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(02:29:56) I am not awake. It is not altogether too warm. My tummy doesn’t hurt.

(05:03:50) @sarahjaneuk Have a good flight! Looking forward to seeing you next week :)

(05:04:04) @_windrider Done it! Ow.

(05:05:21) @claremac82 All good - just a shame you and Olibbya couldn't make it. Maybe next time. Just putting up with me is all I ask of you :) x

(05:15:27) @claw0101 Yay... oh :/

(05:16:10) @Zararugosa Morning :) Exciting times:) We have another few weeks yet...

(05:16:25) @TheDizzyMama Morning :) Definitely breakfast!

(05:16:48) @brennig man that's early. Good morning!

(05:18:24) @cloudexplosion I hope you don't have to go through that again!

(05:20:37) Good morning. Friday, and this is plenty early enough for me. Looking forward to a doze on the coach.

(05:39:35) @TheDizzyMama Heehee :) I favour peanut butter!

(05:39:51) @Peteatkin2 @AuntieJammy @Barlie40 @gemmak500 @kingfamily And a fine Friday morning to you :)

(05:40:34) @gruppox Morning chief. Much better, thank you. Have a good day!

(05:41:07) @Barlie40 G'day Jim. I wish you a most excellent, productive and fun day :)

(06:49:50) @AndreaRauter Morning lovely :) x

(06:51:33) @_forky @Vixbrix @Dappydoris @MammaTort @PervyWilbury @beangirl @LouWhitts Yarr! #FF

(06:52:30) @Lindylooloo Oh dear :/ Hang in there - I hope things improve x

(06:55:50) @brennig Nearly the weekend.. any prospect?

(06:56:23) @Lindylooloo Heehee! It’s not quite ancient Egypt, is it? :D

(06:58:00) @brennig Mainly R&R I think.. certainly only one place at a time, but I am neglecting my family next weekend, so some extra focus on them :)

(07:06:26) Lovely.. some Laurie Anderson pops up on random as I walk to work. I aspire to such wonder. Kokoku #np

(07:37:36) We have been discussing this:

(07:38:06) @leica0000 And a very good doach it was, too :D

(07:43:20) @caritas730 (Geeks are humble ;)

(07:44:04) @Manda_Jones Good morning :)

(08:08:20) @mostlygeordie Yes please :)

(08:08:37) @BitsyVonMuffin And the very same to you. I have coffee. I am nearly alive :D

(08:09:50) @Zararugosa That is pretty cool!

(08:10:23) @mostlygeordie Do you patooi the pips out the window? ;) @caritas730

(08:11:12) @LilacNun Facts about me wouldn't fill a tweet. Even saying that there are no facts about me won't fill a tweet. See? ______________________

(08:11:45) @caritas730 Yes. Yes you can. There are biscuits in the geek section ;)

(08:12:02) @mostlygeordie Thank you :) #impressedthatihavenotsaidanythingrudeyet

(08:12:11) @mostlygeordie @caritas730 Ahhhh.

(08:12:22) @Zararugosa :) :) :)

(08:29:38) @davewitchalls That. Is. Epic.

(08:31:31) @LilacNun Quite quite splendid! :)

(08:31:50) @simon_toon @perrygascoine @davewitchalls @R2UK *waves back undaunted by distance*

(08:40:16) @davewitchalls It all kinda went downhill after the first season.. :/ But I shall definitely check it out.

(08:56:26) @Barwickgreen When I used to work for commercial radio we used to plan routes that went past transmitter towers. Which one are you off to?

(10:46:33) @freemp31 @Barwickgreen Heh. They colour their masts red and white, too.. they should do that here :D

(10:59:23) @shona_1966 Please tell me you're not trying to shift that on your own! :D

(12:33:55) @Tactless_Claire Oh. Oh my. Nice spot! My shoulders are up and up.

(12:38:25) I have decided that I will use Facebook on an entirely different browser. Time to contain those cookies.

(16:40:08) International flags on Regent St http://t.co/AmWNZIzj

(17:05:39) A watched-for stretch limo never arrives.

(17:07:11) @Dappydoris me too. Sort of. I’m waiting for my bus. How’s your handy?

(17:09:05) @akbea RT oh.

(17:21:35) This is how I roll, uhuh yeah @missymwac @lilacnun #stretchlimo http://t.co/1zYPJ5o1

(17:22:52) @leica0000 Coffee’s best just off the boil anyway ;)

(17:24:04) @Dappydoris Oh sweety :/ Does it help to raise it..? I really really need to practice my music this evening. Really. exhaustired, though xx

(17:27:12) @leica0000 :D ~does a sick~

(17:32:15) @Dappydoris need to cut my fingernails first :) Get them painkillers down ya x

(17:33:05) @MissyMWAC @LilacNun There is some major trundling going on. No trolley service though.

(17:37:13) @fridgemagnet2 I have the pipe. Have you ever tried a beard? You could be a champion…

(17:38:31) @jonhind Knowing Stafford, knowing you. You should pay a visit to the @Linton_T_Tavern - it is the definitive location for relaxation.

(17:41:14) @alicebell What’s with the paper poppies? Googled it to no avail…

(17:42:58) @alicebell They litter the route between - I walk from Regents Park to Marble Arch most days and was wondering what they were for.

(17:46:35) @alicebell Oh wow - thank you!

(17:53:43) @Skylar_Smythe I like :)

(17:54:47) @poots Bring it on!

(18:21:52) @thatsjustme0 Cheers!

(18:53:21) Apparently a cat has adopted our local Asda. It is clearly making a play for the fish counter.

(18:58:14) @streakmachine I'm not sure Asda stocks weaponry.. :D

(18:59:41) @GHOGIT Clearly there is...

(19:00:44) @Dappydoris I do shout NOT NEWS on a regular basis when encountering such things. Fortunately these aren't often...

(19:24:06) @mediocre_mum Don't look now, but there's a woman in the room with you who accidentally drew a picture of Dale Winton on her knee earlier.

(19:26:59) I have something wondrous to show the children tomorrow. I suppose I ought really to prepare it.

(19:59:21) @LilacNun It loves you right back.

(20:07:43) @jonhind I'll wave as you go past :)

(22:38:52) I think I might have sorted out some well-overdue arranging. The guitar riff sounds worryingly like Party In The USA slowed down, mind. Oh.

(22:39:10) To save any further damage or oblivion, I shall go to bed. Night night to you.

(22:52:22) @AndrewJordan77 I dare you to replace it with a signed photo of you.. or even a self-portrait with a biro ;) @jasonplato

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(05:13:45) @debsylee Morning :) I know that feeling! (Except with coffee ;)

(05:15:05) @_windrider Oh. Oh dear :/

(05:15:19) @vobes Morning:) Hope it goes well!

(05:18:08) @vobes You can use an app on your phone... there are a few options in the app store :)

(05:22:38) Good Mordrin. I'm catching up on yesterday's #radio4 comedy offerings. Katy Wix's "Bird Island" is gently lovely. My Teenage Diary: less so.

(05:23:16) @fluffysuse Good morning btw (bizarre tweeting woman ;)

(05:24:51) @_windrider my son has an Android tablet that - get this - changes its wireless card Mac address every time it reboots! Crazy...

(05:25:35) @lloydbayley Well done, sir - time to put your feet up.

(05:55:02) @MissyMWAC really..? What happened? I love it :)

(05:58:54) @AuntieJammy I wish you the very same. I am quite good at Thursdays.

(06:01:12) @MissyMWAC :sadface: I hope you can find a satisfactory alternative; i’m not convinced it’s solely a Tweetbot thing.. oAuth failure hmmm

(06:01:44) @AuntieJammy yarrrp!

(06:03:23) @AuntieJammy Where i’m going it is permabusy :D

(06:05:07) @AuntieJammy The office :D What about you? What does today hold for you?

(06:48:41) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @PaulConnelly5 @hrbeginner @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @Lindylooloo Definitely warm Morning to you too. So so humid!

(06:55:29) @ladyofessex Hope it goes well. I wish an angiogram was someone called Angie coming round my house. I would definitely want one then.

(06:59:05) @leica0000 I believe so, yes, since I think it runs on the same infrastructure as GPRS. I thought it was also known as GPRS+ but I was wrong

(08:40:55) @mostlygeordie It sounds like you're becoming a big fan.

(08:42:26) Right. Email conquered. Time to write up my appraisal. There is a server whining away behind me. It may influence my writing. Wrreeeeee

(08:43:01) @mostlygeordie Why thank you :)

(10:41:24) @joanneh234 Yeah. It works for me, because the rest of the team I lead are writing up their own, too ;) I will obviously add bits :D

(10:54:07) @joanneh234 I am kind :)

(10:54:19) @skattyadz Not on my screen..? :/

(11:17:10) @joanneh234 maybe when roused... :p

(16:28:39) @hubbardcj It’s Sahara dust from the combination of winds from the east and light rain overnight. http://t.co/J21zO9jA

(16:29:13) @emmathegardener ~high fives~

(16:29:41) @Dappydoris wow! :)

(16:31:55) @smartie999 @joanneh234 I like it that way round :)

(16:32:53) Making good my escape despite there being an utterly epic oriental buffet at the East Asia Hub ‘meet the neighbours’ session. I’m SO hungry.

(16:39:29) Today’s homeward stretch limo summary:

(16:40:31) @twannock NOM

(16:41:38) @emmathegardener I am in an entirely bewildered state. This weather doesn’t really do it for me. I am basically a crap Viking :D You ok? x

(16:42:10) @thatsjustme0 Step ON ICE!

(16:45:29) @twannock it is a hungry nibbling sound - somewhat in the post-post-post modern idiom. I won’t inflict it upon you again. No, man.

(16:45:52) @smartie999 @joanneh234 Tried that. Didn’t work :D

(16:47:12) @emmathegardener Heh. Some people actually like this intense sunniness (it’s 30 degrees in London. Yuk.) I am hoping for an epic storm.

(16:55:41) @emmathegardener Bleeeeeeeeee. Makes me want to take all my clothes off.

(16:57:34) @emmathegardener ~tailspins~

(16:58:33) @chchchchelsea I bet you did it with style and grace.

(16:59:59) @emmathegardener Your clever psychological trickery has caused me to melt. Still.. surface area.

(17:40:08) @emmathegardener Don't make e come over there :p

(17:41:22) It's definitely less horribly hot in Luton.

(17:42:12) @Dappydoris oh ow sweety :/ @AndreaRauter

(17:48:00) @AndreaRauter I'm not really the summer sort, I'm afraid - feels a bit wrong complaining though!

(17:54:33) @thatlass Amen. But do watch the calories.

(17:54:43) @brennig yarrr

(17:54:55) @jonhind Ah-haa!

(17:55:26) Home. Oh my goodness it's warm but nice.

(18:21:28) Time to prepare myself physically & metaphorically for @BritishTechNews BIG Show on which I will be having a go later (when Ewen gets home)

(18:22:33) @Dappydoris That would be the death of me. But @poots would be epic at it.

(18:34:47) RT @Alan_Actually: If you lose one sense, your other senses are enhanced,that's why people with no sense of humour have an increased sen ...

(18:36:03) Biding my time. Cos you bide on time.. dah dah Dada dah dadah.

(18:36:43) @thatlass Alcohol is more fattening than fat. Frightening.

(18:36:53) @_windrider Arp :D

(18:37:09) @emmathegardener Heh. And put some clothes on, presumably.. :D

(18:40:24) @mostlygeordie There is a proverb in there somewhere.

(19:13:02) @mostlygeordie That! ~high fives~

(19:26:42) @jonhind Heehee.. I don't think there's much chance of that

(19:57:07) @LilacNun That is a quite LOVELY twitter profile pic, by the way.

(20:00:54) @LilacNun *makes a note* I must try that.. brings me from a 0.5 to a 0.75 :D

(20:05:30) I have my EXCLUSIVE pair of Google Glasses for the @BritishTechNews BIG show this evening http://t.co/gdFFa96S

(20:26:41) @effieoffie :D Thank you xx

(20:27:09) @LilacNun I honestly did think you were talking 4/5 to 5/5 (I think that - you are very pretty)

(20:40:38) @LilacNun Hey, I'm just waiting for you to hook up with my LinkedIn.. still intrigued :D

(21:05:43) @paulwheatley I have the answer on the compression: If you do File - New Project - Podcast it ONLY exports as MP3. Use New Project - Voice

(21:11:59) @LilacNun :D

(21:14:19) @thatsjustme0 YEAH! Me too! (If it's not too hot, and I'm not too tired):D

(21:14:38) Time for bed. Some amusing amusements this evening. Night night.

(21:32:02) @sparkyannc :)

(21:32:16) @cloudexplosion ~sighs~

(21:32:49) @LilyShambles xxx I hope you sleep soon.

(21:33:03) @washmysocks nighty :) x

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(05:26:36) Good morning. Back to the grind (no bumping at this time of day). Rather unusual dreams last night, which I will put down to the heat.

(07:44:00) @vobes A belated good morning to you, Mr V. Have a good day, to - enjoyed your Yorkshire podcast !

(07:44:09) @AuntieJammy Mornin' :) I am warm and tired.. you? :D

(07:44:17) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo And the same to you! :)

(07:45:33) Email count: 209. Meeting count: 7. I'm going to need to take a run-up, I think. A coffee one.

(07:46:22) @AuntieJammy Heehee :D I like the rain (there, I said it :D) Much better than hot hot hot :D

(08:05:25) @AuntieJammy I think I need to live closer to the north pole :D I'm a viking underneath it all (though not so much into pillaging :D)

(09:19:53) @AuntieJammy I think I would be a rubbish Viking. I ~always~ ask permission to set fire to things.

(11:49:27) @andytuk Heehee.. OK! I have to say you are seriously hot on the button with others.. sub 1second sometimes! :D

(11:49:53) @PlainTalkingHR @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @lindylooloo Ello :) I'm a bit tired today, but can't complain ;) You OK?

(12:30:51) Going on a mid-CAB biscuit forage. The fun never stops.

(16:30:24) (Long live) LOVE LIFE http://t.co/XpA3JlQ2

(16:35:11) Oh. Oh oh oh.

(16:56:05) @washmysocks My next tweet..

(16:56:17) @crabbyknickers The latter... I will explain...

(16:58:22) Well that is a first. I've bailed the limo at Brent Cross because the air conditioning's broken, the windows don't open and a baby's crying.

(16:59:58) That truly was a nightmare hellride. It couldn't be any worse on the next bus... could it? (!)

(17:04:31) Ahh. At least 19% better. Definitely a good call.

(17:50:44) @poots And no crying children :) WIN(RIPnfc)

(17:51:11) @dt90spt All good, thanks, mate :) a very kind offer!

(19:15:38) @_forky @TheatreAspen I tried to do a "Quote Tweet" instead of a retweet.. nice spot! I should go to @SyzygyRest :D

(19:17:48) @TheatreAspen @SyzygyRest @_forky Helloooo!

(19:19:37) Fan and open window. One step away from the Damp Teatowel.

(19:19:59) @ajlanghorn Gah :/

(19:21:31) @mostlygeordie Rainin'? We have had about 3 plips of rain today...

(19:23:30) @thatlass Something to make you smile - posted by @humedini : "That's how we roll... http://t.co/P3kkVRYX "

(19:25:09) @_forky I have not been confused with the restaurant before - tends to be @syzygyuk that sometimes ends up in my timeline :)

(19:46:26) Hello @DanSumption - always an interesting rarity to follow someone who'd done more tweets than me.

(19:48:24) @dansumption @nevali And @mediocre_mum, but she doesn't count because I only follow her part-time.

(19:48:44) @OmarRaza @FagsMagsandBags JAMYEH!

(19:48:47) RT @OmarRaza: To the @FagsMagsandBags fans, you'll be glad to hear that we start recording Series 5 next week (and the following week).

(19:50:03) @mostlygeordie Wow. That's a bit warm (probably a little less humid, though! :D)

(19:50:31) @PaulEdwards_ Will do!

(19:50:58) @MissyMWAC I love you because you know that.

(19:53:30) @OmarRaza @FagsMagsandBags Sake.

(20:08:16) @mostlygeordie I am struggling to remove layers :D

(20:13:17) One episode of Big Bang Theory before bed. Then bed. By all accounts there is a day tomorrow, and I might need to have a go on it. Night!

(20:15:46) @TaraBusch I believe the appropriate response is "Ey." In an upbeat manner.

(20:18:19) @joey_coops Didn't you tweet that earlier..?

(20:25:14) @neilfarrimond I was watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was speaking the whole time while I read the words of the 'Pedantic Reader'...

(20:46:12) @mostlygeordie I like :)

(20:46:27) @AyceRimmer Make haste!

(20:46:36) @PlainTalkingHR night :) x

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(07:08:59) Morning. The active ingredient of my hay fever tablets is loretadine. As opposed to Loretta Dean. (Or at least I hope so)...

(07:23:01) @miz_shake68 Bless you :) *passes one* I'm hoping it takes effect before I start sneezing! :D

(07:23:08) @akbea *applauds*

(07:23:39) @washmysocks Morning :) It is indeed - the Eddie Stobart of medications :D

(07:23:53) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo Morning :) Definitely definitely sunny!

(07:24:13) @shellzenner @ajlanghorn For sure.. hopefully in a couple of Tuesdays time..?

(07:58:10) @RobJD Oopsie!

(07:59:32) @shellzenner @ajlanghorn We can come and help ;) #joke

(08:10:51) @RobJD Ahhh - Dilbert Calendar? Mine is on my desk at work - day off today for Lenni’s viola performance…. (Beth worked it out. I am thick)

(08:31:31) We've been sent a poo in the post... the children will be delighted(!) http://t.co/9Z1yjUT9

(08:48:00) @paulwheatley My two will be fighting over it :D Clearly appeals to their demographic..

(09:16:26) Almost every box of cereal has some kind of messy food explosion on it. I do hope this is not a serving suggestion.

(09:18:36) Exemplum: http://t.co/AilGfSxJ

(09:47:37) @mostlygeordie That made me seriously chuckle :D Morning! x

(09:48:03) @_windrider Wow.. that is a fine idea.. very rich in flavour. Perhaps mix up your own..?

(09:48:51) @mostlygeordie it is for a power company. I have no idea which one. Thus, they have failed.

(09:58:43) @_windrider Hurrah :) :)

(10:01:00) @_windrider I do wish they would make Tweetbot for Android. That would be complete.

(13:10:27) Lenni - preparing for the 'Fiddle Fiesta' this evening... http://t.co/EfnOZF86

(14:26:07) RT @johndredge: Am on Resonance 104.4FM and http://t.co/VRkaAj4p at 4 with some of the best bits of the weird radio comedy series I did ...

(14:26:28) There is humidity going on. I'm not a fan.

(18:59:08) Home again home again, after a gig (Lenni's debut performance at the ol' viola). She did very well. I videoed it for future proof. YEAH.

(19:01:13) @brennig No. I think there are a lot of us. We should form an army or something.

(19:02:18) @Ariadnes_web To be fair, it's somewhat to be expected. Surely too too much is that on Downton Abbey..? ;)

(19:03:37) @smartie999 Does my head in that he earned over £60,000 by being a bloke on a motorbike on telly!

(19:04:28) @LilacNun Smoke on the Water. Or that Simpsons classic In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

(19:05:29) @Ariadnes_web To be fair, I don't think I've ever seen Embarrassing Bodies (the programme not mine :D) so your tweets educate me (sort of!)

(19:10:01) @mostlygeordie Yes, but only if you promise to get better soon. Look after yourself, dear you x

(19:10:48) @kingfamily Is it your birthday..? :/ Eep!

(19:11:27) @Ariadnes_web :D You could always explain what 32b means .. is that a Ladybird book? :D

(19:11:52) @LilacNun This is why it would not be a good idea for me and @poots to renew our vows. Dubstep is HARD on an organ.

(19:12:52) @LilacNun Er... yes please... the magic of the internet! Any jobs going? I'm a dab hand with a hoover. (Are dab hands suitable for hoovers?)

(19:13:34) @mostlygeordie I would but I'm not far behind you to bed. Someone's got to tuck you in and sort out the Vicks.

(19:16:14) @LilacNun I fear I may already have incriminated myself (with the crevice tool).

(19:39:06) Preparing for bed while listening to people talk about cats on @TinTopTuesday; one of those conversations I came in halfway through.. #BTCC.

(19:44:21) I love British Touring Cars.. they have a radio show with features like @FrankWrathalls' Frank Raffle.. spot the station sticker on his car.

(19:45:14) @LilacNun @Lycan33 Surely you didn't expect actual ~help~ from the bunch of jokers on your time line did you? ;)

(19:45:39) Off for a shower. Only had two today. That's a shambles.

(19:55:10) @italisalute Have Nurse take them to my room (please!)

(20:26:29) What I've learned from #TinTopTuesday: @aronsmith_ abducts injured pets, @robaustinracing has one line in a film and @wbrattracing rocks.

(20:36:31) @TinTopTuesday @FrankWrathall I AM WAITING FOR A FACT. #TinTopTuesday (And @AndrewJordan77's baby photos. But not for grooming purposes)

(20:37:43) @Dappydoris We feel your pain. He'll be another foot taller by September, too ;)

(20:45:45) @SimplyTanny Bloody hard to blow out, too ;)

(20:46:05) Right.. better get to bed to get to work. Night!

(20:47:38) @brennig Night mate x

(20:58:23) @TinTopTuesday CHOOOOON! @Aronsmith_ #TinTopTuesday Oy! Put it back on :p

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(06:01:55) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo Morning at this intermediate #Binaish hour ;)

(06:02:05) @Barlie40 Mornin' Jim :)

(06:03:59) @alnicholl77 Morning :) A scenic tour indeed!

(06:04:17) @Ariadnes_web Good morning - and a lovely view!:)

(06:04:41) @shona_1966 Morning. Bring on the coffee!

(06:05:02) @washmysocks Morning. Blue skies over Luton, too :) Have a great day!

(06:05:30) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris Morning to the ladies who bring some glamour to my timeline :) xx

(06:06:42) Good morning. I have coffee and rather cheekily subcontracted some necessary ironing to @poots. She is very good to me. And irons SO well!

(06:11:07) @shona_1966 Chin chin! Enjoying the rich flavour and waiting for the buzz.. ;) Have a great day!

(06:12:01) @Ariadnes_web It truly is! I have a fairly atypical Monday ahead.. I hope you have a good day, too :)

(06:41:25) @miz_shake68 YES! :) @Ariadnes_web

(06:42:38) It's bin lorry central on our road this morning. Lenni has tired of me shouting "CHAARGE!" whenever I see/hear one trundling past our house.

(06:59:50) It’a probably been mused upon before, but it occurs to me that Counting Crows must bear some responsibility for Billy Paul’s indiscretion.

(08:37:11) Gosh. Major caffeine crash. Fruity tea is in order.

(08:37:31) @italisalute I do believe it could become a tradition! Good morning, Alan :)

(08:39:09) @fridgemagnet2 It's still around 9.. and will be till about 1 (which runs to approximately 2.30pm, for which we can say '3pm'.. ;)

(08:50:54) @mostlygeordie *sigh* The phrase 'they're all out today' works.

(09:17:16) RT @thejoeturner: twitter please show support for @natwest. she's not the bank.

(09:19:19) @tamarakuzminski Sumptuous, as always :) :)

(09:23:13) RT @solobasssteve: How to get signed to a record label, & never be "unsigned" again - http://t.co/I42gm9Mu #ProTip

(09:23:45) In the intermediary.

(09:24:04) As opposed to the intermedairy.

(10:26:32) Well, this is a break from the norm. Having a sit down.

(12:16:10) I just looked down and thought "These aren't my feet." Fortunately, it turns out they are. But that is the kind of morning I've had.

(16:33:47) Tools down; day off work tomorrow, too. There will be serious @Jamfolder noise practising. Now, though, peanut butler on toast. Heh. Butler.

(17:33:31) @RuthBlackett They say "Time is money".. in this case, what you're killing is simply small change.

(17:45:35) Maple Treeway.

(20:04:04) I just did that Dad thing - throwing a spade and it going 'thonk' into the ground... #littlethings #littlemi http://t.co/FTUNTRZX

(20:33:06) @fiverscarrot Do you know the shortcut on that one..? It's at the hairpin - you can hop to the other side of it :)

(20:33:24) @Ken_Phillips One of my favourites!

(20:35:16) @italisalute ~chuckles~ Only just saw this - a very amusing mental image!

(20:39:16) I might have accidentally neglected to go to the Scout group AGM. It's been a stressful day...

(20:54:14) Chris attended a talk on soldiers in Afghanistan at Scouts. There were sandwiches. What flavour? Chris: "meat." What sort? "Just meat."

(20:54:55) @ajlanghorn Er...

(21:13:26) Chris brought home the wrong trousers. For some reason this has really tickled me.

(21:46:45) @mcdwebster I feel less alone now :D

(21:53:22) @fiverscarrot http://t.co/oPCc3h1T <- I only do the first one of these.. must try both :D

(21:53:48) @fiverscarrot Yes. Cracking meat sandwiches, Gromit.

(21:54:16) @ajlanghorn Oh sweet lord. That just depresses me :D

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(07:17:15) Good morning. It's a bit dim.

(07:17:31) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Never mine :( ;)

(07:18:06) @akbea The Mail?!

(07:29:57) @akbea ~phew~ (I would never knowingly follow a Mail reader.. hm.. is that elitist? You've got me questioning my own tolerance now.. eep!)

(07:30:20) @leica0000 ~Applauds~

(07:30:50) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Morning ~catches you and offers you breakfast xx

(07:31:12) @_windrider Only because you're so far away :)

(07:31:53) @kingfamily That's the spirit :) I think it will brighten up later. Have a lovely well-deserved relaxed one!

(07:32:52) @lloydbayley Heh! Good :)

(07:35:40) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris Even me! :D

(07:37:11) @AndreaRauter Inside, yes :D Unfortunately I have to carry around a big old lump of bloke as well ;) @Dappydoris

(07:41:05) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter (although actually owls are among the stupidest of birds. Which kind of sums me up :D)

(07:42:59) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter I can, and I look like I have a massive hangover most mornings, too ;)

(07:45:53) @washmysocks Morning :) Who needs telly? You never know, it might stop raining :D

(07:46:42) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Amen! x

(07:48:15) @washmysocks Oh wonderful! Please wave to the sea from me :) xxx

(08:01:16) @gruppox Morning :) Wonderful!

(08:27:42) @Barwickgreen @projectparakeet Gosh. An amazing force of nature!

(08:28:16) @Tactless_Claire Mornin' :)

(11:46:37) First of the day's #BTCC races caught-up. Lots of dents. And Honda being a bit boring, to be honest. Nice work by the BMW drivers, though.

(13:41:45) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 1 and we're off (http://t.co/GdAQGVSE) #cgeo #geocaching

(13:55:50) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 2 a bit urban (urbane..) (http://t.co/QxRsSbpX) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:12:05) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 3 Rest your bones (http://t.co/aNqYUyrj) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:22:15) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 4 Neither here nor there (http://t.co/I8WwtnuH) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:37:23) I found Bridle Path Cache (http://t.co/ZZg4xc0V) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:19:14) I found Wigmore Wanders 5 Entering Herts (http://t.co/JIXmwUO5) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:23:56) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 6 Nice view (http://t.co/FKY8wJ99) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:48:41) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 8 Bods ready to go (http://t.co/ThLSq9Aq) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:59:16) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 9 walk along (http://t.co/FBAdCyLD) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:42:57) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 7 Harrys starting point (http://t.co/QAfSSbc3) #cgeo #geocaching

(18:07:28) @washmysocks Oh absolutely. I truly despair of (ab)use of the phrase "The proof is in the pudding..." (don't get me started on 'myriad'!)

(18:09:06) @brennig It's Sunday.. is Tesco still open?

(18:12:05) @washmysocks Your so right ;)

(18:13:08) @brennig That's pretty cool (handy!)

(19:26:38) Necessary maintenance required on my Galaxy S.. the SD card was full (despite the system saying it wasn't.. hmm)

(19:39:49) @ajlanghorn I'll go half-way and say that Surface looks pretty epic ;) [How did ya get on with the 40 year old lady, by the way? ;]

(19:42:50) @EmmaTofi I don't need to watch the match with analysis like that - keep it coming (PS LOVE your profile pic :)

(19:43:25) @FinalBullet I only know one card trick. I am a dad. YEAH.

(19:44:19) @akbea I couldn't agree more *pretends*

(20:07:48) @ajlanghorn Awww... :( But 40 and married.. she sounds great.. send me her number ;)

(20:08:09) @EmmaTofi You are very articulate and intelligent. So perhaps overqualified? :D

(21:48:08) RT @VisitEngland: England lose on penalties. For more on our culture and traditions go to http://t.co/hufIKacu ;)

(21:49:21) Off to bed. I have been watching 'Big Bang Theory' while writing stuff in red pen. I am officially 37.5% Sheldon.

(21:49:32) Bed time. See yourself out.

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(00:03:17) @caritas730 Absolutely. This is a recorded reply.

(00:03:36) @caritas730 Oh no. Now I feel bad about my flippant reply. Sorry :(

(00:08:26) @caritas730 *hug* (if you'd like one)

(00:14:18) @caritas730 Oh my. Well, please accept my BEST *HUG* for 1.12am. I could tell you a lot about friends.. but I am happy to read your tweets x

(00:16:08) @caritas730 Don't be a doormat - be adored :) I'm going to sleep now. Hang in there, lovely. Every day you live, you are more splendid x

(00:16:50) Dropbox is playing silly beggars. Bleh. Definitely going to bed now. It is non-technological, and thus works. Night night properly.

(00:17:45) @GreavsieE17 They don't write 'em like that any more. Chin chin! :)

(07:46:37) @helenrick Like synesthesia but with cheesier links.. synescheesia ;)

(07:52:49) @akbea What a man.

(07:54:35) Wonderful things to read & listen to: Clive James on crap journalists: http://t.co/SlTf7fB6 and @AdamGopnik on critics: http://t.co/pPYqOYht

(07:55:31) @ITVtouringcars @ITV4 You're going to put all of the #BTCC on live telly this time, then? ;)

(08:13:01) @Tactless_Claire Morning. I'm still not awake yet, and I'm on my second mug of coffee. A shower and some clothes, I thin. And fresh air! :)

(08:13:08) @summerhaze :)

(08:21:44) @LilacNun You do a darn sight better than me!

(08:29:28) First sight of a house sparrow on the feeder (poorly photographed from inside!) - this new birdfood is great! :) http://t.co/TQqddYy8

(08:34:44) @vsopfables You tweeted that two minutes ago ~fingers crossed~

(08:35:48) @Tactless_Claire Oh. Oh my. I think I might be chopping trees. Once I've finally got off my arris and into the shower :D

(08:36:13) Right. That'll do. Better get on with THINGS.

(08:46:03) @_forky Thank you for the invitation! :) I hope to join the representation of #PervyCouncil members at your wedding :) How exciting! :)

(08:46:25) @vsopfables :) :) YAY for accurate signage nonetheless! :)

(08:46:48) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Morning my gorgeous international twitterpals. Hope you have had plenty of BIG hugs today. Here's more: HUUUG! x

(08:47:17) @Barlie40 Mornin' chief. You too! you're up early.. or have you not been to bed? ;)

(08:47:48) @lloydbayley @vobes Mornin' gents / evenin' gents :)

(08:48:26) @summerhaze There's plenty more where that came from :) :) xxx

(08:48:37) @lloydbayley Tally ho! :) :)

(08:48:47) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris *smiles* x

(08:49:35) @_forky Oh my! Your eye for detail is formidable :)

(09:17:31) @mostlygeordie Where do you get these? They're excellent :) Mornin' btw :)

(10:33:50) @mostlygeordie Wonderful! :) :)

(10:38:11) @Dappydoris I hope to - and probably train :) You..?

(10:43:43) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo Yup.. still morning ;) #nonBinaishhour

(10:44:01) @Dappydoris Not sure, I'm afraid.. you and I are the only ones I've heard from.. wanna swing by Luton? ;)

(11:10:18) @Dappydoris :)

(11:33:23) @chepbourne The pigeons have a beady eye too!

(14:38:26) @kingfamily Gosh! :)

(14:39:45) Quite entertaining #BTCC qualifying, although no massive surprises... Hondas go zooom.

(18:21:40) DD is doing a hike, DS has just been trying to beat me at Mario Kart. I have taken 15 foot of tree to the tidy tip (the top 15 feet). Yeah.

(18:47:06) I just saw (or rather heard) @nxmee use a mallet to open a pistachio nut shell. There is an analogy and there is Literal Boy.

(18:48:54) @oliwia_s Dobrenoc! x

(18:49:19) @Ariadnes_web (You didn't continue :/)

(18:49:42) @claw0101 tiny tiny icons, too, right? ;)

(18:51:26) @paulwheatley @claw0101 Heehee... maybe :D

(18:51:45) @fiverscarrot I tried. Oh I tried ;)

(18:57:20) @Ariadnes_web FABULOUS! :) x

(18:58:39) @Ariadnes_web Oh I know Pringles Beak :D Fabulous fun photos, both :) I should find some that capture my two :)

(19:10:40) @Sk287 Surely not your number one snack product? ;)

(20:08:23) @ajlanghorn Enjoy! :)

(20:09:30) @_forky Unfortunately, because the TV signal is digitised, transmitted, received, buffered and displayed, there is a delay :/

(20:10:12) @Sk287 :D :D :D

(20:11:13) I may well need to put an extra layer on. Me.

(20:14:03) @mostlygeordie Fleece. So sort of :D x

(20:53:42) @mostlygeordie I think it involves me eating a massive cherry pie ans custard. Lashings.

(20:55:35) @italisalute It's June... anything can happen :D

(21:05:13) @thatsjustme0 On Twitter, I'm assuming... ;)

(21:07:44) @akbea Your tweets make me chuckle :)

(21:12:51) @akbea There's more than one of you..?!

(21:14:54) I have yet to work out why my IP webcam goes a bit funny at about 10pm every night. Peculiar. And no, you can't burgle my house then.

(21:51:51) @Stewpot It's on the local subnet :) My Nagios loses contact with it :D

(21:52:26) @thatsjustme0 Oh go on then.

(21:53:15) @AlexGFox Not as far as I know.. I do need to look at the config, though (check up time etc) - good point

(21:53:34) @jopijedd Interesting...

(21:55:36) @riggwelter The London look? Black snot. #Rimmel

(21:56:17) @glamvicar @riggwelter Heh.. I was only 17 minutes late with that one!

(22:04:27) Bedtime. Niiight :)

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(05:16:10) @AndreaRauter We have quite a lot of dampness here, too :) Mornin' :)

(05:17:09) @AuntieJammy Morning :) I'm going to invent an alternative (a socially acceptable one) to the umbrella.. ;)

(05:17:21) @painted_duchess Gah :/ x

(05:20:02) @AndreaRauter I'm not very good at heat :D A little dampness and cloud helps! :) :)

(05:20:58) @Barlie40 Morning Jim. Have a great day! I'm sure you'll get out there and enjoy it :) :)

(05:21:40) @lucyrboo morning :) x

(05:22:05) @AndreaRauter :) :) :)

(05:30:05) @fluffysuse I didn't give you any. Except in my mind.

(05:31:06) I had a weird t-shirt dream last night just before the alarm went off. Oh. good morning. Better zoom.

(07:36:38) @shellzenner Heh. The Magic Date Ball. Sorry.

(07:37:06) @akbea Hello :)

(07:38:23) @Manda_Jones Ouch. Pineapple juice or a nice mango lassi. And one of those microwave bag things to put round your neck. Doctor syz has spake

(07:39:07) @shellzenner For me that is the long distant future.. but it's all good.. some people plan ;)

(07:39:31) @GreavsieE17 Happy birthday, Martin. Exactly how 'old' is 'old'? I fear the worst. /cc @Barwickgreen

(07:39:51) @PaulEdwards_ Heh. The nights draw in. Winter draws on.

(07:40:25) @BitsyVonMuffin HURRAH! What ya painting? And good morning.

(07:40:35) @akbea I will. But I'm only coming half way.

(07:41:10) Right. Onwards.

(07:53:45) @lloydbayley Thank you! Another challenging day ahead, but I'll get through it (probably!) Enjoy your evening :)

(07:54:00) @joanneh234 And a very good morning to you :)

(07:54:08) @akbea *Sid James laugh*

(07:54:31) @BitsyVonMuffin I'm not too bad, thank you, gloss-lady ;) How about you? Don't forget to open the windows! xx

(08:00:44) @joanneh234 Uhoh! I hope they have a nice porch! I'm in the office pondering making coffee. The pondering is complete. Coffee is GO ;)

(08:01:41) @Cakefolder EPIC! :) :)

(08:02:58) @joanneh234 SWAP!

(08:03:16) RT @andytuk: "function starWars(episode) {

(08:48:06) @zany_zigzag BIG hug x

(10:13:43) @AlexGFox It was about a t-shirt shop. All dry. :/

(10:16:40) @thatsjustme0 Is it wasps?

(13:07:26) @Vicxster84 Wow. Just. WOW.

(13:09:33) And the prize for being furthest off the mark in attempting to popularise science among women goes to: http://t.co/rzA7PpKm /via @Vicxter84

(13:11:00) @GHOGIT You photoshopped those workers in! (although it's always impressive to see a red arrows display over Luton, too)

(14:20:35) Amusingly, I am giving the leadership team a tour of the new facilities. Two of them are leaving. Not sure there's a lot of point...

(14:24:53) I've just realised my wonderful commute in this morning was because of the London bus drivers strike. They should do that more often :D

(14:25:12) @thatsjustme0 And... blow.

(16:25:27) @_windrider Epicup. JAMYEH!

(16:26:14) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @smartie999 Bit warm for me ;) I like The North :D

(17:06:58) Trodden breakable things http://t.co/72xh2Zku

(17:28:43) @BlueMoon_11 That's very naughty!

(17:31:20) @sparkyannc @MegFitz Oh my ouchy. Have fun!

(17:31:48) @OlorinLorien Fast Car by Tracey Chapman :)

(17:37:11) I recall this morning's stretch limo driver was the grumpiest Arriva could muster. I shall refer to him henceforth as 'the pixie of delight'

(17:37:43) @smartie999 You can beat me! I'm syzygy on there xxx

(17:38:05) @lucyrboo Miaow. I am allergic to myself #pretendingtobeacat

(17:39:11) @BlueMoon_11 Did you send yourself a spam message saying "Someone is say a bad rumor about you!" ..? ;) It's all the rage. You better now?x

(17:40:10) @mostlygeordie Owie :/ You've been through the wars!

(17:40:45) No. Twinklepixie. That's better.

(17:41:01) @shona_1966 Evelyn!

(18:23:57) @BlueMoon_11 Oh no! I fear I didn't get the message because you beat me and the game went away :D (congratulations btw)

(18:24:18) @shona_1966 totally tired dear thing. You?

(18:24:26) @smartie999 Ear!

(18:24:58) @mostlygeordie Ahh the sciatica.. come over - happy to help with some good rubbing.

(18:37:48) @thatsjustme0 Having a shower in preparation for band rehearsal/noise :) You?

(18:51:59) @shona_1966 Oops! I can understand how that happened *ROCKS OUT!* :D xx

(18:52:07) @thatsjustme0 Hurrah :) :) x

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(05:27:58) @JQP74 Morning :) Hurrah for nearly holidays!

(05:28:19) @mrmzholland Morning :) Lovely!

(05:29:34) @brennig Morning. I have no idea where you are.

(05:48:07) @_windrider Hey you were well into Thursday by that point ;)

(05:49:43) @joanneh234 @JQP74 Ohhh no :/ We don't have a holiday this year.. I am permabusy with work.. I feel your pain x

(05:49:56) @lucyrboo I hope it gets better x

(05:50:20) @fluffysuse Hairnet?

(05:50:33) @fluffysuse Yeah

(05:54:00) Good Thursday to you. My phone let me down by being switched off this morning.. no alarm noise. Stealth wake-up by my brain at 5.44.. phew!

(05:54:21) @Tactless_Claire More bzzzzzzzzzz

(05:54:59) @fluffysuse I don't love you any more.

(06:00:42) @poots Only 4 minutes behind the curve.. made it to the dampstop in time :) Have a good day, my darling x

(06:01:17) @fluffysuse Parp.

(06:02:41) @Tactless_Claire We have one of those electric bats. Catharsis in zappy format.

(06:03:13) @Barlie40 Morning :) Early start... have a great Thursday!

(06:03:43) @lloydbayley @vobes Morning/Evening gents :)

(06:32:21) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) It is good to be alive :) x

(06:32:53) @fridgemagnet2 Classy.

(06:33:47) @johndredge G

(06:35:55) I've got tonsils today. Stand well clear.

(06:47:10) @PlainTalkingHR Thank you :) Making it through the week.. I think the rain may have stopped… traffic is slow, though! @poots

(06:49:09) @vobes Doing the commute - I can assure you it’s not great ;)

(06:49:44) @thatsjustme0 bless you x

(06:56:00) @vobes Wouldn’t recommend it… but then your day seems challenging too - hope there’s some fun nonetheless!

(06:56:21) @lloydbayley ~sleepy wave~ have a good day/evening

(06:56:39) @thatsjustme0 means it’ll be over sooner :)

(07:00:00) @vobes Fabulous :)

(07:17:53) @willowHart monster munch :D Mornin’ :)

(07:18:41) @brennig Ahhh.. I see :) have a good one ~shh~

(07:20:07) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Happy day off! (i’m guessing you’re talking about us being off to work :D)

(07:20:41) @_windrider It clattered to a rather unwieldy halt. My excuse and I’m sticking to it..

(07:46:03) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Don't make me bang your heads together :p

(07:46:37) @kingfamily Morning. And oops! :D

(08:08:04) @SimplyTanny @CrankyPappy My mother ~does~ read my tweets :D

(08:08:33) @willowHart Morning :) I'm a bit throaty this morning (there's a lot going round) but I have coffee and there have been smiles. You OK? x

(08:09:04) @kingfamily Awww... that is so kind :) My day has started a bit clunkily, but I'm getting there :) Have a good one! x

(08:10:03) @CrankyPappy @SimplyTanny It keeps her informed with what's going on in my life, so I don't call her so often #sonfail

(08:10:11) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 HA! :D

(08:10:41) I wonder if Ecuador will take me.

(08:13:57) @PaulEdwards_ Badum tish!

(08:14:06) @brennig I'm thinking Finland.

(08:14:32) Nokia. Wellies -> Mobile phones -> What next? I reckon cheese.

(08:15:20) @BluebieH is being beset by birds. But not at the front. At the side. Where I am. HITCHCOCK I TELLS YA.

(08:18:05) @brennig I've got a mate who lives in Iceland.. he's struggling to find work (and living costs are awful). Texas? Bit warm, no..? :)

(08:19:37) @Sk287 Slouching is bad, dear thing. Your body is telling you - others' bodies are letting them down. Brokenly x

(08:32:28) @lucyrboo Oh. Oh no :(

(08:33:23) @mostlygeordie None of my business, really. x

(08:35:04) @Pewari You and me both. Exactly.

(08:35:41) @joanneh234 @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @smartie999 Southend or Saudi? ;)

(09:16:48) @Pewari I did a couple of O levels the year before just in case :D

(09:32:18) @AlexGFox you may well be onto something :D

(09:32:30) Having lemsip. Too early for gin.

(10:02:47) @BitsyVonMuffin Thank you :) My throat was a bit sore.. feeling a little better now :)

(10:02:57) @boggits OOHhh yeah.

(14:49:49) @joey_coops That ain't happening in Dunstable, for sure... ;)

(14:50:50) @lucyrboo Are you doing better now? x

(14:53:52) @joey_coops I expect a full (frontal?) report of your attendance :p

(14:53:57) @lucyrboo Grand :)

(15:49:11) Planning a 'walking to the bus while still on a conference call' trick. It will be SO funny if I get run over.

(17:08:55) @bitsyvonmuffin I have plenty to drink, ta ;)

(17:08:55) The journey home wouldn't be the same without a whining toddler. They provide them free of charge.

(17:27:32) @nxmee Bagel.

(17:30:46) @biscuitnose Live long and prosper, surely?

(17:31:25) @caterham7 And that is why commuting is so great.

(19:08:44) @_forky Oh dear. Nor have I.

(19:11:19) @2danceis2dream2 Germany?

(19:27:43) RT @MissyMWAC: Getting ready to upload my Star Trek inspired show to @BritishTechNews. I might wear the ears the rest of the day.xoxo ht ...

(20:44:03) @brennig Me too, actually :)

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(05:33:44) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo Good morning at a slightly less #Binaish hour:)

(05:34:58) @_windrider Mornin’/evenin’ :) Yes. That is huge!

(05:35:26) @crabbyknickers Woof

(05:36:09) @AndreaRauter Cheerio!

(05:36:46) @PaulEdwards_ Morning Mr Edwards :)

(05:36:55) @AuntieJammy You too :)

(05:37:41) @_windrider The need for a comfort stop is a consideration, though!

(05:38:24) @AuntieJammy Everso… no meetings yesterday - about a million today :D

(05:38:34) @AuntieJammy Et vous?

(05:40:29) An early hurtly Wednesday to you. I have a day spattered with meetings… it’s all about surviving today.

(05:42:04) @Sk287 @CreativeQueenHQ @BelleL7 Aww! Must dig out a photo of my tweeting siblings :D

(05:42:57) @linseyt Morning :) I’ve administered my first caffeine medication ;) have a good day!

(06:09:45) @_windrider Good grief! Glad you made it :/

(06:11:46) @Barlie40 Greetings, Jim. Today is going to be a challenging one for me - I hope your Wednesday is rewarding and fun :)

(06:12:43) @crabbyknickers If I make it through today, I will be forever grateful x

(06:13:17) @JQP74 How cool is that! Good morning :) @crabbyknickers

(06:14:06) @crabbyknickers Steady ;)

(06:14:46) Too much traffic. At this time of the morning. Well.

(07:13:58) This made me properly laugh out loud. I wish all music lessons were like this.

(07:35:44) @oliwia_s Dzien dobry!

(08:24:28) @pj_kent @ChristianW I used to work at the Concrete Doughnut.. I'm in the W1 Mothership now, though. Have a GREAT voice-over session! :)

(08:24:50) @oliwia_s I am on a coffee high at the moment.. praying for a soft crash! :D How about you? x

(08:56:58) @oliwia_s Supporting England? COOL! Will you be able to get to any of the matches? Not quite so hot here.. thank goodness! :)

(10:09:58) @emmathegardener Quite stylish.

(11:38:48) @fluffysuse I am fairly proud that I have ~never~ won an award.

(11:51:20) @fluffysuse I aim for mild disappointment :)

(11:55:01) @fluffysuse The brilliant thing is that I never fail to disappoint ;)

(11:55:38) @fluffysuse This would suggest that I am consistently successful. So surely I deserve an award? I think I need to be more erratic.

(11:59:11) @fluffysuse Dizzying depths. don't go getting the bends ;)

(12:06:11) @Manda_Jones Get better soon, dear thing.

(12:07:09) It's North CAB time. This means vague mumblings from across the meeting room that I can barely hear. I may prepare some soup.

(12:07:30) @JuliaBall @mediocre_mum The mind boggles.

(12:19:25) @Manda_Jones @fearlessknits I'm afraid I've eaten all the liquorice allsorts but you can have my jazz apple. Jazz. Nice*

(12:19:49) @pj_kent Excellent photo!

(12:41:55) @sparkyannc I very much like the coffee bit, but unfortunately I have other commitments. Also I can't even pretend to be a grown-up - sorry!

(12:44:39) @johnbeaver Oooh.. intriguing! I shall have a play - thank you :)

(12:48:38) @lloydbayley Night, Lloyd :)

(12:49:28) @lloydbayley I'll do my best (with coffee ;)

(12:51:12) @mostlygeordie @katchooon I think it's eaten her.

(16:28:53) @brennig Ouch. Not good :/

(16:31:01) Escaped work relatively unscathed - with an itchy throat. Pollentastic. Bit on the old warm side...

(16:57:23) @smartie999 Feel better soon hugs x /cc @dt90spt

(16:57:48) @MissyMWAC Yes. Yes it can :)

(17:07:46) @smartie999 He is substantially better looking. And less OLD.:D

(17:07:56) @smartie999 Well!

(17:11:56) @washmysocks @smartie999 This is sort-of me. Not massively like Jamie Carragher. He is rugged. http://t.co/PpZSQsrw

(17:22:46) @JQP74 @washmysocks @smartie999 I do have a good heart :) You’re the handsome one, Mr John.. a man who has everything :)

(17:27:46) @JQP74 Your modesty only adds to your charm, sir :D (and thank you, @washmysocks and @smartie999 for being so kind :) xxx

(17:28:50) @mostlygeordie Boo! There’s always room in life for a little whimsy. If you want some, you know who to call!

(17:29:36) @PaulEdwards_ @LilyShambles Followed by a whiskey fabric softener chaser ;)

(17:31:28) @sparkyannc For what it’s worth, Wednesdays tend to be my no-break days. Hope you’re home now. And there will always be other somethings.

(17:32:13) @LilyShambles @PaulEdwards_ Perfect!

(17:33:06) @akbea This time. Worthy of applause, nonetheless :)

(18:39:41) @smartie999 @wkdstepmother @poots With the greatest of respect and affection: http://t.co/5DvPOfCB

(18:52:09) @Barwickgreen Please send my apologies and raise a glass for me. I shall have a beer in his honour.

(18:52:58) @Sk287 Surely a bad girl suit? Or am I getting this all wrong? Wishing you luck x

(18:53:34) RT @fridgemagnet2: Right. Pub. Please RT

(19:50:40) @Sk287 No problem. And, indeed, oh my. xx

(19:51:53) @mostlygeordie Brr.. Bit nippy (I think it will probably be BOILING until at least October :)

(20:01:06) @fridgemagnet2 @absoluteradios Mine was white, my mum's was chocolate brown.. somewhere in the middle was champagne beige (like your Metro!)

(21:00:14) @fridgemagnet2 Ahhh those were the days :D

(21:04:35) I’ve just stopped Wednesday with my bare hands. Sleepy time now, so please carry it to a safe disposal area (the US?) night mighty night.

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(05:28:22) @mostlygeordie It completely bewilders me. Like the race for followers.. it's quality over quantity :) Mornin' by the way :)

(05:28:30) @JQP74 Woop! And good morning :)

(05:28:52) @debsylee Tuesday? Fabulous? Blimey.. I've clearly not got my eyes in ;)

(05:29:04) @debsylee (Mornin' by the way :D)

(05:29:17) @stopsleyvicar Mornin :) Happy running!

(05:30:28) Good morning. Always a delight to listen to one of the best radio comedy programmes ~ever~ on #iPlayer .. On The Hour http://t.co/zBrctLa0

(05:31:01) @AuntieJammy Mornin' :) Have a good one. Birmingham is ALWAYS sunny (sometimes)

(05:31:26) @mostlygeordie *sigh* I'm going to favourite your tweet and tell everyone about it.. ;)

(05:31:43) @mostlygeordie Me too. Need to brush my teeth and dash through the front door. Laters! x

(05:31:52) Uhoh.. gotta go.

(05:53:44) @JQP74 Thanks, mate :) You too!

(06:59:21) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo @stopsleyvicar Happy Tuesday - hope the world looks great :)

(07:00:03) @jamesstodd Genius :) That one is one of my favourite episodes…

(07:00:25) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Mornin’ Kate :)

(07:00:57) Nearly time to trudge. Dozing on the coach is fraught, I tells ya.

(07:40:39) @Ken_Phillips My all-time favourite is "And people wishing to use escalators are advised to bring their own." (My son is called Chris ;)

(07:42:09) Waiting for my coffee to brew... la la la la la lalalala...

(07:55:52) @Barlie40 *raises a mug in your honour* Morning :) I hope Tuesday brings everything it promises! :)

(09:10:13) This is jazz (or at least it typifies why I feel the way I do about it):

(11:42:37) @leica0000 @neilsleat @R4pufferfish YAY! \o/

(11:45:54) @Mad4mogzz I suggest calling it "Keith" for the time being. Multipurpose.

(12:05:14) @fridgemagnet2 @Mad4mogzz Durrr. Ramekin's a girl's name.

(12:10:11) @leica0000 That is pretty epic.

(12:18:26) @regoodyear You've got a major sugar crash coming! :D

(12:19:03) @fridgemagnet2 @mad4mogzz I'll get my mate Ramekin to pop by. You'll like her (although she does have something of a hard exterior)

(12:30:45) @regoodyear True. Maybe I need to do the same, then :D

(12:30:53) @wkdstepmother @PlainTalkingHR @poots @Bazmati2020 @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo @stopsleyvicar YES! :)

(13:14:43) The BT Tower from Fitzroy Square gardens - a brief lunchtime escape http://t.co/5UozGebf

(13:18:18) @goitsagch They all made it look even more poorly taken :D

(15:17:26) @LilacNun Are you getting married, then? Or is this a new hobby?

(16:20:03) Attempting homegoing technology. It’s taking a while to boot up.

(16:28:09) RT @johnhegs: A41 blocked north bound just before Tring turn off.

(16:28:45) @BlueMoon_11 You not feeling any better? ~sadface~

(16:29:49) Homeheadage installation in progress. 2%

(16:44:03) @streakmachine @kyleswager USB stick striped RAID array ;)

(16:50:05) @pj_kent oh my goodness! Sorry to have brought back bad memories…

(16:51:57) @Dappydoris Wow! ~high fives~

(16:52:22) @streakmachine @kyleswager They are the best type of ideas..

(16:54:08) @streakmachine @kyleswager Please please tell me how you got an IP stack installed on your C64!

(16:57:19) @poots I’m on the M1.. it’s a positive start :) Pyjamas? Good! x

(16:58:34) @Lycan33 Oh heavens.. I know this one..!

(17:01:42) @Dappydoris Your forthcoming article publication - can’t wait to read it :) x

(17:01:58) @streakmachine @kyleswager noted!

(17:04:25) @Dappydoris Wow.. what a fantastic opportunity for you to shine :) My odd day? Fairly typically Tuesdayish, ta.. never enough done. Yours?

(17:06:03) @streakmachine Ahhh :/ Shame you can’t write one yourself..

(17:06:55) @MuddyTurnip Is that a peeler I see before me? Its handle toward my hand.. ;)

(17:07:41) @streakmachine and memory efficiency.. Quite a tough deal!

(17:52:23) @pj_kent And you weren't injured, I hope. Considering it, did you tweet about it when it happened..? I vaguely recall such a thing...

(17:53:36) @MuddyTurnip What's done is done...

(17:54:23) Home and pondering... it's not a quandary ponder, neither.

(18:50:57) @thatsjustme0 A student needs nothing more. Apart from food.

(18:51:58) @JoOstermeyer HEMEL! :) That's quite near (2 junctions and a few roundabouts) from me. Happy whatever it is you're doing. Lots, it seems!

(18:52:18) Right. Time to have a shower and pretend to do something that isn't #euro2012

(19:05:29) @KermitMash 'tis a very good beer :)

(19:07:50) @JoOstermeyer WOW! I hope you have plenty of coffee! (Although they do it very well in Italy, I understand ;)

(20:34:43) @joey_coops You didn't factor in the half-time break.. oh no! Come back in 15 minutes ;)

(20:39:10) @VeedubGeezer @joey_coops Yeah. Plus that flick went in my eye. Ow.

(20:39:32) To heck with today. Heck, I say. Night.

(20:40:14) @brennig Rest well when you do - you were up WAY earlier than me! :) Night x

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(06:26:02) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @TheDizzyMama @poots @stopsleyvicar @wkdstepmother Morning :) Hope today has some true highlights!

(06:27:17) @JoFenner Wow..!

(06:29:19) @the_anke There was a duff dropbox version out, but another one replaced it soon after - try going into update again. Or maybe sync with mac

(06:30:18) @Ariadnes_web Happy birthday (I hope..?)

(06:31:04) @thatsjustme0 Here it comes: ~HUUUG~

(06:31:26) @AuntieJammy @kingfamily Morning both :)

(06:33:00) Morning. Can I have another bedtime please?

(06:35:31) @AuntieJammy @kingfamily I am ~so~ sleepy... need to get up, really #lazybones. How are you?

(06:36:38) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy All fairly quiet here so far.. school preparations ongoing. I need coffee. Yay for holidays soon! :) :)

(06:42:53) @dt90spt Huzzah :) And morning :)

(06:43:43) @the_anke Fantastic :) I really rely on Dropbox! Have a good day :)

(06:44:11) @Ariadnes_web Thank you :) Have the most splendid day! x

(06:56:46) @_windrider I will check the name tag carefully :D

(06:57:37) @joanneh234 Mornin' :) The coffee is taking effect...

(07:17:59) @paulwheatley ~waves~ i’m only a mile and a half away :D Have a good day!

(07:47:48) @fridgemagnet2 Cheery greeting of the day :)

(08:42:39) @miz_shake68 @joanneh234 Well. Good morning ;)

(08:43:05) @Barlie40 Morning, Jim. May your day get better with every half hour that passes :)

(08:43:40) @Dappydoris Morning Dappy Doris. I am getting my guitar out. Cover your ears.

(08:54:37) @mostlygeordie Sounds like you need a good rubbing, too.. :/

(08:54:49) @lloydbayley Morning. And it was all going so well :/

(08:59:54) @lloydbayley Sounds like a mistake from their point of view.. :/

(09:00:10) @mostlygeordie I fear so :(

(09:01:07) @lloydbayley Oh that is so annoying - a typical example of copy/pasting.. I've been got like that before :( That's a lot of money...

(09:55:00) @Dappydoris I work from home on a Monday :) Yeah.. ticking along, thank you. How's life in the beautiful city this morning? x

(17:07:28) @Dappydoris Works in progress, dear heart. They will be performed LIVE :D

(17:08:06) Right. Down tools for the day. Undead emails somewhat conquered, and a 'to-do' list (sort-of) sorted for tomorrow. Yeah. Now: TASTY BAGEL.

(18:13:49) @Dappydoris Oh my. In other news: you have a work pyschologist?

(18:14:08) @Dappydoris Psychiatrist. That.

(18:21:08) @Dappydoris I think we need one. Can I borrow yours, please?

(19:02:54) Watching every single episode of Lewis, in order. Starting with the first one. Well, OK. Just the first. Only ever seen one other.

(21:18:28) @fiverscarrot I may or may not have forgotten about #euro2012 :D Bedtime now.. night! :)

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(07:06:53) @Dappydoris :) I aspire to adequacy x

(07:14:56) @Dappydoris I have had coffee and presents in bed and I’m just about to emerge for breakfast. I’m spoiled :) Hope you’re well this morning:)

(07:19:16) @Dappydoris Invisible labyrinth for the win!

(07:19:55) @PaulEdwards_ Morning :) I have coffee in bed. A good day to be a Dad :)

(07:20:50) Morning - and happy Father’s Day (in the US and the UK, I believe :) I have had cards and gifts from my progeny.. definitely spoiled.

(07:33:41) @OlorinLorien Morning :)

(07:34:19) @evwa Truly beautifully put :) And your self-image can improve day by day :)

(07:36:18) @Barwickgreen If I were closer… although I’m not sure how that would work. Big brother day maybe? :D

(07:37:39) It’s the London to Brighton cycle ride today. One of my team is doing the cycling, catching the coach back & then coming into work. Bonkers.

(08:08:49) @Barwickgreen Oh man :/ But today can still be your day. Clear away the cobwebs and do what you might've done with F-i-L.. Bletchley Park?

(08:11:13) @LilacNun ~makes a careful note~

(08:11:52) @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning! Wish I could've been there - I bet it was hilarious :)

(08:12:33) @TomAndThat Never say ever #professionalqualifications #justasbad Good luck, though!

(08:13:06) @BlueMoon_11 Oh sweety - please feel better soon. Pineapple juice?

(08:57:36) @Barwickgreen Oh wow! Now that is a legacy :)

(11:04:05) Just completed a 12 minute sit down with @sitdownkeeper. Measure Good Sit Downs with the sitdownkeeper app for iOS, Android & comfy chair.

(11:29:07) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @Lindylooloo @TheDizzyMama @poots @stopsleyvicar @wkdstepmother Happy Daddings day! To @GHOGIT - my Dad in law!

(15:13:19) @mediocre_mum I find everything about that tweet deeply unnerving. My hippocampus is crying.

(15:14:18) RT @audioboo: New iPhone Audioboo app now live http://t.co/xvh5e8cg

(15:40:32) @canuckuk @mediocre_mum Bachelor of Mud yeah

(15:42:31) @canuckuk Yeast affliction.

(16:05:59) I've got sunburn on the back of my neck. I should really not be allowed outdoors.

(16:21:46) @_windrider Both.

(16:22:04) @humedini @_windrider +1

(16:46:37) @freemp31 True :) :)

(17:12:04) @JuliaBall Oops! (I think!)

(18:14:52) I have one of those plastic Starbucks credit card wallet things. The credit card holdy plastic has all but come loose. I may tape it. #sad

(18:55:29) @oliwia_s Dobranoc x :)

(19:00:11) @mostlygeordie GOOD! :)

(19:00:49) @mostlygeordie I'm supporting Holland because it's a country I'd very much like to visit. Portugal's a bit hot. And I don't like Ronaldo :D

(19:01:10) @Doctoe Heard you on the radio the other day. Great to hear your voice.

(19:08:03) @mostlygeordie Yet. Definitely a yet. Well, to be fair, we went through The Netherlands on the way home from living in Germany :)

(19:09:51) @mostlygeordie Why thank you! All hints and tips gladly appreciated *looks up flights from Luton Airport* ;)

(19:53:42) @thatsjustme0 Tuesday night is bath night for me (but only in a hotel... with a bath :D)

(19:56:34) @fridgemagnet2 Did she say "I may be some time..." ? #Scott #Antarctic

(19:58:34) @thatsjustme0 That is a GOOD bath. Ours is rubbish :D

(20:38:30) @mostlygeordie o noooo!

(21:32:58) @mostlygeordie N'night! :) x

(21:33:32) @PlainTalkingHR @Eurosport I saw the amazing Toyota incident on YouTube.. wow :/ Hope the rest of it was OK :)

(21:34:10) @tamarakuzminski Oh. Oh my.

(21:37:58) Heh. @Z80GameCoder is funny https://t.co/ZmzE7ZAi

(21:45:46) @tamarakuzminski *chuckles* I do hope you're not disappointed! :D

(21:47:18) @LilacNun I'd offer you a hug, but I don't know if you're appropriately dressed x

(21:47:53) @Zararugosa Wow.. you are organised! I can barely work out what I'm going to do in the next 30 seconds :D Night night :) x

(21:50:24) @LilacNun Perfect hugging attire *HUG* (and not one of them Christian Side Hugs neither)

(22:02:11) @tamarakuzminski That, my dear pal, is all that matter x

(22:02:22) @tamarakuzminski matters, even :D

(22:36:36) @mostlygeordie :P basically x

(22:53:11) @PlainTalkingHR Thank heavens :) Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

(22:53:58) Well that's it for me being Mr Popular Dad.. back to normal tomorrow :D Night!

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(08:06:30) @fluffysuse I could barely lift my coffee mug this morning. Please go over there ~points~ (to the inverse square law corner)

(08:08:17) Morning. My entire lower abdomen feels like its organs have been rearranged, and they don't like it much. Coffee/ibuprofen might help.

(08:19:33) @JQP74 Mornin' and great! :) :)

(08:58:15) @crabbyknickers Morning. It's a bit cramped here in your phone, but I've put the dishwasher on, at least.

(08:59:10) @pj_kent Not sure.. Beth doesn't think so :/

(08:59:23) @_windrider Thanks, Pete - I will :)

(08:59:59) @Genloo I don't think so.. I've been struggling with sleep (waking up at 4.30am most days) and tried to sleep in a different position :/

(09:00:20) @JQP74 Mornin' dude.. not sure what we're doing yet - if it stays like this, I might do some tree chopping :D

(09:04:06) @JQP74 Oooh! How much did ya win? ;)

(09:04:13) @_windrider Ohhh lordy :/

(09:08:58) @brennig !!!

(09:09:11) @JQP74 Careful now - don't spend it all at once ;)

(09:10:56) @PlainTalkingHR @poots And happy Saturday to you! A relaxing one here at Geri Halliwell Towers - hope yours is the same!

(09:11:33) @brennig Mate, they got Chris Moyles commentating on the football last night. Nothing makes sense any more. We can only hope and pray. Amen.

(09:11:49) @pj_kent Literally.

(09:12:18) @goitsagch Oh bugger.. has it started raining already? My two beat each other senseless through the medium of Minecraft.. less messy ;)

(09:12:41) RT @RopesToInfinity: I believe this is what the kids today call a 'pwning' http://t.co/WNMYqPba

(09:13:10) @crabbyknickers In some ways, t'was ever so.

(09:13:48) Taking a break from LPIC-1 to do some Wii Fit. Get a bit sweaty then shower. Then get dressed. It may be a plan. Maybe.

(09:17:45) @koshkajean Oh lordy.

(09:18:23) @claw0101 Enjoy/dure! I will probably wait until it's on FilmFour :D

(09:53:19) @PlainTalkingHR @poots Great name! :) :) :)

(10:07:16) @mostlygeordie Deal.

(10:07:42) @thatsjustme0 Are they that hard to get where you are? (Mornin' by the way!)

(10:12:27) @Matildamouse Ask Beth whether it's fun to watch me jiggling about.

(11:01:40) Aww.. @superalora’a playing UNO on the Wii. Lovely game :)

(13:46:18) @mostlygeordie Ahh. Sorry! Come on over and it'll be ready by the time you get here. Follow the sound of the smoke alarm ;)

(13:46:25) @thatsjustme0 Af'noon!

(13:56:17) @thatsjustme0 PHOTO! PHOTOOOOOOO!;)

(13:59:41) @Dappydoris Surely just made your monster's first million? ;)

(13:59:53) @125f8 Tesco has wi-fi now? WOW!

(14:04:07) @Dappydoris Ahhhhh yes. Yes. So it's more "made back my first million" :D

(14:08:04) @ajlanghorn @shellzenner I have never been bored. This is because I naturally break things when I have nothing else to do. Break something.

(14:18:37) My goodness Twitvid has gone completely rubbish.

(14:18:58) I want all my drawers to do this.. http://t.co/DE0Fb7YF

(14:20:47) @brennig (I am SO easily pleased.. but not with the new, rather rubbish http://t.co/3I7e9G90)

(14:24:02) @brennig Underrated. (not) Like men are.

(14:24:40) @brennig I meant how men are. Not underrated. Oh it worked in my brain (when I got the title wrong)

(14:52:25) @thatsjustme0 Smashing! xxx

(14:53:22) @drhappymac When I told Beth that, she said "You've got Newmail".. not sure it's that bad ;)

(14:53:37) @mostlygeordie Repent at leisure :p

(14:54:18) @brennig :) :)

(14:55:03) @ajlanghorn @shellzenner Two words: Circuit bending. Audioboo something avant-garde, baby.

(14:55:13) @JQP74 NO. WAY!

(14:55:30) @125f8 That is REALLY useful to know, Gordon - thank you :) ):

(14:55:43) @giagia +1

(14:56:18) Time for a game of Junior Monopoly with @superalora. I have never won a game of Junior Monopoly. I'm not really a board game winner (baby).

(15:43:35) It's a close game with Doctor @superalora #JuniorMonopoly #rainydaygames http://t.co/tXJWeQvZ

(15:58:55) @Richard_C Junior monopoly. In theory, less than 50% the interminableness.

(15:59:40) @MissyMWAC You may well start instagrammimg things that aren't there! Good afterning, by the way :)

(16:03:21) @poots ~virtual and real hug~

(16:32:20) Junior Monopoly update: despite having more property than @superalora, she still won after a protracted game (is there any other sort?)

(18:11:48) Today's "Thing @nxmee has introduced me to": Mugshot Buffering. It's the amusing expression of a face on screen when a video pauses/buffers.

(18:24:46) @ajlanghorn Woah.. woah there Mr L.. why aren't you helping @shellzenner with the technical fit-out of the fancy new home-office? ;)

(19:04:18) @smartie999 Hurrah! :) ):

(19:09:25) @smartie999 Good evening you! I'm supposed to be in the studio, practicing but I am too rubbish so I've come upstairs for a fizzy vitamin ;)

(19:09:31) @smartie999 Practising.

(19:09:47) @smartie999 What are you doing..? Still holding the eggs? x

(19:10:28) @paulums @claw0101 @alexgfox @clothheadhq @humedini @paulwheatley I haven't got an X-box ~sadface~

(20:54:48) @poots I try. I'm not very good, I'm afraid :/

(20:59:56) @clothheadhq @humedini @paulums @claw0101 @alexgfox @paulwheatley You really don't want @sarahjaneuk to hear that! :D

(21:00:21) @pj_kent @AlexHorne See that's pretty cool.

(21:00:30) @Zararugosa Night night :) x

(21:16:59) @BlueMoon_11 What wonderful colours :)

(21:17:10) @vobes Good night, Mr V :)

(21:21:28) @technicalfault That is quite genius. And true!

(22:12:11) @smartie999 I am tired :) x

(22:16:15) @smartie999 I'll put you in charge of the eggs then! Night night x

(22:17:00) Well, I've made some progress on pedal mashing this evening. I do like to overcomplicate things. Night night night then. Sleep well.

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(05:24:06) @AndreaRauter @Dappydoris May I give you both some massive hugs? At this time of the morning? Bit early....

(05:24:41) @JamesCridland I haven't tried using my Googly phone for music. It's a bit rubbish.

(05:25:56) Good morning, both without and within. You'll not see nothing look the mighty Friday mornin'. One more commute till the weekend...

(05:26:48) Hurrah! Mordrin McDonald is back! Look him up on iPlayer (should you be so inclined)

(05:48:45) @JamesCridland I shall give it a go - maybe they’ll improve the uploader (how does one fee back such things, I wonder..?)

(05:50:00) @JQP74 Morning mate :) Hoping for a fabulous Friday for you, too!

(05:50:18) @joanneh234 Mornin’ lass! @JQP74

(05:50:57) @AuntieJammy Definitely June (and plenty warm enough for me ;) Have a good day :)

(05:51:48) @lloydbayley @vobes Morning/evening super-podcasters.

(05:53:49) @AuntieJammy Nope - in dear old Luton… not a lot planned for the weekend (yet!) I might venture into the garden.. What about you?

(05:54:38) @lloydbayley A temporary whimsy, sir :) May well take a new photo when i’m more awake :D

(05:55:42) @AuntieJammy If it rains there will be more green lusciousness … we have a jungle already :D

(05:56:20) @pj_kent Uhuh yeah! You still driving a scooby?

(05:56:52) @vobes Hope you get all your corporate editing done today! :)

(06:06:21) @pj_kent Ahhh.. if I could buy it I would (exhausts don’t come much burblier than that ;)

(06:07:49) @streakmachine It’s never too early for that ;)

(06:09:27) @Ariadnes_web Morning :) That’s a wonderful way to start the day :)

(06:12:55) @Ariadnes_web I’ve been up for an hour and a half; now hurtling down the M1… the coffee buzz is evaporating, though - oops! Have a good day!

(06:15:02) @Dappydoris @AndreaRauter Big kisses for you both :) xx

(06:15:28) @streakmachine Ahh yes. Coffee is the cure-all! :)

(06:16:48) @LilacNun You had me at ‘cheese’ x

(06:17:35) @PaulEdwards_ Mornin’ - safe trip, and I hope there’s a nice kipper tie waiting for you there ;)

(06:18:03) @Mad4mogzz morning and hutrah’

(06:18:14) @Mad4mogzz or even ‘hurrah’!

(06:18:33) @mrmzholland Please.

(06:20:38) One day I want to go to work looking like Boris Johnson.

(06:22:16) @PaulEdwards_ Thank you - you too! #TGIF

(06:23:36) @fluffysuse Morning ~licks tentatively~

(06:57:54) @alnicholl77 You can be sure I will. Possibly even YouTube it ;) Morning :)

(06:59:00) @Mad4mogzz heh.. It is - nearly at work, though :D Not sure what the plan for visitations is.. various siblings are invading, though ;) x

(08:40:54) @wkdstepmother @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo @hooker1uk YES! Happy Friday :)

(08:41:13) @Stenbird Ahh hob bobb bobbbobob bbobobbicycle.

(09:50:19) @Dappydoris YAY!

(09:50:28) @joanneh234 Oh my. Orange.

(09:54:46) @MooseAllain Very subtle. And happy birthday!

(11:52:07) @RobJD #ocd ;)

(11:53:54) @RobJD You're not alone :)

(14:54:35) There’a a telly on in our office that seems permanently to be showing coverage of the Olympic Torch people. They all look everso pleased.

(15:00:55) @leica0000 Pfft :D

(16:45:57) New stretch limo - it's got leather seats (it's probably got a CD playerplayerpla..) #luxurycruiser http://t.co/280WZsLy

(17:12:58) @Ariadnes_web 100% chin chin!

(17:13:29) @ian262 ~applauds~ I did that once. In a Skoda.

(17:14:43) Please follow @tamarakuzminski because I love her and her photography and she's @superalora's gorgeous Godmother. #FF

(17:16:18) @streakmachine ~luxuriates~ (actually, it's a Caetano, which I think is a bit of a cheaper build than the Van Hools they had before) #anorak

(17:19:54) @ian262 Ohhhh my.

(17:21:34) I really don't make enough use of 'Lists' in Twitter. I suppose that's a reflection on how my mind works in general..

(17:28:19) Dear you, if you’re planning a visit to Portsmouth’s shopping emporia, may I make a request? I saw a t-shirt there I’ve not found elsewhere.

(17:29:34) @imule I love order, but not the time it takes to express it from my brain. :D

(17:29:53) @Barlie40 @MrsBorderreiver @CacieK @PAULinIDLE @PeteBlanchard @Batty_Towers @barkingbabs1971 @BaldricksMom @LadyFleetwood Why thank you! #FF

(17:30:16) @LilyShambles Hahahahahahaha ~celebratory pint~

(17:30:47) @streakmachine True.. setting them up is a bit of a pig on all but the web client :)

(17:31:47) @dt90spt I am not one to give up on the achievable until it no longer exists :)

(17:32:49) @streakmachine Twitter’s pretty good, though :) (and Tweetdeck did lists really well)

(17:35:35) @Ariadnes_web Seems it’s the ‘big thing’ at the moment - despite being nothing more than fan-fiction filth. There is, I’m sure, much better.

(17:36:59) @MissyMWAC @BritishTechNews I feel a little faint #anticipation

(17:37:13) @sparkyannc You like a challenge.

(17:40:08) @sarahjaneuk I may well indulge at the weekend :)

(17:44:00) My mind has changed somewhat.. this stretch limo is all fizz and no furniture. Well. Some furniture, but it's a bit flimsy.

(19:18:32) Aww.. the leavers at our local school made a 'lipdub' video http://t.co/M42VkX3p - excellent work :) #Ashcroft #Luton

(19:20:17) This is the bar by which school lipdubs are set. though.. http://t.co/SxJymYqF #lipdub #FSL #Lisburn

(19:30:48) @BlueMoon_11 I’ll see if I can find a Scrabble app for my Android phone (I tend to play Words With Friends) - but yes please!

(19:33:28) I’ve just heard that there is a “Chris Moyles Commentary” button for tonight’s match. I thought football couldn’t get lower-brow #baffling

(19:35:18) I wonder how many people watch a black & white TV now digital switchover has happened. Can one get a monochrome Freeview receiver..?

(19:44:10) @dirtychurch2000 She were feisty.

(19:48:47) I have just realised that I have have heard of nearly none of the Engerland players. Where's Sol Campbell? #foopball

(20:11:15) @akbea They may yet have to bring Gazza on with a roast chicken and a four-pack of Special Brew...

(20:44:47) @smartie999 How far?

(20:46:45) @fridgemagnet2 That's certainly not far off! RF for the win..

(20:49:44) @smartie999 HURRAH then. I can recommend Yorkshire.

(21:09:15) @smartie999 Eversoflat :) xx

(21:27:14) @wkdstepmother Night!

(22:27:39) @corrie_corfield God bless you :) Night!

(22:27:48) Night then. JAAAAAAm

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(05:12:43) Good morning. And oh my goodness, this has made me chuckle: http://t.co/rFtjD6IJ - drinking on trains and umbrellas. Genius.

(05:14:06) @AndreaRauter Morning, Andrea :)

(05:50:20) @JQP74 Good morning. It’s sunny AND I have hardly any meetings! Bonus :) :) Have a great day!

(05:50:46) @hadenmaiden Oh most definitely - Have a happy Thursday in the sunshine :)

(05:51:28) @lloydbayley Hope it’s nice out :) have a good evening!

(05:51:53) @_forky ~hug~

(05:52:26) @vobes Hope it goes well! Did I see you were in Canterbury the other day or was I dreaming?

(05:53:20) @vobes @beershowjimmy Hahahahahahaha! I just heard my mention on the show - and yes… in my mind i was shouting the theme tune names..

(05:55:15) @vobes @beershowjimmy Weird: as you played “Yes, Minister” theme I walked past a discarded newspaper with the headline “Yes Prime Minister”!

(05:56:54) @vobes Wonderful - Canterbury’s one of my spiritual homes. My goodness you’re doing a lot of travel at the mo!

(05:57:56) @Lycan33 Mornin’

(06:14:14) Has the whole 3G network stopped working properly? I keep losing connectivity both on my work O2 phone and my @ThreeUK phone. Blaaaaaah.

(06:14:59) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury While the cat’s away..? ;)

(06:15:22) @leica0000 Solidarity - thank you!

(06:20:55) @SimplyTanny It is a great tune - Radio 2 play it quite often :)

(06:23:08) @Brays_Cottage Hahahaha! It wasn’t all that bad when we were staying in Cromer :p

(06:29:34) @SimplyTanny It’s got a wonderfully summery sound to it - and it’s like a sophisticated George Michael song (ie less annoying ;)

(06:30:25) @Brays_Cottage heehee yup! But do bear in mind I live in Luton.. it’s a trade-off between a gorgeous coastline and Internet escapism ;) x

(06:31:07) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury Morning.. feeling moderately fine feisty and pervy.. I’m about 32 shades of grey ;)

(06:31:21) @SimplyTanny Me too ;) x

(06:39:04) Inspired by @simplytanny, my current #radio2 favourite is this - absolutely LOVE the delay vocals.. SO summery! @Pnau http://t.co/qeMz7psz

(06:39:44) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury Ha! In oh so many ways (I’m sitting on a coach at Brent Cross.. very little I can do about it :D)

(06:40:01) @miz_shake68 Mornin’ :) Hope you’re all packed!

(06:45:52) @BitsyVonMuffin @PervyWilbury Heh.. yes I have! (but it’s Armando Iannucci’s “The Audacity of Hype” :D

(06:46:49) @pj_kent Doesn’t help that 3 have turned off their GPRS transmitters.. at least o2 fall back to slow speed internets :/

(06:49:55) @goitsagch God’s sinewave :D

(06:51:51) @fluffysuse Did you win? Please tell me you won. (Or was it driven by Ernie?) #showingmyage

(06:52:50) @Dappydoris Me? Oh. Him/her :D

(06:53:45) @miz_shake68 Hey if it’s not done at the last minute, you clearly aren’t living the rest of the time ;)

(06:54:59) @PervyWilbury @BitsyVonMuffin I do that anyway IN MY MIND #constantly runningwiththechokeout #richmixturebaby

(06:57:19) Today would be a perfect day to be home rehearsing @Jamfolder songs. Such are the limitations of a mortgage & not being very good at music:D

(06:58:01) @Matildamouse COOOOOL! :) Hope he has a fabulous time :)

(06:58:40) @PervyWilbury @BitsyVonMuffin Boowakkawakka etc ;)

(06:59:23) @Dappydoris @jamfolder Yes. You can plug in my loop pedal anytime x

(07:00:50) @PervyWilbury @BitsyVonMuffin Giggidy!

(07:06:51) @PlainTalkingHR Good morning at this not-so-Bina-ish hour!

(07:11:16) @fluffysuse Hairy McLary from Donaldson’s Dairy. Was probably driving ;)

(07:16:24) One of many reasons why I love @poots: she just sent me a text saying "I'm in a helicopter!" :D #comedycallback

(07:17:21) @mostlygeordie It's a business version of Twitter. We have it at work and it's rubbish, but I am sure it has better use elsewhere...

(07:17:34) @mostlygeordie PS morning!

(08:16:36) @mostlygeordie Gosh! Microsoft do some odd things sometimes! :)

(09:26:47) @Streakmachine I want to make a twitter client/account that only follows people called Dave and retweets any tweet with the word 'Dave' in.

(10:07:32) @streakmachine @_windrider BLOODY WELL HURRAH!

(10:11:35) @dirtychurch2000 Happy birthday?

(10:56:55) @Moominstrudel Cool! :) :) My nephew is there.. hope you're all having fun!

(12:06:29) @PhillipaJC Sounds exciting! Your tweeps will, of course, expect photographic evidence ;)

(12:10:04) @PhillipaJC Too right! :) :)

(12:10:25) I'm off to TK Maxx. Just you see if I don't.

(13:19:16) @thatsjustme0 It's all about the control pants ;)

(13:19:32) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @hooker1uk Wow! And hello from warm-ish and humid London :D

(13:26:20) @thatsjustme0 I thought you meant for me :D

(14:11:46) @Dappydoris I'm a gmail addict, and it has been perfectly fine for me :) x

(15:48:13) @Dappydoris It looks like an individual issue :/

(15:50:09) Bailing out on the advice of Wiser Colleagues. I have plenty to do.

(15:54:19) I've just deleted my Foursquare account. Strangely liberating.

(16:06:54) @nxmee I don’t use it now, and when I did it became more of a chore than a game - someone else can be mayor ;)

(16:11:14) @akbea Comedy genius x

(16:30:01) Heading home to prepare myself psychologically for the chatfest that is The @BritishTechNews BIG show… mucking about starts around 8pm

(16:57:29) @shepsan @weirdna You forgot dogging #incriminatingmyselfunnecessarily

(17:00:04) @AlexGFox @claw0101 @teresahummel @MissyMWAC Grown up and living in Llanelli (or perhaps Merthyr Tydfil or Welwyn Garden City ;)

(17:03:21) @sparkyannc What..? @poots..? Rest?! She’s worse than me (but arguably achieves more :D)

(17:04:25) @teresahummel @AlexGFox @claw0101 @MissyMWAC I just want to hear you ask for directions ;)

(17:05:19) @AlexGFox @teresahummel @claw0101 @MissyMWAC I’m bloody good at ‘dodgeball’ too.. Or as we call it ‘girly ball tossing’

(17:06:06) @AlexGFox @teresahummel @claw0101 @MissyMWAC Although that last tweet could quite possibly have been better phrased.

(17:11:16) In case you missed it, here’s @JohnDredge’s latest ‘The Nothing To Do With Anything Show (ep5): http://t.co/H7jrdChP - Luton gets a mention!

(17:13:11) @AlexGFox @claw0101 @teresahummel @MissyMWAC Or a post-work tussle with the girls from the office. How I miss those days.. #restrainingorder

(17:15:50) @AlexGFox @teresahummel @claw0101 @MissyMWAC Nathan Statham (Jason’s older, less short brother)

(17:21:29) @AlexGFox @teresahummel @claw0101 @MissyMWAC ‘short’ should have been ‘shouty’ but autocorrect nabbed it.

(17:22:57) @teresahummel @MissyMWAC @AlexGFox @claw0101 I will never be ready, but I will always be mildly baffled. And highly caffeinated. FTblimminW

(17:24:46) @fluffysuse You look adequate today.

(17:38:05) @fluffysuse You don’t believe me :P

(19:02:48) @teresahummel @Tone_720 @sarahjaneuk @AlexGFox @MissyMWAC @claw0101 I think we may have a challenge at the bash. Something's gonna happen

(19:26:09) @sarahjaneuk @rwnash @claw0101 @AlexGFox @teresahummel @MissyMWAC The BBW website?

(19:28:32) RT @BritishTechNews: "Broadcasting LIVE on Justin.tv": http://t.co/Y3ZZHb0X

(19:32:37) @rwnash @sarahjaneuk @claw0101 @AlexGFox @teresahummel @MissyMWAC That's rounder girlies *badum tish*

(19:58:22) @LutonNewsSally Evening coffee shops FOR THE WIN.

(20:08:47) @sarahjaneuk @rwnash @claw0101 @AlexGFox @teresahummel @MissyMWAC I still can't believe you missed my BBW -> rounder girlies joke. *sulks*

(20:20:18) @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk @rwnash @claw0101 @teresahummel @MissyMWAC I tweet so Erik can talk ;)

(20:25:01) @mostlygeordie As I remember they're WELL chewy!

(20:25:09) @streakmachine Thank you :)

(21:06:17) @Dappydoris G'night! :)

(21:10:09) I'd better head to bed.. good night :)

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(07:21:33) @ajlanghorn Heh.. I don't do jealous ;) Happy for you, mate - hope every Akbars trip is a good'un!

(07:22:53) @poots @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo Good morning Luton :)

(08:38:40) RT @johndredge: @syzygy http://t.co/xaXJkUN7 The Nothing To Do With Anything Show Ep5 ! 'Try it if you think Milton Jones is too sensibl ...

(09:06:49) @lipsticklori Saves me having to read it. Looks dysfunctional. Probably won't bother. Thank you. /via @Manda_Jones

(09:10:52) Listening to Status Quo while the damp wind blows rain through the open doors of the tram. I have a headache & altogether too many meetings.

(09:50:38) @mostlygeordie Ey oop :)

(11:59:31) Happy as a pig going to CAB.

(12:08:24) @Sk287 There is a jaffa cake (young pretender to the Duke of Sponge Pastries) with your name on it coming back with me…

(12:34:29) RT @VauxhallEngland: We've got 2 pair of tickets to a VIP screening of #England v Sweden on Friday in Luton with an England legend to gi ...

(12:38:40) @canuckuk Heh. This isn’t just CAB… this is North CAB. (Change Advisory Board)

(13:04:22) @GHOGIT I’ll just wait until Margarita time ;)

(13:29:24) @Dappydoris I only had two…

(13:30:08) @Dappydoris PS I am perfectly happy with Smart Price / Value ones. Is that bad? #notaconnoisseur

(14:07:20) @Sk287 You're going to read it anyway :P

(16:20:19) @vsopfables Woop!

(16:22:56) RT @RealJaffaCakes: If anyone sees this, let us know won't you? http://t.co/Deu85Das

(16:23:04) @PinkBlancmange Isn’t that the bathroom? Run the shower.. It’ll be like tinnitus ;)

(16:24:31) @MissyMWAC ~does a little cry~

(16:26:46) @Sk287 Thank you for putting up with me and my oversharing, and thank you for the hugs :) See you soon! And Quiet Claire. And Scary Steph ;)

(17:53:45) I want my own buffet car.

(17:55:47) @LilacNun good luck x

(17:57:54) @gilliandonovan They should do a book with YOR SAD FACE ONIT

(17:59:07) @shellzenner How many rabbits do you keep cooped up? The world needs to know.

(18:00:24) @fiverscarrot And it would ALL BE MINE #disappointingeggsandwichoverload

(18:01:17) Record time for the Big Bus Dash - arrived with ten minutes to spare. Now: homeward.

(18:02:22) @shellzenner :D x

(18:03:02) @fiverscarrot @FictionFox Bet it still gets pretty cold ;)

(18:05:19) @freemp31 I don’t ask for much. But yeah. Totally that. And I want a big metal plate on the front with MY NAME on it.

(18:06:45) @AndreaRauter You don’t tweet in the shower? No staying power, some people ;) Clean yourself soon!

(18:07:31) Sunny down south. Don’t like.

(18:11:02) @Stenbird I prefer to have 50 shades of grey above my head. I’m not helping, am I?

(18:11:40) @LilyShambles Ha! And, indeed, hello! :)

(18:15:14) I love that tweets about #TheArchers outnumber those about Big Brother on my timeline. I have a very special Twitter.

(18:18:03) @crabbyknickers Lovely! :)

(19:26:32) @jopijedd True dat! :)

(19:26:43) @riggwelter Celebrity..? :D

(19:27:04) Home. YEAH.

(20:07:17) I wonder if the New Years Eve TV retrospectives will be full of Jubilee clips...

(20:11:42) @mostlygeordie It was a (rubbish) jubilee clip joke :D

(20:16:38) Nobody got my jubilee clip joke. BAH https://t.co/PnMKI4Ei

(20:17:40) RT @leica0000: @syzygy related searches: Wing Nut

(20:18:06) @mostlygeordie After dinner mints!

(20:24:23) RT @tall_rich: @riggwelter @syzygy I'm sure there will be jubilee clips in the pipeline; though that may be plumbing the depths.

(20:25:35) @tall_rich @riggwelter ~puts finger on nose and points à la Lionel Blair~

(20:26:25) @PontoonDock Less plumbing involved.. although on second thoughts...

(20:41:22) @miz_shake68 Where ya going?

(20:44:47) Tomorrow, I am going to find myself a pocket zeitgeist. I should get myself some sleep so I can have enough energy to catch one. Night.

(20:45:57) @_windrider *sighs* Doesn't even work on an international level :D

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(05:28:00) Morning, then. Considering trying things differently today and doing everything backwards. Going back to bed.. (I wish)

(06:05:10) @JQP74 Morning big man! Hope today offers rewards untold :) (and maybe even a win at #WordsWithFriends ;)

(06:05:53) @miz_shake68 Sshhh I’m having my dinner ;) Happy Tuesday, dear you x

(06:07:42) Happy Tuesday @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @TheDizzyMama @stopsleyvicar @GHOGIT @Bubble2009 #Lutonians

(06:55:42) @leica0000 JAMYEH! :)

(06:57:24) @fluffysuse ~growls~

(06:59:16) @PlainTalkingHR Morning, Bina. The limo is slow & warm. I’ve not paid it a huge amount of attention since i’ve been working(?!) /cc @poots

(06:59:54) @PlainTalkingHR How is World Of Bina and Stopsley village this morning?

(07:03:34) @riggwelter Amen #scarybackdrop

(07:07:14) Still commuting. FML FFS (which stands for ‘Find my limo, feel feisty sometimes’)

(07:07:49) @fluffysuse ~tickles your tum~

(07:16:10) @crabbyknickers I’m not very good at being stuck in traffic… there’s a lot of it about this morning. I don’t get my dander out for much… ;)

(07:20:31) @crabbyknickers My dander..? ;) I’ve baled out now.. just a mile walk to the office now :D have a good day lovely x

(07:21:29) @fluffysuse ~can’t speak poodle so retires to a safe distance~

(08:16:01) @miz_shake68 ~SPANG~ (actually i'm in the office now, unscathed by street furniture ;) @crabbyknickers

(08:46:08) @crabbyknickers Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if I did this morning :D @miz_shake68

(08:46:38) @Dappydoris QUACK. Me too. Except for the amount of cars it causes.

(08:48:36) @smartie999 You are SO in control.

(08:51:47) The most consistent thing about cats is their unconditional indifference.

(08:52:23) Did anyone make a Queen's Fruit Tella joke during the Jubilee weekend? If not, I am annoyed that it has struck me as amusing so tardily.

(08:52:48) @Dappydoris Queam Quackers.

(09:29:19) @smartie999 I don't want you to be my mum :p

(10:32:14) @JuliaBall @corrie_corfield We refer to that in our house as “a big poo”. We’re still not sure what it’s supposed to be :D

(11:13:20) @JuliaBall @corrie_corfield *stifles a laugh* I have to say it's a 'no' on the whole eyes thing...

(11:14:00) @corrie_corfield @JuliaBall It may be genius, but, as always, I have no idea what power company it's supposed to be promoting. PooPower?

(11:14:48) @corrie_corfield Did you take that at Bvsh Hovse? I got told off by a security guard for taking photos in reception :D

(11:19:57) @keileybobs That's Dave. It's a well-established fact (among the pigeon cognoscente) that almost all intimidating pigeons are called Dave.

(11:20:29) @corrie_corfield @TheRSC A good time for coffee :)

(12:11:33) @FrankMillar I do hope they'll be going between slices of buttered bread ;)

(14:03:27) @gilliandonovan @iheartroto Quite, quite splendid. Bet it keeps the students awake!

(14:05:03) @Manda_Jones Scraping through ~is~ learning the hard way. It’s about as hard as I like it, anyway ;)

(14:05:31) @johndredge Ohh my! I am going to tune in from my ride (non-pimped)

(14:06:39) RT @johndredge: Am on Resonance 104.4FM and http://t.co/VRkaAj4p at 4…audio silliness ahoy!

(14:15:05) Just got an email from Lenni’s school in response to my whinge about them using Publisher in their emails.. they will ask their ICT person.

(14:52:39) @streakmachine Yup. That’s computers for you.

(14:57:01) @crabbyknickers I have an alien bite on the west side of my paunch. Not happy. Itchy.

(14:58:43) @thatsjustme0 You will (continue to) be shapely and live to a million. I am going to have a massive curry for tea and by dead by 48 ;)

(14:59:52) @miche @4291 I don’t believe it! #sorry

(15:16:49) @jonBCFC Would you like to buy some poop? :D

(15:21:26) @miche Oh. Oh my. I had completely forgotten about that - just made an arse of myself in this cramped train seat :D

(15:23:24) @Stenbird @KGBdeals_UK One for @BBCWatchdog..?

(15:23:56) @Dappydoris Cripes.

(15:31:55) @thatsjustme0 you can do it! #cheerleader

(15:32:25) @nxmee Cool! :)

(15:35:23) @thatsjustme0 You will get what you wish for - and that is the point :) x

(15:46:33) Oop. iPhone charger cable #fail. I’ll be begging and borrowing at the office again…

(15:55:28) @PlainTalkingHR I do hope so! I think they have iPhones in The North :D

(15:56:27) @miche Hahahaha! Et tu, Miche? :D

(15:56:35) @crabbyknickers Nothing happening yet.

(18:56:17) @smartie999 I am afraid I am too pooped for mischief. Unless it is done in the relative safety of my own head. But yes. I like it.

(19:04:42) +1 @SparkyAnnC (good call Sapporo!)

(19:27:12) @mostlygeordie I found four in our wheelie bin this morning - I think they're breeding ;)

(21:40:53) @Zararugosa You too! :) x

(21:46:28) The lifts in this hotel even tell you how uncomfortably warm it is in there... http://t.co/0sXhcVVy

(21:54:28) @BeachHut81 Night Jane :)

(21:54:37) Right.... bed. Night!

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(03:21:08) @fluffysuse What in the wide world of fabric conditioners are you doing awake at this time of day? i’m off back to sleep again #comfortbreak

(03:21:42) @vobes @lloydbayley Morning gents :) I’m not awake either :D

(03:24:42) @MissyMWAC Oh my. Such a reaction to movies is somewhat alien to me (well, since Charlie’s Angels. Not Ridley Scott, but hey)

(03:25:51) @lloydbayley Heh… I hope I don’t wake up to find I’ve embarrassed myself :D Congratulations on a successful second audio edit, btw :)

(03:26:15) Back to sleep with me.

(03:30:37) @lloydbayley Ahh mate - you caught it, and that’s the key thing… thank you for putting all the effort in! Night :)

(06:42:18) @PlainTalkingHR @poots @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @bubble2009 @ghogit @stopsleyvicar Monday morning greetings from me, too. Damp again!

(06:42:42) Well. Nah den #nahden

(06:43:56) @joanneh234 @JQP74 @miz_shake68 Morning, you wonderful twitterrerererrs.

(06:57:37) @lloydbayley I'm unstoppab... oh. I've stopped. ;)

(07:01:43) @Dappydoris Morning. Promise you'll love me for evermore :D

(07:02:47) @joanneh234 Have a wonderful day - it's a little damp round the edges here in Luton :D

(07:03:45) @joanneh234 @JQP74 I reckon poor @miz_shake68 is suffering from exposure to Bieber. Get better soon, lovely!

(07:22:14) I don’t see David Cameron as a worse person due to a mistake made when his family took two cars. My opinion of him is FAR too low for that.

(09:45:33) RT @vpsnet: MySQL Vulnerability http://t.co/B7qF7lE6

(10:03:33) I learned something technical this morning. Now.. can I remember it?

(10:06:36) @virginmedia Thank you,, it came back :)

(10:06:44) @vobes Me too! :) :)

(11:42:16) Hope: when I'm on a conference call on my mobile and I go for a wee... is my phone really on 'mute'..? :/

(12:46:13) @FinalBullet Seriously.? Does anyone spend longer in Greggs than entirely necessary? :/ Or is it a 'hang around outside with a pasty' thing?

(12:46:33) @virginmedia WITH LASERS.

(12:49:57) MT @mostlygeordie Am now speaking to 5th person at @bt_uk & trying not to explode as I explain THEIR mistake to them again. @BTCare <-HELP!

(12:50:21) @TheaTweets N'Night! :)

(12:58:17) @SimplyTanny noooooooooooooo! (but I completely understand.. what a time vacuum!) Perhaps we should have 'twitter times' set aside? xx

(13:00:14) @PeterJRCollins @CleverPeter Right. Why did nobody tell me about this? Was there a crap programme before it at 11pm? That announcer thing?

(13:00:44) @FinalBullet Oh my.

(13:04:49) @FinalBullet *baffled*

(13:05:07) @mostlygeordie @humedini *sigh* We can form our own self-help group. Although I'm with virgin media :/

(13:40:16) @mostlygeordie @humedini Oh always! *proffers some Nice creams*

(13:41:10) I have been on the phone for the past two and a half hours. I can't believe I do this for a living.

(16:44:16) I'm finding myself saying "Oh dear..." a lot. This must mean I'm watching England play the footballs.

(16:47:17) @sparkyannc Oh. I. Wish :D

(17:54:54) Well, the England match has finished.. time to up the excitement levels and do some ironing.

(18:41:00) @Dappydoris have fun :)

(19:12:26) Ooooh yeah. Scout committee meeting ooooh yeah.

(19:37:35) @thatsjustme0 I am not wearing the uniform… (except maybe the shorts ;)

(19:38:19) @miz_shake68 Ohhh yes. Different pace of life. Pedestrian doesn’t go anywhere near describing this meeting……

(19:39:37) @brennig Revenge is a pilchard?

(19:42:29) @brennig I come from the 70s.

(19:43:14) @theshinythings ~virtual hug~ (happy to drive if you’re local :d)

(19:46:48) @theshinythings Better than smashing your cake x

(19:47:12) @theshinythings PS thank you :)

(19:48:05) @AndreaRauter night night, Andrea :) x

(19:52:38) @emmathegardener how long has it been since you saw a film that good?

(19:54:30) @emmathegardener Aww.. I was hoping you’d bite and say ‘Ages’ ;)

(19:55:26) @emmathegardener ;) Bored and frustrated x

(19:57:31) @Matildamouse Nobody can see :p

(19:59:15) @emmathegardener Purple is my favourite, I love the warmth of orange, but I want my own personal copy to come with the one with you on it ;)

(19:59:35) @emmathegardener ~tailspin~ x

(20:03:25) @emmathegardener no… some fine tuning perhaps (type and setting) but I like ‘em :)

(20:07:57) @emmathegardener I like the font - it is similar to your previous books, isn’t it? I was thinking more size and block sizes :) x

(20:08:38) @LilacNun I’m not going to encourage you.

(20:26:57) @goitsagch @poots Google docs is now Google Drive… and I removed all my stuff from there because of the Ts&Cs

(20:30:02) @goitsagch @poots :D :D

(20:53:34) My brain is now little more than papier-mâché after that meeting - I am going to bed to dream about 50 shades of beige. Good night.

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(07:05:18) Good morning. Sniffly today.. I think I might have inhaled a lot of leaf pollen yesterday. Do I mean leaf pollen? Anyway. That. Coffee yeah.

(07:47:32) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy Morning you too. Oh Angie.. I hope the pressure lets up soon :/ x

(07:48:07) @miz_shake68 Morning :) Good show last night?

(07:48:42) @JQP74 Morning John. I'm getting out into the back garden for some hacking down of wilderness; hopefully a good day for it! Have a good 'un!

(07:51:19) @Ariadnes_web Morning. Pity poor Beth - she has an earworm from the music @dt90spt and I were making last night.. oops :/

(07:51:59) @fluffysuse Morning. I'm going to imagine btw stands for brilliant twitter.. er.. wombat.

(07:53:16) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy Aww... but they are wonderful plans, I am sure! :) x

(07:53:40) @JQP74 Oh my.. it's the nettles and the brambles.. have a great day too! :)

(07:54:46) @brennig Mornin' chief :) Hope you're well rested and ready for Sunday! :)

(07:54:58) @wkdstepmother YES. Clinically proven (on Twitter ;)

(07:55:23) @miz_shake68 It's all about the show - yeah! :) :)

(07:55:50) @lucyrboo @Molly__78 *virtual hug* Best I can do, I'm afraid. And *virtual bacon sarnie* (not identical to the hug)

(07:56:14) @brennig I think you need to have a long hard think about why you're there.

(07:56:43) @thatsjustme0 Morning. I can imagine it might be quite the challenge to find the ransom ;)

(07:57:20) @lucyrboo @molly__78 Awww :/ Go.. find hugs! Forage for bacon! You deserve them :)

(07:57:43) @emmathegardener On @poots's laptop screen, it would appear...

(07:58:20) @jopijedd Oh. Oh dear :(

(07:58:49) @Bazmati2020 "You can take me to Hemel and back just as long as we're together.." .. :D

(07:59:21) @miz_shake68 Oh I do wish I were.. I'm off for a shower - that should perk me up. And church. :D

(08:00:40) @jochocoloco There are some people for whom subtweets are de rigeur. (As well as Favstar and retweetings :D)

(08:00:50) @akbea No. No.

(08:01:23) @jopijedd And in the standard reaction to Cheryl Cole I will do a little cry.

(08:01:48) Right. Need to get myself showered. Otherwise all terribly things will happen (stinkiness etc). Laters.

(08:03:13) @fluffysuse Did you see the subtweet I did for you? SUBTWEET. I DUN ONE. Oh my. I am ~SO~ Twitter #blagger

(08:03:49) @thatsjustme0 Cooking poached eggs from the comfort of one's duvet is just that bit too much of a challenge :D Happy Sunday! x

(08:05:27) I'm beginning to think I need glasses.. I thought I'd been invited to a BBQ, but it turned out it was a leaflet for a sale on at B&Q.

(08:09:03) @poots @emmathegardener I am more than happy to check the fit.

(08:10:01) Right. Definitely gone. I blame @Bubble2009 for distracting me with the #BTCC race times. It's NEVER my fault we're late to church. Never.

(08:35:17) @fluffysuse *deflates slowly* :D

(08:36:19) @LilyShambles Oh yes. :)

(08:36:33) @fionajc3 *sigh* That's so frustrating :/

(09:01:15) @fionajc3 Morning lovely :) Between work, a damp half term in Hampshire and tidying I've been kept busy - always lovely to hear from you :)

(11:23:00) yay vroom #BTCC

(11:23:22) @TeamESRacing Oops!

(15:13:40) @_windrider Cool! Hope you enjoy it..

(15:15:09) @fionajc3 We got utterly soaked last week.. back to normal (& dry!) this week. Footy? Not so much.. I find watching England play painful: D

(15:16:03) Some garden lopping went on.. now I am sitting trying to work out what I have the energy for. I fear it is very little :/

(15:23:57) @JuliaBall There must be something in the air. Pollen? :D

(15:47:50) @JuliaBall Yup. We're British. It's all a bit extreme for us :D

(15:48:00) @alexgeoghegan Oh so tempting. Until about Wednesday ;)

(16:01:52) I am carrying out an in-place upgrade of my Linux server to 12.04. I can't see this ending well. Hurrah for VM backups.

(16:02:49) @AndreaRauter It's the best in the world #vestedinterest ;) @Dappydoris

(16:11:36) @joanneh234 It seems all the rage. What did you think?

(16:11:47) @sparkyannc @MegFitz Epic! :)

(17:01:23) @jonhind Good grief! I lost my Squid proxy on this one.. rolling back to 11.10 for the time being...

(17:01:59) @fionajc3 Well indeed.. what those football fans put themselves through! I'll stick with British Touring Cars... :D

(17:29:32) Thank you @nxmee for the loan of your Android tablet, since #ITV4 saw fit not to show the 3rd #BTCC race on TV.. bah! http://t.co/nVjplLYj

(17:30:29) @mostlygeordie I endorse this idea.

(17:33:25) @JuliaBall He has a really cheapo one - 7" and 18 months old but runs Flash, at least! @nxmee

(17:38:01) @JuliaBall @nxmee It's really generic and no longer available now.. this looks good, though: http://t.co/oXCYIlo3

(21:01:57) @SimplyTanny N'night! :)

(21:37:10) Bedtime FTW(nfc[RIP]) n’night.

(21:45:59) Perfect bedtime listening from @bbcradio4: A Point of View; Adam Gopnik's short essay On Bees & Being #podcast #radio4 http://t.co/btONEPSP

(21:48:03) @sparkyannc We found out today. She will, indeed. For the Win x

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(08:30:15) @fluffysuse Morning weird lady :)

(08:30:28) @katchooon morning :)

(08:30:56) @miz_shake68 Wonderful! Have a fab time :) And good morning :)

(08:32:02) @katchooon Have a great day :) Less damp at least :)

(08:33:13) @Dappydoris Morning. It’s not bad. I tried it about half an hour ago. I have a hedge to trim this morning #notaeuphemisim

(08:33:36) @lloydbayley Morning :) Evening :)

(08:34:27) @JoOstermeyer I am sure if the phrase ‘local nuisances’ was in the lyrics it would be directly referring to the Hart clan ;)

(08:35:35) @katchooon I’m out the front in a bit to give our overgrown hedge a haircut. Then I need to set up my music room for a rehearsal later. You?

(08:36:28) @fluffysuse I will endeavour to blend nice with factual. How about this:

(08:36:46) @Dappydoris I’m hoping to land a helicopter on this baby.

(08:37:52) @handlebarnose I can just picture him shaking his head as he shambles away in his inexplicable shorts.. “Blimey.. bit keen..”

(08:38:19) @katchooon Clear agendas are what serendipity likes ;)

(08:39:15) @fluffysuse Hey, what can I say? I’m high on caffeine :D Have a splendiferous type of Saturday. Why not spend it in your pants?

(08:40:18) @fluffysuse oh. We both said splendiferous. I should read your tweets more betterer. #hasasneezingfit

(08:44:31) @handlebarnose I doubt it - depending, of course, on how much you managed to put on :D He probably thought you were waiting for a delivery…

(08:44:58) @fluffysuse I have no idea. I’m not normally punished :p

(08:45:52) @fluffysuse Well I plan to spend as much of my Saturday that way (my pants, not yours… we hardly know each other)

(08:46:14) @fluffysuse Be careful what you wish for :p

(08:47:16) @smartie999 Hey messyspoons did you get your water meter sorted in the end?

(08:52:15) Oooh.. free practice time at #BTCC yay :)

(08:52:32) @cyberdonkey LOVE it :)

(08:52:51) @fluffysuse *sighs* *blows a raspberry* I love you x

(08:55:38) @dt90spt @smartie999 That was NOT a healthy noise...

(08:56:54) @fluffysuse Heh. Doesn't suit you :p

(08:57:09) @fluffysuse *happy sigh this time* x

(09:05:56) @smartie999 @dt90spt Oh wow.. it ~was~ going backwards! How confusing! :/

(09:06:07) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo And to you! :) :)

(09:06:44) @fluffysuse Stick my head over a parapet? I think not :p x

(09:07:13) Right. I'm off to shave, shower and sneeze. Then.

(10:59:22) Well. Our broadband is down, then. I'm going to trim even more of the hedge. I don't think there is a connection. In other news: ZUMBATHON?

(11:04:01) @riggwelter @virginmedia \o

(11:04:22) @riggwelter @virginmedia Yup. Called the number and they're working on it.

(12:31:17) @mostlygeordie Hmm ~looks suspiciously at @poots~ :D

(12:32:29) @goitsagch @riggwelter @fiverscarrot @poots @virginmedia We're all coming round your house- or could you put your wireless AP in the loft?

(12:47:16) Oh fabulous - the children made(!) me select the 'cover versions' option on the @virginmedia helpline. and they're playing Rolf! Top choice.

(12:47:39) @fridgemagnet2 I did think the hedge was a bit.. wiry.

(12:49:11) @goitsagch I'm working on a Pringle tube solution as I tweet ;)

(13:13:06) @ajlanghorn @virginmedia It's not as good as it sounds - Top40 includes Justin Bieber and the 'cover versions' option only has two songs!

(13:14:07) @mostlygeordie Lamb burgers :)

(13:16:13) @goitsagch But you don't get a refund if you don't call :) Which 'hold music' option did you choose, @riggwelter..?

(13:17:49) @JuliaBall Congratu... oh :D

(13:26:45) @mostlygeordie A surefire win (and a bargain to boot!) I admire your barbecue acumen. Barbecumen.

(14:10:59) @mostlygeordie Yes! :)

(14:11:28) @thatsjustme0 Yes! :)

(16:09:27) @fluffysuse Is there an IKEA in Croydon? Our closest is in Milton Keynes. Free babysitting.

(16:10:51) @virginmedia The internet is still down - our friend in Bangalore will dispatch a technician on Monday. @riggwelter is nearby & similarly ->

(16:12:04) @virginmedia <- affected, but the service status for LU2 9 is 'good surface'. Do you have any insight? Our internet is dead upstream & down.

(16:35:59) Hurrah! The internet is back, then. @Virginmedia (what did you do? :D)

(16:36:30) @fluffysuse Apparently I'm too old. That's what they keep telling me :( #ballpool

(16:49:13) @humedini or replaced the copper cables that got nicked, most probably :/

(16:59:40) @humedini Just a guess... but no urban myth.. round here manhole covers get nicked! Everything is at risk.. :/

(17:04:41) In about an hour's time there will be a @jamfolder rehearsal. Passengers at Luton Airport have been warned about an unpleasant racket :D

(17:46:46) @Ariadnes_web I truly meant it - you represent most wonderful aspects of Twitter; serendipity, creativity and stories to tell x @smartie999

(17:47:06) @streakmachine Would they happen to be the Authorities Of ROCK? (or easyJet flight control? ;) @jamfolder

(17:51:22) @BitsyVonMuffin Aww :) Haven't seen that in years!

(17:57:46) @BitsyVonMuffin Oh my. I can totally understand that! z

(22:52:51) @_windrider @humedini An interesting story, indeed.. and I will definitely lock up my silver! (I don't think churches have a chance!)

(22:53:38) A splendid evening of @jamfolder-y with @dt90spt. We did two songs almost properly. I need to practice! Lots.

(22:53:52) Bedtime now, I think.. night night.

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(05:34:22) Morning. And, indeed, ZOOOM.

(05:57:14) Bit damp http://t.co/unjiSQu2

(06:14:27) @mostlygeordie Bootdamp more like it! I hope you dry out soon and your Friday is a fabulous one :)

(06:15:08) @thatsjustme0 Always late :D Morning, Dee :)

(06:16:01) @PervyWilbury Mornin' Almost.. yes.. almost :D Caffeine buzz is dissipating.. only hope will sustain me. Hope and biscuits:)

(06:17:05) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 Morning my fave Twitter/WwF siblings :) Bring it on. Whatever it is :D

(06:18:01) @AndreaRauter with an added 'sploooosh' because it is so rainy here :D morning :)

(06:18:36) @Barlie40 Good morning, Jim :) Have a great Friday too!

(06:19:26) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo Happy #Lutonian Friday at a less #Binaish hour!

(06:20:21) @AndreaRauter We can swap weather tomorrow ;) Hope you have an exciting, fun Friday ahead!

(06:32:17) @AndreaRauter Oh man.. hope it goes OK! x

(06:32:48) Caffeine crash :/

(07:28:25) @Kittybliss Yup. Not good (6am coffee start :D)

(07:29:21) This morning's undead email count: 30. I managed to hack the legs off quite a few as I commuted this morning. Commuted in a 'sentence' way.

(07:34:26) @willowHart Mornin' :) Massive caffeine crash, general work despondency and damp feet :D How's you? x

(07:41:53) @Zararugosa Morning :) Hope it all goes well! :)

(07:58:01) @kittykatkent Definitely :) And much nicer than unshaded, unrelenting sunshine :)

(07:58:12) @PervyWilbury Rescue package! *sighs*

(07:59:29) @poots Oh lordy.

(08:04:26) @poots Yes indeed. Sorry about that. I'll hack down the rest of the hedge over the weekend. And write a letter :) x

(08:04:43) @kittykatkent And that's why I like ya :)

(09:35:03) I chuckled like a thing when I heard @johndredge's latest Nothing To Do With Anything Show. I urge you to do a similar

(09:35:15) @hooker1uk Cheers *clinks*

(10:18:57) @Lindylooloo @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama Ello to you. It's only blimmin stopped raining!

(10:56:53) @thatsjustme0 GOOD LUCK!

(10:57:07) @mostlygeordie Have you had a good rummage in your drawers drawer?

(11:37:24) @skattyadz Every hour on the hour.

(11:38:22) @skattyadz

(14:53:19) @MissyMWAC Never apologise for a floppy hat :)

(16:14:20) Doing massive yawns at the bus stop.

(16:21:48) @AndreaRauter bzzzzzz ~gulp~ :D

(17:02:59) @smartie999 @Dappydoris walking’s better than running. Sauntering’s good. Confrontation should only be attempted in possession of the facts.

(18:07:49) I have HOME. Blessed.

(18:08:47) @_windrider Blessed indeed.

(18:10:02) @gilliandonovan Megabus! Epic! :)

(18:28:51) @Barlie40 Top man! Thank you :) #FF

(18:33:41) @mostlygeordie @caritas730 Aye!

(18:36:26) @ShoutingGoddess wins Tweeter Of The Week for using ‘myriad’ in the correct way. Also @fluffysuse because she’s moderately amusing.

(18:36:50) @inkyhands Amen!

(18:41:02) @ShoutingGoddess Don’t make me come over there* :p

(18:43:55) @poots @fiverscarrot I’m in two minds; I find watching England somewhat akin to that recurring Charlie Brown & Lucy ball swiping cartoon.

(19:20:17) @fluffysuse Like nothing on earth.

(19:22:01) comedying. (Watching comedy.. not as in "come dying with me") With beer. Banananabread beer to boot.

(19:47:51) @fluffysuse Flattery..? Oh. Yes. That's what it was ;)

(19:49:42) @Sk287 Now now ma'am - you are wonderfully shapely, and just the way God intended (and I like you) x

(19:51:25) @canuckuk @MooseAllain Especially if pudding is a an apple turnover;)

(19:52:58) @Sk287 Your lumps, your lumps.. your.. now that's a different song entirely...

(19:55:56) @fluffysuse Oh always go for the former. Ask an adult to help.

(19:57:17) @Sk287 I'm hoping to be up next Tuesday evening/Wednesday.. hope you'll be there :)

(20:12:23) @canuckuk I'm watching an annoying ventriloquist. It's possibly more irksome than kickage.

(20:30:50) @Sk287 ~hug~ x

(20:36:19) @Sk287 I wish I knew :) x

(20:52:44) @mostlygeordie Chin chin! I have a lovely bottle of beer to drink. Weekend!

(21:07:09) @mostlygeordie Nooooooo! I'm here :) I have hobnob creams :) x

(21:08:57) @fiverscarrot Ahh but you're not a bit evil #mytheoryonvictoriacoren @poots @riggwelter

(21:17:59) @mostlygeordie Oh no! Come on over and I'll make my speciality: peanut butter on toast :) x

(21:19:50) @_windrider I like my ale floral - got some Badger Golden Glory... tastes fruity!

(21:21:02) @fiverscarrot Oh I know women* @poots @riggwelter

(21:24:16) @mostlygeordie Aww :/

(21:26:53) @mostlygeordie the last line he sent was passive aggressive - ignore it. Send a response to the previous messages x

(21:27:20) @_windrider I dare not ask what that means!

(21:28:39) oh #FF @smartie999 @Ariadnes_web - everything in the world is these two.

(21:29:53) @poots ~blows a raspberry~ @fiverscarrot @riggwelter

(21:32:37) @Ariadnes_web @smartie999 You bring a richness to Twitter that few can match. Wishing you both a most rewarding weekend. With no flotillas.

(21:33:59) @smartie999 Hug? @ariadnes_web

(21:36:20) @_windrider aaaah :D

(21:38:32) @_windrider not sure I can get my tongue around such things...

(21:40:07) @helenrick He's a bit shouty.

(21:41:36) @JoOstermeyer I hope they sing "Sovereign Light Café" - about a café on Bexhill sea front x

(21:42:37) @helenrick I was planning to tonight, but the telly was in use

(21:42:55) @helenduffett you OK?

(21:52:42) @helenrick ever tomorrow!

(22:15:26) @sparkyannc Quite so. Happy weekend!

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(19:55:46) Well. That was a bit rainy.Tomorrow, conversely, will be worky. Nearly bedtime (after I've sorted out my phone. Again) Happy Thursday night.

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(15:45:40) One of many amazing entries into the 2012 scarecrow competition in the village of Bentworth http://t.co/NQ2JAWSr

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(06:00:36) Mornin'. And mind the bollard. http://t.co/Cwn1zLU5

(06:57:35) Caution: do not feed the traffic lights http://t.co/GrlWx5wA

(07:08:48) Banish members of the middle lane owners club. Banish.

(07:13:08) @lloydbayley :D

(09:12:10) She spelt my name wrong.

(09:12:52) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo And the same to you - hope you're relaxing! :)

(09:14:06) @brennig Definitely a money spinner! Or automatic enforcement... same goes for going right at a roundabout from the left lane ~grrr~

(10:40:45) I reckon if anyone actually came up with an original name for a nightclub, the other owners would be filled with Pure Liquid Envy..

(14:28:39) Can't think where they got their inspiration from... http://t.co/ybKW2Rx3

(14:29:18) Today's charity shop vinyl bargain: Red Box's "The Circle and The Square" for a pound... http://t.co/7up1omTB

(14:44:28) @PlainTalkingHR I went to Starbucks. Not likely to do that much in the future :D

(16:33:18) @poots I needed to recover from the excitement of the garden centre :p

(18:57:25) @vobes Wow..! Looking good! Oh.. listened to the latest beer show today - absolutely fantastic.. you and @beershowjimmy excelled yourselves!

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(05:49:34) @Susan_Rae1 I'm going to listen back on AutoROT ~just in case~ you couldn't resist ;) Nice one @KathyClugston!

(05:50:29) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy Good morning, you two! Up early for a bank holiday! :)

(05:50:54) @vobes Morning :) I'm going to try for the walk option.. never could do press-ups :D

(06:12:20) @claremac82 I'm heading for the office now.. what on earth are you doing coming in on a bank holiday..?

(06:13:11) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy Oh my... I can imagine. But it's all for a wonderful result - you can do it!

(06:13:53) @AuntieJammy @kingfamily Silly blimmin' body clock! I'm off to work shortly :)

(06:14:44) Being accompanied in an early breakfast by @superalora, who is far more awake than I am...

(06:43:28) @vobes You’re a fine man :)

(06:45:24) @claremac82 I’d much prefer to work from bed today (if you’re offering :D) but I’m Duty AE&P Specialist today… saving broadcasting etc. ;)

(06:45:57) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy Thank you :) Me too! I hope you get everything done today you hope :)

(06:51:46) @PeachyPics Happy birthday! Errr… for yesterday? You kept that quiet (or my sincere apologies for not spotting it!)

(06:54:00) @summerhaze Hello! You must go! I’ll look after the house and family (err.. over… er… Skype?) :D

(06:57:11) @poots @sparkyannc Christopher holds the house record for how many pairs of pants & vests he can wear at once. He needs no encouragement ;)

(07:02:17) @PeachyPics Well I won’t forget next year ;) Hope you had a great day - and age is just a number :) x

(07:02:38) @vobes You too, Mr V!

(07:23:39) @crabbyknickers Is it my house? I hope not - I’m not there :D

(07:26:37) @lloydbayley @vobes The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was 2nd June 1953 - this weekend marks the start of her 60th year on the throne :)

(08:07:38) @claremac82 It's really warm in @BluebieH this morning.. I could do with opening a window :D Hope you're faring better! :)

(08:08:12) @JQP74 Mornin' mate. Well, I'm at work, which isn't ideal, but hey.. it's quiet (at the moment!) I hope @crabbyknickers is coming to London!

(08:10:56) @thatsjustme0 I suspect it might be #snugglesback

(08:11:11) @PervyWilbury Oooh! *makes a note* @Dappydoris

(08:30:42) @crabbyknickers COOOOL! I would be interested to hear your experiences.. my youngest is HP mad, so if it's good.. ;)

(09:14:58) @sparkyannc @poots I can't remember clearly, but I think it was 14.

(09:31:07) @PlainTalkingHR Mornin' :) Definitely a lot less damp today! :) x

(09:39:01) @PlainTalkingHR Quite so! I'm working today, but free tomorrow! :D Enjoy a peaceful, well-deserved relaxation day! :) @poots

(10:21:09) @mostlygeordie BOO! :D (I'm at work, so definitely not :D)

(10:22:35) @govindajeggy That was both two stops above amazing and half a leg beyond great :) Nice one!

(10:32:29) Oh no - Eduard Khil has died. That is trolololololuly tragic. RIP one of the finest Russian crooners/vocalisers ever.

(10:47:46) @BrettDomino Yup. A hell of a life, though! :)

(10:48:34) @govindajeggy I hope that performance is the first of many more :)

(10:48:47) @tamarakuzminski Stunning :)

(12:22:24) Emerging, blinking into the sunlight after wrangling with emails. XML files and appraisal write-ups when I get back from some foraging…

(12:56:03) @poots @fridgemagnet2 The chances of me being anyone's idol are very, very slim :D

(12:57:30) Listening to @HenningWehn while drinking a bottle of (half-price) Friij. Which I have poured into a glass. It's what he would have wanted.

(12:58:08) @poots I bought sushi and Friij. I am decadent(!)

(13:43:21) @Manda_Jones Overheard? Seriously? ;) (It's the sort of thing I would say, to be fair.. :D)

(13:44:11) @IPTechShark Is it yours? ;)

(14:16:26) @fiverscarrot Strawberry. There was a banoffee flavoured one, but it wasn't half price (BOO!)

(14:38:12) @fiverscarrot Ooh.. honeycomb.. I can see the particle attraction! :)

(14:41:43) @summerhaze I like your thinking! And yeah! We've just invented a new thing: Skypesitting. I'm going on Dragon's Den (Shark Tank?) with it!

(14:46:02) I hereby copyright and claim trademark / patent pending on the childcare system known as "Skypesitting" - I'll sit your kids from MY house!

(14:49:51) @alexgeoghegan The restraining orders limit my activities in that respect ;)

(14:50:13) @poots Not at all :)

(15:55:57) @the_anke I have wanted to go to the Archway bridge since the first time I ever drove under it! Great pic!

(16:03:11) Listening to @claw0101 & @MissyMWAC’s ‘Worlds Apart’ - “Florida and Four-way” as I make my escape from work (hurrah!) http://t.co/Fx0RWehP

(16:11:09) @jo_whit But ironing without whine? ;)

(16:20:47) @xlaux oh! Happy birthday - definitely deserves some indulgence :)

(16:35:42) @brennig welcome back :)

(16:36:33) @claw0101 “sod this for a four-way”..? Wow.

(16:38:48) Strange sunshine/clouds/blue sky thing going on. All of them are way fluffy.

(16:39:30) @thatsjustme0 yeah! ~high fives~

(16:43:00) @_windrider Candy floss, mate. Except in star format.

(16:43:31) @thatsjustme0 You should totally treat yourself tonight! :)

(16:48:11) @_windrider Legal? Prescribed more like ;)

(16:55:47) @moyskii I will henceforth refer to you as the delightful SMoLF :) And @kathyclugston as ‘Sweary Mary’ ;)

(17:04:10) @brennig ~blushes~ thank you :)

(17:05:40) @_windrider @streakmachine I am embarrassed to admit that I am ~not~ in fact on any medication.. my brain is frighteningly random :/ ALERT!

(17:31:02) @_windrider @streakmachine I thought it was zombies that ate brains ;)

(17:45:23) @moyskii ~does best bewildered look~ I can’t imagine.

(17:57:41) @SarahHemm @moyskii @RevRichardColes And anyway Sandi Toksvig is Danish, not Irish, so doesn't count.

(18:03:56) @BritishTechNews It's back?! Cool.. who's doing the raging? :)

(18:04:17) @dragonhistory You OK? I can send you an internet *hug* :)x

(18:05:22) @gazuky THAT'S NOT (fricken) NEWS! *sighs*

(18:39:35) @riggwelter Have you ever seen The Thick Of It? Microcosm, sir.

(18:40:40) Home. Apparently I missed ten minutes where http://t.co/NECbYQ4d wasn't on the telly. Ahh well.

(18:41:09) @dragonhistory *LONG LONG LONG HUG* You are the star of Desert Island Discs. You can do anything x

(18:41:18) RT @BritishTechNews: @syzygy You Lot. I'm just hosting. Dial in Show. Pass it on

(18:48:13) RT @poots: @syzygy aren't you going to come in, darling? It's JLS, your favourite.

(18:48:39) @xlaux @poots I cannot move.

(18:50:56) i love the way some Twitter clients 'shorten' will . i . am into a URL. HAHAH. I bet he regrets that now. That silly http://t.co/NECbYQ4d :D

(18:53:35) Right.. having had my fill of JLS (glued to my seat) my fight-or-flight reflex has returned through the cringefest that is Miranda. *zooms*

(19:05:47) @connorwalsh http://t.co/qXDprCDf I think.. someone's just left the telly on! :)

(19:06:21) RT @cf_sound: Sound Designers check this out

(19:18:35) @connorwalsh Heh.. that sounds much more like it! (I'm clearly not well enough versed in children's cartoonery!) Nice spot, sir.

(19:55:14) I've stopped ironing now.

(20:03:19) @thatsjustme0 Dee-lilah? ;) Going for a shower now. Running out of things to do to avoid the Jubbly concert :D

(20:27:28) @Z80GameCoder I have unruly trousers. Pockets that go "boing" BLAH! :D

(20:28:23) @sparkyannc @poots We're kinda weird (except Beth)

(20:32:50) @sparkyannc That is ALL good :) x

(20:38:55) @JoOstermeyer Someone is having a great time! :D Hope you are, too :)

(20:39:03) @ajlanghorn OBhave.

(21:53:39) RT @psweetman: LOL RT @xtaldave: Ah, "land of hopeless Tories", excellent choice, ma'am.

(21:54:39) Right.. bedtime; I think I've managed to avoid the concert. Quick check of the news. Oh the news is the concert. Or is it vice versa? Night!

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(06:43:57) @MissyMWAC Albedo yeah!

(06:45:14) @LordGibbon Custard? Decadence! (makes a mental note to try that) @iamamro

(06:45:49) @LordGibbon Semi-skimmed (2%)

(06:48:05) @AuntieJammy @LordGibbon (pretty much) all milk is homogenised now…

(06:48:47) @WhimsicalWife @andymallins Congratulations! And wishes for many more :)

(06:50:03) @Dappydoris Like a nice bit of bunt. Morning!

(06:51:00) @AuntieJammy @LordGibbon Absolutely! Yeah.. I’m not bad, ta - trying to stir!

(06:51:30) Seriously struggling to boot up this morning. Need my turbo button pressed..

(07:18:42) @iamamro @LordGibbon Now that's a wake-up call!

(07:19:08) @Dappydoris Mornin' Dorissey :)

(07:20:08) @Barlie40 perfect breakfast situation! Thank you - it's been a fair to middling weekend so far. Hope yours is most wonderful!

(07:20:44) @miz_shake68 I have coffee. I need coffee. You know me well :D Morning :)

(07:21:14) @kingfamily @AuntieJammy @LordGibbon Heh. I love family names for things :)

(07:23:53) @streakmachine Oh my! What to choose though? I would play Wizball but I still have never been able to finish it #stimied

(07:24:33) @lloydbayley hurrah :)

(07:25:32) @sparkyannc @GirlguidingUK it'll keep you warm/dry. Did you find your camera battery?

(07:28:51) Roger the next door landlord news: he is going to the Jubilee pageant. Along with about a BILLION other people.

(07:30:30) In my (rather error-prone) book a pageant is supposed to have jousting. It's not a pageant otherwise. And a princess in a pink hat thing.

(08:14:14) @miz_shake68 Hahaha! The most hansome Wally in the world, right? Mornin' @JQP74

(08:14:41) @streakmachine I nearly got myself a Sega Megadrive at a bootsale a couple of weekends ago.. no cartridges for it, mind! :D

(08:14:50) @leica0000 *vrooms* ;)

(08:15:06) @Barlie40 Thanks, Jim! You always raise a smile :)

(08:15:17) @PlainTalkingHR @wkdstepmother @Bazmati2020 @poots @stopsleyvicar @TheDizzyMama Happy Jubing! :)

(08:16:03) @AndreaRauter How it should be :) Enjoy! :)

(08:16:23) @canuckuk Happy birthday, @robinmatthewfry - I'm-a getting my barge out for ya!

(08:16:56) Nearly time to embark upon the drizzly outdoors. I went out once yesterday, to say hello to Roger The Next Door Landlord. ONCE.

(08:18:23) @vobes That sounds more like a place of execution! Hope she has a great day (and it's not too crazy busy!) and that you do too :)

(08:18:46) @Dappydoris @daisythom Nice bit of pop.. not sure I like the distorted vocal, though... loses something of the purity of her sound.

(08:19:33) @paulwheatley @streakmachine That is pretty darn epic. Surely most of those were built before you were born? :D :p

(08:23:04) @Dappydoris @daisythom I don't think I've met anyone actually called Fay(e) in real life. I met my first Lionel 18 months ago. I keep track.

(08:25:59) @paulwheatley @streakmachine Is that the Amstrad-style one? Spectrum+2 as I recall... brilliant collection, mate.

(08:26:10) @nxmee Nice one :)

(08:26:42) @miz_shake68 @smartie999 PARTY! Let's trash the place :D

(08:29:41) @daisythom @Dappydoris Where they all been hiding? It’s (nothing) like the Lionel Blair Which Project :D

(08:31:03) @Dappydoris @daisythom It’s practicalities such as these that parents fail to consider when naming their offspring.

(08:57:03) Found out what "PGL" actually stands for. "Paranormal Ghost Location"- which, for a kids' holiday company, makes it sound quite frightening.

(08:58:17) I hear that Gok Wan will be taking on the styling of One Direction, but only on condition that they change their name to "Gok Wan Direction"

(11:09:53) Amusingly, David Bowie's "Let's Dance" playing when we got out of the car had become "Party for Everybody" by the time we got in the house.

(11:10:33) @sparkyannc Hurrah! :)

(11:11:50) @hadenmaiden I'm getting there, thank you :) Love your Twitter profile pic, by the way!

(11:41:04) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Steps may have to be taken.

(12:04:42) @fridgemagnet2 Give me an H...

(12:07:06) I'm a little traumatised. @106jack played this: http://t.co/18geFeqM - they're truly pushing the envelope of what was acceptable in the 80s.

(12:09:56) @ajlanghorn @106jack GPWM.

(12:11:59) @ajlanghorn @106jack We do not speak of that man in our house.

(12:21:32) @oliwia_s Heh. Please tweet a photo! :) :

(12:29:02) @oliwia_s Thank you! And you :) :)

(12:33:21) @goitsagch Wow - it is! :)

(12:35:51) @ajlanghorn :)

(15:36:12) We've decided that coverage of Her Maj's flotilla would be improved by a live feed on the red button of what Prince Phil is saying #pageant

(15:43:59) @mostlygeordie She's a national embarrassment ~sigh~

(15:54:56) @mostlygeordie No.. Fearne Cottonwool-for-branes

(16:29:44) @Matildamouse @junkmanuk The Queen saw that... http://t.co/axVRgutd

(16:48:13) RT @riffraff40: Hey Jude. http://t.co/w7tf1ZnE

(16:49:03) @mostlygeordie It's a bit like being married to me :D

(16:49:41) I'm back home. Which is more than can be said for her maj. And about four people left in London. With an umbrella and a metal crowd barrier.

(17:09:43) @dt90spt Good grief! :D

(17:10:28) @MissyMWAC Second hand, arguably..? (I favour a second hand record shop, myself ;)

(17:11:37) Oh my. I just saw a sad sight from the kitchen window: an L-plated car emergency stopping, followed by passenger & (crying) driver swapping.

(17:17:51) Wow.. @106jack have redeemed themselves from this morning.. Rudimental feat John Newman - Feel The Love. Wonderful! http://t.co/cWEJuuF7

(17:37:35) @fridgemagnet2 Today, I discovered a feature of my Dad's router that, although its WAN port is set to DHCP it can't be bothered to renew...

(17:39:16) @MissyMWAC The order in which milk is added to the tea makes it valid / invalid (dependent on pot or mug delivery). (@claw0101 @iCyberPaul )

(17:53:18) @iCyberPaul @MissyMWAC @claw0101 I've no idea why digestive biscuits are called 'digestive'. I guess 'suggestive' would just be too... er..

(17:54:02) @fiverscarrot It was definitely a couple... clearly not the best of lessons :/

(17:55:56) @claw0101 @MissyMWAC @iCyberPaul The UK is the perfect place to make a cup of tea, because you should never make tea up a mountain.

(17:58:20) @fiverscarrot :D Oops!

(17:58:59) Sending your son or daughter on a trip away? Save time & money on labelling by packing clothes nobody else would be seen dead in. @TwopTips

(18:02:56) I think I quite like this: http://t.co/ScUoKvRn

(18:18:09) @jarbennett @eleanorbetts I don't think there is a more ideal hat for the location and conditions! :)

(18:20:55) @MissyMWAC @AlexGFox @iCyberPaul @EwenRankin Apart from the flagrant abandonment of an apposite apostrophe. *sighs*

(18:29:05) @errolin I saw the emergency stop, the woman get out of the driver's side, the man get out of the passenger side.. and the woman in tears!

(19:26:55) @PaulEdwards_ I hope your throat feels LOADS better soon :)

(19:41:18) @mostlygeordie In the words of U2 (only because it comes to mind) some days are better than others. For studying (I added the last bit)

(19:41:52) Fully caffeined up, I am about to embark on some studioing. My challenge: work out how to arrange a synth-based song into a guitar format.

(20:21:02) @errolin We both like to see what's going on in the wide world.. what's not to like? ;)

(20:28:42) @NeilMossey That definitely deserves another watch! :)

(21:04:16) I'm going to bed, since I have to be up early tomorrow for Work Duty. There will doubtless be coffee. That's all I know right now. Night!

(21:23:19) @leica0000 Yup :) Bank Holiday Cover.. couldn't persuade any of the team to come in :D

(21:23:30) @Zararugosa Thank you - you too, when you do! x

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(07:08:25) @fluffysuse My two just came up asking if I wanted tea or coffee (having apparently made a sign saying ‘you work too much’) - good kids x

(07:19:01) @fluffysuse :D I did suggest the sign should say ‘You spend too much time on Twitter’ ;) Lenni said ‘But that’s like work’ :D

(07:19:22) @wkdstepmother @PlainTalkingHR @poots Happy Jubilee weekend to you too! x

(07:19:42) @painted_duchess @PervyWilbury @_forky @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @Bootcoot @Dappydoris @GettingShirty @jrr4film Lovin’ you!

(07:20:57) A poster on the stairs from the children this morning. They’re lovely. Happy long weekend :) http://t.co/i6vi7ez1

(07:39:50) @claudiahaun And the same to you and your family :)

(07:40:47) @fluffysuse Me too :D Lenni was chosen as our daughter Eleanor’s preferred shortening :) Christopher is simply.. Chris :D

(07:41:11) @Tactless_Claire But what of tomorrow’s grogginess? :/

(07:41:32) @Stenbird Lurrvely :) Hope it’s not too damp!

(07:41:50) @thatsjustme0 I can hear slightly sloshing cars…

(07:42:19) @timoncheese Wow! Happy, er, wedding! Hope it all goes well and you behave.

(07:42:45) @PaulEdwards_ Morning. Have a good one! Definitely wedding season (but seems a little damp :/)

(07:42:58) @sharonlangridge And you! x

(07:46:21) @jonBCFC oh man. I hope the day passes quickly!

(07:46:46) @BitsyVonMuffin @thatsjustme0 Morning gorgeouses x

(07:47:56) Right. Better get out of bed… an indulgent lie-in has been had (thank you @nxmee and @superalora)

(08:16:09) @indietwat Brilliant!

(09:20:06) @MooseAllain Salt'n'Pepa was a Flavor Flav enhancer? They should have covered the Bee Gees' "I just gotta get a MSG to you".. ;)

(09:21:40) @CymraesCoch Yup! :) Morning :) x

(09:22:24) Stopping tidying to tweet. Going back to the tidying in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

(09:29:47) Just found these Koss Porta Pro headphones in a drawer in the lounge - they really are excellent for the price: http://t.co/wOcWI2CA

(09:32:05) Wow... just saw a major gust of wind almost blow the birdtable over...

(09:55:10) @paulwheatley @claw0101 You clearly don't follow as many people as I do. Who are still in bed :D

(09:56:58) @boggits I did about a square metre and gave up for a bit. Small bites, dear James... :D

(10:11:46) @drmasquerade Mornin' your maj!

(10:12:01) @thatsjustme0 Blinkers on.. Twitter off! ;) x

(10:12:46) OK, so I keep taking a break from tidying to play on Twitter and write shell scripts. I'll get the lounge finished eventually (2032?)

(10:13:26) @thatsjustme0 Yes. yes I am. Now get back to work *brandishes the whip* :p

(11:02:38) @tamarakuzminski Bumpity! :)

(11:03:25) @thatsjustme0 Have you done 1500 words? *brandishes*

(11:03:39) OK.. getting back to the tidying now #sighs

(11:45:24) RT @Elle_Draper: ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! 19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane http://t.co/3lhYwjUL

(11:51:22) @tamarakuzminski I think you should have stern words with the driver. NO BUMPITY (same in every language, I understand).

(11:52:39) @mostlygeordie You and me both.

(12:06:46) @getBils Half a Noah, surely? ;)

(12:07:57) @LilacNun Rightfully so - that is quite smashing! :)

(12:11:40) @errolin These ones can go ~over~ those in-ear ones for extra sound reinforcement. Oh yeah #dubstepbonanza

(12:50:52) @errolin iPhone headphones have 4 poles and when plugged into a standard stereo socket it plays out of phase, I believe..

(12:54:22) @mostlygeordie Certainly a unique creation, with great colours :) But yeah.. spooky!

(12:55:25) @JQP74 Have a lovely afternoon! You are also a lucky man - LP is gorgeous :)

(12:56:57) @sparkyannc Why..? :)

(14:28:00) @getBils Ah.

(15:40:06) @PervyWilbury @painted_duchess @_forky @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @Bootcoot @Dappydoris @GettingShirty @jrr4film Am I too late for cake..?

(15:41:21) @timoncheese Congratulations - and definitely odd (even after 14 years ;)

(15:48:02) @fluffysuse I once used a metaphor. Or it might have been a metal fork. Either way, it was like the trident of Poseidon, as I ate some hake.

(16:06:09) @fluffysuse Thank you! I think :) <- definitely a smiley

(16:09:18) @RobJD @poots is win (NFC)

(16:20:08) @fluffysuse You do not know how happy I am to see that apostrophe. I cherish my grammatically adept tweeps x

(16:21:37) @kingfamily Good heavens - the angels must be smiling on you! Congratulations :) ~hug~

(16:22:23) @Lindylooloo That’a a lovely interpretation of it - I see that statue every time I catch a train from dear old St P’s :)

(16:22:54) Is it only shouty children that play outside these days?

(17:00:00) @goitsagch There were five of us. We probably ruined the neighbourhood (double glazing wasn’t anything nearly as widespread as it is now!)

(17:06:57) @dt90spt @SamMachin @Documentally ~BIG~ grin. Wow! Very clever :)

(17:07:13) @fluffysuse *cries* ;)

(17:12:06) I'm going to go back on the Wii. I have decided against watching England play the foopballs.

(17:29:01) @streakmachine Mario Kart. I especially like trying to beat players called "Dad" :D

(17:39:39) @streakmachine My code's 5241-7201-3887 if you're interested :)

(17:42:22) @Dappydoris Is he keeping a log?

(18:39:14) @LilyShambles @lloydbayley Really glad to hear it. I'm still alive too :) x

(18:39:42) @AlexGFox @arronclaydon @streakmachine Mine too :) But mainly they prefer to stay indoors...

(21:02:10) @cakeANDcava I managed a trip there just over a week ago - truly wondrous :) @Dappydoris is definitely so blessed :)

(21:09:39) I am SO tempted to go to bed now. I might just listen to what my body wants me to do. For a change. Night.

(21:20:24) @Dappydoris Thank you - you too! x

(21:20:47) @cakeANDcava I did - a long time ago :) Revisited it and it hasn't changed all that much! :) @Dappydoris

(21:21:04) @fiverscarrot Totally agree. Night night! x

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(07:39:51) @Barwickgreen Interesting - Chris's tablet takes ages to charge, too.. might try an Apple charger (feeling a bit better now; darkened room!)

(07:41:14) Morning. I'm off sick. But kind-of not because I have too much to do to be off sick. Operating from a darkened room with a gentle breeze.

(07:45:53) @JoOstermeyer Yup. Fortunately the head's clearing, but the body's still complaining.. at least I can open the curtains a littie :) x

(07:46:11) @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @stopsleyvicar @Lindylooloo @TheDizzyMama And to you :) #FF

(07:46:21) @jonBCFC @YabbaBlue @JoanneE67 @JoeTalkShow @beckybetts @rosswelsh21 Thanks, Jon #FF Have a good day all :)

(07:46:31) @_forky @moominmamma12 @kingPinguin @beangirl @cyberdonkey @cleverclarence @dappydoris @bitsyvonmuffin @smartie999 @EssGee_x LOVE YOU #FF

(07:46:46) @Mad4mogzz That is the coolest! :) Miss the place, though x

(07:54:51) Cool.. they still make Letraset (but Amazon thinks it's a toy): http://t.co/7UZXmrb0

(07:55:33) @lloydbayley Thanks, Lloyd. I don't really do taking it easy, but I'll give it a go. Hope you're feeling better..

(07:55:40) @mostlygeordie Thanks, lovely x

(08:29:11) RT @Aiannucci: Ladies and gentles, an Alan P app can now be downloaded FREE here. http://t.co/JOiOkNds. Thank you.

(08:51:37) @errolin Thanks, Errol.

(08:51:54) @hooker1uk @Karen1410 @Fujifilm_UK @needaphone @MrsTeepot @OnlyDads @poots @PlainTalkingHR @kheavey @TheDizzyMama Cheers :) #FF

(09:00:46) @jarbennett @EleanorBetts @FinancialCharis @Edwardstrust @SimonBoylan @bluebellhenley @LWinfield10 Thank you *HUG* x #FF

(09:08:40) @AlexGFox Thanks, Alex. Much appreciated.

(09:09:44) Headache has nearly dissipated, but the tummy feels like it's having a fast spin. Should've set it to 'delicates'.

(10:33:48) @kyleswager HURRAH! :)

(10:34:20) @LilacNun You're lookin' mighty officious today #crapchatupline

(10:35:22) I just heard that Oliver Postgate coined the phrase "Dropped a Clanger" - makes sense!

(10:36:19) @SamsungMobileUK That's someone reading a book in bed?

(10:36:32) @kyleswager Thanks, mate.. getting better slowly!

(11:17:05) @chepbourne Thank you :) Trying to keep what remains my wits about me!

(11:17:19) @LilacNun *melts* Hey I'm trying to do an exam here :p

(11:19:07) @riggwelter If I got in there, it wouldn't be zero any more :p

(11:20:02) @joey_coops You look frightened in that pic. FRIGHTENED.

(11:22:48) @emmathegardener I'm trying ;) https://t.co/imbG6WtJ https://t.co/W2P3T3Bu https://t.co/itw0FlYr

(11:23:14) @thatsjustme0 What are you putting your socks back into? :/ #mindboggles

(11:46:40) @thatsjustme0 It was more luck than judgement.. I popped onto Twitter to see what was going on and saw your amusing tweet. Wow.. nice socks!

(11:47:12) @RobJD Thanks, Rob. Feeling much better now.. head's nearly cleared and I might attempt some lunch in a bit. :)

(11:47:27) Post implement reviews. Oh my.

(11:49:58) @thatsjustme0 Fankoo! :) I am x

(11:51:14) I need a stretch.

(12:06:18) @_windrider Heh. That should have been 'incident' (as in "an incident with a pitchfork" :D)

(12:06:26) @_windrider I don't want ~that~ long a stretch ;)

(12:06:40) @thatsjustme0 OK! #putwarmsocksin

(12:09:01) @_windrider Brainfreeze :D

(12:42:58) @LilacNun Pretty cool! :)

(13:22:10) @mostlygeordie Gosh - thank you!

(13:22:27) @joey_coops You are stoic. I like that.

(13:23:02) @_windrider Oh gosh. Mine goes too fast - I struggle to keep up #ADD

(15:16:43) Roger's back. And I think he's sawing the hedge.

(15:17:58) In other news, I'm analysing music (as is my wont) & my tummy is still burbly. At least my head seems almost back to normal (as it ever is!)

(16:10:36) @PlainTalkingHR I had a migraine earlier.. pretty-much done with it now, though :D x

(16:49:40) @stu4art I don't think Jack is any judge of intelligence.. you have no worries there!

(17:19:57) @mostlygeordie There's a Doctor Who gym?

(18:05:15) @thatsjustme0 Hurrah! ~consumes hungrily~

(18:06:16) @Dappydoris Parp!

(18:08:31) @brennig I am doing very little and I don’t do jealousy. No idea how jealousy works - like subatomic physics

(18:10:37) @brennig i’m starting to feel quite uncomfortable. Might seize up :D

(18:11:03) @vobes I don’t - I think you know that problem ;)

(18:11:53) @brennig Brilliant idea. I would join you but I haven’t had my tea.

(18:13:14) @brennig Rest well, chief!

(18:13:26) @vobes me too :)

(18:50:00) @Dappydoris nearly. You ok? c

(18:53:51) @Dappydoris Lurrvely! I could do with one right this minute :) (A Chinese - I have two monsters. Three if you count Beth. Don't count Beth)

(18:58:30) @thekeithchegwin That begat an involuntary chuckle. Never good. Have a wonderful Jubbly weekend.

(19:03:21) @mediocre_mum St Mark's Fish Restaurant, Barnsley? #wheresmm

(19:05:21) @Dappydoris Yes. Yes she is. She was eyeing up my biscuits earlier #notaeuphemism

(19:08:59) @Dappydoris Nice. Nice creams #dessicated #coconut #decadence

(19:10:18) HOLIBOBNOBS! (I love Twitter!) @Dappydoris @katchooon http://t.co/XGF61Cdy

(19:11:38) @mediocre_mum Sorry, that should've been @ErikLanigan's Basilisk, Adidas Ababbabba. #wheresmm #probablynotthere

(19:49:51) @mostlygeordie ~glees~

(19:54:09) @BeachHut81 @pennynash Any #FF is a good #FF, no? Well, I guess it depends what #FF means ;)

(20:05:49) @Zararugosa @fibresand @willipmrpip @brennig Thank you! You are #FF fabulous !

(20:07:28) @crabbyknickers I drink wine too quickly. I will never judge you, because I will only come out badly…

(20:07:46) @brennig night mate x

(20:08:49) We are discussing Jon Richardson. Funny, but I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time with him.

(20:11:33) I like @KateHumble. Beth likes @KateHumble. This means she can come round our house (but I must hoover first).

(20:12:17) @claremac82 I think he would probably be quite annoying to live with. I wish you were a bit in love with me.

(20:12:54) @Purple_Sand He does seem rather fussy, yes. And I am quite the fussy, too.

(20:14:15) @Purple_Sand Especially Mr Fussy (out of off of the Mr Men :D)

(20:22:06) @crabbyknickers We have recorded lots of comedy - mind, there might be some funny stuff on Channel 4…

(20:23:31) @mediocre_mum Thank you for the mention x

(20:24:09) @fluffysuse In a way, most of them are.

(20:24:42) @CymraesCoch That’s a gorgeous photo!

(20:29:09) @fluffysuse Oh my. Well, I’m wishing I was now.. although my mother and my M-I-L read my tweets so quite possibly I was :p

(20:34:30) @fluffysuse Heh. Tongue in cheek.

(20:36:50) @sparkyannc oh NOOO! Is it a Fuji? We have one of them :/

(20:38:37) @canuckuk I have followed you since I was about 11 x

(20:40:15) @canuckuk 13 - I have always loved older girls ;)

(20:40:51) @fluffysuse I like you, but I probably shouldn’t :D

(20:41:38) @mostlygeordie Yes - Audacity. Really impressive and free!

(20:42:59) @CymraesCoch I’ve taken a few photos of easyjet planes - living near the airport, it’s a given.. but none as wonderful as that :) x

(20:43:27) @canuckuk Oh yes x

(20:43:55) @mostlygeordie Always happy to help. May I ask what you’re doing?

(20:46:17) @mostlygeordie @kmacleod’s http://t.co/nh5jYoDX is brilliant - or you could commission some from me ;)

(20:51:03) There are festively raised voices outside.

(21:15:03) @moyskii Jackdaws are pretty intelligent - but quite evil. Not Kate, though. She is not evil. And very intelligent. Like you x

(21:15:25) @mrmzholland the very same to you :)

(21:16:19) @PlainTalkingHR I will be heading for bed soon with the intention of having some therapeutic sleep :) Hope you’ve had a wonderful day!

(21:17:40) @Tactless_Claire Nighth!

(21:24:56) @moyskii Any time! (I will stealth Hoover

(21:25:04) @moyskii ) x

(21:48:15) Right. I need to sleep in chronological order (to maintain harmony in this and the parallel universes immediately nearby) Thus: good night.

(22:00:30) @Zararugosa Thank you - and rest well when you do! x

All tweets for 31 May 2012

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(01:24:18) Emailing my boss at 2.15am. Yeah.

(01:25:21) @mostlygeordie I'll make sure you are reminded :)

(05:06:25) Good morning. I'm having toast. I need toast this morning.

(05:16:15) @linseyt Mornin'.. Sounds like a great start :) I'm having peanut butter on toast and coffee.. slightly softens the blow of a bad sleep! :)

(05:16:34) @smartie999 And peanut butter yes! :) Good morning. Is it the weekend?

(05:16:51) @BitsyVonMuffin Oooh lovely! Morning - you're up early!

(05:17:27) @judisue I wish I knew, Jude - sorry! :|

(05:18:00) @linseyt What a great way to start the day. Everyone should have a borrowed dog and a short commute :)

(05:18:50) @horsylover73 Mornin' :) What have you been up to at this crazy hour? Surely not ironing! :D

(05:19:23) @Barwickgreen I missed this - sorry! Yes.. I'm delighted... all the money was there. I bought biscuits for the lads at the depot :)

(05:19:46) RT @poots: @brennig @syzygy Have you seen this http://t.co/d4xupjBU 'Somebody That I Used To Know - WOTE' parody. Made me smile.

(05:20:35) A busy #Binaish hour good morning to @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo & @StopsleyVicar #Luton

(05:22:08) @horsylover73 Ahh cool :) I'm not sure I am capable of coherent thought at this hour, let alone cleaning! Are you in GMT land? x

(05:24:09) @horsylover73 Ahhhh! :) Thank heavens! I hope you're enjoying your day (and avoiding any more ironing/throwing clothes out of windows ;) x

(05:25:35) I've got France's #Eurovision 2012 song stuck in my head. Despite it being grammatically incorrect, it's still a great slice of pop.

(05:26:23) In other news, I just listened to "So Wrong It's Right" - http://t.co/zdfPLBEG BRILLIANT. And it's all over so quickly.

(05:26:45) @BitsyVonMuffin I can barely think at this time of day :D x

(05:26:57) @smartie999 Sounds great. But too warm ;) x

(05:30:16) @_windrider Are you coming on Dragon's Den with me? Can't do this on my own ;)

(05:30:28) @judisue When you do.. blog it! :) x

(05:31:07) Right.. better go. Layers.

(05:46:02) @JQP74 Morning handsome pal :) Sounds like a brilliant weekend ahead! Enjoy!

(05:47:16) @PeachyPics Have a good’un!

(05:52:51) @MrMichaelSpicer Wow! I did miss it first time round, so thank you for the bonus tweet :)

(06:42:37) @miz_shake68 @Dappydoris Morning gorgeous goddesses :) x

(06:43:48) @_windrider @streakmachine It’s a high class winner.

(06:48:31) @corrie_corfield You’re going to have to bring them into work with you to defeat their homing instinct. I expect to see a Snail Pot in 40B

(06:54:04) @_windrider @streakmachine Why are you two not millionaires? Bring it on.

(09:11:03) The best time to remember one has left one’s staff pass on one’s desk is ~not~ when one is going through the glass turnstiles at the exit.

(12:48:19) Lunch! Then appraisal! oh my.

(12:57:30) @_windrider Uhuh yeah! Thank you! :)

(12:58:18) @mostlygeordie This tweet sponsored by Pot Noodle (yes it's come to that) I'm doing the appraising.. what should I say to him? ;)

(12:58:42) @Tactless_Claire Heh. I'm doing the appraising. I must remember not to fall asleep halfway through.

(13:02:20) @JQP74 I've had my appraisal.. I'm doing the appraising :/ No helicopter for me. Or a payrise...

(16:23:24) @miz_shake68 @JQP74 @crabbyknickers I am being humiliated by the Proctor clan :D

(16:27:53) @fluffysuse So subversive :D

(16:29:03) @mostlygeordie It’s a very tactile, sensory thing to do. Now wash your hands. Or lick your fingers.

(16:29:48) I am beginning to be convinced that someone has left a grumpy toddler on this coach for the past couple of months and now it LIVES HERE.

(16:36:39) @vsopfables That’s pretty cool!

(16:39:53) @miz_shake68 :) You are kind and lovely. @JQP74 @crabbyknickers

(17:22:47) @OlorinLorien I don’t believe it would ;)

(17:24:10) @vsopfables Just saw your tweet - a fascinating idea for a book! You are very well-read :)

(17:26:42) Oh dear. Migraine or thunderstorm approaching. At this stage it’s hard to tell :/

(17:28:09) @Purrfunct You too :) x

(17:28:27) @RobJD nice one, bro :)

(17:29:21) @horsylover73 Praying I can hold it off.. last night’s lack of sleep can’t have helped :/ Thank you for being lovely x

(17:29:52) @jarbennett ~hug~ thank you. Might just be a storm (hoping so!)

(19:51:34) @thatsjustme0 By whom? :|

(20:46:07) Right. G'night - all tired out now! Night night night.

(20:56:54) Oh my. And goodbye May!

(21:27:55) My home-town! Bexhill-on-sea... *wipes away a tear* Keane - Sovereign Light Café: http://t.co/mEBL4RKR via @youtube

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