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(07:18:52) @dt90spt Well...

(07:20:09) @fluffysuse Good morning NCP

(07:20:24) Good morning. Conference call. YEAH. *dies inside*

(07:42:17) @jarbennett Good morning. I wish the very same to you :) x

(07:42:32) @BitsyVonMuffin It's all part of the rock and roll lifestyle I'm used to ;) Morning!

(07:42:53) @poots I think by 1pm we'll be in the clear :D

(08:57:21) @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 @indecisive96 Crossing fingers and all!

(08:57:48) @Zararugosa Morning :) YAY for a good roll!

(08:57:59) RT @cindyvriend: "A handwriting font for doctors via @BoingBoing rt @feplastics @MafiaMusings

(10:33:50) I've just come out of a meeting where I was (comedically) accused of suggesting the attendees had 'special needs'. That went well, then :D

(10:45:12) @vobes Heehee.. it ended in hilarity... there are worse ways to finish a meeting!:)

(10:45:16) @_windrider Haha!

(13:09:43) Fixed it.

(15:33:45) @twannock Deniable plausibility....

(15:34:57) @poots Yay! On my way to the bus stop now... nearly managed to leave on time!

(15:50:03) @poots oooh so close! How about now? #atLords

(19:07:33) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is LIVE in 30 Minutes with @ErikLanigan @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @EwenRankin Come on, don ...

(19:21:05) @JoFenner Horribly horribly stinky :/ Why do they do that?

(19:31:21) @fluffysuse Jolly good.

(19:31:44) @mostlygeordie Put a jumper on ;)

(20:02:33) @mostlygeordie Please don't wear a jumper in the bath, either ;) Thank you - just a zoomed in pic from the other day. You always look epic x

(20:04:20) @mostlygeordie How the bloody hell did you get featured in the BT trade mag holding the Olympic torch? The start of a new modelling career?

(20:33:28) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter HURRAH! Congratulations, James :)

(20:40:45) @fiverscarrot Cheers! *raises a glass to both of you*

(20:42:18) Great @BritishTech BIG show tonight - thank you @ewenrankin @SarahJaneUK @eriklanigan and the mighty Doctor @alexgFox! And the chatroom :)

(20:42:33) Time for bed now, though.. I have been ordered :) Nightnight night

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(04:49:57) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) Super early today..! Have a great midweek :) :)

(05:22:44) @Zararugosa Good morrow :) have a splendid day!

(05:23:39) @vobes Good morning, Mr V. Happy editing (although they may well do their usual trick of last minute corrections to their own errors...)

(05:23:55) @AndreaRauter Perfect :) good morninging x

(05:24:29) @brennig Tedium rots brains... safe flight when it happens :)

(05:24:47) @Lindylooloo nearly!

(06:20:30) @AuntieJammy @Zararugosa oh my.. I hope your day is otherwise trouble-free :)

(06:22:46) @vobes Cool..! I will check my calendar :)

(06:23:43) @AuntieJammy @Zararugosa I am SO sleepy.. fairly typical for a Wednesday :) The first coffee of the day is subsiding... more later (maybe!)

(06:23:56) @Lindylooloo :) :) Rest well!

(06:24:32) @vobes Hope you do too - looks like it's going to be a warm one :)

(06:43:36) @AuntieJammy @Zararugosa No Salford for me.. maybe next week or the 18th... too much going on in London at the mo.. :)

(07:15:06) Comedy electric car thing - never seen one of these before! (It's a Renault Twizy, apparently).

(07:28:17) It would appear I am incapable of coherent speech this time of the morning...

(07:28:29) @streakmachine I bet it has heating, at least ;)

(07:29:27) @brennig My colleagues have just been mocking my half-sentences :D

(07:29:38) @washmysocks Good morning :) I hope you're feeling more awake than I am! :)

(07:30:23) @_windrider I'm not sure there's much space for.. well.. much in there! @streakmachine

(07:37:38) @willowHart *bleauuuggghhhh* ;) Ooh... you've changed your name back!

(07:37:47) @_windrider @streakmachine Neat! Utterly renewable power :)

(07:38:13) @alexgeoghegan @brennig Oh I wish.. half sentences and missing consonants... it's like I'm the anti-Sheldon :D

(07:38:25) @leica0000 :)

(07:44:39) @willowHart You made me smile :) x

(09:06:23) @GHOGIT *incoherent mumbling* :)

(09:06:44) RT @TwopTwips: BEFORE you close a web page make sure you scroll up to the top, so it’s in the right position for the next person.

(09:08:07) @poots Heehee... maybe so! :D It's finding the time (and the patience :D) That said.. it needs dismantling and removing to be honest... ;)

(09:34:38) @BlueMoon_11 Hello lovely. Having an absolutely dreadful time with syncing #wordswithfriends between my iPhone and my Galaxy S.. sorry :(

(09:37:58) @BlueMoon_11 the moment it reaches something approaching stability I will send you a request :) : x

(09:39:29) Oh dear. It looks like #wordswithfriends has completely obliterated all the games I was playing. New requests on the way... I'm cacophonyx.

(09:40:41) @olivia_solon Not necessarily - it could be from a switchboard or exchange within a company or organisation that doesn't send caller ID.

(09:40:49) @BlueMoon_11 me too xxx

(10:40:29) Shoulders! @Tactless_Claire

(10:40:41) @PlainTalkingHR Hope your day's going well. Mine isn't :D

(12:23:52) @Tactless_Claire Brew is GOOD. My shoulders are up up up :D Time for lunch, I think :)

(12:35:53) This is why I love @osymyso - the third track is wonderful (and quite short.. just like my tunery)

(13:10:41) @poots Oh POOP. Co-inciding with the rain again... hmmm..

(14:31:48) @poots I hope the internet is rock solid now :) x

(14:55:06) @Lindylooloo YAY! :)

(15:00:08) @sparkyannc Good luck - break a leg!

(15:00:34) @mostlygeordie *sigh* Hope there's light at the end of the tunnel :)

(15:02:00) @Dappydoris This would only work if the aforesaid blazer was three inches thick and made of sheet steel.

(15:02:09) @Dappydoris laminated.

(16:23:51) @poots Hello. I'm stuck here for a little wihle.. I will be leaving as soon as I can (and leaving early tomorrow!)

(16:25:50) @poots Sorry :/ I shall leave now.. home by 7.. is that too late?

(16:28:51) @poots okey doke. Not much more I can do here... See ya soon xx

(17:50:48) @poots Nearly home x6

(19:20:10) We're trying to work out why quite a few of the England football squad aren't in the paralympics. Probably a bit harsh.

(19:58:49) @AlexGFox Absolutely - merely being facetious :)

(20:04:23) @AlexGFox :) :) As you say, though - all these people are better. Sad that ignorant footballists are held in such unnecessarily high esteem.

(20:19:17) @mostlygeordie They're setting fire to the cars, now..? :D I wonder if they stop the ceremony for the ad breaks..?

(20:22:38) @mostlygeordie @London2012 !!!

(20:40:23) Going to bed. It's the safest place to be, under most circumstances. Nighty nighty.

(20:41:20) @Tactless_Claire Good night - hope you have a Good Shoulders day tomorrow x

(20:43:02) @PaulEdwards_ Good night, chief! :)

(20:44:14) @mostlygeordie I am running as fast as I can. What could possibl'erlj;k./df

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(06:46:08) @thatsjustme0 Heh :D Morning :)

(06:46:51) @BellesBottom !!

(06:48:08) Right. Time to head in to the office. A bit later than normal, but technology means I can actually work on the way to.. er.. work. Mornin'.

(06:48:57) @thatsjustme0 Hope those two days zoom by!

(06:49:18) @BellesBottom ;)

(07:05:15) @sharonlangridge Mornin'! :)

(07:07:45) Leaving the house. Now. Really.

(08:22:10) @claremac82 oh wow! Congratulations! I knew you could do it :) ~high five~

(08:50:41) @BitsyVonMuffin oh no! Morning ;)

(08:51:41) @vobes Morning, Richard. Your recordings with the wonderful Harriet (of whom you are quite fond) are excellent - thank you for sharing them!

(09:14:57) @BitsyVonMuffin Sunny but sleepy - as always :D You? x

(10:03:19) @BitsyVonMuffin Sounds like a good plan. I'm immersed in work. Possibly even drowning :D

(11:26:39) Good heavens. What a Tuesday!

(12:08:26) Thought it was CABbage time, but it's not yet. Oops.

(13:47:21) @Mark_Hattam delayed gratification.

(13:47:58) @lloydbayley night :)

(21:26:50) jamelopoeia - all available staff on @audioboo #music #snippet #jamelpoeia

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(08:46:58) Morning. Been a bit 'dealing with work calls' so far.. there are better ways of kicking off a bank holiday Monday. Hey ho. Shower time.

(08:47:42) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) I hope @poots will be able to relax - I'll do all I can! Have a great day :)

(12:24:27) @vobes Thank you, Richard - it's not so bad so far; there's a new swimming pool opened nearby.. we've been to take a look.. it's massive!

(22:00:43) Down tools. Bedtime. Probably not going to be up at the usual half-five tomorrow.. perhaps luxuriate to half-six.. nighty :)

(22:13:45) @PlainTalkingHR Nearly! Night night :)

(22:14:22) Nope. Not quite bedtime. Darn.

(22:28:56) @thatsjustme0 @smartie999 HURRAH for you both :) :)

(22:51:50) @Matildamouse Heh. Call it 7 and you've got yourself a deal ;)

(22:52:08) @brennig I s'pose I'd better! Nowt more that can be done at work :D Night, sir.

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(06:29:52) Hospital radio in a nutshell (at the Luton & Dunstable, anyway..) - undoubtedly passionate but frighteningly parochial.

(06:32:03) @kingfamily Lots of good wishes and prayers! Hope it goes really well x

(06:32:53) @Zararugosa Morning :) It doesn't take any weather to make me ache :D Hope it's less dreich soon! x

(06:33:20) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning you two :)

(06:35:05) @AmandaHolmes21 Morning. Please let Twitter know that you made it safely to work.. or at least post a pic of the red car perver...

(06:36:03) morning. I will get up in.. hmm.. ten minutes after this brief doze...

(07:00:11) @JQP74 ooh cheeky! :D Have a great day :) @miz_shake68

(08:25:52) @poots *pfft*

(08:26:17) I really shouldn't be getting my *nix on at this time of a Saturday morning. I find it relaxing, though :/

(08:26:35) @thatsjustme0 @BitsyVonMuffin morning you two lovelies! :)

(08:27:01) @lloydbayley Mornin' chief. Up, yes.. dressed, unfortunately not (yet!)

(08:52:40) @pearcen It's all about boat floating :) :)

(08:52:49) @BitsyVonMuffin @thatsjustme0 *rowr* x

(08:53:12) @lloydbayley heehee.. true! Hope you've had a good day - a well deserved day off? How's your door?

(09:22:22) @lloydbayley Huazah!

(12:36:21) @poots Might make for a damp walk into town, though.. ;)

(13:02:47) @thatsjustme0 CAKE

(13:03:03) @PaulEdwards_ HIGH FIVE! ;)

(14:52:42) "What's 'The Norman Wisdom Collection' got to do with Sims 3 for X-box?" - Lenni. She will learn the internets.

(15:48:12) @brennig @poots We went to Poundland and I saw a book there by Gillian McKeith. #saysitall ;)

(15:49:42) Looking through my tweet archive to find out when my last phone re-install happened. Two and a half weeks.. that must be a record #borked

(17:57:02) @vobes Feel the endorphins! :) :)

(18:14:59) @BellesBottom Oh lordy! (Facebook messenger frightens me!)

(18:15:15) @vobes But not on porpoise? ;)

(19:28:33) @AmandaHolmes21 Glad you made it (and no, it wasn't me.. :D) x

(19:28:46) @BellesBottom Indeed. A happy end, I hope :)

(19:29:17) @BellesBottom Oh, incidentally, my Words With Friends is fixed... I may actually score some points now :D

(19:29:42) @dt90spt You have no reason to feel inadequate, sir :)

(19:29:59) @Leafybear Gorgeous! :)

(19:30:33) @JuliaBall Really..?! Excellent :) :)

(19:30:57) @poots I might join you :)

(19:32:06) Right. Well, that's my geekery done for the day. Quite epic, really.. gives me something to talk about on the Big show next week...

(19:32:44) @JuliaBall Good heavens.. that's a bargoon for music making paraphernalia! :)

(19:36:15) @alnicholl77 @poots It's what damp Saturday evenings are for :)

(19:38:58) @thatsjustme0 Heh. I'm going to hide out in my studio until that's over ;) x

(20:31:20) Just... WOW: - cordless phone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880 (h/t @connorwalsh)

(20:48:20) @shellzenner Wow! :) :) Likes!

(21:36:25) @poots Night night! :)

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(06:14:02) @slandi Hello! How very exciting - I shall look forward to hearing it :) Hope your busy-ness subsides somewhat :)

(06:15:04) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Good morning :) I'm exhausted after a busy week (and late night!) you? #FF

(06:15:45) @AuntieJammy @custardtop @charbhardy @Barlie40 @peasbloss @chrishughes664 @emrys_e @Zararugosa @PAULinIDLE @ItsShirlz Mornin' :) I'm pooped!

(07:07:34) @charbhardy heehee I think it was :D Somewhat indulgent, but I hope I can be forgiven ;) have a happy day x

(07:07:53) @custardtop have a great day :)

(07:08:43) @Ariadnes_web mwah!

(07:21:02) @charbhardy I am sure you will have an occasional geeky treat of your own sometime. Jealousy doesn't become you ;) x

(08:14:48) @washmysocks It's a rag, to be sure :D Happy Friday :)

(08:25:26) @connorwalsh @LondonSounds Fantastic - thank you :) It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed it - an indulgence for me!

(08:26:23) @poots It was me - I had attempted to repair it and was seeing if it would charge... and then I forgot :D Sorry! @nxmee

(09:15:12) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo It's already started at a fair old pace.. but I have pizza for lunch YAY! x

(11:22:27) @wkdstepmother Congratulations! :)

(11:22:55) @Dappydoris Happy birthday to your monster! Happy celebrations :) (please save a glass of the vino for me!)

(11:24:18) RT @FagsMagsandBags: Ep5 of Fags, Mags & Bags, featuring Kevin Eldon as a Moving Alan obsessesed man of medicine, is now up on i-pla ...

(11:24:42) Bit of a moment at work.

(11:25:32) @vobes I should do that.. good afternoon, by the way :) Oh, and I ~loved~ @BeerShowJimmy's book excerpt.. must email him! :D

(11:25:54) @repurposedmind @LilacNun See, this is what 24 hour news channels should be for.

(11:27:02) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Greetings.. not looking at planes today? :)

(11:36:44) RT @leica0000: Harry photos ruined by old Spanish woman:

(11:37:01) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Happy Afternoon :)

(11:40:36) @GHOGIT It is now! :)

(11:40:45) @mostlygeordie Please be careful! :/ x

(11:41:29) @vobes Strange how some people just don't bother.. well.. communicating! :/

(11:44:40) Once again I have demonstrated that I am a genius. Unfortunately, it may well be an evil one. *maniacal laughter*

(11:45:01) @vobes I may well follow your lead over the weekend - thanks for the tip!

(11:55:28) @GHOGIT The physics of a melting moment... now that is something to ponder.

(11:55:50) @dragonhistory Please come and be my gender-non-specific henchperson.

(11:56:10) @ajlanghorn I do hope you haven't got that in your copy/paste buffer ;)

(12:20:29) @fluffysuse Good afternoon mp3

(15:53:09) @Sk287 sorry.. Was off breaking radio won. Miss ya love ya xx

(15:59:05) @poots That would certainly be a space saver. And I could brush my teeth while I'm having a wee :D

(17:35:38) Big time.

(17:36:39) @LilythePurr Rest well, witty twitter contributor.

(17:41:28) @_windrider I haven't a clue. But what you're doing sounds like a great idea :D

(17:43:29) For reference: Spitfire - great session beer; goes down very easy. Flying Scotsman - similar to spitfire.. bit more tangy. Lovely. #realale

(17:44:23) @_windrider Oh gosh.

(17:47:32) @pearcen @foresmac Uhuh yeahhh ~approving thumbs~

(17:53:28) People I know via Twitter

(17:54:23) @Lycan33 Gladly! :) :) I may well take you up on that ;)

(17:55:28) @thatsjustme0 I would, but i'm 22 miles from home. And I need a shower :D Good week..? x

(17:55:50) @_windrider I think we all are :)

(18:04:18) @leica0000 Yes. Yes that works very well :)

(18:04:44) @thatsjustme0 I so want to go to work in a dressing gown :D

(18:05:09) @linseyt Hahahaha! Works for me, Linsey T ;)

(18:05:35) @Sk287 I loved it - thank you! You have the most gorgeous writing xx

(18:05:44) @_windrider :D

(18:07:43) How to pronounce 'syzygy' (thanks @leica0000)

(18:23:29) @vobes It contains no vowels, scores well in scrabble and looks nice :) My other regular names (cacophonyx and jamelopoeia) are just as bad!

(18:23:55) @nausea18 You have the perspicacity :)

(18:25:14) @Mark_Hattam @Sk287 There is only one Jupiter Mark. Unless you mean body-builder Mark..? Who is not Jupiter Mark. He's body-builder Mark.

(18:25:33) @Mark_Hattam ooh!

(18:30:23) @Mark_Hattam Well of course :) As God intended! @Sk287

(19:19:35) @vobes Already taken.. didn't know about the random page in the phone book thing... ;)

(19:36:22) @joanneh234 Welcome home :)

(19:42:34) @BellesBottom BACON!

(19:42:48) @mostlygeordie :)

(19:44:10) Oh my.. "Them From that thing" (Channel 4) is absolutely amazingly made! Worth a watch. And has Kevin Eldon and Sally Phillips in. Yeah!

(19:50:29) @TimGooderham @BellesBottom I could be one of them. If they started doing fish bacon. (Kippers?)

(19:53:21) @ian262 I loved the aspect ratio sketch.. brilliant! And Kevin Eldon makes comedy. Oh yes.

(19:53:53) @vobes Heehee.. yes!

(20:03:36) 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown..? Oh my. My brain has just dissolved.

(20:04:25) @Mizzuks Or why..? :D

(20:07:17) I'm not sure the new version of #WordsWithFriends works properly on my Galaxy S...

(20:13:42) @LilacNun You touched a mouse, you didn't like it..? :D

(20:18:53) @Toxophilist Fiddly..!

(20:29:21) @BellesBottom I'm cacophonyx if you want to play me. My letters are all blanks, though ;) #bewhatiwantthemtobe

(20:30:16) @mostlygeordie I think he is working very hard :) Not on here very often... Top man, that @BaronHawkey

(20:32:16) @thatsjustme0 I can completely appreciate that :) Still not in my jammies yet.. You?

(20:33:11) @Mizzuks I'm only miffed that Jon Richardson is doing better than me ;)

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(05:19:37) @_windrider True dat!

(05:20:39) @custardtop @charbhardy @Barlie40 @peasbloss @AuntieJammy @chrishughes664 @emrys_e @Zararugosa @PAULinIDLE @ItsShirlz Bon matin, earlybirds!

(05:35:37) @AuntieJammy I'm not too bad, ta.. out the door early today - a busy one ahead :) How about you..?

(09:58:03) Conference call. I have no conference pears. But that's OK. I have conference lemon & ginger tea.

(10:14:28) @charbhardy a pleasure :)

(10:14:46) @_windrider CUSTARD CREAMS! I have a hankering now.

(10:16:01) @queenieglass I've had Queen's "Lover boy" on heavy rotation in my head over the past few days... absolutely no idea why..

(10:34:47) @mostlygeordie You are SO on ... the idea of Conference Custard Creams has been mooted ;)

(10:35:05) @queenieglass Crazy little things called neurons.

(12:21:43) @joey_coops I needed to read no further than the first four words. I thought you were better than someone who reads @MailOnline :p

(12:25:38) @joey_coops Don't make me come over there ;)

(12:26:45) @gilliandonovan Please take care crossing the road. Especially when listening to Mickey Bubbles :D

(12:27:14) lunchingtons. I really should stop working. But oh the momentum (and resulting inertia)

(13:54:50) I want a USB espresso machine.

(14:18:27) @Tactless_Claire Gosh! Yes, ma'am (thank you for the reminder!)

(14:29:35) @_windrider Hehee.. little and often? ;)

(14:35:02) @mostlygeordie Or get it for 50p from a branch of Help The Aged in six months time ;)

(14:47:43) @mostlygeordie I certainly would.

(14:48:15) @mostlygeordie I end up playing iOS games with Zombies in. There's no saving some people.

(15:38:54) @Sk287 Just in a meeting now - will escape ASAP

(15:43:55) @Sk287 Where are ya..? I'm in reception :p

(20:59:52) @claremac82 I snuck away. Deftly. Thanks for noticing ;) x

(22:35:49) @claremac82 Did ya have fun?

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(05:29:02) @MissyMWAC I will remember that next time I take my toy aeroplane out for a trip ;)

(05:30:15) @AndreaRauter I think so!

(05:30:40) Morning. Wednesday, though. Meetings central. Uhoh.

(05:37:42) @AndreaRauter oh most definitely please!

(07:31:49) @paulwheatley Morning, Paul. I'm afraid I can't make it, sorry.. :/

(07:32:31) @vobes Good morning, Richard. I've left Luton behind, in a sleepy haze.. London is warm and intense. How is Worthing?

(07:32:57) @JQP74 Morning mate... desperately in need of that second mug of coffee! :)

(07:33:09) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Heh... :D Morning you!

(07:33:32) @Barlie40 @peasbloss @auntiejammy @chrishughes664 @emrys_e @charbhardy @zararugosa @custardtop @paulinidle @itsshirlz Good morning :)

(07:33:53) @paulwheatley Thank you :) I put a comment on the right hand side.. must not have been clear. Have a good day sir! :)

(09:16:48) @fridgemagnet2 And presumably they'll be laying on a webinar for you to enjoy this afternoon. I bet @HergieBird is loving this ;D

(14:10:29) Y'know, when you're offered grapes and have a couple of grapes and then go away from where the grapes are but still want more grapes? That.

(14:41:05) @Wymroyal And much like a bunch of grapes, you can't stick the rest in your pocket, either ;)

(16:06:15) It may just be me, but recognising some of the tunes on #SongPop is made just a little bit more challenging by being poor cover versions.

(16:07:46) @MissyMWAC please don't tempt me ;) Nyyyyyyooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwmmmmm

(16:09:03) @JQP74 It's worked very well for me up to now ;) Do you play..? I'm syzygy ... @smartie999 @joanneh234

(16:21:44) @JQP74 You're on :) @smartie999 @joanneh234

(16:23:20) @poots oh you :) Thank you! xx

(17:12:56) @mostlygeordie It's certainly the excuse I'm sticking to ;) x

(19:15:13) Just got home from @Superalora's inaugural performance with @ngyt_uk - a fine band of players, full of enthusiasm. Well done to them all :)

(19:42:49) I love the way the bathroom smells like bacon after a fry-up. Bacon shampoo.

(20:04:22) @gugucachoo Gosh. I must try that. Definitely that. Thank you!

(20:05:03) @PlainTalkingHR No..? Sorry!

(20:06:08) @smartie999 @PlainTalkingHR And mayonnaise moisturiser. Moisturaise...

(20:06:25) @PontoonDock WIN

(20:06:48) @Sk287 @claremac82 @leica0000 may pop in for a swift half ; x

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(04:52:02) @AndreaRauter good morning, earlybird x

(04:55:15) @AndreaRauter definitely coffee! Mmmmm

(04:55:45) @Zararugosa good early morning!

(04:57:28) Oops. Not enough sleep. Remedied, I think, by coffee.

(04:58:31) @Barlie40 Thanks, Jim :) It's still too early to tell, but I'm hoping it's a good Tuesday - and I hope the same for you :) @Zararugosa

(05:31:02) @Barlie40 Thank you! :)

(05:31:19) @_windrider :D

(05:31:35) @AuntieJammy @peasbloss @custardtop @PAULinIDLE @Barlie40 @ItsShirlz @Zararugosa Good morning :) It's Tuesday and too early to tell ;)

(05:34:10) @AuntieJammy Have a good day nonetheless! :)

(07:04:51) My whole walk to the office has smelt like cigarette smoke this morning #yik #London #stinky

(07:05:26) @JQP74 morning John :) I am mainly tired - hope you're fine and feisty this morning :) have a good one!

(07:05:58) @PervyWilbury I am SO going to get some of that right now!

(07:22:41) @PervyWilbury I'm beginning to wonder ;)

(09:08:38) @mostlygeordie I hope you don't have too many bumps.. I am forever catching myself :D

(09:09:53) Sister moaner meeting yeah. Nice to have a brief teabreak with @leica0000 and @Sk287 beforehand...

(09:12:47) @mostlygeordie I have a mozzy bite on

(09:13:44) @mostlygeordie A meeting of the system owners... (I am one - whatever one of them is!)

(09:17:04) @mostlygeordie Oh goodness. Lots of moisturiser!

(10:43:19) @BellesBottom I do hope you bellowed "BLESS YOU!" as loud as you could ;)

(12:55:54) What is is about the photo in this article that makes me say "MEDIBOT!"..?

(16:20:57) @_forky Yes!

(16:22:05) @_forky But not the bassoon (it will never be possible to emulate it). I hope you listen to Fags, Mags & Bags? It is both amazing and great.

(16:23:10) @BellesBottom thank heavens for no puddles. I hope the remainder of your day has been uneventful. Or less so.

(16:29:48) Ah wonderful. I enjoy it when the coach driver piles past a bunch of parked buses to avoid picking me up. He would claim he didn't see me.

(16:31:48) @Tone_720 @virginmedia Hmm.. better check my latest bill..

(17:01:26) @poots All good, my darling - there was another one quarter of an hour later, giving me time to get to Gloucester Place :) See you soonish x

(17:01:47) @BellesBottom naps are underrated.

(17:05:25) @_forky It's @govindajeggy's comedy sitcom thing on Radio 4 - Thursday evening at 6.30pm or #bbciplayer

(17:18:57) @_forky @jopijedd I love it :)

(17:24:07) @mabelinticket94 hello :) I hope you're well :)

(17:38:56) @claremac82 :( I hope I wasn't a contributor :/ x

(18:55:11) It's handy having a domain with unlimited email addresses... you can see which have been hijacked (sold?) for spam..

(19:00:16) @EwenRankin Absolutely!

(19:17:58) Watching "The Function Room" - another bit of new comedy.. it's got Kevin Eldon in it.

(19:21:45) @ajlanghorn quite, quite so. Hope you're well, sir.

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(06:37:26) @Sk287 What's up..? x

(06:37:51) @smartie999 Wow.. that's a bit of a turnabout! Morning :)

(06:38:13) @_forky Mornin' :)

(06:38:38) @_windrider handy!

(06:39:04) @thatsjustme0 I couldn't agree more :) Sipping coffee and enjoying a cool breeze :)

(06:39:16) @washmysocks :D

(06:41:33) @Sk287 Oh sweety. I miss trains an awful lot (not in a 'Oh I miss you, train' way :D). You'll be off soon. Bit early though..? x

(06:45:08) @Sk287 A quick phone call will cover that - and it's only 21 minutes late :) want me to call anyone..? xx

(06:45:43) @_windrider That is amazing :) I utterly love old computers - especially ones that don't cost much/anything :)

(06:46:23) @_forky Bit achey and sleepy and warm, but otherwise tickety boo, ta :)

(06:46:32) @_forky And you..?

(06:46:51) @washmysocks Good morning :) And you!

(06:47:07) @thatsjustme0 Hope you get all the sunshine today :) x

(07:05:48) @Sk287 nah.. 20 minutes or so late is absolutely fine, if you know where you're going xxx

(07:12:06) Oh yeah. Good morning. Up at 7 in a mad dash to put the recycle bin out before the lorry arrived.. coffee and sniffles now. Right. Monday.

(07:12:31) @_windrider Pretty neat :)

(07:12:50) @_forky Can you plan it out day by day? Hang in there! x

(07:13:09) @Sk287 I'll jump on my email now.. are you going to turn round and go home, then..?

(07:19:38) @repurposedmind It should include the words 'sociable hours' :D Good morning :)

(07:20:16) @vobes Hello sir :) Hope the week has got off to a good start! Or at least a goods tart. Whatever one of those is :D

(07:21:07) @smartie999 We are behind on the gardening rubbish bin.. I'll get that sorted next week. Good morning - and good luck with DH's friends! :)

(07:21:53) @repurposedmind Hmm. I reckon automatic bin-putter-outers is the answer. Little tracks like those clocks where people pop out :D

(07:31:30) @_forky Heehee.. I am coming to the wedding, yes please. I like to think my personality is big enough to be worth a whole streetful ;) x

(07:31:44) @smartie999 @poots Oh I wish! x

(07:34:40) @brennig Yup.. it's my Monday thing... at the moment :) Good morning!

(07:35:09) @streakmachine @BritishTech @_windrider I'm in. ;)

(07:37:00) @smartie999 Oh my. Break out the Glade plug-in ;)

(07:56:36) @Sk287 Hiya :) I don't know, i'm afraid - the wonderful @claremac82 is going to speak to reception.. I'm hoping there will be others!

(07:56:51) @vobes Thanks, chief! :)

(07:57:48) @fluffysuse Good morning, PMT (Pre-emptive message today ;)

(07:58:07) @smartie999 Open windows are the best x

(08:01:32) @LilacNun @repurposedmind Good morning you two fine humans. Reading is good.

(08:01:43) @LilacNun @repurposedmind Better than Slough.

(08:03:24) @Sk287 Clare's spoken to reception.. it's a bit late now.. hoping they can re-arrange for another day :/ Sorry sweety x

(08:18:05) @vobes I shall look forward to it.. there may be coffee, right..? ;)

(08:18:58) @LilacNun @repurposedmind Best I can muster this time of the morning. I shall leave Twitter (for a bit :D) #getmycoat

(08:38:47) @LilacNun @repurposedmind I barely do, too ;) x

(11:34:39) @Dappydoris :) - enormous smile x

(13:20:22) @mostlygeordie Sadly, it only includes the the most recent (500..?) followers in the autocomplete list.. Otherwise it would take too long :/

(14:13:17) @mostlygeordie I completely agree.. what a nuisance :/

(14:14:07) Need coffee.

(15:24:39) And lo, God gave us fingers so we could raise Change Requests. Genesis 20:1 (not their finest album).

(15:27:59) @mabelinticket94 Happy Monday, Mabelin. Are you back in New York? How's tricks?

(15:30:28) @mabelinticket94 I'm very glad to hear it :) I am working at the moment, but looking forward to my brother visiting this evening for music!

(15:58:47) @poots How on earth did you find that out..? :D Happy birthday, Sophie :)

(16:36:50) @fridgemagnet2 @DalekThay Birthday gifts don't come much better than that.

(21:12:04) @stu4art Wow.. that is pretty cool! Perfect for meetings :)

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(07:35:06) @washmysocks Morning :) I hope it is at least tolerable x

(07:35:19) @kingfamily Morning :) And it definitely is all Sun!

(07:35:50) @fluffysuse Good morning tcp

(07:36:05) @cyberdonkey Biensur:)

(07:36:48) @Dappydoris G'mornin' :) x

(07:37:26) @washmysocks It was always homework and church (and latterly fry-ups!) on Sundays at home.. :D And corned beef pie :D Thank you - you too!x

(07:41:33) @kingfamily Wow... non stop packing for you! :D Church this morning, then visiting my Dad later.. then Chris coming back from camp :) :)

(07:41:52) @washmysocks But cooked in proper beef dripping? ;)

(07:55:53) @Dappydoris three quarters of the family say hello back! (Chris is camping.. he's probably eating a massive bacon roll ;) xxx

(07:56:25) @kingfamily Heehee.. that sounds great! Just a shame she couldn't help with the packing ;) x

(07:57:05) @washmysocks It's amazing what one can do when the need arises.. and just breathtaking how much we have now!

(07:58:40) @Dappydoris (I'm quite happy to be at home ;) x

(08:06:21) @Dappydoris you too! :) :) x

(08:14:53) @JQP74 Mornin' chief. Me too.. although I think there are some who are less fond ;) Have a great day!

(08:15:42) @miz_shake68 Mornin'! x @JQP74

(08:16:09) @Mad4mogzz I hope things settle into something of a routine.. I've always said: sleep when the baby sleeps ;)

(08:17:05) @shellzenner Understandable. Hope you feel better soon, lovely x

(08:18:10) @OmarRaza YEAH! :) Eid Mubarak :) (:

(08:18:36) @JQP74 Thanks, mate :) :) I'll be in the shade, hoping for a cool breeze! ;)

(08:21:46) @PlainTalkingHR Morning! Have a lovely sunny day... I'll be sucking on an ice pop in the shade ;) xx

(11:05:18) @dt90spt Delicious! :) :)

(11:05:41) @thatsjustme0 It's that sort of day :D

(11:08:52) @fridgemagnet2 *chuckles*

(11:09:30) We're listening to DAB radio. Quite a rarity in this house...

(11:10:43) @fridgemagnet2 Is everything OK? :/

(15:27:30) @CosmicCoco The weather can best be described as: oppressive.

(18:27:18) @mostlygeordie Careful now!

(18:29:09) Completely worn out by weather. That's sort-of impossible, isn't it..? Not sure what to do except sleep. A glass of water (over my head?)

(18:50:07) @thatsjustme0 I would so happily swap ;) x

(18:50:48) @repurposedmind Water fight! Now that would wake me up! :D

(18:51:40) @poots Reckon I should apply? Only problem is it's in London :D

(19:07:21) @thatsjustme0 EEeeee! no! Have a good bath, though :) xx

(19:07:44) @alexgeoghegan It may be the only way I make it up the stairs ;) Wow.. 10k in this weather.. epic! *impressed*

(19:25:56) Watching "People Do Nothing" on BBC Three.. it is really quite amusing.. it's wonderfully written.. worth catching on iPlayer

(19:28:01) @thatsjustme0 Kwaaak! X

(20:11:10) @mostlygeordie how bloody frustrating :/ You may have made his evening, though, if it's any consolation..

(20:12:40) Where has all the #Channel4 comedy gone..? Long time passing etc.

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(08:55:03) @brennig Tempting to throw yourself bodily on from this distance? Surely that's what hotel beds are for..? Or are you going to steal it..?;)

(08:55:46) Good morning. Not sure what direction to ping myself today.. email catch-up first, I think.

(09:01:10) Interesting.. is closing - Audioboo survives another one...

(09:23:19) @virginmedia It was available on all the other platforms - even Freeview... I am sure you carried it.. just couldn't get it on the TiVo :/

(09:24:04) 30 seconds in the shade before I head home from the post box. It's hot out there. So hot you could fry an egg on it. Serve with parsley.

(09:34:26) @lloydbayley I'm not sure it's physically possible to be more darn tootin' than that.

(09:41:29) @BitsyVonMuffin Aww :D I bet you look just like that too! D:

(09:42:18) @_windrider Wish I was there (not really good with the heat ;)

(09:42:31) @106jack @BryanRutherford I'd stick to radio ;)

(09:42:46) @mostlygeordie Really dark :/

(09:45:53) @PlainTalkingHR Oh I wish ;) x

(10:12:40) jamelopoeia - Berlin (noodle)

(10:17:23) @BellesBottom Have they got teensy white gloves on and glowsticks? I do hope so! :D

(10:26:28) @fluffysuse Good morning BUPA

(10:26:53) @fluffysuse Hang on. I think we've done that one. Happy Saturday, YMCA.

(11:16:16) @BellesBottom But no magnifying glasses, eh? ;)

(11:52:42) @Manda_Jones That is so me (but with longer legs)

(11:53:19) Right. This is perfect soldering weather (regardless of anything @Fridgemagnet2 might say). If anyone wants me.

(11:56:56) @RobJD @fridgemagnet2 Such wit! You're clearly more wired than I am at the moment ;)

(11:57:22) @BellesBottom I've got Harrow and Wealdstone ;)

(13:02:43) Wiring fault. Bah.

(14:01:47) RT @SimonNRicketts: Bloke sits in a coffee shop with Macbook. An old man talks to him. That old man turns out to be amazing. ...

(14:03:02) @GreavsieE17 @fridgemagnet2 Absolutely. Although I would warn you I've been using the wheelie bin as a workbench.. #engineeringalfresco

(14:03:28) @Dappydoris Have you tried down the park?

(14:32:42) @Dappydoris Did ya find any..?

(14:37:17) @Dappydoris I think I got through about half of that book when I was younger. Or do I mean loose women..? x

(14:58:22) @mostlygeordie Yes there, was ;)

(16:06:21) I found Bonnie - caching canines in Kidney Wood #2 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:13:12) Cute* green insecty thing on the side of our car (*Lenni didn't think so) @ Kidney Wood Playtrail

(16:34:08) Lenni on a rope swing at Kidney Wood!

(18:25:07) @MiniPorquinho Oh my! :)

(20:35:52) @poots Intriguing! I shall have a listen when I'm next at a PC :) x

(22:11:36) Why are there no children called Thames?

(22:13:05) jamelopoeia - rackmount (snippet)

(22:18:08) jamelopoeia - rackmount (snippet) on @audioboo #tx81z #sqr #evs1

(22:19:19) @mostlygeordie @Twitrannosaurus All very silly names indeed. So why "Madison" and "Shannon"?

(22:19:37) @BellesBottom Quite so.

(22:19:48) @BellesBottom Or should I say: "Great!" ;)

(22:20:02) Right. bedtime. Night night night.

(22:29:56) @thatsjustme0 night! x

(22:30:07) @_windrider I guess.. never seen any! :)

(22:30:19) @mostlygeordie Heh.. touché! Night :) x

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(06:34:36) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Good morning - and a happy #FF :)

(06:36:07) Good morning. Catching up on audio boos while I prepare for some hot breakfast action...

(06:37:22) @slandi Thank you for the mentions - and for the wonderful synth nostalgia. Please call me james ;) (syzygy is pronounced sizz-er-jee ;)

(06:37:56) @slandi PS please post more of your music on audiooboo ;)

(07:35:39) @Barlie40 Now THAT is breakfasting in style! Good morning :) I hope your day continues in such fine form :)

(07:36:38) @JQP74 Morning :) You too... is it my go at #WordsWithFriends ..? I fear I am falling behind! :D

(07:38:33) I have that Spice Girls song that goes "Shake it to the left if you're having a good time.." stuck in my head. I am displeased.

(07:38:48) @washmysocks Morning :) It is a bit damp, isn't it!

(07:57:17) @washmysocks Out of off of The Gossip? She's brilliant :) Very pretty, too :)

(07:57:30) @LilythePurr Mornin' ;)

(07:58:05) @claremac82 Good luck, mate x

(08:00:52) @goitsagch I'm more in the mood for this.. ... need to chill out before a busy day at work ;)

(08:01:35) @washmysocks Heehee.. not in my book! (Black mark for me, too, right..?) ;)

(08:02:12) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning, cheeky! :) I'm over it now... I have something more chilled to listen to :)

(08:02:48) @repurposedmind *rushes to the stereogram and puts on a nice 7" of Human League or Gary Numan or somesuch* #old

(08:03:54) @washmysocks No.. I don't. I just don't like them... they disrupt my garden's delicate ecosystem. The ninja ones, anyway :D

(08:04:11) @repurposedmind @LilacNun @CherryMenlove @SometimesGrumpy @Gman777G @ohloveofvintage LORDY! Thank you #FF

(08:04:34) @thatsjustme0 Morning groover ;) x

(08:05:30) @fluffysuse Good morning tfl

(08:09:07) @BitsyVonMuffin oooh! I shall take a listen - which tune is good..?

(09:33:20) @washmysocks These ones are definitely ninjas.. they bite the heads off sunflowers and knock on the windows ;) xx

(12:31:36) @dt90spt @PilgrimChris HAHAHA! Yes :)

(12:32:13) @goitsagch Not like in an episode of Taxi, then? ;) [And yes, I did spend rather a lot of time in lifts over the past couple of days :D]

(12:33:31) @SpaceKevinUK Thanks for the follow! :)

(12:34:09) @kingfamily Bizarre but quite wonderful (and somewhat poignant!) :) Happy Friday! x

(14:25:42) @slandi I am fairly sure you audioboo'd a piece.. can't quite recall - but more please!

(15:07:59) The best interviews are held in a meeting room that has heads on spikes. (it's called "Hor @ BBC Quay House

(15:43:47) The tram driver just walked all the way through the tram saying good afternoon to everybody. Very marvellous.

(15:47:05) @mostlygeordie Extra points if they don't start crying ;)

(16:00:15) @mostlygeordie Avocados and millet..?

(16:00:50) Gonna chance it.

(16:47:38) @intothesun That's one seriously exclusive hospital tag ;)

(16:49:15) @LilacNun Especially if @KirstieMAllsopp comes lookin' for it. With a rolling pin in her hand.

(16:50:15) @OmarRaza I do hope you haven't tried . It may well smart a little.

(16:56:16) @OmarRaza Hey you won't fail! You are THE Omar yeah ~does a supportive gesture~

(16:57:26) @sarahjaneuk Now if that isn't a portmanteau waiting to happen, I don't know what is...

(16:58:40) @mostlygeordie BLACK..? I've tried orange (icky) and a glass of the original good stuff goes down quite nicely too regularly. What's black?

(17:07:09) @OmarRaza good luck, mate - hang in there!

(17:17:10) @OmarRaza Five alive! Three days to go, sir.. and it will totally be worth it :)

(17:17:49) @newshamracing Happy birthday to your son :)

(17:18:59) @TheChrisRhodes Come on.. sort your stanchions! Mine have been up for hours.

(17:28:48) @TheChrisRhodes I ~very~ much doubt it :D

(17:37:09) @Sk287 Feel better soon, please, lovely. It was jolly good to see you today :) xx

(17:38:46) Two trivial things: ONE: There is a nun sitting behind me. A grumpy looking old nun. I am sure she is quite brilliant, though.

(17:39:51) TWO: The 'o' key on this keyboard keeps stopping working. It makes my tweets look like they're nearly written in text speak. But not quite.

(17:40:39) THREE: Nearly at Milton Keynes.

(17:41:01) @beershowjimmy I hope it's someone good. Like you.. :D

(18:10:32) @PinkBlancmange @nicsameva @MissAmberLFC @shalfc Thank you :) :) xx #FF

(18:45:51) I found SideTracked - Milton Keynes Central ( #cgeo #geocaching

(18:50:45) @LilacNun This is Friday evening. I love you.

(18:51:10) @mostlygeordie Wow!

(18:51:50) @mostlygeordie Can you play them into a DVD recorder..?

(18:53:26) @Sk287 ~hug~ it's all I can be x

(18:54:02) Finally heading home. It's like being a student again...

(18:59:38) @LilacNun A bit. I am sure I can smell veet on this coach.

(19:00:53) @LilacNun Yes. Yes it is #notmine

(19:16:55) @paulwheatley I think the Gamer show has probably become my favourite of the @BritishTechNews podcasts - you do well to keep control :D

(20:13:15) @Tone_720 I prefer Saxon bass. Or possibly.. yes.. Viking bass. Wub.

(20:13:35) @EmmaTofi LOVELY :) x

(20:24:27) ARRRGHHH how do I watch the #comedymarathon on the @VirginMedia TiVo? I just get iPlayer, News & Sport. BAH.

(20:27:32) @bbccomedy How do I make it work on my TiVo? HOW? #comedymarathon

(20:34:23) *sigh* I give up. Lewis it is then. And trout :)

(20:34:51) @fluffysuse Yup. I checked. They get easier as they get older (and move more slowly, in theory)

(20:37:32) @poots I think you know - I've never seen an angel that's a trout x

(20:44:12) @fluffysuse Oh don't heed to @smartie999 - it's fine.

(20:47:22) @mabelinticket94 welcome back :) I nearly recorded you an audioboo but it was too loud at the railway station :D

(20:51:11) @goitsagch I've been away from my wife and family for a couple of days..

(20:51:29) @smartie999 Night yo night!

(20:52:28) @mabelinticket94 I do try - but don't often do very well :)

(20:53:16) @sarahjaneuk Thank you! (I think ;)

(20:56:57) @smartie999 @fluffysuse Ouch! (I think)

(21:09:51) @Matildamouse @poots *high fives* ;)

(21:12:14) @GHOGIT I am SO glad you're here. And @poot's Dad ;)

(21:22:08) @goitsagch What Beth doesn't know won't hurt her ;)

(21:25:14) @goitsagch Yes... if only it had actually happened :D

(21:27:45) @fluffysuse I am afraid I only have beautiful hands.

(21:28:09) @goitsagch I had a massive burger...

(21:43:12) @fluffysuse *sigh*

(21:43:34) @goitsagch Just don't tell my wife ;)

(21:45:40) @Pewari It's really warm, out.

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(04:44:46) @Leafybear morning... it's not wrong to have that feisty urge - and it is equally not wrong to exercise restraint :) Poor milkman :D

(04:45:56) @Zararugosa Mornng :) Wow.. a biit early for such exertions... enjoy!

(04:46:39) @smartie999 Wow. Brace position...

(04:49:44) @PontoonDock Replying to a spam tweet for your information.... worth checking your authorized apps....

(04:51:10) @Lindylooloo was one of those you..? :D hope you get to go home soon! :)

(04:52:41) @darrenleedj Wow! :)

(04:55:34) Morning. It's that time of day when my typing takes twice as long because even autocorrect can't make sense of what my fingers are doing..

(04:56:01) @Lindylooloo Yay! Count the minutes! X

(04:57:19) @streakmachine @_windrider Morning lads :) Technology standardization...? Heh :D (except USB charging because of Europe ;)

(05:54:55) @JQP74 Morning, John :) Still slowly waking up :D Sunny day ahead, I think! Have a wonderful one.. keep smiling :)

(05:55:38) @_windrider Absolutely. A special bleary-eyed version ;D

(05:55:47) @Leafybear ;) x

(05:56:35) @Leafybear I am sure you will find the perfect opportunity to apply your mischievous side today... hope so! x

(05:57:55) @connorwalsh Thank you - and for the inspiration :) Must have a listen to my old Roberts shortwave set.. I miss the tuning sounds...

(06:11:31) @connorwalsh ~sadface~ why did you remove that bit of shortwave history..? I don't think I ever got a namecheck.. did you get a penfriend?

(06:12:58) @ajlanghorn @chchchchelsea I've never been in a Greggs.. I'll have whatever Andrew's having :D

(06:14:16) @PontoonDock Glad you got it sorted. Nowt new.. @Trevypoos is still tall, the m1 still gets jammed up at Brent Cross. Yeah. You doing OK?

(06:15:57) @ajlanghorn @chchchchelsea hahaha! I'm not really a frequenter of such places..visited a 'Make Mine' a couple of weeks ago & was bewildered!

(06:16:56) @connorwalsh Ohh my! Are you doing an In The Dark evening? Is that the one over in Wapping? I will see if I can come..! Exciting :)

(06:17:47) @chchchchelsea @ajlanghorn @GreggstheBakers ~chuckles~ That sounds almost threatening (I expect to be buried in pasties this morning :D)

(06:18:53) @connorwalsh In one tweet you've told an amazing story. I miss the random serendipity of my teenage years & that I can barely remember them.

(06:19:48) @ajlanghorn @chchchchelsea Hang on.. you two are students... what the hell are you doing up so early? Or should I say ..still up? :D

(06:22:32) @chchchchelsea @ajlanghorn Yup! :D hope you have a rewarding and fun day!

(06:25:53) @ajlanghorn You work really hard too, though - bonus points! @chchchchelsea

(06:30:52) RT @PinkBlancmange: Good morning! Do spread SMILES today! Or even better... make a stranger laugh nervously at your awkward grin & w ...

(06:50:33) @fluffysuse Good morning towie

(06:51:22) @Leafybear And I hope you will tweet all about it ;) x

(06:51:45) @kingfamily Morning lovely you :)

(06:52:05) @striderpaul Morning Paul :)

(06:53:00) @striderpaul Have you considered changing your Twitter name to 'flatpackpaul'..? ;)

(07:27:27) @PontoonDock I'm a bit sleepy, but neither of those are the case either. And there is coffee. What's not to like? :D @trevypoos

(07:36:29) Hope @nxmee has a great time camping.. what a fun-filled summer holidays he's having! :)

(07:41:01) @smartie999 Congratulations to your daughter! Local, too! :)

(07:44:28) @striderpaul Haha! :D

(07:44:42) @miz_shake68 Good morning to you! :) @smartie999

(09:26:25) @brennig Very kind - thank you :)

(09:48:59) @JuliaBall Pardon?

(10:45:59) Every couple of weeks, I feel like rebranding. Often it involves the name 'Steve'.

(11:02:44) If I were doing my A-levels now, I would want an A and 2 Ds. It would accurately represent my mental state. And may well get me into Hull.

(12:26:35) @biscuitnose Where are ya going today..?

(12:31:43) @lloydbayley HURRAH :)

(12:32:00) Time, I think, to head north. See you there (if you're there).

(12:36:05) @lloydbayley I'm a way from bed yet, unfortunately.. interview prep and a podcast to do :D I'm OK, though.. just about to head north!

(12:36:14) @washmysocks Not quite, I'm afraid.. Salford :D

(12:36:21) @BellesBottom Ey oop! :) x

(13:07:49) Informative train sign then (hope I'm on the right one!) @ Platform 15

(13:18:00) @Zararugosa I wish! No... merely a flying visit to Manchester, I'm afraid - some interviews to do tomorrow :) x

(13:19:47) @twannock @_windrider I will not be ininin Ininverness, although it is a very pleasant sounding place. Never been there (yet..?)

(13:22:34) @paulwheatley Not quite as far as you, sadly. Otherwise I would insist on buying you beer.

(13:22:59) @twannock @_windrider shame I'm not there. We could have festivities.

(13:25:12) @goitsagch Type faster... it may still make it up here.. ;) (YOU do the signs? Cool!)

(15:06:45) @mostlygeordie yay! How did ya do it..?

(15:07:38) @biscuitnose I just went through Macclesfield without stopping. Beat that.

(15:08:08) @dt90spt Still doing it, then!

(15:11:06) @mostlygeordie thank you :) x

(15:16:19) @AndreaRauter Someone at the door..?

(15:20:06) @AndreaRauter Hope you've got the kettle on ;) x

(15:39:48) @BellesBottom Done with love, though #craphusbandsolidarity

(15:49:39) @BellesBottom I am sorry on his behalf too :/ x

(15:51:49) When the tram to MediaCity goes over the canal & down the slope past Pomona it's like a rubbish log flume. About as exciting as I like it ;)

(15:56:31) @goitsagch The canal is strictly for viewing only. Not such a bad thing (no change of trousers ;)

(16:01:50) @goitsagch oh that really made me laugh! I am SO going to do that and video it (if I have been drinking :D)

(17:21:03) @fluffysuse They are not charming people's cars. I'm trying to choose between a batmobile and a B&Q lorry. You love me.

(17:23:39) I like to think I know where I am.

(17:29:56) It may be simply my sensibilities, but I find myself irked & grumpified when I see people pushing push-chairs while taking on mobile phones.

(17:31:33) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @nxmee don't encourage her ;) (There will, I am fairly sure, be musical theatre soundtracks playing)

(17:41:05) @mostlygeordie Hahaha! You are definitely better than Google Maps ;) I think I might be in someone's front garden #notaeuphemism

(17:41:53) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @nxmee Heehee :D I am entirely here.. quick bite to eat before I do some podcasting :) Busy busy bee! You doing OK?

(17:42:20) @brennig I like you to think I know where you are ;)

(17:55:02) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @nxmee I am :) Simple pleasures ;) Busy is good... keeps us out of trouble :D

(17:56:27) I've just been writing interview questions while awaiting my tea. That is how I roll. (Low insulin causes me to write devilish questions :D)

(17:58:39) I'll be honest, I'm not really big on this whole 'catching a grenade for people' thing.

(18:04:52) @poots I am very glad..I would also want stern words with whoever was throwing explosives about. The thoughtless clots.

(20:07:16) @biscuitnose Holy Roly Mo.

(21:32:46) @Sk287 What have you been paying for..? :/

(21:34:17) @Sk287 Oh heavens sweety.. :/ xx

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(04:52:41) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) Super early! Must mean back to work for me...

(04:53:02) @AndreaRauter Yeah! :) Same to you x

(04:53:28) @Zararugosa aww... Mornin' x

(04:54:28) Morning. Attempting bed ejection. Not working.

(04:55:06) @AuntieJammy morning :) Everso sleepy :D You? x

(04:55:36) @smartie999 @PlainTalkingHR Need coffee first :D x

(04:56:17) @Barlie40 Thanks, Jim :) Have a great day :) @Zararugosa

(04:56:39) @AuntieJammy Ohhhh yes please!

(05:17:52) @ajlanghorn that's the theory! :D

(05:18:31) @vobes Good morning, Richard :) Hope all is well in Worthing at this early hour! Has the Morrisons work finished?

(12:55:08) @twannock HA! No time for the latter.. not on a work day ::D

(14:15:33) It's normally at this time of day in Salford that I have a quite frankly bonkers cup of coffee. I feel like a bonkers cup of coffee.

(14:44:46) Holy cow.. a 10.6" Microsoft surface tablet for the same price as the Nexus 7..? That will take some beating!

(14:45:15) @shellzenner I'm afraid I'm not in Salford today, but will be on Thursday.. I have a podcast to do in the evening though :/

(14:49:35) I need to build an exclusion zone around my work laptop's fan vent; it melted the Orange Club that @Errolin gave me. BOO.

(14:49:45) @_windrider No point in speculating, eh? ;)

(14:55:56) @Stenbird Gosh. Melty doubly so..? :D

(14:56:06) @_windrider Heh true! :D

(16:21:52) @Stenbird I love the word 'abomination'.

(21:24:57) @Dappydoris Do you have anything particular in mind? (excuse the pun!)

(21:39:52) jamelopoeia - Berlin on @audioboo

(21:40:44) jamelopoeia - Berlin. (A noodle for a Wednesday evening - inspired by @connorwalsh's cassettes and @slandi's Reaper)

(21:59:11) @Dappydoris I'm about the same.. but my brain seems to have switched off. Did a little noodling this evening which is jolly :) Beth's fab! x

(21:59:32) It's impossible to go to bed on time. FACT. night.

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(12:29:27) Just went on this. It was traumatic. @ The Swarm

(17:58:47) All tired out after our family summer holiday.. a long weekend zooming and swinging.. amusement park overload... back to work tomorrow.

(18:10:25) @mostlygeordie HAHAHAHA! It's true (except chocolate cake :D)

(18:12:55) @mostlygeordie Please ould you ask him what is better than coffee? ;)

(18:14:52) @mostlygeordie *mwah*

(18:16:01) @mostlygeordie Quite odd, to boot :D

(18:20:01) Something is amiss with the @Twitter website's CSS.. looking a bit weird...

(18:28:47) I caught up with the #BTCC when we got home.. congratulations to @newshamracing on the win for local #Luton outfit @TeamESRacing ..! :)

(19:39:32) @JQP74 @sainsburys That's not one of your five-a-day!

(19:40:40) Twitter is first with the news again..?

(19:41:49) @brennig Well.. I don't think it's true, having seen that @OfficialSkyNews has only done 9 tweets :D

(19:42:18) No. No it's not.

(20:14:24) Time, I think, for bed. Nice to be back in my own one again. It's not perfect, but it's in my house. Night night until then night.

(20:18:19) The classic 'propping up a burnt out ambulance' pose @ Thorpe Park

(20:18:57) @mostlygeordie *mwah* x

(20:19:03) @smartie999 I shall do my best x

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(18:34:41) Beth looking lovely on a day out at Chessington

(18:39:10) @Dappydoris Thank you, lovely :) We did! Hope your weekend has had some wonderful moments x

(18:39:34) @brennig I am a lucky man x

(18:39:57) @LilacNun I had a lovely subject :)

(18:54:15) @mabelinticket94 Happy Sunday! Are you well?

(20:44:52) RT @kevinpoulter: Is Trevor Nelson on a sponsored silence? Where is his justgiving page? #ClosingCeremony2012

(21:15:44) RT @shanerichmond: “Imagine there’s no countries…” what kind of Olympics would we have then, John? I don’t think you’ve thought this thr ...

(21:17:50) Are they doing the BBC News theme? #closingceremony2012

(21:42:05) RT @duncanbudd: Can we finish the #closingceremony with a large cut-out cartoon foot crushing everything? #montypython #bestofbritish

(21:42:45) A man playing loops. That's entertainment.

(21:52:40) I'm not sure the acoustics of a massive arena does much for rap. It's more suited to a soundproof box. A long way away. #closingceremony

(22:00:41) RT @firetail: Jacques Rogge declares this "the best Radio 1 Roadshow ever" #closingceremony When are they gonna play Bits And Pieces..?

(22:05:03) @mostlygeordie But the stage show has gone all bonkers again...

(22:05:33) @LilacNun night! x

(22:13:12) @mostlygeordie!

(22:15:28) I am so going to make a bass guitar like that bloke from Muse. But will never be able to make it sound like that..

(22:27:53) Every time the announcer says "Jacques Rogge" during a French bit, @plots and I can't help sniggering. No more of that now.

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(08:23:30) @Brennig What's this I hear about you sending inappropriate links to my wife..? I mean.. the Daily Mail..! For shame! ;)

(09:22:46) @biscuitnose It's under the sofa cushion

(09:23:02) @Dappydoris Can you join them? (Morning btw)

(09:23:48) Good morning. Playing Minecraft with @superalora and @nxmee because I have been asked to. Uhoh.

(09:26:18) @LilyShambles Morning :) I have been a bit of a lazy layabed, although to be fair, I'm all showered & dressed now, unlike my offspring :D

(09:26:30) @Dappydoris I nearly went for a run the other day. You inspire me x

(09:26:48) @brennig ;)

(09:27:00) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother And to you! Love the cool breeze :) x

(11:35:17) @LilacNun @repurposedmind you both look delicious! x

(11:36:23) Ten and a bit minutes of Anthemic Elbow.. One Day Like This, and then First Steps (the full 6 minute version). Nice run up to lunch.

(12:09:27) They should do a Skrillex My Little Pony. Remember where you read it first.

(12:10:03) @PinkBlancmange I bet you you can.. Is that the Commodore 64..?

(12:12:47) @mostlygeordie Give it a good rub :) x

(12:13:29) @claw0101 Enjoy! :)

(14:29:24) @PinkBlancmange You can play old games using an emulator like this.. ..there are some games, too!

(14:29:47) @mostlygeordie Oh my.. please make sure you can get treatment if you need it :/ x

(15:53:14) @fluffysuse Pop round ours. We have a hula hoop (big ring not crisps)

(15:53:45) @JoOstermeyer One person's shame is another person's afternoon made :)

(15:53:58) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Love you BOTH lots x

(16:01:32) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris So do I.. and I hope so too! :) x

(16:40:13) @TheTroyKing Love it when that happens! :)

(19:03:30) @beershowjimmy Works fine down my way... a local issue, perhaps? Happy birthday for the other day, by the way! :) /cc @vobes

(19:04:48) @oliwia_s Dobre noc! I hope you can stick something in your ears to give you peace x

(19:07:28) @beershowjimmy Fantastic photos! :)

(19:07:49) @oliwia_s Aww.. hang in there, then.. a little brandy? Not too long for bed for me, too!: ) x

(19:23:15) @vobes So looking forward to hearing the podcast! ;)

(19:23:46) @Dappydoris @andrearauter That is a truly winning smile :) You are the Mo Farrah of cheeriness xxx

(20:55:03) Another impressive Saturday of sports. #Limpics

(20:55:52) @Rebs_42 Yip.

(21:56:46) Bit of a ploppy night to see the Perseids (too much low cloud and light pollution) ... one day I will live in the middle of nowhere :)

(22:02:08) @emsquare_d Or some secret power. Or severe financial shortfalls in the council ;) YEAH.

(22:03:10) @AlexGFox "Nowhere really, but quite close to a supermarket" is the sweet spot ;)

(22:03:32) @leica0000 Get thee to an easterly coastal beach :)

(22:05:02) @LilacNun I couldn't... too much low cloud and street lights. Wish on a shooting star for me, please x

(22:05:46) @Dappydoris Mind yerself.. them stars is quite hot, and, if the photos I took early are anything to go by, out of focus. Thus: fluffy.

(22:06:48) @_windrider I will respectfully disagree until it's happened ;)

(22:07:54) @TimGooderham Yes, yes it would.

(22:08:08) @thatsjustme0 *dreams* x

(22:09:58) There do seem to be a lot of people taking photos with iPads at this olympics. it looks like they're holding up a tray with an apple on it.

(22:13:02) Right. That'll do. Off to bed. Night night you. With two 'ff's.

(22:13:18) @jonBCFC Night, Jon. Looking forward to hearing you sing! :D

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(05:04:09) @ajlanghorn Quick! Do something!

(05:05:14) @vobes Yes. Like you are :)

(05:45:38) @ajlanghorn For me that's an icebreaker ;)

(05:45:53) @effieoffie Bora da!

(05:46:21) @effieoffie Spelt right: bore da :)

(05:46:35) @striderpaul Morning :)

(05:46:52) @Leafybear :) :)

(05:49:31) Morning. Proper summer then. My waking thought was about local caching of network streamed recordings. Too much in my addled brain.

(05:50:10) @gruppox Morning, Paul :) Happy Friday :)

(05:50:34) @jonBCFC Blue skies! Have a good one :)

(06:08:53) @leica0000 Ohh yes :) No such luck round our house :D

(08:04:11) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother And a #FF fine Friday to you, too. I'm sleepytired, but that's the norm. Gonna be warm!

(08:04:52) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Good morning, finest Twitter Siblings in the part of the UK you're in :) Have a brilliant day. each :)

(08:06:50) @EwenRankin HURRAH! :)

(09:33:52) @_forky @hellodoris @milky_onions @bitsyvonmuffin @mrmoth @kingpinguin @Martin__Jones @dappydoris bless your arse. #FF

(10:04:16) @jc76 UNFOLLOWS! ;)

(10:06:03) @jc76 It was more to do with agreeing with David Cameron ;) #joke

(10:06:31) @smartie999 @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 @washmysocks WOOOO! I am late for a meeting :D x

(10:07:18) @jc76 *MWAH* :) x

(10:13:42) @jc76 I cherish all those I follow since they are capable of independent thought... there are many who aren't! :)

(10:53:54) @shellzenner Sexual innuendo. Hah.

(10:54:02) RT @cyberdonkey: prolific tweeter

(10:55:09) Nearly midday. Starting to get a bit hungry. I could do with a sit down, although I'm already sitting down. Not sure how that works.

(11:09:44) @sfdrummer I think there may well be pizza involved :)

(11:12:44) @griffinkate You might like this:

(11:18:50) Thanks the mighty @SparkyAnnc I have found a version of the Olympics Opening Ceremony WITHOUT the mindless commentary!

(11:28:36) @griffinkate @j4

(12:05:39) @govindajeggy @OmarRaza Why is there no mention of Fags, Mags & Bags in the Wikipedia page for Lenzie?

(13:03:22) @Piplodocus_ @govindajeggy @OmarRaza FIVE ALIvE! :)

(13:51:02) @meanjeen BLAHHH! I will see what magic I can work. No promises...

(16:20:12) @dt90spt That is an amazing photo! :)

(20:40:30) When people answer emails and say "many thanks" what is the average number of thanks enclosed? I think it must be about 15.

(20:42:27) @Barlie40 Thanks, Jim! #fF

(20:45:00) @Richard_C Wow. Clearly it doesn't pay to be optimistic ;) but thank you. Twice.

(20:55:37) Red route wheeltrim self portrait

(20:59:07) @theshinythings Thank you :) Whiles away the minutes waiting for a bus (and it's not often one finds a shiny wheeltrim on a bollard :D)

(21:00:09) @JoOstermeyer Hahaha! The latter has an interesting intent :D "Cheers" or "Best wishes" often works fine for me. Never "Yours" :D

(21:00:44) @Twitrannosaurus hahaha! If I don't tweet in the next 2 hours, the aliens have got me :D

(21:02:12) Sneezing fit

(21:04:02) @vobes N'night! Thinking of recording an Audioboo about "So"...

(21:04:44) @mostlygeordie tissue in one hand, phone in the other. Hang on.. That doesn't wdkfjffb

(21:05:04) @Tactless_Claire Many thanks (about 15)

(21:05:17) @poots Thank you :) x

(21:05:40) @brennig many many blows (need more tissues) ;)

(21:17:19) @fiverscarrot Many, many thanks (loads!) You doing OK today?

(21:17:33) @brennig Subtle as a genius x

(21:17:56) @thatsjustme0 Steady now! (I have stopped.. All is safe :D)

(21:18:54) @dansumption That is miserly. I shall endeavour to offer many more than that. In fact I may well be quite specific "Nine thanks, james".

(21:19:14) RT @MooseAllain: I thought I'd seen every episode of "The Lazy Campanologist", but that one didn't ring any bells.

(21:19:49) @Tactless_Claire Eh?

(21:20:08) @_windrider ~likes~ :)

(21:59:44) @fiverscarrot oh sweety - be assured that not only does having small children cause that feeling, but that what you're doing is amazing.

(22:00:23) @fiverscarrot Just heading for junction 10a so not too far from home. Quite a late one for me (unexpectedly so!)

(22:00:44) @brennig Gosh. That will need seeing.

(22:01:23) @nausea18 @alnicholl77 @iamamro @thebooktower @Joby2000 @call_me_salome @SimonsCat @smartie999 @Oftenx @atavistian Thank you! :) #FF

(22:15:37) @fiverscarrot Thank you :) And truly, they are merely feelings x Have a good weekend!

(22:16:02) @poots @fiverscarrot Less excuse to be home late, too :D

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(05:18:35) @thatlass Lovely satsuma sun :) Morning :)

(05:19:22) @misscorsham You are on the way to greatness :)

(05:20:04) @vobes Good early morning :)

(05:21:55) @vobes So I get really annoyed when people start sentences with 'so' for no readily apparent reason; so I don't do it. Loved your NE rant :)

(06:46:37) @thatlass Ooh! Safe and happy trip :) x

(06:47:20) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Morning :) Sunny and sleepy! As always..! How are you?

(07:25:15) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother I'm back in the office.. I'll be foraging for coffee soon :)

(07:26:40) @Leafybear Fantastic! Enjoy :) :)

(07:29:16) Two thoughts I had on my walk into work. The first is "Loo swimming" which is neither the name of a TV programme nor an Olympic event.

(07:29:41) The second one eludes me, but I can assure you it was another appalling play on words.

(07:48:09) @dt90spt @jamfolder My other thought was better :)

(07:51:40) @fluffysuse Good morning gnvq

(07:55:33) @smartie999 I have created more music with @jamfolder than in the past two years. We rock (in a post-garde electroplop stylee) @dt90spt

(08:06:35) @dt90spt @jamfolder Quick.. write it down (you're an excellent lyricist, sir)

(08:07:42) @dt90spt @smartie999 @jamfolder That makes more sense :D I'm sleepy.

(09:03:57) @SlimGirlFat Happy birthday! I hope it is a musical and fabulous one :) x

(09:27:19) Speaks volumes...

(09:52:25) @mostlygeordie I am doing both enjoying and working :D x

(09:53:05) RT @mattleys: That spinning sound is Peel turning in his grave at the wrong speed RT @guardiannews: Chris Moyles tipped to take late-nig ...

(09:53:42) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother And you :) :) I shall seek the shade of a tree :)

(10:06:04) @JoFenner Exciting! I wish you luck and love x

(10:28:54) @GreavsieE17 Glorious :)

(10:35:07) @mostlygeordie I only wish I knew.. :/

(12:22:07) RT @ChribHibble: Are we REALLY the most advanced creatures on Earth? Because I keep opening my own mouth with every spoonful of food I p ...

(12:28:13) There are people who like meetings to fill the whole time available, even if the agenda is complete. What's that all about? #weirdwork

(17:54:37) Walking in London is a bit like being indoors.

(18:04:03) @leica0000 yip

(18:07:39) @fridgemagnet2 Thale isn't in Wales. And vice versatile.

(18:08:46) @smartie999 Margarita time. And tipple me up x

(18:10:12) @OmarRaza I can wait. Because I love this series x

(18:11:27) @zany_zigzag about nine.

(18:12:53) @smartie999 Pimply not good enough. @nausea18

(18:17:02) @OmarRaza I will prepare to high-five your twitter.

(18:17:43) @smartie999 Is that a euphemism? If so, does it come win custard? @nausea18

(18:18:20) @zany_zigzag As in 'count to...' ;)

(18:18:48) @nausea18 @smartie999 Lashings.

(18:20:42) @nausea18 @smartie999 Arsebiscuits.

(18:21:41) @thatsjustme0 Yay :) Happy ground level x

(18:23:27) @smartie999 @nausea18 I prefer custard. With a dollop of ice cream for extra meltiness x

(18:28:31) @nausea18 Excellent call, sir. @smartie999

(18:28:59) @biscuitnose Not in Reading, no. It ain't allowed.

(18:29:27) @smartie999 So competitive :p @nausea18

(18:32:55) Arriva Greenline coaches: because air conditioning is for wimps.

(18:42:47) @thatsjustme0 oh noo! I hope the bed is at least a bit comfy x

(18:43:55) @crabbyknickers The windows. They has no opening. At least the man behind me stopped talking loudly on the phone - and no crying toddlers :)

(18:46:39) @crabbyknickers indeed I am. I am headed in that direction and the sun has not yet set. And I am going ~away~ from Stinky London :)

(19:31:12) @fiverscarrot now now. You are brilliant. I know this. x

(19:31:35) @fiverscarrot ps frustration will pass. Hang in there.

(19:32:24) @sfdrummer Lovely picture :)

(20:00:10) I love the showboating they do to camera these days. That is definitely one of the 'things' of the London 2012 Limpics.

(20:01:25) I don't know what the Jamaican National Anthem is. Is it Bob Marley? It should be.

(20:32:21) @mostlygeordie They are ever so good at running about.

(21:29:16) sleepy time. I feel like a carved wooden bookend in the shop where bagpuss lives and he's just dozed off. Night.

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(05:29:55) @JQP74 Morning John - always nice to have a roll on Wednesday. Cheese or tuna? ;)

(05:30:16) @mostlygeordie Morning :) Trying to stop myself going back to bed... :/

(05:30:30) @lloydbayley Nowt wrong with a nap! :)

(05:31:07) @AuntieJammy Morning :) A little sun through the mist... yesterday turned out lovely... hoping for another lovely day!

(05:31:49) @PlainTalkingHR Morning, Bina. Definitely tea or coffee required! :)

(05:32:48) @mostlygeordie A topless humpday?

(05:33:22) @lloydbayley It's when you wake back up at 8pm thinking it's the next day when it's most worrying ;)

(05:34:21) @AuntieJammy A little summer at a time sounds perfect to me ;) Always a busy day.. I could be starting work now... need breakfast first :D

(05:36:49) @mostlygeordie Have a great one however it turns out! :) x

(07:02:49) @Tactless_Claire Good morning :)

(07:03:32) @JQP74 Yeah, @miz_shake68 I've been up for ~hours~ (then went back to bed. ;)

(07:03:45) @cyberdonkey kwarrrrk.

(07:04:12) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning yeah :)

(07:07:16) @miz_shake68 You used the word 'scintillating' - you can get away with anything this morning ;) @JQP74

(07:07:53) Too much Simply Red. ie: some.

(07:10:19) @BitsyVonMuffin I'm not too bad, thank you.. not seen the Baron in a while - he's on a break from Twitter, I think xx

(07:10:32) @alnicholl77 Amen.

(07:39:13) Take it from me, almost everyone broadcasts from a swivel chair these days. More thrones on radio. #majestic

(07:45:35) A man is making doughnuts for me. Right now. For me (and the folk in the office) JAMYEH! #freshdoughnuts

(08:15:17) @Dappydoris ~applauds~ @Twitter

(08:16:16) @poots Heehee a rare treat - there may not be many more instances :D Good morning, my darling.. shall I save you one? ;) x

(08:16:42) @_windrider I will be limiting myself for health reasons..

(08:16:55) @Richard_C That is SCIENCE.

(08:17:41) @JQP74 I don't believe it was her.. @Dappydoris is a sweetheart :)

(08:18:56) @_windrider :D Probably just the one.. :)

(08:23:17) @smartie999 Mayyyybe later ;)

(10:25:01) @PlainTalkingHR Perfect..! I'm sleepy (not particularly well-rested) but well, thank you :) How about you? x

(10:25:53) @Dappydoris I know that feeling. Just a bit further home for me :D

(10:26:18) @mostlygeordie :D

(12:14:18) @_forky Me too :/

(12:25:27) @_forky @Dappydoris And I just had a Babybel and a yogurt and three meetings in a row. But I did run up eight flights of stairs to get here!

(12:26:06) @mostlygeordie ~makes a note~

(12:34:55) @LilyShambles Now if that isn't a return ticket I don't know what is (with laundry) @lloydbayley

(13:32:13) @LilyShambles Thank you. I love the concept of 36 seconds to capture a moment.. :) You should try it!

(13:34:37) @SarahLovelyBuns Hello. Please can you check your authorized applications - I received an inappropriate DM from you. Thank you :)

(14:01:21) I've just realised (since I'm in a meeting room just next to the Blue Peter office) that I've no idea what presenters look like these days.

(14:01:38) Probably Barnsley Hardwood.

(15:12:26) @stu4art Y'know, I need to watch more telly with the childre - it's clearly a parental duty :D

(15:53:59) I shall never tire. Pomona ragga tip. @ Pomona Metrolink Station

(16:01:38) @drhappymac Not where I am #hotmanchesteryeah

(16:02:05) @mabelinticket94 Good day :) How's tricks?

(16:15:35) It would appear this train has a bit missing. I thought it prudent to let you know. @ Platform 5

(16:23:04) @ian262 I didn't see a note ;)

(16:25:30) Apparently the hatch is removed when it's being pulled by another locomotive (ie when trains are joined). Or it broke & was taken/fell off.

(16:26:53) @LilyShambles Cowcatchers yeah!

(17:42:14) @sarahjaneuk Perhaps she's under the statue of Petra ;)

(17:56:22) @sarahjaneuk It is... artistic licence ;)

(17:57:58) This train should be in Milton Keynes right now. Overhead cable problems, they say. I reckon the sat nav fell off.

(18:00:36) @sarahjaneuk She would most likely be appalled. Bring back Musical Youth, I say :D

(18:06:09) @EwenRankin it does look kinda pretty in a desolate and bleak way. A bit like Basildon.

(18:14:00) @Leafybear unfortunately, '&' is a special character for HTML used to indicate .. er.. a special character, like

(18:14:28) @Leafybear (where & means ampersand, natch)

(18:15:04) @GreavsieE17 Cheers! Enjoy :)

(18:16:10) @theshinythings Sounds like you're having a tough time. Hope you can get it sorted.

(18:17:57) @mrmzholland Yogurt, cheese, milkshake, butter, crème fraiche. I'm keeping a food dairy.

(18:18:19) @smartie999 Welcome home. Which virtual office? Car?

(18:48:13) @Leafybear I would say that it's a bug that has given you an inadvertent view under the bonnet... their HTML parser has gone a bit wonky...

(18:49:38) Fighting chance of making it back to Luton by 9pm.. I'm at the bus stop now, at least...

(18:50:59) @BellesBottom It would be easy (for a fool as me) to assume it is your birthday. If so: happy birthday. If not, please store this tweet.

(18:51:26) @emmaandpete Ta! :)

(18:51:47) @Zararugosa Aww :)

(18:58:40) @BellesBottom Hearty felicitations! I hope it has, on balance, been a wonderful one x

(18:59:25) @BeachHut81 Picasa?

(18:59:54) @Tactless_Claire I like the way your ears/brain works.

(19:02:09) @pearcen I know this one: audiences repel apologetics and conceit. Engage, as you do on Twitter- enjoy the enthusiasm.. it shines through :)

(19:07:12) RT @JosephOunsworth: That may be the BEST thing I've ever seen. I never laugh out loud...

(19:25:02) @Tactless_Claire I would be interested to know how that race unfolded...

(19:28:46) @ian262 That is quite lovely - where is it?

(19:31:53) @ian262 I am going to have to visit that building - it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it :)

(19:34:43) @claremac82 I was at Pomona earlier and you came to mind, leaving me with a heavy heart & a black Bic biro. Otherwise, I'm avoiding you ;) x

(19:35:01) @BellesBottom bottoms up! x

(19:35:45) @OmarRaza Bring it!

(19:47:39) @MissyMWAC @claw0101 Randyom. Rand(y)om. Oh never mind :D

(20:11:33) @Manda_Jones Hope you got a multi-buy discount ;) (my tip: avoid the orange Crabbies - it's a bit sickly :D)

(20:13:52) @twannock @pearcen Your advice is concise and it works.

(20:33:46) @brennig I'm sure you'll be clear of it.. in a day or twooooooo

(20:34:25) Right.. ditching this moving vehicle, praying for a soft verge, where I can curl up & wait for the Thursday ambulance to pick me up. Night!

(20:37:03) @Tactless_Claire ~smooch~

(20:53:57) @sarahjaneuk @leolaporte Jellybean works OK in Cyanogen form on my Galaxy S i9000 ;) Not massively different, to be honest..

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(06:08:15) @dt90spt Thank you! Definitely wil :)

(06:10:07) @RobJD @nxmee He seems quite normal from where I'm sitting (at the moment anyway ;)

(06:11:30) Morning. Happy birthday to @nxmee - we will have at least one teenager for the next twelve years..!

(06:27:04) @JQP74 Morning :) A bit woozy, but getting there thank you - I have coffee :) How about you? Have a top Tuesday, too :)

(06:27:18) @washmysocks Morning :)

(06:30:10) @jonBCFC @nxmee Thanks, Jon!

(06:30:29) @washmysocks :) We may well get some sunshine ;)

(06:41:39) @thatsjustme0 Morning you! :)

(06:47:18) @fluffysuse good morning imho

(07:14:39) Heh.. today's Google Doodle brings me back to the days of Track'n'Field ... still got it ;) Beat that!

(07:29:25) Important note to followers of @Dappydoris - someone has hacked her account, so please be cautious. Twitter will sort it out (hopefully!)

(07:33:37) @vobes Good morning, Richard :) I'm not bad at all, thank you :) Working from home this morning, since it's my son's birthday.. exciting! :)

(07:43:41) Wow.. thanks to @CloudExplosion, I have seen the future of the Olympics.. Littlehampton 2016.. it works for me!

(07:43:55) @mostlygeordie Oh sweety.. I hope it clears soon :/ x

(07:44:12) @PaulEdwards_ Thank you! I'll pass it on :) Morning :)

(07:44:33) @vobes Hahahaa... old is the operative word! (Although mentally I'm only 11 :D)

(07:45:30) @Twitrannosaurus @BritishTech @eriklanigan Absolute nightmare.. a mate of mine has just had her Twitter account hacked.. it's awful! :/

(07:45:57) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Morning :) We're celebrating @nxmee's 13th birthday.. hope you're doing well today :)

(07:46:24) @cloudexplosion Heehee.. genius! :D

(09:47:08) @BitsyVonMuffin I truly hope it improves x

(10:48:15) @dt90spt Might have to wire up the ol' Sky box to an old VCR.. can't get Vintage TV on Virgin Media.. :D I shall give it a go, though!

(13:08:11) @dt90spt I like the cut of your jib, sir!

(13:09:18) @martincollins Bit too much sport (but not as much as TalkSport which has gone sports crazy!) LBC is good, but too London-centric.

(14:23:20) @GreavsieE17 hehe... you never wasted your childhood playing Track & Field, then.. or Daley Thompson..

(14:24:59) Grumpy train tweet. The man sitting next to me (because I let a couple sit together using my reserved seat) doesn't fit on one seat.

(14:25:54) On the other hand there are two blokes on the opposite side of the train who are sharing one Motorola Razr. Oldschool.

(14:28:45) Oh yeah and my phone has gone wrong again. Time for yet another re-install. Must have been three weeks since the last one, though #bonus

(14:31:43) @_windrider Ever the optimist :)

(14:54:28) @GreavsieE17 Good heavens. I daresay you more than compensate doing lengths, then!

(15:20:55) @GreavsieE17 Wow! Bet you have a lot of medals and trophies to show for all that hard work!

(15:38:53) @washmysocks What have you sponsored it to do? Bath full of beans..? I do hope so ;)

(15:48:41) @washmysocks Aww :) x

(15:54:43) Football fans singing on the Metrolink on @audioboo via @Audioboo

(15:56:47) @errolin Not quite :D

(15:57:54) @thepixelmaid @Tactless_Claire Better find it quickly - it may well be under the misapprehension that it's every woman's...

(16:01:03) @thepixelmaid @Tactless_Claire Oh woah. Woah. I feel for you.

(16:04:56) @Tactless_Claire @thepixelmaid That means 'stop before you look up the rest of Chaka Khan's discography on Wiikpedia', doesn't it..? ;)

(16:22:19) I am sure they're making these 'Captcha' challenges harder..! Equation editor, anyone..?

(16:24:11) @thatsjustme0 *applauds*

(18:20:56) Taking the opportunity to put Cyanogen Jellybean on my beleagured Samsung Galaxy S. What's the worst that could happen..? :D

(18:40:15) @millstonebarn I do the train to Northern Parts.. and dead right - I'm on Android :D I like a challenge ;)

(18:41:27) @dt90spt I'm on my own in a hotel room.. these things are wont to happen :D

(18:43:30) @RobJD Thanks.. I need it! :D

(18:46:28) Nesquikadalian

(18:51:49) @dt90spt I haven't got to those yet :D Sparking up Caustic and the Zoom h4 later ;)

(18:57:53) @MissyMWAC A long word for it, yes ;) x

(18:59:01) @fluffysuse Same goes with cullots(sp?) I do believe.

(19:13:43) @nxmee Even the horse ballet? I hope

(19:14:08) @nxmee Love you my boy :)

(19:15:39) @LilacNun Good word, too x

(19:17:08) @LilacNun Trufact: the Beatles originally called their classic song "All you need is 'LOVE' spelt out in sweets" but it didn't scan #trufact

(19:45:35) @mabelinticket94 Hey right back

(20:02:45) @fridgemagnet2 Yes.

(20:03:56) I have found the switch that makes the little green light in the bathroom come on #veryeasilypleased #takenoverayear

(20:09:37) @brennig in this hotel room, yes. I am going to have to put some clothes back on so I can film this.

(20:09:52) @Bazmati2020 Heh.. bit of both ;)

(20:21:05) @JuliaBall a video be uploadin' :) #yarr

(20:21:16) The mysterious green light explained for your erudition and elucidation.

(20:54:14) Yesterday I exchanged emails with @Scott_Cawley - one of the Guardian's finest producers, now jobbing with Aunty. Top bloke. Made my day.

(20:55:06) Oops. Too much bath froth.

(20:56:48) I'm flattered my mate Pete's taken my technique for stripping wires with a stanley knife. But a bit mortified that I do it without thinking.

(20:57:16) @washmysocks I don't have baths at home. This is epic. I think I might need some help from Archimedes.

(21:00:35) @thatsjustme0 I may have to let a bit of water out.. still waiting for it to cool :D x

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(07:00:13) @RobJD Is it for when the phrase "Let's run that up the flagpole and see who salutes it" was fashionable and someone took it literally..?

(07:00:35) @crabbyknickers @washmysocks Wooo! (And good morning :)

(07:01:28) @BellesBottom I would suggest coffee (for you, not the children) but that makes time go slower...

(07:01:47) @willowHart Good morning and happy Monday :)

(07:02:26) @daisythom Oh goodness. Please get better soon. Gentle fluids etc x

(07:03:32) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Good morning superLutonians :)

(07:06:44) Good morning. Chris has got @Sky1GadgetGeeks on in the lounge - far less shouting than the Gadget Show and 16% more beards. I approve.

(07:07:29) @ajlanghorn @shellzenner So cool! definitely soon, mate :)

(07:07:50) @LilacNun I re-read this as "they're like sardines"

(07:10:30) @SpaceKate You love it!

(07:16:51) RT @porridgebrain: I'm waiting for the strains of 'Hey Jude' over Curiosity's feed as McCartney pops up from behind a space rock.

(07:17:58) @crabbyknickers @washmysocks Plenty to be excited about :) x

(07:19:44) @willowHart looks like it's going to be a lovely day :) I'm doing OK, ta.. trying to decide between cleaning the car or clearing the garden!

(07:20:18) @repurposedmind Happy birthday to your little one! Hope the tension clears soon x

(07:24:29) @BellesBottom Again, for them or for you? ;)

(07:25:02) @willowHart Heehee :D Simple pleasures, dear you ;) xx

(07:32:34) @repurposedmind Oh Lordy :/ Twitter will be your place of solace :) x

(07:32:53) @BellesBottom In which case you may borrow mine ;)

(07:33:20) @LilacNun Excessive tuna-age.

(07:43:32) @joanneh234 @crabbyknickers @washmysocks Morning Joanne :)

(07:49:47) @joanneh234 I'm lurking at home at the moment - but London has been strangely peaceful of late... quite odd! @crabbyknickers @washmysocks

(07:50:50) @Mad4mogzz Congratulations! ~gentle hug~ xxx

(08:50:50) @Dappydoris Something of a change of direction..

(09:04:36) Holy crap, Mix 96 ("The best mix of music") is as generic and tedious as ThisIsHeart. Is @106jack the only decent station left? ~sigh~

(09:06:43) Trying to find a decent local substitute for @BBC3CR now it's gone all rubbish. I am going to have to start my own station :D

(09:07:21) @kittykatkent When I first moved to Luton (millions of years ago) it was quite a distinctive station. Now it's just Katy Perry FM. BLEH.

(09:08:02) Heh. @poots and I tweeted the same thing within 40 seconds of each other. No conferring.

(09:08:19) @gilliandonovan Oh lordy.

(09:08:38) RT @mardyguppy: Another cat poisoned by anti freeze, come on sign this petition and force manufacturers to add bittering agents https:// ...

(09:09:29) Congratulations for @Mad4mogzz and @BendyBanana on the arrival of Xanthe. Cool name. I was hoping for "Your not bling or a cat" but hey.

(09:10:58) @lloydbayley Morning! I am blessed to have a kindred mind. Although I do believe in the 17 years we've been together she's stolen my brain.

(09:11:46) @jopijedd Thank you! :) There are tens of thousands of great stations out there.. just none for the Herts/Beds/Bucks area...

(09:12:17) @Dappydoris @poots @martincollins We do Magic in the car (ironically, since my driving is anything but :D)

(09:12:28) @lloydbayley :) :) :)

(09:12:56) @_forky @jopijedd *chuckles* I can see why you would say that (but musically far superior to ThisIsHeart!)

(09:13:39) @jopijedd Unfortunately decent radio costs money.. there are some lovely community (and hospital) stations but most are volunteer run.

(09:13:51) @jopijedd (Apple AM, for example) :)

(09:14:21) @Dappydoris @poots @martincollins Ahhh yes. Local boy dun good.

(09:14:58) @gilliandonovan Leave. Now. Have you seen Harrod's children's section?

(09:16:12) I have just turned off Jason Mraz. This is entirely due to ThisIsHeart overplaying his songs. Ashley Tabor, you are unspeakably intolerable.

(09:21:05) @jopijedd We do. Ashley Tabor is (partially) responsible for what commercial radio has become. Rich kid whose Dad bought the franchise. Sad.

(09:21:47) @kingfamily Apparently even TalkSport has ditched the talk, too. Intelligent conversational radio. It's a shame there isn't really any now.

(09:21:56) @lloydbayley *beams*

(09:22:12) @_forky PERRY COMO!

(09:22:58) Right. Somehow it has become nearly half-past ten, and I didn't notice. I should apply myself.

(09:25:42) @106jack You would say that ;)

(09:29:17) @106jack You love it!

(09:30:48) @BellesBottom only an hour and a half to go :)

(10:49:12) @fridgemagnet2 ~sigh~ Image FM may well return ;)

(10:49:21) @BellesBottom Gone?

(10:49:32) @OlorinLorien @poots pretty cool :)

(10:50:35) I think I've done my exercise for the day - clearing a couple of square feet of overgrowth at this end of the garden. All warm and hot now.

(11:02:10) @Tactless_Claire Uhoh! Hope they haven't disturbed your daydream! x

(11:02:35) @smartie999 Heh! You can actually see ground on yours ;)

(11:05:57) @dcsparkes Is that what it's called? I can safely say I have never done that... seems a bit hackneyed. Already :D

(11:29:11) @Barlie40 Why thank you, Jim! Very kind :) Have a wonderful day ;)

(12:32:38) @sarahjaneuk As I understand it, less local, more lifestyle.. :/

(14:11:59) @martincollins @Dappydoris @poots Nothing major - looking for a decent local alternative to three counties radio - it's gone rubbish...

(14:58:50) @LilacNun Dare I ask? (Yes) What?

(16:02:57) @sfdrummer @EwenRankin Looking forward to hearing it! /cc @dt90spt

(16:26:59) Talk about mixed messages.. Beth said I can wear what I like to Christopher's birthday meal, but Chris insists I put some trousers on. BAH.

(17:51:26) Surely it is only my family where, during a family meal out, the topic of discussion turns to the origination of Derpy Hooves. Strange folk.

(18:52:11) The family dinner theme song (especially when selecting dessert) has been "Ozone Layer" by Mark Allan Barnes. We find @CloudExplosion guilty

(19:57:27) @cloudexplosion I did the other day.. :D

(20:02:18) @Mad4mogzz BIG gentle hug to you x

(20:38:17) @smartie999 G'night you! x

(21:12:22) Listening to "The Hit Factory" (on ITV+1).. one of those programmes that can be heard rather than seen. It's all about the music.

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(07:59:58) @jc76 True.

(08:01:57) @BellesBottom They have well pointy fronts, too. One thing I don't miss about living by the seaside (although there are many more I do!)

(08:05:27) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @washmysocks Morning lovelies. Only just had coffee & toast.. one of those Sunday mornings! Enjoy your day :)

(08:06:30) @Dappydoris Morning. Only one of those in my case (dot com)

(08:08:39) Good Sunday morning. Today is the final of the Dad and his two children splashing about in the swimming pool. Doing it for Britain.

(08:15:16) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @washmysocks That is just how I like it (although having a bad run of luck at the mo.. played a Q, got a U.. gah!)

(08:16:01) @PervyWilbury Might have to wear that in the pool :D

(08:18:27) @Dappydoris I am Guggenheim for it.

(08:18:52) @BitsyVonMuffin @Dappydoris Morning cheeky one! x

(08:19:49) @BellesBottom When I was growing up the playground at school could be a no-go zone when the gulls flocked :D Reluctantly city now.. yup :/

(08:22:24) @PervyWilbury The Maj's theme tune as opposed to the punk classic, I'm guessing..? :D

(08:38:10) @PervyWilbury Needs.

(08:38:58) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother A very happy Sunday to you, too :) #Lutonians

(08:39:26) He says 'amen' and 'alleluia'.

(12:24:37) @Dappydoris The world is, and you are, too.

(12:25:38) Right. Time to see if any of my arm muscles work. I need to get into a fitness regime. I wonder if there's one that involves Twitter.

(14:58:33) @Sk287 Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me All" :)

(15:02:21) @mabelinticket94 @audioboo Yes! :)

(15:05:30) Home from swimming.. there's some bat & ball on at the moment, I hear. Too tense for me, so I shall have a Good sit Down and a cuppa.

(15:06:25) There was a proper swimming man at the pool.. made the place look tiny the speed he went at. We stuck to what we knew: splashing about.

(15:07:10) @BecauseUAreHere Chin chin! :) Have a happy Sunday :)

(16:14:41) @mostlygeordie I very nearly cleaned the car today.

(16:15:26) @AmandaHolmes21 Can happen to anyone ;)

(16:22:39) A very informative post about the olympics and how the telly is made:

(22:37:51) @shellzenner @laurenlaverne @maryannehobbs @johnkennedy_xfm @gidcoe You will be in that list one day, Shell. Mark my words. Bring it on.

(22:38:21) @donmcallister That's because you're a down to earth man. ;)

(22:38:45) @mostlygeordie Stick 'em under the mattress ;)

(22:39:19) A new @Jamfolder song is taking shape. It's been the first studio session with @dt90spt in a good while. That makes us sound almost good :D

(22:45:27) @shellzenner I'm doing OK, thank you! Are you around for a pint on Tuesday..? /cc @ajlanghorn

(22:45:56) Right. That's the weekend done and dusted (well, hoovered and wiped down with a damp cloth). I shall bid you goodnight. Like this: NIGHT!

(22:49:58) @alexgeoghegan Night night Alex!

(22:50:07) @PaulEdwards_ Good night, chief!

(22:50:38) @LilacNun I wish I was in your phone address book thing.

(22:51:09) @shellzenner @ajlanghorn This could be a possibility. Whereabouts is your radioing? I could come to a nearby pubular establishment :)

(22:52:34) @LilacNun I empathise. I am not allowed Haribo at work. Nuff said.

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(01:24:35) Awake, on the sofa, listening to Seal's version of Killer. Mainly due to the alarm going off next door earlier. Best shut down brain. Night.

(01:42:04) @jonBCFC at this time of night? Wow! Hope you get a good rest!

(08:04:04) @bitman It did eventually! Works, as well - just rather painfully slowly :)

(09:38:49) Good morning. Fun and action on the big screen - I've got Super Bubble Bobble running on the @Raspberry_Pi (slowly!)

(10:05:49) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning cheeky :) I'm not too dreadful today, ta.. haven't really achieved much, though :/ You? x

(10:08:17) @BitsyVonMuffin It's been an amazing #Limpics so far, hasn't it!

(10:12:53) @BitsyVonMuffin HURRAH :)

(10:13:01) @thatsjustme0 It's looking a bit like that, isn't it!

(10:14:14) Wow.. this MAME game runs brilliantly on the Raspberry Pi! Another former fave - bonus points if you can identify it..

(10:18:26) @trevypoos BONUS POINT!

(11:19:03) @mostlygeordie A bit!

(11:37:29) @streakmachine Ghosts and Goblins - YEAH! (never took to Ghouls and Ghosts for just that reason!)

(11:37:55) @mostlygeordie I hope you're getting some UV now! x

(11:38:59) @pearcen Me too! Many teen hours wasted! Easy MAME instructions on my (somewhat embryonic) blog.. http:/

(11:39:20) @R2UK Not quite.. but I think I might try Golden Axe.. now THAT is a classic! (It's Ghosts & Goblins)

(11:39:44) @streakmachine Might see if my USB joystick makes it easier! :)

(11:42:56) @streakmachine I am SO tempted to build myself a cabinet. There are sites about it.. I'm eyeing up this.. and many more!

(11:43:13) @pearcen Hope the day goes well :)

(11:48:11) @pearcen Good heavens yes! :D

(11:50:04) Props to @Drogon for the excellent GPIO library.

(12:50:59) @RobJD Nice spot ;)

(12:51:22) @mostlygeordie Heh... me too (behind clouds is fine with me!) x

(13:10:07) Hmm. It's "Tate & Lyle sugar" but "Lyle's Golden Syrup." I can just imagine Mr Tate saying "Sticky decadence! I shall have no part in this!"

(14:10:06) @davewitchalls Looks great! :) Did you label those up yourself..? I should photograph my setup sometime..

(14:10:57) Proud to be bodging with Blu-tack since 1983.

(14:12:36) How times have changed.. Lenni: "Come ONNN! It's only 25%!" - to a 3.5GB game download. It's only been going twenty minutes...

(14:13:28) @davewitchalls That is genius! :) :)

(14:14:49) @davewitchalls Unfortunately, I struggle to see as far as my feet.. need to sort out an optimist's appointment :D

(14:16:33) @jopijedd In 20 minutes that would have downloaded.. 5MB! 3.5GB in ten days.. ;)

(15:55:00) Watching the bonkers cycling. There are a lot of bonkers competitions. #Limpics

(17:19:39) Whoever invented popping candy deserves a medal. Whoever came up with the version that wasn't poisonous should be given TWO medals. Yum.

(17:23:19) Must get round to finishing that velodrome.

(19:03:15) @Ariadnes_web Slip it to the bottom of the bin, and open the window.. nobody need ever know. Unless your Mum is on Twitter :D

(19:04:46) @thatsjustme0 Did you get your coffee..? I can put one on for you if you like :)

(19:05:15) @Dappydoris Whizzer and Chips!

(19:10:56) @vobes I wanted to, but the neighbours had other ideas ;)

(19:11:14) @thatsjustme0 Deeeeeelish! x

(19:11:54) @RobJD You wouldn't believe how much trouble I'd have been in..!

(19:31:04) @LilythePurr Wow good or wow bad..?

(19:31:45) @jc76 Set..? Intrigued :)

(19:35:42) @LilythePurr I have found myself watching a lot more of it than I was expecting - and there has been plenty of great sport to see! :)

(19:35:57) @jc76 Perfect filming weather! Where we're ya?

(20:10:10) @LilythePurr I love the slow-mo replays.. it's a mixture of video providers but the content has been formidable. HD especially :)

(20:26:14) Good bit of running about today. #Limpics

(21:03:52) @helenlewis Not just us here then :D

(21:04:53) @LilacNun That is a quick time... I have no excuse. I can still do the stairs in my house in 6 seconds (only have to stop twice most times)

(21:29:44) @jc76 Looking forward to hearing your music!

(21:34:18) @mabelinticket94 You need to go to the Audioboo website and change the "posting to other sites" settings. Quite a long and tedious task..

(21:37:29) I think the fine efforts of @TeamGB have more than adequately proved that football is rubbish & this country has much better sport to offer.

(22:01:23) @mabelinticket94 It might be worth getting in touch with the @Audioboo support people - they are very helpful. It works as far as I know...

(22:04:01) @_windrider @streakmachine Absolutely true. Another helpful tip - if you get a song stuck in your head, do mental arithmetic and it'll go!

(22:05:07) Bedtime. I had no idea I would be sharing in such amazing moments of British sporting success this evening, but I have enjoyed them. Night!

(22:08:48) @thatsjustme0 Nighty! x

(22:08:59) @PlainTalkingHR Hurrah! :) Night! x

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(05:10:53) @mabelinticket94 Hiya. I have been looking into @Fleksy to try to help, but seems like you have been tweeting them, too :) Hope they helped!

(05:12:02) @AuntieJammy Morning Jan! Fridays are good :)

(05:12:17) @smartie999 Massive Toblerone..?

(05:19:18) @AuntieJammy Always busy... :D You?

(05:24:06) @AuntieJammy In just a few hours.. lovely! :)

(05:25:34) @govindajeggy @OmarRaza @intothesun I'll just come right out and say it: a cracking episode of @FagsMagsandBags yesterday. Cats... ohhhh!

(05:26:11) @AuntieJammy And you! May your hot beverages be a delight, and your path to the stationery cupboard be clear :)

(05:26:59) @Brays_Cottage Morning! Will you be on? I shall give it a listen! @futureradio @creakeabbey @waylandshow

(06:40:45) @AndreaRauter I hope so! x

(06:42:28) @washmysocks Don't look at it through the bottom of a glass..? ;) Morning :)

(06:49:38) @washmysocks From what I can see it's a new moon that it's bad luck to see through glass - although I think modernity mutes superstition?

(06:50:35) @AndreaRauter Morning, Andrea :) I'm super sleepy but not too bad, thank you. I hope you can enjoy the remainder of your day :)

(06:51:22) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Good morning - and thank you for the #FF :) Another sunny day ahead! :)

(06:52:00) @LilacNun Go #FF yourself.

(06:53:42) @fluffysuse Good morning pto #FF

(07:09:11) Fence of old

(07:12:57) @LilacNun @Lycan33 Gently, natch.

(09:03:00) @washmysocks I would tend to agree.. it's a visceral thing :)

(09:53:51) Free Microsoft eBooks yeah..

(10:12:20) @BlueMoon_11 Not as far as I can see :)

(10:13:02) @darrenleedj Critical cat :D

(10:13:13) @lloydbayley @vobes Happy Friday, gents :)

(11:56:20) @mabelinticket94 I am indeed :) Good to meet you :) :)

(11:56:34) @vobes That would be fantastic - certainly while I'm still in London :)

(11:58:00) @mabelinticket94 Sounds good :) I have a full and busy life so only tweet sporadically, but I'll be here (and tweeting in British English ;)

(11:58:36) @striderpaul Very much enjoying your audioboos, Paul - hope you're keeping cool!

(12:00:42) @repurposedmind @fusspotsbakery @LilacNun I do hope your daughter is called Hermione.

(12:02:23) @mabelinticket94 I hope your Friday has started well.. it's lunchtime already here!

(12:37:47) @Sera_McDaid @LilythePurr I wish I'd called my son Calgon. And my daughter 'Paranoia'.

(12:38:49) @LilythePurr @sera_mcdaid We've gone through far more washing machines than I'd have hoped.

(12:46:37) @LilythePurr @sera_mcdaid Just me, then.. (we ended up calling him 'Washingup' for obvious reasons.

(12:46:44) @LilythePurr @sera_mcdaid )

(14:23:03) Gosh, there really is a big difference between a basque and a basilisk, isn't there..? #oops

(14:38:43) @mostlygeordie Don't forget to give the edges a good strimming ;)

(14:57:19) @Barlie40 @hastillonlyme @bigbelbess @juliethaley @theboyandme @samdescartes @siobhanbridge @thekidscoach @ffhelper Thanks, Jim! :) :)

(14:59:13) There seems to be a lot of crying going on in the #Limpics. The difficulty is in determining which is happy crying and which isn't.

(15:17:39) @mostlygeordie *awards an honorary Twitter doctorate* x

(15:38:15) @mostlygeordie Wouldn't that be the best? :)

(15:38:39) @nausea18 @LilythePurr @warren_bennett @GlennyRodge @willhowells @Fradgepick @tezzer57 @estella_sanchez #Deity# bless you, sir!

(15:39:09) @mostlygeordie It would be TwD wouldn't it?

(15:42:53) @MissyMWAC Yeah.. at 4.15am, by a pair of over-excited children :D

(16:15:33) @mostlygeordie I have never been able to fit a garden into my shorts.

(16:17:54) @mostlygeordie You leave my bonsai out of it :p

(16:19:22) @mabelinticket94 Probably, yes!

(16:20:32) @LilacNun I would.

(16:21:23) @mostlygeordie If there's a gag in there, I'm gonna coax it out ;)

(16:25:21) @LilacNun Go all soppy. #SeeWhatIDidThere?

(16:28:55) @LilacNun Allsopp-y ...? I'll get my coatrack.

(16:30:33) Struggling to stay awake.

(16:40:52) @poots hUrrah :)

(16:42:32) @leica0000 Some days I don't even reach the waking stage :-

(16:42:46) @streakmachine Glad it wasn't just me!

(17:00:01) @edtjones Not so good if one has a lisp.. :D

(17:00:25) @_windrider @streakmachine I shall duly check it out :)

(17:05:15) @_windrider @streakmachine Not the cheeriest of tunes, then :D

(17:39:54) It's a bit tragic that I can spot apostrophe abuse out of the corner of my eye. And even moreso that I share

(18:14:46) @mostlygeordie I specifically asked for one to be built in my back garden a few months back. NOTHING.

(18:40:58) @tezzer57 @MrAJBx3 @SerenityofBeaut @AlanJWoodward @franzseabrook @LilythePurr @jc76 @cornix_regina @nausea18 @aleksk @Ewan Thank you! :) :)

(18:48:23) @Lycan33 @Dappydoris I have a certificate for not doing a wee three weeks in a row.

(19:05:34) @jc76 Happy to :) Hello! x

(19:06:08) @Dappydoris @Lycan33 in the training pool.

(19:06:28) Why has nobody shouted "Away you go!" at the end of the swimming? WHY?

(19:45:16) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter We are old...

(19:45:42) @Mad4mogzz That would be the best! Along with maniacal laughing from Stuart Hall :D

(20:27:27) @Purple_Sand I missed #BBUK for the last six years: D

(20:34:59) @mostlygeordie Careful now!

(20:36:17) @Tactless_Claire Cheers!

(21:12:08) @dt90spt @EwenRankin @Documentally @YasminSelena @markrock @poots @perrygascoine @davewitchalls ~waving back retrospectively~

(21:17:46) @fiverscarrot Bless you :)

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(06:39:05) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Mornin' all :) Today will mainly be a haircut day for me :D

(06:39:20) @Barlie40 Morning, Jim :)

(06:39:37) @thatsjustme0 Not so much as a nibble ;)

(06:41:17) Morning, then. I have a list of things to do today and enough coffee to do at least some of them. Let's do this thing.

(06:42:13) @Zararugosa Morning lovely. Hang in there - hope it dissipates soon x

(07:01:12) @SimplyTanny That is quite inconvenient... I thought you lived in a peaceful hamlet somewhere..?

(07:01:57) @Tactless_Claire Chris will be 13 next week.. I am very old.

(07:02:46) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning. Me too!

(07:13:29) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning :) I'm tired and big haired :D You?

(07:17:31) @thatsjustme0 @BitsyVonMuffin Morning, you. I would try to make you laugh (but not crash :D)

(07:19:26) @JQP74 Morning, John. Slow start so far.. hoping to pick up the pace later :D have a great day!

(07:20:40) @Barlie40 I'm still a bit tired, but getting there, thank you :) I hope you have a fabulous day!

(07:21:00) @AuntieJammy Morning, Jan :) May I go back to bed? :D

(07:21:37) @_forky Drive safe - and enjoy the ringbrowsing :)

(07:22:12) @thatsjustme0 @bitsyvonmuffin Aww.. it is ~sort of~ working :D

(07:42:34) @repurposedmind Plenty of the good stuff here.. prepared just how you like it :) Black & unsweetened reminds me of when I was a student :D

(07:56:50) @repurposedmind Heehee :D It's a good way to help slimming, for sure. I like my coffee fresh and feisty... I've known that for years :D

(08:18:10) @repurposedmind Fabulous- and even better that they are handmade :)

(08:18:27) @SuButcher Morning Mrs Wiggins ;)

(08:20:40) Better get going then. Or gone.

(08:21:09) @repurposedmind You are a wonderful friend :)

(09:02:40) @RubyJubilee They may well be spies.

(09:05:33) Haircuuuuut. The boy is being done now. Smaller head, but proportionately about the same amount of hair. #receding.

(09:15:04) Haircut @ Alley Barbers

(09:22:23) @jonBCFC Apparently he's the spitting image :D

(09:32:32) @lucyrboo must take after his mum ;)

(09:33:20) @russbravo Absolutely - Alley Barber's... made all the more ironic since it's moved from the alley to a corner plot.

(09:33:44) @_windrider That must be what it is ;)

(09:34:40) @mostlygeordie Especially since they've now moved out of the alley :D

(09:35:11) @LilythePurr Holy mcpartlin - where did you find that..?!

(09:44:27) @RubyJubilee Off. Definitely. Or bring curtains with you wherever you go..

(09:45:25) Checking Instagram while on hold with Nationwide. I think they have lost me... it's been 15 minutes...

(09:50:47) @fluffysuse Ooh. Hate isn't very good. I would go for dismissive disdain, myself. But I would add that I have no idea what you're on about.

(09:51:07) @fluffysuse Good morning, ppi

(09:52:36) On hold with Nationwide again. Hold music this time. I don't think it's smooth guitar based jazz. I hope it isn't.

(09:56:40) @daisythom It sounds a lot more rattly than it is.

(10:07:31) @daisythom Zany.

(10:11:44) Wow. That's really something: out of two accounts we've attempted to open with Nationwide two have been cocked up. HOW do they get business?

(10:38:46) Just explaining to the boy that the proxy server doesn't have a 99.99% SLA. (That's 53 minutes a year :D)

(10:40:23) @AlexGFox True.

(10:40:39) @SimplyTanny Good grief. That's exciting! :)

(11:02:59) There is a substantial difference between being ruthlessly efficient and efficiently ruthless.

(11:04:30) I am SO in Iceland right now.

(11:16:31) @fluffysuse That is SO nearly a palindrome.

(11:17:43) I have stopped being in Iceland.

(11:52:55) @fridgemagnet2 At least they're consistent. And very, very British.

(11:53:03) @fluffysuse I like to think so.

(11:53:48) I am trying to write a 'how-to' blogpost. However, I can't remember how I did something. This has hampered my progress somewhat.

(12:32:24) RT @lutoncouncil: Lady Godiva's route altered. Not going to Market Square. Coming straight from A6 to enter square by the Galaxy bus stop.

(12:34:46) @Doctoe You have to go to your profile.

(12:35:18) @RobJD @fridgemagnet2 The possibilities are limitless! :)

(12:37:26) @JQP74 That is tasty! :)

(12:38:16) @buschenfeld They seem quite circumspect, though. At least they look up, look down AND look all around. Just a shame it's all so dismal :D

(12:38:36) @thatsjustme0 Better latte than never! :)

(12:38:58) @fridgemagnet2 It's got your mate Jon in it.

(12:41:17) @lutoncouncil Hello :) What time is Lady Godiva expected to arrive at St George's Square, please?

(12:48:49) @iamamro Look at you getting all RT farty ;) x

(12:49:58) @Bunnywoomble Oh goodness... you're like me - a scratch here, a bruise there. I blame living where everything is too close together ;)

(12:50:22) It might well rain. Gosh I'm good at this.

(13:03:35) RT @lutoncouncil: @syzygy Hey, she's expected to arrive around 4pm. We'll tweet if there's a delay for any reason.

(13:03:43) @lutoncouncil Thank you kindly! :)

(13:04:00) @Pewari Phew :) Good to hear your voice again, by the way :)

(14:27:49) Yarnbombing in St George's Square, #Luton @ St Georges Square

(14:35:18) @crabbyknickers Almost everything in Luton needs dangly pompoms ;)

(14:35:46) @davewitchalls Exactly that one! It will be a little more damp here :D

(14:36:23) @smartie999 I like it when you spark a plot :D

(14:36:51) RT @LutonNewsSally: Ho hum, apparently Godiva now has a puncture, she should hopefully be in town about 4.30pm.

(16:05:41) @MissyMWAC :D

(18:04:25) @LilythePurr Wonderful :)

(19:08:58) @LilacNun I'm still speechless that you have a date... I thought you'd have snagged yourself a bloke long long ago.

(20:12:59) @Pewari Oh my. Please boo it!

(20:13:40) @LilacNun Hahaha! Not by Tesco man, then :D

(20:15:12) @LilacNun Best. Mental image. Ever.

(20:15:51) @LilythePurr We woz passin' dem round in da office on Tuesday, innit *sucks in through pursed lips*

(20:17:34) @Pewari Boo or it didn't happen ;)

(20:17:49) @Barlie40 @LilacNun :D :D

(20:28:12) @LilacNun Bieber! *snarfs* I am SO going to get myself a My Little Pony nightie for just such an eventuality. If that makes you feel better.

(20:28:47) @LilythePurr I am leaving it in September. But will be bringing my unique brand of off-the-wall weirdness to a completely new office then.

(20:28:56) @LilythePurr I will bring Wagon Wheels.

(20:29:23) I say: celebrate the @FluffySuse of this world.

(20:29:36) @_forky That's me most nights. It's normal x

(20:34:37) @smartie999 N'night! x

(20:36:50) AdvMAME has been compiling on my @Raspberry_pi for the past 4 hours. At least it hasn't crashed...

(20:37:33) @LutonNewsConnie @LutonNewsSally @LutonNewsSteve LOVELY photo! :) :) Glad to see the rain stopped :) Sad we missed it.

(20:38:05) @thatsjustme0 @smartie999 I shall say goodnight to you, too, Dee.. xxx

(20:38:36) @_forky Yup. Plaese sleep well when you do.. it's just the rest your mind needs x

(20:39:13) Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Because the night has a thousand 'i's.

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(04:59:47) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Good morning fine #Lutonians. Midweek yay!

(05:02:21) @Zararugosa Good morning :)

(05:03:57) @brennig Oh my goodness... that's really awful! :/ I hope it's not as bad as you fear.

(05:05:33) Morning. Coffee and porridge. Oh, and it's August. Crivens.

(05:05:54) @gruppox Morning. August already (but all ready?). What's with that?

(05:06:05) @IPTechShark At this time of the morning?

(05:15:40) @_windrider It's that carb/caffeine hit that really gets my motor running ;)

(05:16:13) @MissyMWAC Uhoh. Shall I call 911? Or is there a lower number for less severe floor-related injuries? 234?

(05:16:43) Right, speaking of which.

(05:24:43) @MissyMWAC I tried to do a handstand once. I need to develop my upper body strength. And my lower body strength. And my self discipline :D

(05:25:18) @Manda_Jones ~Ticks~ all three.

(05:25:42) @Bazmati2020 Amazing!

(05:56:46) I love "Kevin Eldon Will See You Now" - it reminds me of "The Burkiss Way" - high praise indeed :)

(05:58:20) @JQP74 It's quite astonishing, isn't it! Crazy year, too.. so much has happened!

(06:00:43) I had completely forgotten - we get a bank holiday this month, don't we? 27th August. It's all go.

(06:01:30) @AuntieJammy Good morning, Jan :) No complaints from me ;)

(06:02:46) @MissyMWAC Throughout my life, there have been many words to describe me. Lithe has never been one :D

(06:04:19) @Barlie40 Happy August, Jim. A busy month ahead - but I shall throw myself at it with aplomb :) Have a wonderful day!

(06:05:43) @vobes Morning :) That show was wonderfully crafted. They play old episodes out on Radio 4 Extra on occasion (and on iPlayer!)

(06:06:15) @smartie999 Feasting is good :) :)

(06:07:27) @AuntieJammy How are you doing this grey but dry morning?

(06:27:23) @AuntieJammy Me too :) Never moreso!

(06:28:40) @miz_shake68 Morning :) I am sure there will be some later :)

(06:38:19) @fluffysuse Good morning dvla

(06:39:04) @miz_shake68 @smartie999 Outrage! It's a dressing gown :p

(07:16:15) @lucyrboo How are your biscuit crumbs? ;)

(07:17:05) @miz_shake68 Groovy browsing chariot! :)

(09:12:20) @LutonNewsSteve @LutonNewsConnie @LutonNewsSally @LutonCouncil @GavinShuker PLEASE READ THIS: - MAJOR safety concerns.

(09:21:59) @Dappydoris Mornin' Fred :) x

(09:23:05) @LutonOnSunday This makes me angry and seriously concerned: - at Raynham Way Community Centre

(09:37:28) @BitsyVonMuffin @Dappydoris Good morning you crazy apricot ;)

(09:42:39) @Dappydoris Could you do me a dinosaur burger (or similar) Having a gay old time...?

(09:43:21) @BitsyVonMuffin @Dappydoris I knew you'd get it satsuma or later ;)

(09:47:02) @AndreaRauter Oh no! Please feel better soon x

(10:10:24) @BlueMoon_11 Morning you!

(10:23:28) @BlueMoon_11 It's a bit grey here.. on the first of about a million conference calls today. I do think it'll rain here :D

(11:38:51) @lutoncouncil @LutonNewsSteve @LutonNewsConnie @LutonNewsSally @gavinshuker Thank you. It should never have been allowed to happen. :/

(11:40:28) @akrabat Nice boat. And view. Hope you're having a great holiday!

(11:51:24) @claudiahaun Awww :)

(11:54:37) @claudiahaun Thank you, Claudia - some interesting times ahead! Still going down the motorway.. just not quite as far :) x

(11:55:35) @LutonNewsSally What about the reports of human waste in the playpark? This ground is now polluted & I wouldn't let my children play there.

(12:00:17) @zany_zigzag

(13:10:32) @LutonNewsSally I tweeted them.. so far no response. Thought it might make an interesting story. I'm not really happy about it. Bit NIMBY..?

(14:53:42) @gugucachoo Ooh to be ah.

(14:55:06) @IPTechShark If you go to Windows explorer, select the document to embed and CTRL-C, then open Word and do CTRL-V ..?

(16:13:38) @TheEggKing To my secret lair. Where I will amass a legion of henchmen (or minions- haven't decided which) intent on world domination/cake.

(16:14:39) One Raspberry Pi just isn't enough...

(16:15:56) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Happy afternoon :) I have tomorrow off.. bonus! Going to see Lady Godiva ;)

(16:16:30) RT @LutonNewsSteve: Don't forget Godiva Awakes - a ten metre high moving piece of art - is arriving in Luton tomorrow, Market Hill 3.30p ...

(16:17:47) @Dappydoris Fabulous! I know how that feels..! I'm smiling - home time and a day off tomorrow :) x

(16:18:16) @IPTechShark Gah. Sorry..

(16:23:46) @PlainTalkingHR @poots She'll be at Market Square, Luton tomorrow at half-past three :) Hope it is as lovely out as today!

(16:42:43) I like that the Greenline coach drivers have different coloured shirts- it's a bit like Star Trek. White=boss; grey=normal; cyan=dispensible

(17:12:58) @streakmachine Heehee! Gotta have a system :D

(17:13:18) @fridgemagnet2 Good call. Might order another one...

(17:13:47) @stu4art Uhoh... I haven't seen him before :/

(17:14:24) @Tone_720 @stu4art @Syzygy Mr Scott, beam me up.

(17:18:51) @streakmachine Wow! Some people have SUCH ninja skills.

(17:23:36) A painter? A printer? A pointer? Harold Pinter?

(18:10:06) Whuh..? The asymmetric bars are now called the 'uneven bars' ..? What's that all about?

(18:22:56) I am SO going to get a cauldron of chalk for my desk at work.

(18:31:30) @miche Does my head in :D

(18:31:38) @_forky Snickers.

(18:32:42) @mostlygeordie O no! Hope you can rest up!

(19:45:49) @Ariadnes_web Congratulations!

(21:46:28) Noodled. Went to bed. N'night.

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(05:23:44) "..those affected had visited the JFT megadiscount store in Stoke on Trent" - now that's an intriguing way to end the news #iPlayer #NowShow

(05:47:24) I loved @JohnFinnemore's bit on the Now Show Live last night - that was totally me.. I wasn't prepared to be so impressed by the Limpics.

(05:48:10) @brennig Thank you :) It's embryonic at best :)

(05:48:59) @JQP74 Morning John. I'm on my way to work. Damply (but I like it :) Have a fab Tuesday!

(05:55:23) @AuntieJammy Good morning, Jan :) I'm doing OK, thank you. Quite enjoying the cool and damp... I fear I may be the only one :D

(06:06:03) @vobes Morning Mr V :) Hope you had a great day yesterday! I saw your breakfast pic... did the rest of the day carry on in such style?

(06:17:36) @vobes Hahaha! Oh the irony! :) I am sure you're looking great - bet Harriet was a great help! (Is Harriet on Twitter?)

(06:58:35) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Thank you :) it is going to be busy.. :/

(06:59:04) @vobes Fair enough :)

(07:30:44) Well. Work. It is definitely time to make a list.

(07:31:07) @LilythePurr So am I :)

(07:32:46) @LilythePurr Makes life a LOT happier :)

(07:34:02) @simon_toon A night-owl to be sure! :)

(07:35:52) @Tactless_Claire @ArchAngel_One Surely not rejected..?

(09:57:24) I seem to spend an increasing amount of time unsubscribing from marketing emails. I have a sense I'm just wasting my time..

(09:59:03) @emmathegardener I am SO tempted to put a dialogue on the top of my website that says "If you like biscuits, click here"

(12:18:53) @fridgemagnet2 It's the 'tache that does it.

(12:51:00) @mostlygeordie Purple?

(12:51:12) @Ariadnes_web That is gorgeous :)

(12:54:55) @Ariadnes_web A sensory experience.. I'm not sure I'd be able to leave! :)

(12:55:07) @mostlygeordie Yeah. A lovely, radiant, warm and pretty pink.

(12:55:30) I think I need something to eat. It's been a bit of a morning. And a substantial amount of afternoon.

(13:08:07) For some reason my boss found my lunch really amusing.

(14:20:13) @mostlygeordie @TheEggKing @DingoJack I have simple tastes. And there are no fish finger preparation facilities here #tragedy

(16:01:24) @biscuitnose Take her out to the back garden and hoser her down.. :D

(16:01:58) Right. That was a day, to be sure. Apparently there's another one tomorrow. It might have meetings in. Hometime now, though yeah.

(16:34:13) @TheEggKing @mostlygeordie @dingojack One of the microwaves on lower ground nearly caught on fire. Imagine damage that a grill could wreak!

(16:35:58) Wow. Looking at @TheEggKing's rather sporadic tweets (hello!) I find it hard to absorb that the London riots were a year ago already!

(16:36:41) @mostlygeordie Hurrah :)

(16:43:10) @mostlygeordie oh my heavens. I can completely understand your caution - and your relief x

(16:43:50) @TheEggKing For me it's a bit of a time vacuum.. and a social life(!)

(16:50:16) @corrie_corfield I never could do any of that, and always wished I could muster more than an awkward headstand... except in a swimming pool.

(17:44:55) Well, today has been a tough day. But eyes on the future, both near and far.

(17:46:40) @mostlygeordie Buy focals!

(17:57:47) @_windrider I'm a born optometrist ;)

(18:33:25) @lucyrboo I do hope you have a hoover! :D

(18:33:51) @LilythePurr Is it Rudimental? :D

(18:53:07) @LilythePurr what was it, out of interest?

(18:56:35) @Sk287 @lesboggia You could put it like this: I am unable to relocate to Salford... London simply doesn't measure up. I will miss you x

(19:19:52) @cloudexplosion Thanks, sis :) x

(19:54:24) Tinkering in the studio while finally getting round to playing @RedBoxMusic's "The Circle & The Square" LP. Wonderful. LOVE. A time gone by.

(19:57:22) Note to self: don't wire VGA cables next to audio cables. Makes a horrible noise.

(20:00:08) @_forky @redboxmusic HUZZAH! I'm the proud owner of The Circle & The Square and Motive on vinyl. I love the smell of my record collection! x

(20:00:40) @brennig Exciting times, sir, certainly. And thank you for your fine email.. will be chasing it up in good time!

(20:02:02) Follow limit BOO. Because my following + followers = 2000. That's just crazy.

(20:02:28) @_forky @redboxmusic PS this will be a GOOD wedding :)

(20:26:01) @BeachHut81 @Bluesky107 No idea what's going on there :D

(20:26:17) @poots Thank you, my love x

(20:30:26) @BeachHut81 Hahaahahaah! No chance I could be that, I'm afraid :D I will find out - thank you! :)

(20:32:26) Ooh. Not so much of a fan of the Orange Crabbies. A bit too sweet for me.

(20:33:34) I'm supposed to be doing paperwork. I keep getting distracted by Twitter. Please stop being so both amazing and great.

(20:43:58) @Bluesky107 @BeachHut81 It's bonkers.. they say it's if I follow 2000 people, but I'm only following 782.. they've added it together :/

(21:00:40) @brennig N'night! x

(21:00:57) @mostlygeordie @stewkulele Ooh.. this sounds like a good trend to start ;)

(21:01:28) @vobes My great pleasure. Haven't had the chance to dip into the Amazon book list yet.. soon! (Are you OK with second hand books?)

(21:02:10) @errolin Len is short for Lentil.

(21:05:02) @vobes Splendid :)

(21:26:02) @washmysocks night!

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