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(07:47:10) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Good morning :) A peaceful Monday so far... hope it carries on that way!

(08:48:32) My dear sister @cloudexplosion sent me this under a Facebook. It is a lovely bit of unhinged folk: http://t.co/JaG1Y3DL #inspiration

(08:49:42) RT @RonnieBarko: Discovered this weekend it's impossible to inflate an airbed with a foot pump without looking like you're in Dexy's Mid ...

(08:51:20) RT @nickgreenphotog: @BritishTechMac @tioaboa @AlexGFox @eriklanigan @syzygy @EwenRankin Enjoying the shows; bit like a Dad`s Army versi ...

(09:05:10) @PaulEdwards_ @vobes @lloydbayley @spbrown @stu4art @striderpaul @LilyShambles @lone_locust And the very same to you :) Happy week!

(09:59:58) @vobes A very happy birthday to you from me, too!

(10:02:25) @stu4art I'm not - in fact I'm trying to stay out of London as much as possible :D Anything you want from the venues?

(10:42:47) The youngsters are perplexed because when they do internet speed tests at the same time on their iPod Touches they give different values.

(10:43:07) @IPTechShark They are ingenious:)

(10:44:58) @Ariadnes_web Not that. It's your house and presumably you are paying for the service. Call it "giving them an opportunity to improve" ;)

(14:42:46) Bit of the ol' diving on the telly. I am going to go to the dentist. It's kind-of similar.

(20:36:17) All this Olympic sporting expertise just serves to indicate the vapidity of celebrity culture. These people can actually ~do~ something.

(20:42:51) It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's a blog nonetheless.. what I'm doing (or not!) with my Raspberry Pi: http://t.co/Fa64c83q

(20:47:44) @fridgemagnet2 What's actually running on that? LAMP? Shoutcast? OASPlayout? ;)

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(06:28:34) @Ariadnes_web *hug* Your head will lead your heart x

(06:29:06) @Dappydoris Morning. Bliminy! :D

(06:29:57) @PaulEdwards_ Morning. Angles?

(06:30:05) @thatsjustme0 Morning you :) x

(06:30:14) @smartie999 Morning, and happy non-weekend (I think)

(06:30:25) @Zararugosa Good morning :)

(06:30:42) @AndreaRauter morning, lovely! :)x

(06:31:42) Morning. Just watched the last 'Twenty Twelve'. Quite amusing. Right.. to work. Those computer keys aren't going to bash themselves, y'know.

(07:00:52) @thatsjustme0 Last day until.. er.. Tuesday ;) Have a wonderful Sunday! x

(07:01:14) @stevenaybour iType (from a long way away ;)

(07:02:08) @Barlie40 Good morning kind Mr Jim. Not too bad for a work Sunday - hopin to get lots done! Have a fantastic day, too :)

(07:02:41) @smartie999 Oh dear. I don't do 'serious' :D

(07:03:08) @ian262 Oh yes (anything for more Olivia on my telly :)

(07:03:44) @washmysocks Morning Barbara :) Thank you - if all goes to plan today, it will be hard work, but useful :)

(07:04:04) @washmysocks I wish you a splendid Sunday :)

(07:05:08) @Lindylooloo @Bazmati2020 @PlainTalkingHR @poots @wkdstepmother Happy Sunday, fab people. That came out as 'Sinday' but we are well-behaved!

(07:05:43) @thatsjustme0 It's only 8am.. still early yet. Have you had a cuppa brought to you?

(07:06:00) @leica0000 Yarp. Mornin'

(07:10:58) @thatsjustme0 You need a butler ;)

(07:14:40) @leica0000 Specialist cover.

(07:21:36) @LilythePurr Barely enough guards for the Queen. Sentry frugal.

(07:22:46) It's amazing to hear how good pelicans are at riding bikes.

(07:24:09) @thatsjustme0 I can just see him, tidy-suited, standing over you. "Ma'am, I urge you to rise. Please don't make me use the coal shovel.." ;)

(07:25:02) @brennig Naughty man! ~applauds~

(07:37:14) @vobes @lloydbayley Morning/evening :)

(07:37:58) @vobes Utterly brilliant Naked Guzzler with Harriart yesterday - you guys have such a rapport :)

(07:54:17) @Leafybear Good morning. Hope you get a good rise out of it ;)

(07:56:07) @vobes Fab :) hope you enjoy your trip to to the beacons - I posted your card yesterday.. sorry if it's a little late..

(07:57:50) @effieoffie I never even sleep ;)

(08:05:33) @vobes I try, but I'm not very reliable :D

(08:08:28) @fluffysuse Good morning DIY

(08:08:54) @AuntieJammy @kingfamily Good morning lovely people - enjoy the day!

(08:09:30) @miz_shake68 Morning! Maybe @JQP74 is getting his beauty sleep #doesnotneedit ;)

(08:10:46) @repurposedmind That's exactly what I do when my kids are unwell. I am a rubbish Dad :D

(08:24:05) @thatsjustme0 Yup.

(08:24:24) Well, that wasn't the best start to the working day.

(08:29:53) @leica0000 Bit of a database wibble in Manchester. Got the emails as I was walking in. Sending the logs off. All good :)

(08:30:31) @AuntieJammy @chrishughes664 I'm all tired out.. but in the office, and there is coffee here :D Have a good day! x

(08:32:49) @thatsjustme0 Keeps me busy and out of trouble (in theory ;) x

(09:16:35) @leica0000 Just delays.. all good :)

(10:12:32) @lloydbayley Hope you're feeling much more perky soon, sir! :)

(10:14:26) @lloydbayley Happens to the best of us (and me!) - from your RRs you have a lot going on and plenty to keep track of!

(10:16:46) @lloydbayley I hope it does.. works miracles! :)

(10:17:14) @lloydbayley PS LOVED hearing the crackling fire.. makes me long for wintertime (seriously!) :D

(10:19:12) @LilyThePurr

(10:24:46) @pj_kent Great pic!

(12:21:39) @HowDoYouSolve @LilacNun Ohhhhh. THAT'S why it's called 50 Shades of Grey. Because he's called Mr Grey. Thank goodness he's not Mr Brown.

(12:22:28) Someone has just put go karting (or something) on the telly. It sounds like trapped mosquitos. Or do I mean mojitos? Or wasps.

(12:31:50) It's good to have a clearout.

(13:23:23) @thatsjustme0 Heehee.. I would be hard pushed to resist having a rummage! :D

(13:23:44) @sarahjaneuk I think it would be safer not to ;)

(16:20:02) Right. All nice & tidy in the store room. Any more weekends and I won't be able to ask for a Stores Bird (only about 2 people will get that)

(16:20:13) Heading home. It's gone a bit damp, I think.

(17:18:22) @smartie999 yehplease. I have been lifting and shifting today. Good for me x

(17:45:05) Stopped raining for a bit... http://t.co/uMNDRjTZ

(17:47:40) @brennig Cake. It's almost always cake. Or one of @Tactless_Claire's yorkshires ;)

(17:56:27) @brennig That sounds miraculous! :) :)

(17:58:44) Double rainbow over Luton Airport http://t.co/devZb90Y

(18:01:48) @LilythePurr Thank you :) All time favourite natural phenomenon, that. (Jedward doesn't count).

(18:08:58) @jo_whit yeeaaaaaahhh :D

(18:48:35) @Matildamouse Thank you :) :)

(18:58:05) Preparing to raise a glass in honour of @GHOGIT, whose birthday it is today. And an apple. http://t.co/a3xwp9Rh

(19:01:16) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter I believe BBC HD will be phased out in favour of something else since it was originally the BBC's only HD channel.

(19:15:03) @smartie999 wow! That is a GOOD surprise! :)

(19:16:48) @thatsjustme0 Are you a Scropio? Me too!

(19:18:31) @thatsjustme0 21st nov, me - you?

(19:19:24) @riggwelter @fiverscarrot If the spectrum is available for it, certainly. We have come a long way even in the past ten years..!

(19:20:43) RT @PeopleIKnow: I didn't know that Portal was an Olympic event? http://t.co/77wJFxrw

(19:21:34) @smartie999 not sure I do. Do they make beer there..?

(19:22:05) @thatsjustme0 You're a couple of weeks older than me, then ;)

(19:39:06) There is Lewis on the TiVo. It's only right. #SundayEvening

(19:41:42) @LilacNun Is this something to do with the swimming?

(19:43:02) @megpickard @dansumption Not on my timeline :)

(19:44:45) @kingfamily I find it just such a faff to package up and post things.. can I subcontract it to you for a cut of the winnings? ;)

(19:48:48) @LilacNun I'm sure you can do better than that ;)

(19:49:55) @kingfamily ~sigh~ The internet, eh?

(19:51:20) @kingfamily A busy but pleasant enough workday, thank you :) Nice to curl up in front of the telly ;)

(19:53:32) @LilacNun Ha! And I had the chicken plucked and ready, too ;)

(19:54:13) @PlainTalkingHR Ahh no - I've barely watched a handful.. :D

(19:58:40) In this episode of Lewis, Hathaway has had his Gibson SG guitar stolen. The actor plays gutted SO believably.

(20:03:08) @LilyShambles Me neither... I am inept.

(20:04:47) @Tactless_Claire I like you.

(20:06:37) @LilyShambles Better than Bruges.

(20:13:05) @LilyShambles I went to Brussels once, for about 45 minutes. I didn't take to it.

(20:14:17) @trevypoos When you say 'do it' dare I ask what..? If it's talking, absolutely - happy to :)

(20:14:44) @Tactless_Claire Not at all. You speak from the heart.

(20:16:55) @trevypoos PS never saw Morse..

(20:38:01) @ms_howard Singing "Do your ears hang low?" to the tune of the French national anthem helps, I understand. #onesongtothetuneofanother

(21:01:38) @ms_howard That would be appropriate :)

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(05:18:33) Good morning. I love the peace and cool of this time of day - quite weird being awake so early on a Saturday, though...

(05:21:19) @AndreaRauter Morning early bird. On a Saturday as well! :D

(05:21:47) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning, Bina. Up early for a Saturday!

(05:22:03) @JQP74 Morning, John. Way early for a weekend..!

(05:22:34) @vobes Morning Mr V :)

(05:25:19) @paulums Heh. Only ever happens if I'm working.. I'm a lazy lay-a-bed the rest of the time. Need to train the children to make me coffee :D

(05:25:59) Right. Better head up the hill. Until, then..

(05:28:11) @JQP74 Yup.. for me, too. Quite a short day, though :) Have a good one too!

(06:14:42) @PlainTalkingHR Quite right too!

(07:58:50) After the initial flurry of noise in the office as the loud-voiced supervisor scouses at his team, it is quieter now. Time for coffee.

(08:08:00) Watching the opening ceremony as I work. Absolutely epic opening cinematics. The sort of thing I would love to make, given the time.

(08:08:28) The rest is a bit twee. Tear-jerking stuff nonetheless.

(08:52:59) @miz_shake68 Good morning, Kate :)

(08:53:42) @lloydbayley I am.. thought I ought to watch it, since I helped paid for it ;) Thank you - a moment caught. Not sure @Vobes was impressed!

(08:53:58) @cloudexplosion I'm at the Mr Bean bit now.. Beth found it highly amusing :D

(09:02:59) @cloudexplosion Funnily enough, my favourite bits so far I saw live.. Mr Bean, and the speedboat was just so BEAUTIFULLY shot :)

(09:05:48) @lloydbayley @Vobes *sigh*

(09:26:58) @vobes Mornin' Mr V :) Noisy NE yesterday! Hope the only grinding this weekend is coffee! :)

(09:27:47) I love the wind turbines outside the Limpic stadium.

(09:29:24) @Kittybliss *applauds*

(09:46:08) @Kittybliss What troubles me is that there are quite a few people in the US who also think that way. I hope the free-thinkers prevail!

(09:47:46) @_windrider I like it. However, it ain't pretty ;)

(09:48:06) @donmcallister Happy birthday, Don! Treat yourself ;)

(09:48:25) @AnnMarieCFoster Utterly amazing looking piece of engineering :)

(09:51:06) I'm not sure how BBC Three AND CBBC/CBeebies can be on air at the same time. I though they shared a broadcast slot. I'm SO out of date.

(09:52:37) @fluffysuse Especially if you propel them out through the roof.

(09:54:37) @Tone_720 Yeah.. I guess as much. I should read up on such things before tweeting :D If I find out, i'll be sure to let you know! :D

(09:54:44) @fluffysuse BIG hug from me. And a tiler.

(09:55:38) @Kittybliss True. It's somewhat parochial and separatist - we are fortunate that there just ain't enough space here for much of that :D

(09:59:57) New TV show idea: @AideanBurleyMP and Mitt Romney go on telly to see how many people they can both annoy. Winner gets pinged into space.

(10:31:15) @GreavsieE17 Ahhh ;) Thanks for the tip!

(10:31:18) RT @GreavsieE17: @syzygy Clever work by our always-brilliant colleagues in Distribution. Hint: try watching BBC Parliament.

(10:31:30) @_windrider Heh.. yup!

(10:34:38) @summerhaze I caught a glimpse of them on the coverage of the opening ceremony. They're by "Quiet Revolution" - http://t.co/nr99SVf5 xx

(10:34:49) @Matildamouse Heh. Yup! x

(10:35:50) Other contestants will include Piers Morgan, Louise Mensch and Richard LittleJohn. Oh and Kay Burley. #pingintospace

(10:37:15) @danvesma I hope they were typos. Otherwise I have no idea what you are on about.

(10:58:33) Happy (belated) anniversary to @akrabat and @Pewari for yesterday! :)

(11:16:56) Stopping on the stairs to look out of the window @ BBC Broadcasting House http://t.co/QmAbooc4

(12:41:29) epic lift journeys of my life #1 - 5th floor http://t.co/4k4PSJJW

(12:57:57) @Wymroyal Thank you :) I have not spent more than a few moments there in all the time I have worked here.. such a shame :/

(13:02:04) I honestly can't decide whether or not I want my photo taken with while holding an Olympic Torch.

(13:09:59) Wow! #Luton and Dunstable now feature on @walkitcom -

(13:13:55) @katchooon In a cycle race it's where all the cyclists bunch up to get the best slipstream.

(14:08:08) @thatsjustme0 Not toilets :p It was taken from the arch of the horsehoe.. on.. I think the 3rd floor: http://t.co/ZBMRZ76T

(14:09:33) @fridgemagnet2 The cast list is growing :D #pingintospace

(14:17:33) Yesterday I found a piece of paper with petrol prices writen on one side and someone's name, bank account number and sort code on the other.

(14:17:56) That's a really silly thing to leave lying around, right? (The bank details, not the petrol prices)

(14:18:41) @ian262 Next to an ENORMOUS road cone.

(14:19:31) @effieoffie People are odd. What did you do with it? Does one ring the number on the back..? (or the number on the front? :D) x

(14:19:59) Right. Coffee. In honour of @MissyMWAC who is my coffee hero.

(14:27:33) Time for a mug of the good stuff... plenty in the pot! http://t.co/rzEnYN1R

(14:35:31) @Wildheart_Baby It's the only way they'll learn.

(14:35:53) @effieoffie We are the honest few :) (I shall shred this piece of paper) x

(14:36:18) @YPLAC @rsdb52 There appears to be a finger parked in the next bay.

(14:41:11) Is David Coleman still going? Or do they all just sound like him these days?

(14:48:56) @MissyMWAC Palpitating :D

(14:53:02) @RobJD :) Thanks for the encouragement, bro. I shall see if I can steal one now.

(14:53:19) I do believe I have been good today, so I shall leave 6 minutes early.

(15:01:08) @effieoffie Me too :)

(15:19:40) Waiting for my stretch limo. Which is departing from here. A minute ago. Makes no sense. Weekend travel is rubbish.

(15:30:40) It's confirmed - the Greenline 757 coaches are running to a completely random timetable. Must remember to get off at Finchley Road. For fun.

(15:34:33) @streakmachine There's a lot more daylight where you are - need to spread the buses around eh? :)

(18:00:55) Me: "I love you my boy." Chris: "Software update!" #Sheldon

(20:07:09) @sarahjaneuk @MissyMWAC That as well. Queen of All Breakfast Products.

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(05:16:07) Oh fabulous - a double-bill of excellent comedy from yesterday's #Radio4 #iPlayer - Fags Mags & Bags and Alice's Wonderlund. YEAH!

(05:19:59) @vobes @lloydbayley At this time of the morning? :D Mornin'

(05:29:45) @JQP74 Mornin' handsome man. Friday eh? :D

(05:29:53) @125f8 Mornin' :)

(05:30:04) Time to hurtle. Up the hill yeah.

(05:41:17) Urban Cookie was a hard act to follow... not sure this battered silver Micra has a hope.. http://t.co/IP9QFBoH

(05:58:57) @Barlie40 @AuntieJammy @bigbelbess @custardtop @ragdolllou @wilbunny @charbhardy @gemmak500 @PAULinIDLE @chrishughes664 Morning, fine folk!

(05:59:24) @stevenaybour With no problems. Apart from getting a bit out of puff.

(06:00:34) @JQP74 I sort-of have a Friday feeling.. although I'm working this weekend :D

(06:02:50) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 happy Manchestering :) I'm not up there until August... :D

(06:04:04) @AuntieJammy Morning, dear Jan. I'm a bit tired, but I think I will survive the day :) How are you..?

(06:07:19) RT @SoreenHQ: Morning all! We're closing the comp today. RT&follow for a chance to win Soreen trainers & bag. #SoreenSummerOfSpo ...

(06:10:26) ...because I have always wanted trainers made out of malt loaf... @SoreenHQ: RT&follow for a chance to win: http://t.co/KB4culdd

(06:13:46) There's a van puffing out masses of smoke on the southbound #M1 between j9 & j8 - on the hard shoulder but people changing lanes to avoid..

(06:14:34) @washmysocks And the very same to you (although it's a little overcast here in south Hertfordshire)

(06:16:46) Holy crap.. there is ANOTHER car on fire southbound on the #M1 just south of j6a. What is going on..? Is this an Olympic Torch thing..?

(06:24:29) The opening round of this week's @PodQuiz is heartwrenchingly sad. Fat American men shouting over perfectly reasonable bits of pop music.

(06:27:29) @davewitchalls Bring marshmallows.

(06:28:46) @LilythePurr ZOINK!

(06:29:06) @thatsjustme0 Morning x

(06:29:41) Exchanging work emails at 7am.. that's not right, is it..?

(06:35:51) @thatsjustme0 And I check my work emails before I go to sleep. Dedication or obsession..? :/ x

(06:37:21) Despite roadside fires, the stretch limo is fair hurtling into London - I suspect people are avoiding the roads round here for a few weeks..

(06:38:22) @dansumption What's happening at 8.12am..?

(06:40:20) @LilacNun Hurrah! Better legs than ever before..?

(06:40:45) @poots I'm praying so.. And for you, too x

(06:41:59) RT @BBCNews: Big Ben to lead chimes across England for 3 minutes from 08:12 BST to celebrate #London2012. http://t.co/KELUZVRo #Allthebells

(06:46:21) @EwenRankin Quite frightening..

(06:46:33) @dansumption Thank you :)

(06:50:09) @paul_steele Morning :) And the same to you :)

(06:50:52) @WhimsicalWife http://t.co/KELUZVRo

(06:52:00) @paul_steele It's going, at least. Like a rabbit at a greyhound track :D

(07:24:00) @LilacNun HURRAH! :) and a small boo.

(07:24:36) Audioboo: All The Bells around BH at 08:12 on @audioboo http://t.co/mDocO1xz via @Audioboo

(07:32:09) @vobes I was there.. thought I might as well record it. I challenge you to record your next door neighbour for 3 minutes ;)

(07:36:30) @LilythePurr Thank you :)

(07:40:51) @GardenCity_Mark It kind of made me feel like I was in a Pink Floyd song.

(07:45:10) @lloydbayley Ello. Heard your RR abut running out of green smokes.. not sure what to suggest. I would always go for the healthy option..

(07:50:20) No, autocorrect, I do believe I meant to write 'kicking arse'. Turning the 'k' into an 'l' completely changes the meaning.

(08:08:25) @vobes I shall empty the paddling pool especially ;)

(08:09:34) @vobes If you could get Georgie to pop out for a quick sunbathe that would be a bonus ;)

(08:10:24) @Wymroyal There is a lot of pocket-lining going on over these Olympics. And a lot of volunteers doing it for love. Who do I respect more? :)

(08:20:23) @vobes That didn't come out quite as intended :D

(08:20:48) @davewitchalls I hope your drive to work was free of conflagrations.

(08:21:51) I have just sent an email about the overuse of the word 'crashes'. It is the IT equivalent of the word 'nice'. Please don't use it.

(08:22:35) @fluffysuse You're adequate. (via my fingers and sense of mediocre affection)

(08:24:02) @alicearnold1 @gaeliccara You really need to get those legs seen to. I think you've got rickets.

(09:31:50) @cloudexplosion HAHAHAHA! You have kept SO much old stuff! Quite a lot of mine is in the loft.. wow, though! :D

(09:33:18) A colleague (from the 'other' team), when I asked him how he wanted his tea, responded "normal". NORMAL? What..? (milk no sugar apparently)

(09:35:14) @cloudexplosion If you have the space PLEASE keep it!

(09:35:42) @cloudexplosion I have a collection of very fuzzy Caeser jingles. And, I think, some recordings of Clare P calling him. And Adrian John.

(09:36:07) @cloudexplosion Speaking of whom...!

(09:36:32) @lloydbayley The fact that I had subsequently to ask entirely nullified the response. Quite amusing :D

(09:36:48) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 You too! x #FF

(10:01:33) @Sk287 I was referring to those known as 'VEP'. Very Enigmatic People. The north crew are hot rockin'. Innit.

(10:02:21) Dear @AliceLowe I love you and your weird. Ness. Please release the 'Jason' dubstep theme as a single. I would buy it. Or make it available!

(11:05:42) @alicelowe Thank YOU for being fab and brilliant (and for tweeting back :) Made my day. Plan J!

(11:33:47) @_windrider This is turning out to be an epic task! I'm not sure the world is ready for internet delivered OSes yet...

(11:35:15) RT @emmagohara: @lutoncouncil please be aware travellers have parked up at Raynham way community centre. Locals cannot use the field, pa ...

(13:22:12) RT @govindajeggy: Apparently in The States, "Fanny" actually means "Mitt Romney"

(15:48:45) @PontoonDock It's quite dark, but I love the fact it's not 'normal'...

(15:56:33) @PontoonDock I did.. there was only one, wasn't there..?

(15:57:12) @vobes Splendid :) [I'm not really much of a telly watcher either.. I spend FAR too much time on Twitter, though :D]

(15:57:23) I think I might just escape. I never got my coffee.

(15:59:14) @repurposedmind Of course! How do you like it?

(16:14:47) @repurposedmind I'm not entirely sure what all those words mean. From which coffee emporium would I buy one of those bad boys?

(16:45:39) @repurposedmind I'll avail myself of one tomorrow, see what it's like. If you're anywhere near Oxford Circus I'll have one ready for you ;)

(16:49:45) @thatsjustme0 This looks good: https://t.co/nues7GcP - had a good day? /via @warriorgrrl

(16:50:58) @lazyfoodielady @LilacNun I am totally heading Norf. Co-incidence, but hey.

(17:45:53) I'm not a fan of rapping music and sports commentary for much the same reasons. There is too much unnecessary shouting.

(17:52:43) The plane spotters are out in force at Luton Airport- no surprise really, given the amount of planes arriving from all over the world...

(17:56:44) @thatsjustme0 Another bonkers day at work. Heading home now yeah :)

(17:57:40) @imule I imagine so.. it's where the England squad fly from and back to (in short order ;) I believe:)

(18:16:18) @goitsagch I'm quite comfortable with that - it's more roaring.

(18:18:41) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris Kinda pretty. Much like you, Andrea.

(18:21:09) I'm feeling unsettled. I think it might have had something to do with the emails our Lords And Masters sent this afternoon. High pressure.

(18:25:34) @LilacNun Oh shush. You are truly radiant.

(18:40:40) @simon3862 @Barwickgreen @Richard_C I don't do telly, sorry. Just trying to work out who you would be best contacting... not sure.

(20:33:24) In the middle of all this, #FF @fluffysuse

(20:50:49) It would appear @poots is in stitches because of Mr Bean.

(21:03:28) Right. Off to bed. Work in the morning - that doesn't happen very often. Doesn't really feel like a Friday. Night night!

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(06:37:12) @smartie999 V informative! I am sure this will come in handy :)

(06:49:20) Good morning. I love the coolness of the hours after dawn. Starting to warm up now...

(06:49:56) @BritishTech Bonkers if true.

(06:50:50) @mostlygeordie Allreet

(06:51:22) @vobes Morning Mr V - hope the day goes well!

(06:52:41) @JQP74 @smartie999 Morning x

(06:52:59) @johndredge Ned Han.

(06:53:23) @thatsjustme0 Safe drive! Morning x

(07:15:55) @smartie999 Hey.. You're better at picnics :p

(07:17:15) @Barlie40 Morning, Jim. Thank you! Have a glorious Thursday :)

(07:45:21) @fluffysuse Good morning m&s

(07:45:44) @vobes Catharsis through podcasting - it's the future!

(07:45:57) @mostlygeordie GAH! Hypnotherapy is the only answer ;)

(10:43:55) @RobJD I am SO going to build one of them :D Actually, we've not been harassed by ninja squirrels lately.. or at least not seen 'em!

(10:46:42) @mostlygeordie hahaaha! Good point. And all of your tweets are solid gold. That's why I follow you :) x

(10:46:57) Right. Stopping for a moment.

(10:48:40) @trevypoos Could you back off the mic a bit?

(10:51:55) @trevypoos When I was up in Salford the other week, I had to hold my tongue when Marc Riley walked by.. :D

(10:53:38) @thatsjustme0 A break would be nice.. not so big on ice cream. A massive amount of chocolate would be nice ;)

(10:53:45) @mostlygeordie YES! :)

(10:54:01) Is Mitt Romney's first name actually "Mittens"?

(14:13:10) Reading 27b slash 6 is NOT sensible when one is stressed. My emails take a rather strange turn under such circumstances.

(14:13:52) @miche Oh my.. SOLID GOLD Blake's Seven joke.

(14:13:57) RT @miche: Today's horoscope for Scorpio: You're still not as good as the Liberator and you never will be.

(17:16:00) @streakmachine @Kercal @britishtech If the price does, indeed, end up being right...

(17:16:01) @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk I'm not sure the representatives of the Republican party have much of an appreciation of the ways of the British...

(17:16:02) @oliwia_s Hello! And yum :)

(17:16:05) @ajlanghorn Annoying is something of an understatement :)

(17:16:07) @vobes A glass as posh as it sounds! Is it the Orval you've picked this time..?

(17:16:07) @mostlygeordie Not the ideal place to be, then ;)

(17:25:22) I've been reading up about my kiwi fruit allergy: http://t.co/UqATFbzc - an interesting case study in emergent allergens. Gold kiwi: scary.

(17:25:55) @vobes Pröst!

(17:33:21) @miche Worth the wait!

(17:35:01) @LilacNun See a doctor. Could be a spinal thing.

(17:36:01) @Manda_Jones It's that golden combination of air-con gone bonkers and windows that don't open. A hell for the first world...

(17:36:42) @BellesBottom I ate it, sorry. Burped it back now (it gave me terrible wind).

(17:36:50) @thatsjustme0 Both!

(17:37:38) @poots @RobJD As I recall one has to take the whole of the front of the car off. Including windscreen wipers.

(17:56:21) @LilacNun ~hug~ I have a beautiful wife who has a wobbly leg. X

(18:49:35) @poots @RobJD SOMEONE HAS DRAWN ON THE FRONT OF OUR CAR. And cleaned out the.. oh. ;)

(18:50:07) @smartie999 @Dappydoris I only know it's 'orrible being in love when you're eight and a half...

(18:51:17) @jonBCFC Hey, Jon. Yup.. just about to swelter through it..

(20:12:25) @BellesBottom GET IN THE BATH!

(20:25:04) @Zararugosa They are good for you. Roughage.

(20:37:05) @corrie_corfield You can do it! There will be treats at the end*

(20:39:00) @Dappydoris Nuns are scary. Little ones especially. Please don't be a Nun.

(20:39:29) Right. Off to bed after some teeth brushing and unmentionable nose treatments*. Night night.

(20:39:41) @Tactless_Claire @brennig I love you both. x

(20:40:27) @ellewadding I only spotted it towards the end. I don't think you missed much :)

(21:07:30) @fluffysuse MY BIN!

(21:07:43) @fluffysuse Which means ~I~ get to marry him.

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(06:03:51) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @wkdstepmother @Bazmati2020 Good morning. It's still nice and cool at the mo - fine for a hurtle :D Happy Wednesday!

(06:30:17) Morning. First day of the Olympics.. let's see how the traffic is at this time of the morning. Queues at Brent Cross.. but that's normal

(06:44:54) @fridgemagnet2 Hahaha!

(06:45:42) @LilacNun I thought it was your bum? Whatever, get better soon. Knickers.

(06:46:12) @poots Good morning my love x

(06:46:53) @lloydbayley HIGH FIVE! I can't believe how long that's taken - gotta love bureaucracy:)

(06:47:55) @iamamro Funnily enough, the latest @Jamfolder outing (not yet released) features a dial-up modem instrumental solo... love that concept!

(06:48:12) @claw0101 @MissyMWAC Oh you two.

(06:49:19) RT @graeme_mccloy: Actually found this on my car... Too good http://t.co/GNcNL92S

(06:50:38) @Zararugosa Morning :) You clearly needed it :)

(06:51:32) @mostlygeordie Is it that day? Has it started already? I loved that day as a kid.. proper school holiday weirdness :) We played out lots :)

(06:52:09) @akbea boiling hot..? Just off the boil, I hope ;)

(06:54:18) @Bazmati2020 I don't think I'd have a hope if it wasn't for the shade! @PlainTalkingHR @poots @wkdstepmother

(06:58:55) @mostlygeordie Morning lovely! xx

(07:06:36) Just saw a lady selling News International newspapers on the corner of Baker St & Marylebone Rd in direct sunlight. All of this concerns me.

(08:24:26) @poots You'd get no complaints from me. Just the other day I was looking at bosses. Can we put a bus on the roof? http://t.co/U24EuzQO ;)

(08:32:30) @Barwickgreen @poots I support this sentiment. Get better soon, Rupert.

(08:33:01) @mostlygeordie .. seen this?

(08:57:56) @Dappydoris I don't like clothes. Especially in this weather. Smocks for everyone!

(09:08:12) @stu4art Morning :) Catchy is ~always~ good! Have a great day!

(09:09:04) @mostlygeordie Ha! Like I would send you that on a public timeline :p It was a biological society survey - interactive flying any map yeah!

(09:11:49) As I fell alseep last night I came up with a title (of either a prog-rock track or movie) "The Bexhill-on-Sea Murder Raffle" Such potential!

(09:23:46) @Dappydoris That must be you in the white hairband..? (And I apologise if I'm wrong!)

(09:31:16) @Dappydoris not sure I have one of me in a smock but you're on :)

(09:45:24) @poots You look fabulous, my darling. xXx /cc @Barwickgreen

(10:02:59) @cloudexplosion Deck the halls with Bernadette Holly (RIP)

(10:03:41) @PlainTalkingHR I'm blessed that the office is air conditioned :) @poots @wkdstepmother @Bazmati2020

(10:12:19) @LilythePurr How do you know when you've been blocked? Surely unfollowing you is enough? All rather odd (I have no idea who's blocked me :D)

(10:18:04) @mostlygeordie Gosh! I'm explicitly tweeting in a meeting :D

(10:59:23) @Dappydoris Which one's me? I'll give you a clue - it's not Grandad or Uncle Frank (fab blokes both :) http://t.co/gH9b7W6o

(15:45:19) @cloudexplosion Love you sis! x

(15:45:40) I have stopped being in meetings. Nearly ready to go home. One more email to batter, I think. One more.

(15:46:00) @Dappydoris Thank you - it was taken outside Marks & Spencer. Without a smock.

(16:15:53) @Barwickgreen both, naturally :)

(16:16:37) London dot stinky dot info.

(16:36:48) @mostlygeordie Indeed. It's not my feet.

(16:37:55) @vobes I, for one, will miss your shows. But I enjoy connecting with you on Twitter socially and personally and I would be sad if you left.

(16:39:32) This is a warm warm coach. I work on the principle that if there isn't any air conditioning at least the windows should open.. :/

(16:39:55) Did I say coach? I clearly meant 'stretch limo'.

(16:41:53) Blatant heat of evaporation.

(17:14:13) @BellesBottom @LilythePurr Quite, quite perfect ~applauds~

(17:20:25) @vobes Until then, Mr V.

(17:21:05) @thatsjustme0 :) :)

(17:21:49) A beer tonight, I think. Also: where is everybody? The M1 is moderately quiet.

(17:22:05) @mostlygeordie You can do it!

(17:31:28) @BellesBottom @LilythePurr ~puts you in something vaguely resembling the recovery position~ STAYIN' ALIVE STAYIN' ali.. oh.

(17:40:42) @RobJD Hope you're doing OK, bro, and your recovery is swift.

(17:43:54) These Limpic cars get ~everywhere~! @ London Luton Airport (LTN) http://t.co/SIFIPPXJ

(19:03:18) @poots I would hug you but I don't want it to hurt :/ xxx

(19:13:24) Today I put the dishwasher on without having overloaded it. I'm mellowing out in my old age.

(19:14:42) @BlueMoon_11 Heh. YOU know how to live! Hope you're having lots of fun :) xxx

(19:15:03) @vobes HURRAH! :)

(19:15:31) @chchchchelsea Not long enough? No. That's not the right answer is it. Please don't block me. I'm a bloke.

(19:15:57) @Dappydoris Mellower and wiser x

(19:20:02) @chchchchelsea It may well be. It's the weather for having chestal areas (decolletage?), legs and general hair on display. In Luton, anyway!

(19:20:41) @vobes I shall have a beer in solidarity and celebration :)

(19:22:52) @BlueMoon_11 Wow.. now THAT is a holiday :) x

(19:23:04) @RobJD Hope you can keep cool, too :)

(19:23:18) @thatsjustme0 *waves* Hope your evening is going wonderfully :) x

(19:23:32) @gordyjackson Y'know, I think that is where everyone is. EVERYONE.

(19:23:47) @mostlygeordie Did you remember it yet? x

(19:24:10) @MuddyTurnip HELLO! Yes. Greatly.

(19:24:21) Boof. Shower.

(19:32:48) @BellesBottom There will be a (4) but it hasn't travelled back to 2012 to annoy you yet.

(19:33:05) @mostlygeordie ~sigh~ x

(19:34:54) @MuddyTurnip Please take it fairly easy on your return to Twitter, dear thing.. can't have you getting all relapsey.

(20:16:23) @JuliaBall I've only ever broken one ;)

(20:33:49) @fluffysuse http://t.co/YdWBVpb5 Here. Have a photo of a half-eaten muffin in front of Sheldon explaining rock paper scissors lizard Spock

(20:40:37) @fluffysuse You are special.

(20:53:52) @Brays_Cottage @FrancoisHolt That is the cheeriest lovely photo I have seen today :) You look lovely, Sarah :)

(20:54:02) @thatsjustme0 ~hug~

(20:54:16) @mostlygeordie Sorry x

(20:54:43) @ms_howard @justliketoby And I bet you wouldn't shriek either ;)

(20:55:30) @BellesBottom You're merely jumping on the.. er.. well, just a wagon.

(20:56:10) @wkdstepmother N'night!

(21:00:14) Covering Wednesday in clingfilm and sticking it in the fridge. Mind, it'll go soggy and get chucked out. Thursday is crispier. Night night!

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(05:50:18) @thatsjustme0 There's a Tuesday around here somewhere. When I find it, I will offer you a slice ;)

(05:51:41) @vobes You and me both, Mr V :) It's all just running about. And traffic jams.

(05:52:13) @lloydbayley @vobes Sport is most fun when one is doing it :)

(05:53:04) @nausea18 One step closer to a recovery - hope you're entirely better soon :)

(05:53:35) @ellewadding Morning. Next thing you know they'll be putting repeats on ;)

(05:54:22) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris Good morning gorgeousnesses. I hope the ten cubic metres directly surrounding you is harmonious and cheery x

(05:55:25) @akrabat USB stick archiving is the future. Remember where you heard it first (even if it turns out to be bobbins ;)

(05:56:20) @JQP74 Morning John :) Yes indeed! Have a lovely day. I will be under a tree keeping cool :D #InMyMind

(05:58:47) @vobes I fully intend to get fitter - the Olympics can inspire that, to be fair :) Have a great day.. I'm heading into London now.. eep!

(05:59:18) @lloydbayley I'd much rather play beach volleyball than watch it ;)

(06:00:41) @leica0000 Gah. I hope your day improves x

(06:04:58) @fluffysuse An upside down 'y' - good morning bff

(06:07:40) Hurrah. My voyage into Tuesday will be saved by a Worlds Apart and a British Tech Missy podcast. Thank you, @MissyMWAC (and @claw0101 ;)

(06:07:54) @leica0000 Splendid!

(06:09:09) It's too early to be yattering into a mobile phone #passiveaggressive #annoyingwomanbehindme

(06:22:38) @miz_shake68 Heh. I didn't really sleep very well and I was hoping for a peaceful doze on the coach - she is STLL going :/

(06:23:00) @washmysocks @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Good morning :)

(07:07:12) Listening to the mighty @VobesShow podcast - always perks me up when he plays one of his music beds.. it's the same as my work ring tone :D

(07:07:36) @AuntieJammy @kingfamily Morning lovely ladies :)

(07:10:01) @mostlygeordie My horoscope: Scorpio. You will damage one of your fingernails trying to get into a crevice. Beware of London boroughs.

(07:11:36) @AuntieJammy @kingfamily I'm doing Ok, ta.. bit of a trek to the office this morning. Not going to get any easier! http://t.co/KcqpI14T

(07:12:31) @kingfamily Thank you :) I am OK, thank you. Hope everything is coming together for you! @AuntieJammy

(07:13:48) @mostlygeordie Gah! I blame Mystic Meg and her boss-eyed predictions in that wispy voice.

(09:51:56) @ThreeUK I guess it wasn't clear that it was the team.. they could have been anyone - actors.. outcasts from Halifax adverts? :D Bless 'em..

(09:52:05) @BlueMoon_11 I can't remember how you take it - sorry!

(11:39:18) I can't believe this video is still up.. Cassetteboy's genius interpretation of Boris's Olympics (expect wrongness)

(11:41:43) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Hello hello hello under blue skies :)

(11:43:53) @dcsparkes What in the wide world of sport is all that..? You OK, Dave?

(11:44:36) @ThreeUK It's lovely that you have such great team spirit. I could never get my colleagues to make a video like that - well done all :) :)

(11:46:28) I'm going to have some noodles in a mug. I will not be stopped.

(11:51:02) @jonBCFC I am striding, mate. STRIDING.

(11:51:15) @_windrider They will get a very nasty shock. VERY.

(11:51:41) @jonBCFC I could make you some? You may need to stride.

(11:54:28) @lloydbayley N'night!

(16:16:29) Hot trousers weather.

(16:23:30) Limpic Lane for extra misery http://t.co/stdYYdG8

(16:44:51) @girlonthenet eBay?

(16:47:03) @AndreaRauter Guten Abend, schöne Dame :)

(16:50:52) @mostlygeordie I only just saw this tweet.. wow.. traumatic! You OK..?

(16:54:44) @fridgemagnet2 Caeser the Geezer..? :D

(16:55:34) @AndreaRauter Had a good day..?

(16:58:58) @AndreaRauter about the same, but with fractionally less nice :D At least the air conditioning was working ;) Heading home now yay!

(17:01:12) Happy birthday, @moyskii! You don't look it! If I was still at work I'd give you a big birthday hug (lucky you;) [thanks, @corrie_corfield!]

(17:35:50) @Tone_720 WIN :)

(17:36:35) @BlueMoon_11 Boo!

(17:38:39) I don't think I have ever made so many noises of exasperation as I have since I began playing SongPop with my (figurative) Fat Fingers. Gah.

(18:04:13) @goitsagch I ran. And triple jumped ;)

(18:14:51) MT @OmarRaza Series 4, Episode 1: "Foam Wizards" will commence THIS Thursday, 6:30pm, BBC Radio 4. - @FagsMagsAndBags is BACK!

(18:39:59) Right. Time for a pleasantly cooling shower. And then perhaps another one.

(18:43:41) Animations at elearning@Luton http://t.co/Y81V86MN - @SuperAlora made this: http://t.co/mjckdZwt and @Nxmee made this: http://t.co/CcweRIh5

(18:51:35) @katchooon I want to work where you work! :D

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(08:48:03) Good morning. A little late, but the important Taking The Children To Summer Activities has taken place and now Monday is happening.

(08:49:03) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother A belated 'good morning'- just warming up for what may well be a busy (and warm) week! :)

(08:49:22) @lloydbayley Greetings :) Hope Monday has treated you well!

(09:04:58) @mostlygeordie ~cries~ I only just got here ;)

(09:05:37) I have made an executive decision: it's too warm for long trousers. #shortsweather #notgoingoutlikethat

(09:17:08) @jonBCFC Greetings :) Hope the sun's shining where you are!

(09:17:44) @AlexGFox I don't know but they sure fit well.. surfeit well.. sur. Oh never mind :D

(09:33:04) @jonBCFC Got antihistamines?

(09:33:41) @cloudexplosion that tweet makes no sense.

(09:36:21) @jonBCFC That's a nice setup-.. what's the microphone for?

(09:38:53) @jonBCFC Fantastic - where can I hear your work? :) I have a little audio setup too - always good to be able to help out friends and family!

(09:43:22) @jonBCFC Now THAT is a hobby! I'll look forward to hearing (and seeing!) your broadcasting skillz :)

(09:49:37) @jonBCFC You're very kind! :) :)

(09:52:52) @cloudexplosion Heh. that is bonkers :D

(11:19:39) @TomAndThat Sure it wasn't a geek? If you actually had a conversation it was ;) It's very likely.. http://t.co/keYExHWb - Apple adaptor: YES

(11:20:32) @iamamro I'm not really one to hate, but there is a lot of misery on the roads due to o*****c g***s lanes.

(11:21:21) @thatsjustme0 It's not far from where I spent a lot of my childhood - near Salisbury (Stonehenge etc) :)

(11:22:37) @dansumption You put ice cream by the strangest of drains.

(11:23:38) @Ariadnes_web Oh dear :/ How about a trip down south..? It's warm warm warm here!

(11:25:05) @amnotfunny @nomoredogs Thoughts and prayers from here too xx

(11:28:22) @smartie999 @ariadnes_web That would be fun! And warm ;)

(11:29:49) @thatsjustme0 Dangerous.. fun.. where to draw the line? ;)

(11:30:03) I like running shell scripts at lunchtime.

(14:33:19) I'm sure @FridgeMagnet2 will be pleased that Caeser the 'Geezer'* is back on the radio http://t.co/i48vKYF3 (*dodgy bloke)

(14:45:27) Haribo is addictive.

(14:45:50) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother Oh I wish! Nope.. full on at work at the moment :)

(14:50:10) @helenduffett Sorry, did you say something..? ;)

(14:50:28) @BlueMoon_11 I think a sit down is due. Kettle's on!

(14:51:01) Right. Tea break over. Back on my head.

(15:48:52) @cloudexplosion I'm afraid so - he's at large again :D @fridgemagnet2

(15:49:15) @streakmachine I nearly ate all of them. NEARLY. Want one? Oh. Where have they all gone?

(15:49:34) @brennig I embrace my inner shellfishness.

(16:57:34) @Sk287 It looks like a biscuit has melted. Is it melted biscuits? I am confused and a bit frightened...

(16:58:13) @JuliaBall How does that work..? :D

(16:59:08) @mostlygeordie Just a normal day in the world of Amanda, then ;) I'm off to do some soldering.

(16:59:41) RT @BritishTech: From 16th June till this weekend, BTN podcasts had 750,000 downloads. Who wants to sponsor us?

(16:59:56) @fluffysuse I feel for your neighbours.

(17:00:46) @Sk287 That's pretty cool ;)

(17:02:15) @rhodri Careful now - one of them may be @Corrie_Corfield :D

(17:02:32) @JuliaBall Good heavens above.. that is pretty cool :D

(17:04:06) @rhodri @corrie_corfield Oh my.

(17:04:43) @corrie_corfield What I just tweeted to @rhodri. But a bit further away.

(17:11:15) @AlexGFox Tell the truth, in terms of podcasting I don't think @claw0101 could keep it up for that long. @MissyMWAC can talk for England ;)

(17:12:55) @ThreeUK Bit awkward-looking

(17:13:21) I keep being able to smell burning rubber. Might be next door cooking, mind.

(17:45:05) @derots Ak! My wellies are on fire!

(17:47:00) @smartie999 You have clearly never followed @fluffususe. I have a Twittercrush on her. She doesn't know it though :D

(17:47:25) @claw0101 @AndersUk @AlexGFox @MissyMWAC Think of Iceland.

(17:55:23) @AlexGFox @claw0101 @AndersUk @MissyMWAC Which quite effectively delays the inevitable in my book.

(17:55:58) @smartie999 Oh I see. But there are SO many!

(18:22:37) @smartie999 n'night!

(21:30:19) Pretty much had enough of my phone playing silly buggers. Time for another factory reset. And that's just for me. Nighty nighty then.

(21:30:32) @sarahjaneuk YAY!

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(00:38:07) @mostlygeordie N'night late thing! x

(00:38:43) Right. That was today. I'm going to see what tomorrow is like. Which is sort of now. Night night!

(00:40:41) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd! Enjoy your Sunday :)

(08:14:37) @mrmzholland I like :)

(08:17:21) Good morning. Another day when it'd be a shame not to be outdoors. Cricket over rickets any day (although I doubt I'll be playing cricket)

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(06:34:13) @fluffysuse Good morning PPI

(06:34:50) @washmysocks Morning :) Curtains still shut here.. I'll be breaking out the sunscreen today!

(06:35:17) @thatsjustme0 Morning :) Another half-hour..?

(06:36:11) @debsylee Hurrah! And may your biscuit barrel be filled with the best of the biccies!

(06:37:15) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) First barbecue of the year for me, by all accounts... it's going to be warm! Enjoy :) @poots

(06:37:43) @AmandaHolmes21 It will be back :) Mornin'!

(06:38:07) @miz_shake68 Morning! Foraging for coffee for me :)

(06:39:00) @JQP74 Morning JQP! Windows open :) :)

(06:40:08) @dt90spt @Pewari @akrabat Morning you lot. Some good news? Yes I hope so too!

(06:40:37) @washmysocks I will have the windows open and gently regard the sunshine from a shady spot ;)

(06:43:54) @ellewadding Why thank you! I'm quite used to spelling it now - which is more than can be said for many other words :D Have a fab weekend!

(06:45:05) @caritas730 Sorry! And thank you for the #FF :) As I drive past Aylesbury today, I shall wave in your general direction :) :)

(06:46:16) @cloudexplosion Cool! It was a bit mad.. shuttle buses took visitors to the place down country roads because the carpark was waterlogged!

(06:47:26) @PlainTalkingHR Heehee! I shouldn't be put in charge of anything :D I will, of course, be assisting, though :) @poots

(06:47:57) @thatsjustme0 I'll give you a poke at 8 :)

(06:48:28) Morning. I might get up. Might.

(06:48:45) @mostlygeordie Good it's a morning x

(06:56:58) @keripip Morning - and happy weekend!

(06:57:48) @mostlygeordie I will do my best to wrestle it into some semblance of order :D Have a good one - will you be getting out of puff..?

(06:58:27) @_windrider There's coffee downstairs.. the temptation is just too strong ;)

(06:59:46) @Dappydoris Woop!

(07:04:42) @keripip I'm pondering opening the windows wide as I tweet :)

(07:04:51) @keripip You too! :)

(07:06:06) @mostlygeordie Not me! I'm no slut :p

(07:06:38) @akrabat My 50mm is just a bit too close up..

(07:09:27) @dt90spt Hope it all went well! :) @EwenRankin

(07:15:22) @EwenRankin What @dt90spt was up to while you were unable to sleep, mate...

(07:15:44) @repurposedmind Lots of fluids, says Doctor Syz. Hope it clears soon x

(07:16:11) @lloydbayley It's not quite warmed up here yet.. I think we might be getting a taste of summer.. I'll send some through the internet! :)

(07:22:38) @Dappydoris My daughter used to do that. No idea how.

(07:23:13) @lloydbayley Perfect! Why not play a rather CPU intensive game until it arrives? ;)

(07:24:53) I have a hankering for fried food. This is NOT a good idea, since I'm going to barbecue later and I kind-of need my arteries. Porridge, then

(07:25:12) @Dappydoris Gladly.

(07:25:35) @washmysocks I can vouch for that. Even moreso being a bit odd-looking :) @JQP74

(07:25:57) @PaulEdwards_ @vobes @spbrown @lloydbayley @beershowjimmy @stu4art JAMYEH!

(07:35:32) @vobes have a fab one!

(07:36:16) @Barlie40 A very good morning, Jim - wishing you a happy and peaceful weekend! @keripip

(07:37:22) @JQP74 You flatter me, sir - I still see myself as an awkward gawky teenager :D @washmysocks

(07:38:20) @PaulEdwards_ Happy birthday Katy :)

(07:39:49) @akrabat I will await your findings with interest - not often I crank down to f1.8, although the extra aperture does make a difference :)

(07:44:20) Breakfast. Resisting the lure of artery clogging - "strawberries - they're nearly fried food" - @poots http://t.co/gWMj5MZX

(07:51:54) @washmysocks It's all the better that @JQP74 has all those attributes :) Good genes ;)

(08:05:34) @emmathegardener That is SO lovely :) Nature is briliant.

(08:06:02) RT @999Response: How many G4S staff does it take to change a lightbulb?

(08:06:28) @emmathegardener And to you! :) Hope you get some good outdoor time! x

(08:38:35) @brennig Ooooh! I would love to hear it if the opportunity arises :) If I can assist in any way please let me know :) (@sparkyannc is, too!)

(09:23:09) @brennig As I understand it, it's "jeo-cashing"

(09:40:49) What Foreigner song does bring to mind..? http://t.co/B4w4SCXw

(09:59:02) It has just been revealed to me that Sheldon's girlfriend in Big Bang Theory used to play Blossom in.. er.. Blossom. #geektastic

(10:06:04) RT @poots: @syzygy She's also a neuroscientist by training and a home educating mum of two.

(10:06:52) @Manda_Jones I put that down as self-expression. All good. Also, I'm allergic to cats *hands back the kitten* ;)

(10:07:18) @brennig HUZZAH! :) Thank you

(10:15:58) @matt They've arrived well early.

(10:16:40) @Lycan33 Very smart woman!

(10:16:52) @drhappymac Oh so close! :D

(10:17:08) @PlainTalkingHR @jonBCFC WINNER! :)

(10:34:45) @leica0000 Coooool :)

(12:53:39) Looks like an incident on the M40 just in front of us.. be there soon, @cloudexplosion http://t.co/FpH5O6Ya

(19:42:36) Gosh, that was a shindig. Home from a barbecue hosted by @CloudExplosion and @Marvin_engl - with @MatidaMouse, @junkmanuk and family! :)

(20:01:25) @caritas730 There was a waterfight, and Rammstein came on the iPod playlist on a number of occasions. It was hootenanny plus chaos! :D

(20:03:02) @JQP74 I am all-too-often roundly beaten by @miz_shake68; she's a merciless but excellent opponent (/cc @crabbyknickers) #wordswithfriends

(20:03:43) Right.. time to hit the studio - it's well overdue.

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(05:14:45) @MissyMWAC Yarn hats!

(05:15:09) @Dappydoris Morning :) Can't quite see it from here...

(05:16:11) @kittykatkent Seagulls..?

(05:16:29) @Zararugosa @AuntieJammy Good morning wonderful people :)

(05:16:53) @TheDizzyMama Morning :) time zooms faster every uear !

(05:17:55) @vobes Morning - safe drive! I'll wave on the M1 as you hurtle up and I hurtle down (look out for a big green coach ;)

(05:18:23) @lloydbayley Pfft :D

(05:19:29) @emsquare_d It's taken you this long..? ;)

(05:20:20) Morning. Sort of. Hard to tell through squinty half-open eyes...

(05:25:18) @emsquare_d The whole thing gives me a 'pit of the stomach' feeling. Working in London doesn't really help...

(05:25:58) @TheDizzyMama I'm bewildered by how fast time goes and I ~still~ don't get enough sleep :D

(05:28:12) @AuntieJammy Manchester is a nice place to be :) As for busy... t'was ever so :D Have a happy Thursday! @Zararugosa

(05:28:34) @kittykatkent Oh lordy. Just as bad.

(05:28:58) @gruppox Amen brother.

(05:47:03) @JQP74 ~yawns~ morning chief! Time to head for work for me... early doors!

(05:48:06) @Dappydoris Skort! (Only because it is a very funny word)

(06:58:14) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning Bina. I'm achey-tired this morning.. But the sun's out and I'm not ~too~ far from work now :) Have a good day!

(06:59:04) @Barlie40 Morning Jim. I hope everything falls into place for you today! @Zararugosa @AuntieJammy

(07:00:18) One of the things I love most about Twitter at this time of the morning is the stories of school preparation and the way children think.. :)

(08:21:38) @gilesbabbidge Totally, mate. I hope you're out and about today! Looks like it's going to be a good'un ;)

(08:21:48) @thatsjustme0 Morning. Me too (on the coach ;)

(08:37:37) @dt90spt Hahaha..! Nice reference in the hashtags!

(08:38:03) @vobes Thanks, Richard. Hope Leeds treats you well!

(10:12:14) @fluffysuse Oh.

(10:13:22) @Dappydoris Tasty!

(10:18:01) RT @poots: Very pleased that @syzygy results are back and his heart is in good health. Just some quirky but harmless odd electrical acti ...

(10:22:13) I have just found two emails that I should've sent earlier still open in other windows. That really sucks. I keep doing that :/

(10:30:29) @AlexGFox @poots I am glad I am TTL-y better. I'm just glad it came to a logical conclusion, and I'm not likely to di(od)e any time soon ;)

(12:38:30) @asininemonkey Thanks, mate :) @poots

(12:38:41) @helenduffett I have to say I'm buzzing :) @poots

(12:38:46) @brennig @poots HURRAH!

(12:38:54) @nedtypeseagoon Indeed - thank you! :)

(12:39:02) @hadenmaiden Thank you :) :) x @poots

(12:46:33) @MissyMWAC Did that work..? Telekinesis is THE BEST.

(13:13:12) @PontoonDock @poots JAMYEH INDEED! :)

(13:14:07) @shellzenner That is a FABULOUS photo of you :)

(13:25:58) @shellzenner Not sure.. last time I didn't get there till nearly 10pm :/ Will be earlier next time for sure.. 14th August, I think..?

(14:30:46) @OmarRaza Mate, rant away. You can't choose your family, but I hope you can try to love them despite that :)

(15:49:20) @linseyt Snap out of it! :D

(16:35:21) @mostlygeordie How long d'ya reckon they will last..?

(16:47:48) RT @iamMUNGRY: HAHAHA This is BRILLIANT! In a Whsmith.. http://t.co/QXSE6Yv9

(16:48:24) @mostlygeordie ~sigh~

(16:49:03) @jennyslate25 @paulwheatley I thought for one moment that was the weirdest football score ever. I can't speak text #oldman

(16:50:02) @LilythePurr I was told that there was a junior joke-writers section too, but they were only kidding.

(18:11:18) @JoFenner Ouchy :/ Any dock leaves nearby?

(18:12:05) RT @sizemore: From this http://t.co/qzVm1rB1 to this http://t.co/fXUFxpPW Looking forward to using Flickr again.

(18:14:00) @Tone_720 But so true in life.

(18:14:19) @billt Is he a terrorist?

(18:24:48) Interesting.. Greenpeace did the 'ArcticReady.com' Shell spoof site.. http://t.co/5BBqm9rX

(18:25:02) @LilacNun Congratulations!

(18:30:05) Right. Better get myself prepared for a BIG show at 8. I am NOT ready. In almost every possible way. Except show prep. Oh yes. Done that.

(19:15:12) @jonBCFC @joanneh234 I do a tech panel show at http://t.co/bXE9HSoD - it is.. interesting :D

(19:18:36) RT @sarahjaneuk: About to start @BritishTechNews Big show w/ @EwenRankin @acedtect @syzygy @ErikLanigan @sarahjaneuk Live at: http://t.c ...

(19:25:47) @joanneh234 Hahaaha... I do a little bit of talking :D I certainly have opinions :D Thank you! x

(20:26:53) @shellzenner If it was anything to do with me you would TOTALLY win.

(20:27:37) Right.. need to go to bed, I think... it's been a fruitloop day, and I will be glad to see the end of it. Which is.. NOW. Night night!

(22:08:48) RT @ngyt_uk: 8-18 yr olds NGYT Luton summer school, 20-22 Aug - musical theatre showcase scenes & songs. DM for more info. Pls RT &a ...

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(05:14:06) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning - at a definitely #Binaish hour :) Midweek yay! @poots

(05:14:54) @Ariadnes_web Oooh damp. Morning :)

(05:16:29) @lloydbayley @vobes Morning both :)

(05:17:32) 06:17 here at the kitchen table. Or at least it would be if I tweeted quicker. Good morning.

(05:24:13) @Ariadnes_web Morning :) It's grey but dry here.. about to let myself loose on the commute. Yes - same building - just massively extended.

(05:44:11) @lloydbayley Slow but steady, thanks Mr Bayley :) Hope you're well! Looking forward to the day's RR :)

(05:44:29) @_windrider Lordy! Hope you're home now :)

(05:44:52) @vobes And you, chief! Lots of meetings for me today. Yay :D

(05:45:12) @linseyt You too! At 6.45 ;)

(05:50:01) @emmathegardener Congratulations on landing a course at the University of Kent :) And thank you for recording an AKG - lovely to hear you!

(05:50:25) @Lycan33 Morning Matt :)

(05:52:03) @SueAtkins Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day - you deserve it :)

(05:54:05) I think @LilacNun needs to have happy birthday said to her. Wouldn't be the first time.

(05:55:55) @Barwickgreen Feel better soon - I'll bring you a cuppa when I get a chance later (between meetings :D)

(05:58:22) Since @ThreeUK saw fit to make all my free texts evaporate, I've started using Kik - I especially like the delivery notification bit.

(05:59:07) @LilacNun Happy thing! How's yer bum? (Upper leg..?)

(05:59:28) @_windrider Glad it was quickly dealt with :)

(06:01:09) @Barlie40 Thanks Jim! I'm feeling the midweek love today :) Hope your day goes really well! (And thank you for @lilacnun's good wishes!)

(06:01:33) @Lycan33 She doesn't look it. @LilacNun

(06:03:51) @AuntieJammy Good morning :) Kik is like a text message app - uses the phone's internet so doesn't cost 15p a go. Others are available.. :)

(06:04:27) @LilacNun Oh heavens. You should insist on being carried around. It's the future.

(06:05:05) @linseyt I hope it goes well! :)

(06:54:56) @AuntieJammy Just trying whatsapp - I like it! Yup.. very similar concept :)

(06:55:15) @Zararugosa Morning :) bit damp then..?

(06:56:10) @LilacNun I think you should summon the Dishy Doctor and inform him of your birthdayitude. He will carry you for sure. Are you tiny..?

(06:56:35) @thatsjustme0 Coffee please :)

(07:01:35) @BitsyVonMuffin Morning cheeky :) I'm sleepy but alive.. you? ;)

(07:11:28) @BitsyVonMuffin @thatsjustme0 I'm not sure it gets better than mid morning muffins ;) xxx

(07:56:29) @miz_shake68 @washmysocks @JQP74 Good morning lovelies. Simples? That's me!

(07:57:05) @emmathegardener Hahaha..! Something to put together at the weekend ;) x

(08:13:22) @JQP74 Absolutely snowed under this morning, mate.. how about you? @miz_shake68 @washmysocks

(08:13:46) @miz_shake68 HELLOO! *waves from desk* @washmysocks @JQP74

(08:14:13) @joanneh234 It's not raining yet ;) There's time - and the Thames cruisers have lids :) I recommend it! @JQP74 @miz_shake68 @washmysocks

(08:16:38) In the spirit of that Rogue Traders guy getting busted for benefit fraud, I have to confess that I fix computers at home.

(08:37:04) @jopijedd HA! If they did, surely the phrase "You're technical..." would not be the kiss of death for any social occasion ;)

(08:44:28) @joanneh234 @JQP74 @miz_shake68 @washmysocks HURRAH indeed :)

(09:55:03) @ThreeUK Hiya. I have raised a case with the @ThreeUKSupport team by email - hoping for a phone call today. Thank you.

(09:55:27) @PlainTalkingHR I'm frantically busy as always - you? @poots

(10:31:08) @gilesbabbidge Heh... the housework was partially completed (LOADS more to do!) .. it'll have to wait now... definitely working :D You well?

(10:37:28) @MooseAllain U R tepid T (Utterly Repugnant)

(10:50:54) Because I love corporate anthems.. http://t.co/jqsXvqEY (skip straigh to the musical irony here: http://t.co/YS24BrvU )

(10:54:29) ...and this really happened..? http://t.co/zzZDJAo7

(12:16:39) @ThreeUKSupport I sent an email to the support centre using a web form on the Three website.. they said they'd call back within 24 hours :/

(13:34:27) @LilythePurr a)

(13:35:59) @LilacNun Oh come on - you are devastatingly quite pretty. Hope you're having a BILLRIANT day!

(13:36:42) @Just_Lee_ @fluffysuse That made me chuckle :D

(13:38:22) @cloudexplosion Sunshine or at least a You've Been Framed moment ;)

(13:38:43) @LilythePurr HUGGGGGS!

(13:39:47) @Dappydoris I was once told (by @Smartie999) that I look like Jamie Carragher (SP?) He has a more jutty jaw. You, however, are gorge.

(13:41:26) @Dappydoris Oh. Oh lordy.

(13:42:25) Well, @LilyShambles worked her magic - we managed a database failure in the end. Now.. what caused it..? Anyone? Anyone? Someone..? :D

(13:50:55) MT @cloudexplosion http://t.co/0BknOnAT --- the definitive version of the G4S Corporate anthem. YEAH.

(13:53:18) @cloudexplosion Oh dear. Best take the legs off ;)

(15:08:05) The beginning of this conference call has been spent trying to think of eponymous hit songs by bands/artists. Big Country, Livin' in a Box..

(16:02:13) @smartie999 Hahahaha! Yes! It's those pixie-like good looks :) @dappydoris

(16:03:02) @_windrider Very good, sir. Jamfolder..?

(16:06:20) I really must stop putting things in my shirt pocket. Yesterday a teaspoon; today Alex's scissors. And a pen. And a Tunnock's teacake.

(16:06:46) That last one was a lie. A Tunnocks is not for stashing.

(16:17:58) @LilacNun In is definitely good. Out is damp. Hope you've had a lovely one so far x

(16:43:21) Sticky and yucky and stretchy limo.

(16:48:42) Looks like they've made good progress on #Raspbian - gonna download it later for my #raspberrypi.. http://t.co/Y2TZRLyN (h/t @robjd)

(16:54:20) @smartie999 You and Björk share a wondrous number of similarities - that's what endears you to me :) @Dappydoris

(16:56:20) @SteveDoherty1 Holy crap.

(16:56:39) @joanneh234 Wow! :) What an interesting day!

(16:59:09) @fleetstreetfox @dansumption Great article :) :)

(16:59:55) RT @fleetstreetfox: Six years in solitary confinement for refusing to pretend he didn't have a willy http://t.co/1OdQZjf1 (via @dansumption)

(17:00:54) @smartie999 Purple - like proper radioactive purple (and it won't go orange this time) and BIG :D @Dappydoris

(17:07:33) @smartie999 I admire him. Under my clothes I am naked in solidarity. And it is only social convention that maintains me this way. Good man.

(17:28:01) @_windrider And a splendid idea :)

(17:28:25) @joanneh234 Heehee! cool! Bring it on :)

(17:40:38) @joanneh234 I may well :)

(17:41:00) Downhill. Slowly.

(19:02:03) @Tactless_Claire I have some love you can have. And a good sit down. X

(19:02:25) @BlueMoon_11 I know that feeling x it will be worth it, though!

(19:06:17) @BlueMoon_11 That would be fun :) Unfortunately my trips to Salford are a bit whirlwind - I will let you know, though :)

(19:06:34) @BlueMoon_11 As for summer.. day trips, mainly :) x

(19:08:19) @dnevin It's a great word but oh so rarely appears in a line on a Scrabble board.. three 'y's are hard to achieve! :) @BaltimoreRotary

(19:12:19) @BlueMoon_11 I come up late Tuesday afternoon and stay over :) Can we invite @smartie999 please..?

(19:12:46) This tweet can not be displayed on your browser.

(19:13:56) @jonBCFC What reply..?

(19:22:10) I want to put the phrase "arbitrary constraints" into a song or speech or something. It may find its way into an email tomorrow. #BestICanDo

(19:23:21) @joanneh234 Go get yourself a Waterloo Sunset x

(19:32:42) @jonBCFC :D

(19:33:42) @joanneh234 If it's not, it blimmin' well should be :)

(19:34:52) @smartie999 Bright pink hair for @BlueMoon_11, I reckin' (who is probably mystified and a bit frightened now if she's not following you :D)

(19:43:07) @jo_whit That is a lovely perspective :)

(19:45:23) @dansumption @OnlyStephan @jenblacker Bit niche...

(19:46:21) @LilythePurr Oh that is lovely. Tailor made for Twitter.

(19:47:06) @Tactless_Claire A kind word costs nothing. Wish I could hug you x

(19:47:40) @smartie999 @bluemoon_11 Always x

(19:49:39) @MissyMWAC Oh you!

(19:52:09) Dear @BlueMoon_11 and @smartie999 - you two may be local to each other (sometimes). There is talk of a tweetup. You are both lovely. Go go!

(19:58:00) @Tactless_Claire It will soon be over. Anything I can do to help..? x

(20:07:28) @Tactless_Claire I would. With pleasure. You are erudite and splendid.

(20:09:14) @linseyt Oh my. That is truly beautiful :) :)

(20:09:22) RT @linseyt: @syzygy twitter imposed an arbitrary constraint on us all - 140 characters' worth ;)

(20:28:56) @_windrider heehee! v good :)

(20:49:25) @MissyMWAC It's a system..? ;)

(20:49:37) @MissyMWAC Also: skort..?

(20:49:49) @artistsmakers Night, Dan :)

(20:53:52) @_windrider @MissyMWAC I have a pair of hords. Corduroys with a hood.

(21:00:09) @BlueMoon_11 Anything good..?

(21:15:16) I wouldn't know anything about that. Goodnight.

(21:30:01) @mostlygeordie Bon nuit ma soeur!

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(05:26:33) @_forky Oh :/ Please get better soon x

(05:27:02) @JQP74 Morning mate :) It's Tuesday - these things happen :D Have a good one!

(05:27:48) Morning. Time to go to work, I think. I don't think I slept very well... coffee, thank goodness. And complex carbohydrates.

(05:30:45) @streakmachine Mornin' chief!

(05:30:58) @_forky ~sigh~ Hope it's on the way out soon!

(05:47:12) @mostlygeordie Proper red jam ones or some of those rather groovy yellow ones (special edition) Morning!

(05:48:06) Going to work the Burkiss Way (although struggling to muster up any dynamic living) #bbciplayer

(07:02:51) @mostlygeordie I prefer the ones with icing - smiley faces..? Have a great day... biccies will be served at 11am - be there! ;) x

(07:03:14) @miz_shake68 Morning morning :) Still a bit early! @JQP74

(07:04:50) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning :) I'm supremely sleepy... bit of a rough night's sleep. But the sun's shining: Vitamin D! @poots @Lindylooloo

(08:10:03) @joanneh234 @washmysocks Good morning, you two :)

(08:14:13) @moyskii I would recommend:

(08:15:29) @joanneh234 Wow! That's just round the corner from me - wish I could come too (I've got my Merlin pass and everything ;) @washmysocks

(08:17:08) @poots Oh NO! :/ That is bobbins. I hope he makes it there eventually.

(08:21:17) @moyskii Makes good sense. I'm going to get a massive Gaggia installed on the window sill ;) #notaeuphemism

(08:21:33) @mostlygeordie *crosses fingers*

(08:24:04) @joanneh234 Heehee :D Unfortunately you are FAR too radiant ever to pass as me ;) @washmysocks

(08:29:44) @joanneh234 :D It's more that I look REALLY tired in my photo :D @washmysocks

(08:34:03) @joanneh234 *blushes* @JQP74

(08:46:58) @j0anne1 Get better soon *offers hugs and chicken soup*

(08:47:22) @Moominstrudel *plays air guitar like Mick Jones*

(11:42:10) @JQP74 You're at work, aren't you?

(11:45:17) @JQP74 Ahhh :D No idea, mate ;)

(11:47:40) @JQP74 @washmysocks It wouldn't happen to be near the City of the Arts and The Sciences in Valencia, Spain, would it? #GoogleGoggles

(11:50:50) @JQP74 @washmysocks ;)

(11:54:46) @mostlygeordie I would help you, but I'm too busy chuckling ;) You should collect all your gold together and sell it ;)

(12:25:42) @LilacNun You are starting to worry me now, dear thing. Please stretch out and take care of yourself x

(12:26:10) I don't know what a Roche Bobois is. I'm going to have something to eat. I do hope it's not a roche bobois.

(13:20:39) @MooseAllain Oh no. Oh very no. I guess with radio mast jokes you can't be light an airy all the time. Airy all.. aerial... oh never mind.

(13:23:01) @MooseAllain If you need more bad radio mast jokes, give me a short wave. I'll have to sort them out, though - they're in dipolar disorder.

(13:26:13) @TomDoohan @MooseAllain I don't suppose we could coax another one out of you?

(13:33:26) @TomDoohan @MooseAllain I have often been praised for transmitting such thoughts - but I like to keep my feet on the ground, plain & simple.

(14:52:44) Absolute nightmare - we're trying to investigate some fairly major faults, but we can't get things to go wrong. The curse of the engineer...

(15:04:38) @LilyShambles Heehee.. Please! :D

(15:04:55) @SimplyTanny If anyone can break it, they can. Although hang on.. we ~do~ want to be able to fix it afterwards :D

(15:05:04) @BecauseUAreHere Heh. *orders one*

(15:05:15) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @poots Morning ish!

(15:08:36) @SimplyTanny I think you are managing to put my predicament into perspective ;) xxx

(15:12:21) @SimplyTanny *growls appreciatively* x

(15:14:54) @iamamro Looks splendid!

(16:18:40) I love it when the smell of an old house spills out onto the street.

(16:19:57) @BlueMoon_11 Wow- that sounds like fun!

(16:21:04) Minicab driver just pulled over and said "Edgeware Road please." to me. I'm really not sure he's got the hang of this.

(16:22:24) @Lycan33 I find myself going back to the office for headphones or a phone more often than I care to admit. I empathise.

(16:23:14) @BlueMoon_11 By all accounts the sun is set for a return :) enjoy!

(16:34:49) @Lycan33 Worth rooting around a drawer for at least one working spare..? :)

(16:59:12) Bumpity ride home - it's driver O'Leary. He's been doing this since long before I started commuting. Possibly even before I was born.

(17:01:27) @LilacNun How's your hurty bits now? Hey, at least you're not involved with the Olympics. #couldbemoremiserable

(17:01:45) @Tactless_Claire Intriguing...

(17:02:30) RT @AndrewBloch: LOCOG won't be very happy when they see this billboard next to the Olympic Village http://t.co/a4rd8VxZ

(17:14:48) @Tactless_Claire I wanna get close to you...

(17:16:21) @Tactless_Claire only on ITV4 (or something)

(17:16:52) RT @fridgemagnet2: #olympictorchrelay outside @dlwp with @eddieizzard http://t.co/lQ1vVh58

(17:17:07) @fridgemagnet2 V V good.

(17:20:26) @LilacNun And quite right too! ~spanks~

(17:22:01) An interview with @EddieIzzard on 5 Live - there is a terrible delay on the call.. to be fair, he is in Bexhill. The delay is 8 years.

(17:30:33) @poots Kinda strange, eh..? Fortunately the evidence is there.. :/

(17:31:20) @nausea18 I hope you get back in them soon. I recommend a shower and a good long drink of water.

(17:38:01) @nausea18 Plah to the internet :|

(17:38:18) @poots Well indeed :D

(18:31:37) @Tone_720 @Jamfolder @_windrider @dt90spt ~A~ hit would be nice :D

(18:32:39) Awaiting the arrival home of the boy. By all accounts today and Thursday are NOT good days to have poor handwriting.. Tue 17th & Thu 19th...

(18:34:54) @lloydbayley I get that. Sleep well when you do, sir.

(18:46:02) @_windrider Too kind, sir :) @dt90spt @Tone_720 @jamfolder

(18:48:33) @BlueMoon_11 The Magic Roundabout..?

(18:48:54) Shower then studio...

(18:52:25) @BlueMoon_11 Sorry :D xx

(19:02:09) No doubt about it... @106jack gives good breakfast. Don't believe me..? http://t.co/1cTNkvpE

(19:06:30) @LilacNun My wife said she was organising a personalised number plate for my birthday - she changed my name by deed poll to CL51MBG..

(19:29:00) @smartie999 N'night xx

(19:35:23) @MissyMWAC @_windrider @dt90spt @jamfolder @tone_720 ................. ............ ..........yes!

(21:32:31) I am SO going to bed right now, you would be surprised I'm not there already. I am. Sort of. In my MIND. night night.

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(06:43:52) Morning. Barely moving... I would ask someone to give me a shove but my children would, willingly: D

(06:53:15) @thatsjustme0 Waaaah! ~flies out of bed~

(06:53:39) @washmysocks I'm not terribly good at getting out of bed... :D

(06:58:26) @washmysocks ...which explains why old people get up so early :D

(06:59:05) @Barlie40 Morning :) It's a service they provide free of charge :)

(06:59:36) @crabbyknickers ~perks up immediately (sort-of)

(06:59:48) @washmysocks :D

(07:00:10) @washmysocks Part of me is still a teenager, I'm afraid :D

(07:02:03) @LilacNun I thought I was having a tough morning!

(07:03:06) Lenni is singing "I know everything..." to the tune of a certain song from Annie. She is unwittingly hilarious.

(07:04:29) @LilacNun Well indeed :)

(07:05:39) @virginmedia a round is one slice of bread, toasted and cut. But rectangle or triangle..?

(07:07:34) @crabbyknickers Thank you for reminding me - family dentist visit in a couple of weeks.. completely forgot! Also.. I love the supermarket!

(07:49:37) @JQP74 Morning, handsome devil :) Take a good run up at the week! :)

(08:59:41) Everything would work a little more easily in the grand schema of things if the tables were indexed.

(09:01:29) 50 shades of graze - erotic friction.

(09:16:27) The indicators on our car flash almost in time with Keane's "Somewhere only we know" #littlethings

(09:39:20) @effieoffie It came on Radio 2 as we drove to Asda and I smiled :) Keane's "Sovereign Light Café" is about my home town.. love that one!

(09:57:33) @effieoffie The video has shots of the seafront in Bexhill - definitely worth a look ;)

(12:57:30) @RubyJubilee Betting ENDS!

(12:58:54) Top double-act @claw0101 and @MissyMWAC are back together for another week - and yet Worlds Apart! http://t.co/bxzqgfQT


(13:05:47) @nausea18 I am indeed. Triumphantly... (not really)

(14:19:48) @thatsjustme0 Wow lovely! :) :)

(14:25:17) @Barwickgreen sorry about that. I need to get a TBU installed in my studio..

(16:59:51) A little known fact: the name of delivery firm YODEL comes from the phrase "YOu have to DELiver it to your neighbour's house yourself."

(17:10:12) RT @mattmcd: #Olympic Mascots Wenlock Policeman Figurine http://t.co/zhVLPhVr [Worth it for the reviews alone] #London2012 #bigbrother #fb

(18:50:10) Watching a Lewis for a bit. And sniffling. It is the interstitial Scouts thing. None of this really makes sense. Like the Olimpycs.

(20:30:46) RT @chrisfloyduk: Oh wow! Shell public ad contest has been completely sabotaged. Here it is while it's still live: http://t.co/bRiKFMPI

(20:32:14) @thatsjustme0 one of the ITVs I think! :D

(21:13:37) Hey! Good night! (I am a long way away).

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(06:59:10) @caritas730 Hurrah! Totally and completely deserved :) xx

(06:59:20) @thatsjustme0 worked - thank you :) x

(07:00:46) Morning. I am alive and sniffling. Yeah.

(07:01:18) @jonBCFC Morning :) Great photo!

(07:08:55) I think @Superalora might like this ... #starwars #callmemaybe http://t.co/OhXd8NL1 (h/t@LilythePurr)

(07:09:22) @_windrider Heehee! Nice foot bath when you get in ...

(07:10:07) @washmysocks We can conquer this! Conker.

(07:11:06) @lloydbayley It's good to be alive :) Looking forward to the first successful Hollycam - I've been catching up on your tweeting travails ;)

(07:11:34) @washmysocks (A decent mug of coffee helps.. hope you have one there!)

(07:41:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo HURRAH! Hoping that 40 days of rain have already passsed ;)

(08:04:29) @mostlygeordie Hurrah! *high fives* Hope you have a good day x

(08:05:04) @akbea Gah! I completely forgot to #FF you among the most hilarious tweeters. Sorry!

(08:05:32) @iamamro There's definitely a pattern emerging :D

(08:35:18) @johndredge We have had a dispenser installed... http://t.co/uE84ONs3

(08:50:35) @dt90spt Morning chief. All good :) I will mostly be spending the day trying not to cough :)

(11:10:23) @dt90spt It took my breath away ;)

(11:16:17) @mostlygeordie It's a great look to be fair :)

(11:36:49) t's fair to say I'm fairly OS-agnostic.. a virtual Linux box, a @Raspberry_Pi and a VNC session to my Mac on Windows 7 http://t.co/fjb1cn88

(12:09:04) @AndreaRauter Not as far as I can tell..

(12:10:02) @brennig Wow! Looks fun :)

(12:10:34) @streakmachine Heehee.. touché! It is still an ambition to write a Twitter client for a retro home computer :) :)

(12:15:07) @brennig Neat! If I didn't think I would probably not last a week with a motorbike I'd get one myself.. :)

(12:25:45) @BlueMoon_11 You and me both :)

(13:08:02) @BlueMoon_11 Very relaxing, thank you - just what I need to get shot of this cold :) :) How about you?

(13:18:50) @emmaCorsham Who is Anthony Davis? He seems charmless & humourless, yet still appears to have some kind of authority as a 'reporter'. ~sigh~

(13:19:03) @BlueMoon_11 It was worth it, though, right? ;)

(13:19:38) @thatsjustme0 Heh. Good!

(13:20:55) @matt I find haste brings that on. But if I'm too slow I lose. Tricky one.

(13:21:39) Right. I really ought to pop off Twitter if I'm going to get anything done this afternoon. Later..

(13:31:43) @misscorsham Heehee.. I completely messed that up, didn't I! :D Still, he did the cable car so I won't have to ;)

(15:20:40) @drhappymac Tragically, my son will probably know who it is.. :D

(15:21:14) @MissyMWAC Weeds are just unpopular flowers.

(15:22:01) @mostlygeordie Great sport! :)

(15:27:34) @Dappydoris Oh my. For a moment I thought that product was called "Nose Friday".. that well known international event..

(15:27:48) Coffee. Coughy.

(15:31:03) @iamamro The pot is full and steaming - how do you take it?

(15:31:55) @miz_shake68 Have you been taking tips off Heston Blumenthal..? :D

(15:32:31) @Dappydoris All good! :)

(15:32:50) @iamamro Even easier :) :)

(15:44:53) @miz_shake68 Wish I was there to taste it! Got dumplings..? Do they taste like Skips? ;)

(17:32:14) Installing Xcode from the Snow Leopard installation DVD. Sounds simple? Not when the optical drive on my Mac mini is borked :D

(17:55:36) ooh.. Debian backports. That's a good idea. http://t.co/dKNnUdO7 (some of the software in the standard repositories is painfully old!)

(17:59:09) @mostlygeordie Not at all - it is all the more that you are made happy by simple things. Pity those for whom pleasure is harder to attain :)

(17:59:21) @mostlygeordie PS It also explains why you like me :D

(18:26:40) Mucking about with 'smuxi' .. an IRC-based Twitter client. Tweeting from my @raspberry_pi - again. Heh.

(18:43:00) Some serious invasion of the fledglings at the bird feeders at the moment - loads of 'em! ( http://t.co/V91bW7iQ ) http://t.co/yo0znhqb

(18:44:52) @cannonmonkey I'm running Squeeze.. not doing very well with self-compilation (abysmally, actually!) but some repositories are handy! :)

(19:21:46) @edtjones Running an X windows server (XMing) tunnelled over SSH :)

(19:23:09) @thatsjustme0 Both at the same time.

(22:23:55) @GreavsieE17 ALT 0133 (on the numerical keypad)

(22:24:11) @Fee_Easton Wow..! :)

(22:24:56) @GreavsieE17 …………………………………but you knew that, right..?

(22:26:10) I'm going to go to go to bed now. Not interesting but true. All out of energy and my nose hurts again. Right. Time to make a Monday. Night!

(22:27:22) @GreavsieE17 I was using my mac once and the degree symbol appeared. I ~dream~ of getting the degree symbol on a PC. My dreams are dull :D

(22:28:10) @GreavsieE17 Heh. Funnily enough, I only sparked up my mac today for the first time (installing XCode so I can try some iOS dev :D)

(22:45:39) @_windrider Thank you sir :)

(22:45:56) @PlainTalkingHR Goodnight, lovely Bina :)

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(08:22:22) @Dappydoris oui - moi aussi :) :)

(08:22:50) @gilesbabbidge What ho :) Not sure what's happening today. Which means I might try and do some housework ;) :)

(08:23:48) @Leafybear Morning LB :)

(08:23:58) Good morning.

(08:25:17) What a day for birthdays - festive felicitations to @caritas730 @jarbennett and @JonBCFC! Hope you have a fantastic day! #happybirthday

(08:46:41) @_windrider I'm certainly willing to let it happen :) Coffee, my daughter finally doing her viola practice. All is good... hope with you too

(08:47:51) @Barlie40 Morning Jim :) Yeah.. not bad, ta - still in my jammies... Decadent! Hope things are good with you.

(08:50:58) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @TheDizzyMama @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo @hooker1uk A happy Saturday to one and all x

(08:51:26) @_windrider I wish you the success you need - and soon.

(08:51:52) @JQP74 Morning handsome devil :) Have a great day too!

(08:55:25) @_windrider I do hope so. But you're absolutely right.. being busy busy busy certainly keeps the mind active! :)

(09:11:37) @_windrider Well it is winter.. get a SAD lamp?

(09:29:02) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @TheDizzyMama @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo @hooker1uk Hi! I think today's an indoor day!

(09:29:17) @jonBCFC Have a great one :) :)

(09:29:35) @caritas730 I hope you are utterly spoiled (in the best way!) today x

(09:37:30) @_windrider Absolutely normal, sir.

(09:37:59) @IPTechShark That is a wonderful photo! :)

(09:39:18) Right. I'm going to steam this cough out of me. Let's do this.

(09:40:15) Note: iPhone 4 cases that make it look like a cassette: BRILLIANT. Wish I'd had that idea.

(09:56:26) Listening to @hellobuglers episode 200... congratulations to those comic geniuseses! And Chris.

(10:23:14) @mostlygeordie Mornin' :)

(10:28:37) @mostlygeordie ticking over thanks, lovely :) You? x

(10:38:57) @IPTechShark BLAARRGH. Rain photos are generally rubbish.

(10:39:05) @Dappydoris How's your tum now? x

(10:39:53) @LilacNun Create something. A piece of music, a piece of literature, a rousing speech, a compilation of your best Twitter jokes :)

(10:47:54) @LilacNun Ha! I liked your blog post. Made me want to get fit, but I don't really have a massive amount of time at the moment. FIIIIIT!

(10:53:28) I've just discovered I have 100 Google Mail invites left.. anyone want one? http://t.co/llsnWv3i

(10:54:39) @Dappydoris Please please do - look after yerself, lovely :) I'm doing OK, ta; trying to gain focus.. mustering myself for housework! *kiss*

(10:54:59) @fridgemagnet2 Dido rail. That will always be funny.

(10:58:22) @Dappydoris It will just be me, I believe - not sure how to get there... I've looked into trains & coaches - quite expensive :/

(10:58:35) @Dappydoris happy to pick you up part way..?

(11:20:46) @Dappydoris I've not looked that far yet, but yeah... certainly could do! :) I'll drop you an email if that's OK? x

(12:21:06) @Dappydoris @JulianSimpson1 @andrearauter @daisythom @martincollins @maybeitwasutah @scottgrimes @sweetbillyp And proud to be so :p

(13:25:05) @mostlygeordie Right. You :p

(13:51:54) @LilacNun Well.

(14:02:52) @cloudexplosion You look like you're going to clonk Martin over the head with it..

(14:21:30) @thatsjustme0 That is going to be an epic concoction! :D

(14:21:59) @dansumption Oh man - please feel better soon. keep the fluids down, at least... :/

(14:24:37) @mostlygeordie There's a whole album? Sad has SUCH a summery vibe to it :) :)

(14:29:55) @mostlygeordie Ah gotcha. I'll take a look! :) #Foreshortened

(14:56:02) Looking at implementations of X11 in C++ so I can try and write My First Halfwitted #RaspberryPi graphical app. This may take a while #years

(15:03:39) @thatsjustme0 SUPERYUM!

(15:40:39) @Manda_Jones Oh my goodness. I hope you're over it soon. Back to bed with you x

(15:47:39) Y'know when you sign up for a website and it says "We have sent a verification email" and it never arrives, so you're scuppered? That.

(15:49:54) Y'know, it's occurred to me - I think I was missold a PPI, but I really have no idea what to do about it. Ahh well. Might as well leave it.

(16:00:05) @GrantSe1by Ta :) (Beth tells me we have never had PPI :)

(16:00:53) @Wymroyal t'was a joke, prompted by me being forced to rake through my spam folder for a verification email :)

(16:01:15) @ptomtom48 You are a very helpful person - thank you :)

(16:01:50) For what it's worth, I have never taken out ppi. Once I had an apple and took out a pip.

(16:54:51) @LilythePurr in the loosest sense of the word ;)

(17:33:20) @smartie999 I could get it to compile but it gave a segmentation fault when I tried to invoke it through an X-server. Probably my fault ;)

(17:34:41) @LilythePurr *hams*

(17:35:08) @Ariadnes_web Outrage! I survived on that as a student. Kids these days etc

(17:37:35) Seems @superalora has taken to The Sims 2. I wasn't expecting that.

(18:18:55) @thatsjustme0 YES PLEASE!

(18:37:46) @smartie999 jimjam x

(18:51:38) @mostlygeordie That looks like something to get fluff out of something else..?

(18:55:42) @mostlygeordie That looks thoroughly impractical.

(19:08:01) @mostlygeordie Awww :/

(19:33:55) @sachiers @handlebarnose But ~which~ British accent? I'm guessing you mean Geordie..?

(22:34:51) @mostlygeordie DEFINITELY. Night night you x

(22:35:14) Bedtime. Need to get rid of these hiccups first. How old am I? *sigh* Night night you.

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(05:09:32) @mostlygeordie You and me both. It's 6am, so understandabubble :)

(05:11:07) @stu4art @vobes Mornin' gents :)

(05:11:20) @claw0101 Welcome to my world :)

(05:11:47) @vobes Good morning - and congratulations on the release of Petworth's Bald Explorer! :) :)

(05:12:20) @MissyMWAC Living the dream. no. Living the life! :) :)

(05:14:32) Mornin'. Toast and coffee... it's my best hope. And bizarre, unusual but clever comedy.. Alice's Wunderland: http://t.co/LF0g2E7I #iplayer

(05:50:38) @mostlygeordie ~opens eyes a bit~ Zzzzzzzzz ;)

(05:52:19) @cloudexplosion Ahh yes - the one whose daughter was Carnival Queen in.. er.. 1989? :D

(05:52:54) @_forky I think I won't be. But I will do my best to behave. A bit.

(05:54:34) @stu4art Still sniffly.. and there was, for a few moments, a smattering of blue above.. grey again now, though! Have a good day :)

(05:54:39) @vobes You too!

(05:55:02) @BlueMoon_11 ~Friday hugs good morning~

(05:56:24) Heading for London in the stretch limo for the last time this week. They've done something to the Wi-Fi on here and now it doesn't work :/

(06:34:36) @alnicholl77 oh no! I hope the next one has a seat for you.

(06:35:08) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo And a good morning - and a #FF to you!

(06:38:14) Wow. Things I never thought I'd hear: an orchestral arrangement of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. Thanks, @podquiz! But why..?

(06:42:38) @alnicholl77 oop! I hope your day improves :) :)

(06:52:50) @alnicholl77 Fantastic! Y'know, it's only just occurred to me that I have 'own seat' on this coach :) There is comfort in familiarity...

(06:55:41) @alnicholl77 That is a really neat find! :) :)

(08:54:45) @caritas730 WOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Thanks for the heads-up, @mostlygeordie)

(09:19:06) @mostlygeordie (whispers) Thank you! @caritas730

(09:21:13) Wow. #unrelenting

(09:21:24) @dt90spt @EwenRankin @Jamfolder YEAHHH!

(09:29:17) @LilythePurr Crises - oceans of tears #ued

(09:29:41) @regularjen Still got mine.. powering through (sort of!) :)

(09:48:09) @LilythePurr Thankee kindly :) Best I can muster this morning :)

(09:48:20) @regularjen thanks, lovely x

(11:28:30) Lunch with my Dad has been cancelled. BOO.

(11:29:07) @crabbyknickers That's LOVELY :)

(11:29:19) I am SO going to forage now.

(11:45:29) @JQP74 Heehee tempting! :D

(12:10:53) RT @miche: Fantastic. “@LettersOfNote: "I assure you I thought I was dealing with a Frenchman." http://t.co/MLk7TZtW”

(12:11:35) @OmarRaza It seems to come earlier every year! #extraconfusing

(13:58:30) An entertaining conversation at the tea point.. basically, we all work for the BBC to satisfy our OCD.

(15:05:41) Hmm.. Raspbian or Debian Squeeze..? This is all a bit too tricky...

(15:33:32) @GrantSe1by That's what I went with.. I'll stick with that - not least because the children like the UI...

(15:33:39) @JQP74 Ha! YEAH!

(15:44:19) @poots He's absolutely fine - I had to cancel because of an urgent conference call with our suppliers :/

(15:44:33) @Tactless_Claire NEARLY! (Shoulders back :)

(15:50:54) One more conference call.

(15:54:40) @goitsagch Pretty much :D

(17:56:33) Brief pint. Home soon(ish)

(18:55:14) @oldgoldtech @0LDSCH00LJUNKIE @IlRoberto @A2Z80 @andytuk @RetroGames @gamefreakblog @magisterrex @VintageVanilla ~high fives~ #FF

(18:55:59) @riggwelter Duly sipped like a gent ;) To your good health!

(18:56:09) @PaulEdwards_ ~raises a glass~

(18:56:29) @BlueMoon_11 You too, lovely! And a #FF for sure :)

(19:02:25) I am ~so~ glad I don't use @easyBus tickets any more - they are a complete nightmare and a nuisance. And the Greenline drivers hate them.

(19:03:34) @fionajc3 Teardrop Explodes - Reward #np :)

(19:04:30) @mostlygeordie I just witnessed a painfully cringeworthy argument with passengers who printed out the wrong bits of their tickets @easyBus

(19:06:17) @gamefreakblog Have a top weekend :)

(19:07:03) @lucyrboo Because you're worth it :)

(19:07:24) @AndreaRauter me me me!

(19:09:14) @lucyrboo NOM x

(19:22:01) @fionajc3 Chelsea Dagger..?

(19:30:58) @fionajc3 Happy weekend to you!

(19:47:54) @goitsagch I think the ticket printing process is a little more complicated than it was - two people made different mistakes :/

(19:55:30) @jonBCFC Today..?

(19:57:23) @gruppox Good heavens! What did it say.. Draw? 2 points each..?

(19:57:48) @smartie999 They are hooge.

(20:00:41) @jonBCFC Well.. I don't want to be previous, so happy birthday-eve!

(20:05:15) @jonBCFC ~raises a glass~

(20:06:05) @smartie999 not as far as I know...you.. ? Surely...

(21:03:48) @gruppox BOOO!

(21:07:23) It’s something for Louis Spence to do.

(21:12:13) @MooseAllain I missed it priorly. So hurrah. And, indeed, #FF

(21:15:56) I would like to nominate @LilacNun @LilythePurr @MelodyMetcalf and @fluffysuse as #FF fabulouses for making me chuckle this week.

(21:19:43) @LilacNun @LilythePurr @MelodyMetcalf @fluffysuse Sorry - didn’t mean to interrupt you taking in the washing :D

(21:22:16) @sharonlangridge I don’t think the middle film was called “Yay Batman” ;)

(21:24:01) @njh Sorry I couldn’t take visitors this week - major issues with some of the kit kept me on my toes (and conference calls)

(21:25:16) @sharonlangridge ahhhh :D

(21:25:57) Mocking the week….

(21:31:11) I wish this cough would forsake me. Not enough illness forsakementation these days…

(21:37:59) @MissyMWAC Nice tip, Doctor Missy - I’ll let you know how I get on ;) xoxo

(21:38:24) @yellow757 Yes! Forsake that cold. ~urges~

(21:54:17) @_windrider Comedy topical satire programme - definitely week :)

(21:55:13) Right. Enough of this crazy Friday thing. I’m going to close my eyes and if it’s not cleared away by the time I open them again.. nighty :)

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(05:20:38) @AndreaRauter Morning :) What else..?

(05:21:05) @_forky I think there's a cold going about.. I'm all snively :D

(05:21:46) @pj_kent That'll fix it. Hope you feel much better soon!

(05:22:42) @fluffysuse Good (early) morning, ily

(05:22:55) @AuntieJammy Morning :) There is blue up there..!

(05:23:29) @AndreaRauter Well! How raunchy ;) Have a good day.. don't work too hard! x

(05:23:41) Right. Time to have something to work.

(05:24:24) @AuntieJammy I'm a little sniffly.. trying to break the back of this cold :D You doing OK? x

(05:24:38) @gruppox Quick quick make the most of it! :)

(05:26:29) @AndreaRauter You too! Drink coffee.. it's good for you ;)

(05:27:03) @AuntieJammy Thank you :) I hurtled back down south yesterday evening.. back to London today... the air is SO much nicer up north! x

(05:27:17) @JQP74 Ahhhh yeah! :) Mornin' :)

(05:27:53) uhoh.. gotta go.

(05:57:44) @JQP74 you too!

(06:00:09) I’m uneasy about time travel. Surely when one appears at the earlier/later time, Earth’s position in the universe will be different. Space.

(06:02:46) Exchanging work emails at 7am. Bonkers.

(06:03:38) @AyceRimmer Just be careful. Pack a jumper.

(06:06:02) @drhappymac Which reminds me… @betsyweber: have you uploaded the results of your videoing? I would love to know how they look in full glory!

(06:56:50) @OlorinLorien @alnicholl77 That is somewhat reassuring.. although I’m never really sure where (or when) I will end up at the best of times!

(06:57:51) @_windrider I have spent much of my life moderately baffled. It gives me a strange sense of reassurance..

(07:07:22) @AyceRimmer It means I can have a nap anywhere, but I struggle to get out of a supermarket car park. Swings & roundabouts :D

(07:16:17) @_windrider I was born with it ;)

(07:16:48) @_forky You and me both x

(07:18:25) @106jack You might want to encourage drivers to consider udder routes to work.

(07:20:30) @_windrider I’m completely undiagnosed.. for me it’s not about the labels, it’s about where I am on all the spectra.

(07:21:12) I like the noise a Prius makes in the brief time it’s running on electricity.

(07:25:59) @lloydbayley You’ve got the future right there!

(07:28:11) @_windrider Thank you.

(07:34:03) RT @simonblackwell: Americans say Legos instead of Lego, presumably utilising the spare 's' from maths.

(07:34:58) @_windrider That’s what Twitter is all about - and a supportive, understanding word costs nothing. All good - and t’will be so.

(07:36:23) @PaulEdwards_ The legendary sky cake? To be honest - no idea.

(08:36:19) @_windrider Ha! Yes!

(10:23:19) @washmysocks morning :) Incidentally, you were asking about those hieroglyphics that appear in some tweets - they are iPhone 'Emoji' icons

(10:23:51) @washmysocks (They don't display properly on non-Apple products. Hence the meaningless squares..)

(10:25:39) @washmysocks here’s an example: 🚗☀😃🍰☕🔞🎵👍

(10:26:19) @washmysocks Looks like this on the iPhone http://t.co/NPLjf8Ni

(10:34:44) @miz_shake68 I'd love to but I'm late for a meeting :D

(10:35:06) @washmysocks All good - sorry it took me a while to reply.. it was on my list of Things To Tweet ;)

(11:01:04) Watching the last ever broadcast from Bush House…

(12:06:17) @Mad4mogzz @fridgemagnet I don't do random hashtags, I start trends ;) #deluded

(12:07:35) I keep forgetting where Slovenia is.

(12:08:41) @Leafybear That's one of the saddest things about the modern age.. seeing a parent on the phone and their child in need. Of them. #sad

(12:10:18) @JQP74 To be honest, I think you've just incriminated yourself, mate ;) (And thank you for being so kind, @joanneh234 @washmysocks :)

(12:10:36) @miz_shake68 I was less than ten minutes late #result

(12:14:00) MT @johndredge: http://t.co/t1TOGuKH <- WINNAR and has Dredgey in it.

(12:14:24) @JQP74 All attention is good attention, dear pal. #WhatIKeepTellingMyself @joanneh234 @washmysocks

(12:40:15) @GHOGIT Eurovision...

(12:40:38) @Mad4mogzz I think #deluded could quite easily trend worldwide #deluded

(12:46:42) @AyceRimmer Lithuania. Which I also find it quite a struggle to find.

(13:27:18) Note to self: when phoning a place and dealing with those menu systems, don't get distracted and forget what the options were. #oops

(13:49:10) Honestly.. nobody wants to know about my medical history. #stoopidrockmelt

(13:49:22) @mostlygeordie #sosotempted

(13:50:00) @mostlygeordie So glad it's not just me. I had to hang up and start again twice calling the hospital :D

(13:51:20) @AyceRimmer It's more of an issue that I choose to communicate with my wife over Twitter :D

(13:51:39) @mostlygeordie Or gets the options repeated :D x

(13:55:39) @AyceRimmer Until, then.

(13:56:18) @mostlygeordie LOVE it! Then I can shout at a salesperson* (cruel but cathartic)

(14:00:50) @mostlygeordie I like your style :)

(14:16:32) @cloudexplosion Remember the fruit & veg shop that used to be the Natwest? (I might be making that up...) 5lb of potatoes, please..?

(14:17:06) @caritas730 @mostlygeordie PICK ME! :D

(14:17:25) @washmysocks @smartie999 @jqp74 @joanneh234 *loves*

(14:17:58) I think I have worked out why I have a cold. #BTNB12

(14:52:12) @teresahummel @AyceRimmer Lesson learned (for sure!)

(14:52:35) @stu4art Ha! Could well have been that as well! I've not really given myself much of a chance, have I? :D

(16:53:40) @cloudexplosion Ahh yes - opposite the entrance to Sainsbury’s - that was it :)

(16:57:08) @alexgeoghegan That’s a personal nightmare right there!

(16:57:29) @washmysocks @smartie999 @joanneh234 It’s telly on the Internet :)

(17:35:00) @Dappydoris @_forky Huzzah :) :)

(17:43:17) @lucyrboo is it your birthday..? Happy birthday (I think) :)

(17:56:31) @JQP74 @washmysocks @smartie999 @joanneh234 I may well be spouting drivel here at 8pm http://t.co/ooziMng6 it's a technology panel show :)

(18:19:04) @sarahjaneuk One for the show tonight along with the DNS thing..?

(18:26:37) @lucyrboo ~chuckles~ bless ya! x

(20:30:22) @Littlebit_Bod CONGRATULATIONS! :) :) x

(20:57:15) Just added my #RaspberryPi to the @RasPiTrack map here: http://t.co/iLpJG7CF ... why? Because I have got one and I'm a geek. YEAH.

(20:58:19) I liked Grey Fluffy Clouds - The Orb Vocals Alan Parker on the YouTubes: http://t.co/h8l1GWYb via @youtube / @MrMzHolland

(21:03:19) @MissyMWAC The best things come in small passages. Packages. DAMMIT.

(21:03:29) @streakmachine ;)

(21:04:09) @poots HURRAH nevertheless :) x

(21:11:14) Props to @Shuby, @jevy_b3 and @SteveGoodenough - fellow Luton #RaspberryPi users on the @RasPiTrack map!

(21:11:54) @_windrider @streakmachine Absolutely brilliant combination, naturally. Night gents!

(21:18:30) Enough of all this frivolity.. best get to bed. Night!

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(08:20:10) Kenny Rogers - The Gambler #np #shuffle Love it :)

(08:23:36) Good morning, too.

(08:27:27) Seems Chris Moyles will be leaving Radio 1 breakfast, then. I'll stick with @106Jack. Anyway I'm too old for Radio 1...

(08:27:43) @BitsyVonMuffin Ey up!

(08:31:51) @Barlie40 Mornin’ guv :) Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

(08:33:03) @govindajeggy Fringes.

(11:37:30) @JQP74 @BBCR1 @CHRISDJMOYLES Oh no..! Definitely not Div: D

(12:02:56) @JQP74 I am mystified by everything about Fearne Cotton.

(12:03:27) @Tone_720 @dt90spt :) :)

(12:03:48) @thatsjustme0 hurraaaaahhh!

(12:08:10) If you aren't at the North CAB you ain't where the party's at. A party with no music, no snacks and discussion of a whole bunch of changes.

(12:19:59) @JQP74 Looks like it’s that Grimshaw chap with the ridiculous hair..

(13:13:13) RT @newsthump: NEWS! Chris Moyles quitting Radio 1 could lead to TV appearances, warns BBC http://t.co/QzIkgbw3

(13:13:28) @mostlygeordie Superfood!

(13:33:09) @mostlygeordie heh yup! (although I can’t eat eggs :/)

(15:47:52) @gilliandonovan I’m going to get off the tram at Deansgate and dance in your honour. And then get back on. I have a train to catch, y’know..

(15:54:12) @cloudexplosion With mash and beans, naturally ;) [got any HP Sauce?]

(15:55:00) Heading for Manchester’s Piccalilli.

(15:55:36) @mostlygeordie It’s too hot ;) #upnorth #abitsunny

(16:10:58) @washmysocks I came in on the tram, so couldn’t take a photo - but last time I was out and about here she was :)

(16:13:04) @cloudexplosion Wasn’t it corned beef? (hash?) Runner beans? With mash, naturally :D Or was it some strange grilled ham concoction?

(16:13:24) @cloudexplosion And Friday was tuna :)

(17:05:58) @washmysocks :) :) :)

(17:07:46) A sniffly man sitting on a train. Me. Fortunately there is a pair of @vobesshow episodes (with @vobes & - in one - @beershowjimmy) to enjoy.

(17:09:59) @vobes Thank you :)

(17:58:58) Well. It would appear the 99 bus from Milton Keynes Central Station to Luton now leaves from stop Y4. Less far to lollop. Made it. Good.

(18:01:23) @JudyFlashSpider Worth killing camera app: press Home, double-press Home, long-press the camera icon & then the red circle. @its_justjules

(18:02:26) @Leafybear Pardon? ;) (hope it gets better soon x)

(18:03:24) @dt90spt @jarbennett Yes?! Happy birthday?!

(18:15:16) @thatsjustme0 Once upon a time there was a boy, sitting in a warm coach heading home. The rumble of the road made him so dozy, he soon fe

(18:40:40) @jarbennett As will I. Although @dt90spt is quite the maven :)

(18:40:48) @jarbennett Never too early! @dt90spt

(18:43:24) I've got a runny nose and I need more tissues. #pizzagratis

(19:15:48) @JimmysWG Hello hello :) We want to come and eat at yours, but don't know what constitutes a child for the 'kids menu'. I'm 40. Am I close?

(19:17:34) @edtjones Heehee.. I googled Pizza gratis acoustic runny nose and got next-to nothing :D That is a mighty fine album. I aspire to it.

(19:18:04) Para para paradigm. An idea of what it is like having my brain.

(19:32:39) This is because of @EdTJones http://t.co/MSPaAT8R #audioboo #incorrect

(19:32:55) @Sk287 Did ya get me some strawberries? ;) x

(20:11:10) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you :) :) x

(20:11:38) @Sk287 Would you be prepared to offer me one? I ~nearly~ got involved in your conversation about huge melons earlier, but thought better :D

(20:11:53) @goitsagch D'oh! :D

(20:38:47) Right. Enough of Wednesday for me. I've put the rest in a tupperware pot - you'll find it warm in the fridge, making the milk go off. Night!

(20:39:33) @intothesun @OmarRaza I absolutely LOVED your tweets throughout. Thank you! Looking forward to the series hitting Wireless Four! :) :)

(20:49:40) @Sk287 Can't wait to see you next ;) LOTS of blushing, I hope ;) x

(20:50:03) @claremac82 *sigh* I'm afraid I'm back in The South. I will miss you. Even with my binoculars ;) x

(20:56:30) @PlainTalkingHR Unbelievably busy, dear Bina. Up in Manchester, running things in London :D Off to bed now.. see you at #Bina-ish o'clock!

(20:58:29) Just walked past what @poots has on TV as I went to bed. I feel SO much joy for the rich sensory experience people with synesthesia have :)

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(05:47:50) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Good morning, Twitter celebrity siblings :) Gonna be a sunny one I think!

(05:49:08) @ajlanghorn I’m sure I saw photos of @shellzenner putting together a home studio..?

(05:51:18) @mostlygeordie Ouch.. looks like a nasty bump :/

(05:58:28) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 YEAH! You too :)

(05:58:44) @vobes How exciting:) Good morning!

(05:59:00) @fluffysuse Good morning ffs

(05:59:14) @fluffysuse Cheery!

(06:00:57) Good morning. Went to sleep listening to music last night.. some of 70s productions are so wonderfully spacious. Need to work on that.

(06:01:54) @miz_shake68 Haha! @JQP74 will always look tanned compared to me (vaguely blue :D)

(06:06:46) @_windrider Space is, indeed, the final frontier - and that includes the mind :)

(06:07:13) @fluffysuse ~growls from within your wheeliebin~

(06:10:36) @brennig Morning chief. Wow.. bad mistake! Unfortunately monitoring & workflow verification is expensive.. corners were clearly cut :/

(06:17:40) @vobes I'm doing OK, thank you, Mr V :) Hope your customers pay up today.. what a nuisance!

(06:18:15) @leica0000 Not sure I'm acquainted with that one... thanks for the tip!

(06:19:08) @fluffysuse :D

(06:32:22) @poots Good morning, my beautiful wife x

(06:33:25) RT @dt90spt: Wonderwall http://t.co/Slu5eRBm

(06:34:35) @kingfamily Morning :) extra fun!

(06:35:15) @OlorinLorien Morning. I nearly toasted some muffins.

(06:40:10) @kingfamily Awww! We have that to come, I think :) Last I saw ‘em, the Harts are doing fine thank you :) Off to work with me now…

(06:47:17) @_windrider :)

(06:48:23) @brennig True… and maintain checks that the backups are working!

(06:48:44) @katchooon Ello :)

(06:50:46) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo @stopsleyvicar Happy Tuesday indeed! #Luton

(06:53:27) In the greater London area there are two “O2”s and two “Westfield”s. Always good to baffle a visitor, I find :D

(06:54:58) @OlorinLorien I ended up having muesli(sp?) - wasn’t really hungry enough for muffins :) I’m doing the daily commute at the mo.. you..?

(06:55:36) @dt90spt Bring it on :) Thank you for your support, @Tone_720 !

(06:56:11) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo @stopsleyvicar Not too far off - another 20 minutes, I think :) x

(06:56:31) @johndredge @MrMichaelSpicer

(06:56:52) @IPTechShark I know that face/feeling

(07:07:02) @moyskii heehee yup! :D

(07:07:56) @OlorinLorien What a fine person you are.. hope the holidays come really soon :)

(07:08:25) @OlorinLorien huzzah! #luck

(07:18:56) @moyskii I bet there wasn't a branch of French Connection there! ;)

(07:20:02) There seems to be a lot of sadness in the world. I think we should have a massive funfair with free rides for everyone. Run by robots.

(09:56:40) @govindajeggy That's because he's too busy playing on his Nokia game'n'phone...

(13:33:03) @PontoonDock :D :D

(16:24:59) Heh. Me: “You missed off September.”

(16:45:10) @poots I'm sorry if I gave it to you :/

(16:48:45) Standing up on a train < sitting down on a coach. Although there is 0% whingeing child, so could be a lot more worse.

(16:51:23) "I am declassifying First Class accommodation".. heh train guards (I mean "managers") talk in a funny way.

(17:15:46) @LilacNun Congratulations (and yet ~sadface~ - gonna miss you daytimes ;) Where where where and do you take visitors?

(18:01:14) Zooooooom (basically) http://t.co/68M6JK6B

(18:10:57) @poots Indeed. And I hope it carries on that way - I’m starting to get a bit peckish :D Hope your day went well, my love xx

(18:11:17) @Tone_720 :) They all talk funny ;)

(18:19:53) I love what heavy rain does on the window of a high-speed train... http://t.co/OPYscvT4

(18:24:51) @GrantSe1by Very kind - thank you :)

(18:42:03) @_windrider Heh :D Ours is quaint ;) @Tone_720

(18:43:49) @OlorinLorien Virgin Pendolino ;)

(18:50:32) For a while there, I wasn't sure where I was. But then the train arrived in Stoke-on-Trent. Ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

(19:11:10) @italisalute I tend to close my eyes and mutter "There's no place like home" while clicking my heels together ;) Have a good evening!

(19:12:39) @trevypoos Oh don't worry, I'm not stopping :D

(19:38:52) @trevypoos I'm in Manchester now. That's really not much better, is it? :D

(19:39:44) Nearly teatime #bitlate

(19:45:47) @Barlie40 Heehee good evening :) It is indeed... it has been a good while since lunch :D

(19:46:39) @_windrider Indeed. Such are the delights of my globetrotting (well, England-traversing) lifestyle (work regimen :D)

(19:46:58) @streakmachine Good call :)

(20:14:20) I don't know what to make of the fact that my emergency Burger Dispenser has been taken over and become a Hungry Horse. Still.. big plate.

(20:16:07) @gilliandonovan That was bound to happen given your track record of miming to Yazoo :D

(20:18:01) @rugbycupcakes To be fair it'd be even more weird and scary if someone from Twitter ~could~ open & close your door :D @dansumption

(20:20:06) @mostlygeordie Double-tweet-pun-whammy ~high fives~

(20:21:34) @poots It's late. I'm hungry. It's four stops short of MediaCity and a healthy walk ;)

(20:22:37) @mostlygeordie ~slap palms~

(20:24:11) @dansumption Nope.. I liked the word and t'was a benefit of being one of the first million Twitter users :D

(20:24:44) @dansumption (hence @syzygyuk - the much more impressive individuals :D)

(20:25:57) Using traditional anti-vampire cold cures. Nobody will want to kiss me. Plus ça change...

(21:47:58) @mcdwebster It is a trip to the big buildings up North (I have kit to look after up here too :)

(21:48:25) @brennig I am high up and heading for bed soon, yup. Sleep is good :)

(21:49:09) @poots @fiverscarrot Yes. Yes it is. Sort of :D

(21:50:00) @cloudexplosion Thanks, sis.. I think @poots and @superalora have a cold too :/ Only superboy @nxmee has resisted ;) Hope you’re well! x

(21:50:49) @fridgemagnet2 I am now just north of Stoke, so practically in Milton Keynes then.

(21:52:36) @mcdwebster :) Took all evening to get here. I blame the midlands.

(21:52:51) @corrie_corfield n’night :)

(21:54:15) Right. Enough of this high-spirited nonsense - I have a cold and it needs to be slept out of. Please turn off the light. Night. Nightlight.

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(06:29:14) Good morning. Woke to some excellent pics of Lewis Hamilton and #OlympicTorch thanks to @LutonNewsConnie @LutonNewsSally & @LutonNewsSteve 

(06:29:51) @PlainTalkingHR @poots Good morning :) Have a most momentous week! :)

(06:35:20) I am witnessing @poots and @superalora researching cuddly otters on the internet. Bit early for that sort of thing...

(06:37:48) You should have seen the look I got when I did the inevitable 'otterpunity' gag.

(06:41:31) @italisalute Morning Alan :) working at home today.. no need to brave the busy roads :) hope your exotic garden is thriving!

(06:55:31) @trevypoos Thanks, dude :)

(06:56:36) @crabbyknickers I won't weasel out of it ;)

(07:02:17) I have definitely got a cold. Sniffling all over the shop. You are advised to keep well clear.

(07:02:30) @OlorinLorien Mornin' :)

(07:03:16) @PaulEdwards_ What a nuisance :/

(07:03:44) @PlainTalkingHR At a #Binaish hour too ;)

(07:04:25) @fluffysuse Good morning milf

(07:05:33) It's that time where I say "Right..." for about the fourth time and finally put my phone down... bis später...

(07:06:37) @washmysocks Morning! :D

(07:07:17) @alnicholl77 heehee morning! :)

(08:00:53) @JQP74 Morning, my tanned pal! I'm OK.. got a bit of a cold but if that's the worst of my woes! :D Have a great day :)

(09:17:31) @keileybobs I would suggest the best place to take it would be a place where all the drinks are astronomy based.. a 'space bar' if you will.

(09:18:34) @keileybobs Please ensure you maintain CTRL at all times. You don't want it to Escape if the conversation shifts to something ALTernative.

(09:27:40) @keileybobs Nope.. just attempting to be ENTERtaining ;) (I will stop now)

(09:29:18) @biscuitnose Yes. And, indeed, yes. Preferably round my house.

(09:33:19) @lmdt Parasol, surely? #optimist

(11:09:20) Ahh what better way to start the workday is with some @ThisRealityPod in my ears. Tunes I know I've never heard before, but will like! :)

(12:45:38) @crabbyknickers *pokes* Cuppa tea?

(12:46:25) @yellow757 *takes the hint* ;) Love the new profile pic by the way :)

(12:46:43) Fifteen minutes until C.A.B. Ohhh yeah.

(12:54:57) @crabbyknickers You deserve nothing less than delicious iced lemonade. And perhaps a party ring to boot.

(12:56:12) @yellow757 Do you ever watch Big Bang Theory? Sheldon uses the line: “Bedtime. See yourself out.” and walks off - I wish I had the nerve!

(12:57:28) @misscorsham Those shops are anathema to me - a man who much prefers curves. The word ‘skinny’ makes me sad.

(14:27:07) @yellow757 I will buy you an airhorn for your birthday ;)

(16:53:33) @dt90spt There’s long been a rivalry between supporters of Luton & Watford football clubs.. that might explain it :) @poots

(16:54:41) @poots heh… snap! @dt90spt

(17:03:54) @fiverscarrot I think I can see you as a dubstep/noisecore producer. @poots

(17:04:03) RT @poots: Impossible to see, too complicated for my brain to imagine but I named a symmetrical object in hyperspace for @syzygy http:// ...

(17:08:58) @mostlygeordie Reminds me of this.. http://t.co/4xrLeGwS

(17:10:53) @LilyShambles Have you considered writing it down? Make it rhyme and you could have a hit album on your hands! :)

(17:13:22) @emmathegardener Hacksaw? They're brilliant.

(17:13:47) @lucieshuker !!! Is that the one in Stopsley? #tempted

(17:16:53) @emmathegardener Improvise using a kitchen knife? (I have never done this. As far as @poots knows)

(17:51:02) @LilythePurr Are they the ones without a hint of irony..?

(17:53:13) My family watches a lot of Big Bang Theory.

(18:09:11) @streakmachine I want to be Sheldon: D

(18:09:19) @BecauseUAreHere He hee yup!

(18:10:56) @streakmachine +1

(18:36:28) @ajlanghorn Show respect, then. Has the studio been visitated?

(18:49:48) @effieoffie It's more of a nuisance than yikky.. at the moment :/ hugs from me! x

(18:53:15) Now, I think, is the time to work on my to-do list. As opposed to my ta-da list. Which is very limited. And rare.

(18:53:49) @effieoffie Thank you - much needed! x

(19:12:03) @LilythePurr like... I don't know!

(19:14:42) @sallymari Feel better soon. And can I have your salmon? x

(19:16:22) Listening to the @BritishTechMac show - fine entertainment and TOP quality sound despite the rain! Nice one @sfdrummer :)

(19:31:07) @effieoffie heehee.. good! :) :) x

(19:35:22) @_windrider Night:)

(20:45:42) @russbravo Oh my dear lord.

(20:46:29) @BlueMoon_11 Quite splendid! :)

(20:46:37) @brennig Huzzah! :)

(20:47:58) @AdamRealBuxton Et tu Buxto? I got rid of my Sky last year *cries*

(20:51:15) @BlueMoon_11 Not yet.. if I can bring myself to visit America (again) it is definitely on the list :) x

(20:51:43) Right.. bedtime. Ninja night night *whooof*

(20:59:37) @washmysocks n'night :) x

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(07:09:16) @fluffysuse Good morning ROLF

(07:13:24) Good morning. It's the wettest water on record.

(07:18:18) @miz_shake68 Good morning, Kate. Nice to have an early-ish start on a Sunday :)

(07:19:46) @PaulEdwards_ Morning :) I did scientific measurement. It is DAMP man.

(07:26:22) @miz_shake68 What a superstar - I hope you don't get soaked while you're out! Hope your offspring do brilliantly :) :)

(07:27:10) @stevenaybour @clothheadhq Good call.

(07:34:28) Trying to work out why selected of my emails aren't making it to me. Trying to untangle how I've set up my emails.. :/

(07:52:25) Well that would explain it #overcomplicatedworkflow

(08:19:42) @_windrider I think I've sorted it. I really should write these things down (I have a blog post coming!)

(10:55:44) @iamamro I set my Dad’s wi-fi up with a very obscure password. He can never remember it; I have to read it out over the phone. #baddecision

(10:55:57) @LilyShambles A fun game! ;)

(15:49:33) @JayneMCox @PlainTalkingHR That is pretty cool! :) :)

(16:00:24) @GrantSe1by If and when I can get my iPod Touch out quickly enough, I use NLogFree :) @dt90spt

(16:01:01) Yes.. happy birthday, @sarahjaneuk! (Thanks for the heads-up, @dt90spt - you have a fine memory sir!)

(16:06:32) @perrygascoine @akrabat @pewari You can restrict access to various of those in the Settings -> General -> Restrictions :)

(16:07:38) @smartie999 *HUG* x

(17:09:08) Awaiting the arrival of the Olympic torch in rainy Luton http://t.co/0hX2ByYw

(17:16:07) Damp and festive. The torch will be here soon... http://t.co/iLJWtYXU

(17:20:55) @perrygascoine Very close - London Rd, just down the route :)

(17:46:20) The Olympic torch on London Rd, #Luton http://t.co/PxAbIJFa

(17:47:01) @Bunnywoomble me too! Were you on London Rd? :)

(18:26:13) @Bunnywoomble Yup.. further up the hill just beyond Stockwood Crescent.. if I'd known you were there I'd have waved ;)

(18:26:43) @annainterrupted We made the trip over from the other side of town; @poots's folks live up the hill a bit :)

(18:28:43) @Bunnywoomble Great photo! :) :)

(18:29:18) @annainterrupted @poots Fantastic entertainment - especially when the rain stopped just in time ;)

(18:30:16) @PlainTalkingHR I bet it was brilliant to be able to hold it :) :)

(18:31:41) @helenduffett We keep ours on the left hand side of the Happy Meal and Kinder Toys drawer. #HopeThisHelps

(18:32:34) RT @Bunnywoomble: Torch. http://t.co/H0LuZLg1

(18:32:45) @smartie999 N'night x

(18:36:29) @mostlygeordie @Bunnywoomble It'd be interesting to know who actually carried it past us.. but the tracksuit kinda gives that Elvis look!

(19:08:07) @mostlygeordie Cheers! (careful now!)

(19:09:26) @mostlygeordie I wish :D

(19:22:49) Torch relay thing.. http://t.co/JXzcGTub

(19:52:55) I wrote a blog entry about the weekend. It has noise in it. Please be aware. And alert. http://t.co/GqE0lTqe

(19:53:26) @fluffysuse That's one of the saddest tweets I ever read. I would snap you up in a jiffy x

(19:56:42) @canuckuk We invented "Dadstep" to be fair :D

(19:56:52) @_windrider At this time of the morning..!

(20:08:15) @_windrider Fantastic - I hope it is a GOOD day with lots of smiles.. everyone deserves that :)

(20:24:09) @fridgemagnet2 That is most impressive! :) Nice one, @hergiebird!

(20:26:08) @sparkyannc ...intriguing! :)

(20:26:43) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy Mind you, it did prompt me to post this. http://t.co/PmWw54jD

(20:27:23) @fridgemagnet2 I am glad I wasn't drinking a cup of tea when I saw that.

(21:35:27) Bedtime, I think. Night night weekend.

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(06:01:43) @Tone_720 Was too! Great to see you mate :) #BTNB12

(06:02:31) @AndreaRauter Mornin’ :)

(06:02:40) @painted_duchess huzzah!

(06:44:49) @mostlygeordie Ooh how tickled I am :D

(06:46:50) Morning. Listening to “The Hits” radio. How long until they play Katy Perry? They’re playing “ohhh sometimes I get a good feeling”. Catchy.

(06:48:22) @sarahjaneuk Hahaha! @AlexGFox was putting on his best “I’m too sick to come to work” voice all the way through the photo show :D

(06:51:03) @AndreaRauter Heehee - that’s the one we listen to when we’re driving :) A bit too much George Michael & Elton John for this time of day ;)

(07:09:14) @poots Morning my darling - not bad thank you. I hope you slept well too. Just showering then going for a forage..

(07:53:41) @drhappymac Ohhhh!

(07:54:07) @Barlie40 @poots And the very same to you!

(07:57:12) In celebration of my new rock'n'roll lifestyle I'm in a greasy spoon with the band & I'm drinking tea. TEA. JAMYEH! http://t.co/kiwxm0jN

(08:07:44) Myleene Klass sounds a bit like Merlin Pass.

(08:09:48) @summerhaze Please don't get me wrong - I was merely commenting on the regularity of her 'songs' appearing on the radio #diggingmyselfout :D

(09:09:27) @stu4art Hahaha! It's German-based pop.. what's not to like? :D

(09:33:56) @jarbennett @dt90spt and I are waving towards you as we head away towards junction 5 of the M6.. possibly quite near where you are..?

(09:36:26) RT @JonathanHaynes: Best idea EVER: How to send a pedant insane if they leave their phone unlocked http://t.co/TkxLLTjf (via @kelkulus)

(10:07:32) During our drive home, @DT90SPT & I have come up with a new musical genre: Dadstep. There's also debate as to what 'naughtystep' sounds like

(10:10:59) @_windrider That’s a Higgs Boson joke right there…

(10:12:40) @lloydbayley Greetings, Lloyd. Hope your Saturday has been splendid this far :) Heading home after a party.. feels like a Sunday :)

(10:38:16) @thatsjustme0 @dt90spt Nice definition - do you have that song playing this morning? ;)

(11:56:04) @Raspberry_Pi @gamesbritannia Your tweet about writing in BBC basic has prompted me to get the BBC emulator installed on my Raspberry Pi…

(11:56:13) @thatsjustme0 Yes.

(11:56:34) @Sk287 please feel better soon, lovely x

(11:57:38) Trying to psych myself up to packing away an errant gazebo. With big thanks to the #BTNB12 guys for dismantling it without a stanley knife!

(11:59:09) @catdl @ri_science That lecture room looks almost empty! I wish we could be there… I shall study the future events list more assiduously :)

(12:12:14) @andytuk Superstar - thank you! :) :)

(12:50:44) I like big chips and I cannot lie.

(12:52:56) @newshamracing Happy birthday! :)

(12:54:52) @_windrider :D :D :D All good, mate!

(13:37:49) Me: "Did that boy on the television just shout 'bonfire'?" #IAmSoOld

(13:38:18) @dt90spt Epic. You all home and recovered, my fine compadre?

(13:38:55) @Manda_Jones Please tell me how many days your real birthday is in #bitaspie

(13:39:20) @lloydbayley Cheers!

(13:40:08) @TomBedwell Pfft. You may be more right than you think :D

(13:40:20) @smartie999 Congratulations! :)

(13:41:47) This afternoon I am geeking out with a #raspberrypi - I've got it (finally!) booting off a 4GB SD card at least... oh the space!

(13:54:56) @streakmachine It took me a couple of goes - sorted.. went for Sandisk - safe brand :) Plenty of space for Quake 3 ;) http://t.co/PTrft9k8

(13:55:28) @Manda_Jones I pride myself on being a particularly poor Internet Stalker (ask @claremac82 :D) Thank you! I'll be sure to remember...

(13:57:34) @streakmachine I'm very lucky to have one - you might try eBay..?

(14:01:26) @dt90spt 100% JAMYEH! :) :)

(14:01:43) @catdl @ri_science Yes please! :) :)

(14:02:02) @leica0000 They are GREAT! :) Still on serious backorder, though..

(15:36:26) Played Lenni at a game called "Kings and Servants." Something of a game of luck. Quite unnerving...

(15:43:05) @mostlygeordie I would say don't risk it.. :/

(16:03:50) @JQP74 Welcome home :)

(16:08:06) Compiling software on Linux would be almost impossible without Google. Just sayin'.

(16:08:32) @mostlygeordie Heehee.. I hope you were lucky! :)

(16:09:12) @fridgemagnet2 Brilliant! :) If I can find somewhere to stash it, I might put my pi on the web, too :D

(16:10:09) @caterham7 Nothing earth-shattering at the moment.. trying to compile a BBC emulator right now.. cue millions of dependencies! :D

(16:11:41) @ajlanghorn In the perfect world, yes.. but those dependencies.. that need compiling.. that have dependencies *cries* :D

(16:21:12) @ajlanghorn Utterly.

(16:26:40) X-Factor contestants know nothing of the suspense of running 'make install'; is it going to do it? 20 mins later: NO! http://t.co/9ybxDSJy

(17:22:20) @helenduffett *muffled voice* I know ;)

(17:22:36) @sfdrummer @claw0101 @teresahummel @the_335 @Tone_720 @sarahjaneuk @arronclaydon @ultgames @donmcallister @clothheadhq utterly epic :)

(17:56:56) @dt90spt Indeed - thank you, @GrantSe1by! (I only hope my playing does it justice!) @jamfolder

(18:34:24) @nxmee You're..? Outrageous.

(18:42:09) @sparkyannc I waited for my mate to come back from the bottle bank.

(18:42:26) @sparkyannc (Pretty epic day for you, though!)

(21:41:17) @fridgemagnet2 Did I ever give you that last episode on DVD?

(21:52:09) My sole #RaspberryPi achievement today - mainly because this excellent blog has instructions: http://t.co/hUlXgHvg http://t.co/aEaV5MRc

(21:55:32) @_windrider Nicely (if rather enigmatically) put :)

(21:55:49) Bed, I think. Indeed. Mine. Night!

(22:00:46) @LilyShambles @PaulEdwards_ Night you fine folk! :)

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(06:37:41) Morning. I need a shave.

(06:38:47) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @Lindylooloo @TheDizzyMama @hooker1uk @poots @stopsleyvicar @wkdstepmother Morning. Happy Friday (if damp!) #FF

(06:40:12) @GHOGIT I should have been more specific.. I'm not sure installing Office on @poots's laptop is particularly unseemly;)

(06:40:52) @Dappydoris Oops. Checking uniform situation with my two

(06:41:18) @cloudexplosion ~chuckles~

(07:55:52) @LilythePurr Morning, right in the way ;)

(07:57:44) Listening to @ShiftRunStop; an Absolute-ly top class @DaveGorman interview & a scary revelation about McDonalds shakes http://t.co/akr4Ur1i

(08:33:34) @caterham7 An approximation of my face :D

(08:34:21) @Barlie40 Mornin' Jim.. I'm about the same. I'm afraid :D have a good day anyway ;)

(08:34:35) @BitsyVonMuffin ohhh Lordy :D

(09:00:05) Some of @Jamfolder's noise-making equipment.. ready for shipping to Birmingham in the JamBus :) http://t.co/0rAvxynk

(09:10:55) @smartie999 @dt90spt @britishtechnews @jamfolder I do hope so.. although don't get your hopes up!

(09:12:03) RT @dt90spt: Making my own pilgrimage on @audioboo http://t.co/XYaxZQbT #britishtechnews #btnb12

(09:13:56) @LilythePurr But only when completely exhausted.

(09:19:12) @giagia Feel better soon, Gia - I hope the cause goes away soon after the symptoms!

(09:33:24) @clothheadhq Ahh shame.. you would be welcome under the Jamfolder gazebo...

(12:48:11) @sparkyannc Thank you! Getting ready for the first of the @BritishTechNews shows.. we'll be making noise during the break before BIG (maybe)

(13:04:25) Standing under a gazebo.

(13:20:49) The PA speaker we're using depicts some resemblance to @AlexGFox (listening to him on the @BritishTechPhoto show) http://t.co/XxNIygF2

(13:41:26) @davewitchalls @dt90spt @jn2n D'oh! :D

(14:25:57) I have just met a personal podcasting legend - Mr @BritishMac himself. Best. Day. Ever.

(18:33:53) The live music strand of the #BTNB12 has been something of a success. Music from @Jamfolder, Mr @AlexGFox and the magical @MissyMWAC 

(19:19:08) @christopherw @AlexGFox @Jamfolder @MissyMWAC Are ya hear yet..?

(21:59:51) What a day. @EwenRankin is a legend - had a great time at #BTNB12 … until next year then! Night night (Although I may wake up before :D)

(22:17:54) @cloudexplosion Totally :)

(22:18:25) @smartie999 @PlainTalkingHR Big goodnight hugs to you both :) :)

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(02:49:03) A brief interlude in my sleeping pattern. This time my Unidentified Abdominal Ache rather than brainfullness. More later (undoubtedly)…

(05:10:10) @MissyMWAC !!!

(05:11:24) @debsylee Whatever day, have a good one! :) :)

(05:12:16) Morning. Hmm... another broken night. Coffee is the cure-all. That and peanut-butter on toast.

(05:33:22) "Manly half-hug, half handshake, pull you close, pat you on the back type manly thing." Heh.. Mordrin McDonald shows affection like I do :D

(05:50:48) @Barlie40 Morning :) Standing waiting for my bus in the dry today.. wonders will never cease!

(05:52:21) @fluffysuse Good morning bbw

(05:54:23) Someone has walked off with my stretch limo.

(05:58:45) @poots I was at the stop by 6.40 - it’s supposed to leave Asda at 6.41 :D

(05:59:38) @miz_shake68 Best offer I’ll have had all day! Thank you :)

(06:00:13) Right. Off to the airport to select myself another luxury cruiser.

(06:12:49) Two words can make me switch off a podcast before the last phoneme is uttered: Maggie Brown. I find her tone akin to fingernail mistreatment

(06:13:42) @Barlie40 I would, but my butler has not prepared my flying helmet. There will be words.

(06:31:44) Seems @LDNLutonAirport is preparing for the olympic festivities... obviously I ran past holding a bic biro aloft. http://t.co/BQiYzfLA

(06:32:54) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) A fantastic plan! Have a great one!

(06:37:47) @kingfamily Morning :) I hope everything goes to plan - good luck with the lists!:)

(06:38:40) @washmysocks To me, he is a tennis player and a human. Neither of which are particularly remarkable, but I would probably offer him a cuppa.

(06:39:35) @LilythePurr ~applauds~ @cyberdonkey

(06:42:21) @PlainTalkingHR I'm about the same.. life doesn't get less busy, does it..?! Hope it all falls into place for you :)

(06:45:14) @LilythePurr Thanks for the follow. Loved the anagrammatic location in your twitter Bio. Me? Cat in loo ;)

(06:45:48) @AuntieJammy You too :)

(06:47:30) I'm flagging already. (My phone's out of credit, so I've turned to tweeting by semaphore :D)

(06:50:11) @ruskin147 @thebeebs You can get some good combo deals from @ebuyer.. http://t.co/DiCEleKM #Higgs #CERN

(06:50:46) @_windrider ;)

(06:52:32) Over sharing: it may not seem very much, but this is day four of me breaking my nosepicking habit. My poor snozzle would never get better...

(06:54:18) @fluffysuse You are looking well fit today.

(07:02:10) I am going to write an anthemic Muse/Coldplay/Embrace style song entirely based on the content of the 2012 #Reithlectures #Reith

(07:02:32) @fluffysuse in your wheelie bin. Again.

(07:03:30) @fluffysuse passers-by keep dumping me in there. Will it end up on YouTube, though? Ohhhh no. #attentionseeking

(07:32:35) Flowered at St John's Wood #viewfromthetrafficlights http://t.co/ydRPl70K

(07:55:04) @edtjones Fair warning :p

(08:06:16) In the office now. A large glass of water is required, I think. And then a talk to the Document Management Person...

(08:47:26) @PinkBlancmange Ludwig was my FAVOURITE programme as a child.

(08:47:48) @wkdstepmother He's a nice German chap called Lutz. He should live in Luton. Lutzon.

(09:26:48) @poots @riggwelter Similarly "Look." Also I immediately tune out if someone starts a sentence "You're going to love this." v. presumptuous.

(09:27:56) @HobsExchange_Jo Thank you for making contact. There is a lot going on; I may call upon you.

(11:37:01) @fridgemagnet2 Wrong.

(12:12:53) @fridgemagnet2 Means they won't play those songs again for a good 90 minutes at least...

(12:13:35) @dlwp Where's the bus? ;)

(12:19:16) @mssres I'm glad you tweeted it. Blame it on my ADD ;)

(12:19:45) @fridgemagnet2 Was it a man with a bland voice presenting and a woman shrieking? Oh I do hope so.

(12:21:47) @sparkyannc Uhoh. Carbohydrate crash.

(12:28:55) I'm going to have to think again about my idea to pour nail polish & WD40 into a bucket on my way home tonight..

(12:46:44) @MissyMWAC Take paint.

(12:52:09) There is something really troubling me, dear Twitter. It pains me to have to admit it. I think coffee makes my sinuses hurt. This is BAD.

(12:55:49) @canuckuk Some careful consideration is required, certainly. This is definitely a three pipe problem.

(12:57:45) @canuckuk Indeed.... that'll look great at my desk in the office :D

(13:00:17) @brennig Interesting.. going to cut down first, I think.. I normally have REALLY bad withdrawal :D

(13:21:11) @nedtypeseagoon Interesting.. I'm not a massive consumer of milk products.. definitely worth bearing in mind! Thank you.

(13:22:00) @mondodoll Hello lovely Sue!

(13:43:01) @LilacNun two words: icing gun spray thing.

(13:44:44) Rather pleased with my luch combo.

(13:45:29) @LilythePurr Do you tweet funny things as you think of them? You and @akbea could be siblings of some sort. I love you both. About the same.

(13:49:03) @iamamro Holy cow..

(13:51:45) @mostlygeordie I had a salad with some microwaved Uncle Ben's Special Rice... they went quite nicely together :)

(15:46:00) @sparkyannc Quite possibly! Definitely worth cutting down with that in mind :D

(16:23:53) I felt the need to share this with one of my work colleagues (I'm may well get in a bit of trouble for it): http://t.co/PQXgPX0B heh

(17:08:38) @MissyMWAC TOP t-shirt :) :)

(17:09:05) @GHOGIT E-snuff is e-snuff…

(17:10:38) @fridgemagnet2 Thants.

(17:12:29) @fluffysuse Who brought it up..? ;)

(17:14:27) Good evening. Both of these seem to be true. If I can get a good night’s sleep and resist work emails, all the better. Packing cables later.

(17:14:52) @fluffysuse I am sure it took quite a while to subside ;)

(17:15:01) @stu4art :D

(17:15:39) @2danceis2dream2 Good maths - simultaneous equationose.

(17:22:28) @mostlygeordie Adding a little style to the genericness :)

(17:22:56) @fluffysuse That must have been hard.

(17:24:11) I wonder if it’s possible to play an electric guitar with purple latex gloves on. @jamfolder is a fastidious band.

(17:25:23) I wonder if Niall Ferguson (the #Reithlectures 2012 man) is any relation to Mordrin the Magnificent..

(17:28:42) @LilythePurr It’a such a tall building - I really do struggle to see the point of it.

(17:30:02) @fluffysuse I just hope it came to a satisfactory conclusion for both of you.

(17:57:47) I just saw @superalora. She was frolicking outside with the Cubs as I hurtled past in my stretch limo…

(18:00:02) @Dappydoris Woo! Praying for a clear night! x

(18:44:02) @LilythePurr You know @MelodyMetcalf ? This is becoming the funniest network of comedy women on Twitter. I am SO not worthy. *sighs happily*

(18:44:49) I am not in the slightest bit struggling with technology. It may LOOK like I can't get anything to read this 4GB SD card, but I'm bluffing.

(18:53:37) @LilythePurr Well, then, you're better than all the rest. Thunderdome. @melodymetcalf

(18:55:45) @LilythePurr Get me some ink and make it, er, Quink.

(18:56:23) @LilythePurr Get me a dull football pundit who has a penchant for facts and figures, Statto.

(19:15:02) RT @dt90spt: Gig Tips by @davewitchalls http://t.co/NMlxZfux

(19:19:00) @MissyMWAC Spidermissy Spidermissy, does all the things that a Missy does. Until she loses interest ;)

(19:43:47) @fluffysuse Can I be your twitterstalker, please?

(19:44:29) @LilythePurr Crumbs that was beautiful.

(19:46:44) @MelodyMetcalf @LilythePurr Me too :) :)

(19:47:17) @LilythePurr Your username is nearly “LilyThePun” Sums you up nicely ;)

(19:50:06) I am a little bit stressed because @poots is making tiny cakes. Tiny cakes put me on edge. They are tiny. And cakes. And some are on sticks.

(19:53:03) @brennig It's a bit too late for cake.

(19:54:17) @LilythePurr It's acute one, that's for sure.

(19:54:31) @BlueMoon_11 Woooo!

(19:55:37) @mostlygeordie There is a special cooking machine for them and everything. I will not go near it. George Formby grill every time for me ;)

(19:57:06) @brennig ask @poots if you can pop by and have one. I had a massive tea (basically a giant Yorkshire pudding with a sheep in) so I'm full :D

(19:57:48) @LilacNun @mostlygeordie @poots was looking at the clock expectantly. And melting chocolate. Melting. Not eating. It's all wrong I tell you.

(19:58:29) @PaulEdwards_ Been a great podcaster I'd say :)

(20:16:16) @leica0000 Heh. You do already ;)

(20:16:40) @fluffysuse I guess it was a little pointless asking your permission :D

(20:17:17) @BlueMoon_11 I am almost exactly the same. Shall we go to bed..? (Individually, naturally :D)

(20:20:53) @LilacNun @mostlygeordie I would say @poots has been most successful. Looky: http://t.co/cb0JQjrq

(20:22:51) @TheDizzyMama I would say @poots has got 'em down to a fine art already!

(20:23:40) @Zararugosa Night night, Becky :)

(20:31:14) @kittykatkent here y'go (in a case, not on a stick.. hope you don't mind. It is TINY, though :D) http://t.co/O7IS3QKT

(20:31:42) @fluffysuse Righty oh then. Ma'am.

(21:34:23) @washmysocks Nighty :)

(21:35:14) Right.. bedtime, I think. An evening of fiddling with various things, really. Quite therapeutic and relaxing in its way. Better than telly:D

(21:35:20) Night night :)

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(05:52:21) @LilacNun ~pokes you in the blogosphere~

(05:53:15) @stopsleyvicar @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo Wishing you a sunny Wednesday whatever comes from the sky!

(05:59:54) @summerhaze Happy 4th of July, my fabulous pal :) x

(06:01:47) @artistsmakers @vinspired Simple but effective.

(06:02:22) @washmysocks Morning :) Damp again here in the Bedfordshire area :D

(06:03:10) @kingfamily Hope it goes well!

(06:16:18) @Ariadnes_web 1) Order a load of sausage rolls & wine off your favourite supermarket delivery website; 2) Spend an afternoon choosing music

(06:17:40) @summerhaze Oh my..! We’ve had the rainiest summer in years in the UK; if I could send you a bunch of clouds I would (praying nonetheless!)x

(06:19:21) @kingfamily I’m really glad to hear it - I hope for a clean bill of health! My day is going to be entirely fruitloop. Wednesdays often are!x

(06:21:51) @kyleswager I just finished listening to the latest BT Mac show.. hilarious as always :D Perhaps @drhappymac will knock ‘em up in his shed?

(06:22:14) @miz_shake68 And you, dear Kate :) @Ariadnes_web

(06:23:43) I have an urge to rock out this morning. One of the 12/4 time @Jamfolder riffs going round my head.. Friday is going to be bonkers.

(06:24:46) @alnicholl77 Good morning!

(06:27:01) @washmysocks It’s science slang for ‘big bosoms’

(06:27:31) @kyleswager @drhappymac That really made me laugh :D

(06:29:20) @Barlie40 Morning Jim. I hope today’s mountains are climbable and the view from the top is magnificent :)

(06:45:16) @Barlie40 :)

(06:45:54) @poots fantastic :) family breakfasts are ace x

(06:46:57) MT @mediaguardian: New BBC director general expected to be named on Wednesday http://t.co/nJzJFUcv — hope it’s @claremac82 ..!

(06:47:40) @BitsyVonMuffin Mornin’ Bitsy :) All the fumes have dissipated? (morning @shona_1966 too!)

(06:48:12) @PaulEdwards_ Morning sir :)

(06:48:25) RT @fandrews: http://t.co/FJdonVFB Watch live webcast announcement from CERN at 8am UK time #higgs

(06:53:19) @PaulEdwards_ Or, indeed, woman :)

(06:53:35) @BitsyVonMuffin Yarr! @shona_1966

(07:00:33) @PaulEdwards_ There are some fine Radio 4 continuity announcers who say they’re going for a ‘jobshare’ - first all-woman DG collaboration ;)

(07:03:10) I have a suspicion my stretch limo driver takes his style from lyrics of Carl Douglas’s ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. Today: A little bit frightening.

(07:36:12) Today's bizarre workplace happening: there's a 10kHz tone coming through the PA speakers about once every 30 seconds.. http://t.co/Iw5YIrHt

(08:30:53) @Brambling Finding it's one thing.. catching it is another! :D

(08:36:10) Wow.. bit of a moment at CERN..

(08:41:11) I love that the CERN Highs Boson presentation is done in Comic Sans...

(08:50:31) Higg's boson, not High's boson. Darn autocorrect...

(08:50:44) @Sk287 BLUFF ;)

(08:56:14) @Ariadnes_web You look GREAT! :)

(09:06:28) @claremac82 Sorry. I have a bit of a cough.

(10:30:26) @LilacNun @akbea *polite applause*

(10:34:51) @mostlygeordie Gah.

(10:37:19) Whoever had money on Eric Sykes being the celebrity Olympic torch carrier in Luton next week.. nope. Sadly enough. #RIPSykes @lutoncouncil

(10:37:50) @mostlygeordie That sounds most uncivilised :/

(10:37:58) @mostlygeordie Sometimes you need a good thrashing.

(10:39:19) @mostlygeordie How are you with skiffle? ;) Also, I don't really like jazz if that helps?

(10:40:43) @mostlygeordie Don't forget the mags...

(11:07:02) @mostlygeordie Search me.. :D

(11:31:23) @willowHart HOOVER!

(11:32:55) RT @akbea: One for @ajhmurray... #notnews RT @Badger5000: ARGH! TOO MUCH NEWS! RT @arewenotben: Breaking Norfolk news! http://t.co/Z1amoLtT

(11:35:17) @willowHart Heehee.. there are people that make one's skin crawl too, I'm sure! :)

(11:35:56) Going to go for a going walk.

(11:42:02) @mostlygeordie There will, inevitably, be coming as well as going. Not sure which is which much of the time :D

(11:42:23) @Wymroyal Haha!

(11:42:49) @PlainTalkingHR Where I go somewhere :D

(11:43:29) @_windrider Come back again? Almost definitely :D

(12:19:29) I have returned. Returnily. And I have brought biscuits (@errolin wouldn't like them, but he's on holiday, anyway)

(12:19:47) @LilacNun Please tell me when so I can make you something out of papier maché..

(12:20:39) @perrygascoine I have no doubt you will, sir :)

(12:28:18) @mostlygeordie I'm back.

(12:28:41) Across the piece.

(12:32:04) @LilacNun Throw those curtains wiiide. I heard that for the first time in ages last week and have needed to play it every day since :D

(12:33:26) How handy - @ebuyer are selling Higgs Boson-like particles - check out the suggested combinations :D http://t.co/pK8JZXKf (via @joedemax)

(12:34:23) @Brambling @greateranglia Brilliant :)

(13:04:50) @OmarRaza WICKED! (She's pretty.. so are you ;)

(13:10:42) @sparkyannc @twitter @zsk Quite wisely so. Did you see this, by the way? Top Norfolk news: http://t.co/DHpajVm8

(14:43:27) I find pressing F5 quite refreshing.

(14:44:33) @themiltonjones Certainly never cross the beams.

(15:17:41) @jameshosker I agree :) :)

(15:29:59) My personal email address has been a right nuisance today.

(15:30:13) Normally it's my work emails that annoy me :D

(16:20:49) Oh my. Probably the most shambolic @theILPPodcast ever. Whose idea was it to let @davelortal sing..? And you LET him, @TomBedwell..?! Wowzer

(16:21:55) Escaping the office environment. The beeping has stopped; meetings are over. Now.. who’s driving my stretch limo this evening..? Is it you?

(16:23:41) @willowHart Wot ya got..?

(16:24:40) @leica0000 It’s unlikely (deceased :D)

(16:28:00) And..? It’s Radiant Driver. Must be about 30 degrees C in here. He is so warm.

(16:31:32) RT @OmarRaza: The Majhu Brothers - petrified! #FMBSeries5 http://t.co/dbtcTR2q

(16:37:43) @leica0000 He won’t get fooled again (sorry!)

(16:38:18) @Barlie40 Ahh shame - well-deserved ;)

(16:41:39) @willowHart like it..? They are good for games ;)

(16:57:29) @pj_kent Brian2, it would appear (what is a Brian2?)

(16:59:47) @BlueMoon_11 I am sleepy :) So nothing new :D

(17:00:18) @brennig ~high fives~

(17:15:58) @Xaverri_Marissa @MuserInDementia @contrarywitch That is brilliant - now I need to hear it :D

(17:16:28) @BlueMoon_11 I will bring you your jammies - all nicely folded ;)

(17:16:36) @pj_kent Coolio!

(17:29:52) @BlueMoon_11 with pleasure - I do a mean minty brew :)

(17:35:03) @BlueMoon_11 if I can find some. Otherwise it’ll be mashed up extra strong mints ;)

(17:35:39) @brennig YES!

(17:48:38) @YPLAC There's a nice empty car park to his left but the footpath's a MUCH better place for a smoke. Gitbag. #YPLAC http://t.co/YJGutVpx

(17:51:03) @dt90spt @jamfolder (You'll Never, No is in 12/4 time.. I don't play to normal time signatures ;)

(18:14:41) @dt90spt @jamfolder (and I realise now that makes it sound like I have the first idea what I'm doing.. :D)

(18:47:04) I feel this bit of modest musical tinkering may well feature in a fair amount of Olympics footage: http://t.co/XiJTSDWz (via @contrarywitch)

(18:47:58) @MissyMWAC That made me snigger :D

(18:48:34) Right. I suppose I'd better rock out for a bit.

(18:49:43) @Barlie40 Wonderful evening for it! :) :)

(18:50:14) @AmandaHolmes21 All right then. I shall rock.

(19:02:53) @gilliandonovan Whut? Has the world lost its collective mind? And Skrillex is a noisemaking thing. Beam me up, Mr Scott.

(19:06:03) @TomBedwell @theilppodcast @davelortal I will buy you a tazer.

(20:21:02) I just found this bit of bizarreness. There are a LOT of people with too far much time on their hands.. http://t.co/zo5SHL8B

(20:36:04) @mostlygeordie They taste like burning.

(20:36:35) @mostlygeordie PS Please don't punch me! :)

(20:43:58) @TomBedwell @davelortal @theilppodcast I have passed a photo of Dave around every karaoke bar in London with a note from the H&SE.

(20:48:05) Right. I am going to pack away today - the carry case looks awfully small, so please accept my apologies if I have to stand on you. Night.

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(07:07:19) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo Good morning :)

(07:08:51) Good morning. I say ‘good’ but the traffic this morning is truly abysmal. And dismal.

(07:11:28) @washmysocks As you tweeted that, a police car zoomed by with rather a continental style siren. #oddbutbeautiful

(07:18:47) @miz_shake68 I think we need a bright, cheerful coffee shop :)

(07:47:56) @lloydbayley A what now?

(07:48:08) @lloydbayley Mornin' :)

(07:49:11) @Bunnywoomble @neilhimself Wow.

(07:50:02) @lloydbayley But fun? ;)

(07:50:56) I am being requested to "Please wait for the User Profile Service." I couldn't be more pleased to do so. To do what, though? Coffee time.

(08:40:51) @mostlygeordie Gladly. Or you could just stand outside in the rain ;)

(08:42:11) @LilacNun Trying a bit of tech euphemism, since autocorrect seems to be letting me down ;)

(08:48:09) @LilacNun Flirtynerd #tobefair :D

(09:33:04) @LilacNun Heh. Yes. Now.. does your jack socket need resoldering? ;)

(09:34:00) I'm sitting down a lot today.

(09:34:24) @Leafybear Me too. You can get enormous boxes of 80 teabags now YEAH! :)

(09:52:49) @LilacNun Which reminds me.. how did the interview go? x

(09:54:18) @LilacNun Oh man. I hope there is better on the horizon. Now get out of bed before I poke you with this proddy thing.

(09:56:09) @thatsjustme0 In our building the gents and ladies are in one order except on the 7th floor where they have inexplicably reversed them. GITS

(10:12:08) @thatsjustme0 Yip.. Definitely doors. Out west in the shiny glass buildings there they have unisex toilets. Now that is progressive :D

(10:47:58) @mostlygeordie I would love to play.. unfortunately I'm a bit busy - later? :)

(11:43:37) @AlexGFox That is a LOVELY photo!

(11:46:52) @Moominstrudel Well you're not at your most contagious, at least.. hope the itches subside - good luck finding the calamine! :)

(11:48:10) @sweetbillyp I want to be a Maven. Most notably,

(11:48:40) Right. Time to put something unsuitable in a mug.

(11:49:22) RT @jonhind: Blimey its Marvin the paranoid android http://t.co/KHVWH1Mr via @TwitPic

(12:00:41) @_windrider Entirely. And not too far off the mark :D

(12:00:50) @MartynElvin Pfft to both tweets :D

(12:01:05) @AlexGFox Possibly mendacious? I do hope so..

(12:06:50) @MartynElvin It's a chuckling sound :)

(12:07:01) @_windrider @AlexGFox Indubitably ;)

(12:07:19) @caterham7 Slighty smaller. With noodles.

(13:02:43) @mostlygeordie Heehee.. I know exactly that feeling! :D

(13:36:51) @mostlygeordie I love your new twitter image.. not as pretty as you, though :)

(13:44:09) Oh. The massive quantity of free text messages I had accumulated has disappeared without warning. Consequently so has my credit #PAYGwoes

(14:21:43) Two things: one - there is a 1980s band called 'Gazebo' . Second.. I have just discovered 'Format Painter' in Outlook 2010. BRILLIANT.

(14:22:15) @LilyShambles If that's the case, I do hope I will tell myself about it! :D

(15:01:14) @fiverscarrot What's he like?

(15:14:55) @poots I should be fine, ta :) Thank you!

(15:15:05) @fiverscarrot Heh... deliciously vague ;)

(15:24:08) Male pattern badness.

(15:27:08) RT @dignut: Here is the best thing you'll see all day: a patient has brought me in a picture of her hamster eating spag bol. http://t.co ...

(15:27:42) @fiverscarrot This too will pass.

(16:57:28) Gannin’ huam. As opposed to gammon ham. There is some hot coach action going on (no crying childs hurrah) - I think the driver is radiant.

(17:01:26) @sparkyannc Hmm.. I’m beginning to see a trend appearing in my timeline.. when @LivingSocial is mentioned in a tweet, poor service is, too.

(17:03:04) @RobJD @poots @giffgaff Heehee.. you’ll be first with the referrer code, right..? ;)

(17:03:45) @PlainTalkingHR Seems every time this particular chap drives the air con blows up. It’a a power he possesses :D

(17:04:48) This stretch limo won’t go above 50mph. It’s like Speed except in reverse. Not actual physical reverse. That would be frightening.

(17:05:06) RT @dlwp: http://t.co/HGAt7Nl8

(17:06:34) @Barwickgreen I think the Triune of Formidable Women would have been complete if @ms_howard had been there too.. @mcdwebster @heatherrhian

(17:11:41) @heatherrhian @Barwickgreen @ms_howard @mcdwebster I, for one, would watch what I said. And did. And pay special attention to grammar use(!)

(17:15:41) @LilacNun Are you OK? Do you need your peripherals calibrated? #IAskBecauseICare #FlirtyNerd #Flerd

(17:20:14) Wow! The band Elbow have made a #realale called ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ - @vobes and @beershowjimmy are drinking it (and scanning the QR code)

(17:26:52) @vobes Not in the slightest bit turgid ;)

(18:44:58) @summerhaze where "E" stands for "Everything that's great about being a woman" :)

(18:45:53) @simon_toon Mate! I hope there wasn't any major damage to human nor vehicle :/

(19:13:46) @simon_toon @Pewari @perrygascoine @poots Reassuring. I hope it turns out to be minimal.

(19:14:33) Some Lewis before bed, I think. It's never the mildly evil one.

(19:22:07) @lutoncouncil @poots @Bubble2009 John Hegley?

(21:17:52) @caterham7 all hail indeed the pastafarians.

(21:18:32) @LilacNun SIMPLIFY (and don’t go for the trial run ;)

(21:19:45) @LilacNun ~resists apparent* flerding opportunity~

(21:20:22) Bed. Bed bed bed bed bed. Night!

(21:25:52) @perrygascoine You’ll doubtless be waving to @poots - I leave the house at 6.30 ;) Look left halfway between Crawley & Eaton Green Rds :D

(21:26:24) @smartie999 gogogo x

(22:58:22) Camomile tea.

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(05:48:34) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @Lindylooloo @poots @stopsleyvicar @wkdstepmother Morning at a #Binaish hour to some fine #Luton folk :)

(05:49:38) @fluffysuse Good morning ftw

(05:50:25) @AndreaRauter you too! x

(05:50:52) @vobes @lloydbayley Morning/evening gents :)

(05:53:36) @pj_kent A Bank Holiday, if you like. Morning :)

(05:54:52) Morning morning. What with #BTNB12 being at the end of it, this is going to be a heck of a week. Time for some supercharged coffee.

(05:55:22) @fluffysuse I love your hair.

(05:58:16) @_windrider I am sure there are better ways to spend a day. Hope it all gets sorted soon.

(05:58:34) @brennig !! mornin'

(06:14:28) @AuntieJammy Morning :) A bit the same here.. have a good day :)

(06:14:49) @Tone_720 @clothheadhq Oh my yes! And maybe halfway through :D

(06:15:37) @washmysocks Bit damp, then? Mornin' :)

(06:23:56) @AuntieJammy Like you wouldn’t believe :) You..?

(06:26:11) “I’m here for the craic” gets autocorrected to “I’m here for the fraud” :D

(06:26:46) @_windrider @Tone_720 Not sure it’s scientific :)

(06:27:36) @AuntieJammy Fabulous! :) :)

(06:27:56) @leica0000 Blimey…

(06:50:23) @LilacNun Wow that is an early interview. Wishing you success despite the lamppost incident xx

(06:50:43) @_windrider nightmare!

(06:51:20) @_windrider Makes sense, though…

(06:59:33) RT @CosmicCoco: Lest we thinks it's actually all about sport! http://t.co/e6CHNn7l

(07:28:07) @lloydbayley Thanks mate… taking life by the horns! :)

(07:28:40) @_windrider ~high fives~

(07:29:48) @thatsjustme0 You’re going to jail? ;)

(07:30:12) @leica0000 I don’t think it would help anyone x

(07:30:30) @caritas730 Hang in there - it will get better x

(08:38:16) A state of heightened awareness. Be aware. Or go to Ware (it's quite nice there)

(16:26:56) Right. Why did nobody tell me there is a liquorice flavoured Wrigley's Airwaves chewing gum? (Not that I normally chew.. it's an experiment)

(17:06:08) @RobJD slurrrrrp :D

(17:07:43) @leica0000 I'm just hoping that wasn't a belated response to your earlier rather heartfelt tweet ;)

(17:34:54) @LilacNun Ducking bell! #blackadder

(17:35:08) @Tactless_Claire Pfft :D

(17:52:42) @MissyMWAC Surely the one with 'perfect' must yield perfect results..? Otherwise it would be incorrectly named & a complaint should be made.

(18:42:35) @LilacNun May I format your USB stick?

(18:43:27) Time, I think, for another bit of @Jamfolder rehearsal. We mean business. We mean pleasure. We are the mullet of music.

(18:45:38) @fridgemagnet2 It is, indeed, one of the fifty shades of BEIGE.

(18:45:51) RT @fridgemagnet2: Is this or is this not beige. As in not green. Vote now. #fb http://t.co/9Zq05ash

(21:47:39) RT @dt90spt: An awesome evening's @Jamfolder rehearsals with @syzygy - we can do this! @BritishTechNews bash here we come!!

(21:48:03) @hergiebird What..? @fridgemagnet2 a fool..?! ;)

(21:52:05) All done rocking* out# with the band^ - bedtime. Night!

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(06:35:48) @AndreaRauter Mornin’ :)

(06:36:11) @Tactless_Claire Mornin’ slander x

(06:36:45) @ms_howard Good point, beautifully made :) Guten morgen!

(06:38:28) Good morning. Coffee time, I think.

(07:06:05) @gilesbabbidge What-ho to you, too, sir :) I plan on staying well away from weather :D

(07:06:17) @fluffysuse What if I'm hiding in your bin?

(07:07:04) @cyberdonkey Mornin' sir :) A delightfully relaxed weekend so far, thank you. How about you?

(07:07:33) @zany_zigzag She will never know about the whole sun/wings thing? NOOOO! (Mornin' by the way)

(07:08:22) @fluffysuse Why? Well @Ms_Muffy seems great, but you are MORE than enough of all of those things already :P

(07:08:36) @vobes Mornin' chief :)

(07:09:09) @HellenBach (I had toasted muffins with honey too.. luxury!)

(07:23:34) @zany_zigzag My weekend's going moderately to well, thank you. I need to put some socks on. Other than that, yeah. And you? All studied out?

(07:25:56) @gruppox Was that you clearing out your nose? ;) Morning :)

(07:26:36) @Barlie40 Morning, Jim. The coffee has been drunk, and I am just about to do some music practice. Have a fab day, tooo! :)

(07:26:50) @fluffysuse *sits in the bin and cries* (A sorry sight)

(07:31:49) @lloydbayley Heh :D Hope you find it!

(07:32:04) @fluffysuse I think I like you x

(07:56:13) @SimplyTanny I had to look that up. It doesn't really seem like my kind of place (morning, by the way!)

(07:56:39) @riggwelter @stfrancisluton Shhhh - it's asleep!

(08:03:52) @SimplyTanny *Sunday hug* x

(08:19:26) @LutonNewsSally That's epic! :)

(08:19:36) @miz_shake68 Yummy meatballs! :)

(08:20:28) @thatsjustme0 Morning - and may I say you're looking delightful. Coffee's here..

(08:22:06) @GHOGIT I just saw that photo and burst out laughing :D :D

(08:23:20) @miz_shake68 Heehee. Free creche, too, but I think yours are a bit old..? My two are now :/

(08:23:30) @thatsjustme0 Of course ;p x

(08:23:48) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo @hooker1uk @stopsleyvicar Good morning :) I wish you the very same :) #Luton

(08:41:30) @miz_shake68 heehee :D Your

(08:42:28) @PlainTalkingHR I’m doing OK so far, thank you :) Hoping for a relaxing family Sunday :) and you?

(09:54:04) @summerhaze Look around :)

(09:55:19) @Mad4mogzz Please do wave as you (hopefully) hurtle past :)

(09:57:08) @willowHart Totally. Up is the only way now x

(09:58:20) At a different church. Fortunately the hymns are ones I know, so there will be singing with gusto. I might not be asked back. Again...

(09:58:42) @debsylee Yarrrr! Mornin' :)

(10:57:06) @willowHart Mornin' :) I'm doing OK, ta - how are you, stranger..? x

(10:59:36) Our growing boy: "What's the point of wearing colourful socks if you can't see them..?"

(11:01:01) @binabery @joanneh234 Fortunately the tunes were right, but Onward Christian Soldiers (bad enough!) had TWO key changes. Nearly killed me.

(11:30:02) http://t.co/xEvYohIu Repairing @superalora's mini USB mouse #makedoandmend http://t.co/5NZi4wie

(11:46:45) @lloydbayley Bed..?

(11:47:12) @LilacNun You very silly lady.

(11:48:29) @mostlygeordie I might go for a swim (I am a slob most of the time, so it works. Sort of :D)

(11:51:27) @SimplyTanny Thanks for the warning.. I'll wear trousers then x

(11:51:37) @SimplyTanny Or a slip.

(11:52:45) @effieoffie Oh my... please get better soon x

(12:15:10) @caritas730 @mostlygeordie Municipal skinny dipping. Won't catch on, I'm afraid (not after last time)..

(12:15:36) @lloydbayley Yeah, I'm not bad, ta.. just fixed Lenni's computer mouse.. now a bit of family time (playing Uno) :D

(12:15:44) @willowHart *big hug for real life* x

(12:16:01) Time to be beaten at Uno.

(12:44:06) @mostlygeordie @caritas730 It fizzes a bit when I go in the water, but yeah.. I need constant supervision: D

(12:44:41) @lloydbayley Heh.. I may well have to put my 'going for a nap' outfit on :D

(12:47:48) @shellzenner Oh come on. Please aspire to more than that, because you would be going backwards x

(12:49:51) RT @msjenb: Want to hear a joke about sodium?
What about Potassium?

(12:50:35) @smartie999 All that and a big hat.

(12:51:37) @shellzenner You are.

(12:52:44) Time for a swim, I think.

(12:53:14) @crabbyknickers Aww. Share the love x

(15:41:59) Home after a good splash around at Harpenden swimming pool. All tired out now. Time for lemon & ginger tea and more losing at Uno :D

(16:02:07) @Littlebit_Bod Ahh.. that'll be Cash For Bumping Into Tables. You may be entitled.

(16:18:52) Heh. Big kids, basically: http://t.co/dYDvCHlO ...although this is not like reality because at least one piece wasn't missing/snapped off.

(16:19:07) @Mad4mogzz *waves bacK* :)

(16:19:50) @Tactless_Claire Hope they rise to your satisfaction. #NotAEuphemism

(16:21:18) Ended up listening to ThisIsHeart on the way home from swimming. They've employed a man with the most anodyne voice IN THE WORLD. Terrifying

(16:22:33) There is a very interesting symbiosis on the terrace.. the sparrows & dunnocks eat from the feeders and the pigeons nibble what they drop..

(16:27:07) All tired out now.

(16:29:26) @106jack You should know better, Steve.

(17:22:15) Accessories for playing Minecraft (apparently): Lenni - a ukulele tuning pipe. Chris - a mallet.

(17:32:23) @brennig Lenni has been asked by her mother to take the tuning pipe out of her mouth. Chris has put the mallet down. For now. #weirdfamily

(17:33:13) @ms_howard Legally, morally and spiritually: no. Physically: quite possibly. Try standing up. If you can't, you have had too much. HTH.

(17:33:28) @hadenmaiden Sounds like a wonderful day! :) :)

(17:39:09) @cyberdonkey I don't know how you did that, but it is brilliant!

(18:39:22) @Bunnywoomble Looks pretty epic! Hope you enjoy(ed) it!

(18:43:16) @hadenmaiden Fantastic :) Yeah.. we're doing OK.. keeping busy as the end of term draws nigh :) Lovely balmy evening :) :)

(18:43:58) @ms_howard Happy birthday! (Today..?)

(18:44:18) @Tactless_Claire Splendid #notaeuphemism

(18:47:26) @bbcbillt That is a ~very~ good article and I have a soft spot for Media City for all the reasons @nwalley cites. 5Live should stay, though.

(19:05:28) Eep. @Jamfolder's first live performance (and my first gig) is in 6 days time. Beginning to feel the pressure now. Rollercoaster ride yeah.

(19:06:10) @andytuk Congratulations! I'm G7RKW if you're interested ;)

(19:29:04) @perrygascoine Next Friday in Birmingham, sir :) @jamfolder

(20:30:45) @perrygascoine @jamfolder You can be sure I will sign a Blu Ray for you ;)

(22:05:26) @ms_howard That really should have been in my Special People’s Birthdays Google Calendar (and yes I do have one) Hope you’ve had a FAB day!x

(22:28:08) It looks like tomorrow's going to be an enormous Monday, so I'd better prepare for it. This will be done through the medium of sleep. Night!

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(07:02:45) Good morning. New (educational) toy! I equated this to getting a ZX81 when I was 12... #raspberrypi http://t.co/8M7w6Z5M

(07:06:23) @Dappydoris I had to ask @poots about that. It was altogether too weird for my little brain to understand.

(07:15:30) @lloydbayley Hey, it's plugged into the telly just like the old days ;)

(07:15:48) @akbea Morning and happy birthday @ladyloki :)

(07:16:39) @Barlie40 Morning Jim :) All good this morning, ta - hope you are too! Enjoy a fantastic weekend!

(07:34:06) @lloydbayley I'll stick with this... ;) http://t.co/tdtesxk8

(07:34:08) @Dappydoris And a splendid good morning to you xx @poots

(07:36:35) @Tactless_Claire That made me chuckle. QUACK!

(08:28:11) @Dappydoris Duckface? :/

(08:29:56) @Matildamouse It's pretty epic.. just got it configured for HDMI - we only have a 720p telly :D

(09:22:47) @jonhind Heehee.. definitely a place in time! :)

(09:24:17) @Matildamouse Bargoon! There's definitely a market for it - I would buy another one just for me if I could.. hard to resist playing with it!

(09:30:55) @ladyloki @akbea Have a lovely day!

(09:31:08) @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @Bazmati2020 @poots @Lindylooloo @hooker1uk @stopsleyvicar Mornin' Luton groovers! :)

(10:39:08) I couldn't resist it.. my first tweet from the Raspberry Pi. Just a commandline twitter app at the moment, but hey...

(10:54:48) @RobJD I've already created a command-line Twitter client for it.. and Chris is now playing on Scratch :)

(10:56:56) @BothersBar I'd not heard this before. Trying to change my opinion on the best song called 'Valerie'; I fear I'm the same boy I used to be..

(11:00:10) I've just been pointed to this by @Poots - it's called "Travel Luton" http://t.co/FMyfAtjc #Luton

(15:47:28) Home and eating popcorn after a successful town trip. We have bought @Fridgemagnet2's birthdag present. For next year.

(15:51:32) Also (somewhat) worthy of note is tbat I'm eating toffee popcorn - the first time I had it was from a swimming pool vending machine.

(15:54:52) @fridgemagnet2 Spoilt..? Enhanced, surely..!

(15:57:11) Frustratingly, my raspberry pi twitter client seems to be incapable of sending a tweet without a typo.. most frustratinf.

(17:49:34) @streakmachine I obviously programmed it in specially ;)

(17:49:55) @LilyShambles That is much more suited to an obscene amount of custard, to be fair :)

(17:50:29) @edtjones Well.. so far the children have played Scratch, I've played remote X-Windows (with XMing) and a python twitter client.. and..

(17:51:11) @edtjones ...because of power limitations (need a powered hub, which somewhat defeats the object) failed to configure a USB wireless stick.

(17:51:20) @edtjones I would love to do something with the GPIs :D

(17:51:29) @pj_kent co-geeks, please ;)

(17:51:41) @hooker1uk @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @Bazmati2020 @poots @Lindylooloo @stopsleyvicar Afternoon to you, too. Warm again innit!

(17:52:04) @streakmachine I know many a tweeter who doesn't need that function ;)

(18:15:09) RT @brianmmonroe: RT @darrenmurph Spotted at Apple HQ. The world's nerdiest car. Amazing. http://t.co/Gckaejwt - I have seen that car ar ...

(18:37:24) @claremac82 Did you WIN!? Nobody told me.. but yeah. You definitely deserve it, especially with all the travel to Salford. YOU ROCK :) x

(18:44:19) @thatsjustme0 HIGH FIVE! x

(20:41:31) @smartie999 Nighty *smooch*

(20:43:47) @JamesCridland It didn't do in.. oh my.. was the last one really four years ago..? Fortunately, NTP is quite forgiving.

(20:46:18) @OmarRaza Bewilderingly good.

(21:35:14) @mostlygeordie Oh. Oops.

(21:37:14) @joey_coops Oh my.That is just crying out for being turned into an anagram :D "yo Vole UI" or something...

(21:38:00) @biscuitnose I am sure that is a relief (quite possibly in two senses once you took it off!)

(21:38:33) Right. Off to bed. Apparently there's sport on. night!

(22:04:39) Much chuckling during my Bedtime Rituals at @JulietMM, @Sfolland and @hubbardcj's latest @106jack podcast offering. @50ShedsOfGrey: genius.

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