfish school run parking, including this Xsara, barely on the road! @YPLAC

(05:57:31) @smartie999 @JQP74 I am - handing over the reins to he to whom I am not fit to offer a malteser. Three days left.

(06:07:49) @Kercal I made a blog about it, but it was somewhat eclipsed by @yplac :)

(06:09:27) @Lycan33 Morning Matt :)

(06:09:55) @smartie999 @JQP74 Will do :) You may see him hurtling up to Manchester some days ;)

(06:10:14) @vobes Safe trip along the coast!

(06:10:40) @AndersUk Morning :)

(06:11:05) @charbhardy Hang in there! Hope it all goes well x

(06:11:40) @BitsyVonMuffin I know that feeling. Morning, Bitster x

(06:46:29) @BitsyVonMuffin Me? I've not been up to anything ~looks sheepish~ ;)

(06:47:13) @JQP74 @smartie999 I'm starting my new job on Monday.. fresh starts, eh? Exciting! :)

(06:47:41) @poots Sorry :/

(06:48:00) @vobes You too :)

(06:48:55) @AndersUk Not too shabby thank you :) Sleepy, though - I don't do early mornings (although I have to :D)

(06:49:17) @thatsjustme0 BOO!

(06:54:16) @thatsjustme0 Sleep well? Never enough, though, right..? ;) x

(06:55:01) @BitsyVonMuffin I'm starting my own escort agency. Give it six months and I'll be homeless ;) #pervyescorts

(06:55:32) @mcdwebster I don't know whether to sigh or be enraged.. :/

(06:55:48) @mcdwebster Calls for vigilantes ;)

(06:55:59) @BellesBottom ...!

(06:56:37) @poots It will be strange not to be able to take Radio 1 off air ;)

(06:57:08) @claw0101 @MissyMWAC YAY! ~glees~

(06:57:28) @_windrider Mission!

(06:58:23) I have golden retriever hair on my work trousers #JustSayin

(06:59:33) @BitsyVonMuffin You get a friends & family discount #wrongness

(07:00:18) @claw0101 Hope all's well with you, sir.

(07:02:45) @JQP74 @smartie999 I will be an IT wizz - but no whirlybird for me.. I shall get myself a tiny runabout instead. Or a jet pack ;)

(07:05:00) @crabbyknickers @JQP74 @smartie999 of course... It ain't gonna get cleaned otherwise ;)

(07:20:14) @lloydbayley Haha! She's not - but I was round my Dad's on Sunday evening #myexcuse #stickingtoit

(07:21:16) @BlueMoon_11 rainbow bright ;)

(07:21:41) @tezzer57 Perfume...

(16:06:05) @zany_zigzag Hiya. Sorry for the delay. Top Shop sounds great :)

(16:06:15) @Littlebit_Bod @poots Are you here yet? :)

(16:08:06) Good heavens. What a day. I blame George Entwistle.

(16:16:34) @poots Hello there on the sofa! (I was asking if @Littlebit_Bod had made the journey east yet ;)

(16:16:48) @BlueMoon_11 The wonders of nature (and that's just you ;)

(20:37:17) @LibbyDaniewska Ha! x

(20:39:10) @goitsagch In all my time working in BBC radio I've assiduously (and successfully) avoided saying a word to @CHRISDJMOYLES - so shall it be.

(20:40:12) @fiverscarrot Ha! I'm not one to burn bridges... and nothing I do to Radio 1 will make it sound much worse ;)

(20:41:30) Heading home after my Last Supper with the team. Shame @errolin wasn't there... we would have been all together. Ahh well.

(20:43:09) @LibbyDaniewska @claremac82 Completely the wrong order.

(20:44:36) @linseyt @errolin Happy are those who have not seen me reboot the database before I leave ;)

(20:47:44) @BlueMoon_11 Not me, I can assure you ;) x

(20:52:24) @BlueMoon_11 ~big smile~

(20:52:48) @goitsagch Sweet baybee G no.

(20:53:15) Keep my fingers away from my work email.

(21:00:45) @goitsagch Just you wait till the next Radio 1 Roadshow.. I'll kick your hiney at Bits And Pieces :p

(21:19:04) @_forky if you come out of it married, you have succeeded. It really is as simple as that xx

(21:42:22) @claremac82 @libbydaniewska You only appreciate what's good once it's gone. You won't miss me ;) x

(21:43:35) @shellzenner Lovely :) :)

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(07:21:47) Playing "Which one's woo?" with Beth. Frankly I can't even pronounce 'chiropractor' (differently from chiropodist, apparently) Good morning.

(07:51:02) @PaulEdwards_ Morning, Paul. Happy week!

(07:51:29) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @hrbeginner @kateGL Mornin' :) Bring on the fun, sunshine and muffins:)

(07:51:47) @_windrider Too late.. it's on the coffee table ;)

(07:52:53) Must remember to do some running about today. #couchto5k

(09:38:49) Me: inadvertently making spiders homeless since 10:36.

(10:01:56) @poots Yay! ~high fives~ (dancing into the sunset with hands behind our heads)

(10:46:35) @fridgemagnet2 Male or female?

(10:48:22) New hobby: harassing car salesmen with rhyming names.

(10:48:34) @Canojar Only just ;) Mornin' :)

(10:49:28) @_windrider For me it's "When in danger or in doubt, make everyone a cup of tea." ;)

(10:57:34) @Canojar Hello :) It's where I spent happy teenage days - Bexhill in East Sussex.. home of the De La Warr Pavilion bus

(11:09:13) @Canojar I think I went to Wales once. I shall endeavour to explore it further! :)

(12:20:40) @Canojar Cardiff is definitely on my list of places to explore :) Perhaps a tweetup would be in order ;)

(12:21:01) @fridgemagnet2 Star Wars!

(12:26:22) @_windrider It's niche ;)

(13:21:30) @fiverscarrot Heh.. this will be my second run (so barely embryonic :D) Thank you for the support, though! :)

(13:31:43) @goitsagch I plan to :) Went swimming with the children yesterday :)

(13:32:20) @fiverscarrot Excellent! :) :) You are an inspiration :)

(13:35:29) @goitsagch Heehee :D You should know better than to tweet me with the world 'serious' :D #permanentlevity

(13:39:51) @goitsagch I shall prepare my inflatable dolphin ;)

(13:58:08) YES..! I think @MissyMWAC will really get an idea of how cricket is played from this video: (h/t @robertpopper)

(15:51:08) Long and tedious queue at Alley Barbers... encouraging that they're doing good business, but takes a little time to get a haircut. Ahh well.

(17:14:22) I show @nxmee a really interesting TED talk about femtophotography: .. he responds with: *sigh*

(17:14:54) @BellesBottom Query..?

(17:18:01) @BellesBottom Pling!

(20:24:48) @Zararugosa And you :) x

(20:25:05) RT @LibbyDaniewska: Interested in sharing your story? Get in touch! #squatters #squatting #london

(21:17:45) Good heavens. It's late. Good night.

(21:21:22) @EmmaTofi Endearingly x

(21:26:48) @PlainTalkingHR Good night, lovely Bina :) x

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(07:48:22) I've been very much enjoying @DeanAbbott's old-time radio style show called "Your Neighborhood Almanac" - - gentle fun.

(07:49:39) @poots I had some weird and at times a bit frantic dreams, too. Not even a full moon..!

(07:53:18) Good morning. Much like @poots, some strange dreams, including hearing one of my music beds used for an advert on the radio.. how..? Why..?!

(07:54:48) Having struggled to find a decent reliable twitter client for my Android phone (no Tweetbot) Beth suggested the web version. Trying it now.

(07:55:50) @smartie999 @poots I had salmon and pistachios.

(07:57:14) @leica0000 it may well be the web version is all we get if Twitter has their way.. not very sharey of the API these days..

(07:58:06) @danvesma The way things is going, yarrp. No more push notifications when I get an @reply or DM.. boo!

(07:58:25) @smartie999 It was @poots who just sneezed ;)

(08:23:51) @danvesma Oh my. SMS! Constant texting was the bane of my life... I had forgotten about that! :D

(08:25:27) @akbea Thank you - I'll give it another go... it may work better on Ice cream Sandwich - many of them slowed down after a while...

(08:26:50) @akbea And a VERY happy birthday to you. May your day be merry and bright, and spent near the Isle of Wight.

(08:27:18) @BellesBottom Morning :) Glass of water..?

(08:28:31) Twenty minutes of frustration trying to untangle Minecraft mods. It ain't for

(08:29:19) @akbea That's what frustrates me :/ Self cleaning caches - they're the way ahead :D

(08:29:36) @BellesBottom Tablet gun!

(08:30:31) @mostlygeordie Catharsis can be achieved in many ways. Grasshopper(!)

(10:11:02) @Richard_C @jonBCFC - great minds :) I'll give it another go - just the frustration that it gets slow after a while :) Thank you.

(10:11:48) @KateGL @hrbeginner @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Morning :) I'm not a Lutonian really either.. I come from outer space ;)

(10:13:20) @BellesBottom My two love Minecraft- but there are so many things one can do with it.. which brings complications!

(10:14:01) @streakmachine My two can't leave it alone.. Lenni loves her mods :D

(10:52:00) @smartie999 You are SO fab :)

(10:52:58) @mostlygeordie Yes! I also used to make McDonalds straws go 'snap' - can't do that any more either ;)

(10:55:42) @mostlygeordie Nope... but I also remember they did these little models you could paint & shrink in the oven... I think :D

(10:58:32) @mostlygeordie I think so.. long time ago! Amazing what one could get from a cereal pack.. we had some Weetabix cassettes, I vaguely recall.

(12:46:58) @mostlygeordie @LilacNun Eep! I hope many good things have happened since. Also: you deserve free chocolate:)

(13:03:57) @PlainTalkingHR @KateGL @hrbeginner @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother ~blushes~

(16:28:08) @RobJD @poots Ouch! :D

(16:28:40) @mostlygeordie @LilacNun Please keep us appraised with their response. I will happily organise an angry mob. Or at least a disgruntled one.

(19:41:57) @leica0000 Thank you :)

(19:53:38) Home from a technical mission for my Dad - MP3 player woes. Think we've got it sorted. All tired out now. I'll make hot chocolate. Want any?

(19:54:23) @fridgemagnet2 Wireless..? How did you manage that..?

(19:56:45) @ajlanghorn I make an exquisite cuppa, Mr L. Leave it with me - a mug of perfection will be with you presently :)

(20:14:36) @fridgemagnet2 Neato! Thanks for the tip.. couldn't get mine to work, but will try it again. We only have one raspberry pi.. need more! :D

(20:14:59) @Z80GameCoder The perfect time for cocoa, I think! :) Enjoy! :)

(20:15:34) @ajlanghorn Aye there's the rub.. I leave Auntie on Thursday. If you want to work at the Beeb once your degree's done, LET ME KNOW though.

(20:19:10) While I remember, it appears our neighbours who live at Roger The Landlord's house have moved out. Who will be next? YOU DECIDE. (

(20:23:51) @thatsjustme0 Thank you, lovely.. hoping for the best (we've been lucky so far!) x

(20:27:48) @mostlygeordie No custard? I could put together a rescue mission? ;) x

(20:28:16) I may well call a halt to proceedings for the day and make for bed. I have a plan. It involves reading and listening to MP3s. Night night!

(20:31:25) @Canojar Nos da :)

(20:31:39) @thatsjustme0 Nighty! x

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(07:34:30) @zany_zigzag You are most welcome - it was a lovely surprise to have it appear in my Audioboo feed :)

(07:49:20) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots A sunshiny one at that! Have a one, my #Lutonian pals (and wife ;) x

(07:49:46) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots ^good^ #notenoughcoffee

(07:52:30) @dt90spt ?

(07:54:28) @mostlygeordie I woke up to find my phone (to which I had been listening to podcasts) adopted a 'Improved Fit' sticker onto the screen :D

(08:01:38) @mostlygeordie Clearly some clothes had been tried on previously on the bed and the sticker made it onto the screen.. :D

(08:02:07) @mostlygeordie (and yes, I sleep with my phone... it's merely platonic - honest :D)

(08:03:18) Morning. You know what I hate more than so-called 'News'..? I hate so-called 'News' stories about so-called 'News'. Nauseatingly meta.

(08:04:27) @mostlygeordie Onto my phone's face (I love that! My phone has a face... that would explain why I spend so much time looking at her.. it!)

(08:06:00) @_windrider I am completely lost.

(08:07:37) @thatsjustme0 Morning Dee! Long time no tweet! Hope you're perky xx

(08:19:22) @Rebs_42 :)

(08:19:43) @mostlygeordie Don't get sucked in! :D

(08:20:11) @trevypoos Black Mesa #setup

(08:20:47) @vobes Gah :/ Such painful bureaucracy...

(08:22:06) @thatsjustme0 Welcome back! Good times..? x

(08:28:50) @mostlygeordie @LilacNun The circle means really slow old-school GPRS connection ( ) No YouTube for you ;)

(08:30:16) @trevypoos So's Chris :) He is enjoying it immensely :) Have fun!

(08:39:45) @mostlygeordie @lilacnun AmEn!

(09:00:30) Inspired by @tioaboa, I'm going to give @Rundouble C25K a go. It has so far taken me 20 mins to find my tracky bottoms.. now: mp3 playlist!

(10:31:39) Hashtag yoga.

(10:33:58) @PontoonDock It was part of my occasional "Opinion" column. Which, to be honest, is even worse.

(10:34:53) @fluffysuse I read that as emoticons. I spend ~far~ too much time online. Good morning PLC

(11:04:00) @PontoonDock I was born for this. And no listeners.

(11:30:23) @akbea oh no! And happy birthday xx

(11:31:49) @jonBCFC I think they do!

(11:32:59) If only it were possible to tweet smells. The aroma of sausages and bacon cooking. Divine :)

(11:34:20) @andytuk What an excellent question! We used to play Quake over serial cable.. :D

(11:36:10) @mostlygeordie Sorry! They should do salads that smell like that :D

(11:36:57) @akbea Hopefully time enough to recover. I provide a free emergency call service for such occasions. Text me and get a domestic crisis ;)

(12:15:37) @LutonNewsSally Epic hula hoop action!

(12:15:51) @emtgates Cool! Or even.. warm! :D

(12:16:07) @mostlygeordie Turn the house around. Simple.

(12:16:16) @lloydbayley Listenin' later, sir!

(12:40:15) @njh Not 64 bit..?

(14:24:44) @njh It's rather vague about which machines are supported.. :/

(15:00:06) @tioaboa @RunDouble Once I got the text-to-speech thing sorted on my phone, very well, thank you. Found a field to run around, at least! :)

(15:02:01) @tioaboa @RunDouble And I feel fairly good about it, so may well do it again(!) How are you doing?

(15:04:59) @zany_zigzag Yes..! But in a very limited sense.. looking like Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes now! :D Happy weekendery! :)

(15:10:52) It would appear @poots is steam cleaning the entire contents of the kitchen. I'm off.

(15:17:41) @tioaboa @RunDouble Oooh.. now that's a slippery slope I am keen to avoid! I could barely find anything to wear :D

(15:18:36) @dragonhistory I'm going to hide in the back garden.. well out of the blast radius!

(16:48:45) @thatsjustme0 Brilliant photo!

(17:43:15) I won't be watching #scd until they start judging on style, control, damage and aggression.

(17:50:44) @mostlygeordie Couldn't agree more.. He's cringey x

(18:07:04) @smartie999 Amazing times :) And immortalised in tweets.

(19:03:23) @Matildamouse Impressive! So many lights- and I know where the audience goes now (I did wonder!)

(20:23:25) Jo Enright isn't on the telly enough. It may have something to do with her height and camera angles. But that doesn't matter. She's ace.

(20:38:45) There is some quite splendid comedy on - Trollied is shaping up to be a great second series, and Moone Boy is just hilariously written.

(20:39:19) @thatsjustme0 Bed? Sofa..?

(20:43:03) @BlueMoon_11 Evenin' :) what have I missed?

(20:44:41) @sfdrummer me and my boy have been playing it today - beautifully implemented. So much detail :) Looking forward to the next bit..

(20:45:01) @Purple_Sand :) :)

(20:45:18) @thatsjustme0 Bliss!

(20:49:05) @BlueMoon_11 That doesn't sound boring - home disco yeah! Me? Not enough housework :D xxx

(21:13:52) Best analogy ever by Malcolm Tucker. #thethickofit

(21:15:09) @BlueMoon_11 Do yours for you..? ;)

(21:29:32) @TheDailyEmma @ellardent Exquisite! One of those perfect comedy moments... shook my head and just lost it with laughter...

(21:31:26) @stevenaybour Blimey!

(21:32:01) @LilacNun Oh Lordy. You OK?

(21:42:04) @LilacNun Please do. Feel better soon x

(22:45:30) @mostlygeordie I, for one, have enjoyed your tweets. And your office will be warm tomorrow :) Night! x

(22:45:56) @EmmaTofi HURRAH :)

(22:46:20) @smartie999 N'night! x

(22:47:38) @EmmaTofi :) :)

(22:47:59) @crabbyknickers Rather frightening, actually :D

(22:48:51) Right.. enough amusing comedy (and New Tricks thrown in).. night night. Bis Morgen (not Miss Morgan - she was my primary school teacher).

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(05:18:55) @Zararugosa Good morning :) I think it's morning.. still a bit dark out ;)

(05:25:49) @AndreaRauter Morning. I need to put some trousers on :D

(05:26:00) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy Good morning, lovely people :)

(05:28:21) @AuntieJammy @charbhardy You too x

(05:30:19) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy It's a little early, but I'm getting there, thank you - through the power of coffee :) Have a fab day :) x

(05:30:42) Good morning. Best be off. Destiny (or one of its offspring) awaits.

(08:00:05) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots Happy, happy Friday :) #FF

(08:00:27) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Good morning, you smashing individuals with genetic similarities :)

(08:00:39) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy It's on the worktop ;)

(08:01:01) @italisalute Welcome home - I hope the memories stay with you for the a good while!

(08:01:34) @oliwia_s Mornin' busy lady :) Hope you have a good day!

(08:01:50) Do you like my smiley's hat? #:)

(08:06:58) @AnnieMcKie I couldn't have put it better - happy anniversary, @alicearnold1 @clarebalding1 :)

(08:07:41) @_windrider YEAH! :

(08:07:51) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy For coffee :D

(08:08:03) @smartie999 It's a fascinator-cum-hat ;)

(08:18:20) @smartie999 TOAST RACK HAT. YEAH. Wow.. I was just talking about marmalade sandwiches. Coollllio: )

(08:18:29) @andytuk Thatching.

(08:20:08) @vobes How frustrating..! I hope your online presence returns soon; and thank you for the latest Beer Show - only just caught up with it! :)

(09:58:34) Well that's my chances to buy tickets for #ISIHAC scuppered, then... #websitesplosion.

(10:02:59) @andytuk @ben_simpson @rainbowchazer @cpcretro @oldgoldtech @mrpurplestreak @mhudders @mrs_doodles @electricadv Thanks, Andy. Happy Friday!

(10:03:12) @pearcen @_windrider @paulums @thegreenelk @streakmachine @twannock Happy Friday all :) #FF

(10:28:53) @DaveShelton Bit of a shambles, all told.. :/

(10:56:39) @GroveTheatre What an absolute shambles :(

(10:56:48) @slandi Natty! :)

(16:28:34) RT @BritishTech: BIG Show tonight at 8pm with @eriklanigan @verso @AlexGFox @syzygy @tioaboa @EwenRankin Pls RT

(16:29:16) @hooker1uk Thanks, Paul. Hope it has been a good week :)

(16:29:57) Waiting for a stretch limo #7 (or #9)

(16:32:03) @vobes Thanks, Richard :) Counting down now; 4 working days left at the BBC :) Please say hi to me in the beer show - looking forward to it!

(16:35:11) @brennig Yeah. Watford :) Doing IT. That's I.T. Not 'it'.

(16:35:53) @vobes You'll never hear me complain ;)

(16:37:11) @oldgoldtech @IlRoberto @TheSocialGamer @CommodoreBlog @DavidMcClelland @David994A @andytuk @Dragoneez @VintageVanilla Happy Retro Friday!

(16:37:56) @brennig Will do, chief :) It'll be good to get back to the hardcore computerings!

(17:02:54) @ewan Just heard ESC Insight podcast.. seriously? The IKEA catalogue? That's a keeper.. but couldn't find anything about the song online..

(17:03:25) @danvesma Yeah!

(17:04:02) @jo_whit Moral victory to you, I believe :)

(17:18:17) @Richard_C A rebranding, yes :) Same old toot from me, though ;)

(17:42:06) @Richard_C Have a fab weekend, sir :) Any water-baser activity?

(17:45:31) @mostlygeordie Cheers! (must try that, still!)

(17:57:16) @mostlygeordie I will, still ;) x

(18:26:51) @SimplyTanny Where does it go..?

(18:28:49) @SimplyTanny ;) ~cheers~ x

(18:29:17) @Richard_C Glad you're on the road to recovery :)

(19:22:47) @sparkyannc @MegFitz @WymRoyal Have fun! :)

(19:23:16) @helenduffett Eep! :/

(20:19:04) @tioaboa @RunDouble I may well take that up! Race ya to 5k ;)

(20:22:00) @pearcen Yay! I'll take a look :)

(20:22:08) @pearcen After I've finished here ;)

(20:26:59) @stopsleyvicar It tends to be hooked onto a frame against the wall...

(20:31:20) @poots Heehee :D

(20:38:19) @BeachHut81 @stopsleyvicar Hopefully not of biblical proportions, though ;)

(20:53:07) @vobes Hiya! Not at the moment.. just taking a look at Spreaker, only to discover it had tweeted on my behalf.. how cheeky is that..?! :D

(21:25:54) @pearcen Oops! I shall catch up in the replay ;)

(21:26:11) @vobes Indeed :) Enjoy the weekend!

(21:31:16) @hooker1uk Thanks, Paul. It has been an interesting week - looking forward to some family time now, though :)

All tweets for 13 Sep 2012

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(04:49:38) @TheDizzyMama Morning :) x Hope he little one is all better soon.

(05:07:21) @AndreaRauter Morning. You can moan at me.. but I'd prefer if you didn't moan about me ;)

(05:07:40) Good morning. Muffins.

(06:41:05) @timoncheese @BBCRadioLincs @BBCRadio2 Cool! I would wave at you in Western House if I were still there :D

(06:41:46) @Tone_720 Those stealth cryptographers... they come in the night...

(06:42:21) @leica0000 Mornin' :)

(06:43:20) @andytuk Morning, sir :) Hope it's all looking good for a Thursday!

(06:44:18) @JQP74 @joanneh234 Morning, you two :) Have a brilliant day :)

(06:58:31) @106jack I ate them. With honey on. You know where the toaster is.

(07:14:40) As I approached BH this morning, I followed a kerfuffle - a tall scruffy youth was bring made a fuss of. Apparently he was a Rizzle Kick.

(07:21:12) @leica0000 I had to ask. Apparently Bieber is staying across the road. Saints preserve us...

(07:21:19) @JuliaBall They do a lot of shouting.

(07:50:36) @leica0000

(07:50:57) @leica0000 I'm not entirely sure who Dean Gaffney is. Is he Eastenders?

(07:51:30) @riggwelter @revrichardcoles That's the wonders of Twitter ;)

(08:02:13) @WhimsicalWife I love it :) :)

(08:02:48) @Matildamouse I would say 'me too' but I very rarely buy any clothes at all :D That said, I have two hoodies of similar styles :D @poots

(08:03:47) @smartie999 Morning. Hang in there. EXCITING TIMES. xxx

(08:23:41) @_windrider Thank heavens for different coloured notes.. the US is rubbish for that!

(08:24:17) @katchooon @ginandting LOVELY!

(08:25:57) @emmathegardener BEES. And wee. Also, is there a free hug for me?

(08:26:21) @emmathegardener PS I am totally going to grow lavender next year. At the end of the garden (because Lenni's scared of bees) x

(08:28:42) @mostlygeordie I wish I had power tools.

(08:29:26) @emmathegardener :) :) :) *glees* *tailspins*

(08:30:17) @emmathegardener I wish you lived closer :)

(08:30:30) @mostlygeordie FAFFFFF!

(08:41:26) @emmathegardener I live in hope.. you can live next door ;)

(08:42:44) @emmathegardener Not a euphemism ;)

(10:17:03) @Matildamouse It's OK, I pull it right down to below my thighs ;) @poots

(10:17:19) @leica0000 Moving targets are harder to hit ;)

(10:22:24) @Matildamouse @poots Nobody is supposed to know about them :D

(10:36:26) @Matildamouse Just means the photos have somehow made it onto the internet #WhatIsSeenCannotBeUnseen :D @poots

(10:37:16) @LibbyDaniewska You do a lot of that :p

(10:37:53) @LibbyDaniewska PS please look after @naomimoriarty - she is ILL (not 111)

(10:38:37) What time is it? It's meeting time. Chico was misnamed.

(11:20:39) @streakmachine Badum, indeed, and tish.

(11:35:40) @trevypoos Words will be had, although MC Hammer didn't have much of a case ;)

(16:26:28) @LibbyDaniewska There is a clamouring of pre-pubescents outside the hotel. Quite frightening. Poor lad :D x

(16:40:45) @poots Sheldon would say almost definitely not ;)

(17:11:54) @verso Hurrah :)

(17:16:10) RT @EwenRankin: The big show will be tomorrow night at 8 PM. Sorry everyone. But I’m stuck in traffic. please retweet this.

(17:17:31) @poots But I will miss out tomorrow evening :p Sent you a DM...

(17:18:46) @OmarRaza Yyyyyyeaaahhhboyyyeeee :D

(17:19:09) @OmarRaza (please note: you weren't doing 'gangsta hands')

(17:19:55) @sparkyannc Good luck :)

(17:20:54) Bobbins traffic on the M1. It was fine during the #limpics - more sport I say. (Foopball doesn't count)

(17:23:03) @mostlygeordie Sproing!

(17:31:30) @OmarRaza Ramesh would not like his son joining one of those gang clubs - they would cause too much inconvenience and mayhem ;)

(17:35:31) @fridgemagnet2 what are you going to get? Haddocks are best for slappage.

(17:36:09) @emsquare_d ~bows~ #headfallsoff

(17:36:37) @mostlygeordie You concern me x

(17:37:07) @fandrews Stunning!

(18:09:36) @OmarRaza Well looking forward to it :) x

(19:08:10) @slandi You could do a lot worse... although I do believe they retain their value... or end up in drawers!

(19:10:26) @LilythePurr HAHAHAHAHAHA *bonk*

(19:14:17) @slandi Hello hellooo :) My 3rd gen iPod Touch will, so I am fairly sure the 3GS will, too.. looky:

(19:14:43) @AndreaRauter Gute nacht :)

(19:38:25) Fantastic bit of triv from @nxmee: the robots in the "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" #DoctorWho episode were also Roboidz in #CBBC's Mission 2110

(19:48:59) @fridgemagnet2 Lamb is a fish now?

(19:49:25) @LibbyDaniewska @soju Yum!

(19:49:50) @fluffysuse Eep! And now you've got to deal with me ;) Chin chin x

(19:50:40) @LibbyDaniewska Whatever floats his boat. I'm not big on getting screamed at. Much.

(19:51:10) @mostlygeordie Ingenious, actually x

(19:51:54) @sacs @BritishTech Why can't he do the show right there..? Pull up to a tube station and use the wi-fi ;)

(19:52:42) @slandi My only misgiving would be the condition of the battery in a second-hand 3GS.. if you can get one as-new (verifiably?) for sure!

(20:09:34) @slandi Dust ingress is the only hazard, but the 3GS is in a good place for that :) I'm almost tempted myself (I have a Galaxy S ;)

(20:14:47) @fluffysuse You're the best #bighair

(20:19:39) @slandi On reflection - save for the Audioboo app - and Downcast - I favour Android. And Tweetbot. The Walled Garden versus Pandora's Box ;)

(20:25:33) @slandi For me the solution is an Android phone and an iPod Touch... which is where I am now.. and, I believe, you are. Hmm iPod Touch G4?

(20:40:10) @slandi Hence the 3GS. I like your thinking, sir.

(20:45:42) @RuthBlackett You never know - you might be.

(20:47:11) Right. I do believe it's Friday tomorrow. The next Friday and, indeed, the last Friday. But a good Friday? Time for bed to prepare. G'night.

(20:48:41) @PaulEdwards_ Night, sir! :)

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(07:58:46) @donmcallister Morning - a little late and I am sure you have already been told, but the peach beer at the bash was Badger Golden Glory :)

(08:01:06) @donmcallister Splendid :) I hope your day goes well - good luck with Keynote!

(08:01:59) @dt90spt Morning. Traffic sucks.

(08:05:48) Good morning. Operating a little behind the curve so far today. OK. I'm late.

(08:06:55) @BitsyVonMuffin I'm hoping that is generally accepted ;) Have a good day, superliz

(08:10:29) @dt90spt Oh my - turning out to be a long day!

(10:34:59) @sfdrummer @donmcallister Dee lish! :)

(10:35:27) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots Morning all - belatedly :)

(12:40:01) *cries* Three words: Mandatory. Safety. Training. Basically an inteeractive video with that earnest bloke from Rogue Traders (not the biker)

(12:44:05) @gugucachoo Dom's the bald squishy faced bloke, isn't he? No.. not him; had to Google.. Matt Allwright. Sounds like a Barrymore catchphrase.

(12:44:18) @amnotfunny Certainly feels like it. Patronising drama :D

(12:49:51) I am not tweeting while an interactive but earnest safety video plays on my computer.

(12:54:06) @gugucachoo You can have a go yourself.. I've just found it here: :D

(13:24:59) @amnotfunny This one's pretty fresh..

(14:47:30) @brennig Wasn't.

(15:11:21) @verso Love it! :)

(15:15:41) I have always assiduously avoided reading the Sun, but I am resolved to extra-not-read it now. And the Daily Mail. Horrible creations both.

(15:24:30) @_windrider I s'pose creations is a bit.. positive!

(15:24:42) @mostlygeordie Nooooo!

(15:25:06) @amnotfunny Please don't feel you need to put yourself through it :D Happy daughterplaydatedispatching

(15:33:35) @gugucachoo Can you get to ..? The training video is among these;

(16:24:53) @fridgemagnet2 If he's not been put in prison for benefit fraud, you're on...

(16:54:46) Bus caught, which is quite splendid. Super sleepy, though. I shall endeavour to concentrate during the podcast I'm helping out with later.

(16:55:15) Stretch limo taken. Of course. Bus schmus.

(17:30:40) @vobes That is wonderful :) Sorry I'm not really about while you're in this neck of the woods. Hope it all goes well :)

(18:05:55) @LilyShambles Neh problem.. quite frighteningly :D Just a bit tired and weary now :D

(18:31:49) @perrygascoine Oh man... where did you get stuck..?

(18:38:23) @perrygascoine I have all that to look forward to :)

(18:39:48) @perrygascoine Indeed. But that is because I have to live in Luton :p

(19:02:05) I think I'm supposed to be doing a podcast but I have no idea what or where... a little help..? @sfdrummer ..?

(19:05:59) @sfdrummer I can't remember but I had retro pilot in my calendar for this evening, but only through Twitter DMs :D Your name came to mind..

(19:06:41) @sfdrummer Sorry to have hassled you :)

(19:07:42) @sfdrummer @drhappymac @BritishMac Ahh cool. I haven't got 'mac' in my Twitter name.. maybe I missed the memo ;)

(19:08:05) @effieoffie hurrah for an early weekend! Text me :) x

(19:09:28) @sfdrummer There's an Apple event..? ;) Makes sense when you put it that way :D Brain has shut down - thank you for tying the loose ends!

(19:11:53) @drhappymac Ahh no worries. I couldn't hear over the hammering and @verso ;) Enjoy your iPhone 5 and iPod love!

(19:13:54) @effieoffie I will put out the warning ;)

(19:15:50) I judge how busy my life is by how many rounds of SongPop I fit in over the course of a week. So far this week: 0. Lordy.

(19:27:11) @verso @drhappymac My bad.. I did two Mac shows in a row.. a guaranteed hangover cure ;)

(19:30:32) @MissyMWAC pour yourself a hot glass of Lemon and 3G, baby.

(19:31:47) @peasbloss Welcome home :) pull up a pouffe!

(19:54:31) @_windrider @MissyMWAC yes!

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(05:17:54) @JQP74 Morning :) The perils of living in the northern hemisphere :)

(05:18:41) @LilyShambles Toast..?

(05:19:20) @brennig Naughty day!

(05:19:54) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy Morning, you lovely pair :)

(05:20:27) @AndreaRauter You too :)

(05:21:12) @JQP74 (I quite like the cool of autumn but getting up before it gets light... I can do without that!) Have a great day :)

(05:22:00) @AuntieJammy @charbhardy I'm doing OK, thank you.. got my porridge & coffee and just about to launch myself on an unsuspecting world.. You?

(05:23:03) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy I shall make a habit of it, then :) Hope your Tuesday has started well :)

(05:23:31) @AuntieJammy @charbhardy I know what you mean about sleep - endangered species!

(05:39:28) @charbhardy @AuntieJammy Always :) Enjoy your coffees!

(08:35:40) @LilyShambles Ohhh yeah! :) :)

(08:35:51) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 I am always good on a Tuesday :p

(08:36:11) @edtjones That's not our local council's instructions... you'll have to fight it out with them ;)

(08:44:49) @leica0000 It's got a lid, so yes.

(08:45:08) @vobes Good morning, Mr Busy Man! :) All well, thank you.. always too much to do! :)

(08:45:54) @vobes You too, Mr V :) Hope you can get some fresh air.. while it lasts!

(08:51:53) @gilliandonovan You're as bad as my wife (and nearly as pretty).

(08:54:16) @gilliandonovan Are you my mummy?

(08:54:27) @leica0000 HA! :D

(09:03:22) @gilliandonovan

(09:07:22) Oh heavens. I shouldn't have got distracted by @gilliandonovan - this is comedy gold:

(11:50:56) @Barwickgreen @sparkyannc Best tram stop ever :) Safe trip!

(13:09:08) @fluffysuse No. We don't.

(14:41:09) @fluffysuse Oh. Oh dear.

(15:51:27) @BlueMoon_11 Oh.. that thing I was looking for... where is it..?

(15:52:45) @mostlygeordie Oh my :( Sorry to hear it x

(15:52:52) @MissyMWAC Heh x

(16:00:57) @BlueMoon_11 I was hoping for the next line of the song ;) x

(16:01:40) @sparkyannc Well tweeted :)

(16:09:59) @BlueMoon_11 You've made me go all wibbly. Cos if anybody can, Chaka Khan ;) x

(17:30:31) There's a doin's a-transpirin'...

(17:31:54) @poots Thank you, my darling - duly lined... let the festivities commence. Love you x

(17:35:27) @brennig It's a sort-of 'leaving' pub crawl... Heaven help me! @poots

(19:29:22) @mostlygeordie Do I need a camel? X

(19:29:58) starting to fade a little now. #threepubsin

(19:37:31) @mostlygeordie I'm on my way! (Just looking for magic flying carpets in the yellow pages :D) x

(19:37:52) @effieoffie Wouldn't miss it for for the world! x

(19:38:27) @claudiahaun I certainly shall - and will raise a glass to you :)

(19:39:05) @leica0000 Made famous by Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel ;)

(22:31:34) @poots I have- thank you :) Heading home on the next available coach, with a bottle of water at hand. Perfect. Night night x

(22:32:25) @mcdwebster Thank you for the kind wishes - a good time was had by all :) See you back in W1 soon :)

(22:33:40) @effieoffie My great pleasure. I'm in good form - may take it fairly easy tomorrow, but Thursday... bring it on :) more positives yeah!

(22:33:57) @smartie999 Definitely the second :)

(22:36:23) Heading home on the next available stretch limo after a fine celebration organised by @BigAlTwit - nice one! Coffee will be required.

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(06:01:07) Good morning. I would like to raise the point that, despite it being cooler today, it will still reach 21C. That is warm. Happy Monday :)

(06:02:18) @lloydbayley @vobes Mornin'/evenin' gents. May your days be merry and bright.

(06:02:51) @AndreaRauter Have a splendid day, lovely :)

(06:03:21) @regularjen I'm more of a squirrel than a beaver. But good morning anyway. got any nuts?

(06:03:49) @JQP74 Mornin' :) The start of another week! Have a great one.

(06:10:17) @_windrider You can learn a lot about a woman by looking at her... no actually you can't. Or shouldn't: D

(06:10:58) @emmathegardener Hopefully before something good!

(06:23:03) @slandi @macolgan @dt90spt I'll take a listen - thank you!

(06:23:18) @_windrider Hurrah! :)

(06:29:03) @106jack It's a dream we all dream of. #AproposOfPrince

(06:29:19) @ElPixelo YEAH

(06:29:47) @FrankMillar :D

(06:36:07) @alnicholl77 Mornin' Al. Ahh such are the stresses of small children.. it will pass.. but the fine tuning sounds like you're on top of it!

(06:45:21) @BlueMoon_11 Morning :) Let's make this Monday morning a fun and crazy one :) x

(06:45:32) @vobes Red envelopes every one! :)

(06:46:21) @nausea18 Gorgeous :) Mornin' :)

(06:46:58) @alnicholl77 Oh my goodness... that puts it in pespective.. I completely understand. What a fine and caring dad and husband you are!

(06:47:22) Oooh.. @106Jack is playing Little Bird by Annie Lennox.. one to turn up!

(06:47:37) @gilesbabbidge Mornin' :) And What-ho indeed :)

(06:50:39) @Ariadnes_web Mornin' :) I think it might be...

(06:54:33) @cyberdonkey I wish you the very same, you eloquent rapscallion.

(06:55:12) @joey_coops Doctor syz prescribes a run and a coffee and a snog. Not all at the same time, mind.

(06:55:28) @leica0000 Good morning :)

(06:55:48) Right. Then.

(07:06:02) @BlueMoon_11 Dancing around the kitchen to upbeat tunes..? More jiggling to start the week!

(07:20:42) @BlueMoon_11 For what it's worth, here's an 80s pop 12" single that I was bopping around to.. your tastes may vary :D

(07:24:21) @xlaux Oh my! :/ Glad everyone is OK! x

(07:54:13) @EmmaTofi It gets better. Please believe me :)

(14:01:33) @leica0000 Lurking at home, today. Just done the CAB.. now doing change requests. A bureaucratic nightmare ;) Hope your day's going well :)

(14:02:22) @gilesbabbidge Ello :) The morning went very well, thank you (if a little damp in places).. now it's doing some working.. happy Monday! ;)

(14:02:40) @EmmaTofi Oh yes. Yes it could. Don't make me come over there :p

(14:04:39) @gilliandonovan They should've done the quiz at the beginning... a starter for ten, if you like ;)

(18:05:03) Darn. @LutonCouncil's recycling page doesn't say which plastic type numbers their green bins will take. But iPads? Yes!

(18:07:25) Ah.. found it.. - thanks, @LutonCouncil - shame I have to bin type 4. Useful to know about small electricals, though.

(19:49:34) @BlueMoon_11 welcome home! Well done surviving the work day :) It's a little-known single by the band who did "Safety Dance".. fun song :)

(19:49:55) @nausea18 @lutoncouncil I would probably get shouted at :D

(19:50:21) @poots @superalora I totally won.

(20:31:58) All tired out now. Not in the mood for Big Band, so Radio 2 is going off. Instead I shall listen to trees and traffic.

(21:13:20) @_windrider Uhoh.. little hope for me! :D

(21:13:55) @ajlanghorn It's one of the vacant DAB multiplex slots ;)

(21:14:08) @BlueMoon_11 yay! X

(21:16:01) Good night. Time for sleeps. Tuesday tomorrow....

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(08:24:25) @JQP74 Mornin' :) Another sunny day! Have a great one :)

(08:25:20) @junkmanuk I thought for a moment you meant world peace and the exile of all people Piers Morgan and below.. but yeah, Fifa.

(08:26:04) @ajlanghorn You've got the M6 in your head? That would explain a lot ;)

(08:26:35) @SimplyTanny That's less than optimal. Good morning :)

(08:28:52) Good morning. Better get on... if we're late it will be my fault (as usual :D)

(08:29:06) @PlainTalkingHR Mornin'! :)

(08:43:15) @PlainTalkingHR @poots Thank you! We're hoping to help out with the logistics later :) :)

(09:43:39) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Morning, lass :)

(10:18:08) Just popped over to Stockwood to see the fine folk of @NGYT_uk who have been running about for hours in the #RelayForLife - heroes all.

(11:14:08) I just posted on a forum. Feels weird. (Trying to find out if my raspberry pi has a memory leak :D)

(11:14:28) @ian262 You and me both.

(15:11:51) @ngyt_uk I am in awe of what you all - and the others who participated - did :) @poots

(15:17:56) Our dear daughter has just seen her namesake on the telly. That doesn't happen very often.

(16:37:06) @fridgemagnet2 Yes! In fact the caption actually said "Bag Lady"...

(16:38:09) @RobJD Ha :D Full name, mate.. and a woman not a car (and it was Songs of Praise.. so not quite the same genre as Gone in 60 Seconds ;)

(16:38:51) @mostlygeordie Haha! I prefer "ubiquitous as biscuits" ;)

(20:06:07) It would appear that this particular VW Beetle runs on Red Bull... @ Bexhill Town

(22:06:24) @mostlygeordie @ParalympicsGB Amen

(22:08:21) The weekend ends. And that means it cancels itself out. And the limpics, too. Normality. It's coming. But we don't need to be normal

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(16:03:15) @Mad4mogzz Flying visit, I'm afraid - we'll be down again hopefully in the next couple of months :) Hope you, B & X are doing well x

(16:24:57) @pearcen How frustrating - sorry to have led you down a blind alley. Hope the mixer replacement works!

(16:25:47) @Mad4mogzz Thank you :) Not sure how things will play out in the new job... but will do!

(16:26:11) @smartie999 Good. I think.

(16:26:38) @LilacNun wish I was there (in the shade ;)

(21:12:57) Home. Lovely to spend time with @Chepbourne today :) Catching up with The Thick of It. Lovely.

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(05:13:56) @AuntieJammy You too! :)

(05:16:42) @vobes @lloydbayley Good morning my industrious pals :)

(06:04:54) Mantronix: yes. Nu Shooz: no. Funny how these things work. #ThisIsHeart

(06:06:01) @AuntieJammy I'm fairly chipper his morning.. lots going on today, but I think I have had approaching enough sleep and coffee to do it! You?

(06:06:32) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd. Certainly not bad for a Friday, ta :) Hope your day has been a splendid one!

(06:06:59) @vobes Safe trip, mate - hope the corporates go well today!

(06:07:45) When I do this ~tilts head~ I get a double chin. Never had one of them before. #toomanybiscuits

(06:09:07) @_windrider Very good deal! Always worth urging 'check camera specs before ordering' though... some have odd arbitrary limits (eg 16GB)

(06:10:16) @AuntieJammy That's just the ticket! I am hoping for some indulgence, too - a walk along the sea front on a visit to my mother's :)

(06:10:59) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning at a late #jamesish hour ;)

(06:18:00) @AuntieJammy Dear old Bexhill-on-sea, where I spent a fair amount of my childhood :)

(06:18:19) @vobes Absolutely! Hope that one comes soon :)

(06:22:05) @AuntieJammy We used to go to St Anne's for holidays when I was a teenager - my mother had an aunt who lived there. Wow.. memories!

(06:23:44) @poots While I remember, Toyota Yanis left me a voicemail yesterday; he's hoping to get the reg docs next week. I may call him on Monday. x

(06:24:24) @wkdstepmother Happy birthday to your mum and mine! @poots

(06:26:18) Happy birthday to my dear Mother, @chepbourne. Having a mum on Twitter is cool (although obviously I have to watch what I say as a result!)

(06:26:53) @miz_shake68 @washmysocks @indecisive96 Good morning twitter superstars :)

(06:28:03) @BellesBottom Spanish? I have more cause to use German and French in my adult life.. but then that's business rather than pleasure :D

(06:28:22) @BellesBottom ps good morning :)

(06:28:55) @BellesBottom pps my 13 year old is learning Spanish, I think :D

(06:29:28) @washmysocks @miz_shake68 @indecisive96 oh what a beautiful twiiiiterrrr ;)

(06:31:36) @BellesBottom I grew up less than 30 miles from France ;) I never took to Spanish :D But I speak fluent German when inebriated. #whatacatch

(06:33:10) @hark_the_herald it could well be - I noticed it when the sun caused me to see my reflection in the shiny phone screen #notflattering :D

(06:35:59) @BellesBottom But the language of love.. the language of the heart.. the tongue of romance - German. Du wisst, dass ich richtig bin ;)

(06:36:40) @BellesBottom yup - I lived at the bottom of England. Regular French invasions in the summer :D

(06:37:17) @BellesBottom Just me, then #Germanophile

(06:39:01) @miz_shake68 @AnotherJulia Oh heavens! Please give @indecisive96 a hug from me x

(06:39:42) @AuntieJammy I remember the pier well - it was where I spent most of my days, eking out a pound :D

(06:49:41) @PlainTalkingHR Thanks, lovely! Wishing you a wonderful day :)

(06:50:40) @AmandaHolmes21 I am keeping ~well~ away ;) Good luck (especially dealing with the selfish, ignorant parkers)

(06:51:33) @PontoonDock I always skip Christmas songs when I'm on my way to the office #neverinthemood ;)

(06:51:52) @AndreaRauter I'll wake you in 20 minutes ;)

(06:52:21) @thekeithchegwin That one made me chuckle :D

(06:56:51) Listening to @106jack's podcast from last week - that @BryanRutherford is great value. No disrespect to @hubbardcj (please never sing again)

(06:57:59) @106jack I appreciate the irony of listening to your podcast while the actual breakfast show is on. But you might play a song I don't like.

(07:25:54) @LilacNun Tighton.

(07:28:03) @LilacNun Brightin?

(07:39:07) @LilacNun I have a fondness for the place.. here is a song:

(13:18:57) An apple on the cusp of disappointment.

(13:59:59) @leica0000 heehee :D Not a pink lady!

(14:00:33) @smartie999 Y'know when you bite into an apple and it starts going brown immediately..? That...

(14:48:07) @smartie999 Oh I love to laugh ;)

(15:36:57) @mostlygeordie Oh my. I guess it's not 6pm in New York, right..? :D

(15:39:28) @mostlygeordie Ouch!

(18:53:52) Rehearsal @ Television Centre

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(05:30:46) @Leafybear Good morning. yes. And, indeed, yes. :)

(05:30:57) @fluffysuse Good morning GPO

(05:31:54) @gilesbabbidge Thanks, mate :) :)

(05:32:22) @JQP74 Morning :) Same to you! :) :)

(05:54:07) @JQP74 It's nearly the weekend yeah!

(05:56:30) @DinahLiversidge Happy birthday! (and good morning, @PlainTalkingHR :)

(05:57:19) Happy birthday to the frankly wonderful @tamarakuzminski - hope today is all smiles and plenty of luxuriating x

(06:51:28) RT @cookdandbombd: Blog: The coordinated, safety-in-numbers Twitter bullying by Simon Pegg, Ricky Gervais & Noel Fielding http://t.c ...

(06:53:00) @DinahLiversidge @PlainTalkingHR Just the usual work - when I finally get there..! Hope you have a great one :)

(06:53:28) @PlainTalkingHR @DinahLiversidge Morning, Bina :) Not too bad, ta.. sleepy as always! How about you?

(06:54:17) @emmathegardener Morning :) x

(08:15:44) @pearcen Yes. Although obviously you need the audio out of the microphone, too... and about 40-50dB of gain at the mixer end :)

(08:16:04) @lloydbayley Thanks - it's already arrived here! :)

(08:17:38) @pearcen Hmm.. I wouldn't say 'max' - Behringer C1s are fairly sensitive - my suspicion is a wiring error. Check your cables.

(08:33:06) @pearcen Yup absolutely.. it's not a complicated setup.. there must be something amiss :/

(08:33:25) @tamarakuzminski You are a splendid person and we don't see you enough.. soon, I hope! x @poots

(08:35:20) @pearcen For what it's worth, there must be some power to the mic because otherwise you'd get nothing at all. Suspect hot or cold wire break

(08:35:49) @lloydbayley :) :) Nice bit of vitamin D!

(08:37:14) @pearcen Or possibly a defective microphone :/ No worries.. it's what I like to do :)

(10:41:11) @gilliandonovan Brilliant :) :) @upworthy

(10:41:30) @Leafybear I know that feeling! :) :)

(11:59:39) @crabbyknickers @JQP74 @miz_shake68 40s is cool. A bit slower, with minor body failures, but cool. Honest.

(12:01:21) @AndreaRauter Take on me?

(12:01:31) @AndreaRauter Train of thought.

(12:01:44) @jo_whit Do mental arithmetic.

(12:22:52) RT @Aiannucci: #thickofit. It's on 9.45pm BBC2, but also 10.45pm BBC HD. Saturday.

(12:34:31) @zany_zigzag Perfect... give me a shout when you're free! :) I'm about lunchtimes Tue, Thu and Fri and various other times!

(14:45:06) I have declined coffee... not so much to prevent overexuberance, but to avoid the major slump later...

(14:46:44) @sparkyannc See if we can get through the 4pm meeting quickly... every minute counts!

(16:29:23) @PontoonDock I am only allowed in the roof.

(16:29:50) @shellzenner One for each foot..!

(16:45:25) @PontoonDock No, not that one. The ~other~ infamous bus surfer of NW4 ;)

(16:51:38) @PontoonDock In this economy, a necessity. It's the only way to conduct myself.

(17:01:41) @hadenmaiden #ft?

(17:03:35) @BellesBottom You may well be able to get away with "super thick man ham"..?

(17:04:59) @LilacNun Get thee to a lighthouse. Down under #notaeuphemism

(17:06:42) @BellesBottom @Simmovic @RubbishWife An extra thick man ham sandwich, I hope.

(17:06:57) @emmaandpete yes!

(17:29:41) @SimplyTanny !!?

(18:07:52) @SimplyTanny Shall I get him to stuff some in your stocking too..?

(18:56:06) @pearcen That is definitely not right.. the C1 is a standard condenser.. should be rockin' it at that distance.. loads of hiss I'm guessing?

(19:20:03) @pearcen No mate.. that's not good... should be less than that.. worth trying another mic too

(19:43:17) @pearcen Shame you don't live closer... I've got plenty :)

(20:30:25) @verso Great to have met you virtually. You are brilliant in over 13 different ways :)

(20:30:42) @jc76 N'night! I'm right behind you :)

(20:33:45) Bedtime. And then, excitingly, it's Friday. Night night!

(20:34:23) @brennig YEAH! Night, mate :) x

(20:34:32) @washmysocks Sleep well when you do :) x

(20:34:49) @PlainTalkingHR And the very same to you - may see you at a #Bina-ish hour tomorrow! :) x

(20:35:04) @sparkyannc :/ NIGHTMARE. Literally.

(20:35:15) @LilacNun Night chicken pie x

(20:37:50) @Wymroyal Ha! When I was nine, half-past five was only for Christmas and leaving for holidays ;)

(20:38:19) @PlainTalkingHR It'll be six o'clock by the time the caffeine starts to kick in ;) Night night! #Binaish

(20:59:06) @Wymroyal Thank you :) Hope so too! Night night (it is never half past nine by the time my teeth are brushed :D)

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(05:21:16) @kaytejudge A frightening tweet to wake up to :D

(05:22:24) @peasbloss Morning... Sort of :D Strictly limited access to my alarm...

(05:25:21) @corrie_corfield It looks like a hat. A big cake hat. Good morning :)

(05:45:37) Listening to "And now an urgent SoS message" on #bbciplayer... kind of like a sinister, brief prototype of "Home Truths" #bbcradio4 #classic

(05:46:04) @Tactless_Claire Loud music required :) Mornin'

(05:51:45) @vobes Morning, Mr V :) Programmes like that are why I love Radio 4 :) Oh.. fantastic to hear the hot air balloon podcast again - thank you!

(05:52:58) @smartie999 @JQP74 Good morning smashings. I shall catch up with SongPop in a mo... can't believe I've not had the chance to play this week!

(06:20:37) @miz_shake68 @smartie999 @JQP74 Yeah! Even if you two keep kicking my butt ;) #wordswithfriends

(06:21:39) @vobes There is still hope - you have honed your presentation skills over those seven(!) years :) Have a top day, too!

(06:24:07) @gilesbabbidge Morning :)

(06:25:56) @jonBCFC Morning, chief :) have a fantastic day!

(06:39:07) @AuntieJammy And the very same to you xxx

(06:39:34) @BellesBottom You never know when he might get a growth spurt :)

(06:40:29) @BlueMoon_11 You too:) Hump day yeah :)

(06:42:39) @smartie999 @miz_shake68 @jqp74 That sounds wrong :D

(06:43:24) @AuntieJammy I'm the usual sleepy self at the time of morning. Seeing how many meetings I can avoid today ;) how about you?

(06:43:53) @BellesBottom :D

(06:44:35) @AuntieJammy Wonderful! And well-deserved :) :)

(07:36:07) @BellesBottom The day will go so quickly, fret not. You won't have time to fret ;)

(08:30:18) @BellesBottom @TimGooderham Oh my. Whereas for my mother, it was a long slow process, finishing a couple of years ago with my little sister!

(08:30:58) I like the word "ursprünglich"

(08:45:00) @_windrider Yes. Yes I agree :)

(08:48:02) @_windrider Badum, and indeed, Tish.

(10:38:13) @Ariadnes_web Quite stylish ;)

(11:07:23) Tragic.. someone just let a rogue print job go - over a ream of paper with just a few characters on each page.. #cries

(11:35:41) @slandi Great idea :) But just sad..

(11:38:11) @GHOGIT And count 'em back in again afterwards....

(12:21:51) @joanneh234 Totally :) I'll do that! x

(12:24:50) @joanneh234 Funnily enough, my dear wife works at our local pre-school.. her eternal gratitude will be very well appreciated :D

(12:44:07) @jc76 Dilemma?

(12:45:14) @jc76 Oh my.. how exciting! Hope it all works out :) :)

(12:45:53) @hark_the_herald Oh my.. where are you going? Good luck whatever it turns out to be!

(12:46:37) @jc76 I'm doing OK, thank you - today is my 'meetings' day.. not really very good at them... not least because most aren' tin the pub :D

(12:50:16) @hark_the_herald Wow.. @O2 are lucky to get you! :) I'll definitely keep in touch! x

(12:50:44) @jc76 That means nothing to me...

(15:03:00) @GHOGIT @RobJD Thank you. An intriguing offer ;)

(15:54:05) @Manda_Jones @irreverentdance And there was me thinking "Let the cat out of the bag" was just a phrase...

(16:42:20) @EmmaTofi A holy wishing well? Holy? Wishing? Is that how religion works now? :D As for rude? Prayers get answered.. some like this: "Ooh!"

(17:14:59) Stupid stupid traffic on stupid stupid Hendon Way. Something should be done.

(17:28:49) Stupid stupid burst watermain at stupid stupid Brent Cross @ Brent Cross Shopping Centre

(17:30:38) @brennig Seems so :/ Stupid and stupid.

(17:31:31) @fiverscarrot @poots The north circular is still closed. And double stupid.

(17:31:45) @jonBCFC I'm hungry :D

(17:32:02) @AndreaRauter helloooo x

(17:33:11) @fiverscarrot @poots Ahh some days are better than others :)

(17:35:10) @AndreaRauter Happy day?

(17:40:09) @jonBCFC Thanks, mate. Top snack action!

(17:40:59) @AndreaRauter I know that feeling! :) Chilling out now, I hope x

(17:41:40) @jonBCFC Good luck :) :)

(17:43:09) @effieoffie Certainly slowing London down a little! Attempting evasive action now (Watford Way)

(17:46:59) @effieoffie Sometime next week at this rate :D It's slowed up again... hopefully home by 8.. I'm glad it doesn't happen too often!

(17:48:11) @danvesma @asymco I would love a classic Merc.. lovely cars :)

(17:56:53) @effieoffie There have been some pretty epic journeys home over the years - especially on snow days! Working from home rocks ;)

(17:57:07) @BlueMoon_11 Uhuh yeah! x

(17:57:27) @danvesma @asymco ~big smiles~

(17:59:27) @alexgeoghegan "Originally"- it's in the header of replies from our German suppliers... makes me think it lands in the inbox with a 'boing!'

(17:59:55) @effieoffie The stretch limo is on the M1 now, at least :) :) x

(18:23:03) @Mark_Hattam I don't do news ;)

(19:13:50) @Tactless_Claire Home and home :) Thank heavens and you. Neither of which are stupid :) x

(19:13:57) @smartie999 *blushes* x

(19:14:16) @effieoffie I wouldn't recommend it.. country lanes every time! x

(19:14:33) @smartie999 I am home. It is jolly good. Well worth a go.

(19:14:52) @Sk287 Super big supportive *HUG!*

(19:15:25) I like being home. I like being in nice fresh jammies even more. That's next. YEAH.

(19:33:34) @Tactless_Claire Blakey the coach driver said it may well be like that for the next couple of days.. eep! :/

(19:41:43) @perrygascoine Looks like you're having the best time! :) :)

(19:44:53) RT @BothersBar: If you want to see this PSB live stream, it’s on

(19:47:15) Gah. Missed Pet Shop Boys doing a live.

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(08:11:45) @lloydbayley Modern technology! :) :)

(08:12:15) Good morning, then. It's Tuesday, and I am going to endeavour to stay awake.

(08:12:40) @lloydbayley Mornin' Mr B :) I'm not too bad, ta.. trying to resist the temptation to go back to bed :D

(08:22:46) @JQP74 Hi, mate. I'm sleepy, but not bad, ta.. trying to work out if I should go for a run or if that would just kill me :D

(08:40:12) RT @headfirst_dom: RT @totmac: The Sun reporting on "The Internet" in the 90s.

(09:16:50) @lucieshuker Happy birthday! :)

(10:17:05) @washmysocks It's all a bit frightening, isn't it? And these are the best people he has to offer (or are they..? :/)

(10:18:17) @LilacNun You're worrying me now. Have you seen a doctor? What did they say you should do..? Have you tried lifting it up above your head?

(10:18:38) @washmysocks You lot off Twitter ;)

(10:22:36) Strange woman standing on our drive. And then not standing on our drive. Weird.

(10:24:57) @LilyShambles I was about to set the dogs on you. Her. (Actually, we've only got a guinea pig, but if you've got cucumber, she is mental).

(10:26:19) @_windrider Endtimes! Or leaflets. Can't tell which at this stage...

(10:43:53) @mostlygeordie If I'd known it was you, I would have invited you in for a cuppa :p

(11:49:43) @LilacNun You're worth it (up to a value of £72.84)

(14:18:59) RT @guardianmusic: Pet Shop Boys – Elysium: exclusive album stream

(18:21:48) Ah the delightful fragrance of an engineer's favourite Ancient Greek goddess, Araldite.

(18:29:15) RT @emmathegardener: Aha! The Peat-Free Diet audiobook is available on iTunes!

(18:31:32) @OlorinLorien There are some things that cyanoacrylate can't stick.. and that's the resin why two-part glue rocks. Well, sticks ;)

(18:31:55) @_windrider Locktite doesn't have the same ring :D

(18:32:44) @PontoonDock I get some tweets intended for them, though. They party ~much~ hardlier than I do ;)

(18:33:05) @PlainTalkingHR Sticks things together nicely, too ;)

(19:01:59) @fridgemagnet2 That is not a reassuring aroma...

(19:03:43) @BellesBottom Is it fatal..?

(19:04:31) @claremac82 I wouldn't know ~sighs~

(19:04:53) @mostlygeordie I can throw onion rings at you..?

(19:18:12) @BellesBottom Careful now!

(20:03:41) @OlorinLorien Funnily enough, the cables of a pair of headphones - they'd 'unzipped' and this was an attempt to join them back up :)

(20:04:36) @mostlygeordie I haven't thought this through :D Have you eaten now?

(20:06:39) @smartie999 I do fancy a pint, but need to head to bed at some point.. nibbles, though. Ooh I love nibbles :)

(20:34:11) @smartie999 Duvet!

(20:34:37) @mostlygeordie YES! I will happily come and administer it :) x

(20:51:26) Right. Bedtime, before social adventures await (not tomorrow). Night night night.

(21:11:43) @washmysocks Rest well when you do :)

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(16:04:23) @riggwelter Oh my. I fully endorse a version of this poster with the caption "Sweet baby Jesus!" (the exclamation mark is mandatory).

(16:05:17) @riggwelter A /dev/EXTENSION, if you like.

(16:07:24) Down tools. Fluffy, fluffy down tools.

(17:45:14) @ngyt_uk We try to set a good example for our children :) @poots

(17:46:08) @davewitchalls Thank you, Dave - superstar! (and thank you for the kind logistical assistance, @dt90spt) Pints both. Soon :) :)

(19:57:52) Settling down to read an actual book, while I listen to the remarkable Humble Music Bundle.. (thanks, @poots!)

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(08:26:22) Good morning. Something about Sunday.

(09:00:05) @Ariadnes_web Well quite so :) hope all is well where you are!

(09:00:22) @jonBCFC And a magnificent Sunday to you, Jon :)

(10:20:04) @willowHart Felicitations dear you x

(10:20:24) @BellesBottom Brilliant character - very well acted :)

(10:20:39) @ElPixelo Yes! That must be it ;)

(10:20:48) @dt90spt Morning mate :)

(11:01:26) @fluffysuse I take you deadly seriously.

(12:12:35) @BellesBottom Ahhh yes.. that's more like it. Not Jennifer Hart, then :D

(12:39:48) @lloydbayley G'night :)

(12:44:45) @poots @corrie_corfield *blushes*

(14:55:54) @jc76 @JuiceBrighton @mybrightonlive @thisisbrighton @sussexandsurrey @brightonmag @deafapprentice @MusicOutThere HELLO! Bring the sunshine!

(14:56:46) @fluffysuse See? :P

(20:15:31) @LilacNun No. No. No more, you arse [it's the only word that fits the rhyme.. no offence intended :D]

(20:16:19) Home from the Harry Potter tour thing. If you like your Harry Potter, you may well think it's amazing. If you don't, you may be impressed.

(20:28:19) @miz_shake68 We certainly did.. definitely definitely worth a visit.. when I watch the films it'll be with fresh eyes!

(20:43:15) @imule I'm not really a fan, but to see the attention to detail that went into the construction of the sets and movies left me impressed :)

(20:50:31) @miz_shake68 Thank you :) I hope that JK enjoys it as much as our two :) :)

(21:53:38) @MartinCaine @Raspberry_Pi That looks amazing - but deeply frustrating! Yes please ;)

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(00:19:03) @mostlygeordie G'night you. I've been a dirty stop out! :D x

(00:19:09) @PinkBlancmange Boing?

(00:19:26) @lloydbayley Good morning and good night :)

(08:57:42) @RuthBlackett In my experience, they're the best projects.

(08:58:40) @Tactless_Claire *squeaky ello*

(08:59:06) Good morning. Attempting minimal technology today. I may even try reading a book. Lordy. Happy Saturday :)

(09:01:22) @fluffysuse More mums in NATO I say.

(09:01:33) @fluffysuse Good morning LLCoolJ

(09:02:09) @lloydbayley You too! :) :) I enjoyed your stealthy recycling RR :) ):

(09:02:34) @JQP74 Morning, mate :) I'm good, ta. Have a great one! :)

(09:02:55) @claw0101 I'm a bit frightened, but I'll tweet if I need non-technical assistance ;)

(09:46:23) @washmysocks Lovely - and very Septembral :) Morning :)

(09:46:43) @mostlygeordie Quick quick quick! (actually, I didn't really take to the place ;)

(09:46:55) Right. Better get on. Dress etc.

(09:48:53) @Stenbird It's the weekend. Call me Jenny.

(09:52:33) @washmysocks I'm not well acquainted with that song, but definitely love the month.. second favourite season, all-in ;) Happy Saturday!

(10:29:19) @Tactless_Claire Inside your computer. @brennig

(14:07:48) @riggwelter Apzasm! ~chuckles~

(16:41:20) If I were asked to provide a minute of video to sum up the first decade of the 21st century, it would be this: #scurvy

(18:22:41) Good heavens.. After The Fire's version of Der Kommisar came up on SongPop as a One Hit Wonder. It wasn't a hit. It was originally by Falco.

(18:23:08) #DoctorWho tweet.

(19:06:19) Lenni: There goes the whisk #DoctorWho #genius

(20:04:12) The new series of Trollied is fantastic - supermarket sitcoms haven't been funnier since.. Tripper's Day..?

(20:05:34) @GreavsieE17 @jammykim Hot fuzz.

(20:18:35) @Mark_Hattam oh I see... I hadn't realised it was a hit in the US. I have Der Kommissar on 12" single :) :)

(20:19:35) @BellesBottom Even better :) :) Some great lines - especially from Margaret... wonderful!

(20:20:13) @willowHart So many excellent performances :) And big laughs... happy weekend! x

(20:41:16) @GreavsieE17 @ClareToHere @SaffronKim @RebeccaJade @Mr_DeVille @EastEndLass @inkognitoh I really really don't understand. I've been drinking

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(08:09:34) @BitsyVonMuffin @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @Dappydoris @_forky I love you all. #FF

(08:09:44) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo @hooker1uk @hrbeginner Happy sunny blue sky Friday :) #FF

(08:10:19) @_windrider Thank you, Peter - and your support and contribution was, as always, valued! :)

(08:12:49) @_windrider Pete is a very Goon show name ;)

(08:13:18) @emmathegardener I love the way their antennae are longer than the rest of them! :)

(08:13:28) @Sk287 Me too.

(08:17:05) @Sk287 Please don't do that. She is not worth it. She is not worth anything. x

(08:17:20) @daisythom *big smile*

(08:17:41) @BellesBottom In a beach hut?

(08:19:13) @cyberdonkey Your right.

(08:19:30) @daisythom Blue sky day :) :)

(08:20:59) I am going to get a celebrity coffee. It's Friday, for heaven's sake.

(08:22:46) @emmathegardener heehee.. the wonders of Twitter ;)

(08:23:37) @Sk287 Are you taking over from Fearne Cotton? *hopes*

(08:25:09) @Sk287 Good news? :) :)

(08:26:10) @brennig (I use the word "celebrity" when I mean "celebratory" in an attempt to further dissolve the meaning of the word 'celebrity')

(08:28:28) @pearcen heehee.. no.. this will be A-list ;)

(08:38:02) @Dappydoris @andrearauter That is the LOVELIEST thing :) :)

(09:18:45) This collection of DNA is waiting for Cheryl Cole. To turn up in a car. And then walk past them.

(09:20:14) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @Dappydoris @_forky Make mine a bright purple one with a health warning on it.

(09:22:45) @mostlygeordie Oh I'm easily pleased, but in ways that don't involve standing around waiting for a stranger. How's your woolly jumper?

(09:33:30) @edtjones *mind boggles*

(09:34:31) There is an almost continental winter feel in the shade this morning.. gorgeous :)

(09:34:42) A bit weird that it's happening in August, though...

(09:35:35) @striderpaul You're back in Blighty! Hurrah :)

(09:35:52) Blue skies over the horseshoe this morning. Everyone seems 8% cheerier @ BBC Broadcasting House

(10:03:36) @davewitchalls Ooh.. I have a bag for my guitar, but not my bass (it's a Yamaha P-bass..) Yes please to the latter! Could ya save it for me?

(10:03:56) @davewitchalls PS Unfortunately, neither the guitar nor the bass get enough action out of the house - perhaps this will encourage me ;)

(10:04:20) @Mark_Hattam Good point, well made! :) :)

(10:06:22) @davewitchalls Please :) :)

(10:06:41) @davewitchalls Hahaha... I think the Horn Reborn is a bit... big for us at the moment :D

(10:07:31) @govindajeggy @FagsMagsandBags @gregjmchugh @HildaBaker What's really weird is that I am sure I had heard some of that episode before..

(10:08:03) @davewitchalls Superstar - thank you ! :)

(10:46:36) @Susan_Rae1 May I also suggest you go into the "Apps" section of Settings and revoke access to apps you don't trust:

(10:46:51) @shona_1966 That was quick!

(11:13:07) @Susan_Rae1 I feel there's no harm in revoking as many apps as you wish since they will simply ask for access again next time.. :) @JayMeW

(13:37:11) My stressball accidentally ended up quite near @TheEggKing and now he won't give it back. I can feel an internet campaign coming on.

(13:51:21) @Dappydoris @PervyWilbury @BitsyVonMuffin @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @_forky Perfect ale weather.. chin chin!

(13:53:30) @oliwia_s Good afternoon to you, too! It's perfectly lovely here :)

(17:00:41) I found White City Stadium ( #cgeo #geocaching

(17:14:14) @mostlygeordie I do believe I have made myself look a bit of an arse. Comes with the territory (what with being a bit of an arse ;) x

(17:14:34) @meanjeen Strange, strange climate action!

(17:21:43) It's all about knowing where the half-decent free coffee is (although this machine seems @ BBC Media Centre

(17:30:27) Saxophone-based racket outside White City tube station on a Friday evening on @audioboo #busker #london #meh #noise

(22:41:25) @nxmee @audioboo I had to listen for 3 minutes and 48 seconds to check but no. He wasn't nearly epic enough. Nor were his trousers.

(22:43:10) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is posted with @ErikLanigan @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @AlexGFox @EwenRankin 'Man Pole Car' ...

(22:48:35) JAMYEH! Instant coach (bit of a run at the end, though).

(22:50:40) @MissyMWAC Maaaaaan! (Hello, by the way :)

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