Tweets for 19 Mar 2019

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(09:55:29) @johndredge Excellent!

(11:19:37) @JuliePa74145788 Best way to achieve that is to post some interesting/hilarious/cute/impressive tweets ... people t…

(17:11:45) @JuliePa74145788 Hello :) I'm more or less OK - how's your day gone so far?

(17:13:49) @mrnickharvey Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek

(17:14:27) @jiminkendal @mrnickharvey Passenger do some very effective songs.

(17:19:44) @julieprunes Good heavens... a bit #FagsMagsAndBags #RitterSport

(17:27:41) I'm still not sure why electric lorries aren't a thing. There's plenty of space for batteries...

(17:28:12) @jan_doig I think I will save valuable moments of my life by not reading it :)

Tweets for 18 Mar 2019

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(08:40:37) @KermitMash It's like confetti 😊 Matrimonial Spring 😁

(11:58:21) @wuthering_alice That is truly at the apogee of peoplewatching (apart, maybe, from sitting outside a café on a cobb…

(12:39:49) Happy birthday to @JamesCridland 🎂

(12:41:23) @jamisonmatt @JamesCridland

(22:42:02) @ThePartridgePod I'm still trying to work out how they fitted so much content into 30 minutes... definitely going t…

(22:47:46) @hergiebird Great goat!

Tweets for 17 Mar 2019

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(14:44:19) @jan_doig Hope you've recovered and made a firm appointment with the sofa and some feel-good telly this afternoon.

(14:44:39) @lizcrippinmusic Such a great picture! 😍

(15:03:34) I am fairly sure I just dream a pre-roll advert for actual Spam ("Sizzle, Pork And Mmm", apparently) on #YouTube ..…

(15:47:03) @jan_doig Totally get that. But it's easy to be rather hard on oneself. Next time will definitely be better 😊 Got yourself a cuppa?

(16:53:17) @japharl @20korg @trailaurality @Auralnauts @1AbbyRoad @defactosound @d_llas @SongExploder Me too 😁🤣 #PodcastCrossover

(19:23:18) @JuliePa74145788 You've got 31 now! That's one for every day of March 😃

Tweets for 16 Mar 2019

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(12:00:35) @mostlygeordie Hahahaha! That is •brilliant•

(18:07:56) RT @LRBbookshop: if you were or are the friendly gent (blue coat) who was in the shop half an hour ago and left a big jar of bees on the ta…

Tweets for 15 Mar 2019

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(08:22:15) Here's a #TopTip - when stockpiling medicines and the like for the forthcoming hay fever season or #Brexit, I tend…

(08:22:26) @willowHart Afternoon to you too. Sleep is great though...

(08:28:55) @willowHart True! I hope you get the chance too 🤗😴

(16:53:35) There are a few Android apps that don't exist that I'd quite like to make. I wonder, if I sat down after Sunday lun…

(16:56:31) @afoxinlondon I really don't understand humanity's mawkish obsession with such things, nor the media's requirement…

(20:47:01) @ellewadding You and I both.

(20:52:52) @mostlygeordie That's made my Friday - I'm in love that we're in-between days of Glastonbury main stage.. and it al…

(21:01:54) @andytuk Fisher Price excellence!

(21:05:19) @andytuk @rainbowtaylor I'm sure we had that one too... I think it was part of a bus :)

Tweets for 14 Mar 2019

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(07:33:04) @wuthering_alice I wish you a very happy, educational birthday 😊 🎁🎂🎉

(08:27:50) @JetsetJimbo Wow..! I hadn't even nearly thought of it like that - a really interesting insight, which makes total…

(08:27:54) RT @JetsetJimbo: @syzygy It’s to do with liability for fraudulent transactions. In most of the sane world it’s the card issuer who is liabl…

(08:29:42) @Stenbird

(08:39:12) @Stenbird Is that what it was? I just picked it from the list presented to me (never have I felt more like a High Court Judge 😁)

Tweets for 13 Mar 2019

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(07:45:27) @fridgemagnet2 We are all doomed.

(07:47:49) @willowHart Yeah... I'll bring the cocktail shaker..

(07:48:11) @jan_doig 24 hours too late but HUG

(10:09:14) There is a special place in hell for Ticketmaster and anyone else involved in it. I do wish bands and artists would…

(11:10:50) @fridgemagnet2 There are plenty of them out there already :D

(14:10:27) @mergyeugnau Wow... fantastic photo!

(16:54:51) @jamieoliver Rich beef sausages.

(17:43:40) @mergyeugnau I've spent the last hour trying to think of an owl-based pun, but couldn't think of one #Twoo

(17:43:57) @neek71 ~shudders~

(18:23:13) @Flaminhaystack How did you take that..? It's an amazing photo!

(18:24:11) @willowHart Top of your head..?

(18:25:18) @Flaminhaystack 👍🏻fab pic (helps that the subject matter is worthy of capturing 🍷👩‍🚒)

(20:47:31) It baffles me that the US doesn't use chip & PIN. Or at least it doesn't seem that way.

(21:00:24) @mostlygeordie

(21:21:04) @MrSacs All rather complicated!

(21:22:14) I've been told by very reliable American sources that chip and PIN is common on current accounts but less so on cre…

(21:34:37) @MrSacs It definitely feels like the future!

(21:35:15) @mostlygeordie That's the sort of question I think I'd need to be given time to confer 😆

Tweets for 12 Mar 2019

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(07:46:16) @canuckuk Yes. I think it's fair to say the current one isn't fit for purpose...

(07:49:18) @MrsPrettysHouse @sarahsansom @2happypeas My thoughts exactly. (Not to the wine). Can they not wait till they get home..?!

(07:50:40) @ACommonStarling Good grief ..! That must be a record..?!

(08:01:05) @ACommonStarling Wowsers.. ours tend to last until just after the last squeeze because nobody can be bothered to dig out a new one 😄😏

Tweets for 11 Mar 2019

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(19:32:17) @Flaminhaystack It's not "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" you're talking about, are you..? #So2017

(19:34:26) @TheGarethLloyd Great work on the Luton Council OB - thank you for sorting it. #NewlandsPark #saveourtown

(19:35:49) Well done to everybody involved 👍🏻🕺 "L-U-T-O-N ... we're gonna #saveourtown" 🎶

(19:37:19) @Flaminhaystack I'm baffed, then.

(19:37:53) @CarolKettley Oh my ... MOAR IRON FOR CAROL!

(19:38:37) @fridgemagnet2 #UseTheForce

(19:39:52) @thisismenic70 Apparently robins declare and defend their territory through song. And occasionally dance and pub qu…

(21:09:11) @canuckuk It's a planned development at J10 of the M1 to fund the new stadium in Luton... it's about as close as th…

Tweets for 10 Mar 2019

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(08:06:53) @julieprunes @caremarie81 That is so brilliant!

(11:10:43) Just paying a visir to one of my all-time favourite henges... @ Stonehenge

(17:36:12) @GHOGIT Good heavens..!

(17:36:24) @GHOGIT Or indeed.. good henges!



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