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(06:12:28) @LordGibbon Hello from the latter :D

(06:12:37) @vobes Enjoy!

(06:12:49) Morning. Bit of a short night. Sleepy.

(06:23:34) @JQP74 You too! I'm not very good at Tuesdays :D

(06:23:54) @helenelectric You and me both. And barely.

(06:24:33) Listening to "Recycled Radio" - really weird. Needs to get a bit of a flow.. #Radio4 #iPlayer

(07:11:50) @poots ~blows a kiss~ Love ya x

(07:13:14) @dragonhistory My thoughts exactly :) I find Radio 4 comedy somewhat hit and miss... owing to a lack of decent comedy or a poor choice? #hmm

(07:14:44) @lloydbayley Evening LB :) Tired this morning - up late in the studio with my brother working on a new track last night. You had aa good'un?

(07:16:08) @JQP74 you can have this one ;) #WordsWithFriends #PlayingNow

(07:17:52) @trashnothing Will do. Freecycle has become a little untidy of late.. too many people with too high expectations :/

(07:24:10) @lloydbayley Glad to hear it :) I do struggle with Tuesdays! Thank you for the kind words about the song ~blushes~

(07:25:09) @EwenRankin That was mean :D

(07:38:44) @EwenRankin That Will Green is a cheeky bugger :D @BritishMac

(09:28:21) @willowHart Because computers are evil and will take over the world (mornin', by the way :) x

(09:29:18) So far this morning I have managed to fail to raise two purchase orders. From the dead*

(11:14:14) @poots Lovely :) :) Hope your morning is going well and your head is all back to normal x

(11:14:45) @crabbyknickers Ohhh yeah. I have a waving stick and everything :)

(11:15:16) @streakmachine ~badum-tish~ :D

(11:19:04) Stuck on the Westway, listening to @AlexGFox being called 'james' on the latest @BagelTechNews BIG show and catching up with work emails..

(13:15:55) "Woman's Forty-five Minutes" Heh.

(13:21:26) @Dappydoris Mel or Rebecca?

(13:23:14) @Dappydoris oh. Rebekah. Although I'm not sure which would make my mind boggle (and then dribble out of my head) more.

(13:23:42) @Dappydoris ~bewilders~

(13:49:22) Dashing to Salford. Synonymous with Tuesday lunchtimes for me.

(15:09:32) @Ben_Toone That's pretty cool! Is it fun?

(15:11:06) @OmarRaza Sake! (Yeah.. I'm not the first, and I will doubtless be the last)

(15:14:27) @Dappydoris Nope.. I'd love to - they're a fantastic bunch of folk - but my visits are just while the place beds down. Tinker time! :)

(15:25:21) @OmarRaza Best celeb reply EVER :D

(15:26:19) RT @OmarRaza: The family is complete: Ramesh (Sanj @govindajeggy), Dave (Donny @DonaldMcleary), Alok (Susheel @intothesun) and ME! The s ...

(15:27:48) Gannin', like.

(15:51:14) Just stopped at Stoke-on-Trent. Managed to wring a little bit of connectivity out of my phone. Hurtling isn't good for 3G coverage...

(15:55:13) @Dappydoris Thank you. Just gone through Stoke, so over the worst of it ;)

(15:55:57) @mostlygeordie Hehee.. No, but I ~adore~ the Geordie accent (and often do a very terrible one.. I like saying "Taramasalata" :D) HELLO! :)

(15:56:38) @mostlygeordie *keeping my fingers crossed for the Good Thing* :)

(16:00:54) .@OmarRaza OK, then. Best IMDB entry ever :D http://t.co/fAGBEsHs - Genius!

(16:02:05) @mostlygeordie Newky Browns are on you ;) Congratulations!

(16:08:04) @mostlygeordie Haha! See.. we southerners don't have nearly as good phrases. Innit! :D

(16:35:01) Resisting the temptation to check in at Pomona on FourSquare. I want to live there.

(16:40:34) I always sit on the other side of the tram when heading to MediaCityUK; I've only just spotted it stops next to this! http://t.co/jik1Y2AP

(16:49:35) @PontoonDock Media Stalking. It's all the rage :D

(16:50:29) @crabbyknickers You'll not get a sore throat. And it's cheaper than beer (and arguably more tasty :)

(16:50:52) RT @BritishTechNews: “@drhappymac: Biig @BagelTechNews news doing the rounds today. Ewen has altered the course of the supertanker! Sou ...

(17:14:31) @claremac82 No way! Which way were you going?

(17:28:40) @claremac82 heh.. You've escaped :D I've just arrived :) Safe trip home - hope you had a good time here :) Go anywhere nice to eat?

(17:33:31) @PontoonDock that's how it works. You are, like, the media's own celebrity.

(19:23:57) The important thing about rap music is hand and finger waving/pointing. And the beat that goes boom->clack #thoughtsfromaburgerbar

(19:26:32) @fridgemagnet2 The exact same. Took surprisingly long to get there. #slowtrain How's the electrics?:

(19:27:02) @PontoonDock That's how it works, I believe #consultingtherulebook

(19:27:57) @claremac82 That's the sort of job that's best endured by two people - at least. Wish I could've lent a hand. Hope there were some top ones!

(19:28:42) @claremac82 PS I went up in the morning and home in the evening once.. nearly killed me! #IAmOld

(19:51:29) RT @BritishTechNews: Hi Everyone. Please be aware that as of 1st April, we will be http://t.co/xmtjjAZk and you will need to resubscribe ...

(20:31:21) @claremac82 Oh my goodness - I hope the end's in sight :/ Of course, broadcast experience isn't a 'must' - I was an IT engineer first ;)

(20:31:56) @fridgemagnet2 Did he send a vole up there?

(20:43:43) Just had a 'staring open-mouthed at an email' moment. Genius*

(20:56:25) @Zararugosa Chin chin! :)

(21:43:29) @Zararugosa I've just got out of my Hotel Bath (the only time I ever have a bath ;) so I'm relaxed... sleepy time soon! :You doing OK?

(21:43:47) @claremac82 But with you sorting it out, it'll be fine. Bring it on! :) x

(21:44:44) @gilliandonovan Oh you do like to dance at the Deansgate. Please perform some rockular routine for me sometime (about 4.45pm tomorrow? :D)

(21:47:23) @PontoonDock Fantastic! Enjoy yourself :) I shall look out for your tales on Twitter :)

(21:47:43) And so to bed. Yeah. Night!

(21:55:54) @sharonlangridge Night, Sharon :) Great photos, by the way :)

(21:56:10) @brennig Night, mate :)

(21:56:46) @poots You too, my love x

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(06:52:49) @PlainTalkingHR morning :) Hope I'm not too late ;)

(06:57:37) @mrmzholland Mornin' :)

(07:00:04) @BaronHawkey Oh man :/ I had some weird dreams too (about starting my own business.. quite scary too!) Hope you make it through the day.

(07:07:19) @mrmzholland I've got coffee, porridge and Twitter.. and I'm up early enough to enjoy all three - so good, ta. You?

(07:07:53) RT @debsylee: 15 of the Most Beautiful Subway Stops in the World http://t.co/itdTw2Sc #travel /via @Marcome @hwadia @2morrowknight @rM1L

(07:10:30) @Barwickgreen Rupert went to Bristol City / He hoped it retained sanctity / If not it'll be a pity / But he'll be fine cos he's quite witty.

(07:13:22) @106jack Call me the navy blue (with white squares) oven glove. (Catchy!) Dealing with hot cooking surfaces for the benefit of humanity.

(07:21:24) Trying to work out if I operate more effectively in the morning or the afternoon. The conclusion I'm coming to: no.

(07:41:21) @mrmzholland Hope you have a good day!

(07:42:56) @BaronHawkey I quite like odd dreams, but my memories of it was vague when I woke up and non-existent now :D Have a good day!

(07:54:38) @SlimGirlFat Totally agree. It's noon somewhere right now (I think :D) Have a great day! x

(07:55:25) @JQP74 Mornin' John. I'm not too bad this morning, thanks; approaching the 'raring to go' stage. Which always takes a while. Have a good'un!

(07:56:29) @Ariadnes_web Mornin' Jenny :) Hope you have a great day.. I've mainly been loading the dishwasher & chasing squirrels off the bird table :D

(07:57:03) @BaronHawkey Oh dear.. those ones aren't so good! Yup.. at home today - got the gas man coming round to have a look at my pipes(!)

(07:58:34) @Barwickgreen Thank you for the retweet. When I mentioned it to Beth, her opinion was "It's not exactly Vogon" #damnedbyfaintpraise #buttrue

(09:06:40) @BaronHawkey Full replacement, mate.. some major-league excavations :D

(09:07:07) @PlainTalkingHR Morning :) Just trying to get going again after arriving home from the school run/walk :D Have a great day!

(09:17:51) Trying to find a tweet about a comedy podcast that I was intending to subscribe to. Absolutely no hope.. :/

(09:23:11) Found it.. it's @thecomedyfix from That Burmingham.

(09:24:50) @oliwia_s Good morning - and Happy Monday! :)

(09:25:09) RT @kathyclugston: & just had a sneaky listen to a bit of Recycled Radio - old interviews chopped up and stuck together. loads of famous ...

(09:30:59) @vobes Good morning, Mr Vobes. Hope your week's started well! A great day to be out and about, I think! :) *raises coffee mug to you*

(11:56:59) Awaiting the arrival of the Gas Man. He cometh to replace our metal pipe (Hoping for no Flanders & Swann action..) http://t.co/T0n7dICD

(12:23:29) To re-enable Flash in Chrome when it says "Missing Plug-in" go to Options->Under Bonnet->Content Settings-> disable then re-enable plugins.

(12:23:45) @helenduffett *puts dayglo jacket on and leaves the building*

(12:23:56) Logging in to work. Yeep.

(14:45:22) @joedemax Wow.. it's been a LONG time since I saw Bottom! Classic :)

(14:59:20) No gas yeah.

(15:00:31) @BitsyVonMuffin Yeah all right.

(15:02:04) @leica0000 :) I'm on my second mug of peppermint tea of the afternoon. May have to go for coffee later.. :D

(15:14:09) @Matildamouse Uhoh :D

(15:15:44) @wkdstepmother Yes. Yes please :)

(16:52:59) @gilliandonovan Shouldn't it have one outside?

(16:57:49) @gilliandonovan So am I and too do I.

(16:58:12) RT @RadioKate: LOL RT @marcsettle: @JemStone RT @vizcomic: it's all kicking off in Haywards Heath. http://t.co/FHE2bVk2 | via @blogmywiki

(16:58:49) Right. The home straight. The workers have gone, leaving a slight whiff of natural gas. Let's do this.

(17:24:28) I have taken to walking round the house singing "Now you're just somebody that I used to know SOMEBODEEE" in a squeaky tortured voice.

(17:25:11) @brennig I'm not even touching the light switch :D

(17:26:53) @JuliaBall I don't think he would be impressed :D

(18:19:16) @nxmee So am I :)

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(07:01:59) @madsmumeg Morning :) Some of my followers are, indeed, a bit spammy (I just like the attention) but it's all about the @replies :)

(07:03:41) @madsmumeg I went to bed early, and would otherwise be languishing.. so go on - does your puppy have his own twitter account? ;)

(08:17:08) G'morning. Attempting computer avoidance now.. although getting a bit distracted. Right. <-- always the best way to start.

(08:27:42) @poots I'm on my way :) x

(08:45:03) Carrying out morning ablutions while listening to the world's favourite tech agony aunt @BagelTechNews's @MissyMWAC. It's good to ablute.

(09:30:53) @emmathegardener *BIG HUG* Sending strength and positivity your way x

(11:26:51) @emmathegardener ~another hug~ (only 50 miles away if you want one for real)

(13:13:40) Beer battered onion rings. Let's just stop and consider that for a moment. Surely we have reached food nirvana? (Scurvy is a possibility).

(13:15:05) @Purrfunct I do it in the shower... doesn't make any difference to the pain, but at least nobody can hear me scream :D

(16:02:41) @emmathegardener ~hug~ anyway x

(16:06:45) @Purrfunct About the closest I get :D (I'm imagining a comedy horror film that features the removal of plasters .. has to be made :D)

(16:10:39) Visiting my Dad after a good swim with the children. A much improved weekendery experience... he has papaya.

(18:09:23) @SlimJimSim :D

(18:17:50) @fridgemagnet2 Hope it goes well. I'm having someone see to my gas tomorrow :D

(18:18:22) @Purrfunct Dolly Grip! :D

(18:51:28) Home and eaten. Emptying the washing machine, then seeing if I can put @nxmee's telescope back together.. LOTS to see tonight (hopefully!)

(18:52:12) @cyberdonkey Oh. Oh dear.

(20:08:49) What is happening on #TopGear at the moment is.. well.. I wouldn't want to do any of that. Makes me feel rather uncomfortable, actually :D

(20:15:57) @poots Yom.

(20:52:00) Watching #TopGear while eating a sherbert fountain. Works.

(22:15:20) Catching up with Audioboos while ironing. That is what a Sunday night is, really.

(22:25:01) I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/k9qtHZn7 News and Boobs - The Sun prints on Sunday

(22:28:58) @CymraesCoch I've not done a boo for a while either.. waiting for the right moment :) I hope your week starts better than you fear :/ xx

(22:29:13) @PlainTalkingHR Night night, Bina - see you in the morning (not too early, though ;)

(22:30:11) @ajlanghorn I had some sherbert earlier. Bassetts yeah.

(22:31:17) @CymraesCoch Heh.. me neither :D Nice big cup of tea both before AND after the appraisal/meetings. You can do this :) x

(22:35:09) @CymraesCoch Please do something FUN after lunch, then. And then tweet about it ;)

(22:53:25) @CymraesCoch YAY! :) Hope to hear about it afterwards..!

(22:53:46) @CymraesCoch Handy. It's tough being a bloke :D

(22:54:55) Right. I think I'll stop now. Starting again at a Reasonable Hour tomorrow morning. Join me for coffee and something in a bowl. Night!

(23:18:08) I've just joined "StreetBank" (http://t.co/003mpG9D) - which seems like a fine idea. Is it weird that I know 5 out of my 10 'neighbours'..?

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(00:02:05) The timing of the shrewd #trainhome

(00:03:20) @MissyMWAC I love to take commissions :D

(00:36:23) One more last walk home and that'll do for the week. Somebody else can deal with the weekend.. I'm opting out :D

(00:37:49) @BlueMoon_11 night :)

(00:38:19) @GreavsieE17 Ver good :) Have a splendid weekend!

(00:39:09) @CymraesCoch late night night :)

(00:49:33) @claremac82 Yes. No I'm not :D Have a good night!

(00:49:47) @GreavsieE17 Me too :)

(01:03:57) @claremac82 All I can see in yours is something about earrings.. not a black Bic biro in sight ;)

(01:05:01) @claremac82 Safe trip home.. and a great weekend :) I'm merely metres away :) night! x

(01:05:21) @claremac82 (from my house :Doctor's)

(01:06:19) @claremac82 Oh FFS stupid autocomplete :D I meant :D not :Doctor's. ..!:

(01:06:53) 90 seconds from home.. yay!

(01:07:13) @BaronHawkey Have a top weekend, BH!

(08:50:35) @poots :(

(08:59:42) Morning. Bit noisy out. #drilling

(09:56:39) @smartie999 Welcome home :) :)

(09:57:32) @Lycan33 One more happy birthday to you from me! 30s ARE the best!

(10:06:22) @smartie999 No problem at all. 60 degree wash :)

(10:06:40) @_forky @Dappydoris Good morning, lovelies :)

(10:07:02) Doings.

(11:14:37) @poots :) x

(13:45:07) @claremac82 I think humans have a homing instinct that kicks in for just such occasions. Which means we are made to drink. QED. etc.

(13:45:45) @claw0101 A fab job as always, sir! :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

(13:46:18) Doing some tinkering on the computer. Currently: motion detector on the CCTV -> DM tweet -> mobile phone beep. That's the challenge.

(17:20:26) @claw0101 That sounds brilliant! :) Hope the weekend continues in such fine style :)

(17:21:05) @CymraesCoch Lots of dreams are great - I have to save mine for the day; I sleep like a rock :D Having a relaxing weekend, ta :) You? x

(17:21:36) @vsopfables Mine is pretty-much back to normal - unfortunately poor @poots is still suffering :/ Lots of fluids. Hope your weekend's fab! :)

(17:22:50) @Dappydoris Ello! Sorry I missed your tweet; I've been playing with other Twitter accounts (geeky!) Thank you for your kindness :) x @poots

(18:06:29) @CymraesCoch Heh.. I hope it works out well for you! :D (As the dreams sound like they did :D)

(22:05:03) @vobes I might not be up at that time.. tweet you tomorrow.. a bit later on :D

(22:27:55) I've really not achieved a massive amount today, so I think I shall go to bed, and see if tomorrow works any better. Night night then.

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(06:06:51) Morning. Listening to "It's not what you know." Gently amusing.. if it wasn't presented by Miles Jupp it'd not be much good, though, I fear.

(06:22:34) @kingfamily Morning, and happy Friday :) I'm sure this time yesterday morning it was starting to get light. Quite baffling :)

(06:23:11) @Tactless_Claire Morning. Careful now.

(06:24:04) @zebsoanes @BBCRadio4 @HarrietCass I have read this tweet four times, and I am still baffled. Is it an Autotune thing?

(06:24:42) @vobes Morning, Richard. Have a happy Friday - certainly with @beershowjimmy and @striderpaul it should be! #FF

(06:25:39) No, Nathaniel, no. Oh, hang on. Yes - two sugars, please.

(06:27:20) Ought to up sticks. At least my migraine thing is nearly gone (not sure peanut butter on toast would be wise if it wasn't :D) Later potato.

(07:02:23) @kingfamily I went out dressed up for winter yesterday morning.. the scarf came straight off :D Just in my fleece today :) Have a fab day x

(07:03:04) @linseyt "..they drew their plans against us." BAH BAH BAAAAAAH (etc)

(07:03:40) @michellew1974 Yay! I hope it goes just as well when it's the real deal :)

(07:09:04) Another glowing satsuma of a sunrise day... http://t.co/usolfiFC

(07:12:41) @Tactless_Claire Veritably perilous. I shall watch out for unannounced cats on my way to work. Happy Friday!

(07:13:56) @poots Morning, darling. And o no! I really hope the aspirin conquers your headache - seemed to work on mine. Some are blaming the weather..

(07:14:58) @poots ..I'm much better, thank you. Another busy day ahead... taking it one meeting/email at a time :D Have a good day x

(07:29:34) @vsopfables The photo didn't do it justice :D

(07:36:08) @JQP74 Mornin' mate :) Thank heavens it's Friday :) Have a good one! :)

(07:42:45) The stretch limo driver is taking his passengers on a magical mystery tour this morning. We're at Henley's Corner, so it's not impressive.

(07:44:10) @painted_duchess @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin We ~never~ have that sort of fun at work :D Morning, lovely you three!

(07:45:35) @painted_duchess Eep! Hope it gets sorted soon. I will take care :)

(07:57:52) @painted_duchess ~ENORMOUS HUG~ The human body, eh?

(07:59:40) @BagelTechNews Knackered.

(08:01:04) Rubbish rubbish rubbish London traffic. I think the driver made a bad decision. Never go near the A1.

(08:02:12) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @painted_duchess It'd be hilarious. They would make a BBCThree documentary about it. "Pervy council at work"

(08:03:38) @BagelTechNews Too busy not to - won't get done if I'm not there :D I'm not unwell - just worn out. Weekend is just round the corner :)

(08:08:33) @BaronHawkey @BitsyVonMuffin @painted_duchess Ha! True :D We would transcend all those big fat way is Chelsea programmes :D

(08:08:59) @BagelTechNews Have a good one, mate!

(08:13:46) @poots Oh no :( have you reported them? Want me to do anything?

(08:14:31) RT @liz_buckley: Utterly, utterly amazingly beautiful RT @Pogue: An owl approaching the camera at 1,000 frames a second. Jaw-dropping. h ...

(08:15:08) Still not at work. Bleh.

(08:17:07) Our number plates have been stolen. Not the best of starts to the day.

(08:18:46) @willowHart Just delaying the inevitable. It may be a bacon roll morning... hope you have a good one :) x

(08:19:32) @poots Sorry I can't be there to help :/ I could make some calls and see if some can be made up today to collect later?

(08:53:31) @linseyt They put them on stolen cars.. :/

(08:57:08) @RobJD @poots @GHOGIT I'm really annoyed, mate - the drive's not lit so the cameras won't pick anything up. I'll get that sorted :)

(09:14:49) I'm going to leave @Poots to decide whether or not we get vanity plates. Heh.

(09:43:53) @sarahjaneuk @BagelTechNews Thanks, guys. It's been a bit of a challenging week - topped off with number plates getting nicked last night :/

(09:44:19) @sarahjaneuk Already reported :) That's the worry! Thank you :)

(09:52:55) @AlexGFox @poots Yes. Yes they are :D

(10:01:47) @AlexGFox Grumpy shouty blokes are great.

(10:03:24) @oliwia_s Lookin' good! :) :) Red and black definitely suit you :)

(16:46:09) My team is getting feisty. Coffee has been drunk.

(21:31:28) MT @dt90spt: My latest tune w/ supertalented @syzygy http://t.co/WOBBRsR3 please let us know what you think in the comments.(talented? Eep!)

(21:32:13) Wow. Lots of alcohol. This will notes wend ell.

(21:53:48) @Tactless_Claire Nooooooo! :D

(21:54:46) @christopherw Next time for sure!

(21:56:49) Me #fail

(22:08:57) @fiverscarrot @riggwelter Yes. or not enough to eat :D

(22:09:26) @canuckuk I blame the real(ish) ale :D

(23:24:21) @MissyMWAC @dt90spt :) ~blushes~

(23:50:13) Eating Sushi at St Pancras, while listening to a Toon family @Audioboo. Hoping my stomach is lined before the 00:02 to Luton. /cc @dt90spt

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